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Author Topic: The Deepika Padukone/Fan Bingbing Adventures Pt 1  (Read 3665 times)

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The Deepika Padukone/Fan Bingbing Adventures Pt 1
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Fan Bingbing

Deepika Padukone

This is a work of fiction.  All sex is consensual with no rape.  The 'black mail' act occurs with the consent of the female and in fact is not even black mail as is clarified later on in the story.  All parties agree to rough sex. All characters are over age of 18.  Please comment what you thought of the story, good or bad and any ideas/suggestions you have.  I enjoy getting feedback.

"Goodbye Honey!!!" Deepika Padukone kissed her husband Jordan on the lips as he quickly rushed out of the house.

"Love you.  I should be home by 5," Jordan yelled as he ran to his Hyundai Veloster.

It was almost 8 am and he was bound to get stuck in rush hour traffic. Fortunately, he did not have any important meetings this morning.  He dialed his secretary's number via Bluetooth as he started to plan out the meetings for the day.

The couple lived in Forest Glen, one of the richest suburbs in Chicago.  Jordan headed a tech firm that managed multiple well known streaming services such as Twitch.  At an age of 28, he was one of the richest men in the world.  Deepika Padukone, his wife, spent her time working for different NGOs across the world.

His office was located close to the airport, a beautiful three story building with modern architecture.  The building was located in a low traffic commercial area.  It was light brown in colour with area around the entrance composed of tinted glass.  The glass maintained the privacy of the occupants but still allowed them a good view of the area around the building. 

The main entrance had double doors leading to a rustic black reception desk with the sign DJ Inc.  To the right of the reception were stairs leading to the 2nd and 3rd stories along with an elevator.  To the left of the reception a well lit hallway led to the only office in the building.  A few sofa and chairs were placed in a waiting area in front of the stairs. The entire building was occupied by just two people, Jordan and his sexy Asian secretary, Fan Bingbing.

Jordan arrived and was greeted at the reception by Fan, wearing tight fitting white blouse and short black skirt.  Her sexy long hair was tied in a professional bun, a few curls escaping framing her heart shaped face.  The outline of her black bra was clearly visible underneath her shirt.

"Your coffee, Mr Jordan." Fan said in her sexy Chinese accent, following him to his office.

"Your first appointment is a video conference with the head of marketing for Respawn Entertainment, they are planning to launch a new game..."  Fan continued as Jordan sat down at his desk. She leaned over his desk giving him a beautiful view of her cleavage, logging him into his computer and taking his coat.  She turned around slowly, aware of Jordan's lecherous eyes on her, briefly flashing her black lace panties as she gave him a perfect view of her sexy ass.

"Fan, next time you come in, lose the bra." Jordan shot back at her.  Fan's cheeks turned red as she blushed and quickly ran out to her desk.

Deepika started drying her hair after a nice hot shower.  Her sexy body was covered by a bright pink bathrobe which didn't cover her gorgeous legs.  Her hair was still a little wet, giving her a super sexy look, when the door bell rang.  The expression on Deepika's face darkened and she slowly made her way to the door.  She took a moment to compose herself and opened the door.

Standing before her was a blonde haired Caucasian male.  He was a few years younger than her and had the body of someone who religiously worked out.  His sandy blonde hair, green eyes and chiseled jaw gave him a very appealing look.  However, his smile elicited a response of fear instead of warmth.

"Hello, Deepika.  Did you forget about our appointment?"

"No.  Of course not, come in Brad."


Deepika was on the couch, on her hands and knees as Brad pounded her from behind.  Her ass was raw red from hitting Brad's body.  Bright red finger marks were clearly visible on her ass from the spanking Brad had given her.

"Fuckkk.  You are tearing me apart.  It's too big." Deepika moaned. 

Smack..  Brad spanked her ass. "Shut up, bitch.  Open your mouth for one thing only, my cock." He said as he spanked her ass yet again.

Deepika's phone rang. "Shit. It's Jordan."  Deepika panicked. 

Smack..  Brad spanked her ass loudly again.  "Answer it.  Tell your husband how good it feels"

"Hi Honey.  How's work?" Deepika mumbled.  She had a hard time keeping her voice straight.

"No I am not bored or anything.  Ahhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkk"  Brad leaned forward and wrapped his fingers around her nipples twisting them both.

Deepika was very sensitive around her breasts.  The sudden roughness sent her over the edge almost making her cum.

"I am fine.  I was just helping the neighbor clean his yard when a squirrel scared me." 

"But we have tickets for Broadway this weekend."

"I understand, it's an important client.  Have a safe trip.  I will pick you up on Monday evening." 

"Love you too." Deepika quickly hung up the phone.

"Nice acting, slut", Brad said as he placed his hands on her shoulders to brace himself as he picked up speed.  He was about to cum.

"Please, not inside.  Please pull out. I will get pregnant.."  Deepika begged.

"Shut up, bitch.." Brad spanked her ass loudly.  Deepika whimpered as with a deep thrust Brad came in her pussy.  She collapsed onto the couch, Brad lying down on top of her.  His cum leaked out, despite his thick white meat completely stuffing her.

It all started two weeks ago...

It was dark out.  Winter was really harsh.  Traces of daylight disappeared before even 6 pm.   

Deepika was a few intersections away from her neighborhood.  It was a single lane road with no one in sight and no street lights. A car appeared in front of her.  It had the newer bright white LED lights which were dangerously blinding.  She squinted her as the car passed her when suddenly a dark object appeared in front of her car.  She immediately slammed on the brakes but it was too late.  She felt the car run over something before coming to a top.

The other car as well pulled over hearing the commotion.  Deepika stepped out to see some blood and the body of a man.  He was wearing mismatched clothes, his hair and bear were unkempt.  He appeared to be homeless. 

"Oh my god, what did you do?"  She heard a voice.

She looked up to see a young man run up-to her from the other car, Brad.

He showed up the next day at her house and for the past two weeks, this had continued.  Every day, about half an hour after her husband would leave Brad would show up at her door.  He stayed till 2-3 pm and entire time his cock always filled one of Deepika's three holes.  She was basically his cock sleeve for the entire time.  And he never seemed to tire out but finally, their agreement was coming to an end.

Deepika was on her knees sucking his cock as Brad started talking to her.

"I know the original deal was for two weeks but I love using this sexy body of yours. How about we extend our deal?"

Deepika tried to respond, but he immediately pressed her head back onto his cock. "Keep sucking, I am not finished."  Brad ordered her. 

"I can't... *Gulp*.... Do this... *Gulp*. Anymore.. Please give me the clip"  Deepika pleaded as she continued to service his cock.

"I wasn't asking your opinion, whore.  I think you are forgetting I have a video recording of you running over that hobo." Brad smirked. 

He pulled his dick out of her mouth, cupped her chin with his hand tightly and smacked her cheeks with his cock a few times.  Tears streaked down Deepika's eyes from the sudden assault.  Brad then picked her up and tossed her onto the sofa.  Deepika reflexively closed her legs.  Brad forcefully pulled them apart and entered her.  He pushed her flexible legs up to her shoulders, penetrating her deeply as he started slamming in and out of her.

"Your body is mine, until I tire off it.  You are going to open your legs for me whenever I want."  Brad screamed at her as he picked up pace.  Pistoning his thick white cock in and out of the brown skinned Indian beauty.  His shoulders pinned her legs to her shoulders, giving his lower body leverage to fuck her harder.

Deepika sighed inwardly.  The act for the past few weeks was fun, but it was time for her to take back control.   She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed down, removing his cock from her.  Her legs wrapped around Brad's neck and using her hips she flipped off the sofa, almost twisting his neck. 

Brad slammed onto the ground shocked.  He quickly stood up ready to swing at Deepika. Five minutes later and landing on his ass five times, Brad passed out. When he woke up, he was sitting on a cold metal chair butt naked.  His hands were tied behind the chair in a mildly uncomfortable position.  His legs were also tied to the chair legs.  A leather belt locked his toned abs to the chair.  He could only move his head.

He looked around in fear to find himself still in the living room of Deepika's house.  He sighed in relief when he heard footsteps and a sultry voice with an Indian accent say:"My turn now."

Deepika sat on Brad's lap facing him, his shaft rubbing against her opening.  She slowly grinded against it, her attention quickly making him erect again. 

"What are you doing?  Don't forget, I still have those pictures. I won't..."  Brad could not finish the sentence.  Deepika grabbed his short blonde hair and buried his face between her tits, literally making him choke on them.

"You open your mouth for two thing only and this is the first one."  Deepika ordered.

"Hmm.  Feels good.  Too bad, you didn't give them too much attention when you had the chance.  I would have continued to be your slut for longer"  Deepika moaned.

"To answer your question, I already called the police after the accident.  The homeless man was already dead before he hit my car.  They cleared me off all charges.  However, blackmailing me is a class 3 felony in Illinois. Especially, when you clearly planned the whole accident. You are looking at a anywhere from 2-10 years in prison and all the fun stuff that comes after going to prison."

Brad's eyes widened in fear.  Deepika pulled his hair, reluctantly separating him from her breasts.

"Please. I will do anything.  Don't tell the cops."

Deepika grabbed Brad's hair tightly with one hand, yanking his head back.  With her other hand she slapped him across his right cheek, leaving bright finger marks on his pale white skin. She then climbed onto the chair, sitting on Brad's shoulder's she buried his face between her lower lips.

"What did I tell you Scumbag, open you mouth to either suck my tits or eat me out.  You got that?"

Brad tried to agree, but only a muffled voice could be heard.  A full 15 minutes went by before Brad started struggling.  He tried to pull his head back, but Deepika held on tightly forcing him to eat her out. 

"You want to stop, make me cum two more times, then I will think about it."  Deepika ordered, a wicked smile on her face.

2 hours later...

Brad was starting to enjoy being dominated.  He had loved being in control, making this Indian bitch his slut for the past few weeks, but damn she was wild.   The innocent housewife was just an act.  She had physically overpowered him first, and then made him her sex slave.  She was sitting in his lap facing him, riding his cock. 

"Why did you stop, my nipples need some attention?"  Deepika slapped him on the face again.

"Yes. Mistress."  Brad mumbled as he went back to kissing and sucking her perky breasts.

Deepika looked directly at the hidden camera, positioned to perfectly capture her in action and winked.

Jordan leaned back in his chair and smiled.  The monitor in front of him showed his slutty Indian wife in all her naked, beautiful glory, dominating another man's cock. He had enjoyed watching her get ravaged daily for the past two weeks, but her dominating side turned him on even more.

A loud popping sound was heard underneath his desk and Fan Bingbing's head came up gasping for air.  Her long black hair framed her sexy face, spit drooling from one side.  "Not bad, hope you are not too tired, because the weekend is just getting started."  Jordan placed his hands behind her head and buried his dick down her throat.  Her nose pressed firmly against his pubes as Fan easily throated him.  She just loved the taste of cock, especially Jordan's huge white cock.

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