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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 19 Up With Many Special Guests! 03/23]
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Nicely done, you are spoiling us with all these great new chapters when they come around. Love the addition of all the new celebs.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 19 Up With Many Special Guests! 03/23]
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Dear lord man...that was just flat out amazing....and of course Hailee being involved was a wonderful bonus.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 20 Posted 04/27]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twenty: The Other Side of The Door
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Femdom, Semi-Public

Present Day

Cole was nervous.  He sat waiting, fiddling with his tie.  To join Taylor’s marketing team, he hadn’t wanted any special treatment.  He wanted to earn this on his own merits.  And so here he sat in the lobby of her team’s marketing office in downtown Manhattan.  This was after more rigorous background checks then needed to join the CIA and enough long grueling interviews, presentations and to make a marathon runner drop dead with exhaustion.  But, today was the day.  The final interview.  He was dressed in his finest suit, the shiny crisp fabric black as night, tight enough that you could make out his muscular body beneath.  His shoes shone, a polished inky black.  His shirt was freshly starched and blindingly white.  He wore a thin emerald tie that complimented the green in his eyes.  Or at least that was what Taylor said when she picked it out for him.  His dark hair was slicked back, his cheeks shaved baby smooth.  To say he looked good was an understatement.  The receptionist walked over to him.
“Mr. Stephens?  She will see you now.” 
He thanked her and followed her through the office.  The entire place was abuzz.  With the release of ME!, her new single and the buildup for the new album, everyone was working overdrive.  The receptionist stopped at a corner office.  The glass was frosted, making it impossible to see what lay inside.
“Here it is.  Good luck!”  She said cheerily.
Cole knocked on the door.  It was made of the same frosted glass as the window.

A feminine voice called from within, “Come in.”
Entering the office, Cole looked around and was impressed with the setup.  A large modern desk made of metal and smooth dark wood.  Large, rectangular windows with a view of the city outside. A number of filing cabinets around the walls, with a beautiful orchid sitting on top of one of them.  Two equally modern chairs sat across from the desk and behind it was a high-backed leather one.  The top of a blonde head peeked out just above it.  As he entered the chair spun around and there sat Taylor Swift.

“Swift?”  Cole asked, confused.  “I thought I was meeting with your social media manager.”
Taylor didn’t say anything, only stared, as though analyzing him.  It gave him time to take her all in.  He could only see from the waist up, but she was wearing a pastel blue blazer with a brightly colored blouse underneath that was just one button undone away from being professional.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, that splash of pink still present in her blonde locks.  Her bangs rested on her forehead above expertly styled mascara laden eyes and glossy pink lipstick.  She smiled at him.
“While you are in this office you will address me as Ms. Swift.  And you are in the right meeting.  This is your final interview.  With me.  I need to know that you are a team player.  I need to know that you are willing to get down and dirty when needed.  And I need to know that you can follow directions.”
She placed all ten fingers to the desktop and stood up slowly.  Walking out from behind it, Cole’s mouth fell open.  Instead of the pants he expected, she was wearing… well, nothing.  The hem of her blazer utterly failed to even cover the rounded curve of her ass in the back and the bottoms of delectable pink pussy lips in the front.  On her mile-long legs she had a pair of bright pink fishnet stockings, lacing their way down each smooth inch to the bubblegum pink stiletto heels digging into the carpet as she parked her tushy on the desk in from him.  She quickly crossed her legs. 
“Sit.”  She commanded, indicating one of the empty sheets across from her.
Cole dropped down into one of the empty seats, gazing up slack-jawed and suddenly finding his slacks uncomfortably tight.
“So, Cole?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes for this job?”  She asked, leaning forward and giving a hint of cleavage.
“Y-y-yes Ms. Swift.”  He stammered, blood thundering through his ears and his crotch as he stared at her.

“That’s good to hear.” 

Slowly, she unfolded her legs, spreading them wide and exposing her mouthwatering shining cunt.  It was smooth apart from the landing strip that she had been favoring lately.  Her blue eyes staring straight through him.  His suit slacks were now so incredibly tight, he thought they were going to split apart. 
“Eat.  My.  Pussy.”
“Here?  What if someone comes in?  Your employees are right on the other side of the door!”
She held up one long finger, looking at him sternly.  “Shush!  If you want this job, you will do exactly what I say.  Now get over here and eat this pussy!
Cole had never been good at ignoring her instructions anyway so he threw caution to the wind and knelt down before her.  He settled between her stockinged thighs, feeling the heat radiating off her moist cunt.  Sticking his tongue out, he ran it along the outside of the familiar slit, teasing the outer lips before slipping in deeper.  As his tongue worked over the many velvety folds, he savored the taste of her, as always.  Pursing his lips together, he gently sucked on her stiff clit as his tongue worked the rest of her snatch.  Her fingers wormed their way into his sleek hair, messing it about as they gripped tightly.  Pushing him down, she urged him to go even deeper inside.  His tongue now fully lodged inside her cunt, she let out a satisfactory moan. 
“Hmmm…. good boy.  You can follow directions.  Keep going… suck on my clit.  Mhmmm.  Yes!” 

Cole grinned and wrapped an arm underneath each stockinged leg pulling them upwards.  Taylor leaned back, throwing her hands behind her and catching herself on the desk as Cole drove his tongue in and out of her snatch.  The sounds of sucking and slurping grew louder with each passing second as Cole savored his favorite treat.  Breathy moans and sharp gasps punctuated the air, coming from between Taylor’s pink lips.  Gripping his head even tighter, she slowly began to grind her pelvis into his face.  Her legs hung suspended in the air, spread wide and held aloft by Cole.  The long tip of her stiletto heels occasionally clicking against the hard surface of the desk as her legs wobbled from the sensation.  Cole’s knees were beginning to hurt, but he daren’t complain as he continued to eat Taylor out like it was his last meal.  Spit and pussy juices alike flowed down over his chin as he licked, lapped and slurped.  That’s when a knock at the door interrupted them.  Cole’s head came up and he spun around like a deer in headlights.
“Shit!  Fuckshit!  Fuck!”  He whispered, hastily wiping off his chin.
Taylor calmly closed her legs, stepped back onto the ground and said, “Get under the desk.”
“What?!?”  Cole asked incredulously. 
“I said.”  Taylor grabbed his tie and pulled him in close.  “Get under the desk.”
Cole quickly hurried around the backside of the desk and crawled on his hands and knees into the small opening.  Taylor slowly followed, sitting back down in her high-backed chair and spinning to face him.  She spread her legs wide again and rolled closer to him, trapping him in the cramped space.
“Do not stop licking this pussy.  No matter what happens. Is that clear?”  She asked, looking down at Cole, confined as he was.  He nodded and resumed his place back between her thighs. 
She gave a breathy gasp as she felt his tongue once again probe her wet twat and called out in a voice, an octave or two higher than usual.  “Come in.”
Cole heard the door open and someone come in, but he couldn’t see who and everything became muffled as Taylor squeezed her thighs shut.  Distracted in the moment, she decided he wasn’t paying as close attention to her pussy as he ought to be.  He suddenly found a hand back on his head, gripping it tight and pushing him back down to work.
“Yes, Violet?  What is it?”  Taylor asked politely.
“Sorry to disturb you Taylor.”  There was a pause.  “I thought Mr. Stephens was in here.” 
“Oh, he was.  I suggested he get us both some coffee.  A little negotiating tactic I picked up from record executives.” 
Cole stuck his tongue in deep as his nose rubbed against her rock-hard clit.  Taylor gave a sharp intake of breath and smushed his face harder into her cunt. 
“Ah, ok.”  Violet said.  “Well, when he gets back.  I need both his and your signature on some of these forms.”
“That’s fine Violet.”  Taylor said.  “You can leave them here.”
Cole heard the smack of a file on the top of the desk as he licked harder, exploring every inch of Taylor’s hoo-ha with his tongue. 
“Can…can I just say something, Ms. Swift?  Taylor.  Sorry.” 
“No need to apologize.  And of course.”
“We were all a little skeptical when we heard you wanted to hire Cole, but he’s really impressed us during these last few weeks.  Brought some good ideas to the table and has been nothing but professional.”
Taylor’s eyes flicked down momentarily as Cole slurped away as quietly as he could.  She smiled and pushed harder on his head, her thighs engulfing him.
“We all think he would be an excellent addition to the team.”  Violet said.  “That’s all Taylor.”
“Thank you, Violet.”  Taylor said.  She was positively gushing now, Cole doing his best to lap up every ounce of fluid leaking out of her delicious cooter.  “I value everyone’s input.  Truly.  Thank you.”
Cole heard the door click shut.  Taylor leaned back in her chair and let out a huge puff of air as she immediately began to squirm, feeling the full effects of his oral attentions.  She looked down as he paused. 
“Keep going.  Don’t stop.  Keep eating that pussy.  If you want this job, then you better eat that fucking pussy like you never have before.”
Cole dove back in, sensing her impending orgasm.  Cole gave a loud moan of his own, vibrating his lips against Taylor’s clit, the tiny pink nub harder than even his own cock.  Her fingers pulled at his head, tugging and twisting his hair as her thighs squeezed so tightly around his head he could barely breath.  All he could do was keep lapping at his favorite cunt.  Taylor’s pink lips were squeezed shut to prevent herself from screaming as her whole body shuddered, the climax building and building until it broke.  Shaking and eyes aflutter, she rode wave after wave of pleasure, coursing through her body and sending her limbs a tingling.  Releasing Cole, she spread her legs apart and rolled the chair back.  He crawled out from under the desk, his hair disheveled, face red and chin slick with her essence.  He stood, wiping his mouth, the bulge in his suit pants painfully evident. 
“It looks like you didn’t lie on your resume.  You are quite skilled.”
“Thank you, Ms. Swift.  Does this conclude our interview?”
“Oh no.  That was just your first pitch.  I’ve got a rebuttal.”
She grabbed a remote on the desk and with a click, the blinds began to descend, casting the room into semi-darkness.  Then she slid off the chair onto her knees in front of his cock, straining to break free.  With careful, controlled movements, she undid his belt, then his button and unzipped his fly.  She flashed her baby blues, watching him struggle not to grab her head and jam his cock inside. 
“You will not touch me until I’m done.  Is that clear?” 
“Yes Ms. Swift.”  He said, groaning as he watched her plump pink lips so close to his throbbing member.
“We’ll see.”  She said smirking and pulled down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop.
His cock sprang free like it was spring loaded.  The tip, already shiny and smeared with precum.  He threw his tie over his shoulder and unbuttoned the lower two buttons on his shirt.  She took a moment to admire his cock.  Even after all these years, she never tired of even just looking at it.

“Very impressive Cole!”  She said, before opening her mouth wide and wrapping her lips around just the crown.
She sucked inward, cheeks caving as Cole let out a long, low groan of sweet relief.  Her tongue swirled around the tip, collecting every last morsel of precum and guiding it down her throat.  Lips pressed tight, she slowly made her way down the shaft, smearing pink in the process.  Cole slammed a fist down on the desk at the feeling, but did not touch her.  She gazed up at him, big blue eyes sparkling, alight with fire.  The tie, even flipped over his shoulder, really did bring out the green in his eyes.  She couldn’t help but noticed as she sucked.  Once her nose was pressed his well-maintained pubic region, she held him in place.  Her throat bulging to accommodate her favorite cock.  Her tongue lapped at the veiny underbelly, cushioning the engulfed cock upon the pink soft muscle.  Cole was trembling from head to toe.  Taylor couldn’t be more pleased with herself.  Releasing him, several long strings of bubble-gum pink-tinged saliva hung between them.
“What do you think of my proposal so far?” 
“It’s very good, Ms. Swift.”
“I’m just getting started.”
Taylor took his lipstick smeared dick back into her mouth and slid along the shaft, her head bobbing faster and faster with every pass.  As her pouty lips dragged across his hard cock with slippery ease, Cole threw his head back, groaning loudly as his fists clenched and unclenched, toes curling inside his expensive loafers.  Forming a perfect circle with her lips, Taylor moved with blinding speed, impaling her face on his hard cock over and over again.  Strands of blonde hair fell forward as Cole automatically moved to brush them back.  His hand was met with a hard slap.  He withdrew it quickly and Taylor paused, releasing him from her greedy gullet.  Saliva dripped in equal measures of his cock and her chin. 
“I said, no touching!  Now, can you follow directions?  Or not?” 

“Yes Ms. Swift.”

“Good.  I’m almost finished.”
She pulled his spit-soaked prick skywards, exposing his swollen and heavy balls to her hungry mouth.  Smeared lips opened wide as she took one of the cum churning orbs inside, greeting his ears with a loud, wet, slurping noise.  She sucked hard, tongue playing around with the fleshy man-marble as she drenched it in saliva before releasing it with a *POP* and grinning.  Her hand stroked his wet shaft as her mouth proceeded to do the same with the other testicle, sucking on it like it was the world’s most delicious hard candy.  *POP* *POP* *POP*, back and forth she went, popping a ball into her mouth only to rinse it with tongue and saliva before releasing it and grabbing the other one.  By the time she was satisfied, his sagging sack dripped with saliva.  Taylor, immensely pleased with her work, stood up slowly, wiping her mouth with long fingers and staring.
“Take your clothes off.”  She demanded.
Cole hurriedly kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants.  He tore off his suit jacket, quickly followed by the shirt and tie, which he wrenched off his neck.  Taylor watched the entire time, her gaze equal to that of a hungry lioness waiting to pounce, unabashedly lusting after her hunk of beef.  Now wearing only his argyle pattern dark socks, Cole waited for his next instruction.
“Desk.  You on it.”
With a sweep of his muscular arms, Cole cleared the desk.  It was nothing important, papers, pens, stapler and a binder or two, it still made quite the clatter as it hit the ground.  Cole laid down on top of the cool wooden polymer surface.  He shivered slightly.
“Eyes on me.”  Taylor said as she walked to the door, hypnotically swaying her hips.
Beneath the hem of the blazer, both supple buttcheeks jiggled, her booty enhanced by the long stiletto heels.  She locked the door with a click, then spun around to face him.  Her fingers found the button of the blazer, undoing it.
“Touch yourself.”  She said.  “And don’t stop watching me.”
Cole wrapped a hand around his lipstick and spit stained prick, stroking as Taylor shrugged her shoulders, letting the blazer fall down.  Next came the blouse.  Starting from the top, she undid a button, one at a time.  Slowly, methodically, sensually.  Cole jerked faster.  He couldn’t help himself.  Taylor gazed back the whole time, watching him pleasure himself at the mere sight of her.  The blouse fell away and there she was, in a pink bra, the same color as her stockings.  Her hands disappeared behind her back and that too fell away, exposing her perky tits to the air, hanging there, nice and plump.  Both pink nipples sitting on top of the fleshy mounds, stiff and erect.  Effortlessly she pulled out her ponytail, letting her blonde locks fall to her shoulders, the ends still dyed with pink highlights.  She stepped forward, heels sinking into the carpet as he stroked, mesmerized. 
“Enough.”  Taylor said, pulling his hand away from his stiff prick.
His dick gave a quiver as it stood there, unattended and waiting for her next move.  She watched, enjoying making him wait.  Then in one flurried, swift movement, Taylor was up on the desk, straddling him.  Her knees against the hard wood.  With a hand she grabbed hold of his cock and teased her slick entrance with it.
“Now I need to know if you have the stamina and are willing to put in the many long hours for the many long nights you will be putting in.”
“I’m your man, Ms. Swift.”  He said, a small grin breaking out across his features.

She smiled and sank down, his member piercing her as it filled her up utterly and completely.  She cried out at the feeling, flexing her vaginal walls around his stiff rod.  Placing both hands on his chest, she dug her nails into his pectoral muscles and began working her hips.  She looked down as she rode him, hips undulating and desk rattling, her lip curled into a sexy snarl as his face twisted with the feeling of her hot, tight snatch around his big, hard cock.
“Grab my waist.”  Taylor said, even as she sat up straight, leaning back at a bit and removing her hands from his chest.
There were nail marks biting deep into the skin.  His hands immediately flew to each hip guiding her as she gyrated upon his fuckstick.  His hands slid from her hips to her backside, grabbing a hefty handful of cheek in each palm and squeezing tightly.  She rocked back and forth, bringing her arms behind her head and grinding, still gazing down at him.  A wicked smile spread across her gorgeous features and suddenly, with a snap she bent forward, gripping both sides of the desk tight. 

An inch away from his face, she whispered, “Fuck me.  Prove your worth.  Make me cum.”

Cole gripped her ass tighter.  He started thrusting upwards, the smack of his buttocks against the desk sounding off the many hard surfaces around the room.  Taylor’s blue eyes disappeared as they rolled into the back of her head.  Picking up the pace, he impaled her deep with his fleshy spear.  Their genitals clapped with the sound of a standing ovation as he rammed into her with ball-smacking force. 

“Ohhhh yeess!!!!”  Taylor hissed, doing her best not to unleash the full power of her vocal chords as she felt Cole’s fat cock hit inside impossibly deep inside of her.

“Yes.  Taylor.  Yes.  Take it.”  Cole spat, the words slipping thoughtlessly from his lips.

In an instant, she grabbed his face, squeezing his cheeks tight and staring daggers.  “It’s Ms. Swift.  And if you can’t remember that, then you need to keep that pretty mouth shut.”

Her calculating blue eyes flicked around the room.  They landed on his tie, tossed carelessly over the back of the chair.  She snatched it, and before Cole could respond, balled it up and shoved the silky fabric into his mouth.  She forced it deep.

“Don’t speak.  Now fuck me.  HARD!”

Cole tightened his grip, squeezing her hips hard and resumed his upwards thrusting with even greater force.  And as Taylor grunted with each repeated penetration, she grabbed onto her arms, slamming them onto the desk above his head.  A look of hard determination came over her face.

“Make me cum.  If you want this job then making me fucking cum.  Right now.” 

A tie stuffed down his throat wasn’t going to stop Cole from proving himself.  He adjusted, planting his feet flat on the desk as he bent his knees.  Holding onto her waist, and digging his own nails in, he started jackhammering upwards into her.  Her mascara laden lids fluttered as her tarnished pink lips formed a wide O.  Cole knew that look.  He knew it well.  Not caring that the entire office could probably hear them, he fucked her harder, pummeling her pussy with every ounce of force he could muster.

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”  Taylor grunted, low and guttural.  Her voice got higher and higher with each passing second until it was a squeak.  “I’m cumming.  I’m cumming!  I’M CUMMING!!!”

Her entire body shook, trembling as she fell forwards on top of him, her gushing snatch clamping down on his cock as it twitched and convulsed.  Her tits lay squashed between them as both took a minute to recover.  With some difficulty Cole managed to spit the ruined tie out of his mouth.   

“Hmmm, not bad.  You certainly seem to have the kind of drive I am looking for.  But you need to show me that you can really make a splash here.”

Cole’s mouth quivered with a laugh, but said seriously, “Of course, Ms. Swift.”

“Good.  Then sit down in the chair.”  She pointed one painted nail towards the high-backed chair.

She slid off of him as he got up and sat down in the leather chair.  On top of the recently vacated desk were the sweaty imprints of various body parts along with the shiny sheen of puddled fluids.  A sharp crack jolted him out of his reverie.  Taylor was standing there, his belt in hand.  She snapped it together again.
“Arms.”  She said pulling his left arm tight to the arm of the chair.
With amazing dexterity and grace, she looped the belt around his arm, cinching it tight.  She tied down his other arm with soggy fabric of his ruined tie.  Struggling, Cole found himself a helpless pawn in Taylor’s sexual games.  The sight of him, tied and bound, brought a smile to her face.  Giving his wet member a few lengthy strokes, she climbed back onto his lap, careful not to stab him with her heels.  Sinking down onto his cock, the chair rolled backwards before Cole got proper footing.  Bouncing on his lap, she wrapped her arms around him, burying his head between her tits.  That was fine with him.  Cole kissed and nuzzled at her perky and plump ta-ta’s.  Almost instantly, his lips located a puffy pink nipple, sucking hard as he took the nub between his teeth.  The springs and gears in the chair squeaked in protest as Taylor rode him hard and fast. 
“Mhmmm.  I’m getting the feeling that you really want this job.  Is that true?”  She said, her voice breathless.
“Yes Ms. Swift!”  He said, letting the nipple fall from his mouth.  “I need this job.”
“Then let me hear you beg for it.”  She whispered, biting down on his ear lobe.
Cole tugged against his restraints, an action not unnoticed by Taylor.  It drove her wild.  They didn’t get the restraints out often, but when they did, it was always memorable, regardless of who was tied up.  A flood of fluids surged through her loins as she worked her snug snatch up and down his hard pole.  Then he started to beg.  That sent shivers down her spine.
“Ms.  Swift, please.  I need this job.  Want it more than anything.  Please.” Cole said, barely coherent himself at the feeling of Taylor gyrating upon his lap.
“More.”  She demanded.
“I’ll be nothing without this job.  Without you.  I’m willing to do anything.  Anything!  Please!  Just tell me.”
“Right there…”  Taylor groaned, his fat cockhead hitting her g-spot with every tiny movement.  “Beg.”
“Tell me what I need to do!  Please Ms. Swift!  Anything for this job.  Anything for you!”  He begged, his whole-body trembling.
He was harder than steel inside her pussy.  She could feel herself cumming.  Again.  She didn’t stop, grinding, riding and undulating upon him as his begging turned to pleasure-filled whimpers and moans.
“OHHH GOD!”  Taylor yelled, the sound bursting forth from between her lips as her third orgasm hit, just as powerfully as the others.  Every part of her body squeezed him tight as she twitched, lost in the throes of passion.
“Ms. Swift!”  Cole grunted out and a second later he was cumming too, unable to hold back any longer.
Each eruption of Cole’s prick renewed her own orgasm.  And as he pumped sticky jet after sticky of cum into her hot, wet slit, she rode wave after wave of mind-numbing pleasure.  He gave one final jerk inside of her, expelling the last of his seed and both knew they were done.  They just sat there for a moment, savoring each other before Taylor climbed off of him. Cum dripped and splattered onto the carpet, oozing out of her freshly fucked snatch, before she reached a hand between her legs to catch it.  Feeling the sticky sperm coat her fingers, she smeared it around before bringing it up to her mouth and sucked the digits clean one by one.
Looking down at Cole, stilled tied to the chair, she said, “You certainly made quite a splash.”
The next several minutes were spent cleaning up, getting dressed and putting the office back together.  Taylor put pants back on, more appropriate blue pumps and touched up her makeup.  She even had the exact same tie he had been wearing to replace his ruined one.  She was nothing if not a planner.  Nothing to do about the cumstains on the carpet, but they wiped the desk off and rearranged everything.
“So, whose office is this?”  Cole asked, as he opened the blinds letting the light from the shining buildings around them back in.  “Yours?”
“Oh, don’t you know?”  Taylor asked, the sweetness back in her voice.  “It’s yours!”
Cole stared dumbstruck.  “What?  Mine?”
Taylor grinned, a beautiful, huge white smile.  “The decision was made yesterday.  You are officially part of the Swift team.  And this is your new office!”
“Wow.  I don’t know what to say...”
“Yep, you just need to sign some paperwork.  NDA’s, and such.  The stuff Violet brought in.”
“Swift.”  He said, stepping forward and kissing her hard on the mouth. 
They embraced, holding each other tight as the kiss lingered for what seemed like ever.
“Don’t thank me.  The team made the decision.  I had no input on this one.  Congratulations, Mr. Stephens.”  She said. “That little interview was the perfect way to break in your new office.  Well, that and one more thing.”
She opened the most bottom desk drawer.  Inside was a bottle of the finest Kentucky bourbon money could buy.  She pulled it and two glasses out, placing them on the desk.
“A toast, to celebrate your new job.”
She poured them both a healthy amount and they raised the amber liquid high.
“Cole Stephens!”  She said.
“Taylor Swift!”  He said.
They clinked the glasses and both downed the bourbon in one go, feeling the liquid burn their throats and warm their chests on the way down.  They both placed the glasses on the table, lipstick marks on Taylor’s.  Cole looked around his new office and smiled.  Still, he had one more question.
“Did you arrange for Violet to interrupt us?”
Taylor only smiled slyly and poured them another drink each.

Cole opened the door to Taylor’s apartment.  It was the end of his first day.  And it couldn’t have gone better.  He felt reinvigorated, like a new man, working on something he truly cared about.

“Cole?  Is that you?”  Taylor called from what sounded like the bedroom.  “Get in here and tell me all about your first day!”
Cole dropped his bag on the table and walked through the apartment, stopping to pet the newest kitten and member of the Swift family, loosening his tie as he went.  When he got the bedroom door, he froze.  Taylor was standing there, hands on hips, naked as the day she was born.  That stern look was back on her face.
“Uhhh, Taylor?”  He asked, eyes roaming up and down her heavenly form. 
“You know, technically, I’m your boss all the time.  Not just while you are at the office.  Now, pull that cock out.”
Cole gulped.  Beginning to unzip his pants, he sighed and said, “Yes Ms. Swift.”

End of Chapter Twenty
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 20 Posted 04/27]
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Just fucking awesome. Love the office romance fantasy mixed with Taylor.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 20 Posted 04/27]
« Reply #64 on: May 02, 2019, 12:51:32 AM »
Great working, loving the femdom stuff. I am so sorry I was late reading this and leaving feedback.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 20 Posted 04/27]
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Since you migrated from celebritystrylibrary to here, I'll try and remember what I previously wrote.

Your writing is fantastic SlyGuy and I regret having held out on reading your stories for some time as they are truly great, with enough plot to keep you invested and enough action to keep you entertained. You absolutely hit the right balance between plot and porn, without either getting monotonous.

The relationship between the protagonist and Taylor Swift comes across as truly believable. I mean I could absolutely believe that if he was a real person, they would have the exact same relationship.

Which brings me to the celebs, they absolutely feel like real characters and like an extension of their real life selves. I also loved that you include not often used celebrities in your stories like Camila Cabello and Brie Larson in Oh, Captain!.

I hope to read more from you SlyGuy, as your writing is great and this story epic in scale.
Keep up the great work! :)
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 21 Posted 05/14]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twenty-One: Superstar
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Maledom, Masturbation, Oral, Roleplay

Present Day

Cole put down the heavy box with a thud.  He looked around at the bookshelves in Taylor’s study and the empty shelves she’d made for him.  Tearing the tape off, he began pulling out some of his favorite books.  It was official.  He was moving in.  To be honest, it was a long time coming.  He practically lived with Taylor already.  They’d taken the plunge after a long conversation where Taylor pointed out he hadn’t been home in over a month.  So, he sold his apartment, boxed up all his stuff and now he was here, in her study, unloading boxes. 

Taylor came in behind him, carrying another heavy box full of books, proving her toned arms were more than just for show.  She dropped it on the desk and wrapped those same arms around him, kissing his neck.

“I’m glad you’re here.”  She said. 

“I’m always here.”  He responded playfully.

“You know what I mean.”

He grinned and dropped the books on the desk, turning around to kiss her.  Lips pressed together, tongues squirmed and wrestled as both pairs of hands felt up the other’s body.  Taylor fell backwards on top of the desk and Cole quickly scrambled onto top of her, in his haste knocking the large stack of books to the ground.  They hit the ground with numerous thumps and thuds.  Both looked up at the noise and laughed.  Cole climbed off her and bent down to pick them up. 

“You know…all these books.  This room.  This desk.  It reminds me of the first time you ever bent me over one.”  Taylor said slyly, running a hand along the smooth dark wood. 

Cole stood up, armful of books, thinking back on what she had said.  “Mhmmm, you made a very hot co-ed.  My sexy student.”

Taylor moved forward, pressing herself against him and whispered, “Made?  Past tense?  Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do for you right now, professor?”


I knocked on the door hoping this was the correct address.  I was in the outskirts of Nashville at what looked to be a grandiose apartment building, a relic of a bygone age.  It had that old feel, like Civil War Era old, but there were signs of modern fixings.  I pulled by jacket tighter around me.  Even in Nashville, the January air had a chill to it.  After a minute of standing at the door, a familiar head of blonde curls opened the door and threw her arms around me.

“COLE!!!”  She yelled, squeezing me tight.

Letting go, she grabbed my hand and led me inside.  It was every bit as grand as I’d imagined.  Beautiful moldings, faded paint on the walls, and old timey light fixtures.  There was a large staircase with illustrious wooden bannister leading upstairs.  Taylor hurried up the steps and I followed, unable to stop myself from checking out her butt as she went.  Stopping in front of a big oaken door at the top of the stairs, she opened it with a brass key.  Inside the apartment matched the aesthetic of the rest of the building.  I looked around at the hardwood floors, antique furnishings and oil paintings on the walls.

“What are we doing here Swift?  I came all the way from campus for this old place?”

Taylor smiled, “Oh come on.  Isn’t it great?  Can’t you just feel the history here?  People’s lives.  Their stories.  Breath it all in.”

I did have to admit there was something charming about the place.  “But why am I here?”  I asked, throwing my bag down and sitting on one of the couches.  It felt a bit lumpy.

Taylor sat down next to me, looking a bit nervous and fiddling with the hem of her blouse.  “I rent this place on occasion.  For the weekend, week or even month at a time.  I come here to write a lot.  The new album is coming out this year and I find myself with a bit of writer’s block”

“How can I help?”  I asked, utterly sincere in my offering.

It did not go unnoticed by Taylor who bit her lower lip, staring demurely at me.  “I need to get in a totally different mindset.  After the success of Fearless, I don’t want become some superstar.  That’s not relatable.  It’s not what people want to hear.  I was hoping you could help me feel more like a college girl.  You know, a co-ed.”

“You wanna blow off studying for an exam by drinking an entire plastic bottle of cheap vodka, puking in the bushes outside of your dorm and passing out on the stairs, only to have your friends drag you back to your room?  And then having those same friends tell you about the next day because you don’t remember it?”

“That sounds awfully specific.”  She grinned, the smile lighting up her beautiful face.

I shrugged noncommittally.  Moving closer to me, she put her hand on mine.

“You’re not seeing anyone right now, are you?”

It clicked.  I knew what she wanted.  “Not at the moment.”


I shifted uncomfortably in my tweed blazer.  It was a little tight in the shoulders.  I’d been hitting the gym pretty hard in the last couple of months, so I couldn’t blame Taylor for not knowing my exact size.  I adjusted my sweater vest and shifted the papers on my desk, excitement bubbling over.  I was in the study of this apartment.  It was a large room, bookshelves occupying the walls on all sides.  Old books, new books, books in foreign languages.  In the center of the room sat an ancient, ornate mahogany desk.  The old wood still shone brightly, treated and lacquered with a care that only an expert craftsman of a bygone era could provide.  Atop it were various props, papers, pens, folders, a book or two and a paperweight.  My high back leather chair squeaked as I leaned back, interlacing my fingers.  Across the desk were two smaller leather chairs, facing me.  They were shiny and worn from use.  Beneath my feet was a plush maroon rug.  The musty smell of books and old paper filled my nostrils.  It quite pleasant.  There was a knock at the door.
“Come in.”  I called out, my voice deep and booming.

Taylor Swift entered the study.  Well, a version of her.  She had on a white collared shirt, buttoned up and complete with a tie.  Her plaid skirt was short.  Ludicrously short, like never pass any sort of dress code short.  She had on sneakers and knee-high white socks.  Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, a few loose strands curling on her forehead.  She pushed her large, black-framed glasses up the bridge of her cute button nose and readjusted the grip on her armful of books.  I didn’t have the heart (or the desire) to tell her that co-eds didn’t actually dress like that.  But I think she probably already knew that.

“Professor Stephens?” 

“Ah, Taylor.  Lovely.  Come have a seat.”

She closed the door shut behind her and sat in one of the chairs across from me.  She dropped her bag and placed the books on the rug.  I fixed her with a stare, doing my best impression of a wizened academic.

“What can I do for you today, Taylor?  It can’t be about the exam.  You did remarkably well.”

“Actually sir, it is.  I was wondering if there was anything I could do to improve my grade.”  She said, blinking eyelashes heavy with mascara and blushing profusely as she licked her full pink lips.

“You already have an A- in my class.  That’s quite an achievement and more than most of your classmates can say.”

“I know, but I want to be the best.  Top of the class.  Isn’t there anything I could do to boost that up to an A?”

“I really don’t think so Taylor.  You should be pleased with your work.”

“Please, professor.  I’m willing to do anything.”

I paused at the tone in her voice, really looking at her.  She stared back with big blue eyes, perfectly framed by her thick frames of her glasses.

“Anything?”  I asked, my heart suddenly beating much faster. 

Anything.”  She replied.

I stood up slowly, the chair rolling away.  I walked passed her to the study door.  I locked it with a loud *CLICK*.  Then I returned to sit down on the front of my desk, fixing her with an intense gaze.  My leg was inches away from her own.

“I suppose… that an impressive oral presentation might change my mind.”

The moment lingered in the air as the implications of my words washed over Taylor.  Then a wide grin split her face. 

“Luckily, I’m very good at those.”

Taylor stretched out her hand cautiously.  Her delicate fingers grazing my thigh as they slowly slid towards my crotch.  Even that simple touch sent blood rushing to my groin as my pants tightened immediately.  I stood up as Taylor slithered out of her chair and down onto the rug, her bare knees scraping against the itchy fibers.  Dexterously, she undid my belt, button and zipper.  Tugging my pants downwards, she pulled my cock out, gazing at it in awe.  Her mouth was a perfect pink circle of surprise as she squeezed it, stroking slowly and staring at it like it was the most remarkable thing in the world.

“P-p-professor!”  She stammered, finally managing to find her voice.  “It’s so big!  Bigger than I ever imagined.”

“Did you imagine it a lot?”  I groaned as her fingers tightened around the shaft.

“Yes.  Every day after class.  I’d go back to my dorm room and masturbate to the thought of this big cock and what you’d do to me with it.”

As her words worked their way through my brain, Taylor opened her shiny pink lips wide and placed the head between them.  Her lips closed tight around the shaft and slid about halfway down my length, sucking hard.  Her blue eyes never left my face, blinking innocently behind her black rimmed glasses.  My fingers scrabbled over the hard wood of the desk as she sucked harder.  With a *POP* she released me.  Already light-headed I watched as she grabbed the base of my cock and gave it a shake.  Holding it firmly, she rubbed the cockhead across her lips, smearing precum as she went.  Her tongue darted out, tickling the veiny underbelly before lapping at the winking piss slit, scooping the oozing precum gathered there and swallowing it down.  She smacked her lips together appreciatively.  Sliding back down the length, she took inch after inch, gagging just shy of the base.  She released me and gave a cough, clearing her throat. 

“Tsk-tsk.”  I said.  “You’ll need to do a little better than that Taylor.”

“Sorry Professor.”

“Here, something like this.”  I placed both hands on her head, holding her in place.  Firm, but gentle. 

I pressed my member, still shiny with spit, against her lips.  They parted as I pushed inside.  I went slow, watching each inch disappear.  Taylor’s eyes grew wider and wider, until they were bulging.  She gagged again, spluttering and sending spit flying as she sought to accommodate the stiff length of manmeat in her oral cavity.  Still I held her firmly in place. 

“Come on now Taylor.  Do you want that extra credit or not?”

“Mmmhhhhmmmmpppp!!!”  Was the only sound she could make.

I took that as an affirmation.  I pushed the final two inches down her throat.  She held it there, fighting to gain control over her gag reflex.  And as her coughs subsided, she worked her tongue and lips around my shaft.  Still I kept a firm hold on her head.  Her face began to redden.  Cheeks growing flush and tears beading in the corners of her eyes.  Her tongue curled and uncurled around my shaft as I savored the feeling of her hot, wet, throat enveloping my cock.  Drool began to flow from the corners of her mouth, slopping down her chin.  And still I held her there.  Her face was bright red now, mascara smudging from the tears.  She started choking, struggling for air.  I released her, taking my hands from her head and pulling out.  Coughing, she took in several gulps of air.  Several long sticky strings of saliva still connected us. 

I gave her a few moments to recover before I said, “Open up.”

She did so eagerly and I jabbed my cock back in, holding her in place again.  We repeated this process several times, each time feeling like I got just a little further down her squelching throat.  Black tears streaked down her red cheeks when I released her for the final time. 

“Hmmm, Taylor, I don’t know.  So far, your oral presentation isn’t impressing me.”

“Oh no, please Professor!  You have to give me a chance to finish!  Sit down in your chair and let me show you!”  I raised my eyebrows at her giving me instructions.  “Please, sir?”

“Very well.”  I said, retreating back behind my desk and settling down into the high-backed chair.

Taylor crawled on her hands and knees around the desk, peeking out around the corner as I swiveled my chair to face her, kicking off my shoes in the process.  Excitedly scurrying forward, she took my cock back between her lips and sucked it down.  Tucking a few stray blonde hairs behind her ears, I reached a hand to grab her ponytail and hold it as her head bobbed up and down my shaft.  Sitting back and relaxing, I let her do all the work, and damn if it didn’t feel incredible.  A vacuum seal formed with her lips, she slid along the entire length, tongue cushioning the underside of my shaft.  Her fingers tickled my balls, squeezing, fondling and teasing.  Her blue eyes stared up at me, even as she had to continually readjusted her glasses.  For several minutes, the only sounds in the study were my groans of satisfaction, her moans of appreciation and the slurping of her mouth around my hard cock.  Eventually, I had to tell her to stop, fearful I would lose my load if she continued any longer.

“Good job Taylor.  A very impressive oral presentation.”  I said, her hand still stroking the shaft slowly.  “But, I’m going to need more if you want that extra credit.  Take off your shirt.  I what you’ve got under there.”

An exaggerated shocked expression came over her face.  Still kneeling before me, she began to undo her top, one button at a time.  When she reached the top button, she moved to loosen the tie.  I quickly stopped her.

“Leave the tie on.”  She nodded and with a shrug of her shoulders let the shirt fall to the ground.  She had no bra underneath.

Quickly, almost as if she was embarrassed, she reached up to cover both perky tits with her arms, crossing them across her torso, pressing them tight against her thin form.

“Come on.  Let’s see ‘em.”  I said, suddenly finding my own hand wrapped around my prick, rubbing slowly. 

Tentatively, she dropped her arms revealing her pink nipples to the open air.  Both were hard, the tender nubs stiffer than the prick in my hand.  The tie fell down perfectly between them.

“You wearing any panties?”  I asked.  She nodded.  “Lose those too, but leave the skirt and then get on my desk and spread those legs for me.”
She nodded, standing up and sliding her hands beneath her plaid skirt.  A quick wiggle of her hips to and a bright white cotton pair wet with arousal fell to the ground.  She reached down to pull them off around her sneakers and moved to throw them away, but I held out a hand.  Giving them to me, I brought them up to my face, never breaking eye contact with her.  Inhaling deeply, I breathed in her scent.  Instantly identifiable.  It made me throb like nothing else.  Taylor climbed up on the old mahogany desk, faced me and spread her legs wide.  She flipped her plaid skirt up, revealing her utterly delectable smooth snatch, every bit as pink as her nipples.

“Now.  Play with yourself.  For me.”

Taylor’s fingers immediately found those wet, glistening lips.  She was just as horny as I was.  Lightly brushing her outer labia, she split her lips apart, showing me just how wet she truly was.  Her legs hung limply off the desk as her fingers slipped inside and her face twisted.

“Does that feel nice Taylor?  Put on a good show for me.”  I growled.

“Mhmmm, yes.”  She purred back.  “Oh god professor, I’ve wanted you since the very first day of class.” 

Wrapping her damp panties around my own, hard wet shaft, I continued stroking, watching her intensely. 

“Fuck yes Taylor.”

“Do you like that Professor?”  She asked, in her sweetest of tones.

“Yea, keep going.”

As her fingers worked faster and faster, I stroked harder, unable to stop myself.  Her thumb swiped back and forth across her throbbing, swollen clit as her other hand pinched a nipple between forefinger and thumb, rolling the hard nub before switching to the other.  Both our breathing became labored and short, getting off on each other getting off.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I pulled my hand away from my cock, primal hunger etched into every feature on my face.

“It seems you like it so far Professor.”  She said breathlessly.

In response, I dropped to the ground and buried my face between her long legs, ravenous to get a taste of her twat.  Taylor gasped as she felt my tongue pierce her dripping folds, embedding itself deep in her hot cunt.

“OH PROFESSOR STEPHENS!!!”  She cried as I munched on her sopping snatch. 

“It’s like a waterfall down here.  Are you getting off on being my slutty co-ed?”  I asked teasingly.

Taylor shivered and whispered, “Yes.”  Then louder.  “Please lick this slut’s pussy.”

I grinned and dove back in, licking, slurping and lapping at every wet, smooth surface I could.  Taylor shook and trembled, ready to explode at any moment.  I moved my tongue up to press on her clit, the rest of my mouth still working the rest of her pussy.  Pressing hard against her pleasure button did the trick.  The orgasm hit her quick, making her tremble and cry out. 

I leaned back and waited for her body to stop shaking and eyes to open.  Standing up, I pulled my tweed jacket off, quickly followed by my sweater vest and shirt.  Naked, I stepped forward, cock erect and waiting.  Taylor blinked blearily at me as I spun her over onto her stomach.  She gave a squeak as she felt my strong hands on her and adjusted her stance so the tips of her sneakers brushed the carpet.  Presented before me was her tight little ass.  I hiked up her plaid skirt, admiring the subtle pale curve of her backside.  I gave it a squeeze before lining my cock up with her pussy.  Sliding inside easily, I filled her with every inch I had to give.  She moaned loudly, gripping the far edge of the desk with both hands to steady herself.  I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed down.  Pressed flat across the desk, she looked back me, glasses sitting crooked on her pretty, black tear-stained face and giggled.  I started thrusting.  Her tight, hot snatch enveloped my cock with every powerful drive.  It felt so good to be inside of her again. 

Grunting between thrusts, I said, “Yes.  Fuck!  You’re such a hot piece of ass.”

She responded just as enthusiastically, screaming as I railed her over the desk.  “Professor Stephens!  Fuck me!  Use this co-ed’s slutty cunt!  YEA!  YEA! YEA!”

The desk shook, rattling drawers as I fully gave into the lust, pounding away with a fervor that I’d never felt comfortable enough to do with any other woman.  And Taylor loved every rock hard second of it, shrieking with glee at each repeated penetration.  She lifted one leg onto the desk, knocking a stack of books off as she extended her flawless limb out.  Neither of us cared.  Her pussy now spread as wide as it could go to accommodate my hammering prick, I only went harder.  With one hand still firmly on her neck, I grabbed her leg with the other and slammed into her.  As sweat garnered on both our brows, I slowed down my thrusts, putting incredible force behind each one, savoring the feeling of being balls deep in her before pulling back and plowing in again.  Each hard thrust was accompanied by a satisfactory squeak from Taylor. 

She adjusted and I spotted the tie, flopped onto the desk and still around her neck.  I reached forward and grabbed hold of the silky fabric.  Pulling on it, Taylor felt it tighten around her neck.  I pulled harder and she arched her back, coming up with the tie as I continued pulling.  She put both feet back on the ground, back arching further.  I began to pick up speed again as her cries of pleasure became more and more choked.  I held the tie in a tight fist, fucking her with frenzied movement, her entire body shaking with each smack of my pelvis.  I leaned down and whispered in her ear, still holding her upright.

“You’re such a naughty co-ed slut.  Look at you getting off fucking your professor.  Whoring yourself out for a better a grade.  It turns you on doesn’t it?”
Taylor only mumbled an incoherent response, her brain and body struggling to process the pleasure it was feeling.

“Answer the question Taylor!”  I barked in her ear.


Her words made me throb as I rocketed in and out of her.  She held on tight, the force of my thundering thrusts threatening to send her flying across the desk.  I reached my free arm around her to grope at her bouncing titties, my cock hitting impossibly deep as she choked down great gulps of air.  I felt it building.  Her climax.  Her body growing tenser and tenser until it couldn’t take it anymore.  She screamed and shook, her snatch snapping down around my thrusting cock.  I jammed it in and held it there as her body went from rigid to ragdoll, cumming so hard she momentarily blacked out and collapsed forward onto the desk.  I let the tie fall from my grip and extracted my rock-hard prick from her still twitching cunt.  After a minute, she turned around and readjusted her crooked glasses, eyes out of focus, cock drunk from being rammed so hard over the big wooden desk.

“Still…hard?”  She asked woozily.

“Yep.  Now be a good little slut and lay down on that desk.”

Taylor rolled over and laid on the desk.  She kicked off anything that still happened to be on the desk after our vigorous fucking.  She reached underneath her and pulled out a piece of paper sticking to her sweaty ass.  She crumpled it up threw it aside. 

“I hope that wasn’t someone’s exam.”  She said cheekily.

“Who cares!”  I said, climbing up after her and positioning myself between her legs

I slid back into her.  Our faces now only inches as I laid on top of her, my jackhammering resumed.  Each powerful hump made her glasses bounce on the bridge of her nose.

“Professor!  You’re an animal!  My pussy is yours!  It’s fucking yours!”  She cried out as I ravaged her. 

My lips dropped to hers and we kissed, pressed tight together, grunts sending puffs of air into the other’s mouth.  Our banging continued for another minute or two, inching ever more slowly to the edge of the desk, until Taylor’s head was hanging off it.  Thankfully, I couldn’t hold back anymore.  Pulling out of her, I jumped onto the carpet.

“Get over here.”  I said, half commanding, half dragging her down onto her knees in front of me.  “You want that extra credit?  Your gonna take this big fat fucking load right in your slutty co-ed face.  Let it drip off those glasses then lick it up.  Got it?” 

I didn’t give her a chance to respond as I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as I jerked my cock against her pouty set of lips.  Taylor played with my balls, squeezing the sack gently as she opened her mouth wide, licking her lips with a pleading expression on her face.

“Yes.  Yes.  Paint my face.  Spray your cum all over me.  I’m your filthy little cumslut.  Please professor.  Give it to me!”

One or two more strokes and I erupted.  My cock swelled as it fired out the first volley of cum.  It hit its target perfectly, splattering against the left lens of her glasses, splashing onto her eyebrow.  I readjusted and two more ropes of cum streaked across the bridge of her nose on the right lens.  The cum pooled there before dripping down onto her cheek.  Continuing to stroke my exploding cock, more cum flew, hitting with a wet splat into forehead and down her cheek.  I squeezed out the final dribble into her open mouth, her pink tongue rising to catch it.  Slowly, I rubbed my cockhead against her lips, smearing anything that might still ooze out onto them.  Finished, I released her and she sat back, unable to see through the glaze of cum dripping down her spectacles.  She carefully picked them off her face and eyes on me, lick the lenses clean one at a time.  With a smile, she gulped down the cum and put them back on her still cum-covered face.

“So, Professor.  Did I get that extra credit?”

Still, panting, I said, “It’s a good start.  How about we make this a regular appointment for the rest of the semester?  Then we can keep talking about your extra credit.”

She giggled and moved to lick more of the cum dripping down her face.

Present Day
Cole came back to reality as Taylor pressed herself against him harder.  “I bet I can dig up a skirt like that again.”  She whispered.  “What do you say professor?  Isn’t there anything I can do to improve my grades?”

“You’re a way bigger superstar now then you were even back then.  About to be even bigger when you drop the new album.  I have a feeling we’ll need several lessons to really bring you back down to earth.”  He said, holding her by the waist and staring into her big blue eyes. 

“I’m willing to put the work in.”  She said, her voice barely a whisper.

Cole looked around the study, at the unpacked boxes.  The move could wait.  After all, he wasn’t going anywhere. 
“You’re definitely going to need to grab your glasses.”  Cole said with a grin as they kissed, in their apartment. 

End of Chapter Twenty-One

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 21 Posted 05/14]
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Simply wonderful. Superb as always.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 22 Posted 05/30]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twenty-Two: 22
Starring Taylor Swift
Featuring Hayley Williams
Codes: FF, MF, Facial, Masturbation, Oral

Present Day

Taylor and Cole were having a lazy Sunday.  After the recent move-in and her gallivanting around Europe to promote ME!, both of them were just hanging around the apartment, watching TV, chatting and snacking.  That was, of course, after he had woken her up by burying his tongue in her snatch.  Cole kept glancing from the TV over to her.  Neither was paying that close attention to the show, as they’d already both seen it a dozen times or so.  It was really just on in the background.  Even in sweats and a t-shirt, she looked beautiful.  He couldn’t be happier.  This place really felt like home.  Her phone buzzed and she reached down for it automatically.  Picking it up, she punched the passcode in, 1313, and swiped to read the text.  A moment later, she laughed.
“What’s so funny?”
“It’s Karlie.  She won’t stop asking me about another weekend we can all, get together.”  She put the last word in air quotes.
“I have to check my schedule.”  Cole replied, pulling out his own phone and pretending to intensely scroll through his own calendar.  “Hmm, when do I have time for a threesome with two of the hottest blondes I know?  Next weekend?  Nope.  I’ve got to organize the closet.  Hmm, weekend after that?  Nope, taking the cats to get groomed.  Huh.  Sorry Swift.  I just don’t think it’s going to work out.”   

Taylor laughed and grabbed hold of his hand.  “Come on, I bet you can squeeze in some time to squeeze in-between a supermodel and an international pop superstar.”
“I know we’ve had our fair share of times with Karlie, but truth be told, whenever I think about the three of us, I always think about that first time.” 
“Yea, hhhmmm…”  Taylor said, suddenly distracted, her bright blue eyes vacate and distant.
“Swift?  Swift?  Earth to Taylor?”  Cole waved his hand in front of her face.  She snapped back to reality.
“What?  Sorry.  What?”

“Remembering it?”  He asked.  He certainly was, his cock inching further and further down his leg the longer he thought about it.

“Yes…and no.  I’ve never told you this, but that first weekend with you and Karlie wasn’t my true first time with a woman.  Well, it was and wasn’t.  First time to completion, but there was something years before that made me realize I might have some of those feelings.”
“What was it?”
“It was something that happened on my 22nd birthday.  At my party.” 
Cole thought about that date and after a quick bit of math, he realized something.  “I was at your 22nd birthday party.”  He thought about it harder.  “Hang on.  We had sex on your 22nd birthday.  Twice!”
“Just shush.  Let me tell you.”


My head spun as I leapt off the edge and sailed backwards through the air.  For the briefest of moments, I was suspended in midair before rushing towards the surface of the pool.  Then I hit the water with a tremendous, deafening splash.  The shockingly cold liquid engulfing me as I sank further and further down, eyes screwed shut.  Righting myself, I felt the tips of my toes brush the tiled bottom of pool.  I pushed upwards, rising through the water and bursting forth with a splash and gulp of air.

“Shit!  That’s freezing!”  I yelled, treading water, clothes billowing around me, doing their best to drag me down to the bottom.
People crowded along the edge of the pool in the backyard of my Los Angeles home.  They cheered, whooping and screaming at my impromptu swim time.  Drunken affirmations and phrases reached my ears as I bobbed up and down in the water.


There was a moment of hesitation, quickly broken as another person splashed into the pool.  Full out cannonball.  Another one quickly followed.  *SPLASH* *SPLASH *SPLASH* Before I knew it, the pool was full of clothing-clad party goers.  I spat out the chlorine rich water and paddled over to the edge.  A helpful hand reached down to assist me as I climbed out of the pool and flopped onto the ledge.  Blinking from beneath wet eyelashes, I looked up at the short, bright red-haired figure.  Pop-punk singer Hayley Williams crouched beside me, each peachy round globe of her asscheeks thrust out from beneath her indecently short skirt.  Her tight t-shirt was stretched taunt across her perky chest, her lack of a bra abundantly clear in the cool December night air, both nipples staring daggers at me.   

“Taylor!”  She squealed.  “Hell of a party.  Damn, look at you!  Soaked!”
I looked down at my soggy clothes, already feeling the chill creeping up on me.  I couldn’t help but giggle, the atmosphere of the party and alcohol creating a warm haze that fought back against the cold.
“You only turn 22 once!  Sometimes you just need to do something crazy.  Right?”

I stared into her beautiful green eyes, holding her gaze as she stared back.  A wide smile split her face.  “Absolutely Taylor.  Your 20’s are all about trying new things.” 

I flopped my arms to the side, more water leaking out.  “I need to get out of these clothes.  I’m going to change.” 
I unsteadily climbed to my feet as people all around, yelled, cheered, chugged drinks and swam around the pool.  I spotted Cole, splashing around, grinning and laughing with about four girls hanging off of him.  I was glad he had decided to come.  I wasn’t sure that he would.  I walked into my house, stumbling slightly as water sloshed off of me in great drips.  My wet feet squeaked on the floor as I hurried through the halls, past more drunk and cheery folks, all wishing me best birthday wishes.  I gave hurried replies before sliding to a stop in front of my bedroom door. 

Slipping inside I pushed the door shut and immediately began stripping off my soaked clothes.  They hit the floor with a splat.  My undergarments followed.  Now totally naked I hurried into the bathroom, the icy tile instantly leeching the warmth from my toes.  Stopping to look in the mirror, I watched as water dripped off the ropes of my long blonde hair.  My makeup was ruined.  I looked like a raccoon.  I pulled off the cat ears I was wearing.  A little better.  Still raccoon like.  Quickly grabbing a towel from the rack, I patted down my lanky, thin body before squeezing out some of my hair.  My fingers lingered at my rock-hard nipples and my hairless twat before wrapping the towel around me.  I shivered and closed my eyes, enjoying the gentle alcoholic-induced swaying.  The thumping from the music reverberated throughout the house, joyful yelling and laughter audible even here in my quiet sanctuary.  My reverie was interrupted with a door opening behind me.  Turning around, I pulled the towel tighter. 

“Cole?”  I asked, hopefully.

Instead from the semi-darkness emerged a familiar red-headed figure.  “Sorry, no Cole here.  Only me.”  She said, her voice barely a whisper, husky and seductive. 

“Hayley?  Jeez.  What are you doing?  I’m changing here.”
“I know you are baby.”  She whispered, closing the distance between us and quick like a cat she stood on her tippy toes, pressing her red lips against my own.
I was too shocked to do anything as her lips pressed harder against mine.  It felt nice.  Then my fuzzy brain caught up.  I pushed her away with both hands.  She stepped back as the towel covering me fluttered to the ground.  I stood before her fully naked, her emerald eyes growing wide as they started at my mile-long legs, moving upwards.  They stopped at my shaven pink pussy and then again on my petite breasts, both nipples sharp enough to cut glass.  Then they met my eyes.  I could see the longing, the lust, the desire.  Plain as day.
“Come on Taylor…”  Hayley said, stepping forward. “Tell me you want me.  I’ve felt this connection ever since you had me onstage with you.  And then you invited me here, on your birthday.  You’ve been eying me all night and then whisper to me that your changing, alone, in your room.” 
I stood frozen.  I hadn’t picked up the towel.  The way she was looking at me.  No one had looked at me that way in a while.  Too long.  I don’t know what it was, but some part of me wanted her.  Hayley moved closer, taking a step.  Then another.  Inches away from me, she stretched upwards for another kiss.  This time I came down to meet her.  My lips pressed against her own.  Her hands found my bare hips, her tiny hands warm against my cold wet body.  With the lightest touch she slid them around behind me, her fingers dancing up my back and along my spine.  It sent tingles throughout my entire shivering body, although whether from cold or pleasure, I could no longer tell.  I could taste the cherry of her lips and the sting of alcohol on her tongue as we kissed harder, swapping spit and wrestling tongues.  Her hands slid around to the front of me, grazing ever so delicately across my hard nubs.  Each twitch of her digit produced a jolt of pleasure that shot straight between my thighs.  I suddenly found my own hands on her hips, sliding around to her perky backside and slipping beneath her skirt.  I squeezed both cheeks tightly.
“Mhmmm, Taylor!”  Hayley cried out as she kneaded my breasts, working the flesh between her fingers, touching me in a way that my body was craving.
Beginning to pull me, I followed until we hit the bed and collapsed upon it.  She quickly rolled over so she was on top of me.  Her shirt was off in an instant, nipples equally as hard as mine.  Leaning down to kiss me, her lips attacked my neck as her hand moved to my left nipple, rolling the hard nub between thumb and forefinger, squeezing the flesh there.  My hands were on her ass again, feeling her distinct lack of any underwear.  Her soft moans intensified as my hands slid around from her backside, inching closer and closer to her twat.  In that moment, I realized her exposed snatch was only inches above my own.  I could feel it, heat radiating off of it, intermingling with my own fiery arousal.  My heart was banging like a drum as her fingers slowly slid down my taught tummy, inching closer and closer to my quivering snatch.  My breathing grew heavier as our lips crashed together again.  Her fingers slid past my belly button.  Blood thundered in my ears.  My entire body was a coiled spring.  Then with the gentlest of touches, she brushed her thumb across my throbbing clit.  The sensation exploded through my body.  Pressing against it harder, her other nimble fingers tickled my labia.  Already I was gushing, the arousal already leaking from my velvety folds.  Feeling bold, my fingers found her own wet pussy lips, likewise wet with arousal.  I pressed against her hot box, my fingers numb and clumsy as I fumbled over them.  She didn’t seem to care, focusing her gaze back on me.
“Oh my Taylor.  You’re so wet already.  I knew you wanted me.  Can you feel how wet I am for you?  I’ve wanted this for so long.” 
I didn’t respond as my fingers probed deeper.  I’d fingered myself countless times before, but it felt totally different on her.  She blinked, waiting for my response.  Her green eyes so close to mine.  Green eyes.  Green like Cole’s.  And as that thought washed over me, her words pushed themselves through my foggy brain.  Suddenly the haze was gone and everything was crystal clear.  The implication of what we were doing hit me like a ton of bricks.  I pulled my fingers out of her soft, wet cunt, the digits glistening with arousal.  I pushed her off of me, sitting up on the bed, panic setting in. 
“N-n-n-o-o-o.  I’m sorry!”  I stammered out.  “I can’t!  I’m sorry Hayley!  I just can’t do this!  I’m not.  I like.  I’m not a.”
The pop-punk starlet looked confused and stunned as I grabbed the towel from off the floor and ran out of my own room.  Barely covering myself, I darted into hallway and opened the door to the nearest room.  My heart was pounding, I closed the door to the guest room with a snap.  My feelings were a confused mess, swirling around like a tornado.  What had I just done?  What did it mean? 
“Jeez!  Knock next time!”  Cole said, hurriedly trying to cover his own nakedness.  “Oh, Swift.  It’s you.”
I’d forgotten he was staying in this particularly room.  As I stared up and down his body, my gaze lingered at his poorly concealed crotch, hidden by both hands.  I could see the tip of his cock hanging down behind them and his heavy balls drooping behind that.  And then suddenly, I needed him.  Maybe more than I had ever needed him before.  Right here.  Right now.  I let the towel drop and stepped forward, naked, hair still a tangled mess of wet ropes, mascara like a raccoon.  His eyes grew wide, easily visible even in the semi-darkness.  I quickly closed the distance between us, pulling him for a kiss, tasting the chlorine on his lips.  My hand reached down the hardening crotch, pushing his hands aside and grasping the swelling member. 
“I want you Cole.  I want this dick.  Right now.”  He stammered something inaudible.  “It’s my birthday.  You aren’t going to deny the birthday girl her present, are you?”
I didn’t give him a chance to respond, taking my fingers and placing them in his open mouth.  Those same fingers that had been inside Hayley only moments before.  Closing his mouth, he sucked them clean as I pulled them out and sank down onto my knees.  His dick already stiff, the familiar member throbbed as I blew hot air across it.  Taking him between my lips, I sucked him down, tasting chlorine yet again. 
“Ohhh, Swift.”  He moaned, throwing his head back as I took him even deeper into my mouth.
One hand found his dangling balls, rolling those juicy cum-filled orbs around the palm of my hand as his cock grew.  Precum leaked out onto my tongue as I squeezed him tight with my lips.  It tasted delicious, exactly what I needed right now.  The primal lust took over and I knew nothing would stop me until I got what I wanted from those heavy, swinging balls and that thick, fat dick.  Fondling his nutsack, I could practically feel a sticky, hot concoction of cum brewing.  Letting out an uncontrollable groan at the thought, I released his slick member.  Pulling it skywards, I lowered my mouth to gobble at his testicles, chowing down and drenching each of them in copious amounts of saliva.  Sucking, slurping and licking at them, I simply could not get enough.  Taking my tongue, I ran it along the veiny underbelly.  Beginning at the base and leaving a trail of wet spittle all the way to the tip, I wrapped my lips around his crown and swallowed him back down.  His many inches disappeared as I felt his cockhead press against my throat and still I forced more down.  Relaxing my gag reflex, I fit the last few inches in.  Throat bulging, nose pressed against his well-maintained pubic area, I gazed up at him.  He looked down back at me, his bright green eyes unfocused as if in a daze as if I had sucked the very sense out of him.  The same color as Hayley’s.  I hesitated, opening wide and dislodging him from my gullet, several long strands of sticky saliva still connecting me to the shaft.  I threw the image of her out of my head, focusing on the fleshy rod in front of me.

“I love cock.”  I said before running my lips and tongue along the side of his thick, pulsing member.  “I love this cock.  Mmmmmhhhhhmm.”  Kissing with plump lips, my tongue curled around the underside of the girthy shaft.  Sliding them from base to tip, I did the same to the other side.  “Can’t.  Get.  Enough.”  I said, peppering every inch with kisses from my puckered lips, speaking a word between kisses.  “So.  Fucking.  Good.  I.  Need.  It.”

I had him groaning, moaning and trembling.  Putty in my hand.  The image of Hayley’s shirtless body and her perky hanging tits looming above me flashed before me.  I banished it and gave the tip of his cock one final kiss.  Standing up, I fell back onto the bed.  He bent down, his skilled mouth heading for right between my legs, but I pulled him up.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  I needed him inside of me right now.
“No.  Just put in.  Get that dick inside me!”
I shuffled further back on the bed as he clambered on top of me.  Our lips met, kissing deeply and for a moment it felt like Hayley’s lips on mine, our tongues twisting and curling in each other’s mouths.  I grabbed his head and kissed him harder as his dick slapped against my wet labia.  He pushed inside with ease, sliding inch after inch into me.  It felt like nothing else in the world.  No tongue, fingers, dildos or vibrators could compare to the feeling of a big, stiff cock filling up my twat.  I cried out until he came to rest, his balls nestled snuggly against my taint.  Our lips clashed as he began thrusting.  I wrapped my legs around his waist, feet dangling in the air as I dug my nails into his back.  I gripped him in a tight embrace as he penetrated me over and over and over again.  Each hard thrust was accompanied by a satisfactory grunt.  He buried his face in the crook of my neck, kissing and sucking the flesh as he humped away.  Just like Hayley had done.  My eyes flew open and I pushed him off.
“What Swift?”  He asked.  “What’s wrong?”
“Ride you.  I want to ride you.”  I said breathlessly.
He laid on his back and I gave his cock one or two quick strokes, squeezing it between my fingers, before straddling him and sinking down on his meaty fuckstick.  Moaning his name as he filled me up, his cockhead came to rest right against my g-spot.  Slowly I gyrated my hips, staring down at him.  He placed on a hand on either side of my hips, big, strong, warm.  Nothing like Hayley’s.  At least, that’s what I told myself as I began to bounce up and down on his lap.  I placed one hand, splayed on his muscular chest as I rode him.  He gripped me tight, thrusting upwards to meet me as together we clapped our genitals.  Together the two of us found the perfect rhythm almost instantly despite our infrequent hookups.  As I rode harder, I could already feel my orgasm building, my snatch constricting tighter around the fat schlong splitting it.
“Swift!  Oh, Swift!”  He groaned.
“Keep it up.  Just like that.  Oh fuck yes!  Cole!  COLE!”  I cried out.  Each repeated impaling brought me closer to climax.  “I’m gonna cum.  That’s it.  YES!  I’m gonna cream all over this fat dick!  AHHHHH!!!”
“Cum for me Swift.  Cum riding this cock.  Do it!”  He growled.
My voice grew higher and higher in pitch as I felt the warmth blossoming in my nether regions, the pressure building with every passing millisecond.  I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t think.  I could only feel him inside of me.  He gave a particularly powerful jab and roared.  That set me off. 
“C-C-C-CUMMING!!”  I screamed to the ceiling, throwing my head back as I dug all ten fingernails even deeper into his chest.
Wet hair slapped against my back as I thrusted my chest out.  Entire body shaking, his member throbbed wildly as my twat grabbed hold and refused to let go.  My mind was a blank space.  Blissful.  Peaceful.  Tingling goodness rang through every fiber of my being as the orgasm wash over me.  I smiled.  Cole slowed his thrusts, still harder than a rock inside of me.  I slipped off of him and flopped onto the bed, all my troubles gone for the moment. 
“You good Swift?”
I opened my eyes.  He was staring at me, trying not to look too eager as he fingered his stiff prick.  I didn’t say a word, spreading my legs wide and lifting them high into the air.  He grinned and scooted over into position, sinking back into my pussy as I rested a leg on each of his broad shoulders.  Pounding away, his movements were hard and fast.
“SHIT!”  I yelled, his steel ramrod hitting deeper than I expected.  “God!  I fucking love this DICK!”
He laughed and fucked me harder, hands sliding along my smooth legs, lips kissing the toned calf as it bounced on his shoulder.  My painted toes curled behind his head as with every thrust, he seemed another inch or two deeper.
“How do you like your present?”  He asked between thrusts.  “Is it exactly what you wanted?”
“Yes!  It’s perfect!”  I said, our intense eye contact only broken when I got distracted by his speeding dick, pummeling my pink pussy fast enough to be a fleshy blur.  “This is the only present I want!  Please give it to me!  Every birthday!  Give me this CCCOOOOCCCKKKK!!!!!”
“Deal.”  He muttered and leaned forward, stretching me out as my legs were pushed even further back.   
Torso scrunched, his pounding was relentless.  Already I could feel another orgasm building, any thought of Hayley long since fucked straight out of my head.  As I screamed louder and louder, Cole knew exactly what to do to push me over the edge.  One hand descended down to my stiff clit as his cock slid in and out of me.  He stared straight through me as he pressed his thumb against it, swiping back and forth with small controlled motions.  It was mind-blowing, each swipe a perfect complement to the hard cock repeatedly ramming into the deepest recesses of my snatch. 

“COLE!!!  OH GAWD!  I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!”  I screamed, my vision blurring as my eyes crossed, my entire body coiled like a snake about to strike.

The heels of feet banged against his back as I grabbed onto his muscular arms and climaxed.  My cunt spasmed, twitching out of control as the hot, intense sensation shot from my loins to the furthest tips of my body faster than lightning.  Entire body shaking, I writhed on top of the sheets as Cole buried himself balls deep inside of me, holding on as I rode out the orgasm.  Finally coming to rest, my limbs flopped to the bed and I looked towards him.  There seemed to be two of him.  I shook my head and corrected my vision.  He pulled out of me, leaving me feeling very empty.  The veins on his prick were bulging, the crown swollen and red, ready to burst.  Staring at it, I quickly decided I wanted to feel him nut all over my face.  That would really make me forget any girl-on-girl action with Hayley, feeling his hot cum slide down my pretty features. 

Sliding off the bed, I hurried down onto my knees.  He assumed his position on the floor, nearly whacking me in the face with his fat cock as he did so.  I grabbed hold of it and started jerking.  The pulsating member only an inch away from me, I blinked up at him, a pleading expression on my face.  I opened my mouth and licked at the precum leaking from the winking piss slit, stroking him faster.  Then I started to beg for it.  He always liked that.
“Please give to me.  Give that fat fucking load.  I need to feel it all over me.  Really.  I need to be drenched in it.  Give me your hot cum from that fucking throbbing big fat dick!  PLEASE!”
“AHHHH!!!  SWIFT!!”  He cried out as I felt his prick swell in my hand.

He exploded.  Hot seed splattered against my face as I closed my eyes.  He fired, great thick ropes of piping hot cum drenching the bridge of my nose, some ricocheting against my closed eyelid.  More streaked across my forehead, dripping down onto an eyebrow.  Cheeks were splashed with wet, steaming seed.  The last volley painted my lips white.  I felt him relax in my hand.  Opening my one good eye, I blinked up at him with the biggest grin.  He was panting as I took his dick back between my lips and sucking out the final dregs and swallowing them down.  My tongue darted out of my mouth, licking at the gooey jism it could reach.  I really did love the taste of it.  Cole’s especially.   
“Mhmmm…thanks Cole.”  I said appreciatively, smacking my lips together.
“Any time Swift.”  He said, flopping back onto the bed and breathing deeply.
He handed me a tissue to clean up what I couldn’t reach with my tongue.  Crumpling it up, I threw it aside.  I stood up, my legs still shaking.     

“I should get back to the party.”  I said, picking up my towel.
“I’ll join you in a sec Swift.  Just gonna close my eyes for a second.”  He said, yawning and nestling deeper into the pillows.  “Happy 22nd Taylor.”
“Thanks Cole.”  I walked to the door and whispered more quietly.  “For everything.”

I left him in the guestroom and tiptoed back across the hall.  The party was still raging, music blaring down the hallway, the sounds of happy and drunk people equally as loud.  I hesitated at the door to my own room, my hand resting on the handle.  Over the boom of the bass, I thought I could hear someone in there.  Placing my ear against it, it sounded like moaning.  It was probably Selena.  She had a nasty habit of sneaking into my room for a quickie with one of her well-endowed but asshole boyfriends.  Cracking the door open, I immediately saw my assumptions were wrong.  Instead of Selena Gomez bouncing up and down on a cock, Hayley Williams had her legs spread wide and her back arched as she plunged a pulsating purple vibrator in and out of her sopping cunt.  My vibrator to be precise.  Her back arched even higher, painted toes curling as every purple plastic inch disappeared between her dripping pink pussy lips.  Her other hand was roughly tugging at her nipples, tweaking them as she fucked herself.  Moaning louder, her hand moving from her nipple down to her clit, stroking it hard and fast.  The dildo was an eggplant-colored blur, her eyes screwed shut tight and face twisted. 
“Taylor!  Oh, Taylor!  Hngghh!  TAYLOR!”  Hayley called out as her entire body twisted and arched. 

I couldn’t help but admire her flexibility, her body contorted like a U, jamming the vibrator down to the hilt.  Her voice reached a ludicrously high pitch as she screamed and squirted a jet of crystal-clear liquid from her squirming pink labia.  My mouth hung open as I watched her spray wave after wave of ladycum across my bedspread.  The vibrator still buzzing wildly inside of her, she gave one final jerk and one final dribble before promptly collapsing.  Trembling and shaking all over she slowly pulled the pulsating plastic implement from her still leaking twat.  The wetness between her legs made my own pussy quiver.  In fact, my entire body was on fire from the display.  Eyes still closed, she brought the vibrator up to her smeared red lips, pushing it between them and likewise sucking down to the hilt.  She moaned appreciatively before pulling it from your gullet. 

“Taylor…you taste so good…”  She said, licking every inch of the vibrator. 

I closed the door quickly.  My heart was pounding and loins ablaze, yet again. I turned around and barged back into the guest room.  Cole was still on the bed where I’d left him.  He groggily looked up.
“Time to get up.  Part two of my birthday present starts now.”
“What?”  He asked I pushed him flat and straddled him, squishing his still stiffening cock against my wet pussy lips.
“I need this dick again.”
“Ok…” He groaned as I stuck him inside of me and began riding again.

Present Day
“Swift, I never knew that.”  Cole said, very aroused, but also very touched by the story.  He paused for a moment before speaking.  “You know, we could have just talked about what happened, rather than fucking.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I love the sex, but I love you more.”
“It’s fine.  I didn’t know how to process it at the time.  All I wanted to do was fuck.  Fuck you.”  She smiled.  “It took a couple of years, but I worked and out and now look at me.”
“It’s true.  I think you might have fucked more women than I have!”  Cole said jokingly.  She gave him a playful push.  “I do have a follow up question though.  Did you ever get a resolution with Hayley?”
Taylor nodded.  “Not that night, but a couple of years later.  We worked it all out.  And afterwards I gave her lesson in using other people’s toys without their permission.”  The look on her face said it all. 
Suddenly Cole’s head was filled with images of the tall blonde and the short red-head rolling around, every sextoy imaginable around them and available for use.  His crotch grew more constrictive.
“You’re picturing it.  Aren’t you?”  Taylor asked, unable to keep the mirth from her voice.
“What!  No!  I’m listening to you of course.”  Cole said, clearing his throat loudly.
Taylor placed one hand lightly on his crotch.  “This guy says otherwise.”  He groaned as she gave it a squeeze.  “Come on.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling horny too.  Maybe you need a lesson.” 
She stood up and led him by the hand to their bedroom.  He kicked the door shut with a snap. 

End of Chapter Twenty-Two
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I love this series so much.
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The absolute ultimate in Taylor stories. Nothing else comes close.
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