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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #7 Posted]
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Author’s Note: This is a collaboration between Slyguy and DarkSwordsman.  It is a crossover of our respective series: Sex-Ed For Dummies and CelebsGoBlack.com.  You do not need to read either to enjoy this, but you may find you get something more out of it if you do.

CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #1
Starring Olivia Holt
Featuring Alison Brie & Anna Kendrick
Codes: Cons, MMF, MMFF, Handjob
By Slyguy, Contributions From DarkSwordsman

The studio lights flared to life as Hugh Johnson walked out onto the Sex-Ed For Dummies stage.  He was dressed like he was about to walk the red carpet.  His tuxedo was sharp, jet black tuxedo, his shirt, stark white and perfectly pressed and his bowtie?  You’ve never seen a more perfect knot.  His signature cocky grin afixed his features as the camera zoomed in close on him. 

“Hello viewers.  And welcome.  If you’re tuning in for our regularly scheduled programming, you may be a little confused by what is going on.  Today, we are doing something a little different.  We are here for one reason.  Charity.  We are hosting a fundraiser!  Isn’t that right, Alison?”

The camera cut and out from behind the velvet red curtain walked Alison Brie.  She too looked as though she was about to walk the red carpet.  She was in a yellow evening gown, looking nothing short of a million bucks.  Her plunging neckline but both large, perky tits on display for all to see.  The long slit down the front of her gown exposed her pale, smooth legs with every step.  Her hair was expertly styled and shone in the bright studio lights.  A heavy splash of eyeshadow across both eyelids complimented the rest of her beautifully made-up face  She came to rest in front of several rows phones.  Each receiver manned by someone who could have easily passed for model.  Men and women alike answered the phones as calls came in.  Above all the rows was a large LED screen, the number on it ticking upwards with each pledge.  It currently read 69 dollars.
“Thanks Hugh.  And let me just say what an honor it is to be back in the Sex-Ed studio.  Really, I had so much fun the first time, when they approached me for this, I just couldn’t say no!  We are here tonight for a very special cause.  Not for ourselves.  No.  We are here to raise money for every senior on the Licksville Rammers high school football team.  The Rammers come to us from a poor little community in the middle Alabama.  This all-black football team, despite being quite remarkable and championship winners still cannot guarantee a promising future to its athletes.  Many of them face little to no prospects after high school, stuck in Licksville with nothing to do and nowhere to go.  When CelebsGoBlack.com reached out to us and explained their dilemma, we could not refuse.  So, we partnered with them to host a good old fashioned telethon!”

Hugh walked onto screen, standing next to Alison as his eyes unashamedly roamed up and down her curvaceous figure.  “That’s right folks.  We want you to call in with donations!  The number is on the screen now, 1-800-169-8008.  Donors that call in and pledge will receive free subscriptions to both Sex-Ed For Dummies and CelebsGoBlack.com!  Every little bit helps.  We hope that we can get enough money to send each of the seniors on this team to college next year.  And to set up a fund for every graduating Licksville Rammer in the future to help them out with college tuition.  We even have a couple of Rammers joining us here in the studio today.”

The camera cut again and onto the stage walked several, large, burly and hulking African-American studs.  Muscles bulged beneath their embroidered letterman jackets, courtesy of Sex-Ed.  They sported stylish, curly afro’s, coiled braids or long dreadlocks. Tight jeans struggled to contain the bulges present on each and every one of their crotches.  They all waved cheerily at the camera.

“And that is not all the fantastic incentives we have for donors.  Maybe you’ve already viewed our collective works.  Maybe you learned the lessons we’ve had to teach or maybe you’re tired of seeing the same old celebs take a big, black cock for charity.” Alison said as the camera cut back to her.  “Well, we have laid out some pledge goals.  And if we hit those pledge goals...let’s just say you are going to get to see some pretty wild stuff.  To explain further, I think I’ll let our co-sponsor take it away.  Ricky?  Are you there?”


“Yep, I’m here, Alison.  Hi to everyone in the studio.  I’m outside the luxury Hollywood home of my co-host for the afternoon, Miss Anna Kendrick,” said Ricky Hornball, the now world renowned porn director addressing the camera like a reporter on the scene of a breaking news story. 

He was dressed smartly in pair of slim fit grey slacks, his neatly pressed white dress shirt unbuttoned down to his chest on account of the blistering Los Angeles heat.  His hair was slicked back in its usual style, his trademark thick brown moustache engulfing his upper lip.

“Now, myself and Miss Kendrick have something very special planned for the folks at home when the pledge total reaches a million bucks, so why don’t we go and meet my very glamorous co-host and let her explain.”

The camera followed Hornball as he traversed Anna Kendrick’s lengthy, lavishly landscaped driveway, manoeuvring between shiny sports cars as he approached her front door.  He knocked on the varnished oak door; the dull thud of high heels on exposed floorboards sounding out loudly enough to be picked up by the camera mics as the actress approached from within.  The door opened and in the yawning portal stood Anna Kendrick, smiling warmly as she greeted Hornball and his crew.

“Ricky!” she shrieked excitedly, embracing the infamous smut peddler from the doorway of her fabulous home.

“Anna,” Hornball replied, the pornographer allowing his hand to roam down to the brunette’s alluring hips as they met for a hug.  “Wow! You look fabulous,” he declared, holding her dainty little hand as she did a pirouette for the director and his camera lens.

Miss Kendrick really was a sight to behold; the brown-haired starlet kitted out in little more than an indecently skimpy g-string bikini.  The cups of her top covered little more than her stiff pink nipples, while her scanty undergarments looked better suited to the flossing of teeth than the covering of one’s modesty; the teeny g-string cradling her pussy mound like a newborn babe.  Her shiny chestnut locks hung gracefully about her shoulders, while her pretty features had been dabbed, swabbed and glazed with foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, lip glosses and a whole host of expensive beauty products.

“Why thank you, Mr. Hornball,” she replied.

“Now, Anna,” Hornball began, “you have very generously provided the use of your home for us today.  Why don’t you tell us exactly what it is you’re hosting this afternoon?”

“Sure, Ricky,” said Anna.  “Today I’m throwing a party with some of my celebrity girlfriends to raise funds for a high school football team in Alabama or someplace.  And when you guys at home,” she went on, pointing a lengthy nailed finger at the camera lens, “pledge a million dollars to this very worthy cause, my friends and I will join this band of lucky black studs for a rampant, no holds barred orgy that will have you boys at home spanking yourselves into a coma in no time.”

“Wow!” Hornball exclaimed, turning towards the camera. “Now I’m sure you guys want to see that, right?  I know I do.  So pick up that phone and get dialling.  So, Anna,” he went on, “I’m lead to believe that the team has already arrived.  Is that so?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna replied.  “Sure is, Ricky.  Here, why don’t you guys come through and meet them?”

Anna turned on her high heels and marched across her lengthy hallway, the cameraman trailing behind her and pointing his lens on her peachy round ass as she led Hornball and his crew through her luxury home.  The crew followed Anna through a sparkling set of French doors and out into her plush green yard, as no fewer than eleven dark-skinned hunks, the starting lineup of the Licksville Rammers, gathered on the patio.

They wore nothing but matching red speedos; the ultra tight garments stretched to near bursting point as they attempted to accommodate the enormous, snake-like bulges contained within.  They were nothing short of textbook physical specimens, each and every one shredded beyond belief and groomed to perfection; the vast backyard a veritable ocean of bulging biceps, slab-like pecs and cobblestone abs.  Not to mention neatly cropped afros, carefully styled cornrows, stylized tattoos, pearly white teeth and coal-black skin.

Anna ladled a helping of punch into a red solo cup and approached the assembled studs.  Some were lazing on plush sun beds, swigging from bottles of beer and puffing away on blunts as they basked in the afternoon sun.  Two were stood at a BBQ, grilling up juicy hamburgers, thick bratwurst sausages and succulent sirloin steaks, while others tossed around a beach ball in Anna’s shimmering blue Olympic-sized pool.  Anna took a seat on a plush recliner between two black youths and slipped on a set of Gucci sunglasses as she swigged from her chilled beverage.

“So, Anna,” said Hornball from out of shot as the camera guy framed the actress and her surrounded hunks in a wide shot, “all alone with this band of black studs.  You haven’t got started without us have you?”

“Of course not,” Anna replied, wiping a suggestive smudge of saliva from the side of her mouth.

Some of the guys looked at each other and grinned.  The cameraman turned the camera back to Hornball.

“So there you have it, folks,” said Hornball.  “This promises to be one hell of a party, so keep those pledges coming in.  Back to you in the studio.”


“I don’t know about you, but I want to see what happens in that backyard when we hit our pledge goal of 1 million dollars!”  Alison said, practically salivating at the thought.  “So call in now!  And to get things started here in the studio, we have a returning Sex-Ed instructor.  Ms. Olivia Holt!”

Olivia walked onto stage, silver heels clicking, as she stared around bright and beaming.  She came to rest between two of the big black football players.  She was squeezed into a little silver dress that barely both covered her peachy rounded buttcheeks and perky tits.  Both her hair and makeup were suitably appropriate for nothing short of the most glamorous Hollywood after party.  The tiny, cute blonde had to crane her neck upwards to look at both of players as they towered over her.
“Hi everyone!  It’s great to be back!  When I heard about this event, I begged the producer to put me in the lineup!  I really wanted to see if I could lend a hand.”  She looked at the dude beside her and back to the other one.  “Well, both hands.  What do you say boys?  Wanna help get some pledges?”
The camera cut back to Hugh who said, “Ms. Holt has kindly offered to kick off our televised pledge drive, CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed!  She is back here in the studio to showcase her incredible handjob skills as we all saw in the lesson she taught for us.  But this time it looks she is outnumbered two to one!”
The camera cut back to the trio.  Both hunks had removed their tight trousers, but were still wearing their letterman jackets.  Even with heels on, Olivia came to somewhere around their chiseled abs.  Gazing back and forth at the two absurdly large black cocks hanging next to her, she couldn’t decide which one she liked better.  Indeed, her head spun back and forth so fast, it was enough to give anyone watching whiplash.  Both dangling dark slabs of manmeat were girthy tubular shaped masses of twisting veins.  Two fat swollen mushroom heads sat at the tip.  Each was accompanied by a pair of plump plum-sized swinging black gonads.  Coarse, coal-colored wiry pubic hair obscured their groins as Olivia held up a forearm to each 10-inch member. 

“Fucking huge!”  She yelled, glee etched in every syllable of her words as she wrapped a tiny white fist around each prick.  “For some reason, I just can just never say no to a big black cock.  Let alone two!” 

Olivia laughed and puckered her glossy pink lips, copious amounts of split hitting both hardening shafts of the athletic ebony studs.  Now slick and shiny in the studio lights, Olivia set about to demonstrate why they had called her back to the studio.  Her grip was firm, not too tight, not too loose, as she slid up and down both massive black shafts.  Groans hit her from both sides as both players felt her delicate palms rub over every veiny inch.  Somehow, she seemed to able to cover every inch in no time at all, despite barely being able to wrap her fingers around either fat, girthy schlong.  She looked up at both of them, their faces twisted with pleasure and then looked straight down the camera, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Andre here almost didn’t make the cut.”  She said, looking to the man clutched in her left palm.  “He’s the baby of the group.  Youngest senior on the team.  When was your 18th birthday?  Last week?” 

“Uh-huh.”  He grunted out as she stroked both even harder, arms a blur as she worked their pole’s with the speed and skill of a profession curler. 

Looking back towards the camera, she said, “Remember not to grip too hard!  You’re giving him a handjob, not choking him out.  Unless he’s into that.  And don’t forget to play with his balls!”

Olivia released the massive dark wangs from her grip, perfectly manicured nails on each dainty finger reaching down to the bull-sized testicles hanging just beneath both gentlemen.  Those fingers dug into the wrinkly ballsacks, not too rough, as she juggled the fleshy, cum-churning marbles around her teeny palms.  While she juggled their jewels, she spat on both their cocks again.  As her saliva dripped off both veiny poles onto the floor below, she took them up again, stroking with controlled, precise motions.  Squeezing their mushroom heads with each pass of her skilled fingers, she expelled the crystalline sticky precum beading there.  As it oozed out, that too dripped to the floor, leaving long see-through strings behind as it fell.   

“Two ways to give a handjob.  Fast and hard or slow and precise.  From the feel of it, these boys are the fast and hard type.”  Olivia said, looking confidently at both of them.

She picked up the speed, jacking off those slick pricks like her very life depended on.  Andre and his companion, Xavier, both snuck down hands to grab onto one of Olivia’s perky buttcheeks, sliding beneath her ludicrously short dress.  Both immediately noticed she was wearing no underwear as the felt the supple curve of her tushy, squeezing and massaging the tiny blonde’s peach-shaped backside.  Olivia didn’t mind one bit as she jerked those pricks every which way from Sunday, feeling them get harder and their grip tightened on her backside.  But, even she had her limits.  Stroking a total of 20 inches of dark, stiff manmeat was a feat worthy of Hercules himself.  Her face was bright red as she panted like a dog in heat.  Although, to be fair, that was mostly from her position, sandwiched between two black hunks.  Could anyone blame her?  Thankfully Alison came to her rescue. 

Sashaying over like some horny, ethereal goddess, she sank her set of perfectly manicured nails into Andre’s chest.  Looking down at the tiny blonde, she asked in her huskiest of voices, “Need a hand?”

“Yes!  Please!  I’ve never worked two big black cocks with just my hands before.”  She looked into the camera.  “I’ve always had to use other means.”  She winked and blew a duck-faced shaped kiss.

Alison licked her palm, with the slowness and sensuality of one very practiced at this.  Then she wrapped her palm around Andre’s knob and got to stroking.  Standing behind the stud, all the camera’s could see was her head poking out from behind him as both arms reached around, jerking off the big black cock like a two-handed Shake Weight workout video.  Olivia matched her on the other side, except she reached a hand between Xavier’s thighs to fondle his heavy cum-laden balls while she stroked.  The squelching sounds of speeding hands on slimy pricks echoed throughout the studio, even the over the ringing the of phones.  All of which had been ringing off the hook the moment Olivia had walked out on stage.  As both actresses, jerked, stroked and fondled their African-American studs, the pair of high school seniors groaned and moaned, both just about ready to lose their pent-up loads. 

“Bet mine shoots farther.”  Alison said, the brown-hair beauty taunting Olivia with a sly smirk. 

“Oh, you are on!”  Olivia yelled, beating Xavier’s prick even faster. 

Both actresses stepped up their game, putting even more effort, dainty hands little more than a pale blur over the large black shafts.  Andre was the first to pop.  The hung chocolate hunk, grunted and swore as Alison felt his cock swell in both hands.  She cheered him on as his pissslit winked at the camera before firing a long, sticky string of cum onto the bare stage in front of them.  It was promptly followed up by another, another, another and another.  Each was as equally thick and goopy as the first.  Alison never stopped stroking as he empty his tank before relaxing and panting, a big silly grin on his face. 

Olivia stared daggers at the pair as Xavier began to unload just a few seconds later.  He likewise swore loudly as his dick swelled and fired a volley of hot, sticky jism.  More followed as Olivia stroked his cock and kneaded his swollen balls, pumping the cum out like it was a firehouse.  When he finally stopped erupting, Olivia stared into the camera and gave his cock one final squeeze.  A big fat fat drop of cum oozed out, dripping to the floor. 

“Now let’s see who's got farther.”  Olivia said, shuffling forward eagerly.

Heels clicked on stage as the both actresses moved forward to the sticky trail of jizz on the black stage floor.  It was close, but there was a clear winner.

“Yes!”  Olivia shouted, raising her fist in the air.  “Queen of handjobs.  You can’t beat me!”

Alison made a big show of pouting, looking upset and stamping her feet.  Then Olivia came over to her and wrapped a slimy hand around her shoulder and said,  “It’s alright.  It’s just a little friendly competition Alison.  Today is about charity.  Remember?”

Immediately perking back up, Alison said, “That’s right!  Remember folks, if you want to see more call in and pledge!  This has been Olivia Holt!” 

There was a smattering of applause and as Olivia walked towards backstage, she flashed another saucy wink at the producer and said, “I do hope you boys will have me back again.”

“What are our pledges at Hugh?”  Alison asked, as a PA handed her some paper towels to wipe her hands and shoulder off.
Xavier and Andre were shuffled offscreen, to await further instructions should the pledge money come in.

The camera cut back to Hugh, who was leaning against the row of phones chatting with a woman at least half his age.  She giggled and blushed as he leaned in closer to whisper something in her ear.

“HUGH!”  Alison yelled from across the studio.

“What!?!”  He asked, straightening up and looking confusedly at the camera's center on him.  “Oh right, the pledges!  Eh-hem.”  He looked up at the big screen above the row of phones.  “WOW!  Alison, it looks like we are already at 51,237 dollars.  That means we have hit our first pledge goal, and in under an hour!  Thank you donors!  But there is more to do!  Lot’s more to do.  However, in the meantime...”

He paused as if to think deeply on something.  “Everyone loves a good blowjob?  Right?  I know for a fact that our next guest does.  Please welcome Amy Adams to the stage!”

End of Segment #1
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 08:43:19 PM »
Awesome combo of women...and the possibilities sure seem unlimited. The telethon aspect is another great idea.
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2019, 10:01:03 PM »
Awesome work!!!! I love what you fellas have got together here. Looking forward to future chapters.

If you'd like to do Britney Spears in there, it would make my day and I'd help out if you'd like.  ;)
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2019, 12:01:24 AM »
How’re you just gonna combine both of my favorites like that. Damn, that’s good stuff.
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #4 on: April 22, 2019, 07:49:28 AM »
Nice job combining stories and good first chapter. Really hoping they reach that million dollar goal
Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2019, 11:33:15 AM »
What a hell of a start. This series is going to be amazing and a big hit on here. You two are some great authors, can't wait to see more.
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #6 on: April 22, 2019, 06:26:33 PM »
Big fan of both story lines! great start so far. Can't wait to see what happens to Anna Kendrick.
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
« Reply #7 on: April 22, 2019, 06:37:12 PM »
Two great tastes, tastes great together . . .
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration Series)
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #2
Starring Amy Adams
Featuring Alison Brie
Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, Facial, Oral
By DarkSwordsman, Contributions From Slyguy

The cameras followed Amy Adams as she stepped out from behind the red velvet curtain; a broad, beaming smile stretched across her pretty, mature face as she slinked across the stage.  She was dolled to the nines and beyond and, like Mses Brie and Holt before her, the redheaded starlet wouldn’t have looked out of place at the world premiere of her latest flick.  She wore an elegant, yet thoroughly form fitting evening gown that clung to her curvaceous MILF body like a needy child; the low cut bodice offering a generous view of her delectable C cup cleavage.

Her hair hung gracefully about her shoulders like shiny auburn drapes, the silky copper-toned locks washed and re-washed with all manner of expensive shampoos and conditioners, and styled meticulously with her impressive arsenal of hairdryers, flatirons and curling tongs.  What’s more, her makeup was nothing short of flawless.  Her gloriously plump lips were glossed a shiny shade of pink, while dark mascara brought out the shimmering ocean blues of her eyes, her wrinkleless, blemish-free skin graced with more priceless powders than the customs at Bogota airport.  Amy stopped at the edge of the stage, greeting both Hugh Johnson and Alison Brie with a warm hug and elegant cheek kisses as she did so.   

“Amy,” said Hugh, looking the auburn starlet up and down, “great to have you here.  Thank you very much for coming.”

“It’s a pleasure,” Amy replied.  “Thank you very much for inviting me.”

“You’re very welcome,” said Hugh.  “Now, Amy, we’ve reached our first pledge goal of 50,000 dollars.  Why don’t you let the people at home know just how you’re going to reward them for giving so generously to this worthy cause?”

“Yes, thank you so much, guys, for all your kind pledges,” Amy declared, turning towards the camera, “and as a token of my gratitude, I will be demonstrating, for your viewing pleasure, how to give the perfect blowjob with one of these lucky young men right here,” she added, the camera cutting to the boys as they stood in a burly black row at the other side of the stage.

“Wow!  I can’t wait to see that,” exclaimed Alison Brie.  “And just which one of these young black studs will you be blowing for us today, Amy?”

“Hmm,” Amy pondered, “you know, Alison, I think I’ll let you guys decide that.”

“Right you are, Amy,” said Hugh, turning to address his co-host.  “Alison, would you like to do the honors?”

“I certainly would, Hugh,” Alison replied, the dark-haired starlet already halfway across the stage as she prepared to pick out a suitable candidate.

The camera followed her as she worked her way down the line; the gorgeous brunette pressing her hot, slender body up against each of the dark-skinned hunks in turn as she groped the lenghty, tubular bulges protruding from their tight fitting jeans.  She stopped at one particular urban senior, looking up at him with her sapphire blue doe eyes as she performed a prolonged inspection of the lump in his denim pants. 

“You,” she said, with the authoritative tone of a sexy school teacher, “what’s your name?”

“Isaiah,” he replied, gulping slightly as she felt him up.

“Come with me, Isaiah,” said Alison, taking his large black hand in hers.  “Today’s your lucky day.”

A production assistant appeared from behind the red velvet curtain and ushered the remaining Rammers offstage.  Alison led Isaiah across the platform to where Amy was stood; the randy MILF eyeing the young man lustily as he approached.

“Now, Amy,” Alison went on, “why don’t you tell the folks at home how long it is you’ve been giving blowjobs?”

“Oooh,” Amy pondered, “it must be nearly thirty years by now.”

“So since the late 80’s?” asked Alison.

“Yeah, late 80’s, early 90’s,” Amy clarified. “My high school years.”

“Wow!” Alison exclaimed. “You weren’t even a twinkle in your father’s eye back then, huh?” she asked, looking across at Isaiah with a grin.  “Well you’re in for a treat today, big boy.  As are y’all at home,” she went on, turning back to the camera. “Watching a woman with three decades of dick sucking experience at work, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two. So, Amy, please,” she said, gesturing towards the young stud opposite, “take it away.”

Amy strutted towards Isaiah, fixing the high school senior in a stare so sultry and intense, it would have been equal parts arousing and terrifying to any member of the opposite sex.  She dropped down to a squat before the young man, looking up at him with lust burning in her ocean blue eyes as she stroked his hard cock through his jeans.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, looking back at Alison as she teased the oversized wang. “You sure picked a good one here, girl.”

“Amy, trust me,” Alison replied, “I was spoiled for choice.  I was like a freakin’ kid in a candy store feeling up all those fat black dicks!”

The brunette stared bleary eyed at Isaiah’s crotch as Amy pawed at his girthy cock through the material of his jeans. The auburn starlet even used her soft, dainty hands to frame the black Goliath; giving everyone in the studio and at home a clear view of just how large it truly was.

“Alison!” Hugh Johnson hissed from across the stage.

Alison looked up, her smartly dressed co-host motioning for her to continue.

“Right.  Sorry, guys.  I got a little distracted there.  I mean, can you blame me?” she grinned. “Anyway, yes, teasing a cock like this is a great way to get it fully erect before you get down to business.  Maybe even give it a little lick through his pants too before letting it out to play.”

Amy demonstrated; licking tantalisingly from the clearly defined head of Isaiah's mammoth prick, right up to the base, the randy redhead using her skilled tongue to unthread his leather belt from the loops on his jeans.

“Ooh, wow!” Alison cooed. “Impressive, huh? Trust me, guys,” she smirked, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Amy unbuckled Isaiah’s belt and began to tug down his jeans; the football star’s long, girthy cock revealing itself inch by inch as she did so.  First came the base; the thick, veiny hilt sprouting from his neatly trimmed bush of wiry, afro-like pubes like the trunk of a mighty oak. She continued down the shaft; the span of his fat dark cock coiled by large, protruding veins, like throbbing strands of ivy.  Finally, as the waistband of his jeans reached nearly down to his knees, Isaiah’s dick shot out; the girthy black wang springing forth like a freshly cranked Jack-in-the-box. Amy gawked listlessly as the meaty prong stood to attention before her. The dark brown tip pointed at her pretty white face like the barrel of a shotgun, a rockpool of sticky, diluted precum gathered in the open slit.

“Holy moly!” exclaimed Alison from across the stage. “Now that is a fat fucking cock!  Yowza!” she went on, her pussy burning like a furnace as she looked on at the oversized dong.  “OK, let’s get started shall we?  Now, people, don’t forget the most important rule of giving head: never leave your guy leaking.” 

By now, prespunk was literally dripping from Isaiah’s tip like a leaking faucet.

“I mean, seriously,” she went on, “look at all that precum!  You could put out the Chicago fire with that shit!”

Amy gripped the dick around mid shaft and licked at the open slit; the horny actress flicking her tongue back and forth like a deadly viper as she lapped at the seeping tip.

“How does that precum taste, Amy?” asked Alison, a manicured hand slipping less than discreetly between her thighs.

“Like warm honey,” Amy replied, the redhead slapping her lips together as she savoured the sweet nectar.

Amy fed Isaiah’s swollen crown between her lips and bobbed her pretty red head.  Her glossy set of pouty pink dickpillows roamed up and down his shaft; the horny actress accomodating an additional inch of veiny, jet black meat with each pass she took.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; swallowing down inch after girthy dark inch and slathering it in oodles of slippery wet saliva as she went.

“Wowee!” cooed Alison, impressed by the tawny actress’ supreme dickslupring skills.  “We’ve got a real expert here, guys.  She’s sucking the hell outta that dick!”

She really was.  In fact, Amy was attacking Isaiah’s cock like a ruthless predator; her stark blue eyes staring a hole through his shredded teenage body, the randy starlet slurping and drooling on the oversized dong like a seasoned pornstar.

“Remember, people,” said Alison, “get that dick nice and wet.  The slicker it is, the easier it’ll slide down your throat and if you want to be true slut like Amy here, you don’t stop until that cock has disappeared.  Isn’t that right, Amy?”

“Mmhmm,” Amy murmured in response, her voice muffled by the giant black wang engorged in her mouth.

The redhead took this as her cue.  She placed her hands on Isaiah’s thighs, her lengthy, expertly manicured fingernails digging into his muscular flesh as she plunged forward; her dainty little nose nestling in the trimmed batch of coarse black pubes as she choked his 12 inch cock down like an expert sword swallower.

“And that’s how you do it, people!” Alison quipped as Amy came up for air; the randy starlet spitting a thick set of clear, wet saliva across the chocolate shaft as she did so.  “But be careful.  Cocks are a serious choking hazard.  Especially ones as big as this.  Don’t just choke the whole thing down in one like Amy just did, unless you’re an expert like her.  Take it slowly and swallow as much as you’re comfortable with.  Deepthroating is a skill that must be learned, and the more dicks you suck, the better you’ll get at it.  Just have fun with it and be safe.”

Amy continued to suck away at Isaiah’s BBC; the mature beauty reeling off every trick in the blowjob handbook as she worked the young stud over.  She tongued at his prickslit, encircled the head and lapped at the underside; performing each and every skill and technique with the expertise and virtuosity of a seasoned pro. 

“And, of course, don’t forget the balls,” said Alison, as Amy moved down to Isaiah’s dark, low hanging nutsack; his plum-sized gonads dangling pendulously between his thighs like big, spunk filled wrecking balls. 

Amy fed one between her lips and sucked on the large black nut like a flesh gobstopper, before moving onto the next; the auburn starlet jerking his big, fat cock with her soft, velvety hand all the while. 

“Remember, don’t give him everything all at once,” Alison continued.  “Tease that dick like there’s no tomorrow.  The longer you take to get him off the harder he’ll blow, and if you’re anything like myself and Amy, you’ll want to coax the thickest, creamiest load possible out of those big, swollen balls.”

Amy licked slowly, agonoisly so, up the underside of his shaft; her soft red tongue gliding over every vein and capillary along the way, the oversized member twitching lewdly as she did so.  She lapped at the tip once more; licking up a fresh puddle of precum before feeding it back inside.  She attacked the cock every bit as ferociously as before; the randy MILF sucking and slurping at the fat black dong so greedily some surrounding parties feared she may eat the young man alive dick first.  She sucked it down to the balls once more; the tawny actress giving those impressive deepthroat skills a further airing as the crew and phone-answering volunteers watched on in disbelief.

“Now, let’s talk about the g-spot,” said Alison, “the male g-spot.  For those of you that don’t know, a man’s g-spot is located up his ass and trust me, girls, there is no better way to get that cum flying than by stimulating his pleasure points.  The best way to do this while blowing a guy is to reach behind him and insert a finger.  Now, it’s always best to discuss this first, or at least test the water by putting the tip in to start with.  Not all guys like a finger stuck up their butt so take it slowly.  Luckily, Isaiah here is well versed in the realm of assplay and his lucky female partners regularly insert a digit up his rectum in an effort to get him off.  Isn’t that right, Isaiah?”

“Hmm?” Isaiah mumbled, the black football player far too enraptured by Amy’s pornstar-grade cocksucking skills to take in a word the brown-haired host was saying.

Then, suddenly, his eyes bulged in comical fashion as Amy plunged a lengthy nailed finger right up his smoothly waxed ass.

“Once it’s in there, don’t be shy,” Alison declared.  “Give him a good fingering while you suck his dick,” she grinned.  “Trust me, he’ll love it.”

Amy worked her finger back in forth inside Isaiah’s anus as she blew him; the naughty actress working her manicured digit back and forth inside his rectum, sliding it in knuckle deep with each pass.

“And, of course, no suckjob worth its salt is complete with a good rimming,” Alison went on.  “Now you want to be careful here.  Obviously make sure he’s nice and clean down there before you begin.  Isaiah and the rest of the Rammers all gave themselves a good cleanse before the show so we know they’re good to go.”

Amy pulled her finger from Isaiah’s ass and circled around behind him; parting his firm black butt cheeks with her silky smooth hands and burying her face in his crack.

“Maybe don’t dive straight in like Amy here if it’s your first time.  Maybe stick out your tongue and give it a lick first to see if it’s for you.  Believe me, it’s something of an acquired taste.  Though Amy clearly loves it,” she smirked, as her opposite number immersed herself in Isaiah’s strip-waxed crack; the randy redhead burying her pretty face in his jet black man ass like an ostrich in the sand.

“Now, if you’re really skilled, you can reach around and jerk him off while you lick his ass,” said Alison.  “This is called tromboning and can be a little difficult at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.”

Amy stroked Isaiah’s long, spit-slicked dick with one hand and kneaded his balls with the other while she tongued at his ass.

“That’s just showing off,” Alison grinned.  “But you know what they say, ‘two heads are better than one’.  If you have a friend handy, have her blow him while you do it ‘cause, mark my words, nothing makes a guy erupt like having his dick sucked while you toss his salad.  Allow me demonstrate.”

Alison knelt before Isaiah and wrapped her lips around his dick.  She bobbed and dipped on his thick black dong; the brunette quickly proving herself to be every bit as adept at the sucking of oversized cocks as her red-haired counterpart.  Before long, Isaiah found himself being positively feasted upon from both ends by two horny white women; one old enough to be his mother, the other an inappropriate, lecherous aunt. 

Alison was sucking and slurping at his African schlong; choking it down to the balls repeatedly, while Amy slobbered and drooled over his smoothly waxed crack; bobbing her head back and forth as she tonguefucked his asshole.  Sure enough the BJ/rimjob combo had Isaiah’s dick throbbing like mad in no time and Alison retrieved his girthy black wang from her mouth to share this newest development with the viewers.

“I think he’s ready to blow,” she declared, as she stroked his slick, wet cock.  “Now there are three ways to finish a BJ; the facial, the oral cumshot and the oral creampie.  We’re going to pass on the latter of the three as I know our field reporter, Mr Hornball, wouldn’t approve.  Those porno guys like to see that cum flying.” 

Alison reached up to fondle his nuts with her spare hand. 

“But I think this stud’s got more than enough cum churning away in these big black balls to demonstrate the other two.  The facial is pretty self explanatory;” she went on, “the guy nuts on your face.  The oral cumshot is when the guy jerks himself off ‘til he blasts his cum into your mouth.  Then, if you’re a good little slut like Amy and I, you swallow all that rich, creamy man mess down in a single glup.  I think I’ll do the facial and Amy, you can do the oral cumshot.  Ready, big boy?” she purred, looking up at Isaiah in a manner so sultry, it alone would’ve been enough to have lesser mortals spewing in their shorts.

Isaiah pulled this girthy black pork like his life depended on it; his dick throbbing in his hands like an athlete’s ticker. 

“Now there’s plenty you can do to coax out that cumload quicker if you’re impatient like me,” Alison explained.  “You can knead his balls, tongue at his prickslit, spit on his cock or, if you’ve got a girlfriend with you, you can make out before him while he pulls himself off,” she said, brushing her slick, red tongue back and forth against Amy’s.  “Trust me, the sight of you two locking lips will have him blowing his beans in no time.”

Alison met Amy for a kiss; the randy duo exchanging tongues like Christmas gifts as they pressed their soft pink lips together.  Sure enough, this meeting of the mouths had the desired effect.  Isaiah let out a deep, brutish grunt and, knowing what was coming next, Alison braced herself for the facial blast of a lifetime.

“UUUUHHHH!!!!” Isaiah bellowed as his cock erupted; a thick jet of creamy, hot semen shooting from the hole in his dick and splattering across her face like off-white wall paint. 

It went everywhere, over her lips, her nose and her cheeks.  Some of it even streaked her chestnut hair, while more still clung to her mascara-heavy eyelashes in thick, gelatinous gloops. 

“UUUUHHHH!!!” Isaiah roared a second time; realliging his cock with Amy’s gaping mouth as a second spunky blast spurted from his dickhole, damn near filling her maw right to the brim as he emptied his balls between her lips.

“Something else fun you can do if you have a friend with you is cum swapping,” said Alison.  “This, again, is pretty self-explanatory.  Basically, you pass the spunk back and forth from mouth to mouth before swallowing it down.  Like this.”

Alison positioned herself below Amy; mouth agape ready to catch the hot load of virile black semen between her pouty pink lips.  Amy spat the thick, gloopy mess straight into Alison’s mouth; the brown-haired starlet catching the wad of creamy, off-white spunk like a performing seal.  They repeated this several times; the ladies swapping the cum to and fro like a game of pass the parcel before Amy swallowed it down into her belly in a single gulp.

“Mmm, yummy!” she exclaimed, licking her lips as she savoured the taste of the spunk.

“Well that was quite something huh, guys?” said Alison, grinning into the camera lens, her pretty face still streaked with African seed.  “Well worth the 50,000 bucks I’m sure you’ll agree.  Thank you, Amy, for sharing your talents with us today.”

“You’re very welcome,” Amy replied.  “I had a great time!”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Alison announced, “Miss Amy Adams!”

The crew and volunteers applauded as Amy slinked offstage, the redheaded MILF waving for the cameras as she departed.

“Whoo!” Alison exclaimed, exhaling heavily; the brunette still overcome by the powerful blast of potent black semen that had splattered across her face not five minutes before.

She couldn’t take her eyes of Isaiah’s cock; the long brown beast still firmer than a steel girder as it protruded from his crotch like a fifth limb. 

“OK,” she said, trying her utmost to compose herself, “let’s take a look at that pledge total shall we?” 

Alison looked up at the large LED screen.

“Oh, wow!  Would you look at that!” she exclaimed, one eye still fixed on Isaiah’s dick.  “L-looks like you guys have kept those pledges coming in.  92,…” she paused, her blue eyes burning with desire as she looked on at Isaiah’s dark pole.  “Sorry,” she laughed, “92,6...6...oh fuck, I need it!  I want this cock in me right now.”

Alison gripped Isaiah by the shaft of his veiny black dong and led him across the stage like a dog on a leash.  They disappeared behind the velvet curtain, Alison’s mic still on as she gave the young black stud her instructions.  There was a rustling of clothing; the loud swishing noises playing out in the studio and in countless homes across the land as Alison readied herself for a spot of backstage dick.

“Get that fat black cock in my tight white pussy this instant!” she demanded, finally switching off her mic as Isaiah aligned the tip of his thick brown wang with the slit of her sopping pink twat.

“Ahem!” smiled Hugh Johnson, nervously adjusting his bowtie; the smartly dressed host attempting to remain professional amid such a display of unbridled lust.  “Errr...OK...why don’t we head over to Anna Kendrick’s LA home where I believe Ricky Hornball has an update for us.  Ricky?”

End of Segment #2
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Hot damn, Amy Adams and BBC, now that is a match made in heaven.
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It is sad how many times I have checked to see if you guys updated this post. quickly becoming one of my favorites. very exciting! hope we don't have to wait long for chapter 3!!
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I can't be the only one who checks this every day for the next chapter...any updates? the anticipation!!! haha. really enjoy your guy's stuff hope the writing is going well
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration)
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #3
Starring Margot Robbie
Codes: MF, Oral
By Slyguy, Contributions from DarkSwordsman

“Hi, Hugh.” Ricky Hornball said, the famed porn director reporting from Anna Kendrick’s plush green backyard as a mass of bikini-clad celebs and shirtless dark-skinned hunks congregated behind him.  “Yep, things are really starting to hot up here at Miss Kendrick’s Hollywood home, and I’m not just talking about the temperature, which has soared into the low 90’s. Over the past half hour or so, a host of flash convertible sports cars have pulled up to the curb outside, as a small army of A-list partygoers arrived at the luxury pad.”
A montage of pre-filmed shots of Anna’s glamorous celebrity guests arriving played over the top as Hornball continued his piece to camera.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead blew a kiss to the camera as she clambered out of her shiny red Porsche.  Elizabeth Olsen pulled her skimpy string bikini top to the side, flashing one of her perky B cup titties, while Kristen Bell whipped up the indecently low cut hem of her frayed denim mini skirt, showing off her peachy, beach bronzed buttcheeks for the camera as she started up the lengthy driveway.  The camera cut back to Hornball.

“So as you can see the A-list beauties are out in full force this afternoon and ready to have some fun,” he went on.  “Yes, things look like they could get pretty wild here in West Hollywood if we reach our goal, so please, keep those pledges coming in.”
“Wow!  Looks like it’s shaping up to be quite the party!  I can’t wait to see more. We will check in again soon.  I have a feeling even more guests will be trickling in.” Hugh said, just as a loud ding sounded behind him.
He looked up to the screen of numbers, ever ticking upwards.  It read 100,101. There was a smattering of applause throughout the studio.  From somewhere behind the velvet curtain, you could hear muffled shrieks coming from Alison as she did who knows what to that well-hung young man. 
“Alright folks! Well done! We’ve reached our next pledge goal!”  Hugh gave a loud cheer. “We sincerely appreciate your donations.  Before we introduce our next guest, let me go over some of the rewards you will receive as a donor.”
“OH YES!  GIVE TO ME GOOD WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK!  YEA! YEA! YEA!” Alison screamed, easily audible even from all the way backstage.
Hugh raised his voice a little louder. “Like we’ve said before, all donors, regardless of amount will receive a free membership to both CelebsGoBlack.com and Sex-Ed For Dummies for an entire year.  However, if you donate 15 dollars, yes only 15 dollars, you will receive this calendar with some of your favorite moments from our back catalogue of videos.” 
A PA handed him a calendar and Hugh began flipping through it.  Plastered above the days of each month was a photo taken of one of the many scenes shot so far by both companies.  March had Hayley Atwell with her massive knockers up front and center, a long, dark prick smushed between them. July had Bryce Dallas Howard, a look of shock on her face as a fat cock filled her backdoor.  October had Anna Kendrick, smiling as she gargled a full mouthful of thick, sticky cum.  December had a cum-drenched Taylor Swift giving two thumbs up as she knelt around a crowd of satisfied looking wangs.
“That’s really just the start of the donor rewards.  We’ve got more-” Hugh started to say, but he was cut off as Alison stomped out from behind the curtain. 
Her dress was askew, one tit hanging out and hiked up above her waist, no underwear in sight.  You could just make out the hint of a pearly white load leaking out between her pussy lips. Walking gingerly across the stage on shaky legs, she quickly adjusted herself, covering up her boob and adjusting her dress, smoothing out the wrinkled material.  Dried cum was still smeared across her face from her session with Amy Adams. 
“Phew.  Sorry about that Hugh.  What did I miss?”
Hugh cleared his throat, “Eh-hem.  Well, Alison. We’ve hit our next pledge goal. Care to tell the viewers what they’re about to see?”
“Yes of course.  We have Margot Robbie on location in Licksville.  She’ll be talking with the head coach of the Rammers. Well, maybe a bit more than talking.” She flashed a wink at the camera, globs of semen still clinging to her mascara laden lashes.  “We wanted you to see first-hand what the situation is like for these boys. Margot? Take it away!” As the lights dimmed and they prepared to switch camera feeds, Alison asked, “Does anyone have a wet wipe?”
“Thanks, Alison.  I’m here with Mr. Jeremiah Rollins, head coach of the Licksville Rammers.  How are you today mate?”
“Umm, I’m good.”  He said, clearly distracted by the site of this gorgeous tanned blonde in front of him. 
His eyes roamed up and down her lithe and supple body.  Margot was wearing short shorts, the rounded globes of her peachy tanned ass hanging out for all to see.  She had on the whitest of tank tops, both nipples easily visible through the thin material.  Her long blonde hair flowed around her head like a golden halo.  Pink gloss covered her lips, and mascara swept across her lashes and lids alike.

The pair of them were in the middle of a dusty and desolate field. Worn and torn chain-like fences sat rusting in the distance, barely visible through the haze of heat in this rural Alabama backwater town.  The fence surrounded the so called football field.  It looked more like a vacant lot.  The grass was yellow and wiry, more weeds than anything else. Large stretches of barren earth pockmarked the landscape.  If you squinted, you could just make out faint white lines, indicating yardage. In the background, a mangy looking dog rummaged through some garbage.  The stands were little more than a collection of broken lawn chairs on the sidelines.
“So, this is your home field?”  The bleach blonde Aussie actress asked, looking around and doing her best to hide the expression of disgust on her pretty face.
Coach Rollins nodded sadly.  He was a surprisingly young man, tall and good looking, his skin a shade darker than coal.  In fact, he looked just fresh out of college. He scratched the stubble clinging to his cheeks and adjusted his Licksville Rammers cap, dark eyes squinting at Margot.  He mashed his teeth on gum he’d been chewing all day.
“You used to play football, is that correct?”  Margot asked as the pair began to meander towards the middle of the field.
“Yah.  In college.  D1 till my knee blew out.  Runningback.” He said, a bittersweet tone mixing with his heavy southern drawl.
“D1?  Wow.  Is that good? I know nothing about football.  We don’t have it in Australia. We’ve got football, or soccer, as you Americans call it.  But, truth be told, I’m a rugby fan myself.”
“It’s the best.  Top tier. I was being groomed for the NFL.”
“What’s that?  The Naughty Fuck Legion?”  Margot asked, batting her bright blue eyes, her mind clearly already focused on what came after the interview.
“What?  No. The National Football League.” Coach Rollins was staring at her perplexedly, while she bit her lower lip, shamelessly eye-fucking him.
“So how did you end up here?  In this…place?”
“I’m from here originally.  Licksville, born and raised.  I made it out, but most of these boys won’t. After my knee went and my career as an athlete was over, I decided to come home and help out those who were just like me.  These boys are good. They could have what it takes to go all the way. But, look around us. This place is shit. Nothing for them here. That’s why I was happy when your people contacted us.  It’s amazing, truly. Thanks for donating ya’ll!” He said, looking into the camera and giving a thumbs up.
“Mhmm, handsome and generous!”  Margot squealed with delight as they arrived in the center of the field.  Her expression dropped when she stared at the picnic blanket laid out.  Margot looked around and said to someone off-screen, “Here? Really?” Apparently she got the thumbs up, because she shrugged and said, “Alright.  Fuck it, it’s for charity.  Let’s get down to it!”
Coach Rollins looked around, “Err, to what exactly?” 
Margot gave a trilling laugh, spreading her manicured fingers across his chest and sliding them down his body.  As they trailed down his fit figure, she squatted in front of him, excitedly groping the tubular bulge in the tight crotch of his khakis.
“Woah!  Miss! What the hell?”  He said, as Margot pawed at his crotch, feeling the hardening package growing there.
“Umm?  Getting pledges.  Duh.” She said with a wink towards the camera.
Without further ado, she undid his pants, pulling them down around his ankles. She stared opened mouth at the now very poorly concealed thick cock hiding beneath his underwear.
“Yummy!”  Margot exclaimed, pulling the 10-inch jet black trouser snake out and wrapping her fist around it, stroking and licking her lips seductively.  “Isn’t this is a treat!”
“What kind of charity is this?”  He asked utterly bewildered.
“Someone didn’t read the fine print! We’re CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed baby!” Margot said, opening her pink glossy lips wide and chowing down on the fat black prick.
“OH FUCK!”  Coach Rollins exclaimed as he watched his dark dick disappear from sight between the lips of the Aussie bombshell. 
Margot took him down to the very base, her nose buried in his wiry trimmed pubes.  Gazing up at him alluringly, her cheeks sucked inwards, drool pooling at the corners of her lips.  Pulling back to the tip with a wet slurp, she licked at his winking piss slit. Already a jewel of precum glistened there as she squeezed the shaft.  Her dainty hand found his heavy black balls, fondling the cum-churning gonads in her palm as she swallowed him whole again. All 10 inches of his veiny, girthy jet black wang was stuffed down her gullet as she held him there.  Releasing him with a gasp, Margot proceeded to go to work.  Sucking, licking and lapping at the hefty slab of dark meat, she used just about every oral trick in the book before finishing up.  Looking at the camera, strings of saliva hung from her lips and chin. She wiped them away before speaking.
“Remember, before you get to actual penetration, a little foreplay goes a long way. I sucked his ding-dong, now he’ll lick this pussy.”
“I will?”  Coach Rollins asked, still seemingly bewildered by the sudden erotic turn of events.
Margot only nodded as she stripped.  Peeling her tank top off, her tanned skin already glistened with sweat from the humid heat of Southern Alabama.  Shimmying out of her short shorts, her lack of underwear apparent, she struck a pose for the camera as they panned upwards, taking in every inch of her beauty.  Laying down on the picnic blanket, she spread her tanned smooth legs wide, indicating for Rollins to get down and lick.  He quickly ditched the rest of his clothes and spat out his gum before burying his thick, curly afroed head between her thighs. His dark lips met her pink ones as he sucked her clit, running his tongue along her labia.
“Mhmmm!  YES!” Margot called out, intertwining her fingers in his dense, curly hair.
Her grip on his head was tight as he sunk two meaty dark fingers straight into her cunt.  Tongue still lapping away at her clit, he worked those strong hands.  Fingers slid in and out, getting her nice and worked up for what was coming next.  Knuckle deep with each thrust, she was soon gushing and getting impatient. She didn't want to wait for that cock any longer.
“Enough teasing.  Get that black dick inside me!”  She said, spreading her legs wide, her pussy primed and ready to go.  “We’re gonna start off with some good ol’ missionary.”
He slid inside with the greatest of ease, his fat chocolate schlong filling up her pussy in a way that Margot had rarely experienced before. Spitting curses as he came to rest balls deep inside of her, she stared dazedly at him.  Holding himself aloft on powerful arms, he began to work his hips, thrusting deep inside with every sharp smack of flesh. Margot wrapped her tanned smooth legs around his dark muscular exterior and dug her well-kept nails into his sweaty back. Grunting as he slammed his girthy salami into her velvet box, Margot had the biggest grin as she faced the camera. He continued humping for the next few minutes, speeding faster and faster until their crotches were banging together with more force and aggression than an offensive line after the snap.  It attracted the mangy dog, who trotted over to investigate the source of the loud screaming as Margot was fucked silly by the biggest, blackest dick she’d ever taken. One of the camera crew had to shoo it away.  Unwrapping her legs from around him, she pushed him off and rolled over onto her stomach, legs closed, her pussy slit visible and dripping.
“Pronebone feels great, really tight around his dick with your legs closed like this.”
Coach Rollins laid down on top of her, jabbing her with his hefty member.  Blindly poking around, Margot felt the mushroom head push against her asshole and quickly said, “Woah!  Wrong hole mate!  Anal is coming up, but not for me!  No way am I taking that monster up the ass.  I’d be walking funny for a week.”
She reached behind herself and positioned him correctly against her twat. He pushed in, splitting apart her labia as Margot split the air with another cry of pleasure.  Fully encased inside of her, he began humping like a madman.  At one point he grabbed onto her tanned buttcheeks and spread them apart, his dark hands easily large enough to encompass the entirety of her tight tushy. The cameraman hurried forward to get a nice shot of her bleached butthole as Rollins fucked her even harder. Each thrust of his powerful hips seemed to propel Margot forward another inch or two.  Her arms were outstretched, scrabbling to hold onto something, but found nothing but the red and white crisscrossed fabric.  He fucked her so hard that before long she was off the blanket, perfectly manicured fingers clawing at the dirt.  Rollins refused to relent. Margot was a gibbering mess, the sensation of his big black cock hitting deeper than she had thought possible, enough to drive her crazy.  Eventually she stopped him when she bit down and got a mouthful of wilted grass.  He pulled out with a wet slurp, his cock still hard as a rock.  Kneeling on all fours, she got back into the center of the blanket and waggled her ass for him and the camera.
“Doggystyle is a great way to mix things up.  I absolutely love getting plowed from behind.”
Coach Rollins knelt on the blanket, wincing slightly on his bad knee, as he lined up his dark member with her gushing snatch, reentering her in one powerful motion.  The camera had circled around to Margot’s face to get her reaction as she was filled with the thick, girthy fuckstick.  Her eyes fluttered, mouth a round inviting circle as she felt his balls slap against her clit. Then he started thrusting, holding onto her shapely hips like handles, giving it to her every bit as hard as before. Their banging genitals intermingled with screams from Margot and grunts from Rollins.  The cacophony of orgasmic pleasure reverberated across the desolate field.
“FUCK YEA MATE!  FUCK ME! USE THAT BIG BLACK COCK AND FUCK MEEEEE!!!!”  She squealed, her voice going higher and higher.
Rollins reached forward to grab her swinging breasts, squeezing the tanned titflesh in between his large charcoal colored fingers.  Tweaking her nipples, he humped her with even greater frenzy, sending ripples along her entire body with each solid cunt-filling impact.
“Ya crazy blondie.”  Coach Rollins said, pulling out of her twat and grabbing hold of his dick.  “Why dontcha ya get over here and suck on this dick again.”
Margot nodded and spun around on the blanket, taking her favorite type of dark meat back between her lips.  Tasting herself, she moaned appreciatively, sucking down every ounce of residue left by her tight twat. 
She dropped him to say, “It’s no ass to mouth, but I still taste pretty good!” 
Taking him again down to the balls, her pink lips bobbed up and down every thick, veiny inch of the massive black member.  Rollins who thought the oral service might grant him a reprieve, found out he was very much mistaken.  Indeed, Margot seemed intent on sucking his very soul out through his cock. Once she had thoroughly cleaned herself off his cock, she pushed him onto his back.  His dick stood tall, his heavy balls brushing against the blanket.
“Switching positions like this is a great way to extend your fuck session.”  Margot said, looking towards the camera and stroking the spit soaked prick in front of her while fondling his balls with her other hand.  “It gives the guy a momentary reprieve from your tight cunt. Plus, new positions mean new sensations for you and him.  Maybe he’s got a tiny pecker and isn’t hitting the right spot.”  She looked down at the monster in her dainty white hands. “Obviously not a problem here, but search around.  Eventually you’ll find a position that’s best for both of you.”  She turned her gaze down towards Rollins.  “Now, I’m going to ride you until I’m sore.  And you’re gonna blow a nice big wad of sticky spunk right in my pretty pussy.  Got it?”
He nodded silently as Margot threw a leg over him, teasing her sopping wet entrance with the chocolate bellend.  Sinking down upon it, both let out grunts.  Bouncing, she began to ride him, her hips pounding against him as she worked her snug snatch up and down his meaty pole. 
“Cowgirl!  A personal favorite of mine!”  She said to the camera, placing both hands on his muscular chocolate chest and digging her nails into the wiry hair covering it.  “His cock hits deep!”
Rollins bucked his own hips, thrusting upwards even as Margot brought her tight, lithe body downwards, ensuring every inch of his veiny, thick black cock pierced as deep as it could.  Their lengthy fuck session drawing to a close, Margot’s pussy was positively gushing and she made it known she getting close. 
Her cries intensified, growing in volume and pitch until her body suddenly stiffened and she climaxed.  Her back arched, throwing her blonde head back and thrusting out her chest, tits jiggling.  Rollins felt her already tight cunt squeezing his prick ever tighter, but never stopped his upwards trajectory into her even as she threatened to topple off of him.  He was panting like he was sprinting towards the end zone.  As she came back around, her pussy still being pummeled, Margot opened her piercing blue eyes and smiled down slyly at him.
“You about to cum mate?”  She asked, starting to gyrate her hips, rocking them from side to side and back to back. 
“Yah babe.”  Rollins said, sweat on his forehead.  “Get ready for it.  HERE IT COMES!”
He roared like a raging beast as his big black cock swelled inside Margot’s velvet box and began unloading hot jizz, spraying like a firehose. Margot’s eyes grew impossibly wide as she felt the massive member jerk inside of her, pumping spurt after spurt of hot, thick milky cum.  Heat bloomed deep inside her as her womb was painted white.  He gave one final grunt and spurt and then relaxed, laying back and wiping the sweat off his forehead.  Margot climbed off of him, flopping to the ground and spreading her legs for the camera. One hand peeled her pussy lips apart and they got a nice up-close shot of the murky white man-goo oozing out of her well-fucked slit. 
“This is called a creampie.  And boy does it feel good to have this black man’s spunk inside of me.” She giggled at the camera.  “I can’t believe I got fucked in a football field. Again.  Well, an American football field, but still.  Anyways that’s about it for me.  You’ve seen what these boys have to work with.  Hope you’ve made a pledge.  If not, what are you waiting for?!?  Donate now!  Don’t sleep on this one people.”
The camera panned around the desolate wasteland that was the field one more time for dramatic effect.  In the background Margot could be heard.
“Do we need any B-roll footage of me fucking him?” 
One of the crew replied, “No Ms. Robbie, we should be good.”
“Better safe than sorry!”
One second later you could hear Coach Rollins groaning again and the sound of someone sloppily sucking his cock. 
Back in the Sex-Ed For Dummies studio, Alison had cleaned up and was once again looking presentable.  There were a few cumstains on her dress and in her hair, but for the most part she was back to put together.
“Wow, truly tragic.  Look at what these young men have to work with.  Your pledges will go a long way to helping them out.  Building a suitable field, better equipment, setting up a fund to send them to college.  All of it. Let’s take a look at the board, shall we?”
She moved gracefully across the stage to where the phones were still ringing off the hook.  Above them on the big LED screen, the total amount read 213, 619.
“Look at that!  We’ve already hit our next pledge goal.  Thanks in no small part to you Margot!”

Alison paused and the camera switched back to her.  She was on all fours again, getting railed from behind, utterly oblivious to the camera centered on her.  It quickly cut back to Alison, who smirked.
“Can’t really blame her on that one.  We like to have fun here.  I’m so happy we hit our next pledge goal, because it means I can welcome my good friend and Mad Men costar to the stage, Christina Hendricks!  I hope you enjoyed our little demonstration with Amy Adams, because that was nothing compared to what we have in store next!”
End of Segment #3
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Fuck...Yes! Worth the wait
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I'm not the biggest Margot Robbie fan, but she is hot though and I really enjoyed this story. Some of the names you dropped at the beginning I am a fan of. Speaking of names, is Christina Hendricks next to get her brains fucked out?  ;D
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