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Author Topic: Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.  (Read 461 times)

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Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.
« on: April 24, 2019, 08:03:35 PM »
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Cons, IR)
Chapter 0: Prologue

Morocco is known for a great many things. Wonderful food, beautiful beaches, cities steeped in tradition, and of course, casinos. Busy, bustling hubs of sin. Drinking, gambling, gluttonous indulgence...and that was just the stuff above board.

In one of these bustling casino sat Taylor Swift. She wad one up to the nines, gorgeous as ever, an in a group like this, among the rich and privileged, no one noticed her. Why would they? They were too wrapped up in their own good time. It was perfect for her. She could just relax with a bourbon and plat a little Texas Hold 'Em. And that's exactly what she  was doing, and doing rather well, up by at least fifteen thousand dollars at this point.

The game went on a short pause so the players could order more drinks and the dealer could change out. The waiter came to Taylor, who handed her empty glass to him and gave her order. "Another double of Pappy Van Winkle, twenty year reserve," she said. She then gave him a thousand dollar chip. "You'll get the other half of the tip when I get my whiskey."

"Of course Ms. Swift," the waiter replied with a smile. It was a genuine one at that. Her tone was sweet, not urgent and he had just been told he was getting a two-thousand dollar tip. No reason not to smile.

While the waiter went to grab her drink, Taylor's beautiful blue eyes scanned the room. It was full of the expected things. People laughing in the ecstasy of winning, people enjoying drinks, people trying to get laid. She looked past the casino to a roped off area of the casino, somewhat far away from the hustle and bustle. Two big wooden doors being guarded by two big, muscular men who were trading spots every time she looked. This particular time, the chocolate sex god of the two guards came in for the other guy. Taylor licked her lips at the sight of him. She hadn't had a taste of chocolate in a while.

The waiter returned in a speedy fashion and true to her word, Taylor gave him a second thousand dollar chip along with a five hundred one. Now, with her drink in hand and a new dealer at the table, the next round could begin.

The cards were dealt and Taylor scoped her competition. Only three other remained. The oil man from Texas was a living cliche if she ever saw one. She could tell he had nothing. The twitch in his eye gave it away. But he was going to play it anyway. Taylor and the other two players had most of the Texan's money, and it looked like someone was going to get the last of them.

The woman from Montreal was harder to read. She always was pre-flop. It was when the flop came that Taylor would have to watch.

The Ukrainian man, he was someone Taylor had her eye on the whole night. He knew how to play the game. How to play the odds and the other players. He was the only one keeping up with Taylor, and as such, the only on who's name she bother learning. That name was Angel. Taylor was almost certain it wasn't real. But at least it was memorable. It was Angel.

"So, Tex," he said, his English perfect and his accent heavy. "Why not just go all in right now, yes?"

"Now just gimme a minute here boy," the Texan said, his drawl long and worried. He had been at the table long before Taylor had shown up, so how much money he'd actually lost was a mystery to her. Angel though seemed to know.

"IF you want someone to go all in it might as well be me," Montreal said, pushing her five thousand dollars in. "Just to make it interesting." She pushed her money in and flipped over her two cards. A pair of tens. It was a bold move, respectable.

"That is what I like seeing," Angel said with a smile, adding to the small blind and matching Montreal's bet.His eyes looked to Taylor. She smiled and matched the bet as well. Then all eyes went to Tex. He had no choice, not in his head. He put five grand in as well.

Then came the flop and Tex gave it all away. In his head he was a dead man walking. He only had a grand left to put in. So logically, Angel bet a grand, earning a "fuck you" glare from the cowboy oil man. Taylor followed suit. She had to to stay in the game...but she would have anyway. it was nothing against Texas, but the point of the game was to win.

Tex put his money in and flipped his cards over, a two and a three, Taylor almost chocked on her whiskey laughing. It was mean but she couldn't help it.

Now Tex was all in as well, with no real chance of winning. He could have folded, but he just couldn't. It was truly just between Taylor and Angel, and neither were giving a thing away. Taylor was too seasoned in the music biz to have any real tell. Angel also had a damn good poker face.

The turn card came up. The Texan threw a fit. Montreal played it cool. The cards on the table were a Queen of Diamonds, a King of Diamonds, a Jack of Diamonds, and now a four of clubs.

Angel bet seven hundred. Taylor raised to one thousand. He called. Tex sweat bullets and cussed under his breath and Montreal chuckled.

Then came the river. Another queen, this one of spades. Angel looked at Taylor and smiled. Taylor smiled right back. Angel put in the exact amount Taylor had left. Taylor called and went all in herself. Now all of her fifteen thousand,seven hundred were in. Tex through his hat on the ground and finally walked away. Montreal's eyes were glued to the game. She had to see it out.

"You played a good game dear, but my three friends, all royalty, have to claim the prize." Angel showed his hand. A pair of kings, and combined with the one already on the table, he had three of a kind.

"Wow Angel, that really would seem to beat the three queens I have....if my lady hadn't brought a little friend." Taylor laid her cards down. She had a queen, giving her three of the ladies...and a four. A full house. "Sorry...but long live the queen."

Angel smiled in defeat. He nodded his head and clapped his hands together at Taylor's victory.

"Not bad blondie," said Montreal. "Better than winning a Grammy?"

"Two different kids of high, sweetie," smiled Taylor. The leggy singer signaled for a Casino attendant. "I'm ready to cash out, dear," she said to the attendant. All her chips and plaques were rounded up, but not before she tossed the dealer a thousand dollar tip. "Have a wonderful rest of the night."

"You too Ms. Swift," Angel said. "Sleep well." Taylor nodded at him and downed the rest of her whiskey. And once she had collected her winnings, the second part of her night was on her mind.

The good thing about being a whiskey lady is the tolerance level you have to develop. What would knock down someone else would just give you a slight buzz, as long as you know your tolerance level. And Taylor was a whiskey lady. She'd had some whiskey, enough to usually knock a woman like herself over. Taylor on the other hand, was just feeling good. Good enough to put on a bit of an act.

She began to giggle a little, to put on a little bit of a drunkard's walk, heading towards that roped off area her eyes had been on and utter dream of a man guarding. At the moment he was gone, but that didn't stop her for making a drunken beeline for it.

She made it to the velvet rope, putting on a show of clumsily trying to get past it. That's when the strong hand of the body guard firmly, but not too firmly, grasped her shoulder.

"Can I help you, Miss?" he asked, the small accent he had making her chocolate craving go off the charts even more.

"Oh, I'm just trying to find my way to the restroom," she said, making a show of slurring her words. "Is this where the high roller one is?"

"No ma'am, this is where several of our managers have their offices. If you want, I can lead you to the restrooms."

"Oh, offices?" Taylor said, her voice perking up. "Like with comfortable chairs and couches and stuff to lay down on."

"Yes Ms. Swift," the bodyguard said. "Do you need to lay down? Be escorted to your room?"

"Well, I would like to lay down," Taylor said with a smile, her hand going from the hook of the velvet rope to the bodyguard large cock, squeezing it through his pants. "But I don't want to go to my room to do it. Too far away. It'd take to long for what I want...can you help me get what I want?"

The guard licked his lips at the massage Taylor was giving him. He knew the area was off limits...but this was also Taylor Swift. The odds of something like this happening were one in a million...how could he say no the opportunity.

Coincidentally, that's exactly what Taylor wanted him to think.

"Let's do this," he said. He lead her through the big doors while Taylor undid his fly, adding a bit of eager giggling to it.

He lead them to a big office at the end of the hall and quickly flipped a light switch and locked the door. Taylor leaned against the desk in the room, its mahogany tones matching the skin of her soon to be lover. "I didn't get your name...I mean you know who I am and I want to have a name to moan out too."

"Pierre," he said, so overtaken with lust he didn't even notice her drunken inflections had evaporated. His eyes roamed her body, taking especially long looks at her legs peeking out from the slit of her lavender dress.

“Well then Pierre, let's get started.” Her blue eyes locked on his brown as she walked up to him. The moment she was face to face with him, she teased him a bit, her full red lips hovering over his before backing off. She giggled a bit, winked at him, then sunk to her knees.

It didn't take long from Taylor to free the beast. She grasped his cock, hard as soapstone and ready for action.

Her hand gently ran up and down it, barely grasping it it while the other hand gently cradled his balls. “I have to say Pierre, you have a beautiful cock. It's big...mmm smooth...love the shape too. I can't wait to have this inside me...but I need a taste first. You don't mind,  do you? Me getting a little taste of this beautiful cock?”

“Ohhh...mmmmnot at at all Taylor...feel free...”

She winked at him and smiled. She loved it when they played along. Pierre grunted as his onyx obelisk entered her mouth, the red of her lips stick looking like magic while her head slowly worked up and down his cock.

He reached his hands down to Taylor blonde hair, letting the golden locks fall to her shoulders. HE sucked in air, wincing in pleasure when Taylor took his cock into her throat, holding him there for longer than he'd ever known any woman to be able to do.

When she pulled back for air, Taylor was still stroking his cock, her hand a white blur on his black rod. She spit right on his head, her blue eyes afire with lust before her mouth once again engulfed him. Her tongue slithered along his pole like a constrictor on a tree branch, her teeth teasing his head just a bit.

Taylor pulled back once more, planting kisses from his head to the root of his cock before bringing her mouth to his balls. She couldn't ignore them, that'd just be rude.

“Oh shit just like that baby girl...oh fuck yes suck my fucking nuts honeygirl...”

Taylor didn't need to be told, but she loved the direction. Just proof she was doing her thing in just the right way.

Taylor released his balls the licked her way back to the tip of his cock, placing a sweet little kiss on it. “Now you're gonna fuck me,” said Taylor. She got to her feet and slid her dress off, revealing the dress and high heels were all she was wearing. “That good with you?”

Pierre answered Taylor with a kiss, puling her nude body close to him and pushing her to the desk, Taylor laughing with glee.

“Oh!” she yelped as she was spun around and bent over the desk, the blonde smiling even wider when she felt the bulbous head of Pierre's sizable cock slap on her ass cheeks before entering her sweet pussy in one thrust.

“Yeah...oh fuck take this fucking dick baby...take it all!” Pierre growled. He had her hips tight as he took her cunt hard and fast. “All the fucking...oh...fuck yes...all the fucking way...”

“Oh...oh fuck Pierre fuck me...take my fucking pussy...oh fuck yeah...mmmm god YES give me that fucking black cock! Fuck yes!” Taylor gripped the sides of the desk hard as she was railed by Pierre, the large body guard watching her sweat-sheened and tone body react to every thrust and watching his cock penetrate her pink pussy, their flesh slapping together furiously.

Taylor pushed herself up, her back arched and her head rolling back. She had a big, toothy green on her face and her eyes were shut, concentrating on the sensation of Pierre's cock fiercely fuck her pussy and his rough hands roam and paw at her body. It was sinful and heavenly.

Pierre's reached around to cup Taylor's breasts, feeling the flesh mounds in his hands. Her nipples were aroused and hard, eraser tips in the middle of his hands. He squeezed them, making her moan in approval.

Pierre pressed Taylor back down on the desk, her face pressed against the wood and gave her everything he had as fast he could. Neither of them were interested in the illusion of tenderness. It was necessary and it certainly wasn't what Taylor wanted, not for something like this.

Pierre pulled out, he had to. If he had kept going, he would have lost it a lot sooner than he wanted to. Taylor laughed. She loved when men did that. Made her feel hot.

She got up right and turned around,a cocky smile on her face. “You're not done, are you?” Taylor teased. “I need some more...can you handle it, Pierre? Or maybe I should go looking for that other security guard I saw earlier...”

“Oh I'm not done with you yet,” Pierre said, brushing off the comment about the other guard. “Not by a long shot.”

Pierre picked Taylor up and tossed her on the black leather couch right next to the desk, the blonde sexpot laughing in lustful excitement before Pierre was on her again, their lips colliding again as he entered her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Taylor screamed. “Give it to me..fuck me...fuck me hard Pierre, I want every damn inch of that fucking monster!” Her tone, perfect legs wrapped around his waste, locking him tight, leaving him no choice but drive into her just as she asked....as if he'd even think about it.

Taylor laid back, propped up just right in the corner of the couch. She was in a perfect position for Pierre to kiss either her gorgeous red lips or her delicious titties, an opportunity he happily took advantage of as he fucked her at a hard and fast pace.

The sounds of flesh colliding, pleasured moaning, and the occasional squeak of furniture being pushed on a hardwood floor filled the room. Pierre thought it couldn't get much better. Taylor couldn't wait to prove him wrong.

“Oh...oh fuck Pierre....gonna make me cum baby...and I need you to cum too...oh baby..II...unnngggh baby I want it...oh so...so fucking bad...” whined Taylor, right on that edge. Her voice, the desperation in it was hypnotizing to Pierre, who was already very much under her spell. “I'd love to feel you pump that hot cream in me honey...oh baby FUCK JUST LIKE THAT!...ohhh...but I really want it on my face...oh I want to taste your chocolate cream Pierre...fuck me...fuck me...oh give me that cum baby...all on my face...I'm craving it...”

That was utter music to his ears. He would have loved to cum inside Taylor, but he loved shooting on a woman's face. And to have a woman as beautiful as Taylor not just asking for it, but begging for it. That and the erotic tone of her moans...he was more than ready to give her exactly what she needed, to sate her craving.

“Oh...oh fuck...oh fuck Pierre...fuck me...fuck me hard...fuck CUMMMMMMINNGGGG!!!!” As Taylor came her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her pussy clamped and milked Pierre's dick, and it all pushed him over the finish line.

He pulled out of her pussy and scrambled up her body, jacking his dick furiously at her dick drunk face. Taylor saw this and stuck out her tongue, her mouth open in a smile.

“Ahhhh,” she said, a happy, almost sing-song tune in the noise as she waited dutifully for her prize to arrive, for her craving to be satisfied. In moments, signaled by a guttural growl from Pierre, that craving was finally satisfied as white hot cum rained down on Taylor's happy, gorgeous face from Pierre's hard black cock.

“Oh fuck baby yes...” Taylor said, her voice soft, sweet, and happy, loving the feeling and taste of the cum. She grabbed Pierre's cock and brought it to her mouth. She softly sucked on the head, getting  a few more droplets of the precious fluid on her tongue.

When Pierre's cock had given all  it had to give, her pulled out of Taylor's mouth and stood up. He looked down at her for a moment, mesmerized once more by her. Taylor was licking around her mouth, taking up all the cum from her face she could, then brought her fingers to finish the clean-up effort. Best night of work ever, no contest.

Pierre closed his eyes for a moment, breathing deep. Fun time it was over, it was time to take this blonde tart back to her room...maybe for more fun. But when he opened his eyes, Taylor was gone. Before he could turn around to look further, he felt a prick at his neck and a hissing sound. That would be the last thing he'd remember before he passed out on the ground. Taylor looked down out him with a smirk. She got to her knees and checked his pulse. He was still alive. That was good. This was a clean assignment, nothing going in the red ledger.

Taylor returned the hypodermic gun to her purse. With Pierre out she could do the other things she came to the casino to do aside from in a lot of money and get laid. Those were just parts of her mission. Well, the winning was. Keeping up appearances as a celebrity and all that. The fucking was just a bonus and an easy to way to get to the computer she needed to be at. And that computer belonged to the main who owned the hotel & casino, one Mister Richard Grimm. An appropriate name for the dirty deeds he was into. She went to her purse, putting away the hypogun but taking out a pair of gloves and a flash drive.

She made her way to the computer and booted it up. It didn't take much for Taylor to get past Grimm's password protection. It was incredibly simple. With the second guess of “moneytalks” she had it. With it all open, she simply slid the flash drive into the computer and let the magic happen, getting the computers entire contents copied over to it. Every last bit. Including all of Grimm's dealings with his favorite guest, Angel.

She slid her dress back on as the computers files were copied then reached for Pierre's pants that were still around his ankles. She reached for the key ring attached to his belt, taking out a security card key. She knew exactly where it went. She and Pierre had passed the door on the way to the office.

With keycard in one hand and purse in the other , Taylor headed out the door and down the hall to the security room. The other guard wasn't there. Why would he be? He was still asleep in the break room after accepting that anonymous drink from the bartender, the one sealed with a kiss card and a hotel room key. True, the key wasn't going to work but it was more than enough to get the guard to drink on the job.

Once in the security room, Taylor job was simple,. All she had to do was eliminate all footage of her going into the roped off area. It was simple enough. It didn't take longer than twenty minutes to do it all with the gear from her bag. Espionage tech in the twenty first century, it's wonderful thing. Right now, all anyone would see from that camera for the rest of the night would be looped footage.

With that done, she placed one last little toy to the back of the security equipment. A fail-safe just in case anyone wanted to look a little deeper into the altered footage. One wrong move, and they would lose every last bit of footage.

With that end tied up, Taylor went back to the office. The transfer to the flash drive was complete. She put it back in her purse, then wiped down both the couch and the desk, cleaning up any trace she was there. All anyone would find if they looked would be Pierre, passed out, smiling and with his pants around his ankles. She returned the keycard to the keyring, picked up her purse, reapplied her make-up and walked out of the office.

Once Taylor was back in the open, she removed her gloves and placed them back in the purse. She was about to head out when she saw the server from earlier. She got his attention and he came over to her.

“Yes, Ms. Swift?” he asked.

“Would you be a dear and just get me a whole, unopened bottle of that Pappy Van Winkle?” she asked, those blue eyes sparkling again. She reached into her purse and took out two thousand dollars, placing it on the silver tray. “That should more than cover...but keep the rest sweetheart.”

“Of course Ms. Swift, right away.” While Taylor waited for her bottle, she couldn't wait to get to her room; in another hotel of course; and relax in a nice hot bath, sip a bit of whiskey and relax after successful mission and an amazing fuck.

Turned out being a spy was actually a lot like the movies. That's how it goes when you're an agent of S.E.X.

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Re: Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2019, 08:59:18 PM »
This is a phenomenal start!  I CANNOT wait to see where this goes!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.
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This is great, I love the plot heavy focus and especially with the card game. Definitely feel the Bond influence here and am looking forward to reading more.
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Re: Taylor Swift & The Agents of S.E.X.
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This is great, I love the plot heavy focus and especially with the card game. Definitely feel the Bond influence here and am looking forward to reading more.
Baccarat or nothing!
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