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Drug Trials: Chapter 6: Control
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Neither person said anything for several moments. Rather they just stared at each other until Avril broke the deafening silence.

"What do you mean 'go off Curvoma'?"

"I mean she needs to stop taking it." Jade replied. "It's starting to affect her."

Avril stared at her blankly, "It's affected me too." She flexed a bicep and pointed at her crotch.

"I know that," Jade rolled her eyes, "but this is different. Megan seems to be losing touch with reality."

"Losing touch with reality?"

"Yes. A few months ago, Megan was having some sort of daydream. She came without touching herself."

"Okay, that's impressive but.."

"A few weeks ago she said needed to get back at Lauren Cohan for what she did to her."


Jade cut her off again, "They've never interacted; professionally or otherwise."

Now Avril was concerned. "What else?"

"Did you watch E! yesterday?"

"No I avoid that crap." The blonde paused, "Wait, weren't they here the other day?"

Jade nodded. "They were; Maria Menounos and a film crew were here interviewing her. Later Maria got a private tour."

"Okay, that's fine but..."

"Here watch this." Jade went to the room's computer and pulled up a video of the interview. Avril watched as it played back, her eyes searching for any details. It quickly became apparently that Megan was having several lapses in her responses. It appeared she just faded out for a short while then continued on like normal.

"What's going on?"

"I'm not sure, but I did notice this." Jade moved the slider to a particular spot and played the video. Megan's eyes fluttered briefly as she stopped mid sentence. Her hands immediately went to her crotch and stayed there for awhile. After several seconds she picked right up again as if nothing happened.

"Did she just orgasm?" Avril asked.

"I think so, but I found no traces. She might be covering it up."

"How could she be covering it up?" she was referring to, of course, the copious amounts of cum Megan unloaded with each orgasm.


"Oh." Pause. "They make them that big?"

"Avril, focus. For right now we can't do anything, just keep an eye on her. Though I may get in touch with Scott. He said the next try of Curvoma is ready."

"What's this one do?"

"Don't know, we just need someone picked out." Jade closed up the computer. "Remember, nothing for right now."

"Got it." Avril sighed as she left the room. Life was becoming more complicated. Feeling uncertain, Avril realized she needed to think;

she needed advice.


Avril emerged from the locker area ready to work out. After her brief discussion with Jade she needed to get her mind focused. It used to be music did that, but now it was working out. So, clad in a blue polyester sports bra and tight black pants with a white towel around her neck, she headed into the gym. Lately when Avril needed to think she came here. Ideally, she was hoping to let off some steam and get some advice from the resident trainer. However, it didn't seem like she was around. The clanking of weights did announce to her that someone was here.

"Hello?" The blonde got no response and decided to investigate further. She no sooner turned the corner and came upon Jamie Lee Curtis pumping away on the ab machine.

"Oh hi!" Jamie welcomed Avril in with a smile and wave. "I thought I'd be all alone here."

"Ummm. Hello Ms. Curtis." Avril was suddenly very nervous. A star of Jamie's caliber here?!

"Please, it's Jamie."

"Alright then Jamie." The blonde approached carefully, the situation felt surreal. "Is Colleen here?'

"She had to run off," Jamie grunted. "Some emergency to attend to."


Jamie came back up, the weights rejoining the others with a loud crash. "But you're not here for that. You wanted advice."

Surprise was evident across Avril's face. "Really? You can tell that?"

Jamie nodded as she wiped the sweat off her face. "Of course. By the looks of your body you don't need fitness advice. Maybe I can help."

"I wouldn't want to impose I mean..."

"Ah screw it, just spot for me." Jamie left the ab curler and went to a bench press setup. Already a number of weights were mounted as the older actress slid on the bench. "So what's up?"

Avril never expected Ms. Curtis to be this casual. Nevertheless she stepped behind the bench to spot; an idea of what to say forming in her head. "Well you see..."

"You have this friend." Jamie finished as she pulled the weight down.

"Yes," Avril responded completely missing the clichéd opener, "and she's well getting addicted to something. I want to stop her, it's in her best interest to stop her, but I don't know what she'll do if I confront her about it. I'm sure she'll deny it and all. And I just don't want to damage our friendship."

Jamie listened to Avril's nervous rambling as she pumped the weights. The elder actress was becoming acutely aware of the situation."So you think she'll hate you for stepping in?"

"Exactly!" Avril strained as she helped Jamie get the weights back up. "Is this too much for you?"

"Nope! Lately I've been feeling great!" Jamie began another set. "I don't know if it's the weather, the workout or just working again."

Avril groaned internally. I bet I know what it is. She noticed it immediately with Lindsay when they met, and again with Melissa after they fucked. Studying Jamie's body, Avril realized it was the same thing. A little brown was coming back into her hair. Her chest, which Avril recalled was always large, seemed a little fuller despite gravity's pull. Everything else seemed to be firming up. Jamie didn't get a large dose, but it was obvious that she got some Curvoma laced cum.

"Are you listening?" Jamie asked, her face straining in effort.

"What? Sorry I zoned out for a minute.

"I said: Ultimately, you have to do what's best for you." Jamie paused, setting the bar back on the rack. "It's cliché but you can't force the horse to drink."

Avril thought it over in her head. That is true. I can't force Megan off the pills. I'll survive this. Her thinking was interrupted by a hand on her crotch.

"Gah!" She tried to back away but the older actress had a firm grip on her package.

"Oh that is real!" Jamie purred. "And here I was thinking you were just mocking me; dangling this in my face."

"Ah, let go!" Avril continued to pull away but Jamie's grip held fast.

"Why? Do you not like it? Your dick says yes." What Avril failed to realize was that when she was spotting her crotch was just inches from Jamie's face. As she assisted, blood traveled down to her member causing it to plump up. Her thorough inspection of the older actress didn't help matters. By the time Jamie grabbed her, Avril's engorged cock was sticking out like beacon.

Now she was using her position to pull that erect member towards her. "Mmmhmm. Yep, come to me."

Avril stopped struggling and leaned in closer. Her body leaned against the weight bar; letting her erect member dangle right in Jamie's face. Jamie, for her part, let her grip relax. Her hands glided around the cloth covered cock as if she was taking mental measurements.

"I heard rumblings about this, Jamie purred, "I had to see it for myself."

Avril mumbled something as the older actress continued to feel her up. It was a bit odd considering her laying position, but with the sensations her hands provided she wasn't going to complain. After what seemed like ages of this tease, Jamie finally reached up and pulled down Avril's pants. Now that she saw the 7 inch member jutting from Avril's crotch Jamie let out a whistle.

"Quite impressive there." A hand slipped lower and cupped her balls. "So firm too."

"Thanks, but I have nothing on Megan." Avril admitted. This inspection was making her a little self-conscious.

Jamie made no comment on Megan, but her face changed slightly. "Nonsense. There's more to it than just size."

Avril groaned as Jamie massaged her cock with one hand. "In fact, let me show you."

The older actress scooted a little and leaned up. Her tongue dashed out and dabbled at the droplet of precum forming at Avril's slit.

"Lean down." Another command. One Avril easily obeyed. As she shifted down Jamie was easily able to take in her shaft. Her talented tongue slid along the underside while her hands did their own thing. Each one acting with a different purpose. Her left continued to pull at the blonde's shaft. Her right hand pulled at her sack, gently squeezing Avril's nuts; making her knees weak. At the same time Jamie's middle and index digits traced the folds of her sex.

"Ooh. God!" Avril held onto the bar in a death grip. Anything less and she'd tumble to the ground.

"I thought you'd like that. Now come up here." Jamie gestured and the blonde obeyed. She was positioned just over Jamie's face, her testicles and womanly sex hovering right over her. "Now down."

Avril lowered herself and was rewarded immediately. Jamie buried herself in Avril's sex. Her tongue and teeth both working in harmony to please the singer. Avril herself had to reach behind herself and hold on the weight bar. There was no way she'd be able to stay upright, especially if Jamie kept tonguing her cunt like she was.

Jamie shifted and brought her hands up around Avril's shaft. She felt, rather than heard, her gasp as she took hold of the member. Her hands started their work; pumping her shaft with vigor.

Avril grip tightened as her legs wobbled. The last thing she wanted to do was tip over. Yet as the waves pleasure built up in her brain, all her higher functions were steadily shutting down. Jamie was way too good at this. Avril vaguely wondered where she learned this all.

It would be quite the sight if anyone saw it. Avril holding on for dear life as Jamie Lee Curtis ate her out while simultaneously pumping her shaft. There was little the blonde could do but keep her footing.

The first shot came as a surprise to Avril. Her cock bucked and let loose a long stream of cum over Jamie's body. The stream hit with a splat right over Jamie's crotch. It was quickly followed by a second and third that did the same. Each shot walking a little higher on the sexy older actresses' body. Avril's toes arched as she rode her orgasm. The last shot dropped straight down, landing just between her partner's tits. At the same time her cunt was clenched and unleashing a spray of juices into Jamie's willing mouth. The starlet easily gobbled up this honey.

When she was satisfied Jamie moved out from under Avril. The younger singer plopped down on the bench, immediately soaking it with her juices. She couldn't speak, only watch as Jamie scooped up cum on her fingers and licked it off.

Avril leaned heavily against the weight bar. Her body was sore from her exertion. Who knew that Jamie could be so commanding and confident. It also seemed like she forced the cum right out of her. Their post sex reverie was shattered abruptly before either could say anything.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing!" Colleen was back, and as usual she was screaming bloody murder. "What did I tell you about fucking in here!"

Avril sighed and leaned against Jamie for protection from the raging Brit. "We're in trouble now."


*Next Day*

"Ms. Fox?"

"Yes Jade?" Megan looked up from her computer, a small pair of glasses perched on her nose.

"Reading glasses?" Jade asked, suddenly distracted.

"Fakes. I want to try them out. Do they make me look more sultry?" The real reason she wanted to try them she kept to herself. That was of course Lindsay in her nightmare.

"Not possible." The assistant paused, "Though you do look naughty when you chew on the earpiece like that."

Megan put the glasses back on. "Thanks,what can I do for you?"

"Scott emailed us. He said Curvoma-D is ready for testing."

Megan shot up out of her seat. "D? What happened to C?"

"I don't know. I've already written a response for your approval." Jade made a gesture on her tablet and the window appeared on Megan's tv.

The boss scanned it briefly. "Approved. Do we also have a candidate list?"

"We do. It's in your inbox."

"Fantastic, I'll go over it and decide if anyone needs a...personal consultation." Megan smirked.

"Just let me know and I'll arrange it."

"Excellent." Megan sat back down at her desk as Jade left. Yet, something was nagging in the back of her mind. I was Curvoma A, Avril was B. We have D coming...who the hell got C?

She couldn't worry about that however as she felt a lurch from below. Quickly, she got up and went to her private bathroom. Megan pulled at her skirt revealing her cock. The bloated member was leaking. A drop of cum was forming at the tip; threatening the ground below. She aimed for her shower.

Megan pulled at her member, tugging at it really. Her goal was simple: urge it along so she could move on with the day. It wasn't always this way. After starting Curvoma she noticed her mind would wander a little bit. Maybe she'd stare at a butt too long, or at the joyful wobble of boobs on a treadmill. Megan dismissed it as hormones; she had some much coursing through her it was bound to cause problems. Megan assumed it would die down when everything stabilized.

Yet, things got worse. Jade walked in on her having some sort of daydream. A daydream that felt way too real. Megan had a sickness induced nightmare. Then there was the E! Interview, her brain pictured Maria on the table screaming in joy as Megan's thick cock fucked her stupid. She came without touching herself.

Megan was, of course, in denial about the whole thing. She prescribed herself frequent sex and everyone seemed to oblige. Lindsay in particular was rather spirited in helping; even if she didn't know the real reason.

Back in reality, Megan was pumping her cock with all her might. A bevy of beautiful babes marched before her eyes; all of them performing a synchronized strip tease for her enjoyment. Selena Gomez was wiggling out of thong when Megan came. Her cock released several long spurts that slammed against the shower wall. Jizz went flying all in all directions as each shot splashed against the tile wall. Fortunately none came close to hitting her.

As she came down from her orgasmic high,she realized something. Megan may have to face the facts. Her brain was becoming addicted to pleasure, and she was hardly one to deny it. She had to beat it before it took over.


"You did WHAT!?" Megan stood up so fast her chair bounced off the window behind her. Miley across the desk seemed unbothered.

"I drugged him."

"I heard that." Megan voiced quieted but she was still standing. "Why did you drug him!?"

"He was a little douche and I wanted to take him down. He broke the heart of one of my friends so he had it coming." Miley just looked at her fingernails, inspecting each one.

"Fine. That's great, how'd you do it?"

"After our airplane encounter I ran into Amanda Bynes. She told me she got some pills that'll make her like you. So when she wasn't looking I snatched a few." Miley explained, gesturing to her body. "He thought he was good enough for this, but I slipped him a couple of those pills instead."

"Do you know what those pills did to Amanda?" Megan's eyes narrowed.

"Nope. That wasn't my concern."

"I...go...just go..." Megan waved off Miley from her office. The faux blonde shrugged and left.

When her door closed Megan let out a long sigh. Staring at the ceiling she contemplated what Miley did. Do I try and damage control this? Scott is going to kill me. Megan resumed her seat and hit tapped her phone. "Jade, put Miley's work on hold and find Lindsay for me."

There was no response but Megan knew Jade was on it. Several minutes later the futa had calmed down when the door clicked. The redhead came walking in; her face concerned "You sent for me?"

"I did. Take a seat. A question I had wondered about for awhile just got answered."

Lindsay took the seat across from Megan. "Okay?"

"So when you found Amanda's stash it was supposedly a full 3 month supply. That's 90 pills." Megan explained, "Subtracting from when we think she got them that left 67 pills. Yet, when we counted there were only 63 pills. So where'd the 4 pills go?"

Lindsay gulped nervously fearing she might have discovered her slip up, but fortunately Megan was looking out the window at the city. "Did she not know the dose or..?"

"I thought she knew, the bimbo has enough brain cells not to OD on experimental medication, but Miley Cyrus stole the other 4 pills at one point."

"She didn't take them did she?"

"I'm sure we'd notice...or not with that girl." Megan turned to face Lindsay, "No, she used them to drug Justin Bieber."

"She did WHAT!?" Lindsay stood so fast her chair flew back, hit the carpet behind her and fell over.

"I had the same reaction." Megan stated, "Regardless, that explains his recent behavior that Miley has capitalized on."

"It does explain it," Lindsay cocked her head to the side. Miley was in a position to capitalize on him being out of the picture. That bitch wants power. Slut. "Why'd you call me then?"

"I'm under a lot of stress." Megan ran her fingers through her hair. "Between some uncooperative stars, demanding studios, not to mention a host of other issues, I feel that I'm ready to burst."

Lindsay licked her lips as she maneuvered around the desk. "Mmm hmm, and you were hoping I could offer some stress relief."

"It would be helpful."

"Mmmm...and I'm more then happy to oblige." The redhead was on her knees now before Megan; her hands reaching for the belt cinched around the dickgirl's waist. Once the the belt was unfastened, Lindsay gave the smallest tug to Megan's outfit. The material fell away as her cock surged into the fresh air. It bobbed happily now that it was free from its fabric prison.

Lindsay hands wrapped around the dick delicately probing it. "My my, you are ready to burst."

Megan groaned as Lindsay licked at her fat shaft. A trail of saliva following her tongue. When she was satisfied, the redhead came back to the head of the cock and started to lavish attention upon it. Her hands were done probing; instead they wrapped around the member and started pumping.

Lindsay extracted the head from her mouth. "Help me with this."

Megan complied as Lindsay sucked down her shaft. Her hands sensuously sliding down her body until they joined Lindsay's on her thick shaft. With a degree of effort, the pair started to pump. It was rough going at first; each person decided to go a different direction. Then Lindsay took over.

"In-out, in-out. There we go." The pair synced up and Lindsay returned to sucking down the cock.

It was always fascinating to watch Lindsay go at it. The redhead had turned cocksucking into an art form. She'd let a few inches slip in, then out. Her tongue with glide along the underside. When the shaft would enter her throat she'd manage to do this bobble that seemed to tighten around the cock while simultaneously drawing it in. Once, she did it in reverse and Megan came right away; the sensations were too much for her to handle.

That wasn't to be the case today. Lindsay knew when to draw out an orgasm. She carefully bobbed with the shaft, never letting more than 6 inch in at a time. At the same time her hands continued to pull and work in a twisting motion; pulling and releasing the skin on her shaft. It made Megan feel inadequate with her own technique.

"Yes! Yes!" Megan cried out. Both sets of hands worked in unison; bringing Megan to the very tip of release. "Oh god yes! I'm going to cum!"

Lindsay nodded as if to say 'Do it! Cum for me!'. Her lips were still wrapped around the head and her hands pulled at the thick shaft, willing the dick to release its' sweet load to her waiting maw.

The redheads' cheeks bulged obscenely as Megan came. Every time she's swallow a shot another would fill up her mouth. Six shots followed that initial blast; each one steadily increasing in volume as Megan's orgasm continued.

Megan was a panting mess when her orgasm died. Her body was slick with perspiration yet her mind felt much more relaxed. The futa looked up at the ceiling and admired her form in the mirror. Yes, mirror; she had it installed after meeting Denise Richards. Despite looking absolutely exhausted Megan still drank in her own form.

Lindsay got knocked on her ass when she pulled free. Cum dribbled freely off her chin onto her shirt. She scooped up a small strand and sucked it down. "That ought to make you feel better."


Rain. So peaceful. Megan thought to herself while staring out the window. It was strange for her to do that but she felt contemplative this morning. The rain drops continued to hit her window. The sounds they made filled her office and relaxed the futa. She idly tapped her fingers on her armrest. Behind her the muted TV filled the room with its light. I need a vacation. Megan reasoned. Maybe I'm just pushing myself to hard with Foxy Productions.

A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts. "Come in."

The door creaked open and Jade slipped inside. "Umm, Megan?"

"Yes Jade?" Megan was still looking out the window.

"Are you okay?" Jade asked, her voice concerned.

"No I'm fine. I'm just thinking I've been pushing myself too hard. I always thought that dealing with all this as an actress was a nightmare. Now I'm looking at it from the other end."

"Is this about Miley? We can shift some things around so you don't deal with the big trouble makers. I mean if you want a vacation we can arrange that." Jade was a little hesitant to suggest it. She wasn't sure if vacation was the best idea. Before she could go further Megan cut her off.

"A little. I'm also having trouble concentrating. Some of the antics of our clients does wear me down." Megan turned to face Jade and closed that line of questioning. "What's up?"

"Ms. Curtis is here to see you. She has some requests of her own." Jade responded. In her mind though she was analyzing their conversation. Curvoma is taking its toll on her. Scott better come through.

"Ooh, send her in." Megan suddenly perked up.

"Alright, I'll also check up on your favorite vacation destinations."

"Thanks Jade." Megan straightened her outfit. "By the way, what did Miley do when you told her everything was on hold?"

Jade was near the door when she turned to face Megan, a smile on her face. "Before or after she flicked me off?"


"Later, after your client."

Megan harrumphed. "Fine."

The door barely had time to click shut when it swung open. Megan assumed it was Jamie Lee Curtis under that trench coat, but she wasn't certain. It did seem a little odd to her that Jamie would wear a trench coat, but the gentle pattering of rain against the window reminded her why.

"Ms. Curtis, it's good to see you again." She started to stand but was saved up by Jamie. "Please take a seat. I trust you find everything accommodating?"

"I have." Jamie stated as she slipped into the chair opposite Megan. "There's one thing I'd like to request however."

"Okay, I'm sure we can help you with that." Megan knew this chess game by now. The pieces were put on the table and the bargains were made. Each party sacrificed a few pieces and everyone walked away happy. Mostly. Megan mentally prepared herself for this, contemplating what Jamie might want.

"I'd like to pick my costars."

That was one thing Megan didn't expect. "You want to..."

"Pick my costars." Jamie finished.

"That's an unusual request, normally the studio does that." Megan was slightly baffled; she expected a production credit or executive producer. Not this.

"I'm aware, but I know you can get it done." Jamie offered, "Besides you already have me for another role."

Megan thought it over in her head. It was reasonable idea, but she didn't want to agree so readily. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Coffee if you have any."

The black haired boss eased out of her chair and made her way to the coffee machine. She tapped her fingers as the Keurig worked contemplating Jamie's offer. Behind her she heard her guest shift. "Can I get you some cream or...some...thing..?"

The coffee cup clattered to the ground spilling its' contents on the floor. Standing before Megan was Jamie. She was no longer dressed in that trench coat. Rather she was dressed in lingerie. If Megan was correct, it was the same lingerie she wore in True Lies.

Yet, most of Megan's higher functions turned off as she drank in the sight of Jamie. She was nearly naked save for the a set of black lace lingerie that barely covered her breasts and sex. If Megan could see Jamie's behind she'd see that the underwear disappeared into the crack of her ass.

"Why don't you take a seat?" Jamie sauntered up to the flabbergasted Megan and poked her in the sternum. "And unleash that beast of yours."

How Jamie knew she had a dick was beyond Megan's comprehension. She didn't really care at this point either. Megan hurriedly resumed her seat, positioning herself as Jamie began a dance. Her body rocked to a tune in her head.

Megan felt her hand drift to her crotch; furiously yanking on the zipper to her pants. The pressure was becoming unbearable as her member engorged; it was quickly winning the battle against her pants. The material strained in effort to hold back nearly 17 inches of girlcock. After what seemed like an endless struggle, which in reality was mere seconds, Megan won the battle between herself and the stubborn zipper.

With a grunt Megan pulled her erect member free. The massive shaft bounced once before she clamped both hands around it; slowly jerking it to the sight before her. Jamie was still dancing. It took on an even more seductive tone as she wrapped her arms around herself and gyrated.

Jamie turned and scooted back until her lingerie clad ass was mere milimeters Megan. Megan tried to lay a hand on her, only to have it rudely slapped away.

"No touching. That's the rule." Jamie moaned out while Megan groaned in frustration. The older actress turned and faced Megan. Even in the dimlight the dickgirl could drink in every detail. The lace top did little to conceal anything. Megan could see where her nipples pressed out against the fabric, her areola dark against her pale flesh.

How could she be so sexy, so confident? It made her a little jealous. Jamie was pushing 60, but how she moved, acted, even danced was like she never left her 20s. She grinding her ass against Megan's cock now. Megan groaned as she her rod bounce between each cheek. It even felt like Jamie was squeezing her butt against her member.

"Are you going to pump that for me?" Jamie asked. She had turned back towards Megan and was now sensually rubbing her body. One hand rubbed at her sex while the other massaged each breast in turn. A moan escaped her lips as she pleasured herself.

Megan was furiously pumping her cock. Her hands a blur across her member as she strove for release. She grunted as she felt it building. Megan admitted that she never had a lapdance, before or since Curvoma. It was undoubtedly sexy to watch a girl dance just for you.

It was a cheesecake shot that did it. Jamie was by no means the biggest girl, but she knew how to work what she had. She leaned over, hands on her hips. Her chest was thrust forward, squeezed together by her elbows creating a valley of enticing cleavage. "Do I get it?"

Megan didn't have time to get the words out. Instead, she came on a howl. Her dick seized up and unleashed huge spray of jizz. The first spray managed to land at Jamie's feet with a plop. Every following shot slowly walked back to Megan, with the final shot arcing gracefully before landing between her own feet.

Jamie sauntered up to Megan, a lone digit scooping up a dollop of cum. She offered it up to Megan; spreading it around her lips before extending the finger into her mouth. "Well?"

"Fuck you can have it." Megan said.



Avril's phone rang again on the nightstand. *Jade*

"I have to go." Avril said, clearly not wanting to leave the bed, and more importantly the occupant in it.

"Do you have to?" Melissa Rauch responded.

"I'm afraid so." Avril sighed. "Lots of things are going to happen."

Melissa and Avril were naked in bed, just cuddling each other. It was a rather sweet moment for them as they had both been busy. Melissa with a full day at work, Avril with all the problems of the week weighing down on her. There was a level of comfort they had with each other.

"Alright." Melissa pouted, yet let her hand drift south on her lover's body. "Time for just one?"

Avril giggled as Melissa's fingers tickled her midsection. The giggle quickly turned into a moan as Melissa stroked her soft penis. "Ooh, stop."

Melissa laughed and kept up her prodding. "What's wrong?"

Avril's dick was rapidly swelling. The futa tried half hearty to get her to stop. "Stop that."

"Make me." The blonde threw down the gauntlet which Avril readily picked up. She rolled grabbing Melissa as she went. The pair came up with Avril on top; Melissa pinned beneath her.

"We're going to play that game are we?" The dominant Avril said, a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"We are if that keeps poking me." Avril had Melissa's arms pinned, but that didn't stop her from gesturing at Avril's erect member. The beast was poking the shorter actress in the stomach.

"It's bothering you?"

"He's staring right at me."

"Let me put him away then." Avril shifted her weight and brought her cock down slightly. She then came back up and her cock slid neatly and completely into Melissa.

"Oooh yeah.." The blonde moaned out. "Much better."

Avril began to slowly rock herself. Her member slid along the length of Melissa's vagina. Her 7 inch tool just the right size for her lover.

"Yes, that's the stuff! Fill my belly!" Avril quickly realized that Melissa was a screamer. She loved to talk during and screamed when she reached her orgasm. The futa girl was more than happy to comply. She continued to rock her body; much like a worm. Yet her hips cause her large cock to piston in and out of Melissa's hungry cunt. Every thrust bringing an outpouring of support.

"Work the cock! Oh you drive it so deep!" Melissa shouted. She was able to match her words to action. Somehow she was clenching and massaging Avril's dick. "Ahhh!"

Avril grunted and abandoned her rocking. No it was time for something far more primitive than the gentle love making that was going on. She planted her legs and grabbed Melissa by the hips. She hoisted her up and began to thrust.

"Oh god." Melissa cried as Avril changed positions. She felt the length of Avril's member piston inside her. Each thrust bottoming out before pulling out all the way. Avril was a blur as she roughly pounded her lover. Sweat dripped off of her as her entire body worked to pleasing Melissa.

Avril grunted. She wasn't going to last long, and it wasn't just because of the pleasure. Melissa's boobs heaved dramatically as her entire body shook. They went as low as her rib cage before going up to her chin. Her milk laden mammaries threatened to choke her; they were going that high.

Wait was that milk? Despite the frenzied activity Avril swore she saw Melissa start to express.

"Yes! Give me your seed!" Melissa cried out as Avril unloaded. An ear piercing wail that rebounded off the walls and threatened to deafen her partner. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she became awash in her orgasm. Melissa's entire body stiffened as her brain shut down. Even as most of her higher processes were shut down, Melissa enjoyed the feeling of Avril's cock as it twitched and bucked inside her.

Avril panted as the last of cum was milked out of her cock; Melissa's pussy continuing to massage her member. She collapsed on top of her lover; their lips meeting again. The blonde rolled off, reluctantly withdrawing her deflated dick. The two sat in silence for a few moments, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking session.

Avril managed to look at her phone. Four missed calls. Surely she was in trouble with Jade now.

"Damn. Now I am late." Avril complained while Melissa giggled.

"Good. More time for me." The blonde began climbing on top of Avril to mount her again.


"This is dangerous you know?"

"Oh quite so, but if what you say is true then I have a solution." Scott responded.

"She's going to kill us if she figures any of this out." Jade said, an uncertain look on her face.

"Remember, only I go in there."

"Fine." Jade wasn't happy, but there was little she could do. Avril still hadn't responded to her phone calls. Deniability? Nah, hopefully she just got caught up with something. "How'd this happen?"

Scott put down his pen. "I had to do some digging but I figured it out. Curvoma A is what Megan got, it's very close to Kurvoma but has some added compounds."

"Added compounds?" Jade asked.

"Yes, and don't ask; I can't tell you. I'm not even supposed to know. At the time they introduced them to fix the plasticizing and pleasure problem. It worked but the side effect was Megan's cock." Scott sighed. "Turns out it was just a band-aid."

Jade abruptly stood; her anger evident. "A band-aid?!"

Scott remained calm. "Indeed, the B version that Avril has contains less of that compound and a different one. Hence why she has the muscles and a smaller dick. Yet, she isn't having the lapses in control that Megan is experiencing. I reason that Megan's formula inhibited the progression of the Kurvoma, but the effectiveness has diminished.


"Meaning," Scott explained "Before too long Megan might become nothing more than a pleasure receptacle."

"Damnit!" Jade punched the desk in frustration. This was all going terribly wrong. It can't end like this.

"What I'm going to do should help, but there may be unforeseen consequences."

"Do it. Just do it." Megan's assistant leaned back; all her energy spent. Scott was already out the door heading to Megan's office. Jade hit the desk again. "Fuck!"


A solid knock on the her door brought Megan's eyes up from the work on her desk. "Come in."

Megan was quite surprised when Scott entered the room. Even more so because Jade didn't announce his arrival. Where'd she go? "Oh hello Scott, I didn't expect you to be here so fast."

"Well, I thought it was important." Scott took the seat across from her. It seemed that he was studying her. It was rather unnerving.

Megan tried to press forward. "So I take it you got the list we sent. We didn't have time to vet everyone for you."

"Oh, it's alright. We made a decision." He took in a deep breath, and she braced for the worst. Please don't pick Rosie, please don't pick Rosie. "Megan I'm going to need all your Curvoma."

"What?!" The starlet turned agent looked like someone jammed her finger into a light socket. "What do you mean take my Curvoma? I have a contract!"

"It's necessary Ms. Fox." Scott seemed unperturbed by her outburst. Instead, he was digging through his briefcase.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?!" Megan felt her world shattering beneath her. Already her vision was red with rage. Far below, her cock swelled as if it too was angry at the thought of giving up its life giving medicine.

"This is why." Scott slammed a pill onto her desk. Even through her anger tinted eyes Megan managed to read the label. Her name was printed neatly. Just below were the words 'Curvoma-D'

"Oh." Her anger suddenly abated, Megan slumped back into her chair. She didn't even remember getting out of it. Her dick twitched between her legs; it seemed it was satisfied with this answer.

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