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Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)thenewcomer4487
Bosom Buddies (Mulit) BE, No sex Grobnar10364
The Club: Taylor Maid starring Taylor SwiftMaxwellLord2542
The Hollywood Bodyguard Chapter 2, Taylor SwiftTheGreenArrowDP20010244
Best Christmas Ever (Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Taylor Swift)Money0247
Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.MaxwellLord3525
3rd Chromosome: Alpha OmegaGrobnar0265
3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 2Grobnar1248
New Years Eve (Taylor Swift)MaxwellLord4674
Ready For It? Starring Taylor SwiftMaxwellLord4739
Waking Up (Series)LazyNinjas61339
Swift Justice (Taylor Swift & Victoria Justice)LazyNinjas1576
Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #6 Posted 05/17]Slyguy384004
All-Star CollegeMaxwellLord316585
Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 23 Posted 07/04]Slyguy748890
The Perks of Being a PodcasterMaxwellLord435241
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