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New Years Masquerade
Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Becky G, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Stella Hudgens
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Cheat, Anal
By MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and a work of fantasy
It was New Year’s Eve night and I was in a tuxedo walking up the driveway to Vanessa Hudgens’ house for her New Year’s party.  Actually the invite called it a “Eyes Wide Shut New Year’s Eve Bash”, with a strict dress code of “black tie for the guys and dress gown optional for the ladies” with masquerade masks being provided at the door.  I really had no clue what she had planned or what to expect, other than a lot of Vanessa’s celeb friends would be there, there would be a ton of booze, and the whole thing would be loads of fun. 

The reason I got the invite, despite not being anyone famous myself, is that Vanessa and I had been friends for a long time and that we had many of the same friends.  You see my father was an executive for the Disney Channel back in the days of Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical, and so after school I was always hang out around the sets. Being about the same age as many of the stars we became friends and grew up playing together.  And as we all matured, our type of playing also matured.  Honestly towards the later years of those show, the amount of sex happening offset with the stars of the ‘wholesome’ family comedies would shock most of middle America, and I was right there to enjoy it.  I recieved my first blow job from Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale was the first girl to have me go down on her, and I lost my virginity to Emily Osment.   

One of the few female stars I never hooked up with was Vanessa Hudgens.  Maybe it was because she was a few years older, maybe because she always tended to have a boyfriend, but for whatever reason nothing sexual ever happened between us. Over time, she had banged a lot of my male friends and I had slept with most of her close girl friends (if you believe her sister I’m the first guy she ever sucked off) but despite all that and the two of us being very flirtatious with one another, we’d still only remained very close friends.

That’s how I found myself walking up to Vanessa’s front door wearing a tuxedo and a coat. Ringing the bell, the door opened up and while she had a mask on I instantly recognized Vanessa in a tight spaghetti strapped silver dress.

“Brian!” She yelled out and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.  “Come with me, I’ll show you where you can put your coat and grab you a mask.” She lead me upstairs into one of the guest bedrooms. I took off my coat and threw it on the bed with the other coats.  Turning back to Vanessa, she took me by surprise, grabbing me by the back of my head and pulling me down into a passionate kiss.  I kissed her right back and while it felt like we were making out for a while, it was probably only a minute or two before Vanessa pulled back.

“Wow, the girls weren’t lying, you are a pretty good kisser.” Vanessa said as she walked over to the dresser and picked up a mask for me.

“Thanks. Nessa, I’m not complaining, but, what the hell was that?” I asked in total shock in my voice.

“Ha” she laughed “So I decided to that my New Year’s resolution for 2018 would be to try and do all the things I have regret that I didn’t do in that past.”

“And not kissing me before was one?”

“No, not fucking you before was, but it’s still 2017 right now.  So, as soon as people leave the party tonight after midnight, I’m going to hump your brains out.” She said as she sexily strutted back to me.

“Wow, okay. But wait, isn’t your boyfriend here?”

“Yeah, Austin is downstairs, but one of his Christmas gifts this year was a hall pass for tonight.  My guess Stella is going to give him a hell of a work out tonight.”

“I...okay.”  I was having trouble wrapping my brain around all the info I had just received.

“Here put this on.”  She handed me my mask.  “And things may get a little wild tonight, but try to keep yourself under control and save up you strength for me after the party. Trust me, I’m worth it.”  Vanessa then gave me a wink and left the room.  I took a seat on the bed, and went over everything that had just happened.  After a minute or two, it finally clicked in my brain. I’m finally going to have sex with Vanessa, and that gave me a big broad smile.  I quickly put my mask on and went downstairs to join the party, now full of happy energy.

I walked around the party making small talk with people as some of the other guests were still arriving.  I could recognize some of the others at the party who I knew well (Stella, Sammi Hanratty, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, and Debby Ryan), but with everyone dressed up wearing those masquerade masks, it was hard to identify everyone.  After about 30 minutes Vanessa had everyone gather around her in the living room.

“I want to thank you all for coming tonight.  2017 was kind of a crappy year, so I thought what better way to start 2018 than with a great big party full of fun people and close friends.”  Vanessa spoke to the crowd for a few minutes letting them know where the bars in the house were and were the food was, and then she had everyone turn in their cellphones.  Some moaned, but this had become a common occurrence at parties in Hollywood, so everyone did it.  When all the phones were turned in, Vanessa spoke again. 

“Now, I know some of you were wondering what I meant on the invitation when I said dress gown optional on the invite. Well, THIS is what I meant.”  With that Ness pushed the thin straps off her shoulders and her silver dress quickly fell and pooled at her feet.  She now stood in front of all her friends wearing nothing but heels, a mask and a smile.  “ I got the idea from watching Eyes Wide Shut last month.  So, ladies, if you feel like staying dressed and just mingling, go ahead.  If you feel like spending the night in the nude like me, go ahead. And if you feel like fingering, sucking or fucking someone in the middle of the party, go ahead… as long as it’s consensual of course.”

Most of the people were speechless, and I am sure most guys were like me downloading the image of Vanessa Hudgens’ flawless naked form into my memory banks. Of course I’d seen, and beat off to, Vanessa’s nude leaked pics before, but damn she looked better in person.  No one really knew what to do next, the exception being Stella Hudgens and Sammi Hanratty who both quickly slid out of their dresses and joined Vanessa in putting their nude bodies on show for everyone.
It took some time but eventually the awkwardness dissipated and the party started back up.  People acted like nothing was out of the ordinary, even though slowly over time several more women, like Ashley Benson and Sarah Hyland, had ditched their dresses.  I had not seen anything sexual occur until I was on my way to the bathroom and passed the living room.  I noticed a decent sized crowd watching something. I could hear people talking but I still was not sure what was going on as I approached the group of people, but I soon found out.  Being taller  (6’2”) in Hollywood had its advantages. Since so many actresses and even actors on the short side I always had an easy time looking over groups of people. Now as I looked over this group I saw a naked Sammi Hanratty making out with a naked Stella Hudgens as Stella rode the cock of some guy (with the mask on I couldn’t tell who he was other than he was probably hispanic) reverse cowgirl style. It was hot watching Stella ride some dude as her good friend felt up her titties as she made out with her.  Everyone who was standing around watching couldn’t help but become aroused.  Almost right as I began to watch one guy apparently had enough of just watching, as he took out his hard dick and walked up behind Sammi.  He slapped her ass a few times with his dick, asking if she’d mind helping him out.  She didn’t even say anything, she just turn around and dropped to her knees and began sucking him off, to the delight of all those who watched.  I would have liked to have stayed and have watched more, but after 4 rum and cokes the bathroom was calling my name.
After I finished my business in the bathroom, I opened the door and was stepping out when I was quickly shoved back in.

“Hey Brian” Ashley Tisdale said as she closed the door behind her, “it’s been a while.”

“Hi Ashley, how you been.”

“Pretty good” Ashley then dropped down to her knees and reached for my pants.

“Whoa, Ash.  Isn’t your husband here?” I asked as she now had my pants undone and was pulling my cock out.

“Yup he’s downstairs.”  She said as she began stroking me.

“So, should you be doing this?”

“Well, last time I saw him he had his dick in Stella’s mouth. So we should be fine.”  She then licked the underside of my cock from base to tip.  “Besides, isn’t me blowing you more or less how we say hello to each other?” She said before taking my head between her lips.  She wasn’t wrong.  She’d given me so many blow jobs over the years, it was practically how we greeted each other.

“You got me there,” I said as I put my hand on the back of her head and worked my cock in and out of the former Disney Channel actress.  She really did give quite wonderful blow jobs, it’s surprising to me she hasn’t been able to land more work purely from blowing casting people.

“God, I’ve missed this” I moaned as she flicked her tongue across my balls.

“I know what you mean.  If Nessa hadn’t told me you were off limits tonight I’d bend over that sink and have you screw me for old times sake.”

“She told you to stay away?”

“Oh yeah, she has plans for you. Now hurry up and cum so we can get back to the party” Ashley demanded before she started deepthroating my dick. While some women have had some difficulty deepthroating me, Ashley was not one of them.  I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat.  I’d been getting BJ’s from Ashley since I was 16 and in that entire time I’ve known her, she has never had any semblance of a gag reflex.  She went at it with full effort for another 3-4 minutes before I finally blew my load down her throat. Just like always, she swallowed the whole load without ever spilling a drop  Before heading back to the party Ashley gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me give Vanessa’s vagina hell. I responded by giving her ass a slap and told her if her husband ever fails to live up to his husbandly duties in the bedroom I’d more than happily fill in. 

Outside the party was now in full swing.  The party was getting loud and more rambunctious as the alcohol was really starting to flow. There were people dancing in the living room, and  in the kitchen Debby Ryan was doing body shots off of a naked Aly Michalka.  Meanwhile on the counter Vanessa Hudgens was sitting with her legs spread and her head tilted back as Sarah Hyland ate her pussy out.  It wasn’t wasn’t much of a shock to see the Modern Family star do this, since it was pretty much an open secret that Sarah had gained so many high profile celeb friends by going down on them whenever they wanted, and being really good at it.
Feeling a bit parched, I wandered over to the bar and got a new drink.  As the bartender fixed my bacardi and coke I wondered what kind of nondisclosure forms these guys had to sign to work at a party where you had celebrities walking around nude and performing sexual acts right in the open.  After grabbing my drink I took a sip and scanned the room.  Over in the corner I noticed a average height latina and a tall blond, whom I immediately recognized as Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.  Me and Selena went way back so I walked over to go say ‘Hi’ even though I knew Taylor hated my guts.  Taylor saw me as someone from her good friend’s wild past, and was a bad influence on a more tammer Selena.  It also didn’t help that the last time we’d seen each other was in Taylor’s dressing room.  She  just walked off stage at the end of her concert, and I had Selena bent over her dressing room couch with my dick lodged in her ass.

“Hey Selena, how are you? And Taylor.”  Both women still had the dresses on, Selena with a silver dress with a deep neckline showing off a lot of cleavage and Taylor with a red more conservative dress though it had a high slit so she could show off her legs.

“Ugh, what do you want?” Taylor said with disgust in her voice.

“I just came over to say hi.”

“Yeah, whatever. I should have known a creep like you would have been at a party like this.”

“Honestly Taylor, why do you hate me?”

“Because, Brian, I don’t think you’re a good person.  I get you two know each other from when you were growing up, but I don’t get what Selena sees in you.  It was people like you that caused Selena’s life to spiral.  If it weren’t for me who knows where she would be now.”

“Oh my god Taylor, really?” Selena said feeling insulted by her friend.

“What?, It’s true.”

“First off” I said speaking up for myself, “Outside of maybe a little weed every now and then, I didn’t do any drugs, so I’m not the one to blame for that stuff. And as for what she sees in me, I image this has something to do with it.”  With that I unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick.  “Maybe you should bend over and hike up that dress.  A good fuck might do you good, or at least lessen the bitchy attitude.”  As I spoke with my dick hanging out of my pants Selena was biting her lip looking right at my crotch, while Taylor tried her best to ignore it, but she would occasionally glance down and look at it.

“Yeah, well...like...ummm” Taylor was trying to come up with a good comeback but was failing.  “Screw you Brian!  Come on Selena, we’re leaving.”  Taylor grabbed Selena’s arm and pulled her away as she walked.

“Fuck you too, Taylor.  And see ya Selena, have a Happy New Year.”

“Bye Brian” Selena said looking over her shoulder.  “It was good seeing you again” she said as her eyes dropped down to my crotch one last time before she was out of the room.
I began stuffing myself back into my pants when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Wow. I remember the days when if a guy like you whipped out their dick in front of Selena she would have been on her knees sucking it in no time flat.”

I turned around and saw two dark haired latinas walking towards me.  The one talking I recognized as Demi Lovato thanks to the tattoos on her arm. The other I did not know.  She was shorter than Demi, and a whole lot bustier.  “Those were the good ‘ole days” I said in response.

“For you maybe. Those were also the days that as soon as Selena got you hard I would have had her stop so I could do a line of coke off your dick.”

“Damn, you Disney girls were hardcore,” the other girl said.

“You don’t know the half of it.  Demi, who’s your friend,” I asked.  The girl extending her right hand to shake mine while lifting up the mask with the other to show me her face.

“Hi I’m Rebecca, but I go by the name Becky G” she said giving me a big bright smile.

“I’m Brian, and you are absolutely gorgeous.”  I said as I lifted up my mask to give her a peek at my face.

“Aren’t you sweet.” Becky said as she lowers her mask back down.

“Be careful, he’ll charm that panties right off you,” Demi jokingly warned Becky.

“That won’t be an issue. You can’t charm off what’s not there,” Becky said as she looked me over once again.  “So, were you guys really that crazy back in the day?”

“Things were pretty innocent the first few years but towards the end those dressing room trailers at Disney were full of sex, drugs & debauchery by all the actors and actresses.”

“Yeah and Brian here was the lucky beneficiary of many of those said actresses needing a good hard cock to fuck.”

“So you two hooked up back then?” Becky asked.

“Oh yeah, I still remember the first time we did it.” Demi answered Becky before turning to me, “Do you?”

“Are you kidding? How could I forget.”  I then began to tell Becky the story.  “I was walking around the sets, I was supposed to meet up with Tiffany Thornton, when I came upon Selena and Demi in one of the bedroom sets.  They were both naked on their hands and knees facing each other and making out while two of my dad’s work friends stood on either side of the bed fucking them. It’s too bad they didn’t make cameras on phones as good then as they do today.  I would have recorded that scene and treasured it for life”

“I bet you would have, you perv.” Demi teased

“Really you were both screwing some Disney execs?” Becky questioned Demi.

“Well, we were young and dumb, and they said they could get us some roles in real feature films, not just made for Disney Channel ones.”

“Which they couldn’t” I interjected.

“Well, I know that now,” Demi continued.  “Anyway duffus over here knocks something over while watching us. The the guys screwing us see him and they immediately pull out, pull up their pants and run off leaving Selena and I naked and horny as hell on the bed. We’d known about Brian from some of the other actresses, so we told him to strip and get on the bed.  He did, and he did a more than adequate job satisfying us that night.  Since then we’ve been known to hook up every now and then”

“That’s so hot.” Becky G practically moaned. It was obvious that listening to the story had definitely gotten the little latina’s juices flowing.

“And that day, I got to be the first guy she let fuck this thick ass of hers.” I said giving Demi’s ass a loud slap.

“I didn’t let you, you just took my ass. He fucked both me and Selena.  Selena tells him not to cum in her and he shot his first load all over Selena’s tits and face. Then when he is fucking me doggystyle and he says he’s getting close, I tell him not to cum in my pussy, we were 16 and I thought I’d get pregnant if he did.  So anyways, after I said that he pulls out and without any notice he jams his big dick into my virgin asshole. I start screaming out in pain, Selena’s laughing, and he just starts pumping in and out of me like it’s no big deal.  Fast forward to 3 minutes later I’m cumming to the feeling of him shooting his load deep into my ass.”

“Really, you did that to her without any warning?” Becky asked me.  “You know it’s not nice to just stick your dick into a girls’ ass without knowing if she’s into that kind of thing first.  By the way, I’m totally fine with it.” Becky said, dropping a not too subtle hint.

I shrugged “It’s not my fault. I was young and took a shot. With Selena, she was on her back and after watching her fantastic tits shake as I had sex with her, of course that was where I was going to cum.  With you, we were doing it doggy style, you have a nice ass, and I had just had anal for the first time a little before that day, so I went for it.  Besides,” I turned to Becky,  “2 days later Demi here invited me to her house to watch a movie and had me pounding her asshole not 10 minutes after I arrived.” 

“You know” Demi pondered, “I never asked, who was the first girl you had anal with?”

“I’d done it with Jamie Lynn Spears at a party like 3 weeks earlier.”

“I should have known.  We Disney girls may have been sluty, but those Nickelodeon girls were freaks.”

“Yeah, they were.” I agreed and then finished off my drink.

“Sooo...ummmm...can I see your cock?”  Becky asked me.

“What was that?” I asked not sure if I heard her right.

“Can I see your cock?  After hearing those stories I want to see what the hype is about.  Besides, it sounds like I might be the only female at the party who hasn’t seen it.”

“That math sounds about right” Demi jokes.

I gave Demi a dirty look, then turned my attention back to Becky, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Deal!” she blurted out, almost even before I finished what I was saying.  She reached behind and unzipped her dress then pushed it to the floor.  Like the others at the party, Becky now only had on her heels and her mask.

“Wow” I said as I looked at her.

“Damn girl” was Demi’s reaction.  We both were amazed at the pint sized girl’s body. While she may be the same size as Ariana Grande, Becky was thicker and more curvy.  Her breast looked to be about the same size as Selena’s, though on her shorter frame they made her appear to be more stacked.  Becky also looked to be totally hairless with the exception of that on top of her head.

Standing with her hands on her hips Becky looked at the two of us checking out her nude body. “Alright, your turn,” she said.

As if on autopilot, I undid my pants and exposed my dick while my eyes continued to scan Becky G from her hairless pussy to her perky breasts.

“Not to bad” Becky said as she looked at my exposed crotch.  I was half hard and started stroking myself to get me harder.  Becky then took a couple steps closer, “It almost looks good enough to taste” she said as she dropped to her knees.  She didn’t waste any time.  As her knees hit the ground my dick went in her mouth.  She used both her hands to stroke my shaft as her tongue danced round the head of my cock in her mouth.  As Becky blew me Demi squeezed up next to me and we began kissing.  Looking up Becky popped my cock out of her mouth.

“Demi, you want a taste?”

“No, he’s all yours tonight.  I can always arrange something with Brian later if I develop an inch I want him to scratch.” Becky shrugged and went back to blowing me.  I was all set to go back to making out with Demi, but Demi had other plans. Walking back towards the bar she too, stripped out of her dress, and then jumped and sat on the bar counter.  Dipping two fingers inside her twat, she began playing with herself as she watched Becky suck me off.

“Shit, Becky that feels amazing but we gotta stop”  she looked up at me with a disappointed look on her face as I pulled out of her mouth “I need you bent over that counter.” Becky’s look of disappointment vanished as she jump up onto feet and scurried over to the bar.

“Damn, well I guess there is no question if you’re latina or not.” I said as I saw Becky G’s nude ass for the first time.

“Oh yeah? If you like that, watch this” she said as she grabbed onto the bar just to the left of where Demi was seated, bending at the waist and sticking her ass up, she began twerking.  I watched hypnotically as her ass shook.  Many of the former Disney and Nickelodeon chicks had gone on to music careers and while they have all learned how to move their bodies while performing, none of them could move their hips like Becky could. Nor did many of them have the ass to match.

“Yeah girl work that ass,” Demi said reaching down and giving her ass a squeeze.

“That is impressive” I said, giving her other cheek a slap before grabbing Becky forcefully by the hips.  Demi then reached down, taking my cock and lining it up with her friends pussy.  She ran my cock along the singer’s moist folds before I eased forward and into Becky.  No surprise that her pussy was tight as hell and strangled my dick as I entered her. It took some time to loosen her up but soon I started fucking her, and Demi went back to watching and fingering herself.  As I pummeled her pussy Becky moaned and yelled out some stuff  in spanish when I hit her G-spot.

“How’s that cock feel?” Demi asked.

“Oh god, it’s good. He’s not the biggest I’ve been with but damn he hits all the right spots” Becky replied with a huge smile on her face.

Reaching around, playing with Becky’s tits as I fucked her.  They really did remind me a lot of Selena’s, big but not too big and also had very little sag to them. As I tweaked her nipples I looked over and watched Demi play with her pussy as she watched me fuck.  Soon Demi and I were looking into each other’s eyes, and that’s when and idea hit me.  I let go of Becky’ breasts and pulled her arms back behind her.  I then gave Demi a little head nod, and she understood instantly. She slid over in front of Becky and once she was in place I let go of the Yellow Power Ranger’s arms and shoved her face forward in Demi’s pussy.

“Oh! Oh shit! Wow, someone’s DEFINITELY done this before.” Demi said as Becky hungerly ate her out.  The three of us stayed in this configuration, with me fucking Becky from behind and Becky eating out Demi, for several more minutes. 

“TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT!” we heard being yelled from the other room.

“Jesus, I’m close to cumming,” I said.

“Hold off a bit, it’d be so hot to cum right at midnight” Demi commented.

Pushing Demi’s hand off her head, “Don’t cum inside me… I ran out of birth control a week ago” Becky said while trying to catch her breath.  I looked at Demi and raised an eyebrow.  Demi caught on quick, smiling and giving me a nod.  With a minute to go before midnight I pulled out Becky’s pussy and jammed it into her tight asshole.

“Fucking hell. Aww shit! Guess I should have seen that coming” was all Becky had to say as I began fucking her ass before she went back to eating Demi’s pussy.  While trying to stave off my own orgasim, I felt some relief as I heard people begin to countdown in the other room.

“10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3” I then reached out and grabbed Demi’s face, pulling her towards me for a kiss as I pushed as much of my dick as I could into Becky’s asshole.  “2..1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!” And with that the three of let go and all simultaneously came at the stroke of midnight. Demi broke off our kiss as her head rocked back in a silent scream as Becky actually screamed into Demi’s shaved twat. I simply grunted until I empted everything I had inside of Becky’s ass. When it was over I finally over I pulled out and Becky's legs buckled dropping her down to her knees. With her down there I offered her my half hard cock which she happily licked clean.

A minute or two later, the three of us were still just trying to regain our composure when Vanessa walked into the room with a tray of champagne glasses.

“What the hell happened here?” she asked.

“You missed the fun” Demi said.

“Hopefully not too much fun. I have plans for him later.”

“I can go again” I said as I took a glass of champagne from Vanessa.

“You better.  You two can do whatever you want the rest of the night” she said as she he handed Demi and Becky their glasses, “but he needs to recharge that dick starting now.”

The party went on for a couple more hours.  By the end of the night, most of the women had lost their clothing.  Some did just to show off their bodies, others took place in the debauchery.  I stayed out of it and just watched the action from the sidelines, however that was not made easy.  When it became known to other women at the party that I was off limits for the rest of the night, some of them did their best to try to tempt me.  Nevertheless I made it to the end of the party, and by 3:30 most of the guests had left. Some were passed out on couches and chairs, and Stella & Sammi had dragged Vanessa’s boyfriend out to the pool house.  I was starting to clean up, putting glasses into the kitchen sink.  From behind me I heard.
“You. Clothes off. Up stairs. Five minutes” Vanessa told me from the kitchen door frame, still only dressed in her heels and the mask.

“Fine But you, mask off, heels on.”

“Deal” and with that, she was gone.

I put down the glasses that were in my hands and quickly started to undoing my tux as I made my way to the stairs. By the time I stepped into Vanessa’s bedroom, I was stripped nude carrying all my clothes in my hands.  Vanessa was on her bed, on her side with her torso being propped up by one arm. 

“There you are,” she said in a sultry voice. I dropped my clothing  to the floor fully exposing my nude body to her for the first time.  “And there he is. Ummm... just like everyone described.”  I walked toward the bed and Vanessa crawled towards the edge.  When we closed the gap, we began making out.  As our tongues danced in and out of each others mouths, I had a hand drop down to play with her breast and while hers dropped to my cock.  I had plans to originally go all out with foreplay and make everything last, but that plan changed as soon as we kissed.  After about a minute of making out, I grabbed her hips and lifted Vanessa up a bit and tossed her back on the bad.

“We can skip the foreplay. I think we’ve put this off long enough” I told her as I got up on the bed.

“Fuck yeah, just stick it in me!” Laying on her back she grabbed the back of her knees lifting her legs up while going full spread eagle.  I moved between her legs and moved them up on top of my shoulders.  I tapped my dick on her clit a few times and then ran my head along the outer lips of her dripping wet pussy.  Vanessa let a moan escape her lips as I pushed inside of her.  I slowly eased in and once I had my whole dick inside of Spring Breakers star I just paused and took in the feeling of her pussy around my dick.

“Ummm… your dick feels so good inside of me,” She moaned.

“You feel amazing too. I think 2018 might be my favorite year ever.” I told her. Finally I pulled out a little bit and then slipped back in.  I slowly built up speed and tempo, but soon me and Nessa found our rhythm. I was really enjoying listening to Gabriella Montez scream for me to fuck her harder as I folded her up.  All the work she had done doing pilates and yoga really showed off as I had her legs up above her head now as I jackhammered my dick in and out of her.

“Holy shit, I can’t keep this up much longer.” I announced as I tried to slow down my impending orasim.

“In my mouth. Cum in my mouth!” Vanessa cried so I pulled out and stood up on the bed.  “I’ve been hearing stories from Ashley for years about her swallowing your load, its my turn now.” The High School Musical star said as she got to her knees and took hold of my cock.  She wrapped her mouth around the tip of my cock and jacked off the shaft.  It did not take long for me to shoot my seed into my good friends awaiting mouth.  Unlike Ashley who swallows as my load shots inside her mouth, Vanessa was collecting it all in her mouth.  When I was done cumming my cock slipped from her mouth and she opened up wide showing all of my jizz inside of her mouth.  She used her tongue to swirl it around, and then swallowed it and reopened her mouth to show it was all gone. 

“Fuck that’s hot” I said as I laid down on her bed.  It was also oddly enough the same move her younger sister does which made me wonder if it was a move Vanessa had taught Stella or it was just a move that came naturally to the Hudgens girls.

“God that was good.” Vanessa said as she flopped back down and laid next to me.

“So, did I live up to the hype?”

“Fuck yeah, and then some.  God, why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“Good question.” We just laid their sitting next to each other in silence for a little while, and then I rolled onto my side and faced her.  “You know, if you’re serious about doing things you have regret not doing before, I still have access to the Disney Channel sets.  We could go their after hours some night and fuck each others brains out at all the places we would have done it had we be fucking back then.”

Vanessa rolled over and faced me, “That’s probably going to take more than one night to do. I mean there are SO many places we probably would have done it.” Vanessa said, with her voice dripping in innuendo.

“You’re right.  It may take multiple nights over the course of several months.  But, being the good friend I am, I am willing to sacrifice my time for you to accomplish this goal.”

“How noble of you” She mocked me.  “In all seriousness though, that is an interesting offer.  Tell you what, if you can get hard and fuck me again I’ll think about it.”

“Oh I can get hard again.  Though sometimes my dick is like a N64 game cartridge, you need to blow on it to get it started.”

“Oh really? Let’s see.”

Sliding down to my waist she took hold of my half hard cock and then actually blew air on it. This made me laugh, but the joke was over as she then closed her lips around my cock and began sucking me.  She was very sloppy using a lot of spit to lube up my cock for her hand as she stroked me hard.  Vanessa wasted little time getting me primed.  As soon as she had sucked me to full strength, she pulled my cock from her mouth and sat up to straddle me.  She slowly sunk her body down my hard pole and worked herself up and down, riding me.  I used one hand to hold onto her ass cheek while my other hand played with her tits.  I started to sit up to suck on her nipples, but she pushed me back down.

“Nah-un. Forget my tits. Spank me.”  Laying back down I gave her ass a playful slap.

“I said spank me. Come on HARDER!”  I gave her ass another slap, this time with my dominant hand.

“Yes again!” She cried out and  I slapped her harder.

“AGAIN!” she yelled and I spanked her again.  This repeated a couple more time.

“Stick you finger in my ass.” She demanded while gasping for air.


“Do it! Do it now!”  Following her instructions I jammed my index finger into her tight little ass hole.

“YEEEESSSSS!!!!!” GOD YES!” She screamed as she came.  I continued to thrust into her as she came. I was getting close to my own orgasim when she collapsed on top of me.  With her going limp and my ball close to exploding I rolled her off me and onto her back.  Looking down on her I decided rather than finish inside of her, I was going to do something I had always wanted.  Getting up on to my knees I crawled up towards the head of the bed

“Nessa, you know what I’ve always wanted to know.”

“What’s that?” She replied in a happy but tired voice.

“What that pretty face of yours would look like covered in jizz” I said as I began to jack off.

“Do it” She said as she pulled her hair back “Paint my face with your cum.  Come on Brian I need it” she pleaded moving her face over more so it was just inches from my cock as I masterbated.  Soon enough I exploded sending shots of cum across her nose, cheeks and chin.  The entire time we maintained eye contact with one another.  When I was done I slumped back down onto the bed.

“So do I look as you thought I would with your cum on my face.”

“No. You look way better.” I told her.  She soone got up to go wash her face while I stayed in bed and eventually fell asleep while I waited for her to come back.
I woke up in the morning with a goan.  While my eyes were shut, I did not need to have them open to know what was happening.  I could feel bed shaking a bit, and I had a warm tight wetness sliding up and down my morning wood.  I was enjoying the feeling so much I didn’t want open my eyes, but I did start to slide hands up her body.  Moving up from her bouncing thighs, which felt thicker than I thought they should, then slid up her waist and stomach, coming to a stop at a pair of larger jiggling breast.  I had thought this whole time it was Vanessa waking me up with some morning delight, but as soon as I felt those tits I knew it was not Nessa.  Opening my eyes up I saw it was Vanessa’s younger sister enjoying herself as she rode my cock. 

“Stella, what..” before I could finish what I was going to say, Stella covered my mouth with her hand.  Glancing over to my side I saw the naked back and butt of Vanessa laying next to me still asleep.

“Shhh… just be quiet and enjoy” she told me, and so I did.  While I did not want to wake Vanessa up, I was not going to pretend like I wasn’t enjoying having sex with her sister, and the idea of getting caught made it that much more thrilling.  I played with her breast as she grinded herself on my dick. With me now awake, Stella started to go harder, fucking me with more force, which made the bed shake more and more.  Soon there was no holding back and she was fucking me as hard as she could.

“Stella! What the fuck!” Vanessa yelled, apparently the shaking bed had finally woken her. “Wasn’t me letting you screw my boyfriend last night enough?!?”

“No. I’ll admit Austin got some great stamina, congrats, but come on, Brian has a nicer cock,”  Stella said to her sister never really slowing down as she rode me.  “Also, consider this pay back for Eddie.”

“Eddie? That producer with the horse cock? That was months ago!”

“So what? Consider us even.”

“Whatever.  Where is Austin now?”

“He’s fine. Last I saw him he was still handcuffed and blindfolded in the pool house, and Sammi was getting him ready for one last fuck before she leaves.”  Based on her casual attitude and the fact she never stopped humping ,e for a second, I believe that this was Stella’s plan all along.

“Relax sis, want me to eat your pussy?” I almost instantly shot my load when I heard Stella make that offer, and she must have felt my dick jump inside her. “Ohhh feels like Brian likes that idea.”

“Stella, no! How many times am I going to have tell you that that shit is wrong. Us kissing is one thing, but having sex on with each other is another. We’re not the fucking Jenners.”

“You’re no fun” Stella pouted.

“Then sit on my face” I suggested to Vanessa. “I didn’t get a chance to taste you last night.” Vanessa thought about this for a moment, and then without saying anything she sat up and then straddled my face and dropped her crotch right on top of my tongue.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” Vanessa moaned as I ate her pussy for breakfast.

“He’s good, right?” Stella asked.

“Fuck yes.  How, how would you know?”

“Remember last year, on your birthday, Brian and I were late for your party? It’s because we were 69ing in the backseat of his car.”

“Your both such sluts.” Vanessa said, and then the conversation stopped as we all got lost in our own pleasure.  While the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves I was having the time of my life fucking one sister while eating the other out.  I tried at one point to switch us around and move into other positions but the girls had me pinned down and they were not going to move until we were finished.  Even when I tried to warn the girls I was about to cum, I just ended up yelling into Vanessa wet twat before firing my load into Stella’s. Stella came soon after that, followed by Vanessa who doused my face as she came.  After that we all unraveled ourselves on the king sized bed.

“Thanks for the warning you were going to cum inside me, I wanted it on my tits.” Stella said, half joking half complaining as she layed on her back playing with her cum filled pussy.

“Blame your sister. I tried to say something, but I was muffled by her muff.” Vanessa punched me in the arm after that comment.

“You should be glad I’m clean shaven and don’t have a muff or you’d be coughing up a hairball right now.” Vanessa joked

“So sis, since your the reason I’m stuffed full of jizz, care to eat it out of me?”

“STELLA!” Vanessa yelled at her sister.

“Fine. I’ll go see if Sammi is still here.”  Stella said as she rolled off the bed and then stormed out of the room.  After watching her ass disappear from view, I turned back to Nessa.

“So how long has she been into incest?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She caught her watching step sibling videos on Youporn a month or so ago and ever since she has been half joking us hooking up whenever she gets drunk. I almost expect expected her to try and get me drunk one night and then the next morning wake up to us naked spooning in the same bed...  Can we not talk about this?”

“Okay… it would be hot though.”
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