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Irresistibly Cute Part 1
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Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

Keywords: FF, Oral

Arrow: Irresistibly Cute
by MTL (mtl_17.feedback@yahoo.co.uk)

It did not take much to make Felicity Smoak nervous, especially when it came to people. Computers were her comfort zone. She could spend hours typing away and be perfectly at peace, but ask her to interact with someone and she was in trouble. Even when it was someone she knew, or sometimes especially, as not a lot of people put her at ease. Sara Lance had many admirable qualities, God knows Felicity admired the hell out of her, but she seemed to specialise in not putting other people at ease, and for one reason or another Felicity always felt way out of her comfort zone when this Amazon of a woman was around.

Right now she wasn't just around, she was throwing punches at Felicity's face, the tech genius doing everything she could possibly to calm her nerves and duck. Just like they had practised. Because, let's be real here, if she wasn't expecting it there was no way Felicity could possibly duck a blow from a Master Assassin like Sara Lance, let alone several in a row. She was even sure Sara was pulling her punches, because no way was that The Canary's top speed. Still, Felicity appreciated Sara taking it easy on her. After all, it was the only way she was going to learn, and despite herself Felicity did get a nice warm feeling of pride as she completed the sequence without a single mistake, even landing a blow on Sara in response. Again, just like they practiced.

"Good. Very good." Sara praised with a beaming smile as she easily brushed off the punch, "But remember, I want you to really go for it on that punch. The objective might be to stun, but if you can take the other guy down, all the better."

"Yeah, I don't see that happening." Felicity said.

"I could." Sara insists, "No matter how tough they look, no one's invincible, and we're not that different in size and strength and look at me. Yes, I've had training, but all it takes is a little momentum, enough strength, some luck, and most importantly believing in yourself, and you might be surprised. Just don't go picking fights."

The girls exchanged a smile before Felicity mumbled, "Don't worry, there's no danger of that."

Then there was an awkward pause, followed by Sara insisting, "Here, let me show you how you can get the most out of that punch."

In the blink of an eye Sara was behind Felicity, gently pushing her thighs apart and then reaching around to grab onto her wrists to talk her through the punch. It felt like the millionth time Sara had done that in this training session alone, and every time Felicity had to take a deep breath and then grit her teeth or bite her lip as she felt Sara's body pressing against her, felt Sara's breasts poking into her back, and felt her hard nipples through the fabric of their skimpy working out gear. And the thing is, people might be outside her comfort zone but Felicity was very much not an idiot. She could tell Sara was flirting with her. Or at least she was 99.99% sure of it, that 0.01% enough to keep her from addressing Sara's actions the first time they trained together, and the second and third and so on, but now? Now Felicity was aware that no matter how awkward it was she really should say something.

Turning around in Sara's arms Felicity opened her mouth to say something, only to be thrown onto her back in a weird move which was probably from judo or wrestling, either way Felicity ended up on the ground with a smiling Sarah on top of her, "I told you, pay attention. This might save your life one day."

"I was!" Felicity protested.

Sara gave her a look.

"Well ok, maybe not." Felicity reluctantly admitted, "But that's only because-"

"Felicity, I'm serious! I, I don't want anything to happen to you." Sara interrupted, before giving the other blonde a cheeky smile, "Although your little daydream did give me the opportunity to show you just how important the element of surprise is."

Felicity rolled her eyes, then suddenly becoming aware of just how close they were stammered, "S, Sara... we need to talk."

Sara pouted slightly, "Couldn't we just do this instead?"

Before Felicity had the chance to fall into what she quickly realised was an obvious trap Sara leaned down and pressed her lips to hers. Well, there goes that 0.01%, which was Felicity's last coherent thought before her mind started racing so fast that even she couldn't keep up. Then all of a sudden her desire took over her body and she began kissing Sara back, all those troubling thoughts just melting away as Sara had her way with her. Just with her mouth and tongue, as in using them on Felicity's own, the kiss gradually progressing from soft and gentle to passionate and needy shortly after Sara added her tongue into the mix and pressed her body flat against Felicity's.

After what felt like hours, although it was no doubt more like minutes, Sara pulled back slightly before pressing her lips to the other blonde's neck, leaving Felicity to whimper, moan, gasp and cry out. Of course Felicity was totally aware that she should be telling Sara to stop for a variety of reasons. For one Sara had just broken up with Oliver, who just happen to be one of her best friends/someone she was crushing on/her boss/the vigilante known as The Arrow. If that wasn't bad enough they both worked AND lived together, the latter coming about after the second time Felicity had caught Sara sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking cot ever in their basement headquarters. Then there was the little matter of Felicity always identifying herself as straight.

The last reason was pretty much crumbling away as Felicity's body continued to react to Sara's touches, the other woman even daring to slip her hands underneath Felicity's shirt to gently caress her tits. From feeling those already hard little nipples under her fingertips Sara grinned into the other blonde's skin, Felicity blushing seriously in turn. Of course, Sara's knee was pressing against her crotch through the fabric of their workout shorts, and there was no way the Master Assassin was going to buy the hacker was just sweaty. Hell, she couldn't make herself believe it.

But that didn't mean she shouldn't try, and as one of Sara's hands started travelling south, as in way south, Felicity blurted out, "We, we shouldn't be doing this!"

For a moment Sara considered pulling away, but since she was so close to what she wanted she simply pulled back, looked Felicity directly in the eye, and with a seductive purr asked, "Shouldn't we?"

Felicity gulped, her mouth unbelievably dry, and then she started babbling at a mile a minute, "We live together. We work together. We work HERE together. We work with Oliver, who you just broke up with and is one of the dearest friends I've ever had. What about him? What about, everything? I can't just throw my whole life away on a stupid crush. Which by the way I shouldn't be having, because I'm straight. Was straight until you came along. Mostly. And, and, and... and these mats aren't exactly comfy. And... I haven't done this before."

It was almost painful for Sara not to grin as Felicity first babbled, then ran out of steam and blushed, but she just about managed it, following up with, "Are you done?"

"Yes." Felicity sighed.

"Well, I don't want you to throw your whole life away either." Sara lightly teased, before quickly following up with, "And I'm not proposing marriage, I just want to help you relax and loosen up, maybe reward you for doing such a good job today. Besides, I've been thinking that just self-defence lessons aren't nearly thanks enough for saving my life. And yeah, there are reasons not to do this, but there always are, and you don't strike me as a girl who's taken that many risks in her life. Aside from the obvious, of course. So Felicity, wanna take a risk? Let me thank you for saving my life right here and right now with a orgasm or two? Or do you want me to stop? Because I swear, say the word and I'll never bother you again and we can just be friends."

Felicity thought long and hard as Sara traced her exposed stomach with her fingertip, sometimes venturing to her waistline but never passing it. Which made it hard for her to concentrate, but she just about managed it. On some level she knew Sara was manipulating her, using information she'd gained as Felicity's roommate against her. Like the fact that while she had a wild past she'd never taken the same risks in her personal life that she did with hacking. And as much as her friendship with Oliver meant to her all of his mixed signals was frustrating, and sometimes she just wanted to break out of the friend zone for once.

Honestly it could have gone either way, and maybe in some other universe Felicity did the mature thing, but in this one she reached up, grabbed a handful of blonde hair and shoved Sara's face down to her own hard and fast, their lips crashing against each other frantically. In almost the same movement Sara pushed her hand into Felicity's workout shorts, the MIT graduate moaning into the assassin's mouth as for the first time in her life she was caressed down there by a member of her own sex. And it felt good. Oh God, did it feel good.

Sara smiled triumphantly into the kiss as she settled into a gentle rhythm, just massaging the outside of Felicity's pussy, getting her as worked up as possible for what would come next. After all, that was the point of waiting until Felicity was all sweaty and turned on from one of their sparring sessions. And of course all the previous kissing and groping, although that was fun too. However, despite what part of Sara had hoped, it in no way satisfied her craving for Felicity Smoak. If anything it only quadrupled her problem, which she honestly thought would be the case.

Speaking of honesty, Sara felt really guilty about going to these lengths to get even a fraction of what she wanted from Felicity, especially when this woman had been nothing but a true friend to her over the past few months. But the art of winning at all costs had literally been beaten into Sara's brain, and she had been convinced Felicity would shoot her down if she tried a more traditional approach, and the more she had got to know this amazing woman the more failure had become unacceptable. Sara would have this incredible woman in any and every way she could get her, and when she slowly slid a finger up to the knuckle into Felicity's cunt Sara knew it was worth whatever risks she was taking.

Felicity was warm, tight and oh so wet. Wet for her, the feeling of that wetness intoxicating. Of course Sara had sensed Felicity's interest in her since the moment they met, they wouldn't be in this position if she hadn't, but sensing it and touching it were two very different things. Not that Sara didn't already know which would be preferable, this wonderful moment literally a wet dream come true for The Canary.

Literally beginning to fuck Felicity Smoak made this wet dream come true even better, Sara slowly but steadily beginning to pump her finger in and out of the other blonde's honey pot and making Felicity let out some of the cutest sounds she'd ever heard. Hell, they were downright adorable, and Sara was pretty much swallowing every one of them as she continued fiercely making out with the object of her desire, showing both how much she wanted her and how grateful she was towards her. That part of her little speech hadn't been a manipulation, Sara was so grateful for not just the life saving, but for everything Felicity had done for her, Sara hoping that in some small way her friend got how much she appreciated her.

Felicity wasn't really in a state of mind where she could evaluate Sara's intentions anymore. Really all that was going through her mind was things like, oh my God I'm letting another girl fuck me, I'm being fucked by another girl. Sara! Sara Lance was finger fucking her. She had one of Sara Lance's fingers inside her right now... no, wait, make that two. Felicity had two fingers inside her right now. Two girl fingers. Two Sara fingers! And they were making her feel so fucking good.

Over and over again these thoughts and a whole bunch of others clouded Felicity's mind until either her head exploded or melted away and all she could feel was pleasure. In those moments it felt like she was no longer in control of her body, that it acted completely without her consent. Although she didn't exactly disapprove of the frantic kissing, or the way she started pushing herself against Sara's thrusts, literally impaling her cunt on her friend's fingers.

Then just as she felt the tell-tale signs of an approaching orgasm Sara broke the kiss, pulled back a little and just stared at her. It was reminiscent of a look she had once seen on someone who genuinely scared her, and Sara scared her too, but in a totally different way. Just as this look made her totally different things, Felicity's MIT graduating brain coming back with a vengeance for a few long seconds to try and allies what she felt. Then she crashed over the edge of an incredibly powerful orgasm, Felicity's screams echoing off the walls like a girl in a horror movie.

Instead of signifying the end it seemed this was only the beginning, Sara speeding up the force of her thrusts to make Felicity cum again and again and again. Each climax was as powerful as any she'd ever had if not more so, especially since Sara started using her to rub her clit while her fingers curled inside her. The curling and clit rubbing had actually triggered her orgasm, the latter starting out gently and eventually becoming frantic as her orgasms seemed to melt together until she felt a constant wave of ecstasy. Then, just as Felicity was sure she was going to pass out, Sara removed her fingers so suddenly it had the hacker whimpering in disappointment. Then she whimpered for totally different reasons as she watched Sara slowly put those fingers into her own mouth and suck them clean, which would have been incredibly erotic even if their faces hadn't been practically touching.

When Sara removed those fingers from her mouth she asked in a tone which seem to be dripping with pure sex, "Babe, do you think you could do me a really big favour?"

Felicity blushed as several ideas of what that favoure could be came to her head, all of which she could have never imagined herself seriously doing but under the circumstances it seemed rude to refuse, "Su, sure."

Sara flashed the hacker a mischievous grin and then a few seconds later The Canary was carrying Felicity across the room caveman style. There was a time where there was no way Sara could pick up someone pretty much her own height/weight, but the League of Assassins had taught Sara to push herself far beyond her perceived limits and as a result it was like Felicity was as light as a feather. It was a little disconcerting for her, and a lot for Felicity, but Sara found herself getting off on it. Of course she wouldn't have the physically weaker girl in this position for long, so Sara felt it was just about ok to ignore her protests. If that was truly what they were.

"Hey! Hey?" Felicity exclaimed once she got over her shock, "This is impressive and all, like really, really impressive, but you can't just... I mean, you did, but... I, erm, where are we even going?"

"Somewhere familiar." Sara smirked, before gently lowering Felicity down onto the desk chair in front of her big computer and then placing her hands on the armrests while leaning down so her face was hovering right next to the other blonde's again, "Now, where are your glasses?"

Felicity blinked for a few seconds, then stammered, "In, in my bag. But I keep a spare pair right here."

The second part was said quickly as Sara lifted herself up and turned her head to Felicity's bag, the assassin quickly turning back and smiling at the confession before ordering, "Put them on."

Even though it was said in a somewhat playful tone Felicity could tell Sara was serious, and despite herself she didn't try and make a witty comment or even think of doing anything but comply, the little IT girl stumbling over her own trembling fingers to pop out her contacts and put the glasses in place before asking, "Is, is this ok?"

"Perfect." Sara grinned, effortlessly mounting the little swivel chair with all the grace that had been beaten into her, and more importantly mounting Felicity Smoak, "You know, I've had to spent hours watching you in this little chair looking just as cute as a button in your little dresses and in those adorable little glasses. Do you have any idea how distracting that is? Here I am trying to train, or listening to you or Oliver tell us about our latest mission, and the whole time I'm trying not to think about how bad I wanna fuck you... and now, I get to do the thing I've most wanted to do when you're in this chair."

With that Sara leaned in as if she was about to kiss Felicity, waiting until the other girl closed her eyes and puckered her lips before dropping to her knees in between the hacker's thighs. It would have been so easy to push them apart slightly and dive right in, but consent was very, very important to Sara. Sure, she had manipulated the situation to her benefit, but the manipulations would have never have worked if Felicity wasn't interested, and she'd already given the physically weaker girl numerous chances to tell her to stop or push her away.

Even though it pained her to have to wait for her treat Sara forced herself to give Felicity a chance, first by covering the other blonde's exposed and sweaty stomach in kisses. Then she pulled the tiny tank top up and off the beautiful nerd girl's body, Felicity helping by lifting her arms up. This caused Sara to grin wickedly and give Felicity a brief but passionate kiss, the assassin using that time to remove the hacker's bra with a quick movement of her hand before wrapping her lips around one of the other blonde's nipples and sucking on it as gently as she possibly could under the circumstances.

Again Felicity showed nothing but approval, moaning loudly in pleasure and even pressing Sara's head against her chest. She also lifted her hips up so Sara could remove those sinfully tight pants and the underwear beneath them. Once the offending items were gone Sara finally kissed her way down to her ultimate destination, and after pressing her lips on seemingly every little part of skin surrounding that area she finally leaned in and gave her first long slow lick of Felicity Smoak's cunt.

Felicity had been trembling ever since Sara's intentions for putting her in her chair became crystal clear, part of the hacker wanting to protest because how could she do anything at this workspace from now on without blushing bright red? Then again how could she come anywhere near the Verdant after what she had already done? Of course it had been so amazing... Sara fingering her had been so amazing, that Felicity felt it was worth it for some mortifying embarrassment. And she had recently learned she was stronger than she could have imagined, so she would find the inner strength to sit in this chair again and when she inevitably blushed find a way to brush it off and do what she had to do.

If her mind wasn't already made up the feeling of another girl's tongue sliding across her pussy lips for the first time in her life would have done the trick, Felicity wishing she had spent less time hacking into the government and more time experimenting with her sexuality in college. Unfortunately back then there hadn't been any girls who had shown the same kind of interest that Sara had shown, and even when she was only 99% sure that the beautiful assassin was into her there was no way Felicity could have found the nerve to ask Sara out. Or any other girl for that matter. Of course if Felicity did possess that kind of back bone she would have probably asked out Oliver long ago, but that was a whole other confusing mess.

Luckily for Felicity before she could overanalyse it too much she found herself letting out a long moan followed by a series of moans, groans, whimpers and cries as she became lost in the paradise that was having a skilled girl tongue lapping away at her pussy, Sara effortlessly establishing a steady rhythm which drove Felicity crazy. Mostly because she couldn't figure out what Sara was doing that made this so much better than on the few occasions a boyfriend had reluctantly gone down on Felicity.

Was it the confidence? The way Sara lingered on her entrance and clit? Or the way she got... creative with her tongue, moving clockwise and anticlockwise as well as up and down? Felicity didn't know and for once she found she didn't really care. The how and the why didn't matter, all that mattered was that Sara kept doing what she was doing, Felicity loosening the death grip she had on the arms of her chair to move her hands down in between her legs to grab the back of Sara's head. Of course she couldn't have stopped the skilled assassin from pulling away if she wanted to, but clearly that wasn't a problem and Felicity hoped that Sara would see this as encouragement rather than a lingering side-effect of her own insecurities.

Sara was partly amused by Felicity's hands on her head, but also a little encouraged. And disappointed. She had been hoping Felicity would push her face deeper into the yummy treat in front of her, and no matter how much Sara increased the force of her licking she couldn't make the deliciously cute nerd girl use force on her. Or curse with anything that wasn't 'oh God', although Sara did love the fact that her name seem to be the only other thing coming out of Felicity's mouth which was coherent.

It should be noted also that if Sara really wanted a stronger action out of Felicity, there was an easy way to do that. All it would take was a little more, concentration. However the question was did Sara really want to make Felicity cum so soon? Again? Sure, they could be discovered and/or Felicity could freak out at any time, but unlike the fingering Sara was finally getting to taste the other blonde girl the way she had been aching to taste her since the moment she saw her. So did she really want to rush this? Especially as this might be her only chance to fuck the irresistibly cute Felicity Smoak?

After several minutes of debate inside her own head Sara concluded that she had rushed things enough for one night, for more than she attended in fact. Before she had a moment of weakness, the sounds Felicity was making and her own desire for the cute little hacker driving her to make the other blonde cum as quickly as she could, Sara made her decision. She decided she would take her time. And she did, the assassin delivering slow lick after slow lick, only lingering just enough so that Felicity was kept on the edge of what Nyssa had taught Sara was 'real pleasure', Sara's mind becoming focused on her task with machine-like efficiency.

Sara would have thought Felicity would have approved of that analogy, but her whimpers and moans became increasingly frustrated until the hacker whimpered, "Please... Sara... more... oh please more, I need... I need you to make me cum. Please Sara, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, make me cum like you did before, mmmmmmmm, please, please, please, please, please make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh God, ooooooooooh make me cum make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd yeeeeessssssss!"

Inspired by that little request Sara reached up to start rubbing Felicity's pussy lips with her fingertips while her tongue concentrated on flicking the other girl's clit. After a few seconds Sara even used a little more force than she had been, even though it wasn't necessary, this edition easily had Felicity crying out in approval. It wasn't enough though, because enjoying herself was one thing, but there was a fine line between savouring the moment and just teasing, and while sometimes Sara quite liked being a tease now was the time for action. So Sara briefly gave Felicity's clit a kiss goodbye, then moved her lips down to the other blonde's entrance and then wrapped her mouth around it.

Felicity's eyes bugged out of her head like something in a cartoon or comic book. Or at least that's how it felt when Sara began sucking at her like that... the other girl drinking from her, the very idea of it making Felicity blush furiously again. But that's what was happening, Sara was sucking juices out of her cunt, and moaning joyfully while doing it as if Felicity's arousal was some kind of delicacy. The act itself was intoxicating, and due to the fact that Sara's mouth was glued to her crotch the moaning cause the most wonderful vibrations which had Felicity squirming in her seat.

If that wasn't enough Sara's finger replaced her tongue in flicking Felicity's clit, although it was more like strategic rubbing than flicking, however the hacker's brilliant mind was becoming so foggy that it was hard to keep up. All Felicity could really concentrate on was the orgasm which had gone from irritatingly far in the distance to freight train hurtling towards her with her escape in sight. Not that she wanted to escape. No, she even tightened her grip on Sara's hair and pushed the other blonde deeper into her sex, which Felicity would have never had the nerve to do when she was in her right mind. Partly because Sara was a deadly assassin, but mostly because of her own insecurities.

Perhaps ironically Felicity was quickly rewarded for her boldness with the most incredible climax of her life, Sara almost immediately shoving her tongue as far as it would go into the hacker's pussy and triggering an orgasm so hard that it literally made tears fall from Felicity's eyes. She also shook, clutched onto Sara's hair and let out every bad word she knew until they all melted together in a jumble of sounds which became completely incoherent screams, Felicity becoming completely lost to pure bliss as she came in Sara's mouth and all over the other girl's pretty face.

Even with the extensive training Nyssa had given her Sara was unable to swallow all of Felicity's cum, although that didn't stop her from trying. And she continued to try during every orgasm she gave the other girl, Sara tongue fucking Felicity with every ounce of skill and strength she possessed in between each climax to make sure she wouldn't be waiting long for another mouthful of girl cum. Happily for them both Sara had done such a good job of building Felicity up to this point that her body was very easy to keep near the edge of orgasm, The Canary soon barely allowing her a few seconds to recover before she hit her with another climax.

Along the way she returned her fingers to Felicity's cunt, pushing first one then two digits inside and rapidly pumping them in and out while she was licking and sucking the other blonde's clit. Sara even allowed Felicity to cum on her fingers a few times, partly to allow the hacker to enjoy some variety and partly to allow her to feel the incredible sensation of an orgasming Felicity Smoak clutching her fingers again. After all, the main goal might have been to show Felicity just how good she could make her feel, but there was no way Sara wasn't going to get everything she could out of this just in case the cute little hacker never let her do this again.

Of course she immediately stopped when she heard Felicity whimper, "Sara... please, stop..."

The first thing Sara did was look over her shoulder, then all around the room just in case she had got so wrapped up in fucking the adorable hacker that she had somehow missed someone catching them. Seeing no one else around Sara looked directly at the other blonde and asked, "Something wrong?"

"No... I just... I, I, I can't take any more." Felicity stammered weakly, then blushed furiously and lowered her gaze.

That meant she missed Sara beaming wickedly, the deadly assassin feeling incredibly proud of herself as she admired the sight of a completely dishevelled Felicity Smoak, the other girl somehow looking even more cute with her flushed skin and messed up sex hair. Sara desperately wanted to take a picture, but she didn't want to do anything to upset her friend, especially after crossing such a line. So instead she cautiously reached down to grab Felicity's workout shorts and slowly pulled them up the other blonde's thighs, Felicity avoiding her gaze the entire time which worried Sara no end.

After a long silence Sara softly said, "I hope you don't hate me for this, I just couldn't resist anymore. You're just too cute."

Felicity blushed even more, and then mumbled, "I don't think I could ever hate you."

"Really?" Sara beamed.

"I tried." Felicity admitted, and quickly clarified as she looked up in horror/fright, "Just in the beginning. I thought you were going to replace me, and then I got to know you, and I knew you would never... I, I... erm, I really want to talk about this, but could we go somewhere else?"

Sara nodded happily, "Your place?"

"Our place." Felicity corrected without thinking, only to blush furiously again.
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