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B's Butt Bitch Part 4
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place mostly in Season 3.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, FF

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: B's Butt Bitch Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Willow Rosenberg was not jealous. Really! She wasn't. Because that would be petty, possessive, unproductive and a whole bunch of other bad words. Buffy was allowed to have other friends, and it was nice that she was getting so cosy with the other Vampire Slayer. It made sense, really it did. After all, there was only meant to be one of them, so two was a paradox which yearned to be solved, and the closer they got the more they felt like one. Hell, Willow had seen them fight together, and there was a weird beauty in it. Like it was meant to be. And sometimes, she thought what would happen if they became one and they were actually inside of each other, touching each other, Buffy pinning Faith down to the training mats and...

Control yourself! Willow scolded herself, not for the first time. It was wrong to think of her best friend in that kind of situation, but she just couldn't help it. She was just so, hot. And Faith? Faith was sex on legs. Really it wasn't even gay to think about them like that, because they're just so ridiculously sexy it would be weird if Willow didn't have a girl crush on them. Which made the whole, trying to take the high road and not be jealous thing even harder. Because it was wrong, but of course it was only natural to be a little jealous, even if Willow really was happy for them. And it wasn't like she really wanted them. Honestly! But, as she stared at the picture she had taken of them just talking to each other on her phone, she couldn't help but wonder.

Then all of a sudden Buffy was opening her bedroom door, closing it behind her and leaning against it, prompting Willow to close her phone and try to greet as casually as she could, "Oh, hey Buffy."

"I need to talk to you." Buffy blushed.

"Okay..." Willow smiled warmly, sounding relieved that Buffy was too distracted to notice what she had been doing. Then she became increasingly concerned as Buffy bit her lip and just stared at her for a few long seconds, before starting to pace up and down, prompting Willow to gently push, "So, what's up."

Again Buffy stared at her best friend for a few long seconds, then slowly got on the bed so she was sitting in front of Willow while desperately stammering as she struggled to find the words, "Okay, okay... okay... the thing is... well... I guess it started... I... erm, you, you know Faith?"

Willow's face fell, "We've met."

"Of course you have." Buffy blushed, before adding, "Well..."

"What? Did she do something? Did she hurt you?" Willow asked, getting increasingly loud and frantic with her questions.

"What? No! No, if... if anything it's the other way around." Buffy laughed nervously, before quickly and cautiously adding, "You know how Faith is kind of, sort of... hitting on me every single moment of the day and night?"

"Oh..." Willow blushed, "Well, she does that with everybody. I'm sure she doesn't mean it."

"Oh, she means it. She means every word of it." Buffy confirmed with a soft smile.

"And you turned her down? Which is how you hurt her?" Willow cautiously guessed, although she wasn't exactly surprised when her best friend didn't meet her gaze. Amazed, but not surprised, "Oh..."

"I was going to tell you." Buffy insisted apologetically.

"No, it's okay. I totally get it." Willow said. "I mean... wow! You and, you and Faith, huh? That's... wow..."

"Are you freaked?" Buffy asked cautiously.

"No!" Willow protested unconvincingly, before quickly adding, "Yeah, a little. But I'm so happy for you, really I am. And I support you 100%, no matter what."

"Thanks Will." Buffy smiled softly, before admitting, "But it is kind of weird, isn't it?"

"Totally." Willow agreed, before quickly adding, "And yet, not. It makes a lot of sense actually. I mean, they're supposed to be one Slayer, and... well..."

"Yeah..." Buffy said softly, feeling weirdly free to admit this next part, "Faith said something once which really got stuck in my head. It just came flying out of that big mouth of hers, and I could tell she didn't mean to say it, and was a bit freaked out she did, but it was... well..."

"What?" Willow gently pushed.

"She said we were like magnets." Buffy explained it as Faith had, "That we don't just want to be together, we need it. It's our natural state. To be one. One Slayer, the way it's supposed to be. And we can fight it all we want, but the need... it's always there."

"Uh..." Willow murmured, unable to hide her surprise, "That's weirdly beautiful. Especially for her."

"I know." Buffy smiled.

"Not that she isn't capable of saying something nice. I'm sure she is." Willow backtracked, "And you should know. I mean, she's your girlfriend."

There was a brief pause, then Buffy grumbled, "She doesn't like labels."

"Of course she doesn't." Willow laughed, and then noticing her friend's reaction guessed, "And that's a problem, huh?"

Another brief pause and then Buffy hesitantly admitted, "I love what we have... what we had... it was fun, at first. But now? I want more."

"Have you told her that? Because if not, you need to tell her that. And if she doesn't want to commit, that's her loss." Willow softly encouraged.

"It's not that simple." Buffy admitted softly.

"Why?" Willow frowned.

There was another pause, this time along one, and then Buffy cautiously admitted, "Because I don't just want her to be my girlfriend."

"Then what do you want?" Willow frowned again, before her eyes went wide, "Oh God, you don't want to marry her, do you? Buffy! You're both too young for that, and if Faith doesn't like labels pushing things that far isn't going to help."

"No, no, no, it isn't that." Buffy reassured.

"What then?" Willow pushed.

There was another long pause, then Buffy sat on the bed directly in front of her friend and after a little more hesitation told her, "You have to promise not to tell anyone."

"I promise." Willow shrugged.

"No, seriously." Buffy pushed, "Swear it!"

"I swear." Willow promised, "Seriously, what's going on?"

Buffy lowered her head, and practically whimpered, "You're going to think I'm such a freak."

"Hey! Look at me!" Willow demanded, and then when her friend complied she told her, "I think you're awesome. I always have. Maybe freaky strong, but also freaky awesome, and there's nothing you can tell me that will make me think any less of you."

There was a brief pause, then Buffy blurted out, "I fucked Faith in the ass!"

"What?" Willow's eyes went wide.

"I didn't mean too." Buffy protested weakly, "I..."

"You didn't mean too?" Willow parroted, unable to stop herself from adding, "So what, you accidentally fucked a girl in the butt?"

"No!" Buffy whined, before taking a deep breath and explaining, "Ever since our first night together Faith has been trying to ass fuck me. Oh God, you should have heard her Will. She was being such a cocky little bitch about it. Telling me that my ass was as good as hers. That she was going to stretch it out and turn it into a loose fuck hole, and turned me into a desperate little anal whore. And... and then, it just... happened."

There was another pause, and then Willow pushed, "What?"

Buffy gulped, and then explained, "We, we made this stupid bet. It was Faith's idea, of course. She was constantly trying to bait me into putting my ass on the line, so I snapped and made her put hers on the line too thinking it would shut her up, but it didn't. I won, which was supposed to be the end of it, but she just wouldn't drop it. I wanted her too, I really did. Back then. God, it feels like a lifetime ago. But... we went through with it, and oh my God Will, it was amazing! I loved it! And so did she. Mmmmmm, I made her cum so hard. Yeahhhhhh, the big bad Faith Lehane came so hard when I bent her over and fucked her up that tight little butt of hers. And then? I did it again. Only this time, I did it in the middle of the cemetery. Oh God, at least the first time we went back to hers. But not last night. No, last night I bent her over a gravestone and took that sweet butt of hers again! And you know what? It was just as tight the second time! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, Slayer healing makes Faith's ass hole virgin tight when I fuck it..."

During that little speech Buffy's eyes glazed over and it was clear that she forgot exactly where she was and who she was talking too. Honestly Willow almost forgot too, as she was transported to the vivid image of her best friend butt fucking the cocky, arrogant and admittedly beautiful Faith Lehane. It was something they were both thinking of, the only difference being that for Buffy it was a memory, not just a fantasy. Then Buffy realised what had just happened, her cheeks turning bright red as she came out of her trance and looked at Willow with pure horror on her face. She looked like she was about to run away, but Willow just couldn't bear that. Partly for the blonde's benefit, but mostly, the redhead was just desperate to hear more.

"Oh God Willow, I'm so sorry." Buffy apologised, "I didn't-"

"Tell me more!" Willow pleaded.

"Really?" Buffy frowned.

"Uh-huh. I've never heard anything so hot." Willow admitted with a slight blush, before pushing, "How did you do it exactly? Tell me everything! Were you both naked? Did you use lube? And what did you fuck her with? Fingers?"

There was another brief pause, then Buffy grinned, "The first time we were both naked, but that second time? I just pulled down her pants and used her butt for my pleasure like the little anal fuck toy she is. And of course we used lube. How else was I supposed to get this up her ass?"

With that Buffy opened the bag Willow had barely noticed she had with her, and pulled out a massive dildo, causing the redhead to place both hands in front of her face and exclaim, "OH MY GOD! No way!"

"Yes way." Buffy grinned with a weird since of pride, rubbing the shaft for emphasis before putting it down in front of her best friend, "I stuck every single inch of this dick up her ass. And I know, I didn't think it would fit either, but Faith's butt hole is amazing. It can take every single inch of this monster inside it. Mmmmmm, and it looks so pretty when it does. Can you picture it Will? Inch, after inch, after inch of this giant dick disappearing into Faith's ass hole? That cocky little bitch squirming and whimpering as the hole she poops from is stretched? Her rectum filling up with this big cock, until my thighs were resting against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch was buried inside her ass? Mmmmmm, then imagine this strap-on sliding in and out of Faith's back door until she cums like a little bitch. Because I've done it. Twice. Mmmmmm, and I want to do it again."

Yet another long pause, then Willow softly whispered, which sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room, "Can I try it on?"

"Sure." Buffy shrugged.

Grabbing the toy Willow jumped off the bed and practically scrambled to her full-length mirror. Then without the normal hesitation she had when undressing around other people Willow quickly pushed down her pants, while making sure to keep her panties in place, and then with trembling hands stepped into the harness and pulled it up her thighs. She tried not to look at her reflection until she was tightening the straps around her waist, but she couldn't help a few glances, and even then it was hot. But when Willow was actually standing there with a man-made cock sticking out of her waist she was blown away by what she saw, and more importantly what she felt. Although clearly Buffy misinterpreted what she was feeling.

"I know it seems weird." Buffy said softly, "God knows I felt ridiculous at first, but..."

"I don't feel ridiculous. Or weird." Willow interrupted with a confidence she never felt before she turned around and told her best friend, "I feel... powerful. Dominant. Amazing. God Buffy, this is how you feel all the time?"

"When I Slay..." Buffy admitted, a wicked grin crossing her face as she added, "Or when I fuck Faith in the ass."

The two friends exchanged a wicked giggle, and then Willow started stroking the cock as if it was real, murmuring in amazement, "I can feel it. Mmmmmm, I can actually feel it rubbing against my clit. Wow, that's nice."

"You should feel it when using it on another girl." Buffy suggested, "It's a total head rush."

"Is that an invitation?" Willow joked.

"No." Buffy quickly shot down, "If this whole thing with Faith has proven anything it's that I'm a top."

"That's not what I meant." Willow blushed.

"Then what?" Buffy frowned, and then after a brief pause realisation hit, "Oh, did you mean let you borrow Faith?"

"It was a joke." Willow protested weakly.

"But you didn't want it to be?" Buffy guessed, and when Willow didn't reply fast enough she quickly asked her, "Do you remember when I said I didn't just want Faith to be my girlfriend?"

"Yeah." Willow nodded cautiously.

"Well, that's because I want her to be my bitch." Buffy explained, nervously at first, but gradually building up her confidence again, "Faith spent weeks and weeks telling me she was going to make me her little anal loving bitch, but now, I want to make her mine. Oh God Will, it's wrong, but I don't want Faith to be my girlfriend because that would imply we're equals, and I don't want that. Not any more. I want to own her. I want to make every part of that amazing body of hers my property, mmmmmm, but especially that heavenly ass of hers. I, I want to make her my little butt bitch, who bends over whenever I want, and wherever I want. For whoever I want ? Ohhhhhh yesssssss, I love the sound of that. I hadn't really thought about it before, but you and me, sharing her? Taking it in turns with her sweet little back door? Spit roasting her? Doing whatever we want to her? Yeah, I can get on board with that. But I need your help. I'm so close to getting what I want, and I'm terrified I'm going to make the wrong move. You've got to help me Will. Help me make Faith my butt bitch!"

There was a few long deafening seconds of silence, and then Willow grinned, "It would be my pleasure?"

"Really?" Buffy beamed, again thoroughly embarrassed about getting carried away.

"Uh-huh." Willow grinned, approaching the bed again, "Oh my God Buffy, that's so perfect. Faith thinks she's so tough, and bad ass, and cool, when really she just desperately needs to be put in her place. It's so clear to me now! Oh yes, mmmmmmm, big bad Faith Lehane needs to be bent over and butt fucked nice and hard by a couple of butt busting tops, and we could totally be those tops. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, we can totally make Faith our butt bitch!"

"My butt bitch!" Buffy said firmly, "You can help train her, and when she is properly broken in you can totally use her whenever you want. As long as I'm not using her. But she is mine!"

"Understood." Willow blushed in embarrassment.

"Maybe we can get you your own bitch?" Buffy suggested.

"Maybe." Willow agreed, "But we should really focus on Faith first."

"Right." Buffy nodded, "So, any ideas?"

"Well..." Willow pondered thoughtfully, "Have you tried other forms of domination?"

"Duh." Buffy shrugged, "What do you think we were doing in the weeks before the anal? Playing checkers? No, I rode her face plenty of times, and she rode mine, and we fingered each other, and even use toys on our pussies and it was amazing, but none of it had the same effect. It might be different now, but I'm almost afraid to do it, because most of it gives Faith some power over me, and that's the last thing I want right now."

"I meant more things to enhance the domination and humiliation." Willow explained, before asking hopefully, "Like, I don't suppose you thought to take pictures?"

Buffy grinned, and pulled out her phone, "Wanna see my favourites?"

"No, I want to see them all." Willow grinned, getting on the bed next to Buffy, who was finding the first picture.

"There are a few before I popped Faith's anal cherry." Buffy said almost casually, "As you can see Faith had no problem sending me nudes, and she unwittingly sent me plenty of her ass. I mean, clearly she was inviting me to eat her ass, or her pussy from behind, but now it's a wonderful contrast of the confident bitch she was before, compared to this..."

Willow's eyes went wide as she was shown a picture of Faith which was almost unrecognisable from who she had been before. In this picture Faith was actually blushing, her face a delicious mixture of horror and humiliation, and it wasn't hard to see why, given it took Willow several long seconds to even notice the brunette's face as she was so busy staring at Faith's gaping ass hole. Admittedly the picture quality was a little blurry, Buffy obviously capturing her lover in the process of pulling up her pants, but it was clear enough that the cocky Slayer had got her butt thoroughly wrecked. And wrecked by Buffy, making the whole situation that much hotter in Willow's opinion.

"I really like Faith's expression in this one. It's very clearly says 'I've just been exposed as the butt bitch I am', and she's just so cute when she blushes, don't you think?" Buffy asked rhetorically, before flicking to the next picture, "Oh, this is a good one... Faith's butt after I gave her bitch ass it's first spanking. Doesn't she just look so good in red?"

"Oh my God." Willow murmured, muttering her first thing in a long minute.

"I know, right? Mmmmmm, Faith's ass was made to be spanked. And fucked. Mmmmmmm, speaking of which..." Buffy grinned, before switching to the next photo and explaining, "Now this, this is my favourite. I know you can't see her face, but trust me, that's Faith... right after I popped her anal cherry. Mmmmmm God Will, do you have any idea how much I've stared at this photo? Seriously, it's becoming a problem."

"I bet..." Willow murmured, admiring the gape which was just as wide as before, then asking hopefully, "Do you have any during?"

"Huh?" Buffy frowned in confusion, which she later blamed on being distracted by Faith's gaped butt.

"Like, during the butt fucking?" Willow clarified.

"No, but that's a great idea." Buffy beamed, "Thanks Will."

"How about any of her anally masturbating?" Willow suggested.

"No, but I did make her finger her own ass." Buffy boasted with a wicked grin, "You remember when you bumped into me the other day? Well, right after that I went to the bathroom, and got myself off so hard while forcing Faith to cum with her fingers up her butt. Mmmmmm, it was so hot."

"You think you could make her do that again?" Willow asked hopefully.

"I don't know...." Buffy admitted, before grinning wickedly, "Let's find out."

It took a few moments for the other Slayer to answer, and then a clearly hesitant Faith asked, "What?"

Buffy frowned as she heard loud music in the background, "Where are you?"

"A bar." Faith scoffed, "Unlike you I'm not a goody two shoes who studies with her loser best friend when she could be out having a life."

The two friends exchanged a look, Buffy having already put Faith on speaker so Willow could eavesdrop during the conversation, and then Buffy mocked, "Awww, are you missing me?"

"No." Faith scoffed, not sounding very sincere.

"Do you want me to come and find you?" Buffy offered with a wicked grin.

"No!" Faith snapped, sounding very sincere.

"Then go to the bathroom, and stay on the line." Buffy ordered.

There was a moment's pause as Faith clearly considered her options, then just when it sounded like she was moving Willow put her on silent and told Buffy, "Ask her if she has a beer bottle with her, and if she does bring it with her."

Knowing there was no point asking the first part of the question Buffy simply took Faith off silent and ordered her, "Bring your beer with you."

"Why?" Faith whined, before sighing and doing as she was told. Then a short time later she grumbled, "Now what?"

"Stick a finger up your butt." Buffy ordered, "And use the beer for lube. I hear that can help you get drunk faster."

Honestly Willow thought for sure there would be a protest, maybe even a threat of vengeance, but instead the big bad Faith Lehane just whimpered softly and then there was some rustling. In her mind Willow could see it vividly, Faith undoing her pants and then pulling them and her underwear down, before spilling some beer over her fingers and then pushing one of them up her ass. Or at least she was pretty sure that's what was happening, given the little grunt that Faith let out followed by a soft moan. It wasn't enough. She needed physical evidence, and luckily for her she knew just how to get it. Hell, she didn't even have to say something, just give Buffy a look and she obligingly gave the order.

"Take a picture." Buffy ordered, "Take a picture and send it to me."

The line went dead and then a few long seconds later Buffy got a message from Faith, and sure enough that was it! Oh God, Faith Lehane really was fingering her own butt in a public bathroom! Willow didn't think she'd truly believe it if the photographic evidence wasn't staring her in the face. God, she could even see Faith's face in the shot as she awkwardly tried to take a selfie well anally violating herself. And the best part was they were only getting started. Oh yes, Willow had a wicked idea she whispered into Buffy's ear, which made her friend grin wide as she hit speed dial again, Faith now moaning every so often as her humiliation continued.

"Good girl... now add another finger." Buffy ordered, "Mmmmmm yesssssss, add another finger like I'm right there with you, bending you over in the toilets and stretching out your virgin tight ass hole for my cock! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, it feels good, doesn't it? Close your eyes Faith. Close your eyes and imagine I'm right there with you, about to take what's mine. Ohhhhhhh, that I'm about to take my little butt bitch for her favourite kind of ride. Mmmmmm, an anal ride. Oh yes Faith, next time I see you I'm going to ride you like a pony. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'm going to slam my big girl cock up your tight little lesbo butt and make you cum like the anal loving bitch you are!"

Now it wasn't just Faith's actions which were shocking, but Buffy's too. Which was, weirdly hot. Oh yes, despite her initial nervousness Buffy seemed completely in the zone, like she was when on patrol. Like she was an unstoppable force of will which couldn't be denied, and anyone who tried ended up dusted. Or in the case of Faith, anally fingering herself and moaning like a whore as Buffy told her what to do, explaining in the graphic detail what happened next time they met. And it was wrong, it was so, so wrong, but Willow just couldn't help but slide a hand down into her pants and start rubbing herself to the wonderfully vivid image. And for better or for worse, Buffy seemed way ahead of her.

"Shove the bottle up your butt!" Buffy suddenly ordered.

"B..." Faith complained weakly.

"Don't make me ask again!" Buffy ordered firmly, and then when there was a brief pause gently pushed, "Come on Faith, you've been so good for me, don't ruin it now. Just take that bottle of beer and butt chug for me. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, come on Faith, I hear all the cool kids are doing it. And you want to be cool, don't you? And get drunk faster? So do it! Fuck your own whore ass with a beer bottle you God damn anal slut, and cum like the little butt bitch you are! My butt bitch! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, you're Buffy's little butt bitch! Cum for me bitch, cum for me! Oooooooh, and take a picture of that beer bottle deep in your butt so I can see just how well your training is coming along."

Willow let out a little squeak and waved her hand, prompting Buffy to cover the receiver and lean in so her best friend could whisper into her ear, "Video."

Buffy grinned wickedly and widely, immediately getting it, and then told Faith, "On second thoughts, film it. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want a little porno of big bad Faith Lehane ass fucking herself with a beer bottle like the anal loving bitch she is. My butt bitch! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, I want to watch Buffy's butt bitch sodomise herself with a beer bottle in the middle of a bar until she cums. It'll give me something to finger myself to whenever I want. Well, something else, ha ha. And you're going to do it Faith, and do you know why? Mmmmmm, because if you do, I'll leave you alone for an entire day. But if you don't, mmmmmm, I'll find you, bend you over and butt fuck you with my big, thick dick. Probably spank you first. You know, teach you a lesson for being naughty. And maybe, if you are very, very lucky... I'll take you somewhere private to do it."

"Buffy..." Faith began with a whimper, before getting cut off.

"I know, I know, it's so hard to choose, because you love them both." Buffy chuckled wickedly, before pointing out, "But making me find you, is basically admitting you want to be my bitch, and we both know you're not ready for that. So go ahead Faith, do what you always do, and take the easy way out. Or don't. The choice is yours Faith, mmmmmm, but either way, I win. Again."

Buffy then hung up the phone with a grin and asked Willow, "How was that?"

The blonde then frowned as the redhead just couldn't stop rubbing herself, just like Willow couldn't stop herself from pleading, "Tell me she'll do it! Please?"

There was a brief pause, and then Buffy firmly said, "She'll do it!"

"She'll shove a beer bottle up her butt and fuck herself with it?" Willow pushed.

"Uh-huh, mmmmmm, she'll shove a beer bottle up her butt and fuck herself with it." Buffy smiled, unable to resist pushing a hand down her own pants, "She won't be able to resist. She'll be all hot and horny, and aching to get that tight little Slayer ass of hers filled and fucked. That's what it's for! That's what she's for! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, Faith Lehane likes to act tough and pretend she is a top, but really she is nothing but an anal loving bottom who craves the feeling of something being shoved up her ass. You'll see Will, any minute now my phone is going to receive that video, and you'll see what I see, Faith revealing herself to be a slutty little butt bitch, desperate for a strong, confident top to put her in her place."

Willow closed her eyes and moaned as she could vividly imagine what Buffy was saying as she touched herself in front of her best friend. Which was weird and embarrassing, but she just couldn't stop. She was just too horny at the idea that the big bad Faith Lehane would actually humiliate herself like that. Which seemed impossible, yet if the alternative was to give Buffy an even greater victory over her, the stubborn mule might just do it. Either way Willow could vividly picture it, along with everything else Buffy had said, and continued doing so for the next few minutes, Willow making sure to just gently rub herself so she wouldn't make herself cum, at least not before Faith had a chance to film the video.

Then after maybe 10 minutes Buffy's phone buzzed, both girls holding their breath as they rolled onto their stomachs so they were right next to each other so they could both see the show as Buffy opened a text from Faith. Written in it was the words 'I Fucking Hate You, B!' But honestly Willow barely noticed that, because it came with an attachment. An attachment Buffy opened to reveal a naked girl butt. At first, it could have been anyone, but while she was trying to angle the phone to get her pressing a beer bottle against her butt hole Faith's face appeared on screen, clearly deep in concentration as she tried to sodomise herself while on her knees in a public bathroom. God, that look of embarrassment and awkwardness, but with more than a hint of lust, almost made Willow cum before the good part even happened.

Namely Faith shoving the beer bottle up her ass. Oh God, Faith Lehane actually shoved a fucking beer bottle up her ass. She wasn't gentle about it either. No, clearly wanting to get this over with, she practically rammed half of the bottle inside her in one go. Well, she gently pushed the tip in, presumably so it wouldn't miss, which made her whimper at the humiliating violation, and perhaps out of anticipation too. Then she rammed the neck of the bottle and the first few inches of the thick part into her rectum, and the whore actually cried out in mostly pleasure from it! Fuck, what kind of a whore actually enjoyed something like that? Of course, the answer was simple, an anal whore. Or should that be a butt bitch? Yes, Willow was watching Buffy's butt bitch sodomise herself, and it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen.

Again Willow thought she was going to cum immediately, especially as she just couldn't resist pushing a finger inside herself to coincide with that of the other penetration, but thankfully she managed to resist the urge so she could truly enjoy the show that followed. The wonderfully wicked show of the bad ass Faith Lehane sliding that bottle in and out of her butt hole, slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until she was hammering her most private hole like the needy little butt bitch she was. Willow managed to keep up with her, adding another finger along the way and beginning to rub her clit with her thumb. She was pretty sure Buffy was doing the same thing, given the happy little sounds that she was making, that they were both making, but she was laser focused on the little butt bitch in front of her.

The little butt bitch who was making happy little sounds almost as loud as Buffy and Willow, despite being in a public place. And the most adorable thing about it was that Willow could tell she was trying to grind her teeth to prevent those sounds from escaping, but that did virtually nothing, and eventually she just gave up and started moaning loudly like a professional anal prostitute. An professional prostitute who exclusively did anal. That's what Faith sounded like right now. That's what she was right now. Only, unlike a real whore, the sounds weren't exaggerated. No, obviously from the sounds of her moans, whimpers and literal cries the big, tough bad girl Faith Lehane, who Willow had been jealous of and intimidated by for so very long, was loving every minute of it, and was deeply embarrassed about that fact.

Willow wanted to order her to turn her face back to the camera, because that was the only way this could be better. Oh yes, she wanted to see the humiliation and the pleasure she could so vividly imagine being on Faith's face in that moment. But this wasn't live. No, because Faith was back at the bar, laughing at them for being such weird freaks. Or more accurately laughing at Buffy, because she had no idea that Willow was getting off on such a twisted thing. Maybe this was all just one big joke at her expense. Maybe she was the one being filmed right now, and Buffy and Faith would laugh over her freakish ways later. Maybe the video was even fake. Only, it didn't seem fake, and there was certainly nothing fake about what Buffy was doing right now.

Briefly Willow glanced over to her best friend, who was frantically hammering her own pussy by the look of it, building to the same crescendo that Faith was, only without having to humiliate herself in the process. Then it happened! Faith came, her body suddenly tensing up and then shaking as her cum literally squirted out of her cunt and she let out a loud cry which the whole bar probably heard. It was easily the hardest climax Willow had ever seen, easily beating any she had watched on screen, and even beating the one she was having now. And the one Buffy was having! Oh God, all three of them came at exactly the same moment. Well, two of them. Faith had already cum by now, and was probably still feeling it.

At the second she climaxed Faith had shoved more than two thirds of the beer bottle into her tailpipe, meaning it was so deep that Willow wondered if Faith would even be able to get it out. She should have known better than to doubt a Slayer like that. However instead of doing it right away Faith just lay there for a few long seconds, clearly forgetting about the video and humiliation and just enjoying the afterglow of the climax. Then it clearly hit her, and she pulled the bottle out in one fluid motion, and one obscene sound, and then the video froze to show her gaping ass hole, leaking the beer which had been previously in the bottle. Shutting it off at that moment clearly had been a mistake on Faith's part, but there was almost an artistic flair to it, and in Willow's opinion it definitely belonged in an art gallery, because she had never seen anything more beautiful.

Then awkwardness fell over the two friends, as they realised exactly what they had done. Oh God, they had masturbated to climax side by side while watching porn! A porn they had forced their friend to make, no less. This was easily the worst thing that they'd ever done, and the most intimate, and Willow was flooded with the guilt that Buffy must have felt every time she had butt fucked Faith. But Faith couldn't fake those sounds of enjoyment, so clearly they were doing her a favour. And if they were going to share her, they were going to have to get used to cumming in each other's presence. So really, this was just practice for that. Buffy must have thought the same thing, as she gave Willow an awkward, but happy smile.

"So, yeah... this is my big secret. What I've been doing lately." Buffy blushed, unable to meet Willow's eyes.

"I think it's amazing. I think you're amazing." Willow quickly reassured her, "Oh my God Buffy, that was so hot! And you're obviously right, Faith desperately needs a top to put her in her place. Mmmmmm, she needs a butt buster, and from what I've seen, you're definitely the butt buster to do it."

"You think?" Buffy beamed.

"I know!" Willow said firmly, "That cocky little bitch is clearly desperate to become your submissive little bitch. And you clearly don't need help, because you're a natural butt buster, and she's a total butt slut! But, if there's anything I can do to help you, I'll do it. Just please, please, please, consider letting me have a piece of that ass, once you're done training that talking fuck hole!"

"Oh Willow!" Buffy chuckled, "You really are the best friend a girl could have."
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