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Author Topic: The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!  (Read 1944 times)


The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:42:40 PM »
Disclaimer: Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This story is NOT associated with The Walking Dead TV series, as none of the events in this story takes place within the actual Walking Dead realm. This is a compete work of fiction. There is a small portion of violence and gore.

The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
Starring: Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler

This story contains the following: MF, oral, cons

“Eugene! Quickly, in here!” shouted the butch lesbian, Tara Chambler, as she held open the door to a small abandon general store.

She and her comrade Eugene Porter were out doing a supply run when they stumbled upon a horde of the undead aka walkers. As they tried to retreat, another horde of walkers appeared from the entranceway, trapping the two of them in the small town. The horde of walkers forced Tara and Eugene to take shelter in an abandon general store.

“Help me barricade the door,” a fanatic Tara shouted.

Eugene helped Tara move some heavy shelves in front of the front door.

“We should probably check the back of the store as well,” chimed in Eugene.

He and Tara race to the back of the store to find a couple of walkers wandering around. They appeared too had been employees of the general store.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed a frighten Eugene.

Tara quickly dispatched the walkers with a hunting knife in the head. The door to the back of the store was missing off its frame, and a horde of walkers was quickly approaching through the back alley.

“We gotta barricade that door, now!” shouted Tara.

She and Eugene barricaded the door with whatever they could find in the back, as the horde of walkers began surrounding the building.

“Looks like we are surrounded and aren’t going anywhere,” Eugene commented.

“Yeah. It’ll take the others a day to find us once they realize we haven’t returned,” said Tara. “Looks like we’re spending the night here. Fuck! The straps to this flimsy ass bra broke again. Girls with big boobs should not be doing all this running.”

In a surprise move in front of Eugene, Tara began to pull the busted brassiere off her massive chest from underneath her dirty white tank top. Beads of sweat rolled off Eugene’s forehead as he ogled Tara discarding the flimsy brassiere and freeing her enormous breasts from their shackles. Her very large breasts hung-low and heavy and sloped from her chest in the form of beautiful fat teardrops. Her dark nipples were small and prominent through the grimy white tank top. 

“Oh, that feels so much better,” Tara bloated, as she made her way back to the front of the store. Eugene watched as her huge boobs jiggled and bounced effortlessly beneath her tank top. “Aren’t you coming to Eugene?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m right behind you,” Eugene replied, breaking out of his trance. From behind, he noticed Tara’s backside was equally well-endowed beneath her hip-hugging jeans.

As night fell, the horde of walkers still had the store surrounded.

“I got a confession to make,” hesitated Eugene.

“We’re not going to die, Eugene. No need for a deathbed confession,” Tara replied.

“No one knows we’re here…” He confessed.

“What do you mean no one knows we’re here? Of course, they do. You told them, right?” a worried and confused Tara asked.

“Not in so many words… I didn’t speak to a single soul about our whereabouts.”

“Oh my god, Eugene! You told me that Rick and the others knew we were making a supply run. How could you lie to me like that? Not only that, we’re stuck here in a broken down building surrounding by thousands of walkers. Oh my god, this is unbelievable. Unbelievable.”

Tara started pacing in circles about their dire situation and trying to come up with a solution to get out of it. Eugene had his eyes focused on her gigantic 34EE’s, as they bounced around inside her tank top. She had the biggest boobs in the whole camp and sadly, was only interested in other women. Her last relationship was with a woman named Denise. She was murdered in cold blood by the Saviors, but before her untimely death, Denise had gotten drunk one night and bragged to Eugene about how wonderful Tara’s massive and soft funbags were and how her tiny nipples would triple in size after long periods of nursing on them. Denise would go into vivid details about fucking Tara with a big strap-on and causing her to have multiple orgasms. Eugene was getting a hard boner just reliving those detailed stories from Denise.

“Eugene! Earth to Eugene! What are you doing?” Tara called out.

“Oh, just in deep thinking, is all,” he solemnly replied.

“While staring at my boobs? Hurry up and think of a way to get us out of this mess that you got us in,” Tara angrily stated.

“I’m sorry, I am. I don’t see any way out of this mess. I calculated every possible angle, and I’ve hit nothing but dead ends. Since this could be our last night together, would you grant a dying man’s request?” Eugene asked.

“And what would that be?” a curious Tara asked.

“Take my virginity.”

“Take your virginity? Are you serious right now Eugene?”

“I am as serious as a heart attack. I am a 40-year-old virgin, and I would not like to die that way,” he informed Tara. “You are the type of full figured woman that gets my loins going at an accelerant rate. From your long stringy hair to your thick gorgeous eyebrows, your cute button nose, and soft edible lips, and your body has the right amount of curves to keep a man happy for the rest of his unnatural born life; wide hips, massive plump breasts, and a fine behind to match. It would be such an honor for a woman of your statue to deflower me and turn me into a man in what could be my last hours on this planet.”

Tara was rendered speechless by Eugene’s declaration. Tara was also a virgin when it came to having sex with men. Before the apocalypse, she tried dating guys, but nothing clicked, and most of them were only interested in her huge knockers. Tara discovered she was attracted to other women when a female friend kissed her out of the blue and made love to Tara. She always wondered what it would be like to be with a man intimately, but unfortunately, being with a man sexually never came to fruition once the apocalypse hit.

“What do you say, Tara? I rather not be eaten before I know the smell of a woman’s scent and the touch and feel of a woman’s body,” Eugene elaborated, as the swarm of walkers continued to make noise on the outside.

Tara didn’t say anything, but lifted her dirty tank top off her torso and tossed it to the floor.

“Oh my heavens sweet baby Jesus,” Eugene muttered in amazement, as his eyes widen at the sight of his first pair of real breasts, and not just ordinary breasts, enormous pendulous hooters with pepperoni-sized mocha-colored areolas and dark brown petite nipples. Eugene looked like he was in a deep trance as drool ran down the side of his open mouth.

“Wow. So you never saw a pair of tits before?” asked a chuckling Tara.

“Not in the flesh, I haven’t. I’ve spent many hours in front of my computer looking at some mighty fine bosoms, but nothing comes close to the marvelous set you currently possessed,” uttered Eugene.

Tara held out her huge tits for Eugene, as he approached her with a crazed look in his eyes that she has seen many times in men that have a fascination with big boobs. Eugene engulfed one tiny nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like a newborn baby. He swirled his tongue around the nipple as he sucked. Tara gasped from the awareness that a man was sucking on her tit for the first time. His hot mouth felt good on her nipple, and she grunted when Eugene popped that nipple out of his mouth and moved over to the other nipple.

Eugene dropped down to his knees and engulfed a mouthful of breast flesh between his lips. He replaced Tara’s hands and squeezed the enormous bottoms of her glorious 34EE knockers, as he increased the speed at which he was sucking on her areola and nipple. After five minutes of hard and intense feverish sucking, Tara’s nipples were engorged and hard as diamonds, just as Denise described.

“Oh Eugene,” Tara loudly moaned, as she wrapped her arms around his head and smothered his face into her ponderous melons. His shaggy mullet was the only thing to appear outside of her breasts. Eugene motorboated between her fat heavy tits and caused Tara to giggle, frantically.

After ten minutes of oral play on Tara’s full bosoms, Eugene removed his face from her wet cleavage and looked up at her face and into her eyes.

“I love your huge breasts,” Eugene bloated, as he squeezed her thick mammaries from top and bottom, feeling their soft flesh squish between his chubby fingers and hard nubs poked into his sweaty palms.

“I am more than just big boobs, you know,” Tara teased.


Re: The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
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Tara took a step back and kicked off her muggy boots, followed by removing her jeans and cotton panties to reveal her bushy-layered pussy to Eugene. He stared wide-eyed like a tourist lost in a foreign country.

“My God! What a lovely mound,” Eugene complimented.

“You think so? I’ve meant to shave but you know, supplies are scarce these days,” Tara jokingly replied. She grabbed a nearby blanket and spread it out over the floor. Tara lied down with her legs spread and big tits sliding slightly down the sides of her chest. It was the most majestic sight Eugene has ever seen. “Don’t be scared, Eugene. It doesn’t bite.”

Without any more hesitation, Eugene stripped off his clothes and stood in front of Tara in just a pair of white underwear and dirty white socks. His cock made quite a large bulge in his underwear. Tara was taken aback and maybe thought Eugene was smuggling socks in his underwear to make him feel more like a man.

“I’ve watched thousands of hours of video on the art of pussy eating. I’ll try my finest to give you the best orgasm to the best of my capabilities,” cited Eugene. He lied down between Tara’s spread legs and took in the sight of her hairy cunt. He got a good whiff of the thick tart aroma that illuminated from her fuzzy snatch.

Eugene put his mouth over her pussy and slowly penetrated his tongue between the large folds of her cuntlips. Eugene licked and swirled his tongue deep into the core of Tara’s furry mound. He trailed his tongue up and down her sweet twat until he came to a stop on her clitoris. He used his teeth to nibble on her clitoris before attacking it with his tongue. He brought his hands up to spread her pussy further to give him better access to her wet pink hole.

“OH FUCK!! OHHHH GOD!!!” Tara cried, as her toes curled in her black tube socks. Not since the death of Denise has Tara felt such pleasure and stimulation. For a guy who has never eaten pussy in his life, Eugene was an instant expert and brought Tara to a toe-curling, body quivering orgasm. Her loud moans blocked out the horde of walkers that still surrounded the general store.

Tara came as Eugene continued his oral assault on her drenched cunt. He lapped up her cum like a dog lapping water from its drinking bowl. He stuck one of his large fingers into her pussy and rapidly thrust in and out while he sucked and nibbled on her clitoris. Tara’s sweet moans and groans echoed throughout the abandon general store and merely drowned out the sounds of the walkers.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” screamed Tara, arching her back and further giving the walkers a reason to get into the general store. “FUCK ME, Eugene! Give me that big fat dick!”

The butch lesbian was completely turned on by a man for the first time in her life, as Eugene’s head rose from between her legs and cum dripping all over his mouth and the tip of his nose.

“Not the best flavor,” he commented about her cum, as he stood up and took off his underwear.

Tara moaned at the sight of Eugene hung shaft. He must have been around 10-11 inches of long hard dick. The shaft was elongated and skinny while the mushroom head was enormous and thickly swollen. The balls beneath his erected penis were the size of walnuts. Tara fondled her massive breasts as Eugene crawled on his knees between her legs and lined the huge head of his cock against the opening of her slick cunt.

“I’m assuming this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me,” Eugene cited, as he slowly plunged his hard cock inside her piss soaked pussy.

“I don’t care, Eugene. Just fuck me,” Tara pleaded.

Eugene hovered over Tara with half of his elongated virgin cock buried between the walls of her sweet, drenched cunt. He steadily started thrusting in and out of Tara, envisioning how the porn studs he watched for hours would fuck their female co-stars. His large chubby frame began sweating profusely and dripping all over Tara’s shuddering body. She wrapped her legs around his waist, as he pushed more of his hard organ inside her pussy. Her giant sweaty tits flopped up and down his flabby chest and between them which turned Eugene on even more, as he increased the speed of his pounding.

“UGHHHHH EUGENE! OHHHH GOD! MY PUSSY! OH GOD!!” cried Tara, as the strap-on sex with Denise didn’t compare to the real feeling of a very long cock drilling in and out of her tight pink hole at a rapid pace.

“Oh gosh! I never expected a woman’s vagina to feel this cock on my penis,” Eugene moaned, as his blistering red cock completely vanished each time it plunged into Tara’s pussy. “The amount of lubrication you can make on your own is astonishing and makes it very easy for my penis to maneuver in.”

Sweat poured off their hot bodies and the sounds of wet flesh echoed throughout the general store drowning out the sounds of the walkers outside. Tara was dangerously close to her climax as Eugene was balls-deep penetrating her moist cunt. Her ankles were now resting over his shoulders and Eugene could smell the stank of her sweaty feet inside her wet socks, and it only drove him further in lust with Tara and increased his thrusting speed.

“AHHHH FUCK, EUGENE! I’m cumming! OH YEEEAH! OHHHH FUCK!” Tara succumbed to her toe-curling orgasm and came all over Eugene’s pounding manhood. The feeling of her cum and the warmth of her tight pussy clamped around his throbbing cock was too much for even Eugene to bear for his first time.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to cum on your massive mammaries?” He asked in his monotone voice.

“Okay, sure,” panted Tara, as her orgasm slowly started subsiding.

Eugene quickly relinquished his hard member from Tara’s gooey creamed cunt and straddled his large body on her lower torso. With both of his chubby paws, he cradled her massive milkers around his elongated dick and just the feeling of Tara’s overly large breasts smothering his pulsating tool caused him to erupted massive ropes of thick milky cum all over her face, neck, chest, and in between the valley of the sweaty double E globes.

“Oh shit! That’s a lot of cum, Eugene,” Tara noted.

Having just unleashed the biggest load of his life, Eugene fell off Tara and landed like a sack of bricks next to her completely weaken and drain from his first sexual experience.

“Alright Tara, we don’t have much time,” said Eugene.

“We don’t have much time for what? Are the walkers in the store?” she asked concerned.

“Not yet, but Rick and the others should be arriving at any moment,” he informed her.

“What do you mean Rick and the others will be here any moment? I thought you said you forgot to tell anyone where we are?” Tara questioned.

“I might have lied about that…” Eugene apologetically confessed.

“What the fuck, Eugene! So we just had sex for no reason?” Tara angrily exclaimed, as she got up and quickly put her clothes back on. The swaying and bouncing movements of Tara’s cantaloupe-sized jugs were making Eugene’s cock extend.

“I wouldn’t say we had sex for no reason. Perhaps what we did will persuade you towards men, and perhaps, we can continue what this is back at camp,” said a hopeful Eugene.

“Look, Eugene…” before Tara could finish, a couple of walkers wearing the general store uniforms, burst through a storage closet from behind Eugene.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Eugene, still naked from his sexual encounter with Tara.

Without thinking and hesitation, Tara pushed a naked Eugene towards the walkers, and both walkers proceeded to bite large chunks of flesh out of Eugene’s neck. Blood began gushing abundantly from both sides of his neck, as Eugene collasped onto the floor.

“OH GOD! What have I done?” Tara gasped, as she questioned her intentions. She quickly picked up her hunting knife and killed the two walkers. She then turns to the fallen Eugene, as he lied on the floor naked except for his dirty socks in a pool of his blood and bleeding profusely from his neck.

“Tara… Tara… why?” he mumbled, as he gasped for air holding his bloody neck wounds.

“I had fun Eugene but, this outcome was for the best,” she cited and took her hunting knife and drilled it through his skull.

“I think they’re in here!” Tara heard Daryl’s voice outside of the general store.

“Fuck,” she mumbled. Acting fast, Tara redressed Eugene as best as she possibly could. It was no easy task with Eugene being deadweight. The many hordes of walkers that had trapped Tara and Eugene inside the general store was dwindling to where members of the camp were able to burst through the barricade she and Eugene had sat up earlier.

“Tara! Are you okay?” asked Jesus.

“Oh no,” muttered Carol, as she looked down and saw Eugene’s dead corpus.

“I couldn’t save him in time. I was in the back taking out two walkers, and they must have surprised him. It all went down so fast,” Tara stated.

“Let’s take Eugene’s body back and give him a proper burial,” commended Rick.

Aaron and Jesus picked up Eugene’s corpus and carried him to the horses. As Rosita and Carol comforted Tara out of the general store, Daryl pauses and notices something odd. He sees a blanket stained with an unknown substance. Daryl had a keen sense of smell, and he smelt bodily fluids had been exchanged a few minutes before their arrival.

“That sumbitch went out a man,” Daryl muttered, as he got up and followed the rest of the crew back to camp.

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Re: The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2018, 11:36:23 AM »
Great story. I love The Walking Dead. Hope you write some more about this series!
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Re: The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2018, 05:03:16 PM »
Great story. I love The Walking Dead. Hope you write some more about this series!

I have a love, hate for Walking Dead, but this new season has differently gotten way better. This was just a random on the fly story, but I'm glad you like it. If another idea comes to mind with The Walking Dead, I'll definitely turn it into a story.


Re: The Walking Dead: Tara's and Eugene's Dilemma!
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2018, 01:07:41 AM »
I love these stories even though I don't watch the Walking Dead. Thanks for putting them here and I'm sorry no one gave you much feedback on Literotica. It's a shame, cause they're well written pieces.


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