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Slyguy's Stories
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Era Erotica (Ongoing)

Voted CSS Best Series of 2019

(Cover Created by MaxwellLord)

Join Cole Stephens, a longtime friend of Taylor Swift as he recalls their many erotic adventures over the years.  And between all the sex, perhaps these two can find something more.

Chapter One: Taylor Swift Taylor's first time (2007).

Chapter Two: Fearless A college visit and sleepover (2009).

Chapter Three: Speak Now Risqué date night in Los Angeles (2010).

Chapter Four: Red Reconnecting for some rough and backdoor fun (2012).

Chapter Five: 1989 Taylor's first time with a woman, Cole's first time with two.  Guest starring Karlie Kloss (2014).

Chapter Six: reputation Cucking Joe Alwyn (2017).

Chapter Seven: How You Get The Girl Realizing their true feelings (2018).

Chapter Eight: Wildest Dreams A concert turned live sex show (2018).

Chapter Nine: Girl At Home Honey, I'm home! (2014).

Chapter Ten: Look What You Made Me Do Tied down and dominated by Mistress Swift (2018).

Chapter Eleven: Mine Surprise, threesome!  Guest starring Camila Cabello (2018).

Chapter Twelve: Blank Space A tale about Taylor and a gloryhole. Guest starring Cara Delevingne (2013).

Chapter Thirteen: King Of My Heart Taylor's turn to be dominated (2018).

Chapter Fourteen: Getaway Car Turns out some good things do start in a getaway car (2018).

Chapter Fifteen: I Know Places Sun, sand and sex somewhere they won't be found (2018).

Chapter Sixteen: New Year's Day Recalling New Year's Eve with a little help from friends. Guest starring Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss & Selena Gomez (2018-2019).

Chapter Seventeen: Out Of The Woods An idyllic forest setting for some sneaking around (2009).

Chapter Eighteen: A Perfectly Good Heart After a health scare, Doctor Swift takes excellent care of her patient (2019).

Chapter Nineteen: Wonderland The squad's yearly orgy! Guest starring Blake Lively, Camila Cabello, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld, Hayley Kiyoko, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, & Selena Gomez (2019).

Chapter Twenty: The Other Side Of The Door Taylor's a boss (2019).

Chapter Twenty-One: Superstar Just another co-ed (2010).

Chapter Twenty-Two: 22 I don't know about you, but people do crazy things on their birthday!  Guest starring Hayley Williams (2011).

Chapter Twenty-Three: Starlight Taylor Swift is known for throwing epic Fourth of July parties.  This year is no exception.  Guest starring Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds (2019).

Chapter Twenty-Four: Lover A romantic weekend in Paris, working on a new album (2019).

Chapter Twenty-Five: Should've Said No A night remembered with someone else.  Guest Starring Hailee Steinfeld (2015).

Chapter Twenty-Six: Bad Blood An apology turned threesome. Guest Starring Hailee Steinfeld (2019). 

Chapter Twenty-Seven: ME! Celebrating her 30th with a bang...a gangbang that is (2019).

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Haunted Finishing the job herself after some disappointing sex (2008).

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Welcome To New York Joining the Mile-High Club (2014).

Chapter Thirty: Picture To Burn Smile for the camera (2020).

Chapter Thirty One: Style Fun at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2014).

Chapter Thirty Two: Clean Coming home to find Taylor in the tub (2020).

Chapter Thirty Three: The Lucky One Proposal plans are interrupted when guests turn up.  Guest starring Selena Gomez & Martha Hunt (2020).

Chapter Thirty Four: folklore Time to pop the question, will Taylor say yes? (2020).

Chapter Thirty Five: London Boy(s) Taylor entertains a couple of Joe's friends while he looks on. Guest starring Joe Alywn (2017).

Chapter Thirty Six: the 1 Look back on a tale of bittersweet romance, betrayal and girl-on-girl action. Guest starring Karlie Kloss (2014).

Chapter Thirty Seven: Shake It Off Long distance, soothed by a toy and a video chat (2018).

Chapter Thirty Eight: Hey Stephen(s) Taylor puts the cheer in cheerleading (2014).

Sex-Ed For Dummies (On-Hiatus)

A series of hands-on instructional lessons covering a wide range of topics on the spectrum of human sexuality. 

Lesson #1: The Basics With Alison Brie

Lesson #2: Blowjob With Taylor Swift

Lesson #3: Titty-Fucking With Alexandra Daddario & Christina Hendricks

Lesson #4: Handjob With Olivia Holt

Lesson #5: Anal With Bryce Dallas Howard & Camila Cabello

Lesson #6: Advanced Techniques With Alicia Vikander

Lesson #7: Devil's Threesome With Ana De Armas

Lesson #8: Ménage à Trois With Aubrey Plaza & Elizabeth Olsen

Lesson #9: Exhibitionism With Selena Gomez

Lesson #10: Girl-On-Girl With Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne

Season One: Extras, Special Features & Bloopers

The Dirty Deeds of Dick Dragonbone (Ongoing)

A fantastically fictional adventure in celebrity erotica.

A Young Man Seeking His Path To Honor, Glory, & Sexual Prowess,

On His Quest For Knighthood & To Get Laid,

He Will Need Help Along The Way.   


Brie Larson as The Fighter

Elizabeth Olsen as The Witch

Hayley Atwell as The Healer

Taylor Swift as The Bard

Chapter One: The Hung Dragon Starring Elizabeth Olsen

Chapter Two: Gobjobbed Starring Hayley Atwell

Chapter Three: A Righteous Man Starring Taylor Swift

Oh, Captain!

Part One: Brie Larson needs to blow off some steam on the set of Captain Marvel.

Part Two: After the Avengers Endgame premiere with Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson.

Dalliance With Daisy

Part One: A case of mistaken identity leads to some sensual fun with Daisy Ridley.

Part Two: Close calls in the office, and rewarded later for it.

Part Three:  Timing?  Location?  Chance of getting caught?  The riskier the better.

Standalone Stories

The Brevity Series (Site Collaboration)

Rigor Mortis: Rose McIver has her way with an extra on the set of iZombie

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: Amy Adams chooses the best set of keys at a swingers party.

Cumming In The Club: Camila Cabello has some fun while out clubbing.
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Slyguy's Collaborations
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Girl's Night: Lizzie's Send Off With thenewcomer

(Cover created by thenewcomer)

Elizabeth Olsen's friends ensure that she doesn't enter married life without one last final hurrah!

Crossing Paths With MaxwellLord

(Cover created by MaxwellLord)

A day of mixups, mistakes and dirty fun with Camila Mendes and Camila Cabello.

CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed With DarkSwordsman

Come watch as Sex-Ed For Dummies and CelebsGoBlack.com team up for an all day telethon to raise money for an impoverished all African-American football team.  Donate now to hit those pledges and watch some of your favorite celebrities, both returning and new, perform various sex acts, all in the name of a good cause! 

Segment #1 (Alison Brie, Anna Kendrick & Olivia Holt)

Segment #2 (Amy Adams & Alison Brie)

Segment #3 (Margot Robbie)

Segment #4 (Christina Hendricks & Alison Brie)

Special Bonus Segment (Alison Brie & Anna Kendrick)

Segment #5 (Chloe Bennet)

Segment #6 (Lauren Cohan)

Segment #7 (Gal Gadot)
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