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Jennifer Aniston does CSS
« on: July 05, 2020, 10:45:17 AM »
Note- The work of E.W. Hornung and the character of Raffles are now in the public domain. Any other resemblance to those alive or dead is pure coincidence. The Raffles stories I enjoy as much as Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. 


Jennifer Aniston had been excited about her new purchase, the Apple iPad Pro, and had spent an entire day playing with the many features. As she went about sending messages to various friends and colleagues she was taken by how well she was able to form her words.

The next day while browsing the net she came across several fan fiction sites and was fascinated by one in particular, Celebritystorysite. She decided there and then to write an erotic tale herself.

The previous evening she had surfed the television and settled on the TCM channel which was broadcasting an old movie with David Niven. Raffles. She quickly purchased Hornung's books and devoured them in two nights.


Kent, England, 1905.

The agile figure dressed all in black crept along in silence under cover of darkness. Attired in a black cable knit fisherman sweater and black slacks the figure successfully blended in with the shadows. An extended rattle free ladder was placed against the wall of the grand country house and the shape scampered up without detection.

Jennifer Raffles, self styled cat burglar, gained entrance into the unlit house through a conveniently open window. Pausing a moment she let her eyes adjust to the lack of light and tiptoed on her flat heeled boots through the short corridor. Although cautious she was certain her intended target was not at home at this time. Still, better to be safe than sorry, she slowly made her way to the master bedroom.

Jennifer had read in the Daily Mail newspaper of a retired young soldier who had recently inherited a handsome allowance and desirable property. The article also mentioned the gentleman's penchant for diamond studs and rings that would fetch thousands of guineas once purloined. Her gloved hand opened the bedroom door that had been left ajar and entered.

"Now, where would I keep a safe?" She wondered as she searched the room with her eyes wide.

The single window had drapes down to the lush carpet, in front of which was a low cabinet with stationery and a lamp. Opposite was a tall dresser, and the walls were decorated with fine oil paintings. Would a wall safe behind a picture be too predictable?

Jennifer let her eyes settle on the massive oak bed and that was when she realized her one error. The occupant of the house was in residence. The large shape stirred and then snapped upright and turned on the bedside lamp.

"Don't move, mister!"

To disguise her features Jennifer wore a lightweight balaclava that covered her whole face with just slits for the eyes. She remained frozen to the spot, arms out, and her carpet bag at her feet. The person in the bed appeared to be of some thirty years of age and disappointingly armed. In his left fist he brandished a British Webley .45 calibre revolver.

"Are you alone?" He asked in an educated accent.

Jen nodded as she checked out the man through the tiny eye slits in her mask and liked what she saw. Jet black hair, cut short on the sides, contrasted with the mop on top of his head and five o'clock shadow about his angular jawline.

His clear grey eyes peered out from under heavy brows, so thick that they almost met in the middle. As he sat up in the bed his masculine chest appeared out from under the single sheet, not overly muscled but fit none the less.

"Stay perfectly still."

He threw aside the sheet, swung his long shanks out and stood upright which was then that Jennifer saw that he slept in the raw. She gulped as she drank in his good looks, admiring the two wide shoulders, beefy chest that went down to a chiseled six pack.

Under which she focused her eyes on his ample sized manhood, smooth and uncircumcised and dormant between two ripped thighs. Over six feet tall he stood ramrod straight and Jennifer guessed he must have served in the military for a substantial period.

"Do I have the privilege of addressing the infamous amateur cracks man and gentleman cat burglar extraordinaire?"

In her brief, but successful career as jewel thief and safe cracker, Jennifer had managed to avoid capture by the police and public alike. Although the rumours had abounded of an expert criminal, nobody had a clue it was a female who was the culprit.

She moved back slightly as the tall man stepped forward and she became mesmerized by his magnificent eight inch appendage that swayed over his hairless balls as he moved.

"Seeing as you have gained entrance to my abode you are no doubt aware of who I am. Never the less, permit me to introduce myself, Captain William Dicker, or Willie to close acquaintances."

Really? Willie Dicker no less. Jennifer suppressed a snigger as she remained silent.

"And you are?"

Jennifer had no choice but to say nothing lest she give away her gender.

"You do not speak? Then I demand that you remove your balaclava this instant."

Unable to see a way around it, Jennifer resigned herself to revealing all. She slowly tugged the woolen mask off and shook her head wildly to tease her tousled shoulder length burnished tresses.

"Egads! A female! Can this be?" Dicker's jaw dropped at the sight of Jennifer's comely visage.

"Jennifer Raffles, Captain. Yours to do with as you see fit."

"This is a rum do and no mistake. Are you armed?"

"I never carry weapons, except my trusted jemmy. That way I warrant no stiff prison sentences if ever I had the misfortune to get arrested."

"I must insist that you remove the sweater, so that I may be reassured you tell the truth."

"It's a trifle embarrassing Captain, but I'm only wearing breasts underneath."

"Please, oblige me." Said the naked man as he waved his revolver at her.

"Very well, if you insist."

The sweater came off in a wide swing of her arms and her ripe breasts billowed, the nipples swollen from the friction against the fabric.

"You see, no hidden weapons." She spread her hands.

She looked him in the eye then her eyes dropped to his cock which began to stir from its slumber. Jennifer was immensely captivating from the waist up and the armed man found it increasingly difficult to keep self control.

As Dicker looked at her striking naked form his heavy erection jutted up and out, the head, that appeared as his foreskin drew back almost touched his ridged stomach.

"The pants, if you would be so kind, Miss Raffles."

"Again, I am without under garments, and I do assure you that I am unarmed."

"And I assure you that I am cocked and loaded, ready to fire."

"Oh, do you refer to your revolver? Or your erection?"

Jennifer gave him a smug grin as she pointed to his impressive boner that bobbed up and down, a tiny trace of precum glistening at the very tip. He swallowed hard but waved his gun to indicate she strip down. She cleared her throat and then put her thumbs in the waistband of her trousers and yanked then all the way down to her boots.

"Happy?" She asked sarcastically as she stood bare ass naked.

Her long shapely legs, flared hips and pert bottom made him positively blush, she was so arresting to contemplate. She instinctively rolled her hips and her brown thatched and plump pussy mound projected from between her upper thighs.

"Well, now we're both in a state of nature, what do you propose?"

Jennifer knew what she desired as her body burned to be satisfied, to be caressed, teased and licked all over. Then she imagined his rampant cock deep inside her soaking cunt, ramming in and out as his solid frame pinned itself on hers, belly to belly, chest to breast.

As they remained in an uneasy silence Jen moved her right hand slowly down to her beaded labia and tickled her inner lips with her middle digit.

"Miss Raffles...I..." Dicker ran a hand through his floppy mane and gasped.

Jennifer wiggled her finger in and out of her wet channel and tilted her head back so that she looked on him down the bridge of her cute nose. She shuddered under her own gratification, licking her shiny lips with a sensual sweep of her pink tongue. When she withdrew her finger from the seething depths of her hot quim she gave an audible sigh and smiled.

"My good Captain Willie, come here and fuck me! I implore you!"

The Captain walked barefoot across the lush carpet, his lust hardened prick almost at bursting point and stopped directly in front of her. Consumed by a keen sexual longing for her he wrapped a hand around the back of her head, feeling her fine hair in his fingers, and drew her to him.

Their mouths came together and he thought her lips to be the most delicious he had ever tasted. Immediately their tongues sought out each other as they hugged hard, desperate for physical contact. Jennifer could feel his hard on against her left thigh as their bodies melded together.

"That feels very hard." She noted with apparent approval.

Willie kissed his way down her jaw and found the soft flesh of her desirable neck, which he nibbled and nipped, much to her delight. Her pussy clenched as she became quite heated between her squirming thighs and she pressed at him as his lips ravished her.

She trailed her hands over his muscular chest and moaned as his lips pursed on her left nipple. As he did this his other hand cupped her right boob, loving the firm swell of the rounded globe.

"Mmm, that's so nice," she purred as he coaxed her nipples to stand out erect and proud.

His cock pulsed at her upper thigh and her cunt seeped juices in reply. She lifted his chin and peered directly into his steely grey eyes.

"Let us go to the bed."

They kissed once more as they moved in tandem to the oak bed and fell on it, still entwined in each others arms. Her hair fanned out on the pillow as she arched her body to his, relishing the rough skin of his on her tender flesh.

Her legs moved restlessly and widened in unashamed invitation and the aroused Captain ran his hand across her taut stomach to her downy haired muff. Her vulva bulged slightly as did her clitoris as he hesitated a moment so he could trace out wet lines on her stomach and navel, testing her patience.

"Touch me there." Insisted Jennifer as she gazed at him with half lidded eyes.

She grabbed his hand in hers and guided it to her damp pussy. A whimper came from deep in her throat as he traced out a circle around the outer lips until she pushed him firmly to her aching cunt and held his hand there. He lingered as Jennifer puckered her lips in acute anticipation and then hissed breath when he began to kiss her inner thighs.

"Lovely." She mewled as he dipped his tongue to her moist slit.

Her female aroma was intoxicating to the delirious Captain as he took his first taste of her honey. Grabbing her butt with both hands he kneaded her buttocks as he licked her with slavish swipes and flicks.

She managed to bring her right leg up over his left hip as her pussy was plundered, sending flames of abandoned delight in her belly. The sound of little sucking sounds came from her dripping quim as her entire mound was swallowed up by the mans hungry mouth.

"I can hardly take it." Cried she with eyes tight shut.

Dicker looked upon her writhing nakedness and her glistening tits that jiggled as she squirmed. He returned to her slick cunt and flicked without mercy at her erect clit.

They perspired freely in the confines of his modest bedroom as he teased and stroked until she thought she may scream as he brought her close to coming. Jennifer rocked from side to side as her new lover licked her cunt and anus, nuzzling her mound with his whole face.

"Mmmm, so wonderful." She sighed as he surfaced for air.

Dicker rained kisses all over Jennifer's breasts and she held onto his bunched muscles tightly before snaking her hand to his thick cock to thumb the ruby crown. She pumped her fist up and down and the relentless attention made him moan into the hollow of her throat. Jen slipped down his frame and considered his marvelous instrument, vibrating with the blood surge that made the tiny vessels rise.

"You have the most beautiful cock." She said as she peeked back the foreskin.

Her wet tongue darted out and ran around the purple hued head several times that made his big toes shoot up. With a firm grip on the base of his cock he watched as if in a dream as her tongue attacked his sensitive flesh like a demented snake.

"My word!" He cried when her lips clamped tightly on the big head.

Inch by inch her mouth gobbled up his cock meat as her head dipped further and further, her tousled locks flopping over his groin. Four inches became devoured and Jennifer felt tears form in the corners of her eyes. Now she moved back and forth with a firm purchase on his shaft and the Captain's face contorted with ecstasy.

She paused half way down the generous tool and let a trail of saliva rain down to his pubic area and his twitching balls. His cock was slippery and hard at the same time as she held him inside the hot cave of her mouth, and he thought her face adorable with her right cheek puffed out by his knob.

"I believe I may have to ejaculate."

Jen reared back and the pair of them squeezed his cock hard at the base to avert his pending orgasm.

"Not until you fuck me first, Mister." She pouted.

Jennifer rolled back and let the man pin her wrists to the pillow with his right hand. He rolled his body atop hers and entered her with his rock hard organ. Her legs came up and around his waist, her hips lifting to meet his as he slowly began to thrust.

She was very wet and ready as his thickness sank in with little problem, and her body tingled all over from his strong plunges. The slap of his hips on her took her breath away, as did the incredible sensation of his pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in to the hilt.

"My gosh!" She hissed as he moved faster now, assertive and determined.

Her heart hammered in her bosom, in keeping with his steady penetrations, and her arms and legs smothered his frame as their bodies became as if just one. She was being royally fucked and no mistake as the bed creaked under them and the headboard crashed at the wall. Meeting his every thrust made her thighs ache as he hammered in and out with a ferocious, almost desperate need.


Dicker's ass moved at a lightning pace as his buttocks clenched and his thighs and calves became taut. Jennifer was slammed into the mattress, unable to resist the astonishing but welcome cock.

He was panting audibly with the extreme exertion as his frame was squeezed by the woman's tight legs about him. Sweat trickled down the crevice of his ass in a warm trail that settled on the back of his balls.

His grinding became laboured as his immediate strength waned and The Captain flipped himself over and took Jennifer with him, eliciting a surprised yelp as she suddenly found herself in the dominant position, still impaled on his hard tool.

With both her palms firmly on his wall of a chest she ground her lower half to and fro along his throbbing cock. The friction was sublime and her clenching her pussy around him with every stroke of her hips made the pair of them wheeze in delight.

"That's it, ride me my mare."

Jen leaned forward and grasped his shoulders as she increased her pace, her hair falling across his face, her muff lubricating heavily. He furrowed his forehead and his eyebrows appeared as one above his eyes became two slits.

Enjoying every illicit second the infamous thief rode on him slowly with assured strokes that let his slick tool slide all the way and then out. Pleasure such as this could not be rushed, even though her instincts screamed for her to pound her body up and down like a hellcat.

"You minx, you're driving me insane."

Jennifer arched her body and tilted her head backwards so that her hair tickled her spine, and scratched his impressive pecs with her nails. Willie growled like a wounded animal and gripped her by the waist and thrust up into her bubbly cunt deeper.

"Ah, feels so good." She muttered, thrilling to the cock driving up inside her.

Now they moved in tandem as they fucked furiously, she bouncing wildly on him, he pushing up with power. Jennifer rode high up and nearly lost him as she bounced in several directions. As they buffeted together tiny rivulets of perspiration ran in thin droplets down her pleasing cleavage to the tight muscles of her stomach.

Her delightful body was a warm weight on his groin as her bobbing bum rose and fell on him. Then he reached around and held her by the buttocks and slowed her up.

"Turn around." He stated in a demanding voice.

Jennifer knelt up and brushed a wave of her hair behind her left ear but it failed to take purchase as she rested on all fours. The Captain lifted her up at the rear so her arms took her weight and came behind her with the business end of his rampant cock against her yielding entrance. He lunged in and the momentum of his body moving forward sent her face down on the bed.

"OOOH!" She groaned as he held her by the head and pinned her face down.

His significance weight came on top of her as he began to saw in and out at an alarming rate. Helpless under his hard fucking her body was slammed into feverishly and her upturned twat was invaded deeper and deeper.

His balls smacked against her quivering buttocks and his slick chest and belly slithered lewdly on her back. She made a futile attempt to move up and wiggled her bottom in sensuous circles as his manhood drove on in.

"Curses! I'm going to shoot!

Jennifer shook under him and her arms flung outwards as he ground his hips at her with a circular motion that saw her love juices bath his shaft. As she came with tiny jerks he felt his own orgasm and he flooded her pussy with sporadic blasts of cum.

They disengaged and laid back tiredly and settled side by side. Jennifer inhaled with a happy sigh and bent over the side of the bed. Willie paid her no mind as he gazed up at the ceiling until he felt his wrist grabbed and held above his head.

"Huh? What is the meaning of this?"

He felt the cold metal of a set of handcuffs and the sound of the lock click as he was secured to the headboard.

"Thanks for the ride Captain Willie, I had immense enjoyment."

Speechless he watched the erotic sight of the naked woman's butt jiggle as she sashayed to the opposite wall to peer behind the biggest painting. Once she had opened the hidden safe she stuffed the contents into her carpet bag.

With a big grin she pulled her sweater on over her and stood naked from the waist down, her gorgeous swollen pussy still exposed and inviting. She bent to his half erect cock and kissed the still dribbling tip.

"These little trinkets will come in handy. Sorry about the cuffs but a girl has to eat."

Jen hoisted up her trousers and made to leave.

"Do you intend to leave me here tied to the bed?"

"I shall leave the key here on this table for whoever the next person who enters may release you."

His mind conjured up the young maid Alice who he expected the very next morning to tidy his rooms.

"I shall inform the authorities of your identity the minute I am liberated."

Jennifer laughed in that infectious manner of hers.

"I highly doubt that they would believe you. Consider your dignity and standing and accept the loss of some gold with a stiff upper lip. Farewell Captain Willie."

And with that London's finest cat burglar was gone.


Jennifer read her tall tale and was highly delighted at the result. She hesitated in submitting the story online and placed it in her pending section.


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