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Sex Toy Story (multi celeb series)
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Thanks to Calibur009 for his help with this story.

Press Release, February 2018

After months, nay years of intense speculation and the online rumour mills throwing up all manner of outlandish hearsay, we at Pixar Animated Studios can finally confirm that, yes, we are indeed branching out into the world of pornography.  Our very first erotic feature, a half live-action, half-computer animated affair (the Space Jam of sex, if you will), is already in production and will star a host of world famous actress in their debut adult roles.  While most of the cast is being kept under wraps for the time being, we can officially confirm that High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is set for a starring role.  The movie, entitled Sex Toy Story; a rather obvious nod to our very first feature, Toy Story (but with dildos instead of pull-string cowboys!), is slated for a June 2020 release and we could not be more excited to share our vision with the world.

Jim Morris, President of Pixar Studios

Sex Toy Story

Act One

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens

The camera panned across a large, spotlessly tidy master bedroom, past the thick white shag carpeting, over the giant double bed and up to a small wooden cabinet affixed to the painted wall.  Thanks to the latest in post-production technology, the camera swooped seamlessly through the cabinet doors, stopping as it framed an interesting array of sex toys lined up along the wooden surface.  The camera cut to a close up of a pink jelly dildo.  Suddenly a thin, squiggly arm sprouted out from around mid-shaft.  And if that wasn’t strange enough, an eye eased upon just below the round plastic crown, peering down at the tiny silver watch affixed to its spindly pink wrist. 

“It’s almost time,” said the anthropomorphic sex toy.  “Everyone in position?”

“What’s the point, Jelly?” asked a second talking marital aid, this one a slightly taller, more slender looking anatomically correct dildo, named Dickie.  “We know who she’s going to choose.”

Every toy in the line up looked to the far end of the cabinet at a huge, jet black dildo named Mamba; easily the tallest and most powerfully built of the bunch.  Mamba wasn’t listening and, in fact, was facing away from the other toys entirely, a suave grin stretched across his handsome coal-dark features as he chatted to two swooning fleshlights.

“Yeah, she always goes with Mamba,” said a purple rampant rabbit, his twin plastic ears flicking back and forth as he spoke.  “I mean, sure he’s big, I get that.  But he can’t do what…” The vibrator’s voice started to slow, becoming deeper and more mechanical sounding with each passing syllable.  “Oh, shit.  My batteries are running out,” the toy continued, his voice heavily distorted.  He turned to his side, his own skinny purple arms pointing at the battery slot on his ribbed plastic back.  “Can someone…”

“I’ve got you, Rabbit,” said Jelly, popping open the slot and removing the spent AAs.  “OK, guys, I know Mamba has seen a good deal more action of late than the rest of us, but there’s no need to give up hope.”

“Pfft!” came a razzing voice from across the cabinet.  “You guys should think yourselves lucky.”

The toys looked across at a long double ended dildo, the second of its identical dark brown heads picking up from where the first left off. 

“Vanessa hasn’t used us since that month that she experimented with Ashley.  That was seven freakin’ years ago!”

“Yeah,” the first head agreed, taking over from his twin.  “We thought Ashley was gonna come get us when she moved in with Cara, but...nope!  That bitch went and bought a whole new set of toys.  Now we’re stuck here with nothing to do!”

“I know, guys,” Jelly replied, “and I’m sorry…”

“Well, at least you guys have been used,” said a stumpy, round buttplug.  “Austin bought me over a year ago, hoping that Vanessa would be open to a little anal.  She shot him down in flames and now they’ve broken up!  How am I gonna get used now?!  I’m 18 months old and I’m still a fucking virgin!”

“Oh, queet your whineeng, you American sheets!” exclaimed a pair of ben wa balls, in a thick and overly contrived French accent.  He wore a beret and had a thin black moustache.  “Whingeeng and complaineeng won’t get you anywheere!  You have to be confeedent like me, eh?  Mademoiselle ‘Udgens ‘asn’t used me yet either, but I know it won’t be long unteel Benoit Balse has his time to shine.  Nobody can reseest an ‘andsome Frenchman!”

Dickie sighed.  “For the last time, Ben, you’re not French.  Your name is Ben Waballs.  You were made in San Francisco, for Christ’s sake!”

“‘Ow dare you!” Ben protested.  “I was made in Paree, I’ll ‘ave you know!  I’m as Francais as snails and frog’s legs, Yankee!”

Dickie yelled back in anger and soon a number of other toys, including a bullet vibrator, anal beads and strap on, all spoke up at the same time; an army of voices clamouring over one another as a collection-wide argument broke out in the wooden cabinet.

“Quiet!” yelled Jelly, the entire toy collection falling silent in response.  “Thank you.  Now there’s no sense in arguing amongst ourselves.  I know you’re all frustrated.  None of us have been used in months, except for you know who, but we’ve gotta stick together.  If we pool our resources I’m sure we can…”

“Pool all you want, fellas,” came a deep, booming voice from the far end of the cabinet.  “It ain’t gon’ change a thang.”  Mamba stubbed out a tiny cigar, billowing a thick cloud of smoke into the air before continuing.  “Ain’t one of you fools seen the light of day since the lady brought me home and ain’t nothin’ y’all do gon’ change that.  I’m taller than y’all, thicker than y’all and, most importantly, blacker than y’all.  I’ve gone deeper than any of you fellas could even dream of.  Any of y’all seen the g-spot?”

The remaining toys looked at one another, eyes shifting back and forth.  To them, the g-spot was a folkloric concept- a mythical far off land; much discussed but never explored.

Mamba chuckled.  “Well I have.  I hit that shit every damn time!  I make that thing my bitch!  Ain’t none of y’all can do what I do, and until you learn to grow an extra three inches, you ain’t gonna.  I guess it’s true what they say.  Once you go black, you never go back.”

The cabinet was silent.  Mamba grinned triumphantly.  The hush ceased as the front door to the house slammed shut. 

“OK, guys,” said Jelly, “it’s time.”

The toys waited nervously, the stairs creaking under their owner’s pricey stilettos.  The cabinet eased open and a number of toys peered through the crack in the door as Vanessa Hudgens wandered into her bedroom, removing her jacket and hanging it up on the back of her door.

“Phew!” she sighed, exhausted after a long day on set.

Vanessa kicked off her heels, and unbuttoned her blouse, sliding it down her arms before unzipping her pencil skirt.  Before long, she was entirely nude, gazing into the mirror as she eyed her heavenly form.  Soft, manicured hands cupped her breasts, her nipples tingling and stiffening beneath them.  Her paws ventured south, across her flat, toned midriff and down to her crotch, fingers running through her landing strip of wispy brown pubes.  Her middle digit moved down to her snatch, gliding slowly between her sticky pink labia.  Some of the toys licked their lips with desire, every one of them itching to feel their head press against those juicy folds and experience the wonders that lay beyond. 

Vanessa strolled across the room and over to the cabinet.  The doors began to open and the toys got into position; a well regimented line of exotic marital aids stretching from one side to the next.  Eyes closed.  Arms disappeared behind backs.

“Merde!” hissed Ben Waballs, plucking the thin moustache from his face and removing his beret as the doors flew open.

“Boy, am I glad to see you guys,” said Vanessa, flashing a naughty smirk.  “But who do I pick?” Vanessa pondered, a lengthy nailed finger scrolling across the line, considering each item in turn.

The toys did their best to remain still amid the growing excitement.  Hands clasped together behind their backs, praying to the God who made them (or rather, who made the humans that assembled them) that she’d pick them from the line up.  The marital aids went through this charade every weekday evening and every Saturday and Sunday morning (unless their owner had gotten lucky the night before, in which case toys were the last thing on her mind) and the outcome was always the same.  But that didn’t stop them from wishing, clinging desperately to the blind hope that today could be their day. 

Vanessa’s hand continued along her row of toys, hovering tantalisingly over each plastic object before moving onto the next.  Faces dropped one by one until she reached the end of the line, the familiar sinking feeling hitting the remaining toys in a mass wave as she clasped Mamba around his veiny torso and plucked him from the shelf.

“Looks like it’s me again, fellas,” he said smugly, looking back at his plastic companions as he was whisked towards the bed.  “Better luck next time, right?”

“God dammit!” Dickie cussed, watching on as Vanessa took to her king size bed, long black dildo in hand.


The camera cut to the dingy interior of Vanessa’s nightstand drawer, a number of tubes of lube laying atop a bed of still-wrapped condoms. 

“Hear that?” said a tube of strawberry.  “The springs on the bed just squeaked.  You know what that means.”

“Oh, shit,” said another.  “I wonder who she’s gonna pick.  I hope it's not Choco.  He’s on his last legs as it is.”

A thin, withering tube of chocolate flavoured grease gave a weak, weary chuckle.  “What can I say, fellas?” he replied, his voice cracked and soft.  “Bitches love chocolate.” 

“Oh, jeez,” said Strawberry, inspecting Choco’s nearly entirely wringed out belly.  “I’m not sure he’ll last another squeeze.  Quick, Cherry, give him some of yours.”

“Sorry, guys,” Cherry countered.  “But you saw how quickly she used up my brother.  I need all the juice I can get.”

“What about you, Extra Slick?” asked Strawberry.  “She hasn’t used you once.”

“Yeah, but what if she tries anal again?” said Extra Slick.  “If she gets hooked on that shit she’ll go through me in no time at all.”

The drawer slid open, the light from the room illuminating the dark insides.  Vanessa peered inside, going straight for the tube of chocolate lube and clutching it in her hand. 

“Choco! NOOOO!!!’ Strawberry cried, clutching desperately for his wilting comrade as he was airlifted from their dingy base.

“Later, fellas,” Choco replied softly, brave as ever in the face of death.  “Been great knowing y’all.”

Vanessa squeezed the final drops of chocolate grease onto the top of Mamba’s head, tossing the empty tube into a wastepaper basket.   

“Another one bites the dust,” said Strawberry, wiping away a sticky red tear as his dried out friend bounced off the rim of the trash can, lying in a mangled mess atop a pile of empty food packets.  “Who wants to say a few words?”

Cherry began an impromptu eulogy; his words muffled as the drawer slid shut. 


The toys watched on from the open cabinet as Vanessa laid back on her comfy bed, Mamba’s lube-soaked head pressing against her dripping wet pussy.

“Wish me luck, fellas,” he said, returning a shit-eating grin.  “I’m goin’ in.”

Vanessa pushed Mamba inside, emitting a sharp, breathy gasp as he sunk into her cooze.  She pulled him back out, his face wet and sticky as he emerged from within.

“Mmm, that’s good,” he said, licking up the starlet’s juices from around his mouth. 

She plunged him back inside, further this time, his smirking, jet black head tunneling deep into her tight pink snatch.

“Little cold out there is it, fellas?” he asked, as he resurfaced once more.  “It’s nice and warm in here.”

Vanessa buried him inside her once again, almost to the hilt this time; the actress yelping as his dark, round dome probed her pleasure points.

“Oh, that was definitely the g-spot!” Mamba declared.  “Damn!  You fellas gotta try this shit.  This tight white pussy is tha truth!”

Vanessa grasped Mamba around the torso and brought him up to her mouth.

“Oh, shit!  Where am I goin’ now?!” he exclaimed, eyes lit up as he soared towards her gaping maw. 

She sunk him between her lips, drenching him in spittle as she sucked him clean.

“Yeah, that’s it!  Suck me, baby!  Right down to the balls!” he hollered, smirking at his fellow toys as she sent him back inside.

She gagged a little as she pushed Mamba deep into her oral cavity, his dark plastic torso slithering down her throat like the snake that bore his name.

“Damn!” he yelled.  “I cleared the tonsils that time!”

Vanessa returned him to her cunt, Choco’s untimely death sadly in vain as mother nature’s lubricant greased up the long black dildo far better than his last few drops of dark brown lifeblood ever could.  She strummed her clit as she fucked herself with her toy; Mamba’s crown mining into her darkest reaches and hitting her g-spot with every pass.  Her pussy started to squelch; Mamba’s insane girth and unfathomable coal-dark length generating an unseemly amount of moisture as it sunk into her hot pink depths. 

The toys watched on with palpable jealousy and begrudging awe; gawking listlessly as all manner of shrill, impassioned noises escaped Vanessa’s lips, her fingers a colourful, manicured blur as she strummed at her throbbing clit.

“Oh, God!” said Dickie, plastic mouth agape.  “He’s gonna make her squirt.”

A faint buzz could be heard from the rear of the cabinet and the toys turned en masse as a giant vibrating wand hummed softly behind them.

“Hang on, Hitachi,” said Jelly.  “I’ll plug you in.” 

Jelly scooped up Hitachi’s thick white lead and tossed it over the edge of the cabinet.  The plug hit the carpeting with a soft thud and Jelly quickly checked his owner wasn’t watching before abseiling down the electrical cord.  He plugged Hitachi into the wall and climbed back up the lead.

“Ah, thank you, Jelly-san,” said Hitachi, in a thick Japanese accent.  “If Mamba-san make the lady squirt then there no need for me anymore,” he added solemnly, hanging his big white head in despair. 

Vanessa strummed her clit like a woman possessed, her usually gorgeous facial features screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as she fucked herself with her black plastic penis. 

“Oh, fuck!” she shrieked, retracting Mamba from her dripping cooch.

“Here we go, fellas,” said Mamba, sticky moisture dripping from his body.  “Here it comes!”

“UUUHHH!!!” Vanessa yelled, frigging herself wildly and emitting a torrent of girlcum that blasted across the room like water from a hydrant.

“Oh, shit!” Mamba exclaimed, smiling proudly as clear, slick juices rained down over the starlet’s bedsheets.  “Look at that fluid fly!”

The toys gawked in disbelief, further sluices of spunk jetting from Vanessa’s couch until her bedding was sopping wet.

“Wow!” she panted, breathing heavily as she finally stopped spewing.

Vanessa clasped Mamba in her hand once more, returning him to her mouth to suck him clean.  Then, she climbed up from her cum-soaked bed and returned him to the cabinet.

“God, you’re amazing,” she smiled, giving his big, bulbous head a loving stroke.

“Miss me, fellas?” he asked, grin cockier than ever as he rejoined his fellow toys.

The remaining toys stared forlornly ahead, each one struck by the dawning realisation that they’d never see the inside of Vanessa’s snug pink vagina ever again.


Vanessa’s phone chimed on her nightstand and she picked it up, readying herself for the shower as she answered the call.  It was her agent.

“Tom.  Hi.”

The toys could only hear one half of the conversation but they listened intently, hoping beyond hope that there would be something...anything in the client-agent exchange that would alter their dismal future.

“What do you mean it’s been moved forward?  Why?  To when?”

“Tomorrow?!  I’ve got to get to New York by tomorrow?!”

She sighed.  “When does it leave?”

“Four hours?  OK.  Please tell me it’s first class.”

“Thank God for that.”

“OK.  Thank you, Tom.”

Vanessa hung up the phone.  The toys weren’t sure what her agent had told her, but she was clearly incensed; the dark-haired beauty growling angrily as she stormed around her room, cramming clothes, electronics and other items into a large designer suitcase. 

Once she’d re-dressed herself and the essentials had been packed, Vanessa returned to her toy collection, swiping Mamba off the shelf and nearly squeezing the life out of him with her strong, riled grip.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna need you,” she said, stuffing him into her luggage atop a mountain of clothes and heading to the bathroom to collect her cosmetics. 

“She’s going to New York?” said Dickie.  “And she’s taking Mamba with her?  Oh, God!  We’re gonna stay in this cabinet forever.  We’ll rot away in here until she throws us out like pieces of trash.”

The toys broke into a chorus of anxious clamour; every one of the plastic objects sounding more concerned than the last by the fate that awaited them.

“Hush!” cried Jelly, his commanding voice cutting through the commotion like a knife.  “Don’t you guys see?  This is just what we need.  There’s a whole world out there just waiting for us.  Women of all walks of life on the hunt for a plastic companion.  Lesbians.  Anal lovers.  Divorcees.  High school seniors.  Unfulfilled housewives.  And this is our chance to go out and find them.”

The toys looked at one another, frowns turned upside down; their plastic faces lit up (literally, in the case of some of the vibrators) with hope and optimism. 

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jelly concluded, his phallic friends hanging on his every word, “we’re going to The Big Apple!”

An excited roar went up from the collection of toys as they jumped from the wooden cabinet; everything from rampant rabbits to strap on dildos making the death defying leap to Vanessa’s king size bed.  Jelly and the gang sprung from the mattress and straight into the open suitcase, burying themselves under a mound of expensive clothing. 

“Comin’ along for the ride, huh, fellas?” asked Mamba as his fellow toys burrowed into the overfilled suitcase.  “Hey, why not?  Now she can ignore y’all in another city too!”

Vanessa returned to the bedroom, all manner of toiletries and cosmetics heaped in her slender arms.  She dumped them into her suitcase and zipped it shut, wheeling it behind her as she hurried for the bedroom door. 

Jelly crawled through the overstuffed mass of lipsticks and mascaras, ankle socks and skimpy cotton panties.  He unzipped the suitcase, just enough so he could peer out at the toy cabinet, now entirely barren, save for a few dead batteries.  He took one final look at the existence he was leaving behind, smiling contentedly as he tunnelled back into the depths of the suitcase, ready and waiting for the next chapter of his life and whatever it had in store.

End of Act One
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Re: Sex Toy Story (multi celeb series)
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Great start with a unique perspective/take and Vanessa gets another story (hopefully she keeps popping back up in the following chapters) - looking forward to reading what comes next for her (and her toys) and who else will be making appearances.
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