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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Hailee Steinfeld
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Celeb Series Stories / Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Last post by MiamiLyfe on May 09, 2021, 08:05:19 PM »
So I did come to a decision recently that this story will be coming to an end in chapter 40. I came up with an ending last summer and with 40 being a round number and how much of a struggle it's been for me to find time & motivation to write, now feels like a good time to bring things to a close.

Chapter 39 will be with Hailee & Ella Hunt taking place in New York.

Chapter 40 is going to be a big blow out party (think the Olivia birthday or my separate New Years party stories) bringing back a lot of the reoccurring women from through our the series.
Celeb Series Stories / Celebrity Blind Items
« Last post by Blackjack on May 09, 2021, 06:33:18 PM »

Author's Note: So, imagine my surprise to be voted CSS' author of the month! I am very grateful for the honour even if I don't write nearly as much as I want to, or should do. So, to really show my thanks I'm going to offer up a mini series for the entire month of May based off of celebrity rumours or blind items as the internet likes to refer to them. Of course, with some it's more likely that I have an idea with no real idea on how to advance the story. So, we can all pretend that there was a rumour floating around somewhere and then we can get cooking with the good stuff! So, thanks CSS and thanks to all my readers, I can't wait to show you the plans I have for the tagged celebrities. Let's start off with Miss Perry though yeah?

Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Tags: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Interracial

Sitting in the expensive hotel suite, Juan Mendes looked around the people who were on the other side of the suite and as they talked to each other in whispers, he couldn’t help but feel like he was being a total dickhead. Juan had spent his entire summer working on the California Dream tour of one of the world’s biggest pop stars in Katy Perry. Juan was a fairly decent lighting tech and he could easily throw together a set of coding to control what it was that Katy needed from her backstage team and to put on a fantastic show for all the people who were coming to see her. Working away for the entirety of the summer wasn’t something the brown haired man had ever really considered before but seeing the potential paycheck it became the sort of thing he couldn’t turn his nose up at and he was more than willing to accept it. The technical team all had their own separate bus that would arrive at the venues far before any of the talent so that they could set up the staging areas and all of the lighting rigs or pyro technical displays. It was probably ten or eleven shows into the nineteen show tour that he had ever actually seen Katy out of her usual bikini top and shorts combo or skin tight lycra dresses for the show.

“Juan, hi!” One of the women said, walking over to him with what looked like a slightly older grey coloured iPhone that was set up undoubtedly to record what they were going to say together. The woman pulled one of the chairs out and sat the phone on the small coffee table, she looked at it before looking over to him. “You don’t mind if I record this do you?” She asked, her thumb sitting over the large red record button.

“Oh… Oh no, go ahead.” He answered, the sense of guilt and insecurity still trembling in his stomach. The currently nameless reporter smiled and nodded her head as she tapped the record button and held the phone to her mouth as if it were a microphone.

“This is Rosie Tyler reporting for Celebrity Whispers and today we’re talking to a man who worked on Katy Perry’s California Dream tour and has some… Explosive news about what our dark horse of pop singers gets up to behind the scenes. Juan Mendes.” She said with a smile, looking over to him. “Juan, how long were you working with her?”

“Oh, not long. I had only signed on for the summer tour. I wasn’t even going to be coming back for the second leg in the fall.” He explained as the woman nodded her head and looked down at her pad of what he could only assume was a list of questions.

“And had you worked in the music industry for long?”

“No, this was the first real job I’d ever had before. I couldn’t believe how much cash I was getting, I was normally working for local television.”

“From what you’ve told us though, you weren’t just getting paid in cash though were you?”


Juan lifted his head up from where he had been working and his hazel eyes focused on the frame of Katy Perry who had just appeared in the small backstage area where he and the rest of his lighting team worked. She was clad in an absolutely eye popping emerald green dress that had a funky pattern on the dress and was matched with a tangle of similarly coloured straps that ran over her shoulders and down to her wrists. Juan was fairly certain he had seen it in one of her many photoshoots but he couldn’t be sure. He had jerked off to so many of Katy’s outfits that he doubted he could even filter them into good or bad ones. He looked around the room and oh so suddenly his team seemed to have just disappeared and left the two alone. She walked up to the Latino man with a wide, warm smile on her gorgeous face.

“Hi!” She said, practically bursting with energy and what he thought sounded like almost giddiness. “Nice to meet you. Juan right?” She asked him, almost as if to clarify she was in the right place. When he nodded his head it looked like it was all Katy could do to not fist pump. She shot him a smile and nodded her head before carrying on. “You’ve been doing a fantastic job with the shows so far. Sometimes the guys we get on will not quite get all the cues right you know? You’ve been nailing it though!”

“Oh really? Huh, wow. Thanks!” He said, still trying to fight the sheer amazement he had from talking to the actual Katy Perry. He had heard that normally people like her would only talk to the techs through staff or they would just assemble the teams to scream at them in frustration. It was certainly nice for her to not be like that.

“Yeah, sometimes they can just be so awful. Nice to see you’re not though. Cute too!” She said, flashing him a casual, yet still super sexy wink. She looked over my shoulder towards one of the many computers and equipment he had at the back before she pointed at them. “They look cool! What’s that?” She asked, walking straight past him and down further into the lighting area and towards the more technical side of it. Juan followed her down, walking almost directly behind her. As they moved into the darker area of the room, Katy stopped and as soon as she did that, her ass bumped into his lap and she started to slowly roll her ass around against his dick. She looked over her shoulder towards him, her raven coloured hair ticking against his face ever so slightly as she had a now horny smile on her face. “Oh? You like this huh?” She asked, her right hand coming up and reaching behind her to try and find the back of his neck. Managing to do so, her hand settled on the back of his neck and her fingers tickled against his caramel coloured skin.

Juan looked over his shoulder to where his team should have been and he quickly found that the team had now completely disappeared and he was left alone save for the sexy pop star who was grinding herself against him slowly. His hands were stuck to his side out of him not being sure what to do and still unsure if what she was doing to him was some sort of wicked joke. She simply laughed and turned herself around to face him, laying her arms over his shoulders and staring into his eyes while taking another step closer to him. She tilted her head to the side gently before she spoke up again.

“You don’t want this?” She asked, almost as if she was trying to drag an answer out of him. He was still struggling with even working out where he was in his life but having Katy Perry ask him various questions, he found that his mind could barely keep up with it. “Juan, don’t you like this?” She asked again, her hands coming down from his shoulders and placing hers on top of his and squeezing them gently.

“I mean… I never…” He managed to breath out, his mind still racing and his breath was catching in his throat and Katy still had a big, wide smile on her gorgeous face. She licked her lips and gingerly tilted her head to the side as if she was trying to encourage an answer out of him. “I never expected this.” He finished, biting on his lip while Katy’s hand squeezed on his again before she lifted them up from his sides and she placed them on her body. As soon as she did that, his dick was already starting to harden but that made it absolutely rock hard. She looked down at it and then tilted her head to the other side before she placed his left hand on her large breast while his right hand was left on her waist. She kept her blue-grey eyes on him before moving his right hand onto her ass.

He was amazed, he had no idea what was happening but the fact that Katy Perry, THE Katy Perry was encouraging all of this was enough for him to actually start to believe he wasn’t in the middle of the wildest wet dream ever. His hand on her breast squeezed down on her tit, prompting a moan from the California Girls singer and making the smile on her lips further curl up into a much more natural one and making the raven haired pop singer purr with pleasure.

“Yeah, you do want this don’t you.” She said, this time it wasn’t a question. She was speaking and practically telling Juan what he wanted and what he was going to do. Her hands had left his and she rearranged them to place her left on his shoulders while her right hand slipped down between the two of them and she quickly started to unbuckle his belt and loosen the leather strap up while her fingers practically jumped on the jeans large button in the middle of the pants, slipping it out of the buttonhole and his pants practically dropped to the floor there and then. “Yeah, you want this.” She said again, her hand massaging his dick over the fabric of his pants before she let her hand come away from his hard dick and the pants fell to the floor there and then. She put her hand almost immediately back to his dick, squeezing it and offering it a gentle stroke over his navy blue boxer shorts while her eyes were focused on his. Juan’s hazel green eyes were focused on her light grey as she continued to guide him further into the lighting rig room, her hand was still on his boxers and she offered it another gentle squeeze while they walked. Katy guided the young latino man down towards the large selection of equipment tables and various thick cables that were wrapped up in a security latch on it.

Juan, almost buying into what was happening without much more encouragement lifted his legs up one by one and kicked his jeans away. Pushing his shoes and socks off one after the other and standing before her now totally naked, fully hard and practically eye fucking her right there. Katy had a sly, sexy smile on her face as she looked past him and towards one of the tables at the back of the room. She looked over at it and then back at him and smiled.

“Why don’t you take a seat Juan?” She said, brushing his hands off and taking a step back to give them both some space and let the man rearrange himself. The latino man looked behind him where Katy had been pointing and obliged. The table was a normal wooden one, not unlike the type you would see in a high school gymnasium or perhaps in a more niche manner in a wrestling ring but it only had some technical reports or other boring pieces of paper on it. Certainly nothing that would cause a delay or a break in what was going to happen tonight. Katy looked at Juan expectantly before she offered him a guiding hand towards it in what could have been described as a ‘Hurry up and get the fuck on there’ manner. Juan climbed onto the side and wriggled himself backwards while Katy followed and moved towards him so that she was now standing between his spread legs. She looked down at his hard dick and smiled, licking her lips and taking hold of it by the base. She offered the now bare dick a slow stroke, coming up from the base to about halfway and it was enough to prompt a nod from the sexy popstar.

“This looks particularly good.” She said, almost answering the question Juan had on whether this was a regular occurrence for her or not. Katy moved a little bit closer and then dropped to her knees, practically answering another question for the lighting technician. Her left hand settled on the inside of his thigh while her right hand was at his dick’s base again. She stroked his base up and down in a slow, teasing manner with her small finger up and away from the rest of her hand to the point where it could almost be considered ‘classy’. She opened her mouth and her lips clamped down around the bulbous head of his cock, spit and saliva already forming and threatening to spill out over him. She slowly started to move her lips up and down, her mouth covering his cock’s head and a little bit more while her tongue rapidly rolled around the bottom and underside of his dick and then lashed out at the sides completely filling her mouth with spit. There were small, stringy globules of her spit attaching to the underside of his prick as she opened her mouth and let it pop away from her with a very loud and audible popping noise. When the dick bounced away, her hand kept it in place and she didn’t let it go too far. Instead, she leaned in and her tongue came out to lick against the underside, teasing the thick vein that ran up and down his entire length. Licking her way all the way down to his balls and offering each of them a kiss, Katy planted her lips on the bottom of his dick’s head and then started to suck the cock’s head back into her mouth while her hand that had been jerking him off came up a little bit more.

Katy slipped her mouth down a little bit further and she started to take more and more of the cock into her mouth. Her tongue reached under his dick and she hungrily bathed all of it into her mouth while she sucked on him. Katy’s eyes flicked up to look at him as she bobbed her head up and down, slowly taking more and more of the dick into her mouth until it got to the point where he could feel hot bursts of air escaping her nose and spraying against his skin. Moving her mouth up and down, Katy had managed to ease herself into a steady rhythm of moving her lips up and down with her hands gently stroking against the inside of his thighs, her nails teasing against his skin as she bobbed her head up and down. Globules of her saliva were starting to attach to the base of his shaft and while she sucked on him and it was rolling down onto his base and towards his balls.

Juan looked down at her as she blew him, brushing her hair out of her face to make sure he could see her swallowing his dick all the way down into her throat. It really was an incredible situation for him, he was but a simple lighting technician and she was still working on him with ease. Her eyes were locked on his, hungrily taking more and more of his dick inside of her warm, wet mouth. Her right hand came up off of his thigh and she held his balls in her hand, gently rolling them around while she moved her lips up and down. He could feel the warm strings of her spit practically clinging to his shaft like it was a second skin to him. His eyes fluttered in sheer pleasure and his fingers moved from the side of her hair to the top of her head, moving her head up and down, helping her suck on his dick. He bit down on his bottom lip, doing his best to contain himself while she sucked on his cock almost like an expert. He let his head fall back and he was staring up at the ceiling of the small, dark room all while he had Katy Perry sucking on his cock.

Katy seemed to be able to tell he was resisting the urge to cum and her head slipped up and all the way off of his dick. Her hand left his balls and she sat on her knees, looking up at him with a smile on her face. The hand that had been on his balls moved to his dick, holding it at its base, doing her best to not further stimulate the hard cock and just hold it in place. She looked up at him and ran her tongue along her lips and looked down at her shoulders, her left hand coming up to brush it off of her shoulder so that her top instantly became looser and she was able to roll down the top of her dress. It was then, her now nearly world famous breasts spilled out into the room and he was actually able to see them. She let the dress stay on her frame though and she moved up to her feet so she was standing in front of him with her tits being at almost eye level for him. He looked up to her face and as his upcoming orgasm started to fade. He reached out and held onto her hips in order to move her closer to him so he could take her breasts into her mouth.

“Yeah… Yeah that’s right.” Katy said, her voice no longer the bright, bubbly tone it had been and now it had an element of sexy, raw huskiness to it. Her hand combed through his hair as he opened his mouth and took her right nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it slowly. His lips were latched down around it, almost making out with the nipple while she purred for him. Her hand continued to comb through his hair while he sucked on her, his teeth coming down and gently nibbling on it. His other hand came up and cupped her left breast into his hand, his thumb stroking against the hard nipple while he was sucking on the other. Having Katy Perry topless in front of him while she had sucked his dick and now was letting him suck on her large, incredible tits. His hand on her hips came down and he offered her thigh a slow stroke when she spoke to him again.

“Go on, go under the bottom.” She guided him, letting him know that he was going to be able to reach under the bottom of her dress and touch whatever she had on offer to him. His hand and lips swapped position, he was holding onto her right tit, his index and middle fingers gently tweaking at the hard nub while he started to suck on her left breast. The hand under her dress ran along the inside of her thigh, stroking at the incredibly hot, bare skin and as his fingers moved upwards he found that she wasn’t wearing panties and he could touch the bare wetness running down her thighs. She giggled gently, the wetness was most definitely a sign for him to keep going. Her fingers in his hair were tugging on it gently, encouraging him to further touch the inside of her legs and then slide them upwards. His hand was soon touching the inside of her leg, between the gap of her folds and her thighs. Moving his hand upwards, he turned his hand so that his palm was facing upwards and he was able to press against her soaking wet entrance. Katy purred in pleasure, her fingers further tugging on his hair while her head fell back and moaned up against the ceiling. “Aw yes… Yes Juan... Do it.”

He obliged her request and sucked on her breasts and he continued to palm against her soaking wet folds, his hand touching at her hard, throbbing clit before he moved it backwards and he pushed his index and middle finger inside of her. Now, it really was an incredible situation for him. Fingering Katy Perry while he was sucking and playing with her tits? It was like something out of a dream but it was one he didn’t want to wake up from. Juan moved up off of the table and he took his hand away from her breast to hold onto her by the side, his lips left her chest ever so quickly so he could kiss at her neck. Making sure to not leave a mark for her performance later on, he breathed in her ear.

“On the table Mami.” He panted for her. She nodded her head and bit down on her bottom lip before moving around and taking almost the exact same spot that Juan had been sitting in. Her legs spread slightly and her breasts were practically bouncing while she bit down on her bottom lip and she watched as he moved the bottom of her dress up over the top of her thighs so that she had more of her pussy on display to him. Juan could see that she had a thin strip of black pubic hair almost serving as a guiding, landing strip down towards her delicious, soaking wet pussy. The latino man loved the look of it but he also was very happy with just what was happening. His fingers moved in and out of her folds, sucking on her tit and holding onto her by the side of her hips was obviously enough for Katy as she looked upwards to the ceiling and then back down to look at the latino man who was starting to easily work her over. Katy wriggled in place slowly and her fingers slipped through his hair and her legs spread just a little bit further and gave him more access. Juan moved to suck on her other breast, offering each of them kisses, licks and brief nibbles before kissing all over her tit.

Slowly, Katy spread her legs just a little bit further before she let out one final pant of energy before her fingers tugged on his hair and made him break from her tit and look up to her. She licked down on her lips before she took hold of him by the head and dragged the lighting technician into a sloppy kiss while her hand reached down between them both to take hold of his slick cock. Slowly, she started stroking it and provoking another moan into their quick, shared kiss while she jerked him off. His own hands almost instantly jumped to her chest, massaging both breasts while their tongues tangled together and she was happy to just swap their saliva as he touched her and she stroked him. Katy’s hand fondled his length and even as he groaned from the handjob, he was relishing in touching her large breasts. His palms rubbed against her rock hard nipples and as the kiss broke, the two looked at each other when she spoke to him.

“You are going to fuck me now. You’re going to fuck me so good, you understand?” She asked, almost as if she was instructing him as to what they were going to be doing. His dick throbbed, even as she let go of his dick and she wriggled to the side slightly so she was facing him completely centre of him and she lifted her legs up, taking hold of them underneath her legs to keep them spread. Lifting her long, toned legs up into the air, Katy looked over towards Juan who was standing between them and now staring at her. He gazed at her soaked entrance, his eyes looking over the thin strip of pubic hair before staring down at the dripping wet pussy of one of the world’s most famous pop stars.

Walking forward and walking just a little bit closer to her, he held onto her silky smooth legs and kept them up against his body. He reached down between her legs and gripped hold of his cock, Juan looked up to her before he moved his way forward and pushed his dick inside of her. Juan grunted in pleasure as her warm, wet folds almost instantly grabbed onto his invading latino dick and almost encouraged him to go further inside of her. Katy’s legs trembled and almost arched up off of Juan’s body. Her legs trembled and shook as he moved as deeply inside of her as he could manage, his dick hitting what was almost an invisible wall. His hands moved onto her legs, his hands moving onto her knees and holding onto them as he moved his dick backwards and then pushed his way forward and moved inside of her. Katy bit down on her bottom lip and managed to lift her head up and looked over to the latino man who was now almost balls deep inside of her. Juan grunted in pure delight, relishing in the feeling of her pussy squeezing and hugging on his dick. The busty pop star looked into Juan’s eyes and she nodded her head.

“Yeah… Yeah, fuck me.” She encouraged, nodding her head and running her right hand through her hair before coming down to grab onto her heaving breast. Katy’s eyes fluttered closed and her head fell backwards again only to be looking up at the ceiling and letting several short moans escape her mouth as he moved his hips backwards and then right back inside of her. Juan’s dick had been slick from the incredible blowjob but her soaking wet pussy was quickly managing to bathe him in more dripping wetness. Juan hissed in pleasure as she managed to lift her head and look over to him and the hand that had been fondling her breast brought up her index finger and then she ran her tongue over her lips and then brought up a crooked finger, using the almost archetypical beckoning finger motion. “Give it to me. Give it to me.” She said, nodding her head and letting the short order escape her lungs in a raw panting.

Just hearing the order from Katy was enough for the latino man to nod his head, silently agreeing to her command and doing as she ordered. His hips started to slowly pick up in his pace of moving in and out of her while Katy nodded her head and both of her hands came up to grab at her own chest. Juan let his own hands leave her legs and as they came down to wrap around his hips, the latino man reached down and grabbed hold of her by the thighs, lifting her up off of the wooden base and rearranging the two of them. Holding her close to the side of the table, he held onto her while she wrapped her arms and legs all around him as her incredibly large tits pressed against him. His hands left her legs and he reached on to her right tit, fondling and squeezing on it while his right hand held onto the skin just above her rear. The fingers on his right hand moved up and down, stroking at her skin as he continued to slide inside of her. Her pussy was tight, even as she drenched his dick with her aroused juices, Juan was having to almost force himself inside of her. Katy certainly didn’t seem to mind it though and the legs that had been wrapped around him and held him close to make sure he was moving inside of her just how she wanted it.

Katy nodded her head, her body almost seeming to take over by instinct while she was being fucked this random lighting technician. The idea of Juan actually fucking anyone on this summer tour was something he had never really considered by fucking the star of the summer tour? It was out of this world. His hips rocked backwards and forwards, his dick slid in and out of her and he could feel both of their bodies starting to really react against what they were doing. Katy reached up and dragged his head down to her bouncing breasts so the man could latch on to her nipples and started to suck on them. His other hand managed to reach up blindly and held onto her breast, his thumb rubbing over the nipple. His hand moved with her bouncing breast, making sure to continue to tease the hard nub while he fucked her. The breasts were bouncing and there was almost the sound of a fierce slapping noise while he pounded her and her whole body was rocked up and down and around with every single pump inside of her body.

Katy looked into Juan’s eyes, managing to keep her eyes open just long enough for one final push from Juan inside of her and make her back arch up and away from the way she had been positioned on the table. Her legs trembled and shook all around him while he fucked her through what was an explosive orgasm and even as her body rocked with him sliding inside of her, her body was still hungrily reacting to each push and pump into her. Katy’s body trembled and he pushed inside of her again, stabbing his way upwards against the inside of her pussy and hitting another sweet spot inside of her and her eyes shot wide open and she let out an almost ear piercing scream while Juan continued to hammer inside of her. The latino lighting tech had a thin layer of sweat forming all over his body, the shirt he had been wearing had a long strip of sweat that ran from the top of his spine all the way down to above his rear.

Katy’s harsh, fierce breathing managed to slow to an almost regular pace and her hooded eyes managed to open to look over to him. She licked her lips and grinned over to him.

“You ready to fuck me in the ass?” She asked, a wide grin on her face as her body was covered in her own form of sweat. She ran her hands over her chest and down to her stomach, breaking Juan’s touch on her body. Her legs trembled and shook all as Juan’s cock, still buried inside of her, twitched and throbbed. This whole scene was wild and beyond his wildest dreams but now the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer was asking him to fuck her in the ass? It was all he could do to not burst inside of her there and then. He slowly moved his hips backwards, pulling his dick from her entrance and letting her dripping wet pussy just soak more of the table. She looked over to him as he took a step backwards, doing his best to resist the urge to touch his dripping wet, soaking slick, cock.

The pop star rolled over onto her stomach, her long legs now stood on the floor. Katy was definitely weak at the knees and he could see that the inside of her thighs were practically drenched with the earlier orgasm and just general foreplay and teasing. She looked over her shoulder and flashed him a wink before teasingly blowing him a kiss and then reaching behind her back to spread her asscheek and reveal her asshole. Juan took a step forward, looked down at his slick dick before he finally actually voiced a concern.

“I don’t have any lube.”

“That will do. Get on with it.” Katy said, almost snapping at the technician. Juan wasn’t stupid and he was more than happy to do as she had requested. Walking forward, he held onto the base of his dick and then pushed the head of his cock against her rear. To Juan’s surprise, the pop star’s asshole spread around him while he moved inside of her. She looked over her shoulder and nodded her head, encouraging the man to keep going. Juan held onto her by the side of her hips and placed his right hand on her shoulder, sliding over to touch at the top of her neck, then teasingly running up to thread his fingers through her hair. He could feel how hard they had both been going at it, her silky soft hair was sweaty but she didn’t seem to mind and when she looked at him, she grunted in pleasure and her whole body tensed as his dick slid closer and further inside of her ass. Juan moved deeper into her and when she had taken about half of his cock, Juan could almost feel that she wasn’t able to take any more of his dick. Moving his way inside of her, Juan looked at the back of her head and slowly moved his hips backwards, making her hiss in pleasure as her head tilted to the side slightly. Juan grunted and continued to slide his way backwards and forwards, pumping his dick inside of her. She was right though, the aroused juices and saliva from Katy Perry was enough to lube her and let him slide inside of her tight ass.

His orgasm was building and Katy groaned in pleasure, her ass was clamping down on him while he pushed into her. His hands gripped at her body, holding onto her as he kept fucking her ass. Moving backwards and forwards just sliding into her ass, Juan was starting to build up a decent pace of fucking it. The whole time he pushed himself in and out of her, Katy was moaning and he was fairly certain she was now touching herself as well. Her right hand was between her legs and rubbing at her pussy while her left hand was on her chest. The sound of Juan’s balls slapping against her body started to mix with both of them moaning for the sexual act as each of them fucked harder and harder. Katy’s ass was practically clamping down on his dick while he pumped in and out of her. His orgasm was already building from all of their acts earlier on in the night, her ass practically milking him was enough for him to grunt and start to cum. His body tensed inside of her and he started to shoot his cum inside of her asshole. Katy purred in pleasure, her body tensing up and simply squeezing down on his dick while he came inside of her.


“So, you two were in a sexual relationship?” The interviewer asked, doing her now usual routine of looking down at her notes, over to his phone and then back to Juan.

“I mean, I wouldn’t call it a relationship?” He said, unsure of just what a one night stand would really be considered. He looked at the reporter whose face had previously been rather passive, had now broken into a wicked smile. It was then that Juan suddenly got another stab of raw guilt in his stomach and he realised that he could have just given the woman exactly what she wanted. “Uh, I mean-” He added, not wanting to throw Katy Perry to the wolves of social media and the trashy gossip rags that usually adorned the racks of the grocery store.

“That’s alright Mr. Mendes. We understand what you meant.” The reporter said, the same predatory smile on her face. “I think that’s all we’ll really need. We’ll transfer the funds to your account. You should have it within the next twenty four hours or so.” She said, smiling and turning the phone’s recorder off before offering the man her hand to shake. “It’s been a pleasure.”

The lighting tech nodded his head, looked over to the assortment of people who were there to support the tabloid interviewer with a smile on their faces as well.

Had he really fucked up that bad?
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Rachel Cook
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