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Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 18
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / Willow
Codes: FF, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Willow, Faith, Xander & Oz

Summary: With Willow and Oz in a sexual rut since her cheating on him with Xander, Willow turns to Buffy in order to help get their groove back

“So B, what’s the deal with your friend?” Faith asked, nodding her head in Willow’s direction.

“Willow? Bookworm Willow? Willow the Witch,” Buffy asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. Love me a ginger. And the whole nerdy, innocent vibe gets my engine revved, if you know what I mean,” Faith replied with something of a grunt in her voice, working herself into a frenzy already. “Well of course you would know what I mean.”

“And what does that mean?” the blonde asked with an offended look on her face.

“No offence B, but you're the biggest slut I know,” the newest Slayer retorted with a laugh. “Since I’ve known you, you’ve fucked vamps, a demon, me a couple times, and even had a gangbang with 30 dudes.”

“Well...um...all of that is true,” Buffy agreed.

“I’m not hating. I dig it. Very empowered. About time us girls get to hump’em and dump’em like dudes have done to us since, like, forever,” the dark-haired beauty stated. “But seriously, what’s the ginger’s status?”

“She’s kinda single, but still kinda with Oz,” Buffy answered. “But I’m not sure she’s into girls.”

“Then maybe she hasn’t met the right one yet,” Faith replied, leering at the adorable redhead. “Unless you have a thing for her.”

Buffy was going to answer in the negative, but then she remembered a story Cordelia told recently. Apparently the rich girl had made a wish with a vengeance demon, wishing that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. Long story short, the town became overrun with vampires, including VampWillow. Hearing about her innocent-beyond-belief best friend donning tight leather, cleavage-revealing bodices, knee-high boots and into BDSM was frankly enough to, as Faith would say, wet Buffy’s whistle. And by whistle, Buffy for sure meant pussy.

“She’s mine,” Buffy replied possessive.

“Okay. No biggie. I can score me a hot redhead at the Bronze next time,” Faith backed off immediately. “Or possible share?”

“Maybe in the future but not right now,” the blonde retorted.

“Well make sure you share the story. Down to the last detail. Okay, B?”

“Deal,” Buffy agreed, her face sprouting a frankly sinister grin.

*   *   *

“So how have things been between you and your teen wolf?” Buffy asked her best friend.

“Um, well, weird,” Willow admitted. “We are trying but there is still a barrier between us.”

“Have you two...oh know...knocked boots since?” Buffy further inquired.

Another series of stammers before Willow finally got over the embarrassment and formed full words. “No.”

“So there is your problem. You need to bring the sexytime back,” the Slayer stated with certainty.

“But I’m not sure he...well...we’ve tried but he seems...I think he starts picturing finding me in bed with Xander.” Willow answered with downcast eyes.

“Which is where I come into the equation,” Buffy stated with certainty.

“I don’t think a threesome is gonna help this time, Buffy,” the redhead retorted. “He seems adverse to being with me physically currently.”

“I agree. I don’t think a threesome is the way to go here,” Buffy said before going on to explain her plan to Willow. “So? Think that’ll work?”

“I’m not sure...but I think it’s worth trying,” Willow agreed, finding that her own snatch was starting to get a little wet as well.

*   *   *

Oz arrived at Willow’s house later that night. He was pleased that they were trying to make it work, but he too felt like something was fully preventing them from going back to normal. The most glaring physical reason was, well, Oz just flatly couldn’t get hard. When Willow had guessed at the reason earlier with Buffy, the ginger was 100% right. Whenever the musician and Willow started kissing and getting a little hot and heavy, he’d get a flash of the redhead in bed with Xander. Instant boner killer.

Arriving at the front door, Oz knocked but it wasn’t a surprise to find that no one answered. Willow’s parents were rarely ever home, so the musician simply turned the handle and entered Casa Rosenberg. He knew the layout of the house fairly well, but even if he didn’t, the werewolf could have just trailed the sound of faint...noise. As he walked down the hall, the noise got louder and more distinct, as Oz now realized that what he was hearing was moaning.

“Hey Wil, I think the guest of honor has arrived,” Buffy spoke lightly to her friend.

“Oh hey Oz!” Willow greeted, propping herself up on her elbows to look overtop of her blonde friend’s body.

“Whaaaaat’s going on,” the normally unfazed boy asked.

The scene within the room was not what the musician expected. Not even in his wildest dreams would he have predicted what he walked into. In fact, the teen werewolf did indeed pinch himself to confirm this wasn’t his wildest fantasies in dream form. When the pain came, he stopped his grip and let the situation wash over him. On the bed, laying on her back was Willow, his girlfriend. However, that didn’t quite do the scene justice. For one, the redhead was completely naked with her small but oh-so-yummy tits fully exposed, as too was her neatly trimmed flame-colored bush. Of course, her snatch was partially concealed because laying face down between his girlfriend’s creamy white thighs was an equally naked Buffy Summers, her bare ass turned up and facing the increasingly horny boy.

With his arrival and introduction, the girls shifted. Or more like Buffy shifted. Instead of clearly using her mouth to pleasure his girlfriend, the Slayer slithered her naked body up Willow’s equally bare self until her blonde head was resting on her best friend’s chest. But instead of Buffy simply nuzzling her flame-haired friend, the two teens were wrapped in each other's arms and legs as Willow had one of her slender legs around the Slayer’s tiny waist.

“What does it look like, teen wolf?” Buffy replied first.

Buffy didn’t wait for the lucky boy to reply as she wanted to feel the redhead’s pouty lips against hers once more, so that’s exactly what she did. Leaning her head forward, the Slayer didn’t have to go very far as Willow was already extending her neck to seek out the blonde. Just like earlier that night, the witch’s lips felt fantastic, so soft against her’s. Of course, when they parted those lips and allowed their tongues to swirl together didn’t feel too bad either.

“Looks like I might be interrupting things,” Oz replied, his jaw still hanging open in shock and excitement.

“Not at all,” Willow replied as their kiss broke. “You are right when and where you should be.”

Though she was normally meek and mild, Willow seemed to be blossoming into a sexual awakening in bed with another woman. To show off her more sexually engaged side, the redhead used a heel pressed against the mattress to push off and plant the Slayer on the bed on her back with Willow on top. As their tits pressed against each other with their bodies writhing together, Willow was in motion again. First kissing down Buffy’s feminine jaw to reach her slim neck, the redhead’s pouty lips kissed down over her collarbones until she could capture the first of her best friend’s nipples in her mouth.

“Mmhmm! Oh!” Buffy moaned as her boob was sucked hard on.

With her left nipple fully erect and very wet from the oral attention, Willow shifted to the other side and gave the same treatment to Buffy’s right breast. It truly was amazing how such a tiny girl, that was also as physically fit as the Slayer needed to be, could still have a rack. Though it wasn’t as large as Cordelia’s massive chest, or even Faith’s, Buffy still possessed a great set of boobs that were easily a large handful that fit her slim physique perfectly.

“Sit baby,” Willow instructed her boyfriend. “Enjoy the show.”

Still not at her destination, Willow continued her descent down the other teen’s body with kisses over her flat stomach. After swirling her tongue in Buffy’s belly button for a few rotations, the redhead rubbed her sheek along the bare patch of skin most girls had pubes, but the blonde always preferred the bald pussy look. Finally at the other girl’s cunt, Willow drew a big breath in through her nose, sampling her best friend’s snatch odor before using her nose to delicately nuzzle the woman’s clit.

“Tease,” Buffy chirped, wiggling on the bed in anticipation.

In truth, Willow didn’t have the intention of teasing the vastly superior sexual girl. Willow was simply enjoying herself. She loved Oz, very much hence why she and Buffy were in bed together in order to break the couple out of their funk. However, tonight was also serving to illustrate to the redhead that she was sexually attracted to other women. At this point she didn’t know if she was only made horny by Buffy because she was gorgeous (and had a succubus leaking sexual energy), or if her attraction extended beyond the sexy blonde.

“Tease, huh?” the witch asked with a quirk of her red eyebrow.

With playtime almost over, the redhead didn’t go straight for the Slayer’s snatch right away. Instead she went off to the side and planted a long, wet kiss against each of Buffy’s slender but soft inner thighs. After that though, it was though a flip was switched as away went teasing Willow and was replaced by hungry Willow. Like a heat seeking missile she immediately buried her tongue in Buffy’s wet pink hole without warning and began lapping inside her pussy.

“Oh sweet heavens,” Buffy screamed.

Willow couldn’t help but snicker at her bedmate’s comments as she danced her tongue along Buffy’s length, finally settling at her nub. Putting her lips all around the sensitive structure, Willow darted her tongue wildly over the Slayer’s clitoris. Luckily the redhead had a good grip on Buffy’s thighs because once Willow started to use the blonde’s clit as a speed bag, Buffy began thrashing around wildly on the bed. Having never gone down on a girl before, Willow was just projecting what felt good when Oz did so on her, and apparently that was a good template.

“What am I watching,” Oz wondered out loud as he flopped into the seat, nearly missing it altogether as he refused to take his eyes from the action on the bed.

Undeterred by Buffy’s strong reaction, the redhead let her best friend have a bit more of her skilled tongue lashing her clit before breaking the seal she had created around the top of her folds. Buffy stopped her high pitch, almost maniacal screaming and returned to a more bearable moaning as she felt Willow move her mouth back down towards her opening. For a girl just finding her feet in a lesbian tryst, Willow sure was nailing it!

“Jesus Christ!” Buffy swore as she could finally catch her breath after going from light tease to full throttle clit licking.

Willow took a quick second to smile before pressing her lips back against Buffy’s pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The nerdy redhead took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn’t done it previously. Yet given the strong reactions she was getting from her insanely beautiful best friend, she took that things were going well.

“Wow Buffy, you taste amazing,” Willow commented as she surfaced for air for the first time in over a minute.

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Willow dove right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Buffy’s sweet honey pot. The redhead was keeping her lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy, something the witch took great pride in considering Buffy’s well earned sexual reputation. Now Willow had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power, just like she did to shock and awe Buffy initially.

“Oh yes Wil! Lick my pussy!” Buffy screamed.

“Yeah Willow, lick Buffy’s pussy,” Oz echoed the sentiment.

Willow had been so engrossed in her first lesbian experience that she had forgotten all about Oz! Taking a brief pause in order to give the werewolf a look from the side of her eye, the redhead found her boyfriend sitting on the edge of his seat, completely captivated by the action on the bed. And naturally, who could blame him? After all, the insanely gorgeous Buffy Summers was buck naked, getting her pussy licked by the bookish redhead, who straddled the line well between cute and sexy.

“I’m getting close, Wil,” Buffy commented after another salvo of deep pussy licks. “Make me cum. Please. I need to cum.”

Though lacking experience, Willow was proving once more that she was a quick study. In fact, Morgana could attest to the witch being somewhat of a savant when it came to eating pussy. If the succubus didn’t know any better, she’d swear the red-haired magic user was destined to be a full time lesbian. Which meant it was a gaurentee as Morgana was the expert in all matters regarding sex.

“Just have to make my best friend, who has the soul of an eternal sex demoness inside her orgasm. While its my first time...pleasuring another girl. Nice and simple,” Willow commented in her head.

Though Willow internally voiced her doubts, it wasn’t reflected in her performance. While up to this point she had kept her tongue for mostly licking at varying speeds, now was the time for it to perform a different function. Instead of using the flat of the wet muscle, Willow made her tongue into a point then drove it deep into Buffy’s pink entrance.

“Come on babe,” Oz cheered from his seat while his hand rubbed over his erection. “Make Buff scream.”

Tonight was the first time Oz sounded even remotely interested in sex so Willow was going to reel him in now that he was hooked and on her line once more. With her tongue, she used it to continue probing the depths of Buffy’s pussy. Willow found the Slayer’s juices tasted differently the further she went. On the exterior of her slit she found them to be more salty, but the deeper she went, the sweeter Buffy got. This prompted the witch to drill her tongue as far down as possible, meanwhile her face wiggled to help her, which was causing her adorable nose to friction Buffy’s clit constantly.

“Mmmmm yeahhh,” the Slayer moaned.

Those moans sounded louder and more frantic than anything Buffy had produced up to this point, which seemed like a good thing to the newbie. Willow gave another minute of the deep tongue fucking before performing something she thought of on the spot. The redhead pulled her tongue out of the dripping gash and instead licked and flicked her tongue on Buffy’s clit while her slender fingers worked inside of the Slayer. Buffy not only began moaning like a banshee, but was also white knuckled as she gripped the bedsheets while her face was flushed red.

“I think she may orgasm…” Willow thought to herself before Buffy confirmed her suspicions a moment later. “God, Wil! Gonna cum!”

At this point Willow didn’t alter her style in the slightest. Her goal was only to make her best friend cum. Not only would it deliver a great tension-relieving orgasm to the Slayer, but it was clearly arousing her boyfriend Oz.

“OH GOD! I'm GONNA CUM! GOD! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE!!!” Buffy’s voice trailed off into a hoarse moan as her orgasm rocked her petite body, her pussy clamping down hard before beginning to quiver on Willow's fingers.

“Oh my! I did it!” Willow celebrated, complete with a little fist pump in excitement.

“Hey Oz, would you like to see me eat our little ginger’s adorable asshole?” Buffy posed the question to Willow’s boyfriend after recovering from her orgasm.

“More than anything,” Oz replied, his large erection tenting his trousers so hard it was surely hurting the young man.

“Um, sorry, but did I hear you right, Buffy?” Willow asked, her brain needing a few extra seconds to comprehend the Slayer’s words to her boyfriend.

“Here Will, let me show you something I have the utmost confidence in that you will really like,” the vastly more experienced teen said to the witch.

Before she knew it, Willow found that her best friend had her hands on the redhead’s slender body before depositing her with her head in the pillows. In another blink of an eye, Buffy had joined her on the bed, grabbing Willow by one of her long skinny legs and swinging it up and over so that it pressed against the other one. Buffy lowered herself back down so her face was inches away from the witch’s slim yet plum bottom. The Slayer told her best friend to clutch her cheek and pull it apart, which she did with little hesitation.

"Pull my butt cheek? Like this," she asked.

"Perfect. Now I can lick your ass," Buffy smiled wide.

"Wow. Um, okay Buffy. I trust you," Willow stated after a moment's hesitation. “Even if it does sound, you know, a little yucky.”

"Oh? Should I stop then,” Buffy asked after a slow, long lick from Willow’s pussy to halfway up her ass crack.

“Still has an ick factor but the initial action has me wanting more,” the bookworm replied, especially after seeing Oz's captivated face.

Buffy replied with a sinister smirk to her best friend that matched her werewolf boyfriend’s facial expression. Not wanting to miss any of the sexy action, both Willow and Oz adjusted their necks in order to see and in Willow’s case, feel Buffy knead the redhead’s little but surprisingly plump backside before giving it an open-mouth kiss. The ginger witch felt a small shiver run up her spine as her plump lips smacked the curved surface of her cheek, and then felt it a second time as this time Buffy kissed the opposite cheek.

"How's the view," Willow asked her boyfriend before doing a very un-Willow like gesture of taking a cheek in each hand before jiggling, squeezing and lightly swatting it.

"Adorable," Oz stated before Buffyadded. "You have such a cute little ass."

With instructions from the Slayer, Willow used her own hands in order to help pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her crinkled starfish. Red-haired witch watched the predatory smile and laser focus on the Slayer's face before Buffy leaned even closer to her then felt her wet tongue placed a long, slow lick to her crack. Buffy made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, before she repeated the move using her broad tongue to lick directly over the center of her tightest of holes.

“Mhmm, ahhh," Willow hummed.

Buffy smiled at her best friend’s cute cooing before focusing back on the task at hand. The Slayer had used her succubus’ knowledge in the carnal arts, not to mention the past 3 years worth of her own experience, and gifted that to Willow. Buffy made sure to give her best rimming since it was Willow’s first experience with some backdoor play, so she wanted to impart how amazing it could feel. Therefore, channeling all her experience, Buffy went about repeatedly licking over her best friend’s backdoor with the odd venture down to her pussy to change things up.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Buffy asked with a smug voice.

“I had no idea it could feel this good," Willow answered, nodding her head as well.

“Looks real hot as well,” Oz chirped in.

"God, we have such a pretty little butthole," the Slayer told her while her fingertip danced along the crinkled surface.

Buffy didn't want to push her too far too soon by introducing her finger into her ass but she did feel it was time for an invasion of another sort. Rather than just lick the tight opening, Buffy made a point with her tongue and pressed it firmly against her best friend’s anus until Willow's sphincter relented.

"Mmhmm yes...eat my butt," Willow moaned, finding that the words just spilled out of her mouth organically. “Lick my insides!”

Buffy did just that by lapping at the first two inches of her fellow Scoobie Gang’s smooth anal walls. Willow kept good care of herself as her anal passage was clean, tasting faintly metallic and earthy, but in a pleasant way. It took her a few minutes before Buffy forced herself to come up for air, but that was short lived as she was back to burying her sexy face in Willow's slender butt soon enough.

The Slayer was a machine when it came to eating out another girl, especially when they tasted as good and were as physically responsive as Willow. Buffy had garnered the reputation from, well, almost all of her many partners of being a generous lover, but with her best friend she was sure to make an impression that the adorably cute but sexually repressed Willow would be sure to remember.

"Does it feel good with her tongue in your booty, Willow?” Oz asked from the edge of his seat.

“Feels weird...but really nice,” the red-haired bookworm stated, surprising herself.

"Just wait until it's Oz’s cock in there," Buffy said, back to rubbing the hole with her finger.

"Oh God, I think I’m too fresh for that," Willow laughed nervously.

“That’s what we all think until we’ve tried it,” Buffy explained. “But then you realize how enjoyable and insanely intense being sodomized can be. I’m telling you, any girl adverse to anal is missing out, big time!”

“Seriously?” Willow replied in shock. “I always thought it was only a, um, one-way exit.”

“Does it feel like it should only be an exit,” Buffy asked before worming her skilled tongue several inches into the redhead’s bowels, eliciting a moan from Willow. “Or did that feel pretty darn good?”

“Pretty darn good,” Willow agreed after a moan and with a nod of her head. “Actually, I’d like to upgrade that to really freaking fantastic!”

“There you go. So no more scoffing when I suggest things. You may be the queen of book learning, but I’m the best damn butt slut around,” Buffy stated with a laugh.

Buffy now had a new mission in mind. She loved Willow and wanted her to tap into her repressed sexual energy, not to mention get Oz excited about sex with her following the cheating scandal. Since her surface and entrance of Willow's asshole was so well lubricated with her spit, Buffy made sure to be even safer by licking her middle finger well before dipping her slender finger into her best friend’s backdoor.

"Oh wow," Willow moaned.

The two teenage girls were best friends and knew all about each other’s sexual history. While Buffy had enough to fill several encyclopedia-sized books, Willow was nearly the polar opposite. While she and Oz have had sex fairly regularly since Willow lost her virginity last year (with Buffy’s assistence), their sex was rather...vanilla. Which mean Buffy would have to take anal exploration slow and steady, not that the blonde minded.

Buffy only pushed up until her first digit, but when she felt the other girl's sphincter relax almost immediately she continued until half her middle finger was wedged in Willow's bum. Buffy used her tongue back in the bookworm’s pussy to relax her further as she slowly yet confidently moved half her digit in and out of Willow's ass. After a few moments Buffy felt she was ready for even more and tested that out by going past the second knuckle and surprised both of them when her hand hit Willow’s curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared inside the brainy girl.

"Good girl Willow," the Slayer said, slowly pulling back out.

"Mhmm...thanks," Willow moaned as the finger pushed back into her.

"I had a feeling you’d be a quick study," Buffy said, driving the finger into Willow’s ass with more speed now. “Didn’t I tell you how good it would feel?”

"You did," Willow agreed. “And you were right.”

"So trust me when I tell you that you'll love Oz’s cock pushing into her bum, I promise."

"Maybe," the bookworm replied. “Though it sounds like you know first hand about that.”

“Maybe just a little,” Buffy replied with a wink.

Buffy took heart in the fact that only after a few minutes of rimming and fingering the teen who hadn’t had any backdoor loving in her life, that Willow was already softening on her original stance of taking a dick up there. Determined to help break her out of her shell and bring her to her sexual best, the Slayer was now going to make the slender brainiac cum while her ass was being stretched.

“I think someone’s gonna cum from having her butt pleasured,” Buffy grinned over at the musician.

It seemed that Willow was on the same wavelength, at least subconsciously as Buffy observed her flame-haired best friend snake a hand down between her thighs to start rubbing her clit. The Slayer knew a good sign when she saw one so brought about stimulation through three fronts, as she eased her finger back into Willow’s rear while her tongue buried itself deep in her pussy.

"Oh Gosh...ughh...mmhmmmm...awwhhh," Willow released a torrent of moans.

The screams kept coming as Buffy worked her finger and tongue inside Willow to perfection while the new bi-sexual continued strumming her own slit. Despite the fact that Willow was having her butt rimmed for the first time, all while her boyfriend sat feet away, Buffy was on the verge of making her best friend orgasm.

"That's it! Cum for me Willow!"

Buffy went into overdrive with her tongue to lick deep into her snatch to hit all the right spots while still calmly pushing and pulling her finger in and out of Willow’s tight asshole. To her credit, Willow's hand was once again a blur as it moved swiftly as it furiously stimulated her clit until Buffy felt both her tongue and digit squeezed by her best friend’s respective holes. In fact, Buffy was curious if her ginger haired friend was tapping into her witchcraft to speed her hand but Willow was just so close to a long awaited orgasm that she was moving freakishly fast on her own right.

"I'M CUMMMINNG," the nerdy redhead screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Such a dirty girl," Buffy smiled.

"You made me cum so...hard...playing with my butt," Willow stated, running a hand through her silky red hair. “That was intense!”

“That was...wow,” Oz said, the normally stoic boy showing some rare emotion.

“Yeah?” Willow questioned. “It wasn’t...too much?”

“Not at all. That was...incredible,” the musician added.

“I’ll see you two crazy kids tomorrow at school,” Buffy said with a half smile as she began gathering her clothing.

“I’ll walk you out as Oz strips,” Willow spoke to her best friend. Looking over her shoulder, the redhead addressed her boyfriend. “And that was an order, not a suggestion.”

“Yes captain, my captain,” the werewolf agreed.

“Wow Buffy! Thanks so much,” Willow gushed. “You saw him! He’s so...excited again.”

“Happy to help,” Buffy replied with a satisfied grin. “Whenever you need your pussy eaten to reignite your love life, I’m your girl,” the blonde quipped.

“But if you ever need help with anything, let me know,” the redhead replied.

“Well...I kinda have something in mind but I don’t want to bog you down with details. Go back in with your man and enjoy your reward,” Buffy answered, giving the redhead another hug before exiting.


Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Succubus in Sunnidale
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Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 19
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy & Faith with 3 Guys
Codes: MF, MMF, FF (Implied), Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Faith, Willow, Xander and Angel

Summary: Faith’s bad girl ways start rubbing off on Buffy. Essentially the plot of season 3 episode 14 but with sex.

Another night in Sunnydale and another 3 piles of ash collected in small heaps along the ground. This time, Buffy wasn’t doing the slaying alone, as her new friend and part-time lover Faith was there. Though the pair had electric chemistry in the sheets, they were still not the most well-oiled machine when it came to vampire slaying. Though they could both deliver a beating and tank several hits themselves, the teamwork was often lacking.

Case in point: Buffy’s plan to ambush a solitary vampire wielding dual swords on the count of three while Faith thought, ‘fuck that’ and decided to all out attack. While the end would be the same regardless, that being a dusted vampire, the means of arriving there was much different. In the fray, Buffy was nearly ran through with the sword, making the cutest (and deadest) shishkebab in Sunnydale history. Luckily, Faith used Buffy’s ‘diversion’ to stake the vampire before he could make good with his sword to the blonde.

“Nicely diverted, B!” Faith cheered after delivering the death blow.

“Diverted? That was me fighting for my life, Miss Attention Span,” Buffy panted, regaining her oxygen.

“This isn't a Tupperware Party. It's a little hard to plan.”

“The count of three isn't a plan. It's Sesame Street,” Buffy retorted without missing a beat.

“Loosen up,” Faith tried to quell her righteous anger. “Hey, they're toast and we're here, so it couldn't have been too bad, right?”

“Yeah. I guess,” the smaller blonde answered, accepting Faith’s hand and getting back to her feet.

“Besides...that was fun. Our blood is pumping, the engine’s revved. If only there was someone who could handle our insane strength and sex drive,” Faith commented, eyeing the petite Slayer up and down.

“Well it is only another hour until dawn…” Buffy stated, staring with no uncertain terms at Faith’s ample cleavage.

“My motel is only a block or two from here,” Faith added, licking her lips in a less than subtle promise.

“Something tells me I’m gonna be tired for school tomorrow,” the golden-haired Slayer quipped before taking Faith’s hand.

“Absolutely exhausted,” Faith sneered back with a ravenous grin.

However, after making it only half the distance, the girls wandered by 6 oddly dressed vampires. In fact, they were dressed in the same medieval wardrobe that the three they had just slayed were wearing. Including having a sword on each hip. Before the gang of vampires saw the flirtatious girls, Buffy ducked the pair behind a thick tree. The vampires didn’t notice the pair, instead they continued to the manhole before jumping down to the sewers beneath.

“What are you doing?” Faith questioned her fellow Slayer.

“Hiding from the 12 swords and the superhuman demons wielding them,” Buffy surmised.

“You don’t get it, B. It’s 6 versus 2. Me, I take those odds any day,” Faith stated before taking off after them.

“Wait. Stop. Think!” Buffy pleaded to the jogging girl.

Faith stopped on a dime before turning around defiantly. “No, no, no!”

After her quick answers, the dark-haired Slayer was on the move again with Buffy hot in pursuit. “It's a manhole. Tight space, no escape, six against two, not unlike three against one.”

“And there might be more, (grabs Buffy's arm) so come on. Let’s go, B!” Faith retorted with a manic glee in her eyes.

“This bitch is straight up crazy, Buffy thought to herself before replying with kinder but still stern words. “You're just gonna go down there? That's your plan?”

“Who said I had a plan? I don't know how many are down there, but I wanna find out. And I'll know when I land. If you don't come in after me, I might die!”

Without any further hesitation Faith took the last two steps then jumped in. Buffy can't believe it, but realizes she couldn’t let her do it alone, and so she jumped in after her.

*   *   *

“Buffy!” Willow shouted at her best friend. “You missed first period. And almost second.”

“Yeah. Sorry. Kinda had Slayer duties that ran into extra time,” Buffy answered, though with a flush of the cheeks. “So Faith jumped down this manhole after the 6 sword-wielding vamps…”

“Walk and talk,” Xander cut off the gorgeous blonde.

“Yeah we need to hustle to chem,” Willow added.

“Okay, okay. So where was I...oh yeah...vamps with swords!”

Buffy proceeded to tell her best friends about the whole ordeal. Though Buffy was extremely animated about the whole event, if she was even remotely paying attention then she would have realized Xander and Willow were hardly interested. When they entered the classroom and took their seats, they were just in time to receive test booklets. Apparently the chem teacher saw fit to give his class a pop quiz. Despite the universal acceptance of quiet during tests, Buffy couldn’t help herself. Spinning around in her chair, Buffy turned to face her friends.

“It was intense. It was like I just... let go and became this force. I just didn't care anymore,” Buffy continued, albeit in a quieter voice. “It's kind of a Slayer thing. I don't even think I'm explaining it well.”

“You're explaining it a lot, though,” Xander countered before bringing his finger to his lips.

“You see, the thing was, Faith knew I didn't even wanna go down there…”

“Ahem. Ms. Summers?” the teacher spoke.

“Sorry ma’am,” the Slayer said. Though she faced forward to apologize, the moment her teacher’s back was to her, Buffy turned back around. “Okay, so the best part…”

“Buffy. Test? You know. Remember? The thing you didn't come over to study for?” Willow interrupted.

Buffy was surprised by her friend’s curtness but then again, the golden haired Slayer was interfering with her test taking. Looking back and seeing her friend concentrating on her test. Buffy finally realized that she wasn’t going to be allowed to continue her story, so she settled down to take her test. Opening the booklet, Buffy had pen to paper when she and the rest of the class by Faith rapping on the window pane trying to get Buffy's attention.

“Hey, girlfriend. Bad time?” Faith asked after opening the window sash.

Faith leaned over to the next window, wipes the dust from it with her sleeve, exhales to fog it and uses her index fingers to draw a heart with a stake through it. She looks at Buffy, smiles and bounces her eyebrows. Buffy considers for only a moment before deciding to blow off the test. She slides down from her lab stool and heads for the window. Willow and Xander are shocked.

“No, sh-she can't!” Willow frantically said to no one in particular before addressing her departing best friend. “Y-you can't! Can you?”

Buffy either didn’t hear or simply ignored the red-haired bookworm before climbing out the window. After the second leg swung out of the classroom Faith closed the window behind her and the pair began to walk swiftly towards the parking lot, leaving a shocked Willow to wonder what had happened.

“Vampires,” Faith answered Buffy’s question moments before she asked.

“Uh, Faith, unless there's a total eclipse in the next five minutes, it's daylight,” the sharp-tongued Slayer retorted.

“Good for us, bad for them. Found a nest,” Faith answered.

Now this brought a smile to the golden-haired beauty’s face. “Has potential.”

It took only quarter of an hour to reach the location Faith had earmarked as a vampire nest. Lo and behold her research was correct and the Slayers were soon kicking the door down on a vampire nest. The vamps were all lying on the floor, waiting out the day when the sunlight washed in and onto one of them, who quickly burst into flames. The lot of them scramble to their feet and begin to run.

“Rise and shine, people.” Faith quipped, taking off after the closest vampire.

“It's your wake-up call,” Buffy added, withdrawing her favorite stake.

It was a bloodbath...or ashstorm for a better analogy. Though the nest was fairly large with 12 adult vampires, they never really mounted any type of offense. They were torn with whether to run or attack and so they were easy pickings.

“Tell me you didn’t love that,” Faith asked her fellow Slayer with a few grunts and hip thrusts for added effect.

“It didn’t suck,” Buffy said with a wicked smile, her heart rate going a mile a minute.

*   *   *

“Slaying vamps in the day...dancing all night...does it get any better than this,” Faith shouted to be heard.

After taking down the vampire nest, Buffy and Faith had too much energy and carnal passion to simply go back to school. Instead, they banged out a quick session between themselves in Faith's motel room before heading to the Bronze had the first hint of night. Despite fucking less than 30 minutes prior, that only had served as foreplay. The Slayers hit the dance floor hard. Though they started dancing together, which was little more than the pair grinding their fit bodies against each other, soon they were joined by a trio of men.

“What are you thinking, B?” Faith asked after briefly uncoupling herself from being the meat in a man sandwich.

"I think I wanna bring these boys back to your place and see if any of them are men," Buffy said to her sometimes lesbian lover.

"Really?! You naughty girl," the dark-haired girl retorted, playfully slapping the other girl.

"What is it you’re always saying? See…” With that Buffy pulled the closest guy in for a kiss. “...want…” this time the golden haired Slayer selected a different man to kiss. “Have.”

“What are you 2 smoke shows clucking about?” one of the dancing men asked.

“You were a senior when I was a sophomore at Sunnydale High, right?” Buffy turned to address the guy.

“That’s right. I remember you...Bunny,” he guessed incorrectly. After a quick look up and down her body he grinned broadly before pulling her in tight from behind so his semi-erect cock could grind against the blonde’s tight ass. “And I definitely remember your rep.”

Buffy bit back the retort she wanted to hurl at the jerk because, well, he did have a point. So instead, she gave into her battle lust emotions as she leaned in close to the former high schooler. "I want to feel you in my ass.”

"Yeah? Well I would very much like to fuck your tight little behind," the man, Matt, replied.

“Hey love birds, after party back at my motel...now,” Faith called over to Buffy and her new guy.

Seeing Faith grab a handful of the other two men’s shirts and lead them off the dance floor, Buffy’s date did similar by taking the slender blonde by the hand. Following hot on the threesome’s heels, Matt and Buffy hustled out of the Bronze, down the street and finally arrived at the seediest motel Sunnydale had to offer. The type that not only rented by the hour but proudly advertised that fact. Faith used her bulky metal key (card keys were too high class), the dark-haired Slayer opened up a door that led to her small bedroom. Hot on their heels were the two guys she took turns making out along the walk, as well as Buffy and Matt, who closed the door behind them to keep the party limited to the five of them.

Matt slapped the deadbolt into place before choosing the loveseat against the wall, sitting down as Buffy instantly climbed on his lap, straddling him. Meanwhile as the pair started kissing, one of the men poured Faith a glass of whatever liquor his flash held, while they both used their hands to rub each of the dark-haired girl's meaty thighs.

"Goddamn you’re fit,” the flask owner commented. “And I just love rubbing you down.”

"Ahh...compliments will get you everywhere," the dark-haired girl replied as his fingertips ran along her inner thigh, almost brushing her panties. “And is that all you want to do to my fit body?”

"I, for one, am going to do more,” the other man voiced. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard?”

“Yeah?” Faith asked with a raised eyebrow as she turned to face him.

Faith couldn't help but laugh at the ballsy comment but when she looked across at him with her large hazel eyes she watched as he ducked his head down towards her. In truth, he had a nice pouty mouth that she wanted so badly so she could care less about his crass pick-up line. She couldn't wait to feel his lips press against hers as the endorphin high from a night full of slaying and dancing, not to mention actually finding him attractive, caused the dark-haired girl to need to feel him.

The pair tilted their heads to the side and Faith accepted the kiss from the man. It started surprisingly soft but in short order they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other. His mouth felt warm and tasted vaguely of expired sugar, likely due to the rum in the flask. As they continued to make out on her queen-sized bed, Faith felt hands begin to roam her tight body.

"Mhmmm," the newer Slayer moaned as hands closed around her tits.

Starting at her flat stomach, she felt strong hands run up the silky material of the tight shirt she wore and over her round tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the dark-haired girl so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face.

"Lift," the other man demanded.

And it was at this point that Faith realized that it wasn't her kissing partner who had been feeling her up and kneading her boobs, not that she cared whatsoever. Upon hearing the other man, apparently named Dennis, the pair broke off the kiss, allowing Faith to twist around with hands still rubbing her upper thigh. Dennis wasted no more time as he moved his hands from her tits to her face, pulling her in for a passionate kiss. At this point his hands went back to her waist, where he had already undone her pants. Faith now realized what Dennis meant so she picked her thick ass off the bed just long enough for him to wank down her pants to around her ankles.

Faith allowed herself to be controlled by the two horny men...for now. With her face being devoured by Dennis, her tongue was fighting with his as his hands moved back down to grip her tits. Meanwhile behind her, Kevin got more adventurous and was now rubbing her dampening twat through her underwear, causing her to moan into the other man's mouth.

"What have I found here," Faith joked as each of her hands rubbed over their crotches.

Knowing that their own pleasure was within reach, the men stopped groping Faith so that they could pull their pants down over their ass. The dark-haired girl didn't delay as she licked the palm of each hand before taking them both in a light fist. Of course they were both hard from their shared makeout session and now it was their turn to groan as she stroked their dicks simultaneously.

While Faith was jerking off the two men, Buffy had Matt all to herself. They continued to kiss with raw emotion that spoke volumes of how lost Buffy was in the lust following a good battle. That, and the fact she was still housing a centuries old succubus in her mind that was also affecting her current hormones level. They were also being very active with their hands as Buffy used hers to run through his neatly cut hair plus over his ripped chest and abs which made her wet in excitement. Better then just feeling them through clothes, the blonde Slayer decided the shirt must go as well.

"God, you’re feisty," Matt commented.

After breaking just long enough for his dress shirt to be ripped from his ridiculously chiseled body, Matt got in on the undressing as well. He wrapped his fist in her golden locks and pulled lightly, forcing her head to tilt backwards. As his mouth attacked her neck with passionate kisses, his hands pulled her dress straps from her shoulders before the garment settled around her flat stomach.

"Mhmm...yes," Buffy moaned as his lips latched onto one of her nipples.

Not only had Matt pulled her dress down so that he could suck on her tits in alternating fashion, but he pulled the dress up from the bottom as well. The muscular man immediately got the impression that she clearly worked out often as his hands kneaded her tight ass. How his monster cock would fit into such a well-formed booty was a mystery but one that Matt was sure he'd solve.

Disrobing had progressed on the other sofa as well with Faith having her pants kicked off her legs and her shirt also bunched around her stomach. It was the man she thought was Dennis on his knees, doing a surprisingly good job of licking her bare twat, while Faith's mouth was busy blowing the other man.

"Yes...fuck...suck my cock," the other man, Kevin grunted.

Kevin was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool and Faith was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 8 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet...well get wetter. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the sexy Slayer sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

"Your friend seems to like being naughty and sucking cock," Matt commented, taking a rare break from suckling at Buffy’s tits. "Is that a trait you both share?"

Buffy had forgotten all about her fellow Slayer entertaining the two other men over on the bed not 10 feet from where she sat on Matt's lap. Looking over, the golden haired beauty had a view of her part-time lover getting eaten out by one while she crammed nearly half the large dick in front of her into her skilled mouth.

“I’ve been known to find myself on my knees from time to time," Buffy replied with the understatement of the year.

Matt smiled wide and gave her firm booty a playful slap before the beautiful woman slipped off his lap and settled on her knees upon the ground. As she knelt between his legs, the shirtless man deftly undid his belt and had his pants around his ankles so that Buffy was a foot away from his cock.

"My Lord...this is one mighty fine dick you have here," the Sunnydale High senior commented from her knees.

Buffy was still marveling at Matt's impressive manhood when her subconscious kicked in. Instinctively her hand reached out and gripped his tool firmly but still gently and she began stroking him. If she wasn't off in her own world then the blonde would have heard the slightly older man moan when her soft palm and delicate fingers picked up the tempo of her handjob. The vampire slayer slid her fist on his cock a few more times before allowing her hand to finish her stroke on his member before letting it rest at the base so that her skin was touching the trimmed patch of pubic hair he had. Matt watched as her eyes began to close the closer her head got to his lap until finally her mouth slightly opened.

"Oh God that's good," Matt grunted as her full lips contacted his tip.

Opening her mouth wide, Buffy swallowed back half his length before closing her mouth and gliding her lips backwards, all the way over his crown. The golden-haired girl picked up speed and eagerness with each bob, going faster and though she wasn't deep-throating Matt's monster manhood, she was not far off.

"That's my girl, B!" Faith cheered from the other furniture.

Faith had a brief break as the random guy who was eating her out got to his feet and finished taking off his pants that he had undone earlier. The dark-haired girl was displeased with Dennis having stopped pleasuring her, but she rolled with the punches and pulled her own talented mouth away from the other man on the bed with her.

During the intermission Faith had given her lover the encouragement, the sight of a cock in Buffy's mouth caused the more rebellious Slayer to get even hornier. After all, Buffy was normally such a goody two-shoes that followed the rules. She knew all about the sex demoness sharing real estate in B’s body, but still, the sight of the blonde’s angelic face being fed with dick was just too good. Kevin had also gotten off the seat to get his own pants off so Faith was able to climb onto the middle of the bed onto her hands and knees.

"My God, your ass is so thick and round," Kevin marveled, his hands kneading the soft flesh.

"That better have been a compliment," the dark-haired girl retorted with a smile.

Kevin had already shifted into position behind the dark-haired Slayer. With a hand on his cock and another on Faith's hips to stop her from wiggling her delight ass enticingly, the lucky man slid his lengthy tool into her wet twat. Kevin went slow at first, working in the first third of his length and stroking that a few times. However, Faith was wet and though she was rather tight, she loosened up nicely in a short amount of time. In no time at all, Kevin cock was flying into the newer Slayer with her pussy gripping tightly to his pumping tool.

"Here...open," the other man spoke.

The dark-haired girl didn't have to be instructed twice, in fact she would have started blowing him sooner if she hadn't been wrapped up in how good it felt to have a thick cock pounding into her wanting cunt. Focused back on the dick in front of her face, Faith formed a wide O with her mouth and swallowed half his manhood, only stopping as it poked the back of her throat. Faith felt like a dirty whore as two men she had known for about an hour used her at both ends for their own pleasure. However, rather than feeling gross by it, she was loving it! She didn't think a soul alive would be able to deepthroat Dennis's thick manhood, however she was doing her best to please him by taking as much of him into her mouth, even nearly gagging herself in the process.

"Yes...aawhhh...give me that dick," Faith encouraged as she transferred her mouth from Dennis's shaft down to his balls. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me!"

It felt great for her as he was big enough to hit all the right spots and his massive girth stretched her out immensely, giving her a little extra pleasure. The rocking that he was making Faith do meant it was tougher to capture Dennis's sack between her lips, but Faith was talented and soon had one nut latched in her mouth, sucking him and tasting the heavy sweat flavor.

"You've got such a smackable ass," Kevin told her before bringing his palm down right onto her thick behind.

"Mmphh," Faith grunted in a mix of pain and pleasure from around Dennis's nuts.

As the dark-haired girl was getting fucked, so too was her fellow vampire slayer, no less than 3 strides away from her. Buffy and Matt had essentially swapped positions so that it was the muscular man on the ground kneeling with the petite blonde lying reclined on the seat with her ass overhanging the sofa. His need to be inside her was too great and he stopped her rather enjoyable blowjob sooner than he would have liked. He threw Buffy onto the couch, though something told him that she wouldn't allow herself to be thrown anywhere unless she wanted it. With the comment about him fucking her ass still in his mind, he opted for her other hole first, easing his large cock into her pussy. He had hoped making her delirious with his pussy eating skills would make her forget about getting him to wrap up with a condom, which it did perfectly. He wasn’t interested in knocking the girl up, despite how utterly beautiful she was, and besides, he wasn’t going to be spilling his seed in her pussy in an event.

"I need to fuck you so badly right now," her horny date groaned.

Matt only paused briefly to bend down and run his tongue through her folds and into her snatch, pleased to find she was still gushing wet. Straightening back up, he clutched onto her tiny hips from between her thighs and lined up the tip of his cock with her opening. With minimal force since she was so wet from his brief job eating her out once again, the eager man easily slid into her pink hole.

"Yes!," Buffy screamed as her pussy was breached yet again.

"Oh shit. Now that is how a cunt should feel," Matt said much more crudely than his date. “Figured you’d be a lot looser given your rep.”

“How nice of me to not be this big loose whore,” Buffy quipped through a series of moans and groans.

“I know, right?!”

Luckily for the horny man, despite Buffy seeing more action than a regular street whore in the last 2 years, she was still only 18 years old and the Slayer on top of that. Both those facts added up to one hell of a tight pussy! Reaping the benefits of a girl with lots of sexual experience and yet was still almost virgin tight, Matt was easily able to get balls deep in her pussy within a handful of thrusts into her wetness. It happened so fast that by the time he was pumping his full length into her, the blonde Slayer had only just wrapped her legs around his back to help drive him deeper.

Mhmmm....ohhh," Buffy moaned as her heels dug into his ass, driving him forward with extra force.

Her screams, which were partially drowned out by the music in an adjoining room, were cut short when the burly man covered her mouth with his own and stuffed his tongue back inside. The move surprised the athletically built woman for a moment before she regained composure and returned the sloppy but appropriate kiss with as much as vigor as he was using. He ended the kiss shortly thereafter, pressing up with his arms to plank above her to allow his hips to thrust harder and deeper.

Buffy squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as Matt continued to pound his hard cock into her. She was a fan of such intense fucking despite having such a slight, feminine frame. His member was on the slightly slimmer side but it was still thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Buffy breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Matt asked with a grin.

The former high school boy didn't bother listening for her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Buffy's pussy. He made sure to really grind his abs against her with each push with the motivation being the ribbed muscles would rub her clit, which is exactly what was happening. The petite bonde was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the couch while Matt could also feel her heels dig against his ass to spur him deeper.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Buffy screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

Matt buried himself inside her cunt one last time as the fit woman reached her climax, her nails scraping the skin on his back in the process. Her pussy clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet so he easily rode out the storm until Buffy went from a rigid screaming girl back to a satisfied, spent sack of muscles. All the while, the slightly older guy never pulled out, he just slowed his pumping down to barely much.

"That's my girl," Faith said, suddenly appearing beside her fellow Slayer.

Even though she was with two men at the same time, both intent on deriving as much pleasure from her curvy body as possible, Faith had kept one eye over on how her gal pal was doing. Matt appeared to be hitting all the right buttons, which was soon confirmed when Buffy clearly came all over his cock.

Having returned her own mouth to Dennis's cock earlier, with his strong hands holding the side of her head as he pumped his hips forward towards her face, Faith squirmed out of his hold. With hands on the bed, the dark-haired girl used her strength to push back really hard against Kevin, driving him deeper than ever into her pussy until timing it just right as she scooted forward and joined her love on the loveseat.

"I think now would be the perfect time," Faith told her BFF.

It took a moment for the cobwebs to clear from Buffy’s head after her intense and much needed orgasm. After all, it had been a whole 3 hours since she had last cum, that time it was at the end of Faith’s tongue. Faith’s sudden appearance next to her, combined with her spoken words reminded Buffy what she was meaning. She knew Faith wasn’t next to her out of compassion, after all Buffy was a well versed slut and would have no trouble taking yet another ass fucking. No, Faith was taking up a front row seat because the rebellious girl wanted to see the normally rule-following good girl take a stiff dick up the pooper.

"Feel like putting your dick into my ass?" Buffy asked in the biggest rhetorical question of the decade.

"The words ‘hell’ and ‘yeah’ immediately spring to mind," the man replied.

He pulled out of Buffy’s very wet pussy, which had transferred a lot of her cum onto his cock already. It would have to do for lube since there wasn't any in the rundown motel room. Faith clearly had the same thought because as Matt climbed to his feet, the dark-haired girl dropped to her knees.

Matt had never seen a woman attack a dick with her mouth as vigorously as Faith was doing to his currently. Her motivation was simple; she was thoroughly enjoying the taste of her part-time lesbian lover's pussy decorating his manhood while also determined to swap as much of her spit onto his shaft to aid his passage up Buffy's dirt road. Even being as well versed in backdoor loving as Buffy was, the more lube the better.

"That should do it," Faith commented, thick strands of saliva still connecting his tip to her lips.

"I want to control things," Buffy said, having joined Matt in standing.

The lucky boy had absolutely no complaints about how the golden-haired girl wanted to get fucked in the ass so he sat on the seat happily. The two girls shared a quick kiss, their lips and tongues smacking and gliding against one another before Buffy turned away from Matt only to squat deep towards his lap.

"Even though she’s pretty slutty, take it easy with her," Faith advised before Buffy descended any further. “At least at first.”

Focusing back on the matter at hand, Matt held his cock pointed straight up while his other hand went to help guide Buffy down. The succubus-inhabited girl showed little apprehension as she squatted lower until his bulbous tip was pressing against the soft center of her asshole. Pausing to relax herself which was made easier with all her anal experience in the last few years, not to mention the centuries of Morgana had accomplished, Buffy released more tone in her legs to go down even further until his tip was nestled in her anus.

"Ugg...stings every time," Buffy remarked with a slight grimace.

In truth, after the first second it was more pressure building than actual pain. Safe in that knowledge, Buffy descended another few inches before starting to raise up again so only his tip remained in her ass. Getting more and more comfortable, the golden-haired beauty started to build more momentum, still only riding half his length but doing so with more pace.

With Buffy's face contorting to show no discomfort and the beginnings of pleasure, Faith felt comfortable going back to her two dates. They had waited patiently while she tended to her sometimes lover but they appeared to be chomping at the bit now as the moment she'd gotten to her feet, 4 hands descended on her.

"Whoa," Faith cried as she was thrown to the bed.

Landing softly on her back, the dark-haired girl wore a large smile at being tossed around. This time it was the large of the two that settled between her spread legs, his girthy cock buried in her snatch a second later. As Faith opened her mouth to moan in response Kevin timed it perfectly to cram his dick between her lips. Clearly determined to make up for those lost few minutes Dennis held nothing back, slamming his hips forward with as much force as he could muster. Faith felt herself jerked back with each thrust into her snatch as his cock drove as deep as possible, which pushed the dick in her mouth further against her throat.

"Gllk...kkkllllccckk," Faith gurgled as his tip repeatedly bashed the back of her gullet.

It wasn't a pretty blowjob, in fact it was getting messy. Since Kevin was hovering above her head and pounding his cock downward as he face-fucked the dark-haired girl, spit was getting everywhere. Faith couldn't care in the least as the dick in her snatch was hitting all the right places and Dennis's pelvis was constantly rubbing against her clit.

Being sure not to gag, Faith took 6 inches of meat into her mouth until it smashed the entrance of her throat. It seemed like each time she spat up more spit as now her lips and lower portion of her face were covered in saliva, as well as the bed under her head. Her voice would be raspy tomorrow but the vigorous pounding she was taking at both ends was going to get all three of them off soon, she had no doubt.

"God! I’m such a butt slut now," the realization dawning on Buffy. “How that happened to a girl weighing all 90 pounds is a mystery but no less true.”

As her fellow vampire slayer was getting ruthlessly used by the two men on the other side of the small motel room, Buffy was enjoying a much slower yet just as pleasurable time with Matt. The horny man was actually a tender lover, allowing Buffy to control matters completely as she slowly started bouncing in his lap quicker, but also getting more of his throbbing erection inside her ass.

Of course it helped that her hand was back between her legs as she rubbed her clit while using the other to steady herself against his powerful legs. Not just being a slug reclined in the seat, Matt reached his arms around her front as his hands immediately gravitated towards her bouncing tits, drawn to them like a moth to the flame.

"You like it when I play with your tits," he asked, some edge returning to his gravelly voice. "While my dick slides in your ass...and you play with yourself."

"So...mhmm...much...awwwhhh," Buffy moaned in response.

"Harder! Ride harder! Rub harder!"

"Shhh...it. You're gonna make me cum...from anal," Faith noticed as Buffy followed his advice to the letter.

It was a feat that not even Buffy with the succubus’ added prowess accomplished, at least not consistently. However, now that it was within reach Buffy was desperate to cum while taking a flesh and blood cock in the ass from the random guy. The petite blonde remembered back to how great it felt when she was double penetrated during previous love sessions so she changed the script slightly. Stopping furiously rubbing her sensitive bean, she pressed three fingers together and rammed them deep inside her pussy. That alone almost made her cum, but that only started when she flattened her hand and pressed the palm of her hand against her aroused clitoris.

"Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH," Buffy screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over her digits deep within her twat.

If her screams of unadulterated pleasure weren't a big enough tip off to Matt that he had made the beautiful high school girl cum while plowing her ass, the fact that her sphincter was now constricting around his cock did. So close to his own orgasm, the man knew that he couldn't stop now so he slowly still forced his dick in and out of her vice-like brown eye.

"Fuck...shit...fucking your ass is about to make me cum too," Matt chimed in.

“Cum inside me,” Buffy told the near-to-popping man. “I wanna feel you filling my ass.”

Both of Matt’s hands went to Buffy’s hips, gripping them tight as he gave her every last bit he had left. It wasn’t much given that her anal ring had been attempting to milk him of his cum for the last 10 minutes, and her pussy before that. Between the tightness of her ass, the vigorous fucking and how such a tiny hot girl could take such an anal pounding all got too much for him.

“Fuck!” Matt growled.

The horny man gave one final thrust deep into Buffy’s well-fucked ass. It was hard and penetrated a good 7 inches, and with that final push he exploded his white hot jizz up her ass. The feeling was so intense it left him burying his face in her back, grunting and gasping into her flesh while his cock pulsed and spewed his cum inside of her.

“Okay Morgana, feed,” Buffy instructed her succubus. “Remember, he’s only human.”

“But at 20 years old, there is soooo much carnal energy to feast on,” the ancient and somewhat good-natured succubus celebrated.

"I don't think I can go much longer," Kevin grunted from the other side of the room.

Faith heard the guy despite the overwhelming sound of flesh slapping flesh as the other man relentlessly pounded into her. She was sure neither man knew that she had cum earlier, her cries of pleasure muffled by the dick buried in her mouth, though she was sure the vibration of her tongue on his manhood sped Kevin on his path to his own orgasm.

"Yeah...me too," Dennis grunted through gritted teeth.

It was actually Kevin getting the blowjob who reached his climax first. The rough face-fucking of the rebellious Slayer had pushed him past his breaking point and he needed to cum. Loving to degrade her further, the older man pulled away from her lips and beat his cock a handful of times before he felt that familiar spike of pleasure.

"Grrrr....aaahhhhh," Kevin bellowed as he came.

With another grunt the handsome man came. Faith watched as the first streak of white goo rocketed from his slit and she just had enough time to close her eyes. The dark-haired girl felt the warm goo coat her forehead and bridge of her nose. His second jet of cum landed on her left cheekbone and descended over her cheek to the corner of her mouth. The rest of the shots were much smaller but still decorated the rest of her face, leaving her looking like a true whore.

"That was so much cum," Faith commented more to herself than him.

Faith had no time to get made at the random guy for busting on her face without so much as asking her. What drew her attention and saved Kevin the Slayer’s scorn and quick temper was a loud grunt from the other man less than 3 feet away.

"Fuck...fuckk...gggggwwwwwhhh," Dennis bellowed from between her thighs.

Faith was instantly reminded of the other guy who was rocking her body forward with every deep thrust into her. Ready to cum, Dennis buried himself deep in her pussy one last time before pulling out and leaning further against her legs. From that position as his cum flew from his head it decorated her ripped abs and bouncing tits in long ribbons of goo, though the odd strand made it onto her neck.

"Man, we need to party together more often, B," Faith explained as she laid on her back, a man seated on either end of her body as she rubbed the cum into the skin of her face, boobs and stomach.

"I think I’m growing to love your personal philosophy of see, want, have," Buffy added.

*   *   *

Of course, nothing good could last for long, especially in Sunnydale. Only later that night while out on patrol, faith would mistake a mortal human for a vampire and stab him through the heart. He died, of course. And with his death began Faith’s descent to evil, her conscience nothing but a fleeting memory...
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Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 20
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Faith/Angelus, Buffy/Angel
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Rough
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Faith, Willow, Giles, Mayer Wilkins and Angel

Summary: Angel goes undercover to infiltrate Faith and Mayer’s little group. Upon his successful mission, he and Buffy try one last time if they can be a physical couple.

*Note - I think this will make a good place to end this story. Parallels with Buffy ending high school.

“So this orb is letting you know the presence of my soul,” Angel questioned the red-haired witch.

“Or lack thereof,” Willow nodded her head in affirmation.

“And Buffy...last chance for you to voice any doubt about me and Faith,” Angel asked his girlfriend who he couldn’t actually have sex with for fear of having another moment of pure happiness and losing his soul once more.

“It would be pretty hypocritical of me to be mad about you potentially having to sleep with Faith when I’ve been slut-ing it up all over the city,” the golden-haired Slayer stated.

Giles took that moment to interject. “Besides, we don’t actually know if Faith will even want to have sex.”

“It’s Faith. She’ll wanna bone,” Buffy stated with certainty. “She’s more or less a dog. She’ll need to mark her territory by spreading her scent all over Angel.”

“The information we can gain from having a man on the inside is just so high,” Wesley, Buffy’s new Watcher voiced up.

“We all agree with that, Wesley,” Buffy snapped at her Watcher.

“So Faith meets up with me. Your friend, the Shrouded Man, uses his magic to ‘steal’ my soul,” Angel recapped the plan for all present. “Then Faith and the Mayor ‘seduce’ me to their side…”

“Seduce ‘Angelus’ both morally and physically,” Buffy commented before adding. “Which as your girlfriend I’m okay with.”

“Right. And then I extract all the information I can about the Mayor and this Ascension,” Angel finished.

“Correct. According to the Shrouded Man, their attempt will be in the next 3-6 hours and based on the layout of your manor that he received…” Giles shared

“I should probably wait there then,” the vampire agreed, giving Buffy a long look before turning and walking away.

“Angel…” Buffy shouted to him before he walked out of the library. He turned to look at her, almost willing her to put her foot down and end this crazy plan. “Good luck.”

Angel’s face flashed a confused look before he nodded at his petite girlfriend and exited the school. Looking around, Buffy found only equally confused and confounded faces about her comment, wishing her boyfriend luck in seducing and fucking someone who was Buffy’s friend until she betrayed the Scoobies.

“Good luck?” Xander questioned her choice of last words.

“Oh shut up Xander,” Buffy said, punching the boy in the arm and causing an instant bruise to develop.

*   *   *

It didn’t take too long for Faith to arrive at Angel’s mansion that night. Within the first hour of the sun going down, Faith walked right through the front door like she owned the place. Angel had been sitting and reading, something he did often.

“Faith,” he offered in greeting.

“Hey. Sorry to burst in uninvited and all,” Faith replied, sauntering in like she owned the place.

“What do you want? Buffy’s not here,” the vampire replied, closing his book.

“What? A modern gal can’t drop in on a super sexy, tall dark and handsome man anymore?”

“Faith…” Angel almost hissed in anger.

“What? I’m just playing, sexy,” Faith replied, coming closer to the vampire. As soon as she was within arm’s reach, Angel backed away. “Don't trust me?”

“It's not that,” Angel lied.

“Hey, no problem. Join the club,” Faith retorted, turning her back

“Look, Faith. I know what you're going through, alright, and how hard it can be. It's important you have somebody who's been there and who understands what you're going through,” Angel offered, grasping her by the shoulders and turning her around. “Look, I want to trust you.”

“Chump,” Faith sneered before withdrawing a vial of blood and splashing it on his chest.

After the little glass bottle broke against his chest, Angel’s gaze went from Faith and her sneering face to the corner of the room. Out of the shadows stepped a man...or at least something in a humanoid shape that resembled a male’s appearance. His skin was blue and his eyes shone yellow. Angel had no idea what the mage was chanting, but he recognized it wasn’t English. Not only that but the words seemed to convey magic.

“I wanted to do this the old-fashioned way, but hey, your loss,” Faith told the vampire who looked in anguish. “Lucky I've got some tricks Buffy don't know yet.”

“You don't have to do this,” Angel pleaded.

“I know, but it's fun. Now relax, it'll be over soon.”

The blue-skinned age continued chanting as lights flowed from his hand and congealed around Angel's body. The lights fade and the mage disappeared into the shadows, leaving Angel fallen on the floor. Faith assumed everything had worked given the certainty her boss had, but she was nervous, thus kept her stake in hand. After all, magic was far from science. However, Faith’s doubts were partially subdued as Angel stood and revealed his vamped out face. The rest of her doubts were waylaid when the formerly brooding good guy came walking over, warped the Slayer in his arms and kissed her deeply.

Angelus made short work of his shirt after Faith kindly ripped the front of it open for him. Now bare chested, the vampire went to reciprocate the action but Faith had already dropped to her knees and was undoing his pants with a speed that was highly impressive.

“I’m gonna make you all forget that blonde bitch Buffy even exists,” Faith explained. “Which invovles your dick in my mouth...then fucking me raw.”

In the blink of an eye, Faith was reaching into his pants to help free his cock. He was only semi-erect but the evil brunette was determined to fix that by rubbing his tip along her tongue for a few quick passes before swallowing half his member in one shot. It felt weird having a soft dick in her mouth, but after a handful of bobs with a generous amount of suction, Angelus’s more-than-generous 7-inch cock with thickness nearly the size of her wrist was good and hard.

“God, I love cock,” Faith cooed, using her extended tongue to run up and down the side of his veiny pole. “Guess you’re used to that with B in town.”

“Cut the Buffy crap,” Angelus hissed.

Angelus could only stand tall and look down, watching and enjoying as the evil Slayer put on a blowjob clinic. Done with licking down his pole, the added lubrication along his pole making it easier for her hand to glide along, Faith started to get to work. With her fist lightly squeezing his dick, it made its way down the bottom half of his length so that Faith could use her mouth and take the other half of his good-sized length between her lips.

“Holy fuck,” he exclaimed as her moist heat worked its way over his shaft.

Faith simply smiled with pride after his compliment of her oral skills but didn’t grow complacent. After all, this guy was used to fucking Buffy Summers and Faith was determined to be better than that blonde bimbo. Faith was proud of her skills and was always happy to showcase them whenever the mood struck her...which was often. Over and over she glided down his pole, the combination of her mouth and hand working in perfect unison. Combined with her Slayer’s vast stamina pool and Faith was literally built for sex.

“Like that, big boy?” Faith asked with a cocky grin.

Faith was aware that with how wet she made his cock, making her hand whip up and down all the more easy, that it was an aggressive technique. Aggressive in terms of being able to make the average man cum in relatively short order, something she wanted to avoid. Though tonight did have to be a quickie given the Mayor’s orders, it didn’t mean it had to be a super quickie. Therefore, Faith dropped her hand away and only used her lips to move up and down his pole. Though it took away some of his pleasure, having the gorgeous Slayer sucking his cock with mouth only was still very special.

“Take that shirt off,” Angelus hissed, having felt he waited long enough to get his first sight of them.

“A boob man, huh?” Faith grinned. “No wonder you wanted to kill B instead of fuck her. Sure, they’re perky and all but I got her beat in the size department.”

“And the psychotic department,” the vampire laughed. “No judgement, given your present company.”

Though she was reluctant to take her mouth off his dick, Faith complied with the eager man’s request. Reaching down and hooking fingers onto the bottom of her tank top, the kneeling Slayer pulled the white top up and over her head before discarding it somewhere behind her. Before she could reach around and undo her bra, Angelus was bending over top of her, taking care of it himself.

“God damn,” Angelus grunted as the tits came into sight.

Faith was truly blessed with an absolutely jaw-dropping bust. In fact, her tits were always assumed to be fake given how large they looked on her frame. However, Angelus had no doubt in his mind that the dark-haired Slayer was just blessed with good genes as they were 100% natural as they had the soft feel of great tits. The fact they dropped just enough in front of her chest also was a good hint.

They were even better than Angelus had hoped for. Huge for her size, perfectly round and suspended firmly in front of her with the cutest pink nipples, he had to remind myself to swallow and not drool. Having stopped her briefly from sucking him off in order to observe the fine specimens, Angelus leaned over her, taking both her pillowy tits into each hand and giving them a hearty but not painful squeeze. Of course, Faith wasn’t surprised by his focus being solely on her tits now, so it was up to her to steer his focus back on track.

“You’ll get more time with them, I promise. For now, let me suck you off, okay big fella?” she said with her typical energetic tone.

Deciding that she wanted to impress him, Faith took her hands and placed them on his hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Her biceps bulged as she pulled her face forward, inch after inch of smooth cock passing past her lips and into her mouth. Finally, when his tip poked the back of her mouth, Angelus expected the large-breasted brunette to reverse course, but instead Faith surprised him by pushing herself even harder until his cock slid into her throat.

“God fucking damn,” Angelus swore.

Unable to help himself, Angelus looked down and was greeted to an awesome vision. He would forever savor the view of the gorgeous Faith staring her dark eyes up into his, the whites starting to go a little red. Her nose was buried in this trimmed mane of pubic hair, meanwhile he could just make out her throat bulging from the 7 inches of dick she had contained in it.

“Try doing that, B,” Faith thought to herself.

It took Angelus awhile to snap out of his dream-like trance that the Slayer had put him into. In fact, Faith had to relax her grip on his hips and pull her mouth from his cock in order to take in several lungfuls of air before he snapped out of it and back to the moment. Looking down, her eyes were definitely more glassy and red than before she showed her impressive deep-throating tactic. The other thing that stood out were the thick strands of spit still connecting her lips to his cock, despite the foot of space between the two of them. Moving back forward, Faith gave a wink, giving him the distinct impression she wanted him more involved, which he was more than up for. Faith had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her.

“Gonna fuck your face,” he warned, just to make sure they were on the same page.

“About time,” Faith replied with a wicked smile.

Grabbing the sides of her head, Angelus began pulling her towards him slowly until he felt her nose touch the lower portion of his abdomen through the patch of pubic hair. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words, not to mention how his shaft felt to be hugged all around by the smooth muscles of her throat. Angelus allowed himself several heartbeats to marvel in the occasion before he retreated along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

Though Faith was usually the one taking charge in the bedroom, she was more than happy to give herself over to a dominant lover. Angelus certainly fit that criteria. As he allowed her to come back up for air, Faith didn’t sputter or cough or gag. In fact, the Slayer simply gulped down a lungful of air, slurped up the thick strands of saliva dangling from her mouth then rubbed the spit that had fallen onto her tits, making her swaying boobs glisten from the flickering candles around the room.

“More,” Faith encouraged, opening her mouth again.

Angelus began the same method again but this time he felt Faith pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, pleading for him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his meat pole in her mouth but he pulled sharply on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

“Gggulllllggkkk,” Faith coughed but refused to gag.

When she didn’t put up any signs of resistance or cues for him to stop, Angelus held her pressed against his pubes for a handful of seconds. Just as her hands started to dig harder into his flesh, Angelus relented on his vice-like grip and pulled her backwards then immediately. Faith was allowed a quick breath before the eager vampire slammed her back down his length, instantly impaling his dick in her oral cavity. She continued to make her gurgling noises with each thrust but the redhead didn’t try to stop him from abusing her throat.

“Need to fuck you for real,” Angelus said after another dozen rounds of the face-fucking.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Faith smiled.

“Wasn’t asking,” Angelus said, stepping out of his pants.

“Just get down here and get that undead cock inside me,” the Slayer retorted, undoing her leather pants.

Faith had just finished pulling her second leg free of her tight leather pants and Angelus took advantage of her unbalanced. Angelus scooped the naked Slayer up, feeling her fleshy globes press against his muscular chest before settling her down on her back on the rug.

“Is this what you wanted?” Angelus asked her, grabbing her knees and spreading them apart as her stunning dark eyes locked onto his rock hard cock, still shimmering in her spit.

“Oh, most definitely,” Faith moaned as Angelus moved forward and lined himself up with the entrance to her pussy.

“Then no point keeping you waiting,” Angelus said before pushing forward and burying half of his cock inside her in one thrust.

“God, yes” Faith hissed, lifting her hips to try to get even more inside her. “Starting to get why B likes it from a vamp now.”

Putting his hands behind the backs of her knees, Angelus pulled back and watched the journey his cock made the entire time. The scene was made all the better by the fact that the curvy Slayer had a complete bare pussy so he could view even better the passage of his smooth, veiny cock ram into her bright pink pussy. When just the head was still inside, Angelus immediately pushed forward and slammed the rest of his cock into her, drawing a grunt of elation from Faith.

Faith had made it clear to her new boy toy that they really didn’t have the time for anything more than a quickie, but the way it felt to be sheathing his flesh pole in her snatch with reckless abandon, it was a good thing that he got to pop his load ASAP. With a meeting with the Mayor coming up, they both knew the score of what this impromptu fuck was all about. So rather than draw it out and make it last like Angelus normally would, he just went right after it.

“Oh holy fucking shit,” Faith groaned as Angelus slammed into her.

“God, you have perfect tits,” Angelus complimented.

“So much better than B’s, right?”

“This bitch can’t go 2 minutes without comparing herself to Buffy,” Angel thought as he spikes his dick into her womb with even more force.

Angelus couldn’t help himself but watched as the evil Slayer’s pair of beautiful boobs bounced rhymically in front of her. Naturally, this spurred him on to thrust into her with a single hard thrust and watched as her pillowy tits bound all the way up, nearly smacking her in the face and giving her a matching set of black eyes.

“Again. Fuck me hard like that again,” Faith half begged, half demanded.

“Pinch your nipples for me first,” Angelus hissed, slowing down just enough to show her he meant it. “Get them nice and hard.”

Though Faith would have preferred to rub her clit, or even get a finger up her ass, pinching her nipples was a suitable option. Giving in with little fight, Faith brought her hands down to her glorious mounds, cupping them in her small palms before rolling her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger. Though it was Angelus’s first instinct to lean down and worship the bouncing tits with his mouth but he had to resist because it would’ve required him to slow down, if not stop altogether, and Angelus was already running short of time as it was.

“Hard,” Faith begged. “Give it to me hard.”

Faith dropped her hands from pinching her nipples and cradling her larger than life tits so that she could reach above her head. Finding the stone ledge of the fireplace, the dark-haired Slayer pushed against the ledge, helping to meet Angelus’s thrusts into her snatch. Taking a leaf from her book on leverage, Angelus leaned over the busty teen, resting both hands on the floor just outside of her shoulder to help generate more thrusting power.

“Fucking take it, Ugh,” Angelus groaned.

This was how the next several minutes went. No words other than the guttural moan or incoherent begging for harder or more. Faith was alternating between begging for more, leaving her mouth hanging wide open in a large O or biting her bottom lip. Angelus was a bit more one-note in his expression, opting for what could be described as a snarl as he used his arms and powerful hips to thrust down and up into Faith’s wet snatch. He stayed vamped out the whole time, and though Faith was initially concerned of being bit, at this point she didn’t care. The only thing that mattered to her was cumming at this point.

Faith arched her back and squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as Angelus continued to pound his hard cock into her. His erect cock slid effortlessly into Faith’s smooth pussy, her moist juices coating him and making his relentless thrusting effortless. Moaning as her fuck boy dominated her by pushing harder into her, the busty Slayer pulled an arm from pushing against the fireplace and used it to reach down between their bodies. As his lengthy cock continued stretching her hole and rubbing against her G spot, Faith added a third stimulus by using her deft fingers to grind her clit

"Keep going..." Faith breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Angelus asked with a tone of superiority for outlasting her.

“Fuck! Ahh! Yes,” Faith nodded her head vigorously and continued to rub her clitoris even harder. “You better too if you know what’s good for you.”

Angelus didn't bother replying since he knew exactly where his own orgasm stood and why she needed it. Therefore, the vampire chose to focus on plunging his entire length into Faith’s pussy with the same rapid thrusting he had used the last 5 minutes. He made sure to really grind his hips at the end of each sheathing deep into her cunt, grinding her G spot while her hand continued to diddle herself. The sexy brunette was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the hard floor while Angelus could also feel her heels dig against his ass to spur him deeper.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH FUCKING HELL," Faith screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock. Barely missing a beat, Faith opened her eyes and stared the man up in his handsome face. “Cum in me, big boy.”

He returned his gaze to her eyes and his mouth gradually turned into a smile. He kissed her lips forcefully and pushed his cock hard into her, his balls starting to tighten. He pushed his entire length into her waiting pussy as his load started to shoot inside her. Faith gripped his hips tightly as she felt the cream of the first vamp she’d ever fucked filled her up. He continued to thrust into the Slayer as his balls emptied, his eyes remaining locked on her intense eyes.

After all of his cum had emptied into her, Faith loosened her legs that had been spurring her date onwards. After another deep breath, Angelus regretfully unsheathed his flesh pole from the warm confines of her sex, leaving a full load of cold jizz bathing in Faith’s womb as per her request. As his cock slid out of her, Angelus scooted back on the carpet a length before rocking up to his feet.

“Alright stud. Gotta bring you home to the boss,” Faith said, referring to the Mayor.

*   *   *

Of course, it had all been a trick. The blue skinned mage was actually working for Buffy’s gang after owing Giles a favor. He’d only performed a fancy light show for Faith’s benefit, leaving Angel’s soul protected. Though they didn’t gain all of the plans, they did learn a great deal of the Mayor’s overall plans, namely what the Ascension was, when it would happen, and also the best he’d be transforming into. It also had one other unintended finding...

“Willow, what’s up?” Buffy asked her best friend. “Angel?”

Sitting on Willow’s bed was none other than Buffy’s vampire-with-a-soul boyfriend. He gave Buffy a look then simply shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve asked you both here because...I think you two can have sex!” Willow exclaimed.

“What?” they both exclaimed at the same time.

“Here me out…” the redhead began before being cut off.

“The last time we had sex, I lost my soul,” Angel interjected.

“Yes but you had sex with Faith and your soul-orb didn’t even flicker,” Willow countered.

“But that bitch is straight-up crazy,” Buffy swore, atypical for the golden-haired girl.

“And what I feel for Buffy is love,” Angel added.

“Exactly. So all we have to do is change your mindset,” the witch remarked. “We know it’s not sex that can make you lose your soul, but enjoying yourself. Now this is where the plan gets a little...intense.”

*   *   *

“You’re sure you don’t mind...watching,” Buffy asked her red haired best friend.

“The orb is helpful for detecting a soul but keeping an eye on...the action is just that next level safer,” Willow explained. “I know you’d do the same for me.”

“So true. If Oz is ever at risk of losing his soul if he has sex with you, I’m totally there to watch you two pound one out,” Buffy grinned. “And I guess we have seen each other naked.”

“And hot some hot sex as well,” Willow added.

“How could I forget,” Buffy added with a wink. “Okay so Angel’s waiting downstairs. Please remember, he’s not normally, you know, this savage.”

“I know but for the experiment he has to be. My idea, remember,” the witch retorted. “Now go march that great body of yours down there.”

“You don’t think the lingerie is too much?” Buffy asked, suddenly self conscious.

“Absolutely not. You look stunning,” Willow answered, remembering not to drool all over the place at the sight of Buffy Summers in the sexiest of lingerie.

Willow surprised the Slayer by giving Buffy’s well sculpted ass a playful swat as she walked by the witch. Buffy couldn’t help but giggle as she exited the room before her face went back to her best smoldering sex look. Step by step she descended the stairs, her eyes locking onto Angel who was standing and watching her arrival.

Buffy smiled before continuing her slow strut towards the fashionable sofa in front of the fireplace. She had decided on dressing in black lingerie which consisted of a push-up bra (not that her perfect tits needed the help), thong and thigh-high stockings. Rounding off the outfit were 6-inch red high heels to make her athletic legs look even more breath-taking. As Buffy had a seat, she cocked a finger in the universal gesture of inviting him to join her.

Angel did as his girlfriend asked, approaching her before he bent down and kissed the blonde on each cheek. Rather than remain standing, Angel plopped himself down beside the gorgeous girl.

“Everything all set up with Willow?” Angel asked as he stroked her silky hair.

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Buffy replied, lightly stroking the inside of his thigh. “You have the hardest part in all this.”

“Keeping things rough. I remember,” the vampire nodded. “One last chance to pull out. Keeping in mind what I’ll need to do to you in order to not feel love during our...time together.”

“Fucking. Call it fucking,” Buffy told him. “Because that’s what this will be. Limit pushing, hardcore, all out fucking.”

“In that case, let me see this tight body,” Angel told her.

Buffy immediately got to her feet under the vampire's instructions. His hands started to lightly grope and touch her body, even earning her a grunt of approval from the undead man who literally fucked attracted women for over 2 centuries now. Buffy turned her back to Angel in order to show off her firm booty that she earned through hours a week in the gym and training for slaying. It was at this point that she received her first of many rough treatments. Without warning, Angel reared his left hand back and smacked Buffy’s booty harder than she’d ever received...in the bedroom at least. She didn’t even whelp as it was so sudden and powerful that it took her brain seconds to feel the sting.

“Always have adored this ass!” Angel commented.

Instead of delivering more abuse to her reddened cheek, the vampire leant down and kissed the stung flesh. The change in sensation confused Buffy’s brain and actually brought a moan from the teenager. Angel’s hands were back to her small but firm ass, jiggling the meat and pulling them apart. It afforded him a hint of the asshole underneath as the rim of her hole could just be seen around the hem of her small thong.

“Okay, come suck,” he demanded.

It helped that the vampire was already completely naked and his cock more or less hard. Buffy showed no issues listening to commands as she descended to her knees and had her dainty hand holding the bottom of his shaft. A quick lick of the lips and Buffy had him inside her mouth in the next heartbeat.

“Ahh...good,” the vampire groaned.

In her 5 years of sexual activity, the gorgeous blonde had never received any negative feedback about her oral skills. Mainly because there was nothing to complain about. Just like with everything she did, Buffy gave it 110% effort. Over and over her mouth and hand worked in perfect concert, stroking the bottom 4 inches with a handjob as her mouth blew the upper 4. Of course, normally Buffy could blow a good 6 inches at a time, but when the cock was as thick as the vampire’s was, she had no chance. So instead the Slayer focused on speed over depth to deliver one hell of a blowjob.

“Want to know how you stack up compared to Faith?” Angel hissed, knowing the comment twisted Buffy’s insides the same way it was doing to him. But it had to be done.

“No thanks. I can hear from your grunts what you think of me,” Buffy replied.

Buffy used the brief moment without the cock filling her lips in order to change strategy. Instead of the rapid bobbing, the Slayer extended her tongue and gave the sensitive underbelly a long lick from root to tip. At the top again, Buffy gave his cockhead a swirl before descending back down his pole with her lips forming a tight O. This bob down his shaft was slower than the others, and apparently the vampire liked this so he reached down and cupped the back of the blonde’s head. Getting his hint, Buffy pushed further down, feeling his tip press the back of her mouth and try to invade down into her throat though he was much too thick for that to work.

“That’s it. Keep watching me with your pretty eyes,” the vampire ordered.

Buffy had learnt a long time ago that men loved when she made eye contact when their dick was in her mouth. She didn’t know why, maybe it was a power or degradation thing. Either way, she didn’t really care. Instead, the blonde kept her gaze locked on the vampire as her eyes started to glass over and even felt a little tear run down her cheek. As she went to pull back, she found her path blocked by the strong vamp’s hand. This was fine for now, she still had lots of air in her lungs, but once he plugged her nose while his cock was still wedged deep in her mouth, she got a little panicked. After another few seconds, and a good deal of coughing and sputtering, his vice-like grip relented and Buffy pulled back with a hearty cough.

“AWWWHHHH!” Buffy breathed deeply as several thick bands of spit donned his veiny cock.

“Impressive. Faith could probably do better but half a minute with a dick in your throat is still good,” Angel summarized.

“Uhhh...thank...aaahhh...you,” Buffy politely replied.

The teen girl felt oddly energized by the praise from her cruel acting boyfriend above her, which made the surprise dick choking totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Buffy opened her mouth and felt his vein member push all the way forward again. Angel allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savor the feeling of the majority of his entire dick inside of the Slayer’s wet mouth. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back into her mouth but this time bobbed her head.

“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk,” Buffy coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep and held for several seconds.

This time as she started bobbing on his rod, Buffy felt both of his hands weave into her golden locks. Preparing herself by relaxing her tight throat muscles, the Slayer guessed she was in for a rough blowjob. Her guess turned out to be correct. Once more 6 inches of incredibly thick cock fit in the girl’s mouth, but apparently the vampire had wanted more. Disentangling his left hand from her silky hair, the vampire slapped down on the back of Buffy’s head in a crude attempt to fit more dick inside her.

“Awwwkkkk,” Buffy sputtered after being allowed to pull away from his cock.

As Buffy took a breath, she found the vampire started to stand, letting his dick fall out of her mouth. Reaching down he hooked his thumb into her mouth, using this grip to steer her back to her feet before making her walk behind the sofa. Buffy had no idea what the man had in mind, but it soon became clear when Angel laid down so his back was on the seat cushions and his ass was resting on the top of the backrest.

“Lick my ass, dirty girl,” he informed her in case Buffy wasn’t clueing in.

“I’ve rimmed Cordy and other girls so why not a guy,” the sexy blonde thought to herself.

Knowing that their fuck session had to push limits so as to not be remotely like lovemaking, Buffy accepted that tonight would be several firsts for her. Rimming a guy’s asshole was just another one, and besides, she’d done it to girls so how different could it be. As the petite blonde lent down and began licking the guy’s hairy bottom, Buffy realized it was quite different. For one, all the girls she’d rimmed had perfectly smooth and cute assholes. The much older vampire was hairy, making the taste of his ass salty, wet and not nearly as pleasant as her girl-on-girl ass-eating adventures. After a brief period to unscrew her face from a disgusted grimace, the gorgeous blonde gave a few more licks but only staying with surface-level tongue action.


Apparently Angel wasn’t interested in the lingerie-clad girl simply phoning in a poor rimjob. His one-word comment was enough to get Buffy’s attention, making the blonde lift her head. Almost as soon as she did, his right hand came crashing against her cheek with his open palm. The slap was loud, but no actual damage was done. In fact, other than the suddenness of the action, there wasn't any pain apart from a slight sting lasting a brief second.

“Lick better,” he ordered.

Knowing now what was fully expected of her, Buffy swallowed her pride and went about licking his asshole. Contorting her body to simultaneously allow herself better access while still giving him a good angle to observe, Buffy gripped his cheeks and pulled them apart. The gorgeous blonde drove her tongue a good inch into his butthole. Immediately the flavor of his ass was apparent. Buffy took a quick break by using her mouth to give his balls a deep suck before diving back down to take another tongue poke in his asshole. Once more the taste was intense and strong but she weathered the storm better this time. In fact, her tongue was licking deeper and longer, long enough that Buffy could feel his sweaty balls rubbing against her eye sockets and adorable nose.

“You nasty, nasty girl,” the man said with a happy grin.

“You wanna see nasty?”

With renewed vigor, Buffy drove her tongue into his asshole and held it for longer and longer. The taste was just as powerful but the teen didn’t care. She wouldn’t say she liked it, but the dirty act was so repulsive that she may have been getting off just a little on it. A touch of her own pussy with her fingers confirmed she was sucking wet. Backing up her claims of being a nasty girl, Buffy adopted a ramming technique, plowing her head down against the bigger man so her tongue would drive deeper into the vampire. After a dozen times, Buffy kept her tongue buried deep in his poop chute while her brilliant green eyes locked onto his.

“How’s that for you, Angel,” Buffy asked, the strong taste of ass still residing in her mouth.

“Very good. Very, very good,” he answered, though he still gave her cheek another slap to make sure he wasn’t enjoying himself by hurting his love. “Come here. Sit on my cock.”

Buffy was about to head around the sofa when she figured she’d apply another round of saliva to his cock. After all, she was well prepped before shooting started what was happening, and more importantly, to which of her holes predominantly. Buffy went for a rapid and deep approach to her blowjob to the pace of heavy metal music. She threw her delicate face down towards his lap as mouth and hand worked together to please the man.

“Gllggg...ggllllggg…” Buffy spewed spit all over his cock.

Of course, not all of her saliva was going to act as lubrication. As she prepared to pull off him, the vampire reached both hands down towards her with his right gripping onto his cock and his left coiling in her golden locks. Buffy realized what was happening a split second beforehand which allowed her to close her eyes before his dick wet in her spit came slapping against her cheek and eye socket half a dozen times. Not done with her yet, his hand went from his cock to around Buffy’s slender neck. Pulled towards him, Buffy was stunned when she felt a big glob of his spit come firing into her mouth with some splattering on her lips and face.

“You’re mine to do with what I want. Spit on you, slap you…”

Angel decided the tiny blonde needed a demonstration to the slapping claim because immediately once the words were out of his mouth his meaty right hand was smacking across her left cheek.

“And then I choke you.”

With not one but two hands, the much larger vampire took up a grip around Buffy’s throat...and squeezed. This wasn’t a light grip either. For a good 5 seconds the vampire with strength that rivalled her own choked Buffy Summers from all the air, watching her classically pretty face turn from lightly tanned to red to deep scarlett. Of course he wasn’t trying to harm her so he relaxed his grip after only a few seconds.

“AAAHHHH!” Buffy gasped as she swallowed in a lungful of air.

“Come...I fuck your pussy now,” the vampire stated.

Once more using his thumb in the mouth technique to lead Buffy, the vampire simply pulled her steadily towards him. The teen understood and was soon crawling over the back of the sofa to straddle her man. Despite still wearing her red high heels, Buffy balanced poised atop the cushions with a foot on either side of the well built vampire. She went to pull down her thong but that would take too much time as Angel simply yanked her panties to the side to expose her completely bald snatch that was colored the brightest of pink. The Slayer reached down and steered his cock to her wet snatch at the same time as sinking her knees down.

“Awwwhhh yeeesss,” Buffy hissed as she was filled with 4 inches of thick shaft.

Angel was in no mood to go slow or gentle, after all, that was too much like lovemaking. Despite her slender frame, this was totally fine with Buffy as not only was she the Slayer, but she had learnt a long time ago that she loved a good hard fuck. Lucky for her that the vampire was more than willing to provide that for her. Buffy was under the gun from intense fucking up into her cunt from the start, meaning the Slayer could simply keep herself in a power squat atop the sofa and be relentlessly thrust up into.

“You like that?” Angel asked, his fingers going into her mouth.

“Yeah...oww,” Buffy answered before a hard slap to her face interrupted her.

“You want to be choked as I wreck your tiny little pussy?” Angel questioned, his hand already clamping on her windpipe.

All while he clapped, choked and gagged the younger girl with fingers into her mouth, his fucking never slowed. In fact, the teen girl could attest to the fact he was only getting faster and more forceful. All Buffy could do was try to maintain her squat, but her legs were tiring and she found her pussy being invaded even deeper. Not only that, but the vampire kept confusing her as while he choked her currently, his other hand was used on her clit.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh!” Buffy constantly screamed.

“Gonna cum? Cum as I fucking choke you?”

Buffy didn't respond as she was simply feeling too many sensations all at the same time. She was indeed so close to her orgasm and despite her head spinning from the latest slap and then getting lightheaded from more choking, she needed something more. With the vampire managing to keep hammering into her cunt with insane stamina and power, not to mention his thumb expertly strumming her clit, Buffy reached back behind herself. Her finger was dry as a bone but she needed a finger in her ass to cum so she grit her teeth as another sensation was added to the mess of the others.

“Fuuuccckkk mmmeeeee!!!” Buffy swore as she came harder than ever before.

“Faith may have been a good lay but Buffy is in a class all her own,” Angel thought to himself as he rode out her orgasm. “You’re in too much clothes.”

“I can fix that,” Buffy said before shedding her bra and panties.

“Such great tits.”

Angel immediately went and groped both her extremely perky tits. Given her tiny waist and petite frame, the blonde should have had little boobs, but that was not quite the case. Though they didn’t rival Faith’s large mounds, Buffy’s were underrated given her teeny body. Though he’d seen them on countless occasions, seeing Buffy nude except for the black stockings made the blonde look hotter than ever. Angel felt his love for her springing up so he needed to crush it down. Hopefully Buffy was prepared...

“Need to fuck your ass now,” Angel stated, smearing a healthy dollop of lube on his dick.

Buffy didn’t blink an eye as she turned her back to the large vampire and backed up into his lap. With her feet still on the ground, she lowered herself until his extremely thick tip split her firm butt cheeks and pressed against the center of her ass. Though he was large and her ass was tiny like the rest of her, the truth of the matter was that Buffy had a boatload of anal experience so after only a few seconds, his well oiled cock was entering her bowels.

“Shit! Fuck!” Buffy swore due to the initial sting of the butt fucking. Didn’t matter that she was the Slayer, or had taken it up the dumper on countless times, or even that she had a centuries old succubus riding shotgun, it still hurt like hell initially.

With a solid 3 inches buried in her tight little ass, Angel pulled the petite girl back onto him so her feet could be up on the sofa straddling his lap. Buffy immediately started to drag her anal ring along the first half of his shaft, riding his dick in her ass. She matched his early intensity, riding her undead man hard as her naked boobs bounced and jiggled wildly in front of herself. Angel helped spur her on by strumming her sensitive clit which seemed to make her ride his cock even harder.

“Fuck me. Deeper now,” the vampire instructed.

Buffy gave a light touch to his wrist, asking him to stop pummelling her clitoris so she could concentrate. Angel consented but decided he wanted to hear less of her non-stop screaming as she anally fucked herself by shoving her panties in her mouth. As Buffy rose high on her feet so she could thud her ass down harder, impaling her own ass deeper this way, the Slayer could taste her pussy as her panties soaked in her mouth.

“Such a slut. Taking a big dick in the ass and loving it,” Angel commented with a rough grope of her chest.

Angel was now ready to start fucking her hard again. In truth, her holes had been tighter than he expected and he couldn’t help himself by fucking the Slayer a mile a minute. Luckily, though Buffy rode his dick fast and deep, it still provided the vampire with a chance to recover some stamina. Between feeling refreshed and inspired by Buffy’s fuck doll attitude, Angel scooped an arm under the back of each of her knees. As he pulled up on her legs, he used his strength and arm length to good effect by actually getting his hands behind the back of her neck, essentially folding her in a full nelson-looking wrestling move all while his dick opened up her asshole.

“Oh God! So deep...fuckkkk,” Buffy swore once more.

For lack of a better word Angel fucked the girl as if she was a doll. In a rocking motion, the vampire would push the blonde downwards to pierce her bowels with all 7 inches of thick cock. As soon as her pussy would smack against his balls Angel would pull her towards him so that her anal ring would glide down the length of his shaft until only his bulbous tip remained inside her rectum. If only he was able to look at her normally flat stomach, Angel would be able to see his cock actually poking against her tummy when he went balls deep in her tight ass.

“Perfect slut,” Angel complimented again as he let her legs go and allowed the girl to straighten from the cramped position.

“Thank...owww!” Buffy screamed as Angel decided to slap her, only this time against her pussy. “Ffuuuuukkkkk,” she swore again as he slapped her pussy once more than continued on strumming her clit as his dick pushed in and out of her ass again.

He made Buffy ride him again, and once more she did a great job. Whenever he thought she looked beautiful or lovely, he would either slap her face, smack her pussy or grab her hips and hammer up into her asshole. In truth he had to perform all these actions regularly in order to suppress his own enjoyment factor. He especially loved when he used his fingers to diddle her clitoris and actually caused the petite former cheerleader to cum for a second time that evening, only this time as he was 7 inches deep in her ass.

“Show off that wrecked ass for me,” the vampire asked.

One moment Buffy went from having her ass destroyed to feeling hands return to behind her knees and she was lifted skywards. Luckily she wasn’t thrown up and over his shoulder, instead the tiny blonde was hoisted with her ass level with the ground and her wide asshole on full view for the vampire. Of course she couldn’t see her anal gape, but she knew it was wide given the width of the dick that had been sodomizing her, not to mention the power and length of time he had spent doing so.

“Jesus! My fist could probably fit in there,” her undead boyfriend commented about the slender girl’s asshole.

“Please God no,” Buffy cried in fear. Even the Slayer had her limits.

Buffy was exhausted at this point from the lengthy ass fucking so she was perfectly relaxed. The vampire was able to get a nice view of her asshole, which despite how tight it was initially, was anything but now. Her snow white skin curved down to the purple-colored anal ring then a shift of red to denote her bowels before all else was dark.

“Come suck now,” Angel told her.

As she slid her ass onto the couch cushion she immediately bent at the waist until her face was level with his groin. Despite the sheer vileness of the act, it had become so commonplace for the Slayer that Buffy didn’t think, only acted. Extending her tongue she licked up and down the underside of his cock before replicating with both sides and the top of his shaft before beginning to blow his cock with energy. She tried placing the type of lube he had used because it was coming across as really strong and unpleasant. Normally her ass tasted salty and bitter, and tonight was no different.

“How does your cute little butt taste?” Angel asked as Buffy continued to bob her mouth on his manhood despite her slight revulsion.

“A lot like ass,” the blonde said with a wry smile. “But it’s pretty hot, right?”

“Agreed,” the vampire replied before watching as the Slayer went back to running her tongue over every inch of his filthy member.

“Now I’m going to fuck you until you milk me of my cum. Understand?” Angel told his girlfriend while smacking her in the face with his cock.

“Gonna try to break my ass. Got it,” Buffy quipped with a grin. “Don’t worry. I’m tougher than I look.”

“We shall see.”

Buffy had to only slide her tiny body off the sofa to get onto her knees. As she bent over, the vampire spun her so that her still gaping ass was pointed back at him. Rather than go for lube, the vampire simply spat onto his dickhead and rubbed it around before he stood overtop Buffy’s slender form and immediately slammed his dick back into its new home.

“Damn me,” Buffy cursed as her bowels were invaded yet again.

Angel started easy with the slender blonde, or at least as easy as hardcore anal sex could be. He used only half his length and pulled out completely after a dozen thrusts in order to observe her impressive gape. Once he had his fill of seeing her gapes, Angel opened his throttle and fucked. When a vampire fucked hard, it was different than a normal man when he had sex. The intensity was far greater, the speed nearly neck breaking and his stamina was inhuman. Buffy could only scream and grip the carpet she was being sodomized on as her ass was relentlessly fucked for God knows who long.

“Oh yes,” Angel commented, pulling out and leaving a massive opening behind.

Angel gave the Slayer only seconds to recover before his mini baseball bat was crammed back up her pooper. This time rather than his insane hammering technique, the vampire decided to go deep and slow. After each thrust of his entire 7 inch dick, he would pull out all the way. Buffy could feel every inch almost painfully crawling in and out of her hole, but she did her best to ignore that. Instead, the Slayer concentrated on keeping her butthole relaxed so that each ramming of his dick inside of her didn’t split Buffy in two.

Buffy didn’t know how long the experienced man stayed fucking her for as her body and mind started to give out on her. First it was her anal ring, which felt far looser than any asshole had any right to be. Next was her brain shutting down as she lost track of time and even what her own name was. Last was her arms as the strength bled out of them and soon Buffy found herself laying flat on the carpet, her tits pressed firmly against the shag carpeting. Of course this new position did nothing to deter Angel, in fact the vampire laid over top of her and seemed to find another gear as he fucked her even harder.

“Fuck me now. Come on Slayer! Fuck me!” Angel hissed into her ear.

With the vampire essentially holding a plank a few inches above her tiny body, Angel waited for the blonde to understand. Summoning what energy she had left, Buffy planted her hands flat on the ground then thrust her ass up. After taking a brutal ass fucking for who knows how long and having to taste the deepest recesses of her own ass, Buffy was now having to fuck her own booty. Luckily, her Slayer abilities had kicked in and leaked some extra stamina and power into her muscles, allowing her to continue with the brutal fucking.

“Ahh...ahhh...ahhh!” Buffy moaned as she bounced up and down his thick shaft.

In truth, Angel was close to cumming and having the slender blonde fuck her own ass was a great way of starving it off just a little longer. However, unlike earlier, this trick was only delaying the inevitable instead of preventing it altogether. Timing it so that after Buffy had pushed up against him, Angel plummeted his hips down so it was like having a foot in height to drive his dick down into her asshole. Buffy gave a shriek of surprise and a little pain from the depth of the thrust but only mumbled thereafter once Angel found her soiled thong and shoved it back in her mouth.

Angel used every trick in his box to withhold his orgasm while also still ramming her ass non-stop. Changing tactics constantly, the vampire went from ruining her ass with lightning fast strikes to slowing things to a snail’s pace but thumping down with all the power his 240 pound frame could manage.

“Where...ugh...do you want...ahhh...my cum,” Angel asked.

“Oh God! In me,” Buffy cried out from the onslaught she was weathering. “Always want to feel you in me.”

“Of course,” Angel agreed.

Buffy wasn’t done quite yet as her asshole still had to weather the most intense storm of sodomizing thrusts yet. It only lasted for 30 seconds, but it was an insane amount of slams down into her already loose asshole that she had no hope of counting how many times he fucked her. However, he started to slow until she was only using the first few inches of his cock. Then, with a mighty bellow, Angel thrust 7 inches deep in Buffy’s colon and stayed planted there.


As the first streak of icy cold cum plastered itself on her rectal walls, Buffy shuddered and came for a third time. She wasn’t particularly proud of herself for having yet another orgasm at the hands of a man who was degrading her and nearly torturing her, and yet she still came. Angel jerked and thrashed above her petite body, filling her rectum a good 7 inch deep. It took him 30 seconds after he was done coating her bowels before he pressed himself up and off the Slayer, only rolling off her as he panted heavily.

“Good girl,” Angel commented before rolling off the tired petite teenager.

Buffy took a few moments to recover before she walked over to the sofa and covered herself with a blanket. “Willow? Can you come down?”

It took the witch a minute, but eventually Willow appeared. Buffy instantly knew something wasn’t right. The redhead looked pale and a little tired.

“Willow? What happened?” Buffy questioned.

“Um, well, do you want the good news or bad news?”

“Good. Always good,” the blonde answered, a pit forming in her stomach.

“Well it was really nice that you two got to, you know, knock boots again,” Willow answered.

“The bad?” Angel asked, sitting next to Buffy.

“This isn’t easy to say. Your soul Angel. It...um...I had to perform a spell. The same one we did when you became Angelus last year,” Willow explained, implying that even the roughest of sex where no sane person could have otherwise enjoyed was still off limits for the pair.

“Oh.” Buffy uttered, knowing that she and Angel now had no future together.



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