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The 100 - Clarke and Madi in Eden
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Title: Clarke and Madi in Eden Part 1
Show: The 100
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Clarke, Madi
Codes: Fsolo, Anal, Finger, Toy, Voyeur
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with The 100, nor its characters, especially Clarke Griffin, Madi Griffin, Lexa, Octavia, Bellamy, Finn, Niylah or Raven

Summary: Set at the beginning of season 5 (so spoilers for the previous seasons). Clarke has grown horny being one of two remaining people on Earth. She doesn’\t see Madi like that...until she does.

“I’m so Goddamn horny,” Clarke couldn’t help but think as she worked in the garden.

It had been several years since her whole life had been turned upside...again. The majority of Earth’s remaining population was in an underground bunker to escape the nuclear fallout as all the reactors exploded. Clarke wasn’t supposed to be in the bunker, instead she should have been one of 7 that was to take a shuttle up to the old space station to read out Praimfaya. Unfortunately, Clarke’s task took too long and the shuttle had to launch without her. However, since she had Nightblood, she was able to ride out the nuclear radiation without any adverse effects...at the cost of being alone. Or almost alone.

“Rabbit stew tonight!”

Clarke turned in the direction of the young female speaker who wore a bright smile as she held a trio of freshly snared rabbits in her hand. Her name was Madi, a girl she first encountered roughly 2 months after Praimfaya. She was a rouge child at first, but the pair had nothing but time to get to know each other. Over months, they slowly grew into a friendship of sorts, with the wild child claiming to be 18 though Clarke had severe doubts. However, in Eden, this last piece of survivability land that once belonged to the Shallow Valley clan, Clarke was willing to allow Madi to be 18 if she wanted to be 18.

“I need a dip first,” Clarke called out to her. “I’m filthy.”

After looking the gorgeous blonde up and down, Madi finally nodded her head. “Completely filthy.”

As the pair stripped out of their clothing and threw on their swimming suits, Clarke couldn’t help but think about young Madi’s comments. Sure, if that was just a one-off reply then the blonde would think nothing of it. However, for the past several months, the younger girl had been making more and more possible sexualized comments. Nothing ever overt, but enough innuendo that it registered on Clarke’s radar.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg,” Madi shouted, already in mid-sprint.

Though it was going to be a losing feat, Clarke began running after her. With each stride, Clarke’s massive tits bounced wildly in front of her, threatening to give her a pair of matching black eyes. Keeping Madi in eyesight was the blonde’s aim, not for fear but for lust. Chiefly because the teenager had a fit body with an insanely fit ass. As they neared the water, Clarke savored the last few seconds of the meaty rump before it disappeared from sight underneath the water.

“I think they call this a win-win situation,” Clarke thought in regards to Madi’s plump ass before she too took to the lake.

“Wait. Why are you wearing your underwear like that?” Madi asked.

Looking over her shoulder like she didn’t get what the younger girl was talking about, Clarke observed her normally full coverage panties now showing the majority of her large thick ass. God, she really did have a great ass, Clarke thought. Back on the Arc, the kids would call her a PAWG - phat ass white girl. At first she thought it was an insult but she learnt quickly based on all the ‘accidental’ butt touches and gropes that the boys very much meant the comment as a compliment.

“Oh this,” Clarke said, turning around to wiggle her great ass towards Madi. “It’s to help with the baby water snakes.”

“The what?” Madi half screamed, half asked.

“Super rare but they exist. Can swim into your underwear and up your...well, inside you,” Clarke lied. “In fact, you should be doing the same.”

Now this wasn’t exactly a complete lie. After all, one of the first creatures the original band of 100 encountered was some type of aquatic sea creature that bit Octavia and carried her about in the lake until they could rescue her. However, there was absolutely no evidence that it was 1) a water snake, and 2) that said water snake would worm its way up an orifice. Plus, why would a thong really prevent that was a whole other matter but luckily her younger ward didn’t quite consider that.

“Like this?” Madi asked after a few moments.

Turning her back to the older blonde, Clarke’s jaw dropped considerably. Though she was young (Clarke maintained that the 18 years of age Madi insisted she was, had been the truth), Madi had a truly great body. Her breasts were still budding and growing, but already she could fit a B cup which was more than enough for Clarke’s liking. After all, Lexa had been the same size. But the Little Nightblood had a perfect peach of an ass. In fact, it made Clarke stop caring about Madi’s likely true age, or how she was essentially Clarke’s adopted daughter. All the blonde girl could think about was the perfectly packed, tight round mound of flesh Madi was packing. And now, she got to view the booty in a thong no less.

“Um, yeah. That is perfect,” Clarke eventually managed to stammer out.

“Okay. Thanks for the advice,” Madi replied before diving under the water, leaving Clarke’s pussy wet not only from the pond…

*   *   *

“One more story. Please,” Madi whined.

“That’s what you said last time,” Clarke countered immediately, stroking the younger girl’s hair as she laid in her lap.

“But I want more Octavia,” the Little Nightblood argued, though it was through exhaustion with still shut eyes.

“We all love Octavia. Seriously though, bed time. Go,” Clarke told her younger friend. “You’re falling asleep and you’ll get a kink in your neck.”

With a reluctant sigh, the teenager rose from her cramped sleeping position and stumbled off to bed. Clarke waited several long minutes, at which point she silently crept to Madi’s door and listened closely. When she could hear the faint, steady breathing of the teen and no rustling, Clarke took that as an assumption that Madi was asleep. Opening the door to the outside, the blonde stepped out and latched it silently behind her.

The invading sexual thoughts of Madi, not to mention the fleeting memories of Lexa sadly, meant that Clarke had a new inspiration for her masturbation tonight. The blonde could so perfectly picture Madi’s teen peach of an ass in the thong swimsuit, glistening in the sunlight with rivulets of water running over her sun-kissed curves. With a shudder of pleasure, Clarke knew her pussy was a typhoon so she hustled to the veggie garden. Earlier, she had spied the perfect cucumber for what she had in store. It was still immature, meaning it was the right combination of length, slenderness and firm.

“Far from perfect but it’ll get the job done,” Clarke commented as she picked the green vegetable from the garden.

Ever since Clarke had gotten off of the Arc and onto Earth, she had undergone something of a sexual revelation. She had always had a healthy sexual appetite, but living that first year without any parental supervision was transcendent for her. She had taken many lovers during that spell, both male and female. Though she tended to drift to more lesbian sex, she also couldn’t turn down a hard cock when she fancied it, which was regularly. Tonight though, she had thoughts on only one person.

From the garden Clarke made her way to the gazebo, mainly for the day bed it contained. She didn’t want to masterbate in the cabin she shared with Madi because several of her past lovers had told the large breasted blonde that she was quite loud when she came. Therefore, the gazebo roughly 100 yards from where Madi slept was the perfect location. It was also fairly sheltered, which was perfect because in order to properly masturbate, Clarke loved to be in the buff.

“Time to strip,” Clarke mused.

Clarke made quick work of her clothes. Her shirt was pulled over her head, before she set about unlacing and kicking off her combat boots. Her pants were now free to be pulled off her thick ass and down her athletic legs, leaving her in only bra and panties. After a quick look back at the babin she shared with Madi, Clarke reached behind her, found her clasp and undid it like she'd done countless times before. This time as the familiar weight of her surprisingly large tits was felt as the bra pulled away, she was exposing them to the crisp night air which instantly made her nipples hard.

“Good that feels good,” Clarke murmured as she rubbed her large tits, giving the nipples a little pinch as well.

After the brief fondling of herself, Clarke finished the job she stared by pulling off her thong. With her clothes removed and in a neat pile at the edge of the bed, the blonde climbed atop the mattress and settled her head on the pillows. She rested her freshly picked cucumber beside her, as that would come into play a little later. First though, she needed a warm up.

“God, it’s been so long,” Clarke moaned after she licked her fingers before bringing it down between her legs and touching her pussy.

An unforeseen consequence of undergoing a Nightblood transfusion was that from the neck down, Clarke was hairless. So not only did the treatment she got from Luna allow her to survive lethal doses of radiation, but it meant she didn’t have to shave ever again, which was great considering how sexy she felt when she had a completely bald pussy. Taking full advantage, Clarke rubbed her fingers through her dampening slit, working herself into a frenzy before taking the plunge into her hole with not one, but two fingers.

“Mhhmmm! Ohhhh!”

Clarke was on a mission. For too long lately she had been resigned to brief sessions, essentially just flicking her clit for a minute or two until an orgasm rolled through her. They were weak, but when she performed them nightly, they got the job done. But lately, that wasn’t enough. She needed a big orgasm. Clarke knew why. She was getting more and more attracted to her fellow Nightblood Madi. Though they almost had a mother-daughter relationship, and Clarke also questioned if she was jailbait to quote an old term, but the blonde was lusting after the teenager...big time.

“Oh God yes,” Clarke moaned as a third finger entered her cunt.

It felt so good to have something inside her once more. It didn’t matter if it was Lexa’s tongue, Octavia’s fingers, Finn’s cock or even that one drunken night where it was Raven’s fist. But having her pussy stretched, probed and pleasured was beyond words for Clarke. At this point, it was right up at the top of the needs pyramid with water, air and food.

*   *   *

Madi didn’t know what woke her. She used to be a terrible sleeper, only getting rest in fragments throughout the night. But that was she she was alone. Now she had Clarke and the two had a proper home. Yet, here she was awake in the middle of the night.


No answer. 10 seconds and still nothing. Madi called out again and after half a minute and no one came through the door. A shot of adrenaline shot through the young Nightblood so she used that energy to roll out of bed and throw on her clothes. Before she left her room, she grabbed a set of throwing knives, as well as one meant for hand-to-hand combat. Satisfied, the Little Nightblood left her room.

Madi was as silent as Clarke had been earlier, which was to say practically a ghost. She knew the terrain well so avoided the areas with leaves and twigs, items that tended to snap and crackle. Therefore, Madi was able to quietly stalk towards the noise that a female was making off in the near distance. Closer and closer the teen stalked until arriving at the source. Easing her way around the perimeter, Madi finally got around to the entrance and was able to look inside, a throwing knife already grasped in her fingers.

“Oh shit. That’s Clarke...touching herself,” Madi observed.

An extremely naked Clarke was laying on the bed, her legs spread wide with her fingers pumping in and out of her hairless pussy. Her other hand was up on her left breast, her huge left breast at that, massaging the jiggling globe and occasionally tweaking her nipple. Her mouth and pouty lips were held open in a constant O shape as moans flooded forth, while her normally brilliant blue eyes were screwed shut.

“I should go…” Madi reasoned before a single word made her stop in her tracks and reverse her decision.

“Mmm...Madi,” Clarke moaned as the cucumber plundered her asshole.

“Did she say...my name? As she pleasured herself?” Madi wondered.

Any thoughts of leaving were off the table now, as the Little Nightblood needed to know if Clarke said what Madi thought she heard. Instead, Madi tucked the throwing knife away and got into a position that made herself harder to be spotted, as well as much more comfortable. This decision was justified a moment later when Clarke opened her eyes just wide enough to find the cucumber she had brought with her.

“What in the world is that for?” Madi wondered.

The green vegetable was clutched in the blonde’s left hand and was brought to her mouth. For a moment Madi assumed Clarke got hungry and was going to have a snack, mid-masturbation, but instead the blonde began to suck on the cucumber. Madi’s confusion would soon grow even more as Clarke parted her legs even wide and reached down with her right hand. Rather then drive her digits back into her wet pussy, Clarke overshot that hole and instead rubbed the fingertips around on her crinkled asshole.

“Is she rubbing her butt?” Madi thought before watching as Clarke isolated her middle finger and shoved the pussy-juice covered digit past the anal ring and into her asshole. “Wow.”

“Oh fuck! That’s the good stuff,” Clarke cooed as she began fingering her asshole.

Madi was transfixed. She was watching a masterclass in female masturbation. One finger up the butt became two as Clake pushed them all the way in and gyrated several times before pulling them out. This pace started slow but gradually became faster. The speed definitely picked up even more as Clarke held the cucumber in her mouth through gravity alone so that her left hand could reach down and rub her clit, stimulating two zones at once.

Never becoming too predictable to herself, Clarke was constantly changing her habits. She pulled both fingers from her asshole at one point and actually lightly slapped her slightly gaping hole. Not hard, but hard enough, Madi thought. As she swatted her anus, Clarke was using two fingers on her free left hand to pillage back in her cunt, but after a minute she pulled those slick digits free in order to go back to rubbing her clit as her right fingers returned to blasting her butt.

“So many moving parts,” Madi gawked as Clarke moaned loudly in front of her. “And so...hot!”

Little did Madi know that things were only just ramping up. The fingers were just foreplay for the main event. Pulling both sets of hands away from her well fingered holes, Clarke took the dry end of the cucumber into her dominant right hand. After Giving the other end a last swirl of her tongue, the blonde reached the veggie down towards her sex.

“Is she about to have sex...with a cucumber?!” Madi thought in shock.

Lower and lower Clarke brought the veggie until it was rubbing through her slit. However, just like before, her pussy wasn’t the ultimate destination for the cucumber. All it was doing near her slit was gathering more juices to act as natural lubrication. Instead, the end of the vegetable was brought lower where it butted up agaist’s Clarke’s back door. The blonde knew how to pick her veggies to act as butt toys because with little effort, the cucumber had breached her anal ring and was a good 2 inches into her rectum.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” Clarke screamed, almost cumming right there and then.

As her left hand rubbed her snatch, her right hand plundered the makeshift dildo in and out of her ass. She was only using 4 inches of the cucumber, but it was having the desired effect of stretching her sphincter and stimulating her asshole with the repetitive fucking motion. In fact, it was like riding a bike if the bike was a dildo you grew in your garden and riding was fucking yourself. Oh, and if riding the bike was hurtling you towards an utterly epic orgasm.

Madi didn’t know when she started touching herself, but she became aware of her hand grinding over her pussy through her pants. She immediately stopped, leaving her pussy a swamp in the process as she didn’t know what it meant. She loved Clarke, but she didn’t know if she loved her like that. And yet, her little pussy only grew more damp with the sight of Clarke fucking her own asshole with a cucumber as her insanely large and perfect tits jiggled with wild abandonment.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the Commander of Death shrieked, orgasm drawing nearer.

Oh how she wished that Lexa was here so she could be attacking Clarke’s clit with her skilled tongue. Hell, even Niylah would do. Though not in the same class as Lexa, at least she had a true hunger for eating pussy. And she worshipped Wanheda so Niylah was desperate to show her worth to Clarke. Or even better. If she could somehow recruit and groom Madi to become her new lover…

“YESSS!!! Fuck! Madiiiiiii!!!!!” Clarke screamed without thought or care of the volume of her voice. All that mattered was her orgasm, the orgasm she was imagining Madi delivering to her.


“Madi!” Clarke shouted in surprise, her large tits bouncing wildly as she sat up quickly and gathered her clothes. “Oh God.”

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Re: The 100 - Clarke and Madi in Eden
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Title: Clarke and Madi in Eden Part 2
Show: The 100
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Clarke, Madi
Codes: FF, Finger, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with The 100, nor its characters, especially Clarke Griffin, Madi Griffin, or Lexa

Summary: Madi needs time to process what she saw. However, Clarke wants to steer her decision in the right way.

“Madi! We should talk,” Clarke chased after the younger Nightblood.

“We don’t need to. I didn’t see anything. Or hear anything,” Madi shouted over her shoulder.

The event that Madi claimed not to see was a very naked Clarke masturbating with the use of a cucumber in her asshole. That sight alone would have been a little dramatic for the teenager to see, but it was what Clarke was saying during her orgasm that spooked the Little Nightblood. Namely, calling out Madi’s name as she came.

By the time Clarke had thrown back on her clothes and raced after Madi, the younger girl had too large a head start. Madi threw open the front door of their shared cabin before entering her bedroom and promptly locking it behind her. Clarke was going to knock and demand that they talk about what the teen saw, but Clarke recognized a lost cause when she saw one. Madi needed time.

“Fuck,” Clarke swore.

This wasn’t what Clarke wanted. Sure, she didn find the teenager growing more and more attractive by the day. She loved Madi’s large dark eyes, her plump cheeks, her tiny but athletic build and her budding breasts. And oh how did Clarke lust after the fine booty Madi had matured into. While not the same size as Clarke’s own phat rump, Madi had a perfect peach of a booty, tight and perfectly round. Oh how Clarke wanted to sink her teeth into the firm flesh…

“Damn, I need to take a lap,” Clarke thought, working herself back up into a sexual frenzy.

Knowing that she couldn’t sleep right now, Clarke headed back outside and started to work out. She needed to work off her sexual frustration. In truth, she wanted to masterbate again, but thought better of it. After all, she didn’t want Madi thinking she was some type of sexual deviant. Well, any more of a sexual deviant. After all, the teen had caught Clarke fucking her own ass with a cucumber. Anyway, Clarke would just work off her frustrations tonight then talk to Madi in the morning.

*   *   *

Madi was gone by the time Clarke woke up the next morning. She had left a note saying what and roughly what time she’d be back at least. But Madi never did this. She was clearly trying to avoid Clarke. Which, for some reason, pissed Clarke off beyond belief. After all, she knew for a fact that Madi loved her body, she’d caught the younger girl staring down her shirt or lingering her gaze on the ass enough times.

“Big deal! So you caught me jerking myself off,” Clarke fumed around their property. “I’m a woman! I have needs! Who is she to shame me.”

And then it hit Clarke. Maybe Madi was simply avoiding her because she didn’t know how to handle her complicated feelings. Maybe the Shallow Valley Clan, Louwoda Kliron Kru, thought negatively on bisexuality or lesbianism. So it would stand to reason that Madi was just confused, not angry at Clarke. Therefore, confronting the teen outright would be a mistake. Instead, Clarke figured she needed to draw Madi out in order for the younger girl to meet her sexual confusion head on.

Clarke went straight to her room and started to look through her shirts. She went through a number of choices before settling on a colorful one that was already low cut. With a pair of scissors, Clarke made the shirt into her best approximation of a bikini top, albeit one that offered her huge tits little support and barely any coverage. In other words, it was perfect. Slipping it onto her body, and pairing it with her smallest, skimpiest thong, Clarke checked herself out in the mirror.

“This will get her attention,” the blonde thought with a sinister grin.

With each step, Clarke felt her heavy tits sway and jiggle before her. As she looked down, she turned herself on, which was an impressive feat. A look back over her shoulder to see her thick white ass bouncing with each stride didn’t stop her pussy from getting wet either. The blonde was headed in the direction Madi was hunting and whatever other activity that was keeping her away from home today. Which was fine, because their favorite swim spot was that way and Clarke knew for a fact Madi loved going for a dip at midday, which so happened to be any minute.

*   *   *

“Man, I could use a little cool off,” Madi said out loud as she set her bow, staff and traps down on the grass.

The teenager stripped out of her clothes, or most of them anyway. Remaining on her body was the bra and panties she usually wore when swimming. On occasion her and Clarke would do what the blonde would call ‘skinny dipping’ but not after hearing about the sea snakes that would worm their way into your orifices. Just like how that stiff green cucumber had being worming in Clarke last night…

“Need to cool off,” Madi thought, feeling her nipples hardening and pussy dampening with the memory of watching Clarke masterbate last night.

A dive into the water helped somewhat, but the teen could still feel the heat radiating through her body. What did it mean? Did she like Clarke? Or even girls in general? She had been too young for those thoughts before Praimfaya, but over the past several months she had found her gaze lingering for longer and longer on the blonde girl. Even now, in the middle of a pond, Madi must have been hallucinating as she was picturing the gorgeous Clarke in nothing but the slimmest of thong underwear and a swimsuit that was more tattered rag than actual covering.

“See something you like,” Clarke asked with one raised eyebrow after watching Madi stare at her tits for a good 20 seconds without blinking.

“Ahhh,” Madi screamed in shock before dunking herself under the water.

When she surfaced, Clarke had swam up beside her. “What is it Madi?”

“What is it?! It’s you, Clarke!”

“I freaked you out last night. I get it. I’m sorry you had to see me like...that but it’s natural. I have needs. All women have needs,” Clarke told the younger girl.

“I know. It’s just...it’s you,” Madi said, looking into the blonde’s big blue eyes.

“What does that mean? Like I said, I’m a woman with needs. Much like you're a woman with needs,” Clarke countered. “Right?”

“You mean like…” Madi trailed off though her eyes flashed down towards her pussy.

Clarke smiled and nodded her head approvingly.

“For me, it feels like a dam is building up all this pressure and it needs to be released,” Clarke explained.

“Yes!” Madi agreed, much louder than she intended. “I get that all the time.”

“And that’s why I...we...need to do what I did last night. Or some variety of that,” the blonde explained, feeling like she had Madi on the hook, but still needed to land her.

“You’re talking about sex?” the teen questioned.

“Kinda. Sex is a means to an end. The end being the pressure-relieving orgasm. That’s what makes your head spin and every fiber of your body feel like it’s on fire in the best way possible,” Clarke explained. “I’m sure you know the feeling.”

Silence was the blonde’s only reply, which Clarke expected. She doubted the teenager had masterbated before and she would have been way too young to have sex before Praimfaya. After a few more seconds of the awkward silence, Clarke gave her younger friend a questioning raise of the eyebrow. Right on cue, Madi’s cheeks went red and she dunked her head back under water to hide.

“No, no. None of that. It’s okay to not have had sex before,” Clarke comforted her.

“It feels that good?” Madi asked, staring into the blonde’s eyes from only a foot away.

“Amazing. And, in my experience for which I have a lot, women are not only the best teachers, but the best lovers in general,” Clarke explained, feeling that hook slide deeper and deeper into the younger girl.


“Doesn’t it make perfect sense though? Who other than another girl could know our bodies so well,” the blonde reasoned, crouching slightly as to always maintain eye contact with the younger girl.

“It does,” Madi agreed. After a few moments, it seemed that the argument fully sunk in with the brown-haired girl. “So how do we do…”

Clarke had been waiting for this moment and instantly moved forward. Before Madi could finish her sentence, the busty girl had her lips pressed against her. Madi had never kissed another girl, or boy for that matter, so she was more or less trying to mirror the more experienced blonde. That equated to pressing their lips together, which soon had them opening their mouths and slithering their tongues against each other.

“How was that?” Clarke asked with an almost cocky smile before going back in for another round of making out.

“I liked that,” Madi replied honestly.

Clarke had been planning this seduction all day so she moved into the next phase. French kissing was all good and well, but for an inexperienced girl like Madi, keeping the pace moving at a good clip was important. After another tongue-filled kiss, Clarke placed her hand on the younger girl’s breastbone before slowly moving it down her sunkissed flesh and over her bra to give Madi’s perky tit a light grope. She felt the brunette moan into her mouth, and as Clarke moved to knead her other boob, she slipped into her bra to do so on bare flesh. She coupled this fondling with her mouth moving from Madi’s mouth and down to her neck.

“Mhmm...ahhh,” Madi softly moaned.

As Clarke continued to kiss the younger girl’s sensitive neck, she couldn’t help but smile. Not only had she successfully initiated the seduction of little Madi, but it was going better than she hoped. After all, she was now fondling both of Madi’s naked tits having unclasped her bra and thrown it to shore. In fact, not only did Madi not flinch at being removed of her top, but she even helped Clarke shrug out of it.

“Come on,” Clarke said, taking Madi by the hand. “I brought a blanket.”

The pair made a beeline straight to the blanket that Clarke had already laid out on the closest shore. Within moments they were out of the water and as Clarke lowered herself to the ground, she pulled the younger girl down with her. Once more her lips found the brunette’s, as too did Clarke’s hand find Madi’s incredibly perky tits.

“Can I?” Madi asked as her hands reached to Clarke’s chest.

“Haha, of course,” Clarke chuckled before throwing the poor expose of a top from her body.

“Oh my God,” Madi couldn’t help but exclaim.

Even before she turned 20 and was exiled to Earth, Clarke had big tits. Therefore, she had grown used to boys and girls alike worshipping them, and Madi was just the latest. With her poor excuse of a bikini top off, her massive D cup tits were completely bare. Perfectly round with suckable nipples, Clarke took her right tit up in her hand before literally bringing it right to Madi’s face. Clarke figured it would take her nipple being placed right in Madi’s mouth in order to bring the younger girl out of her worshipping stupor, but the brunette surprised her. Lunging her head forward when the wilky white globe came within striking distance, Madi instantly latched her lips around one of the blonde’s nipples.

"Yes Madi! Suck my tits," the original 100 girl encouraged.

In her planning, Clarke didn’t predict Madi to be so...willing. Yet here the 18 year old was, pressing her adorable face firmly into the blonde’s massive tit and sucking greedily at her nipple. Hell, Madi was even showing initiative by not only using her tongue to make swirling motions around the erect nub, but also licked her way down one milky globe and up the other in order to suck on that boob as well. All Clarke could do was moan wildly into the empty valley as she clutched the brunette’s head to her chest.

“God, Madi! You’re making me so wet,” Clarke shrieked.

As good as it was feeling to have the younger girl’s lips wrapped around her nipples, Clarke had more on her agenda than just getting her tits sucked. In fact, all the blonde was thinking about was how good the fellow Nightblood must taste. Therefore, while still cradling Madi’s head to her chest, Clarke laid the girl flat on her back. After practically suffocating the teen by her huge tits, though what a way to go, Clarke slid down the girl. As she crawled, Clarke hooked her fingers in Madi’s underwear and pulled them off the teen, getting her first face-to-face look at Madi’s pink pussy. Much like Madi herself, her pussy was cute and adorable, and just like her own cunt, it was completely hairless given to their Nightblood.

“You smell so good,” Clarke cooed as she took a deep sniff of the younger girl’s slit. Extending her tongue, Clarke took a long slow swipe from hole to clit. “And taste even better!”

“Ah God! So good,” Madi shuddered in pleasure.

The younger girl could have burst at any moment. Despite being rusty as the last time she went down on someone was Lexa a few years ago, Clake’s tongue work was second to none. Therefore, not only was Madi on the receiving end of her first ever oral sex, but it was at the hands (or tongue) of a true master. Plus, after never doing more than a clumsy fingering of her own pussy from time to time, Madi was horny beyond belief with no release for her growing sex drive, so the young Nightblood was needing exactly what Clarke was doing to her.

“Seriously Madi. One of the best pussies I’ve ever had,” Clarke couldn’t help but squell in delight while Madi screamed in pleasure.

Clarke was taking her time with the teen. Being that this was her first time with Madi, not to mention the younger girl’s first lesbian experience at all, the thoughtful Nightblood wanted to impart a good deal of pleasure to Madi before she creamed. And considering how a stiff breeze could bring Madi to orgasm at this point, it would take all of Clarke’s skill to slow things down. She loved the taste of Madi's pussy, her flavor being a mixture of pomegranate and strawberry with the slightest hint of pumpkin, presumably from the diet they ate.

Madi was responding just as the Nightblood between her legs had hoped for, with loud and near constant screams of approval. Clarke continued to shove her tongue straight into the brunette's pussy over and over again until the younger girl was on the edge of explosion. Not wanting for her to orgasm so soon, Clarke pulled her tongue out and replaced it with first one, then a second lightly thrusting fingers while she kissed the inside of Madi's thigh.

"Yes...Ohhhh...Ahhh...Yes," Madi moaned while in pure bliss.

Over and over again, Clarke brought Madi close, but never too close to her orgasm. After all, if you fly too close to the sun then you plummet. Similar concept for a woman and her climax. Something Clarke had firsthand experience with, unfortunately. But, this was to Madi’s advantage as the blonde was well versed in prolonging an orgasm by varying her approach. Licks, fingering, her lips pulling on Madi’s slit but always Clarke avoided her clit. That would be way too sensitive on a girl as young and inexperienced as Madi.

“Please Clarke. I’m so close. Please let me...what did you call it...cum?” Madi pleaded.

Clarke would have loved to continue to devour the little teen’s pussy for hours, but she was also aware she had years of time for that. So instead, the blonde bisexual decided to let the brunette have what she so desired. Pushing a third finger into Madi's cramped hole, Clarke plowed deeper and faster than she had been. It was tight for a few moments, but Madi’s extreme wetness eased the way until her cunt stretched that little bit further. This caused Madi to heave her chest up in approval and try to move her body towards the edge of the blanket in order to get the fingers even deeper into herself. Delivering the final blow, Clarke used her unoccupied tongue to latch onto Madi's exposed clitoris for the first time in her life.

"YEESSSSSS," Madi screamed as she came from the first time in her life.

Clarke heard the younger girl's scream before feeling her hole clamp down tightly on her three fingers and a rush of liquid rapidly coat them. Not wanting to miss tasting any of Madi's virgin nectar, Clarke withdrew her digits from deep inside her friend and replaced them with her eager tongue.

"AWWWHHH!!! GOD!," Madi screamed once again as her sensitive pussy was being explored by Clarke's tongue again.

"You are so tasty. Maybe it’s a Nightblood thing. Or maybe just a Madi thing," Clarke observed. "Here, have some."

Madi was getting drowsy as Clarke continued to bury her tongue in her pussy. She was vaguely aware of Clarke pulling her mouth from her sex, or crawling up her body, though the feel of those large pillow tits on hers should have been the tip off. Nonetheless, once the blonde was within reach she placed three skinny fingers that coated in some type of gooey syrup right into Madi’s mouth. Once the liquid touched her tongue, Madi automatically started to suck on the digits until she'd removed any trace of the delicious flavor.

“Oh my God, Clarke. Like, seriously,” Madi struggled for words. “That was...I am...delicious.”

“Yeah. I know,” Clarke grinned back at the naked younger girl.

“Should I…” Madi asked, her eyes flicking down to look at Clarke’s snatch.

“Easy killer,” Clarke laughed. “Temperature is dropping and we are both soaking wet. I think we get dressed, head home and then maybe we can find a way to warm up.”

“Hmm okay,” Madi said, though Clarke immediately recognized a mischievous glint in the Little Nightblood’s eyes. Springing like a snake, Madi pushed the topless Clarke over onto her back, threw her bikini top back into the water then bundled up her own clothes before taking off on a run. “Last one back is a rotten egg!”

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Re: The 100 - Clarke and Madi in Eden
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Title: Clarke and Madi in Eden Part 3
Show: The 100
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Clarke, Madi
Codes: FF, Finger, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with The 100, nor its characters, especially Clarke or Madi Griffin

Summary: Madi remembers that first time she caught Clarke using a makeshift dildo up her ass and asks Clarke to teach her the secrets to anal pleasure.

“Hey Clarke?” Madi asked, quiet enough that if the blonde was sleeping it shouldn’t have woken her.

“Ready for another round already,” Clarke asked, stretching before rolling on her side to face the younger girl.

Ever since the pair started hooking up a few weeks back, it seemed that was all they did now. Sure, they still did their chores and hunted and fed, but they were fucking constantly. Hell, in three short weeks it seemed that Madi made up for her complete lack of sexual experience with a near lifetime amount. However, up to this point Madi felt like the older Clarke had been keeping the handbrake on in regards to their sexual interactions. She wasn’t really complaining, either it was Clarke’s tongue or fingers in her pussy Madi still came hard. But she couldn’t stop thinking back 3 weeks ago when she caught Clarke with a cucumber up her ass and cumming vocally.

“No it’s not that,” the younger girl answered before amending her response. “I mean, yes, always. But I wanted to see if you’d be willing to do some...teaching?”

“Teaching? I think we’ve gone over all the weapons training we have access to, same with hand-to-hand combat…” the Commander of Death started listening off before she was interrupted.

“No silly. Sexually,” Madi corrected her lover.

“Oh I’m always up for that, Little Nightblood,” Clarke answered before leaning in and giving Madi a passionate kiss.

“Could you teach me how to do butt stuff?”

“What?!” Clarke gaped.

“Oh no, did I say it wrong?” Madi questioned, looking embarrassed.

“No. Butt stuff is the right phrase. Could have gone with ass play or anal or...but that’s besides the point. What is bringing this on,” the blonde asked.

“Well I can’t help thinking back to that first night a few weeks ago,” Madi answered.

“And the infamous cucumber up my ass,” Clarke nodded her head, knowing what the younger girl meant.

“And so if that’s how you...orgasmed then, but not since. I only do pussy stuff to you,” the younger girl explained.

“God, it’s so hot hearing the word pussy leave your mouth,” Clarke cooed, her snatch getting damper by the second.

“But seriously. I want you to teach me...ass play so that I can pleasure you the way you want,” Madi continued.

“I thought you saying pussy was hot, but hearing ass play come out of your adorable mouth is the pinnacle of sexy,” the hormone-fueled blonde retorted. “But to answer your question, I’ll gladly be your sherpa in regards to all things anal. Plus...I think you’ll end up becoming something of a butt slut yourself.”

“You think I have it in me to be like you? A...butt slut?”

“I was wrong. You saying butt slut is the hottest thing I’ve ever heard,” Clarke corrected herself.

Unable to control her hormones any longer, the blonde practically pounced onto the younger girl. Madi gave a brief cry of surprise before the pair were a tangle of limbs. Their lips found each other with ease, and before long their tongues were batting, licking and swirling around the other’s. Clarke lifted her arms above her head, allowing Madi to pull her shirt over her head, having to take a brief pause in their kissing for that to happen. Madi used to break in kissing to redirect her mouth elsewhere - namely the blonde’s suddenly freed tits.

“God! You’re so obsessed with tits,” Clarke laughed.

Madi didn’t really hear her lover. Essentially whenever the Little Nightblood had access to Clarke’s naked tits, all else faded to the periphery. And rightfully so, to be honest. It wasn’t hyperbole to say Clarke’s tits were huge. A full D cup that were natural, they were the full package. Bouncy, heavy with the perfect pink nipple capping each breast, with said nipple currently erect and being eagerly sucked on by Madi.

As the Little Nightblood went for her shorts, Clarke took her opportunity to disrobe Madi of some of her clothing as well. Being in a sweater with a zipper made it a lot easier so all the blonde had to do was unzip the garment then peel it over her shoulders. The stacked blonde even managed to untie the string bikini Madi wore to render the brunette topless before having to lift her hips up to allow her shorts to be pulled off her body.

“I’m losing,” Clarke commented, referring to the fact she was completely naked while Madi still had bottoms on. “I hate losing.”

With a sudden explosion of movement, Clarke essentially reversed their positions so that Madi was laying flat on her back with the busty blonde on top of her. Of course, the losing comment was just a way for Clarke to take back control, something she craved having. It also offered the blonde a chance to suck at Madi’s tits. Though not in the same ballpark in terms of size with her own, Madi still boasted a perky pair of globes that were good size for her age and slender body frame. The fact that they were capped with the cutest, most adorable nipples didn’t hurt her case either.

“Mhmmm...oh Clarke,” the Little Nightblood moaned. “Looks like I’m not the only one boob crazy.”

Clarke took a brief pause from suckiling at Madi’s small erect nipple to give her a wolfish smile in response. Though she really did love her boob time, the busty girl had much more in store than that. A quick unbuckling and pull left Madi on the same footing as herself, which was to say completely naked. Clarke wanted to just kiss her way down Madi’s flat stomach and start eating out her bald pussy, but that wasn't the plan for today.

“Ready for your first anal training?” Clarke asked the moaning brunette.

“More than anything,” Madi beamed with excitement.

“Good girl,” Clarke said, propping herself up before getting to her feet.

“So you’re going to do it to me and then we swap positions and I repeat back to you?” Madi questioned, wondering how it would work.

Clarke gave a light chuckle because of course this teen wouldn’t know about being able to both do oral at the same time. After all, before 3 weeks ago, Madi had zero sexual experience and not even the luxury of porn like the kids of the Arc grew up with. Never shy of having to teach the Little Nightblood, Clarke walked to the top of the bed before climbing on and crawling down and over Madi’s supine form.

“What…” Madi started to question after giving Clarke’s tits a quick suck as they dangled in her face for a brief moment.

“Shhh,” Clarke cut her off.

The busty girl crawled down until her pussy was more or less hovering above Madi’s adorable face. Looking down her body, Clarke saw the younger girl’s facial expression change from confusion to lust as her big brown eyes settled on the pink slit. Well, the blonde thought she might as well give her lover what she wanted so she lowered her hips until her pussy came into contact with Madi’s lips. Like a hungry infant presenting a teat, the brunette greedily began using her lips to open mouth kiss the snatch in front of her mouth before tongue was employed to burrow deep inside Clarke’s honey pot.

“God! I love your enthusiasm!” Clarke grunted as waves of pleasure rocked her hourglass frame.

As good as it felt to have Madi slithering her skilled tongue through her folds and deep into her pussy, Clarke remained focused on what this was about. Allowing herself another minute of essentially sitting on the Little Nightblood’s face, the bust blonde leaned back down and rested her huge tits on Madi’s flat stomach. Extending her tongue, Clarke lapped excitedly at the brunette’s bald pussy, tasting the sweet fluids as they bathed her taste buds.

“Oh! Oh wow!” Madi cooed as she discovered the new sex position.

“It’s called 69-ing,” Clarke explained.

“I really like it,” the brunette added before swiping her tongue at Clarke’s pussy again. “It let’s me taste you while you’re pleasuring me.”

“Or…” Clarke started before rolling the pair over onto their sides. “Allows me to teach you by having you mirror what I’m doing.”

Even though it was only a small change, being on their sides made their bodies fit a little better, which was key. Madi followed Clarke’s lead in straightening out her bottom leg while keeping their top leg bent, allowing the pair to fit tighter together. Clarke took the lead as she normally did by dragging her tongue in a swirl around Madi’s clit, down her slit and briefly into her pink hole. This was not her final destination though. Instead, the busty woman continued lower, over the thin patch of skin beneath the cunt and finally licked right overtop of Madi’s virgin asshole.

“Whoa!” Madi screamed in surprise.

Clarke ignored the shocked noise and instead went back to tossing the younger girl’s salad. In slow, deliberate licks, the busty blonde ran her flattened tongue repeatedly over Madi’s puckered hole. Originally the brunette had winked her asshole even tighter when she felt the wet muscle slide over it, but with each passing lap of the tongue, Madi’s innate instincts started to dullen as she released it was nice.

“Need me to stop?” Clarke asked with a cocky grin as she looked back under her body to Madi’s face.

“Awwhhh...no. Please, don’t stop,” the teen moaned in response.

Clarke thought as much, but it was still good to have it confirmed. The older girl continued to rim Madi, but this was a teaching session, not just for Madi’s pleasure alone.

“Okay, now you start copying,” Clarke instructed after another minute of feasting on the teen’s ass.

“Oh right,” the Little Nightblood replied, remembering what she was supposed to do.

Though she had been simply allowing herself to feel the strange but powerful pleasure from having her asshole eaten, Madi now focused on what Clarke was doing. The blonde had kept things consistent, allowing Madi to get a grip on the technique. Mirroring what she was doing, Madi took a steadying breath before extending her tongue and licking her first ever butthole. She was braced for a strong...gross taste considering it was normally a one-way street for the digestive system, but instead it had only a faint earthy taste. Not as sweet as a pussy but more of a savory flavor, which worked for the teen.

“And? Are you a firm member of team booty eater?” Clarke asked with a laugh.

“Count me in!”

Madi continued to lap over and over again at the crinkled surface of Clarke’s asshole after her decision that not only did she enjoy being at the receiving end of a romjob, but also giving one. It felt so naughty and taboo to be both having your butthole licked, as well as licking someone’s poop chute, and yet it also felt so right. And pleasurable. In fact, Madi was unsure which she preferred but the glory of this 69 position was that she could have her cake and eat it too...with the came being an asshole of course.

“Good, now start to literally rim my ass,” Clarke instructed.

Madi felt the change in technique that the busty blonde employed and was soon copying the action. Instead of using a flattened tongue to lick overtop the puckered hole, this time Madi made her wet muscle into more of a point. With a more sharpened tool, Madi dragged her taste buds in a circular motion in orbit around the small center of Clarke’s asshole. She felt more crinkles and nooks with this style, and it was fun going from wide concentric rings to narrow circles as she neared the middle.

“Quick...mmmm...study,” Clarke complimented the younger Nightblood.

“Awhhh...great teacher,” Madi countered.

The two continued to whip each other into a frenzy and that was before Clarke busted out the next lesson. Madi could still feel her blonde mentor using a sharper tongue point but this time the rimming of her pucked hole stopped as Clarke butted against the center of her anal ring. Instinctively Madi winked her butthole shut, but Clarke was prepared. After waiting a few seconds, the tone of the muscular ring softened, allowing the stacked blonde to ease her slippery muscle inside Madi’s teen asshole.

“UMMMM yeah that’s good” Madi moaned rather loudly.

Now that Clarke had been admitted into Madi’s asshole, she seemed determined not to leave. The taste of the earthy flavor was stronger inside the ring than merely on the surface, but it was a taste Clarke had grown to love. And not just of her lovers, but with her own asshole as well. Hell, even though her previous lovers, both male and female, thought it was varying levels of gross, Clarke would routinely suck on a dildo, finger or cock that had come fresh from her pooper without hesitation.

“It feels so weird in me,” Madi replied, feeling Clarke’s tongue wiggling a good inch deep in her colon.

“Good weird or bad…” Clarke asked as she slithered her tongue back into her mouth for the first time in a minute.

“Good. Definitely good,” Madi quickly answered. “Can you do more of it now?”

“Only if you return the favor, Little Nightblood,” Clarke bargained.

Madi had no problem with that request, especially since she had kind of paused her end of the rimjob. But that was Clarke’s fault for introducing her to a new form of pleasure that was different and so extremely hot and dirty. Snapping her attention back to Clarke’s sex, the younger girl licked over the blonde’s ass then stopped as her tongue hit her center. Clarke had much better control of her asshole so the instant Madi’s tongue got in position, the anal ring loosened, allowing Madi to push inside.

“Fffuuucccckkkkk.” Clarke moaned as the tongue started to slide in.

Initially Madi was worried she was doing something wrong given the volume and rare curse word that Clarke emitted. The younger girl paused and looked down her body to see what was happening and a broad smile came across her face as she saw Clarke’s beautiful face with mouth agape in pleasure.

“You like that?” Madi taunted as she pierced her asshole once more, driving the whole 2 inches her tongue could lick.

“Oh my God yes!”

At this point it became a chorus of moans and screams from the two Nightbloods. Though rimming and licking were all good and felt nice, nothing quite beat a tongue slithering deep in your anus. Madi also recognized the stronger flavor of Clarke’s asshole the deeper she went, but it was only off putting for the briefest of moments. Now, she was learning to love the savory, earth taste, which was why she was jackhammering her wet tongue in and out of the busty blonde’s booty with frightening speed.

Wanting to continue to show her array of techniques to the younger girl, Clarke allowed herself another few moments to enjoy Madi’s tongue work in her asshole before continuing. Pulling her tongue out of Madi’s rectum, Clarke gave her middle finger a long suck, applying a good deal of spit to it. She also give the pads of her fingers a lick as well, which she used to transfer onto Madi’s anal ring in slow circular motions. With the natural lube in place, the busty blonde eased the slick finger in narrowing circles before slipping it into Madi’s slightly loosened asshole to the first knuckle.

“Holy God! You’re in my ass,” Madi gasped in shock.

“And you like it, of course,” Clarke guessed, making slow short strokes in her ass.

“I...yeah...I do like it,” Madi agreed.

Clarke was quite experienced in backdoor loving so knew how to control her pace. Therefore, instead of finger blasting the youngster too aggressively, Clarke worked on slow, methodical strokes into her asshole. Between the non-threatening motion, ample spit acting as lube and Madi’s own horniess, Clarke was able to get the whole finger 3 inches deep in Madi’s teen tush.

“Good Lord” she groaned “You’re so deep in my butt.”

“Yeah I am, and you fucking love it.” Clarke cooed as she began fucking her ass with more speed.

“I do! I do love it!” Madi screamed louder this time, especially as Clarke had started using her tongue back at the Little Nightblood’s pussy.

“Tell me” Clarke said as she gave Madi’s ass a slap “Who does this ass belong to?”

“Yours. It’s all yours,” Madi couldn’t get the words out quick enough.

After another hearty slap, Clarke asked her again. “Whose ass?”

“It’s yours! My ass belongs to you, Clarke.”

“Yeah it does!”

As if to prove she owned Madi, Clarke made the girl cum right then and there. After beginning to finger her asshole and lick her pussy simultaneously, Clarke had avoided Madi’s clit at all costs. However, wanting to exert her control and ownership over the teen, the busty blonde moved her lips over the girl’s sensitive nub, applied a good deal of suction and began flicking her clit with her tongue.


And just like that, Madi had her first ever orgasm from backdoor play. Clarke beamed in pride at her young ward, knowing that not all girls could have done that. However, Clarke was in for another surprise as not only did the teen recover from the post-orgasmic stupor in record time, but she was butting not one, but two fingers into Clarke’s ass.

“Ah fuck! Yes Madi! Do it!” Clarke screamed as she felt her asshole start to give way. “Stretch out my slutty asshole.”

With not having to focus on pleasuring Madi after making her cum, Clarke could just fully absorb the sensation of having her asshole finger-fucked by the skinny fingers. It had been awhile since anything other than a slender vegetable had wormed its way into her colon, but Clarke’s rectum stretched with ease to accommodate the digits. In fact, before long Madi was adding a third, showing that the teen was learning the craft of anal play extremely well.

Lost in pleasure, Clarke became very vocal, both in her screams and demands. ““Come on, harder! Finger me harder!”

Starting to feel a burn into her forearm, it was worth it for the brown-haired teen. Amazed that anyone could take such a blasting into their asshole, Madi plunged 3 fingers as deep into Clarke’s asshole as she could, only reversing course after her fist slammed against the blonde’s phat ass, causing it to ripple. By the time it was only her middle fingertip left in the clutched of Clarke’s anal ring, Madi plunged back down and impaled the stacked girl on her hand.

“Clit. My clit, Madi. Oh God, make me cum Madi,” Clarke begged.

The mischievous part of Madi’s brain told her to make the older girl pay for the times she was stubborn in teaching Madi reading, writing or fighting lessons. However, the more sensible and compassionate side of her won out and she took Clarke’s instruction. With three fingers plunging repeatedly into the depth of the stacked girl’s colon, Madi learnt her lesson from only minutes prior and used her tongue to flick her clit. Just like it had worked for her, Madi made Clarke cum with a wild banshee-like scream to mark the event.


After they had each cum in the past 10 minutes, the pair disengaged and rolled onto their respective backs. They each needed to take several lungfuls of air in order to recover from the massive physical exertion, not to mention powerful orgasms. Finally, they seemed to be on the same page because they rolled onto their sides to face each other almost at the same time.

“You are a great student,” the busty Clarke complimented.

“And you are a great teacher,” the youngster replied with a wide, child-like smile.

“And there are still many lessons to go,” Clarke thought with a wolfish grin.
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Re: The 100 - Clarke and Madi in Eden
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Really loving this story excellent work chemist.
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Re: The 100 - Clarke and Madi in Eden
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Title: Clarke and Madi in Eden Part 4
Show: The 100
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Clarke, Madi
Codes: FF, Finger, Oral, Rim, Toy
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with The 100, nor its characters, especially Clarke or Madi Griffin

Summary: On the eve of their dating anniversary, Madi gifts Clarke a piece of true genius.

“Hey strangers,” Clarke greeted the Little Nightblood.

Though they were the only 2 people left on Earth (that weren’t buried down in a bunker), the pair had fallen head over heels for each other. Their relationship started rather maternal at first, with Clarke educating and in large part raising the younger girl. However, that all changed one night when the teen was drawn outside due to Clarke’s loud moans. Fearing an attack by a wild animal, Madi stumbled upon Clarke anally masturbating, with a cucumber no less. With the sexual dam burst, the pair started an electric love offer that was still going strong after months of regular sex.

As the brunette came bounding into sight, a massive grin on her adorable face. “What has you so excited?”

“What? Can’t a girl just be happy to see her lover?”

With that answer, Madi came right up to busty blonde and pressed her lips right against hers. Of course, it required the shorter Madi to loop her arms around Clarke and pull her head down in order to softly kiss her. Not needing an excuse to kiss her, Clarke returned the intimate moment. The pace picked up when Madi parted her lips and slid her tongue into the stacked girl’s mouth. Clarke was more than willing to compile, which started a passionate makeout session lasting several minutes before pulling away.

“Seriously. I know that smile. You’re both prideful and very, very excited about something,” Clarke explained.

“I have a present for you,” Madi beamed, unable to hide her excitement any longer.


From behind her back, which must have been tucked into her shorts, Madi pulled out a long slender...something. It was wrapped in one of their old shirts. Clarke accepted the gift and immediately pulled the wrapping off it to reveal a piece of pure genius.

“Madi...is this what I think it is?” Clarke questioned, her hand running along the nearly 2-foot long piece of wood.

“I was going through a bunch of those thumb drives we found and in one of them there was a bunch of...what’s the word they used...porn. I saw two girls with big boobs like yours but much...faker going at it with some plastic tool that looked like a fake penis. So, I figured I could probably make something as good,” Madi reasoned.

“Oh my God…” was all Clarke could muster.

In her hand, the busty blonde was holding what was essentially a homemade double ended dildo. Before the nuclear explosions that whipped out most life on Earth, Madi’s clan had specialized in all things forestry. Madi had used her training to make a dildo for them out of a younger tree branch so it had the perfect mix of being sturdy and yet flexible. Something that could take a lot of use and yet not break if twisted or bent. Of course she had sanded it to the smoothest finish as possible, and even did a fairly good job in making the ends look like a circumcised penis.

“Do you like it?” the younger girl asked, feeling slightly vulnerable.

“Like? It’s perfect,” Clarke’s eyes seemed to glow.

“You didn’t forget, did you?” Madi questioned after allowing Clarke another few moments to marvel at her gift.

“Forget? Oh...thank you very much, baby,” the busty blonde thanked her, leaning in to kiss the smaller girl.

“No silly. It’s been 6 moons...or months since we started...dating? Hooking up? Sleeping with each other?” Madi answered, not knowing how best to sum up their relationship.

“All of the above,” Clarke corrected her. “We are a classy pair. Our dating anniversary is the same day we fucked.”


Clarke laughed. “You’re repremending me for language? You swear like a sailor when you came last night!”

“Just following your lead,” Madi replied before adding in a voice mimicking Clarke’s. “Oh fuck baby! Just like that! Fuck my fucking ass!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Clarke laughed. “And to answer the initial question, no I didn’t forget. I just plan on giving it to you tomorrow...on the actual day.”

“I just got so excited,” Madi gushed, her little hand ideally stroking the smooth wood. “Can you tell me what you have planned?”

“Not to spoil it but...I have a very special picnic in mind. But that’s all you get until tomorrow,” the busty blonde replied. “Now...I think we should take the rest of the day so I can appreciate this freaking marvel you created.”

“Can I appreciate it with you?” Madi asked, hunger in her eyes.

“You most certainly can,” Clarke grinned back.

And just like that the pair were off. The good thing was they didn’t have to travel anywhere as Madi had come upon Clarke in the gazebo, which was essentially an outdoor covered porch with many blankets down on the ground forming a soft padded surface. After a midday swim, Clarke had retired to the padded gazebo for some yoga while still in her bikini, however Madi had alternative ideas for the best way Clarke Griffin should be stretched out.

Clarke was preparing to get down onto her knees to show her appreciation for the great gift, but Madi had already beat her to it. As they made out, both girls had been standing, but as Clarke took their break in their kissing to tuck a loose strand of gold hair behind her ear, Madi seized the chance. First by using her hands to give each of Clarke’s massive natural tits a big squeeze, before kissing her way down the blonde’s stomach until reaching her thong-covered sex. Giving her pussy a kiss through the bikini bottoms, Madi used her hands on Clarke’s hips to slowly rotate her around so the busty girl’s extremely phat ass was pointing towards the teen.

“Such a big booty,” Madi cooed as she gave the nearest cheek a lick that ended in a soft but noticeable bite.

Before Madi could do anything else, Clarke allowed the teen to further worship her ass by performing a series of mini jumps. Not only did that send her huge tits bouncing in the air, but also caused her thong-covered ass to jiggle wildly as well. Madi helped the motion out by palming each wonderfully thick cheek and shaking them about as well.

Unable to resist any more, Madi reached her fingers around the thin strap of material and pulled the thong aside, rather than simply pulling it down. With the panties resting on one thick cheek, Madi afforded herself an unblocked view of Clarke Griffin’s brown eye. It was crinkled tightly shut, though Madi was all too aware of how much the hole would spread wide open. Wanting to dive in right away, Madi bent forward and literally spat right onto the center of Clarke’s asshole.

“Did you just spit on me?” Clarke asked, shocked.

“Was gonna end up there anyway,” Madi reasoned.

Clarke gave it a moment’s thought before giving her shoulders a shrug in acceptance. However, the shrug soon gave way to a moan as the younger girl extended her tongue and ran it from Clarke’s wet pussy, over the small patch of skin and then over her asshole. Grinning with the response from her mentor, Madi extended her tongue again. This time, rather than a long slow lick, Madi delivered a tongue lashing to the exposed crinkled rosebud. In the span of half a minute, the young Nightblood must have wiggled and writhed her wet muscle nearly 100 times over Clarke’s exposed backdoor.

“Mhmm...yes Madi!” Clarke moaned

Though Madi had been equally anal obseesed as Clarke was since they started rimming each other a while back, Madi still was a fan of pussy. Showing off her cute and playful side, Made took her hands from Clarke’s beefy cheeks in order to crawl between the blonde’s legs. With a twist of her body, Madi was now staring up at her older lover from underneath, but before Clarke could see her over her massive tits, Madi’s tongue was doing the same darting technique, only this time to Clarke’s sensitive clit.

“Oh God Damn!” the blonde cursed.

Clarke’s competitiveness kicked in then. Well, not right away, after all it felt really good to have the teen lapping at her pussy. After another minute of the oral assault, the blonde lowered herself to the ground, landing on her knees in front of Madi and instantly taking in the dark-haired girl for a kiss. Clarke could immediately taste the sweet and vaguely salty flavor of her own pussy on Madi’s lips, but that only encouraged the former space dweller to kiss the younger girl more passionately.

“I taste so good,” Clarke said, smiling at the younger girl.

“Why else do you think I eat you out so many times a day?” Madi replied, half joking yet half serious.

Though Clarke was normally a decisive person, right now she was having a hard time committing to one action. Instead, she went from performing tongue filled kisses with the teen, to pawing at her small but perky tits. The next minute the blonde would be teasing her nipple with soft bites or hard sucks, before latching her lips around Madi’s girlish neck and leaving what was sure to be hickeys. However, as Madi shifted from her kneeling position onto sitting on her thickening (albeit still slim) backside, Clarke pushed her thighs wide for better access.

“Yes Clarke!” Madi practically screamed.

Clarke loved that she knew her younger lover’s body so well. Just with a well placed kiss to her clit she could elicit such a strong and vocal response from the Little Nightblood. Before Clarke could feast on the bald pussy buffet before her, she decided to take a page from Madi’s book. Lifting her head a good foot away from the other girl’s sex, Clarke gathered water in her mouth before letting it fall the 12 inches to land perfectly on the brunette’s clit.

“See! Kinda fun, right?” Madi laughed.

Clarke didn’t really respond, not verbally at first. Instead, the busty blonde reached down with her fingers to smear the recent spit ball into Madi’s sex. Not content with a surface rub, Clarke drove first one, then 2 fingers deep into Madi’s snatch, making the younger girl squirm and moan from her touch. Content, Clarke backed her hand away from the bald pussy before placing the fingers right into Madi’s gaping mouth. The brunette instantly trapped Clarke’s wrist in her grip so that the blonde wouldn’t be tempted to move it away, allowing Madi a chance to properly suck all her own pussy juices from the other girl’s fingers.

“You aren’t the only girl who tastes good,” Madi added with a wink.

Clarke nodded her head in agreeance before diving back in and kissing her lover. As her tongue entered Madi’s mouth, Clarke’s fingers drove back into her ultra tight pussy, stretching out the pink hole around her fingers. However, this wasn’t the opening Clarke was truly in the mood for, not after receiving such a perfect gift. Instead, she used her free hand to push Madi’s outside shoulder away, spinning the girl so her back was turning towards the blonde. Clarke removed her digits from Madi’s pussy so that she could finish getting the Little Nightblood kneeling on the mat, resting on her hands and knees.

“Such a cute peach of an ass,” Clarke commented, giving the tight flesh a playful swat and grope.

After pulling Madi’s underwear out of the way, Clarke did Madi’s trick and spat more saliva down onto her desired hole in order to have some lubrication. However, given the hot weather and lack of water drank today, Clarke’s mouth was somewhat dry. She quickly found a remedy to that by shoving three of her own fingers deep into her mouth and jamming them about until she almost triggered her gag reflex. It worked in bringing up a whole lot of extra spit, which was soon dribbling from the blonde’s mouth and directly onto Madi’s adorable asshole.

“Oh my God. So hot. Watching my spit leak down your holes,” Clarke cooed before pushing her tongue out and directly into Madi’s dirt road.

Clarke used her tongue to glorious effect as she pushed the tip into the dark-haired girl’s ass before flicking just inside the muscular ring a few dozen times. With the opening glistening in saliva, Clarke brought her finger into the fun by using it to rim around the hole’s edge. Not only was it fun to feel the anal ring respond, but more importantly the light touch was serving to relax the sphincter, making it loosen up.

“Such a tease,” Madi commented as Clarke used just the very tip of her finger to fuck her asshole.

Clarke gave the Little Nightblood a steely gaze before pulling her finger out of her booty. The opening didn’t stay empty for long because Clarke dove in with an intensity that would have frightened the younger girl a few months ago. Clarke used all the strength in her mouth to drive her tongue a good 2 inches deep in Madi’s asshole, tasting the rich flavors and aromas that the teenager had to offer. After a good 10 seconds, Clarke finally slithered her expert tongue from the girl’s rectum and back in her own mouth.

“Better?” Clarke asked with a cocky grin.

Madi went to reply but by the time she opened her mouth, all that came out was another volley of screams and moans. Clarke had dove back down, tongue on full speed and spreading pleasure to whatever it hit. Rimming her asshole, plunging the depths of her colon or being a buzzsaw to Madi’s clit, Clarke was performing it all. However, it was a certain anniversary gift that caught Clarke’s eye as she surfaced for air.

“I think because you did the crafting, you get to have the honors,” Clarke commented, reaching for the perfectly carved wood piece.

“Honors?” Madi asked with a look over her shoulder.

“Of being ass fucked first, silly,” the busty blonde answered.

Clarke did a long wet lick of the wooden dildo that had been polished so smooth that the former space dweller believed it could have passed for a genuine plastic dildo that their old 3D printer would have created. Not happy that there was enough lubrication of the double-ended sex toy for Madi, Clarke took the fake cock into her mouth and kept pushing. Once more she waited for her gag reflex to almost be tripped before pulling it out of her gullet. The result was much the same as earlier only now it was streaks of rich white spit covering the sex toy instead of her fingers.

Though it had been years since Clarke could work with a toy that was more or less the real thing instead of either using her fingers or food, having an actual dildo was so much better. She did love a good hard cucumber up the ass or the way a banana would curl up and hit just the right spot, but a dildo with the craftsmanship that Madi made was simply divine. Including how the ends were taped to small rounded edges, making the initial insertion so smooth and practically painless.

“Oh shit!” Madi exclaimed as she felt her asshole pushed open and fed by Clarke.

“Like it,” Clarke asked, letting the teen grow accustom to the widening of her anal ring.

“So much,” the girl replied before adding. “Fuck me, Clarke.”

Clarke was prepared to advice the younger and inexperienced girl all sorts of knowledgeable tidbits about anal sex. Staying relaxed, promising to go slow and more of the like. However, adi was proving to be more and more like Clarke with everything, including being a quick study in all things butt related. So instead of having to calm the teen, Clarke could simply fuck her young ass.

As Clarke fucked the younger girl with the wooden toy, she always made sure to keep the tip left in her. It didn’t matter if the end was 5 inches deep in Madi’s guys or only holding the anal ring open by it’s last wooden fiber. By keeping her backdoor continuously propped open, Clarke found that the dildo fucking could go faster and deeper while causing Madi barely any more pain than the slightest of stings whenever a new, wider portion of the lengthy toy was first shoved inside.

“Play with your pussy as I fuck your ass,” Clarke instructed her lover.

Ever the obedient student, Madi listened to the large-breasted blonde without a moment to think. Her petite hand snaked down under her stomach and between her soft thighs to find her dripping wet snatch. Immediately, fireworks started sparking throughout her tiny body the moment that the pleasure of her pussy’s stimulation mixed with her asshole being pummeled by the creation of her own making.

“Just like that! So...gonna...close...cum…” Madi began to scream in a disorganized manner.

Though nothing changed from a stimulation standpoint, the four hands were doing much different things in order to deliver an orgasm to the Little Nightblood. In order to help with the wood gliding smoothly into Madi’s bowels, Clarke added another mouthful of spit for lubrication. The blonde also took over duties rubbing (and in a surprising gesture even slapping) Madi’s snatch while still working the double-ended toy into the brunette’s asshole. With one hand having to support her meager weight, Madi used the other to reach over her body and help Clarke with jerking the toy up her own ass. It made Clarke not only cram more of the toy deeper, but also proved to the more experienced blonde to go faster as well.

“Oh my God! Fuck! Yessssssss!” Madi howled as she came, possible cumming harder than ever before.

“There we go,” Clarke cooed with that self-satisfied smile she wore so often.

“Wow,” Madi said, having collapsed, lying on her back.

“We are gonna have such fun with this bad boy,” Clake said, stroking the fake wooden cock lovingly.

“Can I fuck your ass now?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” the busty blonde said.

Clarke had no idea that Madi could move so fast, especially after having her energy drained from the orgasm. And yet, within the blink of an eye Clarke was on her back with her legs spread wide and high. Another blink and she was naked. Damn, the kid worked fast! Not that Clarke minded of course. And while Clarke was wondering and marveling at the speed, Madi was already down and using tongue and fingers to tease her asshole.

“God I love how you can make me moan with my asshole,” Clarke complimented the younger girl.

“Yeah?” Madi asked before unleashing a storm of tongue wags and fingers deep into her bowels again. “Ready for my gift to fuck you?”

“Please Madi! Please fuck my ass,” the big breasted blonde begged.

Madi used a combination of hers and Clarke’s approach of adding natural lubrication to an end of her prized dildo. First she dribbled a good deal of her own spit onto the head of cock before pushing the now slick tip into her gullet. The teen was so focused on not tripping her gag reflex and only coughing up saliva that it took a few seconds to realize which end of the dildo was in her mouth, touching her tongue and hyper-sensitive taste buds.

“18 years old and already sucking your own ass off a cock...wooden or otherwise,” Clarke said, more than a little shocked at Madi’s actions.

She hadn’t even thought about how it had just fucked her ass; she’d merely done as she thought her lover wanted. Part of her was disgusted with herself for it, but more of her was really turned on by the dirtiness of the act. After all, it really wasn’t so different from rimming Clarke, which she’d been doing regularly for awhile now. Only this time it was her own ass she was tasting, plus it was a lot deeper and thus had a stronger flavor...neither of which Madi found were a deal breaker.

“You’re not the only Nightblood with a tasty booty,” Madi eventually spoke before emphasizing the point by extending her tongue and licking the entire 12-inch end that had been in her ass only minutes prior.

“I couldn’t love you more,” Clarke grinned down her big tits at the younger girl.

That theory was tested and proved wrong as the dildo was inserted into Clarke’s ass. Though she hadn’t had a proper sex toy in, well, too long it didn’t stop Clarke from shoving other objects into her booty. Which meant she was far better able to handle the width of the toy as it pushed apart her anal ring.

“More…” Clarke urged the younger girl. “Further…” the blonde added.

Madi had to adjust her petite hand several times on the former tree branch she carved into a perfect dildo. Finally, just as the raised edge that Madi used to denote the halfway mark of the two-foot sex toy touched Clarke’s sphincter, the girl shouted her immense joy. This relieved the younger girl because she had no idea if she’d be able to fit the extra diameter of the toy into Clarke’s near infinite expanse of an asshole.

“Now fuck me sweetie. Give it to me! Fuck my ass!”

Clarke was a near constant source of screams and moans while Madi wore nothing but an ear to ear grin. Over and over the toy spliced into the busty blonde’s asshole. First Madi went slow and careful but as Clarke seemed capable of taking it at a much faster speed. Despite her ease of being ass fucked at the frightening pace, Madi still leaked drool down onto the toy to make sure it stayed lubricated.

While Madi believed Clarke could take the ass fucking all day long and still beg for more, the Little Nightblood wanted to make the older girl cum. Pay her back for the awesome orgasm Clarke delivered to her not long ago. Remembering how well Clarke was able to coach her, Madi figured the tricks worked on her teacher as well. While still using her tiny fist to pump the wooden tool into Clarke’s asshole, Madi leaned down to wiggle her tongue at the busty blonde’s clit.

“OH GOD!!!”

“Cum for me Clarke,” Madi begged, her tongue wagging a mile a minute.

Clarke had no issues giving into that request. With her clit receiving such constant stimulus, paired with the dildo plundering her asshole, the blonde never stood a chance. Under the twin barrage, it took less than 30 heartbeats before Clarke’s ear-piercing scream called out, startling birds into flight in the immediate vicinity.


“I know you just came a second ago but…” Madi started to say before being cut off.

“You want to put the true worth of the toy to the test?” Clarke correctly guessed. “Roll onto hands and knees.”

Ever the eager student, Madi was on all fours before the curvier blonde could get there. No matter, it allowed Clarke to size up the distance their two butts should be before she reached back with the lengthy toy. Instructing Madi what to do, the blonde and brunette each held their own end of the dildo before feeding it into their respective asshole.

“Mhhmmm,” Clarke moaned as her bowels were penetrated once more.

“Ahhhh,” Madi screamed a split second later, her own asshole forced back open by the tool of her own making.

“Easy now. Slowly push as far forward as you can. Together,” Clarke told the younger girl.

Madi did as she was told, taking the tool further and further. It felt weird and strange, painful at times but also immensely pleasurable near constantly. Each inch the dildo slid into her rectum was the record length for her, making the Little Nightblood prouder of herself by the passing second. And then Madi felt something utterly surprising as she felt her small curvy ass bump into the thicker rump belonging to her blonde lover.

“Oh my! We did it!” Madi celebrated.

“Now the fun part. We fuck...ass to ass!” Clarke explained with glee. Now use your arms to rock back and forward...awwhh...back and forward,"

As whenever something was invading her rectum, Clarke felt the usual pleasure of having a cock-shaped object glide inside herself. Once more Madi proved herself a quick study and soon the younger girl was doing as Clarke had said, albeit slowly. Clarke was using all of her patience to not just slam her thick ass backwards, forcing them both to swallow a good majority of the toy into both their asses. However that wouldn't help...yet.

"God it's big," Madi said, a little sheen building on her forehead and along her spine. "Feels...funny too."

There was no doubt that Madi had the tighter asshole since Clarke had been getting assfucked on the regular since her time on the space station. But Clarke had better control and mastery of what they were doing so it still meant that for every thrust backwards it was Madi taking more of the toy inside her.

"That's it. Push against me or you'll be eating this whole thing," Clarke warned. "And I would really like to have some fuck me."

For all she wanted to obey her tutor, Madi just wasn't as skilled as she needed. Tentative still though it wasn't exactly painful or causing her discomfort, she just wasn't forcing herself to fuck back. Sure she would rock back into Clarke but with nowhere near the convection needed to really utilize the toy properly.

"I'm...ahhh...trying," Madi wailed as she awkwardly lurched her youthful body backwards.

The gentle hand wasn't working so Clarke was going to have to try a different tactic. When the horse wouldn't be led by the carrot then you drove them with the whip. Tensing her arms, the former Wanheda thrust herself back into Madi with new found power. She heard her lover yelp in surprise before she crashed backward again...and again and again.

"Come on Madi," Clarke grunted, her arms aching as she forced them to thrust her body back into her fellow Nightblood. "No more holding back. Fuck me back."

"Ugghh...Clarke...slow," Madi urged though she knew no compassion was coming.

And then something snapped within Madi. Clarke knew this was something in the Nightblood kicking in, the same something that let them survive the increased radiation after Praimfaya. Only this something gave the chosen one insane sexual prowess. Madi's normally soft brown eyes seemed to change to a scary darker shade. Clarke became acutely aware that the sex demon within the Nightblood had bubbled to the surface, taking over control of Madi's cute-sexy body.

Clarke immediately sensed something had changed. The first sign was Madi's groans of being dominated stopping, replaced with icy silence. Not calm, far from that actually. Her next clue was when she felt Madi's small but bubbly ass thud against her own with more intensity than ever. More power then she was generating in fact.


"Aarrgghh," the enraged younger girl roared.

The first thrust after the bellow from the savage girl nearly sent Clarke crashing onto her pretty face. Her fighter training via Lexa kicked in and she steadied herself at the last instant though. If the blonde thought about trying to fuck Madi back than it was quickly displaced from her mind as all Clarke could do was hold on for dear life.


In what was in stark contrast to minutes earlier, the double-ended dildo was now slamming deep into Clarke's bowels. With each collision between their different but equally perfect asses, the toy slid further into the blonde while the enraged dark-haired Nightblood held only a quarter of the nearly 2 foot dildo.

"God...so much," Clarke groaned as new regions of her rectum were being touched.

The blonde Nightblood, who liked to dominate women while being dominated by men, could only grunt, groan and make incomplete sentences. She had only shared a toy like this once or twice before, but she had never taken more than half inside her ass before. However, with Nightblood strength and an extra injection of unchecked emotion behind her, Madi had passed more than half the length inside Clarke and with each thrust back she wormed more into her.

"Yes! Take it," Madi screamed with a heated intensity.

Clarke was powerless to do anything but take the extreme assfucking that her new lover was doling out to her. Time after time she absorbed the mighty pounding that Madi's slimmer ass smashed against her own wider booty. And each time the dildo went a little further inside her, Clarke felt it deeper than anything had ever been inside her previously.

"Ahhh...slow...uggghhh...up," Clarke managed to groan out. "I...ggaawww...yield."

Though Clarke couldn't tell since Madi continued to rear her body forward before crashing it back into her, her words had an effect. Through the rage and passion and intensity, Madi heard her lover’s plea and remembered why they were doing this. Clarke was simply sharing her anniversary gift with the younger girl, while Madi rewarded her for the act of love by pounding the curvy blonde into oblivion.

"Clarke...I'm sorry," Madi said, stopping her momentum dead.

"No big deal, love," Clarke groaned. “As long as you keep fucking me...just a little less crazed.”

Without thought, the brunette started rocking her body backwards and forwards. It didn't have near the same amount of force that the enraged Nightblood was using to ruthlessly fuck the curver girl, but it was also with more power than Madi herself had done earlier than that. Now with a wide grin on her own face, Clarke used her aching arms to sway back into Madi as well, matching her intensity.

"Mhmm...that's the sweet stuff,” Clarke moaned in delight.

Instantly Madi matched her in stride, picking up her own pace by the same amount as Clarke. Rather than either girl dominating the other now, instead they had found a balance. The double-ended dildo speared into both their asses in near equal length, the two lovely ladies both using the toy to actually get off now.

"Awwh...shit," Madi screamed, while simultaneously slipping a hand between her thighs.

"Yes...like that...mhmmm...perfect," Clarke moaned, her own hand rubbing relentlessly through her wet slit.

Both girls were in perfect rhythm with one another and it was bringing the best out of both of them. Madi was learning to handle the hormone monster with a firm hand, all while her fingers skittered back and forth on her clit. Clarke was more than happy to help her gain mastery of her strong emotions, especially when with every rocking motion it brought her closer to her own orgasm.

"Clarke...ahhh...I'm gonna..." Madi started to shout.

"I'm cumming too....aawwwhhhh....mmhhmmmm....YYEESSSS," Clarke interrupted as she came with nearly 12 inches of rubbery cock sliding into her ass repeatedly.

"Oh Looorrrddd!" Madi swore, eyes flashing black for an instant as she came just as hard.

Both girls shuddered and jerked and moaned some more before crashing forward, allowing the double-ended dildo to spill from their asses for the first time in quite awhile. Clarke and Madi both panted and tried to regain their breath, Madi recovering from her first ever orgasm by a toy while Clarke was thoroughly exhausted after having her ass literally fucked harder than ever before.

"By the way, we are gonna be sore for a few days," Clarke told the girl as she rolled onto her side to better look at her lover. “Not too sore to hunt, but really sore if we sit around.”

"I bet," Madi laughed.

“So for the next few days, we’ll stick this fella on ice,” the blonde recommended.

“That’s fine. As much as I loved this beauty and will want to explore more and more, I’ve always adored that mouth of yours.”
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