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B's Butt Bitch Part 3
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place mostly in Season 3.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, FF, Spank, Toys

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: B's Butt Bitch Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Buffy was simultaneously dreading seeing Faith again, and yet finding her absence unbearable. Which to be fair wasn't far off from what she normally thought about her fellow Slayer, but now the intensity had been turned up to eleven. Or maybe a number beyond Buffy's admittedly basic understanding of math. The point was, initially she had been worried about what mischief and mayhem Faith would cause whenever she was around, and yet be as intrigued by it as she was drawn to the other Slayer. Then she had been worried because Faith had been trying to talk her into increasingly kinky things, and yet look forward to them as to her shame she loved them all. But that totally backfired on Faith, and now, well... Buffy was both terrified and excited by what would happen next.

Admittedly the worst-case scenarios might be the most likely, which included them getting into an intense brawl, and worse Faith either talking her into or forcing her to once again return the favour, which this time would mean giving up her anal cherry. Because let's face it, taking control during phone sex was one thing, but to actually do it face to face was another thing entirely. What if Buffy froze up? Or worse, lost her temper and ruined what they had before. But... it was worth the risk, if only she could get a repeat performance of last night, which to her shame Buffy wanted more than anything. Oh yes, Buffy wanted to butt fuck Faith again, and she was determined to do it.

Of course Faith couldn't make it easy by simply being at her apartment, but luckily Sunnydale was a small town, with only a few places Faith was likely to go. And while one of the few bars was always a possibility, deep down in her bones Buffy knew exactly where Faith was. More or less. Okay, she wandered through a few empty graveyards before finding her pray, but she found her eventually. Although when she did Buffy almost turned and ran, because Faith was in rare form, going completely berserk on a group of vampires which looked like they were having second thoughts about their plan to surround her. Only no, Faith was in her normal form, a.k.a. being an idiot.

Sure, at first she did the smart thing of knocking one vamp down and then moving onto another, but then one of them missed a strike which resulted in him bumping into her from behind, and she just lost it, knocking him to the ground and beating on him while screaming abuse. If she had been alone the others could have probably taken advantage of the situation. Luckily for her Faith's knight in shining armour was there to take care of business, Buffy staking two vampires before they even knew she was there and making quick work of another. The last one on his feet almost managed to attack Faith from behind, before Buffy killed him, which finally got Faith's attention.

Faith had been furious and plotting her revenge all day long, and yet when she saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer standing in the ashes of her fallen opponent, the wind blowing her hair just right which made her look like a literal goddess the last thing on Faith's mind was revenge. The first thing she thought was actually dropping to her knees and begging to worship that heavenly body with her mouth and tongue, or tell B to do whatever she wanted to her. Which made Faith blush furiously as she imagined what that might entail as she vividly remembered last night for the millionth time, making her ass hole quiver with fear in delight. And just like that, she was the pathetic little bottom she had been last night.

"B?" Faith murmured weakly.

"Faith, what are you doing!" Buffy exclaimed angrily, "Kill him already!"

"What? Oh, right." Faith initially frowned, before realisation hit and she looked down at the vamp, who looked pretty dead anyway. But deciding to finish the job she drove a stake into his heart and watched him turn to dust, before turning back to the blonde, "What's up?"

"What's up?" Buffy parroted indignantly, "What's wrong with you? You could have been killed?"

"I had it under control." Faith grumbled as she straightened up.

"No, you didn't." Buffy said softly but firmly, "You lost control, again."

"Yeah, there's a reason for that." Faith glared at the other Slayer.

"That's no excuse." Buffy pointed out, before quickly trying to defuse the situation, "Look, I didn't come here to fight. Not you, anyway. I just... whatever's happening between us, I don't want you to get hurt. I, I care about you. You know that, right?"

"Maybe." Faith grumbled, then after a brief pause insisted, "But, in case you haven't noticed, I'm 5 by 5. Everything is. So you can run along now."

"Really?"  Buffy smirked, moving closer, "You don't want to follow me around and hit on me?"

To the surprise of both Slayers Faith's response was to blush and stammer, which was extremely embarrassing for the bad ass brunette, "Erm, I..."

"Because I was thinking, we could have another bet." Buffy smirked again, actually causing Faith to back away.

"I, I think I've had my fill of bets." Faith admitted with another embarrassing blush.

Which should have been the end of it, as the whole point of going through the gross ordeal of violating an ass hole was to get Faith to back off, but Buffy wanted something very different now, "Ah come on Faith, what's the matter? Did I take your balls as well as your butt cherry?"

For a few brief seconds Faith's eyes went wide, and she was both amazed and impressed at Buffy would dare to say something like that, let alone to her, before her eyes narrowed and she got into the other Slayer's face and then growled, "You know what B? You're on! But guess what, when I win I'm gonna destroy your fucking ass hole. Then you'll be the one walking funny!"

Which was supposed to get into Buffy's head, maybe even make her call off the entire thing, instead she leaned forward and asked, "You were walking funny?"

Faith blushed maybe more than ever before, turning away from Buffy to continue her patrol, before finally responding weakly, "N, no."

There was a brief pause and then Buffy pushed, "Could you sit down? Because I imagine that would be hard, you know, after I fucked you up the butt, and you did say I'd never sit right again when you were done with me, so... could you? Sit down, I mean?"

Faith just ignored her.


Shortly after that some vamp had the misfortune of pulling himself out of his grave right in front of Faith. She had stomped off after B's last comments, and although she was following her the blonde was giving her a wide berth, which was good for her, because Faith was this close to putting her in her place. As a result Faith thought she had an easy win, and while B would complain no doubt Faith was confident in her ability to talk her into returning the favour. Hell, she was practically salivating at the thought of returning the favour. Bending B over and finally fucking that tight little ass of hers. Unfortunately she was so lost in that thought she didn't notice Buffy throwing a stake before it was too late to catch it, and her easy win was stolen from her.

Turning back Faith glared at the blonde, "That was cheating."

"Okay." Buffy shrugged, then when it looked like the brunette was going to yell at her again she quickly placated, "We can go again, if you like. Or wait until we find a group. You know, do this properly?"

"Damn right we are." Faith grumbled, "And then you'll get what you deserve.

"I'm counting on it." Buffy said softly, barely enough for Faith to hear, the brunette turning back to glare at her again only to blush again as she found while murmuring those words B had been staring at her butt.


B had agreed suspiciously easy to continue the bet, which initially confused Faith, until they actually came across a couple of vampires, and the allegedly good girl shamelessly cheated again, this time far worse than before. How? Because the bitch slapped her ass! She actually slapped her ass like a drunken guy with a waitress who couldn't afford to lose her crappy job so she just took it, and Faith was so stunned she was frozen in place for a few long seconds, which was all that it took for Buffy to get ahead. Faith tried her best after that, but the damage was done, and she barely got to stake one of the vamps while Buffy dusted a decisive three, with the only consolation being that Faith got to beat hers senseless first, and this time B didn't get the chance to get on her high horse about it.

"What the hell was that?" Faith snapped.

"What? It's nothing you haven't done to me like a dozen times. Hell, you did it before we even started hooking up." Buffy pointed out, before she frowned as a thought came to mind, "Wait, are you still sore back there? It's been like, a whole day. You think you need to see a doctor? Or, maybe Giles?"

"And say what? My butt still hurts from B bustin' my back door cherry?" Faith mocked, although like with everything else lately it backfired on her.

Buffy scrunched up her nose and then insisted, "Well, I don't want to discuss anything we've done together, because it would be super weird, but what if I like, broke something? I mean, I was fucking your ass real hard last night, so-"

"Jesus B, I'm fine!" Faith snapped, before she could stop herself, "I was sore back there for ages, but now? I'm 5 by 5. So seriously drop it."

"But, I won." Buffy pointed out.

"No, you cheated. Again." Faith insisted, before relenting when the blonde didn't look impressed, "Just one more time, okay? And whoever wins, wins."

"Fine." Buffy grumbled.


"So, what was worse? Walking funny, or not being able to sit down?" Buffy asked almost casually.

Things had been annoyingly quiet for a while, and they had actually settled into walking together and making awkward small talk. It was, nice. Like it was in the beginning. Like way back, before Faith was even sure that the blonde swung her way. Which still meant the occasional flirting, but nowhere near as much as before. Then just when things were back to normal Buffy said that out of nowhere, causing Faith to blush and freeze again. She should have realised it meant more vamps, and to her credit Faith recovered quickly enough to dust enough of them to make it even, even if she had to steal one from B via that throwing stake trick the blonde had used on her earlier. But B was still going to win through nefarious means, and just as she was about to stake the final vampire and secure the win Faith tried to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"Shitting!" Faith called out loudly, continuing when she was sure she had the blonde's attention, "The worst part was trying to take a dump, because I was still so sore back there. It was agony."

But it backfired, because while Faith actually humiliated herself while saying that Buffy barely missed a beat, staking the nearly unconscious vamp before scrunching up her nose and exclaiming, "Ewww, gross. TMI Faith."

Seeing another opportunity Faith continued, "Right? It's the hole I poop from B. Like you said before, it's disgusting, and gross, and why would anyone do that?"

"Because nothing I've ever done to you has made you cum that hard." Buffy pointed out, advancing on her prey.

"That's not, I didn't-" Faith tried to argue, before admitting when Buffy gave her a look, "Okay, I did, but it wasn't that great."

"You were literally squirting." Buffy pushed.

"That's just..." Faith began to protest, but she didn't want to admit Buffy always made her cum like that, because they both knew it was only half true, and it was far too telling, so instead she just blurted out, "Do you really want to play with my shitter, B? Really? Buffy Summers wants to-"

"Yes." Buffy interrupted firmly, "Now, stop trying to gross me out, and bend over."

"What? Here?" Faith blushed, "That wasn't part of the deal."

"I know..." Buffy admitted, "But how about a trade? A public spanking, for a private ass fucking?"

Faith gulped, looked around awkwardly, then tried to negotiate, "Over the pants?"

"God no." Buffy shook her head, "It doesn't count if it's not bare bottom."

For a few long seconds Faith was overcome with anger and frustration, her nostrils flaring and her body trembling with rage, before she deflated and whined, "Please B, don't do this."

"It's done." Buffy folded her arms, "The more I think about it, the more you've been begging for this since the day you got here. Now stop whining and take it like a good girl, before I bend you over my knee, and then butt fuck you."

"Shit B." Faith whined, looking around again, before pleading, "At least let me bend over a gravestone or something!"

"Fine." Buffy sighed, "Just bend over and show me that pretty ass of yours."

The two Slayers stared at each other for a few long seconds, then Faith swore in frustration, "Fuck me."

"Maybe after." Buffy quipped, making Faith blush.

Buffy grinned happily at that line. It wasn't particularly clever, low hanging fruit and all, but she wasn't above an obvious pun, and what really made it satisfying was the way Faith blushed. God, Buffy hadn't thought Faith was even capable of blushing until she won their little bet last night, but it really made the bad ass bad girl look adorable, and Buffy just couldn't get enough of it. Just like she couldn't stop thinking about Faith's perfect ass, Buffy getting a chance to stare at it as Faith turned her back on her, picked out a gravestone, and slowly walked over to it. Faith probably wasn't putting an extra wiggle into her step, and that was just her regular saunter, but it was more than enough to make the blonde feel like she was literally drooling, especially when the brunette bent over and grabbed the gravestone.

For a few long seconds Buffy was frozen in place, then with a satisfied grin she closed the distance between them, took out her phone, and snapped a couple of pictures of Faith's butt, prompting the other Slayer to turn her head and glare at her, and when that wasn't enough to stop her Faith protested, "Hey!"

"What? Your ass just looks so photo worthy. Besides, you have no idea how much I got off staring at the souvenir I took last time, so you better believe if we're going to do this again I'm going to take more. Specifically I'm thinking, before and after pics." Buffy teased, and then when Faith looked like she was going to get up she quickly reminded her, "Or we could just go back to yours for a picture free ass fucking?"

That got another adorable blush out of Faith, and then after a few more long seconds of debate Faith turned back to face the front and lowered her head in this wonderful sign of submission which made it hard for Buffy to settle on a spanking. Although honestly she was hoping to talk Faith into eating her pussy or something once she walked her home, but she tried not to get distracted right now, not when the thing haunting her dreams was right in front of her waiting for her to play with it. So Buffy put away her phone, reached out and grabbed it. Oh yes, she grabbed Faith's butt, then began squeezing and fondling it like a piece of meat, leaving poor Faith whimpering pathetically, which just made Buffy grin with sadistic satisfaction.

After a few long seconds of butt groping Buffy quipped, "You know Faith, with an ass like this, I don't know why you ever bothered to try and top me. Especially with these tightfitting pants of yours, mmmmm, are you sure you're not just begging to be turned into a bottom? Or better yet, someone's butt bitch? Is that why you really came here? Looking for someone who could top you, and figured that I, the other Slayer, would be the only one who could? Huh?"

Faith blushed again, but didn't take the bait, "Shut up and just get it over with."

"If you insist." Buffy sing-songed.

It was a little disappointing that Faith hadn't lashed out and given her an excuse for some brutal punishment right off the bat, but it was also kind of impressive for the usually hot-headed Slayer to control herself like this. Or maybe Faith got lucky. Whatever the case Buffy rewarded her by a few long minutes of spanking her over her pants. Actually it was more like a tease than a reward, or even a cruel trick, but of course after half a dozen blows Buffy stopped, briefly groped Faith's butt again, and then slowly undid the other girl's pants and pulled them down, taking Faith's panties down in the process so she could get the best possible look of her prize being revealed to her. A prize which already has a touch of pink to it, which once again enhanced Buffy's opinion that this ass was made for this kind of thing.

Quickly whipping out her phone Buffy took a couple more photos, mostly directly in front of Faith's ass, with this time the other Slayer offering up no protest, other than an adorably pathetic sounding whimper which escaped Faith's lips. Then Buffy straightened up, put her phone away and then went back to the playful spanking that she had been giving before. That meant a few strikes at a time with barely half the speed and power she was capable of, and then a few long seconds of squeezing and groping Faith's butt, squeezing every little bit of enjoyment out of it as possible in the process for herself, and making sure it was as humiliating as possible for her butt bitch.

Faith couldn't believe that she was being B's bitch again, and this might actually be worse than getting her ass fucked. At least when she was getting butt fucked the pain was eventually replaced by pleasure. No! No, Faith sternly reminded herself, that was so much worse, because there was no way that a top of her calibre should have enjoyed anything about losing her anal cherry. God, that had been so humiliating. Although at least that had been in private where no one could see it. Now she was out in the open, where some vamp or other nasty could just walk by and see Faith the Vampire Slayer with her ass hanging out of her pants and getting spanked like a naughty child.

Sure, the pain was nothing she couldn't handle, especially with B obviously going easy on her in the beginning, but just like when she was robbed of her ass cherry it was the humiliation which was truly unbearable for Faith. And yet, did she do something about it? Get angry? Start yelling? Fight back? Slap the high and mighty Buffy Summers across her smug face, tear HER pants off and show the wannabe top how to properly beat a butt, and then ideally take B's butt cherry? No, she didn't. Fuck, Faith barely even damage the gravestone in her supernaturally strong grip, as she was just so overwhelmed with shame and humiliation that all she could do was whimper, gasp and even literally cry like a little bitch.

That was bad enough, but then Faith came to a horrifying realisation, she was actually enjoying this shit. Thankfully not as much as the butt fucking, but while she was nowhere near close to cumming her pussy was ridiculously wet given all B was doing was smacking her butt, groping it, and just making her feel like a submissive little slut. Which was almost enough for Faith to finally push the other Slayer away, pull up her pants and run as fast as she could before things could get further out of hand, but as if she could sense that B started increasing the force of her blows, distracting Faith with pain. After that, well, she figured that it was almost over, and then she should finally have her revenge.

Of course, Faith should have known better by now, as instead of building to a crescendo in a few seconds and stopping B slowly phased out the groping, which had massage some of the pain away, while increasing attention to just one cheek for a while before moving over the other, and using both hands for maximum damage. Worst of all when she reached a crescendo and started giving Faith everything she had, the kind of supernaturally enhanced blows which would have broken bones for anyone else, Buffy just kept going as if she was taking out all of her aggression on one vamp, like Faith had done earlier. Which led to even more tears from the usually tough brunette, to the point where she was practically hysterical. Although at least she started crushing the gravestone underneath her grip, so that was something.

Buffy knew eventually she'd have to give Faith a hard spanking to prove once and for all she could be a Dom, and more importantly the Dom of another Slayer. However, that was like, way down the road kind of thinking. Not that she really had a solid plan yet, which she'd really have to do something about, but the point was this was meant to be a mostly playful spanking to further this game they were playing. She was even going to let Faith go after the spanking, but somewhere between Faith's butt jiggling for her with every blow and slowly turning the most beautiful shade of bright pink Buffy had just totally lost it, and started putting every ounce of her strength into the now vicious butt beating.

She only stopped because her hand ached, and then Buffy had a brief moment of clarity over what she had done, put her hand up to her face to muffle a gasp and almost apologise to the other girl. Tell her that she didn't mean it. That it was an accident, that she had taken it too far, and she was sorry. That she was knew to this, and it probably only happened because she knew being a Slayer that Faith could take it. But Faith didn't seem to be seriously hurt. Well, her pride, obviously, and it looked like she was in for another day of not sitting down properly, but damn, Faith looked great in red, which was good, because her ass was as red as a Russian flag.

Cautiously Buffy reached out and pressed her hand against the bruised and battered butt, causing Faith to flinch momentarily, then after a few long seconds she went back to whimpering and crying. Buffy then did the same with the other hand and spread Faith's ass cheeks, with the same results, although she barely noticed as she was able to confirm something she thought impossible. But it was very possible, maybe even predictable given everything else that had happened recently. Namely Faith was wet. Oh God, her pussy was soaking wet, a clear sign that the big bad Faith Lehane had actually enjoyed herself. And... Buffy should let her go, she really should, but she was so desperate for more fun. Which didn't necessarily have to be anal fun, but she couldn't resist trying for it.

So Buffy slid one of her hands from Faith's cheeks to her pussy, causing the other slayer to cry out, "Fuck B!"

"If you insist." Buffy grinned.

Taking that as a personal invitation Buffy spent a few long seconds getting her fingers nice and wet with pussy juice, then slid her fingertips upwards to the hole she most wanted to play with. Then both Slayers cried out loudly as that finger slowly but steadily pushed inside Faith's ass hole, making them both speechless and Buffy unable to even think until her finger was buried up to the knuckle in virgin tight butt. Which was impossible, right? Slayer healing could do incredible things, but Buffy wasn't still a virgin, and Faith sure wasn't, so there was no reason to suspect even for a moment it would have that kind of effect back there, but... fuck. Fuck! Fuck!

"Fuck!" Buffy whimpered the only word which was in her head right now.

Faith couldn't even manage that. She was just so physically and mentally overwhelmed by the brutal butt beating she had just received that she couldn't utter another word to save her life, or in this case, save her ass hole. Faith tried, but all that ended up happening was that her mouth opened and closed like a fucking goldfish, and she let out even more pathetic whimpers and cries than before. Even worse she let out sounds of pleasure. Not at first, but there was definitely a hint of it in those whimpers and cries as prim and proper Buffy Summers fingered her shit hole. Again! Which of course prompted the bitch to push another finger up her butt and increase the pace, which initially got a fucking moan of pleasure out of her which made Faith's face go almost as red as her ass.

Instead of encouraging B to increase her pace again, and maybe even add another finger, it mercilessly made her stop, preventing Faith from embarrassing herself by moaning again. B even removed her fingers entirely, and for a few blissful seconds she thought the goody-goody would freak out and run, putting an end to this latest nightmare. But no, B didn't run. She just admired her handiwork for a few more long seconds, before grabbing her phone to add another souvenir to her collection. Then something else happened, and Faith made the mistake of looking behind her to see what exactly the other Slayer was doing, when she should have guessed.

Of course B was stepping into a harness, which suspiciously looked like the one she had used last night. Faith's strap-on. Oh God, Buffy was sliding Faith's strap-on up her thighs and tightening it around her waist, over her own clothes, so unlike the brunette whose pants were still down around her ankles the blonde was still completely covered up in case of discovery. And she looked good. Buffy Summers always looked good, it was kind of her thing, but Faith shouldn't be thinking she was hot wearing a cock, and covering it with lube. Fuck no, she should be freaking the fuck out right now, or at least pulling up her pants and running away, but all Faith could do was stare in horror at the huge toy the other girl was about to try and use on her most private hole.

Then B noticed she was looking, locked eyes with her and grinned. Which again should have put a stop to this, but instead Faith just blushed and faced forward again so she didn't have to see what was coming for her, as if that would actually stop it. But no, the goody two shoes Buffy Summers came for her ass hole anyway, the bitch even taking her time with it, slowly sauntering up behind her and slapping her ass one more time, causing Faith to cry out loudly, because even though it wasn't that hard it felt agonising on her sore backside. That hand didn't move away though, instead B using it to spread one of her ass cheeks while pressing the tip of the dick against Faith's back hole, again making her whimper pathetically.

Buffy could vividly remember taking Faith's anal cherry. Hell, it was pretty much all she could think about over the last 24 hours, so there was no doubt in her mind that Faith's back door was just as reluctant to open as it had been before, and that Buffy had to use the same amount of strength to make it slowly stretch for her until the head of her dick slid through that tight little forbidden hole and into the other girl's ass. Faith even cried out like before, and even if she couldn't feel it like a guy would Buffy could sense how difficult it was to push her way inside the rectum, and just through their supernatural connection as Slayers, that Faith's butt was just as tight as before.

Virgin tight! Slayer healing had made Faith's ass hole virgin tight again, despite the fact that Buffy had brutalised it so roughly last night it would easily have never been the same again if it wasn't for that healing factor. Which had to be rock solid prove that Faith had literally been created for butt sex. Not fucking butt! No, it was a crime against nature Faith had ever topped anyone when she was such a perfect bottom. When God or whatever had created the perfect bottom, with a perfect bottom designed to be fucked. Admittedly this implied Buffy should be a bottom too, because she also had a healing factor, but in her lust crazed mind she rationalised that a bottom of Faith's calibre needed someone who could give her the butt fuckings she needed. Someone who could make her their butt bitch, and Buffy was just the Slayer to do it.

With thoughts like that echoing in Buffy's head it was a miracle that she didn't slam every inch of her strap-on up Faith's ass and then start giving her every ounce of strength she had right from the start. It was certainly very tempting, especially as it would be fun to find out if it was possible to damage a Slayer's ass beyond repair, but no. Buffy wanted Faith to enjoy this just as much as she did, both because she had very quickly fallen for her, and more importantly she was going to have to if the self-proclaimed bad ass top was ever truly going to submit to her. Well, more accurately permanently submit, as surely there could be no truer act of submission than this?

Given the normally mouthy Faith continued not protesting and more than a few sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as Buffy stuffed her ass with strap-on it seemed likely they were in for a repeat performance. A performance which had featured Faith's cum literally squirting out of her cunt, so Buffy had never been more confident that she could achieve her goal. Which gave her plenty of chance to just savour the sight in front of her, namely her cock disappearing into Faith's butt hole, Buffy removing her hand from that dildo as soon as possible so she could use both hands to spread Faith's cheeks and give her the best possible look at the other supernatural warrior's violated hole. Which like before she found disgusting and gross, but now she was just too overwhelmed with lust to care.

Faith was also feeling overwhelmed, except instead of lust it was shame, humiliation and self-hatred. Increasingly it was the last thing, because surely this goody-goody would stop if she told her too? Of course ideally Faith would give her a nice hard back elbow, knocking her off before wrestling her to the ground and turning the tables on her, or at least giving her a vicious butt beating. Although there was a reason why Faith never did that to Buffy, outside of general courtesy, that being that she wanted the other Slayer to be her submissive slut, and that only happened if she treated her right. Which was exactly what Buffy was doing to her now, enhancing Faith's humiliation and shame no end.

But she could stop it. All Faith had to do was say the word. Hell, even if it didn't work a refusal to stop could eventually kick her into action, or at least prove she didn't actually want to be ass fucked like a pathetic little bitch, but no, for some reason she still couldn't find the words, and every time she even got close a moan would escape her mouth, causing her to blush and clamp her mouth shut. That process was repeated the entire time that Buffy was stuffing her shitter full of cock, until finally thighs came to rest against butt cheeks, announcing every inch of the dildo had once again been buried in Faith's backside. Then things only got worse for her, as B officially began to sodomise her, causing a lot more moans of pleasure to escape Faith's lips.

The initial anal penetration and butt stuffing had at least been as painful as it had been when she was robbed of her ass cherry, but just like back then her rectum adjusted embarrassingly quickly to the obscene misuse to the point where the pain faded to a dull ache, and all Faith felt was incredible pleasure. Something she desperately tried to hide from her fellow Slayer, but it just proved to be impossible, as not only did soft little moans escape her lips, but louder ones did too. And gasps, whimpers and cries. Which caused Buffy to chuckle in satisfaction, although thankfully she didn't taunt her this time, probably given where they were, that little reminder making Faith whimper pathetically again.

Given where they were B should have probably sped up at that point, just to bring a merciful end to this unbearable humiliation. Hell, Faith almost tried asking her too, not because she actually wanted the kind of incredible climax as she'd only ever received from a rough ass fucking, but because by some miracle they hadn't been discovered yet, and she didn't want that to change. While they were probably safe from the majority of the people they knew, but there was Angel. Oh God, what would tall, dark and handsome think if he saw his precious little Buffy sodomising her over a gravestone? It would have actually been funny if it wasn't so horrifying to think that anyone could find her like this.

Buffy had a similar thought, but in her lust crazed mind she thought he'd understand. It would hurt him, and she didn't want that, but he would nod his head and tell her he understood that Faith desperately needed to be put in her place. That Faith was clearly meant to be a submissive butt slut, and Buffy needed to do whatever it took to get that through the other Slayer's thick head, including sodomising her in the middle of one of the many cemeteries that they patrolled every night. That she shouldn't stop here. That she should bend Faith over in each and every one of those cemeteries and butt fuck her in every position possible until she finally broke completely and begged to be collared and branded.

She also imagined her friends, her Mom, and even the vampires and Demons she came here to kill gathering around and cheering her on as she completely broke Faith. Then Willow could magic up a nice little collar for her to finish the job. Wrap it around Faith's pretty neck in front of them all as Faith was eagerly proclaiming herself as Buffy's butt bitch. Then thanks to Will she'd give her that tramp stamp she'd been dreaming of. Oh God yes, Buffy wanted all that and more, which she became lost in as she continued staring at her cock slowly thrusting in and out of the other supernatural warrior's most private hole, which was on perfect display to her thanks to her continuing to spread the other girl's cheeks.

It was hard to tell just how long Buffy sodomised Faith like that. It felt like hours, and given their supernatural stamina it had to be at least one, but inevitably it just became too much for her to handle without giving Faith everything she had. Well, Buffy was kind of hoping that Faith would break the silence which had fallen between them by begging for more, but there was no telling how long the stubborn bitch would be able to stay silent, and ultimately Buffy's lust completely and totally got the better of her and she started rapidly increasing the pace until her thighs were smacking Faith's butt cheeks just as brutally as her hands had before, the sound echoing throughout the graveyard almost as loudly as Faith's sounds of pleasure.

Almost the moment she increased the pace Faith started cumming like the little bitch she was, which was almost enough to make Buffy cum too, but she held herself back for a little bit longer, just so she could make sure the butt pounding was truly epic. Also, she just wanted to savour this perfect moment of dominance she could easily find herself getting addicted too, if she wasn't already. Of course ultimately the beautiful sight in front of her of Faith bent over and taking it up the ass, the sheer joy of sodomising the other Slayer, and the stimulator bashing against her clit sent Buffy over a series of powerful climaxes, ones which were more satisfying than any other she had. Especially as again she imagined her friends, her Mom and even the vampires and Demons watching them and cheering her on.

Faith was thankfully free of thoughts like that, or any thoughts really. The ecstasy rocking her body was completely overwhelming the shame, humiliation and self-hatred and leaving her with nothing but the purest ecstasy she had ever known. She barely even felt guilty when the gravestone crumbled beneath her grip and then snapped entirely, causing her to be slammed head first into the dirt. Luckily she had always been accused of having a hard head, and thanks to now being a Slayer that was literally true, preventing her from being knocked unconscious. She was briefly worried that the dick would fall out of her ass, and it did get halfway there, but Buffy quickly slammed her hips forwards to stop that from happening, even if it did mean she fell with Faith so that both of them hit the ground.

Anyone else would have stopped entirely, or at least for a few minutes, but not Buffy Summers. No, she kept thrusting throughout the fall and right after they hit the ground. Sure, it took a while to build up steam again, but it was just enough to keep them both on their highs, especially when Buffy pushed Faith's hair aside so she could dig her teeth into her neck like a hungry vamp looking for a snack. She also grabbed onto Faith's hands, her palms over the backs, so she could truly pin Faith down and turn her into nothing but a fuck hole for her pleasure. Which was something which would later fill Faith with unbearable shame, especially as it caused her to cum extra hard.

Like with the slow sodomy it was hard to tell how long they stayed like that. Again it felt like hours, and with their stamina it was quite a while, but it was almost certainly nowhere close to even one hour. All Faith knew was that Buffy had to use every ounce of her strength, speed and stamina to brutalise her butt hole, because when she finally stopped the mighty Buffy Summers collapsed completely exhausted against her, and Faith wasn't doing much better. They stayed like that for way too long given they were completely exposed and out in the open, probably unable to defend themselves if a vamp got lucky and passed by during those moments. That didn't happen, although as she gradually regained her senses Faith kind of wished it did so she wouldn't have to live with what had just happened to her.

The second she was able Faith rolled Buffy off of her, the dildo sliding out of her back passage with an obscene slurp and a pop which made her whimper pathetically again. She then lay there for a few more seconds as she continued whimpering and rubbing her backside, her butt hole feeling like it was as wide as the Grand Canyon, before finally reaching down to pull up her pants. Then in a horrifying mirror image of last night she became aware of Buffy scrambling for her phone, and as much as she tried Faith just couldn't cover herself up in time. The bitch even managed to take a few photos while giggling as Faith literally tripped over herself to put her pants back on and then get the fuck out of dodge, even if she was running funny and every step was pure fucking agony thanks to the pain in her once again well fucked ass.
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