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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Kate Upton
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Colorized old photos

Actors & Actresses / Preparing For Honeymoon (Rose Leslie)
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Title: Preparing For Honeymoon
Author: The Chemist
Celeb: Rose Leslie
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I don’t know Rose Leslie. This story is an act of fiction, therefore did not actually occur. I make no profit from this story.

Summary: To help prepare for her role in Honeymoon, Rose Leslie asks her new boyfriend to come to a cabin in the woods with her for a week

“…ok well thank you so much for the call,” Rose Leslie said into her cell phone. “Yes, please do tell them I accept. Great. Thank you again.”

The red-haired actress from Scotland ended the call with a great big smile on her face. Though only 25 years old and having entered acting late, she was truly making a name for herself. First with her role in Downton Abbey, followed up by her massive breakthrough as the Wilding Ygritte on Game of Thrones.

And now she would be not only appearing, but starring in her first movie. Her agent had just called her up to tell her the good news and Rose couldn’t be happier. After reading the script, she knew that the role in the low-budget, psychological horror was a job she wanted to do.

Honeymoon was set in a cabin in the woods where, you guessed it, a newly married go to spend some vacation. Bad stuff eventually happens but this wasn’t your classic slaher flick, this movie had a plot and symbolism and cool ideas.

“So…are you gonna share with the rest of the class,” Rose’s friend asked.

The redhead was so absorbed in the good news that she forgot she was sitting at a table having lunch with her friend. Rose apologized then caught her up on the god news.

“And so the movie is practically me and the lead actor only. We live in a small cabin for a week and everything is all rainbows at the beginning but then something happens and our relationship slowly begins to morph and change,” Rose explained. “It’s just the challenging role I was looking for.”

“Congrats then,” her friend said before hugging her without standing. “So are you going to go all method for this role too?”

“I guess so. Has worked really well for me in the past,” Rose replied.

The actress tried to be cool about her answer but the truth was Rose was 100% going to research and live her role as she attributed her on-screen success thus far to being a method actress. For Downton Abbey she got hired on as a maid for a company and cleaned houses for a month in preparation. As Ygritte, she needed to know how to survive in the wilderness, hunt, a shoot a bow so she went camping in the northern parts of the UK, eating nothing but game she or her friend caught.

“Any idea whose gonna be the lucky bloke you take,” her friend asked.

“Not really. They haven’t hired a lead actor yet but I have just started dating that new guy,” Rose pondered.

“Well going to an isolated cabin in the woods for a weekend with a brand spanking new man will be a good test for the relationship I reckon,” she commented.

“Aye,” Rose agreed before returning to her meal.

*           *           *

“I was a little surprised when I got your offer,” John told the girl to his left.

“In a good way I hope,” Rose replied, watching through the windshield as the city disappeared and was replaced with woods.

“Of course,” the brown haired man caught himself.

As if to apologize for his ambiguous words, the man Rose had just started dating a few weeks ago reached over and grasped her hand. His reply was truthful, as he was excited when his new girlfriend asked him to come on vacation with her in a small but nice cottage she rented for the weekend.

“So, the map says we are getting close,” Rose explained. “The road is gonna wind to the left in a mile then you take the dirt road on the right, halfway through the bend.”

Rose had explained the situation to him and he seemed happy to go. He was an outdoorsman by nature as his father was an arborist while his mother worked at a white water rafting tourist park. John had gone on to become a high school teacher but he still went camping every chance he got. In that sense he would be very useful to have when alone up in the middle of nowhere.

They were a little further away from their destination then Rose made out but in 20 more minutes they had arrived. When she went looking online to find a place to stay, she was specific in her criteria. In the film they wouldn’t have WiFi or cell signal so her cabin couldn’t either. It had to be wood stove heated only, backed onto a lake with few other people and no neighbors around for at least a mile.

“Home sweet home,” John joked as he parked.

The new couple got out of the car and stretched for the first time in the hour long drive it took to get there. The driveway ended a 100 yards back of the house so they saddled the few bags they packed and made the trek to the cottage. The trees were thick in the area so they could only vaguely see their building, but the path was smooth.

“It’s nice,” she said, gazing on the cabin for the first time in person.

They ascended the three long steps that took them to the deck. It was long, running the entire length of the house and they walked along it. As they got to the back of the cabin, they overlooked the water, a small but quiet lake and observed maybe 7 other properties backing onto it.

“Should be nice and secluded here,” he mentioned. “Come on, let’s throw our bags inside.”

They walked along the other side of the cabin to arrive back where they started, in front of the barn-style front door. As they walked inside they stepped into the living room and looked around. The cabin was simple but decorated appropriately. The wood stove was off in the back corner opposite the kitchen to it’s right and dining table to the left.

The living room of the cabin was the biggest space. There wasn’t a TV but a cozy sofa was facing an old-style fireplace with natural stone mantle while two comfy recliner chairs added additional seating around the wooden coffee table. A cabinet full of board games and a variety of books were on either side of the fireplace as well.

“Bedroom should be back here,” Rose motioned.

John followed his lady love as she turned to her left and walked along a narrow hall between the exterior wall and kitchen. The first room was a bathroom that looked like a typical bathroom you’d expect to find in a place like this. Luckily they had indoor plumbing so the room had a toilet, sink and a good sized, clean white bath tub.

“Pretty good facilities,” he commented.

The end of the short hall led right into the only room left in the small but nice cabin. They opened the door and found a clean master bedroom that seemed to have everything they needed. A door against the near wall led into the bathroom, a tall dresser and closet for their clothing. But most importantly was a large bed with flannel blankets in the middle of the room.

“As a newly married couple, I’m sure we’ll be giving this thing a good test,” Rose said, sitting on the end of the bed.

“Or two…or three,” he said, kissing her.

They kissed for the first time since arriving at their vacation spot as he sat next to her on the bed. It felt soft enough on their asses, not rock hard though at that moment neither on would have carried. Out of instinct his came came up and ran through her long red hair, noting again how silky smooth it felt between his fingers.


“What the hell,” John swore, startled.

“Just the property owner,” Rose laughed. “He said he’d meet us up here and fill in any questions we have. So tuck your boner into the waistband and come say hello.”

Once the old man was gone, the young couple looked at each other with a hunger in both their eyes. This time when they walked to meet each other in the middle of the living room there was more heat, more electricity. They kissed again but this was different, more intense. As though they were trying to devour each other with their mouths.

Their lips and tongues were not the only things active at that moment. Rose had her hands pawing at his polo shirt, eventually getting a grasp on it and pulling it over his head. Meanwhile, John laced his fingers into the front of her shirt before quickly pulling his arms apart, undoing every button on her plaid blouse at the same time.

“Never ceases to amaze me,” the actress stated in her thick accent.

He smiled in pride at her but rather then the pair leaning back into one another, they both concentrated on their own selves. John used his hands to unsheath the button of his shorts before letting them drop, along with his boxers, to pool around his feet. While he was getting naked, Rose reached back behind herself, found the clasp of her bra and undid it.

“Hot damn,” John swore, observing her topless form.

Though they had sex on a few occasions, it was always either in the dark or drunk so now he got to stare at her impressive body in the full daylight. His jaw slacked open at the sight of her. Rose’s breasts were smooth round mounds, high and perky. They fit her slender physique perfectly, and remembered that they filled his large hand when her gripped them. Her pink nipples, a little thinner than the first joint of his thumb, were hard due to arousal and made her tits like they they were made to be sucked on.

“Fuck you have a nice cock,” Rose commented.

Her dainty hand was grasping lightly around his manhood before the words were even out of her mouth. His mouth dropped further as her smooth palm and skilled fingers glided softly around his girth before moving up and down. She took her time traversing his entire 8 inches as she wore a face that portrayed how horny she was.

“Come on, let’s see the firebush,” he prodded, needing a distraction from the pleasure.

“I’d show you…if I had one,” she said coolly while still undoing her own short shorts.

“If that isn’t your natural hair color when I’ll eat dog shit,” he countered.

“I meant that to have a firebush requires having a bush, or any hair in that manner, in the first place,” Rose replied with a smile.

The redhead now stood before her new lover completely naked. He drank in the sight of her, allowing his eyes to travel down from her round tits, over her flat stomach and finally to her sex. True to her word, the space reserved for what should have been a triangle of scarlet curls pointing to her pussy was absent. Instead, he had an unobstructed view of her lower lips, equally as brightly covered as her nipples but already glistening in dampness.

“Beautiful,” he huffed.

Rose gave him a smile then stepped up in front of him again. They kissed with passion and he felt his hand go down between her meaty thighs. The next second a thick finger was entering her folds, penetrating her twat and she moaned into his mouth. She loved the feel of him inside her, either it was his dick or other body part, but she had other plans.

“We should talk about what we want out of the weekend,” Rose told him, breaking the kiss. “But talking is boring so as we do it, I’ll suck your cock.”

And with that said, the actress was descending down to her knees, kneeling before him on the hard wooden floor of the cottage. John was surprised but wasn’t going to complain, however instead of wrapping her plump lips around his manhood, she used them next to speak again.

“So like I said, this is an exercise for me to get in the right mindset for my role. Since you are aiding me in this, you get to do whatever the hell you want to me provided it is actions befitting a newly married couple,” Rose said while stroking his dick.

With a wicked grin on her face, Rose glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The brown-haired man couldn’t help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny boy was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

“Yes. Suck it babe,” John moaned in delight towards the dirty redhead.

“Mmmmm,” Rose moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

“What are the restrictions,” he asked, looking for more details and also to slow her down.

“None,” Rose replied without missing a beat.

Unfortunately she had to pull her mouth off his manhood to give him the answer, but he welcomed the break even if it only lasted a moment. The second after giving her replied the lips of the horny girl were wrapped back around his glistening cock, already dripping wet in her copious amount of saliva.

“None? So you mean anything then?”

It was only the first 5 minutes since they had arrived at the honeymoon destination for the pseudo-married couple and John could barely believe his good luck that his cock was entrenched in her mouth. She was skilled in oral sex as her lips and tongue were every bit as talented in getting men off as her pussy was.

“You’d be my husband and I’d be your woman. We’d have no barriers. I’d let you have me, all of me,” the Scottish actress answered.

Once she replied, just like she had been doing since she started to blow him, she resumed her work. Rose parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before John moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left to ponder over her answer.

“Just for the record you know I’m alluding to anal right,” he said smiling down at her.

Rose heard his question but didn’t reply right away though the answer was obvious to her. Instead she ignored him for now began building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

“I’m fully aware of what you want,” the redhead countered. “You’ll have full access to all my holes. Allowed to cum wherever and how often you’d like. Fuck me in whatever manner you’d want too,” she explained with a neutral tone. “Rough, bound, gently for hours. Whatever.”

Rose wanted to take this opportunity to set a good precedence for the rest of the weekend so she needed her A-game. She pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth.

Rose took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

John pretended to think about her offer for a moment before excitedly proclaiming, “I’m in.”

“Silly boy, you already are in, well in my mouth anyway,” Rose said in her surprising dirty tone.

Though it wasn’t her intention to get the man off as quickly as possible, it probably felt that way to him. Rose wanted to give him her best blowjob since her previous ones were performed after either a night of drinking or just as foreplay before they fucked. Now however, she was sucking him off for the sole intention of making him blow so he was getting the full experience.

“You like how I suck,” the ginger, asked with cockiness in her voice.

“Keep going,” he pleaded while applying downward pressure on the top of her head to help convey his message.

“Alright stud,” Rose replied as she started to lick at his nutsack before slowly coursing her way up his shaft until finding the tip and getting her plump lips wrapped back around it.

With her lips back around his dick and no more words needing to be spoken, Rose could concentrate at the task at hand. John couldn’t help but look down and observe the redhead in what looked to be her natural environment; on her knees with a cock in her mouth.

After taking half of him in her mouth to get them both back into a normal tone for the blowjob, she planted her lips completely around him and bobbed her head back towards the tip. Her mouth felt warm and wet to him, and the way her plump lips dragged along his slick skin made his resistance to pumping her full of cum right then and there wane.

“If you liked that,” she said with a glint in her eyes. “Then you should really enjoy this.”

John continued to look downward and watch her, especially after her cryptic words and felt as my bulbous head touched the back of her throat. It was usually at this point most girls coughed a little bit then rapidly withdrew with tears in their eyes, but Rose was not most girls. The slim redhead kept moving forward until the tip slipped into the tight confines of her throat. She continued to drive more meat into her mouth until her cute freckled nose was buried in John’s trimmed pubic hair and her lips were wrapped around the very end of his pole.

“Sweet Mother of God,” was all he could groan.

Rose smiled inwardly at his vocal approval of her deep throating skill but she wasn’t going to rest on her laurels. She was continuing to plunge the entire length of his shaft while he looked on still, but it was the third sense she was using that made it a tremendous blowjob.

Her lips and throat felt great on his shaft as she bobbed on his whole length over and over again, while she was more than fine with letting me look down and watch her talent, some other girls were weird about that. However, hearing the gurgling noises as the Game of Thrones star gave him wet oral sex was truly remarkable. The noises only increased in volume and frequency as the naked woman went from slowly and methodically taking John’s entire cock into her throat to ramping up the speed greatly.

“Slow down babe or the fun will end early,” he warned the redhead.

“We have all weekend and I doubt I’ll wear you out with one little blowjob,” she replied, unshaken in her lust to get him off.

Her deep throat oral sex was giving John more pleasure then he could have imagined, though it was coming at a great cost. As much as he would have liked the beautiful actress to have sucked on his cock all day and night, he knew that was a pipe dream. The fact was, he needed to cum soon..

“Gonna cum soon,” Rose asked, though she could feel the answer throbbing on her tongue.

Other than just the frequently and telling twitches of his manhood, there were other ways she knew what was coming. She felt the grip of her hair in his hand slacken. She could see his face growing longer and more contorted, as she had maintained a fair amount of eye contact while sucking him off.

“Fucking close,” I groaned with eyes closed, thinking of ways to prolong my orgasm for as long as possible. “Where do you want it?”

“Fill my mouth up John,” Rose sexily encouraged. “I want to taste your cum right now.”

“Uggghhhhh,” John grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Rose felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his load groan. It didn’t take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but Rose was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny Scot swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

From a young age, of all 15 years old, Rose understood quickly that boys and now men liked cumming in a woman. Could be her mouth or pussy, didn’t matter, they just didn’t want to pull out. She quickly learned to get use to the taste of cum and now after a decade of gladly swallowing load after load, she loved it. The salty taste was common to her, and she got pleasure from the way men loved it and how their member would throb before spilling onto her tongue, then wiggle around in her mouth.

“Fuck,” John swore.

While her new man stood there in the middle of the rustic looking living room of the cabin they rented for the weekend, Rose was pleased. Like a good wife, she had serviced her husband, sucking him off for no other reason then to make him happy on their honeymoon. Her time for having the favor returned would come, after all they had lots of time.

With John’s head slung backwards, Rose stuck out her tongue and lightly licked at his pee slit. More cum was starting to trickle out of the hole and she was more then happy to collect it and dispose of it into her stomach. The action caused her fake-husband to shudder, but helped snap him out of his trance.

“Ok so as a rule for us as a newly married couple, I believe we have some standard sex practices,” John spoke. “Actually you right now just gave me the idea.”

“Oh really husband,” Rose said, standing and wrapping her arms around his neck. “And what are these rules that us, as a married couple, agreed upon?”

“Pretty standard stuff. When we fuck you always swallow,” the brown haired man stated. “Unless we are trying to make a baby of course. But otherwise, you always finish me with your mouth and eat my spunk like you just did.”

“Mhmm,” she agreed. “Full of protein which is important. A lot of women don’t get an adequate supply.”

“Good. Happy we could agree to those terms,” he said before she kissing him.

“Any more?”

“Lingerie. Or underwear. Or, since at a cabin on the lake, bikinis. All the time,” John added. “A body like yours, with those legs and ass and tits, needs to be properly shown off.”

“I think I can manage that,” Rose agreed, still tasting his cum on her tongue. “Now let’s unpack and go for a swim.”

*           *           *

Of course, they never made it down to the lake, not yet anyway.

John left his clothes on the floor beneath him as he walked back towards the bedroom to get changed. Rose followed by peeled away into the washroom to have a sip of water. She didn’t mind the taste of cum, but it had been minutes since she swallowed his seed and the slimy film of the last of the load was creating a stall taste.

When she walked her nakedness into the bedroom she found her boyfriend, standing in at the foot of the bed. He had just pulled his swim trunks out then moved his luggage off the bed to allow her to do likewise. As she bent over to pick up her bag, her ass faced him in the process.

Though he had just gotten off minutes before, the sight of Rose Leslie’s ass was enough to get his cock to harden. She was a slender girl with narrow hips so her booty wasn’t very wide, but it had impressive thickness. It stuck out a good distance behind in her and would be described as a bubble butt by today’s standards.

“Oh God,” Rose moaned.

While she was looking for a matching bikini to wear down to the water, her boyfriend who was acting as her husband to get ready for her movie, acted. He dropped down to his knees behind the bent over redhead and buried his face in her sex. His tongue easily sliced into her folds, wet with excitement, before piercing her pussy to lick her inner walls.

His only response to her wails of pleasure was the noisily way he eat her twat. Over and over his tongue plunged deep into her sex and tasted her essence at the source, while he got a perverse pleasure in having his nose rub against her crinkled, and clean, asshole.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” John asked, giving each of her adorable cheeks a light swat.

Rose moaned in response, especially when he used her tongue to talk less and eat her out more. However, the man acting as her husband soon she wasn’t using his tongue at all and instead only used his fingers. John kept making long swipes starting at her clit, down through her folds then diverged outward just enough so his padded fingertips touched the very outer rim of her puckered asshole then reversed course.

“Such a tease,” Rose huffed.

Of course the teasing only would continue. The redhead felt his strong hands leave her bottom and made her disappointed. John got more comfortable and lowered his head so that he was right in front of the TV star’s snatch, but he didn’t dive back in right away.

Instead he kept the slowly prodding approach and gave kisses and licks first to the meaty part of Rose’s ass then narrowed the zone closer to the crack. Finally the rugged man planted a kiss directly on top of her asshole, however he didn’t slip his tongue out, but the ginger girl felt the pressure on her backdoor all the same.

“Tease,” Rose said, loudly this time.

“Tease eh? Well would a tease do this.”

Rose didn’t even flinch as his strong fingers digged into the soft flesh of her plump ass. With a good grip in place, John pulled her cheeks as far apart as they would split to give him easy access to the standing girl’s ass. This time there was no delay as his determined tongue found her crinkled starfish and lapped at her sphincter.

“Mhmm…much better,” Rose confirmed.

Over and over John lapped at her opening and occasionally even dipped the tip of his skilled tongue past the tight outer barrier to lick her inner rectal walls. It was a struggle to gain entry, though Rose was helping him out by relaxing the tone of her ring.

“Mhmm…oh yes,” Rose moaned in appreciation.

“Say it. Say what you want,” John goaded.

“Yes…lick my ass,” the actress demanded.

And that was exactly what her boyfriend did to the ginger Scottish girl. His tongue repeatedly took long, steady strokes over the girl’s puckered bumhole. With each passing lick, the outdoorsman couldn’t help but be amazed at the tightness of every orifice of the youthful girl. Her asshole was no different as it stayed seal shut despite hands pulling Rose’s plump little tush apart.

“Such a slutty little whore, liking her bum rimmed,” John poured on the dirty talk.

“So nasty,” Rose moaned in agreement. “But I want that hard cock in me.”

“Think I can manage that,” John smiled.

By the time John pulled his tongue out of the slender girl’s asshole and got to his feet, Rose was no longer in her same place. Obviously horny, she didn’t waste time in hopping up on the short bed and throwing herself down with her head on the pillows. He looked up at her and saw her spread eagle on her back. Knowing she had his attention she brought a hand to her pussy and spread the lips wide. It gave him an excellent view that revealed the depths of her twat; perfectly pink inside and soaking in juices and spit.

John crawled up the bed to claim what was his, fitting easily between her spread legs before they wrapped around his waist. They had always used condoms when they fucked, but given her attitude at the moment it was clear today would be much different.

Hovering over her, John leaned in to kiss his girlfriend while his hand gripped his manhood around the base to steady it. He didn’t have long to travel as his tip easily found her folds before one thrust took half his length into the wet confines of her pussy.

“Awwh…yes,” Rose groaned in pleasure.

He wasted no time moving inside her, quickly getting up to ramming his entire 8-inch length deep inside her. She let out long loud moans and tightened her surprisingly strong legs around his muscular waist. They moved in the unison of a couple that had been together for years, despite them only been dating for weeks.

Over and over his hips reared back before plunging forward, taking himself fully in her pussy. She was tight but loose enough for his manhood to slide in and out with pain or restriction. Being the first time inside her without a condom, he noted how wet she was, feeling like a slip and slide, which made him pleased.

Her breathing was growing courser and her moans were getting louder and louder, sometimes full screams released into his nearby ear. Rose was clearly approaching her first orgasm of their weekend, and he would have liked to have given it to her, but the rapid fucking was affecting him as well. He needed to slow his pace or stop it altogether if he was going to continue.

“Wanna fuck you…like a dog,” he panted.

In the next instant he had pulled out of her twat, making her feel empty and long to have him back inside her. She rolled over from her back onto her stomach, but only for a moment. She quickly propped herself up onto her hands and knees, getting onto all fours.

John didn’t take his time in moving either. His cock glistened in the dim lighting of the bedroom in her juices, making him excited. Seeing how quickly she got into position showed how eager to fuck him she was, and before long he was behind her, standing on the ground with his cock at her entrance.

He didn’t wait and immediately thrust half his member back into her moist sex. They found their rhythm once more as he got back to stroking his entire thick member into her tight pussy at a good pace. Her eyes were shut tight while her mouth remained open to release torrents of moans and screams.

“Mhmm…awwhh…yes,” she moaned.

Rose’s long red hair with the feel of silk cascaded down past her face, swinging side to side as her head was bucked back and forth. Each time John pushed into her his pelvis smashed her rounded ass, causing the pale, smooth skin to ripple from force. She could feel his hand reach under her body to corral her dangling, bouncing tit, giving the hard nipple a rough pinch which she liked.

“Ready to perform your wifely duties,” John asked.

“Cum first. I’m so close,” she begged.

“Say it,” his other hand looping her thigh to go near her sex. “Beg for it.”

“Make me cum and I’ll let you fuck my ass,” Rose gave him what he wanted.

Then he upheld his end of the bargain. With his hand already in position, he extended his middle finger and stroked it threw her pink folds. He knew what he was after though and had no sooner isolated her swollen clit and began firmly strumming it with his digit. He lightened his pinch of her right nipple to be more enjoyable then rough, but that didn’t matter, Rose was already past the point of return.

He doubted that the redhead could last much longer and John got his answer in the next few seconds. Her screams of orgasm were preceded just barely by both her twat clamping down on his cock before her pussy beginning to ooze her sweet lady cum onto him.

Rose was a ball of tightened muscles on top of the flannel-covered bed as one of the most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her lithe body. After a minute she began to loosen back up, which allowed John to slowly withdraw his cock from her hole. Once free, Rose released the tension in her arms and rested her face and tits on the soft mattress while her ass remained up in the air, facing her pseudo-husband.

“Ho…ly…shit,” Rose gasped, running a hand through her flame-colored hair.

“Lube,” he asked, wanting to be quick getting in her ass.

“Just do it. I gushed all over you,” she explained.

Looking down, John saw that she was speaking truth. His cock was coated, absolutely covered in her juices and he doubted at that point if any lubrication would have aided what he was about to do.

Though she was no stranger to having a dick in her backdoor, Rose wouldn’t to loosen herself up first before getting filled with a huge cock. The redhead brought her hand to her face and shoved 2 fingers into her mouth and applied a generous amount of spit to them, coating them generously.

John waited with cock in hand and watched as Rose extended her arm back behind her before the talented young actress found her tight asshole with her fingertips. After smearing a portion of her saliva on the opening, she plunged the digits inside and continued to move them in and out as she sodomized herself.

John tried being as patient as he could. For the next 30 seconds he waited and watched as the red-haired girl moaned while sawing her fingers into her tush, even adding in a third finger. “Can’t wait any longer.”

Being the athletic sort, Rose used her quick reflexes to withdraw her fingers from her backdoor and make room for her impatient lover. She tempted him more by giving her adorable ass a little wiggle for him, in which he responded in kind with a sharp slap to her pale cheek.

A grip made of iron clutched her right hip, steadying her while John used his other hand to guide himself forward. It felt like no sooner had she removed the length of her fingers when the brown-haired man stepped closer and planted the bulbous tip of his cock against her partial gaped hole.

“Just do it,” she instructed, focusing on calm.

John didn’t hesitate as he pushed forward firmly yet without malious. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, relaxed attitude of Rose and the loosen the fingers had done allowed his head to disappear into her ass without problem. Only the faintest grunt escaped her lips as he rested with the first inch inside her.

Knowing the proper way anal sex was done, John waited for Rose to make the next move, which happened in short order. No sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when Rose leaned her weight backwards to take the next few inches into her booty.

“Fucking tight,” John grunted.

With her seal of approval achieved, John took control back. With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the rugged man began making more progress into the depths of her anus. Though it was slow, John didn’t mind as his small strokes kept getting more of his fat cock inside her.

“You are so much bigger then my butt plug,” Rose commented.

Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, Rose continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting the blanket beneath her. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing. The smile on her face and the way she looked up at him while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the submissive girl.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, John could never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, as she bit the flannel blanket on top of the bed, the redhead demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass without words.

As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create the modest curves, she wiggled her booty enticingly for him. He took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail.

Rose was under him and loving every passing second of the sodomy. She had learnt the secrets of pain-free anal sex so was happy to offer her cute butt up to any man she wanted, John being no exception. Though his thrusts bordered on violent, they were not painful to her, especially with her hand rubbing her clit as furiously as she was doing.

Without needing to use her arms to balance herself since her chest and head were resting on the mattress, Rose brought her free hand to her face. While her body rocked from the constant and relentless sodomy, the redhead put two fingers in her mouth and sucked them between her ruby red lips.

“So tight,” John groaned, working up a sweat.

With saliva coating her fingers, Rose traveled her arm back down her body. Her hand passed the other one, still friggering her clit then went past so she could psuh the wet digits between her legs. It found their target, her own womanly folds, and Rose began fingering her pussy while the thick cock continued to plunge the depths of her asshole.

“Keep…ugghh…awwhh…going,” Rose plead.

John didn’t know why she had to ask as he had zero intention of stopping. However, as his cock continuing to fly with pace into the deepest recesses of her anus, his resistance was being battered down. He’d have cum long ago if it wasn’t for the living room blowjob thirty minutes prior.

“Yes…yes…close. Oh so close,” Rose panted.

When rose came for a second time in since they began fucking in the rented cabin, it was the beginning of the end for John. Though he was a fan of anal sex, he had never brought a girl to orgasm before. To tears on a bunch of occasions, but never before had a girl creamed herself even though she was giving herself a helping hand by fingering her snatch and rubbing her clit.

The redhead’s orgasms caused her asshole to clamp down, which meant acting like a vice on John’s cock. His tool was still wet and slippery so it was able to still plunge into her backdoor, but at a cost. The added pressure was too much pleasure for him to bear and it was now time for him to cum.

“Shit, need to cum,” John grunted in desperation.

“Cum inside me baby,” Rose begged.

“No. On your knees,” he replied.

Before her reply came, John thrust deep into her bowels one final time. He wished he could have fucked her tight little asshole for the rest of his days given how great it felt to have her sphincter milking his cock, but he’d have to settle for a break for now.

He reared his hips back one final time, and rather then hammering back into her backdoor like he had been for the previous 20 minutes, he withdrew altogether. He looked down and observed the mark he left on her and couldn’t help but smile. Her asshole was red around the edges given the pounding it withstood, while it was left gaping open due to his thick cock.


“No buts. Knees. Now,” he said with finality.

He was hoping he hadn’t pushed the girl too far, after all the girl had gone so far already, did he really need to risk losing her over taking his dick straight from her own ass to her mouth. However, he breathed a sigh of relief as the redhead rolled off the bed and got onto her knees before him.

Her face still had a slight appearance of apprehension as she circled her thin fingers around the base of his cock and stroked him. She was very concerned at how horrendously gross it would be to wrap her lips around something that had come straight out of her ass. Seeing no other way around it, she opened her mouth and lowered her head so she could take the tip into her mouth.

“Mmmm…yeah,” John grunted as he got an extra perverse thrill seeing a girl suck her ass off his member. “Now a little more.”

Even though she never thought in a million years she would take something that came directly from her asshole and put it in her mouth, it was too late for that now. And although the very idea was still gross on a basic level, now that she was doing it, it didn’t seem so horrible. This wasn’t something she’d do all the time, but she would definitely be more open to trying it again to impress a guy.

As his cock was engulfed in the warm, moist opening that was also known as Rose’s mouth, John groaning loudly. Her reluctance at the beginning withheld his orgasm by a few second but now sthat she was over going ass to mouth, the ginger was talented enough with her mouth that he was back on the verge again.

“Cum for me baby,” she swooned, comfortable with the ass taste now.

He didn’t need the encouragement one bit. No sooner had the words left her mouth and went back around his shaft did he do exactly what she asked for. He could feel the salt brine bubble up from his balls and travel on its path to eventually blast out of his tip and coat the back of her mouth.

Rose knew the amount of sperm would be less then the amount he normally produced so she swallowed down his salty offering with each blast he gave her. Eventually he stopped squirting so the redhead finished taking down into her stomach the last of his load then cleaned his cock with her mouth to be sure she didn’t miss anything.

“So how’d you like the taste of your own ass,” John asked after a few silent moments.

“What does this tell you,” Rose replied.

John snapped out of the brain fog he had after his blissful orgasm and looked down with wonder at his pseudo-wife. The redhead remained on her knees but she pitched forward back towards his groin after being resting on her ankles. His mouth fell open with astonishment as her tongue contacted his cock and licked the entire length. She repeated this three more times, stroking his member from top and bottom, left and right sides until she had covered every square inch of flesh that had occupied her rectum no more then a minute ago.

“Tells me you are one dirty bird,” he smiled. “Now I need to think up more dirty shit to do to you.”

“Whatever you can think up husband, I’ll be ready,” she grinned up at him from her knees.”

“I’m gonna go into the kitchen and make some food. Ass-fucking you apparently works up an appetite,” John laughed. “Want anything.”

“I’m surprisingly full,” Rose replied before her face bursted into an ear to ear smile.

“Oh you really are filthy,” he grinned before disappearing.

Appreciate the kind words. Finally getting a chance to add in all the older stories I've written. Hopefully people don't mind all the updates
Shout out to Cadeauxxx for the limo sex idea
Sports Talk / Re: Daily sports TL;DR 2020
« Last post by InThe313 on Today at 12:11:11 PM »
Jan. 24 headlines

  • (27)Wang Qiang stuns (8)Serena Williams at Aussie Open
  • Coco Gauff knocks out (3)Naomi Osaka
  • Antonio Brown turns himself in to police on multiple charges
  • LeBron, Giannis named captains for All-Star Game
  • LeBron closes in on Kobe on scoring list as Lakers win
  • NCAAW: (3)UConn tops (23)Tennessee in renewal of rivalry
Wow, these stories are amazing.
Singers / Re: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
« Last post by 123z on Today at 12:00:50 PM »
Many thanks for a new Kylie story, love reading about her.

Cheers, I have one more finished story to load up.
Singers / Re: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on Today at 11:47:43 AM »
Many thanks for a new Kylie story, love reading about her.
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Hayley Atwell
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on Today at 11:42:54 AM »
Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer Launch London January 22nd 2020
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Christina Aguilera
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on Today at 11:41:32 AM »
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