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Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Title: Anal For Repairs
Show: Riverdale
Author: The Chemist
Character: Cheryl Blossom
Codes: MF, anal, oral
Summary: Spoilers for start of Season 2. Cheryl’s car breaks down. Out of money and with threats of selling it if its broken, Cheryl decides to trade her body for car repairs.

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Riverdale, including Cheryl and Penelope Blossom. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.


“Mom...I need some money and when I checked my credit card online it said it was maxed out,” Cheryl Blossom said to her mother as she entered the parlor of their temporary residence.

“And hello to you too, daughter,” Penelope said with a slur.

“Drunk again, I see,” Cheryl scoffed at her mother’s recent alcoholism.

“Why wouldn’t I be? My loving husband is dead, so too is my favorite child,” the drunk woman replied.

Cheryl reeled as if physically slapped across the face from the words. It was bad enough being reminded that her best friend in all the world, her brother, had been violently murdered almost exactly 1 year ago today. And to make matters worse, the grisly deed had been done by her own father, in order to protect his business. A business that was ruined after his killing being discovered and thus, hanging himself. What was once the profitable maple syrup company that the Blossoms made all their money from, was actually a cocaine and drug smuggling company, and thus the Blossoms lost all their wealth.

“Anyway, can get a few hundred dollars to fix my car?” Cheryl continued on, ignoring the barb.

“A couple hundred? Cheryl, I don’t have a couple dollars, period,” Penelope laughed. “I’ve sold everything that wasn’t burnt up in the fire. The only reason why I haven’t sold your car is because the ownership is in your name. But the second it isn’t road worthy than I can sell it, and I bet make a decent profit.”

“You can’t be serious,” Cheryl gasped, shocked that they were broke.

“Why else do you think you’ve been seeing all these random men over here lately? It isn’t for my companionship. They are paying me you dumb, naive girl,” her mother added. “And if you were smart, you’d put that impeccable body up for sale too. You’d fetch double my rate.”

With the sound of her mother’s insane cackling ringing in her ears, Cheryl fled their temporary home. She had no idea where she was going, all she knew was that she had to get the fuck away from her mom. They were broke? Her mother a prostitute? And suggesting that Cheryl start turning tricks as well? What the actual fuck?!

Grabbing her purse on the way out the door, Cheryl reached in and found her car keys easy enough. She had the purse thrown in the passenger seat before even opening the door on her cherry red 1961 Chevy Impala convertible. She quickly reached into the center console and withdrew her sunglasses before she started up the engine with a roar and tore out of the driveway with haste. Unfortunately for Cheryl, what she thought were dumps in her driveway was actually her car’s engine clunking around.

In her rush to get away from her mom, Cheryl had forgotten about why she needed money in the first place. The red-haired bombshell’s jerky start to the drive was foreshadowing the rest of the shortened trip as well. She had barely made it 2 miles into their flight away from her home when the car began sounding rough. When the ‘check engine’ light began flashing and smoke could be seen wafting out from under the hood, Cheryl pulled the vehicle off the road into a derelict service road lined with thick trees and shut the engine off.

“God damn it!” the redhead fumed at the universe.

Without money, or even a credit card to put the repairs onto, Cheryl was worried that her car was going to get sold for her mother. She doubted that she’d see any of the profits as the cash would likely go to feeding her mother’s excessively large wine budget. However, Cheryl Blossom was a smart and crafty girl so she put her mind to the situation in order to find an answer.

Thinking the problem through, she realized that Betty had mentioned on several times that her and her father would fix cars as a pastime together. Presumably, the bubbly blonde would help her with her own car problem, especially since the pair had surprisingly grown somewhat close over the past year. Well, as close as Cheryl ever let anyone who wasn’t her dearly departed brother get to her.

There was still the issue of getting the vehicle to Betty’s house though. She didn’t have towing coverage on her insurance, having had to remove that service in order to save some money. She couldn’t afford to pay for one either. However, she thought back to a month ago when she, Veronica and Betty were invited to a Southside Serpent party, and one of the guys she flirted with was a mechanic. In a stroke of luck, he had given her his number, probably in no small part due to the passionate makeout session they engaged in...and the handjob she performed on him as well.

“Okay, I got this,” Cheryl gave herself a pep talk before pulling out her phone to make her call. “I might not know much about cars but these huge tits and tight ass are about to save the day. Thanks for the idea, mother.”

*   *   *

The phone call went as well as Cheryl could have hoped. For starters, the mechanic, whose name apparently was Gus not only picked up the call but remembered her from the party. Which he should have since Cheryl was very good at leaving an impression, especially with her big pouty lips, seductively large eyes, perfect tits and firm ass.

He claimed he could be there in only 15 minutes so it wasn’t a long wait for the stunning redhead. After popping the hood of the massive vehicle, the cheerleader used one of the side mirrors to fix her hair and make sure her lips still popped with her trademark bright red color. Finally she undid the top most button on her blouse and made sure her large pillowy tits were on full display. By the time Cheryl had straightened back up, she heard the crunching of gravel as a tow truck appeared out of the fog created by her car. The handsome middle-aged mechanic stepped out before giving her a wave and grabbing some gloves.

“So it started running funny then the smoke so I called you to help me,” Cheryl explained briefly.

“Let’s have a look,” the 30 year old man replied as he bent his head in the engine. After a few minutes of testing out a few gauges, all while the pair flirted with one another, he smiled. “Could you grab me some water?”

“Water? Sure,” Cheryl replied, disappearing to the trunk before returning with a large half-gallon bottle. “Where do you want to put it?”

“Hmm,” he grunted with a smile to match her own.

“I meant the water,” Cheryl said, her playful smile still decorating her face, aware of the double meaning her last sentence had.

“I just need to add it in here for it to act as a coolant,” the mechanic replied, pointing to the opening.

Cheryl was going to hand it over then decided that a little more flirting wouldn’t hurt, especially since he’d yet to make his move. Offering to do it, Cheryl moved close to the engine and bent over at the waist and made sure her ass pushed back, made to look nice and tight in her form-fitting, ultra-tight skinny jeans. As she tipped the bottle and began draining it into the proper tank, she risked a look back behind her and caught the muscular man staring right at her bubble butt.

“See something you like?” Cheryl asked, wiggling her ass.

Cheryl appreciated that the man she already decided she would fuck for helping her out of the jam was a nice enough guy to only look and not touch until given permission. Once she nodded her head, his hands descended with a hunger onto her well-formed backside, earned from countless hours in the gym and years of cheerleading, rubbing the tight cheeks through her pants and groping the flesh beneath.

Straightening up so that she could get access to her pant buckle, Cheryl loosened her jeans and Gus took over by lowering them down around her ankles. With only a red thong on, his hands were now able to feel her fleshy ass. While not the massive size of her friend’s Veronica’s backside, Cheryl’s tight round booty was earned from her rigorous exercising. Despite her slender frame and narrow hips, Cheryl had quite the tasty-looking hindquarters that was firm and still bubbly, allowing the mechanic’s dirty fingers to sink into.

“Yes?” Gus asked, hooking his fingers into her thong.


With her panties joining her skinny jeans down around her ankles Gus now had free access to her sex, which he took advantage of immediately. After a moment to appreciate her completely bare pussy and tight looking asshole, the mechanic rubbed her snatch until it moistened his fingers enough so he could slip a beef digit inside her slit.

“Awwh! Mhmm,” Cheryl cooed as his finger probed deep inside.

Once finger was enough to stretch out her tight cunt, which was tighter than anything Gus had experienced in a long time given the fact that Cheryl was only a teenager. Not only was his finger curling against her G-spot, but he let his other digits rest limply in her crack so that they were actually rubbing over her backdoor which furthered her arousal.

Gus was obviously into foreplay instead of getting right to the good stuff as Cheryl found out when he spun her around and had her sit her bare ass on the fender of her classic car. With her legs spread wide, Gus pressed two fingers into her cunt now and started to thrust in and out before cramming them in fully. With fingers curling to find her G-spot, he aggressively and repeatedly ground them up into her sensitive pussy while his free hand worked over her clit.

“Damn! Fuck, just like that,” Cheryl all but begged.

To encourage him further, just in case her non-stop chorus of screams weren’t enough, she lifted a leg up onto his shoulder to give him even better access to her bare pussy. It was a move that many of girls couldn’t perform but her extensive training as a River Vixen gave Cheryl an impressive amount of flexibility. Gus was more than happy to take advantage of her nimble body as it seemed like his arm began pumping even harder up into her G spot, something that Cheryl didn’t think was possible.

“Cum baby,” Gus urged.

Cheryl hardly needed encouragement and within another 30 seconds of the vigorous finger blasting she let loose a curse and a scream as she came all over his oil-stained fingers. Her petite body contracted violently, especially her pussy around the invading fingers in its depth until the muscles relaxed fully.

“My turn to show you how much I appreciate your help,” Cheryl cooed as she quickly regained her composure.

As Cheryl got on her knees on the grass and fiddled with her pants so that she was able to remove them while leaving her heeled boots still on, Gus was undoing the flap in her coveralls. Cheryl turned to face him just in time to tilt her face up and allow his already erect cock to land flat on her face before Gus used it to lightly bat her cheek then onto her tongue.

Cheryl only giggled as he slapped her with his gigantic pecker, which somehow seemed bigger than when she jerked him off back at the party weeks ago. At least 9 inches and as thick around as her wrist, Cheryl thought that she’d have to unhinge her jaw if she was to have any hope of deep-throating him, a talent that she loved to show off whenever possible.

“Ah yes,” the mechanic groaned as Cheryl inhaled his tip.

For Cheryl, there were two types of blowjobs. The first style she used on guys when either time was of the essence or they were in a public setting so she could get them off in a relatively short amount of time. It had lots of speed and in her case a lot of deep throating. However, when blowing a guy was only the prelude to sex, her technique slowed, and it was this style she used now.

Without using her arms, Cheryl used the bobbing motion of her head and the rocking of her curvy body to take almost half of his length cock into her mouth. As her lips formed a tight circle around his thick meat, she heard the man moaning his appreciation above her. Opening her eyes, she made sure to make and hold eye contact the entire time she slobbered on his pole.

“Choke me with your big dick,” Cheryl cooed when she felt one of his hands rest on her head.

Taking the cheerleader literally, Gus wrapped his hand on the back of Cheryl’s head while the other held the base of his cock steady. Cheryl still maintained eye contact as the head of his cock poked against the back of her throat and held there. Normally she’s relax her gullet and swallow him down her throat but there was no chance of that happening with his thickness so just as her eyes began to moisten and nose redden, Gus pulled back out and watched as several strands of string still connected her mouth with his dick.

He paused as if to make sure she was okay so it was Cheryl who had to pull herself forward and impale her mouth with his dick. Gus quickly took back control, holding her head as far down his pole as possible all while the petite cheerleader began making gurgling and heaving noises. Before a gag reflex could happen he pulled back and allowed Cheryl to gulp in some air before they did it all over again and again and again.

As saliva now streamed down her chin and onto her cleavage, Cheryl realized she didn’t put her top asset on display. With his cock still in between her lips, Cheryl brushed her hair back over her shoulders and pulled her blouse and bra down onto her stomach to reveal her 36C tits, far larger than any girl with her petite frame had any right to naturally possess.

“Jesus! So big,” Gus complimented.

Gus had even more motivation to look down and watched as the gorgeous girl blew him. Now not only was Cheryl Blossom gagging on his dick and spitting all over him, her face and her chest, but now her large boobs were swaying as she did so. Unable to help himself, Gus allowed Cheryl to blow him for another minute before stepping back away from her magical mouth.

“We fuck now?” Gus asked, helping the petite girl to her feet.

“Yes, we definitely fuck now,” Cheryl replied, standing and bending over the engine, being sure not to touch anything hot.

Gus didn’t bother with a condom and didn’t wait for Cheryl to tell him to wrap it up either, instead he stepped in close to her and was thankful the heels on her boots made their hips level. With his cock rich in her spit, the mechanic had no trouble sliding the first half of his monster cock into her tight pussy in the first push before backing out and sheathing the whole shaft with his next thrust.

“Awwh yes! Oh fuck,” Cheryl cooed as she felt his dick stretch her out fully.

With his hands on her hips it only took the burly mechanic several more thrusts to work himself into a solid rhythm that had him fully thrusting into her tight cunt at a decent speed. With each push into her Cheryl’s ass would ripple from the contact while her heavy tits swayed back and forth under her.

Of course it was only a matter of time before his hands left her narrow waist and reached up to make her tits home. Cheryl felt his fingers grope her bouncing boobs initially before he would mix in tweaking her erect nipples every so often, all without slowing down his thrusting deep into her pinkness.

“God,” God groaned from pleasure before slapping Cheryl’s firm ass. When that caused Cheryl to mean louder, Gus smiled before delivering a matching blow to her other cheek. “You like?”

“Slap my ass, pull my hair. Whatever you want just keep fucking me,” Cheryl demanded, shoving her meaty ass back to meet his thrusts. After all, this fuck had to be good enough to save her hundreds in towing fees.

“Dirty girl,” Gus commented. Slowing his thrusts but going much harder, the mechanic reared back and slammed his hips forward with everything he had. Cheryl whelped in surprise as she was fucked deep and hard, but ultimately it felt good. She was prepared for it the next time he skewered her tiny body with his cock but it didn’t stop her from moaning loudly as a result. “Dirty girls get fucked hard.”

“Mhmm…yes please,” Cheryl cooed.

Gus did just that, slowly increasing his speed so that he was fucking her with everything he had. With a combination of lightning speed and a pounding force, Gus repeatedly slammed his whole cock into Cheryl’s once tight pussy. He felt her body growing sweaty just as his was within his coveralls as they fucked with such intensity over a hot engine until Cheryl was bursting again in a second orgasm in the past 10 minutes.

“AAAWHHHHH! FUCK,” Cheryl cussed as she came.

With a casual movement the mechanic gave several more complete thrusts of his entire cock into Cheryl’s pussy with a slow speed before pulling out. With one hand on her back and using his fingers to separate her firm butt cheeks, he used his other hand to work a glob of spit from his mouth onto his cock before placing it right at the entrance of Cheryl’s asshole and started to apply pressure very slowly.

Cheryl had been warned about Southside Serpent men from Betty, who in turn had been educated by Jughead. Though Juggy stopped short of doing a broad generalization, he shared with Betty that the majority of Serpents, especially the ones older than teens had a certain preference with sex. Though the high school cheerleader may have been tiny 5’2 feet tall and 100 lbs, she was no stranger to all matters of sexual relations, even taking a cock in her poop chute. This time it would be a challenge though, given how freakishly thick the mechanic’s dick was and the lack of any type of lubrication on hand other than their saliva and her pussy juices.

“Go ahead,” Cheryl cooed, feeling the man being polite enough to withhold until she said yes or no, at which point he broke her sphincter’s threshold. “Awww fuck.”

It was clear to Cheryl that her fuck buddy had an ample amount of experience in anal sex given the way he had changed his technique. Gone away was the thumping, fast pace set to rock-and-roll music and in its place was a smooth, almost gentle rhythm akin to elevator music. The River Vixen didn’t think it would last much longer given the way she could feel her backdoor loosening with each thrust, but it was definitely considerate at this early junction.

“Better,” Gus groaned.

“Much,” Cheryl replied with a flash of her mesmerizing smile back over her shoulder. “Now fuck my ass.”

It was a bold statement and one that Cheryl was hoping her body, namely her asshole, could cope with given the fact it was likely the thickest cock she had ever attempted up her butt. However, despite the fact she was only 18 years of age, the petite cheerleader had several years and literally dozens of practice sessions with taking a stiff cock up the ass. Thus far, her backdoor was expanding nicely for the young mechanic despite the lack of lube other than her spit from earlier.

As Gus started to push with a little more of his cock and with a slightly increased pace, Cheryl whimpered in discomfort. It was barely audible through the biting of her bottom lip, nor was it enough to make the mechanic stop sodomizing her with his huge cock. Being a veteran of anal affairs, the head cheerleader instead freed a hand by using one arm to support all her weight over the car’s engine so her fingers could go to work rubbing her clit.

“Awhh yes…much better,” she cooed as a tendril of pleasure shot up her spine, ending the last of mild pain coming from having her bowels forced open repeatedly. “Keep going.”

The Southside Serpent did just that, aided by the redhead pushing back against him as he slowly worked more in and out of her petite ass. Inch by inch he made progress further into her asshole, going deeper but only pushing in and out at a slow and steady pace until Cheryl was taking half his length. In the next minute with the same technique Gus had gotten half the remaining portion of his thick cock into Cheryl’s tushy, meaning it was only the last 2 inches not currently embraced by her rectum.

“Tight teen ass,” Gus groaned in delight. “Fucking perfect.”

The mechanic continuing to rail his dick into Cheryl with a steady medium speed, repeatedly gauging open her bowels and making her take 6 girthy inches all while the cheerleader moaned and diddled her clit with her eyes closed. As Gus maintained a steady thumping rhythm he leaned forward so one hand could go to Cheryl’s impressive bust, giving her breast a hearty squeeze while his other wrapped through her hair and onto her neck, causing Cheryl to look back over her shoulder with a look that portrayed true happiness.

Cheryl was caught off guard when Gus froze for a moment with only a few inches in her rectum, but a slapping noise at the same time she felt her ass cheek start to sting let her know it was for the mechanic to spank her meaty butt again. He restarted fucking her booty again but this time with more speed, his thick cock splitting her anal passage easier than ever.

“You my dirty girl?” Gus asked, slowing his strokes down even more but still driving deep, deeper in fact.

“Mmhmm,” Cheryl agreed, completely absorbed in the encounter. “The nastiest.”

“Good. Then come suck my dick right now,” the mechanic insisted as he pulled his mammoth cock out from the deepest recesses of Cheryl’s bowels.

“But that was just in my ass,” the young River Vixen reasoned, looking down at his soiled member.

“So what? A dirty girl wouldn’t care, correct?” Gus retorted and waited.

Cheryl found it hard to poke holes in that logic so with a shrug of her shoulders she descended to her knees in the grass before the man and her car. She gripped his pole and gave it a stroke before holding the base steady. Before she took him between her plush lips and sucked him off, the petite but curvy cheerleader took a breath and calmed herself. After all, she’d enjoyed rimming other girl’s assholes so how was sucking a dick straight from her own booty any different? With that reasoning locked into her mind, Cheryl parted her lips meant to suck dicks and steered his pecker towards her gaping mouth. Cheryl closed her eyes and prepared for the worse as she wrapped her lips around the midway portion of his shaft and massaged his underbelly with her tongue, loaded in billions of taste buds.

“Mmm,” Cheryl moaned, tasting her own ass on his cock.

Despite Cheryl’s numerous occasions taking a dick in her ass over the last year or two, this was something new for her. However, rather than being repulsed by sucking and tasting his cock fresh from her dirty asshole, it was so nasty and naughty but in the best way possible. This was fairly consistent for her since Cheryl really got off on being such a depraved little slut, thus letting a random guy she knew for all over an hour fuck her in the ass and then sucking his cock clean was right up her alley, even more so in order to get things she wanted or needed now that she wasn’t rich anymore.

Seeing the lust and hunger in Cheryl’s eyes Gus put a hand on the back of the petite cheerleader’ head. Thrusting his hips he started fucking her mouth, pushing in until he felt his cock brush against the back of her mouth before pulling back. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth the mechanic paused and let Cheryl suck on the head and swirl her tongue around the crown before pushing back in.

“Ready for more?” Gus asked as Cheryl was in the middle of running her tongue along the entire length of his cock, trying to get all traces of her ass from him.

“Get that dick back in my great butt,” Cheryl all but demanded.

Before she could rock back from her knees to her feet, Gus reached down and clutched behind her legs. With a pull, he flipped Cheryl onto her back, her pillow tits nearly smacking her in her face as she found herself lying facing the blue sky in the grass with the burly mechanic kneeling in front of her.

Looking down and finding that her asshole was still yawning half-open so that he could see where her milky white flesh changed to a ring of pink then into total darkness, Gus wasted no time. His cock still shimmered in Cheryl’s saliva from moments ago after taking his cock fresh from her ass to her mouth so after pressing both her legs together and placing them on his shoulder, he crammed his tip back into her gaping asshole.

“Oh fuck! That’s it big boy,” Cheryl cooed as her bowels swelled with his huge manhood once again.

With her legs pressed together, Gus found her asshole to have renewed tightness after his initial sodomy with his wide cock had loosened her sphincter considerable. Luckily, Cheryl’s spit acting as lubricant and their earlier ass fucking meant that he could swiftly find his fast pace once more. After starting slow and with only half his length, it took less than a minute to first plunge her entire anal depth before picking up the speed.

With his dick being hugged on all sides by her sphincter, Gus reached his arm not currently holding her athletic legs to pull back down her shirt and better expose her heavenly tits. With every thrust her C-cups jiggled up towards her face, threatening to give Cheryl a matching set of black-eyes while her nipples were rock hard from the slightly cool air.

“Such great tits,” Gus grunted as he speared his hips forward, skewering Cheryl’s asshole in the process.

Having a thought and figuring that this tiny teenager would be game since she was up to everything else so far, the mechanic gave her ass another series of medium speed thrusts before pulling out and seamlessly plowing into her cunt. He went back and forth, one stroke into her wet inferno of a pussy before back into her gaping asshole until settling back in her twat.

“That can’t be healthy,” Cheryl thought before pleasure started flooding her mind and all else was lost.

Holding tightly onto the tiny cheerleader’ hips, Gus started fucking her with all the speed he possessed. Though tight, her pussy’s vice grip paled in comparison to her asshole so the mechanic was able to fuck Cheryl as fast, as deep and as hard as physically possible, which he was currently doing. Not only was it great to go full throttle again, but watching as Cheryl’s magnificent boobs bounced and jiggled made the whole experience double in pleasure.

30 seconds later and the burly Southside Serpent was spearing back into Cheryl’s still yawning asshole. With diminished speed and power, the majority of his cock was still being thrust into her rectum and massaged erotically by her much tighter anal sphincter. It was a completely different sensation for the horny mechanic but equally as pleasurable with an extra special imagery of a sexy teen so tiny being split nearly in two by a massive dick.

“Fuck. So hot,” Gus groaned, this time switching between the redhead’s two holes with more frequency.

Once Cheryl got over the potential hygiene issues of going from ass to pussy, she couldn’t believe how great it felt. True, there was a little welp of pain if he stayed fucking her pussy too long and allowed her fresh teen asshole to narrow before forcing it back open, but that was only short lived. But the way it felt having her G-spot repeatedly probed and then seconds later having her bowels feeling full in the most wonderful way was a sensation that she’d have to keep trying.

“Oh god,” Cheryl moaned as he slammed his cock into her ass over and over.

As he continued to sodomize the petite River Vixen, Gus felt his orgasm approaching like an unstoppable Mack truck. After another few thrusts into her snug-fitting asshole, the mechanic knew he was moments away from his climax so thought about what he wanted to do. He briefly considered all of his options including cumming inside her wonderful rectum or how he enjoyed giving girls facials, finding the degrading act to be a real turn-on. However, the inescapable truth was that by not spraying on her tits would feel like a massive wasted opportunity.

“Gonna cum on you,” he told the tiny cheerleader as he pulled out of her ass for the last time.

With a final hard, deep fuck into Cheryl’s tight little ass the mechanic pulled out and quickly crawled up the grass to kneel before the cheerleader. His timing was perfect as after only a couple rapid strokes of his cock the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Cheryl was using her hands to squeeze her large tits together to make an even greater landing pad as the warm fluid landed in large streaks with the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of her flawless skin. With a good amount of surface area covered on her rounded chest, the mechanic directed the last few smaller spurts higher up at the cheerleader’ beautiful face, painting the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek.

“Oh my God…so much cum,” Cheryl cooed, feeling the still warm streaks of goo on her skin.

“Mmm yes. Looks so sexy on your big tits,” the mechanic groaned before crawling to the side so he no longer straddled the large-breasted cheerleader. “Here’s your clothes…and a rag for the semen.”

“No problem there,” Cheryl replied, already having gathered most of the salty load up with her fingers and deposited into her mouth for her tasting delight.

The pair got dressed without exchanging any words. They were still out in public near a road, albeit in the backcountry, so it took them only a minute before they had their clothes back on and Cheryl got back into the vehicle while Gus closed the hood and went to his tow truck. She gave him the address as he hooked up the large car to his rig before the pair were pulling off the shoulder of the road and headed to Betty’s house.

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Re: Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Title: Broke Blossoms Part 2: Family Business
Show: Riverdale
Author: The Chemist
Character: Cheryl Blossom
Codes: MMF, anal, oral, drugs, rough
Summary: Spoilers for start of Season 2. Cheryl finds it hard dealing with not being rich. Upon finding a hidden stash of her father’s cocaine and a burner phone with a list of contacts, she decides to sell to some of the Serpents.

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Riverdale, including Cheryl & Clifford Blossom, as well as the Southside Serpents. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.


“There’s my little teenage whore,” Penelope Blossom said as her daughter came sauntering into their guest house.

“Excuse me?” Cheryl said, shocked at the greeting.

“Don’t play innocent or coy with me, baby girl. I’m not stupid. Your car was broken last week and this week it’s purring like a kitten,” stated the matriarch of the once great Blossom family.

“Wha...but I told you Betty…” Cheryl started to retort, though clearly the bluntness of her mother’s tactic clearly surprised her.

“And I don’t doubt that girl did do the repairs. But honey, you aren’t the only one in this family turning tricks for the Serpents,” her mother said. “And those bikers sure do like wagging their tongues about their sexual conquests.”

“Fuck,” Cheryl swore under her breath.

The gorgeous red-haired teen was still reeling from the drama that had torn asunder her family. It was bad enough that her best friend in all the world, her brother, had been violently murdered almost 1 year ago. And to make matters worse, the grisly deed had been done by her own father, in order to protect his business. A business that was ruined after his killing being discovered and thus, hanging himself. What was once the profitable maple syrup company that the Blossoms made all their money from, was actually a cocaine and drug smuggling company, and thus the Blossoms lost all their wealth.

“And a word of advice, one hooker to another. Next time you sell your body, especially that precious little asshole, get more for it than a $50 tow,” Penelope hissed at her daughter before watching as Cheryl beat a retreat.

In fact, Cheryl stormed past her mother, who found her daughter having to resort to selling her body to be hilarious given her loud cackling. Not knowing where to go, her brain kicked into subconscious mode and motored the athletic cheerleader out the backdoor and out into the forested yard behind the guest house. She could still smell the burnt odor from her main house, though it had burnt down months ago. Soon the soft ground of the earthy soil was replaced with harder footfalls onto wooden boards.

“The old treehouse,” Cheryl commented in wonder.

She didn’t know why her brain had taken her here but if she hadn’t thought of this place in years, then it was unlikely that something her father had commissioned to be built for the twin siblings would even register to her mother. Climbing up the angled wooden rungs, Cheryl found herself a story off the ground in short order.

As she walked around the platform, she was amazed with how well the nearly decade old structure was. No creaks in the wood, no signs of wear and tear. Simply amazing. However, as she entered the main cabin of the house, she noticed a good awful rug that she knew for a fact that neither she nor her dead brother Jason would have allowed in. Walking over to it, she was surprised to feel that the boards under the rug were not only significantly more spongy feeling, but actually groaned under her slight weight.

“What in the hell,” Cheryl commented after pulling the rug aside and noticing a small handle dug into the floorboard.

Pulling open what proved to be a hidden trap door, Cheryl found several items inside. The biggest of which was a red suitcase that was zipped up, but even trying to lift it out let her know it was filled to the brim and probably weighed a good 40 pounds. Next was a small duffel bag with a phone and charger inside. Lastly was several envelopes, the first of which had written to read it first.

Dearest Cheryl,
I apologize for the predicament I but both you and your mother, first about the business which was both a sham and a house of cards, and also about how I dealt with Jason. It was never my intention...I was just in too deep.
Though I can’t offer any type of traditional inheritance, as it would undoubtedly be seized by the IRS, I leave you the last of our family’s works. Inside, you’ll find many kilos of the best cocaine, as well as instructions that only you’d be able to decipher for more locations of the stuff. Also, a burner phone with several of my top clients, though the only ones that would trust someone new like you and not rip you off or kill you on the spot are the Serpents.
Be warned with them, my love. They always expect a toll. I know for a fact you’ve heard what the cost of dealing business with them is, which is why I always brought them a prostitute, or truthfully your mother sufficed with them on more than one occasion.
Be safe, follow the details I left you in further notes and hopefully this is enough to build you back up from the ruins I caused.
Love always, your Father.

“What in the fucking fuck,” was all Cheryl could say after several stunned moments.

*   *   *

Cheryl sat alone in her bedroom that night, trying to get her head right for tonight. A lot had happened in the 6 hours since she found a stash of her dad’s finest cocaine. The very drug that had built up her family’s fortune for generations, but also the very same that caused it to come crashing down with the murder of her twin brother who she loved dearly, and the suicide of her father.

A buzz beside her made her reach down for her phone and shut off the alarm that she’d set to remind herself it was time to finish getting ready and leave. Standing up in only a red thong and tank, she walked over to her closet and pulled out the little black dress she had already chosen for tonight. As she pulled off the tank, she checked her body out in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel good, and rightfully so.

Though she wasn’t even 19 years old yet, Cheryl Blossom had a body that no teenager had any right possessing. For starters, she had the biggest, plumpest set of dick-sucking lips that anyone had ever enjoyed. Her pale skin was simply flawless without the negative taint of either teen acne or excessive sunlight. But it was her actual body that deserved the most acolodades. For one, cheerleading since she was 7 meant she had a slim figure with a flat stomach and lean, athletic legs. Cheerleading also helped to form what was one of her twin best assets as well - her amazing ass. Despite having a slim figure including narrow hips, Cheryl worked hard in the gym to beef up her tush, forming it into a great booty that may have lacked width but made up for that with firmness, roundness and being so bubbly that it stuck out from her back and legs a considerable distance. Last, and certainly not least, was Cheryl’s traffic-stopping bust. Once more, her lithe figure would assume she’d have a rather modest chest, but that was not the case. The short redhead somehow touted full 36C tits. And just like her ass they were perfect, as they were amazingly round, perky to the point of absolutely no sagging, and capped with a small, light pink colored nipple directly in the center.

Staring at her own body started to make Cheryl wet, though she knew she had save all the moisture for later. Plus time was now getting a little short so the petite redhead threw the tank aside and pulled on the short black dress. She had opted against wearing a bra since her perfect tits didn’t need the support, but after a seconds thought, Cheryl reached under the hem of her dress and pulled down her thong as well.

“Gametime,” Cheryl said, grabbing the luggage bag her father had left her ‘inheritance’ in before stepping into a black pair of heels and leaving her bedroom.

*   *   *

The drive from her guest house to the abandoned, boarded-up dinner that the Serpents had told her to meet at went smoothly. After all, it was 3 in the morning on a Wednesday so the roads were devoid of traffic and cops. Her cherry red convertible pulled into the empty parking lot but as the directions stated, she drove around to the back of the barely standing building so as to not draw attention. As she drove around, she noticed the presence of a pair of motorcycles, indicating that her contacts were already inside.

“Here’s hoping I don’t get hepatitis just for stepping inside,” Cheryl thought as she got out of her vehicle, luggage in tow. “Or much, much worse.”

Though she had thought originally that she’d stash the bag full of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine somewhere instead of bringing into the den of wolves. Or maybe snakes was a better choice of words. However, the man who answered the number in her burner phone stated to bring it and no funny business. Further letters in her dad’s duffel bag confirmed this was the arrangement, as well as detailed other regular dealings during a drop like this.

As Cheryl stepped through the unlocked backdoor of the condemned diner, several things struck her at once. For one, the inside of the boarded-up restaurant was fairly well conserved, at least the far side was as there were 5 booths along the wall that looked in good repair. Or good enough to be in Pop’s Diner at least. The other was that there was a considerable amount of light, at least enough to see across the room and identify to middle aged men in leather Serpent jackets.

“If it isn’t Ms. Fantastic,” the Serpent with slicked back hair commented.

“I prefer to call her Elasto,” the other biker retorted, a man who looked like a boxer given the scar tissue above his brow and the cauliflower ears visible.

“Normally I get called Cheryl Bombshell,” the petite redhead replied, nerves edging her voice.

“We prefer our names. After all, that’s how our boy Nate described you and your various holes,” Slick stated.

The nicknames the two thugs used on her suddenly made sense. Nate was the tow truck driver she had dialed last week to help tow her car for repairs. Instead of paying him with money she didn’t have, Cheryl fucked his brains out instead. Rather than just see if a simple blowjob or even regular fuck was good enough, Cheryl didn’t hesitiate to offer the Southside Serpent her tight asshole to sodomize to his heart’s content. And apparently she now had a reputation around the gang’s halls.

“Don’t just stand there. Bring the coke here.” Boxer said, his voice all business.

The phone call had settled a lot of the details for the first time drug seller, such as how much of the coke to bring. In this case, it was only 1 brick of the white powder, for which the 2 Serpents would pay her $9000. A quick search online told her that was less than market value but her dead father’s letters warned her about this and she had to earn credit with the gang.

“Looks like your dad’s quality shit,” Slick said before pulling out a knife with a 6-inch blade. “But let’s make sure you didn’t poison its goodness.”

Slick pulled a scoop of the cocaine from the tightly wrapped kilo and placed it neatly into a pile on the somewhat clean diner table. With skilled and practiced movement, the 40 year old man divided the white powder into three even lines of 2 inches long. From his pocket, the other man she thought of only as Boxer produced a rolled up dollar bill before offering it to Cheryl.

“Go ahead. It’s your coke so you take the first bump.” the scarred thug demanded.

Cheryl hadn’t done cocaine before now was apparently the time to pop that cherry. After all, when two members of a violent gang, one of which was still holding a knife the length of her forearm, told you to snort some cocaine, then you damn well did so. Coming closer before tossing her long red hair over her shoulder, Cheryl took the rolled up bill, placed the tip in one nostril then blocked the other before placing it against the table at the start of the middle line. Bracing herself for anything, Cheryl pulled hard through her nose and moved the bill sideways until her line was all gone.

“Jesus,” Cheryl swore as a billion neurons exploded in her brain.

As the tiny redhead’s whole body felt stimulated beyond anything she’d ever experienced, the two middle-aged men snorted their lines as well. After taking their bumps, they exchanged a look with one another, confirming that it was a typical high quality Blossom coke. Meanwhile, their supply was pacing the floor slightly, reveling in her first cocaine use before she eventually settled against the counter where she leaned, facing the men.

“Doing okay, Elasto?” Slick asked as he approached her, calling her the nickname he devised in reference to the elastic asshole Nate said she possessed.

“Heart beating out of my chest is all,” Cheryl replied to the advancing man. Knowing what was to come, the sharp-tongued teen decided to take the initiative. “Come feel.”

Slick was in front of her in the next second after the words had left her plump lips. Reaching towards her chest, the man clearly was more interested in getting his large hand on her perfectly round breast. With a decent squeeze the man twice her age groped the teen before he leaned in and kissed her hard. Cheryl was ready and matched his intensity, kissing him back and even being the first of the two to part her lips and slide her tongue in his mouth.

As Cheryl was making out with the man her father’s age, the other gang members had risen to his feet and headed in their direction. The two Serpents were clearly fine with sharing the attention of a gorgeous woman because after a good 30 seconds of passionate kissing, Slick pulled his lips from the teen and let her face his partner. Boxer didn’t go right for the kill, instead he reached up and pushed the straps of Cheryl’s dress off her shoulders, exposing her amazingly perky tits as her little black dress bunched around her midsection.

“Look at these big mother fuckers,” Boxer cooed in delight as both hands went to the heavenly globes.

As his partner took his turn with kissing, fondling and groping the petite cheerleader, Slick was busy in his own right. First he used his long knife to lift up the hem of her dress and discover that Cheryl wasn’t wearing any panties as he came face to face with a perfectly shaved teen snatch. Instantly his cock strained against his jeans so Slick did the natural thing and freed his 6-inch pecker from the too tight pants.

“I think my boy wants your attention,” Boxer said after removing his tongue from inside Cheryl’s mouth.

Looking over at the other man, Cheryl found that Slick was standing with his cock hanging outside his pants. She couldn’t help but smile upon seeing its size, which at 6 inches long and average thickness was perfect. While pornography had warped a lot of people’s (mainly boys/men) opinion on cocks having to be 10 inches long and the size of a baseball bat around in order to please a woman, Cheryl and most other girls she knew prefered what Slick was wielding. Long and thick enough to get the job done without being worried of tearing your insides apart.

“I think I can handle that,” Cheryl cooed.

Turning to face the Serpent with the long and somewhat greasy looking hair, Cheryl didn’t bother to first step out of her dress. With her clothes still bundled around her slim waist, Cheryl simply bent over at the waist until her head was level with Slick’s groin. Finding no need to delay, the teen redhead gripped his already erect dick with her hand, stroked him a time or two before she leaned even closer and swallowed two-thirds of his flesh pole into her mouth.

“God damn,” Slick grunted his appreciation.

“Well holy shit,” the other man, Boxer, commented after flipping Cheryl’s skirt onto the small of her back. “You’ve been briefed about what to expect.”

Cheryl gave a knowing smile around the dick currently populating her mouth though she didn’t slow her blowjob down at all. Slick soon understood what his partner meant after Boxer brought his hand to her backside and after a few moments of pulling held up a fairly large red butt plug, which had clearly been up the gorgeous redhead’s asshole. The thickness of the toy was roughly an inch and a half, easily as thick, if not more so than either of their cocks, therefore the teen cheerleader was ready for the night’s festivities.

“I think this business relationship has real legs,” Slick commented, all while looking down and watching as the Riverdale student polished his cock with her ruby red lips.

“I agree...whoa!” Cheryl agreed before moaning as something soft and wet slithered into her backside.

Taking advantage of the gaping opening that the large butt plug left in Cheryl’s anus, Boxer used his strong hands to pull apart her bubbly ass cheeks and further stretch the sphincter. No waiting, the rough looking man pressed his face into Cheryl’s heavenly backside and drove his tongue as deep inside her rectum as he could. Though some may find it odd or disgusting, Boxer loved nothing more than tossing a gorgeous girl’s asshole, and Cheryl Blossom’s seemed to be his flavor given the tongue wagging he was giving her insides.

While Boxer got off on eating out a woman’s asshole, so too did Cheryl on having her tight little booty licked. The third member of their party also benefited from having Cheryl’s asshole polished with Boxer’s tongue, as it made the redhead hum around Slick’s cock in her mouth. The result was a better blowjob as Cheryl combined suction, bobbing her lips on the vast majority of his pole as well as humming her tongue along his sensitive underbelly. Even while doling out such a competent blowjob, Cheryl was aware that Boxer’s technique of munching her ass had changed as he no longer was concerned with tasting the deepest recesses of her booty, instead he was doing multiple licks over her rear entrance and transferring a lot of spit.

Reaching down with a hand on her throat, Slick didn’t choke the teen but only used it as a handhold in order to pull her up to face height. “We are gonna take turns fucking your asshole until you’re done with you. Understand? Or get the fuck out, now.”

“I knew what the score was the moment I came through the door,” Cheryl replied confidently.

Both men smiled like sharks, showing their pleasure. Though both were fairly attractive men, the opportunity to completely dominate and sodomize a gorgeous teenager who was also the head cheerleader at her high school were rare, to say the least. Acting on their once-in-a-lifetime chance, Slick spun Cheryl around on her high heels so she was facing the men who had been eating her booty. A strong hand on her back from Slick once more bent her over at the waist but this time her pillowy chest was laid on the dusty countertop with her face at the perfect height to be at the other man’s dick.

Cheryl immediately proceeded to clutch the cock in her face with her hand and feeding it into her hungry mouth. Using a light fist and lips in perfect concert, the energetic teen cheerleader stroked and bobbed in unison as she blew the slightly longer but thinner flesh pole. Meanwhile behind Cheryl, Slick was standing right behind her amazingly bubbly ass, rubbing his dick with the big glob of spit he added to the saliva from Cheryl’s mouth before pressing the tip right against the River Vixen’s still gaping asshole.

“God, her mouth is fantastic,” Boxer groaned, taking the time to remove his leather Serpents jacket.

Cheryl had been warned about Southside Serpent men from Betty, who in turn had been educated by Jughead. Though Juggy stopped short of doing a broad generalization, he shared with Betty that the majority of Serpents, especially the older members had a certain preference for anal sex. Cheryl had her own first hand knowledge of such having let the mechanic sodomize her only a few days ago for as little as a ride home. Though the high school cheerleader may have been tiny 5’2 feet tall and 100 lbs, plus the only lubrication at hand was her own spit, she was game for the hard ass pounding to come since she was a bit of a butt slut already and the butt plug had loosened her bowels a lot.

Luckily for Cheryl, her ample amount of spit she gave his cock from moments ago was enough lube to aid his passage into her asshole. With his first thrust Slick had shoved half his length into her bowels. After pulling out so only his tip remained propping open her sphincter, Slick thrust forward again and this time succeeded in planting his entire 6 inches of manhood in Cheryl Blossom’s asshole.

“Awww fuck!” Cheryl cried out after a handful of full, hard thrusts were delivered into her rectum. “Fuck! Shit!”

While most of Cheryl’s anal experiences started with a slow, methodical pace designed to warm her sphincter up to accept a sudden widening by their cock, Slick didn’t prescribe to this approach. Instead, the older man opted for a thumping, fast pace set to rock-and-roll music. After spewing out her curses, Cheryl found that the familiar sting of having her bowels invaded gave way to a neutral feeling so she got her mouth back around the dick she still held in her hand.

With hands clutching tightly on her womanly hips, Slick used them to steady his blistering pace. Over and over he reared his hips back only to spear it forward and drive the entirety of his cock as deep as physically possible into the tight confines of Cheryl Blossom’s caboose. The bonus was the visual of not only watching as his dick disappeared inside the red-haired cheerleader’s asshole, but the sight of her firm ass rippling with each thrust.

“Oh fuck yes!” Slick hissed through clenched teeth, accenting his cheer with a hard spank on Cheryl’s pale cheek.

Boxer couldn’t believe the composure of a girl as young as this. Though she had a shit ton of attitude, Boxer couldn’t help but find that the stuck-up rich girl could take what they doled out. Not only was Cheryl not crying out from the anal pounding she was receiving from his partner, but she was still delivering a quality blowjob. She was probably using it as a coping technique to distract herself from some discomfort coming in waves from her abused booty, but over and over Cheryl choked down over half his length with a lot of suction and a light handjob to boot.

Though she could barely keep up with the pounding pace that Slick was maintaining, Cheryl couldn’t help but be impressed. Though he had only been fucking her ass for a grand total of two minutes, in that timespan he had probably thrust into her tight teen ass a good hundred times. If one of her boys from high school tried this, they would have creamed all inside her bowels, yet this middle aged thug barely warmed up.

“Enjoying her pussy?” Boxer asked his friend as Cheryl changed tactics and held his cock in her gullet rather than bob on his length.

“No, he’s fucking my asshole,” Cheryl corrected, drawing a wide smile from her lover.

“No way! Let me have some fun with her ass too,” Boxer exclaimed, almost with glee.

The two men had clearly shared women before as Slick graciously pulled Cheryl from his cock before the redhead felt 4 hands on her body. After spinning her around, Cheryl found herself once more bent over but facing the opposite man so they could swap holes they were fucking. Since it was taking Boxer a moment or two to get set up behind her, Cheryl steered the closest dick into her mouth and started bobbing along half the length.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty girl. Sucking my dick straight from your ass,” Slick commented, rocking his hips forward to help Cheryl blow him.

“I’m the fucking nastiest butt slut you’ll ever meet,” Cheryl steered into her role. “Now fuck my ass!”

It was a bold statement to make a middle-aged gang member, especially since her asshole had already been pounded halfway to oblivion. However, despite the fact that she was only 18 years of age, the petite cheerleader had several years and literally dozens of practice sessions with taking a stiff cock up the ass. Thus far, her backdoor coped well with the lack of lube and the man with the roughed up face about to sodomize her was slightly thinner, albeit longer, in the dick department.

The words were barely out of her mouth when she felt her sphincter forced back open and the entire length of Boxer’s cock was shoved in her bowels. This time Cheryl barely flinched from the sudden ass fucking, only focusing on delivering yet another excellent blowjob. Though she could clearly taste her own ass flavor on his cock, Cheryl used the extra sensory information to help drown out the initial discomfort from the sodomy.

“God damn, this is one nice asshole,” Boxer celebrated as he found his rhythm.

Though not nearly as fast as Slick, Boxer was still going at an above average pace with his thrusting into her teen asshole. Plus he was getting almost an inch deeper into her bowels, which when it came to anal sex felt more like a foot. However, Cheryl Blossom was up for the challenge, and wasn’t even slowing down her sucking on Slick’s soiled cock either.

“She can handle a lot, though it looks like you might split her in two at any moment,” Slick suggested to his fellow Serpent.

The Southside Serpent did just that, aided by the redhead pushing back against him as he worked his entire manhood in and out of her petite ass. Inch by inch he watched his lengthy dick disappear into her asshole, going deeper until his balls thumped against her thighs.

“Tight teen ass,” Boxer groaned in delight. “Fucking perfect.”

The rough looking man continued to rail his dick into Cheryl with a steady medium speed, repeatedly gauging open her bowels and making her take 6 girthy inches all while the cheerleader moaned and diddled her clit with her eyes closed. As Boxer maintained a steady thumping rhythm, Slick kept getting his dick sucked but he leaned forward so one hand could go to Cheryl’s impressive bust, giving her breast a hearty squeeze while his other wrapped through her hair and onto her neck. Getting the hint, Cheryl stopped bobbing her lips down his shaft and instead left her mouth open wide. This allowed for the long-haired Serpent to shove his hips forward and effective fuck Cheryl’s face.

“That it. Take a cock from both ends,” Slick commented while thrusting his dick against the back of Cheryl’s throat.

Boxer knew that the only way to keep two alpha males happy in a threesome was for neither of the men to be too greedy. Slick had set the tone earlier by being the first in the redhead’s ass but pulling out after a few minutes and passing her booty to him. Therefore, knowing he only had a handful of seconds left, Boxer made them count. Rather than going for speed, the man weighing 275lbs of mostly muscle focused on power, drilling his entire length with as much force into her body.

“Gggwwwkkk...gwwkkkk,” Cheryl gagged as her throat had to open fully to take the dick in her mouth since her body was rocketed forward from the heavy thrust into her rectum.

Despite how much he was enjoying himself, Boxer couldn’t keep this type of fucking up for long. Therefore the big man delivered several more bone-crunching thrusts before burying his tool in the slim girl’s booty fully one last time. Reaching out for her arms, Boxer easily hoisted the girl back to standing up right, his dick still soaking in her tight ass as her booty ground against his pelvis.

“Come,” Slick demanded, leading Cheryl not by the hand but by a handful of her luscious red hair. “Come sit on my dick.”

The pair walked the 10 steps to a booth that was missing a table so it was perfect to have a little more room to maneuver. Slick laid down on the red vinyl bench before Cheryl was in motion, placing one knee on the bench against the back rest while her other leg rested on the ground. As the River Vixen lowered herself towards his lap, Slick steered his dick back towards her asshole. Cheryl did some fine tuning with her body until she felt his wide cockhead plant against her ravished asshole than sat down far enough to engulf the first 3 inches of his shaft.

“Oh my God,” Cheryl cooed as she was joyfully full of cock again.

Cheryl felt as the eager man beneath her thrust up inside her, getting the entire 6 inches of manhood implanted in her bowels in no time. The abandoned diner was full of the noise of his full ball sack slapping against her firm ass as she repeatedly took him fully in her dirt road.

“Ride me,” Slick demanded.

Cheryl didn’t argue, she only acted. Sitting more upright, the normally bossy teen took the command and obeyed. With his hands on her hips, Cheryl drove up on his dick using muscles in her legs fine tuned from years of cheerleading. It allowed her to keep up with the fast tempo that Slick loved, thundering her firm ass down onto his lap before shooting up his length to repeat all over again.

As the petite redhead rode the dick in her ass, she was surprised that her mouth wasn’t getting filled with the other man’s cock. Then again, it was probably due to the fact that it would bring Boxer’s dick within a foot of his fellow gang member’s face. Though they would both be fucking a gorgeous woman, the two men probably would find that too adverse for some strange reason to her.

“Ready for a turn,” Slick called out.

Cheryl didn’t know where exactly Boxer’s dick was going to come from until she saw the shadow fall over her kneeling body. At that moment Slick grabbed hold of her mighty firm ass and pulled up on her so that his dick shot from her ass and landed with a wet thud on his stomach. Boxer’s hulking frame was standing at the edge of the bench waiting, so the moment her asshole was free, the massive man thrust his dick forward and watched it disappear fully into Cheryl’s caboose.

“Get that dick back inside me,” Cheryl demanded mere seconds before Boxer did exactly that. “Oh shit!”

Instantly Cheryl was back to the slower but thumping strokes into her ass from the much heavier man. That wasn’t to say that the Southside Serpent she named Boxer wasn’t with skill mainly because his powerful thrusts inside her still were smooth and derived small tendrils of pleasure in her brain. It helped he had a slimmer cock, however the large man knew how to work his flesh pole expertly.

This time Boxer didn’t manage the several hundred thrusts inside her ass before having to take a break. Though Cheryl Blossom’s asshole had loosened a lot since they started fucking her, and it came warmed u due to the thick red butt plug she wore to the diner, she was still only a teenage girl. Therefore Boxer could only manage another dozen powerful spikes of his lengthy dick into the River Vixen before needing to pull out of her wide gaping butt in order to starve off his orgasm which was coming quicker with each time inside the redhead.

“Oh fuck! That’s it big boy,” Cheryl cooed as her bowels swelled with the other man’s pole.

The two Serpents were like a well oiled machine. The moment Boxer had pulled out of her loosened bowels and stepped away from the booth, Slick was already shoving his cock back inside Cheryl’s backdoor. She moaned her acceptance of the sodomy and added a rocking back onto her heels to help drive the smaller but wider dick fully into her booty.

Cheryl and Slick worked like a team. Riding him with her hands on his chest, the petite redhead tilted her hips back and forth in a grinding motion while Slick was responsible for thrusting. He was only able to use half his modest length but the combined efforts of both the cheerleader and Serpent was enough to drive both their pleasure dials to maximum.

“Come here, girl,” Boxer grunted after watching his partner fuck the large breasted teen for another minute.

Cheryl, who was normally the top girl at school and used to everyone obeying her every whim, was now as submissive as the nerdy girls she was used to bossing around. Pushing off the vinyl bench, she was only on her feet long enough to let Slick squirm away from beneath her before Cheryl climbed back on top on her hands and knees.

Almost at the same time both men entered the River Vixen from either end. Boxer got his cock into her ass mere milliseconds before Cheryl’s mouth was filled with Slick’s cock fresh from her booty. This time Cheryl just opened her mouth wide enough to take him in her mouth then pressed her lips against his tasty dick, then allowed the much older man to do all the work. Once again the two men worked in unison so that when Boxer delivered a thrust with his entire 7 inch cock into Cheryl’s asshole, Slick did likewise in order to capitalize on the rocking forward her body was pitched into. This allowed his cock to poke the back of the redhead’s throat and make her spit up some extra saliva to make for a weeter and sloppier blowjob.

“Glllkk...gwwkkkk...ggllkkk,” Cheryl partialled gagged with every thrust. After another 30 seconds of the relentless pig roast, Slick pulled out and allowed Cheryl to gulp down some fresh air. “Oh my God, this is so good! I can feel your balls on my clit!”

Since his partner wasn’t using her mouth to get sucked off, Boxer reached down and grabbed a handful of the luscious red hair. Cheryl got the hint as her hair was pulled back and came up so she was standing on her knees. It caused Boxer to slow his thrusting but it was as powerful as ever, but now the much larger man could reached around and ass fuck the teen while groping both her fantasitc tits.

“Fuck! These are unreal,” Boxer hissed through gritted teeth as he kneaded the pillowy globes.

“All natural,” Cheryl replied with confidence.

It seemed that clutching her perfect tits, which no girl at 18 years old had any right to possess, re-invigorated the horny man. Boxer seemed to increase his speed while still fucking her just as rough. Luckily he had saved this extra gear for when Cheryl’s backdoor was yawning as wide as ever so the petite redhead was up to the challenge.

“Holy Lord that’s deep,” Cheryl screamed under the anal bombardment. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck,” Boxer grunted with volume. “Take her back. Quick.”

Boxer had almost lost control and reached the point of no return but was smart enough to feel the signs early enough. Cheryl assumed that once Boxer vacated her asshole that Slick would take it up right away but instead he pulled the busty redhead to her feet, spun her to face him then picked her up from her ass. With two handfuls of her bubbly but firm booty, the Serpent pressed his dick back into her wanting caboose.

“Yes!” Cheryl cooed as she was instantly filled with half a foot of dick. “You get so much deeper now.”

With his hands on her ass, the middle-aged man bounced the petite girl up and down his pole. Slick was happy he worked out daily but it also helped that the busty cheerleader was so petite as it allowed him to fuck the bouncing girl with medium speed but maximum depth. Cheryl wasn’t just holding on and allowing him to to do all the work anyway as she used her impressive leg strength to bounce on his cock and get him repeatedly balls deep in her asshole.

Unfortunately, Slick wasn’t as bodily aware as his counterpart because he ignored the early warning signs of his pending orgasm and only became aware when it was too late to delay. Knowing he had mere seconds left to fuck the flexible teenager, Slick laid her down on the vinyl bench once more but didn’t stop fucking her. Rather, he went even faster, aided by Cheryl spreading her legs inhumanly wide, and sodomized Cheryl for all he was worth for the time he had left.

“God damn. Cumming,” was all the warning Slick gave.

Pulling out of her gaping asshole, Slick leaned far over the booth and reached down for the redhead. With one hand on his throbbing cock and the other wrapping in Cheryl’s red hair, Slick got his dick back in the teen’s mouth one last time this evening. It seemed that the second her ruby red lips wrapped around his pole and started to bob, he lost the last of his willpower and started to cum.

“Jesus Christ,” Slick hissed as he came. “Drink my fucking cum.”

Slick felt the first energy-sapping shot of jizz leave his cock and explode right onto Cheryl’s tongue, letting his salty seed bath on her taste buds. Deciding he wanted to see her bitchy face covered in his spunk as well, Slick pulled out from her heavenly lips and let the next shot of cum to take the gorgeous teen square on the face. The ropey string landed on her right cheekbone and snaked towards her nose and upper lip while the two proceeding blasts landed on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek.

“Oh my God…so much cum,” Cheryl cooed, feeling the still warm streaks of goo on her skin.

Cheryl didn’t have a chance for further thought because at the moment that Slick stepped his exhausted body away from her, Boxer was using his strong hands to flip her over onto her stomach. Apparently the man loved doggy style because once more he reared her hips back so that the cum-covered teen had her booty up in the air. Boxer took the invitation and immediately went back into her ravaged asshole for a final time.

Boxer once more went to his familiar thumping style that he was all too aware that couldn't be maintained for long. It also wasn’t helping his staying power that the girl beneath him was verbally begging him to fuck her harder while wiggling her firm ass on his lap as well. Knowing that his energy was exhausted and that the hour was long, Boxer ramped up his fucking power and delivered another handful of thrusts before he was spent.

“Cum for me. Right in my slutty ass.” Cheryl begged.

This time when Boxer felt the usual tingle in his brain that his orgasm was imminent, he steered towards it. With another handful of strong thrusts forward that rocked the much smaller girl to and fro on the bench beneath, he was ready to explode. Reaching down and holding onto her hips to steady Cheryl, Boxer slammed forward harder than ever before then left his cock buried deep inside her.

Cheryl couldn’t help but scream out at the last thumping thrust into her rectum. However, a moment later she felt what had to be a half-dozen strings of warm jizz land a good 7 inches deep in her bowels before the older man pulled his already softening cock from her for the last time.

“Jesus,” Boxer groaned as he walked back to the counter.

“My thoughts exactly,” Cheryl laughed, cum still coating her face.

“I think we have the start of a beautiful relationship.” Slick added. “Now take your money and get the fuck out.”

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Re: Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Title: Broke Blossoms Part 3: Service with a Smile
Show: Riverdale
Author: The Chemist
Character: Cheryl Blossom, Nick St Clair, Elio Grande, Reggie (non-sex), Veronica Lodge (non-sex)
Codes: MMF, anal, DP, oral
Summary: In Veronica's new club, Cheryl notices a couple of loud, free spending guys roughly her age in the VIP section. After inquiring with Veronica who they were (her old rich friends from New York), Cheryl begs to be their bottle girl for the fat tips.

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Riverdale, including Cheryl Blossom, Veronica Lodge, Nick St Clair, Elio Grande or Reggie. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

“Another busy night, eh boss?” Reggie said as he enjoyed one of the rare breaks he had from slinging drinks to catch his breath.

“Damn right,” Veronica Lodge, owner and operator of La Bonne Nuit. “How are the boys doing.”

Reggie had been Veronica’s bartender and trusted friend since the Lodge girl opened the secret bar under Pop’s Diner. Therefore the rugged footballer knew who his boss was talking about. Two guys only a year or two older than the Riverdale crew, they were both rich, handsome and devious men from Veronica’s past. While Nick St. Clair was more of a straight-up troublemaker, while Elio Grande was the brains but equally troublesome.

“Damn,” Reggie groaned, his eyes on the stairs leading into the underground club.

Veronica looked up at her bartender and traveled to where his gaze was, looking to see what was earning his full attention. The dark-haired New Yorker shouldn’t have been surprised to see that it was a girl that distracted Reggie, especially when it was one as strikingly beautiful as Cheryl Blossom. While the redhead’s personality wasn’t the prettiest, her body was utterly flawless. Long legs, slender frame with a shockingly phat ass and what could only be described as perfect tits. Large given her petite body and not needing a bra ever due to their sagless perkiness, Cheryl was truly a vision.

Cheryl paused at the top of the steps and scanned the place. She’d been there so much that she knew where all the regulars would be, including Veronica and Reggie tending to be stapled to their positions. However, what jumped out at the recent poor redhead was the two handsome young guys in the VIP section.  Needing to know more about them, Cheryl walked her perfect ass over to the bar to greet the owner and fellow River Vixen.

“Veronica. Reginald,” Cheryl said as she approached the pair. “My usual.”

Reggie went off to make her drink, leaving the two teenage girls to chat. “You look gorgeous as ever Cheryl,” Veronica commented.

“Thank you Vee. Father may have bankrupted the family but I still have a plethora of options from the closet already,” Cheryl replied, referring to the form-hugging short red dress she was wearing tonight, which Veronica remembered her wearing during a school dance after-party last year.

“Veronica! Another round!”

The shout from an elevated platform behind the red velvet rope that served as the underground club’s VIP. It housed only 2 tables, but only one was occupied tonight, though they had paid for both as they wanted extra space. Amongst the numerous gorgeous women on the stage and several clearly hangers on, were 2 men who Cheryl could tell where the real shot-callers were.

“And who are they,” Cheryl asked, pointing to the two men seated on the bench.

“Ugh. Some old friends from New York. Elio and Nick. Down in Riverdale for new booty or a change of scenery or just to torture me,” Veronica stated as the server who had been supplying the VIP came storming by with an annoyed look on her face. “Or just to torture my staff.”

“That’s the third girl tonight,” Reggie commented as he returned with Cheryl’s drink.

“Shit. I guess I’ll be spending my night waiting on those two ass hats,” Veronica chided.

“I have an idea...let me do it,” Cheryl suggested.

“You can’t be serious,” Veronica all but laughed at her friend.

“What? Why not?” the redhead fumed.

“Well, you’re a Blossom and have mentioned on several occasions that you are beneath serving us mere mortals,” Veronica explained. “Besides, you have no experience and those two have the highest of standards.”

“And these two are of the highest standards,” Cheryl retorted, giving her tits a less-than-subtle squeeze. “And my ass has been told as much as well.”

“Girl’s got a point, boss,” Reggie nodded in agreeance.

“Cheryl...listen…” but before Veronica could finish her denial she was interrupted.

“I need the money,” Cheryl said quietly, obviously a point of embarrassment for the redhead.

They had been enemies then friends and everything in between so when Cheryl Blossom hung her head and asked for help, Veronica knew things were in rough shape. She heard the rumors that Clifford Blossom had financially ruined the family after his suicide after the Blossom Maple Syrup business was discovered to be more of a cocaine business.

“Wouldn’t hurt to have an extra server,” Veronica finally answered.

“Let me be their personal bottle girl,” Cheryl said, nodding her head in the direction of the pair of high-rolling New Yorkers.

“I don’t know Cheryl. You have no experience…”

“It’s bringing bottles, looking hella hot and flirting with guys. Not exactly needing a bachelor’s degree,” Cheryl answered.

“Fair...but mixing business and friends,” Veronica countered.

“Isn’t your bartender Reggie?” the redhead asked knowingly.

“Fine, but wait! These are my old friends. I was a different person back then. No overreacting to their stories about me, no sharing new embarrassing stories about me,” Veronica lectured. “And you have to take their shit. I don’t care if they are acting stupid, being ignorant, whatever. Anything short of getting handsy with you. Understood?”

“Yes, boss,” Cheryl smiled wide with the good news before using the mirror behind the bar to rearrange her perfect tits, making sure her ample cleavage was displayed as much as possible. “What have they been drinking?”

“Lagavulin,” Reggie answered.

“Mmmm...Reg, give me the Cristal,” Cheryl changed the order.

“Boss?” Reggie asked.

“Trust me, Vee,” the redhead spoke to Veronica. “My tips take a massive hit if I fuck up. And I need the money.”

“Give it to her Reg,” Veronica stated after a few seconds to deliberate. “But you’re on a super short leash. Got it?”

“Ugh. Yes, mom.”

*   *   *

Cheryl knew how this worked. Sure, she wasn’t a server nor had she ever done this sort of thing before, however she knew men. Well, boys who were playing being men. Sure, they dressed well, drank a lot and fucked anything that moved, but they were simple boys at the end of the day. Carrying the champagne in the ice bucket, Cheryl sauntered her way to the VIP, up the several steps and slipped past the red privacy curtain. She couldn’t decide if the look of surprise was for her or the change in drink, but the way their eyes undressed her as they stared her up and down was definitely for her.

“Aww, sweetie. You must be confused,” Nick St. Clair commented as Cheryl stood before the two men. “We ordered scotch. That is obviously not scotch. You know that right? Or did God bless you with only great tits and nothing between the ears?”

“Hey Nick, lighten up a touch, would ya. Maybe this...Bombshell has something else to offer,” Elio Grande smoothly cut in.

At that, Nick leaned forward and craned his neck to the side in order to clearly check out Cheryl’s ass. Though the redhead was used to being lewdly leered at whether at school, on the street or in a bar such as this, rarely did the guy or girl make such a production of it. Not surprising, Nick liked what he saw given the massive grin on his face. Though Cheryl was a petite girl, she had a well earned phat ass from all her cheerleading. Potentially pushing his luck, Nick extended an arm and took a handful of ass, giving Cheryl’s firm cheek a squeeze before letting go.

“So am I leaving this here or returning it to the bar?” Cheryl asked, a wide smile plastered on her plump lips.

“Well that depends,” Elio spoke. “It can stay...if you do?”


“Champagne is meant for celebration,” Nick added. “And I’d have a toast to us and the night we’ll be having.”

“Well the Cristal isn’t cheap,” Cheryl commented as she placed the ice bucket down on the table. “Nor am I.”

Elio and Nick both exchanged a look with each other before predatory smiles broke out on their faces. Cheryl knew that look so she went to the edge of their little alcove and pulled the thick red curtain to block the view of everyone who may be looking into their booth. With the curtain closed, stepped around Elio’s legs so she could sit right between the handsome men. By the time she was seated and opening the bottle of champagne, both Elio and Nick were stuffing hundreds down her bra, paying for both the liquor and her...services.

“Glass?” Cheryl asked after pouring 3 flutes with the bubbly fluid.


Rather than be subtle, Nick simply grabbed Cheryl and pulled her tiny form towards him. There was nothing soft about the kiss either, instead Cheryl had a tongue tasting of good scotch shoved into her mouth and down her throat. As they continued to make out in the private booth, Cheryl felt hands begin to roam her tight body. Starting at her flat stomach, she felt them run up the silky material of the tight red dress and over her insanely large tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the redhead so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face.

“Come over here,” a voice behind her said.

And it was at this point that Cheryl realized that it wasn’t Nick who had been feeling her up and kneading her boobs, but his friend Elio. Upon hearing his friend, Nick broke off the kiss with Cheryl and leaned back to his resting position, his hand still rubbing her upper thigh. Elio took over at this point and pulled the curvy redhead around so that he could bring her in for a passionate kiss.

Cheryl had been bought and paid for at this point so she allowed the men to move her as they wished. As she began to make out with the other man, she now became aware of the 2 sets of hands on her body. Nick had worked his one hand up her skirt and was dancing his fingers along her inner thigh while his other hand was scooping under her in order to squeeze her thick ass. Meanwhile the third and fourth hands on her body were being used to hold her face as Elio made out with the attractive girl and to massage her tits with the occasional nipple tweak through the dress.

“Awwhh…ohhh,” Cheryl cried into Elio’s mouth as Nick found her pussy.

With his hands in the perfect position it took Nick no effort to hook his fingers into the waistband of Cheryl’s panties from under her short dress and pull them off her. The cheerleader cursed herself for wearing any in the first place, likely since they were ruined now that they’d be on the floor of this disgusting bar. However, that didn’t stop the redhead helping them out by raising her ass off the seat so that he had no trouble pulling the satin thong down her smooth legs.

Elio wasn’t going to let his friend have all the fun in unwrapping their present. While still kissing the gorgeous cheerleader, he slid both hands down her lovely body, being sure to give her impressive rack another feel on the way. Gripping the bottom of her red dress he lifted his arms and pulled the material up her body. They broke the kiss and Cheryl seductively raised her arms into the air to allow him to fully remove the clothing.

“Jesus! What a fucking body,” Nick swore.

She was now completely exposed for another inside the private booth to see. They men were able to gawk at her amazing body from beside her, noting her completely shaven pussy, tight slender waist, and pokey pink nipples at the peak of each of her perfectly rounded and sagless tits. Luckily for her the blinds separating the booth were between panes of glass so not even a stiff wind could move them. The thick drapes covering the small entrance to the booth were drawn and roped off so that no one walking by could peer inside.

“He’s now wrong,” Elio agreed, allowing Nick to pull the redhead in for another tongue-filled kiss.

As Nick re-familiarize himself with Cheryl’s mouth with a long and juicy kiss, Elio was busy behind them. Standing up, he unbuckled his belts and pants and threw them down his legs, quickly followed by his silk boxers. He didn’t bother removing his shirt, instead leaving it on and sitting back down beside the redhead.

Nick opened an eye to see what his buddy was up to and saw that his 9-inch dick was standing straight up in front of his naked lap. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth and broke off the kiss and let Elio take control of the horny guest. Cheryl was surprised to see that rather than being pulled to make out with Elio, he was pulling her head down towards his crotch. Apparently he’d been busy while she made out with his friend.

“I take it that this is for me,” Cheryl commented as she was practically smacked in the face with his dick.

Reflexes kicked in for Cheryl and she stretched out her arm and corralled his fleshy member in her small hand. While still on her assisted descent down towards his lap, Cheryl pumped her loose fist along his entire shaft. She did this a few times until she was nearly bent over sideways, at which point she leaned in closer to the well-dressed boy and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Elio grunted upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

Elio was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool and Cheryl was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 9 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet, well, get wetter. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the sexy cheerleader sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

“Such a good dick,” Cheryl found herself murmuring.

Without disturbing her too much, Cheryl felt hands from behind her clutch her slender hips. Allowing Nick to move her as she continued to blow his friend, the attractive redhead was positioned so that she was kneeling on the bench with one hand holding up her petite frame and the other stroking the portion of Elio that she wasn’t cramming into her wide mouth. This also meant that her thick ass was popped up nice and invitingly for the horny man behind her.

“Oh sweet mother of God,” the gorgeous redhead screamed.

The moan was the direct result of Nick, who had bent down and buried his tongue into her sopping wet pussy. His tongue had no problem sliding through her folds and being buried in her completely shaven twat and he was delighted to find that it tasted faintly of strawberries. His oral assault on her very willing sex had disrupted her focus from sucking on the thick pecker in front of her, but a not-so-subtle jab of the hips by Elio up into her mouth got Cheryl’s priorities back around.

“I didn’t forget about you, handsome,” Cheryl cooed up at the rich man.

Cheryl wanted to make up for her lack of concentration so the beautiful red-haired girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

“That’s a good whore,” Elio groaned at the girl he bought and paid for.

Behind her, Nick was doing one hell of a job licking her pussy. He had a variety of moves and he didn’t mind showing each one off. Cheryl enjoyed feeling his powerful tongue run the length of her slit, taking time at both ends. At times he would clamp his lips tightly around her sensitive nub to give it a two-pronged attack of suction and a darting tongue. That made Cheryl moan against Elio cock, which the friend appreciated. Other times he would lick all the way down and cram his entire tongue as far inside her pussy as possible and lap up her inner walls.

“Mmmm...shitttt,” Cheryl purred before cramming Elio’s dick back into her skilled mouth.

Though this wasn’t Cheryl’s first threesome, that honor went to a couple of dirt-ball Serpents during an illegal drug deal, this was the first time she was selling her body for money. Sure, she had let a mechanic fuck her for a tow and car repairs, but this was different, and Cheryl was far from disgusted by the fact she was essentially Riverdale’s first teenage prostitute. Safe in that knowledge she accepted the tremendous oral skills on exhibit by Nick to her pussy and reciprocated them onto Elio. She opened her mouth wide and easily inhaled half his member, slowly bobbing her head back off of him so he felt her full lips drag over his dick.

“Damn you suck good cock,” Elio said as he held her bundled up hair above her head.

“I think I should see for myself,” Nick commented, standing up.

Cheryl slowly pulled her mouth from Elio’s cock, dragging her tongue along his shaft for good measure. As the redhead pushed herself from his lap, Elio gave her tits a playful pawing, including a light twist and pull of her already hard nipples. His reward was a smile before she twisted in her seat to face the more brutish Nick, who was already unbuttoning his dress shirt. As he did that, Cheryl pulled his belt from his pants before starting on his pants, which she made similar short work of.

“Look here,” Nick demanded, tugging her hair downwards for emphasis.

“Ahh,” Cheryl cried in shock as her hair was pulled. She recovered quickly and flashed him a welcoming smile for his antics though.

As the muscular rich man loomed over her, Cheryl saw him bending over at the same time his free hand cupped her throat. With her face now angled up, she expected a kiss given the moves, but Nick had something else planned. Pursing his lips, he formed a wad of spit and then let it dangle from his mouth before giving it the final push to send it hurtling down towards Cheryl. Thinking quick, the redhead parted her lips and allowed the rich man to spit into her mouth.

“Thought you might be a little dry,” Nick smiled as he pulled his cock from his trousers.

“Well since you were so generous…” Cheryl commented as she rubbed his balls. “...let me reward you with something extra special.”

Cheryl took both hands and placed them on his hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Kneeling, she pushed her face towards his groin while her arms helped her in that endeavour, taking more and more flesh into her mouth until she felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick while his shaft was hugged tightly by her constricting throat was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion, Cheryl retreated along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

“Shit bro, she deep-throats,” Nick practically screamed in shock and delight.

Cheryl felt Nick’s hands go to the sides of her head and realized that the horny rich guy was interested in face fucking her. She knew the signs when men wanted to do this, which was most of them upon realizing she was one of the few with the gift to deep throat. Knowing the drill at this point she kept her mouth formed in a perfect O and her throat loose as her head was pulled up and down his cock at Nick’s will.

“Glllkkk...ggwwwkkkk,” Cheryl gurgled and gagged.

As Cheryl was busy being face fucked, Elio wasn’t simply doing nothing. While his friend had opted in licking her twat, the other friend had his sights set a little differently. Reaching out to take an ass cheek in either hand, he pushed them apart to open up the crinkled starfish resting an inch up from her wet pussy. While with a normal date he’d have been more cautious as rimming a girl on a first date was risky, Cheryl had been paid for. Therefore, knowing he could do what he wanted, Elio had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole.

“Mmm…awwhhh,” Cheryl moaned while gurgling on Nick’s dick.

Elio was happily surprised by Cheryl’s extremely positive reaction to him rimming her back door. Most girls this young protected their butthole during sex but he was learning quickly that there was much more to the curvy redhead than first meets the eyes. With the knowledge that she liked a rim job, he moved on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her colon. Her sphincter gave some resistance but with his hands pulling her cheeks apart it also loosened her hole. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as he caused enough of a gap in her backdoor to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

“God! I love my ass eaten out,” Cheryl cooed in delight.

Cheryl had stopped Nick from face fucking her and was now back in control of sloppy blowjob. There were strands of spit covering both her face around her mouth as well as all over his dick, balls and upper thighs. It was perfect lubrication for her to glide her hand up and down his lower portion of his shaft while her mouth worked at a high speed over the top half.

“Your cock is so big and hard,” Cheryl said, staring her brown eyes up into the cruel eyes of Nick.

Elio was always looking to progress matters, even more so now since Cheryl was their whore. Preying on that fact, Elio slipped his tongue out of her well-lubricated anal entrance, but the hole wasn’t vacant for very long. Acting quickly, Elio spat some spit onto his middle finger, placed it against her rosebud and found that it slid inside relatively easy.

“Oh God! That feels so good in my ass,” Cheryl moaned as the next pounding song started up.

Buoyed by how good things were going behind her, Cheryl redoubled her efforts on Nick’s cock. She’d moved her hands out of the way and went back to deep-throating his pecker, much to the rich kid’s delight. Nick was looking down and making eye contact with her as he enjoyed the show of his dick completely disappearing within her oral cavity. Clutching the back of her head, Nick pushed her down hard while he shoved his hips forward causing his pole to reach all new depths within her throat in the fastest amount of time possible.

“Gggllluuckkkk,” Cheryl choked around the spit and cock in her mouth and throat.

Cheryl had been so distracted with the blowjob and being face fucked that she hadn’t realized Elio had stopped finger banging her asshole. The slimmer of the two boys had his dick in hand and was now kneeling behind the redhead. He had thought briefly of a condom since she was 18 and highly fertile, but that wasn’t his problem so he took his unsheathed dick and slipped it right into her gushing wet cunt.

“Oh yes!” Cheryl moaned. “Stretch my little pussy out!”

“She looks like a good fuck,” Nick noted from the other end.

To his credit Nick allowed his friend to get a good rhythm established before joining back in on the threesome. They had shared enough girls in the past to know when the other needed some time alone. But now that Elio had been fucking Cheryl for a few minutes it was time to jump back in. He did so by grabbing the back of her head with one hand and offering his meat pole to her with the other. The horny redhead needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting both ends of her fantastic body used to take cocks balls deep. It was hard for her to focus on giving one of the friends’ head while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind like a dog, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop.

“Trade,” Nick suggested after a handful of minutes of spit roasting the cheerleader.

Elio agreed with his friend since he knew he was probably desperate to get his dick wet inside the lovely redhead. Begrudgingly he pulled his dick out, and before Cheryl knew it she found herself flipped around once again only this time she was flat on her back. Nick had gotten to his feet and hoisted one of Cheryl’s legs up onto his shoulder to give himself maximum accessibility to her sex, which he took advantage of.

“You both feel equally good in me,” Cheryl moaned as the second man of the evening plugged her pussy.

Her mouth was soon too occupied to speak again as Elio immediately offered the girl his cock and she hungrily accepted. She seemed to not be phased by sucking her own pussy juices from his dick, in fact she seemed to be enjoying the taste given her moaning. While she sucked one friend at one end, the other was plowing her hard. Her pussy was still oozing wetness, which allowed Nick to easily slam his entire length into her.

“Fucking take that dick you small town whore,” Nick snarled.

Each and every time Nick crashed his pelvis against hers as he buried himself to the hilt caused Cheryl’s large tits to bounce because of the force. This only encouraged the man to ram into her hard and see them bounce more that was until his friend got the idea to reach down and roughly knead them as the pretty cheerleader inhaled his cock.

“Tell me what you are,” Nick demanded from the busty redhead.

“Your slut. Your prostitute. Your whore,” Cheryl answered.

“Good. And know what whores get?” Nick asked as he slid out of her pussy before butting his slippery cock up against her asshole. “They get it in the ass.”

“Oh…well I guess you have a point….ughhhh,” Cheryl agreed then was cut short when his tip slid past her sphincter.

Cheryl was no stranger when it came to taking a stiff cock in the dumper. It had been awhile but it would be like riding a bike she was sure. Knowing the secret was being relaxed, she distracted herself by sucking with even greater vigor on the dick in her face. It helped that Elio had developed a boob fixation as his hands roughly groping her tits or pulling tight on her erect nipples served as a further distraction, which allowed Nick to push more cock into her rectum.

“Oh yes! Fuck my tight little ass,” Cheryl cooed.

Elio helped Cheryl along by moving his hand onto her mound and rubbing it feverishly. It worked like he had expected and now the horny cheerleader was having half Nick’s length in her bowels and was moaning while she did so. When Elio multitasked by using his mouth to suck on her massive tits, paying close attention to her erect nipples, Cheryl felt even more cock being slammed into her ass regularly until after only a few minutes her petite but curvy body was being pounded with the rich boy’s entire 9-inches of meaty cock.

“Mmmm…yeah,” Cheryl moaned in delight. Although it always hurt when a cock first lodged into her ass, rubbing herself made it go away practically immediately.

“Show me this destroyed ass,” Nick sneered down at her, giving her inner thigh a hard slap.

Cheryl reached down and took a meaty cheek in both hands and pulled them apart once Nick pulled out of her ass. She obviously couldn’t see what he was looking at, but she knew his gaze was on the gape that his thick cock left in her asshole. Cheryl took it he was pleased, at least that’s what she could tell from the wide grin that appeared on his face.

“Damn that’s a great ass,” he told her as he quickly took up the opening in her asshole.

“God…fuck my tight ass,” Cheryl begged, tossing her head back in bliss.

Nick loved fucking a girl in the ass and Cheryl’s was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her pussy juice and saliva from earlier was proving to be all the lubrication he needed as he now had almost his entire 9 inches pumping into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could. All this was occurring as his friend continued to play with Cheryl’s sagless boobs as her plump lips rubbed his shaft.

“I think my boy Elio deserves a ride in your pooper now,” Nick told the busty redhead.

Nick frantically fuck her backdoor for several minutes then graciously withdrew to allow his friend the honor of getting inside her booty. Elio was waiting on the booth so all Cheryl had to do was through a leg on either side of his lap, raise up high enough and steer him into the gaping cavern that was her asshole. Elio didn’t hesitate and soon Cheryl was allowing her asshole to get fucked by a second man in as many minutes as she bounced on his length.

“Such a good little slut,” Nick jeered, giving her nipple a hard twist, smiling as her face contorted in a grimace.

Nick watched as the big-breasted girl rode his friend with his own hard cock held in his hand. Without thinking Nick climbed onto the booth and twisted his body so that his lengthy pecker was right in the line of vision of the riding anal girl. She had her eyes closed but must have become aware of a free cock around her. Cheryl was in auto-pilot mode and reached out to stroke the pecker before opening her mouth and taking him into her mouth, forgetting that 30 seconds ago it had come from 9 inches deep in her asshole.

“Well shit, I wonder if all the girls in Riverdale take dicks straight from their ass to their mouth,” Nick mused.

“Hopefully we can see if Veronica does likewise,” Elio chuckled.

The comment was successful in drawing a laugh from his friend and shrug from Cheryl. The redhead had done ass to mouth before, but it was far from her favorite thing in the world. In fact, she’d only done it for the first time a few months ago and only 1 other time since. However, when she had literally sold herself to these men for a healthy sum, sucking on a dick straight from her own ass despite her personal unpleasant feelings towards the matter didn’t carry much weight. Rather than focus on the warm and somewhat sour, though not unpleasant taste in her mouth, Cheryl used her thoughts to bounce up and down, trying to ride Elio to a mind blowing orgasm.

“Such a natural at being sodomized,” Elio hissed through clenched teeth.

After a few minutes of a rather distracted blowjob between Cheryl’s lips, Nick was struck by a completely different idea. He pulled free of her talented mouth and backed off the seat before Nick stepped between the four legs directly in front of them. Both the bouncing redhead and his rich buddy were unaware of his presence until Cheryl felt the tip of his cock rub against her wet velvety folds.

“Ready for the two-for-one friend special,” he asked, waiting at her pink entrance.

Cheryl had a plethora of emotion strike her at that very moment. Elio hands from underneath her pressed his palms against her large tits in order to settle down her riding, right at the point at which all 7 inches of his fleshy tool were buried in her rectum. Her firm little ass was pressed firmly against Elio thighs and her pussy was now an easy target to penetrate, once the redhead gave the all clear. Cheryl felt nervous since taking two cocks in her holes at once would very much be a new experience for the lithe cheerleader.

“Double team me with those big cocks,” Cheryl surprised them both, as well as herself, by saying with such authority.

Cheryl was willing and able for any challenge the pair were throwing at her this evening and they were ecstatic that they got the chance to double fuck one of the hottest girls outside New York City. With her pussy already loosened and still dripping wet, Nick found his thick cock slid in with too much difficulty. It felt fuller since there was another cock in her with only a thin barrier separating the friends, but it was manageable. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Cheryl immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….mhmmm….ohhh,” she moaned loudly.

With Elio sitting on the bench fucking up into her tight asshole and Nick standing in front of her slamming his entire length into her slick pussy, Cheryl was somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men. So much so that they paid over a thousand dollars for her, really turned her on. And then there was the physical sensations of the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“We really found a sex freak this time,” Elio stated while wildly thrusting upwards into her bowels.

In and out they went so that as Nick pounded into the warm sheath of her pussy, Elio was pulling out of her accepting anus and vice versa. On and on they went with Cheryl somehow lost in the pleasure despite being stuffed to the point of tearing by two hung men. She was thankful for the loud music in the club or else everyone outside the curtain would be hearing her animalistic grunts and screams, not that she cared at this point. All she cared about was the feel of her holes being slammed, the rub of the small patch of skin between pussy and ass, the way Nick would knead her bouncing tits and Elio’s lips on the nape of her neck.

“Keep going! Fuck me boys! Fuck my holes,” Cheryl screamed her encouragements.

“Bro, let me have a chance to really pound that nice round mound of ass,” Nick told his friend. “Pussy is good but I want that dry warmth now.”

“Yeah okay, I really need to stand for a bit anyway,” Elio replied.

“Okay then I have an idea,” Nick told him.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking,” Elio asked with a knowing grin.

“I certainly am,” Nick replied before they shouted out at the same time. “London Bridge!”

After their shout they moved quickly. Nick immediately pulled free of her wet pussy while Elio helped the tiring girl to the top of his cock then off altogether. She stood up on her feet for the first time in God knows how long and noticed how stiff and sore she was. She didn’t stay upright for too long as she felt a hand between her shoulder blades encouraging her to bend forward. As soon as she began flexing at the waist she felt strong hands around her narrow hips then the familiar feeling of dick pushing open her asshole to take residence in her bowels.

“Fuck that’s good,” Cheryl moaned as Nick entered her anal passage again.

The sexy cheerleader somehow maintained her balance while she got fucked deep in her ass from the well built man. Of course, it helped having a pair of hips to hold onto, which was convenient that Elio was standing before her with his big cock right in her face. Holding onto him for support as her perfect ass was being roughly destroyed, Cheryl showed no hesitation in opening her mouth and devouring the dick that was straight from her ass. Once more the overpowering taste of her anus shocked her, but she kept bobbing her flaming mane until she was used to it once more. Despite doing it earlier she was still not a fan of taking a dick from her ass to her mouth but she resigned herself to the fate so she leaned her head into his groin and took the tip of his penis into her mouth.

“Such a good whore,” Elio grinned down at her and petted Cheryl’s fiery hair almost affectionately as he watched Cheryl suck on his cock which seconds before was deep within her bowels.

Both friends merely tossed their collective heads skyward and enjoyed the moment. Elio hands instinctively went down to her head to roam through her long, silky locks while Nick kneaded her perfect peach of an ass while pumping her rump. Bunching it up and holding it out of the way of her mouth, he allowed the sexy cheerleader to bob on his ass-plowing cock, tasting the moist warmth of her own rectum as she did so.

“Ready for more double trouble?” Elio asked the cock-hungry redhead.

“Can’t wait to have you filling both my holes again,” Cheryl said with honest-to-God sincerity.

Cheryl stopped sucking on Elio cock and straightened herself back up. At that point she was surprised when she was hoisted up into the air as the two men worked in tandem to lift Cheryl off her feet with her petite yet curvy body sandwiched between the friends. It took her a moment to get her bearings but now she realized that her pale legs were wrapped around Elio’s lean waist with his arms wrapped under her thighs and hands gripping her plump cheeks. Nick was still behind her thrusting into her ass but now his hands were gripped tightly onto her womanly hips using them to both hold her suspended in the air and aid to drive inside her.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” Cheryl screamed as she gushed all over Elio dick despite being stuffed with two cocks in each hole.

It was her most powerful orgasm of the night for the redhead and after she screamed loud enough to puncture both men’s eardrums her lithe body went limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly, allowing the horny men to pound into her even harder. The change in position also allowed both men to thrust inside her at the same time as they merely dropped her down a foot so she took both cocks balls-deep at the same moment.

For the next ten minutes the two friends used Cheryl Blossom like their own personal sex doll. She proved able to handle their intense thrusting so they kept pounding as deep into her holes as their dicks allowed.

“Keep going boys. Fuck me until my holes milk you of your cum,” Cheryl moaned and begged.

Of course, Cheryl wasn’t the only one deriving great pleasure from the double fucking. Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between the redhead’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the busty girl’s holes squeezing them tightly as they fucked her at the same time.

“Need to fucking cum,” Nick panted from behind the sexy teen.

“You and me both,” Elio added.

They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl’s body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Elio freed her legs from his waist and Cheryl promptly got them underneath her, at which point they lowered her to the ground.

“Yes! Give me your spunk!” Cheryl begged, her hand going to rub each of their sacks in her hand.

Nearly the second her high heels contacted the floor, the red-haired cheerleader had dropped down to her knees between the two standing men. Hearing one friend moaning louder than the other Cheryl faced that one just in time to see Nick stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist Nick took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward, Cheryl caught every last drop of his salty load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the third time that night she took his ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

“Yummy,” Cheryl moaned from her knees with the ass-flavored dick still in her mouth.

Unbeknown to her, Elio was also ready to bust a nut so he moved around to her side quickly, just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her pretty face. He watched as Cheryl swallowed down his friend’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, the Elio couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of jizz pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Smile,” Nick said.

Turning back towards Nick, Cheryl was partly blinded by the flash of a camera. Closing her eyes then forcing herself to blink, she regained her sight and saw that the boys had taken her photo on a camera phone of her on her knees, bare tits and bald pussy showing and her face completely covered in cum. She looked like such an utter and complete slut that she could barely comprehend.

“That better be for private use only,” Cheryl warned.

“Sure, sugar tits,” Nick assured her, though the redhead was far from assured by his cocky grin.

“We’ll be sure to let you know the next time we’re in Riverdale,” Elio told her, which somehow put a grin on her face.

Knowing she had to start moving so she wasn’t found naked in her best friend’s club, the sassy redhead got to her feet and began the hunt for her clothing. One of the New Yorkers had already claimed her panties as a trophy, which she was okay with since they weren’t completely necessary. With the rest of her clothes gathered and put back on, Cheryl went to the washroom to clean her face then left the club to go back and pass out into a well deserved slumber.


Re: Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Amazing work that was really hot.

Will Cheryl talk any of her friends to work with her? Or maybe they hire her for her services.
Betty needs some experience, or Toni wants kinky time with Cheryl or perhaps Veronica just wants to humiliate her enemy.

Anyway great work.


Re: Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Title: Broke Blossoms Part 4: Betty’s Boon
Show: Riverdale
Author: The Chemist
Character (sex): Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Richard Phillips, Malachai
Character (non-sex): Reggie, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Penelope Blossom
Codes: MF, FF. MMFF, anal, oral
Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Riverdale, including Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, Richard Phillips, Malachai, Reggie, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, or Penelope Blossom. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

Summary: Still having a boon owed for fixing Cheryl’s car not long ago, Betty calls it in, in order for Cheryl to get info on the Jingle Jangle. When she needs some help, Cheryl asks Betty to get her hands dirty. e for support. In order to stop the Serpents from continuing to be unfairly arrested and held, Betty agrees.


“Did you just growl?” Veronica Lodge asked.

“Yes!” Betty barked, slamming her pencil down on the page. “I’m so close to a breakthrough but I’m lacking enough evidence.”

Veronica was doing her homework in the school newspaper room, keeping a stressed Betty Cooper company. The teen reporter had been working on a big story about Jingle Jangle, the drug-of-the-day that had been ravaging the youth of Riverdale of late. She knew in her bones that the Ghoulies and a person nicknamed the Sugarman were involved, but she needed some hard evidence in order for the sheriff to do anything about it.

“Use your words Betty,” Veronica asked, taking her reading glasses from her face. “Talk it out and maybe that’ll help.”

Betty did just that. She explained how the drugs were being peddled by the Ghoulies, who were a gang like the Southside Serpents but with no morals. Their leader was a ruthless and crazed 20-something named Malachai, who was clever enough to not only keep his gang from being detected by the cops for Jingle Jangle, but was leaving a false breadcrumb trail to keep getting the Serpents unfairly arrested.

“Wait, wait, wait…” Veronica interrupted, an idea striking her. “It seems like there is a large connection coming from the high school in the southside of town.”

“Yes!” Betty exclaimed, stabbing her finger at a picture of a rugged yet handsome face on the board. “Meet Mr. Phillips. Surname Robert. Old Robby here has the means of making Jingle Jangle…”

“Given that he’s a chemistry teacher,” Veronica added as Betty continued.

“And suddenly deep pockets. He’s been using hookers…"

“We call them sex workers now,” Veronica chirped in.

“Robert Phillips has been using sex workers regularly for a few months now. Not to mention having a brand new sporty car which is worth more money than a public high school teacher makes in 9 months,” Betty outlined.

“Suspicious. Very suspicious,” the raven-haired girl agreed.

“But Sheriff Keller said there is nothing he can do with such weak evidence. And since I’m not a student at Southside High, nor am I a prostitute, I don’t have easy access to Mr. Phillips. Any contact I make with him will be forced and so he’ll be suspicious of me from the start,” Betty finished explaining, which was the reason for her growl.

“Interesting. What if I know someone who does have access to him,” Veronica asked after a moment.

“Juggy can’t. Sure, he’s a student of Mr Phillips but Juggy’s a Serpent and so the main supplier of a drug that the Ghoulies sell won’t trust Jug,” the blonde answered, though she had made an incorrect assumption.

“I’m not talking about Jughead,” Veronica replied. “I think we need to talk about what Cheryl and her mom have been up to…”

*   *   *

Betty had never been to Cheryl’s family manor before. As the iron gate swung open and Cheryl’s car pulled down the long driveway, Betty thought of how gothic the mansion looked. She expected gargoyles to be flying around the grounds, but luckily the only ghoul present was a human waiting inside in the parlour. Cheryl and Betty exited the cherry red convertible that now ran as smooth as ever thanks to Betty’s repairs a month back. In fact, it was that free auto service that had earned the blonde a boon from Cheryl, which was what Betty was cashing in.


“In the parlour, slut,” Penelope Blossom answered her daughter. When Cheryl entered with Betty Cooper beside her, Penelope was surprised. “Is Alice Cooper’s daughter getting in on the world’s oldest profession as well? You certainly have the tits and ass for it.”

“Mother!” Cheryl shrieked in outrage. “Behave.”

“Oh sorry. When a whore brings in another pretty girl, I just assume that she too wants to be a paid slut,” the older woman retorted, sipping her whiskey.

“I’m flattered but I am here about your...line of work,” Betty spoke. “I assume Robert Phillips is a client of yours?”

“You know I can’t tell a budding reporter such confidential information,” Penelope replied, her eyes flashing down to Betty’s purse, indicating that she could be persuaded for the right price.

“I want to know the next time he calls…” Betty stated before Cheryl took over.

“And you’ll send me to him,” the young redhead finished.

“Really? Ready to make your profession official and become one of my girls?” Penelope eyed her daughter.

Cheryl flashed her brown eyes over to Betty before addressing her mother. “If you do this for me, I’ll owe you.”

“Wonderful,” Penelope cackled. “But I want Betty included as well.”

“No,” Cheryl said with steel in her voice. “Only my indentured service. 3 uses.”


“Ten!? You’ve got to be kidding,” Betty interjected.

“This makes us even,” Cheryl said to Betty before turning to her mother. “Deal. You let me have Robert and in return...I’m yours to sell off 10 times.”

“You’ll hear from me as soon as he calls,” Penelope smiled with all her teeth.

*   *   *

“Your John has summoned my services,” Penelope told her daughter 2 days after their conversation.

“Great. When?” Cheryl asked, rolling off her bed.

“Now. He’s downstairs,” the Madame explained.

“What?! No notice?” the redhead fumed.

“It gets better. He has a friend with him. Real creepy looking. So he needs two girls.”

“Shit. Okay. If you lend me one of your girls then…”

“Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl. You can’t afford one of my girls and I refuse to accept more of your debt before you’ve shown you can live up to the 10 you already owe,” Penelope retorted.

“What the hell am I gonna do then,” Cheryl asked, running hands through her silky red hair in a nervous habit.

“May I suggest Betty…”

*   *   *

Cheryl was dressed and downstairs to meet the two men that were for her 5 minutes after her mother’s revelations. She found Robert Phillips, aka Sugarman, leering at a number of the servers and other whores. Her eye was also drawn to the tall, slim man that was clearly Sugarman’s plus one. Indeed creepy-looking and yet somewhat handsome, he had long curly hair and a look in his eyes that screamed danger.

“You must be Robert,” Cheryl said, approaching the men. “And you are?”

“Horny for you, sugar tits,” the crazed man replied.

Cheryl gave him a friendly smile for the comment, but it was well earned. Though she typically preferred wearing red to match her luscious locks, tonight she wore black. It was more suitable for the gothic surroundings, plus it made her alabaster skin look even more radiant. Her black top had long lace sleeves that were transparent, as was much of the top as a whole. Solid black in the form of a tank top covered her chest, though it gave off a healthy amount of cleavage. Despite being a teenager, Cheryl’s tits were incredible, both in size and perkiness, leading many of her classmates to think they were the result of plastic surgery. Despite the complexity of her top, Cheryl wore very little from the waist down. Essentially she wore black panties and a pair of knee-high heeled boots that were also black.

“You can call me Robbie and this is my man Malachai,” the teacher introduced.

“Shall we grab some drinks as we wait for my friend to arrive?” Cheryl offered. “On the house, of course.”

The three of them sat at the bar and chatted, all while the two older men made less than subtle passes at Cheryl. Which was fine, after all, they had bought her so they could touch as they willed. Happy with the free booze, both men drank a number of glasses, all while Cheryl had enough to numb herself but not get sloppy. With each drink the men became sloppier with their speech and actions, which was the plan. Finally, a new figure arrived in the former living and dining space that now served as the barroom for Penelope’s whore house.

“Betty!” Cheryl waved the blonde over.

Cheryl and her two drunk guests turned in the direction that the golden-haired girl was walking to them from. With her hair pulled back in a typical ponytail, the high school reporter looked stunning. Her long legs were poking out from under a skirt that she wore smaller than normally, with the curves of her thick ass barely covered. Betty also made sure her tits were proudly displayed in a low cut top, with the C-cup boobs easily grabbing the men’s attention.

“The cab is waiting out front,” the blonde said after her introduction.

“Cab? Where are we going?” a slurring Sugarman asked.

“Your place, silly,” Betty answered, resting her hand on the inside of his elbow. “I figured we’d have less...restrictions if we went out from under the Madame’s nose.”

Cheryl had a quick conversation with her mom, likely about the drink tab that was due. Despite the fact she felt drunken hands pawing mostly her ass, Betty could see Cheryl hang her head in defeat. The redhead was likely indenturing herself further into being a prostitute for her mom in order to pay off the drinking tab. Regardless, the redhead put a big smile back on her face as she led the foursome outside where the taxi was waiting.

“So what’s the plan,” Betty whispered as the men talked to a taxi driver.

“We go back to Sugarman’s house, finish getting them blackout drunk, which shouldn’t take too long then look for your evidence,” Cheryl replied in the same hushed tone.

“One problem, Cheryl. What if they don’t blackout and expect me to follow through,” Betty asked.

“God forbid innocent Betty Cooper get her hands dirty,” Cheryl chided. “Relax though. We’ll keep your pussy property of the delinquent Jughead Jones. I’ve already fed them so much alcohol they barely know their names. I have a bottle in my purse if they don’t have any in their presumably dirty apartment. And if I’m wrong, then you get the hell out of there and I’ll take care of them.”

“Let’s go,” Malachai hissed at the teens.

Since it was she who was on the hook for this job, Cheryl offered to take the middle seat in the back seat and insisted Betty take the front, which she was more than happy to accept. The Sugarman offered to put the curvy blonde on his lap but the driver came to her rescue this time by telling them that he couldn’t offer the ticket if caught.

“Just drive and make it quick,” Malachai spat at the man.

Once they were seated, the driver peeled out from the manor and headed for the teacher’s apartment, which wasn’t far. Cheryl hadn’t even done up her belt when her head was wrenched to the side and Malachai’s tongue was crammed in her mouth. She returned the kiss to the drunken man and felt his paws start groping over her body.

“Can’t decide if I like these big tits...” Malachai started, one hand groping through Cheryl’s poor excuse of a shirt. With his left hand, he slid it from Cheryl’s thigh and around her back to clutch her perfect peach of an ass. “Or this thick booty.”

Of course Cheryl wasn’t the only one who was in the thick of the action. The Sugarman had managed to get his arms around the chair and wrapped them around Betty’s body. He had no trouble undoing her jacket then moved inside to knead her large tits through her clothes. Despite the fact she was still only a high school student, the blonde had nice firm tits easily filled his large hands.

“Yup…those are my boobs. You found them,” Betty said while looking over her shoulder to stare daggers at Cheryl.

The redhead must have felt the icy glare, or more likely heard Betty’s comments about getting felt up. Taking action, Cheryl broke the messy kiss with the Ghoulie, still feeling his saliva on her lips and the skin around her mouth. Allowing Malachai to keep groping her pillowy tits and kissing her neck, the teen prostitute wrapped an arm around Mr. Phillips’ arm and pulled him towards her for a kiss. His arms instinctively fell away from Betty, but landed on her, one arm holding her face while the other squirmed into her pants (or the pair of panties she wore in lew of pants).

“Wet already,” Sugarman stated as he dipped two fingers into her snatch.

“Oh yeah,” Cheryl cooed before kissing him again. “I just wish we could send blondie away so I could have you all to myself.”

“You’re all types of kinky, ain’t you,” Sugarman slurred before turning to Betty, clearly having dismissed Cheryl’s attempt to save Betty. “You freaky like your friend too?”

“Super kinky,” Betty replied in her typical sarcastic tone before her journalistic instincts kicked in. “So how do you two know each other?”

“You could say that Malachai is my middle man. The Pinkman to my Heisenberg,” Sugarman answered, confirming Betty’s thoughts.

“Well me and my whore friend are always looking for a good time,” Betty replied, trying to bait the hook.

“Shit man! You missed the turn!” Sugarman yelled at the cabbie, ignoring Betty. “Take the alley up ahead on the left.”

The taxi driver took the directions and navigated the streets with ease given how dead they were. Within seconds he was pulling up into the driveway of the apartment complex where Sugarman apparently lived. He hadn’t upgraded his living situation despite some extra funds these days from the drug selling. It was an old high-rise that looked in desperate need of a renovation. The brickwork was beaten up, chipped or missing completely in sections, while several windows were broken.

“Have fun tonight guys,” the cabbie said with a grin, giving the two working girls an up-and-down with his eyes for a final time.

Betty was the first one to reach the door, whereas the other three in the party reached it at roughly the same time. Malachai had paid the taxi but had quickly caught up to Cheryl, proceeding to cram his tongue back into her mouth. Of course she wasn’t able to move that quickly since Sugarman’s hand was still shoved in her pants, fingering her pussy.

“Elevator’s broken. It’s only a few floors up,” the teacher said, pushing open the door to the stairway.

“Or we can just fuck here,” the gang member suggested, attempting to remove Cheryl’s bottoms.

“No, let's wait for upstairs. I think we could all use some drinks first,” the redhead insisted.

The party headed up the stairs, Betty leading followed by Cheryl who had both men hot on her heels. With each passing flight, they reached out to squeeze her hard, firm ass or pull at her panties, the waistband coming down enough to see the alabaster color her curvy cheeks. Finally they got to the right floor and entered his apartment.

“I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’ll do for now,” the drunk teacher slurred.

He was correct when he said it didn’t look like much. The entire residence was around 500 square feet, with an additional room off to one side. This was odd, as that room was presumably the bedroom, and yet the main room was set up like a bachelor apartment with the living room and bedroom were beside each other. The kitchen was tiny, and the only furniture in the place was a TV, stained couch and an unmade bed. Overall the space was cluttered and dirty, and both ladies wished they didn’t have to be in this space for a second longer than needed.

“How about some more drinks,” Betty said after looking around.

“I got a better idea,” Malachai retorted before he took her hand and took a seat on the couch, Betty coming along for the ride. “You girls ever do Jingle Jangle? Cuz the Sugarman can hook you up.”

Either Sugarman was too preoccupied groping Cheryl or too drunk to have heard Malachai refer to him in the drug kingpin nickname. This definitely confirmed to Betty that Robert was the manufacturer of Jingle Jangle and that he was supplying it for the Ghoulies to deal around town. Looking around the apartment, Betty now noticed that the boxes weren’t empty or full of junk, but that they held brick upon brick of the illicit drug.

“Anyway…I thought your apartment would be…different with all the money you were bragging about,” Betty said, hoping Malachai would forget about doing drugs with them. “Where do you get all that money anyway.”

“Enough talk for now,” Sugarman demanded, his hand sliding to the top of Cheryl’s head and pushing down. “Time for fun.”

“Hold up cowboy,” Betty said, jumping off the couch and pulling Cheryl close. “Need to use the little girls room with my whore friend. And you know us girls, always going to the bathroom together.”

“Be quick about it,” Sugarman told them. “We’ll just have another drink.”

“Great idea,” Cheryl replied before going into the small room with her friend.

“Did you see all the Jingle Jangle?” Cheryl asked Betty as they closed the bathroom door.

“I peeked into the other room too. They’re using the bedroom as a lab to make the stuff,” Betty added. “Okay. I’m down for some kissing and over-the-clothes stuff. That should buy us time for them to pass out.”

“Deal.” Cheryl nodded.

The two teens took another moment to prepare before they left the shelter of the bathroom and emerged back into the den with a pair of drug-dealing men. Rather than find them passed out on the sofa, or staggering around on the verge of blacking out, the men were pacing the floor around the coffee table as if they’d just finished a triple espresso. A look on the table revealed the reason for their energy - several empty straws of Jingle Jangle rested near even more full ones.

“We thought you girls might like to join us for a bump,” Sugarman told the shocked looking teens.

As Malachai finished another snort of the designer drug, he added, “You’ll never fuck so good in your life.”

In her research of Sugarman, Betty had learnt that Jingle Jangle is a drug used as a stimulant, and, according to Reggie, is able to boost energy and keep the user wide-awake. He also added with a big grin that it provided reinvigorating sexual performance as one of its effects. Essentially it was cocaine, Molly and Viagra all wrapped in one handy hit. It was also highly addictive, but safe when consumed with discretion.

“Say you have a stomach bug and get out of here,” Cheryl whispered to the blonde.

“No way. This is the big break my story needed,” Betty’s investigative instincts kicked in. “I’m seeing this through.”

In reality, Betty didn’t want to be here, but with the way the Ghoulies kept framing the Serpents for Jingle Jangle, it was only a matter of time until Jughead was taken from her. Therefore, she would play along with this whole teenage prostitute business for a little longer. Taking Cheryl’s hand in hers for both moral strength and support, Betty led them to the coffee table and their waiting lines of Jingle Jangle.

“Holy fucking crap,” Betty snapped her head back after taking a large snort.

“Shit balls!” Cheryl exclaimed a moment later. “Like cocaine on steroids.”

Cheryl was taking the nose candy better than Betty, on account of having to sample her father’s cocaine whenever she made a deal to sell it. The straight-laced blonde though was having a lot of feelings. Every fiber of her being was lit up as if she was hooked up to a battery, starting with her brain. She paced the floor of the dirty apartment, shaking her arms as her brain tried to come to terms with the drug. As her body processed the Jingle Jangle, not only was Betty feeling it in her brain, but in her pussy and nipples as they became extremely wet and hard, respectively.

“Blah blah blah,” was what Betty heard from a deep voice.

“Dude, chill and breathe,” Cheryl calmed her friend, rubbing Betty’s shoulders.

Cheryl quickly caught up Betty about the guys wanting a little show from them. The redhead was clearly the more level-headed and sobered of the two so she stepped right in front of the curvy blonde and brought her into her arms. Despite the size difference with Cheryl being 5’3 and Betty several inches taller, it made Cheryl a perfect height to lean in and kiss Betty’s neck. The second her ruby red lips touched the blonde’s skin she felt Betty melt. Not only did the blonde settle down, but now her growing sexual appetite had a target.

“Are you okay with this,” Cheryl whispered in her ear between light kisses. “Remember you can get the hell out of here at any time.”

“I’m not going anywhere, you sexy little ginger,” Betty replied.

As Cheryl looked up into Betty’s normally piercing eyes, she found a profound hunger in the gaze, Betty still had a few mental blocks that needed toppling, such as being in a committed relationship, not being a lesbian and not being an actual whore either. Rather than voice her affirmative response, Betty nodded her head ever so slightly, which Cheryl felt right away since she had a hand on the side of her face. Moving her mouth up her neck, the redhead kissed over her jaw and cheek before she reared back enough for their noses to clear one another then slowly pressed her lips against Betty’s.

“Those lips are magical,” Betty murmured as if under their spell.

If Betty was apprehensive about kissing another girl, which had only happened one other time, then it wasn’t showing. Likely the Jingle Jangle was helping, but also Cheryl was super hot with an unparalleled body and unbelievably big and soft lips. Though Cheryl had been going slow for the blonde’s sake, Betty wanted and needed more. Reaching down, the straight girl clutched the sides of her Cheryl’s face, held her tightly and pushed her tongue into the friend’s mouth.

“Mmm,” Cheryl moaned into the other girl’s mouth.

It took no time at all for them to transition from lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both girls were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another’s face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. Sure, the Jingle Jangle had its hooks in them, but they had a history of sexual tension between them since sophomore year. Now that they had a means to act on it, all that mattered to them was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and sexy they found one another.

“You two lesbians or something?” Sugarman asked, a noticeably bulge in his pants after the girls display. “Looks like you guys are really into each other.”

Cheryl disengaged the kiss to respond to the large man, much to Betty’s dissatisfaction. As she swallowed down the saliva in her mouth she turned her gaze to her employer for the night and was caught off-guard. While she and the blonde were lost in one another during their passionate make-out session, both men were now sporting large tenting in the front of their pants.

“Nope…just really curious,” Betty replied, giving her friend another kiss.

“Well we’re curious what you two look like naked,” Malachai came back with.

Despite the Jingle Jangle loosening her up, Betty was hesitant and didn’t start to disrobe until she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Betty peeled off the long jacket she had been wearing and after seeing no coat hook to hang it on, she threw it onto the floor in what looked the cleanest spot. Underneath she was wearing a top that was low cut in order to maximize the cleavage her large breast produced. She also wore a grey skirt that descended just over her firm booty, which was useful to show off her juicy thighs.

“Fuck blondie, you were hiding that hot body under that jacket,” the Ghoulie complimented.

Meanwhile in the time it took Betty to just take off her jacket, Cheryl had made far more headway. With her competitive spirit engaged, the teen reporter caught up in a hurry. Betty’s clothes were more straightforward to remove than Cheryl's expensive outfit that looked more at home on a runway or magazine layout. By the time the redhead had undressed from the see-through lace outfit with only her knee-high boots left on, Betty stood naked with her in front of the two men on the sofa. Betty look at the two men gawking at them then she looked over at Cheryl who was looking back at her, then they both took a moment to admire the other’s body.

“What bodies!” all four seemed to say some iteration of those words all at the same time.

Betty had seen Cheryl in all her naked glory on many occasions in the girls locker room after cheerleading. However, it still didn’t make it any less breathtaking. The highlight of the redhead’s impeccable body had to be her tits that seemed to be a meaty C cup. But it wasn’t just the size that made Betty actively have to stop herself from drooling, instead it was how perky they were and each capped with a perfectly placed bright pink nipple. Tied for her best feature was her ass, which was much bigger than it had any right to be. It was a testament to hard work since the Blossom girl had a tiny waist and narrow hips and yet her booty was extremely thick.

“Jesus! That ass,” Malachai commented.

Betty’s body was also equally mesmerizing for Cheryl to stare at and appreciate. Her golden hair combined wonderfully with her tanned skin. Betty’s tits were wonderfully large, which made it a mystery to Cheryl why the blonde kept them hidden under sweaters much of the time. They were perfect globes that hung perfectly in front of her chest, bouncing every time she took a deep breath. What did surprise Cheryl given how goodie-goodie Betty came off was finding that the blonde liked keeping her pubes non-existent, shaving or waxing them clean off much like the redhead had done.

“Both of you are absolutely gorgeous,” Sugarman said to them, drawing a nod from his friend.

“Now why don’t you naked lesbians crawl your asses over here and start sucking us off,” Malachai ordered, already undoing his pants.

“Okay, get out of here Betty,” Cheryl said in a low voice. “You’ve confirmed your hunch already and can take your time to set up a sting or whatever.”

Betty gave her a sympathetic look that portrayed how sorry she was that she was gonna bail on her. Cheryl quickly made up some excuse to the guys as to why her friend had to leave, but promised to indulge them in any and all sexual fantasies they wanted to live out. The men grumbled but then again they had only ‘bought’ Cheryl for the night plus they were still going to get to have one extremely sexy and willing plaything for the whole night.

Betty had come this far, being roused from bed, going to a seedy whorehouse and then allowing them to take her back to their place. Hell, she even made out and had a genuine lesbian experience with her friend, but she didn’t want to go further with these two gross human beings. Turning to leave once fully dressed, she opened the door then stood in the archway, affording one last look at Cheryl who had already been seized by both of them, kneeling in front of them.

“Ugh…I’m totally gonna regret this but I can’t leave her.”
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Re: Riverdale: Broke Blossoms
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Betty didn’t like this situation one bit but then again she didn’t like the prospect of leaving her friend alone with two drunk and high men, one of whom was a gang leader with a number of murders attributed to him, while the other was a budding drug kingpin. Plus the Jingle Jangle having taken root in Betty’s brain and cranking up her libido was also compelling Betty to stay.

The blonde spun on her heels as she tossed her head back in resignation, closing the door in the process. Neither man had noticed that she stuck around yet so she stripped her clothes back off and threw them into a pile. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves before she headed straight into the thick of the action. She thought throwing herself in head first would be the best way of handling her anxiety and stop her from chickening out.

“So who’s my date,” Betty asked, kneeling beside her best friend.

“That would be me,” Malachai claimed.

“Sucking off the rival gang’s leader...Juggy will love that,” Betty mused.

The muscular long-haired man stopped his groping of Cheryl’s tits as she sucked on the high school teacher and got into a reclined position on the sofa. Betty crawled over to position herself right in front of him, her head now hovering above his erect cock. She wished he was lacking in the pants department, but the Ghoulies’ leader was packing a good sized cock. Only 7 inches long, it was as thick around as her wrist, which would suit her just fine when it came time to fuck him.

“Man this thing is a beauty,” Betty commented internally.

Wrapping her fingers around the midpoint of his shaft, Betty gave him a long pull along its entire length going down then back up again. She had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over Malachai’s impressive manhood. Malachai was far from a patient man, especially when on Jingle Jangle, so he placed his large hand on the top of her head and laced his fingers within her golden hair. That action seemed to have brought the younger reporter back to reality and reminded her she had a job to do here. Not wasting any more time, she ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue she popped him into her receptive mouth for some sucking.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,”Malachai hissed through gritted teeth.

As Betty started to blow the Ghoulie, Cheryl was well underway orally pleasing her man. The redhead had worked up to a good pace as she was throwing her head up and down Sugarman’s length, the downward force causing her to slam his tip against the back of her mouth. The technique would have been enough for anyone to gag except for an experienced cocksucker like Cheryl, as all her ‘practice’ on the Serpents had really helped. She absorbed the blow and dragged her lips quickly back up to his tip to apply greater suction then repeat the action again.

“Gllkkk...kklllkkkk,” Cheryl gagged and gurgled as spit decorated the teacher’s dick.

Now that Betty had focused in one the task at hand instead of dwelling on the circumstances that led her to be in her current position, the two girls were mirroring each other nicely. If synchronized oral sex was ever in the Olympics then Cheryl and Betty would have been given serious consideration for representing the US, as they were both bobbing on their respective cocks with similar intensity and speed.

“Hey ponytail! Go eat out your friend,” Sugarman commented to Betty.

“Seeing your beautiful face peeking out from red’s big booty will look so hot,” Malachai added. “Plus it’ll be great when you are tongue deep inside Cheryl when I get my dick deep inside you.”

“There is a certain symmetry to that,” Betty replied.

Breaking contact between her hand and his tool, the busty blonde stayed down on her knees and turned around. She could feel both sets of eyes on her ass as she crawled back behind her friend and got in position just as the men had told her to do. Betty didn’t have any experience with going down on a girl, but she’d been on the receiving end of it countless times over the last few years from Jughead. Thinking of what he would do, Betty used her hands to pull apart Cheryl’s meaty cheeks and give her better access to the redhead’s bald pussy. It was quite a sight for Betty as her folds were so pink and already moist, the blonde even found herself subconsciously licking her lips before dipping her head forward and running her tongue through her slit.

“Umm God that’s good,” Cheryl groaned. “Sure you haven’t done that before?”

Betty took a moment to admire the noises that were radiating from Cheryl’s direction, not to mention the sweet taste of her juices. Having given a number of good blowjobs in the past, the sexy blonde could appreciate the considerable skill that her friend had, as her throaty gurgling noises were making Betty wetter by the second. So turned on at this point, Betty couldn’t be stopped in dipping her tongue into Cheryl’s pussy and tasting her sweet nectar again. In the deepest recesses of her sexual mind, she’d been dying to have a lesbian experience with her former tormentor and the chance was finally at hand.

Despite a lack of experience, her horniness and the Jingle Jangle overcame those little setbacks. Betty was a woman possessed, performing long licks from clitoris to the entrance of Cheryl’s hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of Cheryl’s juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived inside her pussy and began getting acquainted with the warm, wet environment of Cheryl Blossom’s snatch. Cramming her tongue deep inside her hole, the horny blonde lapped at each of Cheryl’s inner walls and dragged as much of her sweet nectar back into her mouth that she could savor it before gulping it down.

“Yeah that’s right, taste your friend’s sweet pussy,” Mr. Phillips encouraged.

Though Malachai was thoroughly enjoying himself while Betty was blowing him, he couldn’t wait to get his dick wet inside the sexy blonde. He also got the added bonus of seeing Betty going to town on the curvy redhead’s pussy, which made him even hotter. Given the way that she was munching in Cheryl’s bald twat, the busty blonde sure looked like she was into chicks. After having a chance to recover after Betty’s great blowjob, Malachai got into position behind the horny blonde and rubbed his hands over Betty’s ass, which was perched up in the air at waist level to him.

“You got a mighty fine booty back here. That big ass must help offset those huge titties of yours,” Malachai told her.

“Thanks…I guess,” the blonde replied with Cheryl’s juices slathered all over her face.

Betty went right back to work on licking her classmate’s pussy but changed up her technique. Instead of just burying herself in Cheryl’s gushing hole, Betty focused on her clit then would lick down the entire length and back again. All while the horny girl was doing that, Cheryl continued to slobber all over Sugarman’s lengthy cock as Malachai kept groping Betty’s firm ass from behind. After a couple of playful slaps that were just hard enough to get the meat to jiggle, he stopped teasing, lined up his forearm-sized dick and slipped it right into Betty’s pussy. Something that size needed to be slowly worked into her tight hole but the blonde was so wet from going down on Cheryl that she was rapidly adapting to his girth.

“Whew,” Betty screamed, having been caught off-guard.

Other than the surprise of being penetrated, it felt great to have her little pussy expanded by the horny man. She and Juggy had been sex partners for awhile now, but having someone different inside her felt like a welcome vacation from the norm. Wider but not as long as her boyfriend, Malachai also had a different, more aggressive style to him as well. He didn’t care that he treated her like a whore, fucking her harder and faster than Jughead ever would mainly because she was technically Malachai’s whore tonight.

“Yes! Fuck me,” a Jingle Jangled Betty screamed.

As Betty’s head lifted to scream her tongue was still out and was dragging up Cheryl’s slit. It traveled over her pussy, dipping inside only slightly, then continued up until Betty actually licked her friend’s butt hole. It wasn’t the first time she had tasted ass before, but never had she done that to someone else.

“Mmmpp,” Cheryl moaned with Sugarman’s dick deep in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Whatever you did to her Ponytail, keep it up,” the teacher told Betty.

“She licked the ginger’s asshole,” Malachai informed the drug kingpin. “Penelope hooked us up with some great whores this time,” he added while still stroking his tool into Betty.

“Well keep getting it lubed up because I’ll be fucking her cute little bum soon enough,” Sugarman instructed.

“Lucky me,” Cheryl thought grimly.

The thought of performing a rimjob wasn’t the most appealing thought to Betty, but her first lick didn’t taste bad. Plus the thought of anyone, even someone she used to hate like Cheryl Blossom, didn’t deserve to have anal sex while bone dry. With her mind and resolve now set, Betty knew what she was to do. She flashed the man behind her a quick glance, seeing a look of pure elation on Malachai’s face as his thick cock pushed into her moistened twat repeatedly then focused on the matter at hand, or more like the one right in front of her pretty face. She let out a few moans of pleasure since the Ghoulie was doing a rather good job at fucking her, though it was a lot rougher then she was used to with Jughead.

“Oh yes, cousin!” Cheryl screamed in delight.

Betty was pleased that already the redhead was squirming under her tongue’s touch. Buoyed by the vocal encouragement, Betty landed in the tract between Cheryl’s rounded cheeks and followed it back until her wet tongue glided over the sealed crinkled entrance to her back door. Feeling more confident, the blonde pulled apart Cheryl’s cheeks as far as they could go. This gave her better access to her anal passage and she took full advantage of that fact by lapping around her sensitive hole in concentric circles. Already her desired effect was working, as Cheryl’s muffled moans were emitted from around the teacher’s cock wrapped around her lips.

However what happened next would be a surprise for Betty, as once she started jabbing the tip of her tongue against the center of the redhead’s poop chute, Cheryl relaxed her anal ring. Cheryl was well versed in knowing how to make herself gape due to all the anal sex she’d been having this year, As the redhead’s anus opened up, Betty’s tongue went inadvertently shooting into her rectum.

“Oh yeah, lick your cousin’s dumper clean, you dirty girl,” Malachai cheered.

Betty was prepared to be completely disgusted once she became aware of what had happened. But instead, she liked the change. Rather than being wet and juicy like her pussy, the blonde noted that the tight passage was warm and dry. The taste was different too as it was more bold and salty, but not unpleasant. More interesting, Cheryl was enjoying it immensely. Betty didn’t know how to describe it but there was something so viscerally pleasing about having her tongue licking her friend’s asshole clean while her sphincter gently squeezed her.

Betty’s skill with her tongue made Cheryl think that her friend must have been having lesbian trysts on the side as she was remarkable between her soft thighs. Maybe with her bestie Veronica? What was even more remarkable was the fact that the blonde was accomplishing such a good rimjob all while her pussy was being repeatedly battered by the crazed Ghoulie behind her. Over and over the curvy blonde lapped inside her tight hole with gentleness that conveyed passion, which made the redhead continue to moan. Though Betty would have preferred to be feasting on Cheryl’s velvety glistening hole, this was a solid consolation prize.

“Either you’re in serious pain or you’re about to blow,” Malachai laughed as he gave Betty’s meaty ass a firm spank.

“Gonna cum,” Sugarman groaned.

Cheryl barely had time to process his late warning before she felt the first streak of cum splatter against the back of her palate. It caught her off-guard but the redhead adapted and recovered well as she proceeded to collect his entire salty and foul load in her mouth. She was happy when his dick stopped pulsing between her plump lips, letting her know that his balls had drained his entire essence onto her tongue.

“Share with your friend,” the tired teacher told her.

Rather than spit out the gross jizz onto the floor or swallow it down, the busty redhead spun around to face her friend. She was sad having the blonde’s tongue no longer inches deep in her ass but she was extremely happy to have made Mr. Phillips cum so quickly. With any luck he had just exhausted himself and would be passed out within minutes, leaving the girls a two-on-one situation with Malachai, who’d share a similar fate as the teacher.

Now right in front of Betty. the redhead tried to telepathically offer her regret and apologizes for what she was about to do. Going into a tall kneel, Cheryl used her freed hands to steady the other girl’s face before leaning in and kissing her again. Cheryl tasted her own sweet pussy juices on Betty’s lips as she spat the repugnant goo into her friend’s mouth. The blonde was ready for the transfer but not for the awful taste. Having sucked and swallowed her fair amount of semen, it was always from Jughead, who had decent tasting semen. Now tasting someone new for the first time, Betty was surprised by how greasy and gross the much older man tasted. Wanting to be rid of it as quickly as she could she gulped it down without wasting another moment.

“Whole crap, you’re still hard,” Cheryl gasped as she turned back to the Sugarman.

“You two obviously haven’t fucked around with guys who use my drugs,” the Sugarman informed her. “You didn’t think I would pop in your mouth and miss out on fucking your other holes. Plus now that the first one’s out of the way, I’ll be able to go a lot longer and harder.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Cheryl said, controlling her surprise. “Can’t wait to be fucked silly.”

“Then how about we relax and you bitches go for a ride,” Malachai said as he pulled out of the blonde.

Malachai got up from his knees behind Betty and positioned himself seated on the couch on the opposite end from his friend. Betty crawled backward slightly but before she allowed Cheryl to move she held her down and went back to the space between her legs. Not sure if she’d get another chance for awhile, the Jingle Jangled Betty indulged in redhead’s creamy passion, seeking out as much of her sweet taste with hungry lips and probing tongue. Betty would have preferred to spend more time licking her way to her pink center but knew that she had a new task to complete.

“Fuck you’re really good at that,” Cheryl told her before they both got to their feet. “You’re wasted on that beanie-wearing, burger-guzzling writer you’re dating.”

Now back to their feet, both girls took a survey of the couch and moved to their respective man. Cheryl headed right while Betty went to the left before they both climbed on the sofa, straddling their laps. Cheryl was sopping wet so all she needed to do was line up Sugarman’s long cock with her hole and let gravity do the rest of the work. Her pussy hadn’t been stretched out by a dick in a few days but she got halfway down his pole before she needed to stop and adjust to his girth. Raising up until only his tip remained inside her pink folds, she descended again and took more of his 11-inch cock into her pussy. It took her two more attempts until she had every inch inside her and her plump ass rested flat against his powerful thighs.

“Fuck that feels good,” the horny red-haired teen groaned.

Meanwhile beside her, Betty was in a slightly different predicament. She had also aligned her pussy with Malachai’s bulbous tool and sank down on him, taking him balls deep in her sweet twat the first time. However his hands immediately went to her hourglass hips and he hoisted her completely off his pecker on her ascension. Holding her curvy body with one hand, he put a finger from his free hand into Betty’s mouth, who out of habit began sucking it like it was a small penis. Once he was satisfied with her sucking he brought it back towards her hip but went further around so that he could smear the freshly supplied onto Betty’s tight asshole.


But before Betty could complete her sentence, Malachai cut her off. “Already sampled the pussy. I liked it but wanna compare it to this hole too. And remember, you’re bought and paid for.”

The whole night was too surreal for Betty to get a grasp of so she didn’t put up a fight about being sodomized. Though she looked like the girl-next-door, All-American, when it came to sex, she and Jughead were very expressive. Anal sex for them was a regular Saturday night in fact. With Malachai in full of control of her curvy body, the muscular man pivoted her hips so that her crinkled starfish had shifted and was now rubbing up against his head, which was well lubricated in her own juices. He returned his hand back to her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the teen reporter downward. Betty closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her rectum.

“Sweet mother,” Betty swore. “Go really slow for a minute.”

Despite being no stranger to anal, after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as before so Betty always felt the painful sting when her bowels first split open. But the more times she took it in the ass loosened her up over time so as she lightly rocked on his tip she felt the burning dissipate so sank down further. She got another few inches inside then slowed it right back down. Working half of his member in her bowels was now going much easier, in fact by the time she lifted herself up so that only the tip remained in her tightness, the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Betty was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Malachai said, snapping Betty back into her own reality. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Betty grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

For a fly on the wall it would look like the quartet were engaging in synchronized sex, except for the fact that Cheryl was riding a near footlong cock in her pussy rather than the ass. Cheryl was also increasing her tempo so that she was throwing herself up to the top of Sugarman’s pole before crashing down, taking him as deep as physically possible. His hands were alternating between gripping her hips to help force her down harder and moving north to grope her tits roughly, which actually felt really good to the head River Vixen

“Yeah you like a big dick fucking your tight pussy,” Sugarman cussed at her. “I bet you do. You look like a slut.”

“Yeah…fuck me good,” Cheryl unconsciously moaned in response.

The teen lesbian hadn’t been fucked hard like this, or at all, since the last time she whored herself out a few weeks back. Even though they’d only been going at it for maybe 5 minutes, albeit at a frantic pace, Cheryl was nearing her orgasm. Knowing that rubbing her clit would push her over the edge she removed one of her hands from the sweaty man’s chest and snaked it down between their bodies. Within seconds she felt her body start to tingle and she knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“FUUCCKK…YES…OH MY GOD,” Cheryl screamed as she reached a long awaited orgasm.

“Real screamer we got here,” Sugarman laughed while still bucking his hips upwards into the tired girl.

“Sugarman, you need to get up in her asshole right now,” Malachai recommended from the other end of the sofa. “This whore’s dumper feels better than anything I’ve ever had and I bet your girl will feel the same.”

“Thank you,” Betty said in between moans as she rode her butthole up and down his rod.

The teacher had to admit the Ghoulie’s idea was a good one so he took swift action to make it happen. Cheryl was essentially dead weight on him after cumming seconds previous, her full tits pressed against his hairy chest. Though he loved the feeling of the perky globes on him, he had much better ways of using her amazing body for his extreme pleasure. Cheryl was a small teen so it took little effort for him to lift her near unconscious body from his lap and deposit her back on the sofa. This time she was stationed on her knees with her chest resting on the top of the couch, her head barely being held level by her tired muscles. Taking up residence behind the exhausted redhead, Sugarman got ready to plunge into her back door.

His tip was still sensitive from cumming not so long ago, but nothing was going to stop Sugarman from getting his meat wedged into her buns. Riding out the intense sensation as his dickhead pushed hard against her sphincter, her anal ring eventually gave way and allowed his shaft to push past her relaxed hole and gain entry to her bowels.

“Fuck! That’s one way to wake up,” Cheryl grunted, hands gripping the top of the sofa.

He was able to work half his tool into her bottom before she felt her sphincter bite down hard around his veiny shaft. He stopped his forward progress and simply rested in her asshole, allowing her to grow accustomed to his tool in up her ass before he withdrew partially. This time when he pushed into her he got more inside until he felt the soft skin of her meaty ass against his lap.

“God, Red. Tight as hell,” the teacher grunted.

Then an idea hit Sugarman’s brilliant but dirty mind. Though his cock was amply lubricated from Cheryl cumming all over his shaft like a river with a busted dam, seeing Betty moaning atop of his friend’s lap got him thinking. Cheryl felt her date leave her asshole without warning, right as she was getting used to him being in her tightest of holes. Sugarman moved quickly as to hardly let any time pass as he moved to beside the other couple on the sofa, gripped Betty’s golden hair and pulled her down towards his cock.

“Suck,” Mr Phillips ordered.

Betty had no idea what was going on and went with the flow as she sank her ass right down onto Malachai’s thick tool as the man pulling her hair transferred his moist cock right onto her waiting tongue. Sugarman didn’t stop onto his long cock poked the back of her mouth, causing Betty to spit up and cough a bit. Like the practiced cocksucker she was, Betty regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of Cheryl’s rectum from his stiffy.

“What is that taste...it’s familiar but…” Betty wondered until the answer dawned on her. “Ew! Gross!”

The teacher only bobbed his cock into her mouth a few times before he withdrew it and placed it back in Cheryl’s backdoor. Her hole was in the process of closing so it being forced back open caused her to moan louder, but the extra saliva from Betty’s mouth helped with the friction. He slammed inside her for a few passes then went straight back to the blonde’s mouth to give her more taste testing. He did this a few times until he sensed Malachai growing frustrated with splitting the attention of his date so he stopped and focused back on solely sodomizing the curvy redhead.

“I think you got the right idea,” Malachai said, seeing the way Sugarman was able to viciously pound into his date’s backside.

Betty was only vaguely aware of what he was saying so it came as a surprise to her when she was lifted up into the air. It resulted in Malachai’s cock leaving her ass for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, and Betty was surprised to find that she missed him inside her, stretching out her tiny hole to its maximum capacity.

The blonde was guided back down towards the couch, twisting as she was placed onto her knees with her large chest pressed firmly against the dirty sofa. She was in the exact same position as her cousin, in fact the latest shuffling of positions left Betty kneeling right beside Cheryl as she was being taken from behind. Betty soon felt the couch shake behind her as Malachai took up his familiar place between her legs, this time dipping his cock into the blonde’s bald pussy and pumping it inside her wetness for a few minutes. Now that it was good and lubricated he withdrew it from her folds, aimed an inch higher and slid back into the willing girl’s rectum.

Noticing how close they were, the cousins at seemingly the same time, each brought a hand to caress the other’s face as they kissed each other with clear lust. As their tongues mingled between their pressed lips, the men were busy working up a big sweat as they relentlessly hammered into their asses.

Sugarman bucked his powerful pelvis forward, sending his lengthy tool deep inside his much smaller date, her asshole clinging tightly to his vein member for the entire ride. When he felt her muscular ring clamped around his sensitive head he anchored her to that position with his arms then dragged his veiny shaft backwards so that half of his thickness was buried in her warm hole while the other half waited just beyond the verge.

“Gimmie that cock in my ass,” Cheryl was practically begging now while looking at him over her shoulder.

As Sugarman gladly gave the redhead beauty exactly what she craved, Malachai was doing likewise to his date, albeit in a slightly different technique. The Ghoulie was donning a big, shit-eating grin as he wildly thrust his hips forward while wanking Betty’s womanly hips back towards him at the same time. The result was his cock feeling like it was going to poke out Betty’s throat as the rival gang’s leader used the blonde as a fuck doll. Over and over he used his arms and hips in combination to drag the teen reporter up and down his cock as he probed every inch of her bowels.

Hands clutching tightly onto her hips the two men mercilessly hammered away inside their respective date’s assholes. For both Betty’s and Cheryl’s parts they were taking the abuse with a smile on their faces as they groaned and grunted with eyes rolling back into their skulls. In fact, both women were rapidly approaching another orgasm.

“So close,” Betty hissed.

“Yeah me too,” Cheryl added before kissing the blonde.

Both Sugarman and Malachai were surprised that any girl could cum while taking a dick in the ass, much less orgasm while taking this relentless pounding to their backdoor. Yet the blonde and the busty redhead were on the verge of doing just that. Now with a heavy layer of sweat covering their bodies, the two men continued heaving their cocks into the teen girls as they brutally ass fucked Cheryl Blossom and Betty Cooper.

“Such a whore,” Sugarman mused while panting from exhaustion.

“Uggghhhh…YYEESSSSS,” Betty screamed as she came with Malachai’s dick plundering her booty.

“Yes…just like that,” Cheryl screamed as she rubbed her clit. “I’m cumming! Yes!”

Malachai continued to thrust his pole deep into Betty’s asshole as she cum, but it became a real challenge. Sugarman knew the plight that his friend was struggling with as it was affecting him as well. When the girls had hit their climax their backdoors became vices, hugging their cocks like nothing they’d ever experienced. Momentum, pride and the feeling of invincibility due to the Jingle Jangle made the two men keep sawing into their dates without care of consequence.

“Fuck I won’t be able to last much longer,” Sugarman eventually groaned from behind Cheryl.

“I know. These whores were a lot tighter than the last pair,”  Malachai admitted as he continued to rail into Betty’s constricting asshole.

“Oh shit I need to cum,” Sugarman eventually shouted.

“Me…ahhhh…too,” Malachai agreed, barely a second after his friend’s declaration. “On your knees.”

Though it pained him, Malachai knew it was time to pull out of the curvy girl’s asshole. He withdrew altogether from Betty’s sweet backside, looking at the small hole stay gaping open and stepped back far enough so that the inquisitive blonde could slink off the couch and kneel on the ground facing him.

Meanwhile as Sugarman was getting up to his feet from the couch after pulling out of Cheryl’s rectum, the red-haired whore had slid into position on the floor so she too was kneeling right beside her cousin. The close girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Somehow in the hurry to get on the floor in front of them the girls had traded spaces. Betty was now right beside Sugarman, but he didn’t care which of the attractive women it was, he needed to cum and he wanted to do it in one of their mouths. Since Betty was now the closest girl to him, the teacher leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shoot his load onto Betty’s tongue.

“Fuck me!” Sugarman howled in satisfaction.

With Betty using her mouth to collect Sugarman’s spunk, Cheryl swiftly turned her full attention to Malachai but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, the hulking figure who had been backdoor fucking her cousin all evening exploded all over Cheryl’s face with streams of cum now coating her pale skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, Malachai collapsed backwards down onto the couch, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Cheryl asked the blonde.

Betty could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that Sugarman had literally just blasted into her mouth. Despite it being the second time the man had creamed that night, Betty was surprised he had generated so much of his salty pudding.

Betty soon realized why Cheryl had asked that question when she saw the girl crawl the short distance to her and pulled the sexy blonde in for an open mouth kiss. Betty reflexively opened her mouth to receive Cheryl’s tongue, snowballing all the cum from her mouth into Cheryl’s.

“GULP. I figured you had to chug the vile load last time so it was only fair,” Cheryl whispered to her cousin, cum still coating her pretty face.

However, when Cheryl finally afforded herself a look over at their rough dates, she found that they had both passed out on the sofa, still completely naked. Slowly creeping up to her feet, the redhead got close to their face and noticed that they were so exhausted they were snoring already.

“Guess we fucked the Jingle Jangle out of them,” Cheryl stated before noting that Betty was retrieving her phone. “Who are you calling.”

“Sheriff Keller, it’s Betty. Me and my friend were lured back to this creep’s house. We are hiding in the bathroom but we are so afraid...come quickly,” Betty pleaded, giving the address before hanging up. “They need probable cause to enter a premises. Anything they find while inside is fair game.”

“Betty Cooper! You devilish girl!” Cheryl celebrated her quick thinking.
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