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"Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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DISCLAIMER: this story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the actions or thoughts of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money from writing it.

Big thanks to Inyotef for helping to write and develop this story. I hope you’ll enjoy…

Codes: cons, oral, mf, public

“Damn, that’s one hell of a boat!” you exclaim as the “Daystar” comes into view.

“You bet it is!” your friend Jason replies grinning as he walks past you, “told you this would be awesome.”

You’re about to start a diving-trip on one of the most luxurious yachts in the world. You’re Christian “Chris” Fraser, 27-year-old medicine-student from Germany. After graduation you decided to travel around the world for a while before you actually started your job, starting in Egypt, then Thailand now Australia and later Brazil and California.

In Thailand you did your diving certificate, caught the bug and spent your three-month-stay there travelling from one dive-site to the next. When you met Jason it soon became pretty obvious that the two of you shared interests. He is an ex-US-Navy-diver who, just like you, can’t stop anymore. Since you met in Phuket the two of you have been inseparable, spending your time diving, drinking and hooking up with chicks.

Two weeks ago the two of you flew to Cairns in Australia and started checking out the different Great-Barrier-Reef-trip-organizations, spit-balling back and forth on which one you should choose. Then, one evening, a drunken Russian guy in the Casino bet you two tickets for a week-long dive trip along the Reef till Airlie Beach that you wouldn’t be able to score with the hot bartender that sent him packing all evening. Not one to miss such an opportunity you turned on your charm and went home with a sexy blonde in your arm and the tickets in your pocket.

So there you were: in the marina of Cairns, looking on the luxury vessel you’d spend your next seven days on. You checked the internet-site and found out that the tickets are worth ten thousand dollars each. That guy surely drank too much. You thought about selling them, but after all the two of you are just too curious. The homepage said that they would take a maximum of six passengers, so the trip was going to be pretty quiet. There would be single cabins with huge space compared to the boats you did your trips on so far. There would be a Jacuzzi on board, a few jet skis and a free bar. All this made your imagination run wild and you tried to calm yourself, thinking there would be no way the real thing could live up to your fantasies.

Yet here you are: standing in front of the magnificent ship. Your fantasies definitely could NOT compare with the real thing! A sixty-eight feet long shiny, pearly white beauty, which looked like the photoshopped catalogue-version of a yacht.

Finally you regain your composure and catch up to your friend when you see a man in his late fifties emerge and walk towards you with a wide grin on his face.

“She’s gorgeous, right?” he says, offering both of you his hand, which you shake, both unable to tear your eyes away from her.

“I am Johnny Martins, but everyone calls me “Ahab”, and I will be your captain. You are Mr. Fraser and Mr. Curtis I assume? We spoke over the phone? Now that the two of you are here there is only one passenger left. Come on board! Oh and remember: No shoes on board!”

“Thank you, Ahab!” you mutter and while you walk past him you get the opportunity to get a closer look at the man.  He is bare-footed, wearing worn out blue jeans shorts and a short-sleeved white shirt. The top three buttons are undone and grant you a look at the rim of a tattoo, a turtle in Maori-style. His skin is tanned, age and the sea air made it almost leathery and his shoulder-long hair is white, but there is something in his eyes, a sparkle, that makes him look energetic and almost juvenile. You immediately like him.

When you take your first stop onto the vessel you freeze again and Jason bumps into you. Before he can protest his look falls over your shoulder and he sees what startled you and he tenses as well. On the deck, with her back to you is a girl. Blonde, pale, petite, little over five feet tall and in a skimpy azure bikini that leaves two thirds of her ass-cheeks uncovered makes her a sight to behold. She turns towards you and reveals an angelic face with blue eyes and a dazzling smile and a cute set of small, perky breasts, covered by the layer of azure fabric.

You turn your head in Jason’s direction, your eyes never leaving the girl, open your mouth to…

“…Dibbs!” you hear Jason say, a moment before you can exclaim it.

“Damned!” you groan.

You were too slow! With a smile you listen as Jason introduces himself and absently you hear how the blonde tells you that her name is Katja Rantala from Finland and starts babbling about how excited she is about this trip while you look towards the door towards the salon, which opens to another stunning woman who steps onto the deck. She seems to be Afro-American, has a curvy, very womanly body, covered only by tight hot pants and a red top, and long, straight dark hair. She seems to be around forty years old, but her body could make a twenty-five-year-old jealous. Right now her pretty features are contorted by unnerved anger and seconds later you know why that is so: a small Asian man follows her, talking without pause, bragging about some tech-firm he’s involved in and completely unaware how he gets on her nerves. Asian-guy wears a suit that looks expensive but isn’t able to hide his feeble build. His face is almost covered by some geeky glasses.

Amused you watch how the woman storms into the bathroom and locks the door to hide from the little guy, who, undeterred, continues talking through the door. You grin as you can hear her groan through the door.

“And that are Miss Jade Smith and Mr. Tom Takashi!” you hear behind you.

You turn around and see Ahab grinning just as wide as you do.

“Sometimes being a beautiful woman seems to be a very unbeautiful fate, huh?” you smile, “Who’s the last passenger?”

Ahab chuckles at your comment. “Our last guest is an American woman by the name of Susan Richards… She’ll be here any second…”

As if that was a cue you see a woman stand on the marina, right in front of the yacht. You’ve been confronted with three stunning beauties over the last three minutes: The “Daystar”, little blonde Katja and Jade, but the woman who just walks up the gangway tops them all. She is walking bare footed and you follow her long, caramel-coloured legs up to the hem of the thin white summer dress that starts around mid-thigh, flowing freely around her tight, curvy body, shoving a nice amount of cleavage. Her curly hair, brunette with some blonde streaks, is cascading over her shoulders. Her lips are full and curved into a warm, amused smile that shows sparkling white teeth. Her eyes are covered by a pair of huge sunglasses, but in comparison to Mr. Takeshi’s they seem to be fitting just right. She has a huge bag flung over her shoulder and it’s obvious that she’s struggling with the weight. Quick-thinking you dash forward. “Excuse me. Can I help you with your bag?”

“Uh, what a gentleman! Thank you” she smiles at you and hands you her bag before turning towards Ahab who greets her with a chivalrous bow.

“Miss Richards, I assume? Welcome on board of the “Daystar”. I am Captain Ahab, at your service!”

The woman laughs. “Thank you captain Ahab. But actually my name is not Susan Richards…” she says and takes off her shades. You nearly drop the bag in surprise and you can see that Ahab is equally dumbfounded.

“My name is Jessica Alba. I hope it’s not a problem that I registered with a false name. It’s just that this is my first holidays in years that I’m all alone, so I didn’t want any paparazzi following me around. That’s why I chose the name of my “Fantastic Four”-Character… You look like comic characters with your jaws at waist level and your eyes as big as saucers, by the way!”

The two of you quickly compose and you can hear yourself mutter: “S…sorry, Miss Alba.”

Smiling, she extends her arm and offers her hand: “Please, call me Jess!”

You take it, gratuitous that it isn’t shaking: “Pleasure! I’m Chris!” You turn towards Ahab: “To which cabin can I take our luggage?”

The old man seems to need a second to understand your question: “Oh…uhmm… Jessica is cabin 4, you are number 6…”

Nodding you take off, Jessica at your side, starting to babble in delight about how excited she is about this trip and about having a break of the constant stalking of paparazzi.

You smile and nod, still incredulous that you are about to spend an entire week with a bikini-clad Hollywood star. She seems to be really down to earth and from what you can tell she is just as excited about diving as you are, when she again catches you of guard just as you turn to leave her on her own in her cabin.

“Since I’m on my own here, would you be my diving buddy?” She tilts her head and gives you that dazzling smile of hers and you just blurt out, “Of course I will.”

Her smile turns into a grin and you close the door, not believing your luck.


You step out of the little shower in your cabin and use the complementary towel to dry yourself then wrap it around your waist as you head to your suitcase and open it up. You lay out a pair of black shorts and a striped shirt before taking some Hugo Boss cologne and squirting it on. Ahab had said that there would be a little video presentation about the ship and all its facilities as well as a mandatory safety section on the dangers of diving; all while you took the thirty minute sail out to where you’d be going under the sea.


Fifteen minutes later you were all seated in a theatre room and the presentation started- It showed all the different sections of the ship, including an onboard spa, Jacuzzi, dining hall, swimming pool, and open bar. Then you had to sit through the boring safety video, yawning as you knew all this stuff backwards.

Alba, who sat next to you, saw the disinterested look on your face, and leaned in to whisper in your ear,  “My mom taught me to dive when I was really young, so I know how you feel having to watch this.

“Yeah,” you sigh, “but rules are-”

“Meant to be broken,” she finished, grinning at you.

“Okay, everyone,” Ahab says coming up to the front holding a clipboard after the video is done,  “We’re about just where we need to be over the reef to have ourselves a beautiful first dive. You guys are really lucky to be here at this time of year because stinger-season is over and it is warm enough to leave those wetsuits on the boat! So you can dive in your swimsuits! Now all we gotta settle is dive partners. For those of you who don’t know; diving buddies are sets that will dive together for a measure of safety!”

“…Eh yes Ms. Alba,” Ahab says seeing that Jessica has raised her hand.

“I asked Chris to be my buddy,” she says to the disappointed groans of the other male passengers and you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Well okay then, let’s see about the rest of you!”


Still fifteen minutes later you are outside checking your equipment on deck when you hear Jason cough erratically, looking up your heart jumps into your throat as Jessica Alba walks on deck in a skimpy little purple bikini top and mustard-yellow bottom with brass rings at the sides. Her body is simply exquisite; toned to a fault and damn sexy. Her full breasts are barely contained in the little bra, and her nipples are poking through the sheer fabric. You cough as well to cover a groan as your eyes rove over her curvaceous female form.

She kneels down beside you and sets to work on checking her equipment as well and you find yourself looking down her cleavage and watching her supple tits wobble; your erection quickly swelling in your swimming trunks. Snapping out of it you look down at her feet instead, to find her toenails neatly pedicured and polished silver (same as her fingernails). You don’t have any kind of fetish but you know you’d suck on her toes if she’d let you.

“I’m set,” Jessica says, catching you off guard, “How “bout you?”

“Eh-hum,” you cough awkwardly, with a little discomfort in your trunks, “Y-yeah, good to go.”

You help Jessica get her tank strapped on and the discomfort gets stronger as you watch her closing her small dive-jacket which pushes her breasts up and almost makes them pop out of her top. You shake your head to get clear and then lift on your own gear. She slips on her flippers and puts on her goggles then jumps into the crystal clear blue ocean water. You are right behind her and jump in as well to find the water is fantastic, and warm. You watch as Alba wastes no time in getting her breathing apparatus on and diving down to the ocean depths.

The alien world below is always a wonder to behold and as you dive further down you see the life teeming in the vastness of the watery blue. Dozens of fish dart to and fro, startled by the intrusion into their world, while on the reef you see the myriads of plant and coral life reacting to the change in current and water pressure.

Jessica is moving along the reef in wide eyed wonder as she pauses to investigate a starfish, then stares in amazement as an octopus glides over the reef. As she moves you find yourself once again distracted as your eyes falls on her beautiful round butt. It seems her swimsuit has run into the crack of her ass and her entire left cheek is uncovered and there for you to admire. You move down swimming just above her looking at the soft buoyancy of her firm buttock as she kicks her lean legs, hypnotized by its rippling jiggle; if it weren’t for the water your erection would have been raging.

To your utmost glee, you realize Jessica must have felt the material in her crack, and when she pulls it out you choke on the artificial air as you are given a quick flash of her vagina. It was too fast to take in the details but you did see that her pussy-lips were a dirty-brown and that she was clean-shaven!

Her body is hypnotic as it cuts through the water, and you just can’t take in the beauty of the barrier reef with her so scantily clad; so you start making your way back up to the surface after about ten minutes. Alba resurfaces just after you giving you a befuddled look.

“You done already?” she asks.

“E-hum, I got a cramp in my leg,” you lie, unable to think up a better reason.

“Oh,” she says a bit disappointed, and you think you better say something-

“Maybe we should go get some drinks,” she suggests before you get a chance to speak.

“Yeah,” you answer, astonished,” Yeah, that’d be great.”

Once again to your unbridled satisfaction, as Alba climbs the ladder back onto the ship you are given a glimpse of her camel-toe as her drenched swimsuit clings to her crotch. You look up to the clear heavens and just thank whatever deity is up there for blessing you so undeservedly.

You and Jessica are now sitting at the open bar; she had ordered a cocktail and you ordered a Windhoek draught off the keg. As you nurse your beer you notice Alba has gone quiet and hope you didn’t botch things up by faking a muscle cramp.

“So, you said you were on holiday alone?” you ask her, making conversation.

She looks up at you and smiles, “yeah, my husband and kids are back in LA. I just needed to get away from the whole wife and mother deal, ya know.”

She looks at the questioning look on your face, “Don’t get me wrong,” she continues quickly (and you guess it’s out of guilt), “I love my family, but being in the spotlight and being a capable wife and mommy is a bitch. Cash knows I love diving so he sent me here by myself.”

“Well, you should enjoy it, Jess,” you say, a bit disappointed hearing her speak of her family.

But you didn’t really think you’d have a shot at her. You were quite charming in your own opinion, but this was Jessica Alba after all!

“That,” Alba said, sipping her cocktail, “is exactly what I’m here for.”

“Good,” you say returning her fabulous smile and clinking glasses with her.


It was around ten at night and you were still hanging with Alba; though now you were both at the welcoming banquet, and you were both a bit tipsy after spending most of the afternoon at the bar. You were currently looking across the table at Jason who had managed to use some game to chat up Jade Smith, the stunning African-American woman. He was looking deep into her eyes and running his fingers thru her hair as he whispered sweet-nothings in her ear. Knowing Jason, he was going for gold and in the lead; meaning he’d be escorting the black-beauty to his room any minute now- At least having her as a diving buddy worked in his favour, and it helped that she was a beginner because he used that to have his hands over her all afternoon.

You sighed to yourself, if only you could have been that lucky. To your surprise Jade got up and walked off by herself, and that was when Jason came and sat by you, putting his arm around your neck and taking a swig from his beer.

“Two hundred bucks,” he says with a burp.

You turn your head to look at him, “Huh, what?!”

“Two hundred bucks,” he repeated.

“What for?” you ask him, confused.

“I bet two hundred bucks you can’t get in Jessica Alba’s pants,” Jason grins.

“You are wasted, dude,” you say to him, chuckling, “I don’t make moves on married women, you know that.”

“Normal women,” Jason says bonking you playfully on the head, “This is one of the planets hottest celebrities. To pass up even a smidgen of a chance with her would be insane; same rules don’t apply.”  

You raise an eyebrow looking at him, about to respond but he continues-

“Sides these Hollywood types sleep around all the time, law of Tinsel Town.”

“Law of Tinsel Town?” you smirk.

“Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Caprice; they all got sex tapes, brother. I’m telling you these rich celeb bimbos get bored or whatever and look for a quick fuck on the side.”

“So I’m betting you two hundred bucks you cannot get in there,” Jason repeats.

You look over at Alba who is talking to Ahab at the bar, dressed in a tight fitting denim mini skirt and red, sleeveless top showing off her toned stomach, along with a pair of slip-on sandals; the wheels in your head turning, “What’s the stakes?” you ask.

“I just said, two-”

“She’s a big prize, and if I play my cards wrong it could go down really bad, two hundred won’t cover my bail.”

“…What do you suggest?” Jason ventured.

“Your Harley to my Jaguar,” you grin.

“Whoa buddy, those are some big stakes there,” Jason says sitting up and looking at you seriously.

“You started this. She’s just like any other woman. I got the blonde that got us on this vacation and I can get Alba…!”  

“I’m raising the stakes coz her being married makes things tricky, question is: are you in?” you finish, stating him down.

Jason thinks it over for a while, “She ain’t just another woman, dude. She’s Jessica Alba!”  

“The Harley and the Jag’s on the table, winner takes pink slips,” Jason says, shaking your hand to seal the bet, “you got till the end of the week to have sex with her!”

“Now if you would excuse me,” he says getting up as Jade comes back into the room, “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting laid tonight, buddy.” He grins widely then gets up and leaves your table.

You stare after Jason for a moment, who puts his arm around Jade’s shoulders and whispers something into her ear that makes her laugh loud. Then you turn your head and let your eyes linger over the little bay into which Ahab had maneuvered the boat for the night. The sky is clear tonight and the moon shines bright. Tiny baby waves rock against the little beach, about a hundred meters away from you. Ahab said it’s absolutely safe to go swimming, there would be no dangerous sharks and whoever feels hot tonight should just jump into the ocean for a couple of minutes (but always take someone with him for safety reasons). Your mind wanders off and you think about how to win this bet. After all the stakes are too high to lose!

“Beautiful, don’t you think... ?”

You jump at the voice and turn around. Jessica has sat down at your table and looks into the picturesque bay.

“Hell yeah,” you say, not sure if you re meaning the beach or the woman in front of you...

“I saw that you finished your beer so I brought you a new drink!” she says and slides a glass with a milky liquid in it over to you.

“Well...  thanks. What is it?” you ask, lifting your glass and Jessica giggles at the skeptical look you give it.

“Ahab calls it “The Great White”. It’s his own recipe. I thought we should try it...  cheers,” she says, lifting her glass and clinks it against yours.

You both take a sip before putting the glass down and grimacing.

“Damn! Is that equal parts white rum and meths?” you cough.

“Uuh...  can’t the little girl stand a drink for grown-ups!” Jess scoffs but you see that she tears up a little bit and she pulls a face that shows unmistakably that she thinks the same.
“Sooo...  You’re trying to get me drunk? What do you hope to get from that?” you ask her and she giggles.

You begin a conversation and you tell her stories of your stay in Thailand while she listens and laughs and the two of you drink more and more.

After a while Jade and Jason leave; on his way out Jason winks at you and you can’t help but grin and shake your head. Ahab, who stands behind the bar and cleans the dishes from dinner laughs when he sees you and shouts, loud enough for the leaving couple to hear: “Don’t worry, Chris! The cabins are soundproof!” Jessica giggles at the comment and you can’t help but chuckle, too, while you see Jason giving the three of you a thumbs-up from his cabin door before following Jade inside.

You turn back to Jessica, seeing her just finishing of her “Great White”. She’s not drunk yet, but she’s quite tipsy. She touched your arm several times and her hand roamed over your shoulder too as she laughed at a funny detail of one of your stories. You know she has had enough, otherwise she won’t be able to dive tomorrow and you wouldn’t want her to be totally wasted. After all: then there was no challenge, and fucking a passed out chick is way beyond your moral ambiguity.

“Anything else I can do for you, guys? Otherwise I’ll go to bed!” Ahab asks, already turning to the door.

“No, thanks, I’m good. Have a good night!” Jessica answers, smiling at the old captain.

You jump up and go after the old man who turns around towards you. When you stand close enough in front of him to be out of Jessica’s earshot you ask, “Hey, dude. Just to be sure, I wanted to ask a guy Who’s sober: She’s not too drunk to swim, is she?”

Ahab grins and looks behind you, “Son, I’ve seen plenty of women in my life who weren’t capable of what they were doing because of too much alcohol. But in my expert opinion our little Hollywood star can stand a lot of liquor and is fit enough to go swimming, diving or, if she needs to; walk a tightrope...”

“Okay, I get it,” you say with a chuckle, “Now get to bed, old man!”

“And you kids have fun...  Oh, it appears that while I was talking, Jessica got bored...”  you twirl around and see the table where you sat is deserted. After a moment of shock you notice that the door to the back deck is swinging. You sigh, relieved. For a moment you really thought that Jess might have gone to bed. Chuckling Ahab slaps you on the shoulder: “Go get her, tiger! And good night!”

Grumbling about the “old bastard” you leave the salon and step into the cool night air. Stars are twinkling in masses, not disturbed by any artificial lights around, and the moon hangs like a big yellow ball over the palms on the little islands beach, bathing everything in a mystical light.

You see Jessica standing on the back platform of the boat, where you jump into the water when you go diving. She stands with her back towards you and looks out at the beach. Her sandals are lined up behind her and she carefully dips a toe into the water. You walk up to her, your eyes glued onto her miniskirt-encased, bubble butt. Just above the seam of the denim you can see a tattoo: a cute, little bow. Despite the placement it looks nothing like a  trampstamp  and you feel your cock stir as you think about how it makes her butt look like a gift.

“The water is phenomenal!” she says, still with her back to you, “And don’t think for a second I wouldn’t notice that stare!”

You look up. “Sorry,” you mutter with a guilty expression.

Jessica glances at you with a wide naughty grin on her face. “Don’t be!”

You stand next to her for a while, the two of you just sunken into the magical sight of the little, tropical Island in the moonlight. Suddenly Jessica exclaims, “I wanna go swimming!”

Surprised you look at her and your eyes widen even further as she reaches to the hem of her shirt, pulls it over her head and throws it behind her. Your breath stops as she reveals that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her full breasts bounce free. In the moonlight you can make out the teardrop shaped c-cups, topped off with little brown nipples that stand proudly in the cool night air.

Her tits jiggle enticingly as she hooks her thumbs in the sides of her skirt and pulls it swiftly down her legs, pushing her divine butt out in the process, and reveals a pair of tiny black thong panties that disappear in the cleft of her ass. With a flick of her leg she kicks her skirt back over the deck, then Jessica dives headfirst with swanlike elegance into the sea. The water merely splashes as she breaks the surface.

Dumbfounded you follow her with your eyes as she comes up. Of course you planned to get her into the water, but her initiative surprised you. The under-surface-lights of the boat reveal the erotic jiggle of her naked boobs under water as she swims on the spot and shouts up to you, “Come in! The water is wonderful!”

Waking up from your stupor you hastily rip of your shirt and shorts and leap into the water. You can hear Jessica gasp as she the huge bulge in the front of your boxers.

The cold comes at a shock, but after the first moment you start to enjoy the refreshing sensation, feeling how it clears your mind a little. With strong strokes you dive behind Alba, without goggles you aren’t able to make anything out, but you can see the outlines and you know she is unaware of your position.

Two strong kicks bring you to the surface and before Jessica can react you grab her in a bear-hug and shout, “BOO!”

Jess gives an alarmed shriek and flounces, but after the first shock she laughs and struggles playfully. You are hyperaware of how her backside presses against you and especially how her naked ass-cheeks grinds against your now fully erected dick. You enjoy the little fight and take the opportunity to get a few handfuls of her naked tits, while you notice how she rubs her butt more and more intensely into your groin.

Finally your little brawl stops and the two of you poise, your body pressed against hers, your hard dick nudged between her buttocks, your hands gripping her wrists, both your legs kicking lazily to stay above the surface, slowly turning around to face each other. She turns her head towards you and looks you in the eyes and the smile on your faces slowly fades. Then you lean in and your lips meet hers in a long kiss, slowly parting them and your tongue pushes into her mouth, chasing hers around. Your hands let her go and she turns towards you, caresses your neck and pushes your mouth deeper to hers and her breasts press into your chest, the rock-hard nipples poking you while your hands travel down and grab her butt as you dry-hump her through her thong.

Then suddenly she pulls away and swims backwards, laughing. “I bet I can get to the beach faster than you!” she exclaims.

You grin. You’ve seen her, she’s a great swimmer, maybe as fast as you are, but you can’t help but tease her a little.

“Sorry! I don’t fight girls. Wouldn’t be fair!”

“Oh, too bad, because if you’d have won, you’d win a great prize!” she says, teasing back. You look in each other’s eyes for a moment before you both swim as fast as you can, both laughing although you are determined to win.

Jessica had about two meters advantage, but she had to turn around, so you managed to catch up, but now you were both swimming head to head, unable to swim past her.

About twenty meters before the surf starts Jessica jumps and runs through the waist-deep water, ass and tits jiggling, getting a slight advance while you chase behind her.

It’s just a few meters left, the water is only knee-high now, and you know you won’t catch up to her, the water stops you from exploiting your longer legs. Desperate, you reach forward, grab Alba by the waist and lift her high in the air. She squeals in child-like pleasure as you twirl her around and put her down behind you. Now you’re easily able to win the race and you jog relaxed on the beach.

There you turn around grinning and are surprised to see Jess right behind you. “You asshole!” she shouts, but can’t stop laughing as she pushes you in the chest. Distracted by her bouncing boobs you stagger and fall backwards, landing in the warm sand, while Jessica, carried by the force of her own shove, lands on top of you. You grin as once again her breasts press against you as she giggles. Finally she stops and the two of you look in each other’s eyes for a moment before you kiss again. Your hands move on their own and start to knead Jessica’s round butt, eliciting a deep moan from her.

After a minute Jessica breaks the kiss and whispers huskily, “I guess I promised a reward for the winner...”  With that she moves down and starts kissing your chest, her dangling breasts tickle your loins excitingly. Your breath goes shallow in excitement as you feel Jess leaving a trail of little kisses along your chest and toned stomach, slowly working her way towards her goal before she lifts her head looking at you with her soaked strands of hair hanging loosely over her face-  

“Don’t get ideas though, we’re not having sex,” she stipulates.

She then goes for her prize with a sassy smile. With her right hand she tugs down your waistband and grasps you around the base and smiles again, “That is a nice cock!” Accentuating her compliment with a big kiss on your crown she makes you inhale sharply. Smiling devilishly she flicks her tongue over your tip. “Do you want me to suck it?”

“Yes, oh god, please...” you groan, not able to stand the sensation anymore.

After a little giggle she opens her mouth wide and swallows the first three inches of your dick, sucking so hard her cheeks fall in. You moan as you feel her skilled tongue swirl around the sensitive rim of your head, masturbating the rest of your dick with her right hand while she reaches up with her left and starts to softly massage your balls.

“Fffuuck...”  you mutter as she starts bobbing her head up and down, slowly taking a little more of your cock in. You lift your head slightly to watch the moonlit spectacle of the starlet working between your legs, her ass thrust up high in the air. You lift your shaking hands and move a few strands of hair back behind her ears before resting them on the back of her head, following her movements, not pressuring her.

Grinning widely she stops after a while and looks into your eyes. “You like that?” she asks.

“Hell, yeah!” you groan and she giggles again. Maintaining eye contact she moves her head down a little and takes one of your balls in her mouth. Your eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as Jessica Alba, moaning like a bitch in heat, suckles on your balls one after the other, all the while wanking your rock hard dick, her soft moans reverberating thru you. After a while she varies sucking them with giving them long, open mouthed lashes with the soothing flat of her tongue before licking up and down the whole length of your cock again.

By now both of you are sweating and out of breath, and when look up you can see her perfect breasts glisten in the moonlight. Again she lifts her head to look at you and while she lazily strokes your cock she states, “And now: the highlight!”

With that she dives down onto your dick again, takes the head into her mouth and stays like that for several seconds, breathing deeply. Then, with a sudden effort, she relaxes her throat and pushes down. You can feel the tip of your dick pressing against the back of her mouth for a second, before it finds a tiny opening and slides into Jessica’s throat.

You rear up, not able to believe what just happened.  “Holy Motherf...” you grunt as you feel the muscles of Jessica Alba’s throat contract around your cock. Her nose is pressed against your pubic bone. She meanwhile fights her gag reflex and erotically pulls back up- globs of saliva clinging from her mouth to your cock in slick strings. She flicks her tongue over your knob taking a sharp breath then goes down again- deep throating you magnificently!

You just can’t anymore and lose control. With a roar you can feel your dick explode, shooting multiple ropes of cum into Jessica’s throat, filling it with your jizz. After twenty seconds you feel your orgasm subside only just realizing that Jessica kept your dick lodged in there the whole time and- to your shame- that you forgot to warn her, now staring at her with your eyes half-lidded, as she looks at you with her mouth sealed and a dollop of your sticky white trickling over the beauty spot on her lower left chin.

But Jessica doesn’t seem to mind at all though, as she lets your cock slide back into the cavity of her mouth and gently sucks the last few drops out of your spent dick before letting it plop against your stomach. She then tilts her head up and opens her mouth to show you the creamy sperm in it, then swallows it with a gulp before opening again as proof that she had taken it all in.

Smiling widely she kneels on her heels, proudly watching you recover...

After a while you caught your breath. Slowly you sit up and kiss her.

“Now let me return the favor!” you whisper and reach for her panties. Suddenly her hand stops you. Startled you look at her.

“Please...  I can’t...  Cash...  I...” she stutters, looking pleadingly at you, and before you can say anything she turns around, runs into the surf and swims back to the ship.

Once again dumbfounded you sit in the sand, trying to understand this woman, but it is kinda hard for you to be disappointed since you can still feel her lips on your cock.

After a while you get up and return to the boat. Jessica is already in her cabin and you go to yours. Lying down after toweling off, you quickly fall asleep. You know you’ll have sweet dreams as your last thoughts are about Jessica’s heavenly breasts...


The next day things are really awkward as you see Alba in the dining room where you all are collecting breakfast from a buffet table. She has noticed you enter, but you know that she is avoiding eye contact.
“So...”   you turn to see Jason behind you grinning widely, “A little birdie told me you and a certain Hollywood star took a skinny dip last night.”

You make out the worried look on his face despite the effort he puts forth in making light of the situation; and you know he feels he’s lost his Harley. Under any other circumstances you’d take a stab at playing him, but right now you are concerned by Jessica’s erratic behavior...

You two seemed to really hit it off; at least that’s what you thought...

“Be cool, man,” you say to Jason,  “She, I mean, we didn’t go all the way.”

“No!?” Jason asks shocked, and he doesn’t attempt to hide his relief (he really loves his motorcycle), “Wha-”

“We were on the beach, and she went down on me an-”

“Whoa? She sucked your cock...? Dude, you lucky son uffa bitch!” Jason relishes at your score, “Damn at this rate you’ll have sealed the deal by the end of the day.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” you sigh, “Until she just up and bolted...”

“Listen, I’ll catch up with you later, I gotta do damage control,” you say.

“Hey, listen up, if you wanna come look later, Ahab’s got a video of Jess showing her boobies last night.”

You suddenly grin widely, “Dude, I could kiss you,” you say darting out the dining room.

Jason frowns, “The guy saw the boobies for real, why the hell is he so giddy about seeing them on TV?”


Ten minutes later you take a seat next to Alba without invitation and shove a parcel across to her...

She looks up at you puzzled, then despite how uncomfortable she feels she speaks-

“What’s this?” she asks.

“Call it a peace offering, something you may want in your possession and not out in the open,” you smile.

Her expression turned from puzzled to almost quizzical, “What are you playing at, Chris?”

“Our little swim last night wasn’t very private, and someone had a tape of you topless, and that is it, courtesy of my buddy Jason,” you explained.

Alba’s eyes shot open in shock and she grabbed the package and put it in her handbag, “Oh my God! Are you serious? If my husband saw that...”

“This is why I took off last night. I’m married and it...  what happened was a mistake. We got way too drunk and one thing lead to another...”

You put your hand on her shoulder to calm her down, “Relax Jess. I’m not some jackass ok...”

“No,” she smiles, “No, You’re not. You could have released this tape on the net and made some serious cash. Some paparazzi guys would pay thousands to get footage of me topless.”

You smile back at her; it was perfect, this was just the reaction you were planning on. You now looked like a hero and were well on the road to winning the bet again.


Unfortunately the winds and weather warnings made it too dangerous for diving that day as they changed up the currents and everyone had to stay on deck. Captain Ahab is grumpy and only you know that it was because you had got into his room and stole the footage he had of Jessica. At present both you and Alba are in the spa enjoying the relaxation of the soothing treatment.

After the session Jessica wraps the towel around her bikini-clad body and walks into the women’s change room to have a shower. Your mind is still reeling with what had happened the night before so you get up as well slip into the change room after Jessica.

Alba stands under the hot shower water leaning in a sensual posture against the tile wall, the whole room filled with steam. You can see the round curve of her pert breast and the fullness of her round, naked ass. Her buttocks are so firm and tight that it makes you stifle a groan.

“You are absolutely stunning, you know that?” you say out loud.

“You, shouldn’t be in here,” Alba says, not even slightly fazed by your presence.

As she turns to you her tits jiggle enticingly and you wonder how on earth a woman could be this goddamn gorgeous. Her drenched body shines as some of the body oil was still on her. And again you admire her perfect breasts, then your eyes rove over her flat stomach down to her little pussy. As your flash in the sea yesterday had confirmed she is utterly clean shaven, and her slit is a thin mound with an even thinner clit, her delicate lips are barely there, and you can just make out that they are a slightly darker brown than her skin- it is such a cute little pussy!

You drop your towel to show off your erection and Alba looks down at it with a smirk on her face before she turns away from you, “I’m married Chris, we can’t do this…”

You ignore the half-hearted explanation and walk behind her and put your hands around her stomach, “You know, you gave me a fucking awesome blowjob and I didn’t thank you.”

“Stop,” Jessica pleads softly, feeling you rub her belly before letting your hand slide down over her pelvis.

Your cock pushes up against her ass and you grind it into her so that she can feel how hard she makes you; then you use your one hand to cup her tit, feeling the weight of it before squeezing and kneading it. Your other hand moves further down until you feel the warmness of her sex, finding her wet and wanton.

Jessica is breathing harshly, her mouth open, her body filling with lust. You feel it and it urges you on: You spin her around and push her against the tiles and press your lips to hers hard, pushing your tongue into her mouth. She moans into your mouth as your tongues duel for control, sharing a passionate kiss.

Breaking off you go down and latch onto her nipple, suckling on the erect nub and biting it lightly with your teeth then tug and chew on it. Jessica’s head lolls under the hot stream of water caught in the rapturous experience. You continue down further, dipping between her legs, then take her right leg and throw it over your shoulder. There you inspect her pretty pussy taking the scent of her. You go in and give her entire sex a wet lick. Jessica twitches when you make contact and you look up at her grinning. You turn your attention back to her cunt and use your middle finger, pushing it into her hole, watching as she bucks her hips on penetration. You slowly glide your finger in, then pull it out and suck it- tasting her excretions- before pushing it in her again, but this time gliding it in and out, loosening her tight pussy. Working your finger in her sopping snatch you use your lips to latch onto her clitoris and suck on it hard giving it most of the attention.

“Hnnnfff.. Hahh, oh god ooh,” Alba squirms, moving her waist this way and that, the pleasure quickly increasing for her.

Feeling her vagina swell you slip in a second finger, pushing it knuckle deep inside her. She nearly loses her footing and grips your head, gritting her teeth, her toes curling. You pull your fingers out and push your tongue inside her quim, tasting her full on, and you try to lick the stiff contours of her wet inner-pink walls. Alba shrills as a spasm shoots through her body then grunts as her tummy knots up. You reach behind her and squeeze the flesh of her scrumptious ass, pulling her toward you so that you can burry your tongue in her cunt.

She grips your head tighter and you can only imagine the sensations shooting thru her body. She is wet, she is hot, she is un-fucking-believable!

“Hahh, Hahh...  HAAAAH!” Jessica shrieks, and you are delighted to find out she is a screamer as she comes.

You lick her pussy a few times watching as her body stops shaking and she looks down at you with those soft bedroom eyes...

You stand up and give her a long sensual kiss, then whisper in her ear...

“You’re welcome.”

You then leave the shower, allowing her to recover from her sexual daze...


After you put on some fresh, dry shorts you take your towel and iPod and step up onto the deck. The weather has calmed down and there is not a single cloud on the sky, so it’s great conditions to work on your tan a little. After all, next to Jason you look as pale as a vampire and you can use every single ray of sun. Though the wind stopped the seafloor is awhirl, so the visibility is less than five meters and there is no sense in going on a dive now. You’ll just have to wait a while until you can get back in.

You’ve seen Ahab at the steering wheel, his mood lightened a little after the loss of his tape and he made some lame jokes again. Takashi, the Japanese guy, has spent almost the entire trip in his cabin, claiming he’s sea-sick and wanting to be left alone. No one bothered to tell him that it’s better to stay on deck if you’re nauseous; apparently everyone is equally annoyed at him and glad to be rid of him. You’ve seen Jason disappear towards the Jacuzzi, together with Jade and Katja. You’re pretty sure that they’ll make him forget about the bet and you scoring with Jessica in no time. They’ll spend probably another hour in the tub before they’ll all be finished.

Grinning at the thought you spread out your towel on one of the deckchairs on the upper back deck, plug your earphones in, lay down and relax to the sounds of Jack Johnson.

After a while you suddenly feel something nudge against your leg. You open your eyes, already a little dozy and see Jessica towering over you. The sight brings you back more effective than a bucket of ice-cold water! She has pulled her hair back in a loose pony-tail and even through her shades you can see that she’s a little uneasy. Instead of yesterday’s purple-mustard-colored bikini she’s wearing a bright yellow one today, this one accentuating her breasts even more. Out of her nervousness you conclude that she’s still fighting her moral doubts about fooling around with you, but the fact that she now came to you makes you believe that somehow she wants more. She’s tasted blood and now she’s on the hook-

“STRIKE!” You think, knowing that your appearance in the showers and her cumming all over your face changed the whole dynamic of your relationship to your advantage!

Smiling widely, you take the ear-buds out and prop yourself up on your upper arms. “What’s up?” you ask.

“I need… I mean… Could you… my back…” she stutters nervously, showing you a little bottle of sun lotion.

You quickly sit up fully and take the bottle out of her slightly shaky hands. Damn, this woman is really torn! You almost feel like backing off… Almost!

Standing up you give her a calming smile, after all you want her to overcome her doubts.

“You want me to give you a hand with the lotion? Sure, lay down!” you say, motioning over to the chair next to you.

Smiling thankfully she spreads her white beach towel out on it and lays face down. Once again You’re confronted with a first-class view of Jessica’s bikini-clad bubble butt. You wish she’d be slutty enough to wear a thong, but even with the decent panties that cover half her cheeks, the look is (even though you saw her naked ass just an hour ago) stunning enough to get you rock hard in seconds. You stifle a groan and focus your attention on screwing off the bottle cap and squirting a generous amount of lotion into the palm of your hand. Putting the bottle down you say in a calm, soothing voice, “You wanna undo the strings on your back? You surely don’t want any tan lines, do you?”

Jessica mumbles as “Yes” and reaches behind her back to loosen the knots of her bikini top.

Your heart beats faster as she is now again nearly nude in front of you. After taking a moment to admire her beauty you get to work and softly rub the lotion into Alba’s caramel skin. You begin at her shoulders and feel Jessica taking a sharp breath as her skin comes into contact with the cool cream, but soon she relaxes and you proceed thoroughly massaging from her shoulders down over her back to the waistband of her bikini-bottoms, enjoying the softness of her body under your hands. After a while you can hear Jess moaning softly at your expert treatment. You’d be able to take a lot more pleasure out of this if it wasn’t for the raging hard on you are spotting. You didn’t get “to the end” in the shower and now You’re overdue. Considering how relaxed her body is now you decide to go for it and reach for the waistline of her panties.

“Jessica,” you speak up, “You should take off your bottoms now! They cover so much and you’ll get tan lines!”

You feel her body stiffen and her right hand shoots down to stop you. “Wait!” she exclaims, “What if somebody comes back here?”

Smiling you answer her expected objection “Don’t worry, Jess! Jason, Jade and Katja will stay in the Jacuzzi for at least another hour. Takashi is in his cabin, and seriously: the guy won’t come out if the sun is shining! And Ahab is busy not crashing this ship against the reef…”

Jessica still isn’t convinced. “What about the cameras?”

“Don’t worry about the cameras. I checked! Those are only on the lower decks. If Ahab doesn’t use them to perv on stunning, skinny-dipping Hollywood-starlets those are for security…”

Jess swallows hard, but finally she reluctantly lets go of her bottoms and lifts her hips to help you slide them down, which you do. You have to use every ounce of self-control in your body to stop yourself from simply ripping them off as you pull them down her shapely legs and over her small feet before dropping them next to the deckchair. Jessica is stark naked now, except for her Dolce&Gabanna sunglasses. She’s propped up on her elbows now and looks back at you doubting…

You place a soothing hand between her shoulder blades and push her down gently. “Ssssh, everything’s alright, Jess! Lie down and relax” you seduce her and she reluctantly obliges, though her body is still a little tense and she bites her lower lip nervously.

You take your hand from between her shoulders and let it glide along her spine, down to the full curve of her naked ass. This is your first opportunity to inspect it up close, neither at your encounter on the beach nor in the shower have you got that opportunity. It is perfect beyond imagining! Two fleshy, tight, round light-brown buns, just a slight tan line where her bottoms usually end. An inch above her ass-crack is the bow-tattoo. Grinning widely you pick up the sunscreen-bottle again.

“We better put some on that butt, too! You wouldn’t want to burn your bum, would ya?”

With that you squirt a generous amount into your palm and rub your hands together before placing them on Jessica’s buttocks and start massaging the lotion in. It just takes seconds to spread it all over her ass, but you don’t stop, the lotion just a pretence to get your hands on her ass. You now, slowly knead the firm flesh of her butt-cheeks like dough, eliciting moan after moan from her. She is obviously turned on by you manhandling her ass.

There was one question on your mind the whole time and your curiosity finally got the better of you- you grab both ass-cheeks firmly in your hands and pull them as far apart as possible, spreading her ass-crack and exposing her tiny little asshole. You always wondered if Jessica Alba would have a tight rear entrance or if she would be used to taking it up the ass. Both answers would delight you and your heart jumps as you discover that Jessica’s sphincter is as tight as it could possibly be! It is a cute, brownish, wrinkled little rosebud, the surrounding skin slightly darker.

You realize you’ve been holding her buttocks apart for a little while now and quickly resume massaging, only from time to time you steal a little peek of that wonderful orifice. Jessica meanwhile seems to have forgotten about her shyness of being nude in an open place and her moans grow louder with every second. She also starts pushing her ass up into your hands, behaving like a bitch in heat, her head still resting on the chair. Her bald pussy starts bulging between her legs, her lips are glistening with her juices and her stiff, thin clit protrudes proudly. You grin widely as you see her offering herself to you like some desperate slut. Leaning forward you give her wet slit a long lick with you flat tongue.

“Ohgod!” Jessica groans and her whole body goes rigid. You grab her hips and pull them further upward to get a better access to her folds. Then you place your thumbs on the beginnings of her inner thighs and spread them before diving in.

“Holy shit!” she shrieks as you push your tongue into her tunnel, wasting no more time on teasing.

Then you vary on nibbling on her labia, sucking on her clit and fucking her with your tongue. Jessica is going crazy at your treatment and when you add a finger to it you’re almost sure that everyone on the boat and the whole east-coast of Australia heard her squeals of joy!

Soon your combination of finger-fucking and clit sucking has her on the brink of orgasm, but at the very last moment you slow down, denying her the sweet release she is craving… As soon as she is able to catch her breath a little you speed up again, bringing her back up to the peak, but again you don’t give her the final push, making her whimper in frustration. After you repeated this several times she can’t stand it anymore.

“Oh god! Please, you gotta fuck me… I need it!” she pants, her entire brow, glistening from sweat, as she says those magical words you wanted to hear all along.

In the blink of an eye you pushed your swimming trunks to the floor and your rock hard cock, dripping with pre-cum bounces free. You get into position behind the starlet and slap your dick against her dripping cunt several times before placing it against her opening and pushing in slowly.

“Jeeezuz fuck,” you groan inwardly, as finally you take Jessica Alba, your balls and penis twitching with excitement as you slide into her...  The feeling of her inner walls giving way to your intruding cock is just indescribable!

It takes a long, slow thrust, but finally your dick is buried to the hilt in Jessica Alba’s pussy, her ass-cheeks pressing against your pelvis. You pause for a second, letting the fact sink in that you are balls-deep in the tight cunt of one of the sexiest women alive! Then you grab her by the hips and start thrusting. Her increased juice-flow allows you to pick up speed fast and soon your groin slaps into her ass in a quick rhythm. She gets up on her elbows and does her best to meet your strokes, while her lustful grunting gets more and more erratic. Sweat drips down her brow as you grit your teeth and begin fucking her harder.

“Ohmigodohmigodohmigod” she whimpers as you plough through her. You let go of her hips and grab her ponytail with your left hand, pulling her head back while you lift your right and deliver a sharp, stinging spank to her right ass-cheek that leaves a red mark on her flushed skin and makes her yelp…

“Touch yourself, Jess,” you hiss through clenched teeth and watch as she shifts her weight onto her left arm, then lifts her right and reaches down towards the little nub between her legs, adding even more stimulation to the experience. The act, the small nuance of added pleasure is the toppling effect to the sensual cause and Alba’s body relents...  she squeals in lust filled ecstasy as pleasure increases in volume and frequency and you know she’s hit the home stretch. Now, as much as you’re enjoying hearing her joy, you’re worried that someone will come to investigate, which would end your session. And you didn’t plan on cumming yet!

So you know you got to do something: Without missing a beat you lean over to your right and pick up Jessica’s discarded yellow bikini bottoms. You quickly ball the sweat-soaked piece of clothing up, then you lean forward- your cock pushing even deeper inside her sweaty sex- and push the panty-gag into Jessica’s panting mouth. She’s too caught off guard to stop you and before she can react the makeshift gag is in place and absorbs her grunts effectively…

And not a single second too early: Just as you place your hand back on Jessica’s hip a powerful shudder runs through her body, followed by her vaginal muscles clamping down on your cock, milking you in a heavenly way. Then she starts bucking hard, nearly throwing you off the deckchair. You hold on tight, one hand on her ponytail, one at her hip, and let her ride out the monster waves of her orgasm, increasing the pleasure for her marginally by slowly thrusting half your drenched dick half-way in and out of her sweet, soft, dripping vagina...  Even her gag can’t absorb her pleasure-filled squeals now, but it sure is music to your ears.

…After a while her orgasm subsides and all tension leaves her shivering, sweat-kissed little body. You let go of her braid and her head slumps forward, strands of her hair clinging to her sweaty brow. With feeble movements she pulls the panty-gag out of her mouth and drops it to the floor, fighting hard to get her rapid breathing back under control, while you, still rock-hard, keep your dick all the way inside her beautiful cunt.

“Wow” she finally gasps, “Just wow! You’re still not done, are you…?”

“Nope,” you answer, not even trying to hide the pride in your voice.

“Well, then we’re apparently not done, huh?” Alba teases.

“Yeah! And I see something back here that I’d like to try…”

With that you let your forefinger wander into her ass-crack, down to her tiny, puckered starfish.

Jessica’s head shoots up. “Huh eh… N-no, sorry! I can’t do that! Sorry!” she blurts and you feel a little panic in her voice.

Of course you’re a little disappointed, but then you realize that right now about every male creature in the universe would kill to be in your place and the thought brings a smile on your face.

“Fine! Then let’s see if I can fuck another orgasm out of this divine pussy of yours!” You quickly pull yourself out of her and hear her gasp at the sudden emptiness in her vagina.

Then you grip her waist and roughly flip her over. As she lands on her back you watch her boobs bounce delightfully and you can catch a glimpse of a smile, a mixture of gladness that you leave her butt alone and anticipation about things to come… Smiling you grab her ankles and lift her legs onto your shoulders, then you lean forward slightly and line up with her freshly fucked pussy. Then, with a hard thrust, you bury yourself in her cunt, making both of you gasp loudly.

You fold your arms around her thighs to hold her in position and start pounding into her at a very fast pace. Jess moans and whimpers as you plough into her savagely, you ball-sack slapping against her ass with every thrust. Her hands grab the sides of the deckchair to steady her against your assault

“Y-yes! Fuck- that- pussy!” she huffs and you enjoy watching her tits jiggle as a familiar tingle spreads out in your loins. Biting your lips and shutting your eyes you lean forward even further to enforce the power of your thrusts. Jessica’s whimpers turn into squeals again as she is now almost bent double, showing impressive flexibility, her knees pressing into her tits, her feet pushed down to the sides of her head. You let go of her thighs and grab her head in both hands, pressing your lips onto hers in a passionate, animalistic kiss to muffle her. Her hands wander to your ass and with every thrust she pulls you into her to increase their force even more. You see her eyes roll into the back of her head and her toes curl frantically as her orgasm comes crashing down on her. She screams into your mouth, her fingernails dig into your ass and her vagina starts milking your cock again.

“Oooh, ohfck.. Fck. Fuck me-” she whimpers as the kiss breaks, her body quivering from the release of endorphins that fills her so delectably...  she lifts her leg from your shoulder and puts her big toe in your mouth, moaning as you gently suck on it while still gently pumping your engorged cock into her sensitive cunt...

Jessica feels you throbbing deep inside her pussy as you pump erratically in and out of her as she comes out of her sexual daze...  “No- huh- n-not... Don’t cum in me...” she warns, panting heavily...

Groaning inwardly you feel your balls tighten and quickly slip out of her pussy just as you break, jerking as you blow...

“Fffuck,” you grumble as the globs of thick sperm erupt out of your tip...

Alba looks up, wide-eyed and panting as the ropes of white, milky cum splash over her stomach, some of it even coating her reddened, flustered breasts and neck. Your dick softens slightly and flops down onto her leaking pussy, your sperm mingling with her secretions and dripping onto the deckchair...  For a while the two of you sit there panting heavily in sated satisfaction...  God what a fuck Jessica Alba is!

She rests another couple of seconds on the deckchair, staring dreamily at the blue sky. Then she turns her head and looks up at you.

“Comere,” she mumbles feebly. When you walk up to her she reaches up and puts your dick in her mouth.

“Holy Fuck,” you gasp as you feel her suck your combined juices of your spent, over-sensitive cock. Then she lets it slip out and you stumble backwards, falling onto your deckchair…

“Thank you,” she murmurs, smiling blissfully.

“You were awesome,” you groan, then something comes back onto your mind, “You don’t take it up the ass?”

She looks up into your eyes, her smile slowly fading. “Oh, I used to do it sometimes, back when I was single, I once let a guy fuck my ass on the top off my car in the garage! I didn’t even really know him! But Cash isn’t into anal and I’ve been faithful until now, so my last assfuck was years back, and now I’m really scared to do it again, I mean it hurt like the dickens for a few days after. All though truth be told we didn’t use any lubricants...”

You nod slowly, understanding, but your mind is focused on the fact that Jessica has taken it up the ass.

Slowly Alba gets up and takes an awkward step towards you. “Damn, stud! You really fucked my little pussy good!” she giggles and kisses you on the cheek, “I’m gonna take a shower! After all you’ve created quite a mess…”  With that she picks up her towel, sunscreen and discarded bikini and walks towar
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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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DISCLAIMER: this story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the actions or thoughts of Jessica Alba. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money from writing it.

Big thanks to Inyotef for helping to write and develop this story. I hope you’ll all enjoy…

Feedback and suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal


Two hours after your hot encounter with Jessica Alba you’re busy on the lower back deck, preparing two sets of gear for the first and probably only dive of the day. The water calmed down and the visibility is about fifteen meters now, so the conditions are absolutely ideal.

After Alba left, you took a quick shower, put on some fresh clothes and spent a while at the bar, trying to re-hydrate for the dive and, hopefully, for a later session with Jessica. You briefly saw Jason as he sneaked from the Jacuzzi into his room, together with the two ladies. Apparently, they weren’t finished but only changed the location… You guess it will be unlikely that he’ll come out anytime soon, probably just in about an hour, when dinner is served. Since Takashi still spends his time in his cabin and Ahab is busy overseeing the fixing of your meals you guess it will be just you and Jessica out in the water this time. Well, that’s alright with you…

While you perform the well-trained task of checking the equipment you can’t help but wonder how your relationship with the starlet might develop. You guess that after she cooled down from the three orgasms you gave her in quick succession, she’ll try to wrap her head around the events of the last two days and probably behave differently from now on. But her behaviour surprised you several times now, her sudden escape from the beach just one example, and you guess you won’t be able to predict the actions of this woman.

Just as you’re finished checking the oxygen pressure on Jessica’s bottle, you hear the door to the saloon open. You turn your head and your dick twitches in your swim shorts at the sight you’re granted: A barely clothed Jessica Alba steps out on the deck, this time clad in an incredibly skimpy black bikini. The top seems to be a size to small; it pushes Jessica’s delicious tits up and together, creating an exquisite valley of cleavage while her tits bounce so hard with every step that they threaten to pop out of the cups any second. The bottoms barely cover her mound, even if you hadn’t seen her naked earlier you’d know that she was smoothly shaved now, as the fabric clings to her pussy, creating a sinfully delicious cameltoe…  Her hair is done up in a light ponytail again, so it won’t get in her way under water and her mouth is curled into a devilish little smirk. She looks as if she just stepped out of a horny man’s wet dream.

“W-wow…” is all you manage to stutter, once again at a loss of words at her beauty.

The smirk turns into a wide grin. “Yeah, I was going for that reaction,” she giggles, “I thought; since we’ll probably be alone out there, I’ll give you a special treat… And you haven’t even seen all of it!”

With that she turns around and your mouth turns dry: The back of her panties is nearly non-existent! The band of her thong simply disappears into the crack of her ass, so not a single millimeter of her butt is covered. She shakes her ass from side to side playfully… “You like it?”

You are too dumbfounded to answer for a second. It was a miracle that she let you fuck her, but never in a million years would you have guessed you’d see America’s sweetheart dressed up that slutty. Usually such skimpy attire only appears in some porno! You have wondered about how Jessica would behave now that she gave up her pussy to you and broke her marriage vows. You thought she might be uneasy, probably quiet. But you never expected her to be like this! It seems that at least for the moment she has forgotten about her doubts… You cough to get your ability to speak back. “Y-yes, it’s stunning!”

Grinning Jessica turns around and walks up to you. Placing one hand in your groin she starts to massage your cock through your shorts and leans in to huskily whisper something in your ear “Don’t worry, you’ll get to see the rest of me pretty soon! I can’t wait!”

You moan at the thought of her naked sweat-covered form, squirming in ecstasy on your bed! She is so going to pay for this teasing.

Shuddering you stutter, “Let’s start diving…” desperately thinking of old grandma boobs to stop yourself from making a mess in your pants. Just a few seconds of teasing from this woman were enough to get your hormones into overdrive!

Smiling innocently she steps back “Yeah, sure!” Then she discovers something on a nearby bench. “Uh, an underwater-camera?!” she says and picks it up and inspects it.

“Uhm yeah, I thought pictures would be nice. Maybe I can get a few good ones…” you mumble, still a little shaken.

Jessica turns the camera in her hands for a moment, then she looks up and gives you a naughty wink. Swiftly, she hooks a thumb into the waistband of her thong and pulls the front part down, exposing her plump, (and to your inward agony; damp) little pussy. Then she quickly holds the camera about ten inches away from her snatch and snaps a shot before she- just as quickly- pulls her thong back into place and throws the camera to you.

“Hope, that’s a good one,” she smirks, then she turns towards her dive-gear, acting as if nothing at all happened…

Completely flabbergasted and off guard you barely managed to catch the cam and now you stare at the photo she took. It shows a close-up of her cunt! Her slightly brownish pussy-lips, the soft labia, the thin, protruding clit, all of it is in there, in sharp detail!

Speechless you look up at Jess. While you were gawking at the pic she managed to put on all of her equipment on her own. Now she sits on a bench close to the dive-in-platform and smiles at you, her goggles loosely hanging around her neck.

“Are you coming?”

“Of course,” you murmur and face your gear. But her sudden openness startles you too much and you just have to ask, “… Jess?”

“Yes, Chris?”

“Why are you behaving this way?”

“Well… you’re a smart guy, so I think you figured out that this isn’t more than a short affair. Two people seeking fun. And as soon as I am home, we are finished. You won’t stalk me, appealing at some kind of ‘connection’ we had. So I thought, why not enjoy it? I might be cheating, but it doesn’t change that I love Cash! In a week it will be as if nothing happened and it will all be just a nice memory…”

“But why this?” you ask, lifting your cam.

Jessica smiles, blushing slightly. “From your behaviour today I reasoned you might like my pussy… And since you gave me the tape of me topless I trust you not to show it around. Plus, it’s not like anyone but you and me will know it is mine… So what I want to do is to give pleasure and receive some in return. That involves being a little naughty.”

Stunned you shake your head. “You’re… incredible.”

“Thank you,” she coos, “Now could you put on your gear? I want to go diving.”

“Um… sure!” you mumble, turn around and give your attention to your equipment, your head still spinning slightly.


Ninety minutes later you sit in the saloon for dinner. Sitting opposite to you Jason is close to a freak-out.

“You motherfucker! No way! Never! You’re a liar!” He isn’t really angry, you rather sense excitement and… pride for you.

You smile calmly, enjoying every aspect of your friend reaction. “Oh yes! I ate her out in the shower! And I fucked her to orgasm twice on the back deck…”

“Yeah, sure, asshole! And I just had a three-way with Megan Fox and Jenna Jameson!”

“I thought their names were Katja and Jade…”

“Shut up, you bastard!” he snaps, then he lowers his voice a little as the others stopped their conversations and stared at the two of you.

“Listen, man, this is about my Harley! My baby! You got that? No offense, buddy, but with stakes like that I want some proof!”

You snicker. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about either Jess confirms you were fucking her or give me footage! Pics or video or something…”

“You little perv…” you mutter, but you know fully well that if the tables were turned you’d react the same way.

“Alright,” you agree, “But I’ll show you, you’re not allowed to keep it!”

He opens his mouth, probably to whine again about how he’s already losing his Harley and could use some solace, but you stop him “Non-negotiable! I won’t give footage of her to thirds!”

Slowly he nods. “Fine! Where is she anyway?”

“Down in her cabin,” you answer, “She didn’t eat much, was finished before the three of you came up here… She wants me to come by in… oh, just about now! See ya!”

With that you get up from the table, then you pause and wink at your friend. Grinning you lift your right hand and twist it slightly several times as if you were accelerating a Harley. Imitating motor sounds you slowly walk past him which earns you an elbow-check. Laughing you walk off to the cabin areas to what will hopefully be a night to remember, your mind racing about how to talk Jessica into making a sex-tape (since you can’t expect her to simply tell Jason). She said she’d trust you, but would she trust you that much?


“Awwwee, Ohh, ofck...” you groan, sweat shinning on your forehead as you sit there on the edge of Jessica’s bed...

She is on her knees between your legs, her hand steadily stroking your stiff cock, while she expertly uses her wicked mouth to suck you off, running those plump lips of hers up and down your rod, while breathing through her nose as she bobs her head in your lap.

Her piercing brown bedroom eyes look at the explicit agony reflected on your face as you grit your teeth, the feel of her tongue lashing against the underside of your cock is just indescribable...

Alba uses two finger to jerk the base of your dick as she slowly takes a couple of breaths; then she takes you in her mouth again, and gags slightly as she eases your length further and further, until her cute nose is pressed against your pubic bone...   God, you just love it when she deep-throats!

Jessica holds that pose for a few moments, and you can feel her salivating all over your cock as she tries to control her gag reflex... Then carefully she slurps all the way up, then sticks out her tongue and licks all over the sensitive knob of your shiny cock.

She grins up at you with her fingers spread over your thighs, “Poor baby, you look so tortured...”

“It feels like my fucking balls are gonna explode,” you groan feeling your dick throb as it dangles in front of her.

“I can be a real tease, huh?” Alba says in a sassy voice, using your legs to push herself up to kiss you on the lips with a little peck. She then slides onto your lap, straddling you... She’s wearing a floral little, white satin summer gown; which she tugs up above her hips, exposing her bare, dripping pussy underneath...

She then grips your penis and jerks it twice before lifting her waist and carefully positioning it over her sticky cunt lips. You grip her delicious ass, nearly losing your mind at the need to fuck her again...  Alba smiles looking you in the eye, then slowly drops her waist and you groan feeling your hard cock push into that tight, moist pussy of hers. You immediately twitch as her inner-sex presses around your dick; the warm, wet walls of her vagina massaging you wonderfully well.

She clenches her teeth, pushing down and taking your entire cock, her beautiful eyes as wide as saucers... “You fill me so good,” she breathes huskily, as she sits there, her vagina adapting and stretching to accommodate you.

Alba starts moving; lifting her waist, your aching cock sliding halfway out of her slick sex, then rolls her hips into you. She does it again, and again; working her tight, lubricating pussy up and down your cock... Wanting to pleasure her, you grip the ample flesh of her round ass, spreading her cheeks, and start thrusting up, meeting her...

“Omigod.. Ahh” Alba whines, hugging you tightly, the feeling of you driving deeper into her sweet clam doing it for her!

You try and nibble on her neck and jaw, but it’s difficult with her bouncing on your lap, riding you faster; so you bite lightly on her shoulder instead. The smooth satin material falls off her shoulder and exposes her naked jiggling tit, and you reach up and squeeze it, then gnaw on her stiff nipple, hearing her whine her approval in pleasure...

Already you are throbbing deep inside her pussy, and you know you won’t last much longer... But Jessica psychically slows to a stop. She breathes heavily and her body shines from the sweat of exerting herself, and you look up at her perfect angelic face... Alba lifts her waist and you shiver as your cock pulls out of her swollen pussy...

“Did you enjoy that?” she grins wickedly.

“Did I enjoy that?” you repeat incredulously, panting, “How could you ask that?”

“Well, you didn’t cum, so we’re not...”

Alba freezes as you both hear a knock on the cabin door...  She quickly covers herself with her gown and gets off you then goes to the door and carefully opens it so that whoever it is can’t peek in and see you...

“Hey skipper,” you hear her saying, then hear Ahab’s voice...

“Hi Ms. Alba, just passing by to tell you we’re having special desert buffet set up in the dining hall. I tried calling, but the line was busy…”

“Oh, yeah, I took it off the hook. Didn’t wanna be disturbed,” Jessica explains.

“Well, you better get down there before it’s all gone,” Ahab says to her before you hear him chuckle before Jessica shuts the door... 

Alba turns to you, frowning, “Awwe, we gotta finish this a little later, Chris.”

You swear you’re going to have a heart attack; she can’t screw you and leave you panting like a horny dog! But it would seem that Jessica isn’t so cruel as to leave you suffering from blue balls- She walks over to you and grips your dick firmly and starts masturbating you.

The flapping sound fills the room; drown out only by your groaning then all at once you cringe as you blow- thick ropes of sticky jizz shooting up into the air!

Alba grins again then turns to the bathroom, “I’m gonna have a shower, I’d ask you to join, but I think you better slip out before anyone notices...”


“... She gave you a blowjob, screwed you, then gave you a hand job,” Jason smirks sceptically, after you told him about your latest sexapade with Jessica Alba... “You have an exaggerated imagination dude.”

“When, when have I ever exaggerated about my sexual conquests? Face it brother, I won the bet fair and-”

“What bet?” a voice behind you asks, and you turn to see Jessica collecting some chocolate cake. She had changed her clothes, and now certainly looked the part of an A-list celebrity dressed in a mid-thigh-length black dress and shiny high heels, with her hair tied back and knotted, with just a modest application of make-up to accentuate her stunning beauty.

You, stutter, wondering how much she’s overheard, “W-we, bet on whether you were a diva-type Hollywood celeb…” you figure a partial truth was better than a whole lie.

“Diva-type; you mean stuck up?” Alba smirks.

“E-hum...” Jason mumbles, but can’t think of any way to soften the blow...

“Well, I can see how people would think that...”

Both you and Jason gawk at each other by her easy-going attitude...

“... I heard worse boys. It’s like when I go into meetings for a new acting part... I think there are ambitious girls who will do anything to be famous, and they think men in show business are used to woman putting out. But contrary to how people feel, I’ve never used my sexuality. I’m just not like that...”

“I see,” you say, realizing she’s being very real (probably to prove she isn’t stuck up).

“Yeah,” Alba affirms, “When I’m in a meeting, I want to tell you why I’m an asset, how I m a commodity, how I can put asses in the seats... Not there’s a chance you’re gonna be able to fuck me. That’s never been my deal.”

“Didn’t stop them from always casting you as the sex kitten,” Jason commented, and you shake your head at his stupidity after hearing how adamant Alba had just been.

“Look, I’m no prude,” Jessica responded, annoyed, “I come from a very religious background that suppresses sexual freedom- but, sexy is sexy! So why try and hide that, like it is some egregious sin?”

“Amen sister,” Jason joked, and you can’t believe he can’t see how serious she’s being.

“Look! I don’t mind showing a little skin... But I’m not going topless, and my dad would have a fit if I went commando,” Jessica said determinedly... “They wanted me to do that dance in ‘Sin City’ topless, but I told them it was sexy enough as is!”

“Hey, I’m not gonna lie,” you pipe up, “I woulda been among the billions of men around the world who woulda drove into the cinema to see your titties, but I gotta respect your convictions.”

Jason rolls his eyes as if you just embarrassed the entire male gender; but Jessica smiles, and you know you just scored a few extra points with her.

“What about those nip-slips on the internet, and I even found a lip-slip from that movie ‘Killer Inside Me’,” Jason quips.

Jessica looks up at him confused, “What’s a lip-slip?”

“There’s pics on the net of you bent over with that Casey-Affleck-dude carrying you to the bed for the spanking; if you look carefully you can see your, y know…”  Jason finishes, gazing down at her crotch.

Jessica’s eyes widen and she actually turns pink with embarrassment...  her mouth opens to say something, but she darts off instead.

You watch her leave, then look up at Jason...

“What...?” He shrugs like a total douche.


You find Jessica standing at the portside of the ship leaning on the bow and looking out at the moonlit ocean. She hears you approach and turns to you...  “I need you to do me a favour Chris...”

“Sure, what is it?”

She looks in your face as you stand next to her, “...delete the picture you have of my…”

... She doesn’t say it, but you know she’s talking about the snap she took of her vagina… “Yeah, I can do that.”

“Sorry,” she says, “but to think there are photos out there of me flashing my privates for the world to see...  I can’t take the chance. It’s the curse of being famous...”

“I really wanted you to keep it as a memento,” she finishes, smiling awkwardly.

Deleting the picture after having screwed Alba wasn’t that big a deal- what bothered you was that, now, there was no way she’d go for filming the two of you fuck! Hell, she may want to end the tryst just to be safe...  To your surprise, Jessica lifts up her dress so that it ruffles up her waist to expose her plump ass, and you once again groan to discover she has no panties on...

“I better give you something else to remember,” she says in a sexy husky voice, “Why don’t we finish what we started earlier.”

Alba then slips off her black high heels and pushes her ass out for you as you step behind her. You unzip your chinos and pull out your semi-erect cock and brush it over her sex. Feeling yourself grow hard, you grip her hip firmly and push your cock head down to her entrance then bite your lip as you take her from behind.

Again you are overwhelmed by the feel of her moist pussy, and you swear she gets better each time. You shove your cock in, feeling her cunt press down and resist, so you hold still and let her relax. You nudge at her tight walls feeling her loosen up and push into her spongy pussy, going all the way and filling her out.

Jessica grips the railing in front of her, and spreads her legs a little, rotating her waist. She doesn’t wait for you, she starts moving her hips back and forth slowly, sliding her lush pussy over your throbbing member making you groan.

Then she cranes her neck to look at you, “Whatta you waiting for, handsome?”

You hold her slender waist and start thrusting in and out of her, feeling her tight sex convulse and clench your cock, taking her divinely.

She moans and whimpers with each movement, just loving the feel of your cock piston in and out of her. You go faster, slapping into her, going deeper, fucking her rougher.

“Ohgod, oh, neerrrgh, yess,” she whines, holding her chest as her breathing picks up...

“…more, harder...” she whimpers.

You dig your hands into her waist, and bend over her then start driving into her, slamming your dick into her pussy and hard as you can! The sensational friction causing sparks to filter through your body.

You pull the thin little strings of Jessica’s dress and it slides off her front, then grab her ample chest, groping her magnificent boobs feeling them overflow in our hand.

Jessica stamps her foot on the ground as tingles shoot through her and pushes her rear into you harder so that you can hump her freely. Her pussy flexes and squelches as you fuck it with glee plowing through her sensual body…

“Awwwee.. Fffuck,” you growl, slapping into her and hold still, almost losing it, but managing to stave off the orgasm, your dick throbbing deep in that seeping, wet pussy of hers..

“Not, in me... Huhh... Not in me...” Alba warns desperately...

“I got it... Just hold it for me beautiful,” you reply, and slowly hump her, drawing your cock out and then sliding in gently...

You reach down around the front of her body and fondle her clit, pinching and rubbing it, and she whimpers in a strained breath. Then you fuck her, giving her half your cock, making sure to move side to side and tease her sensitive girth...

Alba caves in with the stimulation and growls as her body shudders and knots in climax, before she wets your cock with her oily secretions...  Feeling the Hollywood starlet succumb to the sexual stimulation, and her tight pussy clamps down on your cock, you slip out of her and pump your cock…

Wanting to thank you Alba slips down to blow you, but as she kneels in front of you and grips your slick cock you lose it and let rip; the globs of thick white sperm slashing over her pretty face...

You look down at her after cumming, panting; her nose and cheeks are covered in ropes of sticky cum and you can’t help feeling proud of this conquest...

“You just couldn’t stop yourself, huh?” she says trying to wipe the mess off her face with her hands…

You are just too flustered to answer and just stand there with a sated look on your face...

The two of you are so flustered and preoccupied you don’t notice Takashi with peeking out of his porthole with a video camera...


Groaning you wake up the next day. Groggily you check the clock on your cabin-wall and blink twice because you thought you didn’t see right… it’s almost two o’clock in the afternoon! You must have overslept all the wake-up-knocks this morning and missed two dives!

Shocked you let your head fall back onto the pillows and stare at the ceiling for a while, dreamingly collecting your thoughts. Apparently you passed out after the all exhausting celebrity-banging you did yesterday…. A wide smile spreads on your lips as you remember how Jessica moaned and screamed as you fucked her from orgasm to orgasm. Damn, the woman is really a great lay.

Grunting you get up, step into the small shower unit and let the warm water wash the sleep away from your body. After five minutes you turn it off, towel off and look through your bag for something to wear. You decide for royal blue swim trunks and a white short-sleeved cotton shirt. The outfit is perfect if you want to get rid of it in seconds; after all you want to be ready for whatever the day brings.

Lazily you step out of into the midday sun on the back deck and take a good look around. The ship is harbored in between two islands, shielded from the wind. Beneath the surface you can make out the contours of some corals and judging by the missing diving equipment you noticed as you climbed the stairs Jade, Jason, Katja and Takashi are out there diving.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!”

You jump at the voice behind you and twirl around. There, on one of the deckchairs, lays Jessica; grinning at you and shielding her eyes against the sun with one hand. Blood rushes to your groin area immediately as you realize that the pretty starlet is sunbathing and all she is wearing are some pink bikini. Her hair is divided in two pigtails that make her look girlish-innocent in a teasing way.

Smiling you step closer, your eyes roaming over her sexy body as you once again take in every flawless detail. “Morning! How did you sleep?”

“Fantastic, thank you, stud,” she answers with a smirk, “I fell into a coma as soon as I reached my bed and I just woke up an hour ago.  The others are diving and Ahab is working on the motor of the ship- there is some minor problem, he says it’s fixed by four o’clock- and I thought you needed the rest so with no one around I wanted to use the time to work on my complexion! Since I didn’t really get a chance for that yesterday…”

You snicker at her remark to yesterday’s session. Your semi-hard dick creates a remarkable tent in your shorts by now.

“Did you have a nice dream?” she asks, letting her knees fall apart slightly and granting you a view of her bikini-covered crotch, teasingly showing off how the pink fabric ran up into her slit and bringing off the outlines of her delicate cunt.

Your mouth goes dry and you can’t manage to answer. It is unbelievable how this woman takes your breath away every time!

“Did you dream of me?” she whispers huskily while sensually biting her lower lip and letting her left pointer graze over the contours of her pussy, following the vague outlines of her cunt lips through the fabric.

Your cock is rock-hard by now. “J-Jess… You fucking tease!” you manage to stammer.

Her eyes get wide in fake shock. “You think I’m a tease?” she asks innocently.  Quickly she gets up from the deckchair grabs your face in both hands and kisses you softly on the lips, her tits pressing against your chest; but just as you start to respond she pulls back and giggles at your frustrated groan. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Snickering she picks up her towel and turns towards the door. “You must be hungry! Ahab left a plate of food for you in the saloon!” With that she starts walking with you following, your stomach grumbling as you just realized how starved you are. You walk a couple of meters behind her to check out Jessica’s jiggling ass as she walks.

Indeed Ahab left a tablet with an assortment of fruits, bread, cheese and ham on one of the corner tables. You sit down on a bench with your back to the wall and immediately start devouring the first slice of watermelon.

Alba takes a seat opposite of you and watches smiling as you finish of the melon.

“Easy, boy,” she smirks, “We’ll stay in this bay for another couple of hours… no rush!”

You give her a juice-coated grin. “What can I say… You took all my reserves!”

She winks at you and picks up a strawberry, then she makes a show of nibbling on the tip and sucking in the juices. You pause mid-chewing and stare at her, your pants once again uncomfortably tight.

“Listen,” she says, catching a droplet of juice from her plump upper lip with her tongue, “I’d like to leave the oxygen-bottles on the boat today…”

“Free-diving?” you ask and she nods, “Sounds cool. I’ve never done that before and I’d really like to try.”

“I used to do it frequently,” she exclaims enthusiastically, “It’s awesome! Your movements aren’t confined by anything and you’re much more agile!”

“Well, so then free-diving it is…” you mumble, your attention back on the cheese you’re slicing as you suddenly feel Jessica’s toes glide gently over your shin. You are so surprised your knife slips out of your hand and falls under the table.

“Oooops,” Jessica coos, “Let me get that for you, clumsy!” With that she swiftly slips under the table-cloth.

“Jesus, Jess, that’s not where the knife fell!” you gasp as you feel Jessica’s hands pull down the waistband of your trunks, letting your rock-hard dick bounce free.

“Just shut up and enjoy!” Jessica whispers in a husky voice and starts kissing the whole length of your shaft up and down while massaging your testicles with her dainty little fingers.

You let out a moan and focus your attention back on your sandwich, placing the already cut slices of cheese on it and take a first bite as Jessica engulfs your dickhead with her pouty lips and applies gentle suction, swirling her tongue around it.

You stare at a point beyond the horizon to calm your breath while absently chewing on the sandwich. A piece gets caught in your throat and you couch frantically as Jessica begins French-kissing your ballsack while pressing her bikini-encased titties against your shins. You can feel her nipples, hard like little pebbles, thru the thin fabric.

Suddenly the saloon-door swings open and Ahab steps in. You give Jessica a quick, alarmed glance, but she simply gives you a cocky wink, mouths “Oops” and picks up where she left off, tickling your balls with the tip of her pink tongue.

Veins bulge on your neck, but somehow you manage to grin and greet the old man “Ahab! How are things?”

“Things are shit, you lazy sonofabitch!” Ahab grumbles, uninvited takes a seat where Jessica sat a few minutes before, grabs an apple from your plate and takes a big bite, “While you were sleeping in one of my great, super-comfortable beds our motor decided to kiss his metallic ass goodbye. So now we’re stranded right here and instead of going out to an amazing deep-dive-site on the outer reef we’ll be stuck here all afternoon.”

“Th-there are worse places,” you hiss, your fist clenching so hard your knuckles turn white as Jessica licks up and down your shaft with the flat of her tongue, all the way from your balls to your glans.

“Of course there are!” growls Ahab, then he gives you a worried look, “Son, are you alright? Your face is red as hell!”

“I-I’m alright,” you answer through gritted teeth as Jessica flicks the tip of her tongue over the little slit on your cockhead, sending delicious shudders through your body, while tickling your balls with her left hand.

“You sure?” Ahab probes, “’course diving is damn dangerous if you’re sick! I had this fella on the boat once; he was a beginner, who didn’t tell me he caught a cold. He went down with his idiot of a dive-buddy, who was careless as hell and he passed out down there. Long story short: they found his body four days later fifty miles from where he jumped in the water. Current carried him all the way!”

You swallow hard, not because of Ahab’s story, you heard quite a few of that kind on your trips, but because Jess wrapped her tongue around the base of your cock and swirls it around. “T-told you I’m alright!”

“Well, if you say so… I’m just saying, son: Better skip a dive and live to do it another day than the alternative…”

“M-hm,” you mumble and squeeze your eyes shut for a moment when you feel Jessica tap you lightly against the knee while once again sealing those pouty lips around your cock, bobbing her head up and down. You give a quick, unobtrusive glance down and your eyes go wide in shock as you see that Jessica placed a bunch of pink fabric on the bench you’re sitting on and you realize it is her bikini! She must have taken it of while servicing you and sits now stark-naked under the table, inches away from the old captain… “Holy fuck,” you groan.

“Excuse me?” Ahab asks surprised.

“N-nothing,” you say quickly as Jessica speeds up, apparently determined to finish you off.

Ahab’s brow furrows and then, to your shock, he leans down, lifts the tablecloth and glances underneath. You can see how his surprise turns into a wide grin. You assume that, given Jessica’s kneeling position, he must have a close-up view of her divine booty and both her presumably dripping cunt and tiny little asshole while she is completely unaware of the show she is giving him.

Ahab takes in the view for a couple more seconds, then he gives you a thumbs-up and says, “Well, I got to check on the motor again… I’ll see you later!”

With that he leaves the room before you can manage an answer, merrily whistling, his mood significantly better now.

As soon as the door closes you lose control. You grab the edge of the table tightly with both hands and with a roar you cum, shooting jet after jet of sperm into Jessica’s mouth. You feel her swallow several times, but soon her mouth overflows and jizz dribbles down her chin.

As soon as you’re finished she crawls out from the table, a sperm-covered grin on her face. “Well, that was close… but really hot!”

You decide not to tell her that she showed off her privates to the old captain and simply smile at the sight of her flushed breasts and visibly wet pussy.

She scoops the cum from her chin into her mouth and swallows audibly. “Can you give me my bikini? Let’s get into that ocean!”

Smiling you throw her her bikini before fixing your shorts. Then you step out onto the back deck for your first free-dive, Jessica close behind you, quickly tying the laces of her top.


There is a cool breeze in the air as you walk out onto the back deck and look out at the clear blue water. Jessica comes up behind you and places her head on your shoulder, “beautiful, ain't it?”

“Yeah, it sure is,” you quip, “but we didn't come out here to look at it.”

“Well, no, we didn't,” she smirks, “did we...”

“But I didn't exactly come out here for free-diving benefits.”

“...NO..?” you question, raising an eyebrow.

Jessica bends at the waist and flicks her pink bikini bottom off, and tosses it at you, then unties her bra so that it falls off her onto the floor; and you once again groan as she stands before you, stark nude... “no...” she giggles, girlishly.

With that she swan-dives off the boat, and cuts through the crystal clear sea water serenely. A moment later Alba breaks the surface and has her back against the rear of the ship just below you, and you find yourself looking down into the deep cleavage of her wonderful breasts, the tops of which are above the water like two soft, firm, mounds (oddly, your tented swim shorts obscures your view).

Alba raises her head and looks up at you, “Well...?”

With that, you dive in after the sex-siren... You come up from underwater to find a lustful gaze frim Jessica's incredible brown eyes, and a wicked smile on her face, and you just can't believe this stunning celebrity actually wants you badly. You float above the surface of the water and watch Jessica lustfully as she tries to conceal herself there up against the back of the boat, her soft, succulent, deep cleavage just above the water...

Swimming to her she smiles warmly and wraps her arms around you giving a little growl as you attempt to yank out your cock. Her breathing quickly grows raspy as she tries to get her legs wrapped around you and reaches for the boat’s little ladder to keep the two of you afloat. Reaching down you grip the base of your raging cock and nudge it up against her sex then groan loudly as you slide into her.

“Ahh,” she moans, wide-eyed, her body going rigid as you slip into her swollen cunt.

Her pussy convulses around your cock and you groan again as you push further into her, trying hard to contain yourself. This girl sure is fucking tight you think to yourself.

Alba's eyes flutter as she tries to look at you when you start thrusting into her, the sea water causing slight resistance, splashing up against the two of you. You cover her hand on the ladder, kicking your legs to keep above water, and drive into her, stretching that delectable pussy of hers open and giving her more of your cock.

It is pure bliss fucking this woman, and every penetrating thrust sends pleasure pouring out of your body. Her cunt is so warm and slippery, it fits you just right. Alba herself latches onto you, and tries not to yell out with every hump. You groan louder, clenching your teeth as you feel her flex her pussy muscles around your member, making you shudder, and you respond by just burying yourself deep in her, to the hilt.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckmee” she says over and over again in your ear, and you know by the way she tries to hump you back that she is really close to orgasm (little wonder considering how wet and aroused she must have been after the blowjob she gave you).

You now struggle as you drive your cock all the way in her, before sliding out half way and ploughing through her wetness again. God she is unbelievable! Your balls start to tingle but you keep going; Alba's moaning turning into muffled shrills now...

She tightens her legs around you and thrusts up and down, her pussy flexing around your cock, the water rapidly splashing against both your heated flesh...
“Oh god, ohgod, ooohFuuck” she squeals as her pussy suddenly clamps down on you and she shudders violently...

You hold onto her, and awkwardly fuck her through her orgasm, wanting her to just enjoy the euphoric pleasure...

Once she calms down, her eyes flutters open and she looks at you with a lazy smile, feeling you throb inside her. She lets you slide out of her sensitive pussy then grins wickedly again before she dips underneath the sea...

“Oh FUCK me!” you growl as Jessica swallows your cock underwater; little air-bubbles popping around you. You look down to see the shimmering silhouette under the water as she blows you intently. Her smooth tongue lashes against your cock, and the mind-numbing sensation consumes you; your body twitching all over...

“...FCK!” you grunt finally and let go, exploding in her talented mouth... The load is so big that Alba can't contain all of it, and your dick slips out of her mouth; the rest of your sperm bursting into the ocean and mingling with the water...

Alba opens her eyes and smiles looking at you, on re-surfacing... “You’re gonna make me bowlegged stud...”

She kisses you passionately and you hold her limber body close, squashing her ample chest to yours...

“We better get outta here before we're caught,” she winks then turns and climbs the ladder, and you smile breathlessly looking up at her drenched little pussy...


The next morning you sit in the saloon having breakfast with Jessica. You slept in your own room, because Jess decided that she needed lines for this affair… So you’re allowed to fuck her, play with her body and cum on her face, but she won’t let you sleep in her bed. You don’t really follow that logic, but as long as Jess is happy and keeps your relationship going, you’re happy to give her that…

Once again she is looking gorgeous, wearing a pair of tight white hot-pants and a black vest, showing off her legs, mid-riff and cleavage. Underneath she already put on a turquoise bikini, so she won’t have to change for your after-breakfast-dive.

You’re eating a bowl of cereal and Jessica has a slice of watermelon while you chat about sports. You find out that she’s a passionate ‘Golden States Warriors’-fan while you try to explain to her why soccer is the best sport in the world. She doesn’t seem close to being convinced, but the two of you have a lot of fun and it is a light, easy-going atmosphere.

Katja and Jade are sitting two tables away and you can hear them chattering about fashion and some tv shows. Jason isn’t up yet, but you don’t mind. You’re still a little pissed because of his behaviour towards Jess and that he nearly fucked this up for you.

You look up to check the watch above the stairs to the lower parts of the ship just as Takashi comes up. He looks at the two of you and gives you a disgusting grin that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You follow him with your eyes as he crosses the room towards the breakfast buffet, grabs a plate and puts various pieces of fruit on it. Occasionally he glances towards your table and every time he does, his grin broadens. Jess has noticed him too and looks at the little Asian.

“I don’t like him,” she mutters.

You give her a bitter smirk. “Well, no one does…” The grin on his face unnerves you, usually he lowers his gaze as soon as he senses you or Jason are looking at him, but today he smiles provocatively, as if he was superior. You guts knot up. You don’t like it one bit.

“He’s a disgusting perv!” Alba murmurs, “Katja told me that when she was in the spa on the first day he climbed in without a word and started groping her! So she slapped him! And Jade said that he grabbed her ass every time she walked past him! So she-”

“- slapped him?” you finish.

“Actually, she kneed him in the balls” Jessica grins and the two of you snicker. The tension left the two of you for a moment.

But the laugh fades soon as Takashi walks towards your table. Your brows furrow as you watch the little man approach. He is still wearing a suit which makes him look ridiculously overdressed.

“Good morning, Mr. Fraser!” he says in his high-pitched voice.

“Takashi-san,” you answer and nod in response. Both of you have finished your breakfast now and look up at the newcomer, unsure what to expect.

He turns towards Jessica and says, with a wide, fake smile, “Miss Alba, can I talk to you in private?”

“It’s Mrs. Alba,” she responds uncomfortably, “And I’d rather-”

“It is an important matter, Miss Alba,” he interrupts, ignoring her objection, “And I guarantee you that you’ll want to hear what I want to tell you…”

“Fine,” Jessica replies, “But why don’t you tell me right here?”

The cold grin on Takashi’s face widens even further, by now his face looks like some grotesque mask. “Miss Alba, I’m sure you’d prefer to hear me out in private…”

“Okay…” Jessica says and gets up, giving you a worried look.

“Diving starts in fifteen minutes, Jess. Be punctual!” you say.

She smiles weakly, obviously scared of what is coming as Takashi places his hand on her shoulder and leads her towards the stairs. She looks like a lamb let to the slaughter. Just as they reach the stairs Takashi looks back and gives you a wink and a mean, chilling grin.

You grit your teeth, knowing that whatever the little sonofabitch has planned, it can’t be a nice thing.


Twenty minutes later you sit in the morning sun on the back deck between two piles of gear. Jessica hasn’t come out yet. You’re really worried what happened down there! Jason and Jade started to dive ten minutes ago and Takashi came up five minutes ago, treating you like thin air as he put on his dive equipment and waddled into the sea behind Katja. But still no sign of Jess!

“Enough is enough,” you decide silently and get up from the bench and enter the inner parts. Softly you knock on the door of Jessica’s cabin. Carefully you turn the doorknob and open the door a slight bit “Jess?” you ask.

There is no answer, but after a few seconds you are pretty sure you heard a quiet sob from inside. You push the door a little more ajar and peek inside.

Jessica is sitting in the furthest corner of her bed, hugging her knees to her chest. Her whole upper body is shaking with sobs and tears stream down her face.

An immediate rush of rage floods thru your veins as you see her like this and your fists clench tightly. What did this bastard do to her?

But before you step in you take a deep breath to calm your anger. Jessica looks like she needs a soothing friend rather than a raging revenger… at least for now. Swearing to yourself that you’ll rip this Asian dirt-bag apart with your bare hands the next time you see him you step inside, your brow furrowed in worry.

She doesn’t even look up as you step in, just keeps sobbing and staring blankly at some point on the opposite wall. Silently you walk up to her and sit down on the bed next to her, leaning your back against the wall. Carefully you lift your arm and put it around her and she allows you to pull her close to you. She rests your head against your shoulder and you can feel the warmth of her little body. She still doesn’t say anything, but her sobs cease a little as you stroke her arm soothingly.

You kiss her on the top of her head and whisper, “What did he do, Jess?”

You can feel her body spasm as she cries harder again. “H-he FILMED us-sss,” she sobs.

“What?” you blurt out shocked. You think you misunderstood her.

“He fi-filmed us! W-when you fucked me-ee outside on the back-de-heeck! He ha-aas everything o-on his fucking lap-top!” with that she bursts into a new stream of tears. You pull her even tighter, wait until she calmed a little.

Finally she swallows hard and is able to continue. “He s-said he’ll put it on the in-nnternet! He said he’d “sh-show everyone what a little whore I am”! Un-unless I will l-let him fuck me!”

Your stomach tightens and a fresh wave of cold rage rises in your chest, but you swallow it down.

“Shhh, Jess!” you soothe her, “It’s going to be alright! I won’t let him! You’ll be fine!”

The two of you sit there for a while, you persistently talking to her, telling her she’ll be fine and she slowly calms down.

In the end she stops shaking, her head still resting against your shoulder. She still sniffles a little, but she seems to have regained her composure.

Suddenly she kisses you on the cheek. “I want to feel good…”

Surprised you don’t know how to react as she straddles you and starts placing kisses on your mouth, cheeks and neck. “Please… Make me feel better!”

You’re startled for a moment, but then you give in. Lifting your hands to her face you kiss her hard, pushing your tongue into her mouth. She grunts softly but then immediately answers the kiss, your tongues dueling in her mouth. Your hands automatically travelled down her body and now they start kneading her ass-cheeks hard through the thin fabric of her hot-pants. She moans into your mouth and pushes her breasts into your chest.

You break the kiss for a moment and help her to pull her vest along with the bikini-top over her head, her freed breasts bounce erotically. She leans back and gives you the opportunity to go down on her tits, which you take without hesitation.  You grab her boobs and push them together, enjoying their soft firmness as you squeeze them lightly. Then you dive in. Not wasting any time on teasing you start by sucking her right nipple hard. Her areoles tighten up immediately and Jess starts groaning in pleasure as you bite down on the stiff tip. After a while the whole right globe is covered in your saliva and shiny and you turn your attention towards the left one, giving it the same, sensual treatment. Jessica starts grinding her pelvis into you now and you can feel her wetness through the fabric of her bottoms and hot-pants.

Finally you grab her by the waist, lift her up and throw her on her back next to you before rolling on top of her, changing positions. Jess squeals in surprise as you grab the waistband of her hot-pants along with her bottoms, roughly rip them off and fling them across the cabin, leaving her stark-naked. Next you grab her ankles and push her legs up, holding them at the sides of her head and exposing her pussy and asshole completely. Her moans and whimpers start to fill the room as you dive in and start to eat her cunt out. She grabs the sheets of her bed and her knuckles turn white as she clenches down on them.

“Ohgod… huh… eat that pussy!” she huffs breathlessly. Grinning you start to vary between nibbling on her clit, sucking her labia, tongue-fucking her love-channel and licking over her taint, sometimes even down to her tiny, wrinkled rosebud which makes Jessica gasp every time but you can tell that she likes the sensation.

“Hold your legs, Jess,” you tell her and she complies, grabbing her calves and holding her bent position, her knees pressed against her tits, while you immediately insert the fore- and middle finger of your right hand into her tunnel, eliciting a series of gasps of her as you saw in and out at a fast pace, repeatedly hitting her g-spot.

While fingering her you look down on her rear entrance. The cute, brownish starfish looks so tight and tempting your dick twitches several times in your pants by the mere thought of being able to stick your cock into Jessica’s ass. You know though that she won’t let you and you have to take small steps to coerce her into giving up the backdoor, showing her how to get pleasure out of anal stimulation. You collect some of her flowing pussy juices with your left pointer and, while proceeding the finger-banging with your right, place it on her puckered little sphincter and start to massage it gently.

Jessica immediately tenses. “W-wait! I said I don’t-”

“Relax,” you calm her, “I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want! I’ll stop as soon as you tell me to, but you’ll like it, I promise! Just lay back and trust me on this!”

Jessica bites her lower lip insecurely, but she nods. “Okay”, she whispers and lays her head back, allowing you to resume.

Grinning you pick up where you stopped, sucking her clit while fingering her cunt and massaging her butthole. You look up and enjoy her reactions to your activities. The muscles of her stomach and butt-cheeks tighten, her toes curl, her lips form a perfect little ‘o’ where little groans escape and her brows are bathed in perspiration.

After you limbered her sphincter up for a while you apply some pressure on the ring muscle. Because of the relaxed state of her asshole it takes you just a moment to pop in. Jessica’s eyes bulge and she utters an “Ohmigod!” but she keeps her folded position while you smirk in triumph at the success of your first penetration of Jessica fucking Alba’s gorgeous little ass, impressed by how incredibly tight it is. You took a few anal cherries so far and you know that Jess isn’t an anal virgin anymore, but she has the tightest asshole you’ve ever felt. You guess it is because she didn’t have anything up there for so long combined with all those trainings that really tighten her body. You bend your finger slightly inside her rectum to loosen her up further and begin to move it in and out now, practically double penetrating the beautiful starlet now while simultaneously sucking her love button.

“Oh my God!!! It feels so good in my ass!” Jessica squeaks as you chase her towards her orgasm with the new, powerful stimulation. She lets go of her legs which start kicking into thin air frantically and grabs her buttocks in both hands, spreading them further apart to give you even better access to her butthole.

Finally the rapid fingering does the trick and sends her over the edge. Her whole body is shaken by enormous shudders and you feel her vaginal and anal muscles convulse and clench down on your fingers as she bucks her privates into your face. Juices gush out of her pussy and you try your best to slurp them up, a hopeless battle and your face is covered in them in a matter of seconds. You look up and see her face is crunched up in pleasure. Her eyes are squinted shut, her hair sticks to her sweaty forehead and she bites her lips hard to suppress a scream of lust, which escapes just seconds later when she can’t stand it anymore.

As the shudders cease her legs bounce back and she tries to catch her breath. Slowly you crawl up to her and kiss her deeply, making sure she tastes herself from your tongue while your right hand massages her left boob.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, looking you in the eyes.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, Jess,” you assure her one last time before the naked, exhausted starlet drifts to sleep.

Silently you slip out of the room, thinking about how to stop Takashi’s plan of blackmailing Jessica. One good thing is there, though: He has a tape of you fucking Jessica and if you manage to get your hands on that you’ll have the proof to win the bet.


After thinking about the situation for several minutes you decide that you should approach the situation in a direct way. You made sure Jason, Katja and Jade are sunbathing on the deck and Ahab is probably in the ship’s kitchen before you went down to Takashi’s cabin, after all it’s in Jessica’s interest that the others won’t notice anything about your predicament.

Furiously you knock on the door. The more you thought about all this the angrier you became and now you see everything through a mist of red rage. You can’t stand that this little bastard wants to force his way in Alba’s pants. The mere thought fills your stomach with rage.

Again you hammer against the door several times before finally Takashi opens and looks at you annoyed.

“What do you want?” he hisses, his expression hostile.

“What I want?” you roar, pushing your way past the lanky Asian into his room. It is completely tidy, the bed is made, a notebook is open on the little table and the suitcase is neatly stacked away beneath the bed. It looks as if the guy spent about five minutes in here at all and not several days. “I want the fucking tapes, you damned sonofa- URGH!”

Your breath is taken away from you and it takes you several moments to realize that Takashi shoved the heel of his hand against your ribcage without warning. Your eyes go wide and you stagger backwards, your hand clutching the hit spot, trying to get air into your empty lungs, but before you succeed Takashi has grabbed you by the lapels of your shirt, flung you around like a rag-doll and thrown you out into the hallway. You crash shoulders-first into the opposite wall, then slide down to the floor.

Shocked you looked up and see Takashi towering in the doorway. He sneers at you “Tell the slut she should send a man next time!” then he slams the door shut.

You keep sitting there for another minute, trying to pump oxygen into your body, rubbing the hit spot on your chest. Well, that was unexpected! Maybe the direct approach wasn’t such a good idea after all… those were definitely some trained moves he put on you! Slowly you pick yourself up and walk into your cabin to think about what to do next. At least no one saw this humiliating show of yours.


It’s seven in the evening now and the whole ship is quiet. Jessica sits in her cabin, the rest is somewhere in the water for the last dive of the day. You spoke to Jessica and Takashi told her that he wants to see her on the upper back deck after the dive, so this is probably your last chance to get the data from Takashi.

After your last, humiliating effort you decided to use another technique and sneak into his cabin and steal the data while he’s gone. He will know that it was you and will come after you, but you’re pretty sure that if you see him coming, that you’ll be able to handle him.

Quickly you walk down from the saloon and up to Takashi’s cabin. The lock on the door is a really simple thing and even though you’re not a pro, your childhood-lock-pick-experiences are enough to crack it open in seconds.

Slowly you shove the door open, half expecting to stand face to face with Takashi any second, even though you know that he is dabbling somewhere in the ocean…

You shake your head to get yourself together, then you step inside the cabin.

The laptop is still on the table, still open. You thought about it for a while and since Takashi is some kind of computer-bigshot he has saved the video probably several times and your basic knowledge won’t be enough to find all the files, so simply deleting them won’t be good enough. You’ll have to use a different method there…

But you guess that he’ll have the video on another external drive, just to be sure. You pull out the suitcase from under his bed, unzip it and start checking through his clothes.

You hit gold in one of the pockets of some suit-pants. A small device, but by how good it was hidden you’re pretty sure you know what’s on it.

You check through the rest of the clothes but there is nothing else, so you put his stuff back in as neatly as it was previously and push the suitcase back to its original place. The less it looks like a burglary, the less fuss Ahab will make…

Then you locate the camera on his nightstand and, after a quick check of its content, you take the memory-card and pocket it.

The final possible place in this room is the bed. You check the sheet, sweep over the pillow and find another drive as you lift the mattress.  You add that one to the collection in your pocket, then you pick up the notebook and leave the room.

One quick glance back assures you that, apart from the missing laptop, the room looks just like it did when you entered.

Just as you re-lock the door you hear the sounds of people coming back onto the ship. Quickly you hide the notebook under your shirt and sneak up the stairs, through the saloon and onto the upper back deck, stepping into the muggy evening air.

You listen to the sounds beneath you and hear them disappear one after the other into the inner parts of the ship.

Sure now, that your actions won’t be seen, you take the notebook out and fling it out into the quiet ocean, quickly followed by the two USB-sticks. The memory-card however, you keep. After all there is proof to win the damn bet on this… There is no threat from you to publish it and Jess doesn’t need to know, so you guess there won’t be a problem!

Takashi will definitely make a fuss about the missing notebook, but you don’t think there will be much he can do. After all, no one saw you entering or leaving his cabin or carrying his notebook and if he doesn’t want to admit that he wanted to blackmail Jessica into fucking him then he won’t be able to bring up a motive…

Smiling and whistling you lean against the railing and wait for Jess and Takashi.


Five minutes later Jessica steps out. Again she looks like a true celebrity. She is wearing a plain, tight, red dress that shows an amount of cleavage and thigh without looking slutty and black high-heels. She applied a minimal amount of make-up so her stunning beauty is showed off. Her hair is loose and hangs in curls down to her shoulders.

Despite her breath-taking attire she looks uneasy. Her steps miss her usual feline grace and her eyes are wide in fear.

This changes as she sees you, standing against the railing with a wide smile. Hope replaces the fear in her eyes and her posture gets much more positive. Quickly she walks up to you and hugs you tight. You can feel her ample breasts press against your chest and you know immediately that she is not wearing a bra, her nipples poking against you.

“Did you get the video?” she whispers into your ear, her voice cracking with excitement.

“Told you I’d take care of it!” you answer smiling, kissing her lightly on the lips. Your hands go down and give her ass-cheeks a firm squeeze. From the feel of it you can tell that she isn’t wearing panties either, maybe a tiny thong. You smile at this.

“You bastard!” the sudden furious cry rips the two of you back into reality. Takashi storms out of the saloon onto the back deck, his eyes shooting daggers at you. You take a protecting step in front of Jessica and build yourself up in front of the Asian.

“What did you do to my notebook?” Takashi shrieks, his trembling finger pointed to your chest.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” you answer with a smug half-smile, “I didn’t do anything… But now that you mention it, I saw a notebook float by about ten minutes ago.”

Takashi turns a little white, but after a moment an evil sneer spreads across his face. “You know what? It doesn’t matter! Neither does that you took my memory card and sticks! Because I took precautions!” With that he fishes an USB-stick from under his shirt that he wore as a pendant on a bracelet. “I have one version of the video on this! So the situation didn’t change at all! I win! So I get to fuck that who-”

In the blink of an eye you snatch the USB-pendant out of his fingers and with a strong tug the string gives away and you hold it in your hand. Before Takashi can react you throw it out into the darkness of the night and into the open ocean. You can hear a distant splash as it sinks into the sea.

Takashi looks at you dumbfounded. Then his face flushes red with anger. “You sonofabitch!” he screams, raises his fists and precipitately charges at you.

This time you’re prepared. With your left hand you grab him by the lapels of his shirt, with your right by his belt and lift him into the air. With a slight grunt you throw him over the railing into the ocean. Takashi’s surprised shriek finds an abrupt end as he gets swallowed by the sea. Considering that you’re at your night spot already he’ll be able to climb on board by himself.

You turn towards Jessica who covers a bewildered laugh with her hand.

You shrug. “As I said: told you I’d take care of it…”

She giggles, then she jumps up into your arms and wraps her legs around your waist, pushing her tongue into your mouth. You moan smiling as you feel her presumably naked cunt pressing against your hardening dick, only the fabric of your chinos stopping you from penetrating her right there.

“Easy, boy,” she whispers between kisses, “I don’t want to end up on another video,
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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Big thanks to Inyotef, even though he didn’t co-write this time, for the idea of the whole thing. Also to Skrelm and dkgooner for proofreading and giving me ideas. Thanks guys!

Feedback and suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, titfuck, oral, anal, light bondage


It is incredible how nice it is to sleep in a comfortable, luxurious bed after almost half a year that you spent in hostel bunks, small boat cots and a few times on the bare sand when you passed out on a beach after a night of excessive drinking. It also adds to the comfort that you met the gorgeous Hollywood star Jessica Alba and the two of you spent the last three days going at it like rabbits and yesterday she even allowed you to fuck her up her famous ass.

Drowsily you lie on your back in the king-sized bed, your eyes closed as you try your best to keep the dream you just had alive. You and Jessica were on some beautiful beach, azure blue water, palm trees and white sands as far as you could see. Both of you were naked and sweaty. You can’t recall if one of you even said a single word during the whole dream, but her moans and grunts still ring through your ears as you fucked her in every position you could think of.

Smiling you yawn and stretch out across the fine white sheets. You can still feel Jessica’s mouth on your dick, sucking you off like a pro…

Wait a second! This feeling isn’t a memory, it is real! Shocked you open your eyes and look down your body. The thin silk sheets cover you up to your chest, but there is a huge bulge beneath your waistline, which moves slightly.

Hastily you rip the covers away, sending the expensive fabric flying off the bed to the floor and stare right into the soft doe-eyes of Jessica Alba, kneeling between your thighs with her pouty lips wrapped around the head of your hard cock as she, gently and lovingly, swirls her tongue around it.

Last night when you went back to your cabin you simply stripped off your shorts and shirt, lying down in your boxers, finding the cabin too warm to wear anything else. Now it seems that the former “Dark Angel”-star pulled those off your legs too to free your erection when she slipped beneath the covers. She herself apparently hasn’t bothered to take her clothes off herself, as she was still fully dressed. Her magnificent ass, thrust up into the air by her crouched pose, is wrapped into a sinfully tight pair of white lycra hot pants which are struggling to encase Ms. Alba’s plump posterior. An anthracite-colored, almost black plain bikini top confines her delicious breasts, showing a nice amount of cleavage.

She lets your dick pop out of her mouth audibly and wraps her hand around it in a soft grip. Lazily she strokes your shaft with her dainty, nicely manicured fingers. “Good morning, Chris!” she smiles widely before she leans down and sucks one of your balls into her mouth, all the time keeping the eye contact, “I came in here to wake you up, when I saw your boner. Couldn’t waste such a beauty…”

You can’t help but moan as you keep looking at her, still struggling to believe what you see: Jessica Ma-rie fucking Alba, kneeling between your legs, servicing you with her lips. She looks happy. Freshly showered, her still a little wet hair done up in a messy braid, her glorious, round butt raised high in the air. Her left hand is stretched down her body and you can see it move in little circles as she plays with herself inside her hot pants. “…Fuck,” is all you finally manage.

Jessica giggles, making her soft titties shake in their confinement and the little bumps that indicate her pert nipples graze lightly against the insides of your thighs. She sticks her pink tongue out and lets its tip dance along the length of your shaft as she slowly works her way to the top. “Well, I’m happy to see you too, sir,” she moans huskily and gives you a cheeky grin. Her eyes twinkle with arousal as she focusses her gaze back on your cock.

Then she sits up, her right hand still wanking your dick. “I really enjoyed last night!” she says in a serious tone, looking you right in the eye, “I loved the feeling of your cock in my booty!” Leaning forward towards your face she adds in a seductive whisper and with a wide smile. “I can’t wait to do that again…”

Without saying a word you grab her face with both hands, lean in and kiss her right on the mouth. She grunts lightly as your tongue pushes past her lips and for a split-second she stops stroking you, but then she starts again and responds to the kiss, your tongues wrestling passionately in her mouth.

The kiss lasts for almost a minute, making both of you moan in pleasure. Just as you are about to sit up further to take an active role, you feel Jessica’s hand against your chest, slowly pushing you down. “Let me do this,” she whispers, “I want to thank you for yesterday…”

With that she makes a trail of little kisses down over your chin and neck to your collarbone. Groaning, you fall back into the pillows and let the horny starlet, proceed as she continues inch after inch over your chest and stomach down to your penis, which shivers in anticipation.

She cups your balls with her left hands and massages your nuts as her right grabs your cock around its base and she gently kisses its crown. You groan when you feel those soft, full lips around your cock again. Then she begins to bob her head up and down, slowly taking more and more of your dick into her mouth until it finally bumps against the back of her oral cavity.

She looks up at you with your shaft still half-way in her mouth, and gives you a sassy wink. You know immediately what is about to happen and close your eyes and concentrate so you don’t blow your load right then when Jessica relaxes the muscles of her neck and dives down, pushing further as your cock slides into her tight throat.

Your hands grip the sweaty silk-sheets tight to master your urges as Jess begins to fuck you with her swan-like throat, pushing down further and further until finally she bottoms out as her lips are almost wrapped around your base.

Suddenly her throat tightens as she begins to gag, your dick getting massaged divinely by her contracting oesophagus. Surprised you look down. Jessica never gagged on your cock before. But she seems determined not to let this stop her as she keeps her head down in your lap as drool runs out of the corners of her mouth over your balls. It is only after almost thirty seconds of choking that she finally pulls away, again kneeling up and looking at you.

Her eyes have torn up, but she smiles at you proudly. “Did that on purpose,” she explains, still a little breathless, “Had to get you nice and lubed up…”

Before you can respond to this in any way you watch in amazement as Jess grabs her bikini top and swiftly pulls it over her head. Her freed breasts bounce delightfully in the warm air, the nipples protruding proudly from the majestic mounds. Then she collects some spit in her mouth and lets a strand of drool fall down onto her tits, where she uses both hands to spread it out all over them.

You understand what she has in mind and can’t help but grin as you watch Alba give herself a tit-massage before she leans down and wraps her spit-covered boobies around your shaft and pushes them together with her hands, a mischievous smile on her lips.

Slowly she drags her boobs over your shaft, the saliva allows your dick to slide in and out between them. You look wide-eyed as you see her gorgeous, mashed together cleavage bounce up and down, your cockhead peeking out with every down stroke.

“I want you to cum all over my tits!” Jess moans in a husky voice, giving you a look that makes you actually believe that this is the only thing she craves.

You can’t stop yourself now and one of your hands firmly plants itself on the back of Jessica’s head, pushing her down. She lets out an amused little chuckle, then she complies and sticks her tongue out. Every time your cockhead protrudes from the valley of her tits now she gives it a tentative, little lick, sending jolts of pleasure up your spine.

You feel how your defenses break down, the tingling sensation in your balls and you know you can’t take much more of this. Losing your hold of yourself you clasp your thighs around her ribcage, then, with an abrupt movement, you turn over, taking Jessica with you. She gasps in surprise, but doesn’t put up any kind of resistance.

Now you are on top of her, straddling her torso, and you look into her angelic face as you wildly hump her cleavage, seconds away from cumming. There is nothing Jessica can do at this point, so she simply pushes her breasts together for you and opens her mouth wide in expectation of your upcoming load.

“Shit… Fuuuuck!” you groan as you stumble over the edge. Your cock explodes and jet after jet of thick, white sperm shoots out, landing on the Hollywood star’s upper cleavage, neck, chin and cheeks, one streak even stretching up to her hairline, gluing her left eye shut in the process.

You cum for what feels like hours of delicious sensations, but then it slowly comes to an end. You feel how all power is literally drained from your body, and fall limply onto the bed beside Jess.

Both of you lie there for a while, catching your breath, staring at the ceiling. Now, after calming down a little, you feel bad for being so rough to her. You clear your throat nervously.

“Listen, uhm… I hope I didn’t hurt you…?!”

She turns her face to you, her warm smile blows your nervousness away immediately. She looks con-tent, almost satisfied with her face plastered in jizz. “Don’t worry, tiger, I loved it.”

Then, still looking at you with that cocky expression, she reaches down towards her tanned breast and scoops some cum up with her finger. She pushes the collected stuff into her mouth and noisily slurps her finger clean, making a show of swallowing it. She snickers. “Talk about a pearl necklace, huh?”

Chuckling you sit up and let your gaze linger over the beauty that is sprawled across the bed beside you, her lean legs, tight stomach, soft breasts and gorgeous face. The cum contrasts with her flushed skin in a naughtily sexy way. “You’re a little overdressed…”

With that you grab the waistband of Alba’s hot pants firmly with both hands. Jessica doesn’t object, only looks at you with an excited sparkle in her eyes and lifts her hips slightly of the bed. You give the shorts a sharp yank, eliciting a gasp from her as they are pulled over the rich curve of her ass. It becomes obvious that the starlet wasn’t wearing anything underneath and her cute, plump pussy is exposed to your gaze in all its wet glory. You pull them upwards, over Jessica’s long, smooth legs until you keep them around her ankles. The trapped state of her legs shows off her ass to you and you can’t help but let one hand stroke over her divine behind in an admiring way.

“How does your butt feel, Jess?” you ask her as you remember her worries about being sodomized.

“It feels great,” Jessica says enthusiastically, “You wanna see for yourself?” she asks with a naughty wink.

She pulls her knees up to her chest which raises her butt of the bed even more, then she grabs her buttocks with both hand and pulls them apart. Your limp dick twitches with excitement as Jessica Alba presents the brown iris of her precious asshole to you. It looks tight again, just as the first time you saw it on the upper back deck, before you fucked her for the first time. Smiling you bend down and plant a soft kiss directly on her little pucker and feel it flinch.

Jess giggles. “You perv!”

Chuckling you pull her pants off completely, letting her legs bounce back to the mattress on either side of you. The head of your cock grazes lightly against Jessica’s moist pussy lips as you lean over her to look into her cum-covered face. Her left eye is still plastered shut by your cum.

“Looks like you need another shower!”

With that you pick the joyfully squealing starlet up and throw her effortlessly over your shoulder and carry her off the bed towards the little adjoining bathroom. Jessica laughs and struggles playfully, mak-ing you aware of how enticingly her firm butt jiggles right beside your face. You can’t help but plant a loud smack on her tight ass, making her gasp sexily.

Finally you reach the shower cabin and put her down inside before following her. It’s a tight fit since the shower is obviously only designed for one, but right now, every body contact sends tingles up your spine, so you don’t mind. While you pull the glass door closed behind you, Jessica turns the water on.

The warm water pours right over Jessica’s face and she allows it to wash the remaining cum away, smiling as she enjoys the wet sensation, while you grab the bottle of shower gel and squeeze some of its content into your palm. Then you immediately begin lathering the sexy starlet up, focusing on her breasts. Jessica moans erotically as you fondle her body. She leans back against you, trapping your al-ready re-hardening cock between her buttocks, and lets her head rest against your shoulder, her eyes closed as she lets you proceed.

Soon one of your hands wanders down her body. Not making any pretenses it slides over her belly directly towards her waiting pussy. Jess lets out a soft whimper as your hand cups her wanton sex, giving it a light squeeze.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous!” you whisper into her ear and nibble lightly on her lobe as you push one finger inside her. Jessica is dripping wet. Her muscles grip your finger tightly as it curls up inside her. Slowly you start to finger her, loosen her tight entrance up while your other hand is still busy massaging her tit, twisting and tweaking her nipples.

“Ohgod,” Jessica moans, her head lolling from side to side under the stream, “Fuck me…”

You chuckle lightly. “Your wish is my command!” With that you grab Jessica by the hips and turn the two of you around, then you plant one hand between her shoulder blades and make her bend forward. She whines slightly when her boobs and right cheek are pressed against the cool glass of the shower wall, but she doesn’t resist. You look down and admire her pushed out bubble butt for a second before you make the firm flesh jiggle and flush with a stinging spank.

Jess moans impatiently and shakes her womanly hips invitingly as you grip your member around the base and slap it against her ass a few times, then you line your cock up with her vaginal entrance. Care-fully you push forward, feeling her pussy muscles grip the first inch of your dick in a tight hug.


The shocked gasp that comes from your cabin door startles both of you and you look up. In the open door, Katja, the hot Finnish blonde, stands and stares at you, her blue eyes wide with shock, one hand raised to cover her mouth.

“KATJA!” Alba shrieks and stumbles backwards, desperately trying to cover her nakedness up with her arms as the dumbfounded intruder gapes at her.

“I…uhm… Ahab said… You need to come up!” the poor blonde girl stutters, unable to look away from the scene in front of her. When Jessica backed away from the shower wall she exposed you completely to Katja and now she is unable to tear her eyes away from your proud, erect manhood. She blushes almost as hard as Jessica, but the shock seems to have left her unable to move.

Like Jessica you jumped with shock when you heard the unexpected voice, but unlike her you don’t feel the need to cover up. If a gorgeous girl like Katja wants to look at your privates you sure as hell won’t stop her. You look at her, your arms at your sides, letting the pretty blonde see what you have and enjoy the impressed look in her eyes. “We’ll be up in five minutes…”

“Huh? Uhm what…? Oh, yeah sure!” Your words take a moment to make their way into Katja’s brain and she finally snaps out of her daze. After one last lingering look at your cock and Jessica’s glistening curves Katja turns around and leaves the two of you alone, closing the door behind her.

You and Alba exchange a look, she with a shocked, you with an amused expression. Despite the fact that you won’t be able to fuck her right now you’re in a great mood.  “Forgot to lock the door, huh?” you grin. “I guess we should finish this later…”

With that you pull her close again and kiss her one last time on her wet lips before you step out of the shower and fetch two fresh towels, handing one of them to her. You watch with joy as she dries herself off.

“I guess our little secret isn’t a secret anymore,” she says with a half-smile, “At least not on this boat…”

You shoot her a questioning glance and she continues. “There are seven people on this boat, minus the two of us makes five. Katja just caught us, so she knows for sure. Takashi knows too. Ahab caught us on the security cam and that guy isn’t stupid, so I count him to the “knowing group”. And don’t stand there and tell me that you didn’t brag in front of Jason that you shagged Jessica Alba!”

You don’t say anything but look away, which is answer enough. “… see? I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but what guy would keep it a complete secret if he got into my pants, without at least telling someone?! I’m not worried about that, I’m not so naïve that I underestimate the male ego. All I’m saying is: At best, Jade is the only person who doesn’t know about us and I would be surprised if that is the case.”

You nod at this, not sure about what she wants to tell you with this, so you both continue to towel off in silence and you begin to wonder if she might be angry with you for some reason.

The two of you hurry to get dressed and make your way up to the saloon for breakfast. Reggae music is coming out of the speakers at a low volume when you come up; a little before Jessica, keeping the act up for her sake. Ahab gives you a saucy grin and a wink “And it looks like Casanova finally made it! Better late than never!” He stands beside a chart at the head of the table that displays a rudimental drawing of what seems to be the island. Jason sits with his back against the wall, his arm around Jade’s shoulders. They both look hung-over as her head rests on his shoulder and he is wearing his sunglasses even though it isn’t really bright inside. Apparently the two of them celebrated a little longer after Jason “won” his Harley.

He greets you with a nod and a grin, while Jade only lifts her hand in a weak gesture before closing her eyes for a moment, apparently dozing off a little. Katja comes over from the buffet table and hands you a plate full of fruit. She isn’t able to look you in the eyes and nervously chews her lower lip in a cute way. You thank her with a smile which only makes her blush even more before she strolls back to her place at Jason’s table.

You sit down in a corner and bite into a juicy piece of Mango and absently listen to Ahab’s praise of the weather conditions. You don’t really follow his speech though, your thoughts circling around Jess again. She has been exposed in a very intimate situation and it kind of worries you that she might give you part of the blame. You don’t see how it’s your fault, but she has surprised you in the past and with a few moments for herself down in your cabin she might draw conclusions that you won’t like.

These thoughts make you pretty uncomfortable and you shift in your seat nervously when Jessica finally comes upstairs. She has untied her hair and now it hangs loosely and wet over her shoulders. She greets everyone with a sparkling smile before she looks at you. The cold glare she gives you makes you swallow hard and you know that things might be screwed up now.

Jessica turns away and walks towards Jason’s table, leaving you to sit there alone. Just before she reaches the table she turns back to you, a wide grin on her face. Your heart rises when she walks up to you and you realize that she only played a mean little joke on you. Then she really surprises you and sits down on your lap making you groan when she shuffles slightly to find a comfortable position and grinds her ass over your cock slightly. Nonchalantly she picks up a slice of pear and takes a bite, before she grabs your arm and pulls it around her, placing your hand right on the front of her shorts. Smiling she gestures at Ahab to continue, who had interrupted his speech and watched her actions just as surprised as the rest of you.

“Well, uhm…” Ahab stutters, trying to get focused again, “Since everyone is here now, except for Mr. Takashi, who feels unwell and won’t be able to join us today, I think I will give you a short briefing about what we’re about to expect on this island. The Aborigines called this beauty K’gari, which is their word for paradise and I think they got pretty close with that description…”

While Ahab begins his speech about the heavenly relaxed island you aren’t able to contain yourself. With a quick glance you make sure that everyone’s attention is directed towards the old captain before you make your move. Slowly you let your hand travel upwards, pushing up Jessica’s shirt a little and begin to softly caress the warm skin of her taut stomach. Jessica lets out a low purr of enjoyment and leans back against you, resting her head against your shoulder again while she keeps nibbling on her pear and watching Ahab.

“… The only problem here is that to enjoy this slice of heaven properly you need to take your time! There is no sense in rushing from one place to another, because in the end you might have seen everything, but you won’t be able to appreciate it. So I will explain the highlights of this trip now and every one of you can decide where he wants to spend his time individually…”

You feel the warmth and taut softness of Jessica’s little body in incredible explicitness and along with her tantalizing scent it makes your head spin. Once again checking that no one is watching the two of you, you push your hand down again. Jess tenses against you when she suddenly feels how your hand sneaks into her shorts. A little gasp escapes her mouth when your fingertips first make contact with the wet lips of her bare pussy, reminding the two of you that the little slut isn’t wearing panties. You feel her hold her breath, she even stopped chewing on the fruit inside her mouth, as she is apparently frozen on your lap. But she does nothing to stop you from playing with her in front of everybody, so you begin to massage her mound.

“…We have got the whole day here, the only thing you have to remember is that you have to be back at the beach we arrived at by four thirty! If you’re not there at that point we have a little problem! But since we’re all adults I trust you guys to be there! In case of an emergency I will give each of you a small radio so you can contact me and I will be there in no time…”

When you first push a finger inside her dripping pussy Jessica grabs your thigh and squeezes so hard you’re sure it will leave a mark. Her inner muscles flex around your digits as you curl your finger to tease her sensitive walls. A table blocks Ahab’s view of your lower bodies, but he is the only one who wouldn’t be able to see what is going on as soon as he’d glance over. You’re finger-fucking Jessica Alba in plain sight! And you’re getting a great kick out of it: all those years she teased men around the world with that beautiful ass of hers while refusing to do a single nude scene… and now she sits on your lap, biting her cheek so her moans won’t tell everyone what is going on while Captain Ahab explains the merits of two different possible routes.

You feel her buttocks clench through the layers of fabric when you hit an especially sensitive spot. She spreads her thighs a little further apart which gives you more freedom between her legs. Ahab’s voice fades into the background as you listen to Jessica’s heavy breathing. You look around once more. Katja and Jason seem to be focused on Ahab’s speech while Jade stares out of a window absently. Assured you pick your pace up, using the knowledge about Jessica’s love cave that you gained over the last couple of days to bring her to the peak.

Your thumb rubs her budding clit feverishly while you push another finger into her slick tunnel. Shocked, Jessica’s hand shoots up and she grabs your wrist as she is further stretched. In panic her eyes dart around, but it seems no one noticed the sudden movement. “What in God’s name do you think you’re doing here, Chris?” Jessica breathes, “You’re gonna make me cum!”

Smiling you give her a little peck on the neck. “This is for making me sweat when Ahab surprised us at breakfast the other day!” you whisper into her ear, referring to the blowjob she gave you. Jess whimpers softly. You can feel the muscles of her thighs tighten rhythmically now and you know she is close. She didn’t have the opportunity to get an orgasm during your encounter earlier this morning, so she was on edge even before you began to finger-fuck her.

“Cum, you little slut,” you hiss into her ear.

Only seconds later Jess complies. “Fck…” the poor dear whines as her body tenses. You feel her cunt convulse around your fingers and a rush of wetness gushes over your hand. Her fingernails dig into the flesh of your thigh, so deep that she almost draws blood. Her body arches of your lap while you do your best to push her down and simultaneously continue to finger her. She grunts a little as she bites back the traitorous moans.

She bucks and thrashes in your lap for what feels like an eternity, her butt grinds over your hard cock, sending delicious sensations through your entire body. But it doesn’t bother you that you won’t be able to cum right now. You know there will be plenty of opportunities later… She even promised to let you fuck her in the ass again!

Finally she calms down a little, her muscles relax and she leans back against you, still shaking. She just had a big fucking orgasm! You can’t help but feel proud and manly. “You asshole!” she whispers feebly. You turn your head to look at her with a cheeky grin. Jessica’s face is red and flustered and covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her eyes look a little unfocused, but she smiles a wide, satisfied smile. You kiss her on the flushed cheek as you slowly withdraw your hands from her shorts. Picking up a Strawberry from your plate you push it against her lips until she finally opens and lets you feed her the piece of fruit. Her tongue swirls around your fingers as she licks her own juices of, tasting herself. When you retrieve your hand she takes your arm and wraps it around herself again while the two of you turn back to Ahab, who is about to finish with his speech.

“… so everyone please grab one of the bags from this table, They are waterproof, already contain some snacks and drinks for the day and the radio, leaving enough space for a towel and a bottle of sun lotion and whatever you guys want to bring along… I will get the dinghy ready and we will meet on the back deck in twenty minutes, alright!”

He looks around, then nods, ending the briefing and signaling everyone to move. Jessica gets up from your lap. Grinning you notice how shaky her legs are and that she needs to support herself on a table for the first few steps. She picks up two satchels and hands you one, a weary smile still on her flushed face as she wordlessly stumbles past you towards the cabins without uttering another word.

“No wonder you guys get caught on camera with the shows you put up out in the open!” you turn to face Jason, who has a big, cheeky grin on his face. Did he notice your activities? You assumed he was concentrated on listening to Ahab, but with his Ray-Ban’s on you can’t be sure, so all you do in response is shrug and smile before you turn towards your cabin when Jason’s hand on your shoulder stops you.

“Listen, man, I owe you big time,” he says with a serious expression that you aren’t used to see on your friend’s face, “I will talk to Ahab and the others so you two get some one on one time on that island… Might not get us even, but it is a start! Make me proud, son!”

With that, the usual smirk is back. You chuckle. “Cheers, buddy. I intend to!”

He nudges your shoulder jovially before turning to speak to the Captain while you enter your cabin. Quickly you scan through your stuff, gathering everything you need: sun lotion, a towel and your cam-era. Once everything is packed away you open a small, hidden pocket in your backpack and pull out your little stash of weed before tucking it away into the satchel. It might come in handy during a calm moment on the island…

When you step out onto the sun-bathed back deck, everyone is already sitting in the dinghy, waiting for you. All the boat trips over the last few months gave you a respectable pair of sea legs, so you are effortlessly able to jump from one boat to the other, earning an impressed whistle from Ahab, who fires up the engine and steers the little boat away from the “Daystar” towards the island.

The powerful motor brings you to the beach in no time and minutes later the six of you walk along a small path through the forest, Ahab up front, followed by Katja, Jessica and you. Jason and Jade bring up the rear as you climb a small hill. Your eyes are literally glued on Jessica’s tight ass that sways in front of you in her white shorts.

“So, Jess,” Jason speaks up in a teasing tone, “You finally admit that gave in to my buddy’s charm?”

Alba turns her head and playfully pokes her tongue out at him. “Kiss my ass, Jason!”

Before he can reply, Jade chimes in. “Sweetie, we all would LOVE to kiss that ass!” Everyone, including Jess, chuckles. Smiling you think about how comfortable she is with you as her short-term lover, some-thing that seemed absolutely ridiculous just a few days ago.

“Too bad that only Chris is allowed to,” Katja quips and blushes immediately as everyone looks surprised at the usually quiet Finnish girl’s admittance. Jessica giggles and catching up with her she puts an arm around the blonde and gives her a kiss on the blushing cheek. You can’t help but admire how nice the two girls look next to each other, how nice Jessica’s caramel tan contrasts with Katja’s pale skin…

After fifteen minutes, Ahab stops the group for a first small break. “Wow,” slips out of your mouth and your eyes widen with the stunning view in front of you.

“Motherfucker!” Jason gasps as he comes out of the forest behind you. The rest of the group is equally stunned by the beauty that is laid out in front of you. You just came up a little rise, jungle all around you, but when you reached the top of the hill, you realize that you stand on the beach of a huge, azure blue lagoon. Surrounded by palm trees and pearl white sand the lake stretches about two hundred meters in every direction. The water is incredibly clear and sparkles in the sunlight like a sea of diamonds. Towards the south, only a thin sand bank divides the lagoon from the ocean.

“Welcome to K’gari!” Ahab grins proudly, putting his arms around you and Jason, “What do you say? Good place for a break?”

“Mother… fucker!” is all Jason can bring out.

After you admired the view in front of you for a while, the group puts their bags down on the little beach. All of you are keen to get their feet into the water and refresh themselves and soon Jason, you, Jessica, Katja and Jade are scampering around in the cool water like little children, laughing and splashing, while Ahab grabs an old machete from his bag and collects some coconuts.

Finally you all calm down and get back to the beach. You sit in the sand, with your back against a palm tree, enjoying some coconut. Jessica lies next to you in the sand, face down. She has undone her bikini top and works on her tan, a relaxed smile on her face. Jade and Jason left for the jungle a while ago and you’re pretty sure they are having a good time.  Ahab sits beneath a palm tree a couple of meters away, you’re pretty sure the old man dozed off. You watch Katja, who is still sitting in the water, taking a few selfies for her friends at home.

“She’s cute, isn’t she?!”

“Huh?” surprised you look at Alba, who noticed your stare. Embarrassed you blush, which makes her laugh. “C’mon, you idiot, it’s not like were exclusive! Besides,” she turns to the side so she can have a better look at the Finnish girl, which grants you a view of her bare left breast, “I think she’s fucking pretty!”

“Wow, Jess, I had no idea!” you grin teasingly, “Have you ever been with another girl?”

She giggles and winks at you. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

You smirk and continue to watch Katja, an image of Jess and her making out in front of your inner eye. Sounds damn good to you!

Two hours later you’re wandering along the path, finding a cave with some ancient aborigine paintings and a small lake filled with refreshingly cool, turquoise water and come along a couple of stunning viewpoints that give nice perspectives over the reef around the island. Finally you reach a fork in the path and Ahab stops and turns around and waits until you gathered around him.

“So here we are,” he speaks up, wiping the sweat of his sunburnt forehead with the back of his hand, “If you come with me we will go left and continue this path, we will see another cave with some nice paintings. We will see a bay where an old, run-down shipwreck lays. And finally we will reach a small river on which we can float all the way back to the beach where we started this tour. If you choose the right path and follow it for about fifteen minutes, you will come out at one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. 30 feet high and crystal clear water… From there you will be at the beach within less than fifteen minutes. If you choose this path you will have plenty of time to relax and get yourself a nice tan. So: Who wants to go where?”

Before anyone can say a word Jason puts his arms around Jade and Katja and exclaims, “We will go with you!” Katja looks a little surprised, but doesn’t resist as Jason firmly leads her towards the left path. Your friend turns his head and winks at you with a sly grin, “Have fun, you two!”

Ahab smirks and pats you on the shoulder. “Well, if Jason decides so… We will see you at four back at the boat.”

Then he leaves the two of you at the fork and follows Jason and the girls. A minute later they are com-pletely gone, the last thing you hear is a sudden burst of Ahab’s roaring laughter.

You turn back to Jessica. Slowly you step up to her, a wide grin on your face, which she returns, slowly laying her arms around your shoulders. “Finally alone!” you whisper, grabbing two hands full of her ass, making Jess gasp slightly.

“I’ve been waiting for this!” Jessica’s voice is husky as she leans in and kisses you. The two of you make out for a while, not as wild as usual, this time you take your time, gently exploring her mouth. After a while your right hand lets go of Jess’ butt and without further playing around you shove it down the front of her shorts. She lets out a small gasp as you cup her heated sex. “Wow, someone is turned on…” you remark cockily.

She snickers and brushes her hip over the bulge in your pants. “Well, ‘Someone’ is apparently not the only one…” She kisses you again, a little rougher this time. When she pulls back she lightly tugs on your lower lip with her teeth. “You know, I have never been caught before…”

You pull back and look into her eyes, trying to read her thoughts. “Well, Ahab and Takashi got us on camera,” you shrug.

She shakes her head. “That’s not the same. It’s the adrenaline rush I got. It… kinda turned me on!” She blushes after her confession and looks down.

You snicker. “Well, with the way she was fixed on me, I think Katja hardly noticed you were there!” you grin, trying to tease her.

She gasps and slaps your shoulder. “Please, she was only focused on me! I bet if you’d ask her she’d have trouble to remember if it was you or Jade with me in the shower!”

You pull your hand from her shorts and take a step back, playfully pretending to be offended. “Oh yeah, Miss Hollywood? Well, girls can’t keep their eyes of me,” you jokingly brag, “In fact, even you can’t keep from admiring my body!”

Jessica frowns and looks at you with a smirk. “Fine, Mr. Fantastic, how about a bet? We’ll keep eye contact! First one who breaks and looks at the other’s body loses!”

“Oh, a bet?” you chuckle, “I seem to remember the last time you proposed something like that it ended with you sucking my dick! You, ma’am, have a gambling problem!”

“Fine, you wanna chicken out?”

“Hell, no! What’s the stakes?”

She steps closer and once again you smell her tantalizing scent. “If you lose, you will carry me on your back all the way to the waterfall…” You think for a second. Ahab said it would be fifteen minutes to the falls, no problem with Jessica’s light frame. “But if you win,” she adds in a seductive purr, “I will strip completely down to my birthday suit and pose a little for you and then I will wander like that to the waterfalls and you will be able to ogle my naked, sweaty body as much as you want.”
With stakes like that it’s a no-brainer. “Deal,” you say and the two of you shake hands.


Sweat is running down your brow as you march along the thin path.

“Faster, little horse!” Jessica demands, lightly kicking you with her heels and laughing with joy. Stupid
bet. Of course you lost.

“I still think flashing me those tits is cheating!” you gasp as you climb a slope.

She giggles and kisses the side of your neck. “I think that is the first time someone complained when I showed him my boobs!”

Well, it could be worse. You reached your goal, Jessica is in a terrific mood, that’s why you agreed to the stupid bet in the first place. And having Jessica Alba’s sweaty body press against you seems like a bearable fate. “You think we will be there soon?” you grunt, hopping over a rock on the middle of the path.

“I think I already hear the water rushing…” she says and stretches, trying to look ahead, “Probably around the next corner!”

“Is it supposed to be this steep?” Even with your trim shape, carrying a fully grown woman uphill and downhill through the hot sun for what is definitely more than fifteen minutes is taking its toll.
“Oh, quit whining, you baby!” Jess chuckles.

You make it around the corner. Beautiful, crystal clear water, just like Ahab promised. “You gotta be kidding me!” you groan. You’re not at the pool, but above it! Thirty feet beyond you is the cool water, where you stand is just the river that falls into it.

“Well, we must have turned wrong…” Jessica states the obvious. “Come on, horsey, turn around! Gid-dyap!”

Sighing you look back at the path you came on. It will definitely take you another ten to fifteen minutes with the starlet on your back. “I don’t want to go back…” you complain.

“Well, it seems to be our only choice! I mean it’s either that or we ju… NO!” Jess exclaims with shock when she realizes what your plan is.

“Oh yes!” you grin, picking up pace as you run towards the edge.

“NononochrisNOOOFUUUCK!” she shrieks and struggles on your back, but you hold on to her legs and leap over the edge.

For a second the two of you are completely weightless. All you hear is Jessica’s scream. Then you hit the water. A cold shock, unbelievably refreshing after the marching and the carrying. You let go of her legs and feel her pull away from you and kicking up to the surface.

Grinning you turn around to watch her tight body in the water above you before you push yourself upwards with two strong strokes and break the surface.

“YOU ASSHOLE!” Jessica yells at you as soon as you come up and splashes water into your face just as you’re about to breathe, “YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”

She giggles though as she swims closer and slaps you in the chest, while you let her proceed and laugh as she kicks on the spot in front of you and attacks your upper body while her eyes blaze with joy. “You little shi-UMPH!”

Suddenly you can’t hold back any more and you firmly grab her face with both hands and pull her into a hungry kiss, stopping her tirade and making the starlet moan into your mouth. You feel how she immediately gives in to the kiss as her legs wrap around your waist and she grinds her pussy against you.
After enjoying the moment for a few seconds she grabs your head and pulls away from your lips, her forehead resting against yours as she stares intensely into your eyes. “… you fucker…” she whispers breathlessly and playfully tugs on your lower lip with her teeth. Blindly you feel over your chest and with a quick snap of your finger you open the buckles of your satchels, letting them float away. Meanwhile you slowly navigate the two of you to the back of the pool until Jess’ back meets the rough rock wall right next to the waterfall.

One of your hands blindly search and find something to hold on to on the rough surface while you nibble on Jessica’s neck. She has her left arm wrapped around you and her hand pushes your mouth further down to her cleavage as she blissfully throws her head back. You reach into the cup of her bikini top and lift her left breast out. Your lips attack her light-brown nip vigorously, sucking and biting away at her tit-tip, making the starlet whine with pleasure. Her right hand wanders down over your abs to the waistband of your shorts and she impatiently yanks them down, letting your cock bounce free in the cool water.
“Fuck me, asshole!” she growls, her voice vibrant with arousal as she grabs your dick and jerks it with swift fingers before she pulls her lycra shorts to the side, exposing her puffy little slit and lines your cockhead up with her opening.

You both groan with pleasure as you push inside, the warm, wet walls of her vagina gripping your dick tightly. Jessica leans in once more and forcefully shoves your mouth into hers, a hungry, guttural groan eliciting from the depth of her throat as your cock is buried to the hilt in her tight twat. Then you begin to move your hips, once more beginning to fuck the horny starlet.

You feel her fingernails dig into your back painfully and you’re sure she is drawing blood, but then again the pain feels sweet. Searching behind her back you find the bow of her bikini and with a strong tug you rip it away from her body, carelessly throwing the soaked garment behind you and your hand again mauls her freed tits, roughly kneading them, twisting and pulling her engorged nipples.

Your feet search hold on the rock wall beneath Jessica so you can pick up the pace and fuck the moaning actress faster, but you repeatedly slip off the wet surface until you finally find your footing and celebrate this with a couple of ferocious upward-thrusts that lift Jessica’s upper body out of the cool water and make her naked titties bounce as the cool water splashes around you.

Jessica wraps her arms around your neck and holds on for dear life as you let out all the pent up teasing and channel it into the fucking. You’re not holding back, thrusting into the starlet as fast and as hard as you possibly can, making Jess moan and scream out into the jungle around you. Her legs squeeze your waist almost painfully tight, but that doesn’t stop you as the two of you are completely taken up in the rough shagging.

“Fck… yes… harder…” Jess hisses breathlessly beside your ear, urging you on whenever she has enough air in her lungs. You know her back is scraping against the rough rock behind her and she will likely be covered in scratches afterwards, but right now she doesn’t care, only focused on the pleasure that your thrusting cock is sending up her spine.

“God… shit… Jesus…” she gasps and you feel the grip of her arms and legs around your body getting even tighter. She is close to cumming! Gritting your teeth you mobilize your last resources and give her clenching vagina a few more punishing strokes.

“Yes… Yes… YESSSS!!!!” Jessica squeals out as the orgasm hits her hard. Her pussy grips your dick incredibly hard, keeping it lodged to the hilt inside her while her strong inner muscles clench around you, trying to milk the cum from your dick.

But somehow a tiny, rational voice somewhere inside your head keeps you from giving in to the desire, to follow your instinct to pump your seed into the willing woman, reminding you that that isn’t her wish, just her own body reaction. And somehow you manage to hang on, not shooting your jizz into her pulsing cunt as Jess rides out the highs of her orgasm.

Finally her body relaxes and the death-grip of her arms around your neck eases and she sinks back against the cold wet rock, her legs still wrapped around your hips, her ankles crossed behind your ass and your hard cock still balls-deep in her softly pulsating pussy.

Slowly she opens her soulful brown eyes and gives you a faint, satisfied smile. “You’re still hard, huh?” she whispers quietly, softly clenching her vaginal muscles around your cock.
You just nod your head, your breath heavy.

“Well, tiger, let’s take this to the beach so we can take care of you,” she smiles. Her hand reaches down to where your bodies are joined and with a soft grasp around the base of our shaft she pulls you out of her cunt, then she places her hand against your chest and pushes you away, “C’mon!”

She proceeds to push herself off the rock wall past you and begins to swim towards the lake’s small sandy beach. After a second you follow her.

Once the water gets shallow Jessica stands up and walks the last few meters, her hips swaying for your benefit. Your eyes are once again glued to her ass, wrapped in transparent, soaked lycra shorts as she arises from the water like the Lady of the Lake. Preparing yourself for the upcoming session you rip off your shirt and let it fall into the water.

Meanwhile Jessica arrived at the shore and with a sultry look over her shoulder she hooks her thumbs into her shorts and pushes them down, keeping her knees straight and pushing her ass out to show off that beautiful butt to you.

You swallow hard as she bares her tight holes to you again and quickly stagger up to the beach, trying to wrestle your shorts down your legs while not slowing down the least, preparing to pounce on the now stark naked starlet.

The shove to your chest hits you completely unprepared, and with your bunched up shorts around your ankles you’re completely immobilized, so you wave your arms helplessly through the air as you fall backwards, hitting the sand hard with your shoulders.

Dumbfounded you look up at Jessica, shock in your face as you squint against the sun. She stands over you, the sun glistening on her wet skin, her hip cocked to one side, fist propped on the other, a cocky smirk on her face as she looks down on you. “That’s for jumping down that waterfall without my permission!” she quips.

You shake your head in disbelief and act like you’re trying to get up, but then your leg lashes out and you swiftly sweep Jessica of her feet. She squeals in surprise as she falls, but then giggles as she lands on top of you, straddling your upper body while her hands are planted into the sand next to your head.
You look into each other’s eyes for a second and smile. “Having a déjà vu?” Jessica snickers, referring to the first night of your trip. Instead of answering you let your hands wander up her smooth thighs until your hands lie on her supple ass-cheeks, squeezing the tight flesh, making her gasp with pleasure.
Then she shrieks in shock when you suddenly turn the two of you around, intending to get on top, but Jessica completely takes you by surprise and uses your combined momentum to roll further until she’s back on top. Grinning she pins your wrists to the floor while she straddles your chest, sitting high on your upper body, “Guess all that fight training for my roles paid out, huh?” she snickers at your dumb-founded look.

You playfully struggle a bit, letting her have her moment, when she suddenly shuffles forward until your arms are held in place by her legs and her bald, glistening vagina hovers inches away from your chin. She grabs your hair and hisses, “Now lick my pussy, you little slut!”

While you’re usually not into being the submissive part you don’t think there is a straight person on earth who would defy such an order out of Jessica Alba’s mouth. So you lift your head, stick your tongue out and softly let it graze over Jessica’s wet outer lips. She moans lustfully, her eyes sparkling with joy at your playful little escapade. Her chest heaves as your tongue circles swiftly around her clit, just before you shift your attention downwards, nibbling on her soaked vulva.

“Mmmmhyes!” she purrs, closing her eyes and loosing herself in the feelings that course through her body. Carefully you manage to twist your arms out from beneath her legs and immediately grab both of her ass-cheeks. You hear her grunt with surprise as you pull them slightly apart and then let your tongue linger down, over her taint, working its way to her asshole.

A shudder runs through her whole body as you probe at her backdoor and for a second she is distracted. You immediately take advantage of that short moment and give her butt a firm shove, making Alba gasp with surprise as she is pushed forward, off your face and lands on all fours in the warm sand.

Swiftly you get up to your knees and turn around to face her. Your mouth waters as you see her there, cowering in the white sand in doggy-position, buck-naked and that glorious ass pushed out towards you, her two little holes on full display, twitching excitingly in the sunlight.

You can’t resist the temptation, so you raise your hand and bring it down on the starlet’s right buttock with stinging force, making her yelp loudly. “Who’s the slut now?” you ask her.

Jessica turns her head to look back at you over her shoulder. With a sassy grin she pokes her tongue out at you. “You are!” she says defiantly.

“Bad girl!” you snort, shaking your head at the naughty girl, then you reach forward and grab a fistful of her wet hair, pulling her head back sharply, eliciting a joyful gasp, while your other hand grips your dick around its base as you move closer to her enticing behind. Smiling you watch how she wiggles her butt at you in anticipation, eager to get her pussy filled by your dick. But you feel like teasing her a little be-fore you give her what she craves, so instead of lining yourself up with her opening you lightly slap your dick against her ass and pussy for a couple of moments, just enough for her to get impatient, before you press your dick against her sopping hole and bury yourself inside her with one, hard thrust.
“Uunngh!” Jess lets out a satisfying groan as her vagina is stretched by your girth. Since you already fucked her and her pussy is prepared you don’t waste any time starting slow, but instead you firmly grip her hips with both hands and start slamming into her.

Jessica gasps and huffs and whimpers as she is roughly fucked from behind. Her toes curl in the sand without her control. You give her rippling ass a hard spank and watch the jiggling flesh redden before grabbing her hips again to gain even more speed. This is no love-making, you’re pounding the starlet with everything you have, hammering away at that perfect, upraised butt. The little beach is filled with the sloshing sounds of your dick in her cunt, the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh, your grunting and her whining.

“Uhn… oh.. ohgod!” she gasps, her eyes pinched shut as she screams her pleasure out into the jungle around you.

Giving that scrumptious backside of hers another loud spank you grit your teeth. “Show me your ass-hole, you little slut!” you grunt, sweat trickling down our brows, “Spread your butt-cheeks as wide as you can and show me your nasty, little asshole!”

Jess moans loudly when she hears your lewd demand. Rocked by your thrusts she turns her head and looks back at you, giving you a naughty grin. Growling you plant a hand between her shoulder blades and roughly shove her down, forcing her upper body into the soft sand of the beach. “Show me that asshole!” you hiss.
Relenting to your demand, Jessica gives in. Slowly she reaches back with both hands and grabs each of her perfect buttocks, then she pulls them apart, as far apart as possible and shamelessly presents you with her tight, brown anus.

“C’mon… c’mon… fuck me…” she gasps between her moans, the feverish tone of her voice and the submissive display of her puckered ring awakening new power in you and you put that to good use. Plowing into her pussy you once again feel her soaked walls beginning clench down rhythmically. Jessica feels her orgasm come closer and turns her head, pressing her own face into the soft, warm sand to muffle her own screams when it hits her with full force, her third orgasm of the day.

“MMMMMMH!” she wails into the beach, the sand reducing her voice to a grumble. You swiftly pull your cock out of her spasming pussy before you throw yourself on top of her, pinning the helpless starlet in place with one arm while your other hand grabs her cunt, roughly rubbing her sensitive clit.

Jessica is taken by complete surprise. Her hands let go of her butt-cheeks and claw uselessly at the ground, searching for something to hold on to as her derriere bucks ferociously against your hand, completely out of her control and you have your hands full keeping her in place with one arm while the other is busy furiously fingering her million dollar cunt.

“MmmmMOOOHGOD!” Jessica shrieks, finally unable to keep her face lodged in the sand as she twitches and jerks in your grip. Then your fingers stroking her convulsing twat get wetter and wetter with every second while Jess only gets wilder, kicking and screaming in your arms when suddenly a gush of girl-cum shoots from her cunt. Her groans cease as she falls into a kid of orgasmic trance, her juices spraying all over your hand and the beach as you hold her like some kind of perverted water-gun.

“Uuuuh…” with a soft grunt her orgasm subsides and slowly, rocked by after-shocks of intense pleasure, Jessica’s body relaxes, slumping down into the sand. You release her from your grip and let your fingers run over her soaked labia, making her shudder as you stroke the hyper-sensitive flesh before you deliver a spank to her upraised bum. For a second you look at her tiny, little anus and consider taking advantage of Jessica’s current position and put it in her ass. The idea of buttfucking the Hollywood star on a tropical beach seems alluring, but you quickly dispose that idea. No lube… she would certainly feel that one for days to come and be pissed at you! Better to save that trump card for another time. You stand up. Well, there are other ways…

“Hey!” you nudge her softly but demandingly. Your cock is still rock-hard, being denied an orgasm now for quite some time.

Jessica lifts her head, sand sticking to her exotic, bronze features, and looks up at your bobbing cock with her big, brown doe-eyes. A devilish smirk forms on her face and she pushes herself up into a kneeling position. “Fair enough!” she whispers as she moves into position in front of you.

“Fuck!” you swear when she grabs your dick around the base, swiftly stroking the cunt-syrup-soaked shaft a few times. Then she looks you deep in the eyes with a cocky smirk and sticks her tongue out, flicking it across your head.

You let out a groan when you feel her teasing tongue dance across your meat, your hands automatically reaching up to grab two hands full of her hair, gripping her head. Still looking her in the eyes you drag her mouth towards your dick, forcing your head between her full lips while she lets you do as you please.

Her lips and tongue feel like silk as you stand in front of the kneeling starlet and begin to fuck her face, sliding your cock in and out. Jessica moans as she sucks her own pussy juice of your dick, doing every-thing to please you with her submissive sluttiness and soon enough a tingle awakens in your loins as you stuff the beautiful woman’s face. You just fucked her to two screaming orgasms and your stamina wears a little thin by now.

Growling you force your meat deeper into her mouth, harder. Jessica gags for a second, but on the second thrust she has already accommodated and your cock slides an inch up her throat. Encouraged by this you continue, driving your manhood into her gullet with more and more power each thrust. Soon you’re literally skullfucking the beautiful Jessica, completely dominating her in her defenseless position. The wet, squelching sounds of your cock sliding in and out of her throat mixed with a little gagging fill the little beach as you show her no mercy.

Jessica still looks up at you, her eyes a little watery by now. She has grabbed your thighs with both hands, digging her nails into your flesh, but she does nothing to stop you. You’re not even sure if she is able to get enough air, but at the moment you have to admit that you don’t care. You’re on autopilot, like last night when she let you fuck her in the ass, grunting and groaning as you run on instinct, using her gorgeous mouth to chase your orgasm.

Then you suddenly hear a voice and freeze. Jessica obviously heard it as well as her eyes widen with alarm while she looks at you, your cock still halfway stuffed into her mouth. Both of you listen intently and there are definitely male voices coming out of the jungle, closing in from the path. You can’t see them yet, but with how close they sound it is a matter of seconds.

After being frozen to the spot for a moment you both move at the same time, untangling from each other and jumping for your clothes. Jessica grabs her bikini-top from where they washed ashore while you quickly pull on your shorts, nervously watching the path from where the voices come.

“Shitshitshit,” you hear Jessica hiss in panic while you do your best to move your still raging, spit-and-pussy-juice-soaked erection into an inconspicuous position. You turn to look at her. She stands on the sand, her bikini-top already in place, but her bottom half is still completely bare, her recently-fucked cunt and tight ass still on display while the people approach. “Where are my bottoms?” she asks, full-blown horror in her eyes.

Your eyes quickly scan the sand for the white lycra shorts while Jessica is close to freaking out. Then you suddenly spot them, half-covered by sand, but just as you’re about to tell her Jessica makes a desperate decision.

With at least two male voices approaching the half-naked starlet turns around and sprints for the pool, immediately swan-diving into it, hiding her exposedness beneath the surface.

Just in time! Only a second later two men in their late twenties come around the corner of the way, dressed only in shorts and sun-glasses, carrying towels and water bottles. They seem just as surprised to see other people on the island as you are and pause for a second, obviously surprised. You look at them, hoping that your shorts hide the bulge well enough while you inconspicuously kick a little more sand over Jessica’s shorts to cover them up. Jessica’s head emerges from the water and she threads water, looking at the new arrivals.

“Hey, guys!” You greet them, hoping that you don’t sound too much out of breath.

“Hi, mate!” the taller one, a surferish dude with blonde hair and his arms covered in tattoos, answers with an apologizing grin, “Sorry, we weren’t expecting to meet anyone here…” He walks up to you, extending his hand, “Name’s Sean. This is Steve.” He nods towards his friend, a muscular, bald guy, who nods with a polite smile.

“Neither were we…” you shrug, shaking his hand, “I’m Chris and that over there is Jessica…”

“Well… there’s enough space for all of us around h…  holy SHIT!!!” Sean gasps as he takes a closer look at Jess, “You’re Jessica Alba!!!”

You curse inwardly, the fact that they recognized her making the situation a lot more complicated. Jessica plays it cool, waving at them with a smile. “Hi, guys!”

“Dude,” Sean turns towards you, “Is it okay if you’d take a picture of the three of us? My mates wouldn’t believe we met Jessica Alba on a lonely island if we don’t bring any proof…”

You frown and shoot Jessica a look, unsure on how to proceed now. If they find out that Jess is swim-ming without any bottoms you’ll have a hard time explaining. “Look, guys…” you begin.

“That’s cool!” Jessica interrupts, “Come in, we’ll do it in the water!” While you look at her in surprise Sean and Steve grin widely as they take off their shirts and drop their backpacks. Sean hands you a small digital camera before wading into the water towards Jessica. She slowly swims towards them, careful not to give them any glimpses. When she reaches them she stands up. The water reaches up to her navel, slightly concealing the fact that her peach is completely bare, but anyone taking a good look could make it out.

Luckily Sean and Steve are too busy ogling Jessica’s wet boobs to notice and they only manage to tear their eyes of her bosom when they turn towards you, Jessica in between them. They lean down slightly and Jess puts her arms around their shoulders and smiles brightly into the camera. You hold your breath when Steve places his arm around her on Jessica’s hip, but he doesn’t seem to notice anything strange…

“Okay, now smile!” you shout and take the picture. Luckily the reflection of the water’s surface hides Jessica’s state of dress. You suddenly have a thought you find hilarious and have to bite your tongue to keep yourself from suggesting a photo with all three of them jumping. Jess probably wouldn’t find it as hilarious…

Sean and Steve come back and look at the picture while Jessica again swims into deeper water, signaling you with her eyes to distract the two men so she will have a chance to reach her shorts.

“I… I was about to roll myself a joint,” you improvise, “You wanna join me!”

The two of them seem fond of the idea. “Sure, dude!” Steve grins. “You coming, Jessica?” he shouts.

Jessica smiles. “In a minute!” she answers, “The water is just heavenly right no
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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Masterpiece stories, but looks like it cut off at the end.
"All that glitters is cold."

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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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These are some truly amazing stories. Started reading them yesterday and once I got into it, I couldn't stop. Love the first person narrative.

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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Fantastic Jessica Alba stories  :*

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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Just a quick comment from me Sammy.

Your writing is fantastic as always and I often find myself reading them again, because they are just that good.

Anyway, I've read this story of yours on both Literotica and I think celebritystorylibrary, and I seem to remember it being longer.
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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Sorry, guys, my bad! Here's the rest:

Jessica smiles. “In a minute!” she answers, “The water is just heavenly right now!”

You all grab your bags and the three of you head towards a small group of palm trees. Setting up your camp you start to talk, getting to know each other a little while Sean nimbly rolls a blunt. You made sure to position yourself so that the two guys are facing away from the water, giving Jessica the opportunity to sneak ashore.

You hold back a grin as you watch Jessica stealthily come up to the beach, one hand clasped over her bare cooch, keeping a watchful eye out on the two guys as she makes her way to her sand-covered shorts. While you do your best to act relaxed to keep the two guys from getting suspicious you unwittingly hold your breath as Jessica finds her white shorts, shakes the sand of them and slips them on.

She sits down next to you just as Sean lights the joint up. He takes two drags and offers it to her. “Want some?” Jessica shakes her head with a smile so instead you take it.

The four of you sit together for twenty minutes when Jessica says that it is time for you to meet up with the others. The two of you say goodbye to the guys and head down the path towards the meeting point. As soon as you are out of sight Jessica breaks out into laughter. “Holy shit that was close!” she giggles, “So exciting… My pussy is so fucking wet right now!”

“You’re fucking nuts!” you say, shaking your head in disbelief, “Agreeing to a photo like that… What if they had looked down?”

Jessica shrugs, now that the adrenaline has worn off she blushes a little with embarrassment at her own actions. “I kinda had to… it would have looked really bitchy if I had said no and there was no guarantee that they would have left. Plus…” she playfully hits you on the arm, “… no harm, no foul. And I am so freak-ing horny now, I’d fuck you right here!”

“Oh yeah?” you chuckle and before she can react you grab Jess by the shoulders and push her against a tree, your body pressing against hers.

“I would…” she promises, a naughty glimmer in her eyes, “But we have to get back to the others now.” She reaches down and lightly squeezes your hard-on through your trunks before she leans in and whispers. “I promise I’ll make it up to you as soon as we are in my cabin!”

You groan with frustration as the thought of taking her right there between the palm trees sends a shiver up your spine. You can’t believe how hot this woman is, you’re barely able to control yourself. Jessica gasps audibly when you forcefully mash your lips against hers, kissing her passionately, but then you re-treat, stepping back from her. “I can’t wait!”

Jessica gives you a flustered grin. “I know.”

“Oh… oh….oh… fck…” Jessica moans and huffs as she bounces in your lap, riding you at a fast pace. Your hands dig into her naked hips as she rotates her hips, her soaked, swollen cunt sending delicious sparks through your body.

She did good on her promise: as soon as you were back on the boat Jess grabbed your hand and dragged you towards her cabin, ignoring the dirty grins from Ahab and Jason. Once you were inside she truly let loose. The danger of almost being caught really seems to have riled her up and when the door was closed she immediately started clawing and tearing at your clothes, ruining a second shirt in as many days when she ripped it open. Within seconds she had you completely naked, had dropped to her knees and treated you to a sloppy blowjob, getting you rock hard within seconds while your hands were busy untying her biki-ni top.

After a minute she got up and roughly shoved you backwards, sending you onto her bed while she impa-tiently tore off her own shorts, leaving her just as naked as you when she pounced. Hungrily she jumped into your lap, kissing and nibbling at your lips while your hands roamed over her ass, mauling the tight cheeks. “Fuck me!” she hissed with urgency.

She pushed your upper body, forcing you flat on her back while her hips hungrily twitched back and forth, rubbing her soaked slit over your swollen cock. Her impatience made it hard, but finally you manage to hold her steady with one hand while guiding your head against her moist opening with your other. She gasped with relief when your knob penetrated her, sliding into her wet channel.

Now she is riding you, buck wild, like there is no tomorrow, grinding her pussy over your cock as she puts her remarkable skill to good use. Your hands vary between guiding her hips and kneading her bouncing breasts, making her moan as you twist her nipples.

You can feel her excitement slowly getting the better of her. She has been riding you for a little more than two minutes now, but you can already hear her breath become huskier. Slowly you push yourself up into a sitting position, which Jessica immediately takes advantage of, pushing her tongue feverishly into your mouth, never missing a beat. Her hands come up, grabbing the sides of your face as she kisses you pas-sionately, her body almost bursting with need.

You glance over her shoulder into the mirror, look at her bouncing butt in your lap. With every thrust of her hips her bum spreads a little, granting you a nice view of your cock snugly stuffed up her hungry twat as well as her puckered little asshole.

Grunting you grab her again by the hips. Jessica moans with surprise into your mouth when you suddenly flip the two of you over, rolling yourself on top of her. Quickly you adjust your position, hooking your arms beneath her knee pits, which pulls her legs further up her body and spreads her pussy open.

“Ohshit!” Jessica whimpers as you take advantage of the new position, pounding her lithe frame into the bed with all your power. You feel her fingernails rake into your back, drawing blood. You feel your ballsack slap against her exposed butthole with every thrust. You feel her pussy pulse around your shaft as Jessica approaches her orgasm.

“Fuck…” Jess huffs as she takes you, your pole punishing her tight hole. She feels her orgasm come up, the fourth of the day, straining her hungry pussy. Her toes clench with euphoria and in an instinctive, animalis-tic act she lunges forward and bites you in the shoulder. You howl out as her teeth almost break your skin, but nevertheless you keep fucking her as she once more cums on your cock.

“God!!!” you growl out when you can’t handle it any more. Tearing yourself away from Jessica’s convul-sive grip, you rise off her. Your cock slides out of her pussy and you grab it. Stroking it a few times you ex-plode over the dazed starlet, painting her heaving tits in several streaks of hot cum.

Spent you collapse next to her and for a few minutes both of you just lie there as you recover from your respective orgasms.

“Holy shit!” Jessica finally utters. She sits up on the bed and looks down her body. Seven long, white lines stretch from her navel over her tits up to her neck, contrasting with her caramel skin. “You always make a mess of me!”

She grabs a handful of her sheets and uses them to wipe herself off while you watch with undisguised in-terest. She glances over at your still erect cock and smirks. “Still hard, Chris? God damn!”

“What do you expect?” you shoot back, propping yourself up on your elbows, “After all that shit today on the island you didn’t think I’d be satisfied with fucking you once, did you?”

Jessica giggles and reaches over, engulfing your dick with her small hand. Slowly she begins to stroke you. “Sorry, tiger. I don’t think my pussy can handle any more today…”

She laughs when she sees the look of disappointment on your face. “Don’t look so sad! I won’t leave you with blue balls again. You know…” Her voice turns husky again and she leans in to give your messy cock a tentative lick. “… back at the island, just before those two stoners showed up…”

You know what she’s referring to, the way you used her like a cheap whore, fucking her mouth like a pussy, high on lust. “You know, Jess, I’m sorry…”

Again she chuckles at your nervous apology. “Don’t apologize, you moron. It was great…” You look at her in surprise. “I told you; sometimes I like to be treated like a bitch. And you using me like that… It’s just hot. The feeling of not being in control, along with the lack of oxygen when you fucked my face, it is a total rush for me!”

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. “What are you saying?!”

She blushes a little, embarrassed at what she is about to request. “I… I want you to dominate me. I want you to tie me up, to… to slap me around, to choke me, to fuck my face and my ass and to make me your whore!”

Your mouth opens, but for a moment you’re absolutely speechless. You can’t believe what this gorgeous Hollywood star is asking from you. “… you know, Chris, I really trust you with this. I mean, it’s not like I know everything about you, but I think, sexually, that I can trust you. I mean… it has been a dark fantasy of mine for so long. And this might be my best opportunity to fulfill it.”

“But… but what about the marks?!” you stutter, remembering her worries when she first allowed you to assfuck her, “I… I mean there will be bruises and…”

She smiles. “Let me worry about that. I am an actress remember?! I will explain all that to Cash when the time comes. Right now…” she whispers, “… I just want to have that fantasy! I want to have bruises, I want you to throw me around, I want you to stretch my asshole with your cock!”

“S… so you want to do some role-play?!” you ask, still trying to get your head behind this beautiful girl’s incredible request.

“Well, kinda…” Jessica laughs, embarrassed, “I don’t want to pretend to be some little catholic schoolgirl and have some cheesy dialogue about how I need a ‘B’ in English… I want you to… drill me, let out your mean machine, make me ta… GACK!”

Jessica gargles in surprise when you suddenly jump up and mash your lips against hers. Unlike the other times you kissed her soft, full lips when you gently caressed them or even kissed her passionately, this time you ravage her face, making her moan and gasp as you hold her face in a tight grasp with both hands and attack her with your lips, teeth and tongue while all she can do is take it.

“Little Miss Jessica Alba!” you hiss between kisses, “Little Lady Goody-Two-Shoes! Getting her whorish ass fucked wasn’t slutty enough for her… she wants to get destroyed by cock…” You do your best to improvise. You haven’t done something like this before, but Jess seems to like it. She gives you a challenging grin. You slap her cheek lightly.

“That all you got,” she huffs mockingly, “My grandma hits harder than that!”

You growl in response, but instead of playing her game you pick her up and lift her naked frame high in the air before throwing her onto the bed. She groans as she lands hard on her back, not having expected to be tossed like this. But before she can recover you again grab the starlet and flip her around onto her front and deliver a hard spank to her right buttock, making the firm flesh jiggle erotically.

“Ouch!” Jessica exclaims in protest as pain spreads over her ass and instinctively she tries to get up. But you don’t let her and force her back down with a hand between her shoulder blades while you give her ass a series of equally strong slaps, each making her cry out. She wanted to have marks and soon her bronze butt shows a nice shade of pink, making Jessica yelp and your dick twitch.

You spot a bunch of belts lying next to the bed, fashionable leather belts in several shapes and colors. Quickly you grab a narrow black one and before Jess has even realized what has happened you have pro-ceeded to tie her hands behind her back.

Carefully she tests her bonds, turning her wrists against each other while she catches her breath. You grab a second one, a braided cord of slim brown threads and proceed to whip it across her defenseless bum. Twice.

“OWW! OWWW!” Jessica yelps on the top of her lungs and bucks on the bed as the cord buzzes through the air, “You kinky so-” Not giving her a second to recover from the sharp pain you interrupt her by wrap-ping her belt around her throat and loop it through the buckle, pulling it tight around her swan-like neck. You let her feel the makeshift leash for a few moments before you firmly drag her backwards. Jessica struggles to follow with her hands tied behind her back, but you’re relentless, making her crash to the cab-in’s floor. “Fucking slut!” you hiss.

“Fucking bitch!” Jessica shoots back, coughing.

You stand over the kneeling Hollywood star, holding her leash as you leer down at her. “Open your mouth!” you order.

Jessica looks up at you. Her face is flushed a little and her hair is already heavily disheveled, but she still gives you a challenging smirk. Sighing you give the belt around her neck a forceful tug, making her gargle. “Open your mouth!”

Relenting Jessica complies, staring challengingly into your eyes as she opens her lips. You immediately take advantage, plunging your cock into her mouth with all the force she so explicitly requested. Jessica gags, but does her best to relax as you bump against the back of her throat and you swiftly begin to plow her mouth.

“That’s it!” you groan as you enjoy the wet tightness engulfing your cock as Jessica takes a facefucking. Loud squelching sounds fill the cabin along with your grunting as the kneeling beauty takes your dick, held tight by a hand in her mane and one on her “leash”. Never missing a beat you push forward, making the helpless Jessica back up, tumbling backwards until her naked back bumps loudly against the bed, trapping her in place. The lack of room for her allows you to take her even harder. Saliva leaks in bubbly streams from the corners of her mouth over her chin and the choking made her tear up a little, but as she looks up at you with those gorgeous brown eyes you see the lust and excitement of finally being dominated like the bitch that she apparently  secretly is.

“God!” you groan and pull your spit-slick member out of Jessica’s panting gullet. She gasps for air, her mouth gaping wide, which gives you a nasty idea and you quickly take advantage, sending a big gob of spit into her open mouth. Before she can react in any way you shove your cock back in, muffling any protest in her throat. “Fucking slut!” you hiss again as you fuck her throat with even more vigor, “Dirty little cock-sucker!”

Jessica’s response to this abuse is to swirl her tongue around the underside of your cock, sending delicious sensations up your back, making you groan. Sweat runs down your brows and you look up at the ceiling, enjoying Jessica’s talented mouth as she sucks like a porn star before turning your head to the side for a glance in the mirror, enjoying the full-length reflection of domination over the sitting starlet.

Then you spot Jessica’s make-up bag lying on the bed. It is unzipped and a few items have rolled out. She hasn’t worn any make up today, but you might change that. Quickly you grab an expensive looking lip-stick and after one last thrust you pull out and kneel down in front of the spluttering actress. Before she can react you grab her chin with your left hand, pinning her head in place against the bed, making her full lips pucker.

Jessica looks at you nervously, pinned down, naked, her hands tied behind her back. You wink at her as you pull the cap of the lip-stick off with your teeth and turn it. It is a velvet-colored Chanel lip stick. Perfect. “What are you?” you growl.

Jessica’s eyes sparkle. “An actress!” she presses out, teasing you.

“That’s what you do!” you say with a chuckle, “What you are is a…” Pressing the stick to her forehead you slowly write the letters as you say them. “… S… L… U…T! A little cocksucker slut!” Jessica moans, but you’re not done. Sloppily, you drag the stick over her puckered lips, giving her probably the least professional make-up she ever had, which she quits with a loud “Mmmph!” It looks cheap and sluttish. Just how you want her to look right now!

You pull her face up and force her to face the mirror, holding her in place so she can clearly see her teary eyes and dishevelled hair along with the letters in her forehead and the ridiculously applied lipstick already a little smeared by the amount of drool on her face.

You chuckle, which makes her feel ridiculed and she glares at you. Unimpressed you toss the lipstick away and give her a slap to the cheek. Not hard, but enough to make her moan. “On the bed!” you order and step back. A smile flashes over her face at the prospect of what is about to happen. She struggles a little to get up with her hands tied behind her back, but what she lacks in coordination she makes up for in enthusi-asm and soon she manages to climb on top of the bed, lying face down. Giving you a naughty grin she gets up to her knees, propping her ass up and wiggles it for you. “Come on!” she whispers, “Fuck me!

You take a second to admire the tight brown iris of her bumhole that shyly peeks out from between those fleshy buttocks and relish in the memory of how nice and hot it felt wrapped around your cock yesterday, how she squealed with pleasure. But not yet… You’re not done with her mouth yet.

Jess yelps in surprise when you grab her shoulders and yank her backwards. She didn’t expect this and grunts when she lands on her back, her tits jiggling erotically. You’re not giving her any time and instead grip her arm-pits and pull her towards the end of the bed, so her head is hanging over.

“Fuck…” she mutters when she is faced with an upside down perspective of your hard cock and you don’t waste any time and bury your cock between those delicious lips “…unph!”

Your cock slides over her tongue to the back of her mouth and then into her throat, helped by the laid-back position of her head. Inch after inch of your meat disappears between those soft lips into her mouth, slid-ing down her swan-like neck. “Shit!” you mutter as you watch her neck bulge with your dick. Then you begin thrusting in and out, slowly at first, but quickly building your pace. “You… sexy… little… bitch!”

Once more you can’t help but be impressed with the starlet’s oral abilities as she takes your cock again and again, only gagging from time to time. You acknowledge her skill by giving her tits a couple of open-handed smacks, making them wobble enticingly.

“GACK… GACK… GACK…” the loud sounds she makes fill the cabin as you use her face for your pleasure. Drool runs in syrupy streaks from her mouth down over her face, matting her messy hair and your ballsack repeatedly slaps against the bridge of her nose. You let our hands wander over her body, squeezing and tweaking her small, hard nipples before slipping down towards her wet pussy. Jessica hums around your cock, sending sensations up her spine when you take a little time to fiddle with her clit and massage the bald lips of her cunt.

Finally you grab her left leg and pull it towards you, pushing her lower body upwards and exposing your goal, Miss Alba’s puckered butthole. Still skullfucking the beautiful woman you stick two fingers into your mouth as make them slick with spit. Jessica grunts audibly as her asshole is roughly penetrated by those two fingers. “GAWW… GACK… GACK…”

“Yeah, that’s how you like it, huh?! Little whore!” You deliberately proceed a lot less careful than on previ-ous occasions, since she asked you to be rougher, and soon you’re pumping her petite sphincter rapidly, making her gasp and grunt and groan around your cock “Yeah… In the ass… like a bitch!”
“GACK… GACK… GACK…” you feel Jessica’s tongue swirl around your cock more and more. She really gets excited about those fingers in her booty, really wants to be sodomized.

After a while during which you use your spit to lube her anus up as best as you can, you suddenly pull out, leaving her gasping for air, but once again you don’t give her any time to recover, instead you grab her leash again and drag her of the bed. Jess crashes to the floor, but quickly gets up and stumbles after you as you pull her across the room. She gargles audibly as you come to a sudden stop in front of the cabin’s big mirror. You let her look at herself for a second. Her hair is a mess, disheveled and spit-soaked. Her eyes are red-shot, tears formed during the facefucking she received. The poorly applied lipstick is smeared all over her mouth and chin, mixed with saliva it runs all over her face. Her forehead still reads ‘SLUT’ in big, red letters, which describes her current look really accurate. She looks like a slut.

You move behind her, making eye contact with her through the mirror as you grab your cock around the base and line it up with her puckered third entrance. Jessica nostrils flare as she braces herself for what’s about to come. Her bound hands clench and she grits her teeth clench in determination. “Here we go!” you whisper and push forward. Jessica’s eyes widen and she draws a hissing breath when your cock head presses against her back door. Her sphincter resists for a moment, but this is your third time playing with Jessica’s asshole and she is a lot more at ease and manages to relax, allowing your cock to pop past her ring muscle. She screams out in pain.

Doing your best to find a mixture of carefulness and roughness you push forward, quickly burying your cock in the starlet’s asshole. Veins bulge on her lower arms as she clenches her fists and she lets out a squeal as your dick sinks deeper into her butt. “Come on,” you growl, “Give me that famous ass!”

“Uuuuuuh!” she moans, her lower lip quivering as your pelvis finally presses against her buttocks, her ass-hole stretched by your girth. You grab her leash with one hand and her bound wrists with the other and hold her in place as you pull back. Her eyes flutter and she lets out another groan as her ass is taken.

“Take it!” You begin to thrust back into her, slowly building up pace. You’re not very gentle, but this is how she wants it, rough and dirty. She bites her lips and takes deep breathes to master the discomfort as you work your prick in and out of her ass. “Look at yourself!”

Jessica doesn’t react immediately and you punish this with a slap to her pretty bum, making it jiggle and her gasp. Slowly she relents and opens her eyes, staring back at her defaced reflection. You let go of her bound hands and instead you reach up and place your hand around her throat, not squeezing, but you’re letting her feel your dominance. “What do you see?”

Your thrusts are at full pace by now, rocking Jessica’s body from behind. Her tits bounce with every thrust and she is moaning again. This time with pleasure. “What do you see?” you demand.

Jess looks back at her reflection. The disheveled hair, the spit-streaked face, the lipstick-written insult on her forehead. “A slut…” she moans.


“A slut!” she groans, louder this time.


“I see a dirty slut!” Jessica screams out, at the mirror, a little drool follows the words out of her mouth, “I see a dirty fucking slut who loves getting a cock in her ass!!!”

“Good girl!” you chuckle and pull your cock out of her butthole. Jessica moans with frustration at the sud-den emptiness, but is cut short when you toss her backwards, back onto the bed.

She lands with a grunt and glares at you, but you follow suit, jumping after her onto the bed and grabbing both of her legs.

“H… hey!” she exclaims in protest as you push her legs up her body, further and further, until her knees are forced up to the sides of her ears, her toes touching the mattress.

“Shut up!” you growl as you place your dickhead at her loosened back hatch again. Jess lets out a loud whine as you slide your cock back in her ass, penetrating her in the most submissive position yet, with her hands tied, her butt high in the air and you fucking her in pile driver manner.

You look down at her, her face a mask of wild pleasure, debased by spit and lipstick, small moans eliciting from her mouth as she gets her glorious ass fucked. You can see that she enjoys indulging in her fantasy, how she relishes the forbidden feeling of being dominated. Her bald cunt is dripping with juices, inches from where your cock stretches her anus. “God… fuck my ass…” she demands hoarsely.

And you do just that: with long, slow thrusts you penetrate her butthole, stimulating all the sensitive nerve ends in her anus and making Jessica Alba gasp. Your hands rest on the back of her silk smooth thighs, hold-ing them down and Jess in her folded position. She watches in awe as your cock slides in and out of her, sending sensations throughout her whole body. “… god…” she whimpers, biting her lush lower lip.

Sliding your hands up towards her bum you use your thumbs to spread her labia, exposing her stiff little clit. With careful precision you aim and spit on her pussy and use the saliva as lube as you rub her tender folds. Jessica shudders at the touch, her moans getting louder.

While rubbing her love button with your thumb you slowly insert two fingers into her slippery canal, making Jess draw a hissing breath and curl her toes. “Oh fuck!” she shudders as her senses are once more over-loaded.

You begin to time your thrusts into her ass with the motions of your fingers in her pussy, feeling your own movements through the thin wall separating her ass and cunt. This seems to drive Jessica crazy. Her eyes roll wildly and she feverishly grinds her hips as best as she can in her trapped state. “Come on… Fill my ass… Ohgod…” her begging gets a feverish note. The cock in her butt, the fingers in her pussy and the added pressure on her stomach from her folded position rile her up more and more.

You pick up your pace, sweat pouring down your face as you proceed to punish her tiny bumhole, taking advantage of Jessica’s submissive position as well as her rising eagerness. “Fuck… FUCK… FUCK!” she screams, her shrieks turning into nonsense as her orgasm hits her. Her ass tightens around your cock, milk-ing it with sensational power, trying to get your load out of you while you do your best to continue to fin-ger her when suddenly something happens. With a loud, guttural cry Jessica almost bucks you off and then a gush of pussy juice shoots out of her spasming cunt and given the position of her snatch her own juices spray all over her own face, soaking it in girl-cum.

  The sight of the starlet making a mess of herself is enough to push you over the edge too. Hastily you pull your cock out of her twitching asshole and scoot forward, straddling the backs of Jessica’s thighs and pressing them to her upper body as you furiously jerk your cock, aiming at her gorgeous, dirty face.

“Slut!!!” you groan as you shoot your load, splattering it all over her nose, cheeks and forehead. Jessica closes her eyes and moans at the sensation of the hot facial, taking your cum enthusiastically.

When you’re finally done cumming you shut your eyes for a second and try to regain your breath.

“E-hum,” Jessica coughs and you look down into her mess of a face. Her stunning natural beauty is hidden beneath a mixture of lipstick, spit and your mixed juices. Her knees are pressed to the bed on either side of her head, still in the uncomfortable, folded position. She looks at you with a smile.

“Uh, sorry…” you mumble and climb off her, falling onto the bed as she lets her legs bounce back and the two of you lie there for a while.

After a minute Jessica slowly gets up and walks over to the mirror, your eyes glued to her swaying butt. You just came for the third time of the day, but it is Jessica Alba’s bare ass, for Christ’s sake. You’ll never get tired of looking at that.

“Holy shit,” Jessica giggles, “Look at what you’ve done to my face! I really need a shower!”

She then twists her wrists and the belt binding it simply falls off. You watch, dumbstruck at how easy she freed herself, which makes her chuckle. “What can I say,” she shrugs, “I’m a woman of many talents…”

“Amen to that!” you mutter, which makes her laugh again.

“I’ll take that shower now!” she grins, totally satisfied, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Chris!”

“Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, huh?!” you smile teasingly.

She just grins as she pulls of the belt from around her neck and heads for her bathroom, leaving you lying on the bed, thanking the gods for your current blessings. The fact that she practically kicked you out al-most doesn’t bother you.

The next morning you have absolutely no trouble getting out of bed. It is the last full day of the trip as you are reaching Airlie Beach tomorrow in the morning. Your last day with Jessica Alba, almost certainly the last time in your life that you can fuck a Hollywood star.

You quickly shower and get dressed before heading for the saloon for breakfast. It is nine o’clock and you expected to meet everyone there since usually you are the one to sleep in, so you are surprised to find Kat-ja as the only one present, sitting at a corner table and eating a bowl of corn flakes.

You quickly head over to the breakfast buffet table and fix yourself a plate before sitting down opposite of Katja.

“Morning”, you greet her and the cute blonde smiles at you in response while chewing her flakes. You begin to spread butter on one of your toasts. “So… where is everybody?”

“Uhmm…” the Finnish girl swallows down, “Ahab is at the steering wheel, taking us to our next spot. That Japanese asshole just came up to grab some food and then retreated to his cabin. Jade and Jessica I ha-ven’t seen. And Jason pulled a muscle yesterday, so he’s gonna have to pass on diving today and said he wants to sleep in…”

You take in that information and nod. You feel bad for your friend hurting himself, but on the other side he’ll live and this leaves you to spend a little alone time with stunning, little Katja. After being very embar-rassed yesterday after she caught you and Jess in the shower she seems to be over it now, joking around with you and telling you about her trip through Australia so far in her cute Finnish accent.

The two of you get along really well and even after you both finished eating you sit together in the saloon, talking. Time flies by and before you know it almost an hour has passed and none of the others has showed up yet.

“I’ll see you later,” you excuse yourself, “I’ll check where the others are…”

“Give her a kiss from me,” Katja winks at you, easily seeing through your intentions.

You chuckle as you head down to the cabins. Carefully you knock on Jessica’s door. After a few moments you hear feet shuffle and then the door opens. To your surprise it is not Alba, but Jade who is on the other side. “Morning,” you smile, confused.

“Hey, Chris,” the black woman answers, not returning your smile, “It might be better if you leave…”

Your confusion is now complete. “What… why?” you stutter.

Jade glances back into the cabin before stepping outside and closing the door behind herself. “Jess… her phone had reception for a short time last night. And she got all those texts and pics her husband sent her of her daughters and him. So now she feels horrible…”

“Shit…” you mutter, shocked

“Shit is right…” Jade says, “I don’t think it would help if you’d come in.”

“Sure, sure…” you answer. You can understand why she wouldn’t want to see you right now. “Take care of her,” you mumble as you turn away, a sick feeling in your stomach. You have been on a high of hormones over the last couple of days and haven’t wasted a thought on the fact that Jess had a family she was cheat-ing on with you. This is the first time you realized this and it makes you feel like shit.

You take a sip of beer, sitting at the bar, listening to the relaxed music that comes from the saloon’s big speakers and wait for the others. It is eight o’clock in the evening and you all wanted to meet here for a few goodbye-drinks before you reach Airlie Beach in the morning. Your day, compared to the others you had on this boat, has been dull. You have been diving three times today, checking out a beautiful piece of reef. Instead of with Jess you dived with Katja, which was fine. The petite blonde moves swift and careful, a great diving buddy and you spotted some rays, turtles and even a bull shark.
Jessica was also out there, but barely looked at you, sadness written over her face. You didn’t know what to say, so the two of you haven’t talked all day. She teamed up with Jade, since Jason wasn’t fit to dive.

“Jesus, Chris, why are you drinking that piss!” Ahab’s rough voice startles you as the old Captain suddenly appears in front of you behind the bar. He snatches the beer out of your hand and carelessly tosses it into a bin before reaching into a small fridge behind him and pulls out a huge bottle of champagne. “Check this baby out! I’ve got five more of those and I expect you guys to take care of them!”

With swift hands he pops the cork and slams the bubbling bottle on the counter in front of you. “Here: try this! It’s like angel’s piss!” He winks at you and leans in. “And if you continue to sulk in the fact that you were only allowed to bang Jessica Alba for five days straight I’ll act on behalf of every man on this planet and kick you in the balls!” Giving you a friendly tap on the cheek he pulls out a few champagne flutes and hands you one.

You can’t help but chuckle at his comment. That’s probably a good way to view things. You grab the bottle and pour yourself a glass. It really is some great stuff.

The others come up, one after the other, first Jason limps to the chair beside you, then Jade, Katja and fi-nally Jessica. While Jade and Katja are dressed in their bikinis Jess decided on a turquoise summer dress that goes down to her mid-thighs and sandals. For a split-second your eyes meet and she gives you a tiny, sad smile before walking past you and sitting down beside Jade, who immediately hands her a full glass of champagne.

You are talking to Katja. The two of you have been flirting all day and the Scandinavian beauty really helped you to get your mind of Jessica. She might be young, but is smart and funny and has a cute, bright laugh.

You all sit at the bar for a while, talking and drinking. From time to time you can’t help but glance over to Jess, who sits between Jade and Jason and mostly listens quietly to their conversation as they do their best to cheer her up. You can’t help but notice that Alba apparently plans on drowning her sorrows in alcohol as it takes her little over an hour to finish her first bottle of champagne completely on her own. However, this seems to help her mood as she comes alive more and more, her mood slowly lifting. Soon she is becoming a little livelier and throwing in cheeky comments while constantly filling up on booze.

Katja seems to notice your shared attention and this seems to get her motivated to make you forget about Jess even more. Without a word she grabs your hand and leads you a couple of steps away from the bar where there is more free space and the tiny beauty begins to dance to the music, animating you to follow her lead by turning around and rubbing her small, pale butt against you.

It only takes a few moments and soon the two of you are grinding and bumping against each other in the middle of the saloon, the other four people watching and cheering. You place your hands on Katja’s bare, slender hips and guide her movements, her bikini-clad bottom rubbing over your crotch before she turns around and places her arms around your neck. You feel every curve of her soft body pressing against you as she looks up at you with her pretty, blue eyes. “Do you want to take a dip in the Jacuzzi?” she whispers, her hips rolling against your stiffening cock.

“Damn… yeah!” you grin from ear to ear at the prospect of getting with the pint-sized girl and you both hurry to get outside. As you walk past Alba she gives you a strange look before returning to her conversa-tion with Ahab and her champagne.

As you step outside Katja immediately drags you over to the hot tub. Ahab has prepared everything al-ready, just in case one (or two) of you felt in the mood to take a dip. Bubbles shoot from the jets, wildly churning up the surface as small, blue LEDs light up the water from down below.

“Come on!” Katja grins widely as she pulls you towards the top while she quickly unbuttons your shirt. You shrug it off and grab the petite girl, lifting her up. Katja giggles and wraps her legs around you, only a few thin layers of fabric separating your cock from her pussy as you kiss her hungrily. She grabs the back of your head and responds with vigor, surprising you with her nimble little tongue. For a second you just stand there, making out with the tiny Finnish girl, as your tongues duel. Your hands are on her ass, simultaneously holding her up and massaging her cheeks as you finally step forward, carrying her into the tub, then slowly sitting down so she straddles you.

You make out for another minute before you finally let your hands wander from her ass to her bikini top. After a few moments you have the knots untied and you quickly pull the fabric away, exposing Katja’s breasts, her small, pink nipples jutting hard and proud. You break the kiss, moving your lips over her cheek to her neck, making the girl purr before further trailing down your path to her tits. She gasps when you swiftly flick your tongue over her hard nipple, then suck it in your mouth.

Katja throws her head back, enjoying the attention paid to her chest with a happy moan. Meanwhile her hands are busy beneath the surface as she does her best to unbuckle your pants, freeing your hard cock. Quickly she wraps her fingers around it and proceeds to stroke it while you swap breasts, now paying the same attention to her other nipple. “… god!” she whines happily, pushing her chest into your mouth.

Your hands linger downwards again, caressing the soft, supple skin as they make their way to her bottoms, searching and finding the little bows at the sides that hold the flimsy garment on her hips. Within no time you pulled it off, leaving Katja completely naked in your lap, purring with joy as you attack her boobs. “Yes…” she whispers, “…Fuck me!”

Your blood is boiling by now and you don’t waste another second. Your hands cup her buttocks and guide her in position while she grips your cock firmly around the base, aiming it at her hole. Katja cries out with joy as you slowly sink into her, filling her tight, wet pussy. For a second a voice somewhere in our head wonders if the others might hear you, but after all they all know what you are doing out here. Plus, you have more pressing matters right now.

Katja lowers herself until you are buried to the base in her cunt, then she takes a moment to accommo-date, breathing heavily, before she begins to move her hips. You groan as she starts riding you, her tight, spongy vagina sliding up and down your shaft.

“Uh, yes!” she exclaims as she rolls her tight ass over your cock, obviously enjoying herself as she picks up her pace.

“Not even one day after you blasted your load all over my face and you’re already fucking the next chick!”

Both you and Katja freeze on the spot when the voice rings over the deck. Behind Katja, standing a few feet away from the tub, is Jessica, watching the two of you with a drunken grin on her face. She doesn’t look mad, not even the slightest bit, only drunk, amused and horny. For a second you wonder how long she has been watching.

“What are you doing here, Jess?” you finally bring out, your cock still halfway up Katja’s snatch, who has turned in your lap to look at the intruder.

“I’m drunk and horny, what do you think I’m doing here, Chris?” she giggles, “My conscience is already fucked, so I figured I could at least get a good fuck before I go home…”

“Uh,” you try to hide the anticipation from your voice as you watch Jessica bite her lip naughtily, “did you have someone in mind?”

Again Jessica giggles. “Well, I thought I could join you, if you don’t mind…” She reaches behind herself and undoes a zipper. Her summer dress falls, pooling around her feet, and exposing Jessica Alba in all her naked glory to the two of you. “I mean, Katja wanted to kiss my ass yesterday…”

You both gape at the stunning sight in front of you, taking in the firm tits, long legs and bare, dripping wet cunt. “So…” Jessica smiles, “Do you guys want to fuck me?”

The two of you are still too stunned, both of you gaping at the naked goddess in front of you. Jessica smiles and strikes a pose for your benefit, turning slightly to pronounce the curve of her ass, as she obvi-ously enjoys the attention. Then after a moment she steps up to the pool and climbs in behind Katja. The Finnish girl watches with big blue eyes as the Hollywood starlet lowers herself into the hot water, then leans in. With a hungry look on her face Jessica cups the blonde’s cheek and then presses her lips against Katja’s in a slow, sensual kiss.

You watch the hot lesbian action in front of you, letting the images soak in as Jessica pushes her tongue into Katja’s mouth and the two women full-on make out. Jessica’s tits press against Katja’s back and she gently places her arms around the girl. Katja moans as Jess softly tweaks her pink nipple while her other hand travels further south, disappearing beneath the bubbling surface and searching the girls peaking clit. The blonde shudders when Alba finds her mark, her whole body convulses on your cock as nimble fingers massage her bundle of joy. “Ohgod!” the girl moans into Jessica’s mouth, making her giggle.

“C’mon,” the Latina urges, tugging Katja’s lower lip with her teeth as she breaks the kiss, “Get off that cock! Let’s do something this guy won’t ever forget!”

Katja complies without hesitation and you shudder as your sensitive manhood slides out of her tight pussy, but you are too intrigued by what Alba might have planned to be disappointed. “What are you waiting for, Chris?” she asks, “Stand up!”

You follow immediately, getting up into an upright position in front of the two kneeling ladies, your cock standing proudly and you quickly get rid of your soaked pants. Alba grins hungrily at you and reaches out for your cock, stroking it. You grunt as her petite fingers wrap around your flesh and begin to gently mas-sage it.

“C’mon,” Jessica urges Katja, “Give it a lick!”

The blonde follows the suggestion. Tentatively she leans forward and you curse inwardly as her soft lips engulf your head and she begins to suck while Alba strokes the shaft. After a few moments Katja gets more confident and her movements get faster. Her little tongue swirls around your glands and she looks up at you with big, blue eyes.

Seeing the Finnish girl is getting into the blowjob Jessica decides to join in. Giving you a saucy wink she crouches down and gets between you and Katja. Your eyes widen when you feel her suck one of your nuts into her mouth, bathing it with her tongue, then letting it pop out audibly and changing to the other one.

You grit your teeth as you watch the two stunning women, one of them a famous actress, hungrily blow you and suck your balls like two common sluts. Slowly you place your hands on their heads twining your fingers into their hair, not guiding, but rather following their movements as they service you magnificently.

Finally Jessica lets your balls pop out of her mouth one last time before she slowly kisses her way along your shaft to where Katja is swirling her tongue around your dickhead. The blonde scoots over to give Alba a little more room and soon both girls let their tongues dance along your cock while looking up at you submissively, making it hard for you not to blow right then.

They both giggle when you let out a tortured moan, desperate to keep it together and to give you a mo-ment of time they break away from your cock and turn towards each other in another hot lesbian kiss. Kat-ja grabs Jessica’s face firmly with both hands and you can see her tongue dart into Jess’ mouth. She seems to be absolutely riled up by the opportunity to make out with the stunning Hollywood starlet. Understand-ably…

Meanwhile Jessica’s fingers once again found their way beneath the surface and she has buried two of them knuckle-deep in the blonde’s pussy, rapidly thrusting in and out. Katja moans into her mouth in de-light and her movements get even more feverish.

Finally Jessica breaks the kiss, leaving the blonde panting. “I want you to fuck her!” Alba says, looking up at you, “I want you to fuck her right now!”

Katja is sitting on the edge of the tub, her petite body glistening in the dim light. She looks at you, horny and splays her thighs apart, exposing her pussy to you. She’s almost completely shaved except for a small, blonde tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her slit. You step closer, in between her legs and reach out to pull her in for a kiss. The girl moans into your mouth as your tongue chases hers and she bucks erotical-ly, her libido teased to the brink.

Jessica stands right next to you. She reaches down and grasps your rock-hard cock, stroking it a little. You break your kiss with Katja and turn your head towards Alba. Placing a hand on her wet butt you squeeze the scrumptious cheek and pull her closer, mashing your lips against hers. For a moment the two of you make out passionately, then, with a little nib at your lip, Jess steps back and kneels down, sucking your cock into her mouth once more. She swiftly bounces up and down a few times, coating it in saliva before letting it pop out.

“Fuck her!” she whispers, looking up at you with a grin, “Fuck her good!”

You nod, unable to think of something to say that doesn’t sound cheesy, and turn back to Katja. Looking deep into the blonde’s big, blue eyes you place your cock against her entrance and push. Her small mouth opens in a silent ‘o’ as you slide into her wet warmth.

Since you’ve been buried in her snatch before you have no problem to glide in to the hilt and she lets out a little squeal once you’re all the way inside. You pause for a second and feel her cross her ankles behind your back, her heels pushing against your buttocks. Then you start pumping her hips, starting with slow, long thrusts.

“Oh… oh… oh…” she gasps sexily in time with your thrusts. Her smallish, perky breasts bounce up and down enticingly as you build your pace, making for a delicious sight. Jessica leans in and catches one of Katja’s stiff, pink nipples between her lips, sucking the hard nub while her hands roam over the flawless, Scandina-vian skin, caressing every curve and every crook.

Your hand in the meantime slides down Jessica’s spine. While you now fuck Katja at full speed, making the water ripple around you, your fingers slide down to the crack of Alba’s butt, which is amazingly pro-nounced by her bent over state. You feel her body tense a little when you roughly bury two fingers inside her cunt and roughly begin to fuck her in time with Katja. Jessica cherishes the rough finger-banging and immediately bucks her ass against your hand like the wanton slut you have gotten to know her as, which encourages you to shove your thumb up her bum, causing her to tense up for only a second before she relaxes and arches her back even more to grant you better access to her two holes.

“Yes… Ja… Ja…!” as Katja’s cries of pleasure become more and more ecstatic she changes back to Finnish. The pleasure your cock awakens in her tight cunt as well as Alba’s magical ministrations are quickly serving to rile her up towards an orgasm. She closes her eyes and throws her head back, the soaked, blonde hair flying about. With one hand she steadies herself, the other pushes Jessica’s lips down on her nipple, eager-ly basking in the massive pleasure of the three-way. Jess reaches up and twists Katja’s other nipple, pulling the sensitive nub, which seems to be enough for Katja to tumble over the edge. Her eyes shoot open and she stares blankly into the sky.

“Jaaaaaaaaa!” she screams as her pussy clenches down on your cock, milking it for all its worth as her legs pull you even deeper inside her. You grind your teeth and do your best to hold on, to not lose your counte-nance in the contractions of the Finnish girl’s pink little cunt while Jessica tugs Katja’s nipple with her teeth and rapidly flicks her tongue over the sensitive flesh, sending even more sensations through her over-sexed, lithe body, driving her wild.

When her orgasm finally subsides Katja’s legs slacken and release you. Jessica straightens and together you look down on the shuddering, blonde mess that lies in front of you, her reddened, freshly fucked pussy still twitching with joy.

“Damn, Katja, you alright?” Alba grins down at the girl, who looks up groggily.

“Yes… I… uh…. I need… I mean…” she stammers, her poor mind a haze as her tiny body still recovers. Alba smiles in sympathy with her and leans down, pressing her full lips against Katja’s in another sensual kiss.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” she whispers huskily, barely loud enough to hear, “I’ll take care of you!”

Katja whimpers weakly as Jess begins to work her way down, trailing a path of kisses along her neckline, over her perky tits and her belly down to her pussy. Katja and you both groan as the actress noisily begins to eat the blond girl out, slurping and squishing sounds filling the air as she sucks and licks away. Alba has obviously acquired a great set of skills in this area as she has Katja moaning and thrashing around in no time.

You yourself enjoy the spectacle of Jessica’s dark curls between Katja’s pale, shivering thighs for another couple of seconds before you let your gaze wander down to Alba’s butt that sways from side to side as her mouth is busy. Her bent over state caused her buttocks to spread and grants you a nice view of her puck-ered asshole, a mouth-watering sight. Eagerly you position yourself behind her and give her a little smack to the right cheek before you grab your cock around the base.

One last time! One last time you want to fuck Jessica Alba’s glorious ass, one last time you want to feel her sphincter grip your cock tight and warm, one last time you want to hear her yelp with pleasure while your groin slaps against her buttocks!

Gently you place your head against the tiny opening, giving it a little nudge. Jessica moans and momentari-ly rips her face away from Katja’s cunt to look over her shoulder back at you.

“Do it!” she growls, desire filling her beautiful brown eyes, “Shove it up my booty! Claim my asshole!”

Unable to deny an order like that, you can’t hold back and push forward, forcing your cock past her sphinc-ter and into her ass. Jessica buries her mouth in Katja’s twat and all you hear is a muffled groan as she takes your cock like a champ.

Slowly you sink deeper and deeper until your loins press against her bum and your balls rest snugly against her vagina. You dig your fingers between her ass-cheeks and pry them apart even further, helping the beautiful starlet to spread her backdoor open as wide as possible to make it easier on her when you slowly begin to pump your cock into her.

Jess moans and grunts quite loudly, but Katja has found her control again and has locked her slim legs around Jessica’s head, trapping her in place and forcing her to eat her out with a stern hand on the back of her head, conveniently muffling every sound the starlet makes. “Well, she’s something…” she pants, a glimmer in her eyes, as the two of you use Alba for your pleasure, “Are… are you really… fucking her… in the ass?”

You only nod, focusing every ounce of concentration on the in and out motion of your hips, on your aim of pleasuring Jessica anally. Katja grins and runs a gentle hand through Alba’s hair. “What a… a nasty girl!” Then Jess seems to have found a particular good spot because a tremble runs through the blonde, making her gasp. “Fuck… she’s good!”

You bite your cheek and deliver a spank to Jessica’s ass, your pelvis now loudly slapping against her but-tocks, making them shake and ripple. To get a better drive you grab Jessica by the hips, your cock thrusting in and out of her butt in a blur. Her moans into Katja’s cunt get louder and louder, ecstasy filtering through.

Katja mutters something in Finnish, obviously chasing towards another orgasm when she suddenly shrieks, her eyes widening in alarm. “That fucking bitch!” she exclaims, “She’s… she’s sticking her… finger in my butt!”
While your face is a mask of concentration you grin inwardly. Jessica Alba leading a cute blonde into de-pravity… priceless! You give her another smack and continue.

After the initial shock Katja seems to get into the lewd act. Soon her eyes glaze over and she yelps loudly with pleasure while Jess eats her out and fingers her bumhole. “Ungh…uhh… ummh…” You see her knuckles turn white as her hand claws itself into Jessica’s hair and you know she’s close. With a couple of extra-hard thrusts you drive Jessica’s face especially deep into Katja’s cunt...

“AAAAAH!” the blonde girl lets out a shrill scream as her body tenses and her second orgasm of the night washes over her, her little toes curling as the pleasure washes through her. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and her mouth gapes open.

As a reward for making the Finnish girl cum you give Jessica’s asshole a couple of hard thrusts, making her moan into Katja’s pussy as she does her best to lap up all the girl-cum.

When her orgasm subsides the blonde’s whole body slackens. Her knees splay apart, releasing Alba’s head as her hands detangle from the dark, wet curls. You hear Jess giggle as she looks up and watches the result of her work. Katja’s head has fallen back and she tries to catch her breath, her whole body still shivering from the force of what she just experienced.

Jess gently places her hand against your thigh, a signal for you to stop, and you comply. Quickly reducing your pace you gradually slow down until you finally come to a halt, your shaft buried balls-deep in that slutty ass of hers, her sphincter stretched tightly around your base.

“Hey, sweetie,” Alba whispers towards Katja, looking up innocently to the shaken girl, “You okay?”

Under great effort the blonde manages to lift her head and nod, which makes Jess giggle. Then Katja’s blue eyes widen when Jess plants a big, soft kiss right on her sensitive clit. “That’s good,” she coos, “Because now I want you to return the favor!”

With that she grabs the pint-sized girl by the hips and pulls her of the rim of the Jacuzzi, gently letting her slide into the hot water. Then she grabs Katja’s face with both hands and pulls her in for another kiss, the pale blonde and the dark Latina, making out furiously right in front of you one more time, one of them with your dick in her butt.

“Eat my little pussy!” Jess huskily demands as they break apart. Then she rises, careful not to let you slide out, until she is standing in the water, her pussy inches away from Katja’s face. She smiles down at the girl and reaches back to hold on to you as she slowly plants one foot on the edge of the hot tub, next to the blonde’s head, then the other on the other side, so she is squatting in front of her, her back pressing against you for support, her soaked pussy spread open and inches away from Katja’s nose. Your hands move down and you grab one ass-cheek in each hand, partly to help her, partly to spread them so you can expose her backdoor further to your cock.

“C’mon, lick me!” Jessica hisses, her voice deep with hunger now. Unable to deny this Katja doesn’t hesi-tate and buries her face in the wet pussy in front of her. You feel Alba tense as both of her holes are being stimulated now. “UUUUNGH!” she grunts out into the night’s air, her head thrown back, resting against your shoulder, eyes closed. You lean in close and give her lips a soft peck. Slowly she opens her eyes and looks at you, a wide, happy smile on her face, before she comes close and the two of you kiss once again, this time not furious and wild but slow and gentle. Her hand cups your cheek as her tongue swirls around yours, sensually caressing your mouth while between her thighs Katja worships her pussy. You can taste the champagne as well as her cherry-flavored lipstick

“Mmmmh!” Jess finally breaks away with a purr and looks you deep in your eyes, “C’mon, Chris, fuck me one last time!”

You don’t need to be asked twice and immediately begin to roll your hips, your cock once more sliding in and out of Jessica’s spread butthole. She purrs like a kitten every time you sink into her to the hilt, the fin-gernails of her right hand raking into the back of your neck as she holds on to you while her left draws ab-sent patterns in Katja’s blonde locks. “Uuuh!” she groans, her breath hot against her cheek, “Oh yes… fck… Ohgod…”

Meanwhile Katja swirls her tongue around Jessica’s clit, flicking it to and fro while she gently finger-fucks her with two fingers, perfectly timed with your thrusts up Alba’s ass. “Fuck… she’s good…” Jess whimpers, her breath picking up. She rolls her hips, sandwiched between the two of you, grinding herself into the double penetration.

Katja gives her a sly grin at the compliment, her chin and lips smeared with pussy juice, and continues to suck her cunt while adding a third finger. With her free hand she reaches out beneath Jess and gently cups your balls in her small palm, nimbly massaging your testicles while you slide in and out Alba’s butt, making you grit your teeth.

“C’mon… uh… ungh… make me cum… oh…” Jess mewls, her anus tightening around you as she approaches her climax. She pulls you in for another kiss, this time hungrily shoving her tongue into your mouth, fever-ishly swirling. You pick up your pace, plunging into her ass, feeling her excitement as well as yours you’re keen to finish her off.

“God… yeah… YEAH… YEAHHH!” Jessica yelps louder and louder until she is screaming at the top of her lungs, alcohol and euphoria making her forget where she is. Then Katja tips her over the edge: simultane-ously she shoves another finger into the starlet’s quivering cunt and lightly bites down on her clit, rapidly flicking her tongue over the sensitive nub.

“AAAAAIIII!!!” Jessica’s eyes become the size of saucers as she cums. Her scream is ear-splitting and the best thing you ever heard. She slams her hips down, shoving your cock deeper up her asshole than it has ever been and her colon grips it tight while her cunt spasms around Katja’s fingers. Her legs cramp up, her feet almost slipping as she shudders in the night’s air. Her nails draw blood on your cheek as tremors shake her every muscle.

Finally her scream dies down, her lungs empty, but instead of calming she takes a big gulp of air and lets out another cry, screaming like a banshee. “AAAAAAAAAH!”

Finally her yelps cease and the grip of her butthole loosens a little, enough for you to lift her up and off your cock. Your cockhead slips past her ring muscle with a small ‘pop’. Then you carefully lower the shiver-ing beauty down into the water, letting her slip down until she straddles Katja’s lap, facing her.

Katja gently grabs her face and gives her a peck before backing up, startled. Then she giggles in amuse-ment. “Damn, I think we were too much for her to handle!” She grips Alba’s chin and turns her face to-wards you and you see what she means: Jessica is completely out of it! Her lips gape open and her nostrils flare as she breathes raggedly. She is cross-eyed, a blank look in them and you’re sure she doesn’t know what’s happening around her.  She seems completely lost in another world!

“Come on!! Cum on her face!” Katja grins, giving you a naughty look. You like the idea. Planting yourself over the two girls sitting in the hot tub you rapidly stroke your cock. Katja grabs Jessica’s chin with one hand and a handful of her hair with the other and holds her face in a tilted-upwards position, giving you an aim. Jess, while she’s facing you, doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on, the out-of-it, cross-eyed look still on her face as you explode.

“ARRGH!” With a loud grunt you unload jet after jet of creamy white cum on the starlet’s face, giving her your whole load. And it is a big one! Within seconds you plaster your jizz all over Jessica’s face, streaks spreading over both her cheeks, her nose, lips and forehead up to her hairline.

When your load subsides Katja leans in and wraps her lips around your head, sucking the rest out of it be-fore letting your softening dick slip out. You slump down in the tub and for a minute the three of you sit in the hot, bubbling water and relax, Jessica with her cum-covered face in Katja’s lap.

“She’s asleep!” Katja says after a while. You lift your head. Jess’ eyes are still open, she still has that same dumbfounded look, but you hear her snore drunkenly. “Holy shit, we actually knocked her out.!”

“Let’s get her into bed!” you say, picking yourself up. Gently you close Jessica’s eyes, then lift her up. She feels light in your arms. “Get our stuff, please, will you?”

“Sure!” Katja slowly gets out of the water, helping herself to another handful of Jessica Alba’s naked ass. “Damn, if the orgasm is this good I need you to fuck my butt some time!”

You give her a grin and a wink.

At ten o’clock the next morning you arrive in Airlie Beach, a small tourist town close to the Whitsunday Islands. You step on the deck, your bag on your shoulder and watch Ahab tie the ‘Daystar’ to the pier. Eve-ryone else is still in their cabins, packing their stuff.

“Hey, Chris!” Jessica steps out behind you. She is wearing a light-green sundress and her big sunglasses, dragging her suitcase behind her.

“Hey,” you smile.

“I… I don’t have much time…” she smiles apologizing, “Already said goodbye to everyone else. I need to catch my pla
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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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Didn't know there was more to this story. You're a fucking genius. I hope it didn't cut off there again with the last sentence.


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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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There is a character limit of 60,000 per post.

I do apologize for this. Originally it was set to 50,000 and we were able to move it up to the max, which is 60K. Sadly we can't get rid of it all together, but we did try. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Re: "Diving with Jessica" with Jessica Alba
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“I… I don’t have much time…” she smiles apologizing, “Already said goodbye to everyone else. I need to catch my plane…”


“I wanted to thank you for everything, Chris! I had a great time!” she takes off her sunglasses and grins goofily, “And even though I am a little sore and Cash’s welcome-back-sex will probably be reduced to a welcome-back-blowjob, I am glad we did what we did!” She shrugs. “Just don’t become my stalker!”

You grin. “Scout’s honor!”

She smiles and leans in to press her soft lips against yours one last time. “Goodbye, Chris!” You feel her push something into your hand, then she retracts, “Have a great life!”

Then she drags her suitcase past you and down the gangway. You watch as she gives Ahab a final hug, then struts down the pier towards her cab.

Once she is gone you look at what she gave you and smile as you see that she gave you a small, black thong, the one she wore during her lap dance. A great keepsake!

Alright, this is everything now, I promise!
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