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Re: Taylor's Southern Soirée (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and co.)
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Chapter 15

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums rose wearily to their feet.  They headed straight for the high class buffet or the overstocked bar; grazing the expensive hors d'oeuvres, mixing vodka Red Bulls and downing Jagerbombs by the dozen in effort to regain their strength for the evening ahead.

Once their energy levels had been replenished, it was time to freshen up; the girls heading for the sparking clean bathrooms in their twos and threes.  Some piled into the large walk-in showers; the ladies rubbing all manner of sweet-smelling soaps and gels across one another’s beach bronzed skin, before hosing each other down with the powerful, state of the art shower heads.  Others ran piping hot bubble baths; sipping glasses of vintage champagne as they shared a prolonged soak in the shiny porcelain tubs.

Next, it was time to get ready and the ladies reconvened in the luxury bedrooms, parading around in the nude as they reapplied makeup and restyled their hair; dolling themselves up for the evening’s festivities.  With their hair and makeup done it was time to pick out bikinis, and the girls slipped into a series of the most revealing, dental floss-thin two pieces the world had ever seen, before returning to the lounge and filing out onto the balcony.

The balcony on the top floor of the Windsor Park Hotel was every bit as luxurious as the penthouse suite itself.  An Olympic-sized swimming pool sat in the centre; the ornately mosaiced pool surrounded by a ring of plush padded sunbeds and neatly varnished tables.  While the girls were freshening up, the hotel staff had been hard at work; preparing the luxury balcony for an evening they’d never forget.

Two man-sized speakers had been wheeled out; Taylor’s pre-made Spotify playlist blaring out through the high-tec subwoofers.  A giant gas grill had been set up, with cool box after cool box of freshly butchered meat at its side. Hamburgers, sausages, chicken legs, steaks, skewers, ribs; you name it, they had it, and it didn’t stop there. 

Across the balcony, a long prop up table had been erected; it’s wooden surface covered with a white sheet and lined with bowls of green salad, pasta salad, chicken and potato salad.  Corn on the cob, potato wedges, coleslaw and guacamole. And of course, no southern cookout would have been complete without Deep South staples like collard greens, biscuits and cornbread.

And that was just the beginning.  Ice buckets dotted the plush terrace; each one stocked to the brim with bottles of Budweiser, Coors Light, Heineken and Corona, cans of Modelo, Miller, Busch and PBR.  While every cocktail ingredient imaginable from vodka to lime juice, rum to club soda lined the surface of a large prop up bar.

The girls took to the sunbeds; ice cool Bud Light or freshly mixed mojito in hand, passing around joints as they lounged in the early evening sun.  Some headed straight for the pool; frolicking in the crystal clear waters or floating on man-sized inflatables, sipping margaritas through curly plastic straws as they drifted across the surface.   

It really was a sight to behold; the luxury balcony a veritable ocean of skimpy bikini tops, wire-thin g-strings, designer sunglasses and expensive stilettos.  Not to mention carefully styled hair, gleaming white teeth, shimmering pink lip gloss, beach bronzed skin, stiff, protruding nipples and panty-chewing camel toes.

Everywhere you looked Taylor Swift and her a-list pals were undressing one another, oiling each other up, swigging from a cocktail or chugging down a beer as the second phase of the wild all-star bash got underway.  Jana Kramer was laid out on her front atop a long, plush sunbed, while her friend Maren Morris sat at her side; slathering every inch of her hot, athletic body in sunscreen.

Miley Cyrus helped Taylor Swift out of her skimpy, floss-thin bikini, before slathering her tits in coconut oil.  Cassadee Pope was taking a lengthy hit on a large pink bong, while Hayley Williams drained a bottle of Budweiser straight from the bucket, before reaching in for another.  Chloe Moretz was busying herself with a sizeable heap of cocaine; the fair-haired starlet cutting lines from the tall white mountain with her platinum credit card before snorting them up her nose with a rolled up $50. 

Some of the girls were sucking on popsicles; the ladies demonstrating their various deepthroat techniques as they slurped lewdly at the phallic shaped treats.  Selena Gomez seemed particularly eager to show off her oral abilities. The naughty latina sucked her popsicle right down to the stem, with little more than the thin wooden stick poking out from between her glossy pink lips as she swallowed it down.  Her lewd display was met with enthusiastic applause from those watching; the pretty popstar grinning proudly as she retrieved the long cool ice pop from her mouth.

Carrie Underwood, noticing the girls were running low on tequila, headed back inside to get some more.  As she crossed the luxury suite toward the overstocked bar, there was a knock at the penthouse door.

“Coming,” she yelled, grabbing a bottle of tequila from the bar as she headed for the door.

Carrie hurried excitedly across the penthouse suite; the blonde songstress moving as quickly as her skinny stiletto heels would carry her, her perky B-cup titties jiggling delightfully as she went.  She opened the door, grinning coquettishly as the portal eased open; revealing what can only be described as a pack of big southern studs waiting patiently in the hotel hallway.

“Hey, boys,” Carrie smirked, placing a lengthy nailed finger teasingly between her pouty pink lips as she lingered in the open doorway.  “Come on in.”

She stepped to the side and the men filed in.  There were six in total, each more handsome and musclebound than the last; the luxury suite a vast ocean of sparkling blue eyes, chiseled jawlines, carefully sculpted beards and neatly trimmed designer stubble.  Not forgetting big, bulging biceps, rock hard pecs and rippling, cobblestone six packs; the guys’ tight-fitting clothing offering teasing outlines of every line and contour of their impressive physiques.

Some wore denim and flannel shirts unbuttoned over a tight white tank top; the hem tucked into a pair of stonewashed skinny fits.  Others rocked worn band t-shirts; the sleeves rolled up to show off their rippling muscles and colourful tattoos. Cowboy hats and backwards trucker hats perched atop freshly barbed, neatly slicked back hair, while skinny jeans bunched around ankle high leather boots. 

Carrie bit her bottom lip with desire as she looked on at the gang of studs; every set of piercing blue eyes, every ultra-chiseled jawline, musclebound abdomen and long, snakelike trouser bulge causing her barely covered pussy to seep its sticky clear fluids.

“Glad you guys could make it,” she declared, eyeing up each of the ripped southern hunks one by one as they gathered inside the penthouse suite.  “Now,” she added, “who wants to meet the girls?”

End of Chapter 15
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Re: Taylor's Southern Soirée (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and co.)
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Chapter 16

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

The burning Nashville sun beat down on the luxury balcony on the penthouse suite of the Windsor Park Hotel.  Taylor Swift and her party guests, now numbering eleven scantily clad female celebrities and six burly Tennessean hunks, congregated on the plush long terrace as the popstar’s big southern bash rolled on into the early evening. 

Two of the men had fired up the barbecue; the chiselled Deep South studs grilling steaks and flipping burgers to perfection before serving them up to the A-list party goers.  A couple more had shed their clothing, joining the ladies in the pool in little more than their tighty whities; their ever stiffening cocks testing the material of the designer undergarments to their limits as they waded into the shimmering water.  The remaining pair made themselves useful at the sunbeds; their skilled, dextrous hands rubbing sunscreen and coconut oil over any stretch of the smooth feminine skin that required it.

Cocktails were drunk, beers were chugged and shots were necked.  Joints were handed around, lines of coke were vacuumed up in their dozens, while brightly coloured pills were passed from tongue to tongue.  Before long things started to heat up. The girls were clinging onto the nearest ripped southern hunk like their lives depended on it. A multitude of neatly manicured hands roamed up and down every muscular bronzed torso across the big plush terrace, some even venturing down to the crotch of their stonewashed jeans and vigorously groping the long erect dicks tucked away within.

Elle Fanning was sat on the edge of the pool; her long, milky white legs dangling in the shimmering water as she made out passionately with a half submerged stud.  Her arms were wrapped around his broad, hulk-like shoulder blades as they locked lips; his big, rock hard cock nearly bursting clean through the thin material of his sodden boxer briefs.  Over at the recliners, Hailee Steinfeld was straddling a big, bearded hunk; her lengthy nailed fingers exploring the thick, waxy strands of his carefully slicked back hair, the randy brunette lightly grinding her warm, g-string clad crotch up and down the length of his dick as they made out.

Taylor Swift was laid back atop a padded sunbed; her pouty pink lips slurping at the last dregs of her strong Tequila Sunrise as she gazed up at the clear blue Nashville sky.  Suddenly, a large silhouetted figure stepped into her field of vision. She raised her designer sunglasses, catching sight of the tall, chiseled god of a man stood before her; grinning mischievously as he held aloft a bottle of expensive sunscreen.

“Hey, Miss Swift,” he said.  “You look like you could use a rubdown.”

“Why, thank you,” she replied with a naughty smirk.  “And please,” she added, sucking up the last of her drink, “call me Taylor.”

“Of course, Taylor,” he grinned, perching beside her on the edge of the sunbed, squeezing out a hearty portion of sunblock onto his large, manly hands and rubbing it in.  “I’m Travis.”

Without further ado, he got to work; the muscular stud leaning tantalisingly over the supine popstar, smearing the lotion across her fitness model-esque shoulder blades.  He carried on down her arms; the southern hunk delighting in the layers upon layers of effeminate musculature that made up her aerobicized limbs. Next, he moved onto her upper body and with her skimpy bikini top already removed, he devoured her B cup tits; the burly stud mauling the perky chest mounds like an excited teenager. 

By now, Taylor was mewling lightly from her supine stance, her pussy moistening and her nipples springing to her attention as Travis groped her luscious breasts, slathering her perky bust in enough factor 30 to last her the entire week.  He carried on down to her abdomen; the musclebound hunk plastering her flat, toned midriff in sunscreen, his skilled hands roaming across her silky, beach-tanned skin like a seasoned masseur.

Next, Travis moved down to her legs; the chiselled stud venturing from the strap of Taylor’s expensive stiletto heels, right up to her thighs, smearing every inch of her smoothly waxed pins in lotion as he went.  As he reached the tops of her thighs he felt her start to tremble; the horny singer’s scanty bikini bottoms so drenched with moisture they offered an almost indecent outline of the tight, sopping wet pussy underneath.

Travis could wait no longer.  He undid the ties of Taylor’s wire-thin panties, whipping the skimpy garments clean off in one swift motion, leaving the popstar nude as the day she was born atop the plush sunbed.  Without a word, he dove in; the Deep South sex god burying his handsome face between her thighs like an ostrich in the sand. Taylor gasped; her blue eyes bulging as Travis stuck out his tongue and lapped at her swollen clit. 

“Oh, fuck!” she groaned, reaching down to grab a handful of his shaggy brown hair as he licked at her seeping pussy. 

Travis dug in, the muscled hunk lapping at her sodden gash like a thirsty kitten; her sticky, sugary-sweet girlcum smearing across his mouth as he did so.  Taylor was in seventh heaven, and she wasn’t the only one getting a little down and dirty with the cast of southern men gatecrashing their pool party. Indeed, all around the fair-haired singer, her A-list chums were dropping like flies; kneeling before the burly studs in their twos and threes, whipping down their jeans and getting to work.

One man had Miley Cyrus and Jana Kramer knelt before him; the popstar sucking his long, thick cock while her country counterpart worked his big, cum-filled balls.  Another guy was laid back atop a padded recliner; Maren Morris’ dripping wet pussy perched on his face, while Hayley Williams busied herself between his thighs. One particularly lucky bastard had three girls lined up at his feet; Cassadee Pope and Chloe Moretz sharing his balls while Selena Gomez went to town on his dick.

The poolside bash had quickly descended into little more than an all-out celebrity suckfest; an oral orgy so salacious and untamed that it put even the very wildest of group sex porno flicks to shame.  Carrie Underwood was squatted on the end of a plush recliner. Her bikini top had been removed; exposing her perky tits and stiff pink nipples to the warm Nashville air, while her designer sunglasses were rested atop her head and nestled amongst her vibrant golden locks.     

Stood before her was a tall southern stud; his tight white boxers bunched around his ankles, his usually handsome face contorted in all kinds of unsightly ways as the country starlet’s pretty blonde head bobbed and dipped at his bare crotch.  Carrie’s mouth was working wonders on the muscled hunk’s girthy nine inch cock. Her full, pouty lips roamed up and down the length of his member; leaving behind them thick trails of spit which dripped down onto the floor below as she blew him.

*SLURP* “Mmm,” *SUCK* “Mmhmm,” came the sounds from Carrie’s busy mouth as she sucked the oversized dick; her long, pink painted nails digging into his musclebound thighs as she worked him over.

Carrie’s state of the art iPhone XS sat atop a small wooden table, between a tightly rolled joint burning away in an ashtray and three chopped up lines of Colombian cocaine.  The phone buzzed and Carrie reached for it; keeping her lucky stud’s lengthy cock in her mouth as she did so. She looked at the phone, seeing she had a new text from a young man named DeMarcus.  Stroking the cock with one hand and sucking greedily at the head, Carrie opened the message and gave it a read.

We here girl, it read.  Where your room at?

Still slurping fervently at the oversized dong pulsing in her mouth, the blonde singer punched out a response.

Top floor baby, she replied.  Why don’t you come on up?

Carrie returned her phone to the table and looked up at the young man before her; his deep brown eyes rolling into the back of his head as she was sucked six ways from Sunday by the randy songstress.  Carrie retrieved the dick from her mouth; spitting on the shaft and stroking it vigorously with both hands.

“Come on, honey,” she said, her soft, lotioned paws roaming wildly up and down the length of the thick, spit-slicked shaft.  “I’ve got more guests to welcome,” she added with a smirk, “you gonna cum for me or not?”

End of Chapter 16
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Re: Taylor's Southern Soirée (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and co.)
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Chapter 17

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

Carrie Underwood crossed the luxury penthouse suite and opened the door.  Stood patiently in the hallway were six young African Americans; each one bigger, burlier and blacker than the last.  Some wore tight white tank tops, others sported Memphis Grizzlies jerseys; the sleeveless garments showing off their impressive bulk and considerable musculature. 

Biceps bulged in their thick, dark arms, while rock hard pecs and rippling six pack abs lined their impressive torsos.  Backward Tennessee Titans hats perched atop freshly barbed afro hairdos. Gold chains hung from necks. Designer jeans sagged at the waist and bunched around pristine Nike high tops.  Some had freshly rolled Philly blunts tucked behind their ears, while others swigged from bottles of gin or rum.

Carrie lent against the doorframe, grinning coquettishly at the band of black hunks before ushering them inside.

“Come on in, boys,” she said, shifting to the side to allow them through. 

The men filed inside; each one eyeing up Carrie’s half-nude white body as they passed.  By this stage the southern songstress was wearing little more than a pink g-string and a pair of heels; her flat, toned midriff, not to mention supple B-cup tits and shapely peach of an ass on display for all to see.  She closed the door and the men quickly ringed her; an army of large black hands cupping her breasts and pawing at her tight, round butt. Before long Carrie found herself surrounded; the country singer marooned in a sea of chocolate skin, gleaming white teeth and freshly trimmed afro hair.  Not to mention dark tattoos, rippling muscles and thick, protruding trouser bulges.

“Hmm, you boys like what you see, huh?” she smirked, turning slowly through 360 degrees, allowing each of the big, dark skinned studs a look at her glorious white frame from all angles. 

“Mmmhmm,” some of the men murmured in response, while others just continued to paw at her hot body; squeezing her perky breasts and lightly rubbing at her warm, moistening crotch.

“The feeling’s mutual,” Carrie replied, throwing her slender arms around two sets of big, broad shoulder blades; her lengthy nailed fingers exploring their nappy hair as she guided DeMarcus down for a kiss.

Carrie made out passionately with the tall young black man; reaching down to stroke his stiffening cock through the thin fabric of his basketball shorts.  She moved onto his friend, a burly youth by the name of Trae; strong black hands still squeezing and lightly slapping her cute round butt as she locked lips with the African stud. 

DeMarcus took a puff on a thick Philly blunt, letting the rich smoke fill his lungs as he passed it onto Carrie.  She placed the blunt between her glossy pink lips; taking a long hit and billowing the thick marijuana smoke into the air as she handed it onto Trae.  Carrie turned around; allowing those behind her to get a view of the front. She made out with a third guy, another cupping and fondling her handful-sized tits as she ground her ass against DeMarcus’ dick.  Her hands groped the cocks in front of her and she felt the lengthy chocolate dongs grow and stiffen in her lotioned palms and against her supple round ass.

She could resist no longer.  Carrie dropped to a squat in the circle of black men and tugged down DeMarcus’ shorts.  His cock shot out as if spring loaded; the thick slab of dark, veiny meat stood to attention before her like a long brown girder.  Carrie gripped the big African cock at the base; looking up naughtily at DeMarcus as she stuck out her tongue and slapped the head against the moist red flesh. 

Then, she wrapped her lips around the shaft; the horny singer bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked the oversized dong.  By now DeMarcus’ friends had dropped their pants and it wasn’t long before Carrie found herself surrounded by no fewer than six thick, hard ebony schlongs; every one of them pointed at her pretty white features like long black arrows.

The men encroached on the randy blonde; closing the circle around her until every one of the big, girthy pricks were mere inches from her face.  Some of the guys stroked their cocks vigorously, while others just let them hang there in wait of the naughty singer and her skilled white mouth.   

Carrie reached out and grabbed the two nearest cocks; beating them wildly while she sucked the third.  Her multitasking skills, it turned out, were second to none, and her dicksucking talents didn’t deminish one iota as she worked three of the big, meaty prongs at once.  In fact, Carrie was able to swallow DeMarcus’ thick ebony schlong straight down to the balls repeatedly and still jerk the remaining two like a seasoned pro.

Next, Carrie gripped Trae and DeMarcus’ long black cocks at the base and switched back and forth from one to the other.  Her pretty blonde head moved swiftly from one fat chocolate dong to the next; the horny singer sucking them down to around mid-shaft each time and leaving thick trails of spittle behind as she moved onto the other.   

Carrie worked her way around the circle of thick black schlongs; treating each and every one to the multitude of impressive tricks and tips her slick wet mouth and soft, skilled hands were capable of.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered of every meaty dark prong that came her way; lapping at undersides, tonguing at dickholes and sucking on big black balls for good measure.

Black hands rested at the back of her pretty blonde head; shiny golden locks flowing through the gaps between their long dark fingers as the gang of studs gently, though dominantly guided her pouty pink lips up and down the length of their cocks.  Hands pawed and squeezed at her perky tits and reached down to smack her shapely ass.

But Carrie had never been one to submit so easily to a sexual partner; even six big, burly black sexual partners who ringed her slender white frame like schoolyard bullies.  Indeed, the country singer continued to give as good as she got; swallowing every long dark wang within spitting distance right down to the balls; regardless of its length or girth.  And she didn’t stop there. In fact, Carrie was beating off dicks like there was no tomorrow; stroking and jerking every spit slicked dong like an experienced pornstar.

Carrie was in seventh heaven; the randy songstress sieged from all sides by strong black men with big dark cocks.  A cloud of weed smoke hung thick in the air; the smell of Tanqueray and Havana Club tingled her nostrils as the tall black studs swigged from open bottles.  Though there was nothing more intoxicating than the thick African cocks pulsing in her mouth and hands or the rich, sticky precum trickling down her throat. Even with all the booze she’d drunk and drugs she’d consumed, nothing came close to the feeling of a fat black wang throbbing between her lips and against her tongue.


The loud sound of someone clearing their throat cut through the lewd, wanton dicksucking noises and loud, pounding music; jolting Carrie from her cockdrunk stupor like a bolt from the blue.  All of a sudden the wall of black hunks before her parted like the Red Sea; leaving Carrie exposed amid a semi-circle of dark-skinned youths, two girthy schlongs clutched in her dainty hands as she squatted like a seasoned stripper.

Stood before Carrie and her gang of African studs were Selena Gomez and Jana Kramer; the dark-haired duo stood hand in hand as they looked on at the spectacle before them.

“Miss Underwood!” gasped Selena.  “You little cock-hog!”

“Yeah, come on, Carrie,” Jana added, grinning naughtily at her fair-haired friend, “you gonna share those dicks or what?”

End of Chapter 17
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Re: Taylor's Southern Soirée (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and co.)
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Chapter 18

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

“You gonna share those dicks or what?”

Carrie Underwood smirked back at her two friends, equally large black schlongs grasped in her dainty little hands. 

“Get over here, girls,” she said, pausing to tongue a glob of precum from one of the cocks, “there’s plenty to go around!”

Selena Gomez and Jana Kramer exchanged grins and stepped forward; the dark-haired duo shedding their colourful, floss-thin bikini tops as they waded into the fray.  They hunkered down alongside their fair-haired friend; the all-star trio squatted with their backs to one another as they were flanked on all sides by no fewer than six long African cocks. 

The girls wasted no time; all three of the A-list sluts feeding the nearest big dark rod between their pretty pink lips, while a multitude of soft, manicured hands went for those that remained.  They sucked and jerked, slurped and stroked; the randy threesome working all six of the thick ebony dongs trained on them like dark flesh rifles from every direction.

Selena Gomez had a big black cock embedded deep in her throat, the lusty latina violently stroking a second long dark wang with her smooth, velvety hands as she sucked it down to the balls.  Meanwhile, Jana Kramer was going wild on a lengthy black schlong of her own, the country singer guiding her soft pink lips up and down the span of the veiny cockshaft; her pretty head little more than an immaculately styled light-brown blur as she sucked the giant dong.

But the star of the show was without a doubt, Miss Carrie Underwood.  Indeed, she was working over three black cocks at once; the horny blonde sucking on one of the big, girthy wangs like a woman possessed, while her soft, satiny hands stroked and jerked the remaining two. 

Before long, the girls turned to face one another; the celebrity trio pooling their resources as they engaged in battle with an army of thick ebony cocks.  First, Carrie and Selena both turned their attention to DeMarcus’ long dark pole, the randy duo wrapping their twins sets of pouty lips around his shaft; the plump pairs of bee-stung, shell-pink dickpleasers pressing together with the young suds’ oversized black member sandwiched between.  They stroked and jerked any other long dark cock they could get their hands on; the horny pair guiding their slobbering wet mouths up and down DeMarcus’ giant wang as they did so.

Then came the turn of Jana and Selena; the naughty duo suckling on each of Trae’s big, brown balls while Jana stroked his cock.  Finally, the girls went to town on one particularly lucky stud, the A-list trio threeway tag teaming the young black man like WWE starlets as they shared his long dark rod; Carrie and Jana gobbling at his balls while Selena worked the shaft.

And on and on it went.  Before long the scene had descended into little more than an all-star interracial group slut suckfest.  The randy trio worked over the thick black cocks in their twos, threes and solo, being sure to take every opportunity to make out with one another between vicious bouts of dickslurping, ball sucking and deepthroating, their silky smooth hands jerking and beating any veiny dark pole within spitting distance. 

At one stage Carrie had two throbbing black dicks clasped at the base; the horny blonde shifting back and forth from cock to cock, treating each of the girthy dark prongs a single drooling, vacuuming pass of skilled white mouth before moving onto the next.  Meanwhile, Selena and Jana were doubling up on DeMarcus’ long black wang; the popstar sucking hard at his swollen brown head, while her country counterpart worked her thick pink lips up and down the shaft, fondling his balls with a smooth, dainty hand as she went.         

Fifteen minutes of sucking, slurping, deepthroating and cock-sharing later, and the guys were ready to cum.  The girls returned to their previous formation, a Bermuda triangle of cock-worshipping, ball-draining, randy white sluts; ringed from all sides by a band of chiseled black studs, each and every one pointing their throbbing, spit-slicked cocks at their pretty faces.

“Come on, guys,” purred Carrie Underwood, pausing to tongue at the seeping head of Trae’s giant dong, the country singer fondling his oversized balls with her hand, “give us all that thick, black cum!”

“Yeah, give us all that spunk, boys!” Selena added, gazing up at DeMarcus as she licked her glossy pink lips like a randy pornstar.  “We wanna share those hot, creamy loads like the cum-swallowing sluts that we are!”

That final line of lewd, slutty dirty talk was all it took.  A young man named CJ was first blow; the tall black hunk firing a thick wad of warm African seed straight into Jana Kramer’s waiting mouth.  Jana and Carrie passed the cum back and forth from mouth to mouth; the naughty duo sharing the rich ebony semen like a frosty vanilla malt, both women swallowing down their helping of the creamy warm spunkload without the slightest of flinches. 

From here on, big black cocks went off across the circle of studs like land mines.  Next was a dark-skinned hunk named Julius; his thick African load hitting Selena Gomez full in the face; the sticky, hot cum splattering over her lips, nose, cheeks and chin, some even streaking her shiny dark hair as he plastered her face with his seed.  And still the loads kept coming. Jana Kramer took one to the face. Carrie Underwood got one in the mouth; the blonde songstress sharing the thick, strong-tasting jizzwad with Selena Gomez.

Trae and DeMarcus were the last to blow and the ladies lined up before the two stroking studs; making out with one another as they fondled their big, cum-churning balls.  At almost the exact same time, the guys unloaded; the burly young duo blasting what seemed like a week’s build up of gloopy black semen across the girls’ faces, covering nigh on every inch of their flawless white features in creamy African spunk.

“Wow!” exclaimed Jana Kramer, her pretty face coated with thick, sticky cum.  “You boys sure made a mess!”

“Yeah,” Carrie Underwood agreed, scooping up a dollop of cum with a lengthy-nailed finger and sucking it clean.  “I think we’re gonna have to clean ourselves up. But when we’re done, who wants to meet the girls?”

End of Chapter 18
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Re: Taylor's Southern Soirée (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and co.)
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Chapter 19

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

Back out on the balcony, the orgy was in full swing.  Much like their black counterparts, many of the party’s white stud contingent had already blown a load; thick wads of rich, creamy spunk plastering faces and filling mouths in equal measure as they emptied their swollen balls.  But if the muscular white hunks thought that a stomach-filling jizzload or a facial blast like a high-velocity water cannon may have earned them a moment or two’s respite, they were sorely mistaken. In fact, no sooner had the young studs blown a thick load of hot, verile spunk, were they pushed down onto nearest recliner and mounted like a prized racehorse. 

Indeed, all across the luxury terrace world famous starlets were teaming up on the handsome young men in pairs and threes; bouncing on a long, thick cock or perching on a well-groomed face like a queen on her throne.  One man was laid out atop a plush recliner; Hailee Steinfeld sat on his face as Elle Fanning rode his fat, veiny prong. Another was pounding Taylor Swift from behind as she ate out Maren Morris. Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez and Jana Kramer emerged from the lounge, trailing behind them a band of ripped African studs; all three of the A-list sluts leading a chiseled young black man by the shaft of his big, fat cock.   

“Hey, girls,” Carrie announced as she stepped out onto the balcony.  “Look what we found!”

The ladies looked up from a guy’s crotch or between a girl’s legs, whooping and hollering in unison as they caught sight of the naked black studs assembled before them.  Carrie and co. wasted no time; each of the all-star trio quickly finding a face to sit on or a cock to work their tight, pink pussy up and down. The guys didn’t hang around either; all six of the dark-skinned hunks locating a pretty white mouth and filling it with his dick in no time at all.

Before long, Taylor Swift and many of her celebrity chums found themselves being taken from both ends; the randy partygoers getting their mouths and vaginas worked over by shredded Southern studs from opposite ends of the colour wheel.  Miley Cyrus was sprawled out atop a padded recliner; a long-haired white guy drilling her pussy, while a black dude dipped his balls in her mouth. Meanwhile, Hayley Williams was bent over in the doggy position; a tall ebony stud pounding her from behind while she sucked at a long white cock.

But the A-list starlets weren’t the only ones finding themselves outnumbered by the opposite sex.  In fact, many of the male contingent were receiving a similar treatment and all across the lavish balcony black and white men alike were disappearing under piles of horny celebrity sluts.  One black guy was 69ing with Cassadee Pope, while Selena Gomez knelt between his thighs and gobbled at his big, swollen nuts.

A white man was fucking Chloe Moretz from behind, while she went down on Jana Kramer, Elle Fanning kneeling between his legs, ready and waiting to suck his big fat cock straight out of her friend’s pussy.  Elsewhere, the dark-skinned hunk DeMarcus was one-upping even him; the young black stud laying back on a plush recliner as Hailee Steinfeld rode his giant dong; Carrie Underwood sitting on his face while Maren Morris sucked on his heavy black balls.   

With the all-star orgy reaching its apex, many of its attendees began to brandish their iPhones; the horny partygoers snapping pictures and shooting videos in their dozens as the interracial celebrity fuckfest raged on.  Before long #TaylorInNashville was trending on social media and even the briefest browsings of said hashtag would unearth a treasure trove of X-rated photos and videos; plastered across Twitter and Instagram, and seen by billions across the world in a matter of minutes. 

One such video was filmed by Miss Swift herself; the clip shot from her POV as a long black cock slid deep into the recesses of her snatch.  Another was shot by Miley Cyrus, the video offering a first-person view of Hayley Williams eating her pussy; the redhead looking into the camera lens with a hazy, cockdrunk glaze as a young white stud pounded her out from behind.  While a third video was shot from a black guy’s POV; the dark-skinned hunk beating his throbbing cock with his free hand before blasting a thick wad of spunk over Cassadee Pope’s pretty white face.

And the man in the video wasn’t the only one losing his second load of the evening.  No- as a matter of fact, male guests were blowing their beans left, right and centre across the hotel balcony; shooting their loads into pretty mouths and across cute faces and perky bare chests alike.  Carrie Underwood took one full in the face. Hailee Steinfeld got a blast across her B-cup chest, while Elle Fanning sucked a rich, creamy load straight out of a big black cock; the randy blonde swallowing it whole before going back for more.  Some of the partygoers took a brief break once the second load of splooge had been shot; barrel-chested southern studs and tight-bodied celebrity sluts alike hitting the buffett, chugging a beer or taking a bump of coke before getting back down to business. 

Back at the recliners, Chloe Moretz found herself in something of an exotic position with two of the male guests.  The blonde actress was knelt across the plush sunbed; a chiseled young black man by the name of Dante positioned behind her, grasping her shapely white hips as he drove his cock deep into her cunt.  In front stood Logan, a tall, bearded white guy; the muscled Tennessee hunk gripping a handful of her golden hair as she sucked his fat, long prick. The two Deep South studs had been going at Chloe for the better part of half an hour; taking turns at both ends, the burly young duo administering more orgasms than the fair-haired starlet could count.  Now, after 30+ minutes of solid fucking, the guys were ready to cum.

“Fuck!” Logan exclaimed, prizing his oversized dong from Chloe’s drooling, slurping mouth.  “I’m gonna blow!”

Dante, too, retrieved his dick from his end; both men gathering side by side as Chloe dropped to her knees before them.  The two studs jerked off vigorously before her; the randy starlet reaching up to fondle their bulging ball sacks as they beat their throbbing pricks. 

“Cum for me, boys,” Chloe encouraged, parting her lips and wagging her slick red tongue suggestively.  “Fill my slutty mouth!”

The guys didn’t need to be told twice.  In fact, neither of the ripped southern studs had the restraint to wait for the other to cum before blowing his load, and no sooner had Logan blasted a thick jet of semen into Chloe’s waiting mouth, had Dante followed suit; both the muscular young men shooting hearty portions of hot, creamy spunk between her glossy pink lips. 

By the time they were done, Chloe’s mouth was filled damn near to the brim; her pretty plump lips nearly overflowing with the sheer volume of thick, virile seed held within.  To wrap up, the guys stepped up one by one; each of them squeezing out the last few droplets of cum from their tender, round cockheads and into Chloe’s mouth. She closed her lips; the blonde beauty swallowing down the rich spunky cocktail in a single gulp.

“Mmm! Yummy!” Chloe declared, licking her lips in appreciation of the strong, manly taste.  “Now, boys,” she added, climbing back onto the recliner and bending over; thrusting her peachy round butt into the air as she did so, “who wants to fuck my ass?”

End of Chapter 19
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Very nice work. I haven't read all of them, but wanted to give you my appreciation for sharing this wonderful series on here.
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Wow!  Wow!  WOW!  With each new chapter you continue to impress me.  I don't know how you do it.  Utterly fantastic work.  I cannot wait to see how it's all going to end!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 20

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

Day turned to night across the Deep South, and darkness started to blanket the city of Nashville.  The town fell silent; the occasional honk of a late night minicab all that could be heard on the streets of Music City.  In accordance with the rest of the city, the Windsor Park Hotel had fallen into a similar state of quiet; the hustle and bustle of the lobby and hallways replaced by little more than the hum of a vacuum cleaner as a calm, peaceful silence carried throughout the luxury hotel.

That was, of course, if you discounted the top floor.  Indeed, the penthouse suite remained as lively as ever, and there was no way Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums were going to let nightfall and a litany of noise complaints put a stop to their fun.  As darkness fell, a series of powerful LED lights illuminated the luxury balcony like floodlights at a football game, and once Taylor and her guests had replenished their energy levels with the last of the expensive food, a host of energy drink cocktails and countless lines of Colombian cocaine, the all-star celebrity orgy raged on.     

Logan was sat out on a comfy padded sunbed; the handsome southern hunk cooing and groaning like a wounded critter as Chloe Moretz knelt before him, sucking his fat, long cock.  Chloe had one hand roaming across Logan’s chiseled, sunkissed chest, while the other reached down to her ass; her long, expertly filed fingernails exploring Dante’s neatly trimmed afro hair as the ripped black stud buried his face between her cheeks.

Chloe was on cloud nine; sucking and slurping, drooling and slobbering over Logan’s big, girthy prick, the fair haired starlet cooing and groaning as Dante tonguefucked her tight pink ass.  The young black man had two handfuls of her peachy round buttcheeks; his long dark fingers squeezing and caressing the layers upon layers of effeminate muscletone that made up the shapely, beach tanned orbs as he probed her sweet ass with his tongue.

Dante bobbed his afro-topped head; guiding his long, skilled tongue back and forth inside Chloe’s snug pink anus, the dark-skinned stud feasting on her tight little ass like it was his last meal.  Chloe moaned and groaned around the long, thick cock engorged in her mouth; her hot, slender body quivering all over, her slick, warm pussy oozing its sticky clear fluids as she was eaten into ecstasy by the Nubian hunk.

“Yeah, eat my ass just like that!” Chloe groaned, retrieving Logan’s fat, veiny cock from her mouth and giving the spit-slicked wang a hearty stroke as she looked back at the chocolate stud tonguefucking her butthole.  “Fuck, baby, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Dante reached up to tease her throbbing clit with a dextrous thumb, the tall black man lapping and tonguing at her raspberry-pink hole as her burrowed between her asscheeks like a hibernating rodent.  The extra stimulation to her pulsing red bud was all it took, and within seconds Chloe was shaking violently from head to toe.

“FUUUUCK!” she screamed; a powerful, quaking orgasm tearing through her athletic young frame as she was brought to climax by the skilled ebony stud. 
But Dante wasn’t finished with Chloe’s peachy round ass just yet.  In fact, he was just getting started.  He spread her buttcheeks open once more; spitting one final jet of slippery wet saliva across her tight pink asshole before rising to his feet.  Chloe fed Logan’s cock back between her lips; the randy blonde looking up at the tall southern hunk as she sucked his lengthy prong, her sparkling green eyes bulging as she felt the seeping tip of Dante’s fat 10 inch cock press against her asshole. 

Without further ado, the burly black stud pushed forward, guiding the girthy tip of his oversized wang inside; Chloe’s snug little asshole spreading wide open to accommodate it.  Muffled coos and groans escaped her pretty pink mouth as she sucked Logan’s cock; the head alone of Dante’s fat black dong stretching her tight anus like it was made from elastic. 

Dante began to rock back and forth, working his oversized cock to and fro inside Chloe’s hot pink asshole; the fat black wang venturing deeper into her anal cavity with each passing stroke.  Chloe was in seventh heaven; the horny starlet stuffed full of fat, veiny cock from both poles of her hot young body.  And as she released Logan’s dick from her mouth and glanced back lustily at the dark-skinned stud ploughing her shapely white ass, she noticed she wasn’t the only A-list party guest with a colon full of veiny, throbbing cock meat. 

Indeed, horny singers and actresses alike were getting their assholes worked over across the hotel balcony, and everywhere Chloe looked one of her friends was hopping up and down atop a supine stud, or getting drilled from behind by 9+ inches of girthy man beef.  Taylor Swift was bent over a plush recliner, a tall white stud stood behind her, fucking her tight little ass with his long, thick cock.  Meanwhile, Hayley Williams had assumed the cowgirl position atop a supine black man; the randy redhead bouncing her snug pink asshole up and down his veiny dark prong.

And it didn’t stop there.  Some of the girls had, once again, found themselves outnumbered by the band of southern studs; with some of the ladies tackling the muscular young men in their twos or threes.  Cassadee Pope was sprawled out atop a padded sunbed; the country singer gobbling eagerly at a pair of heavy black balls, while a chiseled white hunk plundered her snug little ass.  Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus was getting worked over from both ends; the horny songstress sucking heartily at a long white cock, while a tall black stud reamed her tight pink anus from behind. 

By this point, Chloe was getting skewered like a piece of meat.  Logan had rose from his seat on the recliner and was now stood before the randy actress; a hand at the back of her pretty blonde head as he guided her pouty, bee-stung lips up and down his shaft.  Chloe had one hand clasped on his thigh; her lengthy manicured nails digging into the muscular appendages as he worked her over, the other reaching back to strum her throbbing clit as Dante drove all 10 of his thick, girthy inches deep into her rectum.  Chloe mewled and groaned around the cock in her mouth, occasionally releasing it and beating the spit-slathered dong as she screamed encouragement at her dark-skinned counterpart.
“Yes! Fuck my ass!” she cried, looking back at Dante with gritted, pearly white teeth.  “Pound my slutty white hole with your fat black cock!”

And pound her he did.  In fact, Dante was showing the fair-haired starlet little mercy; the burly black stud driving his veiny, dark prong right down to the balls and back with each stroke.  Chloe had long since lost track of her orgasm, with nigh on every pass of Dante’s thick ebony dong igniting a new thunderous climax from deep within her slender white frame. 

And she wasn’t the only one cumming repeatedly from a burst of deep anal drilling.  Indeed, women were going off like explosives across the luxury balcony and barely a second seemed to pass without an A-lister or two screaming at the tops of their lungs as a violent, earth-shattering orgasm tore through their athletic young bodies.  Maren Morris had adopted the reverse cowgirl stance atop a chiseled black stud; the country singer squirting what appeared to be a litre of her clear, wet girlcum into the air as he pounded her snug white ass.  Elsewhere, Carrie Underwood was bent over a padded sunbed; the randy blonde crying out in orgasmic ecstasy as a tall white stud reamed her tight pink butthole from behind. 

And as the orgy continued, the X-rated social media activity raged along with it.  #TaylorInNashville was garnering more traffic than the Oscars, the Grammys and the Super Bowl combined, and as the all-star fuckfest moved into its fourth continuous hour, exclusive videos from inside the celebrity bash continued to emerge across all online platforms long into the night.       
Once such video, filmed from a white stud’s POV, depicted Hailee Steinfeld laid out on her back atop a plush sunbed; her expensive stiletto heels tucked behind her ears as the chiseled young hunk drilled her tight little asshole with his cock.  Another, shot by a black guy, showed Elle Fanning bent over with her ass in the air; the randy blonde looking back at the camera and kneading her pulsing clit, as the dark-skinned stud pummeled her snug pink anus.

By now, Dante too had brandished his state of the art iPhone in an effort to get in on the action.  Before long, a video emerged on Snapchat of the ebony-skinned hunk fucking Chloe Moretz in the ass, before pulling out and feeding his long black prong straight into her mouth.  The caption read; ATM Machine [followed by peach and eggplant emojis], and Miss Moretz wasn’t the only one engaging in a little ass to mouth action.  Indeed, all across the hotel balcony, randy celebs paid no heed to the associated health risks as they sucked thick, veiny cocks straight out of a host of tight, pink assholes.

One man had Jana Kramer suspended in mid air; the tall white hunk gripping the country starlet by her toned, beach tanned thighs as he threw up and down on his cock.  Selena Gomez was squatted at his feet; the lusty latina gobbling on his big, swollen balls, ready and waiting to suck his long, girthy wang straight out of her friend’s rectum.  Elsewhere, a black man pulled his veiny chocolate dong out of Hayley Williams’ snug pink ass and fed it directly into Taylor Swift’s greedy mouth; the randy blonde polishing the lengthy, greased up wang like vintage silverware.     

Back at the recliners, Chloe had turned over onto her back; her expensive heels tucked behind her ears as her two chosen studs continued to work her over from both ends.  Dante was stood over the supine blonde; jerking himself off as he dipped his large black balls into her mouth like a teabag in hot water.  At the other end, Logan pushed down on her thighs; the burly white hunk pinning back her long, slender legs as he drilled her tight little ass.

Chloe mewled and groaned, her orgasmic coos muffled by the big, cum-churning balls dangled  in her mouth.  She strummed her throbbing clit; the horny actress squirting jet after jet of her sticky, wet cunt juices across Logan’s ab-lined midriff as he pounded her with his cock.  Indeed, Chloe had been spraying like a water feature for the better part of ten minutes; the randy blonde squirting a jet of girlcum from her sodden wet twat with nigh on every pass Logan’s fat, girthy prong took inside her colon.   

While Logan fucked her ass, Dante took care of her mouth; the ripped black hunk repositioning himself to Chloe’s right and slapping his round, swollen cockhead against her thick, pillowy lips.  As he did so, Chloe fondled his balls; the fair-haired starlet feeling the rich, creamy spunkwad brewing in the oversized pair as she went.  Next, Dante sawed his dick back and forth between her lips; the dark-skinned stud slicing his dong between the pouty pink pair like he was chopping through wood. 

Then, Chloe parted her lips and took the dick inside; her cheeks bulging lewdly as his big, bulging prickhead prodded at the inside of her mouth like a long black poker.  Chloe turned her head to the side and sucked greedily at Dante’s cock; the blonde beauty drooling and slurping at the oversized wang like a dog with a bone. 

Chloe had both of her chosen studs on the verge of eruption in a matter of minutes; neither man able to hold off amid the vicious onslaught from her mouth and asshole alike.  Indeed, Chloe was going at Dante’s cock like a woman possessed; sucking, slurping, drooling, deepthroating; her skilled young maw generating more suction than a state of the art vacuum cleaner as she worked his pulsing prong. 

Logan, too, was clinging onto his ejaculate by little more than a thread as he ploughed Chloe’s ass.  Every jet of clear, wet girlspunk she sprayed caused her butthole to contract around his cock; her tight, vice-like anus damn near squeezing every ounce of cum straight from his balls each time.  Before long, it was too much for either man to withstand and, at almost the exact same time, both studs prized their thick, girthy schlongs from her greedy, young holes and stood before the celebrity slut; beating their throbbing pricks as they prepared to shoot their goo.

“Ooo!” Chloe cooed excitedly, shifting to the edge of the recliner and reaching up to fondle their swollen ballsacks.  “You gonna cum for me boys?”

“Uh huh,” the men answered in unison, their voices strained as they worked on what was to be their fourth loads of the evening.

“Mmmm!” Chloe murmured.  “Do it on my face this time.  I want you to blast me with all this scalding hot cum!” she declared, kneading their big, spunk-churning balls with her hands.

And then, she got her wish.  Dante was first to cum, the tall black stud blasting a thick creamy load across the lower half of Chloe’s face; the hot, verile seed splattering across her cheeks, lips and nose and dripping from her chin.  Then, moments later, Logan followed suit; the chiseled white hunk shooting his wad across her eyes and forehead; the sticky, off-white jism clinging to her long, dark lashes and streaking her golden hair. 

And the blasts of thick, verile spunk didn’t end there.  In fact, men were losing their loads left, right and centre; the ripped young studs shooting their goo across any pretty face or in any gaping mouth that took their fancy.  Taylor Swift got a load in the mouth; the fair-haired songstress passing the rich, murky cum back and forth with Cassadee Pope before swallowing it down.  Hayley Williams took one to the face, Maren Morris licking her clean before receiving a thick facial blast of her own.

“Oh my!” Chloe gasped, her pretty face covered with creamy, hot spunk.  “Those were quite some loads!” she declared, the randy blonde still fondling their big, emptied balls.  “Think you’ve got any more in here for me?”

End of Chapter 20

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Another fantastic chapter!  How many more loads could there be!?!?

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Another fantastic chapter!  How many more loads could there be!?!?

Thanks bud. I think it’s pretty clear; these dudes have never ending supplies of semen!  ;D
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Fantastic stories, it's nice to come back on here and read so much great stuff.
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Chapter 21

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

Taylor Swift’s latest A-list gathering, a wild southern soiree in the city of Nashville, was already the stuff of legend; a no holds (or holes) barred all-star bash that put Hugh Hefner’s celebrity socials at the Playboy mansion to shame.  Social media posts had already hit the ‘net in their hundreds; the exclusive pics and videos showing Taylor and her A-list pals chugging more booze than a frat house kegger, smoking more exotic herbs than the Daintree Rainforest and snorting more white powder than an Alpine ski slope.  Not to mention taking a dozen of the longest, girthiest cocks in the Deep South in all three of their slutty young holes.

But Taylor’s all-star southern bash was showing no signs of slowing down, and after countless orgasms, a swimming pool’s worth of squirt juice and dozens upon dozens of porno-grade cumshots, the rampant celebrity fuckfest had moved into the early hours.  With the last torrent of girlcum sprayed, the latest loads of creamy spunk swallowed, the A-list sluts and their male counterparts had taken a short break. Videos emerged on a number of verified Instagram accounts of celebrity partygoers necking glasses of vodka and Red Bull, hoovering up lines and swallowing pills with shots of sambuca as they prepared for the next bout of wild all-star fucking.

All, that was, save for Miss Swift herself.  Indeed, the host of the party hadn’t moved but an inch since the latest wave of cumshots and no sooner had her chosen southern studs blown their hot, thick loads, had they been replaced by two more, the fair paired popstar choking down their fat, veiny prongs without missing a beat.  This time, the lucky recipients were the dark-skinned duo of Trae and DeMarcus; the two black studs stood before the squatted singer, their girthy brown cocks clutched in her soft, lotioned hands as she worked them over.

Taylor shifted back and forth between the two dicks; treating each of the lengthy black schlongs to a single pass of her wet, drooling mouth before moving onto the next.  Hands roamed across her upper body as she blew them; two sets of strong dark paws squeezing her perky B-cup tits and resting on the back of her head as the African studs guided her pouty pink lips up and down their lengthy dongs.  Taylor sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; the randy songstress reaching down to cup their bulging black balls as she made the long, veiny cocks disappear one by one.

By now, the remaining party goers had returned to the plush recliners; toned celebrity sluts and ripped southern studs alike taking to the comfy padded sunbeds as the latest stint of rampant group fucking got underway.  Miley Cyrus was sat on the edge of a recliner; the horny blonde clasping a bearded white hunk’s muscular thighs with her lengthy nailed fingers as she sucked his girthy cock right down to the balls.

Elle Fanning found herself flanked on either side by a black and a white man; the randy actress beating the Nubian stud off with both her smooth, manicured hands as she blew his light-skinned counterpart.  Elsewhere, Carrie Underwood and Hailee Steinfeld were tag teaming a lucky black guy; the brunette sucking his long dark cock, while her fair-haired friend took care of his balls.

Meanwhile, Taylor was giving her two black studs a good going over; her smooth, silken hands roaming up and down Trae’s girthy dark prong while she sucked his opposite number.  Both men were on cloud nine, the chiseled young duo cooing and groaning as Taylor worked them over. Her plump, bee-stung lips travelled up and down DeMarcus’ thick, veiny shaft at an impressive rate of knots, her head little more than a pretty blonde blur as she blew the dark-skinned hunk.

Next, Taylor switched back to Trae.  She swallowed his dick straight down to the balls, her cute little nose nestling amongst his neatly sheared batch of wiry, afro-like pubes as she choked down his fat black cock.  She kept the dick between her lips for some time, sucking and slurping at the girthy chocolate dong; the horny blonde beating DeMarcus’ long, veiny prick with a smooth, dainty hand as she did so. 

Before long, Taylor had each of the big dark wangs throbbing once more; fresh loads of creamy African seed (their sixth of the evening) brewing in both sets of heavy black balls.  Taylor released Trae’s dick from her mouth and gazed up at the Nubian studs; both of their long black cocks dripping with saliva as she stroked them with her silken hands.

“Ok, boys,” she said, pausing to tongue at Trae’s oozing dickhole, “who wants my ass first?”

“Shit, I’ll hit that ass, baby,” DeMarcus replied, the dark-skinned hunk getting in before his friend, who was puffing away on a blunt at the time of asking.

Taylor looked across at DeMarcus, planting a teasing kiss on his swollen dickhead.  “Take a seat then, baby,” she instructed, patting a nearby sunbed. “Let me ride that fat black cock!”

He didn’t need a second invitation.  DeMarcus laid back atop the plush recliner, his girthy, spit-slicked dong grasped in one hand, a thick Philly blunt burning away between his lips, as he sat in wait of the fair-haired songstress.  Taylor stood over him. She reached back to clasp her beach-bronzed buttcheeks and prized them apart; the randy blonde revealing her winking asshole in all its bleached, shell-pink glory. She looked back over her fitness model shoulder; flashing a cheeky wink at the tall black stud, giving one of her firm, muscletoned ass cheeks a hefty smack as she did so.

“Damn!” muttered DeMarcus; the dark-skinned hunk taking one final hit on the blunt before stubbing it out in a nearby ashtray.

Taylor squatted over his supine frame and reached back to grab his cock; the horny singer aiming his drooling prickslit at her her pink, puckered butthole.  She fed the crown inside, sighing contentedly as the thick, round dickhead split her asshole open. Taylor began to rock atop DeMarcus’ chiseled frame; her tight little asshole travelling up and down his thick black cock, venturing deeper with each pass. 

Taylor climbed up onto the sunbed, her expensive high heels digging into the padded surface as she performed perfectly executed squats atop her supine stud.  She guided her snug pink asshole right down to the base of his dong, her peachy round ass cheeks clattering repeatedly with his muscular black thighs as she rode his shredded frame. 

Before long, Trae had stepped forward; the tall black stud stood at the foot of the sunbed, his long dark cock in hand, grinning mischievously as she ogled the slutty white singer.  Taylor looked back at him; animalistic lust etched across her pretty face as she eyed his throbbing prick.

“You want this pussy, baby?” she asked, splitting her sticky wet lips with two manicured fingers and showing off her slick pink insides. 

“Shit yeah, I want that pussy, bitch!” Trae grinned back, stroking his veiny prong like he was polishing a rifle.

“Come and get it then, big boy!” Taylor replied.  “Stuff me full of big, black cock!”

Taylor brought her crude squatting to a halt; the naughty blonde sitting back atop DeMarcus ripped black frame, his girthy 10 inch wang embedded in her rectum as she awaited her second cock.  Trae approached; the dark-skinned youth rubbing the tip of his long, thick wang teasingly against the entrance to her cooch, his bulging round head twitching lewdly as he did so.

Without further wait or ado, he pushed forward; guiding his thick dark schlong inside.  Taylor gasped as it entered her; the randy songstress cumming on the spot as a second long black cock thrust up inside her.  And she wasn’t the only one receiving a double dose of dick from a pair of southern studs. In fact, A-list partygoers were getting stuffed full of manmeat all across the penthouse balcony; the celebrity bash descending into little more than a free for all, drug-fueled DP fuckfest as actresses and singers alike were filled to the brim with girthy, vein-encrusted cock!

Two white men had teamed up on Selena Gomez; the lusty latina sandwiched between the two ripped young studs as they went to town on her tight little holes.  Jana Kramer, meanwhile, found herself held aloft by black and white men alike; the nubian hunk drilling her hot pink pussy, while his light-skinned friend took the ass. 

And it didn’t stop there.  No- iPhones were brandished by men and women alike across the floodlit balcony; social media platforms crashing from overuse as scores upon scores of exclusive X-rated videos continued to upload by the hour.  One such video appeared on the feed @cassadeepope; a clip shot by the country starlet herself, of her friend Maren Morris getting a dicking from two black studs. The caption read; Do your thing, girl @marenmorris [followed by a bicep and two eggplant emojis].

Another was uploaded to the account @yelyahwilliams, a self shot video of the randy punk singer; a white guy pounding her pussy, while a black dude worked the ass.  The caption read; @taylorswift ‘s southern soiree still in full flow [followed by two water splash emojis].  And on and on.  Before long, Instagram staff were working overtime in an effort to take down the scores of exclusive videos; the explicit clips re-appearing on a barrage of parody accounts in a matter of seconds. 

Back at the recliners, Trae and DeMarcus were giving Taylor a good seeing to; the Aryan beauty wedged between the two built black hunks like the filling in an Oreo.  She was utterly at the mercy of the dark-skinned duo; laid out as she was atop DeMarcus’ shredded frame, her legs splayed as the tall ebony stud gripped her sunkissed thighs with his hands.  Trae was stood before her; every muscle and sinew across his chiseled body popping and flexing as he thrust into her- both of the ripped African gods driving every girthy inch of their long black rods into her tight twin fuckholes.

Taylor was having the time of her life; the randy songstress violently strumming her pulsing stiff clit as she was double teamed by the burly black brace.  Indeed, both of the Nubian studs were giving her snug pink orifices a good going over; the ethnic duo reaching the darkest recesses of her slutty white cocksockets with the tips of their thick black schlongs.  Trae was hitting her pussy nutsdeep; his fat, swollen dickhead probing her g-spot with every pass he took, while DeMarcus followed suit; his own bulging black prickcrown venturing further into her colon than even her band of ripped, hung studs back home could manage. 

Taylor had long since lost count of her orgasms; the horny blonde appearing to climax anew with every pass the dark-skinned duo took inside her hot pink holes, and declaring as such in a series of high-pitched, foul-mouthed shrieks that sounded out in a seemingly endless loop.

“Yes! Fuck me, you big black studs!  Pound my tight white fuckholes with those fat African dongs!” she’d scream, each impassioned, potty-mouthed outburst closely followed by a spray from her pussy with the force and trajectory of a fireman’s hose.

Indeed, Taylor was going off like a water fountain; squirting repeatedly as she was drilled in both holes by nearly two feet of veiny black pipe.  She’d knead her pulsing clit wildly; her hand but a colourful, manicured blur as she strummed her throbbing bud, Trae always pulling out and stepping aside at just the right moment as the randy singer jetted a fresh torrent of clear, wet girl juices across the hotel balcony, drenching any A-list slut or burly young stud that got in her way.

Elsewhere, Carrie Underwood was receiving a similar treatment to that of her fellow blonde.  She was knelt atop a plush recliner; the country starlet straddling the chiselled frame of black stud CJ, as the Nubain god drove his long dark cock into her pussy.  Meanwhile, the white hunk Travis was stood behind her; his strong, manly hands prizing her bronzed, round buttcheeks apart as he drilled her tight pink ass.

And it didn’t end there.  Carrie was sandwiched between the two ripped studs like a piece of meat; taking the pounding of a lifetime, when a third man, a long-haired white hunk named Blake stepped into her eye line.  She looked up at him, her face lit up with raw, impassioned lust and without saying a word, grabbed his dark, hard; so hard it almost hurt, the young man flinching slightly as she lapped at his seeping dickhole.

Carrie wrapped her lips around his swollen crown, cooing and groaning like a slut as she fed his thick, veiny prong into her mouth.  She bobbed her pretty blonde head, her lips roaming up and down his shaft like a glass elevator; the shiny pink pair enveloping his girthy base in a matter of seconds.  Blake placed a hand at the back of her head; Carrie’s long golden locks flowing through the gaps in his fingers as he held her mouth on his cock.

Carrie, however, wasn’t to be so easily overawed.  Indeed, even while taking a deep double drilling from behind, the southern songstress was able to give every bit as good as she got; the randy blonde performing a myriad of tricks and spells upon Blake’s veiny fat cock as it filled her slutty mouth.  She sucked and slurped at his oversized dong like a child with a popsicle; a river of precum flowing straight down her throat as she worked his throbbing cock.

And that was just the beginning.  In fact, there seemed no end to the wealth of techniques Carrie had up her sleeve; the country cougar able to perform each and every one, even with her mouth stuffed to the brim with thick, vein-encrusted cock.  She encircled his dick with her tongue and lapped wildly at the underside; the randy singer even managing to poke her slick, wet tongue out above her lower lip, and lick at his balls with the tip.

“Oh, fuck!” Blake cooed, the ripped young stud trembling at the knees as she worked him over.

He feared he may lose his load at any second.  Even after blowing five creamy thick spunkwads in a matter of hours, Carrie’s head game was such that the young man could feel her coaxing a fresh load from his shrunken, withered nuts.  As such, Blake gripped two handfuls of her shiny, bleach blonde hair and gently, though dominantly, worked his dick back and forth between her glossy pink lips.

He guided his cock straight down to the balls, the tip of his long, thick wang touching the back of her throat with every pass he took.  But still Carrie wouldn’t let up. In fact, she was accepting every inch of his veiny, fat dong with consummate ease; the fair-haired songstress not releasing as much as a single cough or splutter as the lengthy fleshpole probed her greedy mouth. 

And that wasn’t all.  Even with 10+ inches of girthy, fat prong invading her slutty maw, not to mention two equally long, thick fuckpipes pounding her remaining holes, Carrie was STILL able to suck, slurp and tongue at Blake’s dick like a seasoned pornslut, the horny blonde even reaching up to fondle his spunk-churning balls as he fucked her whorish mouth. 

And Carrie and Taylor weren’t the only ones taking the double fucking of a lifetime from a band of burly southern hunks.  In fact, actresses and singers alike were being dual-dicked left, right and centre; the A-list sluts getting taken from all angles by a host of ripped young studs.  Chloe Moretz was getting pounded in the ass by a tall black guy, as a chiseled white dude drilled her slick pink pussy. Miley Cyrus was sandwiched between two black men; the dark-skinned studs dicking her deep in her ass and cunt alike, while Elle Fanning was getting ploughed in both holes by a duo of built white hunks. 

By now, Taylor had been hoisted up into the air; her toned, slender arms thrown over Trae and DeMarcus’ twin sets of broad, bodybuilder’s shoulder blades as they drove their long black pipes deep into her holes. 

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” she screamed.  “Drill my slutty white holes with your FAT BLACK COCKS!!!”

Before long, they switched things up; the dark-skinned pair bouncing Taylor up and down their thick ebony dongs like they were giving her the birthday bumps.  Her perky tits jiggled delightfully, her ass and pussy alike venturing right up to the swollen heads of their long twin cocks, only to slide back down to the base once more as both of the ripped black studs buried themselves ballsdeep inside her. 

At some point, Hailee Steinfeld crawled between their legs; the randy brunette gobbling at their big black balls, as she prepared to suck their cocks straight out of her friend’s tight holes.  Feeling as though they could blow their beans at any moment, Trae and DeMarcus prized their dicks from Taylor’s snug pink orifices and held them out in wait of Hailee’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat; the actress-singer gobbling each of the long dark wangs straight down to the balls- sucking them clean before feeding them back from whence they came.

And on and on it went.  By now, men were starting to cum; some expelling their sixth of seventh loads of the evening, as they blasted a thick, creamy spunkwad on any cute face or in any waiting mouth within spitting distance.  A black dude blew his load over Selena Gomez’s face, while two white guys filled Cassadee Pope’s slutty, gaping mouth up with seed. One by one the men began to fall; their latest eruptions leaving them utterly spent, the ripped southern hunks collapsing on the plush recliners with bourbon in their hands and joints between their lips.

Before long, Taylor and Carrie found themselves side by side on the padded sunbeds; the randy blondes surrounded by a band of Deep South studs.  By this point, the ladies had switched their partners to and fro, with Taylor getting double teamed by Blake and Trae, while Carrie took a dual dicking from Travis and DeMarcus.  CJ was stood before the two yearning singers; their pretty white mouths roaming up and down his long black dick as they were stuffed full of thick Nashvillian cock.

Dicks throbbed inside mouths, pussies and assholes alike, and after 6+ hours of endless rutting, the men were ready to cum one final time.  Taylor and Carrie positioned themselves side by side on the ends of their comfy recliners. CJ, Travis and Blake stepped up; the Tennessee trio beating their throbbing cocks as a multitude of soft, silken hands and slick red tongues lapped at their prickslits and fondled their churning balls. 

“Come on, boys,” Carrie purred.  “Paint out pretty faces with your cum!”

Finally and in almost perfect unison, the men erupted; the built southern threesome blasting their final wads of thick, creamy goo across both cute, tanned faces.  Then, Trae and DeMarcus took their turns; the ripped black studs shooting their twin loads of rich, virile sperm straight into Taylor and Carrie’s waiting, cum hungry mouths.  The girls swapped the spunk back and forth, to and fro, swallowing it down and licking each other clean.

As the men took to the nearby recliners; sparking up blunts and draining bottles of beer, the ladies spotted one last stud let to lose his load.  He was knelt on the end of a sunbed, ploughing Jana Kramer’s tight pink ass; his handsome face contorting in all kinds of unflattering ways as he prepared to shoot his goo. 

With devilish grins stretched across their pretty faces, the ladies crawled toward him; the chiseled white hunk soon finding himself ringed by no fewer than 11 showbiz hotties, each and every one of them pawing at his burly young frame as he spanked his twitching cock.  A-list sluts were surrounding the Tennessee stud from all angles. Elle Fanning was making out passionately with the ripped southern hunk, while Chloe Moretz kissed his neck; a legion of dainty, manicured hands roaming and clawing at his barrel chest and ab-lined midriff.   

And that was merely the tip of the iceberg.  Indeed, Taylor Swift had circled around behind him; the blonde singer parting his firm, musclebound buttcheeks as she tongued at his smoothly-waxed ass.  Maren Morris and Hayley Williams positioned themselves at his feet; the horny pair sucking on his big, swollen balls, while Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus tongued at his leaking dickhole.  The young man stroked his pulsing dong; each lick at his asshole, every suck on his large, churning balls, each lap at his drooling, wide open prickslit making his dick twitch and throb in his hand.

“I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out; the ladies gathering at his feet and jostling for position as he prepared to blow his beans.  “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!” he bellowed, his dick blasting like a bazuka as he shot his final load of thick, piping hot cum over any pretty, famous face he could reach. 

Taylor Swift gripped Carrie Underwood by her long, golden locks; pulling the country singer in for a kiss and sharing the pool of spunk that had splashed across her tongue.

“Damn, Carrie,” she said as they broke from their kiss, “you guys sure know how to party down here in the south!”

“Girl, that was nothing,” Carrie replied, grinning back at her popstar pal.  “Wait ‘til you see what I’ve got planned for tomorrow!”

End of Chapter 21
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So well done!  My God!  A suitable finale (I assume) to a truly epic party!

Image Made By MaxwellLord

Not Yet Rated!


So well done!  My God!  A suitable finale (I assume) to a truly epic party!

Thanks man! And there’ll be one more chapter!
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Chapter 22

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Maren Morris and Hayley Williams

The orgasmic cries of Taylor Swift and her band of celebrity pals had carried on long into the night, and as the cleaning staff working the graveyard shift at the Windsor Park Hotel went about their duties, a myriad of impassioned feminine voices carried through the vast hallways; uttering a host of foul mouthed outbursts, each louder in volume and lewder in content than the last.

“Yes! Fuck my pussy, you ripped southern stud!” came one voice.

“Pound my tight white ass with your fat black dick!” followed another.

“That’s it! Fill my slutty little holes with your thick fucking cocks!”

“Come on, nut on my pretty face! Hose me down with your piping hot stud juice!”

And so on, and so forth.  The wild, all-star orgy taking place on the penthouse balcony of the luxury hotel seemed like it would never end.  But at some time around 3.30 in the morning, the night shift receptionist was treated to one hell of a view as no fewer than twelve shredded young muscle-studs trudged wearily through the hotel lobby.  Their white tank tops and basketball jerseys showcased bulging thick biceps and firm, slab-like pectorals, while their tight-fitting jeans did little to obscure the protruding bulges formed by the 9+ inches of fat, veiny man meat tucked away within.

But if the hotel employees thought that the departure of said studs would finally bring about a state of quiet then they were sorely mistaken.  In fact, the southern hunks had barely passed through the lobby when the loud, fervent voices sounded it once more. Indeed, the band of chiseled, well hung Deep South hunks had evidently not been enough to satisfy the A-lister’s raging libidos and no sooner had they left, had the ladies taken to the luxury bedrooms in their twos and threes; licking and fingerbanging, tribbing and dildoing one another to a series of climaxes, each more violent and earth-shattering than the last.

Jana Kramer had her pretty face buried between Hailee Steinfeld’s thighs; the country singer munching away at her opposite number’s sticky, sweet twat for hours on end.  In another room, Selena Gomez held a large vibrating wand to Cassadee Pope’s throbbing pink clit; the randy brunette spraying litre after litre of clear, wet girl cum over the pristine white bed sheets. 

Elle Fanning and Maren Morris were tribbing wildly; their slick pink vaginas slip-sliding back and forth against each other as they ground their athletic bodies together.  Miley Cyrus had donned a big black strap on; the actress-singer bucking and thrusting like crazy as she went to town on both of Hayley Williams’ and Chloe Moretz’s tight pink holes with the thick plastic dong.

That just left Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, and the sexual acts those two bodacious blondes got up to could have filled the pages of the Sapphic Handbook.  Cunnilingus, analingus, 69ing, fingering, fisting; you name it they did it, and they didn’t stop there. No- throughout the course of the morning the fair-haired duo made use of a plethora of marital aids; the A-list pair inserting the brightly coloured plastic fucktoys into any hole they’d fit.  Vibrators, Rampant Rabbits, buttplugs, anal beads, double ended dildos. They used them all and more to boot; jetting a bathtub’s worth of their sticky clear squirt juices across the room and over each other in the process. This went on until some time after 8am when, finally, the girls passed out in each other’s arms; cradling one another’s sweat and squirt drenched bodies as they drifted off to sleep. 
The ladies awoke around 2pm, hit the showers and reconvened in the penthouse lounge.  Taylor Swift was already up; the pretty popstar enjoying an Irish coffee at the dining table as an army of hotel staff put the finishing touches to the sumptuous breakfast spread she’d arranged for her A-list pals. 

“Morning, ladies,” Taylor grinned.

If she was feeling the effects of the night before, it certainly didn’t show.  In fact, nothing about Taylor’s appearance in any way suggested that she’d been up all night drinking, smoking and snorting, not to mention getting stuffed full of thick Southern cock and 10 inch plastic wangs until the sun came up. 

Indeed, the fair-haired songstress looked as stunning as ever; her features flawless and skin perfect in spite of a chronic lack of sleep and hours upon hours of booze and narcotics consumption.  She wore a light summer dress; the skimpy garment so thin and sheer that her stiff pink nipples nearly burst clean through, the hem barely extending past the globular, beach tanned spheres of her apple bottom. 

The ladies sat down at the table; their pretty eyes feasting on their luxurious morning meal- a lavish breakfast banquet fit for a queen.  There were waffles, pancakes and French toast. Bagels, croissants and muffins. Jams, jellies and marmalades. Bowls of fruit, granola and yogurt.  Jugs of fresh cream. Sausage links, sides of bacon and eggs of all kinds of varieties from hard-boiled to sunny side up.

But, much like everything else at Taylor’s southern bash, the breakfast was far from an ordinary one and the morning meal was accompanied by enough booze to make Jim Morrison wince.  The ladies took their coffees Irish, their OJ topped up with vodka, their pancakes swimming in a custom Jack Daniels maple syrup, all with a mimosa or three on the side for good measure.  The girls tucked into the vast breakfast buffet, sipping on their alcoholic beverages as they discussed the events of the previous evening.

“So what did y’all think of Nashville?” asked Carrie Underwood, the country singer forking a mouthful of pancake between her glossy pink lips.

“Oh my God! Incredible!” gushed Hailee Steinfeld as she swigged from her mimosa.

“Yeah,” Selena Gomez concurred, “you girls down here throw one hell of a party, that’s for sure!”

“And what did you think of the guys?” asked Jana Kramer.

“Jesus! So hot!” Elle Fanning exclaimed.  “And packing some serious meat in those stonewashed jeans!”

“Mmhmm,” Miley Cyrus agreed.  “I might have to move back down here if all the guys are hung like that!”

The girls laughed.

“I mean, Travis...holy shit!” Miley went on.  “He must’ve been 12 inches long!” she declared, holding her manicured index fingers a foot or so apart to indicate the young man’s length.

“At least,” Cassadee Pope chimed in.  “Oh my goodness, when he was fucking my ass...I thought I was gonna dehydrate from squirting so much!”

More laughter. 

“Trae was my favourite,” said Hayley Williams.  “I swear his fat black cock belonged on a friggin’ horse!”

“Logan, too,” added Taylor Swift.  “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk properly for a few days after what he did to my ass!”

Yet more raucous cackling sounded out from around the breakfast table. 

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves, ladies,” Carrie Underwood declared.  “But y’all better eat up. I texted some more of my boys when I woke up. They’ll be here shortly.  And believe me, girls, if you thought the guys from last night were well hung,” she went on, “wait ‘til you meet these ones!”

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