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Alexa Bliss Region Round 1 - Part 3 Results
Trish Stratus (2) def Mayu Iwatani (31)
Scarlett Bordeaux (18) def Paige (15)
Karlee Perez (10) def Terri Runnels (23)
Candice Michelle (7) def Hania the Huntress (26)

Mickie James Region Round 1 - Part 1

(1) Mickie James                                                                                   (32) Gabby Gilbert

(16) Bianca Belair                                                                                 (17) Woman

(9) Lita                                                                                                   (24) Nidia

[8] Kimberly Page                                                                                  (25) Kendall Skye
Actors & Actresses / Re: Super Fuck with Melissa Benoist
« Last post by gaia13 on Today at 06:21:50 PM »
Hope you keep it going with Chyler Leigh and Katie
General Chat / Re: Crush of the Day
« Last post by MaxwellLord on Today at 05:53:27 PM »
Birthday girl Selena Gomez

Actors & Actresses / Re: The Chauffeur (Hayley Atwell)
« Last post by madboy7931 on Today at 05:01:18 PM »
Great story based on one of my all time fave woman! Nicely done :-)
Actors & Actresses / Re: Super Fuck with Melissa Benoist
« Last post by Slyguy on Today at 04:46:55 PM »
This was super hot.   ;D
Celeb Series Stories / Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on Today at 03:47:33 PM »
Goddamn, that was nasty and hot. Pure smut and I loved it.
Celeb Series Stories / Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
« Last post by Chlp on Today at 03:36:09 PM »
This next bit is not really chapter 5, just an add on to the shapter above, I have kept it speerate as not everyone will be into it.  If you want to see what happens to all that cum churning in Lucy's stomach, read on, otherwise skip this post, its not essential to the story.

Sophie was stripping off the moment Peter left, watching Lucy stroke her pussy, close to another orgasm.  She ran her hands through her short bobbed hair, as she stood naked in front of Lucy.

“You cumming babe?” she asked.

Lucy nodded gasping for air as her body tensed again.  She sucked in sharp gasps as her muscles clenched, Sophie grinned watching Lucy cum, she loved to see her getting off.  She played with her tits and pussy standing in front of Lucy until her orgasm calmed, then Sophie held out her hand.

“I want you to do something for me Lucy, please don’t feel ashamed, or like you can’t, I really want you to do this.” Sophie said, quite seriously.

“What Sophie?” Lucy asked.

“When you puke, can you puke on me?” she said nervously, “I want all that cum over my body”

“Sophie that is fucked up! You get off on that?” Lucy answered.

“So much!” Sophie replied grinning.

Lucy took a huge double ended dildo from the side, and led Sophie into the wetroom, “Let’s get you messy” she said grinning.

Sophie knelt on the rubber floor, Lucy stood over her, she sucked on the end of the dildo, covering the tip in spit. 

“You sure Sophie?” she double checked, Sophie nodded looking up at her.

Lucy pushed the thick shaft to the back of her throat, she gagged, watery spit running down and splashing on Sophie’s face.  She gasped in excitement, bracing herself for the moment Lucy urged.  Lucy’s Stomach clenched, she knew it was time, she felt the warm torrent of fresh cum rise up her oesophagus and fill her mouth as she pulled the dildo out.  She hurled it all over Sophie’s head, coating her hair, running down her back to those wonderful buttocks.

“More Lucy!” Sophie gasped, “On my face!”

She rammed the shaft back into her throat and almost immediately gagged again, Thick streaks of semen clang to Sophie’s hair as a white spray then gush hit her face.  Like a bucket of milk Lucy urged all that barely digested cum over Sophie’s body.  She spluttered and gasped as it ran over her face and tits, fingers furiously working her clit, she growled, an orgasm so close.

“More” she croaked, “Fucking puke in my mouth” Sophie opened her juicy red lips wide, sticking out her tongue.

Lucy’s Stomach emptied, Sophie’s mouth filling, the rest running like a river over her face and body. It brimmed to her bottom lip as Lucy stood over her retching up the final few drops.

“ohh fucking hell Sophie, fuck I’m empty” Lucy gasped.

Sophie savoured the fluid in her mouth, closing her lips and swirling it around before swallowing it down.  She dropped to her hands and knees slurping up the puddle below her, she was insatiable.

“Ohh fuck, I need every drop” she gasped, slurping it from the floor.

Lucy flicked her hair back, body purged, she felt better, her loins still burned with the need for stimulation, and the site of a glistening Sophie on the floor in front of her was turning her on even more.

“Wanna fuck?” she asked as Sophie looked up at her, she brandished the big double ended dildo.

   Sophie lay back in the white puddle as Lucy moved down, the double ender easily sliding into their pussy’s the moved together scissoring furiously.  Clit on clit, deep inside of them the 2 women fought to get off fast.  Lucy still high on cum, Sophie in her dirtiest fantasy, it was mere moments before both came.

   “YES! FUCKK SOPHIE! FUCK FUCK YES!!!!” Lucy screamed, as Sophie wailed back at her, “FUCK YOU LUCY! FUCK YES!! FUCKK FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!”

   Their bodies entwined they writhed in the white gloopy puddle on the floor of the wetroom, bodies trembling as they lay there, panting.  Sophie scooped up another handful and smeared it over her tits, while Lucy gasped in lungfuls of air.

   “Ohh fuck I am so horny Lucy” Sophie said.

   “This is fucking vile Sophie, and yet I can’t stop, I want to fuck more!” Lucy replied.

   She eased herself off of the double ender, leaving Sophie momentarily to continue drinking from teh puddle.  Returning swiftly with a big strap on cock, she fastened it in place.  Sophie grinned, “YES!” she said enthusiastically.

   Sophie rolled over ass high, she pushed her face sideways into the pool, and folded her own arms behind her back.  Lucy knew she wanted it hard and fast so didn’t wait, she rubbed teh cockhead over the slipper puddle and then rammed it up Sophie’s asshole.

   “BITCH!” Sophie yelped as Lucy ended up balls deep, the 8 inch rubber cock stretching Sophie nicely.

   Lucy held Sophie’s arms in place, her hips were high as Lucy rutted her, one hand forcing her face into the cum.  Lucy was loving this, the forceful thrusts of her mound onto the shaft as it buried deep in Sophie stimulated her clit.  The harder she fucked Sophie the closer she came to orgasm.

   “FUCKING YEAH LUCY! FUCKING POUND ME! POUND THIS PUKE DRINKING WHORE!” Sophie snarled, her face pressed hard to the floor.

   Lucy kept pumping, Sophie’s full ass cheeks squashing and bouncing with every thrust, again and again she buggered her before finally Sophie wailed cumming hard for a second time.

   “FUUUCKKKK!!!! YESSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!” Sophie cried, her body overcome with pleasure.
   Lucy was shaking too, her pussy burning with climax, she shuddered and collapsed onto Sophie pinned her whole body down. Sophie growled her orgasm ending, they lay there panting for a couple of minutes before Lucy pulled out.  Rolling over both were breathless, Lucy being the first to say something.

   “You fucking get off on this?” she teased Sophie, “I am so fucking horny from all that semen, I would do anything, but you actually crave this?”

   “What can I say Lucy, it’s my thing!” Sophie replied.

   “I am gonna shower, I’ll use the en-suite in the guest bedroom, but please knock yourself out Sophie, stay as long as you like” Lucy said getting up going to the door.

   Sophie span over, finger swirling thick clot of semen, before she sucked it up, she was already planning something special for herself next year following Lucy’s display tonight, something really depraved.
Celeb Series Stories / Re: Calypso Summer (various UK Glamour Models)
« Last post by Chlp on Today at 03:31:17 PM »
Chapter  4

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Sophie Howard, Holly Peers

Codes: MF, MMF, Oral, Anal, DP,DAP, Throatfuck, Gokkun, Facial, Cum Swallowing, Spit, Group Sex

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Peter and Michelle enjoyed a long lunch at the hotel restaurant, Michelle filling him in on all of the amenities and attractions.  Peter was feeling pretty tired after his morning exertions, and Michelle wanted to relax by the pool, so after lunch they agreed to split up.
   Peter returned to his room and decided to catch up on some sleep, the heat was pretty overpowering so the air conditioned room was perfect.  His head had barely hit the pillow when he fell asleep.

   “Peter” a voice said, someone knocking on his hotel room door.

   He stirred then sat up in bed “One second”, Peter got up and walked to the door, still in his boxer shorts he opened it.
   Slightly bleary eyed, Peter was greeted by Lucy, she wore a tight black dress, huge cleavage, long tanned legs, her suspenders jingling from her hem, but no stockings to attach them to.

   “Rested?” Lucy asked walking in.

   “Yes, fuck it’s good to see you Lucy” Peter said.

   She smiled, and leaned to kiss him on the cheek, pulling herself close, letting her breasts squeeze against his chest.  Peters cock twitched as her soft skin touched his.  She stepped back sitting in the nearby chair, watching him

   “I thought I would stop by and explain things better” she said, “Please get dressed for me, I would love to watch you.  We are eating out for dinner shortly, so dress for that”.

   Lucy sat back as Peter gathered his clothes, and started to dress.  Peeling off his boxers his now hard cock bounced free.  The head nudging his stomach as it was fully erect.

   “Wank for me Peter” Lucy said, “Wank for me, let me explain all”

   Peter sat on the bed, stroking his cock, as Lucy set out why he was here. “You see Peter, after our little meeting at Christmas, I can’t get you out of my brain.  To be honest Peter I think I have fallen for you”

   Peter was stunned, Lucy Pinder, his teenage years wank go to was in Love with him?!  His cock throbbed as he struggled to take it all in. “But” Lucy continued

   Fuck, there’s a BUT, Peter thought, there is always a BUT.

   “But, I need to see if we are compatible, so it started when I tested you.  First I left the card, to see if you would keep your Christmas surprise secret, and then if you would come here” she explained, crossing her legs giving him a glimpse of her firm thighs.

   “Of course I didn’t know I had fallen for you when I set the test, but since then I can’t seem to shake you.  The way you fucked me hit every button, I came so hard, I have wanked thinking about it over and over” she explained.

   “Lucy, I don’t know what to say” Peter replied, “You are so beautiful, and tbh I have wanked over your pictures since I was a teenager, but wow, you Love me?”

   “Yes Peter, I think I do.  But I need to see if it would work, my sexual appetites are rather unusual, I need to know if you can cope” She explained, “Also, do you think you could love me?”

   “Lucy, I don’t think I could, I think I do.  Or at least I desire you like no other woman I have ever known.  The moment you walk into a room I am overcome with lust, it’s almost too much for me now not to take you hard and fast” He replied, his hand stroking his hard firm dick.

   “Cum for me Peter, cum for me now” she teased, handing him a glass from the desk, “Let me taste you”

   He held the glass at the end of his cock, looking straight at Lucy, his mind racing through everything he wanted to do to her, within seconds he came.  She licked her lips watching his throbbing fat head swell and pulse, each stream of cum blasting into the glass.

   “Lucy, fuck Lucy!” Peter moaned as his balls pulsed, the thick pearly liquid splashing into the glass.

   “Ohhh thank you Peter” she purred as he finished ejaculating.

   He handed the glass to Lucy, who swirled it around then lifted it to her lips, tipping the contents into her mouth.  The thick salty semen clang to her tongue as it ran into her open mouth.  Lucy savoured the taste, trying to remember it and link it to Peter.  Opening her mouth she let her tongue bath in his spunk before closing her lips and swallowing.

   “Delicious Peter” she gasped, his cum now in her belly.

   “I need as shower” he said, standing up.

   “I’ll wait” Lucy replied.

   20 minutes later Lucy and Peter were being seated in the main restaurant, he wore a crisp white shirt, dark trousers, but no tie.  Lucy looked amazing in her dress, lots of men couldn’t stop staring at her.
   “So let me tell you about tonight” Lucy said, “oh here’s Michelle”.  Michelle was seated on their table, there were 2 more chairs free, so Peter assumed that more would be joining them. 
“Hello babe,” Michelle said, “all set?”

   “I was just about to explain to Peter” Lucy continued, “About 5 years ago, on my first trip here I got up the nerve to suck a guy off in front of an audience.  The act turned me on so much, every year when I come back I now do another show for the guests.  Each year I have added something new, this year is going to be my best yet” Lucy explained.

   “She has got some really filthy shit planned!” Michelle added, grinning.

   “So I want you to sit and watch me Peter, I want to see how you react, if you can watch me do these things.” Lucy explained, “Then tomorrow we will have some time together to see how we feel”

   “And don’t worry, we will have some company for you while you watch” Michelle said, “Here they are now”

   Sophie and Holly came over to join Lucy, Michelle and Peter, all sat down and chatted as they ordered their food.  Lucy passed on the order, and sat drinking her water.

   “Not eating Lucy?” Peter asked, “nervous?”

   Lucy laughed, “No, well maybe a bit, no I have started a special diet today” at that moment a glass was set down by a waiter.  Lucy lifted it up, Peter could clearly see it had cum in it, she lifted it to her lips and swallowed.

   “salty, but not too bitter” she said.

   “Lucy, this is utter filth!” Sophie said, “Has she told you what she is doing Peter?”

   “No” he replied

   “Lucy here” Sophie explained, “Has let it be known that she will drink the cum from anyone here at the resort tonight, just wank in a glass and send it over, and she will chug it down”

   “Want to see what happens when I drink a fuck ton of it” Lucy said grinning, “Usually it just turns me on, want to see what happens if I really ingest it”

   Peter, Lucy and the others all enjoyed their meal.  Peter learnt a bit about the girls, some more personal info etc, who was born where, family and the like.  Lucy must have had at least 30 or 40 drinks passed her way over the course of the meal.  By the end everyone was ready to move on “So Lucy how does it feel?” Peter asked.

   “I would be lying if I said my stomach was not churning” Lucy said, “But I am so full, and almost hyper horny.  I think I could cum with about 2 thrusts from a cock”

   “Shall we do it then Lucy?” Michelle asked.

   Lucy nodded and they all stood up, “Follow us Peter” Sophie said, as Michelle and Lucy headed off in one direction, Sophie led Peter in another.

   The large theatre off to the side of the main hotel was the location Peter was led towards, a circular stage was set in the centre, with maybe 20 tables around it.  Very much like the woodland grove he had been to earlier, except much bigger and indoors.  Sophie and Holly sat Peter near the front, and Simon joined them shortly afterwards.

   “I am so looking forwards to this!” he said.

   The lights dimmed and Lucy stepped up onto the stage, the whole area illuminated, she stood in the centre, in her tight black dress.  A large bed, desk, armchair and sofa we spread around the stage, all perfect props for Lucy’s show.

   “Welcome!” she said loudly, “I hope you will all enjoy this, it’s going to be my best yet I am sure.” She turned to speak to all the audience, “Ladies, I need to ask you a favour, could I please have all the cum?” she grinned and continued, “My glamorous assistants,” Lucy gestured to Michelle and Melissa, “Will be walking around with bowls, if you want to cum boys, please do it in a bowl”

   She turned and looked directly at Peter “I know you all want to watch me swallow what’s been collected at the end”

   She turned and beckoned to someone off to the side, and a line of Men walked onto the stage.  6 in total, gasps from around the stage could be heard as the women all saw the size of the cocks.  All were over 10 inches, a couple past 12, but one guy must have been 14 inches, and fucking thick like a tree trunk.

   “Holy shit!” Sophie gasped at Peters table, “He’s a freak!”

   Lucy sank to her knees as they circled her, most were hard already, the 14 inch guy was rock solid as she reached out and grasped his dick, “fucking give it to me big boy!” she groaned sucking on his cockhead.

   2 men held their hard cocks and dick slapped her face, as she wanked another 2.  She sucked harder and harder on the throbbing cock in her mouth.  She released him, gasping for air, “Ohh fuck me up” she coughed.

   She flicked her hair back and moved to another dick, going from one to the next as they stood in a line waiting.  Wanking each shaft and sucking the head deep she worked her way along the line, until each man stood, rock hard and ready.

   She stood up, and moved to the desk, bending over it she gripped the far edge,  The man with the huge cock moved up behind her, in what was an obviously pre rehearsed move.

   “Right you perverts, you want to see me ruined?” Lucy sneered, Her dress was pushed up over her ass cheeks, as he drummed his cock on them.  “That freak cock is going up my ass, no lube, he aint stopping until he gets balls deep, no matter what I scream”

   She gripped the edge of the desk tightly, laying forwards onto her breasts, looking out over the crowd.  He spread her ass cheeks wide with both hands resting his hard cock on her ring.  Pushing forwards Lucy bit her lip as the bulbous head of his cock pushed against her sphincter.

   “Fucking do it! Fucking do it to me!” she snarled.

   Eyes wide she went breathless as the shaft pushed in, his cock a couple of inches deep in her ass now. Lucy was beyond pain here, something more, yet something so much better, her body yelled in rejection, her mind fighting to overcome it.

   “Sweet lord” Holly gasped watching on.  Lucy kept her eyes on them, wanting Peter to see every expression on her face.

   Her eyes were rolling up in their sockets as inch by inch the dick moved up her ass, Lucy was shaking uncontrollably, as the massive python stretched her more than any other single cock had ever done.

   “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped, “Ohhhhh  fuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!”

   His hands went to her waist, pinning her to the desk and he drove harder, now about 4 inches from the base of his cock.  Lucy was now crying in pain, tears starting to run down her cheek as she blubbered.

   “Fuck it hurts, fucking enjoy it you perverts” she snapped at the crowd.

   People had gotten up from their seats so they could move to in front of Lucy and see her reaction.  Several men had already cum in the bowls Michelle and Melissa were holding.  Her face was screwed up, squealing as the final few inches drove deep, finally his balls touched her wet pussy, thighs quivering and shaking.

   “Fuck no bitch has ever taken me balls deep before” he panted.

   “Fucking bastard, fuck your huge, oh fuck that’s soo big!” Lucy gasped, “Now fucking make me cry, fucking make me beg” she groaned.

   Drawing back he rammed home, about 6 inches of cock, Lucy screamed, he repeated this, a bit further a bit harder, she was wailing now as the thick shaft battered the depths of her back passage.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKK!!!” she howled, Lucy came, from nowhere her orgasm hit.

   Her body shuddered as he battered her harder and faster, balls slapping loudly, as she screamed and wailed.  She was crying, and cumming at the same time, unable to stop her body from releasing pleasure, while the pain of her anal destruction was obvious.

   “FUUUCKKKK YOUUU!!” she howled as he rutted her deep, her knuckles now white as she clutched the desktop so tightly.

   Peter was wanking his dick through his trousers, as he watched Lucy screaming, she was certainly not holding back, the sight of her being taken so roughly was turning him on.

   “If you need to cum Peter, Lucy asked that you use this” Sophie said, holding up a large brandy glass.

   “And if you need help, just ask” Holly added.

   “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU ALLLL!” Lucy roared as her arms were hooked behind her back.

   Her tits bulged in her dress as she was bent backwards, his full cock deep up her ass, thighs pinned to the desk.  He was ramming harder and harder as she fought and struggled in his grip, snarling and ranting at the crowd watching her.

   “Fucking dirty perverts!” she cried, “Fuck it hurts, fuck, ohhh fuck it hurts sooo good” she cried.

   The bowls Michelle and Melissa held were now getting used, maybe half the audience had cum already, watching Lucy’s ferocious display of anal punishment.  She was shaking and spasming as she came again, unable to stop herself climaxing.

   “FUCK! FUCK!! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!” she roared.

   Peter had his dick out, wanking hard watching Lucy cum.  Sophie held the glass out, as he wanked into it.   His eyes never left Lucy as she shook and tossed her head cumming so hard.


   “Fuck Lucy I am gonna blow soon” the guy fucking her ass groaned.

   “Ohh fuck, take it out them, line up guys, take this ass” She said looking at the other men.

   She collapsed to the desk as he pulled out, she sighed as the pressure was relieved, then 12 inches of cock replaced him, one thrust, balls deep. She squealed then screamed as her ass was pounded fast and hard.

   “Ohhh shit yeah, fucking do me, take me, this ass is yours” she squealed.

   Lucy let them fuck her ass, one after the other, sneering and panting as each cock rammed deep for a minute or so before switching.  Peter was so close, his cock started to twitch.  Sophie held the glass up and he came, his thick white cum pulsing into it.  Lucy grinned as she saw him cumming, the first of many she hoped.

   “Like that you fuckers?” she asked the crowd in front of her, “Who else wants a go?  Chelle ask them, anyone who wants a go can use my ass”

   “You heard her, Michelle shouted loudly, who wants to fuck Lucy Pinder up the ass?”

   Not 1 man in the audience, bar Peter, stayed in their seat, they all lined up for a go,  Lucy turned her head and looked at the line, “Go on then you fuckers, take this ass, but don’t you dare cum inside me, in the bowl” she said forcefully.

   Lucy lay there, as man after man filed past, each had about 30 seconds of thrusting before then next took over,  gritting her teeth she snarled and teased them as they fucked her ass.

   “Hurry up you fat fucker, stick that cock up my shit pipe!” she snapped at one man

   At least 10 came, splattering the bowl Michelle held, the rest returned to their seats, many having their cocks sucked by the women who were with them.  Lucy came at least 3 more times as they fucker her, she growled and shook each time, her body on fire with the need for stimulation.

   “Last man eh?” she said as the final one pushed up her gaping hole.

   “Fucking enjoy it did you?” she said to the crowd “Seeing me get my ring broken by all these men?  Yeah I am a nasty whore, and it’s gonna get nastier!”

   The final man finished, pulling his cock out and cumming in the bowl, there was probably an inch of semen in the bottom now, as 30-40 men had cum in it.  Lucy stood up, her legs wobbly shaking, barley able to walk.  “Fucked bandy, shit that’s so fucking horny” she gasped to herself.

   “Ohh boys, I think you’ve heard me talk too much, who wants to shut me up?”

   She peeled down the straps of her dress, as one guy stepped up, dropping her dress to the floor she stood naked, panting as he gripped her hair and dragged her to the bed.

   “Lay down slag” he said hanging her head off the edge of the bed.

   Lucy lay on her back on the bed, her head off the end, hair falling down to the edge of the stage.  He moved over her and slapped his cock hard on her forehead and cheeks, before pushing it to her lips.

   Lucy tasted her ass juices on the shaft as he fed it into her mouth and started thrusting. She eagerly accepted his dick as it poked deeper and deeper into her mouth, after 4 or 5 thrusts it jammed into her throat, making her gag.  The next pushed through her throat and he buried himself balls deep.

   Her fingers clenched the bed covers screwing them up as her throat bulged, the head of his cock poking out from her neck.  Her gagged and spat on his shaft as he pulled it back out, a thick strand of spit bubbling down her left cheek.

   “Fuuuckkk” she croaked.

   Michelle set down her bowl for a second, and slipped off her dress, she stood topless, black panties and stockings, before moving to sit on the floor below the stage, directly underneath Lucy.

   “Come on the boys, wanna see something really sick!” she said loudly.

   Lucy had her head pinned against the bed, the thick cock balls deep, the loud gagging sound of her throat being fucked over and over.  Saliva was running down her face now, a big gloopy strand dangling down.  Michelle sat below her, finger coyly in her mouth, trying to look innocent as the spitwad plopped onto her head, splattering in her platinum blonde hair.

   “ohh you whore” She teased at Lucy.

   Each thrust and jab deep in Lucy’s throat brought up more spit, and another big wad oozed down and dripped onto Michelle.  The man tapped out, swiftly replaced by another as Lucy caught her breath, gasping in lungfuls of air before another cock filled her throat.

   “Fuckkkk, you nasty slag Chelle” she croaked.

   Now one of the 12 inch cocks thrust into her neck, this one poked a good inch up through just above the well.  He reached down stroking it with his hands, as he held her in place then vigorously fucked deep, his balls pressed to her nose, the final inch of his dick rutting so fast and deep.

   Lucy gagged hard, spit bubbling from her nose, and when he finally pulled out a huge gush of spit followed, splattering Michelle’s forehead and clinging to her cheek.  She shrieked, half in shock half in excitement, as Lucy coughed and gagged.

   “Fuck she’s not holding back” Sophie said to Peter, watching as his cock got hard again.

   Sophie now had her dress pulled down, groping her tits and wanking her pussy as she watched Lucy get throat fucked.  Holly reached over and started to wank Peter, “Here let me help” she said.

   Lucy gagged hard, spit spraying from her mouth and running into her hair, her throat was so tight it was barely a minute before the next guy tapped out.  The 3rd and forth both managed some furious thrusts, Lucy arching her back and gagging up some nasty spit that oozed and splattered Michelle.  She sat there, smiling all the time, bowl between her legs collecting semen from all the men who stepped up.  Melissa moved around the tables, men cumming occasionally, as they watched or were sucked off by various women in the audience.

   “Phugh” Michelle sputtered as one particularly large strand oozed into her open mouth, “Like what you see boys”

   Grinning 2 men came at the same time, cum raining into the bowl, “Guess that’s a yes!” she said

   Finally Lucy got to Mr 14 inches, his dick slapping her face hard, before pushing to her lips, “Fucking break me” she gasped.   The other men moved to her body, one sitting over her tits, 2 more pinning her down.  Lucy was helpless as the monster cock pushed into her mouth.

   “Ohhh shit, that’s never gonna fit!” Sophie said to Peter and Holly.

   Hand on her throat, holding her down he pushed hard, her throat fought back, unyielding.  Thin drool poured down her face, drenching Michelle, as her body tried to lubricate his shaft.

   “Do it Pinders, fucking show them all” Michelle said looking up

   Lucy lay there, her body pinned, this thick monster in her mouth.  Her mind raced, the feeling of helplessness, combined with the need to display the depths of her depravity.  Her pussy was so wet, her stomach so full of semen, every inch of her burned in a state of readiness to cum.

   “No fucking way!” Holly said loudly, as Lucy’s throat broke.

   Lucy held her breath, the huge head pushed through, the girth stretching her throat, he kept going and going, she thought he would never stop.  Finally those balls squashed against her nose, the sweaty manly aroma flooding her nostrils.  His dick reached all the way down, head emerging in the hollow of her neck, the round bulbous tip poking up.  Her body shook, she struggled and fought as they pinned her down, she squirmed and wriggled as he held himself deep.

   “Fuck you whore!” Michelle gasped watching Lucy.

   He pulled out, followed by a HUGE gush of spit.  The wave of thick gloopy liquid dropped from her mouth, rolled down over her right eye and then hung like a huge raindrop before splattering onto Michelle’s forehead.  Oozing down her face it clang to her nose like a jelly ball.  Another wad oozed out over Lucy’s nostril, as she breathed out a huge spit bubble formed, before popping and running down her forehead.

   “Damn, you are a nasty slag!” the guy said driving his dick back down, Her throat giving slightly easier this time.

   Lucy shook, her body on the edge of orgasm from this treatment, naked lust filled her brain, she loved giving herself to them, being used, her body their piece of fuckmeat.  Shaft driving in and out, her back arching Lucy retched on his cock, spit oozed down an again clang to Michelle’s face as she sat below, staring out, trying to keep her expression blank. 

   “Fuck I am so close again” Peter groaned, wanking hard, “Could one of you suck me?” He asked Sophie and Holly.

   Holly moved to her knees between his thighs, Sophie passed her the glass, but kept watching Lucy. Holly gripped Peters cock, wrapping her full red lips around his dick she sucked him fast and hard.

   Lucy felt her stomach churning, the cock in her throat probing at that spot that made her want to hurl.  She twisted her head, trying to move the point of contact, but unable to do so she just went with it.  When he finally pulled out she let herself go, The contents of her stomach running down her face, clinging to her hair and splattering Michelle.

   “Fuuuckkk!” Michelle gasped, shocked.

   Lucy had not eaten for the day before, so it was a mixture of liquid and thick clots of undigested semen from her earlier ‘meal’.  She sputtered, and then her throat was invaded one last time as he pumped furiously for a minute or so.  Lucy shook, her body tensing, orgasming from just being throat fucked.  Her loins burned, the clench of a powerful climax in her abdomen spreading throughout her body.  Eyes rolling up again as she screamed loudly and incoherently on his dick.

   “This is insane!” the man who wanked into the bowl between Michelle’s legs gasped, as finally Lucy was free of dick, she lay there spluttering, spitting a few final strands onto Michelle.

   Michelle was smothered in spit, the thick strands clang to her face and hair, others oozed down her tits, and belly. She struggled to stand, moving towards the audience.  One eye glued shut with spit, she perched on the front of the stage, setting her bowl down beside her.

   “Who wants to taste Lucy then?  Which of you depraved fuckers wants to taste her spit?” She teased.

   Holly pulled Peters cock from her mouth and stroked the exploding head into the glass, a second load of thick cum spurting into it.  His hips bucked as Holly milked him over and over, draining every drop she could.  Sophie stood up and moved over to Michelle, the first to line up.

   “Ohhh fuck Michelle, that’s so nasty, I need to taste her.” Sophie gasped , she leant down and picked the thickest, slimiest wad she could see.  The Spit ball clang to her forehead, spread over her eye and formed a huge teardrop on her chin.  Sophie bent down, slurped in the teardrop then hoovered up over Michelle’s eye finally sucking the thick spit into her mouth.

   “Is it tasty?” Michelle asked.

   “Very” Sophie struggled to reply, her mouth full of the chewy spit.

   “Show me” Lucy gasped, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

   She was soaked in spit, not as drowned as Michelle, but still some decent lumps on her face and in her hair.  Sophie walked over and opened her mouth showing Lucy, the tick jelly like spit rolling off her tongue as she played with it. 

   “you like that?” she asked the audience, “Yes!” several shouted back

   Several men and a few of the women were queuing up to lick Michelle clean,  Peter studied who was in the line, and spotted Christina Hendricks about 4th  to sample Lucy.  Slightly shocked that she was into the spit tasting he groaned as Holly stood up and peeled off her dress.

   “Need some more help?” she asked, grinding her thong covered ass into his crotch.

   Sophie leant forwards, lips touching Lucy’s forehead, she cleaned her face of spit, Lucy rested back on her hands letting Sophie go to work, until finally her mouth was full, and Lucy was relatively spit free.

   “Ohh Sophie, swallow me, taste me, show them” Lucy said.

   Sophie turned, mouth wide, tongue swimming in Lucy’s spit, closing those juicy red lips she swallowed every drop of Lucy’s fluids.  Lucy grinned, looking at her studs, She beckoned one man to the bed, straddling his body she eased her pussy down over him.

   “Ohh I need more than one” she purred, beckoning a second.

   Lucy’s ass easily took the cock after her earlier battering, she found herself sandwiched between 2 men, both shafts pounding her holes. She shuddered as her cunt and ass clamped tightly on them, the fire of orgasm seconds away already.  Holding her hips she was pinned in place.

   “Fuuuck me!” she wailed as they thrust hard, Lucy revelling in the stimulation

   This was Lucy’s moment to be pleasured, it wasn’t for entertainment, nor to test Peter, but purely to get herself off.  She felt every thrust of cock, her body on edge constantly, her orgasm hitting almost immediately, tossing her head back she howled in pleasure.

   “YESS!!! !FUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!” she roared.

   The guy in her ass swapped out, a 12 inch shaft replacing him, harder and harder they rammed her holes as she screamed and wailed.  Her body bucked, pleasure assaulting her, Lucy had never been this high on sex before.  Twisting his hand in her hair, the guy in her ass tugged hard.  Lucy arched up, tits pushed out as they shook and quivered. 

   “YESSS!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!” she cried.

   The men surrounded her, sucking on her tits, cocks slapping her face, she wanked 2 in her hands as they overwhelmed her senses.  Lucy screamed in pleasure, body climaxing hard, the power of her orgasm flooding through.

   “YES! YES! YESSSS!!!” she screamed.

   Holly peered back over her shoulder as Peters now hard cock nudged her ass cheeks, “Stick it up my ass” she snarled, obviously really turned on.  Peter pushed her thong to one side and eased his dick into her ass, she hissed and backed up onto him, settling into his lap.  His hands found her breasts, freeing them from her bra, as Sophie sat back down next to them.

   “Oh God its sooo good” Lucy groaned as her body was pumped, she now rode another man, the first was standing nearby, obviously so close to cumming he had to tap out. 

   She lurched forwards as the next reamed her ass, the thick shaft in her pussy pumping up in unison.  The 14 inch stud was grinning as he moved to tag in, his big head again stretching her ring.

   “ohhh fuck you beast!” Lucy gasped as he drove relentlessly in.

The man below her locked his arms around her waist, stopping her from escaping as Lucy shook, the thick meaty cock ending up balls deep inside her.  He pumped hard, really hard, Lucy howled and shook with every stroke.

“FUCK! OHHH SWEEET LORD YOU’RE BIG!  FUUUCKKKK!!” she cried, her ass once again battered.

Her body rocked, his huge member slamming deep, she growled, a low rumble starting in her belly and ending up in a primal roar.  Lucy was crying in pleasure, the huge girth now making her cum so hard, she craved him more and more.


Holly was bouncing hard on Peters shaft, her ass clamping tight as she rode him.  Both watched Lucy getting double stuffed, screaming in climax again.  Sophie was furiously wanking, her body shaking as she came with Lucy, hissing in pleasure as she did so.

“OHHH FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” Lucy cried as he finally stopped thrusting laying ontop of her panting.

   Michelle set the bowl down, most of the men had cum at least once, and were getting help from various audience members to cum for a second, maybe third time.  Lucy rolled over onto the bed panting as all of her men stepped back lining up again.

   “Well we need your help again” Michelle said, as Lucy made her way down to the stage front.

   Lucy was glistening in sweat, her nipples like bullets as she sat on a chair she took from a table near the front.  She smiled at Peter, watching him grope Holly’s tits hard, as she ground her ass down onto his cock.

   “We need to piss Lucy off” Michelle said, “She needs to be angry for her next act, so hopefully we can upset her.”

   Stepping up she grabbed Lucy’s hair, pulling her head back, “Nasty fuck whore!” she snarled, spitting on her face, “Fucking slag”

   “Like that?” she said turning back to the crowd, “See if you can do better”

   “Try your best you dumb fuckers” Lucy teased, “Treat me like shit”, she reached up wiping the trail of spit from her forehead, and licking it up.

   Several men and women got up and walked over to Lucy, Peter noticed Malene in the queue.  The first couple of men just spat in her face, holding her hair back, before Malene had her turn.

   “Fucking dumb cunt” she snarled, hand in Lucy’s hair, spitting on her again.

   Malene slapped her hard, Lucy shrieked, not expecting it, Malene reasserted her grip in Lucy’s hair after the loud thwack. “Talentless whore!  Those tits have gotten you where you are today” she continued spitting again, “Relying on those udders, fuck you don’t even look that hot”

   “FUCK YOU!” Lucy snapped back.

   “Don’t like that?” Malene said, a big grin on her face as she was getting to Lucy. “You fucked and whored your way to the top, fucking manly voice, ugly nose, how the fuck else do you think that happened”

   She slapped Lucy a second time, this time Lucy fought back, “FUCK OFF!” she shouted, as Malene held her hand back for a third slap.  “Ohhh does the whore not like it?” Malene teased, before letting go.

   “I am gonna fucking destroy you Lene, you wait” Lucy shouted as she walked off.

   The final 2 volunteers approached Lucy together, Peter was surprised to see Simon was one of them, along with another man who he obviously knew.  They stepped up either side, Simon pulling her head back, spitting on her face, the other man gripping her nipples in his fingers pinching them hard.

   “Fucking big titted slag” Simon said, “John thinks you’re the ugliest whore in the room” he sneered.

   “Fuck you Simon, he ain’t never gonna fuck me” Lucy snapped back. “Just fucking jealous”

   “I HAVE fucked you Pinder, and apart from those tits you were fucking SHIT!” He slapped her as he said the final words, she was really getting furious now.

   Her eyes burned in rage, as John swang her tits by the nipples, this really hurt as Lucy looked up at him.  Simon slapped each one hard, causing John to let go as they flopped down, “FUCK!” Lucy cried, “FUCK!” as each one was slapped.

   Peter was ramming hard up Holly, she was gasping and groaning, as her ass was rutted.  His eyes were on Melissa though as she watched Simon and Lucy, she definitely seemed pretty jealous of his attention to Lucy, but also seemed to be taking in what he liked.

   “You are a whore Lucy” John said calmly, his thumb forcing her mouth open and pinning her tongue to the bottom.

   She struggled to turn her head but he held her tightly, spitting down onto her hair, and over her forehead.  Simon joined in, the thick spit collecting and trickling down.  “Putting on this whore show is all you are good for, your career is over, you are just a fat old hag now” he continued.  “All we want to see is you fucking and sucking, about time you fell back on porn to make a living eh”

   She looked up at him, tear running down her face, as his words hit home, she was broken, and angry, angry at herself angry at him.  Her eyes burned rage as the tears ran, she was gonna show them all, fuck the lot of them.

   “FUCK YOU!” she snapped, knocking his hand away, “I’ll fucking show you what I can do”

   “You are fucking worthless Lucy, Look at Peter over there, fucking Holly up the ass, bet she’s so much better than you, He doesn’t even care what you do tonight” Simon teased.

   Degrading her was one thing, but these words did something else to Lucy, she was enraged, absolutely furious, how dare they talk about Peter.

   “You ready Luce?” Michelle asked.

   She was shaking in anger as she approached the men, pulling the largest of the 12 inch cocks over to the chair she made him sit down. She dribbled a huge amount of Lube down over his cock, stroking him up and down covering him.  Straddling his shaft reverse cow girl, Lucy lowered her asshole onto him.

   “Fucking easy, my ass is all his, fucking take me hard” she snarled at him.

   He held her hips as she eased up and down, ass swallowing him up.  She stared at Peter as he continued to bugger Holly, as she came, head tossing and shaking from side to side.

   “You like that fuckers!” she shouted at the audience, “Fucking watch me then, watch me be the biggest whore in the resort!”

   She leant back, the man below her gripping her by the thighs lifting her legs up,  Mr 14 inches stepped up, slapping his cock on her pussy.  Michelle moved over and poured the rest of the bottle of lube over his shaft and Lucy’s body, it dribble down over her cunt and asshole as the other dick kept pumping.

   “No fucking way!” Holly gasped, now back on her seat, wanking.

   “She can’t!” Sophie replied, unable to look away.

   Peter though he knew what they meant, but that was physically impossible, there was no way Lucy could, could she?

   Lucy bared her teeth, clenching her jaw as the second cock pushed at her ass, “FUCKING DO IT!” she hissed, “FUCKING DO IT!”

   Her body fought, but his cock pushed in, her ring broken wide by his dick head. She howled, screamed, kicked and fought as they held her down, 2 cocks now up her asshole. Her legs shook almost uncontrollably as she wailed.  Inch by painful inch his slippery lubed dick moved into Lucy, until finally both were balls deep.

   “No words!” Sophie gasped watching.

   A murmur went around the crowd, a hushed collective gasp at what Lucy had just done,  she was sobbing and wailing pinned between the men, as her ring cried out in pain.  The fury of the moment giving her the adrenaline rush to let them stretch her so wide, Lucy roared and roared as her ass was now pumped.

   “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” she wailed as they drove in and out.

   The huge cock rammed harder and harder, Lucy crying louder and louder as she now revelled in the limelight.  She knew everyone was focused on her, the star of the show, all the attention was for what she was doing.  Snarling and spitting she looked up, rage in her face as she got destroyed.

   “DO IT! FUCK ME UP!” she cried, “FUCKING DESTROY ME!”

   The other men all surrounded her face now, dick slapping her with their hard shafts, Lucy revelled in the punishment now, her body beyond the barrier, craving stimulation in any way possible.

   “FUUUCKKKKKK!! MEEEEEEE!!!” she screamed cumming again.

   Men around the audience were still cumming, Michelle and Melissa having a huge amount of cum in their bowls already.  Sophie and Holly were fixated on Lucy, unable to take their eyes off, so Peter was left to jerk his again hard cock watching her.
   “NASTY WHOOOREEE!” Lucy screamed at herself, “FUCKKKKK!!! FUUUCKKKK!!” she wailed.

   Now all the men queued up, the huge cock pulling from her ass, to be replaced by another, 2 dicks constantly battering her bowels, each man able to give it 100% for a minute or so before tagging out.  Lucy fought and bucked, this brutal battering hitting every nerve in her back passage, the stimulation too much to bear as she howled in orgasm constantly.


   Lucy’s body was taught with sensations, her climax going on and on, her pussy sprayed up and over the bodies of her partners as they tagged in, each time she felt the rush of orgasm.  Teeth clenched tightly, burning with energy she screamed obscenities at them as they destroyed her ring.  One reached up and slapped her hard, her head snapping back to glare at him fiercely, no doubt at how she hated him in the heat of her buggery.

   “CUNT!” she screamed at him, “FUCKING BREAK MY ASS YOU CUNT” Lucy roared urging him on.

   Another guy stepped over her body dick between her tits and a forth straddled her face forcing himself balls deep in her neck.  Lucy wanked the other 2 men hard, now all 6 of them being stimulated by her body.

   “Holy shit Peter! Look at her” Holly gasped, “All 6 at once!”

   Peter was watching Lucy, his dick so hard, unable to believe that this was happening.  His page 3 crush was putting on a show worthy of the most hard core porn actress, the things she was doing were way beyond the mainstream.

   “YEAAASSSSSS!!!!” Lucy wailed in one final orgasm, her throat free of cock, she shook and twitched for a final time before Michelle, tapped out all of the men. Lucy rolled over onto her knees body still twitching, her legs had buckled unable to stand.

   “You OK Lucy?” Michelle checked.

   “Sooo much” Lucy gasped, “fuckk” she nodded indicating she was OK.

“Ok Melissa, let’s see what we have” Michelle said as the 2 ladies moved to the stage.

Each bowl was nearly half full, Lucy managed to stand and walk to the front of the stage, she sat on a tall stool one of the men had produced, looking nervously at Michelle and Melissa.

“Who wants to see me drink it?” she asked the audience, a scattering of “yes” cries replied.  “Louder!” she teased. “YES!” the audience shouted.

Melissa handed her bowl to Lucy, she held it in her hands, swirling the contents.  Holding it up to her lips, she tipped it back filling her mouth.  Her cheeks bulged as she lowered the bowl, mouth full of semen, Lucy swallowed it all.  The sticky stringy cum clang to her throat, she felt the thick clots run down into her stomach.  Lifting the bowl up she swallowed hard, draining it as fast as she could, this was far more disgusting than she had thought it would be.

“Well done babe” Michelle said as Lucy finished the bowl, and handed it back to Melissa.

Michelle handed the next bowl to Lucy, she looked at Michelle, almost pleading with her, “Ohh Chelle” she gasped looking at the huge volume of cum she still had to consume.

Lucy looked into the bowl, large long white clots of semen floated on the thinner cum, the aroma of spunk filled her nostrils, her brain repulsed and fascinated by the effects all at the same time.  She looked around the audience, watching as men were jerking off, fucking their partners or random strangers.  Finally her gaze fell on Peter.

“You will never forget this” she said softly, as her eyes locked on him.

Lucy lifted the second bowl, tipping it back, the gush of semi warm cum filling her mouth.  She swallowed, again and again as the salty liquid filled her belly.   Beyond the taste and texture Lucy was just getting full, her stomach stretching with at least 3 or 4 pints of ejaculate. 

“This is insane” Sophie gasped watching Lucy drink her fill, “Holy fucking shit I am so turned on, I need to do this”.

Peter turned to watch Sophie, “You want to do this?” he asked, shocked at her response

“Literally the most erotic thing I have ever watched, all that semen, I just can’t get enough” Sophie replied, “I get off hard on that kind of thing!”

Lucy had finally drained the bowl, passing it back to Michelle, she sat looking out at everyone.  Her eyes were kind of sleepy, a dazed look on her face, as she knelt down onto the cushion Michelle just tossed on the floor.

“Happy now!” She shouted, looking around the room, “Just one thing left, cover this dirty whore in your spunk boys!” she instructed, her words kind of slurred.

They surrounded her, stroking fast, she turned her head to look up at them, eyes begging for their loads.  Moments later she was splattered by 2 of the cocks, semen splashing her forehead, one drowning her right eye.  She tried to blink it open, the cum stinging her eyeball, blearily she watched as another dick exploded in front of her face.  Growling loudly he hosed her forehead with a massive jet of spunk, the thick white line all the way across, oozing down to her eyebrows.

“Ohh fuck that’s hot!” Holly gasped, watching Lucy.

Peter also reached his third orgasm, cumming into his glass again.  Sophie and Holly both watched him cum, leaning across and kissing him alternately after he was done.

Lucy was covered, only 1 dick remained, the monster cock, she she sat eyes open, spunk dripping down her face, begging for her final load.  Looking up her eyelids half shut, she slurred and begged him to cum.

“Do it baby” she spluttered, “Cover me”

He groaned and shook, thick wads of spunk lashing her already covered face.  His volume matched his size as Lucy was showered in semen.  Cum laced across both eyes, and her nose, thick strands clinging ontop of the already glistening layer.  Lucy panted, her face now soaked in the cum of these 6 studs, her task finally complete.

“Fuck yeah” Michelle said standing admiring her friend, “You did so well Lucy”

Lucy barely acknowledged Michelle, her brain was switched off, her body now drunk on the semen in her belly, she sat there trying to comprehend her situation. Michele turned to the audience, “Well show your appreciation!” she shouted.

The whole audience started clapping, then cheering, as everyone rose to their feet to applaud Lucy.  A huge roar went around as they gave her a standing ovation for about 2 minutes.  Lucy sat there soaking in the adulation, this was what she had worked for, the pain, the churning stomach, the semen dripping down her face was all worth it.  She truly was an attention seeking whore at this moment.

“Oh shit Chelle, fuck, fuck” Lucy spluttered.

Michelle stood grinning looking at her friend, as member of the audience came up to congratulate her.  Lucy sat in a half daze, watching the people walk up to her, the cum in her belly churned, but she felt so horny now, the volume of semen was overcharging her lust.  The second guy who came up to say well done sported a hard cock.

“Cum on me too” she groaned reaching out and wanking his shaft.

“Any more of you fuckers want to cum again?” Lucy teased to the audience, “My pussy and ass are yours again for the next 20 minutes, cum if you can”

She moved back to the desk as she had at the start of her show, leaning over she stared outwards at the crowd.  A line of men formed, each moving up and sticking it in her holes, Lucy zoned out, her body taking every one.  She must have cum nearly constantly for the next 15 minutes as dick after dick fucked her holes, 20, 30 loads of cum filled her ass and cunt, the men not caring if she was already full.

   Her body quivered and shook, asshole spasming, pussy clenching, the semen induced mega orgasm seemingly endless.  The cocks pounded her holes as she cried and moaned her words garbled by her cum drunk brain.

“Come on then, who wants a go!” Michelle encouraged, “Fuck and cum in Lucy Pinder!”

Finally after they had all cum Michelle called time, helping Lucy to her feet, Melissa led her off the stage. “Hope you all enjoyed Lucy’s show this year, I can’t wait to see how she tops that next!”

Sophie and Holly stood up, gathering their discarded clothing, Sophie held out her hand, “Shall we go see the star?” she said.

“Thank you Peter” Holly said, leaning to kiss his cheek, “I am going to try and find Simon, I need some serious attention after that, fuck I am horny”

Sophie led Peter towards the beach, “Lucy has a private cabin here” she explained, Michelle has taken her beck to clean up. It was barely 2 minutes until they reached the luxurious beachside cabin, Sophie knocked on the door then walked in.  Both were stunned when they slid the door back.  Lucy was bent over the back of the sofa, Michelle her right arm ¾ of the way to her elbow up Lucy’s ass, the other holding a wand style vibrator to Lucy’s clit.

“She just can’t stop cumming!” Michelle gasped, pumping in and out fisting Lucy’s asshole.

“Sit down Peter!” Sophie snapped handing him the glass of cum, “If you want add some more”

Lucy’s eye were wide, but all you could see where the whites, they rolled so far back up into her skull she was completely unaware Sophie and Peter had arrived.  Breath so short as she squealed and squeaked in pleasure, her body unrelenting in its desire after being overloaded with cum.

“Lucy! LUCY! LUUUCYYYY!!” Michele groaned her arm so deep up Lucy’s ass.

She had fisted Lucy before, usually when Lucy was super horny, or Michelle in the mood to dominate her, but she had never gotten much further than her wrist.  Lucy’s ass was devouring her arm, she went deeper and deeper the ring contracting and relaxing as Lucy came.

“Mmmm tastes Devine” Sophie groaned as she sucked and Licked Lucy clean,  her lips hoovering every drop of cum.

Michelle had her hand on Lucy’s back now, cum spraying from her pussy as she shook and trembled, every muscle in her legs tight.  Finally Michelle eased her fist from Lucy’s ass as she stood, quivering full of climax.

“Easy Lucy, easy” Michelle said rubbing her back softly, Lucy finally calming from her peak.

“Soo horny, still so horny” she groaned.  She looked at Peter, eyes burning, “This is me Peter, me at my nastiest, I needed you to see me raw”

“You were incredible” Peter replied.

Sophie now moved to Lucy’s pussy and ass, her lips sucking every drop of semen from both holes, as Lucy stood watching Michelle and Peter in front of her. Michelle had Peters cock out and was jerking it into the glass for a forth load, as he stared at Lucy, who was cumming again.

“Ohh fuck Sophie, my clit, suck my cliit! Lucy gasped, Sophie working it with her tongue.

Peter was on the verge of cumming again, Michelle sucking him hard, Lucy was squirming her body still heightened on semen, she twitched and bucked as Sophie licked her holes.

“Cum for her Peter, cum for her” Michelle urged, his cock now in her hand, glass in the other.

Lucy watched Peter, her body quivering as Sophie moved to bend over next to her, his cock twitched as the final load pulsed in.  She licked her lips, the thought of Peters cum bypassing the churning in her stomach, she wanted this badly.  Peter sat back as Michelle passed the glass to Lucy, Sophie and Michelle now either side of her as she leant over the sofa.

“I want you Peter Andrews, you have seen me RAW, at my limit, if you can live with that, if you can please me like that, I want you to be with me” She said, focused on him.  She lifted the glass to her lips and swallowed his semen, the whole glass in one big gulp.

Peter looked at her, “Lucy, I have never wanted anything more than you at this moment, but I need time to think, I need to see if this will work.  Give me 24 hours, and I will give you my answer”

Lucy looked relieved at this, she had feared her incredible sexual appetite would have scared him off, but he hadn’t said no.  She looked to Michelle and then Sophie, “Of course Peter, I will give you all the time you need, Sophie and Michelle here will make sure you are well taken care of, in fact I want you to fuck anyone you want in the next 24 hours, before you decide.  Get it all out, don’t hold back”

“Thank you Lucy, now how do you feel?” Peter asked, really wanting to know.

“Honestly, I don’t think this cum is going to stay down much longer, but I have never felt so turned on in my life.  The hormones in the cum must have an effect on my sex drive” Lucy answered.  “I think I am gonna be up all night wanking, I doubt I can sleep”

“Amazing” Michelle replied, “your warped mind came up with all tonight’s show, it’s so much more than anything I could have thought up”

“Peter, Michelle and Sophie will walk you back to your room, I will see you again in 24 hours time, tomorrow night” Lucy said moving to sit in the chair, her fingers already on her clit.

“Thank you Lucy, I hope I have the answer we both want” Peter replied.

“Do you mind if I stay Lucy?” Sophie asked, “I can help you out” she said grinning.

“Sure, you ok with that Michelle?” Lucy said.

Michelle led Peter out, “fine by me” she said.
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