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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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This is super hot!  Also I would have crashed that car immediately.

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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This is super hot!  Also I would have crashed that car immediately.

Haha, I think everyone would have!

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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Woooooo!!! This was awesome! Love the idea and theme with a getaway car, don't see that often! Job well done! You are truly writing some thrilling stuff!

Thank you!  Glad you are still enjoying after all this time!

I will always be here to read your stories.  :D I look forward to your work.

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Fifteen: I Know Places
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes:MF, Cons, Massage, Oral, Public, Titty-fuck 


The sun shone brightly as Cole stretched in his longue chair.  Salt air filled his nostrils as he listened to the sound of ocean waves lapping against the sailboat.  Their sailboat.  Taylor sat across the deck from him, working on her already tan body.  Nude of course.  They had taken the boat out for the day, far from the prying eyes of any people or paparazzi.  It was just another perfect day on their Caribbean vacation.  After their sex-fueled road trip across the country, they had taken Taylor’s private jet from LA to the island nation of Turks and Caicos.  It had been nothing but white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, bright sunny days, all the alcoholic beverages you could ask for and, of course, sex.  Starting out strong on the plane, they had added another notch to their Mile-High Club belt.  Landing on the island only led to more erotic adventures in the hotel suite, private cabanas, and even one night on the beach itself.  Even so, Cole found his gaze lingering, transfixed by the imagine of his naked blonde sunbathing songstress.  His cock began to grow, inching down his thigh, easily noticeable as he was naked himself.

“You know…” Cole said, removing his sunglasses to look at Taylor and then at the amazingly blue ocean surrounding them. “There isn’t a soul around for miles.”

“Is that so?”  Taylor asked, cracking one eye open.  Her gaze was immediately drawn to his stiff mast now standing upright in the gentle ocean breeze. 

“You could be as loud as you wanted and no one would hear a sound.”  Cole said innocently.

Taylor didn’t say anything, instead placing a thick black plastic straw between her glossy pink lips as she took a long slow slurp from her pitcher of lime green margarita.  Placing the hefty jug down, she fixed Cole with a hungry gaze, her eyes the same color as the ocean behind her.     

She said, “Hmmmm.  Perhaps we should take advantage of the situation.” 

“Perhaps we should.”  Cole said, standing up and walking across the deck towards her, slowly but confidently, his one-eyed snake swaying in front of him.

He leaned down to kiss her, tasting the sting of tequila as he wormed his tongue into her mouth and hers slithered into his.  One hand held her face, cradling it tightly as they locked lips.  His other hand trailed lightly along her impossibly long, impossibly smooth, impossibly tanned leg.  He started on a toned calf, his fingertips brushing her soft skin as he slid upwards along her ample thigh, inching ever closer to her most sensitive of regions.   She slapped his hand away just as he was to feel her velvety twat.

“I think I could do with a little rub down first.  Massage me?” She indicated a large bottle of oil on the side table.

Her fingers just ever so lightly grazed his flopping member as she gestured lazily.  The light touch made his dick swell another inch, heart pound and teeth clench.

“Anything for you Swift.”  Said Cole as she fitted him with her most alluring of looks, taking immense pleasure in teasing him so.

She rolled over onto her back, the longue chair completely horizontal.  Cole’s eyes moved from the tips of her toes to the golden mane on her head, taking in every inch of her beauty.  However, his eyes were drawn to her rump.  What she lacked in size, she made up for in perkiness and bubbliness.  And boy was it tight.  Taylor was still killing it at the gym, and not a day went by where she wasn’t doing her squats.  Eager to touch the goddess laid out in front of him, he grabbed the bottle and squirted the oily liquid onto his hands.  Rubbing his palms together, he reached down to her slender shoulders, as she pulled her hair to the side.  Her skin was flawless.  Hell, even her back was sexy.  Placing his palms on each shoulder, he pressed his fingers deep into her flesh, feeling the hard muscles gathered there.  Kneading her shoulders, he began to work his fingers in deeper, hearing rumbles of contentment emanating from her.  He dug in deeper, feeling anxiety and stress dissipate around his powerful fingers as continued his search for any source of tension.

“Mhhmmm…that’s nice…” Taylor whispered quietly, eyes closed.   

As he finished with her shoulders, he gradually moved lower down her body, rubbing along her spine and settling onto her lower back.  Squirting more oil as needed, he was stiff as a board as his hands massaged, straying ever closer to both perky buttcheeks.  He wanted nothing more than to take his face and stuff it between them.  Precum slowly dripped out of his rigid member onto the boat deck as he worked her over, massaging every inch of smooth skin. 

“Don’t forget my legs.”  Taylor said, throwing him another tantalizing look. 

“Who could?”

With immense willpower he moved past her tight little tushy and onto her magnificent legs.  He took a flawless calf muscle into his hands, rubbing it as he gazed slacked-jawed at the popstar sprawled out before him.  Bending her knee so her leg was high up in the air, Cole gave the sole of her foot a gentle kiss.  He worked up one leg and down the other, not missing a single square inch of tanned flesh.     

“Now that I think about it, my glutes are feeling a little tender.”  Taylor said, feigned innocence dripping from her voice. 

Cole greedily slapped a meaty palm on each of cheek, squeezing tight and jiggling them so he could watch them shake.  He’d certainly seen her shaking it enough on stage, but there was no view better than this.  He oiled and rubbed her ass until it gleamed, reflecting the light from the intense Caribbean sun.  Then he spread those cheeks apart, bringing her round butthole into view.  Cole couldn’t hold himself back any longer, he bent down, putting his face in-between those oiled cheeks and thrust his tongue into her most forbidden of orifices.  Her reaction was swift.  She gasped, head spinning as she stared at him while he snaked his tongue right up her bunghole. 

“I think I can get behind this kind of massage…”  She said, shuddering at the feeling of a tongue stuck between her two buttcheeks.

Cole came up for a breath, slick oil shining on both of his cheeks.  “Actually, I think I am one getting some behind.” 
Taylor rolled her blue eyes, placed a hand on his dark head and pushed him back down to service her backside.  Cole pulled her cheeks far apart again as he flicked his tongue around the dark outer ring before taking the tip and forcing it inside, tasting the salty sweat gathered there. 

“Mmmmmhhmmmmm…YES!”  Taylor called out as her body grew hotter and hotter. 

It felt like every muscle in her body was tingling as Cole continued tongue-fucking her backdoor.  He licked, poked, prodded and lapped with his tongue.  He puckered his lips, creating a vacuum as his tongue probed ever deeper up her rectum.  He paused only to come up for a breath of fresh salty air.   He tongued her asshole for all he was worth, and it was worth quite a bit.  Not content with just eating ass, he slid a few fingers to her moist cunt, currently drenching the longue chair with its wetness. Slowly and methodically he circled her clit with the tip of one finger, feeling how hard it was beneath his touch. He teased it faster as he worked his jaw, rimming her well-oiled poop chute.  Her soft moans grew gradually louder and louder until they were ringing out across the vast ocean.  Cole didn’t stop, both his tongue and fingers a simultaneous blur, working in tandem to bring his bronzed fair-haired goddess to her impending orgasm. 

“CCC-CCC-CCC-CUUUUUMMMMINNGGGGG!” Taylor screamed out, expelling all the air from her lungs, stuttering as her body seized up, legs buckling as Cole forced his tongue in deep into her poop chute one final time. 

His fingers were flooded with sweet lady cum as her snatched convulsed around them.  He didn’t stop his licking and fingering, trying to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible.  It worked. It washed through her body like waves crashing onto the beach.  One. Two.  Three.  Each orgasmic high rising and falling before she finally collapsed with a grunt, utterly incoherent of the world around her.  Only then did he finally allow his jaw to relax and pull his sticky fingers from between her thighs.  Falling back on the deck, he laid down, immensely proud with his work.  He licked his fingers slowly, one at a time, savoring the flavors gathered there.  Taylor flipped her hair up and rolled over, each pink nipple standing at attention.  Cole fixed his gaze on her sun-drenched rack. He stood up, willpower utterly gone, and moved his hands to grab the tanned perky globes. 

“Is this area tender as well Ms. Swift?” He asked slyly, feeling both her supple breasts, kneading them slowly with his fingertips. 

Taylor bit her lower lip as she felt his palms rub against her pink pointers.  She nodded mutely as Cole squeezed harder, playing with her jugs.  Moving his head down, he gave them a quick motorboat, feeling the warm soft flesh against his face as he buried his face in-between them.  Taylor cocked one eyebrow looking on with an exasperated smile.

“What?”  He paused to say.  “We are on a boat after all.”               

Taylor opened her mouth to respond, but Cole latched his mouth onto a nip and whatever she was about to say was replaced with a sharp intake of air.  Cole ran his tongue around the areola, circling it like a shark circles its prey. Going in for the attack, he began to flick his tongue against the hard nub.  His hand moved to her other breast, fingers dexterously locating her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  He gave it a gentle squeeze.  Taylor groaned loudly and squirmed beneath his own tanned, muscular form. Graciously, her hand instinctively found his cock, still hard as a rock after her massage.  Her fingers curled around the shaft and squeezed.  Precum was expelled like the end of a tube of toothpaste.  It leaked onto her thigh as he ground his crotch against her.  Cole grunted and sucked harder on her nipple, using only the suction of his mouth.  Gently placing his teeth around it, he lightly bit down as Taylor nodded with approval.  Methodically, she stroked his cock back and forth.   

“Mmmm…worship those tits baby.”  She mumbled. 

More than happy to oblige, Cole came up for air looking for something.  As his tongue lapped against her exposed nipple, skin damp with saliva and sweat, he reached over to the ice bucket.  He procured a single large wet ice cube.  Bringing it down to one erect nipple, he placed the freezing brick against her hot glowing skin.  Taylor gave a jolt as he swirled ice against the tip of her nipple and around her areola. His tongue met the frozen cube and the pair danced a circle around one of her hardened nips, shortly followed by the other.  Beads of liquified water trickled down her funbags as the ice cube melted against her warm skin and Cole’s hot breath.  The sensation of hot and cold was driving Taylor wild as she stroked his prick harder.  As Cole switched to the other breast, ensuring he provided equal attention to his favorite pair of twins, Taylor shuddered, mouthing wordlessly.  Her body quivered and eyes fluttered.  Cole cracked an eyelid to watch her face contort as he continued his licking and massaging.  A soft squeak escaped from between her lips as he came off her nipple with a pop.  She placed a hand against his head, indicating for him to stop as her eyes opened slowly.   

“Hmmm…that…was the best massage I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had my fair share.  Now let me give that cock a rubdown.” 

Cole grinned eagerly, tossing the melted remains of the ice cube and straddling her, oozing precum onto her glowing chest as she did so.  She looked down at the rigid pole and then at valley between her heaving bosom.  She raised her eyebrow’s suggestively.  Cole knew exactly what she meant and, in an instant, had nestled his fat prick in-between those perky tanned globes.  They were perfect for her size and when she placed a hand on either side of her tan funbags, it was more than enough to squash his eager cock.  She paused only to grab some of the oil and give a healthy squirt right into her cleavage. She threw it away and mashed her breasts together as Cole started to thrust, sawing away like a master craftsman with a piece of wood.  Looking down, it was like tit-fucking an angel.  She stared up at him, a naughty expression on her sun-kissed face, blue eyes standing out in stark contrast with her tanned skin, blonde hair waving gently in the ocean breeze.  She smiled widely, showing bright white teeth.  His ping-pong balled sized mushroom head slid in and out from between her tits each time leaving a thicker trail of oil and precum behind.  Leaning down she opened her mouth wide and stuck out a bright pink tongue.  Now each thrust of his hips was met with a flick of her tongue against his piss slit. She scooped up each fresh oozing globule of precum into her insatiable mouth. 

“How’s the view from up there?”  She asked between licks, fixing him with a hungry expression. 

“So.  Fucking.  GOOD!” Cole said, humping the chest of the golden naked blonde popstar like there was no tomorrow. 

The feeling was even better than the view, already feel his balls tightening, eager to spray the singer underneath him.  It didn’t help when Taylor moved her head down further to engulf the tip of his cock each time it slipped from between her well-greased boobies.  His cock would emerge from between the fleshy valley only to charge into a wet, warm cavern with a writhing pink monster that did its best to ensnare it.  Taylor never broke eye contact with him as he titty-fucked her.  Each thrust of his prick brought him closer and closer to orgasm. Taylor was egging him on, the sincerity of her desire for cum evident in her eyes.  After a few more thrusts, he was willing to give it to her.  His balls contracted as creamy jism was pumped through his shaft until it tore loose from his bulging piss slit with forceful intent. He gave a mighty roar as it spurted out from his member.  It smacked her under the chin, splattering her entire neckline with semen.  He didn’t relent in fucking her tits, spraying cum out like some kind of super soaker.  By the time he was finished and his prick fell limp with the effort, everything from her tits to her chin was covered in a thick glaze of semen. 

“That is quite the mess.”  Taylor said, leaning down to lick some of the cum off her left tit. 

“How rude of me.  Let me help you clean up.”  Cole said, scooping her up in her arms and bringing her to the edge of the boat.           

She squawked in protest, trying to wriggle free.  “Cole! No!  Don’t you do it!”

He smiled and tossed her overboard. Her naked form hit the water with a splash as she screamed out.  She righted herself underwater and emerged with a splash, blonde hair sticking to her face.

“Bastard.”  She said gasping for air.

He jumped in after her, grinning like a fool.
Taylor and Cole were walking along a secluded private beach.  There was no one around as they walked hand-in-hand, enjoying the feeling of sand on their feet and sun on their faces.  She was wearing nothing but the skimpiest of black bikinis and Cole was wearing tight bright red swim trunks that also concealed very little.

“Do I know how to pick them or what?” Taylor asked.   

“You’re right Swift.  I couldn’t imagine a better place than this.” 

“I told you.  I know places.”

She stopped to bend over and pick up a shell.  Cole tilted his head as he admired the view, the thinnest of material separating her privates from the open air.  His swim trunks suddenly did an even poorer job at hiding anything.  Taylor stood up, shell in hand and turned around with smirk on her face as she stared at the bulge. 
“Oh my.”  She said.
“You bent over.  I don’t know what you expected to happen wearing that.” 
Taylor slyly looked up and down the deserted beach.  She smiled wickedly and, throwing caution to the wind, dropped the shell.  Stepping in close, she pulled down his swim trunks with one easy motion.  His cock sprang forward as she pushed him backwards, hard. He fell into the sand, his butt sinking nicely into the warm grains.  Within seconds she was on top of him, straddling his lap.  With a simple pull of a string her bikini bottoms fell off, quickly followed by her top.  Her blessedly tanned tits and pink pussy were exposed to the air.  She threw her discarded bathing suit aside without a care in the world.  And as the naked, sun-drenched Taylor Swift grinded his lap, she reached down a hand to rub his cockhead against her pussy.  She leaned forward to give him a long lingering kiss.   
“I love this vacation.”  Cole said as she sat back up straight.
Taylor laughed as she climbed off of him, and knelt on all fours with her head in-between his legs, hovering inches above his erect cock.  Her limbs dug deep into the sand, her head descending to swallow his hard prick.   Cole watched as her plump lips latched onto the tip, before gradually sliding down the shaft, taking him deeper and deeper until her nose was pressed against his shaved pubic region.  His cock had vanished from view.  It made a lovely sight, what with the ocean backdrop and all.  He threw his head back into the sand, groaning as Taylor’s blonde head bobbed up and down.  She took him down to the base, only to slide back up to tip and descend again with quick repeated motions.  When she released him from her maw, it was only to stroke him feverishly. 

“Get up here Swift.  Time to go for a ride.”  He said, indicating his lap.

She smiled and moved to sit on his crotch, sand clinging her knees and forearms.  Throwing a long leg on either side of him, she guided his cock right to her pussy and held still only for a moment before dropping down with a carnal grunt.   As he penetrated her, both gave loud blissful cries of passion that rang down the empty beach.  Taylor rocked her hips, gyrating just like she did on stage, using his cock like a joystick before starting to bounce up and down.  He thrusted upwards and she increased her speed until they were in perfect flesh-smacking synchronization.  Her sun-drenched tits flopped in the ocean breeze with every ferocious hump, blonde hair flying in every direction as she rode him.  Cole put a hand on either side of her supple waist, guiding her motions up and down his cock. 

“Swift!  Taylor!  OH SWIFT! FUCK!”  Cole yelled, getting louder with each utterance of her name.

Hearing her name called out like that only made her want to ride him harder.  Now slamming down on him with the force of a jackhammer, she drove him deeper and deeper into the sand.  It formed a dry, warm bed for their public fornication fuck-session.  The waves rolled up the beach, gently crashing and just so ever lightly lapping at his toes while Taylor rode him like a bucking bronco. 

“I LOVE THIS COCK!”  Taylor screamed out, feeling the fat head of his prick ram into her g-spot over and over again with each repeated penetration.  “FUCK ME COLE!” 

She slammed down into him as he thrusted up into her.  Each smack of sweaty flesh sent sand flying out in great waves away from their undulating bodies.  Cole found himself in a deeper and deeper hole as they pounded each other.  Taylor grew louder as her body stiffened with each repeated genital slapping movement.  Any sexual activity in a public place always had her cumming within minutes.  Even here on this isolated beach, where no one was likely to see, the possibility was always there.  Someone could stumble upon them at any moment, and that was intoxicating to her.  Probably something to do with the risk of ruining her career.  Cole knew she was close. 

“You gonna cum Swift?”  He asked, spitting out the words as she slid up and down his rock-hard pole like it was a pogo stick.

“YES!  YES!  YES!” She screamed back at him.

“You’ve got to cum right now!  Before anyone sees us!  Cum for me Swift!  Cum right now!  CUM!” 

Taylor let loosed a ridiculously high-pitched note and slammed her hips down one final time, grinding into him.  With the idea of getting caught firmly lodged in her brain, she orgasmed spectacularly.   Her feet dug into the sand as she dug her nails into his chest. He felt her clench tight around his fuckstick, followed by a flood of wet, hot sticky fluid.  Her orgasmic shrieks made tropical birds flee through their roosts on palm trees as they echoed across the empty beach.  He granted her only a momentary reprieve before thrusting up into her with ball-smacking force, close to orgasm himself.

“OH FUCK COLE!”  She yelled as she felt him start to fuck her again. 

She fell forward, pressing her breasts against his torso, her face right above his.  He wrapped his arms around her warm form.  They kissed fiercely, lips pressed hard against one another as tongues flailed wildly, each trying to subdue the other. 

“Your turn big boy.”  She whispered huskily.  “Give me that cum.  Blow that load right into my pussy.  Come on. Give it to me.”

Her naughty words sent him over the edge and with his own beastly shout, he thrusted upwards one final time and unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside of her.  Creamy thick jism exploded into her greedy cunt as it was expunged from his testicles through several sizable jerking motions of his shaft.  She cried out, feeling his hot seed coat her insides. Collapsing with the effort, Cole relaxed his legs, letting them sink deeper into the sand as Taylor rolled her sweaty body off of him.  The insides of her legs were wet and sticky as his cock flopped onto his stomach, leaking the remnants of his pearly load onto his abdomen.  Both were breathing heavily.  Cole was the first to speak.     
“Let’s clean off.”  He said, getting up with some effort from the ass-shaped hole in the sand that he had so recently occupied.
He reached down a hand to help her up and she stood on wobbly legs as they moved into the gentle lapping waves.  Submerging themselves in the salty blue water, they cleansed the sand and semen from their bodies, naked forms glistening in the sun every time they stood up out of the water.  What a place. What a vacation.   
“Let’s stay longer.”  She said suddenly.  “At least for another couple of days.” 
Cole could never say no to her, obligations be damned. 
“Let’s do it.”  He said, swimming over to kiss her. 

End Of Chapter Fifteen
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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Excellent work!  :D
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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My favourite since chapter 11, easily!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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Thank you for another chapter. It's been a pleasure to read.
"All that glitters is cold."
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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Love this series so far but you've got to get Taylor's BFF Selena involved somehow. Other than that I'm satisfied with how this series has been going  ;D ;D
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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Love this series so far but you've got to get Taylor's BFF Selena involved somehow. Other than that I'm satisfied with how this series has been going  ;D ;D

Funny you should mention that...she will actually be making an appearance in the next chapter.    ;)

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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The excellence never stops.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 15 Up! 12/08]
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Author's Note:  Thank you all for your support of this story.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would still be working on Era Erotica come 2019, but here we are!  Your feedback, comments and messages have all given me the fuel to keep writing, and I've got plenty more planned for 2019.  Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Sixteen: New Year’s Day
Starring Taylor Swift
Featuring Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss & Selena Gomez 
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Cons, Drunk, Masturbation, Oral

Present Day
He wasn’t sure what did it.  All he knew is one minute he was asleep and the next was pain. His head beat a violent drum, rattling his skull as his stomach twisted like a knot of angry snakes.  Every tiny movement was met with a scream of protest.

“Motherfucker…” He whispered, his throat a death rattle.  Even the sound of his own haggard voice sent ripples of pain pounding through his head.  “What the fuck happened last night?” 

The light from the new year was pouring into the bedroom as his body fought against the simple act of opening his eyes.  He tried to move his sluggish body, but it refused to obey his commands.  Beside him was Taylor’s bedraggled form, looking to be in a similar state.  It took several minutes, but he finally managed to sit up in bed, fully clothed from the night before.  Taylor stirred next to him.

“Fucking hell…” She whispered in a voice that sounded equally as hoarse.  “What did we do last night?”

Cole couldn’t muster the energy to respond.  Instead he waited several more minutes before crawling out of bed over to the bathroom. 

Behind him he heard Taylor say, “Advil or nothing…”

After vomiting once or twice, Cole splashed some water on his face.  He found two empty glasses, filled them water and fumbled with the bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet.  Just as he was about to leave, he spotted something dark behind the toilet. Bending down to pick it up, a move that threatened to return him to a vomiting state, he snagged the pair lace black panties.  Memories suddenly came flooding back to him as the scent of them filled his nostrils. Taylor’s scent.  He grabbed the pills and water, returning like a valiant knight from a long quest.  She gulped down the pills and water greedily as Cole gingerly rested back on the bed and held the black thong aloft. 

“I remember something.  Something that happened in the bathroom.” 

8:56 PM The Previous Night

The party was off to a great start.  We had all just finished several rounds of shots.  Liquor was flowing like water, music rattled the walls of the apartment, people were laughing and dancing everywhere you looked. It was a fantastic end to their vacation that began all those weeks ago with a road trip.  They had ended up celebrating both Taylor’s birthday and the holidays in the Caribbean.  Having arrived in New York only earlier that day, they had one more blowout before going back to their lives and responsibilities.  There was a reason everyone always flocked to Taylor’s for a party.  She was a remarkable hostess and threw the finest shindigs this side of the Mississippi. So, we found ourselves hosting New Year’s Eve in her New York City apartment with many of her so-called squadin attendance.  I was finishing up relieving myself in the bathroom, head still spinning from the booze, when I heard the knob jiggle, followed by the thump of a body against it the door. 

“Be out in a second!”  I called out. 

“Cole!  Let me in!” Taylor hissed through the door. 

I finished drying my hands and unlocked the door, Taylor forced her way inside, giggling like a madwoman as she threw her arms around me and planted a wet sloppy kiss on my face.  She forced me deeper into the tastefully decorated lavatory. 

“Mmhmmhm-hmhmmm-Swift?”  I managed say after I finally got her lips and tongue off of mine. 

“Shhhhh!!  We’ve gotta be quick.”  She said, her hands already at my belt buckle, undoing it. 

My cock grew as she wrestled it free from my pants.  I kissed her back, deeply, shoving my tongue inside her mouth.  I could taste champagne as her tongue wrestled with mine, our lips clashing fiercely against one another. 

I slid my hands up her back, underneath her blouse to undo her bra, but she stopped me, saying, “No time!”

Her choice of short skirt for the evening paid off as she easily slipped her black lace panties off, sliding them down her still tan legs.  They momentarily got caught on the tip of one long black heel, before she pulled them free and tossed them away carelessly.  I didn’t see where they landed, so focused was I on Taylor.  She dropped to her knees, undeterred by the cold hard tile as she looked upon my dick with pure lust.  In the next second it had entirely disappeared from view.  She gurgled and gagged as my meaty prick filled up the entire space of her oral cavity.  She released me with a cough as some spittle escaped down her chin.  That didn’t stop her from renewing her oral assault on my member, blonde head bobbing up and down like a crazed sexual deviant.  With one hand I gripped the sink, the other, the top of her head.  It was in that moment that door swung open.  My gaze shifted upwards from the sight of Taylor’s mouth stuffed full of cock to the doorway.  Taylor’s best gal pal and fellow popstar, Selena Gomez, stood in there.  The Latina pop singer had shocked etched over every inch of her gorgeous face.  Taylor let my cock fall from in-between her lips as she spun her head around to see who it was.

“Sel!  Get out of HERE!”  She said giggling as her hand stroked my cock in full view of her friend.

“S-S-Sorry Tay!”  Selena stammered, before quickly closing the door behind her. 

Taylor stood up, swaying a bit on her heels and she pointed to me and said, “Sit down.” 

She stumbled over to lock the bathroom door with a sharp *CLICK* as I searched for a place to park my behind, pants still around my ankles. It was either the toilet or the sink. Choosing the cold porcelain of the toilet, Taylor staggered back towards, throwing one long gorgeous leg over me as she straddled my lap.  I embraced her as she teased my cock with her pink lips before sinking down upon it. Guttural grunts escaped from both of us, hot breath blowing into the other’s face before our lips found each other again. 

Taylor rode my lap like a wild stallion.  I gripped the edges of the toilet, holding on for dear life, as she gyrated, bucked and bounced on my fuckstick.  Searching for a better grip, her fingernails scrabbled against the white porcelain as she clutched the back of the toilet tank.  Grinding her hips hard against mine, she rode me like a professional jockey and she wasn’t being quiet either.  Her primal moaning echoing loudly off the polished tiles her of bathroom.  And sure enough, within a few minutes, there was a loud banging at the door.  I could hear giggling and laughing between Taylor’s grunts and groans as she bounced away on my prick.  British model Cara Delevingne was the loudest of the group of giggling girls.  She was shouting for everyone to come take a listen.  If Taylor was embarrassed, she didn’t show it.   
“FUCK OFF CARA!”  She called out after a few minutes, finally acknowledging the group. “COLE AND I ARE BUSY!”
“Busy fucking.”  She called back, through the door.  “Come on Tay!  Let us in!”
“HE’S ALL MINE RIGHT NOW!”  She fixed me with an intense blue-eyed stare and lowered her voice to a husky whisper.  “Isn’t that right?” 
“Yea it is Swift.  I’m yours.  Always.”
“Then make me CUM!”  She said, elevating her voice again. 
I latched my lips onto her neck, kissing the exposed flesh.  One hand moved to feel one of her tits, the other gave a meaty slap on her bouncing behind.
“YES!”  She screamed, acknowledging my renewed efforts. 
Harder she ground her hips, working them back and forth as our bodies undulated atop the toilet.  Loud moans mixed with wet slapping noises and the sounds of giggling girls filled my ears as I stiffened with each gyration of her hips.  I was harder than steel, jabbing her g-spot with each swing of her waist.
“I’m gonna cum.”  She whispered.  “I’m gonna cum!”  Louder she said it.  “THAT’S IT! FUCK YEA!  I’M CUMMING!”  She was screaming it.
She sank down, so deep was I lodged inside of her, I couldn’t tell you where I ended and she began.  Upon that hard rod, her body convulsed and spasmed as the tingling sensation of her orgasm steamrollered over her.  Her pussy gripped me as fluids came flooding out of her wet twat.  I grunted a sigh of relief as fired my load, balls contracting to pump out the sperm.  Together we came, a hot thick load of spunk erupting into her spasming pussy and her nails dug into my back, our lips pressed together.  Breathing heavily, we heard whooping and cheering.  Taylor drunkenly got down from my lap, hands clumsily moving to catch the dripping cum from her freshly fucked snatch.  I stood up on wobbly legs, the bathroom spinning around me as I pulled my pants back up.  A long passionate kiss and a quick touch up for her and we were both ready to go back to the party.  We both walked out of the bathroom with our heads held high, swaying slightly as we were greeted with more drinks and cheers.

Present Day
“Ok.  Yea, it’s coming back to me.  I do remember that.  It was right after we did all those shots.”  Taylor said, rubbing her temples.  “I need coffee before I do anything else.”

They both crept into the kitchen, brewed a pot of coffee and began to try to piece together the previous evening festivities. 

“Did my little story jog any memories in that dirty mind of yours?”  Cole asked, gingerly sipping from his mug.

“I don’t know, it’s all so hazy.”  Taylor replied over the rim of her coffee cup.  “But that bathroom sex was pretty hot, wasn’t it?” 
“I’ve never been so aroused while sitting on a toilet before.” 
“Yea, I bet.  Ok, I think I’ve got something.  Something to do with Gigi.”  She was of course referring to one of her many beautiful model friends, Gigi Hadid.

“You two were making out.  I remember that.  Something to do with the drinking game we were playing.” 
“This was right after that.  We did some other stuff.” 
“Is that where you disappeared too?”  Cole asked, trying to hold onto the memories.
“We snuck into one of the guest bedrooms…”

9:37 PM The Previous Night
“Taylor.  Hmmm…we shouldn’t.”  Gigi said as I drunkenly pressed my lithe body up against hers.
It was dark, the curtains were drawn.  The sounds of the party could be heard coming from the rest of the apartment, but it was nice and quiet in our cozy little space.   
“Why not Gigi?”  I asked even as my hands fondled her ass and my red lips pressed against her neck, tongue licking the bare skin there. 
“Your boyfriend is just outside!” 
“You want me to call him in here?” 
Gigi looked conflicted even as her body trembled beneath my touch.  “Yes. No.  I don’t know.”
“He doesn’t mind.  He likes it when I fuck other women.  Especially if he gets to watch.  Do you want an audience?”  I whispered, my hot drunken breath on her neck.

Before she could answer, I slipped my delicate hand aggressively down the front of her form-fitting jeans.  “Don’t tell me that our little make out session didn’t do anything for you. Because I’m dripping right now.”
“Mmmmhmmmm…” The model said, finally giving in as the tips of my fingers grazed the outside of her panties.
She relented as I gave her a gentle push and she fell backwards onto the bed.  Her chestnut colored hair formed a stylish halo around her beautiful rounded face. Her pants came undone with a simple swipe of my fingers and I gave a tug.  The tight jeans fought me, but in the end, I won out as her smooth bronzed legs came into view.  I climbed on top of her, two sets of pouty lips meeting.  Tongues danced, darting back and forth like some kind of wet, sloppy tango.  My hand ran along her taunt figure.  Heat arose from her crotch as I slid her underwear aside and sunk two long fingers into the moistened velvety box.  She gasped as my fingers tickled inside of her steamy twat.  Her hands pawed at my blouse, desperately searching for bare skin. I sat up only long enough to slip it off over my head.  My bra quickly followed suit.  Her mouth instantly found a nipple, sucking hard at my teat with those wonderfully full lips as I curled my fingers inside of her.  I felt moans escape from between my lips as her tongue twirled around my areola. Pushing her flat on her back, I slithered down her body until I was kneeling on the rug.  She followed me with her blue-green eyes, keenly watching my movements. Her glistening pink pussy was displayed before me as I buried my head between each bronzed leg.  It had been a while since I’d gone down on a woman.  My lips and tongue eagerly greeted the carnal taste as they treated themselves to an all-female buffet of flavors. 
“Mhhmhmmm…TAYLOR!”  Gigi cried out as she felt my tongue embedded itself firmly in her snatch.   
She reached down both hands to run them through my long blonde hair.  I wrapped an arm around each smooth leg and pulled them further apart as I dragged my tongue across her many wet folds, tasting the sweetness oozing there.
If I taste anywhere near this good, no wonder Cole loves going down on me so much. I thought to myself as I gulped down every ounce of secretion coming from the model’s slit. 
My panties would have been soaked, if I had been wearing any.  Gigi’s tall figure writhed on the bed, thighs tightening around my head as her moans filled the darkened room.  I pursed my lips, sucking on her rock-hard clit as I snuck my damp fingers back into her. In response, she ground her hips harder into my face and her cooing grew louder, breath coming in short bursts.
I smiled as snaked my tongue back and forth across her clit, finger-banging her like the firing pistons of an engine, eager to get that sugary lady cum from her.  Gigi gripped my hair tightly, grinding my face against her as thigh’s crushed my head, muffling all sound.  I was rewarded for me efforts seconds later as she climaxed.  Sweet, salty ejaculate flooded into my mouth as I pulled my fingers out to lick up eagerly.  I placed a thumb on her clit, strumming like I would a guitar as my tongue lapped up even more gushing fluid.  Her back arched, lifting herself up off the bed as her orgasm stretched on and on. When I finally removed my thumb and tongue, she collapsed back onto the bed with a flop.  Gigi looked at me dazedly, hair a bit frazzled. 
“Tay…fuck that was exactly what I needed.”

I stood up, climbed on all fours onto the bed.  I watched her with the intensity of a hungry predator as I crawled up to her beautiful face.  She puckered her lips and closed her eyes as if to kiss me. Instead I straddled her face, mashing my sopping pussy against her puffy lips.  She gave a muffled cry as I ground my fat twat against her face.  My skirt settled down around her head, so I couldn’t even see her, but I could sure as hell feel her.  Those lips press against my clit and that tongue dove in for a taste of its own.  It was my turn to moan loudly as she expertly ate me out while I grinded my greedy vagina against her money-maker.  She wrapped an arm around each thick thigh, holding me tightly as she munched away with the dexterity and precision of a seasoned pro.  I only needed another minute of her all-star lesbian lickfest before I came myself.  Shrieking loudly, I gyrated my hips faster as I flooded her mouth with my own cum. When the warmth and tingling sensation finally wore off, I climbed off her make-up smudged and wet face before flopping onto the bed, utterly satisfied. 

Present Day
As Taylor finished her account of the evening, Cole was sufficiently hard.  He was tempted to jump her right there, if the idea of any physical activity, even one as pleasurable as that, wasn’t incredibly nauseating.  They gazed at each other, the electric sizzle of arousal coursing through the air between them.  Their musings were interrupted by the buzzing of both their phones.  It was a text from Karlie Kloss, another of Taylor’s many model friends.   

Last night was fun you two.  Makes me miss the old days.  We should get together more often.  ;)

Their eyes moved from their phones to each other, each with the same question upon their lips.  The asked the question simultaneously, “Did we fuck Karlie last night?” 

“I feel like no matter how blackout I was, I would remember fucking the two of you.” 

“Same.”  Taylor said, then paused.  “Should we just ask her?  Straight up?”

Cole gave a half shrug, half nod as Taylor picked up her phone. She called the model and put it on speaker.  Even the ringing of the phone was too much.  Thankfully she answered almost immediately. 

“Hey you two.  Didn’t expect that booty call to come quite so soon.”

“Very funny Kloss.  Cole and I are here.  We were just wondering…” Taylor started to say as she searched for the right words.

“What we did last night?”  Karlie answered for her, giving a laugh.  “I had a suspicion you two might not remember.  You were both pretty wasted by that point.” 

“Yep.  Spill the beans Karlie.  What exactly happened?”  Cole asked.

10:13 PM The Previous Night

Everyone was having a great time as the night wore. People were chugging down every kind of liquor imaginable, dancing to the upbeat thump of the music, conversing intensely with one another or busy making out and looking for a dark corner to sneak off too.  I looked around, acutely aware that I hadn’t seen our hosts in a while.  They were probably off fucking somewhere.  Again.  Still…maybe it would be worth it to check out.  Between the noises from the bathroom earlier and the satisfied look on Gigi’s face, maybe I could get a show or a treat myself.  I left my husband sitting like a lump on the couch and went to investigate.  It turns out you didn’t need to be a genius to solve that particular conundrum.  Especially since they hadn’t even managed to make it to their bedroom.  Cole stood in the dark hallway, his back pressed against their bedroom door.  His pants were around his ankles.  Taylor on her knees, mouth stuffed full of cock as her blonde head bobbed back and forth.  For a minute or two I just watched the two.  Cole gave a deep grunt as Taylor gagged on his fat cock.  It reminded me of the fun we all used to have. I stepped forward, clearing my throat loudly. 

“You know, your room is right there.”

Cole’s head snapped up to fix his unsteady green-eyed gaze upon me.  Taylor dislodged his cock from her throat and turned around to see who had interrupted them.

“KARLIE!”  She yelled, grinning like a drunken fool with smudged lipstick and drool running down her chin. 

She looked at Cole’s dick and back towards me, her hand wrapped around the slick thick shaft.  She offered it up like a plate of hor d’eourves.  What a generous hostess.  I felt my body step forward, thumb clenched between my teeth as I struggled against the sudden rush of arousal.  I’d had a few drinks myself.  I moved next to Taylor, slowly dropping to my knees, eyes fixated on the impressive specimen of dick in front of me. 

“I suppose my husband won’t mind if I have a quick taste.” I said, more for mine own benefit then either of theirs.   

I opened my mouth wide and took Cole deep, feeling his hefty cock slide across my tongue and press against the back of my throat.  I had to pause for a moment and try to adjust. I had grown accustomed to a much smaller cock.  Tightening my lips around his shaft, I slowly but surely dragged them down to the base, my nose pressed against his smooth pubic region.  He leaked sticky precum down my throat as I held him there.  Taylor gave a giggle and a whoop as I deepthroated her man.  I held him there until I needed a breath and released him with a gasp.

“Whoa Cole.  Damn you’re big.  I’d forgotten.”  I said, wiping the corners of my mouth. 

He didn’t have time to respond as my lips covered him again and I started sucking.  I gazed up at him while I blew his big hard cock.  Taylor ran her hand over my body, groping my tender areas as she ducked her head underneath to gobble at his balls.  Cole let out a long guttural groan as the two hottest blondes at the party worked in tandem to coax a nice fat juicy load from his swollen testicles.  My own blonde head was bobbing as quickly as Taylor’s had been.  The longer his girthy fuckstick plunged in and out of my oral cavity, the more I realized that I wanted his cum.  Like really wanted it.  My enthusiasm at an all-time high, I used every oral trick I knew, slobbering up and down the fleshy instrument of pleasure.  Pausing to sloppily kiss one side of the spit-soaked prick, Taylor’s pouty lips met mine on the other side.  Our tongues curled around the rock-hard flesh to play with one another as our lips pressed hard together.  We slowly moved down the shaft, teasing and kissing every inch of meaty cock.  Reaching his bulging testicles, each of us took one into our mouth’s sucking like a vacuum.  We each placed a hand on the shaft, working in perfection synchronization as we stroked him fiercely.  Taylor took him back into her mouth, blowing him like a professional pornstar as I focused on his balls.  I bathed the already dripping nutsack with more saliva as I ran my tongue over his scrotum, kissing and sucking all the way.  He looked ready to blow any second, and who could blame him?  Pushing Taylor off of that fat cock, I swallowed him straight down.  My cheeks caved inwards as my lips formed a seal, sliding up and down the shaft.  My eyes were locked right on his.  He mumbled some kind of warning as his cock swelled and suddenly hot, thick, jism exploded like a bomb into my mouth, pumping another huge load.  I squealed with glee as his salty semen washed over my tongue.

God, he tastes so good.  I thought to myself, inadvertently comparing him to my husband.  So much more cum too.     

When I released him, not a drop of cum had been spilled. I opened my mouth wide to prove it, my wiggling tongue swirling around the pearly pool. 

Taylor looked aghast at me.  “Karlie!  Uncool!” She was pouting as she swayed unsteadily on her knees.  “That’s my cum!  Give it here!” 

She forced her lips onto mine, tongue snaking into my open mouth.  She was the hostess after all, it was only right to share.  Her tongue dipped into the pool of swirling sticky goo, lapping like a kitten at a milk saucer.  Our lips came together as the cum was swapped back and forth.  Before we knew it, all of his precious baby batter had disappeared down our gullets.  One lone drop rolled down Taylor’s cheek.  I darted forward, licking it up eagerly.  I daren’t waste a drop.

“I love you two…” He said drunkenly mesmerized by the sight of us. “We need to get together, like every weekend.” 

I giggled and stood up.  “Maybe not every weekend, but I’ll take you up on that offer.  You two lovebirds behave now.” 

Both gave me drunken goodbyes as they tumbled into their room to do lord knows what.  I marched back towards the party.  Wiping my mouth to make sure it was clean, I searched for my husband only to find him in the exact spot I left him.  I sat back down next to my him, still able to taste Cole’s virile seed on my taste buds.

“Where have you been dear?”  He asked.

“Oh…I was just helping Taylor with something.”  I said, unable to stop a sly smirk spreading across my face. 

Present Day
“Uh-huh.”  Taylor said. “Well, you were right.  We should get together more often.”

“No arguments here.”  Cole said. 

“I’ll check my schedule.  Ta-ta you two.”  She said cheerily and ended the phone call. 

“That brings us about to midnight.”  Said Taylor.  “Do you remember ringing in the new year?”

“…not exactly.”  Cole admitted. 

“Lemme text Sel.  She was with me most of the night maybe she remembers.”

Across town in the middle of a late morning workout, Selena Gomez looked down at her phone.  A text from Taylor.  Thinking it was likely about something last night, she swiped her phone to open it. Indeed, it was.  Her fingers hesitated over the screen, pondering what exactly she should tell them of what she saw last night.

11:53PM The Previous Night
I wanted a quiet moment alone before the clock struck midnight, so I slunk away from the party up to the roof where we had all begun the evening.  My heels clicked on the stairs as I reached the door to the roof.  Just as I was about to push it open, I heard some strange noises coming from the other side.  Opening it a sliver, I peered out onto what I thought would be a deserted rooftop.  Instead, I saw two people going at it.  The woman was bent over the railing, black heels planted firmly on the ground as she cried out to the city below while her man thrusted behind her wildly.

“Of course.”  I whispered to myself as I peered closer at the pair.  “Taylor and Cole!  They’re fucking again! That’s gotta be like the fifth time tonight.  Damn that’s a good dick.” 

Taylor was grunting like a wounded animal.  She always did like to squeal in the sack. Cole was using her hips like handlebars as he plowed her from behind.  I opened the door a bit further to get a better view.  Both were clothed, apart from Taylor’s lower half.  It was freezing out, but the gigantic heating lamps placed strategically helped to make it tolerable.  Still that meant I could get a nice profile view of that thick cock that was fucking my best friend.  It had been haunting my dreams all night since I’d seen Taylor blowing Cole in the bathroom.  The noises coming from Taylor as that fat prick pounded her little pink pussy into submission were enough to send me spiraling into a state of arousal.  Her screams of pleasures bounced off the concrete city, intermingling with the sounds of New Year’s Eve celebrations coming from the streets below. 

“Fuck me.  I’d love a cock like that.”  I whispered, my imagination running wild with naughty abandon. 

Taylor and I had no secrets from one another, and she had gone into many lengthy details about Cole’s sexual prowess, but never before had I actually seen them in action or gotten to partake myself.  I could feel heat blooming between my legs as my pussy dampened while watching Cole rail my best friend.  I didn’t close the door.  Instead, I watched as the steam from their breath float away into the air as their hot genitals clashed in the cold night.  I tucked my luscious locks of jet-black hair behind each ear, bit down on my glossy pink lower lip and slipped a hand beneath my own skirt. Already the fabric of my undergarments was moist.  Over the fabric I pressed, stroking lightly back and forth as I watched them fuck.  Cole was wild animal, drunk off his ass and without a care in the world.  He mercilessly clapped his hips against hers, plump ass rippling beneath each savage thrust. His heavy cum-filled orbs were swinging like a pendulum as he drove himself balls deep over and over again.  I shifted my panties aside and sunk one caramel-colored digit deep into my twat, shuddering at the sensation.  I immediately followed with another.  I’d gotten very good at pleasuring myself in recent months.  Knuckle deep, I searched for my own g-spot, finding it immediately and began to flick my manicured fingertips against the most sensitive of my inner regions.  I bit down on my harder, as carnal noises threatened to escape from between from my very full lips.   

“YES COLE!  FUCK ME! THAT’S IT!  FUCK ME!  FUUUUCCKKK MEEE!!”  Taylor cried out to the city below her.     

She must be wasted as well.  I clutched the door for support as I fucked myself on my fingers, grinding my hungry pussy into my tiny hand as placed the flat of my thumb against my hard clit to, working desperately to bring myself to orgasm.  Taylor did look beautiful, light from a thousand sources reflecting her shining blonde hair as it bounced around.  She always looked beautiful.   

“Turn around.”  Cole said, the slur in his words evident even from my distance.

He stopped his thrusting until she spun around to face him. “I wanna see your face while I fuck the shit out of you.”

That’s sweet.  I thought to myself. 

She pulled off of him, momentarily exposing his cock to the air before leaning backwards against the railing.  She took her mile-long legs and wrapped them around his waist as he lifted her up with his arms and reentered her piping hot snatch.  I now had a clear view of Taylor’s face twist with pleasure as Cole began jackhammering into her again.  My fingers flicked faster inside of me as my free hand slipped beneath my shirt to tweak one dark nipple.  Suddenly the sound of cheering erupted throughout the streets of New York City.  30 seconds to midnight. 

“YES COLE!”  Taylor screamed.  “MAKE ME CUM! RIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!” 

He uttered a grunt of affirmation and held her tighter, kissing her sloppily as his hips became a blur, the sound of smacking flesh audible even over the screams from the streets below.  It was sweet music to my ears as whimpers of ecstasy escaped from between my clenched white teeth.  Taylor’s O-face was gradually taking over as all parties came closer and closer to climax. My body was begging for an orgasm, and my fingers were eager to grant it, almost as if they had a mind of their own.   

“Ten…nine…eight.”  People could be heard screaming below. 

“GONNA CUUUMMM!  C-C-CCC-UUUMMMIINGGG!”  Taylor yelled as her screams tore through the air. 


My brown eyes squeezed shut as as I sunk my fingers in deep again, grinding like I was riding an actual cock.

“God!  Yes!” I squeaked out as my own orgasm triggered like a bullet firing from a gun. 


Both Taylor and Cole screamed in unison as they climaxed together.  He roared as he flooded her cunt with his sticky jism.  I threw one hand over my mouth to muffle my cries as all three of us rang in the New Year.  The warm electricity shot through my body, sending tingles out to the very tips of my body as I pulled my digits from my dripping pussy with a wet *PLOP*.  They glittered in the light.  I brought them up to my mouth and watched my reflection in the window as they disappeared into my mouth, tasting the sweet nectar glistening there.  The couple was panting heavily as Cole pulled out, his massive dick flopping in the cold night.  I could make out the hint of a big juicy load in Taylor’s pretty pink pussy as her fingers moved down to feel it seeping out of her.  They shared a kiss as the cheers from below continued on and on.  My senses finally returning to me, I readjusted my panties, gave my fingers one final lick and shut the door.  I hurried back downstairs on wobbly legs before I was discovered by anyone. 

Present Day
Lost in her thoughts, Selena’s thumbs were still hovering above her phone.  With a jolt back to reality, she began to type out a message.

I’m pretty sure you banged up on the roof and then came downstairs to pass out. 

Selena placed her phone down and got off the treadmill.  The images of Cole humping Taylor were still firmly fixed in her head.  She retreated to her bedroom and her vibrator for an entirely different kind of workout.

“She says we had sex on the roof, then passed out.” Taylor said, looking at her phone.

Cole nodded.  That seemed likely.  “Talk about starting the New Year with a bang!  New Year’s Eve 2018 sounded like a pretty good night.”

“You did not just say that.”  Taylor said, rolling her eyes.  “It did sound fun though.”  Her mouth twitched with a smile. 

“What now?”

“To a great 2019.  Together.  And to start cleaning up this apartment, it’s a fucking mess.”  He stared at her with the biggest smile on his face. 

Taylor matched his grin.  “You get the broom and start sweeping up the glitter.  I’ll start picking up bottles.”

“Sounds good Swift.  Sounds good.” 

End Of Chapter Sixteen

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Nice to see you back on this special day. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. This series has become the holy grail for Taylor Swift fans. Nice works, you keep delivering amazing results.
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Nice to see you back on this special day. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. This series has become the holy grail for Taylor Swift fans. Nice works, you keep delivering amazing results.

Thank you!  Hope to keep delivering quality chapters for many months to come!   ;D

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These stories are awesome. I have to say, you are the Taylor Swift master. When it comes to writing her, few know her as well as you do.
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