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Celeb Series Stories / Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
« Last post by Chlp on Today at 02:54:05 AM »
Loving these short stories, keep up the great work!  Gonna write another I think
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Bella Thorne
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on June 15, 2019, 10:52:13 PM »
Bella Thorne showing her tummy outside 'Good Morning America' in NYC 6/14/19
General Chat / Re: TurboGrafx-16 Mini - The Thread
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on June 15, 2019, 10:50:26 PM »
I love Rondo of Blood so much. IMO it's the best Castlevania game that isn't a Metroidvania style.
General Chat / TurboGrafx-16 Mini - The Thread
« Last post by MaxwellLord on June 15, 2019, 09:56:21 PM »
Growing up, I always wanted a TurboGrafx 16. BAD. Sure, I had an Atari, a NES, a SNES, a Genesis and a Gameboy and went on to own so many other major consoles...but my heart always wondered about the TurboGrafx.

Then emulation came along and I finally got to play some TurboGrafx/PCEngine games and I utterly fell in love with it and wanted one for real even more.

Now, Konami is going to give people the chance to own one via the TurboGrafx 16 mini. The games announced for the US version are as such:

Ninja Spirit
Alien Crush
Ys Book 1 & 2
New Adventure Island
Dungeon Explorer

Now....what could the other games be? And considering that the Japanese version, the PCEngine mini will include CD-Rom games...nothing is off the table as far as tech specs go, apparently.

So, here's my wishlight for the mini, aside from the listed games:

Bonk's Adventure
Bonk's Revenge
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure
Air Zonk
Super Star Solider
Blazing Lazers
Magical Chase
Demon Crush
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Military Madness
Neutopia 2
Legendary Axe
Legendary Axe
Bloody Wolf
Parasol Stars
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
Ys 3
Cosmic Fantasy 2
Bomberman '93
Forgotten Worlds
Keith Courage in Alpha Zone
Super Dodgeball
General Chat / Re: Crush of the Day
« Last post by MaxwellLord on June 15, 2019, 09:29:50 PM »
Taylor Swift

Celeb Series Stories / Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
« Last post by thenewcomer on June 15, 2019, 09:07:26 PM »
You guys are killin’ it.

Great submissions.  8)
Celeb Series Stories / Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
« Last post by John Connors on June 15, 2019, 08:01:08 PM »
Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman - Nothing Else Matters

Natalie Portman awoke and had one of those horrifying moments where you can’t remember exactly where you are. This momentary confusion was not helped by the deep pounding that felt like someone was banging a set of steel drums in her head. It was only as her eyes adjusted to the gloom that shrouded the room that she realised where she was and relaxed. She was safely ensconced in her own room within the confines of the opulent Mirage Hotel in Vegas.

She had been at the wrap party of her latest movie and it had turned into a great but very messy night with music, laughter and lots and lots of alcohol. She smiled contentedly as she reminisced on it, stretching a little and rolling over on her side to be immediately confronted by the sweet, beautiful face of Scarlett Johansson. Natalie grinned a little and studied her bed-mate.

The lustrous blonde curls framed an angelic, angular face whose full, pouty lips were curled into a contented smile. A single lock of hair fell over Scarlett’s face. Natalie reached across and with the tips of her fingers, stroking the hair off her companion’s cheek. Scarlett sighed a little but did not wake. Natalie drew her face closer to Scarlett’s and gently caressed her lips with hers. Once again this drew a little moan from Scarlett but she remained asleep. Natalie grinned, and thought to herself.

“Time for a shower Nat”

Extricating herself from under the covers without waking Scarlett was her main aim and all seemed to go well until she caught her foot in part of the duvet when she was almost out of the bed. This, coupled with her obviously hung-over state, caused her to meet the ground with a sharp thud.

“Shit!” she hissed.

Gingerly she picked herself up and glanced over at the bed. Scarlett had not stirred.

“Now where is my damn robe?” she thought to herself.

Groping around in the dark, she seemed to pick up every piece of clothing she owned except the robe itself. Eventually after much cursing she managed to grab it and slip it on, limping to the bathroom.

Natalie reached inside the shower and turned it on allowing it to heat up. She slipped out of her dressing gown and turned to the bathroom mirror observing with disgust that make-up still caked her face and under her bloodshot eyes, evidence of too much vodka. She really had to get back on a health buzz when she went back to New York.

Natalie stepped inside the stall and let out a little gasp as the warm water hit her body. As it acclimatized to the temperature, she leaned down and scooped up the container of shower gel squeezing a healthy portion of it into the palm of her hands massaging it slowly over her glistening body, luxuriating in the cinnamon aroma that invaded her nostrils.

Closing her eyes Natalie smiled as water sluiced over her body, reinvigorating her. With images of the previous night’s mischiefs rolling and tumbling through her head, she felt her pussy becoming a little moist.  Her nipples were starting to harden and her hand was drawn into first caressing them before beginning to stroke her belly. Natalie let out a little moan as her finger-tips ghosted her labia and began to massage her clitoris slowly. It was not long before Natalie had slid two fingers deep inside her warm, wet cavern. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles as she tweaked them gently, tracing a light circle around the aureoles. She was starting to moan a little louder as every touch on her skin ignited waves of pleasure that washed over her. The simple feeling of her fingernail grazing her thigh caused her to shiver in pleasure. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice the buxom blonde walk into the bathroom and disrobe herself.

Scarlett watched Natalie pleasure herself and smiled wickedly. They had met before but really only got to know each other well on the set of The Other Boleyn Girl.  They had become at first best friends and then lovers. Natalie had always come across as a bit of a good girl, particularly in the media but Scarlett was to find that hidden away from the public spotlight was a very, very naughty girl! Not that she was overt about it even in private. No, you needed to coax it out of Natalie but the devilish behaviour was there, constantly at war with the sensible, goody two-shoes; the quintessential battle between good and evil if you will.

And now there stood the gorgeous Natalie Portman. All 5’2 inches of brunette, female perfection. Well...for Scarlett and probably a few million other people anyways. Observing Natalie’s naked form closely, she thought to herself.

“Damn, that girl has such a fantastic little ass.”

Scarlett felt her nipples harden a little and she licked her lips as she looked at Natalie standing in the shower, eyes closed, totally lost in another world, her soft moans sounding like music to Scarlett’s ears as she played with herself. Scarlett untied her robe allowing it to pool at her feet before opening the shower door and stepping up behind Natalie, running her fingers over the pretty brunettes back.

“Hey, you got any room for me in here?”

Natalie turned and smiled sweetly, planting a soft kiss on Scarlett’s lips.


As water cascaded over their intertwined bodies, their mouths locked together in a passionate embrace, tongues playfully jousting. Scarlett had cupped Natalie’s left breast in her hand and was kneading the rock hard nipple lightly with thumb. Natalie let out a sigh and stroked the blonde actresses' cheek with the tips of her fingers. At this, Scarlett broke off the kiss and rubbed the tip of her nose against Natalie’s. They both stared deeply into each other’s eyes before Scarlett began kissing Natalie’s neck lightly, her hand exploring the petite brunette’s midriff. Scarlett’s began to massage Natalie’s clitoris with one hand, slipping her fingers of the other into Nat’s pussy.

Water was gushing over their bodies adding to the sensations they were both feeling. Natalie’s breathing was much shallower her chest rising and falling rapidly as Scarlett’s fingers stabbed into her pussy frenetically. Little moans escaped her throat as she was manipulated into nirvana. The warm water, the heat and the sight of Scarlett and her incredible body all contributed to a shock wave of intense pleasure that rifled through Natalie’s body causing her to let out a low strangled cry of pleasure that was followed by another very soon after.

“Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd! Fuuuuuuuuck Meeeee!!!!!”

Natalie went rubber-legged such was the intensity of her orgasm’s and Scarlett had to hold the brunettes slender form to ensure she didn’t fall. They were both giggling like schoolgirls, Natalie’s face alight with pleasure.

“Oh my God. Scarlett that was obscene!”

Scarlett laughed and kissed Natalie on the lips softly;

“Nat, some of the best sex I’ve had has been in the shower. And after a night of booze. I think you need to do it more.”

Natalie laughed softly;

“Well if it is always this good, I may take you up on that offer.”

Tut-tutting, Scarlett raised an eyebrow;

“Well, you are being very presumptuous there little Miss Portman, in thinking that I would be the one providing the service to YOU considering you still owe, by my calculation, at least one big O.”

Natalie placed her fingers under Scarlett’s chin and winked;

“Well Miss Johansson. Let’s just see what we can do about that, shall we?”
Movies / The Boy Next Door(Continuation)
« Last post by PsychoAndroid714 on June 15, 2019, 07:37:25 PM »

“Noah!” Claire screamed, “Stop!”.

“Claire...I’m doing this for us! We can be happy! Forget your trash husband and son,we can start our own family,”Noah said.

“It doesn’t have to be like this.” Claire cried.

Noah stopped, he glanced at the knife in his hands and then made eye contact with Claire.

“You're so wrong, Claire.” Noah whispered.

“Noah, No!” Claire screamed as Noah moved the knife to her husband’s neck.

“Claire,” Garrett whispered.

Claire just looked at Garrett unable to move her frozen body.

“Claire!” Garrett called, “Help-”

-nightmare ends

“Claire!” Garrett yelled.

Claire sat up quickly,breathing hard.She put her hand on her forehead and felt the sweat.

Garrett hugged Claire tightly,kissing her temple over and over again,trying to soothe her nerves.
“Honey,I'm right here.you’re okay.”Garrett whispered

Claire melted into her husband’s embrace,closing her eyes and slowing her breathing.

“It felt so real,Garrett.”Claire whispered,her voice breaking.

“I know,it’s okay, He’s gone. He’s never going to hurt us again.never.” Garrett replied,kissing the top of Claire's head.

Claire leaned up and pecked Garrett lips,then laying down,holding onto him to bring him down with her.

Claire got as close to Garrett as she possibly could,looking for both warmth and comfort.he of course,gave her what she was looking for.

Claire couldn’t have been happier that she found Garrett.he was her life and happiness,He supported her through everything and never once thought about leaving her.

Claire was a delicate as glass.she was still tough and fought for what was right,but after that night with Noah,she had broken a bit.

And Garrett,being the perfect man he was,made sure he put all the
Pieces back together.

It had been six months after  the accident and since they have moved into a new home.Their house was about an hour away from their old house.Claire despised that her and her family still lived close by but their new home was perfect for them and it was close to Claire’s new job.

Claire had lost her teacher’s license so she became a secretary for a big company that dealt with many things involving education.It wasn’t her favorite thing to do,but she didn’t want to be a stay at home mother.
“Kevin!come on!you’re about to miss the bus!” Claire yelled.

“Why can’t you just drive me to school like you used to?” Kevin whined,as he descended down the stairs.

“I think it’s better if you take the bus.”Claire replied,giving Kevin lunch money.

Before Kevin could fight back,the bus stopped in front of the house and honked
“The bus is here!Hurry and get going.” Claire said,hugging Kevin goodbye.

Kevin rolled his eyes playfully and walked out of the house.once he closed the door,Claire sighed and sat down on the couch in the living room.

She was awfully tired,due to the lack of sleep because of her constant nightmares.She wished that the thoughts would leave her mind,but she felt haunted.

Noah Sandborn,a boy-or a man as she liked to call him-was dead and still,it seemed as if he never died,it felt like he was always watching over her.daring her to breakdown even more and go crazy.

But,Claire knew better.She wasn’t going to let her thoughts get to her completely.She was free of anything Noah related and she could do whatever she pleased.
As Claire was in her thoughts,she didn’t realize  that Garrett had woken up.so,when garrett walked into the living room and touched her shoulder,she gasped in fear and jumped off the couch.

“Hey Claire,it’s just me.it’s fine.”Garrett said,in a soothing voice.

With a hand over her heart,Claire sighed,rubbing her eyes and forehead with her other hand.
“Garrett,” Claire whispered.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.”Garrett whispered back.

Claire looked at him with a soft smile.”I know,its okay.”.

“Do you feel alright?after,you know,last night’s nightmare?”
Garrett asked.Sympathetically.

“I’m fine.I’m just really tired.”Claire replied,walking towards Garrett and wrapping her arms around his waist.
Garrett kissed the top of Claire's head and rubbed her back softly.

Claire laid her head on Garrett chest and melted into his embrace,enjoying the feeling of being close to him.

“I think we should go out tonight?Just the two of us.”Garrett whispered.

Claire smiled,lifting her head and nodding,”I'd love to,”.

Garrett smiles wide and leaned down,kissing Claire’s lips softly.

Claire pulled away slowly,looking into garrett’s eyes.
“I have to go get ready for a meeting but i’ll be home right after.”
Claire stated,softly.

“Alright,I'll be waiting for you to come back home.”Garrett replied.
Claire smiled and pecked his lips once before pulling out of his embrace and running up the stairs to get ready.Garrett smiled and went to start the coffee.
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Charli XCX
« Last post by Cadeauxxx on June 15, 2019, 06:39:14 PM »
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