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Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

I am always looking for feedback about my stories, both what you liked and dislike. If you would like to, please comment in this story, message me in discord @RTMinotaur or send an email to [email protected]

Going Away Present
Starring Alexandra Daddario
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Tit job

 “Hey babe!” Cary said as the camera spun around the room.”Gimme a smile!”

The image on the screen stopped on a girls back. He zoomed out to show her black hair waving as she moved her head from side to side. She had clearly been dancing before he interrupted her. The girl just ignored Cary as she continued to dance so the camera zoomed out again. This time it was wide enough to show that she was only wearing a long t-shirt with her legs bare. The t-shirt rode up body as she stretched her hands up in the air; a hint of butt cheek showing. She spun around in a circle and a half and stopped in front of the camera, pointing at it. Alexandra Daddario had a look of shock on her face and she pulled the air plugs out of her ears.

“What the fuck Cary?! You can’t just film me whenever! Is that thing on?” She shouted at him.

“Would you believe me if I said no?”

“No for several reasons. One, no one who has to ask that question is telling the truth. Two, I can see the fucking light!”

Alexandra turned around to throw something at her boyfriend but nothing was immediately to hand. She felt the bread knife was an overreaction. Alexandra turned back around and looked down the lens of the camera.

“You're so lucky!”

“I know” Cary said as he panned the camera up and down her body. “You look amazing on camera.”

Alexandra smiled as she strode towards Cary, her eyes full of mischief. She stopped after cutting the distance between them in half and looked around the room to ensure the coast was clear. Alexandra bit her bottom lip as she looked Cary up and down.

“You're gonna miss me, huh?” Alexandra asked to which Cary responded by nodding the camera. “I mean four months in Beijing sucks when you could be in my bed!” Alexandra commented as her voice grew softer.

Cary nodded the camera again to signify his agreement. The job was too good to turn down even if meant being away from his actress girlfriend. When Alexandra went away on location, Cary would be able to go out and visit her. That wasn't an option this time due to the solid amount of work and the films she had been contracted to do.

“I guess this could be a nice going away present (roll credits) for you. But you better password protect it!”  She said as she pointed at him.

“I'm an IT Consultant. Of course it'll be secure.” Cary said as he zoomed in on her face.

“Good boy.” Alexandra said as her face became more seductive. “Let me see it!”

Knowing what the raven haired beauty wanted, Cary dropped his free hand and started to slide his joggers down his legs. When he felt them drop, he hooked his thumb inside his boxer briefs and lowered them enough to allow his semi erect cock to pop out. The sight of Alexandra in any state of undress was enough to excite him and his cock always responded to her. Alexandra licked her lips as she looked at his nine inch cock, she was always happy to see his cock and, despite her initial shock, she was more than ready to have it.

“Mmm, that's so pretty.” Alexandra said as she licked her lips. “But what could be making it so hard?”

A smile came across her lips as she grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt and started to slide the material up. First she revealed the material of the thong; the front was high cut to show how shaved she was and the material pressed against her mound. She held up the top to show her flat stomach. Alex had worked hard over the last few years in keeping fit and she was now showing some abs. It was very sexy to see the raven haired beauty so confident. As the hem reached her breasts and showed some under boob, Alexandra stopped and looked up at the camera. A mischievous smile came across her lips and spun on her heels so the camera faced her back. The actress threw the t-shirt across the room so her bare back was exposed. Cary didn’t take long to drop the camera down and zoom in on her thong clad rear.

“Such an underrated ass!” Cary said causing Alexandra to shake it and giggle.

The actress reached her hand around and gave her booty a slap. She turned her head around to peer at the camera with a bright smile on her face.

“Ready to see them hunny?”

Cary nodded the camera again and Alexandra spun around with her arms held out wide. Her large breasts wobbled as she stopped but they remained as good as ever. Her nipples were erect and looked good enough to suck. Alexandra could see the look on Cary's face and walked up to him; the gap only big enough for her large breasts to rest comfortably. Alexandra took the camera and held it pointing to her breasts. Cary's face came into view for the first time as her took one of her nipples in her mouth and sucked down on it. Alexandra started to moan as she felt Cary's tongue move around her sensitive nipple.

“Oh my God, this tongue feels so good.” Alexandra.moaned as she zoomed the camera in to his tongue making contact with her pink nipple.

“Wait until it reaches further south.” Cary commented before swapping over to the other breast.

“Oh yeah!” Alexandra acknowledged. “And you will find a nice surprise.”

Cary bit into Alexandra's nipple causing her to yelp out. It was followed by a giggle and a moan as Cary sucked on her nipple hard before the screen cut to black.

The screen shot back to life to see Cary kissing along Alexandra's thighs. The actress, who was holding the camera, moaned as she felt his lips making contact with her thighs. Her large breasts bumped into view as she squirmed on the spot. The actress’s heavy breathing was picked up by the microphone as Cary looked up and smiled at her, his fingers moving along her thighs as it headed to the straps of her thong.

“You ready for this babe?” Cary asked as he gripped the strings.

“Mmm yeah.” Alexandra replied in a soft voice. “My pussy is so wet for you.”

“Ha ha, I can smell. You have such a sweet smell.”

“Less talking, more tasting!”

Alexandra zoomed the camera into her boyfriends face as he started to lower the material from her body. Slowly by surely, more of her pelvis came into view with no hair being shown. A smile came across Cary’s face as he slid the thong down her legs to see that her pussy was completely bald. Alexandra had kept hair on her pussy for a long time despite knowing her boyfriend preferred it bald, she liked the look of landing strip leading down to her tight pussy. Cary took a deep breath to take in the smell as he shot a look at the camera where his girlfriends eyes were located.

“You’re so good at giving me a little treat.” Cary said as he looked down at her slit. “My turn.”

Cary lowered his head down to her pussy and licked along her slit, causing a moan to come out of Alexandra’s mouth. Cary went in close to her pussy so the view was obscured by his head, his head was clearly bobbing up and down as he started to pay his attention to her pussy. Knowing the view wouldn’t make a great video for him later on, Alexandra spun the camera around to show the pleasure on her face. She smiled with her eyes half closed as Cary continued his work on her pussy, more pleasure going through her body. He always knew how to pleasure her so her orgasms were always overwhelming.

Alexandra opened her mouth as a high pitched moan came out and her eyes were closed. The camera moved down to her body slightly and her large breasts came into view, her nipples still very erect from the horniness that ran through her body. The camera moved up to her face again and a wicked grin was awaiting. She zoomed out the camera so both her face and breasts could be in the same shot before biting her bottom lip. She knew she looked sexy for the video and she knew what would excite him even more. Alexandra scooped up her right breast and pulled it up to her mouth, the raven haired actress stuck her tongue out and licked along the sensitive nipple.

Alexandra giggled as she let go of her breast, allowing it drop down, and she blew a kiss to the screen. She knew she had done enough to tease him and wanted to concentrate on her own pleasure. Alexandra moved the camera down towards Cary who continued to attack her pussy with his tongue. Her moans started to get louder as her boyfriend continued to pay attention to her clit and her body squirmed underneath his head.

“Oh my God Cary, you’re so good at this. Make me cum! Please make me..” she moaned before it turned into a breathless scream.

The camera rested on her flat stomach as Cary peeked up to show his tongue pressing hard on her little button. As Alexandra started to run out of breath, Cary let his tongue roll off her clit and licked down her slit before penetrating him with her tongue. Her pelvis shot up into his mouth causing the camera to tumble as Cary continued to mouth fuck her pussy. Luckily, Alexandra was able to slide the camera around to see the top of his head.

“Hold the camera, I wanna see you as you cum.” Cary said before returning his attention to her clit.

Alexandra grabbed the camera and fumbled as she moved the camera to her face, a clear shot of her breasts heaving as her breath got more erratic as she got closer to her orgasm. Alexandra’s face was full of pleasure as the camera rested as on her face, Cary still running his tongue along her clit. She zoomed out the camera so it rested on her face and breasts as the actress closed her eyes and opened her mouth, the moans becoming screams as her orgasm beckoned. The moans of ‘Oh yeah’ and ‘Oh God’ got louder and more high pitched as her face contorted and her legs trapped her boyfriend in position. Alexandra screamed out loud as she pushed her crotch into Cary’s face, the orgasm taking over her body and allowing her breasts to slide towards her head.

The camera rolled out of her hands and landed on the bed before rolling over upside down. Only the skin on the side of Alexandra body could be seen as the sound of kissing traveled up her body. It was quickly followed by the sound of two people kissing.

“That was so good, your tongue is amazing!” Alexandra said.

“Only seconded by your breasts.”

There was a sound of a hand hitting the camera and the screen dropped to black.


The screen lights up to the noise of a shower running but the camera looking at a wall. Suddenly it gets picked up makes it way to the shower. The door opens to the large space and Alexandra Daddario naked under the stream of water. Her back is to the camera but her voluminous breasts are still visible past her side. She was running her hands over her body and and hair so the camera zoomed in on her ass.

“Look at that booty, God damn!” Cary muttered causing Alexandra to laugh.

The actress reached her hands around and slapped her wet cheeks hard so a red mark was left. She held her cheeks apart slightly to give a little tease of her asshole before turning around and the camera had a close up view of her shaven pussy lips. Her fingers rubbed her visible clit slightly before sliding her fingers up her body. The camera followed them all the way to her mouth and watched as sucked on her two fingers to suck in her own juices. As the camera zoomed out, she draped her index finger on the lower lip and pouted sexily to the camera.

“So I’ve had my pussy licked so… maybe…”

Alexandra dropped to her knees and rolled her finger to invite Cary to come closer to her. The taller man walked to her and the camera looked down at her view, her pert breasts pointing at him. Alexandra moved her view from him to his cock and moved her hands behind her back.

“Please fuck my mouth baby.” Alexandra said as she shuffled closer to his cock and opened her mouth wide.

With his free hand, Cary moved his cock into her mouth and allowed his girlfriend to clamp her lips around it. As it secured around his appendage, her started to move his hops to hump her mouth. Alexandra shot her bright blue eyes up at the camera as Cary thrust quickly into her mouth, her head starting to bob with it. She loudly swallowed the saliva that was pooling up in her mouth as Cary’s length moved in her mouth.

“Oh shit Ally, your mouth is so nice and warm. I wanna cum in your mouth.”

Alexandra raised an eyebrow at this before moving her hands from his back to his ass. She held onto his cheeks as she thrust more into a normal blow job and Cary moaned out loud as she started to deep throat him. His knees started to feel weak as she swallowed his entire length while her breasts jiggled with the movement. As he was getting closer, Alexandra released his cock from her mouth.

“Cumming in my mouth is all well and good but…”

“But?” Cary asked as he, and the camera, looked down on her.

“Why don’t I put these to good use?” Alexandra asked as she held her breasts together.

He took a step closer to her and allowed the girl to grab hold of his cock.She moved the large length between her breasts and she pushed them together to clamp around his appendage. With a smile, Alexandra started to slide her breasts along his length causing a deeper moan to come from his mouth. Her large breasts were so firm on his cock that it caused him to moan out loud at the pleasure he was receiving from them moving along his skin.

“Fuck, you’re good at this babe!”

This caused Alexandra to smile and laugh as she moved her breasts along his cock. She moved them as quickly as she could to jerk his cock and put as much pleasure in him as she felt when he had licked her pussy.

“You close hunny?” she asked.

He nodded the camera as she continued to jerk his cock as quickly as she could. Alexandra moaned to play up to the camera as Cary got closer. She could feel his ball tighten as he got ready to cum. She had had numerous facials from him in the past but she loved it when he came on her breasts. As the cum started to move along his pipes, she released his cock from her breasts and pointed it right at her globes. The first shot of white landed right in the middle of her cleavage and sunk into the gap between her breasts. She moved the cock around her breasts as Cary came and allowed her breasts to be covered by his orgasmic liquid. She released his cock as she looked to him after he finished and smiled at him.

“Why don’t you knock it off and come clean me off?”


The scream knocked on with a close up of Alexandra’s face. The actress is smiling as there is a faint sound of licking which caused her to let out a slight moan before looking back. There was big shot of her cleavage as she did but her breasts remained planted on the bed. Alexandra returned her view to the camera and smiled again.

“You’re so good at teasing my asshole with you tongue.” Alexandra whispered to the camera. “I know you’re hoping you’ll get your dick in there soon!”

Alexandra winked at the camera before she dropped her head to the bed and moaned at the attention that Cary was giving to her rear end. She looked at the camera again with her face full of pleasure before pushing herself up. She rolled over onto her back, revealing her entire tight body to the camera, and looked down at Cary.

“I wanna fuck babe. Hold this and fuck me!” she commanded as she passed Cary to the camera.

He looked down the lens and gave it a shit eating grin as he waited for Alexandra to get in position. He turned the camera around and pointed it down to her pussy as his cock head pierced her lips. She moaned as she slid his cock inside her, the purple head disappearing into her slit. In comparison to Cary thrusting his cock into her slowly, Alexandra tried push her body down to take more of his cock inside of her.

“Come on baby, don’t be tight. Fuck me.”

The camera moved up her body from the flat stomach and large breasts to her face, it was full of horniness and a naughty edge came across her that hadn’t been there all night. Zooming out, you could see Alexandra’s breasts bounce with every thrust now that the full length of his cock entered her.

“Why don’t you rub your pussy Ally? I wanna hear you scream as you cum!” Cary said as his spare hand popped into view and pulled on her left nipple.

Alexandra yelped out loud as she felt him pull on her nipple but her hand moved down her body, the camera following, and it started to rub her clit. The circular motion matched up with the stabbing motion of the thrusting Cary’s hips were doing as he fucked Alexandra. Her moaning started to get louder as the fucking continued and she continued to tease her clit. Sweat started to build up on her forehead and the camera caught her eyes closed as she concentrated on enjoying the pleasure that was flowing through her body.

Usually they fucked doggie style to end their love making but the position of Alexandra on her back and Cary on his feet allowed a good angle for him to access her g-spot. The actress changed her hand movement from a circular rub to gently hitting her clit, a different kind of pleasure matching up with her fucking. The camera wandered up her body to show Cary’s hand squeezing her breasts with some force. This wasn’t gently foreplay anymore, this hard attention being given to Alexandra’s sensitive breasts and the smile on her face showed how much she was enjoying herself.

“Come on baby, let’s cum together. Cum in me while I orgasm!” Alexandra moaned as she started to become more high pitched.

“Okay, hold this then.”

Cary handed Alexandra the camera which she immediately aimed the lens at the sight of his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Cary moved both hands to her hips as he increased the speed of his thrusting into her. The actress rested the camera on her chest so the sight of his cock came through the valley of her large breasts. He hammered into her pussy as her moans got louder and her entire body rocked.

“Ohh yeah, ohh yeahh, so… ohh.. So close..” She moaned

Her words started to get lost in her throat as the moans turned into screams. The orgasm started to hit her body as she tightened her thighs against his hips and Alexandra screamed at the top of her lungs. Cary didn’t slow down as his girlfriends juices coasted his cock as he filled her pussy. His grunts got louder as and his thrusts got longer as Alexandra continued to moan, feeling more pleasure in her pussy being pushed to its limits. Cary raised his lower body off of the bed as he made a final thrust before shooting his load into her. He flung his head back as his cum filled up her hole and the orgasmic pleasure took over him.

He held her there for 30 seconds before dropped her back onto the bed and pulling his cock out. His appendage was glistening with the combination of his own cum and her pussy juices and he smiled at her.

“Now that is a going away present Alexandra. I’m already looking forward to seeing you when I come back.”

Alexandra laughed his reply and gently kicked him in the stomach.

“Why don’t you prove it and get the wine? We can have the romantic part of the evening now.”

Cary smiled as he walked away to leave the room, Alexandra wolf-whistled as she saw his ass on the display. When he left the room, Alexandra turned the camera around and looked at with a big grin from the recent orgasm.

“I hope you enjoy this video sweetheart, I enjoyed making it with you.”

She stood back up and walked over to the full length mirror to give the camera a tour of her body. She started at her feet and moved up her legs to her glistening pussy. It held there for a moment before moving up to her large breasts and she gave them a quick squeeze. Finally she half turned her body to show off her ass to the camera.

“And when you come back, you get my ass.”

Alexandra gave the camera a wink before turning off the camera.
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Re: Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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Great work RT I love the titty fucking but that rimming was a real treat.
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Re: Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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Alex seems like a very underutilized beauty, so it's always nice to see her pop up. Great work.


Re: Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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Nice story, good to read about Alex again.


Re: Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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I wanna make love to Alexandra after reading this!


Re: Going Away Present w/ Alexandra Daddario
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An extremely hot idea for a story that was very well executed on.  Great job! 

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