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Set Antics (Kate Upton)
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Story title: Set antics
Story by: Money
Celeb in story: Kate Upton
Story codes: MF, Oral, Titfuck, Anal

Story summary: Author has fun at celebs expense during a photoshoot in Hawaii while trying to keep her from partying too hard while they are there.
Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction I'm sure the celeb doesn't act like this in reality any feedback send it to rockcook5@yahoo.com now on with the story.

I was right dating a supermodel was fun I had no idea when I said yes to a relationship she would become the next "it" girl shortly after going all over the world we did enjoy hanging out during her down time the next photoshoot was somewhere around Hawaii. I ended up driving her to the location so she would actually make it on time instead of switching into party mode stepping off the plane. Almost nobody outside the photoshoot had any idea I had Kate Upton sitting next to me in the car.

"Since I can't stay around I'll keep myself busy and return in...6 hours." I said.

"Just don't be late." she said.

Describing Kate as a wet dream would be an understatement in the dark blue dress she was wearing her big tits were almost overflowing out the top of it.

"I won't be just make sure and have fun and don't get crazy." I said.

"I won't not like you can have a block party out in the middle of nowhere." she said.

"The last one did and you were in the mountains 50 miles from anywhere." I said.

"Fine but you owe me a shopping spree for this." she said.

We finally made it to the location between the fertile jungle and the foot of a volcano the shots were going to look fantastic anyway from the backdrops as Kate stepped out of the car a lighting guy tripped over his feet looking at her I could tell a few eyes were on me as I got a goodbye kiss before driving off.

6 hours later

"And I'm back." I said.

"Right on time." she said.

I didn't mind her stockpiling outfits it was fun seeing Kate's reaction when she got something really nice and rare this trip it was mostly bikini's so they didn't take up very much room in the car.
"Hotel or shopping." I said.

"Shopping, I'm not getting much the jetlag is starting to hit." she said.

For both of us it was like Christmas Kate tried on several outfits that hugged her body making me drool on the inside looking at her it wasn't torture sitting there I was too busy picking the hottest outfits that were the easiest to get her out of fast trying to help when she stepped out in a bikini so small 2 postage stamps and dental floss strung together would have covered more area.

"Oh this is a keeper." she said.

"If you want me to have a heart attack." I said.

"But what a way to go honey." she teased.

"No fair." I said.

I followed Kate into the changing room where she shoved me onto the changing table I had fallen into the busty blondes setup too easily I was going nowhere as she locked the door.
"Time for your wardrobe change...strip." she said.

"Hmmm, kinky...and I love you for it." I said.

It seems I was going too slow for Kate's needs as she pinned me to the wall ripping my shirt open and pulling my shorts down around my ankles letting my 24 inch cock spring free gripping it with her hands.

"Much better...and oh so big." she moaned.

"You always did like this look on me." I said.

I pulled her bikini off letting her big tits out as she started giving me a fantastic blowjob sucking down 8 of the 24 inches like a vacuum cleaner on high if I wasn't sitting down my knees would have buckled.

I picked Kate up impaling her on my 2 foot long shaft she nearly screamed but I had my hand over her mouth barely letting a squeek out she started sucking my fingers shifting our weight into the wall with a thud.

"If we get busted I'm blaming you." I said.

"The doors are locked only employees know we're here." she said.

With that logic I pumped harder making Kate's boobs bounce with a hypnotic sway she was holding on her dear life her legs spread wide open for me.

"This is beyond kinky." I said.

"You might split me in half with that thing." she said.

It was entirely possible it could happen before Kate I had ripped one open she survived but was ruined for life Avril Lavigne was a sweet girl and kinky but just couldn't handle 2 feet of dick.

"Sounds like a challenge to me." I said.

"Bring it on big man." she purred.

Kate was getting pounded hard she wasn't screaming she did bite my fingers not letting go it didn't hurt me but it might take a crowbar to pry her off.

"Can't hold out." I said.

"Me either." she said.

I unloaded what felt like a gallon of spunk into her pussy Kate's girl cream flooded out as the busty blondes eyes rolled back in her head.

"I think I have one more go in me." I said.

"Lovely I've got just the thing." she said.

Kate wrapped her boobs around my shaft giving me a titfuck that I wouldn't forget watching her blue eyes focus on me while trying to suck my dick just added to her hotness she was a busty beast going at it.

"I'd love to see how big those get after you have a baby." I said.

"Anything outside 55JJ and bras are out of the question." she said.

I knew she was teasing me but my brain had a crazy visual of the stacked blonde having bigger boobs like that staying focused was becoming a challenge.

"Fire hose is starting to throb." I said.

"Just a little more this horse dick should explode." she purred.

She wasn't kidding I could feel my dick ready to go off it was just a question of if I would survive watching Kate give me a blowjob and the bonus titfuck my brain was shorting out.

"Can't hold it." I said.

"Oh...hell." she said.

The white spunk erupted right in Kate's face at her forehead draining all over her hair and boobs in thick ropes a secondary load plastered her abs almost giving a look of a white chocolate bar being made.

"Oh man those jugs look amazing." I said.

"It's still coming." she said.

Kate tried her best but it was futile my orgasm was so intense the door to the changing room broke off the hinges from my grip dumping us on the sales floor the only employee a busty brunette looking at us then the mess she handed me a business card before heading back to get the mop and bucket.

"I think she just gave us her number." I said.

"Let's scram before she changes her mind from cleaning up." she said.

The next day

The photoshoot had moved to it's final location out on the beach which was a roped off section right outside our hotel room so Kate could literally walk on the set without me. I decided to hang back in the room killing time till I had an idea that flashed in my head to have some fun being on the second floor of the hotel I could see Kate clearly getting in various positions for the pictures when the cameraman changed rolls of film. Kate looked in my direction sometimes waving others blowing me kisses and such I took the opportunities as they came during during the roll changes I setup various gags where only Kate could see them just to get her worked up.

"And here we go." I said.

I had pulled up a chair from the room out to the balcony I was toying with Kate watching her making it look like I was jerking off I wasn't but had a 2 liter soda bottle and tablets just out of sight the railing frame was a solid piece so nobody could see me below the waist but I could still see over it as she positioned herself where I could see everything on a platter her ass looked fantastic. I looked right at her making it look like I was focused on Kate I got my hands on the 2 liter and a tablet waiting for the right moment when she looked my direction again I dropped the tablet in and threw my head back simulating a big orgasm the white carbonated foam went everywhere on the balcony before dripping off the edge as my phone started ringing I decided to play it up as much as I could.

"Holy shit baby I can see that from here hope your ok." she said.

"I'll...be...fine...took a bit more...than I...thought it would." I said panting.

Kate sounded concerned but went back to work continuing the shoot I went back into the hotel room where she could't see me in the kitchen and grabbed the 2 big honeydew melons out of the fridge fitting each in each hand I slipped back to the balcony spotting her looking for me so I gripped them like boobs placing them on the sliding glass door going up and down in a very sexual way before squeezing the fruit cracking them open and sucking some juice out my phone came to life with a text from Kate in capital letters "SO NOT FAIR". I could tell she was frustrated and getting turned on by my antics so I really had to ramp up my last gag to make her mind snap I went to the bedroom and grabbed the video camera we brought on the trip I waited until Kate was finished then sent a simple straight to the point text of "SEXTAPE BEDROOM NOW!!" I barely got to the door before she jumped in my arms knocking me on my spine.

"Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES!!" she purred.

Kate's bikini was an afterthought being tossed in the corner while I mounted her on the bed shoving my entire dick up her ass making her scream into the sheets.

"IT HURTS SO BAD DON'T STOP.....DON'T STOP!!!" she screamed.

"If you say so." I said.
I was pretty sure other guests could hear us a small part of my brain didn't care I was fucking a swimsuit model in paradise and she was getting off on it anyway.

"Grab my boobs." she hissed.

"On it." I said.

She was getting railed on every thrust holding onto her boobs helped keep her in place while I pounded away even though they bounced around Kate still sucked on them.

"Feeling so good." she purred.

"Good to know." I said.

Kate was bouncing on my dick now the loud grunts and sex noises could easily be heard 3 floors in both directions and outside a half mile she didn't care if we got banned for life from the hotel for this.

"Yeah fuck this stacked blonde like the slut she is with that horse cock." she howled.

"You asked for it." I said.

I was letting Kate have it not holding back for anything the pain in her ass was building to epic status yet she wasn't going to give in to it.

"So close...just a bit....more." she said.

"Almost....there." I said.

My dick exploded in thick torrents up Kate's ass flooding it with what felt like a gallon of spunk it kept pumping as the bed collapsed under the antics wood splinters and twisted metal across the room her abs showed an outline of my dick still spewing baby batter inside her.

"That was epic." she said.

"I'll need a vacation after this." I said.

A few weeks later

With all the sex we had from that point there was enough material around to leak a sex tape we kept most of the best stuff for ourselves to enjoy the media went insane for it Kate played it down and that just fueled the fire more she was going to be around for a while so that meant more traveling for me getting her to whatever she had to do.

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Re: Set Antics (Kate Upton)
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2019, 08:00:56 PM »
Loved this, it certainly lived up to all the expectations I've had. Love that titty fucking part. Kate was built to have a cock between those tits and you made sure to do it!  ;D

Thanks again, really appreciate having your stories on our site.
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Re: Set Antics (Kate Upton)
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Fucking awesome. Kate is the kind of voluptuous girl I knew you'd be able to handle in a story. Happy to read this today, cheers.  :D

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Re: Set Antics (Kate Upton)
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Great story, I love reading about Kate  ^-^


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