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Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:51:53 PM »
Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Queen Diana Troy
Alice Eve as Queen Cassandra Sandsmark

*This is the first story I ever put out and I've left it as is from 2017.

The world once knew of the Justice League, but like all things, it's now a brief glimpse in the long history of Earth. Timelines were altered, cities were destroyed and rebuilt, aliens invaded and people died. We fought against every adversary the universe threw at us, but we weren't always the victor. There are a few of us left; however, we are scattered and at odds. Taking care of humanity has been my greatest challenge and my greatest failure. We were unable to keep them from unleashing hellfire on themselves and I've long since returned to Themyscira to watch over my people as Queen.

Now, with the greenest most lush grass against my knees, I kneel at the edge of the Cliffs of Hippolyta and gaze out into the bright blue sky. The waves crashing below and the birds that sing will be music to my ears for eternity. One day, the Earth shall reclaim itself and Themyscira will cover all of the land in it's beauty. I smiled at the thought; a thought interrupted by faint footsteps.

"My Queen," a woman said. The footsteps were now accompanied by brushing leather and armored plates coming together.

"My love," I said quietly, reaching out and sliding her fingers against mine. With a tightening grip, I stayed true with my vision and dared not to look at her. "We agreed, time and time again, that you address me as Diana in private."

"Apologies, darling. It has been a...morning of tension and clouded mind."

I looked up towards my companion and smiled at my tall warrior. "Isn't that every morning?" I quipped. I tugged on her hand and bit my lip. "You know I become frustrated if I can't see your hair. Must you always wear that helmet, Cassandra?"

She shook away my hand without much of a struggle and removed the gorgeous piece from her head. I lit up like the Sun as the layers and layers of blonde fell out all over, landing just above her knees. Cassandra pulled them all together and settled them over her shoulder and across her chest. I smiled ear to ear and turned to face her. "Was that so hard?"

"Don't be rude," Cassandra huffed, sliding her hands onto her hips and looking down.

I realized my mistake and looked in front of me. "I didn't mean to be insensitive, dear," I said quickly, trying to remedy it.

Cassandra looked down to me and smiled, "I am positive that you will make it up to me."

As I was about to respond, she pulled the belts along her rib cage and near her shoulders and pulled her chest armor away. I feast my eyes on her glorious toned stomach. I felt a sudden shock rippling through my body as I continued up beyond her cleavage until I laid my eyes on hers; light blue and pure as our oceans. I flinched as the armor hit the ground unexpectedly.

I followed her hands as they came together at her waist and pulled the last belt. I could feel the heat building inside of me. My mouth was watering with anticipation. She has done this to me countless times, but it never fails to make me want to...explode. This gift that she was bestowed is a mystery to us both, but we have both embraced and appreciated this extension of mother nature.

Suddenly, she pulled the garb away and it sprung forth. I sat quietly as it shoved against my cheek. The warmth persisted up against my temple, into my hair and across the top of my head until it peaked towards the sky. I pushed my head up into it, my nose and lips brushing the underside with a light moan against the vein. "My goddess," I muttered out, my eyes fluttering open and shut.

"Good morning, my Queen," I heard.

My eyes opened wide and I let it go, pressing my lips into her skin.

"Yes," I mumbled, "It is a good morning."

I gave the underside another deep kiss and felt the tension Cassandra had mentioned resting against my chin and along my neck. "They feel exceptionally full," I said between staggered breaths, pushing my lips on them both.

Cassandra sighed and dropped the piece of armor to the ground. "You were busy last night," she told me, "Taking care of political matters. You were doing your duty."

I lifted my hands up to hers and intertwined them. I bathed the underside with my tongue until the large mushy top passed across it. "You're my duty, too," I said softly. I slid everything I could between my moist lips and swirled a mess of liquid with my tongue against her while tightening my grip. Cassandra latched onto my hands and I felt her push her hips into me.

"Ugh...my Queen," she sighed out.

Cassandra pulled her hips away from me and I tried as hard as I could to keep her inside of me until it popped out. I smiled and looked up at her with my own fluid dribbling down my chin. Cassandra let go of my hands and I immediately felt her power when she pushed them into my hair and grabbed my skull. I opened my mouth and revealed the building wetness inside and she groaned, pulling me where she wanted and pushing it in.

She wasted no time and more and more of what she had was gliding against my tonsils. She didn't stop until my nose was resting against her soft skin and her bloated sack was boiling against my neck. Cassandra grunted every time she pulled me away and pushed it as deep as she could. My hands rest comfortably behind her knees and I held on while she took control of her queen.

There was no turning back and Cassandra was past the point of no return. I felt the extra thickness building between my lips. She pushed them apart and the suction gave way and a globbed mess of her juices and mine bounced out across my chest and onto my legs. I looked up to see my love, but nothing but sweat covered breasts pushed together and her stomach pushing towards me.

"Oh, Diana," she groaned. Cassandra was attempting to give me everything harder and faster, but I closed my eyes and listened to the sweet sounds of her love plowing into me. The squishing and slurping between my ears was muffled, but so loud. "Diana...Diana...I'm going to...," I heard from above. The pounding of her over loaded balls stopped and within an instant I felt the rush pushing the vein into my tongue. Hot lava erupted from Cassandra and sprayed every bit of me in gushing waves. There was no need for me to swallow and she was where she wanted to be. I heard the grunts from above and sat quietly as the feeling of fiery bursts subsided in my chest.

Cassandra let go and slid a hand to the top of my head. She pulled me away slowly until it fell out towards the ground. I looked up at her with glazed lips and chin and she met me with her own, gently sliding her tongue into my mouth.

I pulled away and pecked her cheek. "I will make you breakfast. I will need your strength back for later."

Cassandra stood up tall and stroked my hair. "I will do as you ask."

Part Two

After I received word that Cassandra requested my presence, I breathed a sigh of relief. Today has been quite stressful and a politician I am not. The Amazons have grown quite restless with the humans and while they continue to destroy the world, I have yet to make a decision on how to proceed. How do I save the Earth and save humanity? There are no more leaders and their world is a hellish nightmare. Our land is the sanctity of my people and I must preserve it first. However, if the Earth is no more...


"Cassandra, my love!" I called out, "Are you here?"

Our home was quiet and the light was dim. I approached the bedroom entrance and the curtains were draped to conceal the inside.

"Freshen up, my dear," she told me, "Dinner is ready."

I immediately picked up on the scent of fresh food and stepped into another room. "I am completely famished," I yelled out, "I don't know how to fix our problem with the humans. The women are growing tired of their ways, but I am glad to be home."

"This plate of ripe fruit and nuts will calm your mind, love," she reassured me.

I adorned myself in a light golden robe and let my hair free. It felt liberating to finally have it down after this day. "That sounds perfect," I said, pushing through the drapes.

"Oh my," I blurted out.

I felt weak in the knees and I could feel my face becoming bright red with blush. Plates of fruits, nuts and drink encircled a chair in the middle of our room. Completely devoid of clothing, my tall lover was sitting quietly with her eyes closed. I followed the long thick braid that laid perfect against her shiny and glistening body and gazed at her heavy round chest. My eyes descended beyond her smooth belly and licked my lips the moment I saw that perfect length and exquisite thickness pointing towards me. Just below the tips of her braid was a sagging and overwhelmingly hefty looking sack that was bloated and strained.

"That's my favorite," I told her, slowly moving towards the chair. Her body was completely lathered in lavender oils and every curve and every muscle was like a beacon to my eyes. Standing above her, I looked over everything she had prepared and smiled.

She turned her hands upwards casually and opened her eyes, "Everything here is your favorite."

I immediately glanced at the rigid and broad thickness between her legs and let out a sigh.

"Everything here is yours," she whispered to me. Cassandra's hands came together around it and she struggled to connect her fingers. I found myself biting my lip and staring at her chest being pushed around her thick braid while she pulled up and down on her gift.

"Eat something, Hun," she reminded me, slowly stroking it.

"Right...food," I stammered. I pulled a grape from the stem and rubbed it against my now moist lips. Just then a tiny glob of liquid pulsed out from Cassandra's tip and I instantly leaned over, spreading it across my tongue. I stood up and suckled the grape in, chewing and mixing the juices. "Mmmph," I closed my eyes, the soughing of my voice barely escaping between my lips.

I pulled a piece of cantaloupe from the plate and swirled it's orange flesh against the dark purple head, coating it in Cassandra's juice. I stuck it between my lips and shoved myself into her lap, forcing her hands apart. I wrapped my arms around her neck and pushed my mouth against hers, sliding the fruit into her tongue. I pulled away from her delicious grasp and smiled.

Ripping my robe open, I revealed myself to Cassandra and she leaned in, pressing her face between my large breasts. I pushed them together and reached for more grapes, sliding them into my mouth. I could feel her ragged breathing against my chest and against my heart. I could feel her throbbing against my cheeks and I felt her leaking on to my back. I wiggled my hips into her hardness and reached back, grabbing an overflowing handful of her hanging fruit.

"Is this what you meant by fruits and nuts?" I whispered, feeling her body shudder in response. I bounced the warm sack against my palm repeatedly, slapping it onto my skin.

Cassandra could barely keep her eyes focused on me with so much desire and I stared down into her fluttering eyes while wrapping her braid around my neck. Lifting my hips, I sat down on it and she sliced through me like a knife through warm butter. I landed on her with a loud thud and leaned back until the braid went taut. "Now I'm home," I mumbled.

I grabbed Cassandra's slippery hands and guided them to my waist. "You're bigger today," I told her with a smile. I rolled my hips back and forth, forcing her to explore all of my insides.

"It's because of you," she said with a bit of a pant.

I tilted my head back with a little laugh and massaged her glorious length with my constricting wet walls. Just watching her fall into lustful chaos was enough for me to drown her legs in juices. My head fell forward and I caught her staring intently at my rigid midsection, rolling it up and down in long stretches for her enjoyment.

I leaned forward and attacked her neck with kisses.

"It's because your Queen is letting you fuck her," I whispered, moving towards her ear, "Because I take that big fat nut from you every day; Gushing into whatever hole you desire." My voice trailed off with a sultry moan and I dabbled my tongue into her ear. Cassandra took hold of my hips and forced me to bounce while I intoxicated her with my words. She was desperate to empty everything she had into me.

"Diana...," I heard, sitting up.

"Diana what?" I said back, pulling her hands onto my warm chest. I leaned back and bounced all of my weight onto her, shoving every thing she had up into my body. I ached for her and what she was about to give me. I yearned for all of her pent up tension that was about to flood me. The feeling of her massive sack hitting my butt over and over caused me to shiver.

"Queen Diana...I'm...I can't hold back," she revealed, trying to take hold of my jiggling bubble butt.

My head fell back as I came immediately. I moaned as she stuffed me full. The gooey sound coming from behind us every time she buried to the hilt was making me go crazy.

"Ugh...ughughugh," Cassandra grunted, pulling her Queen up and down.

"Gimme it, love," I pleaded.

Desperate to unload every thing she had into me, Cassandra lifted me high and speared it through me until I let out a loud squeal into our room.

"By the gods," I shuddered, "How deep are you?"

Cassandra had me by the waist, plowing and using me as a sheath for her love. I could feel her huge tip pushing and trying to go higher, but the fleshy ceiling of my uterus was keeping her at bay. She grunted and roared, slamming into me with violent force.

"Diana...I..mmph, ugh, ugh, I'm...," she shook her head back and forth.

I grabbed her by the head with both hands and peered down into those beautiful green eyes and smiled, "I order you to fill your Queen."

Cassandra huffed and growled and our room echoed with the beating she was giving me. I felt her expanding and stretching my insides until she screamed out. I pushed my mouth to hers and slid my tongue deep the moment the hot warmth unleashed itself. She held me down and thick blasts filled my tubes, quickly filling the deepest and darkest crevice I had. I lovingly squeezed with as much strength as I could muster and happily pulled long gushing waves into myself.

I sat up and glanced down at the protrusion coming from my lower abdomen and caressed her cheek. "I should be ashamed of letting you go so long without release," I admitted quietly.

Laying limp and completely spent, Cassandra gazed over me and smiled with shutting eyes, "You drained me to the last drop."

Leaning forward, I took Cassandra's face into my hands and smeared her skin before kissing her. My energy was spent and I lay slack against her. She looked at me with tired eyes and attempted to kiss back.

"Let's head to the pools to freshen up," I whispered, pecking her ear.


I laid against Cassandra's chest and stared into the cavern walls, letting my mind wander while the warm waters soaked into our skin. Her strong grip around my waist allowed me to ease my thoughts and focus, but the hardness nestled between my thighs was compromising anything important.

"It's hard to figure out our situation when you're throbbing like that, my love," I said, breaking her from a light nap.

"Apologies," she said, clearing her throat, "Still getting used to...this."

I lifted a hand and caressed her cheek behind me. "Never be sorry for who you are," I said stern. I felt her nod against my palm and let my hand falter into the water to wrap around her. Gently, I jerked it up and down between my fingers and nuzzled against her.

"Thousands of years ago, I would have had the answers," I said softly, "Without the warriors of old, humanity has no hope. They have no one to look up to."

Cassandra grew harder onto my fingers and mustered up a thought, "They can look up to you."

"Your mind is clouded with lust," I reminded her, "I killed Superman. They will never forgive me."

"That was millennium ago, Diana," she said, stopping my hand down below, "They need you."

"Right now, I need you," I admitted, unable to concentrate. I resumed pulling on Cassandra below the waters and fondled her enlarged sack that floated between us. Cassandra suddenly moved forward, forcing me onto my knees and after latching onto my hair, pushed me over the edge of the pool. She entered me from behind and I gasped as she slid back into the thick pool she left inside of me earlier.

Cassandra pulled her hand from my tangled mess of hair and latched onto my heavy hanging chest. She pushed and rolled them together while she pumped her hips against mine, shoving everything she had into me. Her hands drifted down onto my waist and she grabbed a hold, pulling me back into her bucking pelvis. Waves started to slip over the walls of the pool as Cassandra fucked me from behind, splashing both of us in the warm water.

The sounds of our love traveled through the cavern. I grunted every time Cassandra slammed her huge muscular frame into mine and I could barely keep my head up she was pounding me so roughly. My eyes drifted and my mouth was agape, letting her rage take over me. Suddenly, my lover grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me back. I moaned at the thought of her plunging into her own gigantic pool of hot love from before.

"Let it all go," Cassandra told me between heavy pants, "You're the Queen of the Amazons."

Cassandra's arms wrapped around me and pulled me up against her delicious sweaty chest, holding me tight while pushing my hips against the wall repeatedly. I relinquished all control and let her have her way with me, smacking into my back with her hard stomach. Cassandra's massive balls swung in and out of the water, beating into my thighs.

"They owe you," she whispered, "You have given everything for them."

She was right.

Cassandra pushed me forward and latched onto my shoulders.

"Ugh! Fuckin' take it! Ugh! Ah! Ah!" She panted and grunted, spearing herself inside of me until she could no longer and erupted with a final violent thrust.


She let out a long sustained groan and pushed it in with another hot burst of liquid, adding to her lagoon of boiling cream already deep inside of me. I watched helplessly as my lower stomach hung down even further from her never ending stream of hot juices. She held it in, making sure I had every bit.

I felt emptiness as she pulled away and slid it between the valley of my cheeks. She beat it on my ass, smearing her spooge. "That's a good Queen," she whispered, standing up.

I gathered my strength and faced her on my knees from below. Lifting up, I pushed my face against Cassandra's slimy fat cock and rubbed it on my skin. "What did I do to deserve you?" I asked quietly.

She cocked her hips and smiled. "Heroes deserve rewards for good deeds," she told me.

Cassandra grabbed me by the hair and slapped my face with it hard.


She was fully engorged again, pushing past my forehead and into my hair. The smell of both of us on her was sending me into a frenzy. She let go and found her hips with her hands. I looked up at my beautiful lover with my mouth open. There was no denying the lust that her new found gift has given her. Cassandra was changing...

After snatching a hold of my wet messy hair, she towered over me with her growing shaft and pushed it into my throat.

"The night is young, my Queen," she whispered.

Part Three

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Re: Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future
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Pretty good stuff. I know you say this isn't one of your best stories, but it's still pretty good. I enjoyed it.
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Re: Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future
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Alice Eve? Nice!

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Re: Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future
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I need to reboot this whole series lol


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