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Community: A Very Sucky Christmas
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A festive fanfic I wrote a couple of years ago based on this scene in Community:

Community: A Very Sucky Christmas

Starring: Alison Brie as Annie Edison

It was mid-December and the fall semester at Greendale Community College was beginning to wind down.  But disaster had struck the Colorado school as every member of its all singing, all dancing glee club suffered simultaneous nervous breakdowns, having been slapped with a cease and desist order for performing copyrighted music.

With the Christmas pageant a mere week away, the club’s instructor, Mr. Rad, had taken it upon himself to find replacements.  As so many Greendale employees did in such situations, Rad focused his attentions on a small, culturally diverse band of mature students and college dropouts, known informally across the school as The Study Group.  Rad made it his mission to coax each and every member of the group into his much despised club, and he achieved this ambitious feat the only way he knew how; through the medium of song. 

First to fall was Abed Nadir, the group’s resident pop culture nerd.  Rad sensed Abed’s desire to spend Christmas with his friends, and used it to his advantage, signing up the socially awkward TV junkie in a matter of minutes, and quickly put him to the task of luring his dimwitted, child-like best friend Troy Barnes.  One by one, the group were indoctrinated, and with the glee club now four people strong, it faced its toughest task yet; convincing sarcastic, plain-spoken Jeff Winger, the club’s greatest detractor, to join up.

This assignment fell at the feet of Annie Edison, a hard-working, studious brunette who, it was decided, would use her youth and beauty to appeal to Jeff’s baser urges.  The brief was clear; seduce the former lawyer, until he was wrapped so tightly around her little finger, that he would do anything she asked of him- even join the glee club.  For appearance's sake, Annie protested the idea, though secretly she was over the moon to have been asked.

After all, the young student had harboured something of a crush on Jeff since the day they’d met.  The pair had even shared a kiss 18 months prior, but the serial womaniser had ultimately deemed her too young and innocent to defile with his charming, smooth talking lothario ways, and their encounter had gone no further.  Over the subsequent months, Annie and Jeff had fallen into a kind of sister-older brother relationship; a bond the brunette was eager to break free from and portray herself as something more than the wholesome young girl she was taken to be.

With the plan in action, Jeff was directed toward the theatre department’s fitting room.  Upon arrival, he was met by Annie; the brown haired beauty kitted out in little more than a figure hugging santa outfit and a pair of shiny black stilettos.  The costume was pleasingly low cut, showcasing a generous portion of her marvellous cleavage, and cut off around mid thigh, revealing her long, slender legs in a set of sheer black stockings.  Facially, the brunette looked as gorgeous as ever.  Her silky chestnut coloured hair hung gracefully over her shoulders, dark mascara had been liberally applied to her lengthy lashes and brought out the bright blues of her eyes, while her full lips were coated with a shimmering pink gloss.   

Under the guise of being educated on festive traditions, the young Jewish girl proceeded to wink and pout, dip and strut her way through an excruciatingly sexy performance; adopting the role of a hot, yet distinctly airheaded bimbo as she paraded around the small room.  Annie guided Jeff down onto a padded chair and clip clopped about on her high heels like a seasoned stripper. She leant over the lucky older man, affording him a spectacular view of her milky white cleavage.  She lifted up the hem of her skimpy costume to flash her shapely peach of an ass, and generally teased the former lawyer to such an extent that Marilyn Monroe herself would’ve been proud. 

Annie enjoyed every second of it; knowing full well that every woman on campus would kill to be in her position.  After all, with his rugged good looks, carefully trimmed stubble, and light brown hair sculpted into place with more product than the entire male cast of Jersey Shore combined, Jeff was something of a hit amongst the Greendale ladies.  In fact, the mature student had sampled the goods many of the adoring women the college had to offer, including those of blonde beauty Britta Perry, The Study Group’s accident prone wannabe activist. 

As an encore, Annie placed a neatly manicured hand atop Jeff’s immaculately styled bedhead and gracefully straightened her back.  She thrusted out her perky chest and pulled the older man towards her, so that his face was mere inches from her lily white, handful sized breasts.  By this stage, Jeff was little more than putty in her soft, dainty hands, and Annie leapt upon her chance to conscript him into the glee club. 

“So, how about it, Jeffy?” she asked in the sexiest, breathiest voice she could manage, her glossy, pink lips puckered up like they’d been injected with Botox.  “Are you in?”

If Annie’s little show had proven one thing; it was that she had finally broken free from the shackles of youth once and for all.  She was no longer a girl, she was a woman.  Jeff liked women, and women liked him.  The brunette was clearly desperate for him to join the immensely irritating all singing, all dancing club, and there was nothing Jeff liked more than helping out a friend- once they’d done something for him first, of course.  As he looked on at the hot, young girl before him; her erect nipples poking through the thin red fabric of her sexy Santa costume, her lips puffed up like she’d just made out with a beehive, his mind whirred as he imagined the possibilities. 

“Hmm,” Jeff pondered, a wily grin stretching across his chiseled face, “I dunno, Annie.  I think I may need a little more convincing.”

Annie wasn’t so sweet and innocent that she didn’t know a proposition when she heard one.  Her study group was counting on her and she was determined not to let them down.  Besides, it was Jeff Winger.  It wasn’t exactly the most unpleasant of sacrifices. 

“OK, Jeff,” Annie replied, dropping to her knees at his feet.  “If this doesn’t convince you then nothing will.”

Looking up at him with her sparkling blue doe eyes, Annie unbuckled Jeff’s belt, whipping it off it one smooth motion and tossing it over her shoulder like an empty soda can.  She unbuttoned his jeans and slid two lengthy nailed fingers and under the waistband of his boxers and quickly tugged down both garments in one.  The whole ordeal lad left Jeff as stiff as a board and his cock shot out like it had been spring loaded. 

Annie’s full, pouty lips formed a perfect O shape as Jeff’s dick stood to attention before her like an enthusiastic army cadet reporting for duty.  She’d always expected the older man to be well hung; after all, he boasted the height and musculature suggestive of a large penis, however, the young brunette hadn’t been prepared for the sheer immensity of the pink pistol he’d been concealing in his pants.  It was enormous; nine inches in length with girth to make even the most endowed of pornstars green with envy. 

Being the virtuous young lady that she was, Annie had only seen two penises in her short life, but she surmised that Jeff’s was as long as the other two put together.  In spite of her low tally of partners and relative inexperience in the bedroom, the brunette had been reliably informed that she had something of a natural talent when it came to oral; the gift of the gob, if you will.  Like most things she tried her hand at (competitive sports aside), Annie displayed an almost virtuoso-like skill when it came to sucking dick.  But even with her oral abilities such as they were, the young student wondered how on earth she would go about tackling such a thick, lengthy flesh pole.  Though there was one thing she was sure of; she’d have a lot of fun trying!

Jeff kicked off his sneakers as Annie tugged his jeans and boxers down past muscular thighs, allowing both garments to pool around his feet.  The former lawyer stepped out of his unwanted clothing and kicked both garments aside, freeing the space between his legs for the naughty brunette to do her work.  Annie gripped his cock firmly around midshaft and shot out her tongue.  She licked at the tip, quickly taking care of the precum which had pooled in the wide open slit.  The sexy Santa found the taste immediately pleasing; way better than that of either of her ex-boyfriends.  She enjoyed the taste so much that she released a little, muffled ‘mmm’, as she spread her shiny, bubblegum lips around the swollen head of Jeff’s dick.

Annie bobbed her pretty head, her silky brown locks brushing across her shoulders as she began to venture her thick, juicy lips up and down the shaft, accommodating more and more with each pass.  Though she hadn’t before tackled a dick of even half the length of Jeff’s big, fat monster, the young student didn’t shy away from the task.  In fact, the brunette took to the thick, long cock like a fledgling duckling to water.  She put her smooth, silky hands to good use; reaching down to fondle Jeff’s large, swollen balls with one, while the other roamed up and down the remaining span of his manhood.   

*SLURP* ‘mmm’ *SLURP* ‘mmhmm’ came the sounds from Annie’s busy young mouth as she enjoyed the big, hard cock encased within.  Jeff had received more than his fair share of head down the years, but Annie’s mouth was like nothing he’d ever experienced.  The brown haired beauty was able to produce levels of suction from her masterful maw to rival even the most powerful, state of the art vacuum cleaner; sucking skills that not even blonde BJ queen Britta Perry couldn’t measure up to.

It was the general consensus amongst the Greendale men that Misses Perry and Edison were the two most attractive women on campus, and opinions differed as to who bore the prestigious crown of #1 College Hottie.  Sure, Annie’s youth and larger, perkier breasts gave her something of an edge amongst a select few of her peers (the brunette’s chest was so popular around campus, in fact, that her friends Troy and Abed had named their pet monkey Annie’s Boobs on its behalf), but essentially it came down to a personal preference between blondes and brunettes.

Both ladies had been privy to such conversations taking place amongst their male counterparts on several occasions, and while neither would admit to it, the title of Hottest Chick at Greendale appealed to them both greatly.  This sparked something of a rivalry between the two supposed friends that had been exacerbated by their respective histories with Mr Winger, and both ladies would regularly attempt to one up each other in an attempt to get ahead. 

In terms of outfit selection, there was no contest.  As great as Britta looked in her collection of skinny fit jeans and tight tops, Annie’s extensive prep schoolgirl’s wardrobe of torso hugging sweaters and short plaid skirts beat her elder’s casual attire into submission.  However, Britta’s seniority ultimately saw her reign supreme.  It was surmised by the overwhelming majority of male students that the blonde’s age and more relaxed, carefree, rebellious personality hinted at a sexual prowess that far outshone that of her younger rival and, as such, it was Britta who would emerge victorious. 

Jeff was one such Greendale man who held this particular view, but was beginning to realise that he had been sorely mistaken.  To say the mature student was taken aback by his youthful counterpart’s exploits would be something of an understatement.  Knowing full well how talented Annie was in most of her endeavours, Jeff expected Annie to be able to hold her own against such a large penis, however, he hadn’t been prepared for the sheer immensity of her oral prowess.  She was going at his dick like a woman possessed; her seductive, mascara-heavy eyes staring a hole through the rugged older man as she blew him like a champ. 

Annie’s plump, glossy lips roamed freely up and down Jeff’s long, thick shaft, the horny brunette swallowing down more and more of his oversized member with each pass.  She drooled and slurped, sucked and slobbered over the big, fat cock, her salivary glands working double shifts as she lubed up the giant pork sword with her masterful young mouth.  Spit began to drip from between Annie’s full, raspberry-toned lips; coating her chin and trailing across the tops of her perky young breasts as she blew the well hung stud.   

“Sweet Jesus!” Jeff panted, tilting his head back and gazing up at the ceiling as he was sucked almost senseless by his fellow student.

Jeff’s breathy coos and groans only served to egg on his female counterpart; the randy brunette feeding off both his moans and his cock, showing the former lawyer little mercy as she hungrily devoured his oversized penis. Jeff had received more blowjobs in his life than he'd had hot dinners and yet Annie had the well-muscled man squirming in his seat and clenching his fists until his knuckles turned white.  He squeezed his eyes shut, his face contorting in all kinds of unflattering ways; making the usually handsome, chiseled man resemble an agonised bulldog as she sucked his big, fat dick inside out.  In short, he looked as though he could blow at any second, and seemed to be summoning every ounce of mental strength he possessed not to lose his load already.       

Indeed, Jeff had felt his balls bulge like an overpacked grocery bags from minute one of the fantastic suckjob. Though Annie had only been working him over for a brief period, the mature student was already clinging onto his ejaculate by but a thread, such was the ferocity, ruthlessness and downright skill with which the studious brunette went at his big, fat dick. 

Annie felt Jeff’s cock throb and swell, growing even larger inside her mouth as she blew him.  It gave her a tremendous sense of empowerment.  Here she was, on her knees sucking this hot, muscular man, playing his penis and, by extension, the stud himself like a woodwind instrument.  All those years practicing her flute in junior high were beginning to pay off!  The young lady well and truly had her older counterpart on strings.  Forget the glee club, she could probably convince him to join the Communist Party if she was that way inclined.   

Precum continued to ooze from his tip and flow straight down Annie’s throat like warm honey.  Inch after inch of Jeff’s long, girthy cock disappeared between her pouty pink lips.  She moved her hands from his bulging genitalia and positioned them atop his bulky thighs, lightly digging her expertly filed nails into his firm biceps.  With the entirety of his cock now free, the brunette set about making it vanish.  Annie swallowed down Jeff’s big, hard cock like it measured the length of a mere cocktail weenie, all nine of his thick, girthy inches disappearing between her full, shiny lips like an unguarded cream eclair around a fat person. 

“Oh, shit!” Jeff exclaimed, his eyes looking as though they were about to shoot clean from their sockets like a cartoon character.

Nothing could’ve prepared the mature student for the sheer savagery and mercilessness that the young girl would exhibit.  Her sucking skills were simply second to none.  He’d had encounters with women fifteen years his senior who, even with three decades’ blowjob experience to their names, could only dream of giving head like this.  It was nothing short of phenomenal. 

Annie kept Jeff’s dick between her lips, showing no signs of having to come up for air as she drooled and salivated over the monstrous member like a hungry dog, slathering every inch in her thick, warm spittle.  She returned a hand to his swollen sac, fondling his oversized balls with the dexterity of a seasoned masseuse, as her tongue lapped wildly at the veiny underside of his cock.

Annie very much doubted that Britta could do this.  And she was right.  A mean dicksucker herself, the blonde had been able to choke down the entirety of Jeff’s rod, but her gag reflex would kick in almost instantly, forcing the fair haired filly to eject the lengthy member within seconds. The brunette, on the other hand, had no such problem.  In fact, she appeared to have no gag reflex whatsoever, and seemed able to keep the long, fat cock within the confines of her mouth for as long as she desired.

Throughout her life, Annie had always been plagued by a desire to be the best at everything she tried her hand (or, in this case, mouth) at, with the exception of sports, which she took part in only at her gym teacher’s behest.  However, there was one thing she liked more than being the best, and that was being recognised as such by her peers.  When Troy Barnes had been voted Most Likely to Succeed at a high school party, the young brunette promptly vaulted through a plate-glass window.  The incident required six reconstructive surgeries to return her face to its current flawless form, but hadn’t halted her drive and desire one iota.  She was still determined to be the best and receive the recognition she deserved.  After all, what was the point in being the best unless everyone else knew it? 

With this in mind, Annie retrieved Jeff’s big, lengthy penis from her mouth, saliva dripping from the oversized member like a leaky shower head.  Eager to show the mature student that her first deepthroating pass had been no case of beginner’s luck, she parted her lips and fed the long pink pole straight back inside.  The dick disappeared once more, without as much as the slightest cough or splutter escaping the young lady’s amazing, maestro-like mouth.  She rinsed and repeated this process many times; retrieving the big, lengthy dong and taking just the quickest of breaths, before plunging her glossy, puckered lips straight back down the base. 

But Annie wasn’t done yet, not by a long shot.  In fact, she was only just getting started, and without a moment’s hesitation, the lusty brunette dipped down to get at his balls, jutting her round, shapely ass out behind her as she did so.  Just as with his long, fat dick, the young student didn’t shy away from the older man’s balls, no sir.  Annie went at Jeff’s nuts with just as much gusto as she had his penis; gobbling at the large, cum-filled gonads like she hadn’t eaten in days, basting them in oodles of saliva, and releasing all manner of lewd, wanton noises as she went.

Now that he’d witnessed the miracles Annie’s mouth was capable of performing, Jeff wasn’t at all surprised when the skilled sexpot fed both of his huge, plum-sized balls into her magnificent maw at once, her cheeks bulging like a squirrel with a nut.  In fact, such were the abilities of the accomplished oralist, Jeff wouldn’t have batted so much as an eyelid if the brunette had squeezed a Boeing 747 between her lips. 

While she sucked on Jeff’s balls, Annie reached up to jerk him off; his thick, long cock twitching uncontrollably in her soft, moisturised hands.  As impressive as her blowjob skills were, her handjob technique wasn’t to be sneezed at either.  The randy student ran her hands up and down the length of Jeff’s rock hard shaft in smooth, perfectly timed strokes, his round, swollen dickhead throbbing like it could shoot its goo at any given second. 

Annie could feel Jeff’s cock pulsing in her smooth, satin hands, and her soft, bubblegum lips sensed the wild churning of semen taking place in his balls.  But still the horny young woman offered the mature student little in the way of respite.  She reached up to knead his engorged, golf ball-sized cockhead as she licked slowly, tantalisingly up his lengthy shaft; the tip of her moist red tongue trailing from the hilt right up to the well defined skin partition of his bulbous crown. 

Once she reached the top, Annie leapt straight back into action.  She fed Jeff’s big, fat dick back into her mouth and proceeded to real off every trick in the blowjob handbook, performing each and every trick and technique with the expertise of a seasoned pro.  The naughty brunette licked at the open slit, encircled the thick, swollen head with her tongue and lapped wildly at the underside.  She stroked and jerked, sucked, stroked and deepthroated, being sure to coat every inch of the oversized wang in volumes of her slippery wet spittle.

But, in between rattling off the old classics, Annie brought plenty of new tricks to the table also; the young student performing techniques upon Jeff's genitals that even the most experienced amongst his list of conquests hadn’t thought of.  She puckered her already full lips and rubbed the bulging head of his cock against them, giving the impression that she was brushing her perfectly straight, pearly white teeth with the thick, long member. 

She stuffed Jeff’s pink ping pong ball of a cockhead into her cheek and used her talented tongue to lap ferociously at the vein-encrusted base of his manhood.  She sucked at the crown, wrapping both of her soft, velvet hands around the base, interlocking her nimble, dexterous fingers and guiding both hands up and down the length of his fat, girthy shaft.  All in all, Miss Edison proved to be the most accomplished inventor since her namesake Thomas with the sheer volume of brand new tricks she was bestowing upon her counterpart’s quivering cock. 

Jeff clasped the padded seat of his chair for dear life; clinging to it desperately as if he feared the entirety of his sculpted, well muscled body would be sucked up into Annie’s suction heavy mouth.  The former lawyer could still scarcely believe what he was witnessing.  He didn’t think anyone would top the supreme sucking skills of Britta Perry; but here he was being blown almost into a coma by the wannabe activists younger and darker haired rival. 

Knowing Britta could be every bit as competitive as Annie, Jeff believed that if word got out about the brunette’s world class oral abilities, her fair haired counterpart would relish the opportunity to one up her young foe.  The blonde may even demand that the pair take part in some kind of head to head (so to speak) to determine, once and for all, who gave the best blowjobs.  Two grade A cocksuckers bestowing his big, fat dick with tricks and spells even the most imaginative of pornstars couldn’t dream up, as they duke it out between his thighs.  His mind could scarcely conjure up all the possibilities. 

Jeff attempted to concoct some kind of a plan to get both the talented oralists into a room together but, for once in his life, the mature student came up short.  The full extent of his brain power was focused firmly on retaining the hot, creamy cumload brewing in his balls, amid a ruthless oral onslaught from his female counterpart.

Annie, too, was eager for word of her oral exploits to hit the Greendale campus.  Britta wasn’t exactly a slut, but it would be fair to say she’d seen her fair share of dorm room ceilings during her time at the community college.  To that end, the brunette was forever overhearing male students discussing her blonde rival’s BJ abilities when travelling from class to class.  Britta sucks dick like it’s her last meal!  Hands down, the best blowjob on campus, she would hear them say. 

It was a testament to the true extent of Annie’s competitive nature that she was willing to allow her oral antics be spread across the school if it meant her peers recognising her as Greendale’s resident BJ queen.  Besides, having a reputation as an accomplished head giver could have a myriad of other advantages for the skilled young brunette  It wasn’t like she had any intention of becoming a lady of easy virtue like the blondie Britta; she wasn’t going to drop to her knees in front of any Greendale student with a penis tucked away in his pants.  But should a man as well endowed as Jeff stumble into her life, she certainly wouldn’t say no to sucking him off!

“Oh, fuck!” Jeff gasped, cooing like a wounded animal as he was blown into next week by Santa’s sexiest little helper (if this is the kind of help Santa is getting it’s a miracle the tubby old fella gets anything done!).

Annie’s sucked at Jeff’s dickhead, drooling over the thick, swollen crown like a bloodthirsty she-wolf, her tongue alternating between encircling the crown and lapping at the oozing tip.  While her mouth took care of the head, her smooth, dainty hands roamed up and down the length of his spit-slicked shaft.  *SCHLICK* *SCHLOCK* *SCHLICK* came the sounds from her dexterous paws as she jerked him off.  His big, fat cock throbbed and pulsed, twitched and quivered in her grasp.

Jeff closed his eyes, trying desperately to think of something, anything that would delay his orgasm for another minute or two.  He thought about Pierce Hawthorne, The Study Group’s token OAP, finally getting a crack at Shirley Bennett, the unfortunate object of the old man’s affections.  He pictured the overweight black woman on her back, legs akimbo; Pierce’s grey head shaking back and forth as the decrepit old goat buried his face between her thunderous ebony thighs.  Though as revolting as the image was, it didn’t work.  Annie’s mouth was too warm, too wet, her tongue too moist and adept, her hands too smooth, her strokes too well timed and perfectly pressured.  Resistance, he quickly accepted, was futile. 
“I’m gonna cum!” Jeff blurted out, straining like a marathon runner on the home straight; trying with all his might to eek out a few final seconds of pleasure.

Jeff’s warning was music to Annie’s ears.  She’d been having a whale of a time blowing the handsome older man, but by now she was more than ready to see what he had waiting for her in that giant nutsac of his. 

“Oh yeah!  Cum for me, baby!” she ordered.  “Shoot that big, thick load over my pretty face!”

Annie released Jeff’s sopping wet cock from her vice-like grasp, allowing the mature student to finish himself off.  While he jerked his dick wildly, the brunette concentrated on finding the right position, presenting her cute face as a canvas to paint a creamy white with his semen.  With her face mere inches from the tip of Jeff’s pulsating penis, Annie reached up to fondle his balls; feeling the oversized gonads brew and churn until, finally, they emptied. 

What felt like a week’s build up of spunk surged through the ex-lawyer’s fat, lengthy cock; a thick jet shooting from the tip and plastering across the young student’s flawless facial features.  Warm, off white jism splattered her rosy cheeks, her plump, bee stung lips and her cute little nose.  More trickled down her forehead, getting caught in her lengthy eyelashes, while still more of the thick, creamy goo streaked the shiny strands of her hazelnut hair. 

“Holy fuck!” Jeff exclaimed, panting like he’d just sprinted for a mile straight.

“Wow!  That was quite a load!” Annie grinned, glancing up at her opposite number with her pretty face coated in his semen. 

To wrap up, the brunette took his poor, sensitive penis into her hands once more.  She parted her cum-streaked lips and squeezed the tender head, pushing the last few droplets of spunk into her gaping mouth.  She closed her lips and swallowed them down, licking the thick, juicy dickpleasers as she enjoyed the rich taste of his hot, creamy man juice.  Amid the excitement of sucking Jeff’s big, fat cock every which way but loose and receiving a money shot worthy of an AVN award, Annie had lost sight of the very purpose of their encounter.  Then, as his spunk trickled down her face, it came back to her. 

“So, Jeff,” she began, looking up at him with her seductive doe eyes, “are you in?”

“Hmm?” he replied.  Jeff had forgotten about the glee club the second Annie had dropped to her knees.  In fairness, it would take the memory of an autism sufferer to even recall his own name whilst being blown as ferociously as he just had been. 

“The glee club,” Annie reminded him.

“Oh right, yeah,” said the older man. 

He looked down at the brown-haired beauty; her face streaked with his cum.  Her erect nipples nearly burst holes through the red fabric of her slutty Santa outfit.  The hem had ridden up revealing her matching red panties; the crotch so moist that the teasing outline of her well-defined cameltoe revealed itself through the thin material.  The endless possibilities raced through his mind as he imagined the hours upon hours of fun that could be had with the horny young student. 

“Hmm,” Jeff added, grinning like a sly fox, “I’m still not entirely convinced.  Why don’t you show me what else you can do?”
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Re: Community: A Very Sucky Christmas
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That was great. Always nice to see more Alison Brie stories on the site.
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