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Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
« on: October 03, 2020, 06:45:25 PM »
Title:  Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
Codes:  FF, MF, inter, oral, anal, cons

Welcome back, everyone. 313 here, with TRL waiting in the wings, as we bring you another co-authored edition of Hellcats: Season 2. Once more, we hope to bring you the very best in television-inspired, erotic cheerleading adventures based upon the dearly departed CW series "Hellcats." By now you SHOULD have read Episode 1, otherwise none of this will make sense and who wants that? We will provide a lovely little wrap-up of what's happened so far, but there's no substitute for reading what's come before. We think it was pretty good and hope those who have read it did too.

Let's get some legalities out of the way, shall we? Since we're a very XXX version of "Hellcats", you need to be 18 years old to read this, unless the legal age in your area is 21, in which case, we hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday already. TRL barely remembers his, but he says that's because he's old and not because he was drunk at the time. Ah, wasted youth... Also, there are those rare places where reading this is illegal, so if you are there right now, it's time for you to go.

This story will feature explicit lesbian sex, so if that's not your bag, either make it so, or you can stop reading now, or just skim over the sex scenes. Of course, as a sex story, skimming over the sex scenes seems like a waste of time, so why would you do that? We do cover a few non-lesbian sexual events in this story - in fact, this may be the episode with the MOST male-on-female sexual events in the entire series, but who knows, maybe we'll decide to try and top that later. Either way, if you're into guys banging girls, we've got some of that in here, too.

At the end of this chapter, we'll cite the works we've used in the following story and give much credit where credit is due, the TV and film source materials, a few guest actresses and the writers and musicians who helped formulate both the words you read and the soundtrack you could hear in this episode if it really was on TV. Please support the official releases, because for the most part, they're awesome! We promise! They aren't even paying us to say that! (If they WANTED to pay us, we're up for that, we swear. We are NOT above product placement at all. Seriously, contact us companies, we're happy little shilling whores when we're paid, we swear!)

Thank you so much CSS for allowing us the opportunity to repost this story.  Believe me, we had a fun time with this story and we love that we again have a place that will host this fun adventure.

A HUGE thank you goes out to KMB. Not only is he our friend and our proofreader, but for this particular chapter, he's our co-author. At the time of this writing, TRL had just one scene to do, but had to step away from the project to be with his family through a tough time. Not wanting our story to stall, I got in touch with KMB and got him to write that scene. We think his scene is incredible and he just kicked ass writing it. KMB, understand that we owe big time for your help. There are no words we can use to tell you how appreciative we really are. Also, going back to our readers, read his amazing stories, including The Harem. Go and support him on Patreon. We swear you won't regret it.

Also, if you read and enjoyed the first episode and expressed that in any way to us or others, big thanks to YOU for being cool people who tell others when there's good stuff to read on the web.

If you have a compliment or piece of constructive criticism, please let us know below. We welcome whatever you have to say. No, really, we do. Especially if you're there to tell us we suck and remember to tell us WHY we suck.

Anyway without further ado, please enjoy "Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night".


Previously on "Hellcats":

The Hellcats began 2011-12 by desperately looking to rebuild after their disqualification at Nationals last year. Aside from the five new male bases, the Hellcats picked up five new girls: Savannah's sister, MemChrist outcast and new mother Charlotte Monroe; scatter-brained blues aficionado Ariana Valentine; tomboy skater girl Emily Sear; fastidious business student Molly Cratchet; and shy Miranda Summer. Even the Hellcats' coach is green. Britney Allen, who is in her first year as a cheerleading coach, finished her career as a UCLA cheerleader just months earlier. And after meeting with Dean Laverne, she has to get the Hellcats to place at Nationals this year or the squad is finished.

Not a fan of Coach Allen before the first practice even began, new captain Alice turned to her reporter friend Kelsey Curtis to look into the suspicious firing of former Hellcats coach Vanessa. Sensing there was a story, Kelsey agreed to take Alice's tip to her editors, but on the condition that Alice slept with Kelsey, who revealed herself as a lesbian. After some arm-twisting, Alice surrendered herself to Kelsey and had the best sex of her life.

It also changed the way Alice looked at women. Drawn to the gorgeous looks of Miranda, it was Alice's deciding vote that put Miranda on the Hellcats. Finding herself drawn to one of the newest Hellcats, Alice tried to shake her attraction by hooking up with her boyfriend Lewis, only to realize that he couldn't make her come despite his best efforts. Even more damning, Alice was caught in the act by Miranda, each girl feeling a little turned on by the other. In exchange for Miranda's silence, Alice promised her the inexperienced Miranda a spot as a flier at a future event.

Marti, having broken up with her law professor boyfriend Julian, was trying to focus on the season and forget about her half-sister Deirdre lying to her that her biological father Rex was alive. That was thwarted when Marti found out that Deirdre was enrolled at Lancer. Savannah and Charlotte schemed together to get the sisters to reconcile by locking them together Marti and Savannah's bedroom. Their plan worked, but a little too well, as Marti and Deirdre had an incestuous affair on Savannah's bed.

One, two, one, two, three, four
Move to the left, move to the right

Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: "What We Didn't Do Last Night"

Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura
AJ Michalka as Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Monroe
Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge

Emily Osment as Emily Sear
Ariana Grande as Ariana Valentine
Molly Quinn as Molly Cratchit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer

Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring
Holly Elissa Dignard as Kelsey Curtis
Alana Randall as Frankie


Marti Perkins lay in bed, still enjoying her dreams. She couldn't make out the exact details of what was going on, but her dream self was having sex with another woman. Marti had never even considered the thought of lesbian sex, but in the dream, it was SO good. The mere thought of fucking another girl was making her body tingle in all the right areas and Marti loved every second of it. She was more than content to stay in this Sapphic fantasy her brain had cooked up.

Unfortunately, fate, as it so often did in her life, had other plans for Marti as the knock on the door reminded her.

"Marti, Deirdre, are you awake?" Savannah Monroe's eternally bubbly voice called out through the door.

"Ugh, we are now!" Marti said as she began opening her eyes. It only took a few blinks for Marti to feel the full weight of her surroundings come down on her. She was naked, in Savannah's bed and next to her was her equally nude half-sister, Deirdre. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what all this meant and when Marti quickly put it together, she shrieked in horror.

"Marti, what's wrong?" Savannah asked, sounding concerned for her best friend.

"Sorry, Savannah, there's a really big spider on the wall," Marti lied.

"SPIDER?! WHERE?!" Deirdre panicked as she bolted upright, not even bothering to cover herself with a bed sheet. Marti sprang up, also not bothering with modesty, covering her half-sister's mouth.

"You want me to go in and kill it?" Savannah asked, hoping that the answer was no.

"No, no! I'll just butch up and kill it myself," Marti answered, immediately regretting using the word "butch."

"Okay, if you insist," Savannah said. "So do you want me to unlock the door and let you out? I'm making breakfast today."

"NO!" Marti and Deirdre shouted in unison as they realized they were standing in the middle of the room, stark naked.

"Why not?" Savannah asked, sounding like she was hurt by the rejection.

"We need to clean up," Deirdre said. "The place is a mess. Things got a little physical between us at first."

Marti hid her face behind both her hands. "Why do you have to use double entendres, Deirdre?" Marti thought to herself. "Why?!"

"Okay, just call me when you're ready," Savannah said before walking away from the door.

"Don't ever mention spiders around me again," Deirdre told Marti. "I'm scared to death of those things!"

"Seriously, all you can think about right now are spiders?" Marti said in a hushed whisper, taken aback by how oblivious to situations Deirdre truly was. "Deirdre, we had sex last night! Doesn't that bother you at all?"

"Not really," Deirdre answered honestly, a smile crossing her lips that only flustered Marti more. How could Deirdre not appreciate what a big deal this was? To Marti it was the biggest deal ever!

"Not really? Don't you understand? We're half-sisters," Marti said. "If anybody finds out about this, we would both be in deep trouble. We wouldn't just be social pariahs, we could go to prison for this."

"Prison? I don't think so," Deirdre said, unable to keep from laughing over the sight of her beautiful half-sister working herself into a tizzy over this. "I'm pretty sure there has to be a goat involved somewhere for sex to send you to prison."

"Not funny, Sis," Marti snapped. "Can you listen to me for a minute?"

Deirdre's eyes ran down Marti's body, with her ample breasts that needed no help to stay perky, her thin, athletic figure that still let her maintain a most-juicy looking ass, and a pussy that looked almost as heavenly as it tasted.

"Mmmm... no, not like this. I can only think about kissing you," Deirdre said, reaching up to take Marti by the back of the head and pulling her older sister down for a passionate kiss.

For a moment, Marti melted into that kiss - God, it was so hot and the feel of Deirdre's lips on hers just reminded her over how much she had loved what had happened the night before - but her common sense caused her to pull back.

"No!" she hissed. "No, no more kissing, Deirdre. We can't! It's incest!"

"So? We can't get each other pregnant or anything," Deirdre said, confused, not understanding why Marti was making such a big deal out of this. To her what had happened between them had been beautiful.

Marti frowned at that. It was true - almost every incest law on the books was based upon the fact that siblings procreating led to genetically endangered children, and probably shouldn't apply to lesbian relationships, but that didn't mean it was still socially unacceptable.

"Deirdre," Marti said, trying to keep her tone calm and her voice low - the walls at Baker House might have been thick, but the doors seemed rather thin here in Cheertown. "It's still wrong, and we can't do it again."

"Wait, Marti, don't you love me?" Deirdre asked, her heart sinking a little. "What we did...I...I just wanted to show you how much I truly loved you."

"Deirdre, I do love you, please understand that," Marti began. "I just can't love you as both family and somebody you sleep with. Those two loves are very different from one another, so you and I can no longer afford to look at each other like we did last night."

"No, I won't buy that," Deirdre said. "What we did last night felt so good, Marti. Even you have to admit that. I want to feel it again, Marti. I want to FEEL your love for me."

"We can't, Deirdre," Marti said, her voice cracking with pain. Oh, she had felt the love Deirdre had last night, too. She'd felt it so wonderfully. The more awake Marti got, the more she remembered about the what she and Deirdre had done, and with each passing second, Marti was increasingly convinced that she'd had the best sex of her life last night.

Which made turning down more of the same sex so hard.

"Deirdre, please, please understand - I love you so much. But I can't love you in THAT way. Last night was a mistake."

"A mistake?"

"Sisters don't love like that. It's not natural."

"Felt pretty natural to me," Deirdre said. Marti had to swallow hard at that - she agreed with, Deirdre. What she'd done had happened so naturally, so easily, so perfectly.

"It's still not natural, Deirdre. That's not how family members love each other."

Deirdre knew that Marti had a point. She just didn't want to acknowledge it. She had never felt closer to anyone than she had when she and Marti had made love and she didn't want to lose that

"Well, alright, if you say so," Deirdre relented slightly, unwilling to completely concede though. "I mean, you'll have to forgive me because my family life, even before I met you, was pretty screwed up and doing what we did, well, that was my best way of telling someone I love them. You get what I'm saying, right?"

"Wait, you're not saying you slept with-" Marti started to ask, fear crossing her face.

"With Rex? Hell no," Deirdre said. "First off, lesbian. Remember? Second, ewwwww! Rex and I never did anything like what we did last night, Marti." Deirdre saw her half-sister release a sigh of relief. "But then I didn't love Rex like I love you."

"Aww, jeeze, Deirdre," Marti said, sitting down on her bed. To the older Perkins sister, it was a move of need - her knees were weak, her head was spinning, and despite having slept for several hours last night, this conversation was making Marti tired. To Deirdre, however, sitting down on the bed was practically an invitation.

"Let me show you how much I love you again, Marti," Deirdre said, dropping to her knees in front of her sister, unable to resist wanting to rock the gorgeous girl's world again. "I'll make you cum so hard, you'll never doubt my love for you ever again."

"NO, Deirdre!" Marti said, even as her pussy visibly moistened at the offer. "No, we can't. I love you, Deirdre, and I promise I'll keep saying that and showing you that, but I can't do it through sex. It's wrong, and we can't ever do it again."

"But it's how much I love you."

"I know," Marti said, "but that doesn't make it right. Listen, we had last night. It was wonderful, and I'll never forget it," Marti said - leaving out her worry that she couldn't forget what she and Deirdre did even if she tried. "So hang on to last night, sis. Just hang on to it, and remember that even though we can't EVER do that again, I love you that much. You're my sister - and that means I can't physically prove my love to you, outside of hugs and maybe a kiss on the cheek or something. It can never go further than that, ever again."

"Even though it already did, last night?" Deirdre asked, pleading with her eyes from where she knelt before Marti.

"Even though we already did," Marti said, a tear sneaking out of the corner of her eye.

"But-" Deirdre started.

"Never again, Deirdre," Marti said firmly.

For a long moment, Deirdre said nothing. To Marti, it looked like she was struggling to come to terms with what her sister was saying, but in truth, Deirdre was thinking very different thoughts. She loved Marti, and she saw nothing wrong at all with two sisters engaging in hot lesbian sex to show their love. They couldn't have children together - no two women could - so where was the harm in providing sexual pleasure and relief for each other?

No, the problem was that she was subjected to society's ancient and unreasonable norms. Marti had never even had lesbian sex before last night, Deirdre reasoned, and that meant she didn't know how those societal norms held lesbians back - how they treated the most pure and unselfish of loves like a thing of disgust and ridicule. Marti didn't know how wrong the world was, and she clearly was going to need time to come to terms with that.

So Deirdre would give her that time. Marti had come around every time Deirdre's anti-social ways had driven her away, she'd come around on this too. Deirdre was certain of it. She and Marti WOULD have sex again. Marti just needed time to realize how her life had changed.

"All right, Marti," Deirdre said, reluctantly getting up from her knees. "I hear what you're saying. And I WILL treasure last night. Just, ah, just don't hold it against me if I sleep with other women, ok?"

"Why would I? I know you're a lesbian, Deirdre. I want you to find love and be happy. You're my sister and my family." Marti waved her hands theatrically, not realizing how that shook her breasts in such a way to mesmerize her sister. "Go have sex with all the women you want. I got your back."

"You do?" Deirdre asked.


"I've got yours, too, Marti," Deirdre said. "Always."

"Aww, we sound like sisters!" Marti laughed, getting up. "Come here, you!" Marti blushed as she reached in for a hug. Before the embrace could be completed, though, Marti backed away when she felt her heavy chest press up against Deirdre's more modest breasts. "Um, I think we better get dressed."

"That would be a good idea," Deirdre said, not wanting to raise any eyebrows knowing that in all likelihood, the Monroe sisters were waiting for them. Before they finally got out of bed, something popped in Deirdre's head. "Wait, Marti! I just want to ask something. Was I good?"

Once again, Marti put her face in her hand, but this time, she was smiling and trying to hold back her laughter. She had been wondering the same thing. "No, Deirdre, you were great. What about me?"

"You were terrific too, Marti," Deirdre said. "And I think I'd be crazy not to say this, but your body looks stunning."

"Thanks, but don't sell yourself short. You look amazing as well," Marti said. "Come on, we better get dressed now. Savannah and Charlotte could unlock this door without any warning."

Not wanting to take that chance, Deirdre slid out of the bed, exposing her nude body to Marti for the last time. Marti followed suit and let her naked body be shown to Deirdre as she picked up some clothes. The Perkins sisters made no reservations about looking each other up and down one last time before they got dressed. Marti made the first move by putting on her thong followed by her spankies.

"Whoa, wait, are you actually going out there in your cheerleading uniform?" Deirdre asked as she put her black boy shorts back on.

"Of course. I don't want to look like I undressed in front of you," Marti answered, pulling her skirt up her legs. "And don't forget that Charlotte and Savannah moved all my stuff to Charlotte's room to set this ruse up."

"That's smart thinking right there," Deirdre said as she put a leg into her jeans.

"Deirdre, we need to go out there and play it naturally," Marti instructed her sister while she slid her bra back on and grabbing her cheer top. "When we got out there, just follow my lead. And if they ask what we agreed to, let me handle that and agree with me. Got it?"

"Agreed," Deirdre answered while she put on her shirt. "Just one question. Didn't you say last night that that's Savannah's bed we slept in?"

"What?!" Marti panicked. "Oh, shit, she's going to kill me if she finds out we fucked in her bed! Just hang on!"

Marti quickly put her cheer top back on and rushed to the closet and pulled out one of what seemed to be dozens of metal cans. Deirdre looked incredulously into the closet. "How can one girl have so many cans of Fabreeze?"

"Such is the risk of rooming with Savannah Monroe, Deirdre," Marti replied, tossing her sister a can. "Start spraying. I don't want her bed smell of sex and sweat."

Popping the plastic lids off the cans, Marti and Deirdre sprayed nonstop on and around Savannah's bed, trying to ensure any odors were eliminated. Both sisters must half-gone through almost half a can each.
Taking a quick smell, Marti signaled it was clean.

"Alright, so call for the nuns to get us out of the convent," Deirdre joked.

"They're not Catholic, they're Methodists," Marti said. "But we can't get them yet. You wanna help me mess up my bed? I need it to look I slept in my own bed."

"Sounds like fun to me," Deirdre said, wishing once more that she and Marti could mess up this bed like they had Savannah's the night before. She took the blanket out from under the bed and tossed it in front of the headboard while Marti took her bedspread and turned it over. After leaving the bed in its usual messy state, Marti put the Fabreeze cans back in the closet and faced her sister.

"You ready to face them?" Marti asked her younger sister.

"Before we do," Deirdre said, holding up a hand. "I know what you said, how we can never again be together like we were last night, and I get it - I understand," she lied. "But before we leave this room and never speak of it again, can I get one last kiss? One kiss like we had last night?"

Marti blinked. She hadn't been expecting this, and she wasn't sure how to respond. On the one hand, it might give Deirdre the wrong message - that Marti approved of what they did last night, no matter how deliciously pleasurable it had been. But on the other hand, it was sorta Deirdre's last request, and really, part of Marti wanted to feel Deirdre's lips upon her own one more time, too.

"Okay," Marti relented. "Just one kiss."

"Thanks," Deirdre said. The two Perkins sisters embraced in a hug, and one last time, their lips came together. Softly, sweetly, they kissed, holding each other tight. Deirdre melted into the kiss at once, her body almost going limp in Marti's arms. The older Perkins tried to hold out, but she, too, melted, and soon both blondes were lost in the incestuous kiss. Marti could've easily just stayed there, kissing Deirdre for hours on end, had the younger girl not tried to slip her tongue into Marti's mouth. THAT finally broke the spell, and reluctantly, Marti broke the embrace she had on Deirdre's supple little body.

Deirdre's eyes were still closed when Marti let go of her, but her lips were curled into a smile.

"Thank you, Marti," Deirdre said. "That was wonderful."

"Yeah, yeah it was," Marti agreed. "Are you ready now?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Deirdre answered.

"Okay, let's get out of here," Marti told Deirdre before yelling for her "captors." "Savannah, Charlotte! You can let us out now!"

"I'm coming!" Savannah yelled from the kitchen. It only took the perky brunette a few seconds to reach the door. Once there, Savannah turned the lock and greeted the girls with her glowing smile and a frilly, brand new white apron that said "Kiss the cook" over her chest. Underneath, she had on a blue tank top and yellow gym shorts.

"Good morning, Marti, Deirdre," Savannah said to the sisters. "You girls get everything resolved last night?"

"Most everything," Marti said. "There's still some things I want to talk to Deirdre privately about, but we're on speaking terms, so that's the most important thing."

"Absolutely. And sorry about dragging you here under false pretenses, Deirdre, but we were only doing what we thought was best for the two of you," Savannah said.

"No, don't worry about it. This is what Marti and I needed. Honestly, I should be thanking you," Deirdre replied.

"You're welcome," Savannah replied before shifting her attention. "Look, I just wanted to see if you and Deirdre have smoothed thing over. You two acting like sisters again?"

"Yeah, we are," Marti said, even though the way they made peace was definitely not sisterly. "It took us a lot talking but we're cool now."

"Deirdre, is all that true?" Savannah asked for confirmation.

"Every word of it," Deirdre said. "We were talking long into the night, but we want to be back in each other's lives."

"Terrific. I would have hated to see you two keep fighting," Savannah explained. "You want some breakfast while you're here, Deirdre?"

"Sure, but I got a class in a couple hours, so I can't stay long," Deirdre answered.

"Fine by me," Savannah told Deirdre. "Come on, I'm cooking my favorites."

Following Savannah into the kitchen, Marti and Deirdre were hit with the familiar waft of eggs, hash browns and pancakes. At the same time, though, they were greeted to the sight of Charlotte, who was talking to her family over the phone.

"Love you, Mom. And I love you, too, John. I can't wait to see you this weekend. Bye-bye," Charlotte said into the phone before hanging up and realizing the Perkins sisters were in the room. "Oh, hey girls, how much of that did you hear?"

"Just enough," Deirdre said. "You always talk cute to your boyfriend?"

"Uh, John's her son, D," Marti scorned her sister.

"Oh, sorry," Deirdre said. "How about as an apology, I don't charge you for all the hours I spent here, just the one you paid for?"

"That sounds good to me," Charlotte said. "By the way, Marti, love your devotion to the team. Already wearing your uniform."

"I wouldn't be if you hadn't moved my stuff to your room," Marti told them.

"Yeah, don't worry, once Molly's awake, Vanna and I will move my belongings out of your room," Charlotte said. "Don't worry about helping us."

"Sounds fair to me," Marti said. "Don't be afraid to load my plate, Savannah."

"I can do that for you, Marti," Savannah responded. "What do you want, Deirdre?"

"Just some pancakes, please," Deirdre answered. "Oh and I'd also like to buy a vowel, Vanna."

Marti had to put her hand to her mouth to stop herself from giggling as Deirdre used Charlotte's nickname for Savannah against the former captain.

"Real funny, Deirdre," Savannah said as she gave her sister a light breakfast of eggs and pancakes, as well as a playful smack to the back of Charlotte's head for using her nickname. "So, what did you girls agree to do?"

"Well, Deirdre agreed that if I wanted any information about Rex, she'd give me an honest answer right away," Marti said as she nudged Deirdre under the table as if to say, "I mean it."

"That's awfully big of you to agree to that, Deirdre," Charlotte said as Savannah served breakfast to the Perkins sisters. "So, did Marti agree to anything?"

"Yeah, she did," Deirdre said with a mouth full of pancakes. "Rex isn't in my life much, so I don't have much family. When I do, they always seem to leave me. So Marti promised me not to repeat what she did after Nationals. She told me she'd stay with me, no matter how bad things get."

"That's so sweet," Savannah commented as she sat down for her breakfast. "I'm proud of you two. If I had been fighting with Charlotte as much as you two did, I'd think we might never make up."

"First of all, I know how you are, Savannah. You're a forgiving person," Marti countered. "Second, as much as I struggle to understand Deirdre's mind, I see her reasoning. She thought I was going to take the only family she knew away from her, even if he's an asshole. Honestly, I haven't felt the need to ask about Rex much over the summer anyways. The fact he left me and Wanda alone really makes me feel like he's dead to me. But at least he gave me something good: A sister."

"It's good to know you feel that way," Charlotte said. "It's like I told Savannah the other day, people come and go in your life but sisters are forever. There's never going to be anyone closer that you will know."

"Umm, yeah, nobody closer than a sister," Deirdre said, feeling more than a little uncomfortable with Charlotte's choice of words. "Hey, I appreciate everything you did for us, but I really need to get ready for class. It was great seeing you both again. Marti, can you walk me out to the car?"

"Yeah, absolutely," Marti immediately agreed, wanting to get out of there before Charlotte's words blew their cover. "I'll be right back, girls. By the way, great food, Savannah."

"Thanks, Marti," Savannah said to her best friend as Marti and Deirdre walked out of Cheerotwn.

"Okay, that was way too close," Marti told her younger sister. "'There's never going to be anyone closer that you will know?' I think we got a little too close last night."

"Ya think?" Deirdre deadpanned before getting serious. "Look, Marti, were you serious about what you said, that you wanted to me to be honest about Rex right away if you wanted to know anything?"

"Yeah, I was," Marti said. "Deirdre, I want you in my life. Last night, we had a lot to get off our chests," she paused as she thought of her choice of words. "Let me rephrase that. We had a lot we needed to discuss and you and I made up a lot of ground. It made me realize that I do want you in my life. I also know being open with people isn't one of your strengths, but it would mean a lot to me if I could get some answers about the father I never knew."

"Okay, that seems fair," Deirdre concluded. "As long as your promise not to leave me. I've seen too many people walk away from me and I would be devastated to lose you again. I don't say this much, but you mean a lot to me, Marti."

Marti couldn't help herself. She reached in and hugged Deirdre. This time, there was no demonstration in social skills or post-incest awareness to break things up. Deirdre returned the favor, hugging Marti like a sister for the first time in her life. It felt so organic and pure to her, something she very rarely felt in her life.

As they separated, Marti had one last question for her half-sister.

"So what are you doing this weekend?" Marti said.

"Probably some homework," Deirdre said. "I'm not working at Wainwright's this weekend. Why?"

"I was just wondering if you want to go see us perform at Qualifiers," Marti answered. "We're just going to be down the road at FedExForum. I'll need to pull some strings to get a ticket that will put you with Wanda and Travis..."

"Wait, Travis? That guy you freed from prison?" Deirdre said. "Are he and Wanda..."

"Don't even finish that sentence," Marti warned. "No, it's purely platonic. He's just living with us so he can have a stable place to be and a steady job."

"Good," Deirdre sighed. "Make sure you tell me how he got out some time."

"I will," Marti said before she got back on track. "Anyways, they're going together to watch the Hellcats and I'd love for you to be there. What do you say, sis?"

"Well, Nationals got all fucked up, s'pose I owe you a Hellcat event," Deirdre replied.

"Excellent," Marti said. "Listen, I'm going to call Wanda and let her know you're coming and that we've made up. And I promise you that she'll know nothing about the scandalous parts about last night."

"Sounds good," Deirdre said. "I'm so glad we're talking again. I missed you over the summer."

"Me, too," Marti said, confessing that for the first time. As pissed as she was, she really didn't want to lose her. "I'll let you get to class and I'll call you later today to pick up the ticket. And Deirdre..."

"Yes, Marti?" Deirdre asked.

"I love you," Marti said, a warm smile beaming across her face.

"Me too," Deirdre replied as she got in her car, returning the glowing grin. "Bye."

"Bye," Marti said back as she watched Deirdre pull out.

It wasn't until Deirdre was out of sight that Marti began feeling differently, like a switch inside her had been flipped. At first, Marti started wondering if the previous night's incestuous affair had triggered this, but she brushed it aside. She reasoned with herself that while the sex was great, it was an once-in-a-lifetime thing, bound to never happen again.

Feeling a little more normal, Marti was greeted by the familiar site of the Monroe sisters.

"So, how are things with you and Deirdre?" Savannah asked, her voice begging to hear every little detail.

"She's great," Marti said, sitting back down at the table to finish her breakfast. "She's actually going to be in the stands at Qualifiers."

"Speaking of which, I can't wait anymore, I want the weekend to be here now!" Charlotte said impatiently. "If we kick Nasty Kathy and MemChrist out in Qualifiers, we might have a clear shot at Nationals."

"Well, we do need to get the new girls ready," Marti reminded Charlotte. "I have the feeling that most of our success or failure will be based on how they perform."

Almost on cue, one of the new girls made her presence known as only she could.

"Good morning, everybody," Ariana sang as she turned the corner into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Aria..." Charlotte started to say before she turned around and saw Ariana was clad in only a pair of panties and an open bath robe, which hadn't been tied closed, leaving the redhead's perky little tits on display.

"So, what's for breakfast?" Ariana asked, oblivious to everybody being taken aback by her exhibitionism.

"Ummm, eggs, hash browns and pancakes," Savannah stammered, trying her best to form a sentence over Ariana's state of dress.

"Yay! I love pancakes!" Ariana said, jumping in the chair, unintentionally showing a little jiggle.

Little did Ariana know what effect she was having on Marti. All the feelings that she had dismissed as nothing after Deirdre left were returning with a vengeance. Marti couldn't help but eyeball Ariana's beautiful body up and down repeatedly.

"I need to go get a shower," Marti said, thinking a cold one was the best. She couldn't figure out what had gotten into her. Her brain kept screaming about last night, but she didn't want to listen. "Thank you so much for breakfast, Savannah."

As Marti ran off to her bedroom, Charlotte stopped her and said, "Marti, you do remember your stuff is in my room, right? And be careful not to wake up Molly."

"Oh, right, thanks, Charlotte," Marti said as she moved the other way.

"What's gotten into Marti?" Ariana asked after Marti ran by the table again.

"It's a long story, but I'll give you the cliff notes version. She had a really long night with her sister," Savannah responded, not knowing how right she was.


Marti and Deirdre weren't the only ones in Cheertown to wake up naked together, though for Lewis Flynn, the experience was at least somewhat less stressful. The tall Hellcat base awoke to the sensation of his girlfriend, Alice Vedura, nuzzling his cock to life, her tongue already playing with Lewis' sack.

"Ugh, not again, girl," Lewis moaned, a most unlikely response from a man who enjoyed sex as much as Lewis did.

"But I'm horny," Alice said, pausing long enough to run her tongue up Lewis' rapidly growing shaft. "And I still haven't gotten off."

Lewis groaned, but not from the pleasure of Alice's tongue upon his shaft. For the last couple of days, Alice had been insatiable when it came to sex. Almost literally. She was constantly horny, but no matter what Lewis did, Alice just couldn't seem to reach climax.

Even as Lewis groaned, Alice swallowed the head of his cock and he noticed right away she was getting it good and wet.

"Alice, come on, if we do this, we'll be late for-"

"We won't be late for class," Alice said, an edge slipping into her voice. "Besides, if I don't get off soon, I'm going to explode."

"Have you tried jilling off?" Lewis asked, exasperated. He loved sex as much as the next guy - maybe more - but Alice's constant, unmet needs were starting to wear him down. He had other things to do and things to think about that required more blood in his head than in his pants.

Not that he'd worn pants much the last few days.

"Eww, you know I hate that term for masturbation," Alice said with a snort. "And why should I have to handle my own business when you're here?"

"Because maybe I want to do something besides fucking, Alice," Lewis said exasperated.

"Lewis Flynn, if you don't fuck me good and hard right here and now, I will get you kicked off the Hellcats before you can so-much as compliment my pom-poms."

"You wouldn't do that, Alice," Lewis said even as the gorgeous brunette slid up his body, running her tongue up his chest. Lewis cringed a little, feeling the sudden heat of Alice's crotch against his erection. She wouldn't, but she'd threaten him with it. Alice was a master at manipulation. Thank God there was only one of her.

"You can have my ass," she whispered to Lewis. "And this time, we won't be interrupted."

"Won't Frankie be back soon?" Lewis said, trying to spot Alice's alarm clock from where he lay. Not surprisingly, the thong Alice had worn yesterday lay across it, blocking the time.

"Probably," Alice said, kissing Lewis' chin as she reached down for his cock. "Why, you want her to watch?"

"No, which is why I want to know if she's coming back soon."

"Don't worry, the sock I put on the doorknob is probably still out there."

"Wha-" Lewis' response was cut off as Alice jabbed her tongue down his throat and she proceeded to impale herself upon Lewis' cock. Lewis' resistance melted there, as Alice's dripping wet snatch enveloped him completely and he started thrusting up into her. Yeah, no matter what happened between him and Alice, they always, always, ALWAYS got the sex right.

Except it wasn't right of late. At least, not for Alice. And it wasn't because of anything Lewis was doing. He hadn't changed any of his patented moves that always got Alice off in the past - those same moves that had gotten both Marti AND Nasty Kathy off, too. And all the other girls Lewis had fucked. None of them had ever failed to reach climax with him.

So what was Alice's issue all-of-a-sudden? Was she bored with him? Was she wishing he'd try something new? There wasn't much the two of them hadn't done together, short of bringing in other people and Lewis flat-out refused to do that. He was a 1-woman kinda guy and a no-guy kinda guy at that. So no one, male or female, was getting into his bed, when he was screwing his woman.

Alice was bucking atop him like a champion rodeo rider now, her long dark hair flying about behind her head, her hands gripping Lewis' shoulders. She looked like sex personified, her breasts jiggling enticingly with every move she made, a slight sheen of sweat already starting to form over her mocha-colored skin, her eyes squeezed shut, as if willing an orgasm to burst out of her.

"Damn, girl, you're gorgeous," Lewis said, amazed. Alice might have been a bitch when not in bed, but in bed she was a goddess. Already, he was starting to feel pressure building up within him, signaling that his morning was about to get a whole lot better.

But Alice suddenly pulled off him.

"Oh no, no cumming yet, not for you," Alice said, hopping off the bed and wagging a disapproving finger in his direction. Standing there, buck naked, a fist on her hip, head cocked slightly to the side, the morning sunlight streaming in through the window behind her, Alice looked about as erotic as Lewis has ever seen her.

"Come on, Alice! We don't have all morning for your little games," Lewis said, reaching for the raven-haired beauty again.

"Oh really?" Alice said, turning around to point her bubble butt in Lewis' face. "Does that mean you don't want to take me from behind?"

Lewis groaned in frustration. "Come on, Alice. Do we HAVE to play it like this? Maybe if we just got down to the fucking, you could-"

"Don't you DARE finish that thought, Lewis Flynn," Alice snapped. "Now, get out of bed and fuck my ass." The tone of her voice made it clear Alice wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Lewis sighed, but climbed out of bed and eased his erection up against the perfectly shaped mounds of Alice's butt. She cooed a little as he pressed his hardness between her cheeks, allowing Alice to feel the length of his manhood running between her cheeks.

"I love it when you do that," Alice purred.

"Yeah, well, it's the closest you'd let me fuck your ass for ages," Lewis said quietly in Alice's ear.

"Well, you've got permission now to go as far as you want with my ass, Lewis. But do it quickly."

"If you say so," Lewis said. He reached over to Alice's bed stand, where a tube of lube lay out in the open, having been amply sampled the night before. Lewis now squeezed out a generous dollop of the stuff onto his shaft, wincing a bit at the coolness on his hot skin. Still, he wasted no time coating his shaft with the gel, and then squeezed out another little bit of the liquid to apply directly to Alice's asshole.

"Ooh! Cold!" Alice complained.

"I promise to heat it up for you," Lewis said. With that, he eased the head of his shaft up into Alice's backdoor.

"Gah!" Alice gasped as she reacted to the sudden intrusion into her most private of areas. That gasp was quickly followed by a low moan, though. Alice might not have partaken in anal sex all that often, but she certainly found something to enjoy about it.

Lewis did, too. He loved the tighter sensation of a woman's rear end as opposed to her front and he had to admit, the extra "taboo" sensation he got pounding a girl's ass only made him hotter.

Safely past the ring of Alice's ass, Lewis began to ease his way up and into her, taking a moment to reach around and grab each of her breasts with his hands.

"Mmmm, yeah baby. Should do that more often," Alice cooed.

"What, this?" Lewis asked, squeezing Alice's tits with each hand. "Or this?" he added, thrusting up into Alice's ass with his cock.

"OOOH! Both!" Alice exclaimed. Lewis did both to her again, then settled in for a good, hard fucking. He'd had enough of this playing around and while he could've gone right to the showers to start his morning, now that Alice had gotten him worked up, he was going to get what he needed.

If Alice minded, she didn't let on. Quite the opposite, in fact. "Fuck me Lewis!" Alice snarled, her need so ferocious he was taken aback by it. "Jam that big black cock of yours up my ass!"

Lewis felt his jaw drop at the rapid swing in Alice's tone, from flirty to demanding, but he did as told and started ramming Alice's ass even harder. But that was a double-edged sword, for every harder thrust up into Alice's rear brought Lewis that much closer to being unable to thrust again.

"Alice, I'm getting-"

"Harder, Lewis!" Alice snapped at him. "Just fuck my ass so hard neither one of us will walk straight for a week!"

"Alice! We've got Qualifiers in-!" Lewis started to protest, but again was cut off.

"Fuck. My. ASS!" Alice snarled, loudly. Lewis shot a look towards the door - images of young Miranda Summer catching him and Alice in the act once already fresh in his mind - but was relieved to find the door closed and no one there.

"Lewis!" Alice barked, bringing his mind back to the task at hand - namely fucking his girlfriend. He thought about protesting again, but his own throbbing needs wouldn't be denied any longer.

"You want this?" Lewis asked, pounding into Alice's ass as hard as he could. "You want THIS?"

"OOOH, fuck yeah! Come on, Lewis! Fuck my ass SOOOOOOOOO hard! Make me cum all over that giant cock of yours."

"I'll fuck your ass, Alice! I'll fuck your tight little ass!" Lewis was into it now, and couldn't hold back even if he wanted to. He pounded into Alice's ass like a man possessed, which he pretty much was. Lewis Flynn was possessed by the need to fuck his girlfriend until HE came. And he no longer cared one lick if Alice got off or not.

Harder and harder he slammed into her, feeling his release building and building. Alice had one hand on the bed rail, one on the wall trying to support herself as Lewis rattled her entire body, ramming his shaft into her like he was. The only thing keeping her tits from flapping about was the fact that Lewis had a death grip upon them, his fingers sinking into her mocha-colored flesh to help him maintain a hold upon her. He was leaving some pretty obvious finger marks in her skin, but she didn't seem to mind.

"Yes!" Alice cried out. "Yes, harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! YES! YESSSS!" She was getting there. Lewis had been with Alice enough to know she must finally be closing in on orgasm. That was good, he figured, but he wasn't going to hold back anymore. His own climax was within sight - almost literally, as his eyes were starting to see colors that weren't there.

"Aauuuugggghhhhhhhhh!" Lewis gasped out as his cock spasmed and his body went stiff. He could feel himself shooting up into Alice's backside. His eyes rolled back into his head as pleasure flooded his veins, and Lewis lost himself for a long moment, just enjoying an early morning orgasm.

But he was the only one who got off and Alice was NOT taking it well.

"NOOOO!" she screeched. "Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT! Get your cock stiff again!" Alice snarled, turning around to face Lewis as he regained his senses from his orgasm.

"Wha...?" Lewis asked, still shaking off his high.

"Gaaah! You're useless! Can't even get me off while fucking me up the ass! What am I even DOING with you?!" Alice snapped. She hopped off the bed, practically shoving Lewis out of the way to do so, grabbed a towel and marched out of the room, barely covering her naked body before getting out the door.

Lewis stood there, dumbfounded, watching her as she left. What was WRONG with Alice? They'd been having so much sex in the last few days and yet she never seemed to get off. And she was blaming him.

Suddenly, Alice's roommate, Frankie, stood in the doorway, looking down the hallway after Alice. Her bushy brown Afro was pushed up ridiculously on one side, indicating how she'd slept the night before. She glanced at Lewis, did a double take, then smiled a bit.

"I was going to ask what went wrong in here, but judging by the look of you, nothing went wrong on your end."

Lewis blinked, then glanced down along Frankie's eyeline - and realized she was staring at his naked crotch.

"Whoa! Sorry, Frankie," Lewis said, covering himself with the blanket off Alice's bed.

"Nothing to be sorry for, Lewis," Frankie said, coming into the room to grab her shower stuff. "I enjoy a show first thing in the morning." She took her stuff and turned to leave the room, but stopped at the doorway.

"Problem?" Lewis asked, double-checking to make sure his manhood was fully covered - not that Frankie hadn't seen all of him now.

"Listen, Lewis," she said. "I don't mind you and Alice getting freaky in my room, but Darwin snores something awful and I need my eight hours."

"I'll make sure you sleep in here tonight, Frankie," Lewis said with a sigh. "I don't think Alice'll want to see me tonight anyway."


Continued below
This, this is for all the girls (Whoa, oh)
Boys all over the world (All over the world)
Whatever you've been told
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You're worth more than gold
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You're worth more than gold
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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2020, 07:43:39 PM »
Kelsey Curtis was almost out of breath when she reached the fifth floor of the dilapidated apartment building in Downtown Memphis. The elevator was out of service, as was the air conditioning, apparently. The building had seen better days. The wallpaper - clearly a refugee from the 1980s - was torn and curling in a dozen places and reeked of dirt and dust. The carpet in the hallway wasn't much better, worn through in a few spots and with two or three visible spills just from where Kelsey stood. One of them was clearly coffee, one was some kind of blue liquid and one looked alarmingly like dried blood. Kelsey hurried past that one as fast as her Manolo Blahniks would take her.

If she'd had her choice, the reporter wouldn't have been caught dead in a place like this. Hell, she was a sports reporter, meaning the scariest place she usually reported from was the locker room during a towel shortage. But here she was, on the wrong side of Memphis, one hand wrapped around the little bottle of mace in her purse. She walked under a flickering light that snapped and smelled a bit like burning, and paused in front of Apartment 66. She paused because the second 6 had come loose and was now dangling upside down, making the number appear to be 69 instead.

Kelsey looked over both shoulders and knocked on the door.

There was a long pause and nothing seemed to happen for a long moment. Then, suddenly, the door swung open the length of the chain locking it inside.

"Hello?" a wary sounding voice came from within.

"Vanessa? Vanessa Lodge?" Kelsey asked.

"Who wants to know?" the voice asked.

"Kelsey Curtis, from Photo Gem Magazine. I'd like to speak with you if I could."

"Photo Gem?" the voice replied. "What about?"

"About the Lancer Hellcats," Kelsey said. "We're thinking of doing a full spread on them, and you used to be their coach, so..." It wasn't technically a lie, just a misdirection. Kelsey had every intention on doing a story involving the Hellcats, but more about the shifty background action going on at Lancer's Athletic Department and how since Bill Marsh had left, the place had only gotten worse in terms of underhanded deals.

"I'm no longer with the Hellcats," the voice replied, confirming that it was Vanessa speaking.

"I know, but many of the cheerleaders still think of you as their coach. Please, I'd just like a little of your time and I really don't want to stand out in this hallway any longer than I have to."

That seemed to get Vanessa's attention. The door closed and Kelsey could hear the chain being slid out. The door opened again, revealing a sad but beautiful sight.

Kelsey had seen Vanessa Lodge before. She was a gorgeous woman in her mid 30s, with flawless mocha colored skin and the body of a dancer, all legs and grace. Her dark hair, usually kept short and functional, had grown out a little over the summer and looked like it hadn't been washed in a few days, filled with frizz and not styled at all. She wore a housecoat that did nothing to hide her slight cleavage - or what looked like a spaghetti stain on the tank top she wore under it. Underneath she wore Lancer blue sweat pants with a hole in one knee and two separate coffee stains that didn't look half as old as the pants themselves. In her right hand, she held a baseball bat, clearly for protection.

"Get in, quickly," Vanessa said, practically pulling Kelsey into the small apartment.

If Vanessa looked sad, her apartment looked clinically depressed. The walls were bare save for a pair of small pictures near the door of Vanessa in her Hellcat days, one a solo shot, another the group photo. On the other side of the doorway was the 2011 Helllcats calendar, still showing Alice Vedura's saucy 4th of July bikini - was Vanessa aware it was the end of August, almost September?

There wasn't much furniture in the small place - a fold-out bed that looked like it might be stuck in the out position filled the main room, along with a single desk chair next to a table covered in newspapers and pizza boxes. Around the corner, Kelsey could see the small kitchenette - no one in their right mind would call that closet a real kitchen, with barely enough room to open the refrigerator door or oven. The only other door in the entire place lead to an even smaller bathroom that Kelsey wasn't sure a person could sit on the toilet and close the door at the same time.

"You live here?" Kelsey blurted out, surprised at the state of the place.

"When I'm not with R-" Vanessa cut herself off, though Kelsey was certain she meant to say Red Raymond's name. The relationship between the football coach and the cheerleading coach was one of the worst kept secrets on campus since Vanessa's fiancé had left with the National Guard. "When I'm not with someone else," Vanessa finished, rather lamely.

"Is this where you've always lived?" Kelsey asked.

"No, I had a better place before..." she trailed off, raising a clenched hand to her lips. It was immediately clear that Kelsey had touched a nerve. "Let's just say that being an unemployed cheerleading coach doesn't pay so well."

"Haven't other schools been scouting you?" Kelsey asked.

"A few, but it's a tough market right now. A lot of cheerleading programs have been cut and the market's a bit flooded," Vanessa said.

"I'm sorry," Kelsey replied, unsure of what else to say.

"Me, too." Vanessa took a deep breath and sat down on the bed, motioning Kelsey towards the only actual chair in the small apartment. "But you're not here for me. You wanted to talk about the Hellcats."

"That's right," Kelsey said.

"Well, let's talk."

For the next half-hour, Kelsey peppered Vanessa with softball background questions about the Hellcats, going all the way back to Vanessa's own time on the team, up through the bid for National glory last year. As she spoke, Vanessa lit up, smiling frequently when discussing both the art of coaching cheerleading, as well as the cheerleaders she coached - all of them were still "her" cheerleaders. Absolutely everything Vanessa stated was stuff Kelsey could've found elsewhere - in fact, most of the facts she already knew from the handful of Lancer-centric articles she'd done last year. If she learned anything from the early part of the interview, it was that Vanessa's love for cheerleading and the Hellcats in particular was complete and genuine. This woman was born to be a cheerleading coach and what more, she was born to be Lancer's cheerleading coach.

Which automatically brought up the question of why she wasn't anymore.

"How did you get fired?" Kelsey asked.

"I wasn't fired, I was let go," Vanessa said, a clear knee-jerk reaction.

"Why were you let go?" Kelsey pressed.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"But your team made it all the way to Nationals last year and were only prevented from competing because of illness."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Why? Is there a story there?" Kelsey asked.

"Nope, I was just let go. Can we leave it at that?"

"I'd love some more details."

"I'm not willing to talk about it, end of story," Vanessa said flatly, the improved humor she'd gained over the last few minutes evaporating instantly.

"What about off the record?" Kelsey asked, turning off her digital recorder and showing it to Vanessa.

"I know reporters like you, Kelsey Curtis - nothing is EVER off the record," Vanessa said with a slight sneer.

Kelsey cursed silently. Vanessa was a tougher cookie than her disheveled appearance made her out to be. The reporter should've known better. Vanessa Lodge had a far better reputation than a dilapidated apartment and ragged wardrobe could change. This girl had been through the ringer more than once and knew how to handle herself.

"Listen, Vanessa, I think there's a story in your dismissal from Lancer. I think there's a big story here, maybe even more of one than you realize. And I'm going to look into it."

"Then maybe you'd better go look into it," Vanessa said, standing up. "But you'll have to do it without my help. I want nothing more to do with that school and its athletic department."

That caught Kelsey's attention. Clearly, Vanessa had no love for Dean Laverne's administration either. It would appear that Alice might have been on to something after all.

"Vanessa, I'm trying to help," Kelsey said as she allowed Vanessa to gently push her towards the door. "If I find there's some wrong doing in your firing, I could get you rehired by Lancer! You could be back working with the Hellcats!"

"The Hellcats have a perfectly good coach now, they'll be fine," Vanessa said, though the tone of her voice made that seem like a practiced line and not something she really believed.

"So you know Britney Allen well, then?" Kelsey pressed.

"Not at all, nor do I know her record," Vanessa said, opening the door.

Kelsey was out of time and out of options. She needed Vanessa in on this story, somehow. Anyhow. She was left with only one card left to play.

Jamming her foot in the door before Vanessa could close it, Kelsey leaned close to Vanessa and whispered into the other woman's ear.

"What's it going to take to get you onboard?" Kelsey asked, using her best seduction voice. "I'm willing to do anything."

"A-anything?" Vanessa asked, looking more confused than aroused. "Are you propositioning me?"

"If it helps," Kelsey said, pressing back into the room a bit, her body now close enough to Vanessa that had they been undressed, their nipples might have been touching. "Think about it, Vanessa. Have you ever been with a woman?"

For a long moment, Vanessa didn't speak, didn't move, didn't even blink. In fact, for half a heartbeat it looked as if her eyes had fogged over with memory, but she snapped back to the present and got an angry look on her face.

"I have a BOYfriend, Ms. Curtis. And I will NOT be helping you with your story! End of discussion!" With that, Vanessa shoved Kelsey out into the hallway and slammed the door shut.

Kelsey wasn't surprised. She hadn't QUITE gotten a full-on gay vibe from Vanessa, but she knew now that Vanessa would think about it. She'd think about it a LOT. And the more Vanessa thought about Kelsey, the more she'd think about helping her. And sooner or later, she'd come around to seeing Kelsey's point of view on the article, at least, if not the proposition.

Though if she did come around and wanted to sleep with Kelsey, the reporter was hardly going to say no. Vanessa Lodge was smoking hot and would make a wonderful notch on Kelsey's bedpost.

Kelsey took out one of her business cards and a pen and scribbled a note on the back.

"In case you change your mind," it read. She shoved it under Vanessa's door and then quickly scurried out of the apartment building as fast as she could. She didn't want to be caught dead in the place and she worried the longer she stayed there, the more likely that would be.


It wasn't in Molly Cratchet's plans to become a competitive cheerleader in college. After finishing high school, she was more than content to hang up her skirt. Instead, her parents were able to talk her into trying out for the Hellcats, stating that being involved in an extracurricular activity and doing so on a scholarship would look great on her résumé. Not being a social butterfly like most of her teammates, Molly failed to grasp why businesses paid attention to such nonsense. All she knew was the in the real world, businesses liked that and she would continue cheerleading if it meant impressing whoever would one day interview her.

At the moment, though, Molly found herself distracted by cheerleading from her classes. She was taking notes for Business Management class, but while she was writing, she kept thinking about how important Qualifiers were everybody else on the team. Molly was already feeling as though she was the team outcast, burying her head in a book more than focusing on the Hellcats. She rarely socialized with her teammates since she joined the squad. Still, Molly didn't want to crush these girls' dreams because she was immersed more in her schoolwork. It was times like these Molly was cursed her decision to take up a social activity.

As much as Molly would have loved to keep taking notes, the thought of the Hellcats wasn't the only problem irritating the young redhead. Now her brain was being assaulted with a horrendous grinding sound, like a piece of metal being dragged on rock. Trying to block out the annoying noise, Molly went to her window and closed it, not even checking to see what the source of the sound was. Before she could even sit back down at her desk, the noise had returned and now Molly was irate. The freshman Hellcat stormed out of the room, curiosity finally getting the best of her. "This wouldn't be happening if Mom and Dad had let me stay in a single-person dorm like I asked," Molly grumbled to herself. "Why did they have to talk me back into cheerleading?"

As she walked out of Cheertown, Molly found who it was that it was driving crazy and it was none other than Emily Sear. She was grinding her skateboard against a concrete wall that acted as barrier for the elevated garden that was in front of the building. Of course, Emily just had to practice her grinding outside Molly's window. Before she had even had the chance to move into Cheertown, Emily had been a pain in Molly's side, especially when the blonde crashed into her fellow freshman and Marti when Molly was unpacking her belongings from her car. It seemed as though if each passing day, Molly wanted to crack that skateboard over Emily's head more than ever.

"Emily!" Molly shouted after the skater girl finished a grind. "Will you do me a favor and take that damn thing to a skate park or something? I have a lot studying to do and the last thing I want to hear that board scraping against stone!"

Turning on her heel, Molly started making her way back to Cheertown, but before she was in arm's reach of the door, Emily skated right in front of her and blocked the entrance way.

"What's wrong with you, Molly?" Emily asked as she stepped off her skateboard and kicked it up into her hand. "You seem frustrated or something."

"Weren't you listening to what I just said?" Molly sighed. "I don't want you to interrupt my study time with that skateboard grinding against the wall."

"Yeah, I heard you. But you just bit my head off over nothing, so I think there's something else going on with you," Emily said. "Come on, you can talk to me about it."

"I just told you what it is, Emily," Molly said, wanting to return to her chair.

"Shenanigans," Emily responded, knowing Molly was holding something back. Grabbing the redhead's hand, the blonde pulled her to a bench outside the front door and said, "Just talk to me about it."

"Can we just drop it?" Molly asked desperately. "I really need to get back to my notes."

"Forget it, Molly," Emily said, showing no indication she was going to cave as she sat down. "Now, just tell me what's bothering you."

"I can't," Molly said weakly, not wanting to talk about this. She just wanted to get back to her room and study. "Look, Emily, maybe I've been a bit bitchy since I joined the Hellcats and I'm sorry for snapping at you so many times. It's just that what happened to me is something that is personal and I'm just not ready to talk about it."

"Look, I know you and I haven't exactly started off on the right foot," Emily tried to assure. "But we're teammates now. If you can't talk to me, who else are you going to talk to? Come on. I promise you not I won't be judgmental."

Looking into Emily's eyes, Molly could see the blonde was telling the truth. She wanted to tell Emily what was on her mind. The problem for Emily was she just couldn't do it.

"I'm sorry," Molly said. "I know you mean well, Emily, but I'm just not ready to talk about it yet. Besides, I don't think you'd understand."

"Why not?" This was really starting to get Emily's attention. What on Earth was there to Molly that she wouldn't get?

"I know you're trying to help, but I doubt you've ever gone through what I have," Molly replied.

"You sure about that?" Emily offered. "We've all had drama before."

"Yeah, but not like this," Molly replied. "I really need to go back to my books."

"Hold on, Molly," Emily said firmly, pulling the redhead back down to the bench when she stood up. "There's something I have to say, too. I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Come on, it doesn't take rocket scientist to figure out that you believe I'm a pain in the ass," Emily explained. "You're not the first person to complain about my grinding and I doubt I'll probably run over other people besides you and Marti."

Emily was hoping this would work. She figured if she could apologize to Molly, maybe her studious teammate would open herself up and tell her what this big problem was.

"No, I'm sorry," Molly replied. "I've just been pissed about everything that's happened to me and I took it out on you. I mean, yeah, we haven't started out so great, but part of that's on me."

There was a long pause, both girls withholding their own hands over their laps. Molly was looking down at the ground and Emily was looking straight ahead for no reason.

"If it means anything to you, I want us to be friends," Emily said, finally breaking the silence and turning her head toward Molly. The redheaded cheerleader looked up toward her teammate.

"Really?" Molly asked.

"Yeah, sure, why not?" Emily answered. "How about you and I head off to a day spa after Qualifiers? It'll be so good."

"I've never been to one before," Molly responded.

Emily smiled to herself, trying to resist the urge to say how obvious that was. "You'll enjoy it, I promise. I know this great place across town that does the best hot rock massage."

"Wait, hot rocks?" Molly asked with a hint of fear. "I'm sorry, Emily, but I don't want to get burned."

"You won't," Emily reassured the business student. "They heat them just right so they're not too hot. And they are so relaxing. It's like they're melting all your troubles away."

Molly seemed to seriously consider Emily's offer. She had to admit, it did sound good and she thought a little relaxation wouldn't hurt.

"What the hell, I'll do it," Molly answered.

"Terrific!" Emily exclaimed. "You'll love it, Molly. It's the absolute best."

"I'll hold you to that," Molly said, knowing something was creeping across her face that Emily would notice.

"Oh my God, Molly, you're smiling!" Emily noticed. "I don't think I've seen you do that around me!"

"Well, people haven't been very friendly to me lately, so forgive me if I look too happy," Molly said.

"There's no such thing as being too happy," Emily said as she picked up her board. "You'll want me to go somewhere else while I grind, right?"

Molly thought about what to say for a while before answering, "No, you can keep going here. I can grow used to it."

"Cool," Emily responded. She picked up her board and was about to go back to tearing up the wall, but before she did, she turned back to her teammate. "Molly, if you ever want to talk, I'll be right there for you."

"Thanks, Emily," Molly answered. She was going to say more, but instead she decided to turn back and head back to her work.

As she watched Molly walk back inside, Emily wondered what it was that her friend was hiding. She had no idea what Molly could have been holding back or why she was doing it. Emily remembered Molly said she wouldn't understand, so she guessed it would have to be really bad for her not to get it.

Emily hopped back on her board, setting herself to grind the garden wall. However, thoughts of what Molly was hiding from her kept filling her head. "What was it about Molly that made her so reluctant to have me help?" Emily asked herself.


"Good work on that scorpion lift, Charlotte!" Britney Allen called out as she passed Alice, the little blonde Cheer Coach's eyes directed out towards the Hellcats practice, completely unaware that the cheer captain's eyes were locked on her ass, clad in the tiniest of spandex shorts.

Yes, Alice had a problem. And the longer she went without an orgasm, the bigger that problem got.

Practice was going well, nominally. The new Hellcats recruits were shaping up, a few of them showing some real potential. Most of the veterans were back in shape, with the possible exception of Marti, who seemed distracted today. Britney had already commented on her to Alice, but Alice had barely heard her, unable to think of much but Britney's ass in those shorts.

'God, this must be what it's like to be a guy, your brain always focused on sex,' Alice thought to herself, trying to pry her eyes off Coach Allen's shapely backside. Of course, that just left her looking out at the other Hellcats, all clad in their skin-baring, sexy uniforms. All the bare legs and midriffs flying about had Alice on edge and she continued to wish Kelsey was around. Lewis was proving decidedly incapable of meeting Alice's sexual requirements and if Alice didn't get off soon, she was going to explode. As it was, she might have been tempted to pull Lewis under the bleachers and boff him there, but Lewis had been rather cool to her since their argument earlier. That left Kelsey to meet Alice's needs and the reporter was nowhere to be found.

"Good job, everyone!" Britney Allen's voice called out. "Group A, let's switch to tumbles. Group B, it's your turn for physicals with the new doctor. Group C, take ten minutes, then we'll rotate."

The Hellcats all started to break up - Britney had separated them into three groups today, mostly so they could get their mandatory physicals in with the new athletic doctor, someone named Dr. Van Der Hooven. Alice figured a name like that was probably some ugly East German torture master who enjoyed causing pain to pretty little cheerleaders. A shame Dr. Derek wasn't back from his National Guard deployment - he was at least a bit dreamy to think about when he was wrapping your ankle or listening to your pulse with his stethoscope right under one of your tits...

God, everything was turning Alice on today. She seriously needed to get off! But Lewis was out tumbling with Group A and he wouldn't take well to Alice begging for sex AGAIN. Alice needed it and she needed it NOW. But if Lewis wasn't going to give it to her, maybe it was time Alice started looking elsewhere.

"Tom, could you refill my water bottle for me?"

"Sure thing, Miranda."

The sound of Miranda Summer's voice hit Alice's brain like a rocket. Her sexual frustrations and the shortness of Britney Allen's shorts aside, the biggest problem Alice had these days was her innate attraction to the new Hellcat flyer-to-be. There was something about Miranda that drew Alice to her and Alice was certain she was only noticing it because she'd had her latent bisexuality awakened by Kelsey Curtis only a few days ago.

Alice turned around to look where Miranda was sitting on the bleachers, sweat plastering her dark brown hair to her forehead and giving her midriff an alluring sheen. Her legs were crossed, but plenty of skin showed beneath Miranda's skirt and all Alice could think of at that moment was running her tongue up and down the long, shapely things.

One encounter. One sexual experience with Kelsey Curtis had been all it took to awaken a desire for women in Alice and now she couldn't turn it off. Especially when looking at Miranda.

Alice watched as Miranda, who was certainly capable of getting up and getting her own water, handed her pink water bottle to Tom, one of the new male Hellcats and had him walk across the gym to the filtered water fountain. Miranda continued to pat down her head with a small towel, wiping away the sweat she'd gathered during Britney's grueling training regimen. Something in the way Miranda patted her wet flesh with the towel made Alice's mouth water and her crotch heat up impossibly more.

"Here you go, Miranda."

"Thank you so much, Tom!" Miranda said, rewarding him with a smile. She took the bottle from Tom and proceeded to pull out her phone and check her text messages, ignoring the boy completely after that.

She was using him. Rather clumsily, at that. Alice knew the signs - she used them herself all the time - but Miranda was clearly just seeing if she could make a boy like Tom go get her water for no reason. She wasn't even drinking it, leaving Tom to walk over to speak with Jason and Charlotte instead.

For a moment, Alice thought about approaching Miranda, maybe even making a move on her. But Alice couldn't quite work up the nerve. She'd never hit on a girl before. She'd approached guys all the time, even come right out and seduced boys upon her first meeting with them. But girls were different. Scary, somehow. And Miranda already had something on Alice, knowing about her sexual difficulties with Lewis. If the younger girl discovered Alice was sexually interested in her, she'd have that much more on the Hellcats captain. And Alice didn't like anyone having anything on her.

"He's cute."

Alice blinked. "Huh?" She looked over to find Frankie standing next to her, the bushy-haired Hellcat giving Alice an appraising eye.

"That Tom guy," Frankie said. "He's cute. Not really my type, but you like the wholesome, guy-next-door type."

"What on Earth are you talking about?" Alice asked.

"Well, you dropped Lewis for Jake, then when Jake went to prison, you went back to Lewis," Frankie said. "And Jake's criminal record aside, they're pretty much the same good guy, aren't they?"

"Why are we talking about Lewis and JAKE, of all people?" Alice asked.

"We aren't. We're talking about Tom. I saw you staring at him earlier. He's certainly cute enough, but far more your speed than mine."

"Yeah, well, I've got Lewis, for all he's worth."

"Like that's ever stopped YOU before," Frankie said. With that, Frankie left, heading over towards where Marti and Darwin were watching Britney and Savannah run a third of the Hellcats through tumbling drills.

Alice turned to look at Tom again. Frankie was right. He WAS cute...



Britney turned towards Ariana Valentine, who'd just come up behind her, a happy little smile on her face.

"What's up, Ariana?"

"Dr. Van Der Hooven wants to talk with you."

"Can it wait?"

"I don't think so," Ariana said. "She sent me to get you while she finished up with Molly's exam."

Britney sighed and glanced around. Where was Alice? For a team captain, she didn't seem to be paying all that much attention to practice. "Savannah?" she called out.

"Yeah, Coach?" Savannah said, turning around from where she was in the tumbling line.

"Watch over the tumbling for me. I gotta go talk with the team doctor, apparently."


"And if you see Alice," Britney started to add, but then just shook her head. "If you see Alice, tell her we need to talk at some point."

With that, Britney followed Ariana back into Cheertown and to the secluded medical room, just off the gym where the Hellcats practiced.

Britney Allen wasn't the only new hire in Lancer's Athletic Department. With Derek Altman still on deployment with the National Guard and indeed due to be gone at least a year, the football team had needed a new doctor and that same doctor got assigned to the Hellcats as well. The original substitute doctor had gone and retired over the summer, meaning that a new temporary sports medicine doctor was required.

Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven came with two different degrees in Sports Medicine and a host of recommendations ranging from the United States Olympic women's volleyball team, the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center and even the Detroit Red Wings, all of them positively glowing with praise and support for the young doctor.

Somehow, Britney was certain they'd all failed to mention that Dr. Van Der Hooven lacked any respect at all for female coaches. Or female athletes.

"Ah, good, you're back and you brought Coach Allen," Kristen said, seeing Ariana lead Britney into the room. "Please get undressed, Ms. Valentine, while I discuss the paperwork your coach neglected to fill out."

"Okay," Ariana said, reaching down and pulling her Hellcats top up over her head, exposing her perky breasts to the room.

"What paperwork?" Britney asked.

"The official medical records for your little cheerleader recruits, Coach Allen," Dr. Van Der Hooven said. As Ariana stripped out of her cheerleader skirt, the doctor motioned the coach over towards her desk. "As soon as they made the team, you should have forwarded their records to me."

"I thought I did," Britney said, glaring at Kristen. "I gave the list of new recruits to Dean Laverne's office and they promised to forward them to you."

"Well, they didn't," Kristen said, pushing aside a strand of her blonde hair. No taller than Britney herself, the pixie-ish looking doctor gave up only a seven or eight years to the cheerleading coach. Considering her relatively young age, most sports medicine practitioners would be thrilled to be working as the lead doctor at a major university. But in Dr. Van Der Hooven's case, considering the jobs she'd already held, Lancer felt like a step down. And Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven was not the type of woman to enjoy steps down.

"All right, after practice I'll go and get the forms from the Dean's office and bring them to you," Britney said.

"No need, I already got them," Kristen replied. "I'm just making sure you know I do NOT appreciate being made to do go hunting for information that should've been brought to me days ago."

"It won't happen again," Britney muttered through clenched teeth. Oh, she did NOT care for Kristen Van Der Hooven at all.

"Okay, I'm undressed," Ariana said, standing in the middle of the room, stark naked. "What do you need me to do now?"

"Huh. Guess we won't know if the carpet matches the drapes after all," Dr. Van Der Hooven muttered. "Get up on the exam table, Ariana," the doctor added.

"Shouldn't she have a gown?" Britney asked, a little surprised that Kristen was going to examine Ariana like this.

Dr. Van Der Hooven sighed. "Miss Valentine, do you feel you need a gown?"

"No, I'm good," Ariana said, swinging her legs about in front of her as she sat on the table. "It's not cold in here or anything."

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this," Britney said. "I don't like my athletes being put in compromising situations."

"Are you questioning my integrity?" Kristen snapped, her eyes filled with fire as it became abundantly clear that she didn't care for Coach Allen, either.

"You're examining one of my athletes in the nude, DOCTOR," Britney said, putting some steel behind Kristen's title. "SHOULD I be worried?"

"Not in the least. I do NOT molest my patients, COACH." Kristen turned her back on Britney at proceeded to walk over to Ariana. "If it bothers you, Coach, you may watch this examination. I assure you, everything will be on the up-and-up."

"It better be," Britney muttered under her breath. Still, she took a seat on the corner of Dr. Van Der Hooven's desk to watch and make sure Ariana wasn't hurt in any way.

"I have worked with Olympic and professional level athletes of both sexes, COACH Allen," Kristen said, going through the preliminaries of examining Ariana. "I can certainly maintain my professionalism while examining a mere cheerleader."

"MERE cheerleader?!" Britney fumed. "Cheerleaders are just as much athletes as any other sport-"

"Calm down, Coach," Kristen said. "Jeeze, take a breath before you start defending your sport," the doctor said, taking out her stethoscope to listen to Ariana's breathing. "Any pain?"

"Plenty, when someone calls my athletes 'mere cheerleaders,'" Britney said angrily.

"I was SPEAKING to the PATIENT," Kristen said.

"Actually, I have a little pain in my lower back," Ariana said.

"You do?" Britney said, surprised. "Why haven't you said anything?"

"Because it just started," Ariana said.

"Okay, lay down on your stomach and let's have a look," Kristen said. The synthetically redheaded cheerleader quickly turned around on the examination table and laid down, smiling happily at whatever thoughts were running through her head. Britney found herself glaring at Ariana's bare ass, surprised at the shapeliness of the small girl's body. Britney had spent so much time in locker rooms and group showers that she'd seen more than her fair share of naked girl butts, yet something about Ariana's made her pause for a moment.

"I feel some tightness in the muscles here," Kristen said, running her fingers gently over the small of Ariana's back, jiggling the Hellcat's tight backside ever so slightly in the process. "I don't think it's anything more serious than that, though we'll keep an eye on it."

"So, should I take some aspirin or something?" Ariana asked.

"You could, but that'd only mask the pain. Better a good massage to loosen up the muscles."

"Couldn't she just ice it?" Britney asked, her mouth surprisingly dry.

"No need, a massage will work better."

"So, should I go somewhere?" Ariana asked.

"No need, I'm certified in seven different forms of massage therapy," Dr. Van Der Hooven said.

"Massage therapy?" Britney asked, surprised. Already, Kristen was gently probing at the small of Ariana's back with two fingers from each hand.

"Yes, it's quite beneficial for athletes," the doctor said, not looking up at the cheer coach. "In fact, if anything, it's underused."

"And how do you figure that?" Britney asked, the tone of her voice more curious than confrontational.

Kristen stopped what she was doing and frowned for a moment. "I actually have a case study, honestly. While I was working at The Rock, we had a gymnast who suffered a serious spinal injury."

"The Rock?"

"I'm sorry, local nickname," Kristen said. "The Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center - everyone in the gymnastics circle calls it The Rock. Anyway, one of their best girls - Payson Keeler - suffered a horrible injury and was pretty much done. Her career was over and she was looking at life in a back brace. But then her coach found Dr. Anna Kleister, a back specialist, who tried a very experimental surgery and managed to get Payson back into the gym - in fact, she just helped lead the U.S. team to Gold in Worlds."

"I saw that!" Ariana said. "They all have such cute leotards in gymnastics."

"Anyway, Dr. Kleister did the bulk of the work on Payson, but she made sure Payson got ample massage therapy on her back. When she wrote her paper on the success of Payson's surgery, she actually mentioned me and the other massage therapists by name, thanking us for our assistance."

"So, what are you doing to Ariana?" Britney asked, curious now.

"I'm applying pressure to the back of her spine," Kristen said. "It should loosen the muscles at the small of her back and relieve the pain she has."

"It feels wonderful," Ariana said, her voice a bit dreamy.

"And that's it?" Britney asked.

"No, not entirely," Kristen said, running her hand all the way up Ariana's spine. "Really, she should receive multiple sessions, but this is just a preliminary sort of massage. I'll schedule her for a more in-depth session later."

"Does she have to be naked for it?" Britney asked.

"Hardly. No shirt and no bra helps, but she could certainly be wearing shorts," Kristen said.

"I don't mind being naked," Ariana said.

"Yes, but if you were wearing clothes, this might not arouse you so much," the doctor muttered.

Britney blinked, not sure she'd heard correctly, but Ariana spoke before she did.

"But what if I like being aroused?"

"Arousal is a perfectly normal, autonomic response to being touched," Dr. Van Der Hooven said, "So if you don't mind, it's okay. Just don't expect more than that."

"Awww," Ariana pouted, but happily closed her eyes and let the sports doctor work on her.

Britney meant to leave, but found herself watching Kristen's hands kneading Ariana's skin intently for the next 15 minutes, losing herself in the sight.


Britney wasn't the only one distracted by flesh. Alice was busy lifting Tom's shirt up over his head, marveling at his muscled chest underneath. Cheerleading did such nice things to boys' chests, she had to admit.

"Are-are you sure we should-"

"Hush now, Tommy," Alice said, putting a finger to his lips. "I'm your cheer captain and you need to do what I say."

"Uh, okay," Tom said as Alice's lips replaced her finger and she hungrily kissed the boy.

Having grown tired of watching Miranda play around with Tom's affection and still feeling both rejected and annoyed by Lewis, Alice had let her increasing horniness get the better of her and at her first opportunity, dragged Tom under the bleachers.

"Pants, off," Alice instructed.

"I don't want to get between you and Lewis-" Tom tried to say, but Alice cut him off with another kiss and reached down to yank his pants down.

"There we go, big boy," Alice said, biting Tom's lip gently before backing away long enough to yank her spankies and panties down.

"Oh, God!" Tom marveled as he looked down at Alice's shaved glory. "Umm, wow, I..."

"No time for talk," Alice interrupted him. "I know you want this to happen, right?"

"Uh, yeah, I do," Tom stammered.

"Good, because there is no way in hell I'm letting you go," Alice said, laying Tom down on the floor and taking off her top and flinging it away, leaving her totally naked.

"Holy shit, Alice, your body is amazing," Tom complimented.

"I haven't heard any complaints yet," Alice said, her voice not showing any modesty. "Now get on your side. I think you'll know what I want you do to."

"Yeah, I have a pretty good idea," Tom responded.

"Excellent," Alice said as she lay down next to Tom, giving him another passionate kiss as she lined up her pussy to his dick.

"You gonna fill me up or what, because I can use my fingers if you're not," Alice asked as she interrupted the kiss.

"No, no, let's do this," Tom answered before he proved his point by gently sliding into Alice.

"Ohhhhh, yeaaaaaaah," Alice moaned, feeling pleasure as she began grinding into Tom.

Tom wanted to question why this was happening. He just couldn't bring himself to ask Alice for her motives in doing this. After all, it had been a while since he last got laid and having a woman with such a flawless body was something he was never going to ponder about.

Alice on the other hand, continued moaning and cursing as Tom continued to fuck her so good. As if things couldn't get any better, Tom starting massaging Alice's breasts, making Alice go wilder with anticipation. She loved this. The feeling of some guy using his hands to massage one of the most sensitive parts of her body. It was like a man was taking control with her just by using his hands. Those perfectly manicured pink fingernails.

"Whoa, where the hell did that come from?" Alice gasped.

"I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?" Tom asked as he slowed down.

"Oh, no, I just got preoccupied by something, it's my fault," Alice said when she realized what she had said out loud. "Just keep fucking me."

"Ugh, okay," Tom moaned as he kept up his rhythm.

Alice thought to herself where those hands came from. Lord knew they weren't Tom's. She would have never given him the time of day. She knew it was in her imagination, but it felt so real to Alice.

It didn't take Alice much longer to realize whose hands they were. Those were Kelsey's hands and the dark-skinned beauty feared that this wasn't going to end well for her. The tanned reporter was all Alice could think of and those thoughts kept taking her back to everything Kelsey had done to her in that SUV.

Not wanting thoughts of Kelsey affecting her sex life further than they already had, Alice decided now was as good a time as ever to change things up from her current position.

"On your back, boy," Alice commanded. "You want my sweet ass bouncing on top of you?"

"Oh my God, yes!" Tom answered excitedly as he positioned himself accordingly. "I want to feel that beautiful butt jiggle."

Excited at the prospect of finally having a man satisfy her, Alice climbed up on the new base and slid her pussy down around Tom's shaft. She could feel her breath escape her as started riding the freshman.

"Oh, God, women must love being on that cock," Alice said between moans, enjoying all eight inches in her.

"I've only heard compliments so far," Tom said with a wide smile on his face. The guy was known as a womanizer in high school and while he was breaking his cardinal rule about not fucking women with boyfriends, there was just something so right about banging Alice.

"Oh, I bet not," Alice groaned, enjoying the sound of her own butt slapping Tom's skin. She finally felt like was finally get an orgasm from a hot stud.

As quickly as that feeling of coming satisfaction came to Alice, the feeling suddenly disappeared. She had closed her eyes for just a moment, but when she opened them, Tom's face was replaced by Kelsey's. In fact, Alice couldn't see Tom's body anymore, but the body of the stunning reporter. Suddenly, it didn't feel like a real cock Alice was riding, but a strap-on.

It felt so surreal to Alice, thinking that she was back with Kelsey. And she liked seeing it. The Cheshire cat grin on her face, those seductive eyes behind those hot glasses, those big, bouncing tits and a plastic cock that would never go soft. Alice was ready to explode and let that hard dildo take the full brunt.

"That's it, right theeeeere," Alice moaned. "Ohhhhh, Gawwwwd, you're gonna make me come all over that dick!"

"Oh, I'm getting there, too, Alice," Kelsey hissed, but in a more masculine voice. The sound of that voice shook Alice to the core. She had been in a fantasy about Kelsey, but that fantasy dissolved as Tom reappeared before her.

"Whaaa? No, no, I gotta come first!" Alice panicked. Just then, all the pleasure that she felt had retreated back. It shook Alice to the core knowing that Kelsey had gotten in her head. She wanted Kelsey there, not Tom.

Not that Tom knew that. He was dangerously close to getting what he wanted.

"I gotta come, Alice! I can't take it anymore!" Tom moaned.

"No! Fuck me harder, dammit!" Alice shouted, fucking the younger man harder in a last-ditch effort to climax before Tom did.

The effort turned out to be for naught.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tom groaned, pulling out of Alice just in time.

Once again, Alice was denied the sexual ecstasy. She knew she had herself to blame, but she wasn't about to let Tom know that and she made sure of that.

"FUCK!" Alice cursed as she got off Tom and put her panties back on. "How fucking difficult can be for you to make me come?"

"I thought you said you were getting close," Tom answered. "What the fuck happened to you?"

"MY fault? YOU'RE the one who couldn't get me off!" Alice screamed, now with her bra back on. "I gave you my body and you couldn't fuck me right! GOD, you're just like every other guy lately. You can't do jack shit right!"

"Look, Alice, I..." Tom tried to explain, but Alice was not giving him any chances to talk.

"Save it, Tom!" Alice commanded. "Next time we're doing team-only workouts, you're doing an extra half-mile on the track! Just get yourself dressed and get back out there!"

Not wanting to argue, Tom starting gathering his clothes to get dressed, wanting to avoid Alice like the Plague.

Alice knew sooner or later, she'd have to apologize to Tom for lashing out and using him for sex, but at the moment, she was far more critical of herself. Once again, thoughts of what she had done with Kelsey crept into her mind, distracting her from getting what she wanted.

"God, how I can keep fucking guys if all I can think about is Kelsey?" Alice wondered to herself?


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Boys all over the world (All over the world)
Whatever you've been told
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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
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Deirdre was at a loss all day on campus. She knew what she had done the previous night with Marti was wrong in almost every conceivable way, but Deirdre loved her half-sister whole-heartedly. Fucking was her natural way of telling somebody, "I love you."

Still, there was no denying what they did was nothing short of immoral and illegal. As she sat alone in her dorm room while trying to write a paper for her musicology class, Deirdre kept thinking back to what Marti said, how that while she still loved Deirdre, what happened was something that should never be spoken of again to avoid getting in serious trouble.

Deirdre could see Marti's point of view. If her older sister did become a lawyer and if their illicit one-night stand was leaked to the public, Marti would never make partner at whichever law firm hired her. She might not get any clients, for that matter. If this incestuous affair became known to the general populace, Marti might be unemployed no matter how high she would score on the bar exam.

It was then that Deirdre realized she felt something she never had in her life, concern for a family member. Up until last night, she never had any real family. For as long as she could remember, Rex had been distant in her life at best. Her memories of her mother were blurry. Her brief time together with Marti and Wanda was too short for her to establish a full family bond to them. Now Deirdre simply felt worried for Marti. She knew she had to protect her sister, no matter what. The last thing Deirdre wanted was to see Marti's life collapse around her.

"I guess this what Marti meant when she said, 'I love you,' last night," Deirdre said to herself. "Love's not just romance, but so many more emotions that show someone you care for them."

Looking at the lower right corner of her laptop, Deirdre noticed the time and assumed the Hellcats were probably at the gym getting ready for Qualifiers. Saving her nearly completed essay and closing up her computer, Deirdre made her way to the gym. Her plan was simple: Go in, watch the Hellcats practice and once they were done, talk to Marti and let her know there was nothing to worry about concerning what transpired in Savannah's bed.

Deirdre was really lucky that the Housing Department roomed her where it did. There was just one other building between her residence hall and the gym where the Hellcats trained. It took the young blonde all of two minutes to arrive at the gymnasium. When she entered, however, Deirdre noticed something was missing.

There was no noise. The gym was dead quite. The doors were unlocked and the lights were on, but Deirdre couldn't hear anything, let alone the cheers of the Lancer Hellcats. She walked into the adjoining basketball arena where the Hellcats practiced their routine, but nobody was there.

As Deirdre went deeper into the gym's halls, she heard a voice. She walked silently and slowly toward the source and as she got closer, Deirdre could hear that it was somebody singing. When she approached the Hellcats' exercise room, where the voice was originating from, Deirdre could make out words of the song.

It's a game
That she plays
She can win with her eyes closed
It's insane how she tames
She can turn you into an animal

At first, Deirdre couldn't see who was singing. Whoever was there was probably tucked into a part of the room that was obscured by the windows. Deciding to open the door, Deirdre looked around and saw the musical voice's owner doing abdominal crunches on a gym mat in the corner of the room as she continued to sing along.

She don't wanna love she just wanna touch
She's a greedy girl to never get enough
She don't wanna love she just wanna touch
She's got all the moves to make you get it up

A little closer up, Deirdre noticed the woman singing looked and sounded familiar, but the rowing machines prevented the freshman from getting a great view of who it was. She maneuvered around the machines and saw that the Siren's call was emanating from none other than Charlotte.

She's a dirty dirty dancer dirty dirty dancer,
Never ever lonely
She's a dirty dirty dancer dirty dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

Watching Charlotte work out, Deirdre could tell her sister's best friend's sister had been working herself hard for a while now. She was glistening in sweat, enough so to turn her white cotton Hellcats training bra off-white but not enough for her to qualify for a wet t-shirt contest. Charlotte's normally light blue short-shorts were soaked to the point that they were now navy blue. The brunette's hair was up in a ponytail that was so loose, it looked like the strands exploded in different directions with each rep into the up position. Deirdre could make out the white headphones in Charlotte's ears, which she then noticed were attached to a blue iPod wrapped inside a black arm strap. "Dear God, she is gorgeous!" Deirdre thought to herself. "There is no way you convince me she's a mother. I don't care if she is Marti's best friend's sister, she is beautiful."

She's a dirty dirty dancer dirty dirty dancer
Never ever lonely
She's a dirty dirty dancer dirty dancer
You'll never be her only

At this point, Deirdre thought the only reasonable thing she could do was ask Charlotte where Marti was. She hadn't nearly gotten herself lost in the gym for nothing.

Never be her only

Charlotte was about to continue singing along, but she found herself interrupted by a surprising tap on the shoulder. She yelped in shock, only to turn around and see she was looking right at Deirdre.

"Oh, hey, Deirdre!" Charlotte welcomed, pausing the iPod and pulling out her headphones before giving Deirdre a hug.

"Right back at ya, Charlotte," Deirdre said, quickly trying to escape the hug before she got covered in too much of Charlotte's sweat.

"Oh, sorry," Charlotte observed, releasing Deirdre from the embrace. "I'll admit, I can be a little huggy at times."

"I've noticed that about the Hellcats," Deirdre quipped. "Look, I'm sorry to interrupt your workout, but I was wondering if Marti's still around."

"I don't think I can help you there," Charlotte answered. "Practice ended about half-an-hour ago. The coach let me have free reign over the workout room while everybody else went their own way."

"Damn," Deirdre cursed. "Alright, well, thanks for answering my question. If you see Marti, just tell her I'm looking for her?"

"Of course I will," Charlotte responded.

"Alright, I'll see you around then," Deirdre said as she started walking toward the door.

"Wait, Deirdre, hold on for a second!" Charlotte called out, running toward the blonde. "I'm really glad you came here. Except for my iPod, the silence of this place has been deafening, so I was wondering if you'd keep me company for the rest of my work out. Plus, I kind of need somebody to spot me for the bench press."

"Well, I guess I have time to spare," Deirdre said thoughtfully. "What the hell, I'll do it. So, umm, how much you wanna start with?"

"Seventy-five will do just fine," Charlotte instructed. "The bar weighs 45, by the way."

"Good to know," Deirdre said as she and Charlotte began putting weights on the bar. "Out of curiosity, did Savannah ever say much about me to you? I know she and Marti are really close, so I just wanted to know if she's talked about me."

"Actually, there wasn't that much talk of you," Charlotte explained as she lifted a 10-pound weight and put it on the bar before going to grab a 5. "Savannah did mention you when Marti found out you were her half-sister and that you came from the same deadbeat dad. Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have..."

"No, it's cool," Deirdre reassured Charlotte as she put on another 10-pound weight. "Rex is a deadbeat, I agree. Just carry on."

"Okay, well, Savannah said you worked at a music store and that you can be a lot of fun to be around," Charlotte continued as Deirdre added her own 5. "I believe her exact words to describe you were 'socially awkward, but in a good way.' Other than that, there really isn't much for me to go on. Ready?"

Charlotte lay down on the bench, ready to put her body through hell.

"Ready," Deirdre replied.

Charlotte had no problem getting the first reps up, but the diminutive brunette started to work for the fourth. Deirdre kept moving her hands up and down with the bar to prevent it from falling on Charlotte. As the youngest Monroe sister continued to lift, Deirdre felt herself eyeballing Charlotte's body. While sleeping with her sister was wrong, Deirdre was beginning to crave the somewhat immoral temptation of Marti's best friend's sister.

Being Savannah's little sister was a literal expression when it came to Charlotte, Deirdre noticed. She couldn't be any taller than 5'1-1/2", but what Charlotte lacked in height, she made up for with the rest of her body. Even sweaty, her face looked so beautiful, almost like a make-up model. Her breasts were of decent size and Deirdre thought being pregnant helped increased their size. Not that was a bad thing to Deirdre. And speaking of Charlotte's pregnancy, her stomach seemed to show no signs of motherhood. It was just shy of being a full six-pack. Sure, Charlotte did have stretch marks along her lower sides, but they didn't bother Deirdre. She liked the little imperfections on people. Besides, they were the sign that Charlotte was a certified MILF. While Charlotte's legs weren't long, the glean of perspiration showed off just how smooth those legs were.

"Deirdre, pay attention!" Charlotte grunted.

"Oh, sorry, what number were we on?" Deirdre asked as she came back from space.

"Seven!" Charlotte gasped.

"Okay, right, just gimme three more," Deirdre said as Charlotte continued to lift the weights. "Alright, power through the pain! Excellent, two more! I know you have it in you! Awesome, just one more! You got this Charlotte! And done!"

Charlotte rested the bar on the rack and took a few deep breaths. She knew she should have started with the bench press, but her mind kept telling her to wait. Now she was feeling the pain.

"Hey, you did great," Deirdre said. "I don't know how you can bench that much without snapping your arms."

"That is the kind of strength you need when you join the Hellcats," Charlotte said. "Hey, since you asked if Savannah's said anything about you, I think it's only fair that I ask what Marti's said about me."

"Oh, wow," Deirdre said. "Trying to remember. It's been four months since we talked without clawing at each other and last night doesn't count because we had to make up. Well, when we were talking, Marti would go on and on about Savannah and that included her family."

"Like what?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, Marti told me you were at MemChrist as a star flyer and during the season, you got pregnant," Deirdre answered. "I'm going to guess you got kicked off because of your pregnancy since you're now here, right?"

"Yes," Charlotte responded.

"Anyways, Marti said your parents took it hard at first, especially your mom because she's a very devout Christian," Deirdre continued. "Eventually, Savannah brought you all together and they promised to help raise your kid. That was until your father got arrested and then fled because he's afraid of being someone's prison bitch."

"Wait, Marti said that?" Charlotte asked.

"Oh, not in those words. Savannah told Marti that your father was scared of prison, she passed those words to me and I just put in them in my own words," Deirdre explained. "Sorry, I can be inappropriate at times, so just let me know if I am."

"I will," Charlotte said, her blood pressure lowering after slightly being offended by what Deirdre said.

"Anyways, Marti's assessment of you is that you're a good person who made a huge mistake and is now paying for it, but that it hasn't made you any less sweeter or kinder," Deirdre added. "Personally, I think you're a tad bit underhanded since you locked me in a room for 12 hours, but you did it to reunite me with my sister, so you did it with the best intentions. So from what I've gathered so far, I'd say you'd have a heart of gold."

"Awwww, thank you," Charlotte said, opening her arms for a hug. Deirdre showed more than a little reservation about hugging the sweaty and stinky Charlotte. "Come on, just this once?"

"Oh, alright," Deirdre said, a warm, sincere smile crossing her face as she embraced Charlotte. Sure, she'd reek later, but it was worth it. As she pulled away, Deirdre asked, "Am I going to have to hug all the Hellcats now or something?"

"I wouldn't count on it," Charlotte laughed. "Alice is about as huggable as a porcupine. Anyways, I need to grab a shower bad. It was great talking with you, Deirdre. And thanks for the help with the bench press."

"Anytime," Deirdre said. "Guess I should go looking for Marti again. If you see her before I do, tell her I want to talk with her."

"I can do that," Charlotte agreed. "Catch you around."

"Same here, Charlotte," Deirdre responded as she walked out the door.

As Deirdre left, Charlotte could only smile. Deirdre and Marti definitely shared DNA. They each had a warm inside to an icy exterior. With the Perkins sisters, Charlotte learned, you just need to be friendly with them and they'll warm up to you. She could only smile as she grabbed her gym bag and walked off to the locker room, knowing she beat Savannah in being friends with both Perkins sisters first.

Charlotte walked into the locker room and turned the dial on her lock to her locker, opened it and pulled out her soap. She needed this shower more than anything. She knew she stunk of sweat and while she did appreciate what her workout regimen did for her body, Charlotte just wanted to wash off that awful stench. Kicking off her shoes and pulling off her socks, Charlotte was beginning to admire the little things about her body like her ankles, which swelled like crazy when she was pregnant with John but had now returned to their normal size.

While she shucked off her bra and undid her ponytail, Charlotte looked in the mirror and checked out her breasts. They had grown a bit during her sudden path to motherhood and while they did shrink just a smidge after her son's birth, they still felt really tender and drove Charlotte crazy. She promised to get her son off breastfeeding the moment she felt he was ready if only to keep her breasts from being so sensitive.

Taking off her shorts and panties, Charlotte saw the most obvious scars from becoming a mother, stretch marks. They really didn't bother her that much, but she didn't want anybody seeing them while the Hellcats were performing, either. But the intense workouts and diet she put herself through were working wonders. She almost had a 6-pack stomach again and she had her old ass back. Sure, the training was rough and having Savannah as a workout coach was hell, but as Charlotte examined her au natural body, she was more than pleased with the progress.

Walking into the first shower stall, Charlotte turned on the hot water and immediately put her head underneath, letting the water soak every inch of her body. She just let the water rinse her body of the salty sweat, gently accepting each little drop that poured down her naked body. Charlotte had always considered a hot shower one of her favorite things in life that didn't involve her son and after an extreme workout, she needed to feel the cascading streams of water.

Picking up her bar of soap, Charlotte rubbed the sudsy block against her body, first along her legs, then around the pelvic area, working around her shaved pussy, followed by her ass and reaching up to her back before she alternated hands to clean off her arms. The pint-sized brunette made sure to give her stomach a good scrub down before paying attention to her breasts. This was the one part about taking a shower Charlotte wasn't fond of.

As she started cleaning her tits, Charlotte felt it again, that tingly sensation that started in her breasts and worked down all the way to her pussy. It had happened almost every time she showered since she had given birth and it always left her desperately horny. Charlotte couldn't explain why it was happening to her. It could've been anything, in her mind. It could have been she hadn't felt the touch of a lover in a long time and that last time was when John was conceived. That night, John's father, Noah, didn't exactly deliver anything worthwhile except her son. It had been more than a year since Charlotte had sex and she needed somebody to please her.

Charlotte wasn't a slut. She only had sex one time and that paved the road to her joining Lancer. Still, the night of John's conception was such a letdown and she wanted better. She had to have better. Ever since Charlotte gave birth, her hormones had been acting up like crazy and she needed real pleasure. Charlotte just wished she had somebody, a flesh-and-blood lover, to give her an unforgettable orgasm.

Alas, Charlotte was the only person in the locker room, so once again, she'd be reacquainted with her left hand. As she put the bar of soap back its case, Charlotte slid her fingers down her body. She sat down on the seat that was used so the girls could shave their legs and Charlotte began feeling her pussy. Using her index and ring fingers to spread her lips and began rubbing bare privates with the middle finger. Becoming a mother had left Charlotte a little vain. She wanted to look her best that she possibly could and she wasn't going to let a baby stop her from her personal grooming habits.

The familiar touch of her finger against her pussy reminded Charlotte of just horny she was. Since she could start taking John out for a ride in his stroller, she was checking out every guy who caught her attention. She had been fortunate to score some phone numbers, but Charlotte always wound up being the victim of an overprotective older sister. Each time she'd try to get a date, Savannah would swoop in and put a halt to it, saying she didn't want Charlotte making the same mistake again. No matter where it was, the grocery story, the park or Lancer, Charlotte couldn't escape Savannah's watchful eye and that left the newest Hellcat as horny as possible.

"Oh my God!" Charlotte moaned through her teeth as she hit a sweet spot. "Ohhh, you block every cock I try to get to, Savannah! I need real sex! I just want to fuck and lose my self-control! I need to be fucked now!"

Feeling hornier with each passing second, Charlotte had now begun a two-fingered attack on her pussy, but even that didn't feel good enough. As her body filled with a need of lust, the only mother on the Hellcats began calling out to nobody in particular.

"Ugh, I gotta have somebody fuck me!" Charlotte cried out. "I need sex! Is that too much to ask for? Please, just one time! Give me somebody! Anybody!"

"My, my, aren't we getting a little desperate?"

Hearing those words and realizing it wasn't coming from a higher power, Charlotte scrambled to pull her fingers out of her pussy and cover up her body. Looking around for the source of the voice, Charlotte craned her head over her left shoulder and was shocked when she saw who was talking to her.

"DEIRDRE!" Charlotte screamed. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT!"

"I'm sorry, Charlotte, I'm afraid I can't do that," Deirdre said. "After you said you were going to shower, it took me all of five seconds to get bored with looking for Marti."


"And where's the fun in that?" Deirdre asked. "When I heard that unmistakable sound of a girl playing with herself, I knew this was going to be good, so I just grabbed a chair from the rack the janitor left out and had to get a bird's eye view. And when you said you wanted somebody to please you, I couldn't help myself but to blow my cover."

"Deirdre, I swear to God, if you don't leave right now, I'll, I'll, I'll..." Charlotte warned before she began to stammer. "Where is your shirt?"

"Oh, that old thing? I traded in my clothes for a towel," Deirdre said with a smile, trying to stifle the laugh from Charlotte just now noticing that the blonde was wearing nothing but a towel.

Charlotte began cursing Savannah under her breath for getting the Perkins sisters back together. Sure, she had an important hand in it, but Charlotte reasoned this was mostly Savannah's fault because she wanted it so bad.

"Deirdre, you have to leave now!" Charlotte hissed in a lowered voice. "If you don't, so help me, God, I'm going to tell Marti all about this!"

"Oh, lighten up, Char," Deirdre said, using the nickname Savannah gave her younger sister. It had the desired effect Deirdre was looking for as Charlotte, having had the right buttons pushed, started to turn red. "Besides, a few minutes ago, weren't you asking for somebody to fuck you? Anybody?"

Deirdre let that last word hang in the air for a few moments so that its full impact would be felt by Charlotte. Right on cue...

"Oh, no, no, no, no!" Charlotte sputtered. "Deirdre, that is not what I meant! I may be desperate, but I'm not THAT horny!"

"I don't know, Charlotte," Deirdre said as she stepped down from her chair and walked to the front of the stall to show her entire towel-clad body. "You just want to come hard. I can see that in you. Fortunately, Dr. Deirdre Perkins is here to solve all your orgasmic woes."

Deirdre took off her towel and, for the second time in as many days with as many women, presented her nude body. Charlotte couldn't ignore that Deirdre had an incredible body, with round, perfectly-sized breasts and a small patch of blonde fuzz on her pussy. Still, the youngest Monroe daughter had to think of a way out of this predicament.

"Deirdre, please I'm begging you, don't do this to me!" Charlotte pleaded. "It goes against everything I learned! My mom taught me that..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, homosexuality is a sin, Leviticus 18:22 and all that bullshit," Deirdre interrupted. "I've heard it all before. Besides, I think somebody who is eligible to be on 'Teen Mom' is in no position to preach about Christian values. Just relax, Charlotte. I'll be good and I promise not to bite. Unless you ask me to."

As Deirdre stepped under the water to soak her body, Charlotte started cursing herself for trying to please herself in public. Even if she thought the gym was abandoned, she should have listened to her brain and waited until she was back at Cheertown. She had to try one last-ditch effort.

"Deirdre, please stop," Charlotte begged. "What if someone finds..."

"Shhh," Deirdre whispered, putting her index finger to Charlotte's lips. "It's alright, Charlotte. Savannah and Marti don't need to know. It will be our little secret."

"Wait," Charlotte demanded. "Does Marti know you're gay?"

"I filled her in on it last night. I'd say she took it pretty well," Deirdre answered, leaving out some of the key parts of the story for good reason. "Now brace yourself. I'll do things to you that your baby daddy couldn't even dream of accomplishing."

Letting the water continue to fall on her, Deirdre walked up to Charlotte, leaned over and kissed the new mom on the lips. It was more of a peck, but Charlotte knew that it felt so soft the instant their lips met. She was about to say something complimentary, but Deirdre nipped her at the bud and pulled her in for a French kiss.

As Deirdre's tongue invaded Charlotte's mouth, Charlotte threw up her hands in surprise and tried to wiggle free. Her body just wouldn't let her, though. Her brain was at war with itself. Part of her wanted to get out, grab her clothes and make a break for it. The other part of her wanted to stay. Deirdre was an excellent kisser and the fact that this went against everything she was told as a child made it feel so right.

Deirdre was determined to make Charlotte one of her conquests. The possibility of turning this so-called "good Christian girl" into a slut for pussy was too tempting to resist. She had Charlotte in the palm of her hand now and there wasn't going to be any letting go. Deciding now was the time to see what Charlotte wanted, Deirdre broke off the kiss.

"So, did you enjoy that?" Deirdre asked as she smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

Charlotte wanted to say, "No." She wanted to walk out of there with some sense of normalcy in her world instead of having turned inside out. She wanted to speak her mind, but her body wouldn't let her.

"Yes," Charlotte answered.

"And you really want me to do this to you?" Deirdre said. "You have no reservations about a girl eating your pussy?"

This was Charlotte's last chance to back out. All she needed to say was that one simple word that would get her back to Cheertown with her lesbian virginity. But now, her body and mind were acting in concert with one another. There was no turning back for Charlotte.

"I want it," Charlotte responded.

With that, Deirdre went straight to work, going right for Charlotte's starved pussy. Just one lick was all it took for the new mom to cry to her choice deity.

"Oh my God!" Charlotte cried. "Oh, Deirdre, that feels so gooooooooood! Come on! I need this so bad!"

Charlotte wasn't lying, Deirdre observed. She was pretty tight for someone who was four months removed from having a baby. Having barely passed biology, Deirdre thought it could have had something to do with how hard Charlotte was working out, but she could deal with that later. Right now, she wanted the sweet nectar that was the product of Charlotte's lesbian cherry.

Giving the newbie sweet, tender licks, Deirdre had Charlotte moaning her name in excitement.

"You love that, don't you, Charlotte?" Deirdre asked, pulling up from between Charlotte's legs. "Tell me you love it! Tell me you love me licking you pussy like the dirty slut that you are!"

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss!" Charlotte moaned. "That feels so amazing! I love it! I've never felt anything like this in my life! Ohhhh, please, Deirdre, I need this so bad!"

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Deirdre said, pulling her head out from between Charlotte's legs. "I never heard you say what a dirty slut you are. I'm not continuing until you say it, Charlotte."

"Whaa?" Charlotte stammered out. "Deirdre, I've never said anything like that before."

"Come on, Charlotte," Deirdre told her newest lover. "If you say it, I promise to make you come."

"You sure?"


Charlotte whispered as softly as she could, "I'm a dirty slut."

"Could you repeat that?" Deirdre requested. "I couldn't hear you."

"I'm a dirty slut," Charlotte said a little louder.

"Come on, Charlotte, say it like you mean it and you're proud of it," Deirdre egged her on. "Do it or you won't come."

"Alright, alright, I'm a dirty slut!" Charlotte said as loudly as she could without yelling.

"Just what I wanted to hear," Deirdre said with a smile as she returned between Charlotte's legs.

"OH MY GOD!" Charlotte screamed as Deirdre was back at work. "FUCK ME!"

Deciding to reward Charlotte for following orders, Deirdre starting licking the cheerleader's clit to really drive her close to the edge. She was ecstatic she got a Monroe sister to say, "Fuck," although she had to admit it would have been better getting Savannah to say it. Right now, though, Deirdre's focus was squarely on Charlotte and how delicious she tasted. It was like a fine wine that had been unopened for years, so pleasing to the tongue. The hunger for Charlotte's clit had left Deirdre in a position where she wanted to speed this up and get her reward quickly.


Unable to maintain any sense of what she considered right and wrong, Charlotte splashed at the water on the seat as Deirdre continued to lick her. This was beginning to feel like the best sex ever for her. She didn't care who was tending to her needs. She just wanted sex and as long as it was a breathing human who could get the job done, Charlotte was content. The fact that it was Deirdre who was licking her made even crazier with lust. Charlotte had never considered sex with another woman because of her upbringing, but she was going to enjoy every moment of this.

Perhaps the best part about what was going on was to Charlotte was that this was forbidden. All her life, she had been raised by her parents to follow in the steps of Jesus and, aside from having premarital sex and giving birth out of wedlock, she had done a pretty good job of it. Still, Charlotte enjoyed a walk on the wild side every now and then, but the most she had ever done was get buzzed at a friend's party. But now she was in the shower, Deirdre eating her pussy and Charlotte loved every minute of it. It just felt so wrong that it had to be right. The new Hellcat was perfectly content with throwing out everything she was taught at Bible school and give in to wicked temptation that was on kneeling and eating her out. Lust was one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but Charlotte was in lust with Deirdre and she wanted to sin over and over.

"DEIRDRE, YOU ARE FUCKING ME SO GOOD!" Charlotte screamed. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I NEEDED SOMEONE TO FUCK ME LIKE YOU ARE NOWWWWWWWW! OHHHHHHH!" Charlotte tried to lower her voice down to as close to her normal voice as possible. "Savannah's always preventing me from getting a date, but this is so much better than some cock! Make me come, Deirdre, make me fucking come all over that slutty face! AWWWWWWW, YEAAAAAAAAH, THAT'S THE SPOT! IF ONLY SAVANNAH COULD SEE ME NOW!"

"Oh, that is too good pass up," Deirdre thought to herself. Savannah watching her eat out Charlotte was something she would have loved to see. Still, that was fantasy she would have to hold onto for a lonely night. Right now, she wanted to make Charlotte come soon.

This was the first time Deirdre had ever fucked different women in two straight days and they were incredibly kinky. First it was her half-sister and now her half-sister's best friend's sister. To accomplish something this nasty took a lot of skill and Deirdre prided herself on doing what she had accomplished. But she held that thought back because she was ready to make Deirdre come.

"You ready, Charlotte?" Deirdre said as she pulled her face up from Deirdre's legs. "You ready to come?"


"Getting the good Christian to take Lord's name in vain, check," Deirdre giggled to herself before beginning her final assault on Charlotte's pussy. Giving the new mother's clit a series of tongue thrashes, Deirdre knew she had Charlotte on the ropes.


Heeding Charlotte's desperate cries of release, Deirdre delivered a few more thrashing before she began suck on the new mother's clit, which proved to be enough to push Charlotte over the edge.

"OH MY GOD, I'M COMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!" Charlotte roared. After that, her words were replaced with unintelligible cries of pleasure. For the first time in more than a year, Charlotte finally found an orgasmic release and from an unlikely candidate in Deirdre.

With the rush of juicy nectar, Deirdre practically glued her face between Charlotte's legs, not stopping until she had gathered every last drop. Her track record over these last two days surprised even Deirdre and she was happy to reap the reward given to her skilled tongue.

Convinced she had been drained, Charlotte pulled Deirdre up and kissed her under the shower water, tasting herself for the first time. It felt so kinky and strange, but this whole experience had been just that and Charlotte was willing to show Deirdre that she was more than appreciative of what just happened.

Feeling a little frisky, Deirdre ran her hands down Charlotte's back, grabbing hold of the Hellcat's toned ass cheeks. Even when she was sitting down, Charlotte's butt was firm from the extra workout sessions she put herself through.

"Oh my God!" Charlotte panted. "That was incredible! Hmmm, I haven't had anybody rock my world like that before! Thank you, Deirdre!"

"You're welcome, Charlotte," Deirdre said. "Now, aren't you glad I was around to answer your cries?"

"Oh, yes!" Charlotte said, still trying to get her breath back. "That was just... WOW!"

"Glad you enjoyed it," Deirdre said. "Now how about you return the favor?"

"Oh, wow, um, I had never thought about that," Charlotte stuttered, her orgasmic high suddenly coming to drop.

"Would it help if I told you what to do while you did it?" Deirdre offered.

"I guess it couldn't hurt," Charlotte shrugged.

"Great," Deirdre said before she surprised Charlotte with her strength as she picked up the tiny cheerleader by the waist and turned her around so now Deirdre could sit on the shower seat. As she spread her legs, Deirdre said, "You can start by kissing it."

Sinking to her knees, Charlotte took a long look at Deirdre's wet kitty and sighed. She had never done this before, but she wanted to do it. After the good time Deirdre gave her moments earlier, it just seemed fair. Taking one last sigh, Charlotte leaned and started giving Deirdre's lips soft, loving pecks.

"Hmmm, that feels good," Deirdre complimented. "So light. That's a good start, Char. Now, what I want you do to is treat my pussy like it's the mouth of a lover. Start slowly and gradually increase the passion you put into it."

Looking up and listening attentively at Deirdre's face while trying not to stop what she was doing, Charlotte nodded to show she heard the instructions clearly. She continued kissing Deirdre's pussy lips, each one becoming longer than the previous. With each kiss, Deirdre began moaning just a bit louder. The blonde knew that with time, Charlotte would get better at this, but since this was her first time, she was cutting her some slack. However, Deirdre wasn't going to complain about Charlotte's raw technique and how it was driving her wild.

Her initial nerves about performing oral sex on another woman slowly fading, Charlotte found Deirdre's juices to have a sweet taste to them like a fruity beverage. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this, but she lay on her knees, her face fused between Deirdre's legs and the shower water running down her back, into her ass crack and right back to her own pussy. Charlotte felt herself get wet again, not from the water but from her body and its horny desires. "God, this is exhilarating," Charlotte thought to herself.

Remembering Deirdre's words of increasing the passion she put into her kisses, Charlotte took a few seconds to think about what Deirdre wanted until it dawned on her that she had to do what the blonde had done not so long ago.

"Do you want me to do this?" Charlotte said with a wide grin before she stuck out her tongue and started to part Deirdre's lips.

"Yesssssss, that's exactly what I want!" Deirdre moaned. "You're doing great, Charlotte. Ohhhhh, don't be afraid to use your fingers to spread my pussy open. It will get you in deepe... OHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Charlotte didn't waste any time taking Deirdre's advice, spreading the wet pussy lips with her fingers while she slid her tongue inside Deirdre. While the youngest Perkins sister was left speechless except for her cries of pleasure, Charlotte showed she wanted to make Deirdre come. The Hellcat continued her assault of the inside of Deirdre's pussy, eliciting more happy moans from the younger woman.

Charlotte couldn't believe what she was doing. Almost 45 minutes ago, Deirdre was helping her at the bench press. Now they were in the shower together with Deirdre giving Charlotte her first lesbian experience. So much had changed in her life that had she not been busy, Charlotte might have gotten whiplash. However, the intoxicating taste of Deirdre's juices, the sight of her gorgeous body and the sound of her sexual cries made this an experience Charlotte wanted to be sure she never forgot this moment.


Deciding to get bolder, Charlotte got her tongue deeper into Deirdre's pussy, getting the younger girl worked into a frenzy as Deirdre kept whipping her hair in wild anticipation. With the climax coming even closer, Charlotte licked Deirdre's throbbing clit as hard as she could.


Trying to replicate what Deirdre did to her, Charlotte followed her licks with a series of thrashes from her tongue. Deciding to add in one last lick proved to be the right thing to do as Deirdre lost all control of her mind.


Initially taken aback by Deirdre's orgasm, Charlotte quickly got herself back in position to gather as much pussy juice as she could. It tasted so sweet that it made Charlotte wonder how she could have lived her entire life up to this point without hooking up with another woman. As Deirdre starting cycling down, Charlotte moved up and kissed her new lover, letting Deirdre enjoy tasting herself now.

"Wow, I can't believe I waited that long for something like that," Charlotte said as they broke apart. "Thanks, Deirdre. I just can't fathom sex being that incredible."

"If you thought that was great, it would've been even better with foreplay," Deirdre promised, pulling Charlotte up and kissing her under the still running water.

With that last kiss, Charlotte felt like a renewed woman. Deirdre had flipped the switch inside her and she felt like there was no turning back now.

"You know, I really want to stay for more," Deirdre said as they broke away. "I really do. I mean, I just want to take you Cheertown and lay you on your bed and show you a few more tricks. But I really need to go find Marti. What we went through last night was taxing on both of us and I just want to be sure she's alright with everything."

"Alright, you go do that," Charlotte relented. "But I wanted to say thanks a lot, Deirdre. That was just so... Wow! I can't even think of the right word at the moment."

"Well, I aim to treat my lovers with what they need," Deirdre said as she turned around to walk out of the shower and grab her towel from the chair. "But believe me, sexy, it was just as good for me."

"So glad to know that," Charlotte said. Feeling a little adventurous, she reached hand out from the stall and slapped Deirdre's beautiful nude ass.

"Whoa, frisky, aren't you, Charlotte?" Deirdre inquired.

"Hey, you're the one who unleashed the beast in me," Charlotte laughed.

"I must say that I'm impressed with this change," Deirdre said, still wearing nothing but a smile as she draped her towel over her shoulder. "You shouldn't be acting all innocent. You really can be a bad girl."

Deirdre walked away content with herself, but her last words began to echo in Charlotte's ears. For the innocence she tried to demonstrate, she really was a bad girl and not in the good sense. She already got pregnant and attempted to hide that from her family. Now she had lesbian sex and knew she'd have to hide that from her family or risk being disowned. Charlotte knew Layne would never be onboard with her daughter, already an unwed teenage mother, having had sex with another woman. She wasn't even sure Savannah would be accepting, even if she was the most liberal-minded member of the family.

The water still running down on her, Charlotte put her hands in her hair as she sat back down on the shower seat. "What I have I done?" she thought to herself. "Why is it every time I've had sex, I've done something that could come back and bite me in the ass?"

Feeling trapped, Charlotte could just sense the walls closing in on her. How could she talk about this to her family? Would they be accepting? What would she say to John when he was older? It was all so confusing. Charlotte felt like she had just bitten from the forbidden fruit and thought that as soon as someone found out, she'd be kicked out of Eden.


The soft, warm sheets wrapped around Vanessa smelled of lilacs, sweat, and a hint of sex - a most appropriate combo considering what she had just done in them. The lilac could've vanished and Vanessa would've still considered it an improvement over the smell of her own sheets at home. Those just reeked of sweat, mostly because the Memphis heat had caused her to sweat too much with no air conditioning.

The smell of the sheets was just one of the myriad of reasons she preferred sleeping at Red's place these days, even though she only got to once or twice a week. Still, those times always came with sex and that was usually more than enough for her, though not tonight.

"You all right?" Red asked, sitting up in the bed, causing the sheets to fall off his naked chest.

"Yeah, sorry, my mind's just somewhere else," Vanessa admitted.

"Yeah, I kinda figured."

"You did?"

"Yeah, babe," Red said with that cocky grin of his. "We've done it enough that I know when your heart ain't in it and your heart weren't in it tonight, that's for sure."

"I'm sorry," Vanessa said, sitting up too and letting the sheet fall from her own naked chest. Red's eyes automatically darted down to her brown nipples - his eyes always did when she was naked - but quickly returned to her face. "Is there something I can do?"

"Yeah, you can get over your little funk and be back here Sunday for another round," Red said, kissing her on the cheek. "After all, can't expect you to be all right in the head until then."

"Y-you can't?" Vanessa asked.

"With the 'Cats going to Qualifiers without you? Of course not," Red said, sliding his legs off the bed. "Trust me, 'Nessa, I know what you're going through. The first big competition of a team you used to coach is always hard - especially when you don't have another team to distract you. I'm surprised you aren't going."

Vanessa sighed. Red was wrong about why she was distracted, but he was right about everything else. It WAS hard knowing the Hellcats would be performing without her there to oversee them. As hard as going all summer was without keeping up with the team, this was going to be a million times worse.

And she'd almost managed to forget about it. Damn that Kelsey.

"I need to hit the bathroom, then grab a drink," Red said, standing up. "You want something before bed, sweet-cheeks?"

"No, I'm good," Vanessa lied.

"Suit yourself," Red replied. He got up and headed towards the bathroom, not bothering to cover himself. As the door closed, Vanessa lay back on the bed and sighed, also not bothering to cover up. Late August was super hot in Memphis, even with air conditioning and Vanessa wanted to feel the relatively cooler air upon her skin, as if she might be able to bring it back with her for the next couple of nights.

Red might have been exactly right about how much it was going to hurt to see the Hellcats compete in two days, but he had completely missed the reason Vanessa was distracted in bed tonight. No, for that, she could only lay the blame squarely on Kelsey's shoulders and what she had said before Vanessa had forced her out of her apartment the other day.

"Have you ever been with a woman?"

The question still rattled around Vanessa's brain, as if each time it bounced off the walls of her skull it only got louder. Somehow, in less than an hour's worth of conversation, Kelsey had picked up on the second biggest secret of Vanessa's life - one Vanessa had been trying to keep from herself for years now.

Vanessa HAD been with a woman, just once and she'd spent the rest of her days since then trying to forget that night, succeeding for the most part.

But now Kelsey had dragged that memory back to the forefront of Vanessa's mind and it was threatening to explode out of her, ruining her life.

The only secret bigger in Vanessa's life was that she and Red had carried on a relationship when Vanessa was a student at Lancer and Red was married. For the most part, that secret had held up over the years, with only Vanessa, Red, former Athletic Director Bill Marsh and Red's ex-wife, Emily Townsend, knowing the sordid details. But the secret of Vanessa's one night with a girl was almost as devastating, in part because if Vanessa hadn't allowed it to happen, she would've ruined her own life.


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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
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"Damn it, Vanessa, what was WRONG with you out there?"

"I don't know, Heidi," 21-year-old Vanessa Lodge whimpered as she collapsed on the big, fluffy hotel bed that not a night before she had been SOOOO excited to sleep in. Now it felt no better than the ratty old cot she had to sleep on when she used to visit her grandmother as a little kid - hard and imposing.

Heidi Raft collapsed on the bed next to Vanessa, the skirt of her cheerleading uniform fluttering a bit as she fell. Heidi and Vanessa had been friends since they both joined the Hellcats almost two years ago. The two girls had banded together, in part because they were the only two minority girls on the team and had been roommates ever since. Not quite best friends, they still got along quite well and enjoyed each other's company quite a bit.

"Whatever it is, we need to figure it out," Heidi said. "You trip like that in our actual performance and we're done."

"I know, I know," Vanessa groaned. In the practice the girls had just left, Vanessa had tripped during a regular, standard tumble and somehow managed to take out half the bases supporting Heidi up in a liberty stand. They'd all come tumbling down in a pile of limbs and curses and landed atop Vanessa. Thankfully no one had gotten hurt, but it had been a near thing and everyone else on the squad was giving Vanessa the stink eye the rest of the practice.

"Where is your head at, girl?" Heidi asked.

"Oh, I broke up with my boyfriend," Vanessa explained.

"Mystery Boy? Really?" Heidi asked. "I thought it was love at first sight."

"Sometimes, that's not enough," Vanessa sighed. She was only telling Heidi part of the story, but that's all she could afford to tell her. Her boyfriend was Red Raymond and not only was he part of the football coaching staff, but he was also a married man. Vanessa was barely old enough to drink, but more than old enough to spread her legs and break up a marriage and she'd been doing just that all year long - until Assistant Dean of Athletics Bill Marsh had marched her and Red into his office two days ago and told them he knew what they were doing and that it ended. Now.

Vanessa was thrown on the bus to Nationals and Red quit Lancer Football, off to states unknown to try his career somewhere else. He left with a broken marriage and a broken-hearted Vanessa pining for him at the most important meet of her cheerleading career.

And what made it worse was the only person she could talk to about all this, Red, was gone, choosing his wife, Emily, over Vanessa.

Or rather, forced to choose Emily over Vanessa by school regulations and Bill Marsh, that weasel.

God, Vanessa hated Bill Marsh and Emily Townsend, too - she'd never EVER think of her as Emily Raymond. That should've been Vanessa's last name, not hers. Not now, not ever.

"Okay, well, I know what you need then," Heidi said, rolling over to look at Vanessa.


"A good fucking. Clear out the system, get your mind of Mr. Perfect, whoever he was and let your mind focus on cheerleading again."

"W-what?" Vanessa asked, surprised.

"You need sex, Vanessa. Something, anything, to take your mind off your old boyfriend. Always worked for me and you know how fast I go through men."

That was true - Heidi was on her sixth boyfriend of the semester and that was below her semester average by at least two. Vanessa had walked in on Heidi having sex so many times, she no longer found it unusual or unexpected. She did, however, always get turned on when it happened.

"Heidi, it's past curfew and we're stuck here in Dallas. Even if I wanted to go out and have sex tonight - which I don't - where on Earth would we find someone?" Vanessa asked.

"Well, we can't leave the hotel - or even this floor - so that cuts our options. Guess you're stuck with a teammate. Johnny's always had a thing for you," Heidi suggested, naming her Base.

"But he's dating that Natalie chick."

"So? He's just fucking you, not marrying you," Heidi said.

"No Johnny," Vanessa said. "I'm not going to be a home wrecker." She didn't say the "again" out loud.

"That really cuts the pool down, girl," Heidi said. "You KNOW our boys get their relationships on and get it on hard."

"Well, then I guess I'm out of luck," Vanessa said, putting into words how she'd felt since leaving Bill Marsh's office two days ago.

"Well, there's always Amber," Heidi said, breaking the silence after a few moments.

"Amber?" Vanessa asked, her voice a whisper.

"Yeah, Amber," Heidi said.

Amber was a gorgeous blonde Hellcat who'd literally fallen out of the closet and revealed to her teammates as a lesbian earlier in the semester. A lot of the girls had taken great offense at the idea that Amber was into girls, claiming they didn't want her looking up their skirts while they were flying. Vanessa didn't feel that way, but she'd always felt a little uncomfortable around Amber since then.

"You mean you want me to go and do... THAT... with HER?" Vanessa asked, surprised.

"Well, you've ruled out all the boys, so it's either her or call up a bellhop and offer him a really good tip."

"Eewww, no. No stranger sex."

"Then call Amber. I don't think she's still with that Luviia chick."

"What the hell kinda name is Luviia, anyway?" Vanessa asked, remembering the short, glasses-wearing girl with super short hair and unshaved legs that had fallen out of the closet with Amber that night during the Hellcats Toga Party.

"Duh, a lesbian one," Heidi said, whispering the "L" word.

"Heidi!" Vanessa scolded. "That's not a nice thing to say."

"How is calling her what she is not nice? That Luviia chick's been seen with girls all over campus and Amber made it clear they were more than just checking each other's togas in that closet."

"It's not what you said," Vanessa replied. "It's how you said it."

"You're changing the subject," Heidi said, matter-of-factly. "What about Amber? She could 'scratch your itch' and get you primed for the performance tomorrow."

"I don't know," Vanessa said. "I've never been with a woman before."

"Me, either. That's why I suggested Amber."

"Why, if you had experience yourself, you'd 'scratch my itch'?" Vanessa asked playfully.

Heidi paused for a moment. "Yeah, yeah I would."

Vanessa blinked. "W-what?"

"Come on, Vanessa. You're one of THE best Hellcats. Not just on the team now, but ever, far as I'm concerned. If we're going to stand any chance of winning Nationals tomorrow, we need you ready. If me giving you what you need does that, then yeah, I'd help you out."

Vanessa couldn't believe it. Here was Heidi Raft, her long time friend and notorious flirt when it came to boys, saying she'd do lesbian things on her if she just knew how.

Vanessa couldn't believe it and she couldn't believe that she was seriously considering it.

Oh, how much easier this would be if Red wasn't gone, but he was and Vanessa was desperate. She couldn't let her fellow Hellcats down like she had earlier today. She needed to do better. She HAD to do better. And if getting over Red was what it took and sleeping with Heidi was what would do it, how could she say no? It'd be letting her teammates down and that was the one thing Vanessa Lodge never did.

"Heidi?" she asked quietly.

Heidi knew what Vanessa was about to ask. "I, I don't know WHAT to do, 'Nessa," Heidi said.

"Just, you know, kiss me and stuff, I guess. Maybe it'll come to us."

"Okay," Heidi said slowly. "You sure you wouldn't rather I go get Amber?"

"No, I trust you, Heidi," Vanessa said. "Please?"

Heidi took a deep breath - swelling her breasts in the process, something Vanessa had never noticed before. "Okay," Heidi finally relented. "Let's try. What's the worst that could happen?"

Before Vanessa could even think of protesting, Heidi leaned forward and kissed her. It was soft, tentative, almost hesitant. It was clear Heidi was a little afraid of what they were doing, as if doing this - doing Vanessa - might turn her into a lesbian. But at the same time, the kiss was wonderful. If was soft, tentative, almost hesitant, unlike the rough and demanding kisses of boys. Heidi's lips were unlike any lips Vanessa had ever felt before and before long, Vanessa felt herself kissing back.

For a long moment, the two girls just lay there on the bed, their mouths locked together, the rest of their blue and gold clad bodies unmoving. Vanessa had never quite had a make-out session like this. It was at once both clinical, with both girls testing out what they could do with each other and delightful at the same time, Vanessa feeling for all the world like she'd never kissed anyone like she was kissing Heidi. Time seemed to filter away between kisses, the two girls each closing their eyes to start, trying to imagine themselves somewhere else.

Vanessa's thoughts went back to Red, but red had never kissed her like this. Even at his most romantic, Red's lips had been hard and needy, filled with more lust than love. That surprised Vanessa the most. What she could feel in Heidi's kisses was love. Pure, sweet, innocent love. Heidi wouldn't be demanding Vanessa bend over her desk and hiking up her cheerleader skirt, or pushing her head down until Vanessa was kneeling in front of her crotch. Red's kisses always had and Vanessa had always done as asked. She loved Red, after all and pleasing him made Vanessa happy.

But Heidi's kisses relayed a different kind of love and Vanessa wanted more of that. She returned Heidi's kiss and added some fire of her own, the kind of lusty kiss she'd give Red when she needed him. Heidi gasped a bit in surprise, her lips never leaving Vanessa's and suddenly Vanessa no longer cared that Heidi was a girl. She didn't care about much at all, save how wonderful this felt.

So, of course, as soon as she realized that, Heidi had to break the kiss.

Vanessa actually whimpered as her friend lifted up off her, but what Heidi said and did next made Vanessa forget about the loss of Heidi's sweet lips.

"Take your top off," Heidi commanded, stripping her own Hellcats uniform top off and chucking it aside. "I need to feel your skin on mine."

"Oooh," Vanessa purred at those words - how come no man ever said something so erotic like that to her? It wasn't even that Heidi had said it alluringly or anything - it had been rushed, a command, hardly any emotion at all behind it. But no guy had ever wanted to just feel Vanessa's skin upon his own.

And no guy Vanessa had ever been with had ever had breasts like Heidi's, hanging above Vanessa's head now, as if straining her sports bra to try and keep them in. Vanessa had never had her face so close to another woman's breasts before and she suddenly realized just how lovely they really were. Even clad in oppressively tight white fabric, with the nipples straining to get free, Heidi's shapely tits were compelling in ways Vanessa hadn't ever felt before. She wanted to reach up and cup one, just to see how they felt.

"Vanessa, your shirt," Heidi reminded her, breaking through the fog of arousal around Vanessa.

"Sorry, sorry," Vanessa said, lifting herself up enough to shimmy her shirt up over her head, exposing her own bra-covered breasts to her friend. But while Vanessa had taken a moment to enjoy the view, Heidi merely dropped her head down into the valley of Vanessa's cleavage and began laying kisses upon the chocolate skin she found there.

"Oooh," Vanessa cooed, surprised to find that Heidi's soft lips felt even better upon her skin as they did upon her lips. Each delicate press sent a wave of erotic warmth shooting through Vanessa's chest, melting away the last vestiges of any resistance she might have put up.

Then Heidi yanked Vanessa's sports bra up enough for Vanessa's tits to pop out and Heidi quickly attacked her roommate's nipples, sucking first one, then the other into her mouth and giving each of them a hard licking before swapping one for the other.

"Oh! Oh, Heidi!" Vanessa moaned.

"Not so loud," Heidi said, actually putting a hand over Vanessa's mouth. "We don't want the other 'Cats to hear us doing THIS."

Vanessa blinked, then nodded as she realized Heidi was entirely right. The team was barely dealing with Amber coming out of the closet - if Vanessa and Heidi got caught doing lesbian things, they'd probably get kicked off the team. Vanessa couldn't have that - the Hellcats were her entire life!

Heidi must have thought Vanessa got the message, because she began kissing her way down Vanessa's taunt stomach, pausing only briefly to tongue Vanessa's belly button before pausing at the zipper to Vanessa's cheerleader skirt.

"Lift your butt, Vanessa," Heidi ordered, pulling the zipper down. Vanessa did as she was told, lifting her ass off the bed so Heidi could remove not only her skirt, but her spankies and even her panties, all of which ended up in a messy pile at the foot of the bed. Vanessa would have to iron them before they competed tomorrow, but at the moment, she didn't care.

Vanessa was no virgin - she'd had guys before Red - but not one of them had ever gone down on her. She would've assumed that guys who did that sort of thing were myths, except she'd walked in on Heidi getting head on three separate occasions from two different boys. At the time, she'd been a bit jealous that Heidi had managed to find guys who did that.

Now she just hoped Heidi could turn around and do it to her.

Since they'd started kissing, Heidi hadn't slowed down at all in going after Vanessa, but for a moment - only a moment - she hovered above Vanessa's already wet pussy. She would admit later she had second thoughts about going down on Vanessa, but the other Hellcat wouldn't have known - she assumed Heidi was doing it as some sort of way to increase the heat of the moment. Vanessa had certainly been seconds away from begging Heidi to lick her when Heidi finally broke and dropped her mouth down onto Vanessa's snatch.

It was a sensation Vanessa would try and forget, only to have it come rearing back each of the rare times a man offered to go down on her. Heidi had never before eaten pussy and Vanessa always thought she most likely never did again, but that night, in a hotel room, she did things to Vanessa's pussy that Vanessa could only wish to feel again. Heidi's tongue darted about with purpose and strength, yet with softness and caring, a true mixture of the best sensations a woman could feel on her pussy.

It wasn't long at all before Vanessa forgot all about Red. Or anything else, for that matter.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God! OH GOD!"

"Would you shut up?!" Heidi said, lifting her head up from Vanessa's crotch and delivering a decidedly sexy site of her lips and chin covered in Vanessa's juices - a mental image that would forever remain with Vanessa the way the sensation of another woman eating her pussy always would.

"Don't stop," Vanessa pleaded.

"Just be quiet, damn it," Heidi said, grabbing a spare pillow and throwing it at Vanessa's face. Vanessa immediately took it and bit into it, hoping to use it to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

Vanessa lost all track of time, with no clue as too exactly how long it took Heidi to lick her to orgasm. It might have been minutes, it might have been hours, it might have been years. Her mind was simply incapable of processing anything other than the bliss radiating out of her well-treated pussy and that suited her just fine. When her orgasm hit, it blasted away all her doubt, all her pain, all her self-loathing. For that one moment, she forgot about Red, she forgot about Bill, she forgot about Amber and all the other Hellcats. She even forgot it was Heidi licking her pussy. Her world was nothing but climactic relief and she needed it more than anything in the world right then and there.

When she finally came down and her eyes came back into focus, Heidi was already getting dressed for bed.

"You don't want me to-"

"No no!" Heidi said quickly. "I, ah, I mean nothing against you, but you ARE a girl and I really don't want to end up like Amber, you know?"

"Yeah, sure," Vanessa said, feeling a little depressed, but not that much. After all, it was hard to feel THAT bad after having an orgasm like THAT.

The next day the Hellcats went out and won Nationals, with Vanessa being the center of attention and nailing every move. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Vanessa was the reason the Hellcats won it all that year.

And there was no doubt in Vanessa's mind that Heidi's oral skills were what got her through Nationals.


"Babe, you gotta stop leavin' your toothbrush in my cup," Red called from the bathroom, breaking Vanessa's reverie over the past. She could still see Heidi Raft's face, plastered with Vanessa's cum whenever anyone went down on her and it always gave her a little added thrill.

"Then get me my own cup," Vanessa shouted back. Red was charming and wonderful, but he could be a little dense sometimes. She loved him, but she really wondered if she could live with him.

At least the sex was good. They always had that going for them. Though the thought of sex with Red immediately put the image of what Heidi had done for her all those years ago into Vanessa's mind, but all that did was bring up the memory of Kelsey's offer to do similar things to her, all for the price of a conversation.

Suddenly, that offer didn't sound so strange to Vanessa.

"You sure you don't want something from the kitchen?" Red called from the bathroom.

"No, I'm good," Vanessa said.

"Okay, be back in a minute." Just like that, Red was gone, leaving Vanessa alone with her thoughts.

She lasted all of five seconds before slipping off the bed and going for her purse. She found her phone and then the card Kelsey had left her. Looking long and hard at the card, Vanessa turned back towards the bed and sat down.

If she did this, she could be in some trouble. Lancer and Dean Laverne certainly wouldn't be happy she was talking to a reporter. And Red certainly wouldn't take THAT kindly to learning the price Vanessa would ask for the interview.

But Vanessa couldn't shake the image of Heidi's face, covered in Vanessa's own juices, rising up from between her legs. And for the first time since Heidi had helped Vanessa out before Nationals all those years ago, here was another woman offering to do the same.

Vanessa knew she should say no. She knew she should tear up Kelsey's card and never think about her again. She should marry Red and find a new job and never again think about being with another woman.

But she couldn't. She just couldn't.

Vanessa opened up her phone and sent Kesley a text.

"Let's discuss your last offer. Call me during school hours. Vanessa."


After another day of practice and eating almost nothing but carbs, Marti was more than content to lay down on her bed, veg out, maybe review her law notes and finally relax. It's not like she could fault Britney for running them ragged. This was her first head coaching job at a Division I school and it came to her right out of college, so Marti understood why the petite blonde was working the Hellcats harder than Vanessa did. All understanding about Britney wanting to prove her worth aside, the road to Qualifiers was grueling on Marti and she just couldn't wait to plop down and relax.

As she walked in to her room, Marti was met by the familiar sight of Savannah icing her wrist.

"What do you know, even the mighty Savannah Monroe has proven to be weakened by Britney Allen's practice routine," Marti joked before dropping the act. "So, how's the wrist?"

"Great, thanks for asking," Savannah answered as she looked up with a smile, always happy to see her best friend. "A little sore, but that's about it. Yourself?"

"I feel like I lost all my upper body strength," Marti groaned as she plopped into her bed. "Have you noticed that the coaches always seem to put us through hell just before competition? Even Vanessa didn't hold back."

"I don't blame them," Savannah explained. "If there's something I learned in a life of cheerleading, the last week before a competition is the most telling. A squad's performance at an event can largely be predicted by how the team performs in the final week."

"Too bad we didn't get to show off our hard work before the judges last year," Marti lamented. "I would've loved to have wowed the crowd and helped bring home the National Trophy."

"You're not joking, Marti. You see that space on my top trophy shelf, right there in the middle?" Savannah pointed out.

"I can't believe I didn't notice that before," Marti said. "What's that all about, anyway?"

"When we get the National Championship, the school gets the trophy right away and then everybody on the team, cheerleaders and team staff members, gets their own," Savannah explained. "I won't fill that space up with anything but the National Championship."

"Don't worry, Savannah, I promise you won't leave school empty-handed," Marti said. "We got screwed last year. I think we could've beaten MemChrist and it's not fair that we couldn't go out there and prove it. Everybody who is back from last season deserves a chance to show we are the best, especially you."

"You're so sweet, Marti," Savannah complimented. "Well, sometimes, you're just incredibly snarky, but you have a great sweet side."

"And you know how to make me appreciate a backhanded compliment," Marti laughed. Only Savannah could make her laugh with an unintentional insult. Marti was about to say more when she was interrupted by knocking on the doorframe.

"Hey, Marti, I've been looking for you all day today," Deirdre said, seemingly coming out of nowhere. "How you doing?"

"I've had better days physically, Deirdre," Marti said. "You need something?"

"Yeah, can I talk with you, sister to sister?" Deirdre asked. "Oh, no offense, Savannah, it's just something between the two of us."

"You two take all the time you need," Savannah instructed, figuring they might not have been done with the previous night's Cheertown lockdown. "I need to go change my icepack anyway."

After Savannah left the room, Deirdre was sure to close the door, making sure nobody overheard the intimate details of what had transpired the other night.

"This is about us being together, isn't it?" Marti asked softly.

"Yeah," Deirdre whispered. "Look, Marti, I've been thinking about what we did and it has me worried. Worried for you because I know that as law student, it could ruin your career. Worried for me because I'm fearing you and I might have ruined us being sisters again."

"No, no, don't worry about it ruining us and don't worry about my career," Marti answered. "It's just as much your secret as it is mine. I won't tell anyone and I have the same faith you won't. But there is something that's on my mind that I want to talk with you about."

"What's wrong? You're not falling for me, are you?" Deirdre questioned, knowing that was the last thing she wanted to hear.

"No, it's just that I haven't been able to focus all day," Marti explained. "After you left this morning, I couldn't finish my breakfast because Ariana, being the team exhibitionist, came to eat wearing an open bathrobe and boy shorts. I just felt myself being distracted by her. Then, at practice, I was not only checking out Alice's ass and Emily's breasts and camel toe, but also Britney's butt. She's my coach, Deirdre! I shouldn't be checking her out!"

"Says the woman who was sleeping with her law professor last semester," Deirdre said, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, THAT was inappropriate. Not to mention I'm no longer with him," Marti reprimanded her sister, who still showed she had the social grace of a cobra. "Can you please take this seriously?"

"Sorry, I'm not good with others, remember?" Deirdre said defensively.

"I know, I know, sorry for snapping," Marti apologized. "I don't why, but ever since you and I hooked up last night, all I can think about are breasts, butts and vaginas. It's driving me crazy!"

"Calm down, Marti, just calm down," Deirdre told her sister. "Just let me ask you something and feel free to let me know if I'm crossing some line. Have you looked at a guy at all since you broke up with your professor?"

"I can't say that I have, although mostly it's been because I haven't actually gone out and looked for someone," Marti said. "We've been trying to rebuild the team this year, so I haven't had time to look for a man. Now that I think about it, though, there hasn't been anyone was has caught my eye recently, even if they did meet my standards before."

"Wow, you've got it bad, sis," Deirdre said. "Do you think that you may be off guys and locking onto girls?"

"What do you mean, that I'm a lesbian like you?" Marti inquired.

"It doesn't have to be that way," Deirdre answered. "You could just be bisexual. Whatever it is, it seems like men are becoming an afterthought to you and if you're seeing female body parts everywhere, it sounds like what we did might have triggered something inside you."

"Wow, I just can't seem to escape that I committed incest with you," Marti deadpanned. "Am I always going to be this messed up, Deirdre?"

"I wouldn't worry about it," Deirdre told Marti. "It could be a blessing in disguise. If you are gay, wouldn't you rather want to find out now instead of later when you're dating some man and realizing you've been stringing him along for a year?"

"That makes a lot of sense," Marti admitted. "Is there anything you can tell me to do? You seem to be the kind of person who would know what to do when falling in love with a woman."

"Actually, I wouldn't say I'm expert given my track record, but I do have some things to say," Deirdre said. "Feel around a bit. You won't know exactly who you are until you've done some exploring with other women. It should help you go a long way in being honest with yourself."

"Wow, that was really deep coming from you," Marti said, nearly in awe. "Was that from personal experience?"

"Pretty much," Deirdre said. "I was lying to myself for years before I finally worked up the nerve to admit that I am a lesbian. But let me just add something else. You'll have to admit to your family, your friends and even your teammates."

"Oh, goody," Marti sneered. "Telling Wanda I'm a lesbian is something I've always lived to do."

"Forget Wanda, I'm curious as to how you're going to tell Savannah," Deirdre blurted out, almost instantly wishing she could take back what she said.

"Wait, Savannah? Why her?" Marti asked

"You're kidding, right?" Deidre responded, feeling more incredulous when Marti shook her head, "No." "Marti, she's your best friend. From what I've seen of you two, you know more about the other person than you realize. You're as close as can be despite coming from polar opposite backgrounds. Don't you think she'll be a bit shocked to learn her best friend is into girls?"

"It might, given how she was raised, but I think she'd be fine with it in the end," Marti explained. "Out of her entire family, she's the most liberally-minded person in the Monroe house."

"That's a relief to hear," Deirdre said, causing Marti to raise an eyebrow. "I mean that I had a few friendships end because people weren't accepting of who I was when I came out. I'd hate to see you and Savannah lose a great relationship if she wasn't cool about you being into women."

"Yeah, I think I'd be a little more concerned about Charlotte," Marti said.

"Oh, I wouldn't," Deirdre said, trying to avoid spilling the beans about what she had done with Charlotte earlier that day. "I doubt the apple falls far from the tree. Besides, didn't she make the move to Lancer from MemChrist like her sister?"

"Yeah, she did," Marti smiled. "Thanks for the advice, Deirdre."

"You're welcome, Marti," Deirdre responded. "I know giving advice isn't my strong point, so I hope this doesn't blow up in your face."

"Hey, if there's one thing Savannah taught me, it's we should expect positive outcomes only," Marti fired back.

"Now that's advice I can follow," Deirdre said. "I'd love stick around sis, but my homework won't complete itself. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend."

"Thanks, Deirdre. I'll see you then," Marti said with a grin.

As Deirdre walked out of Cheertown, Marti heard her sister's words ringing in her ear. Deirdre was right about something: Something had definitely changed in Marti last night and she wanted to know just who she was now.


One of the better benefits of cheering for the Lancer Hellcats was that when you were making the trip to the West Tennessee Qualifiers, you didn't have long to get to the event. FedExForum, the arena where the Qualifiers were annually held, was literally down the road from Lancer, just across Memphis on Beale Street. The short ride had its fair share of moments on the bus. As per usual, Marti and Savannah were discussing the competition; Alice was going over Frankie's tumble routine; Ariana, Emily, Miranda and Molly sat 2-by-2, looking out the window to take in the sights of the ride; Britney was watching recordings of this season's practices with Dan on his computer; and Lewis and Darwin had been talking about base cues. It seemed everybody on the bus that was a cheerleader or a member of the staff had Qualifiers on their mind.

Everybody, that was, except for Charlotte.

A veteran of the sport, Charlotte knew that before every event, she had to focus her mind completely on the task at hand. No matter how hard she tried, though, she couldn't concentrate on Qualifiers.

Charlotte's life was a whirlwind over the last year. Between getting pregnant and becoming a mother, nearly falling into a loveless marriage, her father becoming a fugitive from the law and getting kicked out of MemChrist, her world had been turned on its head. To say the very least, however, things went from crazy to bizarre earlier in the week as Charlotte fell victim to Deirdre's Sapphic temptations.

There was no way in Charlotte's mind she would ever be able to explain what she had done to anyone. If this had gotten out to her mother, Layne, it would have been the deathblow to their relationship. Charlotte had been told time and time again by her religious parents that premarital and homosexual sex was wrong. In just over a year, Charlotte had done both and if Layne ever found out, she would have pulled her daughter out of Lancer right away.

Then there was Savannah. There was no way Charlotte could have told Savannah unless she wanted to alienate herself from the family because she knew that it would go right to from Savannah to their mother.

Feeling the stress of the situation baring down on her, Charlotte slumped down in her chair, trying not to look at the back of anyone's head while attempting to be invisible to her teammates seated behind her.

Her attempt to blend in with her surroundings only lasted five seconds.

"Hey, sis, you might not want to fall asleep now, we're almost at the arena," Savannah said, poking her head out from the side of the seat.

"So glad to see your chipper spirit in action, too, Vanna," Charlotte said, hoping she could make her sister go away while she tried to sort out the last year.

"What's wrong with you, Char?" Savannah asked. "I wasn't expecting this from you. You've been thinking all about returning to cheerleading ever since MemChrist kicked you out. Now all of a sudden, you're hiding from behind your seat and don't want to talk to me? What's wrong?"

Charlotte was ready to tell Savannah she needed some time alone, but Savannah sat down next to her, showing she wanted to hear what was wrong with her younger sister. Judging by Savannah's behavior, she remained in the dark about what Charlotte did with Deirdre, so that was a relief. Deciding to suppress that thought for the time being, Charlotte brought up something else on her mind.

"I don't know if this is anxiety or not, but I'm really nervous about going back on the mat," Charlotte answered. "It's not just being out of the game for a year carrying John. The last time I was in competition, I fell from the top of the pyramid and got carried off on a stretcher and had to wear a neck brace. I'm worried I'll show some rust and get hurt again."

"This is going to take more than a simple, 'Positive outcomes only,' won't it?" Savannah asked, receiving an agreeing nod. "Look, Charlotte, you've been terrific at practice. What you've done there has showed me that the Hellcats four amazing fliers: You, me, Marti and Alice. I don't mean to brag, but we're the best chance this team has of winning the National Championship."

"But what if I fall again?" Charlotte asked. "What if I not just blow it for the team, but I do serious damage to my neck?"

"You're not going to break your neck, Charlotte," Savannah tried to reassure her sister. "You and Jason have made a great team. He's a superb base for your flying. I've seen you two at practice and he's not going to drop you."

"That's good and all, but I'm still nervous about stepping out in front of so many people," Charlotte said. "Everything in my life just has changed. Dad's gone, I have a baby, I'll be wearing Blue and Gold for the first time and I, um..." Charlotte paused, realizing she nearly spilled the beans on her and Deirdre before she corrected herself. "I'm nervous about Mom watching us. I know she loves us, but I can sense she's still upset about us leaving MemChrist for Lancer."

"I left, you had your scholarship revoked," Savannah reminded her sister, oblivious to Charlotte's near slip-up. "Look, Mom may not be all that happy about us going to Lancer, I know. But she still cares for us. If she didn't, she wouldn't have let us stay home over the summer or help us undo the damage Dad did. She's going to be happy to see us out there. And think about John for a moment. You'd make a terrific role model by finishing your degree and being able to win a National Championship. So far, you've been doing great here. You're doing everything right. I wouldn't change anything you've done."

"If only you knew," Charlotte said in her mind, not wanting to say it out loud. When she started speaking to Savannah, she said, "This really has been a whole lot to take in at once, Vanna. Nothing's the same from the start of last year."

"I know that, but not all the change has been bad," Savannah continued. "You and I haven't been this close since I left for Lancer. Frankly, I wouldn't have this any other way."

"Awww, you," Charlotte blushed, pulling Savannah in by reaching behind her older sister's back.

FedExForum was growing larger in the bus window and all the girls could think about now was winning the Qualifier round. Savannah wanted to see just how set Charlotte was for this before the bus came to a stop.

"So, you ready for this, sis?" Savannah asked her sister and newest teammate. "Ready to show the world that Charlotte Monroe is back and can still cheer like the best of them?"

"You know it," Charlotte said, sounding plenty motivated. "Let's kick some ass, Vanna!"

"That's what I was hoping to hear you say," Savannah said. "Better go check on Marti. She's texting Travis a list of things to be sure Wanda doesn't smuggle in. You know how she can be."

"Do I ever," Charlotte sighted, knowing how off-the-wall their boss could be. "Um, Savannah, thanks. I needed the confidence boost."

"Anytime you need it, Char," Savannah assured her sister. "Just one little thing. Gimme your arm."

Charlotte could only roll her eyes and reluctantly oblige Savannah's demand. She knew what her sister was going to do, another one of her little quirks.

Savannah pulled a Sharpie out of her bag, took Charlotte's arm in her non-writing hand and scrawled on it the word, "SUCCEED".

"So, why'd did you write, 'SUCCEED'?" Charlotte asked.

"Because that's what you're going to do out there," Savannah said before heading back to Marti. "Catch you in a few."

As the bus pulled to a stop in its parking spot, Charlotte looked at Savannah's word of encouragement and felt herself swell up with confidence.


The short ride to FedExForum gave the Hellcats plenty of time to visit their hotel, the Salvatore Hotel. While not attached to FedExForum, the Salvatore had graciously offered all the cheerleading teams a greatly reduced rate to stay there and it only added a few minutes to the bus ride. There, Britney gave the cheerleaders a couple of hours to relax before they had to meet once again in the lobby.

Jason knew exactly what he wanted to do with his time and that was veg out. His body sore from every workout he had been put through, there was nothing he wanted more at the moment than to lay down and catch an OnDemand movie. Flipping through his options, he finally settled on "X-Men: First Class" and settled in to watch the origins of the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning.

Jason Richardson could have had his pick of any sport. He had the height of a basketball center, the leap of a football wide receiver and the speed of a baseball player. Instead, he selected cheerleading. It seemed as though he had no choice.

His parents met when they were cheerleaders at Memphis State University, now known as the University of Memphis. His grandfather was also a cheerleader at MSU back before the days of Title IX. Naturally, his family had hoped Jason would be at U-M like they had, so it came as a surprise when he chose to attend Lancer.

Jason wanted to go to U-M, too, but the possibility of being a Lancer Hellcat was too tempting for him to say, "No," to. He had known about the Hellcats' downfall and firing of Vanessa, but he also knew of the squad's great reputation and if there was something Lancer could provide that the Memphis Tigers couldn't, it was a legitimate chance at winning at Nationals.

When he explained his situation to his family, they gave him their blessing once the shock wore off and soon after, he filled out his application to Lancer and received admission to the school.

Now Jason was lying on his bed, starting to enjoy the movie by himself. His family would be visiting him on the day of Lancer's routine, which was also the day the results would be announced. His roommate, Tom, was out of the hotel. His family had driven up for the week from Signal Mountain to watch him compete and he was busy showing them the attractions of Memphis before practice.

Before Jason could get too engrossed in the movie, however, there was a knocking on his door.

"I'm coming," Jason said, pausing the film and walking to the door. Not bothering to see who was on the other side, Jason opened the door was greeted by the last face he expected to see.

"Alice, what are you doing here?" Jason asked.

"I'm here to see if you can do something for me," Alice answered as she sauntered her way in, not waiting for an invitation. "I need a favor from you, Jason and I'm not willing to take no for an answer."

"Alright, but you gotta let me know what's in it for me," Jason said.

"How about this?" Alice offered, placing her hands on the bed and turning her back to the TV, jutting out the seat of her gym shorts to make her intentions very clear to the new Hellcat.

"Whoa, are you serious?" Jason asked, the meaning of Alice's offer being very clear to him. "You want me to..."

"Uh-huh," Alice answered, her confidence oozing from her voice. "I want you to get me off, you sexy devil."

"Wait, hold on, something doesn't feel right," Jason interrupted. "Aren't you and Lewis an item?"

"What Lewis doesn't know won't hurt him," Alice responded. Judging from the line of questioning she was receiving, Tom hadn't told Jason of their disastrous encounter underneath the bleachers. "Besides, isn't this what all men want, a hot woman like me throwing themselves before you?"

"You know, I'd be lying if I said, 'No,'" Jason said.

"Good, then why don't you come over here and give me what I need?" Alice asked.

Powerless to the temptation before him, Jason came over, leaned down and kissed Alice hard, letting her know this was exactly what he wanted. Never one for foreplay, Jason moved his down Alice's body to her shorts. He pulled them down and was surprised to see she was not only without panties, but also...

"Wow, you're already wet," Jason observed.

"I may have had some time to myself earlier," Alice teased as she took off her shirt and showed she was going full-commando today.

"I just, wow," Jason began to say before he relented and started to kiss Alice's neck, rub her bare ass with one hand and slowly inserted a finger into her sopping wet honeypot with the other.

Alice gasped at the contact. The boy may have been young, but he damn sure knew his way around a woman's body. She starting to feel the electricity start to build, creating a spark she hadn't felt since earlier in the week at the Hard Rock Cafe when she and Kelsey...

"Wait, wait, no!" Alice told herself. "Don't think of Kelsey! Don't go there! You want this! You still like guys and you don't need somebody as forbidden as Kelsey clogging your thoughts!"

"Let's get these off you," Alice told Jason, slipping his pants and his boxers down in one fell swoop. When Alice saw what Jason was sporting, she could only gawk in awe. Jason had to have been a good six inches soft. Wanting to get the freshman hard so he could fuck her senseless, Alice wasted no time in beginning to jack him off.

"Yeah, you want this body, don't you, Jason?" Alice growled. "You keep fingering me like that, I'll keep jerking you until you're ready to fuck me."

"Oh, that's exactly what I want," Jason moaned, Alice making him harder with each pump of her fist. "You want some of this, Alice? You like it when I rub you like this?"

Taking a pair of fingers, Jason began rubbing Alice along the folds of her vagina, leaving the Hellcats gasping for breath. She was enjoying this, but she craved a flesh-and-blood cock. Now.

"Oh, God, don't make me come yet," Alice told the new base. "Get that shirt off and get back on the bed. I need you to fill me up now."

Craving Alice more than ever, Jason wasted no time in fulfilling her request, whipping off his shirt, giving Alice a nice view of his six-pack abs before jumping back on the bed.

Desperate for cock and ready to push her forbidden fantasies of Kelsey and Miranda out of her head for good, Alice leapt on top of him and made her intentions very clear.

"Fuck me, stud. Make me come. I need this and you want it," Alice told her new teammate.

Not wanting to give Jason a chance to back down, Alice slid her body down on Jason's penis, gasping as she felt herself get filled.

"Ohhh, God!" Alice felt moaned. "That feels so good!"

Wanting to get off on Jason, Alice began bouncing on top of the new base, enjoying every second of her grinding up and down on him.

Jason, as Alice expected, was enjoying the show as much as he liked being a part of it. Watching Alice's tits bounce as he pushed into her made him harder, making him want her to come harder.

Still, he wasn't going to just lay back and do nothing, so Jason decided to remedy the situation by thrusting his hips up to really get Alice going. And judging from her reaction, she was clearly enjoying it.

"Oh my God!" Alice moaned, feeling herself getting closer to orgasm already. She was going to do this. She didn't Kelsey to get off. She could actually come thanks to a guy.

"Think you might enjoy this?" Jason asked, wanting to take further action by grabbing hold of Alice's beautiful tits and massaging them as she continued to slide up and down his dick.

"Yessssss," Alice hissed. "Rub those titties! God, you have no idea how much I love that! Oh, yeah! Harder! Rub them harder!"

Not letting up on his thrusting, Jason did what he was told, giving Alice's tits a harder massage. What Jason noticed, though, was that this was doing nothing to push Alice closer to the edge. She wasn't flipping her hair back, screaming louder or showing any other heightened sense of pleasure. Something was off and Alice's behavior was driving Jason crazy.

Those observations were not lost on Alice. She was desperate to come again with a man's touch, but for some reason, Jason just wasn't cutting it. She didn't feel any changes in her pleasure levels since she began riding Jason five minutes ago and that was starting to alarm her. Desperate for an orgasm, Alice did something that always managed to work with her past lovers.

"Get up here," Alice growled, pulling Jason up by his brown hair and pushed his down so he was at level with her chest.

Getting the hint, Jason sank down and began sucking on Alice's tits while he continued fucking her. Not bothering to find out what was wrong with the captain of the team, Jason continued sucking on one nipple while the breast rubbed up against his face.

This was heaven to Jason, having a hot girl on top of him, feeling the jiggle of her ass against his legs and her tits in his face. Could this have gotten better?

The answer was a definitive yes in Alice's mind. She was still feeling no closer to an orgasm than she was when she got on top of Jason's dick. This wasn't supposed to be happening. She knew she has to come hard and soon. She wanted pleasure and it been so hard to come by.

Deciding to try to pull a preverbal ace out from her sleeve, Alice let Jason in on what had never failed her before.

"Bite 'em," Alice told him between heavy breathes. "Don't be afraid, I won't break."

"Alright," Jason agreed. "If that's want you want."

"And don't forget to push harder," Alice commanded.

"Harder? Really?" Jason questioned his captain. "Alice, I don't, oh God! I don't know how much longer..."

"NO!" Alice warned. "Don't you dare finish that sentence, Jason! Make me come now! Bite them!"

Not wanting to disappoint the team captain, Jason began pushing harder into Alice while biting on her nipples. He was enjoying the taste of her coffee-colored nipples and he was hoping that Alice was feeling the same ecstasy he was.

Much to her chagrin, Alice wasn't anywhere near as close as Jason. They were going on 15 minutes and she still hadn't felt that pleasure that she was craving. There was doubt Jason could have pleased her on a better day, but Alice wasn't in the right mindset sexually and she had an inkling as to why this was happening. Still, she wanted to try to get there and she took to Savannah's "Positive outcomes only" catch phrase.

Unfortunately for Alice, the chances of a positive outcome where slipping.



Alice knew she was lying to herself, but she was determined to keep going, even if her body and mind were betraying her.

"I CAAAAAAN'T!" Jason screamed as he lost all control, pulling out just a second before he started coming. It lasted quite a while and when he was done, Jason slumped down lower, as if the bed was pulling him in. And he wished it were true because with pleasure came the wrath of Hurricane Alice.


"Alice, wait!" Jason pleaded. "I'm sorry, this has never happened to me before, I swear!"

"I don't give two shits about your past!" Alice hissed as she put her gym shorts back on. "I made this easy for you and you couldn't get it done! God, what is the problem with you?"

"Well, I..." Jason stammered, trying to back the situation better somehow.

"That was a fucking rhetorical question!" Alice growled, pulling her shirt back over her body and putting her shoes back on! "God, the men on this team are such fucking disappointments!"

"Alice, come on, I can explain," Jason said as she was walking out the door. Before she could leave, Alice turned around and held a finger in the air to stop her teammate from talking.

"Don't say anything else!" Alice fumed. "Say another word and I will demote you to alternate faster than you than you can bust a nut! Got it?"

Afraid that Alice was being serious, Jason weakly nodded in agreement.

"Good!" Alice said with anger lingering in her voice. "Tell no one!"

With that, Alice slammed the door and rushed back to her room, hoping nobody from the team would catch her taking the walk of shame. Wanting to be left alone for a while, Alice lay down on the bed, trying to fight back her tears. She didn't care if Frankie was back in the room or not, which she wasn't. As Alice sat down, she knew things were going to be changing for her.

She hadn't wanted to let her tears flow. Alice knew that sooner or later, she was going to have to embrace the changes in her life. But she didn't want to yet.

Alice knew know that her relationship with Lewis was officially a lie. She knew that no man could ever satisfy her sexually. She knew that her new fixation with women wasn't going to be going away any time soon.

She knew she could trace all this back to one event: Having sex with Kelsey in her SUV that one afternoon at the Hard Rock Cafe parking lot.

Alice knew this all meant one thing: She was, without a shadow of a doubt, a lesbian.


Vanessa didn't care for business casual. The tight, light grey jacket and matching skirt that ran to just above her knees chaffed the former Hellcats coach, both literally and figuratively. Far more comfortable in workout or coaching gear, Vanessa's only suit was a little out-of-style and snug in places it shouldn't have been. But then, she hadn't really worn the thing in a few years, as evidenced by the fine layer of dust upon the dry cleaners bag that it had rested in since last she'd worn it.

However, the University of Little Rock required an in-person interview and Vanessa didn't want to look like a fool walking into their office clad in sweat pants and dirty t-shirts.

The job interview had come unexpectedly, but had been perfectly timed. ULR had lost their cheerleading coach to maternity leave and were rather desperate for a fill in that might turn into a longer gig if ULR actually placed in competition this year. Everyone figured that was highly unlikely and even if they did, ULR was Division III and hardly anyone paid any attention to that. When Vanessa had tried to discuss expanded practice sessions for the team, should she get the job, she was rather flatly told that the cheerleaders practiced at football games and she should be happy for that.

Vanessa was pretty certain she wasn't going to get this job.

But the invitation to apply had come at the perfect time, during Qualifiers back in Tennessee, leaving half the State of Arkansas between Vanessa and the Hellcats attempt to get their 2011-12 season off right. Somehow, with 130 miles of I-40 between her and Lancer, Vanessa felt like she could breathe at last.

Except for the other reason she came to Little Rock and more importantly Little Rick's BBQ Bar and Grill.

"Vanessa Lodge, aren't you a little overdressed for a barbecue joint like this?" Kelsey asked, sliding into the booth across from Vanessa with a twinkle in her eye.

"I had a job interview earlier," Vanessa said sourly.

"How'd it go?" Kelsey asked, sounding honestly interested.

"Not well."

"Too bad. But then ULR isn't really your type of school. And isn't it a little far away from Red?"

"How did you-?" Vanessa started to ask, but stopped herself, shaking her head. "You do your homework, Kelsey, I'll give you that."

"It's what makes a good reporter," the younger woman said with an appreciative smile. "So, we've been texting back and forth for a while now, trying to set this meeting up. Let's talk."

"You still want to interview me?" Vanessa asked, pulling out the card Kelsey had slid under her door.


"About the Hellcats?"

"Yes," Kelsey said, though the tone of her voice didn't quite carry the enthusiasm she'd had earlier. "And your release from Lancer."

"And what are you willing to do to get that interview?" Vanessa asked, taking a long sip of her Rum and Coke.

"Well, that depends," Kelsey said. "I can't pay you for information - that's an ethics line I'm not willing to cross."

"But you're willing to have sex with me for information?"

"Honey, with a body like yours, I'm willing to have sex with you just to get off," Kelsey said. "If you feel like you like me enough afterwards to tell me stuff, I'm happy to listen."

Vanessa took another long sip of her drink, her eyes down towards the table. She didn't dare look into Vanessa's eyes - she was worried they'd look like Heidi's.

"I'm under a NDA," Vanessa said. "About my release from Lancer."

"Bullshit," Heidi said. "Lancer's already got a story out there about your release. If they are throwing stories out there, so can you."

"But I-"

"Listen, if it'll make you more comfortable, our discussion is off-the-record and I won't name you as a source."

"It would HAVE to be," Vanessa said, taking a long sip of her Rum & Coke.

"It will be," Kelsey promised.

"Okay then," Vanessa said. "We'll talk."

"But first you want me to do things to you that no woman has ever done before?" Kelsey asked, with a raised eyebrow and a naughty smile on her face.

"Don't be so sure," Vanessa muttered.

"So, shall we go to a hotel, or do you want to have a few more drinks, first?" Kelsey asked.

"Oh, I'm going to need more drinks," Vanessa said. "So many more drinks."


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Re: Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 2: What We Didn't Do Last Night
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With the Hellcats taking a short break, Marti decided to just take a seat next to the Gatorade cooler and drink. She had been working harder at cheerleading over the last three months than she did in her first nine with the squad. Most of it stemmed from the Hellcats' disqualification last year at Nationals. Marti had busted her hump over the last school year to not only stay on scholarship, but to preserve the team. While the Hellcats managed to survive the year, it took a beating with the disqualification and the strep throat that went around the school, which was listed as the reason of Vanessa's firing. Marti wasn't buying it for a second, but Vanessa leaving the squad had left the team feeling gutted. This was their one opportunity to bounce back and Marti wanted to be sure the chance wasn't wasted.

Sipping from her cup, Marti could feel every bead of sweat crawl down her body. This was the hard work and dedication she had given this team. She had put everything into this team. The blonde law student was glistening out of exhaustion. After everything that happened to her lately, her sweating was hardly an issue.

Marti made it her goal to focus her attention completely on cheerleading and thus far, it had worked to perfection. Not once did she think of what she had done with Deirdre or her fantasies about her teammates and her coach. Since she had her incestuous lock-in with Deirdre, Marti couldn't think of anything but other women and doing naughty things to them. Now, Marti had successfully suppressed her lesbian thoughts. All she had do to was get through the final half-hour of practice and she would be able to shower and then rush off to her hotel room.

"Wow, you're wet!" Marti heard someone say, making her spit out her Gatorade.

"Excuse me, what?" Marti said as she regained her composure.

"You can borrow my towel if you want, it's still dry," said a light-skinned African-American cheerleader dressed in a barely-there reddish-brown and white uniform that resembled a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform.

"Oh, um, thanks," Marti said. "You a new cheerleader? I don't believe we've met."

"No, it's my senior year, but I'm the new captain for the West Tennessee State Mockingbirds," the other cheerleader said before she extended her hand. "I'm Kat Bennett, by the way."

"Marti Perkins," Marti said, standing up and accepting Kat's hand.

"Oh, so you're the Lancer cheerleader who's way too tall to be a flier," Kat said. "I've heard about you before. I don't know if you've been reading the local cheerleading blog, but it's been praising you and the Hellcats nonstop."

"Wow, that's flattering," Marti said. "Surprised I haven't heard that before. How long have you been cheering, Kat?"

"Forever," Kat answered. "Ever since my older brother was playing Pop Warner football. What about you?"

"Actually, I hope to say this without sounding like I'm bragging, but only since last September," Marti answered. "It started out as a way for me to stay on scholarship and it's since become a way of life for me."

"You certainly don't show that you're inexperienced," Kat said. "You look like you've been doing it for years. What's your background?"

"I was doing gymnastics up until high school," Marti answered. "What about you? You used to be a gymnast, too?"

"Oh, no, I was a dancer," Kat explained. "Jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop. You name it, I've done it."

"Sure seems to pay off," Marti complimented. "Your body is in great shape."

"Well, you've got a body I can eat off of," Kat complimented.

"I'm sorry, what?" Marti asked Kat. Maybe it was Kat's porn star-like outfit or she felt her mind slipping into the gutter. Whatever the reason, Marti felt as though Kat knew what she was into.

"Not literally," Kat corrected Marti. "You look incredible. So, how did you become a flier? You're what, 5-foot-8?"

"Yeah, that's right," Marti answered.

"So how'd you get that spot?" Kat asked before asking mockingly, "Did you sleep with the captain?"

"Oh, no, not at all," Marti said. "Me and Savannah? Like that would ever happen!" she said to herself.

"Let me tell you something," Kat whispered before leaning in toward Marti's ear. "That's how I got the captain's position this year."

"Whoa, wait, what?" Marti said. "You're gay?"

"Yeah and I was wondering if you'd like to drop by my room for some drinks from the minibar," Kat said, trying to lure in Marti. "If I may be direct, I got a thing for blondes."

"Um, I'm not really sure," Marti replied. "It's just that I'm kind of getting used to this."

"Understood," Kat said. "We've all been there. Hang on."

Kat reached into her gym bag and pulled out a torn-off strip of paper and pen before jotting something down on the paper and handing it to Marti.

"Why don't you give me a call some time, Marti?" Kat said as she turned around to leave. "I'd love to hear from you."

To drive the point home, Kat made sure to give Marti a loud slap of the ass that caught the law student completely off-guard. The "O" that her mouth had formed gave off equal parts shock and pleasure about what Kat had just down. If Marti could say one thing about Kat, it's that she was a lesbian who wouldn't stop get whatever she wanted.

Marti sat down in the chair and looked at Kat's number hard, almost as if she took her eyes off it, it would disappear. She didn't say, "Yes," to the ebony beauty's advances because she thought Kat was being a little too direct for her liking. Still, Marti couldn't deny that she was a very beautiful woman. Kat was wearing an outfit so skimpy, it had to have violated the competition dress code. On top of that, Kat also had an incredibly flat stomach and legs that were befitting of her dance background. There was no way she'd be able to get the woman off her mind.

Marti started kicking herself inside for being so indecisive about Kat's advances. She clearly remembered Deirdre's advice to be with other women if she wanted to know if girls were really what she was interested in. Maybe it wasn't Kat being blunt with her that made Marti shied away. Perhaps it was the feeling of being with someone as experienced as Kat that caused Marti to not accept Mockingbirds captain's advances, or maybe it was because she worried it'd be as awkward as waking up to Deirdre's face.

Still, those doubts continued to linger in Marti's brain. She didn't know if she wanted to sleep with Kat yet. She figured she'd just slip the paper into her gym bag and focus on her routine before deciding to call Kat.

"Oh, there you are, Marti," the blonde heard Savannah say, knowing the perky ex-captain was coming by. "I've been looking for you. Come on, Britney wants the flyers to coordinate their routine with the song one more time."

"I'm on my way, Savannah," Marti told her friend, going into the water cooler, opening up a bottle and splashing it on her face. "Alright, let's go."

"What was the all about?" Savannah asked curiously.

"Sorry, I just got something on my mind and I needed to cool down," Marti told her best friend.

"Alright, well, understand if there's anything you want to tell me, I'm right here," Savannah said to Marti.

"I think I'll be fine," Marti said. "Come on, let's not keep Britney waiting."

As Marti and Savannah walked back to the gym, Marti really wondered if she would remain fine if Kat stayed on her brain.


Vanessa didn't consider herself a lightweight, but it had only taken two more Rum & Cokes for her to gather up the courage to agree to go with Kelsey. Now, as the raven-haired reporter opened the door to a hastily reserved hotel room just a mile down the road from Little Rick's. As Kelsey opened the door and flicked on the lights, Vanessa nervously entered and looked around the small room. There were two twin-sized beds, a single beside stand between them, a love seat, a television, a desk and no privacy outside of the bathroom.

"Too bad they didn't have any rooms with queen beds left," Kelsey remarked, closing the door behind Vanessa, then taking the former cheerleading coach by the hand and sat her down on the nearest bed. "You want to grab something else to drink out of the mini-fridge?"

"Ah, no, I think I'm okay," Vanessa lied. Her stomach was anything but settled enough to go through with what she was about to do.

"You sure? I don't mind if you want a little more liquid courage," Kelsey pressed.

"No, I don't want to be so drunk I don't remember this," Vanessa said.

"Oh, you'll remember it," Kelsey said. And as if to prove it, she reached forward and kissed Vanessa. Hard.

Vanessa tried to pull back in surprise, but Kelsey pressed forward as she did so and before Vanessa knew what was happening, the two girls were laying on the bed, making out. Immediately, Vanessa was taken back to that night with Heidi and how nice it had felt making out with another woman. The softness, the tenderness, the hunger beneath it all. It was all exactly how Vanessa remembered it.

And she remembered enjoying it, despite how wrong it had been back then.

Now, Vanessa no longer thought lesbianism was so wrong. She'd coached several gay cheerleaders, both boys and girls and she knew they were all just regular people who liked something different in bed. And having experienced a little bit of that difference in bed, she couldn't blame the lesbian cheerleaders she'd known one bit.

The kiss between Vanessa and Kelsey broke and Vanessa found herself gasping for air as Kelsey started to unbutton the former coach's shirt.

"This is, this is kinda fast-"

"Just like a Band-Aid. Rip it off fast and get it over with - unless you're the type of girl who likes pain, that is," Kelsey said, winking at Vanessa.

"Uh, no," Vanessa said as Kelsey opened up Vanessa's blouse, exposing the lacey bra underneath.

"Well, if you wanna spank me later, I'll let you," Kelsey said with a wink. "But first, have you ever had a woman go down on you?"

"Uh, yeah, yeah I have," Vanessa admitted.

Kelsey stopped short. "You have?"

"Yeah, back when I was a cheerleader myself..." she trailed off as Kelsey got up off of her and slid off the bed. "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere," Kelsey said. "But if you're no lesbian virgin, I'm not going to take it easy on you. You played me, Vanessa Lodge. Here I was, thinking I was going to be your first woman and you've had another."

"More like she had me," Vanessa said. "I never did anything more than just kiss her."

"What did she do to you?"

"She went down on me," Vanessa said, surprised that she didn't feel nearly as embarrassed to admit this as she thought she would. It was almost a relief.

"Oh, you naughty, naughty cheerleader, you. You got a girl to go down on you and didn't return the favor. I should spank you for that."

Vanessa didn't say anything to that, just laid there, shirt open, looking up at Kelsey calmly.

"Well, if you think I'm just going to go down on you and you can leave me high and dry, we're going to have to renegotiate our deal."

"No, I'll go down on you," Vanessa said. "I, uh, I kinda want to."

"Oh, now you're speaking my language," Kelsey said. She quickly shed her skirt, leaving her bottom half covered in the smallest, sheerest black thong Vanessa had even seen, then leapt back on the bed and started making out with Vanessa again.

Vanessa wasn't sure how much time passed between Kelsey jumping her bones again and when more clothes started to come off, but suddenly Kelsey was hanging above her, clad in just her matching bra and thong, one of her erect nipples poking out from the lacy fabric. It was a beautiful sight.

"Wait, wait-" Vanessa tried to protest, but Kelsey was already undoing the zipper on the side of Vanessa's skirt.

"If you think I'm going to be the only one on this bed half naked..." Kelsey started to say, but trailed off as Vanessa's shapely legs came into view. "Damn," she said. "These legs are killer!"

"Thanks," Vanessa said, loving the sensation of Kelsey's fingers running up the inside of her thigh.

"Roll over. I want to see if they go all the way up and make an ass out of themselves," Kelsey said.


"Sorry, old joke, not a very good one," Kelsey said, tapping the side of Vanessa's hips. "Still, roll over. I want to see your ass."

"Uh, okay," Vanessa said, rolling over onto her stomach.

Kelsey let out a low whistle of admiration and Vanessa felt strangely pleased by it - which was funny, because she'd scowled at Red the last time he'd dared to whistle at her like she was a piece of meat. Maybe it just meant more when it came from a woman.

"Let's get these panties off," Kelsey said quietly, patting Vanessa's butt a little so that she'd raise it up. Vanessa did so and the young reporter began to almost reverently remove slide the silk garment down over Vanessa's backside, all the way down her shapely legs and off over her bare feet - what had happened to her heels? - tossing the panties somewhere across the room. Vanessa certainly wouldn't need them again any time soon.

"Oh, now this is a backside," Kelsey continued, admiring Vanessa's butt. "So smooth, so perky." Vanessa shivered in anticipation as Kelsey ran a hand lightly over her left ass cheek, the sensation sending tendrils of delight across Vanessa's skin that seemed to reverberate inside the former cheer coach's crotch. The feeling only multiplied when Kelsey's lips made contact with Vanessa's right butt cheek. Vanessa cooed as Kelsey's lips switched over to the left cheek and after that, the former Hellcat was lost in a world of pleasure.

Vanessa had no idea of how much time Kelsey spent worshiping her ass - for that's exactly what the reporter was doing - but Vanessa loved every minute of it. From soft caresses to deep squeezes with her fingers, light kisses with her lips and dangerously darting licks with her tongue, Kelsey's entire attention was focused on Vanessa's seat. The whole thing was unlike anything Vanessa had ever experienced and by the time Kelsey slipped a pair of well-manicured fingers into Vanessa's pussy, the cheer coach was well on her way to forgetting any inhibitions she might have had about having sex with Kelsey.

"That's it, Vanessa," Kelsey said between kisses on Vanessa's butt. "Grind back into me. You're loving this, aren't you?"

"Yes!" Vanessa hissed, pushing back with her hips with every thrust of Kelsey's fingers up into her.

"Are you getting close?" Kelsey asked, knowing the answer already.

"Yes!" Vanessa answered, gripping the bed sheets tightly with her fists.

"Do you want me to make you cum now?"

"Yes! Oh, God, YES!" Vanessa called out, desperate for release.

Kelsey smiled wickedly to herself, then used her free hand to pry Vanessa's ass cheeks open enough to let her dart her tongue down over the puckered little starfish. It had been her intention to stick a finger up there next, but she never got that far. Just the presence of Kelsey's tongue upon her asshole was enough to send Vanessa over the edge and she started orgasming right there, her sopping wet pussy clamping down hard over the reporter's fingers.

Vanessa's elbows gave out and she ended up face down on the bed, her ass in the air, held up more by the fact Kelsey's fingers were still in it than anything else. Not that Vanessa could tell. She was lost in a world of sexual bliss.

By the time Vanessa came around again, Kelsey was shedding the last of her clothing - a thong so small that Vanessa wasn't sure it actually covered anything. Kelsey was beautiful naked, her body thin where it should be thin, curvy where it should be curvy and perfectly shaped for a woman her size. Kelsey seemed aware that Vanessa's eyes were upon her and moved slowly to lie down on the bed, propped up on her side to let Vanessa's eyes drink in the entire view from her bare breasts to her pussy.

"Like what you see?" Kelsey asked.

"Yes," Vanessa admitted.

"So, are you ready to pay me back for what I just did to you?" Kelsey asked.

Vanessa took a deep breath. "Yes."

Kelsey leaned over and kissed Vanessa once on the lips - a soft, sweet kiss that would linger with Vanessa much longer than what she was about to do. While the kiss deepened, Kelsey took advantage and unlatched Vanessa's bra, sending shivers of anticipation down the former coach's spine as she knew what was coming. As their lips parted, Kelsey rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide to make sure Vanessa had access. Vanessa let her bra slide down her arms, leaving her body nude as Kelsey soaked in the sight of Vanessa's petite tits, loving how the ex-Hellcat's body looked au natural.

"How, how do I start?" Vanessa asked.

"Make your way down my body with your lips," Kelsey said, directing Vanessa. "Start up here at my neck, then lick your way down to my boobs. Mmmmm, that's it, pay attention to the nipples. Oooh, good job." Vanessa felt a strange sense of pride as her oral efforts on Kelsey's nipples received praise from the far-more experienced lesbian.

"Now lower. Go down over my stomach - that's it! Oh, yes, tongue my belly button. God, you must be popular when doing body shots, Vanessa!"

"I've never done a body shot," Vanessa admitted.

"I'll have to take you to a lesbian bar and let you suck some tequila out of a bunch of slutty college girls, then," Kelsey said.

Vanessa didn't want to admit that sounded like fun. "Now what?"

"Now go lower," Kelsey said. "Down from the belly button, just like that, towards my crotch."

Vanessa was starting to get nervous now. This was so much more than she'd done with Heidi. Sure, Heidi had done this to her, but Vanessa had just laid there and accepted it. Now, finally, Vanessa had to return the favor to a woman - and Kelsey had earned quite a favor with the orgasm she'd just given out.

Holding on to Kelsey's bare hips, Vanessa began to tenderly kiss the reporter's juicy pussy. All it took was the one taste to register with Vanessa that pussy was delicious. No wonder Heidi wanted to lick her all those years ago. Sure, she still enjoyed dick, but Vanessa was willing to broaden her horizons if all girls tasted like Kelsey.

"Oh, wow!" Kelsey moaned, her large breasts heaving up in the air. "What is with you Hellcats? I don't believe this is your first time. You had to have taught your girls how to eat a girl out."

Vanessa paused, wondering what Kelsey was talking about. It would have to wait, though. The ebony beauty wanted to see this through the whole way. Continuing her assault on the more experience lesbian, Vanessa used her tongue to go in deeper. The tonguing began pushing Kelsey toward the point of no return.

"Oh, my!" Kelsey moaned, her breathing becoming deeper. "Go deeper, Vanessa! Please, give me more! I wanna come! Oh, fuck! Lick that clit!

That was something Vanessa was not hesitant to do. Up until today, she figured Derrick and Red were great at oral sex, but Kelsey blew them both away. Still, those three had licked her clitoris good enough for Vanessa to know what she felt she had to do.

Kelsey's groans grew even louder as Vanessa began tonguing her clit, sending the reporter into a frenzy. Her expertly trimmed nails began tearing through the cheap fabric of the bed sheets. She loved what Vanessa was doing to her and Kelsey took pride in being able to bed two Hellcats, past and present, in such a short period as Vanessa brought her closer to orgasm.

"Yes, that's it, baby!" Kelsey said, her orgasm seemingly inevitable. There was one other thing she wanted to Vanessa to try. "Oh, fingerfuck me, gorgeous! You have no idea how close I was to doing that to your ass! Now I want you to do that to my pussy! Come on, Vanessa! Fuck me with those beautiful fingers!"

"Alright, if that's what you want," Vanessa said hesitantly. She had never had it happen to her before, but she deducted it would be like anytime she had previously hooked up with Red or Derrick. Vanessa took the index and middle fingers on her left hand and thoroughly coated them with a think layer of saliva in her mouth. Ready to give Kelsey an orgasm she wouldn't forget, Vanessa plunged her fingers into the writer's damp pussy, giving Kelsey that final push.


"Yeah? That's what you want, to come all over my hand? Is that what you want?" Vanessa egged Kelsey on, her confidence growing with each thrust.

"OH, FUCK YES!" Kelsey answered, losing all control. "OHHHHHHH, I"M COMINNNNNNG! AHHHHHHHHH!"

At this point, Kelsey's nails had dug into the motel room's worn-out mattress as she reached her orgasmic high on Vanessa's fingers. For the second time in less than a week, a Hellcat who had never gone down on another woman made Kelsey come. Whatever was in the water at Lancer, Kelsey was hoping the rest of the Hellcat women were drinking it, too.

Vanessa was enraptured at the sight of Kelsey's nude body in its post-sex appearance. She was glistening in sweat and breathing deeper than she had done all night. The reporter was absolutely gorgeous and Vanessa was more than content to drink in the sight.

Kelsey snapped Vanessa out of her lusty gaze by pulling the coach's mocha-colored fingers out of her dripping pussy and started sucking on the fingers. Kelsey was always a fan of tasting herself after sex and wanted to get Vanessa in on the kinky action.

"Pull up to my mouth," Kelsey instructed Vanessa. "Taste me on your fingers."

It sounded so dirty, but so worth it. Vanessa climbed on top of Kelsey's equally nude body and licked her own fingers, loving the taste of Kelsey's sweet sex. Kelsey had managed to do what Heidi couldn't, unleash the beast in Vanessa, which the former coach eagerly embraced. When she was done licking her fingers, Vanessa came up to Kelsey and the two women embraced in a deep, sensual kiss. Neither was ready to move from the bed. They wanted to lie there and enjoy the moment. After roughly a minute, Kelsey addressed her newest lover.

"You know, as much as I want to speak with you, I'm still feeling horny," Kelsey told Vanessa. "Would you mind joining me in the shower and washing me off?"

"Only if you get my hard-to-reach spots," Vanessa told Kelsey seductively.

"Sounds like a good deal to me," Kelsey said as she slid out from under Vanessa and let her feet hit the floor. "Let me go turn on the hot water."

"You do that and I'll catch up," Vanessa said with a happy grin. "I just wanna enjoy the view for now."

Catching on to what Vanessa meant, Kelsey said, "Alright, just be there in a few," before she walked to the bathroom with a sexy swagger, giving Vanessa an amazing show of her toned ass.

She hadn't even told Kelsey a word about her termination, but Vanessa was happy to hold back on those details as long as she wanted. There was nothing she wanted more right now than to get reacquainted the sensual feel of another woman's body against hers.


Alice sighed as the hot water streamed down from the showerhead and soaked her face before coating her body. She would never admit this to anyone...mostly because she knew it sounded kind of silly...but she loved showers after practices and competition. Not for the same reasons that any red blooded man would enjoy a shower full of cheerleaders, but for something more. For Alice, it was a great time to take a deep breath and reflect.

All her time on the Hellcats had taught her the importance of always striving for improvement. And now that she was captain, that was more important than ever. Perfection was impossible to achieve. She had learned that the hard way. But the silver lining to that fact was that it meant you could always get better. You could always move faster and smoother. You could always put on a better show. Those who didn't always try to improve just ended up getting left by the side of the road as the competition zoomed on by. That wasn't who she was and now that she was captain, that wasn't who the Lancer Hellcats were either.

As the water coursed down on her, Alice's mind was replaying the practice over again in her head. She had to be a proactive captain. Savannah always let too many things slide. Alice had to find mistakes and correct them and make sure everyone on the squad was as committed as she was. After all, without that there was no way they could win Nationals. This was not a 1-woman sport. She needed every member of the squad to be at their best and she didn't care if that meant they all thought she was some rampaging bitch. They'd thank her in the end when they won Nationals.

Alice was able to shut out the sounds of all the showers running and the little shrieks of laughter that came from the natural horseplay after practice and all the conversations running as her fellow squad members chatted about their plans for the night. Little did they know that those plans would all be impacted by the progress reports she was going to be handing out when they were on the bus. She had seen too many things out there that she didn't like and as she shut everything out and focused on the details of every routine and how the Hellcats had performed she found many more errors and reminded herself with mental notes to make sure everyone knew specific ways they could improve.

She wasn't about to sugar coat anything. These girls were going to hear it and they were going to hear it good. She wasn't about to tolerate people half-assing it, even in practice. With so many new girls to incorporate into the routines, Alice had no time for niceties. Enough of Savannah's "positive outcomes only." If someone sucked, she was going to make sure they knew they sucked and that they had to get better.

But even as she prepared withering reports about every squad member's shortcomings, Alice wasn't completely unaware that her bad mood had a little bit more to it than just displeasure over everyone's performance at practice. She was pent up. No, that was putting it too mildly. She was fucking horny! Nothing could satisfy here and she had been going around biting off heads all day because of it. Being able to come...to REALLY come would have improved her mood in a hurry. But right then that seemed about as likely as her being able to sprout wings and fly.

She was angry over her own unsatisfied horniness, upset about what this might have meant about her and frustrated that she couldn't do anything to make these feelings go away. She was taking it out on others, but right then she didn't really give a good goddamn about that. Being horny and unsatisfied was making her more of a bitch than usual, but unless someone was about to man up and really do something to satisfy her needs, Alice didn't see anything changing for the better.

Right then she was furious with Lewis for not being able to get her off. She didn't give her ass up to just anyone and he still hadn't been able to satisfy her. What the fuck was wrong with him? And Tom? He hadn't been any help either. She had let him pound her and he'd still come too early before she could really get off. And Jason was of no help. She had fingered herself thinking of what she could do to his body and even that wasn't enough to give her a real earth-shattering orgasm. What the fuck was wrong with him? What the fuck was wrong with all men?

Alice knew a lot of this had been a result of her betraying who she had always been. She had been boy-crazy for as long as she could remember and couldn't get enough sex. But that one afternoon earlier in the week had turned everything Alice knew about her life on her head. She was frustrated that everything changed for her, the way she went from ogling the guys to wish she had a beautiful woman between her legs.

Alice noted that her mind was WAY off where it was supposed to be right then, but she couldn't help it. She was too angry. Instead of focusing on the practice and what she saw that needed to be improved, she was now busy cursing men and their quick trigger dicks and how mindset had changed overnight. But wanting to get her mind off that, Alice instead soaped up her body a little bit more and got ready to wash it off and then get out of here.

Unfortunately that only made things worse. When she felt her own soft hands on her body, Alice's thoughts immediately went to how Kelsey had touched her. God...her hands had been so gentle, but at the same time she had made her feel such intense pleasure. She wished she was touching her now. She wished Kelsey was behind her in the shower, pressing her naked breasts against her bare back so she could feel how big they were and how hard her nipples had gotten. She wished Kelsey was rubbing her soapy hands on her tits and then down her stomach to her thighs and then...then...

Alice gasped as she snapped herself out of it. Holy fuck, what was wrong with her? She had to get her head straight...literally! She wasn't supposed to be thinking like this. But...but...had the showers always been so much like softcore porn?

As she looked around at her fellow Hellcats as they washed their sweaty bodies clean, Alice began to wonder if she was totally tripping out or something. Because to her it was like everything was moving in slow motion. Water was softly shooting out of the showerheads onto tight, athletic bodies in all their naked glory. Steam was wafting throughout the showers and it looked like it was caressing everyone. The girls were moving slowly and sensually, their bodies glistening from the hot water. They were all so beautiful. They were all so fucking sexy. Alice wanted them. She wanted them all!

Her mind was processing this all in slow motion. Her life had suddenly turned into some high school loser's horny cheerleader fantasy. She could hear nothing but girlish giggles and soft moans as playful gestures and casual conversations seemed suddenly like so much more. Alice found herself flat out gawking at the other girls on the squad. God, had Marti's tits always been so huge? She had noticed their size before but now they seemed practically like they were at Scarlett Johansson proportions. Or even that redhead on "Mad Men" with those huge fucking hooters. Marti looked so amazing! And...whoa...Savannah's ass! Holy shit...how had she never truly seen how incredible that ass was before now? She had never noticed its sheer perfection. It was like a work of art! It was so juicy but at the same time didn't have even the slightest touch of flab.

Alice found herself drawn to Savannah's ass like a moth to a flame. She wanted to go over there and run her fingers between those exquisite cheeks and then work them inside her tightest little hole as she showed Savannah her fingers could fuck a girl better than Lewis' cock ever could. But she couldn't just stare at Savannah's butt or Marti's tits...not with Ariana's tight little peach all shaved and looking so lickable.

The new girl on the squad was shaved completely bare and Alice found her brain filled with the impulse to sink to her knees and lick at her to see how smooth she really was and make sure she hadn't missed a spot. She could use her tongue on Ariana's smooth girlflesh to taste that pussy while her fingers drove Savannah wild with lust and Marti got between her legs and started licking her, giving her pussy the relief it so badly needed. The idea of Marti being the one to submissively get between her legs and go down on her filled Alice with a thrill she could feel right up her spine.

And then came the cherry on top...Alice found her eyes gazing over to Miranda. Oh Christ...Miranda! She looked so fucking sweet under the hot water, the streams cascading over her nude body like a waterfall. Even with the rest of her teammates looking so fucking sexy, it was Miranda she couldn't stop focusing on. It was like everyone else faded into mist like the steam from the showers as she watched Miranda wash her tight, young naked body, totally unaware that Alice was looking at her with such lust.

Her ass might have been even better than Savannah's. Alice wasn't sure and she suddenly wanted them to stand side-by-side and cheek-to-cheek so she could more properly compare. She couldn't take her eyes off Miranda as water coursed over her body, making her bare back glisten so enticingly and those tight young butt cheeks of hers shine. Alice wanted to go over to her and smack those cheeks, hear the sound of her hand striking the firm wet, teen flesh and then demand Miranda turn around to see her perky little titties and check out if she was shaved like Ariana was.

Her debauched fantasies were now front and center in her mind. Alice didn't care about practice or Nationals or winning any damn trophies. She just wanted to get over there, force pretty little Miranda down on her knees and shove her head between her legs. Alice was certain she could get the satisfaction she craved by forcing her pretty lips down onto a far more sensitive pair of lips. She didn't care that the rest of her squad members would see her turning into some kind of hardcore dyke right in front of them. She wanted them to see. She wanted them to get horny from it and join in and when that little sexy midget coach of theirs came in to find out what all the screaming was about they'd just drag her into the shower too and rip off her clothes.

Most of all Alice wanted Miranda. She wanted the squad's newest member on her knees and serving her captain. She wanted that little girl's tongue fucking the shit out of her. Alice couldn't stop checking out the younger brunette's tight ass under the shower and she found herself actually taking a step toward her, like she could make her fantasy come true right then and there.

Fortunately, that step snapped her out of her lust daze and brought much needed clarity to her sex-soaked brain.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Alice gasped before running out of the shower and grabbing the first towel she saw.

Had she said that out loud? She didn't know and she didn't care. She just had to get out of there. There were too many naked girls there. Too many beautiful, sexy, succulent, ravishable naked girls. She had to get some place where things made more sense and where the girls were wearing a LOT more clothes.

Alice hurriedly got over to her locker, barely pausing to dry herself off and threw her clothes on. She beat a hasty trail out of the locker room and suddenly found herself in a seemingly abandoned hallway. She hadn't even been looking where she was going and suddenly she was lost with unused equipment all around her.

Alice didn't mind not knowing where she was, though. In fact she preferred it. It gave her a moment to calm herself down.

"C'mon Alice...keep it the fuck together!" she muttered as she slapped the wall with her hand. "Get your brain out of the goddamn gutter."

Of course there was nothing wrong with dirty thoughts. Alice knew that. She just wanted her dirty thoughts to be about men. Men like Lewis. Lewis and his big cock. His big black cock. The cock that filled her up so nice. The one she loved sucking. The one she loved riding. The one she had let fill up her ass that morning. Yessssss that was what she should be thinking about. Lewis fucking her with that hard cock of us. His muscles, so well defined. He had such a great body. Alice loved seeing it naked.

She loved guys. She loved Lewis. She loved his body. She loved his cock. She loved his ass. She loved....Savannah's ass. Oh God...so round and juicy and so beautiful. She loved Marti's big tits. She loved Emily's perky little rack. She loved Miranda! Ohhh fuck...Miranda. She loved that flawless face of hers. The tight little chest that her Hellcats uniform hugged so nicely. She loved that sweet booty of hers. That girl was so fucking hot.

Suddenly Lewis was the last thing on her mind again. It was all Miranda. Miranda with her sexy young body so ripe to be corrupted. Miranda with lips she wanted to kiss. Miranda with a pussy she wanted to fuck.

Holy shit, what the fuck was wrong with her?

Alice was about ready to slap her own face to bring some much needed perspective the way she had just slapped the wall. But before she could do that, she heard her name being called out.

"Alice? Alice you down there? Is everything ok?" a voice called out and even though she had her back turned to it, Alice recognized the voice right away. It was the last voice she needed to hear right then, but it was also the one she most wanted to be saying her name. Just the sound of her voice caused her to lose the little shreds of self-control she had left.

Alice started to smile. And even though she couldn't see herself, she knew it wasn't a friendly smile. It was a predator's smile.

"I'm right here, Miranda," Alice smirked.

"Is everything okay?" Miranda asked, her voice filled with concern. "You kind of bolted out of there. I think the bus is going to leave in like ten minutes. We should get ready."

"Oh yeah, everything's fine," Alice said, turning around. Miranda had gotten dressed since the last time she had seen her, but in her mind the girl was still completely naked. "C'mere Miranda. I've got something to tell you. I noticed something out there when we were practicing. I think it could really improve your performance."

"What? Please tell me," Miranda said. "I know I need to get better. I'm trying my best but I know I can do more. Please tell me!"

Alice wanted to do more than tell Miranda what she needed. She wanted to show her. But she didn't make her move quite yet.

"You're holding back," Alice said, her words slithering out of her mouth like a wicked snake about to pounce. She moved herself around so that she was facing Miranda now, the younger girl nervously taking a step back so she was up against the wall, right where Alice wanted her to be. "Don't hold back anymore Miranda."

"I...I...I am?" Miranda stammered, suddenly a little ill at ease with the aggressive move forward Alice took. "I don't mean to be. I'm so focused on getting all the little details in the performance right and I..."

"That's the problem...you're thinking too much," Alice said, her predator's smirk only getting more dangerous. She could feel her nipples getting hard under her bra and t-shirt. She knew this was wrong, but Alice also knew she couldn't be denied. She needed this too much. "Don't think. Just do. Let your body lose itself in the moment. The movement has to come naturally. You're out there thinking three steps ahead and trying not to forget anything when you should be in the moment."

"Okay...I'll try...that's...that's good advice," Miranda said, gulping and regretting that she had been the one who volunteered to go off and find Alice. While Alice was fully dressed right then, all Miranda could think about was seeing her naked. She remembered vividly the way she had caught her and Lewis being so naughty together and the way Alice had yelled at her and how the whole time Miranda had been unable to take her eyes off her captain's flawless naked body.

Even as she was getting this helpful advice now, Miranda couldn't stop thinking about Alice naked. She had snuck a few peeks at her in the shower, but had tried her best not to. She hadn't been able to resist it though and now she was thinking about her naked more than ever. Miranda had never felt anything like this before and it was driving her crazy. She wished Alice would let her go on with her day so she didn't have to think about this anymore. She'd made a mistake by going to look for her.

"Is there anything else?" Miranda managed to squeak out. "We can't miss the bus."

"Relax sweetie, the bus isn't leaving without me," Alice purred, her brain having long since checked out and her libido in complete control. "Don't you want some help? Don't you want to get better out there? After all, you got me to make you a flier, don't you want me to help you even more? We're a team here on the Hellcats and a team needs to look out for one another."

Miranda answered with only a nervous gulp and Alice continued on, pressing her hands to the wall and pinning Miranda up against it, seemingly cutting off her escape routes.

"I can help you relax," Alice said. "I can help you turn off that big brain of yours and lose yourself in the moment. I can help you become the hottest Hellcat on the squad. All you have to do is let me."

"H...how?" Miranda nervously asked. She had an idea of where Alice was going with this but she wasn't sure. And even if she had been sure she wasn't sure that she didn't want Alice to do it. "Is there...ummm...uhhh...some kind of technique I can practice?"

"Sort of," Alice said wolfishly, moving in even closer so she and Miranda had only a few inches between their faces. "It's a very personal technique though. And I want to practice it with you."

Before she could think about stopping herself and before Miranda could even begin to duck away, Alice leaned in and kissed her. It was a brief touch of their lips but it was anything but chaste.

"Oh God..." Miranda whimpered after the first kiss she had ever gotten from another woman ended.

"Let's leave Him out of it for now," Alice grinned. "I see the way you've been looking at me Miranda. I like it. I've been looking at you the same way. I'm tired of playing games. I want this. I need this. And I want you to fucking give it to me."

Alice leaned in for another kiss and, to her delight, Miranda didn't move an inch. She let her Hellcats captain kiss her right on the lips. This time it was a much longer kiss and as she felt Alice's silky lips rub up against her sensually, Miranda began to moan. Just like Alice had told her, she didn't think. She did. She began kissing Alice back. It was so much different than kissing a boy. Different...and better. She had never felt anything like it before and Miranda knew she liked it.

But before they could deepen their kiss, something else happened. Alice was the first to see it out of the corner of her eye but she did so too late to do anything about it until after the telltale flash happened.

"Well...well...well...this must be the secret to team spirit on the Hellcats," another woman's voice said.

Alice immediately pulled away from Miranda and found herself looking up the hallway and saw the last person she ever would have want to catch her in a compromising position like this smirking at her and holding the phone she had obviously just used to take a picture of her and Miranda kissing.

"You bitch! Delete that fucking picture right now!" Alice demanded, leaving Miranda behind and striding toward the snoop like she was going to beat the picture out of her.

"And what fun would that be?" "Nasty" Kathy Kurowski chuckled, savoring the chance to finally have one up on the Hellcats. "Who would have thought that wandering down the wrong hallway would lead to the chance of a lifetime for me? Fate is funny, I guess."

"It's not going to be so funny when I shove that camera phone up your ass," Alice snarled. "Delete that picture NOW!"

But if Kathy was intimidated by Alice, she didn't show it. Instead she was as cool as a cucumber as she stood toe to toe with the Hellcats captain.

"We need to talk Alice. Ever watch that show 'Let's Make a Deal'?" Kathy asked.

"What are you getting at?" Alice demanded while Miranda stayed back and wished she had never, ever gone looking for Alice.

"I mean it's time for us to talk deal," Kathy said. "I'll delete this picture. And I'll do it right in front of you so you can see I'm being honest about it."

"What do I have to do in return?" Alice asked, knowing there had to be a catch.

"Oh nothing," Kathy smiled coyly. "You just have to drop the Hellcats out of Qualifiers. Drop out of the competition, Alice, or else everyone is going to see what a little slut you really are!"



Guest Starring
Rekha Sharma as Heidi Raft
Magda Apanowicz as "Nasty" Kathy Kurowski
Kat Graham as Kat Bennett
Kristen Bell as Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven

Any resemblance to the lives of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. TRL and InThe313 don't own the rights to anything related to "Hellcats". The show was produced by Bonanza Productions, Tom Welling Productions, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. We claim no ownership rights over Britney Allen, who we are borrowing from "Bring It On: All or Nothing". The character rights belong to Universal Studios Home Entertainment Family Productions. We don't claim ownership to the lyrics to "Belong Here". That was performed by Aly & AJ for the 2010 "Hellcats" soundtrack and was written by Aly & AJ and Butch Walker. We also don't own the lyrics to "Dirty Dancer", which was performed by Enrique Iglesias with Usher featuring Lil Wayne. That was written by Enrique Iglesias, RedOne, Evan Bogart, Erika Nuri and David Quiñones for Iglesias' 2010 album "Euphoria". As always. please support the official releases.
This, this is for all the girls (Whoa, oh)
Boys all over the world (All over the world)
Whatever you've been told
You're worth more than gold (So hold your head up)
So hold your head up high (Ooh)
It's your time to shine (Yeah!)
From the inside out it shows
You're worth more than gold
(Go-o-o-old, you're go-o-old) (You're gold)
You're worth more than gold
(Go-o-o-old, you're go-o-old)


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