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Modern Family: Something Good to Eat
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Modern Family: Something Good to Eat

Starring: Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy and Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy

“So?” said Alex Dunphy, as she stood in the doorway to her sister’s bedroom, showing off her freshly donned Halloween costume to her older sibling Haley.

She had decided to dress as Dracula and as such had tied back her jet black hair and applied white face paint, with trails of fake blood dripping from her thick, pouty lips, her black rimmed spectacles sitting, as always across the bridge of her cute, perfectly formed little nose. She'd raided her father Phil’s closet and picked out a neatly pressed white button down, a pair of loose fitting black slacks and a matching waistcoat, topping the outfit off with a long black cape she'd brought at a fancy dress store.

A sexy costume it was not. In fact, her novelty make up and loose fitting men's clothing were doing a stand up job of obscuring her youthful beauty and voluptuous teenage body. Her get up looked all the more unflattering when compared to that of her sister. Haley, it turned out, had taken the Mean Girls route; kitting herself out in a bunny outfit so short and tight fitting it left precious nothing to the imagination.

The black corset clung to her frame like an overbearing boyfriend; proudly showcasing every curve of her lithe, athletic body. The skimpy garment was distinctly low cut; displaying a generous helping of her perky young cleavage and cut short at the bottom; the hem cutting straight across her shapely, beach tanned buttocks and revealing her smoothly waxed legs in all their long, slender glory.

“So, what?” Haley replied, looking back at her younger sister in the reflection of her full length mirror. There was a table nearby; all manner of expensive beauty products spread across it as she applied the finishing touches to her look.

“What do you think?” Alex asked, her voice slightly muffled by the plastic fangs covering the top row of her neatly regimented, pearly white teeth.

“You're not wearing that,” the elder Dunphy replied, reacting in much the same way as her mother on first sight of her own scanty getup.

“Why not? It's Halloween!” Alex argued.

“No, no, no!” Haley complained. “It's bad enough mom and dad have cancelled their plans, and I've had to call off my party to go trick or treating with my dorky little sister. And now you want to go out dressed as Frankenstein?”

“Dracula,” her younger sister corrected.

“Whatever!” Haley exclaimed. “You're changing right now! I wouldn't be seen dead with you in that!” she added, the irony of the statement completely lost on the ditsy brunette. “Why do you want to go trick or treating anyway?”

“‘Cause it's Halloween!” Alex countered. “That's what you do at Halloween!”

“When you're like eight years old, yeah!” her sister replied. “Come on, Alex, you're a senior now, you should be going out and meeting cute guys!”

“I've already got Sanjay!” Alex argued, making reference to her boyfriend; the only kid at her school more of a nerd than her.

“Hence the ‘cute’,” Haley replied, somewhat spitefully. “This isn't right! You're supposed to be getting drunk and puking in toilet bowls, not trick or treating!”

“Haley, this'll be our last Halloween before I go off to college,” Alex explained. “Wouldn't you like to just be kids one last time before we’re both all grown up?”

“Well if being a kid means dressing like a freak and knocking on our neighbors’ doors begging for candy, then no!” Haley countered.

“Aw, come on, Haley,” her sister replied. “What else have you got to do?”

Haley pondered. The fact that she had nothing better to do on Halloween than go trick or treating with her kid sister was too depressing for words. “Is Luke coming?” she enquired.

“No, he's going to a party, I think,” said Alex.

“My little brother has a party to go to and I don't?!” Haley barked. “Oh my gawd!! Maybe I'll go out as a ghost. An actual ghost after I've killed myself!”

Alex laughed. “Gosh Haley, you're so dramatic! Look, I wanna get going before all the best candy is gone,” she declared. “So are you coming or not?”

Haley sighed, rolling her pretty green eyes. “I'll come on one condition; you take that dumb costume off right now!”

“But I don't have anything else to wear!” her sister argued.

“Then you're in luck, girl,” Haley replied, crossing the room to her overflowing closet. She picked out a second bunny outfit, just like the one she was wearing and held if aloft. “‘Cause I’ve got a spare!”

Halloween was in full swing in the Dunphys’ leafy, affluent neighbourhood.  Elaborate festive decorations adorned the exteriors of large suburban homes.  Jack-o’-lanterns glowed in porchways. Bands of excited children in scary costumes roamed the streets with accompanying parents.

Two sets of stiletto heels clicked on the sidewalk in near perfect synchronicity as Haley and Alex Dunphy strolled side by side, the puffy white tails of their matching bunny outfits swaying rhythmically back and forth as they went.  To say Alex’s costume change had marked an improvement in her appearance would be something of an understatement. The brunette, though, was no fan of the outfit herself. Her opinion on it was thus: on Haley it looked slutty. On her own somewhat ample figure, however, it looked like the getup of the average streetwalker.  But to any male passerby it was a sight to behold.

You see, Alex was somewhat fuller of hip and ass than her slender older sister, and much fuller of breast. In fact, in the chest department there was simply no contest. While Haley sported an impossibly perky set of 32Bs, Alex boasted a colossal 32DDD bust, which made her sister’s chest look like a pair of mere mosquito bites in comparison. As such, it had been something of a struggle for the buxom teen to squeeze her curvaceous figure into an already skimpy outfit that was a good few sizes too small.

The result was a getup so revealing it would make even the most seasoned of naturists blush. The bottom hem rode up her ass like the hotpants of a professional stripper, while the top was evidently fighting a losing battle as it tried to contain her phenomenal chest. The lily white tops of her bulging breasts were spilling free like nobody's business. Taste and decency had taken a leap from a ten storey window; the young lady sporting a cleavage that could've made the Eiffel Tower disappear given half a chance.

Not only had Haley leant her sister her spare costume, but she’d also been so kind as to share her makeup with the younger sibling.  As such, the pair were sporting the same shiny pink lips, dark eyeshadow, long, mascara coated lashes and had matching sets of white bunny ears poking out from their shiny, shoulder length hair.  The duo looked almost identical. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Alex’s pair of glasses, her darker locks, and the monstrous titmounds balooning from her chest, they’d have looked like twins.

The pair began their rounds.  The first few houses they’d stopped at had been empty, or at least the residents had been hiding away inside; the time-honoured tradition of the grumpy on All Hallow’s Eve.  Once somebody finally opened their front door, the pair were met with the distinctly unfriendly face of a middle aged woman, who appeared to have grown tired of the near constant interruptions from candy seeking kids. 

“Can I help you?” she asked, without even a hint of a smile forming on her pursed lips.

“Trick or treat?” said Haley in a dull, rather uninterested monotone, her emerald eyes barely looking up from her phone; it’s bright screen illuminating her cute face.

“Haley!” Alex whined, giving her older sister a nudge on the arm.

Haley sighed.  “Trick or treat?  Trick or treat? Give us something good to eat!” the pair sang in perfect unison, Alex delivering her half with considerably more effort and gusto than her sister, whose eyes were still firmly affixed to her phone screen.

The woman wasn’t amused.  Not in the slightest. “Trick or treat?  Seriously?” she asked. “Don’t you girls think you’re a little old for this?”  She turned to Haley. “How old are you? Like, 25?”

That made the brunette look up from her phone.  Momentarily at least. 25?! Scandalous! She may as well have said 50!  “I’m 21!” she snapped.

“25, 21, whatever,” the woman replied.  “You’re still about twelve years too old to be trick or treating, that’s for sure.”

“Whatever,” Haley responded.  “Look, do you have any candy or not, lady?”

“For you?” she said.  “No!” Then door slammed in their faces.

“Well, that went well,” Haley quipped.

They moved onto the next house.  This time, a man answered the door and, no surprise, he was much more welcoming.  Alex held out a sack and the man tipped an entire bowl of candy inside. The girls thanked him and moved onto the next house.  Their luck changed dramatically from here on out. Man after man came to their front doors, each one giving out sweet treats like Willy Wonka; some even handing their children’s earlier hauls straight over to the pretty young pair. 

Before long Alex’s sack was bulging like Santa Claus (as were those of the men who’d caught an eyeful of her cavernous cleavage!).  Neither ate candy of course; gym bunny Haley was far too worried about her figure for such indulgences, while her brainy sister knew all about the negative effects trans fats had on the human anatomy, but the girls were starting to enjoy themselves all the same.

With an impressive candy haul clutched in Alex’s dainty hand, the girls decided to do one more house before calling it a night.  Opposite but one from the Dunphy household was the home of Paul Stevens; a handsome, 40 something bachelor, who had lived in the neighborhood for about five months.  The girls’ mother Claire, a hot blonde of a similar age (and a certified MILF if ever there was one) had spotted him out and about. She’d exchanged a few flirty words with the middle aged man as they took out the garbage or gathered the freshly tossed newspapers from their lawns.   

Before long, Claire had engaged Paul in some polite conversation whilst on their early morning jogs, and though she was as happy with her husband Phil as she’d ever been, she couldn’t deny that the neighborhood’s newest recruit was as good looking as they came.  However, if the mature blonde had indeed been planning on indulging in some extra-marital affairs, she was sadly barking well up the wrong tree. For the middle aged man was far more interested in her young daughters than he was in her.

Paul liked them young, and the nearer the legal limit they were, the better.  Alex and Haley Dunphy, in their own ways, were prime young female specimens and he had greatly appreciated their presence around the neighborhood.  The highlight of his day was watching the girls head out before he left for work. The curves of Haley’s peachy little ass as she clambered into her car, the bouncing and jiggling of Alex’s huge breasts as she hurried down the garden path.  Each morning was every middle-aged manther’s wet dream!

Paul was watching his beloved LA Kings when the doorbell rang.  He drained the last of his beer and got up to answer the door. His game had been interrupted by bands of trick or treaters since the opening face off, but the older man had taken it good-naturedly.  Besides, the kids’ moms provided him with plenty of (eye) candy of his own (though they were a little old for his tastes) as he gave out his sweet treats.

This time, however, the interruption was most welcome.  Paul opened the door. A sly grin stretched across his face as he looked on at the scantily clad duo of Alex and Haley Dunphy, flashing equally sweet smiles in his direction as they stood side by side in his porchway. 

“Trick or treat?  Trick or treat? Give us something good to eat!” the girls chorused.

“Trick or treat, Mr Stevens?” Alex signed off with a cute smile.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck.  The two hottest pieces of barely legal ass this side of the Colorado River, delivered straight to his front door, gift wrapped in outfits so skimpy they made the average Victoria’s Secret ensemble look like Alpine ski wear.  To put it simply; they were some sweet little tricks, and he most certainly had a treat for them!

“Girls, girls,” Paul grinned, “don’t you look lovely this evening.”

“Thank you, Mr Stevens,” Haley replied, flirting unabashedly with the rugged older man.

After all, Claire wasn’t the only member of the Dunphy household who had clocked Paul’s good looks from across the street.  In fact, Haley had been teasing the bachelor with her tight, athletic young body for some time. Whenever Paul was in his front yard, washing his Beemer or tending to his yard, the brunette would limber up for her trip to the local gym; bending over to touch her toes, shooting naughty looks back at the middle aged hunk.  Even, Alex who had little interest in men (at least compared to her slutty older sister!) found herself ‘accidentally’ dropping her school books when Paul was mowing his lawn and making sure he got a good view of her cleavage when she lent over to the retrieve them.

They just couldn’t help themselves.  Sure, he was old- nearly old enough to be their father, in fact- but there was no denying it; he was hot!  Paul had a full head of thick, light brown hair which he parted neatly to the right. He sported neatly trimmed designer stubble, had striking blue eyes, a chiseled jawline and a smile so bright it had even the most devout lesbians questioning their life choices. 

Paul took good care of his body; eating well and working out regularly, and as such sported the kind of physique even men half his age would lop off a testicle for.  He’d been lounging on his couch in a pair of baggy sweatpants and a tight fitting t-shirt, which clung to his muscular frame; offering the girls a teasing outline of his firm, slab-like pecs, well-defined six pack, and big, bulging biceps.   

“Looks like you’ve got your fair share of candy in there, girls,” Paul noted, gesturing to the stuffed sack in Alex’s hands.

“Yeah, our neighbors have been very generous,” Alex replied.  “Would you like to take a look, Mr Stevens?”

“Sure, Alex.”

The buxom brunette opened the sack, holding it out so Paul could see the sweet bounty contained within.  Remembering the school book trick she’d employed on so many of those early mornings, Alex dropped the sack onto the ground, some of the still wrapped candy spilling out over the porch.

“Whoops!” she said, putting a dainty hand to her plump, puckered lips.  “Silly me!”

The teen leant over to pick up the sack, turning slightly to the side as she did so, offering Paul a fantastic view of both her thick, round ass and canyon-esque cleavage.  She retrieved the sack, her big tits jiggling as she returned to her upright position.

“Wow!  That’s quite a booty you’ve got there, Alex!” Paul quipped.  “The candy, I mean,” he smirked, secretly suspecting that her ass would taste even sweeter. 

“Would you like to try it?” Alex asked.  “The candy, I mean.”

Paul smirked.  “Thank you.”

Alex reached into her bag of tricks and took out a long tube of taffy.  She peeled it open and offered some to Paul, grinning up at the older man as he bit off a mouthful of the sweet tasting candy.     

“Haley?” she offered, directing the taffy toward her sister.

“Thanks, Alex,” she said.  “I like having long things in my mouth.”

“I know, Haley,” Alex replied.  “I’ve heard you with your boyfriends through the wall.”

Haley wrapped her lips around the candy tube, locking eyes with Paul as she guided her glossy pink lips up and down the sugary shaft.  The lewd display had the older man swelling in his sweatpants. Haley bit off a span of taffy, chewed and swallowed.

“Mmm!” she murmured.  “Yummy!”

“You looked like you enjoyed sucking on that candy, Haley,” Paul declared.

“Mmhmm,” she agreed.  “I love sucking on things, Mr Stevens.  Do you have any...candy I could suck on?”

Paul’s mind whirred with the possibilities.  He felt his dick stiffen with every innuendo that passed from the siblings’ pretty young mouths. 

“You know, girls,” he grinned, “I think I’m fresh out of candy.”

“Oh come on, Mr Stevens,” Alex replied, pouting her already full, bubblegum pink lips.  “You must have something we can suck on?”

“Hmm,” he pondered.  “I think I may be able to help you girls after all.  Why don’t you come on inside and I’ll see what I have for you?”

The sisters clasped hands and stepped through the open doorway.  Paul closed the front door behind them.

“So, what did you have for us, Mr Stevens?” Haley asked, stood hand in hand with her busty younger sibling. 

“Well, like I said girls, I’m all out of candy,” Paul declared.  “But I think there’s something in here you’ll like even more,” he added, sliding two thumbs under the elasticated waistband of his sweats.   

In a single motion he whipped the loose fitting garments down, his penis springing out like a freshly cranked Jack-in-the-box.  The girls’ jaws dropped in unison. Both had suspected (and hoped!) the older man to be well endowed, but neither had been prepared for the sheer mass of man meat he’d been hiding away in his pants. 

Alex had only seen one penis in her short life, that of her boyfriend Sanjay Patel, but Paul’s cock blew his measly little teenage dick clean out of the water.  Haley had encountered considerably more phalli than her younger sister, but even she was dumbfounded by the veiny flesh behemoth stood before her. She could’ve pitted two of her ex-boyfriends’ dicks up against this one and they still would’ve come up short.

It was simply huge; ten inches long with girth to match.  A giant pair of balls the size of ripe Italian plums hung pendulously underneath.  A complex network of veins ran up and down the length of the shaft, criss crossing each other along the way like train tracks, while a big pink head rounded it off; swollen up the size of a ping pong ball.  The girls were in awe, their jaws slacker than a pair of trailer park dwellers in the Deep South.

“That the kind of treat you were hoping for, girls?” asked Paul, a wily fox-like grin stretched across his handsome face as he stood half nude before the yearning sisters.

“Uh huh,” the sisters replied in zombie-esque unison, both still utterly transfixed by the big skin beast on display.

“Then why don’t you give it a taste?”

The girls didn’t have to be asked twice; they dropped to their knees and got to work.  Haley took first dibs on the shaft, wrapping a hand around the fat, long member and stroking it smoothly.  She shot out her tongue and lapped eagerly at the head, as a stream of precum flowed from the wide open tip.  While her sister worked Paul’s dick, Alex dipped down to get at his balls; parting her lips to allow one of the large, swollen gonads inside. 

“Oh yeah, get that dick, girls,” Paul encouraged, grinning down at the lewd display unveiling itself before him.

Something of a serial cradle robber, Paul’d had more than his fair share of run ins with the younger ladies.  In fact, since moving to the LA suburbs, the older man had sampled the teenage charms of nigh on every high school senior in a five mile radius.  But this was an impressive feat even by his standards. Two girls, sisters no less; one barely old enough to drink, the other barely old enough period, were knealt beween his thighs sharing his genitalia like a frosty vanilla malt. 

Haley had her lips wrapped around his crown; her tongue still licking at the seeping tip as she sucked at the big, bulging dickhead.  Alex was tending to his nutsack; the busty schoolgirl suckling on his oversized balls one by one, slathering them in oodles upon oodles of slick, wet saliva.  Soft, dainty hands rested on his thighs; long, expertly decorated fingernails digging lightly into his firm, muscular flesh.

Before long, Alex joined her sister on Paul’s cock; the girls working the dick over with a combined skill and synergy that only siblings can possess.  Two sets of pouty pink lips wrapped around the sides of the shaft as the duo guided their pretty young mouths up and down the lengthy member in perfect synchronicity; drooling and slobbering over the thick, veiny penis as they went. 

“Yeah, that’s it,” Paul cooed.  “You like that long ol’ candy cane don’t you, girls?”

Muffled giggles escaped the mouths of both the randy sisters as they twosed up Paul’s lengthy skin flute.  Alex fondled his big, spit-slicked balls and Haley kneaded the bulbous prickcrown as they shared the fat shaft.  Next, they moved onto the head; both girls lapping at the thick swollen dickhelmet as Haley stroked the shaft.

“Oh, fuck!” Paul groaned, his dick twitching and throbbing as the two young siblings tongued at his sensitive head.

Haley wrapped her lips around the bulging crown once more.  She sucked just once at the head, before retrieving the big, thick cock and passing it onto her sister.  Alex followed suit- the bespectacled beauty enveloping the bulbous crown with her thick, pouty lips; her older sibling allowing her a single quick suck at the golf ball-sized head before prizing it free.  Haley rinsed and repeated this sequence, handing the dick back and forth between herself and her sister like an X-rated game of Pass the Parcel; the girls puckering their lips and producing loud *POP* sounds every time the swollen dickhead was released from their skilled young mouths. 

Next, Haley fed Paul’s cock back between her lips and quickly saw about making the lengthy member disappear.  The brunette took more than half of the fat, long flesh wand into her mouth on the first pass and didn’t slow down from there.  She began to bob her pretty head, sucking and slurping at every inch she accommodated. It wasn’t long until Haley’s lips had reached the base and she puckered the plump, dick-charming pair, looking up at the older man as she lodged all ten of his thick, veiny inches within the confines of her masterful young mouth.   

Alex had been knelt idly by, watching her sister choke down Paul’s giant cock like it measured but the length of a mere cocktail weenie.  However, the buxom teen wasn’t to be upstaged by her older sibling, and as Haley held the massive member between her lips; drooling and slobbering over it like a dog with a bone, Alex dipped back down to get at his balls once more, eager to perform a vanishing trick of her own.  She parted her full, pouty lips as wide as they would go and fed both of Paul’s big, spunk-filled balls into her mouth at once; her cheeks bulging like a squirrel with a nut.

“Jesus!” Paul exclaimed, the handsome bachelor unprepared for the youthful duo to devour him so ferociously.

Schoolgirls had sucked Paul’s dick in their twos, threes, fours, even fives, but no band of horny seniors, regardless of the number, had managed to accommodate his oversized genitals as completely as these two.  He surmised that a classful of young women at an all girls’ prep school could’ve gathered at his feet and still not replicated the dick disappearing exploits of these two skilled sisters.

He looked down at the talented duo; two sets of sparkling eyes trained on him as every inch of his genitalia was housed within their pretty mouths.  The girls moaned and groaned, grinned and giggled around the giant cock and balls swelling and churning between their lips; the hot, young pair clearly enjoying every second of their shared suckjob.  Soft, moisturised hands rested against his bulky thighs. Haley’s long, mascara-coated lashes fluettered angelically. Alex peered over her specs and up at the older man like a sexy school teacher. Her huge teenage tits wobbled and joggled in her skimpy outfit; the big, bulging pair threatening to spill out at any second.

Paul could resist no longer.  He reached down and grabbed one of the giant flesh mounds; squeezing and fondling it like an overzealous teen getting his first crack at a young lady’s chest.  Alex liked the feeling of the excited hand mauling her youthful bust; her already cavernous cleavage becoming even fuller as the older man groped her jiggling jugs.

“I think he likes my tits,” she giggled, releasing his big, swollen balls from her mouth.

Haley looked down at the eager hand fondling away at Alex’s chest and reluctantly retrieved the long, throbbing penis from her mouth so she could goad the horny older man.

“Is that right, Mr Stevens?” she asked, vigorously stroking his spit-slicked cock with her dainty, little hands.  “You like my sister’s big, fat titties?”

“Uh huh,” was about all he could manage in response; the bachelor now looking skyward, his eyes clamped shut as he did his best to hold off his impending orgasm.

“You wanna fuck these titties, Mr Stevens?” the brunette continued; her lewd words and raspy, sexline worker’s tone nearly enough to empty his balls on their own.  “You wanna wrap these big juggies around your fat fucking cock?”

“Uh huh,” he repeated, his face contorted in all kinds of unflattering ways; the normally handsome man looking as though he was chewing his way through a batch of stinging nettles.

“I can’t hear you,” Haley grinned.

The young girl was having the time of her life toying with the middle aged man.  She had him wrapped around her little finger, and could probably have controlled his muscular body like a puppet on a string had she been so inclined.  It was almost as fun as sucking on his big, thick cock. Almost.

“YES!!” Paul exclaimed.  “I wanna fuck those big fucking tits!”

Haley turned to her sister, smirking like Wile E Coyote.  “Well Alex, you heard the man.”

Alex didn’t need a second invitation.  In fact, the bespectacled babe had been dying to feel Paul’s fat, veiny prick between her breasts since minute one of the two-way blowjob.  She slid two lengthy-nailed thumbs under the hem of her bunny costume and whipped it down; her big, bouncing boobs spilling out like melons from a grocery bag. 

Paul’s eyes bulged as Alex’s tits fell free.  He had been a longtime admirer of the young lady’s bust and had often wondered what her huge teen knockers would look like in the flesh.  The answer, it turned out, was exceptional; better than he could possibly have imagined.  They were simply huge- nearly the size of her own head, not to mention impossibly supple and flawlessly shaped in spite of their phenomenal size; the giant pair hanging in perfect pertitude over the rest of her curvaceous young body. 

Alex decided to tease Paul a little first; something the older man was secretly a little relieved about, as the sight of the epic chest mounds spilling from her slutty little outfit had almost been enough to tip him over the edge all by itself.  She placed her soft, satiny hands below the undersides of her tits and jiggled them up and down like she was weighing sacks of caster sugar, grinning naughtily up at the middle aged man as she did so.

“Hmmhmm,” Haley giggled.  “Your dick’s gonna look good between those, huh?”

Alex angled her big, bulging breasts upwards; the randy schoolgirl shooting out her tongue to lap at her own rock hard nipples.  She flicked her moist red prickpleaser back and forth across her nipples; tonguing at the stiffened teets like they were little pink pear drops.  Then, she parted her thick, juicy lips and fed one of the nipples inside; the busty teen suckling upon the erect teet like she was taste-testing the milk within. 

Her little show had Paul’s dick twitching like never before.  In fact, Alex’s display was so hot and lewd it would’ve had even the most cock-hungry of homosexuals begging for mercy.  The highschooler gripped Paul’s dong at the base and slapped the sensitive, swollen head against one of her nipples several times; little droplets of precum splattering across the smooth, lily white flesh of her breasts. 

Then, she got to down to it.  She fed Paul’s penis into the depths of her bust and wrapped her tits around it; the long, thick member fitting between her juggies like it was made to measure.  She began to hop up and down, guiding her enormous milktanks up and down the length of the shaft; from the base right to the head.

Alex had given tittyfucks before but had never gotten much out of them herself.  After all, her boyfriend Sanjay was severely ill-equipped to give her big, fat boobies the fucking they so richly deserved.  Everytime he fed his prick between Alex’s titanic titties the teeny little member would disappear down into the depths never to be seen again, and no amount of thrusting on the boy’s behalf would see even the tip of his tiddly five inch wang emerge from the creamy white mass of bulging breastmeat.               

Make no mistake, though, Sanjay had the time of his life.  The sight alone of Alex’s bouncing, jiggling jugs was enough to have him splooging his teenage goo in a matter of seconds; nevermind that his dick was buried so deeply within it would take a team of Amazonian explorers to retrieve it.  Alex though, derived very little in the way of enjoyment from the experience. Sanjay’s penis was simply far, far too small.

This time, however, the buxom teen was loving every second.  Her colossal chest mounds wrapped around Paul’s dick like freshly baked buns around a hot dog, and while her breasts were sufficient in cocooning the older man’s girth, his penis was so long, the round, golf ball- sized head poked out the top of her teenage tit tunnel with every pass she took.  Alex wasn’t about to let any part of Paul’s penis go unstimulated however. As such, the curvy schoolgirl dipped her pretty head, parted her plump, juicy lips and caught the thick, swollen dickcrown everytime it emerged from the depths of her chest chasm.

“Those titties feel good wrapped around your dick, Mr Stevens?” asked Haley, the brown-haired beauty fondling the middle aged man’s big, cum-churning balls while her younger sister sucked and titty fucked his fat, long cock. 

“Fuck yeah!” Paul gasped, the bachelor trying harder than ever to retain the spunkwad brewing in his oversized testicles amid a ruthless onslaught from Alex’s mouth and bosom alike. 

Though Alex had long since changed out of her Dracula outfit, the highschooler still somewhat resembled a member of the vampire fraternity (the Count’s young, large chested daughter perhaps); the buxom senior seemingly attempting to extract Paul’s lifeblood through the tip of his penis, such was the savagery and ferocity with which she sucked at his swollen crown. 

“Oh, Jesus!” Paul groaned, looking heavenward as though he feared Alex may suck his very soul straight out through his cockslit.

Knowing full well that his climax was mere minutes away, Paul wanted to go out on a high.  The older man had been largely dormant for the duration of the twoway sisterly suckfest. He’d been standing still like a statue (and just as hard!), and allowing the fiendish duo to do their evil bidding, but now he was ready to show these two scarcely legal, cock slurping siblings who was boss. 

Paul reached down; his pearly whites gritted with determination as he grabbed two handfuls of Alex’s ballooning young breasts and thrusted like a man possessed; sawing his long, thick cock between her epic pair like an expert handyman.  He squeezed and kneaded her malleable teenage mams like handfuls of dough; creamy white titflesh spilling through his fingers as he ploughed her colossal chest canyon, his bulbous dickhead repeatedly poking out from the depths like a hyperactive weasel. 

“Oh wow, Alex!” Haley exclaimed.  “He’s really going for it, huh?”

She wasn’t wrong.  Paul appeared to be putting all he had into the furious fucking of Alex’s teenage tits.  His face was blood red; beads of sweat forming on his brow. Every muscle in his sinewy, athletic body popped and flexed; veins pulsing up and down his frame (and nowhere more so than in his thick, throbbing cock) as he pumped her soft, young breasts.

Feeling somewhat left out, Haley loomed over her sister’s chest; the young brunette parting her full, glossy lips in wait of Paul’s pink ping pong ball of a cockhead.  Haley caught the thick, swollen crown between her lips every time it poked out from within Alex’s epic bust. She treated the tender, quivering member to all the tricks her skilled young mouth knew before it burrowed back down from whence it came. 

She sucked at it, slurped at it, tongued at the seeping tip.  And she didn’t stop there. Whenever Paul’s cockhead took a plunge back into the depths, Haley took the opportunity to spit, drool and slobber into her sister’s chasm-esque cleavage.   Before long, Alex’s rack resembled the Grand Canyon after its flooding from excessive rains. Thick, warm spittle coated the tops of her bulging breasts, not to mention the deep flesh tunnel between them and the long, girthy penis sawing back and forth within. 

By this point it was taking every ounce of strength his well-muscled body possessed just to keep his dick in between the slick, slippery tits.  His biceps rippled and flexed. His face strained like a weightlifter going for Olympic gold. And still Haley didn’t let up. The brunette spat and sucked, slurped and slathered; her mouth watering like Niagra Falls.  While her sister saw to Paul’s dick, Alex adopted the role of the designated dirty talker. As such, the chesty schoolgirl reeled off a series of lewd utterings; each one designed to spew the thick, hot cumload out from the older man’s balls and all over her tremendous teenage tits.

“Oh yeah, fuck those titties, Mr Stevens!” she barked, staring a hole through the middle aged man as he sliced his lengthy fleshtool between her giant cans.  “Saw that big, fat cock between my boobs!”

In that department though, Paul needed little encouragement.  He was already going at her big, heavy breasts like a jackhammer; the well-muscled bachelor giving everything he had and more as he fucked her epic rack.

“Mmm, yeah,” Alex purred.  “I can feel that dick throbbing between my tits!”

And she could.  In fact, Paul’s cock was going like an athlete’s ticker and, with the fat, long member squeezed so snugly between her giant knockers, the busty teen could feel every pulse and twitch it made inside her bountiful young bust. 

“You gonna cum for us, Mr Stevens?” she asked.  “You gonna shoot that big, hot load all over us, huh?”

The answer, it turned out, was a resounding ‘yes’.  Paul had been holding onto his ejaculate by little more than a thread for some time now, and knew full well that the end was nigh. 

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” he panted by way of warning, and the girls assumed the position; kneeling side by side, their cute faces pressed together cheek to cheek as they awaited the semen surprise hidden away in Paul’s long, throbbing cock.

Alex was surprised by how many Halloween traditions from her childhood had made a return on this; her first Hallows’ Eve as an adult.  She and her sister had dressed up, gone trick or treating, or were now preparing to have their faces painted! All they need to do now was watch a scary movie and the evening would be complete. 

“Give as that spunk, Mr Stevens!” Haley encouraged, the randy brunette reaching up to fondle Paul’s big, brewing nuts.

The older man vigorously stroked his thick, pulsing cock; tensing, straining, attempting to eek out every last morsel of pleasure before…

“UUUURGH!” he bellowed, uttering a hoarse, low pitched growl not unlike a Halloween ghoul as he blew his well overdue beans. 

A thick white jet of rich, creamy festive face paint shot out the tip of his dick, splattering across Haley’s flawless young features.  Paul continued beating his throbbing meat; this time pointing his pink pistol at Alex as a second torrent of warm, verile spunk blasted from the open slit and across Alex’s pretty teenage face. 

“Uhh, fuck!” Paul panted, as he looked at the two hot young sisters at his feet.

His hot, off-white jism was plastered across their lips, cheeks, noses and foreheads, not to mention almost entirely covering the lenses of Alex’s glasses and streaking their shiny, immaculately styled hair.

“Wowwee!” Haley exclaimed.  “Now that’s what I call a treat, huh Alex?”

“Mmhmm,” her sister agreed, spotting a thick, creamy droplet clinging to the tip of Paul’s tender penis.  “Looks like he’s got a little more for us too!”

“Oooh, yeah,” Haley noted, gripping the cock at the base and putting the sensitive head to her lips. 

She sucked at the quivering crown, coaxing the spunk droplet from the open split before handing the delicate dick onto her sister.  The girls passed Paul’s cock back and forth; each suckling out a stubborn, clinging drop from his urethra until the big, fat dong was bone dry.

“See, what did I tell you, Haley?” asked Alex, licking her thick, bee stung lips.  “Trick or treating was fun, right?”

“Sure was, Alex,” her sister replied.  “Maybe we should start doing it every year.”

“Good idea,” Alex agreed.  The girls looked up at Paul; the older man’s muscle bound chest heaving like he’d just swam across Lake Erie.  “That sound good to you, Mr Stevens?”
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Re: Modern Family: Something Good to Eat
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 02:11:45 AM »
An episode of Modern Family like this would have broken all TV records! What a hot story! We need more pre-breast reduction Ariel stories  ;D
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