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Big Bang Theory-Decorating the Tree
« on: December 12, 2018, 01:09:22 PM »
Big Bang Theory-Decorating the Tree

(fictional story about fictional characters)

    Leonard and Penny were on their way home from dropping his roommate Dr. Sheldon Cooper off at the airport.  Sheldon had been forced by CalTech to use some of his accrued vacation time, so he had decided to fly back to Texas to visit his family (especially his beloved MeeMaw) during the holiday season.  Penny and Leonard were excited at the prospect of having some "alone" time; and some "without-Sheldon" time because had been especially annoying lately...even more so than usual.  Suddenly Penny had an inspiration: "let's pick up a tree and have a decorating party."

    "That's a great idea," Leonard agreed, "having Sheldon gone is enough to celebrate, but your idea legitimizes it.  We can invite our friends...and ask them to bring an ornament for the tree."

    "Ooo, ooo, I know," Penny giggled excitedly, "we can ask everyone to bring a DVD of their favorite holiday movie, and a blanket, and make it an all night party."

    "Yeah, and ask them to chip in with something to drink or eat," Leonard suggested.  Penny was already sending texts to their friends when Leonard spied a Christmas tree lot and pulled over.

    By the time they had dragged the five foot Fraser Fir up the three flights of stairs to Apartment 4A, Leonard was ready to pull out his inhaler, "give me five minutes and we'll put the tree in the stand so it will be all ready for tomorrow night."  It took them about an hour to get the tree straight in the tree-stand and Leonard remarked, "you know this would have really annoyed me except for three magic words...Sheldon's not here !"

    "I know," Penny agreed, sitting on the floor looking up at the bare tree, "he would have set there in his spot and given directions the whole time without ever lifting a finger...we deserve this break."

    Sitting around their table in the lunchroom at CalTech the next day, Leonard and his friends were discussing the tree decorating party.  "So Sheldon won't be there," Raj Koothrappali asked.

    "Nope, he's in Texas," Leonard assured him.

    "That's good...he's been super annoying lately," Raj offered.

    "I know...I don't know what his problem is," Leonard said.

    "It's funny...I haven't noticed a difference," Howard Wolowitz stated, "he's always super annoying.  So who's coming tonight?"

    "Well, besides you guys and Bernadette, we invited Stuart and Penny invited Will Wheaton, since they're working on that movie together."

    "Oh right...Serial Apeist 2," Howard spoke up, "can't wait to see it."

    "There's no shower scene in this one," Leonard informed him with a stern look.

    "Damn," Howard pouted.

    As they were talking, Barry Kripke walked by and overheard their conversation, "pah-ty...did I hear something about a pah-ty...what time should I be they-ah."    The three friends just looked at each other speechless as Barry added, "they-ah might be some avai-wabah time on the new compu-tah for my f-wiends ."

    Howard was the first to speak: "Christmas tree trimming party at Leonard's tonight.  Bring an ornament, a holiday movie and some food...it might be an all-nighter...oh and Sheldon is away." 

    Leonard just glared at Howard as Kripke answered, "I'wah be they-ah...no Coo-pah...too bad...what about his femawah f-wend."

    "No, Amy took advantage of Sheldon's trip to go visit her mother," Raj informed him.

    "Why did you do that," Leonard wanted to know when Kripke had gone.

    "Hey, free time on the super-computer," Howard replied, "it doesn't hurt to have that favor in the bank for future use...besides, he's not that bad...he makes me look good."

    Leonard and Penny went all out for the tree trimming party, even buying a four foot sub sandwich that they cut up into small lengths.  Penny had picked up two gallons of Lactaid eggnog so that even Leonard could partake of the holiday classic; along with three bottles of rum to spike it.  "That's the only reason anyone ever drinks eggnog," she explained, "without the rum it's horrible."  Bags of chips and bowls of onion dip were placed on the kitchen counter along with the ubiquitous clear plastic tumblers adorned with red and green holly prints.  She had not been pleased when Leonard told her that Kripke was coming: "he's just sooo creepy...worse than Howard, especially since he started dating Bernadette."

    "Hey, don't blame me," Leonard explained, "save your wrath for Howard...he's the sycophant...always kissing up.  There's only one person I kiss up to," and he grinned from ear to ear.

    "Yeah that's right, and don't you ever change," Penny laughed as she playfully slapped his butt.  "Nice jammies, by the way," she complimented him.  Everyone had texted back and forth and finally agreed to wear comfy, festive pajamas to the over-nighter.  Leonard's were a Christmas Star Wars flannel that she had given him as an early gift.  Penny had chosen an over-sized Grinch t-shirt over black leggings.

    Leonard had noticed that her ample breasts were wobbling freely every time she moved, her gumrop nipples threatening to poke through the material, and asked, "I know you wanted to be comfortable, but I have to know...are you completely commando?"

    "Play your cards right, my little Ewok, and you'll find out," she winked.

    Unfortunately, Barry Kripke was the first to show up and when he took off his coat he revealed his black satin pajamas.  The disconcerting thing was that the bottoms were shorts, and there was just something uncomfortable about his pasty white legs. Penny couldn't help notice that there was no definition to them; they were just straight up and down.  "Hey Wen-ard...wookin' good Penny," he announced, "I bwought a bottle of wum."

    "Woo hoo, we're drowning in rum," Penny exclaimed, "what movie did you bring."

    "Bad Santa," he smiled, "nothing says Cwistmas like stwippahs and midgets.

    "I believe they prefer Little People," Penny offered.

    "Hey when they gwow up they can make the wules," Kripke chuckled at his attempt at a joke.  He immediately plopped down in Sheldon's spot on the sofa and began to stare at Penny's chest as her breasts flopped around inside her t-shirt.  Luckily, almost instantly, Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Stuart came through the door.  It was obvious that satin or silk was the choice of material for the overnight party.  Howard and Bernadette had shared two pair of pj's; one red and the other green.  Howard was wearing the green top and red bottoms, and Bernadette was of course the reverse...they really looked cute.

    Removing any doubt, Howard stated, "they're real silk...they feel so sexy against the skin."  Penny thought that was obvious because, even though she was wearing a bra of some kind, Bernadette's nipples were clearly visible.

    "We brought a veggie platter to munch on and some OJ and vodka," Bernedette squeaked, "covered all bases."

    "Thanks," Penny took the tray, "what movies did you pick?"

    "I have my all-time favorite:" It's A Wonderful Life," Bernie said, "and Howie...well, you tell 'em."

    "Die Hard," Howard grinned, "and before you say anything...it IS a Christmas movie...remember the Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza."

    "He's got you there," Leonard high-fived Howard, "great movie."

    Penny almost giggled when she saw Raj...he reminded her of old pictures she had seen of Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.  He, of course, had dark red silk (she was going to assume they were silk and not satin) pajamas under what could only be described as an old fashioned "smoking jacket" tied with a belt, just like "Hef" used to wear. Seeing the stifled look on her face, Raj spoke up, "these are genuine Indian silk...my Mommy sent them to me. They are soooo smooth."  Placing a Costco bag on the counter, Raj told them , "I brought a couple boxes of microwave popcorn...both buttered, and kettle...and a bottle of rum."

    Stuart sheepishly put a paper bag on the counter and when Leonard looked inside it contained about a half-dozen red and white swirled peppermint sticks...the really thick, heavy kind.  They were about a foot long and at least an inch thick.  He was sure they had been in a Star Wars cup on Stuart's counter at the comic book shop for sale last Christmas for a dollar apiece, but everyone knew business hadn't been very good at the shop so no one cared if Stuart brought anything or not. Leonard emptied them out on the counter and declared, "thanks Stuart...very festive.  Did you bring a movie?"

    Producing  a DVD from the pocket of his coat, it read A Very Smurfy Christmas, and everyone laughed (in a nice way...not derisively).   "It's a classic," Stuart announced smiling, "99 cents in the Walmart bargain bin."

    "Very nice Stuart," Bernadette told him, "Penny, what movies did you and Leonard pick?"

    Penny held up a copy of the true classic Holiday Inn and said, "hey, it's got a farm in it...reminds me of home."  Leonard tossed a DVD of Elf onto the coffee table.

    "Ooo, I see where you can relate," Howard teased.

    "May I remind you that when I stand next to you and Bernadette, I feel like a giant," Leonard teased right back.

    "Really...a half inch taller," Howard joked.

    "Still taller," Leonard added.

    "He makes up for it in other areas," Penny mumbled, having already sampled from the pitcher of spiked eggnog.  Leonard stuck his tongue out at Howard and kissed Penny on the cheek, "thank you."

    There was a knock on the door and Wil Wheaton entered carrying a Costco bag, "sorry I'm late.  I was at the store getting a bottle of rum when I saw a couple buying a copy of Stand By Me, from the bargain bin if you can believe it, and of course they fawned all over me and wanted my autograph."

    "Seriously, they recognized you," Raj inquired.

    "They did after I told them who I was and showed them my driver's license," he chuckled.

    "Oh, the price of fame," Leonard quipped.

    "Hey I brought a real treat," Wil continued, "I transferred a copy of the old Star Wars television Christmas special from VHS to DVD...it's great."

    "Oh, I remember that...it was so baddd," Raj cut in and everyone laughed.

    "Well everyone help yourself to the sandwich and everything," Penny exclaimed, we have enough eggnog to float a boat, so let's get that naked tree decorated."  For the next hour everyone ate, drank and hung ornaments while It's A Wonderful Life played in the background.

    Leonard's laptop buzzed and he remarked, "someone's on Skype."
    He opened it and there was the familiar face of his roommate.  "Hello Leonard," Sheldon began, "I bet you are pleasantly surprised to see me."

    "Well you're half right," Leonard answered, "what's up."

    "I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to pick me up at the airport tomorrow.  Everyone here is begging me to stay another day...you know...life of the party...so I have graciously decided to stay," Sheldon informed him. "Who am I to deprive these people of my company; although I know you must miss me."

    Penny moved in front of the camera and asked, "hey Sheldon, Merry Christmas...how is Texas?"

    "Oh well, you know...the home of beer and guns...you would be right at home," he told her.  Seeing everyone in the background, Sheldon asked, "are you having a party without me there...aren't you just the best."

    "A tree trimming party," Wil butted in, "hey Sheldon."

    "Wil Wheaton is there," Sheldon commented, "did you hang my special ornament."

    "Yes Sheldon," Leonard told him, "Penny hung it herself," and he turned the laptop so Sheldon could see the tree.

    "I don't see it," he admitted.

    Penny went over to the tree and plucked the bust of Albert Einstein from the back of the tree and exclaimed, "see...right here near the top where you like it."

    "Hmmm...I guess I can move it when I get home...along with all that tinsel," Sheldon mused.  "You invited Barry Kripke," he asked when the laptop panned around the room.

    "Hey Coopah,  Mewwy Cwistmas...go suck eggs," Kripke spoke into the lens.

    "Well I have to go," Sheldon told everyone, "dinner is ready...no doubt something barbequed.  Merry Christmas to all."

    In unison, everyone yelled, "Merry Christmas," and Leonard closed his laptop.

    "Guess who's sleeping late tomorrow," Leonard announced.

    "Me," they all shouted and pumped their fists into the air.  When the tree was all decorated, they all stood back and Leonard held his phone as they all counted down: "five-four-three-two-one," and he tapped the icon which triggered the wi-fi switch to turn on the tree lights.  "Oooo, ahhh," everyone cooed as the lights blazed.

    "All LEDs," he confirmed, "they are more brilliant and more energy efficient."

    "TMI-too much information," Penny told him, "all I need to know is they're pretty.  Hey let's watch a movie and get comfy," she suggested while retrieving a full pitcher of rum/eggnog and carefully filling everyone's glasses. Howard leaped from the sofa, grabbed his movie and inserted it into the machine.  "Oh, not Die Hard," Penny objected, "it's not Christmasy."

    "Ooo, I have an idea," Raj spoke up, "let's play a game."

    Everyone groaned loudlytogether, "not one of your games."

    "Thanks for the vote of confidence," Raj frowned, "no, not one of my made-up games...a drinking game.  Every time someone shoots a gun we all have to take a drink."

    They all agreed and Howard pushed the start button.  Raj made a few bags of microwave popcorn as the film began and everyone got comfortable either on a chair or nestled on the floor in a blanket or sleeping bag.  Since they were the hosts, Leonard gave up his chair to Raj, and Wil claimed Penny's, as they lay on top of a double sleeping bag. Howard, Bernadette and Kripke were on the sofa and Stuart had pulled Sheldon's computer chair around to face the TV.  Needless to say, by the end of Die Hard, everyone was pretty well shit-faced.

    "Man, that was fun," Will slurred his words, "what's next."

    "Smurfs," Bernadette squealed in her high pitched voice, "I love the Smurfs...remember Howie and I dressed up as the Smurfs for Stuart's Halloween party."

    "Yeah...Smurfs," Howard agreed, " and we have to drink every time one of them says the word Smurfy."  Penny had mixed another pitcher of of "rumnog" and the screen lit up with little blue creatures.  About half way through, Leonard started rubbing her ass through her leggings, trying to do so surreptitiously, but everyone noticed.  Howard and Bernadette began to caress each others thighs, their hands gliding along the slippery surface of their silk pjs.  Watching the couples was making everyone horny, and tents began to sprout under their pajamas.

    At the conclusion of A Very Smurfy Christmas, Wil declared, "holy shit they said Smurfy  a shit-load of times.  By now everyone was taking turns visiting the bathroom and grabbing some munchies as they tried to decide what to watch next.

    "Bad Santa," Kripke suggested, "it's vewy Chwistmasy...and it's got stwippahs."  Raj slipped the disc into the player and everyone got comfortable again.

    "You know, Raj volunteered, "I bet the two women right here would put those strippers to shame."

    Turning and laying on her back, Penny responded, "thank you Raj...I bet we would too."

    "Yeah...darn right," Bernadette agreed as she arose from the couch and began to suggestively sway her wide hips.

    She had gotten everyone's attention and Howard encouraged her, "you go Bernie...shake that booty."   Bernadette was so inebriated that she nearly tripped over Leonard's sleeping bag, but she responded to the claps and whistles of her friends by slowly unbuttoning the festive red pj top until she reached the bottom.  Taking turns flashing the right and left halves and giving everyone a glimpse of her lacy bra, she twirled slowly and carefully, her head spinning from the rum.  "Go Bernie," Howard yelled, and she let the silky top slip down her shoulders and off.  Pausing only a second, Bernadette reached in front of her and unclasped her red bra, dropping her hands and letting the straps slide down her arms revealing her absolutely huge breasts.

    "Merry Christmas," Wil shouted as her giant tits flopped against her chest.  No question they were DD with light brown areola and jellybean sized pink tips. She began to maul her breasts, squeezing and pushing them together while her audience hooted and clapped.

    Pinching her pink buds, Bernadette moaned, "wow am I horny."  She hoooked her thumbs into the waistband of her green bottoms and bent forward while very slowly lowering them over her ample butt cheeks.  All the while shaking her ass, making the cheeks quiver, she finally pushed the silky material over her cheeks and just let them drop to the floor.  Suddenly Bernadette was completely naked, having gone without panties.

    "Now that's a stwippah," Kripke yelled as Bernadette stood straight and twirled around.

    "Wow...look at those tits," Wil chimed in, "shake 'em baby."

    Bernadette, loving the praise, did just that.  Her body swayed and jerked as her breasts flopped up and down, slapping against her skin.

    "Oh my God...you slut," Penny screamed, "is that a piercing I see."

    Everyone stared, and sure enough there was a tiny gold ring hanging from Bernadette's long fleshy left labia.  Her pussy lips were incredibly long and were accentuated by the thin blonde landing-strip of pubic hair above her slit.  "Oh that...yeah a souvenir of a drunken sorority party," she confided, "Howie loves it.  Hey...get up here girlfriend...let's see what you got."

    "Woo hoo...two is bettah than one," Kripke encouraged Penny.

    Penny was already sitting on the sleeping bag, pulling her leggings off over her amazing legs as she mumbled, "can't strip with these on...I'll fall and break my neck."  Standing by Bernadette, Penny began to shake and sway her sexy hips, matching her friend's moves.  Wasting no time, she grasped the bottom of her Grinch t-shirt and swiftly yanked it up and over her head.  There were gasps in the room as her totally nude body was revealed and Leonard's question was answered: she had gone totally commando.

    "Oh my Gawd," Kripke exuded, "you aahh one wucky bastud Hofstadteh."

    "I'll second that," Stuart agreed, "but most people who aren't me, are."

    "Penny, you are just exquisite," Wil offered,  "kudos to you Leonard."

    Penny glanced at Leonard and he had a grin from one ear to the other as he winked at her.  This was all the acknowledgement she needed as she began a classic bump and grind with Bernadette.  Her body was indeed exquisite, her breasts a full 36C as they wobbled on her chest.  Her rosy pink areola were elliptical and capped by dark pink nipples the size of gumdrops.  Her wonderful tits stuck straight out from her chest with just a hint of sag as she shook them to and fro.  Getting into a rhythm, they began to bounce in a circular motion and were quite hypnotic.  Two perfectly round and firm ass cheeks topped her absolutely magnificent long legs, and when she twirled, everyone could see that her mound was as bald as a baby's.  Her slit resembled a coin slot between two peach halves, perfectly displayed by her thigh gap. Cupping her unparalleled mounds of flesh in her hands, she presented them to her mouth one by one and flicked her tongue out like a snake, licking and nibbling them.  There was not a soft prick in the room.
    Both women were of a competitive nature, and they started to get more risque with their moves, as if trying to best each other.  Bernadette spread her short legs, reached down and tugged on her labia ring, stretching her left lip to almost three inches.  Catcalls and whistles greeted her display and Penny was thinking of a way to top her.  Leonard had been licking one of Stuart's giant peppermint sticks and Penny quickly snatched it away.  Licking the stick in a very suggestive manor, she closed her lips around the red and white swirled candy and began to simulate a blow-job; sliding it in and out of her mouth.  As if this was not enough, she bent her knees and squatted; slowly bringing the thick rod down to her crotch.

    Using one hand to run her fingers up and down her slit, causing her glistening lips to protrude, Penny very slowly started to insert the festive stick up into her cunt.  As it penetrated her opening, she leaned her head back and moaned, "mmmmm."  Standing in the middle of the room, she began to fuck herself with the candy pole, smearing red dye  all over her plump pussy lips.

    "Oh my Gawd," Kripke shouted as he shoved his shorts down and began to masturbate. the women couldn't help notice that his prick was quite short, maybe five inches, but as thick as a soda can.

    "You go girl," Howard encouraged Penny, and Bernadette knew she had to reciprocate or lose this imaginary contest.  She grabbed two rum bottles from the counter and sat back on the sofa, spreading her legs as wide as possible. With absolutely no foreplay, Bernadette began to slide the neck of one bottle into her sphincter, easing it past her muscle ring and up her brown hole.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats as she grasped the other bottle and slid it back and forth against her juicy labia...the fat bottom end, not the neck.

    "A little help Howie," she requested and as if it had been rehearsed, Howard leanded over and used the middle and forefingers of each hand to grasp her elongated pussy lips and spread them wide.  It was amazing how wide her hole had become, as everyone in the room looked up her pink tunnel.  Very gently, at first, she  gripped the bottle and twisted the bottom against her opening, making sure it was well lubricated by her secretions. With the neck of the first bottle still embedded in her rectum, Bernadette slowly twisted the glass dildo and pushed against her wide open cunt.

    Like one of Howard's magic tricks, the thick glass began to disappear up into Bernadette's pussy until about four inches had penetrated her.  "Howy shit," Kripke exclaimed, still stroking his meat, "I've aways hood that tiny women have the biggest cunts...it's twue."

    Bernadette leaned back on the sofa, twisting the bottle inside her pussy and declared, "if you boys don't start losing your clothes pretty damn soon, we're putting our clothes back on." Never had so many pajama pieces flew in so many directions at such a furious p[ace, until everyone in the apartment was stark naked...except that for some reason all six males still had their socks on.  Bernadette chuckled to herself, "it must be some kind of unwritten rule."

    Sliding the candy stick out of her pussy, Penny added, "that's right...what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander...that's Nebraska farm talk."  Extending her hand holding the moist peppermint rod, she offered, "would anyone like a taste."  All the men lunged for the juicy candy, but Raj grabbed it, even while falling forward, tripping over the pajama bottoms around his ankles. Laughing at his awkwardness, Penny exclaimed, "holy crap on a cracker Raj...has your cock always been that big."

    It was immense, at least eleven inches long and as thick as her wrist. with a large purple crown.  It swung between his legs like a pendulum and he replied, "since I was about fifteen...it's embarrassing.  Oh my...this is the best candy ever."

    "Embarrassing my ass," Penny joked, "you get over here right now...I want to suck on your candy."  She dropped to her knees, grasped his huge tool with her farm-girl man-hands and gently flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting his pre-cum. "Have you been eating curry again," she inquired as his secretion actually tasted spicy.

    Looking down at the face of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, as his hard-on slipped through her lips, Raj replied, "ordinarily I would say that was a racist comment...but given the circumstances...who cares."  Penny managed to suck him deep into her throat and Raj leaned his head back and groaned, "oh my that feels so good."

    Not the slightest bit jealous due to the incredible amount of rum he had ingested, Leonard proudly proclaimed, "she is the best cocksucker in the universe."  He knelt behind his gorgeous girlfriend, reached around and began to knead her wonderful tits, trapping and pinching her gumdrops between his fingers.  He knew she took great pride in her ability to give head and he leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "you are the most beautiful girl in the galaxy and I love you....oh, and I'm going to fuck you so hard later."

    He heard her mumble, her mouth full of meat, "my muve mu too," as she fondled Raj's scrotum.  Penny withdrew Raj's saliva covered prick and lay in on her chest between her marvelous tits, squeezing them together around his rod as she kneeled on the sleeping bag.  Raj began to slide his prodigious meat up and down between her wonderful mounds, fucking her tits.  With each upstroke, Penny would lick his tip, cleaning the drops of pre-cum. Leonard was nibbling on her earlobe and neck, knowing that it drove her crazy.  She looked up into Raj's eyes and seductively asked, "how would you like to fuck me with that giant."

    Speechless, Raj just violently nodded his head in the affirmative as he watched Penny lay back on the sleeping bag and spread her legs obscenely wide. She was absolutely gorgeous and she was begging him to fuck her.  He nestled between her incredible long legs and rubbed his huge crown up and down her wet slit.  Nudging his purple monster against her opening, Raj pushed forward until his head broke through her slit and penetrated her pussy. "Mmmm," Penny moaned as she felt her lips surround his rod. Looking down, she watched as he tantalizingly slowly pushed into her. He was stretching her hole farther than it had ever been and she wanted it all...now.  "Holy shit Raj...jam that fucking cock into me...stretch my fucking hole with that huge fucking cock...fuck me Raj...fuck me."

    He had never been more aroused and Raj shoved forcefully forward, burying his monstrous cock up into Penny's belly, his crown bumping against her cervix.  "Oh my God, Raj...fuck me...fuck me...stretch my little cunt," she begged. Raj tried to think of anything; how hot it was in India...his job at the university...anything to prolong this moment.  Penny's cunt muscles were gripping his pole, trying to milk it as he slid in and out of her juicy hole.  "Your cock is so fucking big...fuck me...fuck me harder," she urged.  Her marvelous tits had flattened out on the sides of her chest and were bouncing back and forth as he slammed into her hole.

    Leonard just sat back and watched Raj's giant cock splitting his girlfriend's pussy wide open and seeing how much she was enjoying it.  He always wanted her to be this happy and he leaned over and began to chew on her gumdrop nipples. Raj couldn't believe he was fucking the girl of his wet dreams...and it was even better than he had imagined...her pussy was so tight.  The longer Raj fucked her, the more Penny wanted to be fucked...she craved having her pussy filled with hard meat.  Wrapping her legs around Raj's waist and locked her ankles together, attempting to draw more of his cock inside her, she implored him, "fuck me harder...fuck me...cum in me...fill my pussy."

    Raj couldn't hold out any longer and slammed his massive cock up into Penny's belly, grinding his pelvis into hers. He began to pump his seed into her hole, filling her with his hot cum.  "Oh my God...cum in me baby...fill me up...fill my fucking cunt," she urged, grinding her mound against him.

    Raj was in absolute Nirvana as he pumped into Penny's pussy.  He had dreamed so many times of having his cock inside her and shooting his load up her womb. Even though he was not a Christian, all he could think of was, "Merry Christmas to me."

    Penny unlocked her shapely legs as Raj sat back and watched his shriveling snake slide out of her slippery opening, still just a trace of red food coloring above her slit. "Well what are you boys waiting for, a written invitation; I need cock," she implored the men in the room who were all standing around with their tools in their hands.

    Watching Penny perform with Raj, Bernadette knew she had to lift her game and she yelled at Barry, "Kripke...get that soda can over here and stuff it in my pussy right now."  Sometimes Howard lovingly called her "the Little General" and the alcohol only made her more bossy. Tossing the rum bottles aside Bernadette stood up and pointed for Barry to take her place on the couch.  Straddling his shapeless body, her opening still wide from the glass, she lowered her little body down and easily took his fat prick into her pussy until she was sitting on his lap.

    "Oh that's hot," Kripke groaned, "wike a steaming oven."  Bracing her hands on the back of the sofa, Bernadette began to bounce up and down on his lap, enjoying the feel of his wide cock.  Her mammoth tits flopped up and down, slapping against her chest like two large water balloons.  It took two hands, but Kripke managed to corral one of the fleshy milk bags and started to sloppily lick all around her areola. It was great, she was fucking him and he didn't have to exert any effort at all. Biting down, maybe too hard, on her jelly bean made her groan.

    Looking around the room, Bernadette called out, "hey comic book boy, get your pasty skinned ass over here and stick that dick up my ass."  She raised her generous rump in the air and thrust it back to make it more accessible, managing to keep Kripke inside her pussy. Stuart grinned like never before and rushed to the sofa, his slender six inch prick in his hand.  Leaning her head on Kripke's shoulder, Bernadette reached back with her tiny hands and spread her ample cheeks, giving Stuart a perfect target. Standing behind her, Stuart began to wedge his crown against her sphincter ring, pushing steadily forward.

    With surprisingly little effort, Stuart shoved his cock all the way up Bernadette's ass, joining Kripke inside her pudgy little body.  "She loves it up the ass," Howard admitted as he watched her wriggle her butt against Stuart, "I think it's her favorite."  Sex wasn't a regular occurrence for Stuart and he started to thrust in and out of her ass as fast as he could.  Reaching around her body, he grabbed handfuls of her tit flesh and squeezed as hard as he dared

    "That's the way Stuart...be a man...shove that cock up my ass," Bernadette ordered as she bounced up and down on Kripke's prick.  She loved the feeling of having both holes filled and pushed back against Stuart every time Kripke thrust up into her. Every time Stuart slammed into her asshole, her generous cheeks would ripple and very gingerly he began to spank her.  "Oh yeah, slap my ass...make it glow," Bernadette urged, "I love that."  Stuart started to strike her flesh harder and harder until her cheeks were bright red.  "Yesss...yesss...shove those cocks into me."  She reached around Kripke's neck and hugged him to her body, nearly smothering him with her mammoth breasts.

    Grinding her groin against his he could feel her cunt muscles contracting as she came around his thick rod.  "Ohhh yesss," Bernadette squealed as she reached her climax.  Kripke couldn't hold back either as her muscles strangled his prick, and he unloaded into her pussy. Stuart was no match for her contractions either and he immediately began to pump his pent up seed deep inside her asshole.  When he was done, it was as if Stuart's whole body was melting as he slipped out of her ass and sat down on the blanket he had brought.  He hadn't expected sex...he never expected sex, and he was delirious with satisfaction.

    Kripke was less gracious: "you weah good honey...Howawd is one wucky guy."  Bernadette just glared at him as she grabbed a pajama top off the floor that she was pretty sure was Barry's and wiped her crotch with it.  They both got up and went into the kitchen area for a "rumnog" refill.

    "Come on," Penny wiggled her forefinger at Wil and Howard, "are you just going to stand there all night...I need to be fucked."  Her mind was working overtime as the actress in her took over...she wanted to out-perform her friend Bernadette.

    Wil was worried that having sex might affect their acting relationship, and Penny assured him, "of course it will...you'll have the best memories of anybody on the set."  She pointed for Howard to lay down on the sleeping bag beside her. When he was flat on his back with his six inch "hot dog" pointed straight up at the ceiling, Penny kneeled, straddling his skinny body, facing toward his feet.  Raising up on her knees she reached down between her legs, grasped his slender rod and guided it to her slit as Raj's cum dribbled out of her hole and coated his crown. Swiftly she sat on Howard's lap, his prick disappearing up her hole.

    She had just been stretched by Raj, so she barely felt Howard's relatively small dick.  Leaning back against Howard's nearly concave chest, she reached down with both hands and used her fingers to spread her labia farther apart while nodding to Wil to join them.
    Wil crawled on his knees up between their spread legs, marveling at Penny's incredible nude body and puzzled by her expectations, asked for some clarification, "you mean...."

    "That's right," Penny assured him, "I want you both in my pussy.  Do you have a problem with that."

    "Oh hell no," Wil reassured her, "as long as I'm in that beautiful cunt."

    He possessed a nice seven incher; not as thick as Leonard's (her favorite), but a nice size with a large head.  Lubrication was not a problem, as she had never been more wet.  Wil nudged his crown against her slit, the underside of his tool against the top of Howard's, and began to push forward.  He couldn't believe his luck...he had lusted after her since seeing her wearing the tiniest of bikinis on the set of Serial Apeist 2.  What a fucking hot body she had and he couldn't wait to fuck her.  Bracing his hands on the floor on either side of them, Wil shoved his hard-on up into Penny's hot cunt until his balls slapped against Howard's. "God your pussy is hot...it's like it's on fire," he groaned as he kept pushing even after he had bottomed out.

    Wil began to thrust in and out of her cunt in unison with Howard who shoved upward into her hole.  The sensation of being fucked simultaneously by two cocks was indescribable as Penny moaned, "ohhh yesss...fuck my little hole...jam those fucking cocks into my cunt."  She couldn't help but think, "I'd like to see Bernadette top this." The two cocks were acting like one really thick prick as they slid in and out of her juicy hole, scraping against every nerve ending in her tunnel. Wil gazed down at her breasts as they giggled against the sides of her chest and they were like magnets to his hands.  Soft and warm, her flesh was just as silky as he had anticipated. He couldn't believe his luck as he thrust his cock up into her pussy, almost violently.

    Howard was meeting Wil's pace, stroke for stroke. Finally he was fucking Penny, after dreaming about it for so many years, and her cunt was just as wonderful as he had imagined. He actually had his cock buried in Penny's pussy and all he could think about was jamming it into her as hard as he could. Wil was tweaking both her gumdrop nipples simultaneously as his rod rubbed against her clit and Penny squealed, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...shove those fucking cocks into me."  Her body writhed as she groaned, "holy fucking shit I love cock."

    Leonard crouched down between her legs to watch the two cocks stretching her hole, her juices drooling down over Howard's scrotum.  He wondered if there was something wrong with him for being turned on by watching his girlfriend, who he loved with all his heart, getting fucked by two cocks.  "Cum in me...I need it now...fill my cunt," Penny begged as her cunt muscles went into a spasm, triggering both Howard and Wil to shove up into her hole as hard as they could.

    "Oh shit," Howard exclaimed as he began to pump his load up into Penny's belly.  He had dreamed of this and he jammed his rod up into her as far as he could, not wanting to waste a single drop.

    Wil sat back on his heels, shooting his seed up into the most beautiful body he had ever seen, mesmerized by the sight of her cunt being stretched so wide. "I can't believe that shmuck Leonard," he thought, "getting to fuck this incredible body every night."

    Feeling her pussy being filled with their hot fluid, Penny's body twitched and jerked when she reached down and trapped her swollen clit between her thumb and forefinger, viciously pinching it. "Oh my God...that feels so fucking good...shove those fucking cocks in me."

    Bernadette had already thought of a way to top Penny's performance when she took hold of Leonard's prick and led him to the sofa.  "Sit," she ordered, "very nice, by the way, now I know why Penny settled down to just one guy."  Leonard's hard-on was about eight inches in length, but as thick as a soda can and her tiny fingers did not come close to closing around it. She backed up between his legs until she was hovering over his pole, and let the remainder of Stuart's cum drip out of her rectum onto Leonard's bulbous crown. Reaching between her legs,Bernadette held his rod in place as she lowered her ample ass down onto his lap, his head poised at her sphincter ring.  Grinding her butt, she rotated her pelvis until Leonard's log slipped through her opening and into her brown tunnel.

    "Oh yeah," she moaned as she began to sit down in his lap, his large cock penetrating deep up into her asshole. "I love a cock in my ass," she mumbled, and then, "Howie, get over here...you know what I want...and bring a stick of that candy."  While Howard was unwrapping the giant peppermint stick, Bernadette hooked her arms under her knees and leaned back against Leonard's hairy chest, spreading her legs wide and letting everyone see her stretched out asshole.  Howard stood between their legs and presented his "hot dog" to her sphincter, pressing his tip against Leonard's prick.  Struggling he pushed forcefully forward trying to gain entrance to her already full butt.  Finally his slender dick slid into her hole along side Leonard's and he shoved until he was gully inside.  "Holy shit," murmured Bernadette as she released her legs.

    "Hoowy shit...two up the ass...that is one waunchy bitch," Kripke shouted.  And Bernadette wasn't finished: with two cocks up her ass, using both hands to grasp it, she easily slid the peppermint stick up into her pussy and began to vigorously fuck herself with it. Mixing with her own juices and Kripke's load, the peppermint rod was coating her elongated lips with red dye, making it look like her cunt was on fire. As Howard and Leonard thrust up into her stretched asshole, everyone was watching the way her pussy lips clung to the sticky stalk as it slid in and out of her hole.

    "Holy crap," Bernadette yelled, "stretch my fucking ass...shove those cocks in there;"  all the while never missing a stroke with the dwindling candy stick as it dissolved in her steamy tunnel.

    Having hydrated with some "rumnog," Penny asked Raj, "do you remember the forward-facing-dog position?"   Sometimes when he was between girlfriends, and depressed, he would come over to Penny's apartment and practice yoga with her.  It took him a minute to answer her because he couldn't stop staring at her incredible nude body, glistening with a fine sheen pf perspiration...she was perfection.  Finally he shook his head, clearing the cobwebs, and nodded in the affirmative.  "Well, how would you like to practice,"as she stretched out on the floor, face down and raised up on her hands and toes in a push-up type position.  Getting behind her as she spread her legs, Raj grasped her long, shapely legs in his hands and wrapped his arms around them as he advanced between her thighs.

    It looked like they were playing the old kids game where one person was a human- wheelbarrow. Penny squeezed her legs together against Raj's body, freeing up his hand so he could aim his giant cock between her protruding lips.  Wedging the immense crown into her slit, Raj again grasped her silky legs and began to walk forward, penetrating her wet pussy as he advanced.  Feeling his monstrous cock invading her tunnel, Penny gasped, "oh God that feels good."  She nearly lost her balance as he slid his hands up to her thighs and buried the entire length of his hard pole up into her belly.  "Fuck me Raj...fuck my little cunt...oh my God that's good."  He began to slide his huge meat in and out of her juicy hole, watching her fleshy lips grip it as it slid in and out.  "Oh God, Raj...stuff my fucking cunt." All Penny could think of was how much she loved having her cunt stuffed with a huge cock...she absolutely loved being fucked.

    Wil stood in front of her watching the spectacle and dropped to his knees, waving his hard-on in her face.  Tipping her head back as far as possible, Penny instinctively opened her mouth and let him slide his meat between her lips.  With her long blonde hair cascading down around her face, Wil thought she looked like an angel sucking his cock. Taking him deep down her throat, her teeth were scraping his rod as her body shook while Raj slammed into her pussy. It took all her strength to stay propped up on her hands and she wanted to coax Wil to cum quickly.  Using her tongue to lick the underside of his cock and the muscles in her throat to squeeze his crown, it wasn't long before Wil was on the verge.  He began to fuck her mouth, grasping the sides of her angelic face.

    In his head he was thinking, "this is for all the times you've teased me on the set with that unbelievable body," as he started to pump his load into her mouth.  Being in such an awkward position, Penny had a difficult time swallowing and some of his cum dribbled down her chin. This turned Wil on even more as he thrust deeper down her throat and nearly choked her.  Letting his shriveling tool slip from her lips, Wil smiled at her cum-covered face and commented, "Leonard is right; you are the best cocksucker in the universe."

    Actually blushing with pride, Penny smiled and swiftly reached up to wipe her mouth with her backhand, before quickly regaining her balance. Raj was fucking her hard now, slamming his mammoth cock into her pussy, his balls slapping against her plump mound. "Stretch my fucking cunt, Raj," Penny moaned, feeling her tunnel expand with every stroke. In this position, Raj could penetrate her with every inch and he was in heaven. He was fucking the girl of his fantasies for the second in one day...his cock was buried inside Penny's cunt.  "Fuck me sweetie...fuck me," she urged as her incredible tits swayed beneath her body.  "Cum in me Raj...fill my belly...I need to feel that hot fucking load inside me."

    "Your wish is my command," Raj answered the rhetorical command, "nothing would make me happier than cumming inside your pussy."  He slammed up against her groin, his cock buried inside her cunt and emptied the contents of his balls deep up in her belly. The muscles in her tunnel gripped him tightly and the spasm acted to milk every drop from his rod. "Your cunt is so tight, Penny," Raj complimented her, "this yoga really pays off."  He put her legs down and Penny thought that it felt like a snake slithering out of her hole.  She sat on the sleeping bag, flexing her arms and trying to get the circulation back.

    Bernadette slid the peppermint out of her pussy and began to lick it's length, tasting not only the candy but Kripke's cum.  The red dye had drooled down and covered Howard and Leonard's scrotums as they thrust into her asshole.  "OK boys...cum in me...fill my ass," Bernadette ordered as she wrapped her short little legs around Howard's waist. It was as if they didn't dare follow her directions as they almost immediately started to simultaneously shoot their loads up her ass. As they reamed her rear tunnel, Bernadette's giant tits flopped aimlessly around on her chest, drooping down her sides.  When she felt the warmth spread inside her asshole, she pushed her huge bags together against her chest like one extra-large pillow, hugging herself.

    "You have never been more beautiful," Howard assured her as he leaned forward and kissed her, "having cock in your ass really agrees with you."

    "Why you old sweet-talker," she smiled, "you are welcome to fuck my ass anytime."  When Leonard and Howard had withdrawn from her rectum, Bernadette once again grabbed the pajama top she thought was Kripke's and wiped the semen from her crack.  Sliding to the floor beside Penny, they leaned against each other in exhaustion.  As everyone sat in the living room somewhat stunned, they gradually began to sober up, and with that, modesty began to kick in.

    People reached for pajamas and Penny took Leonard by the hand, declaring "we're going to my apartment to take a shower...everyone is welcome to take turns here, or at my place when we're done."  Still totally naked and commanding the attention of every male in the room, Penny went over to the counter and counted out eight plastic glasses.  Retrieving the orange juice from the fridge, (Tropicana...no pulp...she could just hear Sheldon's order) she filled each glass and offered them to everyone: "must stay hydrated."

    Leonard added, "there are plenty of towels in the closet...just make sure to use the ones on the left. The ones on the right are Sheldon's...and you don't want to use those...he would throw them away.  When everyone is all refreshed we can watch Elf." They didn't even bother with clothes: Leonard and Penny just walked across the hall to 4B still nude (except for his socks). "God you're beautiful," he couldn't help himself from declaring, watching her incredible tits wobble.

    "You old sweet-talker," she beamed, "just for that you get to wash my back...and my front."  Stepping into the tub together, they were all smiles as the water got warm and flowed down over their tired bodies. Penny closed her eyes and let the steaming water cascade over her naked skin and Leonard just stood in the warm mist and gazed longingly as the water hugged her every curve.  He loved the way the streams of water dripped off the very tips of her nipples. She turned to face the wall and Leonard grasped the body wash bottle, squirting it directly onto his hands.  Her silky skin was way too fine to waste on a loofah...he wanted to feel it directly. Tenderly he massaged her body, from her feet, up her wonderful long legs, to her smooth thighs; making sure to reach all the way between her legs and scrub her puffy mound...his fingers slipping "accidently" between her lips.  "Mmmm that feels so good," she moaned as he continued up her back to her toned shoulders.

    "Just for doing such a thorough job, now you get to do the front," she purred as she turned to face him, leaning back against the wall.

    Seeing her full frontal, Leonard whispered, "you are the most beautiful creature in the universe, and I am such a lucky man."

    As he gently scrubbed her magnificent tits, being careful not to miss a single square inch and noticing that her gumdrop nipples were fully aroused, Penny moaned and put her right foot up on the side of the tub, spreading her legs. Leonard possessed a wonderful prick; a full eight inches at least and as fat as a salami. Penny smoothed her hand over her chest, capturing an abundance of soap and grasped his rock hard erection. "Make sure you scrub the inside of my pussy too," she coaxed him, tugging him forward.  Leonard moved closer until their soapy bodies were touching, feeling like it was all a dream.  Spreading her legs farther and thrusting her wide hips forward, Penny nudged his crown against her slit.

    She could feel the pressure against her labia as Leonard pushed upward.  His head was the size of a tennis ball and Penny absolutely loved the feel of it spreading her slit.  His knees bent, Leonard pushed steadily upward, penetrating her cunt and slowly sliding his entire length up into her hole. They both moaned contentedly and Penny remarked, "ohhh yesss...welcome home baby.  That's the cock I want inside me for the rest of my life."  She loved the way he stretched her tunnel every time they fucked.

    "Are you saying what I think you're saying," Leonard asked as he ground his groin against hers and flexed his pole inside her.

    "Yes I am...but don't you dare...not right now," she admonished him, while giggling.

    "What," Leonard acted clueless.

    "After all this time, you don't think I recognize your proposal face," she grinned, "I've seen it enough times."  He had asked her to marry him several times, and it was now a running joke. "You heard what I said, so no need right now."

    He knew she was right, but wouldn't admit it and decided to tease her, "I don't know what you're talking about.  This is my "I have my cock buried in the pussy of the most beautiful girl in the universe and I'm going to fuck her as hard as I can" face."

    As the hot water cascaded over their bodies, Penny grinned and replied, "now that's more like it. Fuck me baby...fuck your little Penny...stretch my cunt with that big beautiful cock." Leonard began to thrust up into her cunt, his bulbous crown stretching her pussy with every stroke.  "Yesss baby...fuck my little cunt...fuck me...fuck me...God I love your cock."  With every stroke, Penny's incredible tits bounced against her chest creating tiny splashes of water.  He leaned forward and captured her left nipple in his mouth, gently grinding her gumdrop between his teeth.  "Holy crap that feels good...jam that fucking cock into me baby...fuck me...fuck me harder."

    As if by an unspoken command, they both reached behind each other, grabbed the other's ass cheeks and pulled them closer together attempting to get more of his cock inside her. "Oh my God Leonard," she screeched, "your cock feels so fucking good inside me...fuck me baby...stretch my fucking cunt...fuck me...fuck me."  Every time he made love to her it was like the first time, and this time was no different.  Leonard knew he was lucky to have her, even if she sometimes took him for granted...it was a small price he was willing to pay for having such a beautiful and sexy girlfriend. They squeezed each other's asses and pulled their bodies closer together, mashing Penny's clit between them.  Leonard flexed his muscle inside her making her moan, "oh God I love when you do that...fuck me baby...fuck me."

    Leaning back to look at her amazing chest as they fucked, he watched how her wet tits giggled in a circular motion.  She truly was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and he was in love with her...and he had his cock buried in her pussy. Penny wrapped her arms around his neck, jumped up and threw her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him.  She was truly content and she thought that she never wanted him to stop fucking her. Leonard slammed in and out of her cunt, grinding his hips in a circular motion to brush against her swollen bud.  He leaned her against the wall of the shower so he could thrust up into her hole even harder. "Oh yeah baby...that's it...harder," she begged, "fuck me...fuck me..shove that cock up my pussy."

    Her body convulsed as her engorged clit was trapped between their bodies, her cunt muscles in a spasm.  "Oh my fucking God," Penny screeched, "fuck me...fuck me...cum in me baby...fill my fucking cunt."

    Leonard would never confess it, but every time he blew his load inside her he pretended they were making a baby...he knew their babies would be both beautiful and smart.  He gripped her perfect cheeks violently as his body stiffened and he shoved his cock deep into her tunnel.  Pumping his seed against her womb, it felt like she was being filled with scalding fluid and Penny moaned, "holy shit Leonard...I love your fucking cock in me...fill me baby...cum in your Penny."

    When his balls were empty, he set her lovely body down in the tub and once again grabbed the body wash. Spreading her legs to give him access, he watched his cum dribble out of her gorgeous cunt and mix with the warm water as it flowed down her wonderful legs.  By the time he had finished scrubbing her again, his erection had returned, but they both knew others were waiting to clean up so they dried off and found some fresh pajamas.

    By the time Elf was half way through, everyone was asleep in a chair, on the sofa or curled up with a blanket on the floor.  Leonard and Penny were zipped comfortably together in his double sleeping bag, their arms around each other. In the morning, Leonard played dutiful host and was up early, making a quick run to Einstein Bros Bakery for bagels and coffee.  Leonard approached Penny with a mischievous look on his face and she could tell he was concealing something behind his back.  Grinning, he produced one of Stuart's giant peppermint rods, proclaiming, "I know how much you enjoyed these, so I saved you one."

   "You horny little Ewok," Penny chuckled.  "You know Howard isn't the only magician in our group...later, I'll show you how I can make that whole stick disappear."

  After a lazy brunch, their guests slowly went their separate ways; each with their own special memories of the tree decorating party and hoping for futures adventures.

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers.

(Thanks for reading my story.  All comments and constructive suggestions are welcome.)

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Great story. Thanks for joining us and posting it :)
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Thank you for joining and posting this wonderful story. Big fan of your work over the years.


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Nice to see you here. I've been reading your stories on Literotica for a few years. You're a terrific author.


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