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That 70's Show-Eric's Christmas Tree
« on: December 26, 2018, 05:43:34 PM »
 That 70's Show-Eric's Christmas Tree
(a fictional story about fictional characters)
(mf, mmF, Mf, MFF, oral, anal, dp, gang)
        (This is another interpretation of Season 1-Episode 12  "The Best Christmas Ever")
    "So what are you doing on Christmas Eve," Michael Kelso wanted to know.
    "Oh, you know," Eric Foreman answered, "my parents are having the same old boring party they do every year and I'll be stuck singing The Little Drummer Boy."
    The "gang" was just sitting around in the Foreman basement, as usual, but this time they were watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas on TV, remarking at the size of the Grinch's butt. "Yes, there is nothing that says Christmas like a big green Grinch ass," commented Fez, their foreign exchange student friend.  Eric and Stephen Hyde were intently and lasciviously watching Donna Pinciotti standing on a step ladder hanging beer-can ornaments on the basement's silver aluminum tree.  More specifically, they were watching her shapely, jean covered ass.  She was a gorgeous redhead who had lived next door to Eric for his entire childhood, and everyone knew they were attracted to each other, but there was not yet an official commitment.  Hyde hoped to change what seemed to be a pre-destined coupling, and claim Donna as his girl.
    Kelso's self absorbed girlfriend, Jackie Burkhardt chimed in, "my favorite thing about Christmas is shopping."  Jackie was as cute as a china-doll, but the only reason she was a part of the group was because she had latched on to Kelso.
    Kelso added, "my favorite is the presents.  What's Christmas without presents.  You know what I really like...Lite Brite..it's fun to make things with Lite Brite."
    Always the practical one, Hyde contradicted, "naw, cash is the best present.  Donna, let's say you had $6 to buy a gift for someone, what would you get?"  Hyde tried to pry an answer out of Donna, hoping to get a hint of what to get her to trump whatever Eric was giving her.  Donna sidestepped the question and told him the amount was inconsequential, as long as the gift was from the heart.
    All week Hyde had been asking people what was a good gift for a teenage girl.  Midge, Donna's mother, had said that Donna liked "White Shoulders" perfume, but it cost about $12 a bottle; she added, "it's not just for shoulders, you can put it anywhere."  It was easy to see where Donna got her good looks because Midge could have been a Playboy centerfold and every male in the neighborhood lusted after her.
    When he asked Jackie, she quipped, "you know if you want to make out with me, the answer is probably, no."
    The next day while his parents and sister, Laurie, were sitting around the kitchen table discussing the party plans, Eric casually asked his father, "since you're having a party, I was wondering if I could have a party for my friends in the basement?"
    When Red answered a simple, "OK," his mother and Laurie nearly fell out of their chairs with surprise.  "Well, every year he just mopes around here like it's the end of the world; he might as well be down there."
    Kitty, Eric's mother, was disappointed, "well who's going to sing the high part on The Little Drummer Boy now?"
    Laurie pouted and complained, "it's not fair, why does he get to have a party?"
    Feeling a natural high, and knowing he was on a roll, Eric pushed his luck and asked Red, "you know I could use some money for the party."
    Reaching for his wallet, Red surprised him by saying, "here's $40, you go and get our tree...whatever is left over you can have for your party."
    "Oh Dad," Eric whined, "you know I hate all that haggling."
    "Haggling is the American way," Red told him, "and you better get a good one."
    When Eric told his friends about the party, they were ecstatic.  Kelso had, what was for him, a brainstorm, "Eric, we go cut a tree on the side of the road and we keep the whole $40 for beer."  Hyde agreed and they easily convinced Eric to follow their plan. Finding a secluded parking spot just off the interstate, the trio of Eric, Hyde and Kelso soon found a great evergreen and proceeded to cut it down.  As they were loading it onto the Vista Cruiser's roof, Eric yelled at Hyde for "writing his name in the snow" so close to the tree.
    Kitty loved their choice and said it was probably the nicest tree they had ever had.  It was agreed that Kelso should purchase the beer since he knew the guy at the convenience store and could probably get a good deal. Eric didn't want someone recognizing him and reporting it to Red, and Hyde had just turned 18 and didn't have an official ID yet.  Red knew they were technically old enough to drink, but definitely not mature enough.  The group received more good news when they found out Red was going to have to work Christmas Eve at Bob Pinciotti's appliance store.  That meant he wouldn't be checking up on them.  Bob told Red that "Bargain Bob's" would be the only store open on Christmas Eve because you never knew when some husband would realize he forgot a gift and run out to buy a refrigerator at the last minute.
    "What a dumb ass," Red muttered to himself. It rubbed Red the wrong way to know Bob would be at his Christmas Eve party, and Red wouldn't, but he agreed because since being laid off at the plant, he needed the money.
    On the evening of the party, Kitty was busily preparing food and drink for her own guests, as well as Eric's (even though he had asked her not to).  Laurie, still envious of her little brother for being permitted to have a party, decided to attempt to sabotage the gathering by emptying an entire bottle of rum into the punch bowl.  Kitty brought the plate of cookies, and Laurie carried the punch bowl down to the basement; just missing Kelso coming through the outside door with two cases of beer (Old Milwaukee, of course).  "Mom, I told you no punch," Eric reminded her.
    "You can't have a party without punch," Kitty explained, "that's just insanity."
    "Yeah Eric," Laurie prodded slyly, "Mom went to all the trouble of making it...so drink a lot," knowing that if Red caught them drunk, there would be Hell to pay.
    Kelso nearly injured himself jumping over the sofa to greet Laurie.  He knew her reputation and his hormones would not let him pass up an opportunity to get into her panties.  He found Eric's older sister to be incredibly sexy: everyone knew she never bothered with a bra and the way her small breasts were jiggling inside her sweater proved tonight was no exception.  "Hey Laurie," he started, trying to be extra suave, but could not think of anything else to say.
    "Hey Kelso," Laurie teased him as she thrust her chest forward.
    Kelso was about to proceed when Fez burst through the cellar door with an armful of gifts.  Kelso became all flustered and blurted out, "presents...I thought we said no presents."
    "No, you said no presents," Donna reminded him, "what would Christmas be without presents."
    "Awww man, now I've got to go out and get Jackie a gift or she'll kill me," he announced nervously.   Then turned to Laurie and tried to calmly add, "yeah Jackie...who I'm dropping, by the way."
    As he turned to leave, Laurie offered him some punch, which he refused.  Not having any luck with the spiked punch, Laurie gulped down a cup full herself before heading back upstairs.
    Just missing Kelso, Jackie arrived with three of her cheerleader friends and introduced them as Lisa, Jenny and Tracy.  They were like clones of each other: cute blond and egotistical.  Fez's eyes widened when he saw the trio of desirable girls and he immediately introduced himself.  Tracy asked if they had anything to drink and Fez jumped at the opportunity to get them drunk, "oh yes...we have beer."
    Tracy responded, "no thanks, don't you have anything else."
    Disappointed, Fez answered, "yes we have some punch, but wouldn't you rather have beer."
    He reluctantly served the cheerleaders cups of the fruit punch and they all began to drink freely.  Not being used to alcohol, in no time they began to feel the effects; and soon Fez was sitting on the sofa between Tracy and Lisa, with Jenny leaning over the back massaging his shoulders.  Fez was in heaven as they fawned over him and his foreign accent.  Lisa admitted, "you sound like Ricardo Montalbland."
    Jenny giggled, "you said Montalbland."
    "No I didn't," Lisa disagreed and began to rub Fez's thigh, "say something slow Fez."
    Grinning from ear to ear, Fez slowly recited, "hello my darlings."
    As the cheerleaders began to giggle, Eric, Donna and Hyde stood by the Foreman's chest freezer sipping beer and agreed, "what's wrong with the pep squad tonight, they're acting extra stupid."   
    The only food at the basement party was Kitty's Christmas cookies and some chips, so the alcoholic punch and beer was being absorbed directly into the blood stream of the guests. Eric, Donna and Hyde had lost count of the beers they had consumed; and Fez and the pep squad were drinking the punch like water on a hot summer day.  Lisa began to massage the inside of Fez's thigh and suddenly she drew her hand back like it had touched a hot stove, and she just stared at Fe's crotch.  "Oh my God, what is that ," she gasped and Jackie and the other two cheerleaders bent to see what she was talking about.  There was a huge bulge growing downward in Fez's right pants leg.  It looked like he had a salami stuffed in his pants and it now descended almost to his knee.
    As the trio of blondes watched, they could see it twitch inside his pants.  Fez had a look of fear on his face like he had done something wrong and was going to be punished, but the drunken cheerleaders were fascinated by the outline of his erection as it grew. Tracy added her tiny hand to Lisa's and they gently touched the bulge through the fabric; timidly squeezing and rubbing it.  Jenny came around from the back of the sofa and kneeled between Fez's legs, spreading his knees as she rubbed his inner thighs.  "I don't know about you," she said to her fellow cheerleaders, "but I've got to see it."
    Without even wasting words, Tracy unbuttoned and unzipped Fez's trousers, while Jenny grasped his waistband and began to tug his pants and boxers down his legs.  Fez, now smiling like the Cheshire Cat, lifted his butt up off the sofa to ease Jenny's effort and sat back down to bask in their attention.  Jenny removed Fez's loafers, took hold of his pants legs and jerked his pants (and boxers) completely off.  The girls collectively gasped, and Lisa exclaimed, "holy shit," as they stared at Fez's groin.   Fez just smiled.
    The cock laying against his leg was of monstrous proportions: it was nearly a foot in length and as thick as a soda bottle with a crown like a tangerine.  It truly looked like some sort of snake between his legs.  All three girls were mesmerized by its size, their jaws hanging open.  Lisa was the first one to move as she apprehensively reached out her hand and wrapped her tiny fingers around Fez's penis.  It sprang upward in her hand and she squealed as Tracy added her hand to Fez's pole. Not to be outdone, Jenny also grabbed her share of Fez's meat and was amazed that there was actually enough cock to accommodate three hands.  Jackie crawled between Fez's legs with Jenny and announced, "you know he was my friend first."
    Amazingly, no one else in the basement even raised an eyebrow over what was transpiring on the sofa.  Almost everyone had gone and Hyde, Eric and Donna were gathered around their wire-spool table playing "strip Rock-em, Sock-em Robots."  The table was made out of a huge wooden wire-spool discarded by Point Place Power & Light.  It made a great table and Kitty, against Eric's objections, had covered it with a nice Poinsettia decorated tablecloth for his party.  The game was, it was boys against girl, and every time someone's "block" was knocked off; they had to drink beer and lose an article of clothing.  Obviously they were all completely inebriated or Donna, in particular, would never have agreed to the terms.  Everyone had lost their shoes and socks, and Eric and Hyde were shirtless.  Donna had just lost again and was pulling her Christmas sweater off over her head, revealing her skimpy plain white bra.
    As Eric watched Donna shake her wonderful long red hair from side to side, her ample breasts jiggling inside their cups; he thought his zipper was going to pop.  Hyde reached down to adjust his erection as it rubbed against his zipper, since he never wore underwear.
"OK Pinciotti," Hyde challenged, "you're gong down...what will it be next, the bra or the pants."
    Laughing and slurring her words, Donna told him, "the twins come out to play next...give it your best shot Hyde."
    It was Hyde's turn at the controls and her challenge seemed to throw off his concentration because Donna's robot beheaded his in one punch.  Eric and Hyde each swigged a beer and shoved their trousers down their legs.  Eric was still wearing his "tighty-whities," but Hyde's hard-on sprang out in full view.  "Holy crap Hyde," Donna stared at his nice seven inches, "no underwear."
    "Naw, don't believe in them," he responded proudly, "it's something the establishment wants you to wear."
    Eric saw Donna staring at Hyde's cock and quickly grasped the controls and bet Donna, "it's time that bra came off Donna."
    "Yeah, you wish Foreman," she smiled as she maneuvered her robot.  It quickly lost its head and she chugged what was left of her beer, reached behind her, unclasped her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders and down her arms.  Her breasts were magnificent.  A full 36 D, they hung on her chest like water balloons and with every tiny movement, they jiggled like Jello.  Her nipples, already aroused, were like jellybeans surrounded by large pink areola. Leaning over the table, her nose almost touching the Robot's ring, her incredible tits actually rested on the festive tablecloth.
    "Come on Foreman," urged Hyde, "you win and her pants come off."  Eric could not concentrate; all he could do was stare at his neighbor's naked breasts...the tits he had dreamed about for years.  As luck would have it, Rock-em, Sock-em was not exactly a precise game and with barely a touch, Donna's robot lost it's head.  "Woo-hoo," Hyde rejoiced, "get em off Pinciotti."  Donna stood, and without any hesitation, shoved her pants down her long legs and kicked them under the table.  Her panties matched her bra and were nearly transparent, the shadow of her red bush clearly visible.
    Donna knew she was drunk, but was not concerned.  She would later admit a lesson: that alcohol served as a powerful aphrodisiac.  Becoming more aroused by the minute, she knew her nipples were now hard as rocks, without even touching them.  She had seen Hyde's penis, and was completely aware of the way Eric's underwear was tenting.  Donna knew in her mind that she was destined to be with Eric, and was becoming more convinced that the time was near for her to surrender her virginity to him.
    Forever the wise-guy, Hyde chided her, "looks like the carpet matches the drapes."
    "Ha ha," Donna acknowledged, "just play the game."  This time she was the one having trouble concentrating, as she watched Eric's penis twitching inside his underwear as he stood next to Hyde's chair.  It was like his eyes had Superman's heat-vision as he stared at her heaving breasts, and they became flushed and warmer.  The round lasted almost a minute before Donna lost again.
    Hyde began to hum "Stairway to Heaven," as Donna stood, turned her back to the table and slipped her panties past her thighs and down to the floor.  The panties seemed to take forever to hit the floor, descending her long shapely legs.  Her ass cheeks were perfectly round and firm.  "Turn around Pinciotti," Hyde demanded, "we won this, don't try to get out of it."  Donna turned to face the winners, her face red with embarrassment.  Her red pubic hair was trimmed into a neat triangle; a trick she had learned from Jackie so that nothing peeked out around her bathing suit.  She had the classic thigh gap and Eric and Hyde could see that she had unnaturally long pussy lips (of course their knowledge of such things was limited to Playboy).
    Pausing for a couple minutes, Donna then sat back down and told Eric, "it's your turn to get naked," as she gripped the controls.
    At this point, Eric could not care less who won...he had seen his dream-girl naked, and the image would be forever imbedded in his brain.  In addition to the beer, he was now on a natural high and he quickly won the round with one punch.  "You won Foreman," Hyde announced, "but she's already naked...now what."
    Donna could hardly believe she was speaking up, but her surging hormones coupled with the alcohol, had taken over as she could feel herself becoming moist, "well, I guess you could fuck me."  Hyde and Eric were completely speechless as they just stared at Donna, their cocks pointing straight at the ceiling.
    Jackie was leaning into Fez's lap, her mouth open ready to engulf his crown when Kelso burst through the outside door with a bag in his arms, "Jackie, I've got your Christmas present."
    Jumping to her feet, Jackie grabbed the bag, tore it open and cried out, "awww, hot rollers...you do love me Michael."  She threw her arms around Kelso and stated, "and I have your present."  Sinking to her knees in front of him, Jackie unbuckled his pants, tugging them down as she dropped.  Shoving his leopard-print briefs down to his knees, Jackie grasped his hardening cock in her hand and began to lick the head like a lollipop.  His penis was only about six inches and slender so she easily fit the entire length into her mouth and began to suck.
    "Oh shit Jackie," Kelso groaned, his eyes rolling.  Suddenly he looked around the basement and exclaimed, "what the Hell is going on here...what did I miss?  Holy crap Donna...Fez, what the Hell."  No one else even glanced his way.  It was incredible, everyone in the basement had complete tunnel-vision; only concerned with their own activity.  And when Jackie massaged his balls and squeezed; he understood, and grabbed the sides of her head to hold it steady while he began to fuck her cute face.
    Jenny was lowering her blond head into Fez's lap, her lipstick coated lips stretching wide around his large crown.  It was a struggle, but she managed to stuff the head into her mouth and began to roll her tongue all around his cock-slit. Tracy grabbed Fez's chin and forcefully began to kiss him, feeding him her tongue and running it all around his teeth. He moaned as Jenny fondled his scrotum and sucked him into the back of her throat.  Lisa had shed her sweater-vest and shirt and was unclasping her dainty pink bra.  She took Fez's left hand and placed it on her bare breast as she rubbed the right herself.   Feeling the breast in his hand, Fez broke free of Tracy's mouth, looked at Lisa's perfectly round 34 C globes and announced, "boobies...I love boobies...they are beautiful."
    Now feeling ignored, Tracy threw off her festive sweater and plain white bra to expose her much larger breasts. They sagged on her chest like bags and her areola were incredibly large.  She put her hands under them and bounced them to get Fez's attention.  He immediately released Lisa's tit and attached his mouth to Tracy's left breast, sucking the nipple to attention, as he fondled the right twin. Jenny, Fez's rod still in her mouth, began to rub the crotch of her pants, feeling herself getting wet.  Lisa looked down, saw Fez's giant cock in Jenny's mouth, kicked off her shoes and began to push her pants and lacy panties down her toned legs.  Her dark blond bush was trimmed into a thin "landing strip" of pubic hair (even in the 70's, cheerleaders didn't want their pubic hair showing) above her puffy lips.
    Lisa had never had anything even close to that size inside her, but she was so horny she couldn't stand it and was not about to be outdone by the other cheerleaders.  She pushed Jenny's head away from Fez's groin and straddled him, face to face.  Feeling his prick pull free of Jenny's nice warm mouth, Fez pulled back from Tracy's chest complaining, "hey, that felt nice..." but stopped when he saw Lisa's naked body poised above his lap. Watching as she gripped his pole in her hand and lowered herself so that it was nudging against her slit, Fez gasped, "holy crap."  He put his hands out and kneaded her soft tits as he stared at her puffy lips above his crown.  Tracy and Jenny decided to help their friend and they hooked their fingers inside Lisa's lips and spread them wide, allowing them to surround Fez's huge crown.  Fez was about to lose his virginity and his body was twitching as he waited.     
    Feeling Fez's head spreading her lips farther than they had ever been, Lisa began to lower her taut body, slowly allowing Fez's cock to penetrate her pussy.  She could feel the inside of her tunnel being stretched as more and more of his cock slid into her.  "Holy crap." was all he could say as he felt his massive pole being surrounded by a soft warm pussy for the first time.  It seemed almost like she was teasing him, and he became so impatient that he thrust forcefully upward, jamming his log into her cunt.  When he lunged upward, Fez knocked Lisa off her feet and her body came crashing down onto his lap, completely impaling herself on his monstrous cock.
    "Holy fucking shit," the tiny cheerleader cried out as she felt the walls of her pussy being stretched seemingly beyond their capacity.  She leaned forward, his silky shirt feeling very erotic against her breasts, and lay there while her body got used to the gigantic invader.  The longer she lay against him, the better she liked the feeling of being completely stuffed with his cock.  "Your cock is so fucking big," she whispered in Fez's ear, "you can fuck me with it now."  She sat back up, planted her feet back on the floor as she straddled his legs and began to raise up and down to meet his thrusts.  It was Fez's first time and he soon was slamming up into her cunt as she dropped down to meet him.  Their bodies were slapping together as they fucked each other.
    "Oooo, that is good," Fez moaned as he felt her pussy grip his cock like a blood-pressure sleeve, "you are good at fucking."  He looked down between their bodies and watched as his cock disappeared and then emerged again, shiny with her lubrication.  Jenny and Tracy had unbuttoned Fez's shirt and were each sucking on one of his nipples.  They had both shed the remainder of their clothes and Fez began to fondle Jenny's cute breasts.  Her tits were small, but perfect, pointed cones that stuck straight out from her chest with gumdrop nipples.  Trying to concentrate on three naked girls proved impossible, especially for someone losing their virginity and Fez began to devote all his energy to jamming his giant cock up into Lisa's stretched out pussy.
    Eric whipped his plain white briefs off in record time and Donna was impressed with his seven inch penis.  It was essentially the same size as Hyde's, but with a much larger mushroom shaped crown.  They were all as drunk as they had ever been, and yet seemed to know exactly what to do.  Poor Rock-em, Sock-em robots: they went flying, along with several beer cans as Eric used his arm to sweep everything off the tablecloth so that Donna could lay back on the table. "God she's beautiful," he thought as he stared at his nude girlfriend.  And she was just that, her slender legs seemed endlessly long as she stood in front of the table, the back-light shining between her thighs.  Her large breasts hung on her chest, inviting him to suckle.  Eric could hardly believe his luck, he thought his cock was going to explode, it was so hard.
    Donna hopped up onto the table and joked, "remind me to thank your mom for the tablecloth."  She spread her legs wide making sure Eric understood the invitation, and cupped her tits, bouncing them and running her hands all around them.  They were so huge that she could actually suck on her own nipples as she waited for Eric to make his move.  He surprised and endeared himself by dropping to his knees between her outstretched legs and running his hands up the insides of her creamy thighs until her reached her crotch.
    She could feel his hot breath on her pussy as he leaned in, grasped her long labia between his thumbs and forefingers and pulled them apart.  He was hypnotized by the vividness of her pink  cunt; moisture seeping out of her slit.  He breathed in  the musky scent of her arousal and it seemed to make his rod even harder.  Donna knew Eric was a fellow virgin, but he seemed to know just what to do as she felt her slit part and he blew hot air up into her pussy.  "Oh my God Eric," Donna gasped, "where did you learn that."
    "I would do anything for you ma-lady," Eric gallantly replied as he slid his thumbs farther up into her, spreading her open. He gently licked each side of her slit from the bottom to the top and then began to actually chew on her incredibly long lips, as his nose nudged the tiny pearl that was her clit.
    It was then that Eric found out what a "squirter" was, as his face became drenched in Donna's cum. "Holy fucking shit Eric," Donna squealed as her body convulsed.  He lapped up as much of her juices as he could, cleaning her pussy like a cat taking a bath.  When he stood back up between her legs, Donna asked, "well neighbor, are you ready to fuck me?"
    "More ready than you can imagine," Eric answered, his penis in his hand.
    She scooted to the very edge of the table, and splayed her legs even farther as he began to wedge his big crown between her fleshy lips.  "Wow Donna," he complimented her, "your pussy is really beautiful."
    "Just remember lover," she reminded him, "you're my first."
    Raised up on her elbows, Donna watched as Eric pushed forward and forced his head into her hole.  Slowly he penetrated her until he met the resistance of her hymen. He looked at her apprehensively and she assured him, "it's OK Eric...I want you...I want you to be the one."  He put his hands around her wide hips and shoved forward, feeling the resistance give way as he slid all the way into her cunt.
    "Oh my God Donna," he gushed feeling her warmth surround his cock, "your pussy feels so great."
    The dreaded pain that everyone had warned her about felt like a tiny pinprick and then it felt like the inside of her cunt was on fire...it felt wonderful.  "Oh my God Eric," Donna gulped, "your cock feels so good.  Fuck me baby...fuck your girlfriend."  It was the first time she had ever acknowledged him as her boyfriend and Eric could swear his cock swelled inside her.  Her vaginal muscles seemed to squeeze his cock as he slowly slid it in and out of her wet hole. Staring down between her legs, Eric checked for traces of blood, but there didn't seem to be any.  Relieved, he was transfixed by the sight of her long pussy lips gripping his prick,  disappearing inside her when he thrust forward, and being pulled back out when he withdrew.
    He put his hands on her smooth thighs and began to quicken his strokes, thinking to himself, "I'm fucking Donna...the most beautiful girl in the world."  She lay back on the tablecloth feeling her pussy being penetrated by her first cock, her marvelous tits spreading out on her chest, and smiled.  It was the most wonderful feeling she could imagine, Eric's hard cock sliding in and out of her.
    "Fuck me Eric...fuck me," she begged, her hips grinding against him, attempting to get more of his cock inside her.
    Hyde stood there, his hard-on throbbing, watching the girl he lusted after being fucked by his friend and declared, "you know we were a team...I won too."
    When Donna lay all the way back on the table, her head actually hung back over the other side, her long silky red hair cascading down toward the floor.  She was the most beautiful thing Hyde had ever seen, like some kind of painting, and the fact that she was being fucked made her all the more desirable. Looking back at Hyde and smiling, Donna opened her mouth wide; a definite invitation.  A devilish grin on his face, Hyde stepped up behind her head and lay his hard-on in her open mouth.  Donna closed her plump lips around his cock and he watched her cheeks collapsing as she sucked him deep down her throat.  Feeling her hot, wet mouth engulf him, Hyde groaned, "holy crap Donna, suck my cock."   
    She reached up behind her and began to fondle Hyde's scrotum, squeezing his balls together like she knew what she was doing.  Hyde began to slide his cock in and out of her inviting mouth, fucking her face as she ran her tongue around his crown. Her huge tits began to flop around on her chest as Eric stuffed her cunt even faster.  Hyde leaned forward, captured her fleshy globes in his hands and began to knead them like soft bread dough. Pinching her jellybean nipples between his outstretched fingers, he could feel her groan around his shaft and it stimulated him even more.
    Eric had grasped her slender waist and was now slamming his cock up into her hole with incredible force because his feet were planted firmly on the floor.  Donna felt like she was in heaven as Eric banged against her mound; she couldn't imagine a better feeling than being fucked.  Once again making all the right moves, Eric began to massage her groin as he thrust into her, trapping her engorged clit between his thumbs and pinching.  "Oh my fucking God," Donna shrieked as her entire body shuddered.  She could feel her cum flooding out around his cock as she mumbled, "fuck me Eric...fuck me...fuck me, oh my God fuck me."
    Accidentally biting down on Hyde's hard-on, she triggered his climax as he exploded in her mouth, nearly choking her.  In a reflex action, her mouth sucked and milked him as he pumped his seed down her throat.  "Holy shit Donna," Hyde exclaimed, "where did you learn to suck cock like this."  He fucked her mouth until he had spurted every drop of his cum inside her, and then let his shriveling meat slip out between her lips.
    Feeling her cunt muscles spasm around his cock, Eric jammed his cock as far up Donna's pussy as he could and pumped her full of his cum.  Feeling his hot seed deep in her belly, Donna began to thrash around on the table as her body responded with yet another orgasm.  She lost track of time as her body shivered and shook, it seemed like pleasure was flooding every nerve in her  body.  "Oh my God Eric...don't stop fucking me."
    Jackie grasped Kelso's skinny ass cheeks in her hands and squeezed as her mouth milked his hard cock, her tongue tickling the underside.  The only one in the basement not drunk, Kelso was watching the long-legged Donna getting fucked and it was incredibly erotic.  Of course he would never admit it to Jackie, but Kelso was imagining that it was his cock sliding in and out of Donna as he felt Jackie's moist receptacle surround him.  "Oh that's right babe," he encouraged the little pixie as she slurped at his tool.  Grasping the sides of her head as he fucked her mouth, Kelso pretended he was fucking Donna's pussy and began to squirt his cum down Jackie's throat.  She squeezed his balls so hard they hurt as his stream filled her tiny mouth.  She pulled his shaft from her mouth and drops of white semen drooled out onto her chin.
    Just as Kelso was helping Jackie to her feet, he heard a familiar voice coming down the stairs, "what are you delinquents up to; did you enjoy the punch," and he saw Laurie waling down the final steps.  Looking around with a huge grin on her face, but not seeming surprised, she remarked, "I guess you did like the punch...a lot."  Seeing Kelso standing in the middle of the room with his pants around his ankles and his penis steadily rising, Laurie could feel the familiar moistness forming between her legs.  The fact that she had been drinking vodka most of the night never even affected her decision to act on her desires.  It took her about two seconds to pull her black sweater off over her head and twirl it around above her, "are any of you high school boys man enough to handle a college woman? "
    Kelso had lusted after Laurie for years, and he just kind of let Jackie fall back to the floor as he shuffled his way, as fast as his pants would allow, over to her.  Seeing his erection at full staff, Laurie playfully stated, "I like a boy who's eager."  She reached out and grasped his rod for a split second, and then resumed stripping off her clothes.  Wiggling out of her tight slacks, Laurie slipped her skimpy white panties off her slender legs and hung them around Kelso's hard-on.  Her breasts were barely a handful, but nice and round and jiggled nicely when she moved.  Just a wisp of fine blond hair covered her prominent mound as she hopped up and sat on the Foreman's chest freezer and spread her legs, inviting Kelso.  "See anything you like Kelso," Laurie asked as she ran her index finger up through her damp slit.
    "Oh boy, do I," Kelso almost drooled as he stood in front of her with his cock in his hand.
    "Well what are you waiting for," Laurie demanded, "a written invitation...are you going to fuck me or not."
     "Oh man," Kelso yelped, not believing his luck, as he wedged himself between her splayed legs and rubbed his crown up and down her wet slit.  Laurie grabbed his penis and began to stuff it between her lips, anxious to feel it inside her.  Kelso lunged forward and buried his cock inside Laurie's cunt in one swift thrust.
    "That's what I'm talking about," Laurie shouted, "fuck me high school boy."  Kelso began to ram his cock into her; fucking her like a dog in heat.  She wrapped her long skinny legs around him, locking her ankles behind his ass and drawing him into her.  "Come on Kelso, is that all you've got," she taunted him, spurring him on to fuck her even harder.  Seeing Hyde standing behind Kelso, his erection ready for business, Laurie challenged him, "hey Hyde, do you think you can handle a college woman?"   Her legs still locked around Kelso, she reached her arms around his neck and ordered him, "Kelso turn around so Hyde can join the party."
    Clueless as to what she meant, Kelso stood straight up, lifting Laurie up off the freezer and turned around.  She weighed almost nothing so he had no trouble supporting her weight as he turned her back to Hyde.
    Seeing Hyde approach with his cock in hand, Kelso voiced his concern, "hey just watch it there Hyde."
    "Shut up Kelso," Hyde told him, "it's her ass I'm aiming at."  Laurie smiled as she felt Hyde's crown, still slick from Donna's saliva, feeling for her ass hole.  With her legs around Kelso, her ass was spread quite wide and soon Hyde was nudging against her sphincter ring.  Kelso helped out by letting her drop slightly and Hyde's knob easily penetrated Laurie's brown hole.  Hyde bent his knees and shoved upward, jamming the entire length of his cock into Laurie's ass.
    "Take that bitch," Hyde gritted his teeth as he shoved his cock into her anus, trying to punish her for being so condescending.  What he didn't know was that Laurie liked it rough; the harder you fucked her, the better.
    "Oh yeah," she squealed, "that's right...jam those fucking cocks into me."  She loved the feel of being double penetrated; having two cocks stuffed inside her.  She could feel them thrusting their hard rods up into her holes separated only by a thin membrane of skin.  They were stretching her just the way she loved it, and she began to bounce up and down on their poles, using Kelso's neck for leverage.  "Come on boys," she urged, "fuck me harder."  Hyde reached around her petite body and began to pinch her rosy nipples as hard as he could, while slamming his hips up against her firm ass.
    "God, you really are a slut Laurie," Hyde stated as she thrust her ass back against him.  She just laughed as she used their cocks to give her pleasure.
    Jackie sat on the floor, drunk and in shock at seeing her boyfriend cast her aside so he could fuck Eric's slut sister.  Her mind was racing, trying to figure out how to respond to being ignored; something she was not used to.  Eric and Donna were both naked and making out, as if no one else in the world existed; so she decided to ignore them too.
Turning around, she saw Fez with Lisa in his lap and Tracy and Jenny on each side of him rubbing his chest.
    Fez slammed his massive cock up into Lisa and leaned forward, nibbling on her erect nipples; first one then the other.  "Oh my God, you're splitting me apart," Lisa screamed as she leaned back, her body shivering as she climaxed around his cock.
    "That feels very good my darling," Fez admitted, "I hope you are ready," and he grasped her tiny waist, held her in place and rammed his monstrous cock up into her womb.  It felt to Lisa like someone had turned on a hose deep in her belly as Fez began to spurt his pent up seed into her.  "Holy crap that feels good," Fez moaned, "God Bless America."
    Lisa's body shuddered as Fez's cum expanded her pussy even more, and began to squirt out around his rod.
    Jackie had made up her mind about getting revenge on Kelso.  She went around the sofa, stood next to Lisa and Fez, and began to purposefully disrobe.  As he finished cumming inside Lisa, Fez watched intently as Jackie shed her jacket and blouse.  When she shrugged her tiny, lacy bra off her shoulders, Fez's eyes bulged as he admired her small B cup breasts.  They were only small handfuls, but her nipples were incredibly long;  nearly 3/4 of an inch in length.  She pushed her slacks and bikini panties down all in one motion revealing a completely bald mound.  Reading that all the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shaved their pubic areas, she naturally had to follow suit.  Tapping Lisa on the shoulder, Jackie told her, "OK, it's my turn now."
    Lisa was more than willing to give her fellow cheerleader a turn; her pussy was sore anyway. When Lisa swung her leg over Fez, allowing his rod to slide out of her, Jackie got her first look at Fez's cock and she nearly fainted.  "Holy shit Fez," she shouted, suddenly having second thoughts, "I've didn't know they got that big...there's no way that thing will fit inside me."
    "There is only one way to find out," Fez encouraged her as he stood up in front of her.  He encircled her waist with his arms and drew her to him, kissing and nibbling on her soft neck.  He remembered Kelso telling him that this was Jackie's sensitive spot and it worked, as she grasped his naked ass and squeezed.  His cock was trapped between them like a baseball bat, as he bent down and took her long right nipple between his teeth. Grinding the fleshy protrusion in his mouth, he heard Jackie moan as her knees weakened.  He turned her willing body around and urged her to sit in his place on the sofa.  Her pussy was so moist that droplets of her juice dribbled down her thighs as she sat on the couch and spread her legs.
    On his knees, Fez massaged her milky thighs, leaned forward and licked her fleshy flaps.  Spreading her pussy lips with his fingers, Fez thought her labia resembled a pink butterfly's wings. He licked each side of her mound like an ice cream cone on a hot Summer day, and then inserted his tongue between her slit.  Flicking his tongue against her huge clit, Jackie clamped her thighs around his head and whimpered, "oh Fez...right there." Her body shook as Fez slithered his tongue in and out of her cunt.
    Prying her legs apart, Fez sat back on his heels and told her, "I think you are ready now."
Jackie spread her legs as far as she could while scooting her ass to the edge of the cushion.  Fez raised up on his knees and lay his pole on Jackie's stomach.  She was shocked to see that it extended nearly to her breasts and it was actually heavy as it rested on her tummy.  He had done a good job of preparing her, because instead of being afraid of his size: now she wanted it more than ever...she couldn't wait to feel it inside her.
    "Fuck me Fez," Jackie invited him.  He began to push against her tiny slit as she used her fingers to spread her lips.  His crown penetrated her opening and she groaned as it stretched her pussy walls.  "Holy shit Fez," she winced, "go ahead, I want it all."  Fez began to force more and more of his gigantic cock into Jackie's tiny hole, stretching her as he proceeded.  He put his hands under her and grasped her perfect ass cheeks as he stuffed his huge meat inside her cunt.  When he was about half way in, Fez lunged forward and buried his elephant cock all the way up Jackie's hole.  "Oh my God...fuck me Fez...fuck me," she wailed as it felt like he had stuck his arm up her.
    Ever so slowly, Fez withdrew and then penetrated her.  Jackie could feel her vagina expand with his thrusts and then contract as he withdrew...the feeling was incredible.  "Oh my God Fez," she encouraged him, "your cock feels so fucking good...fuck me."
    Fez looked down between them and watched his pole going in and out of her bald mound and wondered how it all fit inside this tiny girl.  He had lusted after Jackie ever since they met in school and couldn't believe he was now fucking her.  He loved sliding his cock in and out of her; when he was inside her it felt like his cock was immersed in warm pudding.  It was so erotic watching her tiny tits jiggle with every thrust.  Fez had already cum inside Lisa so he knew he could last a long time with Jackie.
    Laurie had such muscle control that it felt to Kelso that she was milking his cock and he couldn't hold out much longer.  Though neither would ever admit it, both Kelso and Hyde found it highly erotic when they felt their cocks rubbing against each other inside Laurie. Kelso looked over her shoulder and asked Hyde, "are you ready; let's do it together."
    "Let's do it man," Hyde agreed and he jammed his cock up Laurie's ass and began to squirt his seed in her anus.  Feeling Hyde's cock twitching, Kelso pumped his cum up into her pussy as he hugged her tight against him.
    "Oh yeah boys," Laurie urged them, "fill me up."
    Red Foreman had finally arrived home from work and was able to join his own party, making up for lost time by immediately downing three beers. "Well, Red how did it go tonight," Bob Pinciotti inquired.
    "Bob, I sold a set of hot rollers and a Pong game," Red replied as he made his way over to Kitty and kissed her under the mistletoe.  "I guess I should go down and check up on the kids," he told her, patting her on the rump. 
    As he want down the basement steps, Red called out, "what are you dumb asses up to down here," which served as an early warning because it was Christmas Eve and he didn't really feel like putting his foot up someone's ass.  It was really not enough warning to have much results and the kids were too drunk to react anyway, so the first thing Red saw was his naked daughter behind an equally naked Hyde, and Kelso struggling to get some clothes on (because he was the only one not inebriated, and conscious enough to fear Red).  Red had always known in the back of his mind that his precious daughter was the town slut, but chose to ignore it and this time was no different  as he simply instructed her: "Laurie get some clothes on."
    Glancing at the sofa, he saw three pretty blond cheerleaders caressing each others nubile young breasts, and the "foreign kid" on his knees plowing Jackie, who was not even aware of Red's presence.  Finally on his left he saw his naked son standing in front of his nude girlfriend, attempting to shield her from Red's gaze.  Donna was sitting on the tablecloth which covered their "spool table" and she was a vision of loveliness.  Red felt a stirring in his groin as he confronted Eric, "well, well, well, what have we here...Merry Christmas to me.  I have to admit Eric I'm proud of you for once; I didn't think you had it in you.  Now step aside."     
    Obediently, Eric moved and Red got his first unimpeded look at Donna's nude body and it was absolutely gorgeous. She had been trying to cover her breasts by folding her arms in front of them, and Red ordered, "come on Donna, let's get a look at you."  She knew there was no sense resisting Red so she dropped her arms, completely exposing herself to his glare.  He whistled and exclaimed, "that is one great set of jugs you got there Donna," as he reached out and cupped them with his large, coarse hands.  He juggled them in his hands almost like he was weighing them, running his thumbs over her erect jellybean nipples.  Donna began to wriggle on the table, Red's sandpaper hands stimulating her. Almost against her will, her legs spread and she glanced at the crotch of his pants; and thought she saw movement almost down to his knee.
    Red looked at his son and remarked, "since you're like one of the family now Donna, and you obviously enjoy making the Foreman men happy; I think it's time you knew what a real man felt like."  Still basking in the pleasure of her first intercourse and in a daze from the alcohol, Donna just stared at Red as he kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt and deftly stepped out of his trousers, leaving his boxers.  She could see that his shorts were more than crowded as they bulged out in the front, and when he asked her, "why don't you do the honors," she mechanically reached forward and began to pull his boxers down his hairy legs.  When they were at his knees, Donna's eyes grew big as saucers and she audibly gasped, skipping a breath as Red's cock was uncovered.
    "Oh my god Mr. Foreman," Donna gasped as she saw the horse cock hanging between his legs.  It looked like an elephant's trunk swaying when he moved.  Red's penis must have been at least twelve inches long, as thick as a soup can with a crown like a big purple tennis ball.  Donna could see the raised veins pulsing along its length, and there was a drop of fluid on his pee-slit. Instinctively she reached for it, her hand not even close to encircling the huge shaft.  Even though it was not sticking straight up like Eric's had been, Donna found it to be hard as steel; she thought that maybe its sheer weight kept it from springing up.  Red stepped out of his boxers as Donna ran both of her dainty  hands along the length of his cock, as if trying to measure it and gauge its true size.
    "Holy crap Red, I mean Dad," Eric stammered, "you can't be suggesting that Donna...I mean she's only had little old me...she could never...you know...I mean Holy crap."
    "Yeah, its a beaut isn't it," Red beamed, "your Mother likes it."
    Donna lay back down on the table and hushed Eric, "no, it's OK Eric...I want to feel that big fucking cock inside me.  Do it Red."   
    She was just the most beautiful thing Red had ever seen; the truth was he had never fucked a teenage pussy before.  He ran his rough hands up and down her long legs as she splayed them around him, marveling at their smoothness.  Fresh moisture was seeping out of her slit as Red stimulated her thighs and Donna began to caress her own marvelous tits in anticipation.  Red stepped forward and flopped his meat down on her stomach, making a slapping sound as it hit.  He reached up and replaced her hands with his as he squeezed her soft, pliable mounds. "You are one lucky bastard Eric," Red congratulated his son as he enjoyed the feel of Donna's great tits.  He released them and they flattened out on the sides of her chest.  Silently agreeing, Eric stood above Donna's shoulder and took possession of her breasts, leaning over to suck on her right nipple.
    Red parted Donna's pussy flaps with his oversized thumbs and began to slide his giant crown up and down her slit, lubricating it with her secretions (and probably some of Eric's too).  It had been the talk of the neighborhood when Midge had allowed Donna to go on the Pill, so Red had absolutely no reservations about coupling with her.  He could feel her legs tense when he began to push forward and he asked her, "are you sure you're ready Donna?"
    "Fuck me Red," was all she said, looking down between her breasts to watch.
    She could feel the pressure on her slit increase as Red's crown tried to penetrate her nearly virgin pussy, and she found herself actually pushing forward to meet him.  He grasped her slender waist to hold her steady, shoved forward, and Donna felt her opening stretch wide as he plowed into her pussy.  "Holy shit," Donna gasped as Red's tennis ball crown was now wedged just inside her opening.  Eric was using one hand to hold her hand, and massaging her breasts with the other. Red paused for a few seconds while Donna caught her breath and then slowly pushed forward, feeling her cunt stretch as he progressed.  When he was about half way in, Red stopped to make sure she was going to be able to accommodate his size, and Donna moaned, "go ahead...do it Red."
    Hearing her encouragement, Red shoved forward and didn't stop until his balls slapped against Donna's round ass cheeks.  Her cunt was so tight that it felt to Red like someone had encircled his cock with a blood-pressure sleeve and pumped it up as far as possible.
Donna lay on the table, her body writhing in pleasure as she felt the inside of her pussy stretched to the splitting point.  Red had pushed against her cervix and it felt like someone had shoved a fence post up her cunt.  "Oh my fucking God, oh my fucking God," she  shrieked as her cunt muscles went into a spasm and she had the most massive orgasm of her young life.
    Red just smiled as he felt her muscles grip him even harder, and then he began to slowly slide his massive cock out of her, and then slowly pushing it back in, stretching her all over again.  Donna was squeezing Eric's hand so tightly that it was turning white as she grit her teeth every time Red pushed back inside her.  Her opening was stretched to such an extreme that Red's log was scraping against her raised clit with every stroke.  She felt like a piece of meat skewered on a barbeque spit.  Eric continued to massage her wonderful tits, trying to soothe and relax her; while he was totally mesmerized at the sight of her body being penetrated by Red's enormous cock.  He loved Donna, but somehow was completely aroused watching her being fucked by such a monstrous piece of meat.
    Eric's penis was fully erect and he placed it in Donna's hand, as Red slowly fucked her. Eric's gesture proved to be just the right medicine for Donna, as she looked at her hand around his cock, looked at Eric and then began to giggle.  For some unexplained reason, she almost immediately began to relax; which allowed her to enjoy her extreme intercourse even more. Squeezing Eric's comparatively small prick, she spread her long legs even wider, inviting Red to thrust deeper.  He began to pick up his pace, fucking her faster, and then alternating long stokes with short fast ones.  Donna was amazed at how long it took for his entire cock to be drawn out of her, her tunnel shrinking behind it.
    Suddenly Red slowly withdrew all the way, leaving only the bulbous head stretching her opening, and then pushed forcefully forward, ramming his gigantic cock all the way into her. "Oh my God," squealed a breathless Donna, "holy fucking shit your cock is big...fuck me Red...jam that fucking cock into me."  Red began to slam his monstrous cock in and out of Donna's now battered hole, stretching it to new limits with each powerful thrust.  She  released Eric's rod and gripped the edge of the table to hold herself in place as Red pounded his cock into her, "oh my fucking God...fuck me Red...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy."  Donna's tits were flopping around uncontrollably, slapping against her chest.  She didn't realize it but Red was listening to the music from upstairs, and was actually fucking her to the rhythm of Jingle Bells.
    Eric, now just a spectator, walked around the table to watch from Red's point of view and couldn't believe how incredibly wide Donna's slit was being stretched.  Eric began to masturbate as he watched Red's horse-cock stretching his girlfriend's cunt.  Her body was twitching and jerking as she had multiple orgasms around Red's pole.  Red unexpectedly hoisted her endlessly long legs up onto his shoulders to give him more leverage, and began to drive his mammoth cock even deeper inside her pussy.  "Holy crap Red...fuck me...fuck me," Donna pleaded as she reveled in the feeling of his giant pole splitting her apart.
    Feeling he was near the end, Red began to pile-drive his cock down into Donna's hole, violently fucking her pussy. Grasping her waist, he pulled her onto his cock and held her in place as he exploded inside her belly.  "Holy shit," was all Donna could verbalize as it felt like her womb was being filled with hot water.  "Fill me up Red," she screamed as her body shivered, matching his climax, "cum in me."  Red seemed to pump his seed into her hole for minutes before he finally lay her legs back on the table and stood back, allowing his snake to slowly slide out of Donna's stretched out pussy.
    She lay back against the festive table cloth sweating and exhausted, but with a satisfied  grin on her beautiful face.  Red stood back and admired the nude body of his son's girlfriend, and thinking once again, "that lucky bastard."
    Fez, still on his knees with his massive cock buried in Jackie's tiny pussy was warning her, "get ready Jackie, because here I come."  He shoved into her so hard that she bounced against the back of the sofa, and then he flooded her cunt with his hot seed.  "Holy crap I can't believe I'm cumming in Jackie's pussy," Fez said out loud as he continued to fill her.
    Throwing her arms around his neck, Jackie drunkenly whispered, "you're so much better than Michael."
    Hyde and Kelso were busy getting hand-jobs from Tracy and Jenny when they all heard Red announce, "OK, you girls go on home now.  Stephen, Kelso, the foreign kid, Jackie and Donna you stay here.  I'm going upstairs now and I'm going to send Kitty down for her Christmas present.  You all better show her a good time or I'll shove my foot up your asses.  Merry Christmas."  Eric kissed Donna "a Merry Christmas", then like an obedient puppy, followed his father and Laurie upstairs to the main party.
    A couple minutes later they heard Kitty's trademark laugh descending the basement stairs, "heh, heh, heh, here I come kids.  That big old Red Santa said you had a Christmas surprise waiting for me down here.  She was going slowly, feeling her way with her feet, her hands covering her eyes so she would be completely surprised.  When she reached the bottom of the steps, she whisked her hands away, saw the kids waiting for her and began to laugh, "heh, heh, heh, oh my... a Christmas smorgasbord," and clap her hands.  The boys and girls were standing in a line behind the sofa, completely naked with their hands folded in front of their groins (of course with Fez, there was really nothing left to the imagination). 
    "Merry Christmas Mrs. Foreman," they all chimed.
    "Oh my, heh, heh, heh, you can call me Kitty," she chuckled,  "now where should we start?"
    Since he was the only one not totally wasted, Kelso kind of shied back, Kitty herself had been knocking back the martinis like water as she hosted the party upstairs.  Hyde took Kitty's hands in his and led her around to the other side of the sofa, suggesting, 'you seem to be a bit overdressed...I think we should begin by getting you naked."
    "Heh, heh, heh, I think that's a great idea Stephen," Kitty agreed as Hyde removed her festive red vest.  Fez was eagerly unbuttoning her green blouse as Donna unzipped the back of her skirt (which matched her vest).  When she let it slide to the floor, everyone gasped when they saw that Kitty was not wearing any panties, and her dirty-blond bush leapt into view.
    "Why you naughty girl," Donna teased.
    "Way to go Mrs. Fore...Kitty," Hyde remarked, "very anti-establishment."
    "Heh, heh, heh, now my secret is out," she explained, "sometimes at parties or when we go out, I don't wear panties.  No one else knows it, but it makes me feel naughty and sexy."
    Kelso was attending to his specialty: unhooking her plain white bra. When he succeeded, he slipped the straps down her shoulders and she shrugged it off her arms.  "Whoa, Mrs. Fore...Kitty...nice," Kelso complimented her.  Donna and Jackie reached out for Kitty's breasts which were a generous 36 D, and hung just slightly on her chest.  As Kitty stood in front of the sofa, Hyde dropped to his knees and began to kiss the inside of her thighs.  She moved her feet farther apart to give him access to her pussy as he nuzzled his face in her thick bush.  Jackie and Donna were aggressively fondling her ample tits, then licking the areola and nibbling her gumdrop sized nipples. Kelso was rubbing her back, while Fez kneeled behind her and caressed her still firm ass cheeks.  Kitty leaned her head back, closed her eyes and moaned when Hyde's tongue found its way through her pubic thatch and delved into her slit.
    It was in incredible feeling to have five people caressing her body at the same time and Kitty was ready for some serious sex.  "Michael, I want you to sit on the sofa please," she directed.  When he was sitting right behind her, Kitty backed up to him, straddling his thighs, reached down to spread her pussy lips apart and slowly bent her knees, lowering her naked body until her opening was poised just above Kelso's crown.  All in one motion, Kitty just sat on Kelso's lap, impaling herself on his stiff cock.
    "Oh man, Mrs. Fore..I mean Kitty...you're hot," yipped Kelso as he felt her pussy surrounding his hard-on.
    "Heh, heh, heh, why thank you Michael," she answered, then winked at Hyde and said, "I would really like to have Stephen in my pussy too.


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