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This story is a work of fantasy, fiction, parody and satire. As such, no offence is meant to anyone who is mentioned within it as they would never act this way in real life. This is just a fictional erotic fantasy story to be read by those over 18 years of age.  All characters mentioned within this text are 18 years of age or older and are therefore considered to be consenting adults. I make no money from this story and do not know any of the characters mentioned within it. If piquantly described sex and harsh, colourful language offend you then really you shouldn’t read on, should you? You’ve ALL been warned

Hope you all enjoy it and if you've any constructive comments to make please email me at johnmconnors(at)protonmail(dot)com or PM me on the site.

This story is dedicated to Vicki on the C-S-S-A boards. Many moons ago, she posted an idea for a story that would use slavery in Ancient Rome as a theme. This is my attempt to write it.

Codes: FF, MF, Oral, Cons

Celebs: Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson.

‘In the dead of night,
She’ll come and take you away,
Searing beams of light and thunder,
Over blackened plains,
She will find her way.’

‘Queen of the Reich’ - Queensrÿche

The Slaves of Rome
Part 1: A Gift from the Goddess


A.D. 37

Vicki looked at the bedraggled, shrunken female forms in front of her, sighed, and shook her head. They were a sad sight to behold, dressed in dirty rags and painfully thin after weeks travelling by sea. None would be good enough to sell at the slave auction that was to be run in three days. Which, by the way, was to be the largest and most prestigious slave auction of the year in Rome.

“No, No, No. Is this the best you have to offer me? Zahir, please? You insult me with these wretches. I’d be lucky to get even three hundred denarii for any of them.”

Even through his dark tan, Vicki could see him redden;

“But these are the best slave girls to be found in Spain. Captured during an incursion against those foul barbarian tribes in the hills and shipped here directly. You will not find any better women in the markets around Rome, let me tell you.”

Vicki grimaced and stepped forward, taking a closer look at the girl in front of her; a young, thin creature with lank and matted blonde hair. The poor unfortunate visibly shrank away from Vicki's touch as the slave-trader caressed the hair out of her piercing blue eyes. A pretty girl if she were cleaned up. And fed up. Perfect for a brothel owner at best; the pick of this particular group.

“Maybe so, Zahir. But you seem to forget that I supply girls to people of importance in this city, people with means. They are looking for women of beauty and elegance. None of these women would satisfy any of my clients.”

She walked up and down the line observing all the women, stopping to look at one or two in more detail.

She turned to the slave-dealer and sighed, pointing at the blonde girl;

“The only one I am interested in is this one. I'll give you one hundred denarii for her.”

Zahir snorted and shook his head;

“One hundred denarii? You insult me, Victoria. Two-hundred minimum.”

“One hundred and twenty-five. It will cost at least fifty to clean and fatten her up.”

“No less than one seventy-five. Remember, I had to transport her here from Spain.”, Zahir retorted

Vicki grinned, enjoying the combat of verbal negotiations.

“One thirty-five. My final offer Zahir. Take it or leave it.”

Staring out the window, Zahir scratched his chin and sighed;

“You drive a hard bargain Victoria. You'd almost drive a man to penury. Ok. We have a deal.”

The two shook hands, and having exchanged the money and 'goods’, Zahir had left with the coterie of women. Vicki put her money pouch away and turned to the two slave girls waiting in the wings of the room.

“Abelia. Caelia. Take her inside and clean her up. Give her some food as well. We'll need to try and make her presentable for another slave auction in a few weeks. Or maybe we can find a private buyer. On your way, can you send Callias to me? I need him to bring me to Forum Romanum.”

The two beautiful brunette slave-girls bowed and led the new acquisition away. As they did, Vicki observed their slim, shapely legs and taut, toned rears. She felt a flush of lust, and her pussy started to moisten. She called out after them.

“And both of you come to my room later tonight.”

They both turned and bowed again, smiling sweetly at her.

“Yes. Mistress.”

Vicki turned and tossed the money pouch on the table before her. She poured herself a goblet of wine and, taking a sip, paced the marble floor. While she had purchased one new slave girl, it was not one that she could sell quickly. Her primary concern was that there was a significant slave auction in three days, and for the first time, Vicki had not enough wares to sell. As the most reputable dealer of pleasure slaves in Rome, it was vital that she had at least some quality girls to offer at the Great Auction.

But she hadn't. She also wasn't sure how she would come upon some at this late stage. Maybe when she met Quintus later on, he would be able to give her some ideas. After all, he could always come upon some fresh young virgin girls to keep The Villa well stocked.

She took another sip of wine and moved towards the window, staring out at the crowded, dirty, dust-filled maelstrom below. Nobles carriages rattled along the narrow streets, their wheels ploughing through a combination of mud and excrement. They fought for space on the narrow thoroughfare with donkeys and carts filled with produce for the markets. Slaves hurried to and fro on errands for impatient masters. As she gazed down out at the slaves milling around the street, she reflected on her own life.

A Gaulish tribal girl barely in her teens, she had been captured by the Romans and sold as a pleasure slave to a morally degenerate old patrician in his sixties. Her life had consisted of being raped and sodomized by this disgusting old pervert daily for the best part of two years. Fortunately for her, his advanced age had worked against him. After a particularly energetic assault, he had collapsed, clutching his chest with an obscene grin on his face, leaving her masterless.

She had been sold to another patrician in the city, Caius Rex. Caius did not use her for sex. But his wife, Metella, did, and Vicki learned that she was to be the Patricians' wife's personal pleasure slave, not his. As it had turned out, Caius had a predilection for teenaged boys. Not that Vicki minded as the Patricians' wife was younger than him by a good twenty years and incredibly attractive. Over the next ten years, she was as close to happy as she had ever been, living a safe and sexually rewarding life ensconced in a massive villa on the outskirts of the city. She even travelled with her mistress to their holiday villa overlooking the magnificent Bay of Naples.

However, illness had taken the Patrician's wife, and Vicki was alone again. As the last wish of his dying wife, the Patrician had freed Vicki and had also endowed her with significant finances, enough for Vicki to go into business for herself. Initially, she had run a brothel. Quite successfully too. However, she quickly realized that more money was to be made in buying and then selling female pleasure slaves. Unlike most Venalitii in Rome, Vicki was trusted implicitly by her clientele. She accepted and sold only the best pleasure slaves, and the quality of her wares was known throughout the city. For a time, she had continued to run her brothel and her pleasure-slave business. Ultimately though, she was making so much money with her sex slave business that she sold the brothel.

Over the next few years, Vicki had built a very profitable business buying and selling young women as pleasure slaves to the wealthy elite of Rome. Of course, she would cherry-pick the most attractive girls for herself to add to her own particular cult, the one that she had dubbed 'the Lesbian Lover's of the Multiverse.' Apart from each other, their worship was to the Goddess Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Sexual Perversions.

Such were the benefits of being your own boss.

She chuckled to herself and took another sip of wine, interrupted by a discreet cough. She saw Callias had entered the room. Callias was one of the many eunuchs that Vicki had working for her, emasculated men who no longer had sexual desires. He was a huge, tanned, muscular man from Greece captured in a city-state rebellion ten years ago. Along with his comrades that had not been slaughtered, he had been gelded. This was just as well, given the number of beautiful young women that Vicki now kept! Horny men and hot young women would have been a recipe for disaster.

Callias bowed and spoke;

“Mistress Vicki, your carriage awaits.”


Nestled on the River Tiber, Rome’s majesty, wealth, and power overwhelmed the world around her. From a nascent city-state to a virulent and strident Republic and now a glorious and far-reaching Empire, she and her people had conquered the world.

The central hub of the Empire was located at the Forum Romanum, and as always, it was a hive of activity. Here, surrounded by gargantuan marble Government buildings, ornate statues of great military leaders such as Caesar, Marius, and Sulla, was the heart of the Empire; the central meeting point for the great and the good of the city. Business was conducted by merchants, traders, and politicians in this space. To the north of the Forum, dominating the view was the enormous cylindrical Colosseum. Where blood was spilled, and legends were born.

Quintus Marius Sulla started down the stairs of the Senate with a frown etched across his handsome face. As one of the youngest and most charismatic Senators in Rome, he drew appreciative glances from both men and women in the city. Unlike many male Romans, though, he was only interested in the fairer sex. Preferably two, three, or four of them together at once. With or without himself in the middle.

In all his time in the Senate, a position inherited from his late father, he had been so assured and exceptional at political manoeuvring and gaining political backing. Political backing was usually cemented by conjugal trips to arguably the most talked-about building in Rome, The Villa. A mythos had developed around the place, and it was spoken about in hushed tones throughout the city. To receive an invitation, there was akin to being given an audience with the Emperor himself. Tall, and perhaps not so tall, tales of debauchery and depravity that took place within its walls abounded. It was a place of intrigue that mere mortals could only whisper about. But it was at The Mansion where Quintus would seal political deals and forge alliances. What better way to finalise and then celebrate an agreement or arrangement than with women, wine, and song?

Yet despite his assuredness and political capabilities, and despite the temptations of The Villa, what had transpired in the Senate that morning had left him with a heavy heart and a lot to chew on.
He looked out across the Forum on this balmy summer afternoon and sighed. It was a cacophony of activity as usual, with men and women scurrying everywhere. He stood for a second and basked in the heat of the July heat, shielding his eyes, looked out over the city. At the base of the staircase, he saw a beautiful brunette woman waiting for him. Vicki. He smiled weakly, raising his hand in salutation, and descended towards her.

“Wow, who died?’” she called out as he got closer.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the look on your face isn’t exactly one of the happy and carefree Quintus that I know. So what’s up?”

“We got trouble, Vicki.”

“What happened?” she looked at him with concern etched across her face.

He glanced around him, making sure they were not being watched, and took Vicki’s arm;

“Not here. Too many people. Let’s take my carriage.”

“Oh shit. It’s serious.” she looked at him with wide eyes.

Once they were inside his carriage, Quintus filled Vicki in on what had transpired at the Senate;

“It’s bad news. We lost the appeal. They are going to demolish the Temple of Victoria.”

Vicki was stunned;

“What! How did we lose? I thought the majority of the Senate were behind preserving the Temple?”

Quintus shifted in his seat, running a hand through his hair;

“So did I. I was sure we had the numbers before the vote. But it was a close-run thing. We lost it by three votes.”

“So surely we can appeal this? They can’t just tear down a temple to a Goddess?”

Quintus shook his head;

“We’ve exhausted the appeals. They wouldn’t consider it anyway as they see her as a Minor goddess.”

“Bastards,’ Vicki spat, ‘Minor Goddess? Tell me at least that they’ll rebuild it? Somewhere else?”

Quintus just shook his head.

“Because she’s a minor goddess, in their eyes, they won’t. Not with public funds.”

Vicki had never seen Quintus so angry. She watched as his clenched fists shook.

“It’s the Perversion Mitigation and Removal Council. They are behind this.  Got the floating voters in the Senate to back them. They know that the Temple is situated on prime building land. All it would take would be a few thousand denarii to buy enough of the old farts up there.” Quintus exploded.

“The PMRC? I thought that they never got off the ground?”

‘Oh, they did alright. They actually managed to block my recent Perverted Arts Bill as well. Bastards.”

“Wow, so they are a bigger threat than I thought.”

As the carriage continued its journey around Rome, the two continued to talk about the Senate vote and the fate of the Temple of Victoria. It was Vicki who broached the idea of building a new temple themselves.

“What if we...I mean you, I, and some of the others, got together and funded the building of the temple ourselves?”


“Well, you and me for a start. Then Brutus Rex, Camillus, Gaius Maximus, Cosmo, Victor, Richard, Severina. They’d all be interested in helping, surely? I mean, they all worship at the Temple as well.”

Quintus sighed;

“Brutus is leading the 6th Legion in Spain currently. Camillus is in Gaul leading the 4th Legion against those head-banger tribes who just don’t know when to quit. He’s due back in Rome, but not for a few months. Victor is in Britannia on a diplomatic mission. While here in Rome, the others don’t have the political influence and, more importantly, the finances to undertake a project as big as this.”

“What about you?”

“I have the political connections, but they’ve done little so far. As for money? The Villa costs a lot to run. We’ve also just had to refurbish it because Caligula will be visiting soon. Gaius Maximus gave me a discount on the works, but it still wasn’t cheap. And I need to restock the shelves too if you know what I mean. So I am almost completely financially tapped out. What about you?”

“Umm...business is slow. Kind of the reason I wanted to meet you today. I needed your help.”

“Sure. What is it?”

Vicki shook her head;

“Doesn’t matter. We have much bigger issues. How much would it cost to build a temple? If we were to do it. I mean, we could get Gaius to design and build it?”

“Sure he’ll help, but he’s flat out with his business, so even if he did do it for us and gave us a deal, we’re still talking hundreds of thousands if not a million denarii to build it. That includes buying land.”

Vicki’s jaw dropped.

They sat in silence for a few minutes as the carriage bumped and rattled its way over the uneven cobblestones.  Both were lost in thought. As they circumnavigated the forum for the umpteenth time, Quintus spoke;

“Look, we’re not going to solve anything today. We both need to go away and think about this a little more. Do you want to meet up in a couple of days?”

“Sure. Here at the Forum?”

Quintus shook his head and grinned;

“Actually, I was hoping to meet up at your place. I need a couple of new girls for The Mansion. With Caligula on his way, I need to replenish, so to speak.”

Vicki smiled;

“Sure, Quintus. Midday, ok?”

He nodded and called out to his driver;

“Grumio, Mistress Vicki will be alighting here.”

The carriage shuddered to a halt, and Quintus stepped out of the carriage and helped Vicki out.

He stood before her, and she noticed how tired he looked.

“I’ll start talking to the other Senators. See if I can talk them around. Maybe Caligula coming to The Villa will allow me to talk to him directly about this.”

“Not likely to help, though, is it?”

“He probably won’t go against the Senate. Needs to keep a smokescreen of democracy visible for the plebs. The last thing he needs is the Senate up in arms. He’s our friend, but in certain matters, he can’t be seen to interfere. We’ll wait and see anyway.”

“Anything I can do?”

As he got back into the carriage, he turned to her;

“Yeah. Pray.”

He sat back in the carriage and waved to her as he was driven away. Vicki watched him go and walked to where her own driver, Callias, stood waiting for her.

"Callias. Take me to the Temple of Victoria."


“When will it be time to get out of here?”

Kash, the High Priest of the Temple of Victoria, was pacing slowly back and forth at the entrance to the shrine.  The Temple was situated near the Aventine Hill, close to the Temple of Diana and within a stone’s throw of the colossal Circus Maximus. When events were taking place at the Circus, you could feel the pounding of the horses’ hooves even in the confines of the temple. The Temple itself was a medium-sized cylindrical building flanked by six tall beech trees and a small pond. Within its confines was housed a likeness to the Goddess Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Sexual Perversions.

Most deities in Ancient Rome had appeared to their believers, taking the form of humans, or in some cases, animals. Well, according to the ancient myths anyway. Usually, it was the male Gods who appeared to take advantage of gorgeous young women. And female Gods? Usually, they came to bestow gifts upon their favoured male champions. Or if they were anything like the Goddess Victoria, they would appear, much like their male counterparts, to take advantage of stunning young women.

But these were just myths and legends.

Kash wondered whether Victoria had ever appeared to any of her believers? He had never seen her anyway. And he had been the curator of the Temple for more years than he cared to remember at this stage. Maybe she hadn’t appeared at the Temple?

He sighed and continued his pacing.

His role had many perks. As a high priest, he was respected throughout Rome. He was a man of some means with a large villa in the nice part of the city. He was entitled to free food and wine in many establishments throughout the city. He even got premier seats at the Colosseum and Circus Maximus; certainly not in the nosebleed section with the plebs.

It was great.

Even better was the bevy of virgin girls who were selected to tend to the altar of Victoria. Unlike the Vestal Virgins, the ‘Victorian’ Virgins were under no obligation to remain that way, and Kash had always made it his business to try and remind them of this.  Several times if needed.

He chuckled to himself as he continued pacing, only raising his head when he heard a carriage pull up at the Temple gates. He recognised the carriage and the driver.

It was Vicki.

He recognised her from her elaborately embroidered blue Stolla and white Palla. Her brown hair was tied back with a blue bow, and rather than detract from her looks, it highlighted her dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, and sensuous lips. She was a beautiful woman, one of the most beautiful in Rome. Seeing her caused his loins to stir, which would be pretty visible from the tent at the front of his ceremonial robes.

Kash heard a giggle from nearby and saw two of the Victorian Virgins skulking in the shade of the Temple’s columns, staring and pointing at his obvious predicament.  He frowned at them, and they giggled a little more, their eyes lingering on his camouflaged erection.

“Shouldn’t you two be sweeping out the vestibule about now?”

The two girls chimed together;

“Yes. Master Kash.”


The two scurried off like scalded dogs, laughing. Kash watched them, all tanned legs and pert behinds. The younger blonde girl, Hebe, glanced back at him and licked her lips. Kash grinned and winked at her.

“Still the same old Kash. Always chasing after those poor innocent and defenceless serving girls.”

Without turning around, Kash replied;

“Well, they are Victorian Virgins. I must see that if they are to serve the Goddess Victoria, that they meet her ahem...stringent requirements.”

“And no better man to make sure of this.”

Kash turned around and faced Vicki;

“It is a terrible burden Vicki...but someone has to do it.”

They smiled at each other and exchanged pleasantries. Walking into the temple, Vicki told Kash what had transpired with Quintus.

“So that’s that then. The rumours are true. My days as the High Priest of Victoria are numbered!” said a crestfallen Kash.

Vicki touched his arm;

“Unless we can come up with a miracle, the Templewill be....but don’t worry Kash. They won’t stop us from worshipping Victoria. If we have to build a temple out of mud and shit, we will.”

“Yeuch. Hardly the most appealing prospect.”

‘You know what I mean, smartass.’

Kash sighed and closed his eyes;

“If only Carnelius was still here. He’d be able to guide us on what to do.”

Victoria bowed her head in reverence at the mention of Carnelius's name. It was he who had stood up in the Senate, proposed, and won the right to deify Victoria as a Goddess worthy of her own temple. It was hard to believe that he had been gone for over a decade. Over the seas, on a boat laden down with gold, wine, and, more importantly, women. Lots of women. Headed, so he said, for the island of Lesbos.

“Don’t worry, Kash. Quintus will come up with a plan. We’re not going to go down without a fight. And we’re certainly not going to let the fucking PMRC win.” Vicki spat.

“Those snivelling, conniving cock farts! Well...I really hope that the Goddess gives them all severe cases of crotch rot.”

They both started laughing and stood talking for a few more minutes before Kash excused himself and wandered off into the back of the temple. When talking to Vicki, he’d seen Hebe go in there and beckon him in before closing the door.

Vicki walked over to the ornately engraved marble statue of the Goddess Victoria and knelt before it, the cold marble floor of the temple permeating her Stolla. She shivered and observed the intricately carved notches in the statues dress – the Stolla flecked with gold and silver. Both her breasts were visible as the statue’s Stolla was pulled down to her waist. The Goddess’s face was framed with hair that cascaded to her shoulders. If the ancient texts were to be believed, the Goddess’s hair was brown.

Drawing her eyes away from the statue, Vicki looked around the temple. The walls featured reliefs depicting various sex scenes – orgies, three on one, double and triple penetrations. Men on Women. Women on Women.  Men on Men. Even orgies where animals were involved. The Goddess did not discriminate.  That was her beauty.

Vicki started praying fervently for divine help. That was what was needed at this particular moment.

She found it hard to concentrate with all the giggling and laughing that was taking place in one of the rooms nearby. Shaking her head, she returned to her prayers, mumbling all sorts of obedience to Victoria.

“Really Hebe, that is quite indecent...but, but I like it!”

Vicki grinned. It looked like Kash had struck again.

Raising herself off her knees, she patted down her Stolla and bowed before the statue. Another laugh from the occupants of the room. Curious now, Vicki snuck to where the noise was coming from and peered around the door.

Kash was naked as the day he was born, being serviced by an extremely pretty young blonde girl who knew what she was doing from the look of things. Obviously, this was Hebe! Such an innocent-looking girl, Vicki thought. It looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But cocks obviously did!

Vicki watched in fascination as the blonde flicked her tongue expertly around Kash’s bulbous cock-head, her right hand jerking off his not inconsiderable meat while her left hand was busying itself with her pussy. Kash had his eyes closed and an obscene grin on his face.

“Ahhhhhhh. Oh, Hebe. That feels so good. Are you sure you’re a virgin?”

“Welllllllll....technically? No” The slim blonde giggled. With puppy-dog eyes, she looked up at Kash. “Pwomise you won’t tell?”

“You keep doing that........and....and ohhhhhhh.....your secret is safe with me!”

Her smile was so wide it actually looked painful;

“Oh...you’re going to get the blowjob of your life, Master Kash!”

As if to prove it, she took him balls deep inside her throat, constricting the muscles there so he could feel it around his cock.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck! I believe you!”

Hebe cupped one of her hands around Kash’s balls and began massaging them gently, moaning as she kept half his thick penis in her mouth, her tongue flicking the underneath of his shaft. Her other hand was jerking him off slowly. Kash closed his eyes and emitted a throaty moan, his hands groping Hebe’s breasts, his thumbs kneading her nipples softly.

Vicki smiled and decided to leave Kash to it.


By the time Vicki had returned home, the sun was starting to set over the city. She had Callias tend to the horse, and she retired to her room. She had Abelia bring her a carafe of cool wine and told the young woman to prepare a bath for her. It had been a long day, and all she wanted to do now was finally relax.

She poured herself a glass of wine and left it on the counter, slipping out of her Palla, Stolla, and undergarments. She paused to look at herself in the mirror. Her large breasts, a gift from her mother’s side of the family, hung on a slim frame, wide hips, and a nice full ass. She smiled. Not a bad package.

She wandered over to the counter and picked up the carafe of wine and poured it into a blue glass which she raised in a toast;

"To the Goddess Victoria. May she continue to look down upon us and bless us."

Vicki raised the glass to her lips;

"Thank you, Vicki. Your blessings are always gratefully received."

Vicki froze, the glass halfway to her lips, and turned to the corner of the room where the female voice had emanated from. A slim, stunning brunette woman stepped out of the shadows. Her breasts were exposed as she was wearing a Stolla rolled down to her waist.  Vicki’s jaw dropped on seeing her, and she let the glass fall out of her hand.

"It can’t be......"

The slim brunette pointed at the glass as it made its descent towards the floor. The glass and its contents, already halfway out of the glass, were frozen in mid-air. She stepped forward and plucked the glass out of the air, placing it underneath the contents that remained motionless. Clicking her fingers, the wine re-animated and dropped into the glass without spilling a drop. Handing the glass to Vicki, the brunette spoke;

"It would be such a shame to waste a good drink."

Vicki’s nearly dropped the glass. Her hands were trembling so much. She placed the glass on the table and kneeled prostrate before the brunette.

"Oh, Goddess Victoria. Please forgive my lack of contrition. I beg your forgiveness. Please spare me your wrath."

Victoria looked down at Vicki and laughed;

"C’mon. Do you really think I’m going to be “wrathful” because you didn’t kneel before me after I appear out of nowhere and nearly scare you out of your skin? I can be an angry Goddess, but I am not a complete bitch, you know. Jeez. You mortals....."

Victoria walked to the table and poured herself a glass of wine. Taking a sip, she made a little impressed noise;

"Mmmm. Not a bad vintage."

Vicki was still kneeling before her mumbling prayers.  Victoria rolled her eyes and cleared her throat. Vicki looked up at her.

"Ahem...are you just going to stay kneeling there? Stand up. Ok, I command you to stand up!"

Vicki jumped to her feet, and Victoria chuckled to herself, shaking her head, muttering something about the foolishness of mortals.

Even though she was petrified, Vicki spoke;

"Oh, great Goddess Victoria, why do you honour me thus!"

"Ummm...you beseeched me for help, remember?"

"I’ve beseeched you for help before and..."

Victoria interrupted;

"This time, it’s not just about you; it’s about me. Sorry to be a little selfish here...but...well, no, actually I’m not."

Victoria took another sip of wine and continued;

"Anyway. You have a problem, and I have a problem. I have a solution that will help solve both of our problems."

"I don’t understand..."

Victoria sighed;

"Oh. Wow. Now I know why I don’t deal with you mortals a lot. The gears turn really, really slowly. Ok, I’ll make it simple. You need to make money to build me a temple. I need a temple for you and the other mortals to worship me at. A Goddess needs a temple. Am I right? Stop me if I’m going too fast."

Vicki didn’t appreciate the Goddess’s tone but wasn’t about to start backbiting. Victoria was, after all, a Goddess!

"No, I get it."

"Ok. So I have come here to help you, help me. How? I’ll show you."

She held out her two hands, palms up opened, and closed them twice. In one hand appeared a cylindrical orb, in the other a phallic-shaped rod. She placed the rod on the table and held up the orb.

"This is, unsurprisingly, called an Orb of Victoria. I take it you’ve heard of these before? In the ancient myths and legends?"

Vicki’s jaw dropped, and Victoria laughed;

"I’ll take the open mouth look to mean yes. Well, then you’ll know how it can be used? Well, let me explain anyway. The Orb allows you to see through space and time. It allows you to see people and places. But not just see them; it allows you to transport yourself through space and time to where the person or people that you see in the orb are. Here take a look."

Victoria moved her hand over the orb, and from a milky white color, the orb cleared to be filled with a scene of a young woman walking naked around a large room talking on some sort of small implement. Vicki could hardly believe what she was seeing;

"She’s real?"

Victoria cackled;

"Of course, she’s real. She just exists outside of our time."

"That is....amazing."

Victoria laughed;

"No, what’s amazing is that by tapping this orb twice, we can both appear in her room right now."

Vicki was all eyes;

"Well, let’s go then!"

Victoria raised her free hand;

"Slow down. I’ve got to explain how this thing works. Firstly, this orb will only allow you to see and visit women. No men."

Vicki shrugged;

"Not a problem for me."

Victoria grinned;

"Didn’t think it would be. Secondly, the women that you will see are going to be random women. So, you won’t get a choice as to who appears in the orb. They will all be beautiful, however, as I’ve conditioned the orb to filter out the...um...less desirable women.”

"How long before a new woman appears in the orb?"

Victoria looked at the ground and frowned;

"Um...have to get back to you on that one. Random, I think. Not sure. Anyway, random women."

Vicki nodded her understanding. Victoria continued;

"So, it figures that by using this orb, you should be able to collect enough beautiful women that you can then sell to help construct the temple. Transport them here, clean them up, and boom. Clear enough?"


"Good. Thirdly..." Victoria paused and looked Vicki up and down.


Victoria set the orb down on the table and moved towards Vicki until she was right in front of her;

"Thirdly, how are you going to show your appreciation for the gift I have just given you? Apart from building me an incredible temple."

Vicki grinned and, placing her hands on Victoria’s waist, moved forward and kissed her.

The mortal and the Goddess moved over to the bed and laid down, where Vicki began to peel the Stolla off of Victoria’s hips. Soon the Goddess was naked, and Vicki drank in her divine form. Slim, elegant with nice pert breasts and neatly shaved pubic hair. And what an ass! A true sign of divinity.

Vicki lent down and started to kiss the Goddess, sliding her tongue into the immortal’s mouth. The Goddess wrapped her arms around Vicki’s neck and wriggled in closer to her. Vicki slid her fingers slowly up Victoria’s leg, gently caressing her labia and clitoris. She could feel how moist the Goddess was and smiled to herself. She placed her middle finger on the Goddess’s clitoris and began to manipulate it slowly, feeling the Goddess twitch a little once her finger had made contact with such a sensitive part of her anatomy.

Vicki began to kiss the neck of the Goddess while continuing to rub her clitoris. The thumb of her other hand was busying itself with the Goddess’s nipples. Victoria had closed her eyes and gently caressed Vicki’s neck and back, moving slowly down to her ass. She moaned a little and bit her lip gently as she felt Vicki’s tongue snake around her left nipple.

Vicki alternated her tongue actions around the Goddess’s nipples, snaking, flicking, and sucking on each one in turn while alternately caressing the immortal’s inner thigh and clitoris with her fingers. Victoria’s moaning was becoming a little more pronounced as Vicki intensified her tongue action, her nipples as hard as rocks now. Vicki teased both nipples with her tongue before she started to kiss and lick the Goddess’s stomach, inching her way slowly towards her sopping pussy.

Vicki kissed and licked around Victoria’s labia, occasionally flicking her tongue over the Goddess’s clitoris. She moved away from the clitoris and began to caress the Goddess’s inner thighs with her tongue, kissing them, allowing her lips to laze on a particular point while she flicked her tongue over it. Her fingers caressed the Goddess’s upper thighs as she did this.

Victoria was squirming with pleasure at this point, her immortal senses enjoying a mortal’s touch. She let out a little gasp when she felt Vicki’s tongue slither its way from her perineum to her clitoris and an even louder gasp when the tip of Vicki’s tongue began probing her clitoris swirling in a circular motion.

Vicki took the Goddesses clitoris in her mouth and began to lick her clit in a gentle wavy motion, alternating this with a more circular tonguing action. Simultaneously, she was swirling her middle finger at the very entrance of the Goddess’s, by now, very wet pussy. Not even inching the digit in. Just swirling the finger at the very sensitive vaginal opening. Teasing the Goddess with the promise of more. She only started to move her finger inside the Goddess’s pussy when Victoria moved her own hand down and started to guide Vicki’s hand. Slowly, Vicki inserted one finger inside the Goddess’s pussy and began to move it in and out in a circular, come hither motion.

Victoria was in heaven at this point, which was some feat given that she was a Goddess. She was moving her hips in time to Vicki’s finger and tongue actions and moaning freely. She let out a much louder moan when she felt Vicki press her tongue a little harder onto her clitoris, grinding it with a little more force. She grabbed Vicki’s head and pushed it further into her;

"Oh fuck yes! Just like that."

Vicki grinned up at the Goddess and returned to pleasuring her. Her free hand was stroking the Goddess’s rock-hard nipples but was stopped by Victoria’s hand seeking out hers, entwining their fingers. At that touch, Vicki slaked her tongue around the Goddess’s clit and then flicked it fast several times. Victoria cried out;

"Oh shit! Keep on doing that! Don’t stop!"

Vicki slipped a second finger into Victoria’s pussy and sped up her fingering, leaving the Goddess on the brink of orgasm. She could taste the Goddess’s divine nectar on her tongue and began to tongue and finger her even faster;

"Oh fuck! I’m gonna come!"

And with that, she did, her body squirming away from Vicki as it went bolt upright for a few seconds, and a strangled cry escaped her lips. Vicki held onto the Goddess and continued to tongue her clit even as she came.

They lay together in silence for several minutes, kissing each other and stroking each other’s naked bodies. The Goddess sighed and sat up;

"I’d really love to stay here and do that again....believe me, really would love to. But, we have business to take care of."

She pointed at the orb. Vicki sat up groaning in protest, while Victoria had hopped off the bed and had already grabbed the orb.

"Hmmm. Looks like we have a score here. Come here. Take a look."

As both mortal and Goddess peered into the orb, they saw two young women lying in bed with their arms wrapped around each other.

Victoria cocked her head and looked at Vicki;

"Shall we pay them a visit?"

Vicki, her eyes alight, nodded feverishly;

The Goddess laughed and, taking hold of Vicki’s arm, tapped the orb twice.

The room was filled with a brilliant white light.


A.D. 2010

The light slowly faded, and Vicki and Victoria found themselves in a large, ornately decorated room. A large bed dominated the room, its heavy clothing covering two shapes that remained still, undisturbed by the arrival of the two visitors. The walls were covered in some sort of relief that ran around the room.

The floor was littered with clothes, clothes that looked very strange to Vicki. Covering for feet that looked like nothing she had ever seen before. Some sort of Stolla of a type that was new to her. Her eyes scanned the floor. She bent down and picked up what appeared to be some sort of covering for her breasts. This was unlike any that she had ever seen, however. It was made of a material that was new to her and had a piece of metal inside. What a strange place!

‘Where are we?’, Vicki whispered wonderstruck.

‘We are at exactly the place that you observed through the orb. This is the room that you saw. The two women you saw are in bed. We have caught them...ahem...after a shall we say, long night!’ Victoria looked at Vicki and winked.

‘Ssshh. They’ll hear you’, Vicki whispered;

Victoria shook her head and laughed;

"They can’t hear us. You could shout up a storm, and they wouldn’t know you are here."

There was a light moan and stirring from the bed. A brunette female head lifted itself up and looked around the room. It was one of the pretty young women that Vicki had seen through the crystal.

"Quickly.’, Vicki whispered. ‘We have to go. She’ll see us."

Victoria laughed again and, leaning into Vicki, planted a little kiss on her lips, stroking her face;

"My sweet Vicki. Take it easy. They can’t see or hear us. To her, we don’t exist."


Victoria smirked.

"Anyway....let’s just see what she does. Then.....I’ll show you how to work this thing."

She placed the orb carefully on the small coffee table and held the phallic-shaped rod in front of Vicki for emphasis.


Natalie Portman awoke and had one of those horrifying moments where you can’t remember exactly where you are. This momentary confusion was not helped by the deep pounding that felt like someone was banging a set of steel drums in her head. Only as her eyes adjusted to the gloom that shrouded the room, she realised where she was and relaxed. She was safely ensconced in her own room within the confines of the opulent Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin.

She had been at the wrap party of her latest movie, Her Majesty, and it had turned into a great but very messy night. Or what was it they called it here in Ireland? Ah yes, a ‘session.’ It had been one hell of a session with music, laughter, and lots and lots of alcohol with plenty of dancing, singing, and flirting between everyone. She smiled contentedly as she reminisced on her time in Ireland, stretching a little and rolling over on her side to be immediately confronted by the sweet, beautiful face of Scarlett Johansson. Natalie grinned a little and studied her bedmate.

The lustrous blonde curls framed an angelic, angular face whose full, pouty lips were curled into a contented smile. A single lock of hair fell over Scarlett’s face. Natalie reached across and, with the tips of her fingers, stroked the hair off her companion’s cheek. Scarlett sighed a little but did not wake. Natalie drew her face closer to Scarlett’s and gently caressed her lips with hers. Once again, this elicited a slight moan from Scarlett, but she remained asleep. Natalie grinned and thought to herself:

"Time for a shower, Nat."

Extricating herself from the bed without waking Scarlett was her main aim, and she almost managed to do this. Until that is, she caught her foot in part of the duvet when she was almost out of bed. This, coupled with her obviously hung-over state, caused her to meet the ground with a sharp thud.

"Shit!" she hissed.

Gingerly she picked herself up and glanced over at the bed. Scarlett had not stirred. That was lucky.

"Now where is my damn robe?" she thought to herself.

Groping around in the dark, she seemed to pick up every piece of clothing she owned, except the robe itself. Eventually, after much searching and cursing, she managed to grab the robe and slip it on, limping slightly to the bathroom.

She was utterly oblivious to the two naked women that were observing her every move. Both Victoria and Vicki followed Natalie into the bathroom, watching the young actress intently. They just looked at each other and grinned.

Natalie reached inside the shower and turned it on, allowing it to heat up. She slipped out of her dressing gown and turned to the bathroom mirror, observing with disgust that make-up still caked her face. Her eyes were also quite bloodshot. Too much vodka! She had to get back on that health buzz when she went back to New York. She was just glad that she had quit smoking when she did.


Watching all this within touching distance of the young actress were Victoria and Vicki.

"She’s quite a little number isn’t she?" said Victoria.

"I’ll say. She’s so petite. You could almost fit her in your pocket. And that ass...."

"I know. You could crack nuts off of it. Or cocks.’ Victoria cackled. ‘So, is this the kind of girl you had in mind?"

Vicki nodded;

"Definitely. She’s so beautiful. Exactly what I’m looking for."

Victoria took a step back and pointed the phallic rod at the brunette actress;

"Ok, how you use this rod is like this. You point it at the person you want, and then you see this little nodule on top..... Hey Vicki! Pay Attention."

Vicki blushed;

"Sorry! It’s just such a great view."

"Ok...the last thing you want to do is piss me off. I’m a Goddess, after all. I’m trying to explain this to you."


"Ok. Where was I? You point it at the person you want and then press down on the little nodule here on top of the rod. That’s it."

"Really? That’s it?"

"Two things. You can’t use this on two people at once, only one person at a time. Secondly, the person has to be standing in an open space, touching no other objects around them. Apart from the floor, obviously. Not in a bed or sitting down or like our little friend here getting into that water fountain.....ahh shit!"

Vicki grinned;

"Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until she gets out then."


Natalie stepped inside the stall and let out a little gasp as the warm water hit her body. As her body acclimatized to the temperature, she leaned down, scooping up the container of shower gel, squeezing a healthy portion of it into the palm of her hands. She massaged it slowly over her glistening body, luxuriating in the cinnamon aroma that invaded her nostrils.

Closing her eyes, Natalie smiled as water sluiced over her body, reinvigorating her. With images of the previous night rolling and tumbling through her head, particularly post-party with Scarlett, she felt herself becoming a little moist down below. Her nipples were starting to harden a little, and her hand was drawn into first caressing them before beginning to stroke her belly. Natalie let out a little moan as her fingertips ghosted her labia and began to massage her clitoris slowly. It was not long before Natalie had slid two fingers deep inside her warm, wet cavern. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles as she tweaked them gently, tracing a light circle around the aureoles. She was starting to moan a little louder now as every touch of flesh on her skin ignited waves of pleasure that washed over her. The simple feeling of her fingernail grazing her thigh caused her to shiver in delight. She was so lost in her own world that she didn’t even notice the buxom blonde walk into the bathroom and disrobe herself.


Natalie couldn’t see Scarlett Johansson enter the bathroom, but both Vicki and Victoria could. Both had been staring at Natalie as she was pleasuring herself, both Goddess and mortal getting wetter and wetter between their respective legs.  On seeing the blonde enter the bathroom and make for the shower, they stepped aside to let her closer;

"I think business may be about to pick up here." Victoria grinned.

Vicki and Victoria looked at each other and giggled before turning their attention to the two actresses.

As Scarlett slipped out of her robe, Vicki whistled;

"Wow...what a body this blonde girl has. Look at those breasts. Magnificent. And those lips....."

Victoria nodded;

"Perfect for sucking cock."


"You want her too?"

Vicki nodded;

"Yes! Absolutely! No question."

Victoria grinned;

"Alright, but we need to get them separated, which, by the looks of things, isn’t going to be happening soon."

"You complaining?"

Victoria grinned;

"Just observing."


Scarlett watched Natalie pleasure herself and smiled wickedly. They had met before but really only got to know each other well on the set of The Other Boleyn Girl.  They had become at first best friends and then lovers. Natalie had always come across as a bit of a good girl, particularly in the media, but Scarlett was to find that hidden away from the public spotlight was a very, very naughty girl! Not that she was overt about it even in private. No, you needed to coax it out of Natalie, but the devilish behaviour was there, constantly at war with the sensible, goody-two-shoes; the quintessential battle between good and evil if you will.

And now there stood the gorgeous Natalie Portman. All 5’2 inches of brunette, female perfection. Well...for Scarlett and probably a few million other people anyways. Scarlett observed Natalie’s naked form closely, thinking to herself;

"Damn, that girl has such a fantastic little ass."

Scarlett felt her nipples harden a little, and a moistness creep in between her legs. She licked her lips as she took one last look at Natalie standing there playing with herself, eyes closed, totally lost in another world, her soft moans sounding like music to Scarlett’s ears. Then she untied her robe, allowing it to pool at her feet before opening the stepping up behind Natalie and running her fingers over the pretty brunette's back.

"Hey, you got any room for me in here?"

Natalie turned and smiled sweetly, planting a soft kiss on Scarlett’s lips;


They were both in the shower now, water cascading over their intertwined bodies, their mouths locked together in a passionate embrace, tongues playfully jousting. Scarlett had cupped Natalie’s left breast in her hand and was kneading the rock-hard nipple lightly with her thumb. Natalie let out an audible sigh and stroked the blonde actresses' cheek with the tips of her fingers. At this, Scarlett broke off the kiss and rubbed the end of her nose against Natalie’s. They both stared deeply into each other’s eyes before Scarlett began kissing Natalie’s neck lightly, her hand exploring just south of the petite brunette’s midriff. Scarlett started to massage Natalie’s clitoris more much rigorously now, her stabbing fingers building a much more heated momentum.

Water was gushing over their bodies, adding to the sensations they were both now feeling. Natalie’s breathing was much shallower, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Little moans escaped her throat as she was manipulated into nirvana. The lukewarm water, the heat, and the sight of Scarlett and her incredible body all contributed to a shockwave of intense pleasure that rifled through Natalie’s body, causing her to let out a low strangled cry of joy that was followed by another very soon after;

"Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd! Fuuuuuuuuck Meeeee!!!!!"

Natalie went rubber-legged such was the intensity of her orgasm’s. So much so that Scarlett had to hold the brunette's slender form to ensure she didn’t fall. They were both giggling like schoolgirls, Natalie’s face alight with pleasure.

"Oh my God! Scarlett, that was obscene!"

Scarlett laughed and kissed Natalie on the lips softly;

"Nat, some of the best sex I’ve had has been in the shower. And after a night of booze. I think you need to do it more."

Natalie laughed softly;

"Well, if it is always this good, I may take you up on that offer."

Tut-tutting, Scarlett raised an eyebrow;

"Well, you are very presumptuous there, little Miss Portman, in thinking that I would be the one providing the service to YOU considering you still owe, by my calculation, at least one big O."

Natalie placed her fingers under Scarlett’s chin and winked;

"Well, Miss Johansson. Let’s just see what we can do about that, shall we?"

They fell out of the shower and moved toward the king-sized bed, their saturated bodies enmeshed and their tongues exploring each other’s bodies. Falling onto the bed, Natalie cupped both of Scarlett’s large breasts in her hands and was proceeding to suck and nibble on her nipples, pausing to run her tongue through the blonde’s impressive cleavage pausing to gasp ruefully.

"Damn, I wish had tits like this."

"Well, I wish I had an ass like yours, Nat." Scarlett giggled;

Natalie responded by wiggling her ass a little in the air, causing both of them to erupt into a fit of high-pitched giggles before Natalie returned her focus to Scarlett’s generous rack.  As Natalie’s ministrations continued, the glamorous blonde closed her eyes and bit her lip, running her hands through Natalie’s wet hair.

Natalie was in total control now, and as she was sucking on Scarlett’s large nipples, flicking her tongue around them rapidly, she had also buried two fingers inside Scarlett’s boiling pussy. She was starting to finger-fuck her to heaven. Squirming in pleasure, Scarlett was swivelling her hips in time to Natalie’s fingering. A bolt of electricity surged through Scarlett’s body when Natalie flicked her tongue against her clit. Natalie’s swirling tongue and finger gymnastics had the blonde actress on the brink of orgasm.…

"Oh, shit....this is gonna be a biggy. Oh, Natalieeeeeeee."

Scarlett’s body tensed up as little moaning noises escaped her throat. Natalie looked up at the blonde’s face, now flushed with colour, and sucked hard on Scarlett’s plump clitoris. This pushed Scarlett over the edge, and Natalie found her mouth filled with her lover’s cum.

"Oh, Goddddddd!"

Scarlett cried out in ecstasy as her body went rigid for several seconds before she relaxed on the bed, breathing heavily. Natalie continued to lick Scarlett’s clit, which elicited several further jolts from her, before the two actresses collapsed into each other’s arms, saying nothing to each other for a few minutes.

It was Natalie who moved first despite protests from Scarlett.

"C’mon ScarJo, I’ve got a flight booked in a few hours, and I have to get ready to go."

"Nat. You have ages yet. Besides, I was kinda hoping for round two."

Natalie frowned;

"You’re incorrigible."

Scarlett lifted herself onto her elbows and planted a kiss on Natalie’s lips;

"And you love it.’’

Natalie kissed her back but then wriggled free and skipped towards the bathroom.

"Don’t even think about following me in you!"


Both Victoria and Vicki had both watched the two actresses without saying a word to each other. Only when Scarlett and Natalie had finished did Victoria turn to Vicki;

"Well, that was.....intense."

"I’ll say. Talk about steamy. Look at the windows!"

Both Goddess and mortal looked at the bedroom windows and saw that they were steamed up. The heat in the room had been raised a couple of notches by the two women’s energetic performance.

Vicki turned to Victoria;

"Umm. Goddess Victoria. Have you any idea what the two of them are saying. I can’t understand it. What language is that?"

Victoria nodded;

"I can understand it. They are not talking about much. The brunette girl is called Natalie. I think. The blonde is ScarJo or Scarlett."

"Um..do you think you could...you know...with your all-powerful godly ways...you know...allow me to understand what they’re saying?"

Victoria didn’t look at her;

"I can make them understand Latin if that would help."

"Perfect!" Vicki beamed.

On seeing Natalie move towards the bathroom, Victoria stepped aside;

"Ok. We have to get this one now before her little blonde friend decides to join her. Watch me do this, and then you can try it with blondie."

Victoria and Vicki stepped into the bathroom again and saw the brunette turn on the shower. Just as she was about to disrobe and step inside, Victoria pointed the rod at the actress and held down the nodule on top of it. The room was filled with a bright white light which blinded Vicki momentarily. When the light cleared, she saw that the brunette girl was gone.

"Where did she go?"

Victoria pointed at the rod.

"She’s in here."

"What? How?"

Victoria raised her hand.

"Look, I’d love to stand here and fill you in on every little intricate detail of how this works...but we have to get her friend next and then get out of here. I have a rendezvous with Venus shortly, and I have to dress in something a little less...appropriate."

"Isn’t Venus your sister?"


Victoria placed the rod in Vicki’s hand. It was smooth and cool and reminded Vicki of the marble phalluses she had in her home;

"You saw how I did it, right? Right?"

Vicki nodded.

"Ok. Now you go zap blondie out there." Victoria gestured to the bedroom.

Vicki stepped out into the bedroom and saw that Scarlett had climbed out of bed and was standing, naked, near the bedroom windows. As Victoria had shown her, Vicki pointed the rod at Scarlett and held down the nodule. Once again, the room was filled with a dazzling white light, and when it had faded, Scarlett Johansson was gone.

Victoria picked up the Orb from the table and returned to Vicki;

"Grab hold of my arm."

"How do we get back?"


Victoria closed her eyes and tapped the Orb twice.

They were engulfed in a brilliant white light.


A.D. 37

When the light had faded, Vicki saw that they were back in her room, just as if they had never been away.

Victoria placed the Orb on the table and turned to Vicki;

"Now you know how to work both the Orb and the Rod. I’m giving you both of these under the simple guideline that you tell no one that you have them or what they can do. This is very important. As long as you do that, consider these your gifts until you have built the new temple. If Jupiter were to find out I’d done this, he’d kick my ass."

She winked at Vicki when she said this.

"Thank you, Victoria. I don’t know what to else to say."

"Oh, I’ll be expecting more than words of thanks....at a later stage." Victoria smiled slyly."Ok. Gotta go."

"Wait!’ Vicki exclaimed. ‘How do I get THEM out of here?"

Victoria grimaced;

"Ah, almost forgot; Venus on the brain. You need to point it at an open space and tap the nodule on the rod twice. Then they will appear. Pretty neat, huh?"

"Damn right it is!"

Victoria moved towards Vicki and grabbed her by the waist.

"You have fun now. And remember. I want a Temple that’s going to make all the other Gods jealous."

Vicki frowned;

"Is that such a good idea?"

Victoria scratched her chin;

"You got a point. Just make it really, really nice. And no skimping on the interiors."

The Goddess and the mortal embraced each other passionately. And then the room was once again filled with white light, and when Vicki had opened her eyes, she found that she was alone again.

She looked down at the phallic-shaped rod and across at the Orb lying on her bed.

Grinning, she clapped her hands together and let out a little whoop.
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That was a fantastic fun read!
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I would love to collab with you on this some time later. I could write some characters and we choose future slaves.
Slaves need masters and masters need collars, chains and the best riding crops.

Mmmmmmmmm, this would be a lot of fun.
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Codes: FF, FSolo, Voy, Cons

Celebs: Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton, Rita Ora

Part 2: A Gift from the Goddess

The next few days were a whirlwind for Vicki as she started to use the gifts from the Goddess to collect a bevy of beautiful young women to sell.

After she had deposited her first two captives into what would be their temporary quarters, she had peered into the orb and saw a curvy, blonde woman in a room running on a strange-looking machine. She was wearing athletic garments that, while practical, were also quite revealing. Vicki watched her bare legs move and, even though the orb saw how well they were defined.

Yes. She was definitely worth a look.


A.D. 2018

Vicki touched the orb and found herself standing near this woman. She was close to Vicki’s height and curvy where it counted. She had tied her blonde hair back, and it bobbed as she ran, her light brown eyes a picture of determination. Covered in strange tattoos, Vicki surmised she must be from some uncouth Gaulish or Germanic barbarian tribe. The blonde was running hard on this outlandish contraption, and after she had wiped the sweat off her brow, she had then taken a drink from an odd-looking blue and white flask that was resting in a groove on the machine. Vicki observed that she had something in her ears; two white lines of rope ran from a rectangular implement perched on the device to the blonde girls’ ears. There was noise coming out of the things in her ears. It sounded like music but not like any music that Vicki had ever heard before. What a racket!

Vicki moved around the machine until she was behind the girl, watching her excellent ass bounce as she pumped her legs, running hard. Vicki knew that this girl would fetch big money in Rome. Many rich men would pay a pretty denarius to have this fit, curvaceous beauty warm their beds. She mentally calculated how much she could sell her for, moving back over to the side of the machine gauging the rest of the girl’s body. Yes, blondes like this were rare in Rome. Vicki would have no problem finder a buyer

The blonde ran on for a few more minutes before she reached down and pushed something on the machine. It made a loud beeping noise that caused Vicki to jump a little. The blonde girl took a long drink from her flask as she stepped off the machine and moved away from it.

Stepping back, Vicki raised the rod, and Rita Ora wasn’t even aware of what had happened to her.


A.D. 2013

Neither was Kate Upton.

The 21-year-old busty, blonde model had just returned to her Manhattan hotel from an exhausting day of shooting a Guess Jeans commercial. A 5am start to get to the studio for makeup. And then 12 hours filming. Both indoors and outdoors. At least a couple of the guys she'd filmed with had been pretty hot. Ethan and Joel. She'd gotten Ethan's number before she'd left. Not only was he charming, but he had made her laugh hysterically over the day, lifting her spirits when they had flagged. They had flirted quite a bit over the course of the day, and she had found herself drawn to him, touching his arm when they talked. He was the first guy she had met in a long time that had not spent the entire time staring at her chest. As she was staying in New York for a few days, they had agreed to meet up for breakfast tomorrow.

All she wanted to do now was have a bath and try and relax for a little bit before she met up with some of her model pals for dinner. She looked at her watch. She had a few hours to spare before she had to leave for Buddakan, an Asian place in Chelsea Market.

As she walked into her hotel room, she smiled. Guess had forked out some serious cash to get her a suite at the Four Seasons with a view of the East River and the Atlantic Ocean. There was no way that she could have afforded it herself. Landing this Guess Jeans commercial was one of several modelling offers that she had received, and she really felt her carer was about to explode. 

She threw her bag down on the executive table by the window and plopped down on the King Size Bed. She reached around and pulled the hair clip out of the hair, allowing her golden curls to fall around her shoulders. Taking off her heels, she sighed in pleasure. God, it was good to be off her feet! She scrunched her feet on the soft carpet and rubbed her neck, catching a glimpse of her reflection in the window. She walked over to it and stared out at New York as the March twilight engulfed the city. She looked at the lights twinkle all over the city and wondered at the size of it. It excited her, a city full of promise and reward. Sports Illustrated and Guess was only the start for her; she wanted more. She wanted much more.

But right now, though, what she really wanted was a bath.

She went to the bathroom and turned on the hot tap of the large, deep-soaking tub that rested in the corner. She put her hand under it and let it run, allowing it to heat up, turning around to the cabinet and getting her bath gels. She fished out two bottles and turned around, checking to see if the water was ready. It was piping hot. She turned it off and allowed the water to run down the drain before putting the plug in and turning both taps on. As the bath began to fill, she squeezed the gel containers and deposited a healthy amount of liquid into the tub. As the bubbles started to form, she turned around and walked into the bedroom, striding across to the windows and pulling the curtains.

Then Kate started to strip.

She unbuttoned her plaid shirt and deposited it in a heap on the floor. Reaching around her back, she unclasped her black lace bra and slipped it off her shoulders, freeing her large pendulous breasts from their prison. She sat down on the bed and quickly peeled off her jeans, sliding them off of her slim waist and over her long, toned, tanned legs. She stood up and slipped her black panties off of her waist, bending down as she removed them entirely, her tits swaying in the air as she did. She picked up her clothes and deposited them on one of the chairs near the window.

She saw steam wafting out of the bathroom, and she strode towards it, her beasts bouncing seductively with every step she took, just in time to see that the bath was getting very full. She turned off the taps and ran a hand through the water. It was just the right temperature for her.

Kate searched for her hair clip. And then remembered it was lying on her bad. Rolling her eyes to heaven at her own forgetfulness, she went to the bed and leaned down to pick it up. As she moved back towards the bathroom, she caught a glimpse of herself in the floor-length mirror.

She moved closer to it and smiled, her naked blonde-haired, blue-eyed reflection smiling back at her. As she turned around to admire herself from all angles, she had to admit she liked what she saw. Large breasts, long toned legs, a nice taut ass. And because no one was there to hear her, she said aloud.   

“Not bad, Upton. Not bad at all.”

She went back into the bathroom, and, tying her hair up with the hair clip, she tested the water with her big toe. Perfect. She slid herself into the bath, moaning in pleasure as the warm water washed over her. She closed her eyes and sighed.

This was the life!

As she soaked in the water, embalmed in the heat of the water, her mind drifted back to the shoot. And Ethan. It had been a pretty intense day, and they had had plenty of scenes together. He was the kind of guy she liked. Tall with short, black hair. A little designer stubble on his face. Cute little dimples that you really noticed when he smiled. Which he did a lot. It was a warm, genuine smile that made his blue eyes sparkle. Like most male models, he was ripped. Which was a pre-requisite for Kate in any man she would date. She liked a man that looked after himself. And a man that looked after himself and made her laugh? Well….that was…perfect.

There was one scene from the ad that replayed over and over in her mind. Ethan had been lying down on a couch, topless, and she had been straddling him, one hand on his bare chest the other on the waistband of his Guess jeans, her fingers slid just under the waist. A couple of more inches, and she would have felt the waistband of his underwear. They had been pretty much nose to nose, staring into each other's eyes, looking like a couple in love just about to kiss passionately, as the director had wanted. She had really wanted to kiss him. Like really badly. She got the sense he felt the same. If there had been no cameras there, she was sure they would have. And possibly done more than just kiss.

As she lay there, she imagined what it would be like to kiss him. Tenderly at first, their lips barely touching as they stared into each other's eyes. Then more fervently, tongues jousting with each other, his hands moving over her back down towards her ass. She imagined sliding her fingers fully under the waistband of his jeans until she felt the elastic waistband of his underwear. She moved her hand along his lower waist, feeling his rock-hard muscles, her fingers grazing his crotch as she did. He groaned a little as she did this and squeezed her ass, causing her to giggle, breaking off their kiss, her loose hair falling around her face and into his. She swept it aside and starting kissing him again as she moved her hand away from underwear to the button of his jeans.

As she dreamt this, her hands explored her own body. She was getting hotter, and she rubbed her fingers over her now erect nipples, tweaking them as she licked her lips and imagined kissing all the way down Ethan's muscular frame until she reached his crotch. As she kissed his waist, she undid the button of his jeans and spread it open, pulling his fly down as she did. She sat up and pulled his jeans off his waist before unbuttoning her shirt and peeling it off herself.
He looked up at her smiling, and she lay down on top of him and started kissing him again, moving a hand down to his crotch, running and squeezing the sizeable bulge there. He reached around her back and started fiddling with the hooks of her bra, struggling initially to get them both. She giggled and started kissing his neck as he struggled before he eventually got one and then two unclasped. She sat up and slid the bra off her shoulders, giving him a perfect view of her spectacular breasts. She ran her hands down his chest until she came to his underwear and then slide them off his hips, setting his penis free. It was long, thick, and cut; a magnificent, muscular edifice that swayed in the air.

She took him in her hands, looking down at him and cooing;

“I knew you'd have a good cock.”

As she lay in the bath, she began to move her hands around her breasts as she imagined Ethan was doing the same. Slowly, sensually massaging them and playing with her nipples. As Ethan sat up and started sucking and licking on her nipples, Kate licked her fingers and started running them around her nipples. As he caressed her stomach with his tongue, she moved one hand down towards her sex, the other continuing to play with her breasts, purposefully avoiding her clitoris even though she just wanted to frig herself silly. She could feel herself getting hotter and hotter as she imagined all the things Ethan's tongue and fingers were doing to her. All of a sudden, she moved her hands in between her legs and began to play with herself.

Kate caressed her clitoris lightly with the tips of her fingers as her other hand was starting to stroke her labia. Both these actions were causing her to moan in pleasure. Her eyes were shut tight, and she was biting her lip a little. Her body was alive with pleasure as her hands continued busying themselves with her sex. Her thoughts were of Ethan caressing her clitoris with his tongue. She imagined him sliding his tongue inside her and start to flick it gently. Fuelled with this thought, she slipped two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy and started to slowly slide them in and out. She let out a low groan and began to arch her back out of the water a little higher with each stabbing motion.

Her other hand had started to slowly stroke her clitoris. She was beginning to moan more openly now, her body squirming in the bath, water slopping over the edge, as her clitoris hummed in pleasure. Kate imagined being sprawled on the couch while Ethan was plunging his penis deep inside her. It was rough, sweaty sex fuelled by pure lust.

With two fingers embedded in her pussy Kate began to flick them in a come-hither motion as she found her G-spot. The pleasure was starting to build to a crescendo as images of Ethan flashed through her mind. She let out a harsh sobbing cry, and her body jerked as an orgasm rocked her body. She continued to finger herself, and the second wave of incredible pleasure engulfed her body. She let out another harsh cry, and as she lay there panting, her fingers still inside her, she shuddered in pleasure.

She lay there submerged in the warm water basking in the afterglow of her pleasure. It had been a long time since she had slept with a guy. Her last boyfriend, in fact. And that had been over a year ago. She'd had opportunities, of course, and there had been times when she had been tempted. But she'd held herself back. Despite what her bullies…no tormentors….had said about her in high school, she was not a stupid slut that would just drop her panties for any guy with a pulse. When she'd had sex, it was always with a boyfriend.

She really missed being close with someone. Not just the sex part, although that was important. But also the small, intimate moments. Holding hands, kissing, being silly together. She sighed and started washing. Maybe Ethan would be the guy. Who knew? She liked his personality and was very attracted to him. If they clicked tomorrow, who knew? They were both signed to IMG, so maybe they'd work together again as well?

Kate realised she'd spent a lot longer than she should have in the tub, and she'd need to get moving if she were to make her dinner reservation with the gang. She quickly finished scrubbing herself and reached for a towel before standing up and stepping gingerly out of the bath. She started to dry herself off, and once completed, she dropped the towel on the bathroom floor and walked into the bedroom.

And that was the last thing she remembered.

Vicki looked down at the blonde woman pleasuring herself and moaned a little as she watched her giant chest heave and body twitch in pleasure. She'd watched this meretrix parade herself naked around her room, and Vicki had been in awe of her body. Young, tall with long blonde hair, huge tits, nice legs, great ass, and a pretty face. She would fetch an Emperor's ransom back in Rome amongst the rich Patricians there. There would be plenty of men willing to empty their coin purses for the chance to empty their balls inside this busty cunnus.

She watched the blonde stand up and exit the bath, carefully stepping onto the floor. Watched her dry herself off, marvelling at the way her huge breasts moved in waves as the towel circumnavigated her body. At least she would be clean when she was captured!

As the woman walked into the next room, Vicki took one last look at her amazing ass, raised the rod, and the blonde girl was gone in a flash of light.


A.D. 37

Scarlett and Natalie also had no idea what had happened to them. From sharing a bed together in a top-class hotel in Dublin, Ireland, they now found themselves imprisoned in a large bare room with two small windows placed close to the ceiling. Both actresses had their hands manacled to the wall, and a leather collar affixed to their necks.  They had spent the last day trying to figure out where they were and what exactly had happened to them. 

Throughout the hours that they sat shrouded in terror, their food and drink were brought to them by young women. Beautiful young women, dressed in the most ornately decorated short robes. Their feet clad in leather sandals, their hair garlanded with flowers. They were all so beautiful it would have made Natalie and Scarlett ache had they not been so scared. When they spoke to the young girls, asking them for help, the girls had looked at them quizzically and shrugged their shoulders. They knew the girls could understand them, as they could understand the girls chatting amongst themselves.

“Wh...where are the hell are we?” Scarlett had asked at the beginning.

Natalie had shaken her head;

“I don’t know, Scar. But they’re dressed...they’re dressed like something out of an Ancient civilization.”

“Like Greece or Rome?”

Natalie just nodded in reply.

“Oh God, Nat. I’m so fucking scared!” Scarlett whimpered

The two shivered and yearned for each other’s comfort.

A little while later, the door to their room opened, and a tall, statuesque brunette woman appeared. In a low voice, so quiet that neither girl could hear clearly, she spoke to someone outside the room and pointed at Natalie. Two large muscular men entered the room, unclasped Natalie’s manacles, and grabbed her by her arms. Despite both her and Scarlett’s attempts to fight them off, they quickly dragged her out of the room, screaming. Scarlett launched kicks at the men, yelling as she struggled to free her shackled hands;


Scarlett eyeballed the brunette woman who was observing her with amusement.

“If you hurt her, I’m going to fucking kill you, you cunt!” She bellowed venomously


Vicki just looked at the blonde girl and raised her eyes to heaven. Such profanity! She knew that the women she’d captured may be uncouth barbarians, and her use of this language confirmed it.

No matter.

She beckoned her eunuchs to bring forward two new captives that she had caught; one was the curvy, blonde with the tribal tattoos, the other the very busty, blonde harlot who she had captured as she had been wandering around her abode naked. She was glad her eunuchs were just that. The busty blonde, in particular, would test the resolve of even the most celibate of men.

The two girls struggled against the eunuchs with little impact. Soon they too were chained to restraints and continued to struggle even though it was futile.

Once the eunuchs had left, Vicki turned to Caelia;

“These three are going to be sold at auction. So, I’ll need them to be cleaned and clothed properly.  You’ll probably need the eunuchs to help you. Particularly if they put up a fight. The other girl, that pretty brunette, we’ll keep her here for now. I have a feeling we’ll get a very high price when we sell her privately.”

Caelia cast her eyes down.

“You don’t agree, Caelia?”

The young servant-girl sighed;

“Could we not keep her here? I mean...”

“You like her?” Vicki smiled crookedly;

Caelia blushed a crimson red and blurted out;

“Mistress Vicki, I think she’s very beautiful.”

Vicki smiled benevolently and stroked Caelia’s cheek. She had a particular fondness for this young girl, who reminded Vicki of herself when she was younger. Besides, she also found the brunette girl; what did the Goddess Victoria say her name was? Never mind. She also found her extremely attractive. So why not keep her and have some fun?

“She is beautiful, Caelia, nearly as perfect as you. Well, I’d like to keep her here for a while too. As you can tell, she doesn’t know our ways here, so I’d need someone to teach her that. I’d also need someone to teach her other things as well. You know what I mean? Could you do that for me?”

Caelia’s smile lit up the room, and her chocolate brown, doe eyes sparkled with delight as she hugged Vicki;

“Oh, Mistress Vicki. Thank you!”

Vicki hugged her back and kissed her lips;

“You’re welcome, Caelia. Now I have business to attend to. You run along and finish your chores.”

The petite brunette almost danced out of the room.


Scarlett watched as the two women who had been dragged in struggled vainly against their restraints.

“There’s no point doing that. You’re wasting your time.”

It was the busty blonde that spoke;

“Oh my God. Scarlett Johansson. What are you doing here?”

Scarlett chuckled;

“Fucked if I know...what’s your name?”

“Um. Kate. Kate Upton.”

The other blonde girl spoke up;

“You guys have any idea where we are?”

Scarlett sighed;

“I’ve spent the last day trying to figure that out. Well, both Natalie and I were trying to figure it out.”

“Wait. There’s someone else here?” Kate spoke up, her eyes wide.

“Yeah. Natalie. Natalie Portman. We both woke up here. They took her away just before you guys were brought here.”

“So Natalie Portman is here too? What the hell is going on?” Rita gasped, her lips trembling;

Scarlett looked across at the two;

“I know about as much as you do. All I care about now is finding out where Natalie is and getting the hell out of here.”

Kate piped up;

“Do you see the clothes they’re wearing? Reminds me of that movie with Russell Crowe....what’s it called? You know he played a soldier, and he fought in this like giant Arena because his wife and son were killed.”

Scarlett nodded;

“Gladiator. Yeah, the clothes do look the same as they’re wearing now. I dunno.”

Rita sighed;

“I don’t care where we are. I’ve got to get out of here. I have a gig in London tonight.”

“I think you may want to forget about that.” Scarlett intoned grimly.


Meanwhile, Natalie Portman had found herself dragged into a large, ornately decorated room that contained a sizeable oval-shaped bed draped in silk sheets in the middle of it and a massive bathtub in the corner. The two eunuchs that brought her into the room carried her over to the bed, dropping her on it, before exiting the room.

As she regained her composure, she was able to take in her surroundings. The bed was so large that you could easily fit five or six people in it. The silk was so soft that she lay there for a moment luxuriating in its texture, despite her current predicament. Regaining her senses, she hopped off the bed and ran towards the door, pulling at the knob. Locked.

"Damn it!"

She looked around the room and felt the cool air from an open window. The curtains were flapping gently in the breeze. Quick as she could, Natalie ran to the curtains and peered out. The balcony was quite large, and as she stepped onto it gingerly, the warm sun hit her skin. Natalie stood there for a moment, basking in its glow, taking in her surroundings. She could see buildings made of stone and marble that looked like ancient temples. Even from the distance she was, she could see people climbing the steps of the buildings clothed in a similar way to the people who were holding her captive. The buildings beside the one she was in were framed by colonnades and huge engraved keystones.

She heard laughing from below and looked down onto a lavishly tended garden – the grass was so lush and verdant that Natalie had a hard time believing it was real. Weeping willows populated the garden, and underneath one, a beautiful young woman was sitting playing the harp. Several other young women were playing catch. Other young women were reading. One young woman, who couldn't have been long out of her teens, played with a kitten.

She heard a splash and saw a large swimming pool in the corner of the garden where several naked young women were lying about or swimming.

One of the girls, a stunning blonde, saw Natalie looking down at them and waved, nudging a slim, raven-haired girl beside her. The black-haired girl smiled up at Natalie, blew her a kiss, and turned to the blonde beside her, kissing her passionately. A little unnerved by all of this, Natalie stepped back into the room. There was no way to get down from the balcony anyway unless she wanted to jump and break her neck.

As she walked into the room, her attention was drawn to the large tub situated in the far corner.

It was enormous, and the bed was large enough to accommodate many people. Its marble bottom contained a scene showing several women engaged in various sexual acts with each other. After a moment of staring at the tub and the intricate scenes within it, Natalie realised it had been designed in the shape of a vagina.

'Who are these people?', she whispered to herself.

She wandered around the room and saw various penis-shaped marble items lined up on a table. They varied in size, shape, and colour. Some had larger heads than others, some had wider shafts. Some even had veins carved into their surfaces.

Natalie picked up one of the dildos with a large girth, marvelling at the smooth texture. It was difficult to fit her whole hand around the immense shaft. She wondered would something of that size even fit inside her. Even though there was no one else around, she reddened. Putting the marble dildo back on the table, she focussed her attention on another item on the table that had caught her attention; a book. It was titled Inconcessus actus connubialis iucunditas Romanum. She had no idea what the title meant, but she recognised the language from her Psych major courses at Harvard.


She shook her head in amazement.

'No way...we couldn't be...'

She flicked open the book and was confronted by page after page of lewd sexual imagery – women on women, men on women, men on men. Each picture was appended by Latin text. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Natalie had stumbled upon the Lover's Guide. In Latin.

Looking at the images, Natalie unconsciously catalogued the positions that she had tried with Scarlett. A little shiver went up to her spine, and a moist patch developed between her legs. She was startled by the sound of the door being unlocked. She dropped the book back onto the table and scooted to the bed, like a child who had just been caught doing something naughty.

A stunning young girl entered the room. So beautiful that Natalie gasped. One of the men who had brought her here followed the brunette girl into the room. He was carrying a tray of food and drink. Once he had deposited this on a sideboard, he exited, exchanging words with the girl. As the two were locked in conversation, Natalie studied the girl.

She was maybe an inch or two taller than Natalie, with slightly shorter hair. She had a slim nose, full lips, and the most amazing deep, chocolate brown eyes. The eyes entranced Natalie. They exuded warmth and sparkled with life. She was tanned all over, with great legs and a fantastic rear-end. She reminded Natalie of the girls she had seen in Italy when she'd filmed for Attack of the Clones. Only a hell of a lot more attractive than any girl Natalie had seen in Italy that time.

The man exited the room, and the girl locked the door. She turned to Natalie and cocked her head a little, then she smiled, and Natalie was lost. Such a smile Natalie had never seen before. It lit up the room and made this girl seem even more impossibly beautiful than she was. Natalie's heart started to beat a little quicker, and she smiled back. Any thoughts of trying to get out of the room or out of the house evaporated at that moment. She was smitten.

The girl went over to the tray of food and drink and poured two glasses of wine. She looked at Natalie and gestured to the glass. Natalie nodded and was answered with another glowing smile. The girl walked over to her and handed her the small glass of wine, never taking her eyes off Natalie. Natalie caught the scent of the sweetest aroma from the girl. It was simply divine! She took a sip of the wine, hoping it would settle her down. Her pulse was racing, and she had butterflies in her stomach. She'd never felt this way on meeting anyone of either sex.

The girl took a sip of the wine and then pointed at herself;

"My name is, Caelia."

"Cay-lee-a?" Natalie repeated the name

"Yes, Caelia." The brunette girl smiled and nodded

"Natalie." Natalie pointed at herself.

The girl repeated the words slowly as if she had never heard the name before. Which, Natalie surmised, she probably hadn't;

"Na-ta-lee. Na-ta-lee."

Natalie nodded, and the girl smiled, causing Natalie to groan a little.

"Oh, please don't do that again! You'll break my heart!" Natalie thought.

They both took another sip of wine, and Caelia moved closer to Natalie. The actress smiled and ran a hand through her long, light brown hair.  As the two girls consumed their wine, Natalie spoke.

"Caelia, where am I?"

"You are in Mistress Vicki's Pleasure-Slave Palace," Caelia answered matter-of-factly as she raised the ornate goblet to her lips.

"Pleasure Slave what?" Natalie gasped, staring at the young Roman girl in shock.

"Pleasure-Slave Palace, Nat-a-lee. Mistress Vicki is the finest pleasure slave trader in all of Rome. Some say throughout the entire Empire. She only procures and sells the most desirable pleasure slaves. This is why the richest and most important men and women in Rome always come to her." Caelia said, beaming with pride.

"You're saying I'm in Rome!" Natalie blurted out in fright, shaking her head in disbelief. "When! How! Why! I mean, how did I get here. Why am I here?"

Caelia took the actress's hand in hers and spoke softly.

"Shhh, Nat-a-lee. It's ok. You are in Rome, 790 years since the foundation of the city. It is the first year of the reign of Caligula as Emperor. He's actually a really great friend of Mistress Vicki's."

"How did I get here, Caelia?" Natalie implored the young girl, her brown eyes tearing up a little, her voice raised in panic. "And why am I here? You have to tell me."

"Mistress Vicki brought you here. You and the others. I don't know how she did it. She just disappeared, and when she came back, you and that blonde girl appeared."

Caelia took a drink and continued;

"She needed to find girls for the big slave auction in a few days. I know that she was finding it difficult to find good quality pleasure slaves to sell there."

"Wait a minute—slave auction! You mean to tell me I was brought here to be sold at a slave auction!" Natalie gasped, her eyes wide with panic, her face drained of all colour. 

Caelia put the goblet on the table next to the bed, clasping Natalie's hand in both of hers. Looking at her solemnly, she confessed.

"Yes, that was what was going to happen, Nat-a-lee. Mistress Vicki did bring you here to sell you. Not at the slave auction, but privately. "

"What!" Natalie shrieked in horror.

Caelia moved a hand to Natalie's cheek, soothing her.

"She was going to, Nat-a-lee, but I spoke to her and convinced her not to. I wanted you to stay here with us. With me." The young Roman girl smiled, blushing as she confessed. "And she said yes."

Natalie looked at the gorgeous brunette, her brown eyes sparkling, and blushed herself.

"I don't know what to say."

Caelia leaned in close to Natalie and caressed her lips with her own, whispering once she'd finished;

"Don't say anything. You are here with me now; you are safe. That is all that matters. Nothing else matters, Nat-a-lee."

They looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then leaned in and kissed softly.

They lay down on the bed staring into each other's eyes, stroking each other's cheeks and exchanging little kisses for what seemed like hours basking in the warmth of each other's fully-clothed bodies. It was only when Natalie moved her hands around Caelia's waist that the two young women began to increase their fervour for each other. Then they fairly tore the clothes off each other until both were naked, lips, tongues, and fingers traversing each other.

Caelia's tongue was incredible! It snaked its way around Natalie's clitoris and labia while her fingers began stroking Natalie's inner thigh. Natalie reciprocated by flicking Caelia's clitoris with her own tongue. So good was Caelia at giving oral sex that Natalie found it difficult to concentrate on pleasuring the young girl. Caelia seemed to realise this and climbed off of Natalie, scooting between her legs. There the Roman girl proceeded to take Natalie to heaven.

Caelia moved the tip of her finger to the entrance of Natalie's sopping pussy and began swirling it in circles, matching the movements of her tongue. With her free hand, Caelia began to massage Natalie's rock-hard nipples. Natalie moaned loudly and bit her lip, her hands buried in Caelia's hair.

It was only after several minutes of teasing that Caelia inserted a finger inside Natalie's pussy and began to slowly move it inside and out in a come- hither motion. This drove Natalie wild, and she started to buck her hips in time with the finger driving her to the point of ecstasy. Caelia began to exert more pressure on Natalie's clit with her tongue, swirling it a little harder and sucking on her enlarged clitoris, slipping a second finger into the actresses' pussy. At this stage, Natalie was delirious;

'Oh shittttt! Oh Caeeeeliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm cumming!'

Natalie's hips bucked as her orgasm lit up her body, and she moaned and groaned as Caelia continued to flick her tongue on her clitoris. Caelia looked up and saw Natalie's face flushed with her eyes closed and a smile of pure joy on her lips. The young girl smiled and flicked her tongue on Natalie's clit three more times, sparking several more jolts from the body of the now narcotized actress.

Caelia kissed the length of Natalie's body from her inner thighs to her lips. Kissing her deeply, Natalie wrapped her arms around Caelia's neck and allowed her tongue to joust playfully with the slave girls. When they had stopped kissing, they lay beside each other, Natalie stroking Caelia's face;

'I love you, Caelia.'

The young slave girl leaned in and kissed Natalie on the cheek, whispering in her ear;

'I love you too, Nat-a-lee.'

There was a knock on the door, and a young female voice called out to Caelia. She raised her eyes to heaven and shouted something that Natalie didn't understand. The voice called again, a little more whiny and pleading. Caelia huffed and kissing Natalie on the cheek, hopped off the bed, and stomped over to the door, wiggling her butt in a manner that made Natalie giggle a little. Hearing this, Caelia shot Natalie a look that was at first indicative of annoyance. It quickly dissolved into a smile, and she joined in Natalie's giggling. She skipped back over to the actress and kissed her deeply, only to be disturbed by another frantic call from the other side of the door.


Caelia sighed and, hopping off the bed, marched toward the door.


Outside, an ornately decorated carriage had pulled up close to Vicki's premises. Not close enough to be seen by anyone inside the building, nor close enough to arouse the suspicions of Vicki's guards.

Brutus Fabius Maximus sat and fumed within its shaded confines as he had watched the building intently, his moon-shaped eyes roving it, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. When he couldn't see anything at all, he grimaced and spat out of the carriage window.

"If it is the last thing I do, I will destroy that fucking temple." he thought. "Who the fuck do those people think they are banning me from there? I'm a Senator. Not some fucking Pleb. Fuck them and their cunting Goddess."

He ran his hands over his bald pate and spat out the window again. He had not always felt this way about the Goddess Victoria. Nor about the Cult of the Goddess.

The worshippers of Victoria had welcomed him in without question, as they had with all who wanted to join. It was a cult with no restrictions on membership. As long as you were an adult and a pervert, well, you were free to join. And Brutus was both of those. He had fit right in at first.

And then he had broken some stupid fucking ancient rule set up by the elites in the Cult. Well, now he was going to get even. He'd won a significant victory in the Senate – aided by vowing money and wine to some of the older senators if they voted against that prick Quintus Marius Sulla's proposition.

Setting up the PMRC had also been a masterstroke. Not that it had been his idea; the credit for that belonged to the Goddess Bona Dea, the Roman Goddess of Chastity. She had appeared to him, guiding him. She had helped him convince some of the more moralistic senators and their wives to join the group. They had been sick of the depravity in Rome under Caligula and had eagerly formed this pressure group. Like Brutus, there were also enough people that had been banned from the Cult of Victoria to swell the numbers and the coffers of the fledgling organisation. They had built up a heady momentum over the last few months and were slowly starting to stifle some of the depraved texts, games, and plays that seemed to be springing up all over the city.

Not that Brutus really cared about totally ending perversions around Rome. He was, after all, as much a pervert as any man. But the PMRC was a means to an end. And the end was the destruction of the Temple of Victoria and her Cult.

"By the Goddess Bona Dea, that will happen," he murmured to himself.

He spat out of the carriage again and resumed watching Vicki's establishment, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.  He wanted her. Badly. And he always had.  As he sat there, thinking of her, he reached underneath his robes and began to jerk himself off slowly, thinking of all the things he would like to do to her.

"By Bona Dea. I will have you, Vicki."
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Omg that was hot. I can't wait to see more.

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Loved this. This is the sort of thing I like to read and write about. Something imaginative and unique rather than the usual modern type settings of most celeb stories. I've always liked the Roman Empire era amongst others so good choice there. Nice.
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