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Author Topic: Arrow: Recruiting Green Arrow - A Family Affair  (Read 1268 times)


Arrow: Recruiting Green Arrow - A Family Affair
« on: January 26, 2021, 02:40:11 PM »
Title: Recruiting the Green Arrow
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Character: Mia Smoak, Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn, Oliver Queen
Codes: MMF, anal, bound, DP, incest, oral
Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Arrow or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, including.Mia Smoak, Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn, & Oliver Queen. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

Summary: Mia Smoak is recruited by Sara Lance to recruit her dad to help save the world. Only its not Oliver Queen from their world, but one of the infinite earths. Pressed for time and feeling the strange effects of time travel, Mia uses sex as her ultimate weapon for the recruitment.

“Wake up, beautiful.”

Mia Smoak had been having a wonderful dream when a voice from externally disturbed it. Mia was already on the verge of murderous intent on a good day, so upon having a deep sleep and awesome dream disrupted, she was pissed. Reaching for the knife she kept under her pillow, Mia came up swinging, aiming for the usually unprotected throat. However, rather than cutting through the windpipe, carotid artery and jugular vein, Mia’s arm was seized and wrenched into a wrist lock with frightening speed, forcing her to drop the knife.

“Aunt Sara?”

“Good technique,” Sara Lance, Captain of the Waverider and leader of a rag-tag group of time-traveling heroes, villains and anti-heroes. “Nice knife too.”

“A gift from my trainer when I turned 10,” Mia replied, rubbing her wrist as she sat up in bed.

“Nyassi always did have great taste in knives,” Sara retorted, thinking back fondly on her ex-lover.

“Not that I don’t love your visits, but what are you doing here? In 2040,” the slender but deadly blonde asked.

“Saving the world, of course…”

Sara went on to tell Mia about her latest mission - recruiting as many versions of Green Arrow as possible. In truth, they were going through many different timelines looking for heroes, but Oliver Queen was routinely heroic across many of the worlds. Given Sara’s history with the former bad boy, it made sense why she was charged with recruiting him, however, there were too many worlds and too little time.

“So you figured his daughter would be ideal,” Mia surmised.

“Exactly,” Sara replied.

“Well I haven’t saved the world in a few months so why the hell not?”

*   *   *

Mia had never been on the Waverider, so she was freaking out a little bit. However, the blonde always had that devil-may-care attitude so she tried to pretend she wasn’t impressed. Her aunt Sara let her have it, given that she loved her. Despite being an aunt to her, Sara wasn’t her blood, just a very close family friend. And though aunts were typically much older than their niece, this wasn’t the case due to time travel. Despite Mia being a 22 year old college student, Sara was only 8 years old as she had just turned 30.

“So what do we know about my dad on this world?”

“Not a great deal. He’s Green Arrow, obviously, and works with a partner. Likely it’s his detective partner Tommy Merlyn,” Sara informed. “Other than that...little.”

“Okay, that’s fine. I can do some reconnaissance, scout him over a few days or week then confront him. Maybe I’ll track down my mom to help make the case,” Mia started planning.

“You have 48 hours. Ideally 24,” the sexy time-traveller informed.

“Well fuck.”

“We have so little. Other than the bar Tommy frequents nightly.”

“I can work with that,” Mia said, thinking deeply.

“Oh and just remember, time travel can have some weird and strong effects on the hormones,” Sara warned.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” Mia waved it away, already thinking up her quick-acting plan.

*   *   *

“God, you’re fucking hot,” Tommy Merlyn grunted between kisses.

“If you two start fucking I charge a cleaning fee,” the cabbie shouted.

Tommy was a handsome guy, having the whole tall, dark and handsome thing going for him. However, normally it took a few drinks and some sweet talking before a girl left the bar with him. Tonight wasn’t the case. This smoking hot blonde who looked young enough to be a college student came in, scanned the crowd and locked eyes with him. From there, she practically begged to be taken back to his place

“You’re not bad yourself,” Mia replied as her dad’s partner kissed her neck.

“You’re here. Pay and get out,” the cabbie shouted.

Tommy through a wad of cash at the man and told him to keep the change. He practically ran around the taxi so he couldn't punch in his code to the condo building and enter. Once in the elevator, the pair continued their hot and heavy makeout session with Mia learning that Tommy was both an ass and boob guy. One hand constantly groped her tits, which were fairly large given her tiny build. The other hand would slap or rub her booty through her tight fitting black leather pants until the doors opened and he pulled her down the hallway.

“Nice place,” Mia commented as he ushered her inside his place.

“You should see the bedroom,” Tommy replied, stalking towards her.

“Listen,” Mia said, hands on his chest stopping his progress towards her. “I get that this is gonna sound kinky but any chance we can invite someone else over? Make this a threesome.”

“Hot and wild. I like that,” Tommy grinned down at her. “I know a girl who’d be down. Laurel Lance is always down for a good time.”

“I was actually thinking a dude. And the closer to you, the better,” the blonde retorted.

“Devil’s threesome, huh? I suppose...but no one really comes to mind. Maybe Roy…”

Mia had been doing a covert scan of the apartment, looking for a picture or anything of her dad’s, but found nothing. Knowing time was of the essence, Mia had to take a chance.

“What about Oliver?”

“Oliver? How do you know about him?” Tommy questioned the younger girl.

“Oh...um...you mentioned him,” Mia stuttered.

“No I didn’t” the bigger man replied, growing hostile. “Who are you?”

“Plan B,” Mia thought before using the taser in her hand to drop the handsome guy.

*   *   *

Mia wished she could have recalled the conversation Sara had with her back on the Waverider, because she thought she was experiencing some symptoms. It wasn’t as though Mia wasn’t a sexual person, always loving a good bang after a fight. However, what she was experiencing now was beyond anything like that. Which probably explained why Tommy Merlyn was tied up with duct tape, his shirt off and his pants undone enough so his huge cock was flopped onto his stomach.

“Mmmmm...mmmm,” Tommy shouted against the tape blocking his mouth.

Horny Mia bent down and gave the handsome man a kiss and lick along the tape covering his mouth. Despite her obvious beauty and the attraction he showed with her in the cab ride here, Tommy grimaced and jerked his head away. Mia shrugged and stood back up on her black high heels, reaching for Tommy’s phone that she stole. Luckily the facial ID worked despite the tape on his mouth, and she scrolled until she found her dad’s number. Thinking of what would get her dear old dad here the fastest, Mia settled on taking a photo of the subdued Tommy and sent it to Oliver with a little message:

“I kidnapped your partner…”

*   *   *

Oliver received the text and left his office, where he had been doing some paperwork. He instantly recognized the sofa and living room as that belonging to Tommy, so he raced over there. He briefly thought about donning his green leather, but decided this was a job for detective Oliver Queen, not Green Arrow.

He took the stairs as quietly as a mouse, gun loaded and aimed at the ground. He crept down the hallway until arriving at Tommy’s front door, which required a code. Oliver keyed it in, hating how much noise it made, thus alerting the criminal that he was here. Oliver entered and after a quick scan, started clearing rooms, namely the bathroom and closet before the entryway opened into the living room.


Oliver saw the back of the sofa and made a straight line for it after seeing no one in sight. If he could free Tommy, his odds doubled of being able to deal with the unknown threat. Tommy was still tied up, gagged, shirtless and his dick was still out. Tommy’s eyes kept darting past Oliver, but nothing was behind him, only a TV. Then he remembered the empty space behind it. Before he could turn, his vision swam white and he remembered no more.

*   *   *

Mia didn’t want to hit her dad with the taser, but he was armed and it would have been too close of a fight. Thus, knocking him out seemed the best option. But that was when things got away from her. The Waverider or the time travel or the universe hopping had royally fucked her hormones and now all Mia could think about was sex. Sex with Tommy, sex with Oliver, despite the fact that it was her dad. He was still muscular and super hot…

When Oliver came to, things had changed. For one, he was on the ground, handcuffed to the radiator. Not only that, but he was stripped from the waist down, only his button-up shirt remained on and even that was undone to show off his muscular chest. Beside him, Tommy was completely nude now and tied to a chair. But it was the young, extremely gorgeous blonde in front of him who drew his eye.


“What the fuck?” Oliver grunted, head still swimming.

“I think the psycho has a thing for sexual slavery,” Tommy commented from beside him.

“Shhh,” Mia said, standing up and giving the talkative man a stern slap to the face.

As Mia came back to Oliver, Green Arrow got a good look at the girl. Young, maybe college age with a gorgeous face, long blonde hair, piercing green eyes that for some reason reminded him of his captain’s at the police precinct. Wearing a tank top under a tight fitting leather jacket, the crazy blonde had a great rack despite probably only weighing 90 pounds. Oh, and the coed wasn’t wearing pants as only a black thong and matching high heels were worn.

“What do you want?” Oliver asked.

Mia didn’t speak, she was too consumed with the sight of their cocks. As her hand reached out, it formed a soft fist around Tommy’s member and began stroking. 9 inches in length, it was really quite something. However, it was the dick belonging to her dad that really made her wet. Slightly shorter, it was as thick as her wrist nearly. Not sure why she was doing it, but Mia found herself sinking lower and lower to the the ground between his spread legs until she threw caution completely out the window and licked the tip of his fat member.

“Shit,” Oliver swore as his daughter licked his pole.

As Mia started to bob her head on his cock, she felt the need to show her dad that she was every bit as good as sucking dick as her mother was. Performing a rapid-fire dozen bobs in as many seconds, Mia changed her technique by pushing her face down all the way into his lap so that the majority of his manhood filled her mouth and entered her throat.

“Fuck me!” Oliver croaked.

Mia’s one hand was rolling his nuts in her hand as her other rubbed his broad chest, running over every abdominal muscles and his chiseled pecs. Her lips never left his cock, choosing to go slow and deep, holding him in her mouth until more spit was coating his cock. The only time her lips would lift away from his shaft was so her tongue could lick up one side then down the other.

“Bitch might be crazy but she sure knows how to suck a cock,” Oliver grunted to Tommy.

“Don’t worry uncle Tommy...I didn’t forget about you,” Mia commented.

Mia sexily got to her feet, only so she could take the two steps before dropping back to her knees in front of the seated Tommy. Despite his confusion and protest, Mia ignored them as she descended on his dick, bobbing her head in his lap. Protested turned to moans as the blonde sucked his dick energetically, only changing pace to suck on his nuts before getting her lips back around his pole.

“So fucking horny,” Mia groaned, getting to her feet and removing her thong.

Mia could just feel the adrenalin and something deeper, more carnal and primal driving her on. Her mind was so flooded with hormones that she didn’t even consider that fucking a pair of guys, one of which being her dad, was wrong. Instead, all that she could think about were the dicks on the men, and how much pleasure she could derive from them.

“Mind if I have a seat?” Mia asked.

The question was rhetorical obviously, as Mia didn’t even register whatever righteous reply Tommy spew at her. Instead, the little blonde with surprisingly long legs straddled the big man’s lap, aided by her high heels, before lining up his condomless dick with her cunt and sat. Instantly his cock, already slick in her spit, sliced through her wet folds and didn’t stop until all her meager body weight rested on him, his dick 9 inches deep in her womb.

“Fuck yes,” Mia hissed in carnal delight.

Mia still didn’t know what was possessing her to do this, she also stopped caring the second that dick entered her. Now, all she thought about was the pleasure of having her tight coed pussy stretched and poked deeply. Her body had been fine tuned for endurance, so she used all her training to power her ride up his pole before letting gravity do the work in driving her slender body back down, taking him balls deep.

“Stop this, you psychopath,” Tommy protested as the little blonde bounced on his lap.

“Poor Tommy Merlyn,” Mia mocked. “Has to fuck a hot coed. Cry me a fucking river. Isn’t this what you invited me back here to do anyway?”

Mia’s words did have more than a hint of truth. Tommy spent most nights (or at least the nights he wasn’t patrolling the streets as Red Arrow) trying to pick up girls in the bar. And Mia, well other than the fact she seemed bat shit nuts, was exactly his type. Smoking hot face, tight body, tiny blonde but with surprisingly big tits, a packed little bubble butt and long legs despite being only 5’1. Plus her cunt felt snug and wet like only a 20 year old pussy could feel. In essence, it was his dream girl.

“Stand,” Mia demanded of her dad. When he didn’t move, she gripped Tommy around his unprotected neck and started to squeeze. “Stand I said.”

Oliver reluctantly got to his feet, though his arm was still pinned to the radiator. Mia didn’t break stride on Tommy’s lap as she rode him, taking all of his 9 inches into her pussy with each bounce. Her high heels were barely touching the floor, instead she was using the muscles in her legs to throw her up and down on his lap. With Oliver standing, his cock was now at a height that Mia could multitask by bending forward and wrapping her lips around daddy dearest’s cock.

“You really are insane,” Oliver growled, though it was still tinged with pleasure. “Gorgeous and sexy, but crazy.”

“Awww...daddy thinks his little girl is hot,” Mia stated, looking up into her father’s eyes.

Maintaining eye contact with Oliver as her tongue made rapid lashes against his pee slit all while she rode Tommy Merlyn like a bull was quite the feat. However, such was Mia’s horniness that she pulled it off with ease. It was made even easier as she started sucking off her dad properly, her lips forming a perfect O around his pole as she choked down half his thick length with a speed that matched her riding pace on Tommy’s lap.

“I think you should be wet enough now,” Mia commented.

Mia gave one last side to the base of Tommy’s cock before getting off the handsome man. She had worked up quite a sweat, so she stripped herself of the leather jacket, tank top and her bra to render herself nude. Well almost completely naked as she kept her high heels on, needing them to make up the height distance between her and Oliver’s dick. With the dim lighting in the apartment, Mia’s naked body looked all the sexier as the thin sheen of sweat made her perfectly perky and surprisingly large tits stand out even more.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” the naked blonde smiled at the men.

“Seriously. Stop this game now!” Oliver ordered.

Mia felt a moment of confliction, wanting to listen to her dad whenever he used such a stern tone with her. However, the time travel was still missing with her mind so she was able to overcome his command and shut him up by pressing her lips to his. He resisted as was his way in this world or any other, but Mia didn’t mind.

“I’d offer you my pussy but I know you’re an ass man,” Mia commented to her dad, knowing all about his and Felicity’s preference for anal sex.

Oliver wondered how long this gorgeous spy had been tracking him in order to find out this level of detail about him. Of course he loved anal sex, always trying to work it into any sexual relationship he had. But how this girl found that out was impressive. Despite his thoughts, Oliver watched as the gorgeous blonde broke off the forced kiss before turning her back to him then bending down. Reaching an arm under her body and between her legs, Mia steered the dick higher than her pussy until his bulbous head was pressed against her asshole. Using all her strength, Mia forced herself backwards and after a few seconds, he efforts paind off as his payload overcame her anal ring and entered her anus.

“Fuck me,” Mia groaned in a combination pleasure and pain.

“Damn that’s tight,” Oliver hissed for the first time with something like pleasure in his tone.

Mia had discovered anal sex sometime in her teen years, probably around 15 or 16 when an especially pushy boyfriend talked her into it. It hurt like hell, but there was just something about it that was meant for it. Mia loved when things didn’t come easy and it felt like she needed to earn it, which was exactly what sodomy did. Just like with her fight training, the tougher the better. Though it took more effort and it happened less often to cum with anal, the orgasm was way more intense and totally worth it. Plus, part of Mia just loved being punished, whether in a cage fight, crimefighting or during sex.

“Feels...ahhh...so...ohhh...good,” Mia moaned.

While it wasn’t the easiest way to have your ass fucked, Mia was making it work. Her training at the hands of an assassin gave her excellent strength, balance and determination, which was coming in handy right now. Balanced on her high heels, Mia found the best way to sodomize herself was not by simply ramming her ass back onto his lap. Instead, the tiny blonde used her slender but strong legs to flex and straighten, essentially doing a bent over squat repeatedly. While it made her work up a sweat once more, it also allowed for more of Oli’s cock to pillage her asshole, while also increasing the speed of her ass fucking.

“I didn’t forget about you, stud,” Mia commented to Tommy.

Tommy threw his head back over the edge of the chair as the insane blonde bent further forward so her lips could wrap around his pole. Mia actually found that this afforded her more power to drive her bubbly butt back against Oliver, so everyone came out a winner. Her dad was grunting his reluctant pleasure of getting to ass fuck a gorgeous blonde with a tight and willing ass while Tommy got to have his dick sucked by a girl who loved sucking dicks! Plus the anal sex and tasting her own pussy on Tommy’s shaft was all the reward Mia was looking for as well.

“That’s it. Harder,” Oliver hissed through clenched teeth.

“Knew you’d come around daddy,” Mia looked back over her shoulder, wagging her tongue at Tommy’s piss slit in the meantime.

“Get your mouth back on his cock,” her dad ordered.

Mia always sought to get her dad’s approval, so she listened to this world’s version of Oliver Queen. Not only was she thudding her ass back against his lap with renewed power, but her bobs onto Tommy’s dick increased in speed as well. Though Oli was enjoying sodomizing the insanely hot blonde, he had another motive for his verbal encouragement. He always carried lockpicking tools on his person and with Mia’s back to him it finally afforded him a chance to free himself. Within seconds, Oliver had his own handcuffs unlocked without the blonde noticing, giving him a chance to act.

“Whoa!” Mia shrieked in surprise.

One second she was riding her dad’s cock in her ass and the next she was thrown over the sofa to land on her back. Worse was that she hadn’t cum yet! Her dad had clearly picked his handcuff to free himself, but rather than free Tommy he pounced onto Mia, his hand seizing her by the throat. Mia opened her mouth to protest but her words died on her tongue as Oliver spat right into her mouth.

“Shut the fuck up,” he demanded.

Mia was stunned by the sudden and demeaning turn from her dad, with both the choke and spitting in her mouth. It allowed Her dad to free Tommy by having the handsome man spin his chair around before her dad cut his hands free with a knife that he pulled out from the side of the sofa. Oliver was underestimating her abilities by actually taking his hand off her throat and allowing her to breath, which allowed Green Arrow to hop over the couch and stand in the living room.

“Our turn now,” Oliver hissed down at her.

Mia’s face grew a smile, though it morphed into a grimace as her dad grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her from the cushion and onto the ground. Mia landed on her knees, facing her dad how already had his dick in his right hand. Mia shouldn’t have been surprised as his free hand came crashing against the side of her head, slapping her with enough force to rattle her brain but still pleasurable. Mia knew what he wanted so she opened her mouth and allowed Oliver to shove his entire 8 inch cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“That’s it, taste your ass you psycho bitch,” Tommy Merlyn hissed behind her.

Mia had briefly forgotten that her dad’s cock was only briefly removed from her asshole, however she would have figured it out the longer his cock was resting on her tongue. Though ass to mouth was hardly her favorite thing in the world, she had grown used to it. She wouldn’t claim to like it as the taste was intense, but it was taking the good with the bad when it came to her enjoyable anal sex habit. As she brought her hand up to stroke his cock at the same time her head bobbed on his length, her wrist was seized by the freed Tommy.

“Your turn to be tied up,” he spat down at her.

With both arms wrenched behind her, Mia felt the cold bite of steel as it cinched around her wrist. Not for the first time, Mia was handcuffed and being dominated by two guys, though this time the men were more unpredictable. While Tommy was subduing her arms, Oliver had taken the dick from her mouth, opting to bend down so he was face-to-face with his daughter.

“Open,” he ordered.

Mia knew what was coming and though it was disgusting, she listened to her dad. Parting her lips as wide as she could, she watched as Oliver’s face and neck coiled back and gathered a wad of spit in his mouth. As his head came forward and his lips puckered, Mia closed her eyes in case his aim was wayward. However, this was the Green Arrow and whether it was an arrow or a spit-ball, his aim was true. Mia was once more on the receiving end of her dad’s spit spewing into her mouth and shooting all the way to the back of the throat, causing the restrained blonde to jerk her head back, as if struck.

“Now time for more dick,” Oliver informed her.

Mia gave no resistance, in fact she smiled up at him victoriously before opening her mouth and accepting his cock. Remembering how well she could deep throat, Oliver pushed all the way to the back of her mouth, watching as her back did a little heave as if her gag reflex was about to trigger. Not wanting to ruin Tommy’s rug, Oliver backed out, rewarded with thick ropes of drool connecting his dick to her mouth. After allowing his daughter to drink in a big intake of air, Oliver pushed back in, repeating the near retching deep throat blowjob.

“Such great tits,” Tommy commented as he bent down to grope her pair. “Thought they’d be fake, but 100% real!”

With her dad’s best friend massaging her tits and occasionally tweaking her already erect nipples, Oli resort to what could only be described as skull-fucking his daughter. Holding the back of her head for leverage, Green Arrow drove his hips forward to the back of her mouth, using the ensuing collision of his tip against her throat to rebound back out of her mouth before doing it all over again. Spit was now dripping out of her mouth and onto her tits, making them even more attractive when wet.

“Let’s give her a proper fucking, shall we,” Tommy suggested to his partner.

“Yes,” Oliver agreed with a predatory smile.

Mia grimaced as she was yanked up by her hair once again, this time Tommy had the honors of pulling on her golden locks. Once on her feet, Tommy threw himself down on the sofa, but grabbed Mia by the back of her legs so she came down with him. He pulled her so her amazing tits were pressed against his chest before reaching back behind her and easing his dick into her cunt once more. Not surprisingly, she was still drenched between the legs, the domination at the hands of two men obviously doing it for the blonde. Mia allowed Tommy to do the work this time, driving his hips up into her pussy, but just as she was about to sit up on his lap and bounce atop him, a hand landed between her shoulder blades, pressing her down.

“You wanted us both. Now you have us,” Oliver explained, lowering himself until his cock was against her asshole.

“Then fuck me good daddy,” Mia replied, looking him in the eyes as he pushed into her ass. “Mother fucker!”

Tommy had helped by not only pulling her butt cheeks apart to make her asshole gape wider, but by stopping his humping motion in her cunt. Oliver would still have hit his target regardless, but it made the initial penetration into her already fucked asshole that much easier. The moment her dad had pushed into her ass, the men started to fuck her at the same time. While Oli would push into her rectum, invading her tightest of holes, Tommy would retreat and vice versa. Clearly this wasn’t the first time the men had worked together like this.

“This what you wanted?” Oliver asked, spanking his daughter at the same time.

“Being fucked by two guys at the same time?” Tommy added, his hand closed around her throat.

“God yes!” Mia crooked out, thoroughly enjoying her double dicking.

Mia wasn’t moaning and screaming to make the two men feel like studs – she was wailing in delight because it actually felt that good. Having both holes stuffed and hitting all the right spots was intoxicating, especially as the two poles simultaneously rubbed against the thin membrane that separated her pussy and asshole which only heightened the sensations. Which was why it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that an orgasm was hurtling towards her at neck breaking speeds.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” Mia screamed before creaming all over Tommy’s cock in her snatch.

Mia knew that anal orgasms were more intense then pussy ones, but a climax from a double penetration took that up a notch as well. It was extremely powerful, and both men felt the consequences immediately. For one, they were lucky to escape without burst eardrums by the tiny blonde’s scream of pleasure as she came. And secondly, her body including her pussy and anal sphincter went into periodic spasms, nearly strangling their dicks as she climaxes before she went mercifully limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly, allowing the horny men to pound into each of Mia Smoak’s holes even harder.

“Harder. Fuck me harder,” Mia encouraged, guessing that the men were close to cumming as well.

The tiny but curvy blonde immediately felt both older men answer her call. Oliver’s hands reached down to grab her narrow waist so that he could pull her back with greater force as he spiked his thick cock into her gaping asshole. Meanwhile Tommy had a similar thought of dragging her fit body downward to match his upward thrust into her wet snatch but only with his hands gripping her perky tits to accomplish that goal.

Having their cocks separated by only a thin barrier between Mia’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the curvy girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past little while as they fucked her at the same time. And now at the blonde’s request they had ramped up their thrusting to unsustainable levels, especially after they had been using her for the past 20 or so minutes.

“Cum where you want,” Mia once more proved to be a mindreader, knowing they were moments from bursting.

“Face,” Tommy blurted out at almost the same moment Oliver hissed. “Mouth.”

Though creaming in a girl always proved enjoyable, it wasn’t the time tonight. For one, Tommy didn’t know if the fertile blonde was on the pill or not, and he definitely didn’t want to have a kid with this psychopath, despite how hot she was. And for two, she wasn’t going to be staying around the apartment for long once they were finished using her body for their pleasure.

“Need to fucking cum,” Oliver panted from behind the sexy blonde.

“You and me both,” Tommy added.

They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl’s body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Tommy freed her legs from his waist and Mia promptly got them underneath her, at which point they lowered her to the ground.

“Yes! Give me your spunk!” Mia begged, unable to help them with her hands cuffed behind her back still.

Nearly the second her high heels contacted the floor, Mia had dropped down to her knees between the two standing men. Hearing one friend moaning louder than the other Mia faced that one just in time to see her dad stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist Oliver took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward, Mia caught every last drop of his salty load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the third time that night she took his ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

“Yummy,” Mia moaned from her knees with the ass-flavored dick still in her mouth.

Unbeknown to her, Tommy was also ready to bust a nut so he moved around to her side quickly, just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her pretty face. He watched as Mia swallowed down his partner’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, Tommy couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of jizz pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“The fuck are we gonna do with this psychopath?” Tommy asked his best friend and partner.

“Maybe give my face a wipe. That way I’m not out in public covered in your jizz,” Mia helpfully suggested.

“Let’s bring her to the station and have a little chat with Captain Smoak,” Oliver replied, looking down at the naked blonde who looked so familiar to him.
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Re: Arrow: Recruiting Green Arrow - A Family Affair
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The world definitely needs more Mia Smoak smut or just Katherine in general. Good start.
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Re: Arrow: Recruiting Green Arrow - A Family Affair
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Title: Recruiting the Green Arrow Part 2
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Character: Mia Smoak, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Tommy Merlyn (non-sex)
Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Arrow or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, including.Mia Smoak, Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn, & Oliver Queen. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

Summary: Mia Smoak is recruited by Sara Lance to recruit her dad to help save the world. Pressed for time and feeling the strange effects of time travel, Mia uses sex as her ultimate weapon for the recruitment. It backfires and she finds herself dragged before Oliver’s boss - Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak found herself working a double shift once again. After working 9-5 as Police Captain Smoak, she found herself done in a hidden bunker working as Overwatch. As Overwatch, Felicity was the all-knowing eye-in-the-sky for the crime fighting duo Green and Red Arrow. She thought it was going to be a laid-back evening with the boys having an easy night, allowing her to catch up on some hacking with a new software she got her hands on recently. However, fate had other ideas.

“Come on, crazy bitch,” Tommy Merlyn’s voice rang out as he and Oliver Queen entered her office with an unknown girl.

“Language Tommy,” Felicity snapped at him. “And what the hell are you two doing bringing a civilian to this place?”

The lines had been established the regular crime was dealt with by Detectives Queen and Merlyn, as well as Captain Smoak out of the police headquarters. Meanwhile, crimes that were too difficult to be handled by the regular channels were dealt with by Overwatch, Green and Red Arrow from the bunker. But this girl looked...normal. Super hot, but normal. Felicity eyed the blonde more and realized that the men had covered her in a trench coat, and as she was thrown onto the sofa, it was revealed that the college-aged girl was completely naked underneath.

“This girl with clear daddy issues broke into Tommy’s place, tied him up and lured me there,” Oliver explained before giving the complete tale.

“Jesus,” Felicity said at the end of the story. “Why don’t you two go blow some steam off and leave her for me to interrogate.”

“They already blew about 20 minutes ago,” Mia commented with a smirk.

While the men were hesitant to leave the clearly crazy girl with Felicity alone, their boss seemed rather confident. Though not a fighter, Felicity had more than a few gadgets that could subdue, or even kill. The men made a few threats directed at Mia, though her response was a smile and wink as they left the office, closing the door behind them.

*   *   *

In terms of an interrogation, it was pretty basic. There was no cutting, electricity, roughing up or even threats of physical harm. In truth, Mia found it laughable. All she kept thinking about was how much of a knockout her mother was. Sure, it wasn’t this version of Felicity that gave birth to her, which was why Mia could let herself think about fucking her mom. While her face was pretty and her tits small but perky, it was Felicity’s lower body what was the true standout. Juicy thighs were an understatement, but her ass...wow! Insanely large, round, thick and and other adjectives would fit here. Plus, just like on her Earth, this Felicity loved showing off her phat ass in tight dresses or pants that acted more like a second skin.

“I don’t get it,” Felicity fumed from behind her desk. “You just don’t exist!”

“Not on this Earth. Or at this time,” Mia agreed.

“And why do you look and act so smug. We have you tied up, at our mercy. And those two guys are killers. Not of innocences, but you’re hardly innocent,” Felicity continued, walking around from her desk to sit beside Mia.

“Anyone ever tell you how hot you are when you’re pissed?”

Felicity was feeling the same effects that Oliver and Tommy had felt when they were exposed to Mia for a long enough time. Mia had her hormones manipulated with the time travel, making her a constant horniness machine, but it was leeching from her as well, like pheromones. Now that she had spent time in the small office for thirty minutes with Felicity, it was effecting Overwatch as well.

“I should wipe that smile off your gorgeous face,” Felicity said to her daughter.

“God, that would be great.”

“Tommy might have been right about you,” Felicity commented, referring to the psycho bitch title he gave Mia.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Mia demanded.

The Smoak women had been moving closer and closer together so there was less than a foot of space for them to travel until their mouths were locked together. Lips flapping open, the mother and daughter kissed each other deeply, their tongues warring for control. Mia was naturally the more dominant, but without the use of her hands, it made it easier for her mom to get the upper hand. Holding onto the side of the younger blonde’s head, Felicity crammed her tongue deep into Mia’s mouth

“Open up my jacket. I think you’ll like what’s inside,” Mia said when Felicity allowed her to get a breath of air.

Felicity still had enough of her wits about her to be wary of a trap from this unknown blonde sex pot, but as she undid the button holding the jacket together and opened it, there was no trap. Instead, she found that Mia’s slender legs led to a bright pink pussy which stood out even more given the bald patch of skin all around it. Up her flat stomach led to a pair of tits that honestly made Felicity gasp. How a girl who was only 90 pounds could possess tits that looked to be C cups was astonishing, like something from an anime or comic book.

“Jesus,” Felicity gasped.

“Not bad, right?” Mia said with a satisfied grin on her gorgeous face.

Before she knew what was happening, Felicity had stretched out an arm and was rubbing Mia’s pussy. It was so bright and pretty, Felicity couldn’t help herself. After giving the folds a healthy squeeze, she resumed giving it a rub, feeling the younger girl getting wetter by the second. Not only did Mia not mind, but the girl moaned out Felicity’s name, while also spreading her legs wider. This invited Felicity to dip a finger into her snatch, which soon became two.

“Yes momma...finger me,” Mia moaned.

Felicity added a third, feeling the blonde’s pussy stretch to accommodate the new thickness. Within a few pumps of her hand, Mia was being fingered just as deep, fast and hard by her mom then before, no doubt added by the way Tommy stretched her out earlier. Her tits were also under her mom’s attention, Felicity’s free hand constantly groping them, squeezing the soft flesh and even rolling her nipple between forefinger and thumb to get it good and hard.

“Just perfect,” Felicity complimented.

Felicity didn’t know what was overcoming her, but she stopped fingering the bound captive, stood and lifted off her black shirt to reveal her bra. That didn’t last long either, pulling the garment from her body to reveal small but perky tits with the most adorable pale pink nipples. Felicity rubbed up over her flat stomach to squeeze and knead her tits, pulling them up before letting them bounce back into position.

“I would give anything to suck those tits,” Mia said, completely captivated.

“I don’t see anyone stopping you,” Felicity responded.

Given her hands tied behind her back, Mia was grateful that her mom took the initiative by coming towards her and shoving her into a more relaxed position on the sofa. Felicity joined her, straddling her lap then leaned forward and angled her body to the side so her right tit was right in Mia’s face. Like a babe feeding, Mia attached her lips around her mom’s nipple and sucked long and hard. Felicity was at first surprised by the deep suction the college girl was using until she remembered some of Mia’s language making it seem like she had a mom issue going on.

“So fuckin good,” Mia gasped, surfacing for air.

Mia’s mouth didn’t stay free for long as she moved to the other tit, aided by Felicity twisting to bring it closer to her grasp. Like before, the slender blonde latched her mouth to her mother’s boob, sucking for all she was worth. She made the nipple good and hard in no time, which only motivated Mia to suck all the much harder. Meanwhile, Felicity took advantage of being hands-free to reach down and undo the front of her jeans. Felicity completely the undressing as she pulled her tit from Mia’s mouth, stood and pulled them down over her massive ass and down her plump thighs.

“Like the show?” Felicity asked.

Rather than just pull her jeans off, Felicity had turned around to give Mia a view of her phat booty before bending over and taking her pants down. Instantly the thick flesh of her thick ass came into view, but rather than end the show there, Felicity straightened up and hooked the edge of her jeans in the bottom curve of her ass. While bouncing with her knees, Felicity pulled up on the pants, making her ass jiggle and bounce in the most teasing way possible.

“Jesus Christ!” Mia swore, her pussy an inferno.

“Does the psycho bitch like my thicc booty?” Felicity asked with a grin.

“Please let me eat out that big ass, mommy,” Mia begged.

If her hands were free she would have pawed and slapped her ass until it was the color red, but the handcuffs prevented that. So instead Mia was reduced to groveling, begging to be allowed access to the holy grail of phat asses. However, some things were worth checking your pride for, and being able to bury her face in her mom’s booty was one of those times.

“Apparently your parental complex is more than just daddy issues,” Felicity analyzed after yet another mother comment.

Despite the remark, Felicity was more than happy to let the crazy blonde eat her ass out. With having such a thick booty, Felicity had gotten used to men and women not only lusting after it, but constantly wanting to have anal with her. Being bisexual, Felicity was happy letting either sex use their tongue to explore her bowels, in fact it felt phenomenal and usually made her cum within minutes. And then there was anal sex, something Felicity allowed to happen just as often as traditional vaginal sex. After all, it felt rude to deny men the privledge of not fucking such a great ass.

With her hands still restrained behind her back, Mia was dependent on her mom backing her phat ass up to her face, which was exactly what she did. Leaning forward and walking back, Felicity stopped when she felt Mia’s gorgeous face press against her thick cheeks. The next moment, the younger girl had snaked her tongue out from her mouth and pushed against her anal entrance.

“Oh yes!” Felicity groaned.

Mia would have liked to use her hands to scoop the phat cheeks out of her way, which would have opened her butthole up enough to force more of her tongue deeper into Felicity’s rectum, but that wasn’t the reality. Working with what was available, Mia repeatedly poked her tongue out, testing the limits of Felicity’s anal ring and found it giving way each time. Clearly her mom was no anal virgin! It helped that Felicity was constantly pushing backwards, allowing Mia to have an easier time worming her skilled tongue further into her caboose.

“Would happily die being suffocated by my mom’s great ass,” Mia thought, continuing her rimjob.

“Oh shit,” Felicity shrieked in bliss.

Despite her limitations, Mia was still cycling through a few different techniques. Though both daughter and mother loved the deep tonguing, Mia would slow things down by adopting a lick instead. However, it didn’t last long until Mia shifted from the gentle licking to actually tongue fucking her thick ass. Not only was the sight of her booty erotic, but the taste of her anus was pleasant, both of which made her own pussy pulse in excitement, her juices starting to run down her leg.

“She’s close to cumming, I know it,” Mia thought to herself.

It didn’t surprise Mia that someone could cum from a rimjob, after all she’d been making her assassin trainer Nyassi orgasm from licking her ass since she was 16 years old. Not getting cocky, Mia doubled down her efforts, determined to make this version of her mother cum. Felicity was thinking along the same lines because as Mia munched her booty, Overwatch snaked a hand under her hips and found her clit.

“Sooo…close,” Felicity announced.

With Mia’s tongue still slipping around inside her butthole, Felicity doubled down even harder. With her right fingers strumming her sensitive clit, Overwatch used her free hand to reach behind her and pull her cheeks apart as best she could. This allowed her daughter to instantly gain another inch or two deeper into her anal canal, and the results were noticable. New regions of her anal walls were licked, giving Felicity more pleasure.

“Mmmhmm yeah…more of that,” Felicity panted.

Normally Mia would have demanded her lover to cum for her, but she was unable to know. In fact, Mia started to go a little light-headed from lack of oxygen. With Felicity using both hands to progress her orgasm, the brainy girl had to lean back and push harder against Mia’s face. Unable to move or break for air, Mia was working under a time limit - either make Felicity cum quickly or fail by blacking out. And the thing about Mia Smoak is that she fought so much harder with her back against the wall.

“Fuck! I’m cumming! Shit! I’m cumming,” Felicity screamed.

“God I’m good,” Mia commented after getting a few lungfuls of air.

“But let’s see if you’re tasty,” Felicity retorted with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

*   *   *

“It’s been awhile, think we should go check on Felicity?” Tommy asked, chest heaving after a strenuous sparring session.

“I think that’s best,” Oliver agreed, throwing Tommy a bottle of water.

The two shirtless men left what served as a gym and headed in the direction of Felicity’s room. The windows were frosted but the door was slightly ajar so Oliver did a knock and pushed open the door. Inside was quite the scene. Mia was still handcuffed, but her jacket was pulled open to reveal her perfect tits. Felicity’s insanely phat ass was pointed at the stunned men, her face buried in Mia’s bald cunt as she gave her pussy a thorough spit shine.

“Oh shit!” Tommy practically shouted in shock.

“Oh good. Tommy, take...um...Mia was it? Yes, take Mia to the holding cell,” Felicity recovered.

Tommy and Oli were still surprised at seeing their leader naked, on her knees and eating out a prisoner but Tommy did as he was told. Though she could walk just fine, Tommy Bent down and picked Mia up around her shoulder, doing a fireman’s carry out of the room.

“Should I go?” Oliver asked, the room still thick in pheromones.

“No,” Felicity said, getting off her knees and to her feet. “The blonde got me all worked up. I was hoping that you could finish the job.”

“With honor, captain,” Oliver grinned widely.

Oliver walked with a purpose into the room before the pair crashed their lips together. Unlike his fucking of Mia earlier, making out with his police captain just felt right. In fact, Oliver kicked himself mentally for never following up on his feeling towards Overwatch in the past. As the pair kissed, their hands went to the others most sought after anatomy - for Felicity she began rubbing his hardening cock through his trousers while his hands unsurprisingly reached down for her massive ass.

“Everyone loves my booty, huh?” Felicity asked as they surfaced for air.

“Surprised?” Oliver asked, his hands clenching tightly onto the densely packed bottom.

“Not at all,” the police captain answered, wearing nothing but her glasses. “But you’re blocking my path to the ground.”

Knowing what she meant, Oliver reluctantly pulled his hands away from her fantastic ass and allowed Felicity to get on her knees before him. Making quick work of his pants, Oliver pulled the jeans down until his huge cock sprang free and almost rocketed the glasses from Felicity’s face. With an apologetic smile, Oliver stood before the naked woman with his manhood erect and ready to be sucked.

“Of course you have a massive dick,” Felicity commented with a knowing smile.

Instead of beating him off in a rapid motion, Felicity settled on a smooth glide along his equally thick and long cock. As his meat pulsed in her hand she lowered her fist to the midpoint in his shaft before lowering her head down. With his eyes closed tightly and soaking in everything through feel alone, Oliver was suddenly aware that her tongue had extended and taken a testing lick of his bulbous tip. With a wicked grin on her face, Felicity licked her lips before guiding his cock back towards her face. Flicking her eyes up to hold his gaze she lowered the last inch, engulfing Oliver’s cockhead between her lips for the first time. The Green Arrow couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over.

"Yes. Suck it baby," he moaned in delight towards his equally horny boss.

Oliver looked down and was watching as Felicity opened her mouth and started to suck him off. Rather than wrap her lips around his pole right away, the girl in glasses extended her tongue and licked his pole from base to tip on both sides, top and bottom. Oliver noted that her face scrunched up in what appeared to be a grimace or look of disgust, then it clicked. He’d only ass fucked Mia less than an hour ago so her bowels were still flavoring his dick. Hoping it would turn her away, Oliver was pleased that Felicity fought through the unpleasant taste as she wrapped her lips around his pole and started bobbing.

"Mmmmm," Felicity moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

With that fear put to bed, Oliver rested on a hand on the back of her head and tossed his own head back to absorb the pleasure. To say that the blonde was a pro would have been extremely accurate to him. She was in fact a wizard with both software programming and sucking dick, which wasn’t a surprise as she excelled in whatever she chose to do. But dear God, when it came to using her mouth and fist in union with each other, stimulating pleasure from every inch of his length cock, the girl was stunning. The small office was filled with grunting noises, as well as the softer moaning as Felicity hummed against the cock in her mouth. Oliver remembered looking down and making eye contact with the gorgeous girl who seemed to be in her natural environment on her knees with his thick dick between her lips.

“I need to fuck you immediately,” Oliver hollered down at the kneeling blonde.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Felicity commented, getting off the floor before bending over on the sofa.

“God, this ass was built for sex,” Oliver commented, his hands massaging the densely packed muscle. “I assume more than one man has tried to fuck it?”

“They always have to warm me up first,” Felicity said over her shoulder, more or less giving him permission.

Oliver dropped into a half-squat behind the kneeling captain who had her ass thrust back towards him, making it easy for him to use his hands to pull apart her insanely large cheeks then moved his tongue up a few inches so that he was now poking the dead center of her asshole.

“God that’s good,” Felicity cooed as a shock of pleasure ran up her spine.

The vigilante had always been into butts, which was one of the reasons he was so attracted to Felicity. While the blonde did have a pretty face and extremely fit body, it was her big booty that garnered every male's (and female's) attention, and rightfully so. And now Oliver was doing something he had never done before with his police captain (at least on this Earth) - rimming Felicity Smoak’s asshole. However, based on the way her moaning amplified since he started to lick around the edges of her crinkled rosebud or pressed the tip of his tongue inside by half an inch, he knew it was the right call. Which made what he said next to be asked with certainty of the answer.

"Gonna fuck your big beautiful ass now."

"You want to fuck my bum?" Felicity asked with a look over her shoulder, but she was already spreading her legs further to lower her hips a few more inches for better lining up.

"More than anything," Oliver replied, already pulling out a bottle of lube from his pants pocket.

"Well I suppose." Felicity replied after mock consideration. "Oh wow that's cold," she commented a moment later as a generous squirt of lube was applied to the center of her asshole. “You keep lube in your pocket?” Felicity asked, stunned.

“Of course,” Oliver replied. “You never know when the chance for anal sex will arise.”

“Can’t argue with that logic,” the soon-to-be ass-fucked woman agreed.

The brief conversation served as a perfect distraction as combined with the lube, Oliver had no problems pressing forward until the tip of his cock disappeared into Felicity’s phat ass. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, relaxed attitude of Felicity and how he had loosened her with his tongue had helped significantly. Felicity still grunted as his tip disappeared into her dirt road, but it was minimal pain that she had experienced literally hundreds of times with each and every time she was sodomized.

“I’m guessing you’ve done this before,” Oliver commented, each thrust into her booty getting more and more cock inside.

“A time or two,” Felicity winked, meeting his thrusts by pushing back against him.

The time for talking was over and the need to fuck consumed them. Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, the phat ass nerdy girl continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting the sofa cushion in front of her. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate Oliver’s eager probing. The smile on her gorgeous face and the way she looked back at him while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the beautiful girl.

“Yes Oliver! Fuck me!”

If the blonde was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, Oliver would never have known it. With each time the full length of his thick cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, as Felicity bit the sofa, the blonde demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass without words by wiggling her gigantic ass against his pelvis. The Green Arrow gladly took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail.

“Feels so fucking good,” Oliver grunted through clenched teeth.

As the vigilante held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create the hourglass curves, Felicity wiggled her booty enticingly for him. The combination of her words and now the side-to-side grinding made Oliver want to blow his load right then and there, but he held that at bay. This was aided in large part to cumming on Mia Smoak’s face less than an hour ago. He wouldn’t have lasted nearly this long without relentlessly fucking the slender blonde, so he made this extra count by going at a neck breaking speed as he repeatedly fucked his boss in her massive ass.

“Needed this,” Felicity groaned from under him. “Take me Oli!”

With Felicity clearly loving her sodomy, the man continued what could only be described as an aggressive assfucking. Oliver’s dick was a flesh-colored blur as he repeatedly drove forwards, only stopping when his muscular stomach thudded against the nerdy woman’s thick ass. As the cheeks rippled from the blow, the vigilante was already withdrawing, only his tip remaining in Felicity’s bowels before he reversed course again and started another thrust.

“Almost there,” he warned. “Cum with me.”

Felicity grunted her approval but was receiving too much pleasure to reply with words. She simply began to push against the sofa, taking his dick harder in her asshole. All the while, one hand slipped down her body to find her slit, at which point she cycled between strumming her clit and shoving two fingers into her pussy. This was more than enough to get Steve off, pushing him past the point of no return. It also proved too much for Felicity as well, especially in combination with the frantic clitoris rubbing.

The nerdy blonde was quicker off the draw and beat Steve to the climax. Her second orgasm of the night lost no intensity that the first one had, in fact may have been even stronger. The real kicker for the woman known as Overwatch was the stimulation from so many different areas. The cock impaling itself in her ass, palm rubbing her the clit, fingers delving the depths of her pussy and her other hand pinching her sensitive nipple made for one power-packed, scream provoking orgasm.

“AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH,” Felicity screamed incoherently.

“Gonna…ugghh…cum,” Oliver warned, face severely twisted.

No sooner had Felicity cum had her asshole clamped down like a vice around his already cocked and loaded shaft. As the last word escaped his lips he felt the last wall of resistance break down and the warm liquid began bubbling up from his sack. Oliver had briefly thought of pulling out and cumming on her face with her glasses still on, but the thought of not having her snug pressure around his cock just felt so wrong.

Felicity barely registered his last words due to her own orgasm, but she certainly felt the first squirt of hot jizz shoot deep into her bowels, coating them. The handsome man continued to erratically thrust his hip into her now still body as stream after stream of his thick fluid came flowing out, pouring into her anal canal. Eventually the gorgeous girl knew Oliver was completely spent. His facial expression relaxed into one of serenity, his iron-like grip on her various curvy body parts relented and his hip thrusting stopped altogether, replaced with the mere slight twitching of his sensitive dick still invested in the comfortable clamp she called a rectum.

“Jesus!” Oliver huffed before pulling out.

“That about covers it,” Felicity cooed, flipping over to relax back on the couch.

“I should probably…”

“Go check if Tommy had any difficulty with the crazy girl,” Felicity agreed, nodding her head.

“This was great,” Oliver added as he hastily dressed himself.

“Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night?”


Re: Arrow: Recruiting Green Arrow - A Family Affair
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Title: Recruiting the Green Arrow Part 3
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Character: Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn, Quentin Lance
Codes: MMF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show, comic or characters of Arrow or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, including.Mia Smoak, Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn, Oliver Queen & Quinten Lance. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

Summary: After Mia fails to check in, Sara Lance comes to investigate only to be affected by this Earth’s strong sexual aura. Therefore, there is only one thing on her mind as she walks in to interrogate Tommy Merlyn and Quinten Lance


“Not good, not good,” Sara Lance murmured as she paced the deck of the Waverider.

Mia Smoak had been missing for the past 48 hours without reporting in since her initial contact with Tommy Merlyn. Not only that, but Mia somehow had her GPS tracker disabled, with the last place it showing her was at Tommy Merlyn’s condo. That at least gave Sara Lance something to work with. Knowing that she couldn’t leave Mia to this operation any longer, Sara jumped into one of the Waverider’s smaller ships and set the destination.

“Wow...this world is definitely shrouded in thick sexual aura,” Sara commented as she climbed out of the cloaked jumpship.

Luckily for the time traveler, the jump through space and time didn’t mess with her hormones as much as it would with a newbie like Mia. That alone would only be an annoyance, but combined with this world’s sex aura that was soaking everything, it may have explained why Mia may have gotten sidetracked. Hell, even someone knowing the importance of this mission for the continuation of the universe like Sara was getting distracted by every dick or hot girl she passed on the way to Tommy Merlyn’s building.

“This is the last place Ms Smoak’s GPS pinged,” stated Gideon, Sara’s AI.

Sara waited for someone to exit the building before slipping in before the lock engaged. She relied on Gideon’s help in navigating the building, walking up the stairs until she arrived at Tommy’s place. On her way, Sara thought about how she wanted to handle this. She needed answered and was working on a deadline, thus subtly went out the window. She had played through all the scenarios back on the Waverider with her advanced AI, thus was ready for whatever awaited her in Tommy’s apartment.

*   *   *

“Read’em and weep,” Quentin Lance laughed as he threw down his cards, face up.

“Fuck me,” Tommy Merlyn cursed. “Not again!”

“Either you suck, or I’m great,” the older man continued, collecting his winnings. “Or both.”

“Hello boys,” Sara said she she showed up in the living room. “And don’t you dare reach for though weapons.”

“Not again,” Tommy hung his head.

“Again? Do you know Mia?” Sara asked, bowstaff held at the read to use.

“Crazy hot blonde, emphasis on crazy? Yeah, I know her.” Tommy confessed.

“Tell me where she is,” the blonde demanded.

“Why? You get your info then you kill us,” Quentin hissed with rage.

Sara couldn’t help but realized that her dad didn’t recognize her. Maybe on this world she was never born, or didn’t make it to adulthood. All she knew was that the older man sitting at the table with Tommy Merlyn was a carbon copy of her father. And that he was hot for an older dude. And that’s when Sara realized that this world’s sexual aura was affecting her as well.

“Maybe a trade,” Tommy suggested, slowly standing with his arms held.

“I’m listening,” Sara replied, staring at the tall man and noting how handsome he was.

Tommy was in front of her in the next second after the words had left her plump lips. Reaching towards her chest, the man made his intentions clear as he reached his large hand and placed it on her perfectly round breast. With a decent squeeze, the handsome man who was dead on her Earth groped Sara before he leaned in and kissed her hard. The White Canary was ready and matched his intensity, kissing him back and even being the first of the two to part her lips and slide her tongue in his mouth.

“Your terms are acceptable,” Sara purred, her pussy flooded and needing to be filled.

As Sara was making out with Tommy, her father had risen to his feet and headed in their direction. The two detectives were clearly fine with sharing the attention of a gorgeous woman because after a good 30 seconds of passionate kissing, Tommy pulled his lips from Sara and let her face his partner. Quentin didn’t go right for the kill, instead he reached up and pushed the straps of  her tank top off her shoulders, exposing her amazingly perky tits as her black shirt bunched around her midsection.

“How naughty of you, dad,” Sara commented, not feeling conflicted about fucking her real father’s doppleganger.

After all, she was a time traveler and so this wasn’t weird - it was Quentin Lance of a completely different Earth. Essentially another person altogether only wearing her father’s face. As her dad’s doppelganger took his turn with kissing, fondling and groping the curvy blonde, Tommy was busy in his own right. First he undid Sara’s leather pants before pulling them down her athletic legs, discovering that she wasn’t wearing any panties as he came face to face with a perfectly shaved snatch. Instantly his cock strained against his jeans so Tommy did the natural thing and freed his 9-inch pecker from its denim prison.

“I think my boy wants your attention,” Quentin said after removing his tongue from inside Sara’s mouth.

Looking over at the other man, Sara found that Tommy was standing with his cock hanging outside his pants. She couldn’t help but smile upon seeing its size, which at 9 inches long and average thickness was perfect. Though some women preferred a big thick cock, not Sara. For one, she’d been on the pussy wagon for a few years now so her holes were tighter than ever, therefore she was happy to see what Tommy was wielding. Long and thick enough to get the job done without being worried of tearing your insides apart.

“I think I can handle that,” Sara cooed.

Turning to face the detective that was her own age and in no way related to her, Sara didn’t bother to pull off her top. With her clothes still bundled around her fit waist, Sara simply bent over at the waist until her head was level with Tommy’s groin. Finding no need to delay, the gorgeous blonde gripped his already erect dick with her hand, stroked him a time or two before she leaned even closer and swallowed half of his flesh pole into her mouth.

“God damn,” Tommy grunted his appreciation.

“Well holy shit,” Quentin commented as he laid eyes on Sara’s thick booty, but more importantly to what laid between her cheeks.

“Thanks daddy,” Sara replied, taking a brief break from gobbling Tommy’s dick to reply to the older man.

Tommy soon understood what his partner meant after Quentin brought his hand to her backside and after a few moments of pulling held up a fairly large black butt plug, which had clearly been up the gorgeous blonde’s asshole. The thickness of the toy was roughly an inch and a half, easily as thick, if not more so than either of their cocks, therefore the former assassin was ready for the night’s festivities.

As per Gideon’s guidance, one of the scenarios for getting the information on Mia’s whereabouts was seduction. After the AI did a deep-dive on Tommy’s internet browsing history, it was determined that the man was an anal lover. When Sara regularly fucked guys, especially Oliver, anal was a regular sex act but it had been a long time since anything other then a skinny vibrator was shoved up her poop chute so she took the extra precaution in coming with a butt plug in her ass to loosen her up.

“I think this business relationship has real legs,” Tommy commented, all while looking down and watching as the horny blonde polished his cock with real zeal.

“I agree...whoa!” Sara agreed before moaning as something soft and wet slithered into her backside.

Taking advantage of the gaping opening that the large butt plug left in Sara’s anus, Quentin used his strong hands to pull apart her bubbly ass cheeks and further stretch the sphincter. No waiting, the older man pressed his face into Sara’s heavenly backside and drove his tongue as deep inside her rectum as he could. Though some may find it odd or disgusting, Quentin loved nothing more than tossing a gorgeous girl’s asshole, and Sara Lance seemed to be his flavor given the tongue wagging he was giving her insides.

While Quentin got off on eating out a woman’s asshole, so too did Sara on having her tight little booty licked. The third member of their party also benefited from having Sara’s asshole polished with Quentin’s tongue, as it made the blonde hum around Tommy’s cock in her mouth. The result was a better blowjob as Sara combined suction, bobbing her lips on the vast majority of his pole as well as humming her tongue along his sensitive underbelly. Even while doling out such a competent blowjob, Sara was aware that Quentin’s technique of munching her ass had changed as he no longer was concerned with tasting the deepest recesses of her booty, instead he was doing multiple licks over her rear entrance and transferring a lot of spit.

Reaching down with a hand on her throat, Tommy didn’t choke the woman but only used it as a handhold in order to pull her up to face height. “We are gonna take turns fucking your asshole until we’re done with you. Understand? Or get the fuck out, now.”

“As long as you take me to Mia at the end of this,” Sara replied confidently.

Both men smiled like sharks, showing their pleasure. Though both were fairly attractive men, the opportunity to completely dominate and sodomize a gorgeous woman who literally dropped into their laps was rare, to say the least. Acting on their once-in-a-lifetime chance, Tommy spun Sara around on her heeled boots so she was facing the man who was a spitting image of her father. A strong hand on her back from Tommy once more bent her over at the waist but this time her pillowy chest was laid on his kitchen table with her face at the perfect height to be at the other man’s dick.

Sara immediately proceeded to clutch the cock in her face with her hand and fed it into her hungry mouth. Using a light fist and lips in perfect concert, the energetic former assassin stroked and bobbed in unison as she blew the healthy-sized flesh pole. Meanwhile behind Sara, Tommy was standing right behind her amazingly bubbly ass, rubbing his dick with the big glob of spit he added to the saliva from Sara’s mouth before pressing the tip right against White Canary’s still gaping asshole.

“God, her mouth is fantastic,” Quentin groaned, taking the time to remove his jacket.

Sara had been warned about the men from this Earth from Gideon, learnt from their browser histories. Though the AI stopped short of doing a broad generalization, it shared with Sara that the majority of them, especially Tommy specifically, had a certain preference for anal sex. Though the former assassin was a little out of practice given her preference for pussy of late, she was game for the hard ass pounding to come since she was a bit of a butt slut in the past and the butt plug had loosened her bowels a lot. Plus she needed to learn where Mia was.

Luckily for Sara, her ample amount of spit she gave his cock from moments ago was enough lube to aid his passage into her asshole. With his first thrust Tommy had shoved half his length into her bowels. After pulling out so only his tip remained propping open her sphincter, Tommy thrust forward again and this time succeeded in planting his entire 9 inches of manhood in Sara’s asshole.

“Awww fuck!” Sara cried out after a handful of full, hard thrusts were delivered into her rectum. “Fuck! Shit!”

While most of Sara’s anal experiences started with a slow, methodical pace designed to warm her sphincter up to accept a sudden widening by their cock, Tommy didn’t prescribe to this approach. Instead, the handsome man opted for a thumping, fast pace set to rock-and-roll music. After spewing out her curses, Sara found that the familiar sting of having her bowels invaded gave way to a neutral feeling so she got her mouth back around the dick she still held in her hand.

With hands clutching tightly on her womanly hips, Tommy used them to steady his blistering pace. Over and over he reared his hips back only to spear it forward and drive the entirety of his cock as deep as physically possible into the tight confines of Sara's perfect caboose. The bonus was the visual of not only watching as his dick disappeared inside the golden-haired beauty’s asshole, but the sight of her firm ass rippling with each thrust.

“Oh fuck yes!” Tommy hissed through clenched teeth, accenting his cheer with a hard spank on Sara’s pale cheek.

Quentin couldn’t believe the composure that his unknown daughter was showing. Though she had a shit ton of attitude, Quentin couldn’t help but find that the former assassin could take what they doled out. Not only was Sara not crying out from the anal pounding she was receiving from his partner, but she was still delivering a quality blowjob. She was probably using it as a coping technique to distract herself from some discomfort coming in waves from her abused booty, but over and over Sara choked down over half his length with a lot of suction and a light handjob to boot.

Though she could barely keep up with the pounding pace that Tommy was maintaining, Sara couldn’t help but be impressed. Though he had only been fucking her ass for a grand total of two minutes, in that timespan he had probably thrust into her tight ass a good hundred times. If any average guy off the street tried this, they would have creamed all inside her bowels, yet this detective was barely warmed up.

“Enjoying her pussy?” Quentin asked his friend as Sara changed tactics and held his cock in her gullet rather than bob on his length.

“No, he’s fucking my asshole,” Sara corrected, drawing a wide smile from her lover.

“No way! Let me have some fun with her ass too,” Quentin exclaimed, almost with glee.

The two men had clearly shared women before as Tommy graciously pulled Sara from his cock before the blonde felt 4 hands on her body. After spinning her around, Sara found herself once more bent over but facing the handsome man who’d been dead for nearly a decade on her Earth. Since it was taking her dad a moment or two to get set up behind her, Sara steered the closest dick into her mouth and started bobbing along half Tommy’s length.

“Fuck, you’re a nasty girl. Sucking my dick straight from your ass,” Tommy commented, rocking his hips forward to help Sara blow him.

“I’m the fucking nastiest butt slut you’ll ever meet,” Sara commented, fully saturated in this Earth’s strong sexual aura. “Now fuck my ass!”

It was a bold statement to make to anyone, let alone someone who had you at their mercy already, especially since her asshole had already been pounded halfway to oblivion. However, despite the fact that she had only been sleeping with Ava for the past few years, the curvy blonde had several years and literally hundreds of practice sessions with taking a stiff cock up the ass. Thus far, her backdoor coped well with the lack of lube and her father was slightly thinner, albeit longer, in the dick department.

The words were barely out of her mouth when she felt her sphincter forced back open and the entire length of Quentin’s cock was shoved in her bowels. This time Sara barely flinched from the sudden ass fucking, only focusing on delivering yet another excellent blowjob. Though she could clearly taste her own ass flavor on his cock, Sara used the extra sensory information to help drown out the initial discomfort from the sodomy.

“God damn, this is one nice asshole,” Quentin celebrated as he found his rhythm.

Though not nearly as fast as the more youthful Tommy, Quentin was still going at an above average pace with his thrusting into his daughter’s asshole. Plus he was getting almost an inch deeper into her bowels, which when it came to anal sex felt more like a foot. However, Sara was up for the challenge, and wasn’t even slowing down her sucking on Tommy’s soiled cock either.

“Look at the big thicc ass, you know she can handle a lot,” Tommy suggested to his partner.

The older man did just that, aided by the blonde pushing back against him as he worked his entire manhood in and out of her thick booty. Inch by inch he watched his lengthy dick disappear into her asshole, going deeper until his balls thumped against her thighs. A thought that Sara thought she’d never had occurred to her - her beloved father was balls deep in her ass. Well her dad’s doppelganger but that was splitting hairs.

“Tight ass,” Quentin groaned in delight. “Fucking perfect.”

Her father’s doppelganger continued to rail his dick into Sara with a steady medium speed, repeatedly gauging open her bowels and making her take 6 girthy inches all while the former assassin moaned and diddled her clit with her eyes closed. As Quentin maintained a steady thumping rhythm, Tommy kept getting his dick sucked but he leaned forward so one hand could go to Sara’s impressive bust, giving her breast a hearty squeeze while his other wrapped through her hair and onto her neck. Getting the hint, Sara stopped bobbing her lips down his shaft and instead left her mouth open wide. This allowed for Tommy to shove his hips forward and effective fuck Sara’s face.

“That's it. Take a cock from both ends,” Tommy commented while thrusting his dick against the back of Sara’s throat.

Quentin knew that the only way to keep two alpha males happy in a threesome was for neither of the men to be too greedy. Tommy had set the tone earlier by being the first in the blonde’s ass but pulling out after a few minutes and passing her booty to him. Therefore, knowing he only had a handful of seconds left, Quentin made them count. Rather than going for speed, the man who was her father on another Earth focused on power, drilling his entire length with as much force into her body.

“Gggwwwkkk...gwwkkkk,” Sara gagged as her throat had to open fully to take the dick in her mouth since her body was rocketed forward from the heavy thrust into her rectum.

Despite how much he was enjoying himself, Quentin couldn’t keep this type of fucking up for long. Therefore the older man delivered several more bone-crunching thrusts before burying his tool in the fit woman’s booty fully one last time. Reaching out for her arms, Quentin easily hoisted the girl back to standing upright, his dick still soaking in her tight ass as her booty ground against his pelvis.

“Come,” Tommy demanded, leading Sara not by the hand but by a handful of her silky golden hair. “Come sit on my dick.”

The pair walked the 10 steps to a sofa, the very one that Mia had fucked her own dad on only yesterday. Tommy laid down on the furniture before Sara was in motion, placing one knee on the sofa against the backrest while her other leg rested on the ground. As the White Canary lowered herself towards his lap, Tommy steered his dick back towards her asshole. Sara did some fine tuning with her body until she felt his wide cockhead plant against her ravished asshole then sat down far enough to engulf the first 3 inches of his shaft.

“Oh my God,” Sara cooed as she was joyfully full of cock again.

Sara felt as the eager man beneath her thrust up inside her, getting the entire 6 inches of manhood implanted in her bowels in no time. Tommy’s apartment was full of the noise of his full ball sack slapping against her firm ass as she repeatedly took him fully in her dirt road.

“Ride me,” Tommy demanded.

Sara didn’t argue, she only acted. Sitting more upright, the Waverider’s captain took the command and obeyed. With his hands on her hips, Sara drove up on his dick using muscles in her legs fine tuned from years of assassin training. It allowed her to keep up with the fast tempo that Tommy loved, thundering her firm ass down onto his lap before shooting up his length to repeat all over again.

As the curvy time traveler rode the dick in her ass, she was surprised that her mouth wasn’t getting filled with her father’s cock. Then again, it was probably due to the fact that it would bring Quentin’s dick within a foot of his partner’s face. Though they would both be fucking a gorgeous woman, the two men probably would find that too adverse for some strange reason to her.

“Ready for a turn,” Tommy called out to the older man.

Sara didn’t know where exactly Quentin’s dick was going to come from until she saw the shadow fall over her kneeling body. At that moment Tommy grabbed hold of her mighty firm ass and pulled up on her so that his dick shot from her ass and landed with a thud on his stomach. Quentin’s frame was standing at the edge of the sofa waiting, so the moment her asshole was free, the older man thrust his dick forward and watched it disappear fully into his daughter’s caboose.

“Get that dick back inside me,” Sara demanded mere seconds before her dad did exactly that. “Oh shit!”

Instantly Sara was back to the slower but thumping strokes into her ass from the man old enough to be her father...mostly because he was indeed her father. That wasn’t to say that Quentin wasn’t without skill, mainly because his powerful thrusts inside her still were smooth and derived small tendrils of pleasure in her brain. It helped he had a slimmer cock, however her dad knew how to work his flesh pole expertly.

This time Quentin didn’t manage the several hundred thrusts inside her ass before having to take a break. Though Sara’s asshole had loosened a lot since they started fucking her, and it came warmed up due to the thick butt plug courtesy of Gideon, she was still only human. Therefore Quentin could only manage another dozen powerful spikes of his lengthy dick into the White Canary before needing to pull out of her wide gaping butt in order to starve off his orgasm which was coming quicker with each time inside the blonde.

“Oh fuck! That’s it big boy,” Sara cooed as her bowels swelled with the other man’s pole.

The two detectives were like a well oiled machine. The moment Quentin had pulled out of her loosened bowels and stepped away from the booth, Tommy was already shoving his cock back inside Sara’s backdoor. She moaned her acceptance of the sodomy and added a rocking back onto her heels to help drive the smaller but wider dick fully into her booty.

“So this is what my sister was used to taking for years back on our Earth,” Sara thought before adding, “Lucky!”

Sara and Tommy worked like a team. Riding him with her hands on his chest, the curvy time traveler tilted her hips back and forth in a grinding motion while Tommy was responsible for thrusting. He was only able to use half his modest length but the combined efforts of both the former assassin and detective was enough to drive both their pleasure dials to maximum.

“Come here, girl,” Quentin grunted after watching his partner fuck the blonde with the thicc booty for another minute.

Sara, who was the captain of her time travelling crew and used to everyone obeying her every whim, was now as submissive as Felicity on her Earth. Pushing off the comfortable sofa, she was only on her feet long enough to let Tommy squirm away from beneath her before Sara climbed back on top on her hands and knees.

Almost at the same time both men entered the White Canary from either end. Quentin got his cock into her ass mere milliseconds before Sara’s mouth was filled with Tommy’s cock fresh from her booty. This time Sara just opened her mouth wide enough to take him in her mouth then pressed her lips against his tasty dick, then allowed the much older man to do all the work. Once again the two men worked in unison so that when Quentin delivered a thrust with his entire 7 inch cock into Sara’s asshole, Tommy did likewise in order to capitalize on the rocking forward her body was pitched into. This allowed his cock to poke the back of the blonde’s throat and make her spit up some extra saliva to make for a weeter and sloppier blowjob.

“Glllkk...gwwkkkk...ggllkkk,” Sara partialled gagged with every thrust. After another 30 seconds of the relentless pig roast, Tommy pulled out and allowed Sara to gulp down some fresh air. “Oh my God, this is so good! I can feel your balls on my clit!”

Since his partner wasn’t using her mouth to get sucked off, Quentin reached down and grabbed a handful of the long blonde hair. Sara got the hint as her hair was pulled back and came up so she was standing on her knees. It caused Quentin to slow his thrusting but it was as powerful as ever, but now her father could reached around and ass fuck his daughter while groping both her jiggling tits.

“Fuck! These are nice,” Quentin hissed through gritted teeth as he kneaded the pillowy globes.

“Thanks daddy,” Sara replied with confidence.

It seemed that clutching her firm tits re-invigorated her father’s doppelganger. Quentin seemed to increase his speed while still fucking her just as rough. Luckily he had saved this extra gear for when Sara’s backdoor was yawning as wide as ever so the curvy time traveler was up to the challenge.

“Holy Lord that’s deep,” Sara screamed under the anal bombardment. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck,” Quentin grunted with volume. “Take her back. Quick.”

Quentin had almost lost control and reached the point of no return but was smart enough to feel the signs early enough. Sara assumed that once the guy wearing her dad’s body vacated her asshole that Tommy would take it up right away but instead he pulled the fit blonde to her feet, spun her to face him then picked her up from her ass. With two handfuls of her bubbly but firm booty, the handsome man pressed his dick back into her wanting ass.

“Yes!” Sara cooed as she was instantly filled with half a foot of dick. “You get so much deeper now.”

With his hands on her ass, the middle-aged man bounced the sexy blonde up and down his pole. Tommy was happy he worked out daily but it also helped that the former assassin was so fiit as it allowed him to fuck the bouncing girl with medium speed but maximum depth. Sara wasn’t just holding on and allowing him to do all the work anyway as she used her impressive leg strength to bounce on his cock and get him repeatedly balls deep in her asshole.

Unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t as bodily aware as his more senior partner because he ignored the early warning signs of his pending orgasm and only became aware when it was too late to delay. Knowing he had mere seconds left to fuck the flexible woman, Tommy laid her down on the sofa once more but didn’t stop fucking her. Rather, he went even faster, aided by Sara spreading her legs inhumanly wide, and sodomized Sara for all he was worth for the time he had left.

“God damn. Cumming,” was all the warning Tommy gave.

Pulling out of her gaping asshole, Tommy leaned far over the couch and reached down for the blonde. With one hand on his throbbing cock and the other wrapping in Sara’s golden hair, Tommy got his dick back in the woman’s mouth one last time this evening. It seemed that the second her lips wrapped around his pole and started to bob, he lost the last of his willpower and started to cum.

“Jesus Christ,” Tommy hissed as he came. “Drink my fucking cum.”

Tommy felt the first energy-sapping shot of jizz leave his cock and explode right onto Sara’s tongue, letting his salty seed bath on her taste buds. Deciding he wanted to see her face covered in his spunk as well, Tommy pulled out from her talented mouth and let the next shot of cum to take the gorgeous woman square on the face. The ropey string landed on her right cheekbone and snaked towards her nose and upper lip while the two proceeding blasts landed on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek.

“Oh my God…so much cum,” Sara cooed, feeling the still warm streaks of goo on her skin.

Sara didn’t have a chance for further thought because at the moment that Tommy stepped his exhausted body away from her, Quentin was using his hands to flip her over onto her stomach. Apparently her dad loved doggy style because once more he reared her hips back so that the cum-covered woman had her booty up in the air. Quentin took the invitation and immediately went back into her ravaged asshole for a final time.

Quentin once more went to his familiar thumping style that he was all too aware that couldn't be maintained for long. It also wasn’t helping his staying power that the girl beneath him was verbally begging him to fuck her harder while wiggling her firm ass on his lap as well. Plus she kept calling him daddy, and the words just seemed right. Knowing that his energy was exhausted, Quentin ramped up his fucking power and delivered another handful of thrusts before he was spent.

“Cum for me daddy. Right in my slutty ass.” Sara begged.

This time when Quentin felt the usual tingle in his brain that his orgasm was imminent, he steered towards it. With another handful of strong thrusts forward that rocked the very fit woman to and fro on the sofa beneath, he was ready to explode. Reaching down and holding onto her hips to steady Sara, Quentin slammed forward harder than ever before then left his cock buried deep inside his daughter.

Sara couldn’t help but scream out at the last thumping thrust into her rectum. However, a moment later she felt what had to be a half-dozen strings of warm jizz land a good 7 inches deep in her bowels before the older man pulled his already softening cock from her for the last time.

“Jesus,” Quentin groaned as he stumbled back several feet.

“My thoughts exactly,” Sara laughed, cum still coating her face and beginning to leak from her ass.

Before Sara could recover and ask for the answer to her questions, Tommy gave his partner a look. Quentin interrupted it correctly and pulled out his gun, which was closeby. With Sara’s back to him, her father wound his arm back and cracked the butt of the gun against her skull. Instantly Sara felt an explosion of pain in the back of her head before her vision then white then she knew no more...


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