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Olivia Thirlby - Alone in a Crowd
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Olivia Thirlby: Alone in a Crowd

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards.

Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

It was hot; even early in the morning, not even eight yet, it was hot. The temperature was building for what promised to be another hot, humid day and whilst occupying a convention centre with thousands of excited, closely-packed fans for a comic con event it was bound to only get worse. He was already looking forward to his shower later back at his hotel, taking a moment to think about the cool, refreshing sensation for a moment.

“Look alive, doors will be open soon, gotta be ready!” someone said in an irritatingly cheerful voice as they passed him, one of the people helping co-ordinate the event.

“Yeah yeah,” he muttered, taking a sip of his coffee, “asshole,” he added under his breath. It was far too early for people as chipper as that. He was a stunt co-ordinator, scheduled to spend some time chatting with fans and such at a table linked with a film he was working on currently, though he didn't know quite who was that interested in talking to him. As he made his way through the hall he noticed the Dredd stand, with cut-outs and other items from the set surrounding the table where the people would sit and sign autographs. He didn't know who was slated to appear, he'd heard a few mumbles of people but they so often dropped out due to other filming commitments.

He had worked on Dredd, among other things; He was really pleased how that film had turned out, how gritty and direct the action had been, and working with the actors had been a treat as they'd been professional, passionate and dedicated to the picture. He had to admit, he'd especially enjoyed working with Olivia Thirlby, not just because she'd been excellent fun, but because she was gorgeous, sexy and had flirted up a storm with him during their close working relationship, during which time he'd got up close and personal with the curves of her toned, feminine body. That was all back in South Africa though, on location, again in the heat as they'd worked through the atmospheric filming of Dredd. They were pleasant memories to accompany him as he walked through the rest of the stands and tables to find where he would be working, sipping his coffee as he made his way to his seat and got ready to face the hoards of fans that would soon swarm the massive arena.

It was exactly as he'd anticipated, with the centre rapidly filling up with borderline rabid fans, all eager to get a certain autograph, piece of memorabilia or place at a talk by some of their favourite stars. He was pleased to see people so passionate for everything, especially given he'd worked on some of it, but it was gonna be a long day. He spent the first few hours with barely a moments break as he worked with the others on his stand meeting and greeting fans. Whilst he wasn't signing autographs so much, he was still involved with lots of chats, finding that a lot of the people making their way to their stand were quite knowledgable, leading to lots of interesting talk that melted the time away rapidly. When they broke for lunch, he paused to take a breath, realising how hungry he was in that moment.

Standing up from the table, he gave a stretch and a quick wave to the fans still waiting about, presumably for them to restart afterwards, then walked off through the now packed arena area to find some lunch. As he worked his way through the heaving throng of people, wearing all sorts of costumes from every TV show, movie or comic book imaginable, including some people that perhaps shouldn't have been, he headed back past the Dredd stand once more, and that's where he saw her; Olivia Thirlby, in all her beauty, feverishly signing autographs for a long queue of fans, hair dyed golden blonde and wearing her full Judge Anderson outfit as she was also doing photographs at extra cost. His feet paused of their own accord as he stared at her for a moment, taking her in, watching her smile for the fans as she hastily signed photographs for them, other members of the Dredd team doing the same down the table. It was a joy to see her again, and looking like she'd stepped out of his memories at that, just as gorgeous and compelling as she had ever been.

“Damn,” he muttered to himself, feeling all those lustful desires creep back into him as he gazed at her, lost in her work. Stirring his feet again, he continued walking, working his way through the mass of people to get lunch as he'd planned. He managed to find himself a sandwich and a drink, heading to a quieter spot to eat it. Luckily they had an area away from the fans, so they could enjoy a quick break in peace, allowing him to take pleasure in his sandwich given his empty stomach. After enjoying that and finishing his cold drink, much needed in the heat of the place now it was packed with people, he took a couple of minutes to just rest and recuperate, his thoughts straying unrelentingly to Olivia. Seeing her again just brought back so many memories, not just of her directly but the great time they'd had working on Dredd in Cape Town. He also felt the anxious, irritating desire for a cigarette; he'd smoked casually for a few years despite his fitness, but was trying to quit now, doing well overall but sometimes he just needed a cigarette and now was one of those times.

Taking leave of the lunch area, he made his way through some more people to a door into a staging area outside the main hall. It was quiet, thankfully, and with a small amount of relief he pulled the slender packet of cigarettes out of his pocket, putting one into his mouth before finding his lighter. With a few snaps it ignited, eliciting a nice flame which he touched to the end of the cigarette, immediately soaking through the paper and letting him draw in a deep, relieving breath of tobacco smoke, feeling the sensation spread through him as he closed his eyes and stuffed his lighter back into his pocket. Just holding his breath, he relished that first inhale, even if he knew he shouldn't and needed to kick the habit. Idly starting to walk about a little, he took another deep drag of the cigarette, feeling his tension melting away and relaxing as he sucked at it. Pulling his phone out, he skimmed through it, seeing what people were up to and essentially looking at it for the sake of looking at it until he heard footsteps. He didn't turn to look until he heard a voice.

“Still smoking then,” she asked. Turning, his eyes widened and heart squeezed as it skipped a beat as his gaze stopped on Olivia Thirlby, approaching him slowly with a smile. He pushed his phone back into his pocket as he took a moment to suck another breath through his cigarette, letting his eyes scan up and down her as he did.

“Still smoking hot then,” he replied with a smile, blowing the smoke up away from them. Olivia's smile turned to a bashful grin as she walked up, her Dredd costume creaking a little.

“How you doing?” she asked, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek.

“I'm doing good thanks, how are you? Didn't know you'd make it to this,” he said, returning her embrace and taking her in again.

“Yeah they're pushing the movie so they wanted me to come to this. It's cool, but this costume's a lot to deal with when I have to wear it all day...as you know,” she finished, rolling her shoulders to shift the weight of the leather on her body. He did know, since he'd worked closely with her to help her move effectively in the hefty, restrictive costume.

“Yeah I remember, it was tough back when we were filming,” he said, remembering the trouble with it.

“Yeah, though I was a bit more active back then. All I have to do today is sign autographs and pose for photos with people,” she said.

“And make sure they don't grab your ass,” he said with a smile, pulling the last drag from his cigarette and dropping the butt, grinding it under his foot.

“They wouldn't dare,” she responded with a laugh. He raised his eyebrows and gave another glance down her toned body, suggesting that perhaps he'd try it given their chance.

“So how many of these things do they want you to do?” he asked, since it sounded like she'd be busy with them for a bit.

“I'm not sure, certainly a few over the summer, all as promotion for the movie,” she said.

“Fair enough, all part of the gig really,” he replied.

“True. How about you, what you doing here?” she asked.

“Just here with the production company for this film, I'm filling in because they asked, but I don't typically have to do these things. Nobody knows who I am, unlike you,” he replied, giving a smile.

“People know your work though, whether they realise or not,” she said, then gestured to herself with a smile.

“I guess so, and there's certainly enough to do, lots of people to talk to out there,” he said, realising that whilst he may not be recognised he was known in a way.

“There are, so many,” she said with a knowing, somewhat hopeless smile, knowing they'd never get through everyone.

“I bet there's a lot more here to see you than me,” he said with a smile.

“Perhaps,” she said quietly, looking away a little shyly as he took her in again, looking over her Anderson outfit. He glanced at his watch and realised he should be getting back, silently cursing that it would break this moment between them.

“I gotta get back to the stand, meet those fans,” he said, unable to hide all the disappointment from his voice.

“Yeah, I should as well, carry on with the autographs, photos and all,” she said, taking a breath, steeling herself for it mentally. There was a pause, a moment between them, that he seized upon;

“You got time after? You know, grab a drink or something,” he asked, his heart suddenly pounding, making sure to keep his voice calm and level, confident. It was a casual request, but realistically he knew he was asking her out. She paused a moment, looking at him, her own heart racing as she contemplated it momentarily.

“Sure, when we get done with all this. Send me a message,” she said with a smile, since he did already have her number from their time in South Africa. Stepping forward, she craned up to press her lips to his cheek, leaving a soft kiss before she turned and walked away, back towards her duties.

“Will do,” he said with a smile he couldn't restrain, watching her ass in the leather trousers as she headed back out the door to the ordered chaos of the main area. In the silence of being alone, he realised how fast his heart was beating, thumping against his rib cage in the aftermath of the somewhat bold move he'd put on Olivia Thirlby.
But it had worked. God it had worked.

He took a few deep breaths, slowing his heart, and then headed back towards the main area, out into the crowd to thread his way back through to his stand. He worked his way past the dozens of surging fans, past the stands and sellers, pausing as he passed the Dredd stand once more. Olivia was getting back into place, sitting down and having a word with someone, not even glancing his direction as he moved through and back to his own stand.
Resuming his own seat, settling into it, he got ready to face an afternoon much the same as the morning of talking about their new movie. His mind wandered to Olivia though, and it took a while before he properly focussed again, managing to set her aside for later and set his mind on the task at hand. Aside from a pause for a coffee in the afternoon, it rattled past in a hot, noisy barrage of questions and fan interest, the clock sweeping round and round as it ticked the hours away in the heat of the arena.

When it was all over, closing down about 6, with people buying their last items or grabbing final autographs before filing out, he walked from his stand through the now much-emptied arena. He of course checked in on the Dredd stand, but saw a line of people still waiting, queued up for their autograph or chance to be photographed with a now somewhat frazzled looking Olivia Thirlby. He figured she would be there a while and headed on out, working his way out into the fresh air; it was cool, fresh, enlivening. Taking it in, he headed down the street towards a bar, getting his phone out to text Olivia as she'd asked, figuring the worst that could happen was she'd ditch him if she changed her mind and he'd still get a beer. He messaged her to say where he would be going, explaining briefly where it was from the arena, and then headed there to sit down with a beer. It was pretty quiet, the evening having not got going yet, sipping through a cool, much-deserved drink in peace as he watched the muted telly, taking in the sporadically incorrect subtitles that flashed up on the feed.

He was into his second one by the time he felt his phone vibrate, flicking it on to see a message from Olivia, saying she'd be with him in a few minutes. His heart immediately surged, and he took a deliberate breath to calm down, keeping his cool as he sipped his beer like before. He barely took in the TV for the following minutes before she arrived, stepping into the bar and looking around. He paused in signalling to her, taking her in; her golden blonde hair, simple top and jeans thrown on after the day playing Anderson to hundreds of fans, just wanting to kick back. Putting his hand up, he waved to her, catching her eye, at which she immediately smiled, a broad, genuine smile and walked over to him, up the few steps to get to his table at the side of the bar.

“Hey,” she greeted warmly as he stood up to meet her, lightly embracing her and kissing her softly on the cheek.

“Hey, been waiting long?” she asked, even though she knew based on when he'd text her earlier.

“Not too long, just enough to get through a beer and chill out a bit,” he replied, signalling to the table.

“Yeah sorry, it took a bit to get away from all that, so many fans...” she trailed off, seeming a little caught out by the interest of the day.

“Yeah well, everyone wants their autograph. What you drinking?” he asked, pointing to the bottle indicatively.

“Just grab me a beer,” she said casually, sliding onto the stool at his high table.

“Got it,” he said with a smile and stepped down to the bar, starting to fill up now as the evening got going. He had to wait a couple of minutes, then grabbed a couple of bottles of beer and headed back to the table. Several of the other patrons were checking Olivia out as she casually swiped through her phone, oblivious to the attention she was getting. He sat back down and placed the cold beers on the table, watching as she took a last few seconds of going through her phone before closing the screen.

“Sorry, always things to catch up on,” she said, putting it away into her bag.

“Yeah the world never stops, but you can ignore it,” he said, referring to the way he liked to escape from everything by just letting it pass him by sometimes.

“We all need to really don't we?” she said, taking a sip of her cold, refreshing beer.

“Definitely. So how was the con today?” he said, referring to the convention they'd spent the day getting through.

“Hot, that outfit is tough to wear and when it's in a hot arena like that, it makes it tough,” she said, taking another sip of her beer.

“Well, it doesn't show,” he said, since she looked pretty damn fantastic.

“Thanks, but I'm sure I look like crap. It's been so hot, and all those fanboys that try to squeeze my ass when having a photo with me,” she said, rolling her eyes and shaking her head before another deep slug of her beer.

“Maybe you need to give them some of those moves we worked on, Judge Anderson,” he said with a smile, taking a drink of his own beer.

“Yeah I'm sure that'll go over well. I might not get invited back, but then I wouldn't have to spend days like this,” she mused, casually drinking as she considered it.

“I think they might like it, getting their ass kicked by the sexy Judge Anderson,” he said with a smile, teasing her.

“Yeah right, I'm sure that's a real fantasy for them,” she said, tipping her bottle up again.

“I bet it's something they've jerked off to dozens of time, sexy Anderson placing them under arrest,” he said with a grin. She almost choked on her beer and put her bottle down, wiping her mouth.

“Oh god stop. I don't even wanna know what some of them have thought about,” she said, waving her hand and giving a laugh.

“I bet not, but take what you can get, be flattered,” he said with a smile.

“I could look at it that way,” she said, with a little, hidden smile as she sipped at her beer to pretty much drain the bottle. There was a silence between them as he drank his beer, just taking a moment.

“God it's been a long day,” she commented, giving a stretch and rubbing at her neck.

“Yeah, I'm looking forward to a nice shower now,” he replied, feeling the day all over himself.

“Same, once I get to whatever hotel it is, it's way out on the side of town. I guess they grabbed it last minute,” she said, giving a sigh at it all.

“Well, you can come and shower at mine if you want,” he said, his heart skipping a beat as he gave her what was a fairly weakly concealed proposition, an invitation to come back to his hotel with him. She stopped stretching, opening her eyes again and looking at him, holding a seeking look without seeming to stare. There was a few seconds that seemed to stretch forever as he waited to see what she'd say to it.

“Sure, I can come and shower at yours,” she said softly, but with the slightest tremble, as if it was what she'd nervously hoped for.

“Yeah?” he asked, silently cursing himself immediately for daring to question it.

“Yeah, but I mean we'd better shower together, to you know, save water,” she said, loving it now as she took the last drain of her beer. His heart was thumping hard in his chest but he kept his cool as he drained his own bottle in a couple of mouthfuls, Olivia simply waiting with the hint of a naughty smile on her lips as he stood it down on the table.

“You wanna get out of here?” he said after a moment, steeling himself and taking a confident lead of the situation to get what he wanted; her.

“Sure, take me,” she said with the smile spreading, adding just a little edge of naughty humour to the situation. She followed him out of the bar onto the street, feeling the heat still in the air and between them as his hand slipped into hers, taking a confident hold that made her heart flutter, her legs following as he led the way towards his hotel. The evening was warm as the sun ebbed away into sunset, strolling through the baked concrete streets as he led the gorgeous blonde back to his hotel, the few minutes passing in a knowing silence. Getting back to his hotel, they took the stairs to get up to his room, since it wasn't the fanciest hotel and didn't have a lift. They got to his room and he opened the door, showing her inside as he flicked the lights on.

“Not the fanciest place, but it's pretty good. Bet it's nothing compared to the place they put you up in,” he commented with a smile, since she was the big star and he was just another crew member.

“I dunno, I haven't seen it yet. This is nice,” she said, walking into the fairly spacious accommodation and looking around. He locked the door and followed her in, throwing his wallet and stuff down onto the table in the main room.

“It'll do for a couple of nights while I'm here for this convention thing,” he said, standing in the doorway of the main room.

“Yeah, won't be much time to spend here if it's anything like today,” she said, giving a laugh and flopping down onto the leather sofa they'd provided, tipping her head back onto the cushions.

“I'm gonna grab that shower...you coming?” he ventured, feeling the moment stretch again as she lifted her head.

“You go first,” she said with a smile, evidently not wanting to join him as she'd suggested. He paused a moment, hoping the disappointment didn't show on his face.

“There's some more beers in the fridge,” he said, in case she wanted one, and then headed for the shower. He felt a little put out by things, but he still had her back at his place so resolved to focus on that, quickly stripping off his clothes, tossing them by the bed and grabbing a towel as he nipped into the bathroom. He turned up the shower, letting the water heat up, quickly starting to steam up the room as he dropped the towel aside and stepped in, shivering in the hot, enveloping sensation of the water. It was so refreshing, and he put his head under the water to let it completely cover him, sighing in the pleasure of it washing away a long days work in the convention centre. He took a couple of minutes to clean himself before tipping his head back again under the spray, just letting it overtake him, blocking all his senses.

Almost all; because he certainly heard the door to the bathroom, feeling the cool air as it opened, before closing again. His heart immediately went into overdrive, pumping hard as he stepped from under the hot water to wipe his hand across the steamy screen, looking through the glass to see Olivia standing just the other side, looking down at the floor as she matter-of-factly reached back to undo her black bra and then shrugged it down her arms, standing up to reveal her beautifully perky chest and look up straight into his eyes. All he could hear was the rush of the shower as she gave a naughty little smile and reached down to push her matching black panties down, holding his gaze as she pushed them down her slender legs, standing up in her naked glory and kicking them aside. His eyes couldn't help but flick down to her pussy, sporting a neat landing strip of dark hair, looking back up to her as she stepped to the glass, standing back as she opened it and simply stepped in to join him, sliding it shut as her smile turned to a grin.

“I was only teasing about not joining you,” she said, pushing her blonde hair back over her ear.

“That's what I was hoping,” he said, unable to keep the smile from his own face, taking in her gorgeous body, perky boobs and lovely shape.

“So come and get me,” she said, adding a husky edge to her voice as she smiled in a way that told him she was all his. Wasting no time, he confidently stepped to her and slid his arms around her smooth body, pulling her pelvis to his and his now-hard cock, pressing into her stomach as they kissed passionately, her tongue sliding deeply into his mouth, relishing letting him suck as she pulled away from him. He kissed down her soft cheek and onto her neck, making her shiver as he squeezed hard as her toned ass.

“God I've wanted this since South Africa,” she murmured, making clear she'd wanted it just as much as he had.

“So have I, and now I've got you,” he mumbled, turning her and pinning her to the cool tiles, making her gasp as he pressed his teeth into her shoulder, his hand moving round her silky body and onto her perky breasts as the water crashed down over them. Olivia pulled her leg up his side, pushing her smooth thigh over his hip as she pulled her arms around his neck and drew him back into another deep, tongue-twisting kiss, biting and sucking at his tongue this time. His hands groped her humble chest, squeezing intently at her firm breasts and pulling her confidently against him with his other arm still around her slender waist. His fingers slipped back smoothly under the warm shower to her nipple, stiff already, to lightly pinch at it and give it a slight twist, making her give a gasp that caught in her throat.

Entwined beneath the cascading water, they continued to kiss hungrily as their hands explored, his moving down to her ass to give it another squeeze and let his fingertips tease between as he fondled her breasts again and kissed down onto her chest to apply his mouth. Olivia just let him take the lead, pushing her hands down over his strong back, feeling the muscles honed by his profession and realising how he could just take her. His mouth felt sensuous to her as he sucked at her nipple, his tongue sliding round and over it, teasing it a little bit harder and seeming to light up every nerve ending. His fingertips bent to press into her soft body as his other hand probed a little deeper, expertly co-ordinating his actions of pulling back to let his teeth tug at her nipple with pushing his fingers easily into the back of her silky pussy, so wet and ready, yielding easily to let him penetrate as she gave a gasp, arching a little and then groaning in pleasure as he pushed his digits deeper inside given her wanton lust for it.

“Oh fuck that's it,” she murmured as she pushed back into it, helping him to rub up over her G-spot to send a little tingle through her before he slipped them back to just dip in her entrance. His other hand gave her chest another intense squeeze as he stood back up and bit at her neck again, before swiftly raising his hand to yank her head back by her golden hair and bite more intently at her neck, making her give a squeak at the sudden pain, kissed away immediately by him, so attentive and in tune to her right then. Unable to help herself now, she thrust her hand down between them, feeling his strong abs as she did, grasping his achingly hard cock and giving him a chance to gasp, having been waiting for her to do so since he'd grabbed hold of her.

“That's gonna fit so well inside me,” she breathed with a devilish smile, gripping firmly and starting to tug him up and down, wasting no time in building up as she started to energetically jerk his cock, feeling how unbelievably hard he was, though perhaps there was good reason in getting his hands on her at last. He gave a grunt into her ear as she worked at him, her hand twisting and squeezing at him, just working him hard enough to get him going properly before she suddenly took charge and lunged up to bite into his neck in return, making him growl throatily in response but also harden even more in her hand, his hips pushing unstoppably forward to her as she drove her hand firmly to the base of him with a giggle through her clenched teeth on him. With surprising strength that caught him off guard she shoved away from the wall, turning them around and pinning him back against the tiles, sending the cool across his back as she pushed up on her toes to press a deep, lingering kiss to his mouth, holding a moment of stillness between them before she kissed rapidly down him and sank to her knees as she gave his cock a last few rapid strokes. Sliding her fingers back to the base of his cock, she squeezed as she put her other hand on his hip and closed her mouth straight over the bulging head of him with no hesitation, sucking firmly as he groaned and pushed forward a little into her.

“Oh christ,” he gasped, gritting his teeth and dropping his head back against the wet tiles, his hand immediately straying down onto the back of her head, unable to stop himself as his fingers pushed into her bobbed blonde hair, though he didn't push, opting to just let her apply her evident skills as she pleased. And please she did, holding him as she sucked softly, wetly, at the head of his thick cock, taking in every millimetre of his tip, running her tongue round every contour and teasing under the tip to send a soulful shiver through him, trembling at her delicate but focused touch. She tilted her head to just let her teeth graze ever so gently over him, threatening in the hottest, most thrilling fashion, his hand so careful in her tresses as she just pressed them into him perfectly, feeling him bulge beneath her measured bite before she applied her tongue to the underside of his cock and slipped her mouth down him once more, letting his rock hard manhood glide easily into her silky haven and rub softly into her cheek for a contrast of gorgeously velvet-soft stimulation. Olivia proceeded to push down to take him in as deep as her cheek would let her, then started rocking her head so his cock stroked softly in and out of her mouth, using her tongue to twist and tease over the underside in the process for a wonderful mix of sensations.

He managed to hold back his urge to simply tighten his grip in her hair and drive her down onto his cock and make her choke on it, though he imagined she could probably deep throat, just letting his hand rest in her hair as his other slid down to close over hers on his hip. Pulling back slowly off his cock, she rolled her neck to tease the head around in her lips, tonguing rapidly at it from all angles to add a new dimension, making it bounce and jump but her hand kept it down for her to suck on, just pulsing in her grasp instead. She pushed her mouth over his bulging head once more for another soft suck, then pulled back elegantly, rolling off him and letting her front teeth drag over his sensitive head as she opened her gorgeous brown eyes to look up at him, a smile tugging at her mouth as she rolled him out and slipped her tongue beneath his length, down the first few inches of his manhood as she moved him side-to-side across her skilful tongue.

“Fuck you're good at that,” he breathed, hoping she wouldn't stop as she teased him, looking up with her pretty face. She stopped moving him and dragged her tongue up and expertly off his tip to make his cock bounce powerfully again.

“I know,” she said, her smile spreading into a grin before she leaned up to place some soft kisses under the tip of him. She just hesitated a moment, taking it in almost, before she gave the tiniest flick of her eyebrow and closed her eyes again, gripping firmly to pull him down for her to delve down on his cock properly now, immediately taking half of his length and applying her tongue to make him gasp, the sharp, decisive move a contrast to how she had been approaching it. She sucked a little harder and pushed just a bit more into her mouth as she moved her hand off to his other hip, taking a good grip now to evidently go to work on him. Wasting no further time, she slowly pulled back and then started bobbing her head, reciprocating along just over half his length, busily thrusting her beautifully hot mouth on his rock hard cock and using her tongue expertly yet again as she worked. He shivered as she stimulated him just right, her tongue rocking this way and that as she bobbed, hooking the tip into every crevice and contour of his bulging head.

Neither noticed the shower as it cascaded hotly down over them, the bathroom now a dense atmosphere of steam as she sucked at him, holding more tightly onto his hips now as she started to pump her head more vigorously, jamming down harder with every push to take him just a little deeper into her mouth, touching her throat without the hint of a gag each time as she took a different tact with her tongue and pushed it much more intently at the underside of him, working more deliberately just beneath the tip of his cock. His hand had tightened in her hair now, unable to stop himself now, holding her firmly and stopping her pulling off his cock, though she had no intention of doing any such thing. She rolled her fingers to dig her nails into his skin and then, at one thrust forward, held and pushed harder, and rather effortlessly pushed all the way down until her nose touched him, deepthroating him perfectly as he felt the sensations spread through his cock, a most unique and unbeatable tingle that made him pulse even harder as he let out a ragged breath of utter pleasure at it, his hand pulling to hold her close a moment before releasing her to continue her perfect rhythm.

“Oh fuck, goddamn,” he gasped, losing track of himself as he revelled in the sensations of her incredible blowjob. Her hot mouth slid back along his shaft, Olivia applying the perfect suction to him as she resumed her expert motion, rocking back and forth along his cock as she continued sucking just right and applied her tongue again, quite rapidly taking over half his cock into her mouth as the tip of her exquisite muscle curled to apply an ideal pressure to the underside of him. It was more focused and intense now, making him almost pull away from her at the almost overwhelming sensation, hand tightening in her hair again momentarily before he got used to it, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself as she worked, thrusting herself forward more vigorously now, set on her work. Just as he thought he'd got himself under control once more, wanting to enjoy her ministrations for as long as possible, her fingernails suddenly dug into him a little more and she pulled herself down deep on his cock, just as perfect and effortless as before, her skill in doing it only adding to the arousal that sent him to the brink, tipping him over the edge.

“Fuck, oh fuck, don't stop,” he growled, holding her head down for a moment before struggling to release her, wanting to hold her deep but managing to force himself to leave her be, not wanting to do anything to discourage her from finishing what she'd oh-so gloriously started. She didn't disappoint, waiting the moment for him to release her and then continuing to suck briskly, working back and forward quickly now, staying deep on his cock, feeling him pulsing rock hard in her mouth, knowing full well that he was on the brink and intending to finish him with gusto. Another deep push down onto him made him shudder, his cock swelling the hardest it'd been in her throat as she did, telling her it was just a matter of seconds. She could feel his reluctance to grab and take her, like he clearly wanted to do, but she knew it would only take a little push to make him go for it and finish things off properly, aggressively almost, like she wanted him to.

As she held deep, working her tongue and continuing to suck, she slid her hands from his thighs and up onto his, pulling the other one to her head and then squeezing them both into her hair, giving him clearance to take charge. She lowered her own hands to his knees, just holding on as he paused a moment, seeming unsure, and then pressed her into him hard, driving the extra few millimetres to his deepest in her throat before pulling back to thrust into her hot, succulent mouth in earnest. Olivia braced herself and kept sucking, working her tongue as effectively as possible as he pumped hard and fast into her throat, staying deep as he exerted himself in a rushed, overwhelmed state, take everything she could offer in his pursuit of pleasure. He pumped hard into her as she continued to effortlessly deepthroat him, building up in an ascending series, his hands tight in her blonde hair, before he pulled right back to give a few slow, stuttering thrusts across her waiting tongue, his legs trembling in her soft hands as he got to the precipice.

“Fuck, Olivia...” he managed as he slipped it easily back into her throat for a few final, uncoordinated stabs of his cock, Olivia feeling him swelling incredibly hard in her mouth as he was about to burst, before he pulled back and the first hot, salty shot exploded across her tongue, hitting the back of her throat with its ferocity. She immediately attacked the underside of his tip with her skilful muscle, flicking and swirling across it hard and fast as his climax hit, hips bucking, his hands tight in her hair as he gasped with every hard shot into her mouth, unloading copiously as his first few shots hit her throat before the following ones landed thickly across her tongue, which never stopped its work in bringing him intense, building pleasure as he came. He held on for the last couple of seconds, hips twisting before her as it all became too much, his fingers curling into her head as it overwhelmed him.

“Stop, stop!” he gasped, unable to take it anymore. Olivia obediently stopped, her sucking and tonguing ceasing instantly even as she kept him in her mouth. She just stayed put, breathing through her nose deeply in the aftermath, hands massaging slightly at his legs, feeling the slight tremble in them. He by comparison was wrecked, breathing hard and deep, leaning back to rest against the cold tile wall of the shower, grip loosening to just softly stroke his thumbs as her hair as he regained himself, feeling the sweat beading across himself despite the shower, which now seemed imposingly loud. He took a moment to steel himself, taking a couple more deep breaths, then stood again and gave a final squeeze to let a last drop of himself leak onto her tongue, which she obediently licked away before he released her head and let her pull off him. He looked down to watch as she stood up carefully from the shower, steadying herself on his body as she did, drawing herself up before him in all her slender physical beauty, her perfection.

She looked him in the eye, a smile spreading across her lips, one that he couldn't help but return, somewhat tiredly he was sure. She gave a little flick of her eyebrows, then opened her mouth to show huge, thick load resting on her tongue, just extending it a little to accentuate it. His breath just caught a little, heart straining a little in trepidation at what she might do. There was a hesitation between them, then in an instant she turned and spat it into the bathplug, turning the other way and taking a mouthful of water from the shower and spitting that after it to rinse her mouth out before turning back to him with a wide, magnetic smile.

“You were worried then weren't you?” she teased, pressing her gorgeous body against his, her stiff nipples sliding so noticeably against him as her arms pulled around him.

“A little,” he conceded with a smile as she looked up with her beautiful eyes, before leaning up to kiss him. It was deep, intense, intimate, their tongues sliding together in a soulful embrace as she craned a little to reach him, his arms sliding around her, exuding the strength that she wanted to take her, dominate her, teach her, love her.

Their kisses were powerful and energetic, a restrained joining of them in the calm before the storm. The shower continued pouring over them as they entwined, her arms around him, feeling his tight, toned muscles through his slippery skin as his hands moved to caress her chest. Squeezing at her humble breast and letting her hard nipple press into his palm while his other hand slid down over her silky body to her firm, shapely ass, grasping and spanking lightly at it before his hand just slid between. The water flowed endlessly over their bodies in their embrace as his fingers pressed teasingly into her ass, stroking down over her tight asshole, feeling it clench but her give no protest, just testing it a little before continuing down to over the back of her silky, soft pussy. She gave a slight gasp through their kiss as her delicate lips gave way under the lightest touch, her thick, hot juices engulfing his fingers as they pressed between slightly, splitting her puffy lower pout with breathtaking ease in her arousal. Their continued kisses broke as he kissed hungrily over her cheek and down her neck, Olivia tipping her head to invite it as she breathed heavily, his fingertips pushing all the way under to tease at her hard, waiting clit, making her tremble and give a stuttering groan of pleasure as he tantalisingly stroked his fingers from her clit to the back of her pussy repeatedly, just lightly parting the lips and threatening to bury his digits deep inside her.

“Fuck don't tease me,” she breathed, eyes closed as she enjoyed his touch. He just slowed to expertly draw his fingers slowly backwards, a little deeper to separate her pussy and make hips shake, trying to push back. Unable to take any more, she pulled away from his kisses then sank her teeth into his neck, just hard enough to make him give a gritted-teeth groan as she left marks, both of them tensing up, her more so, ready to blow now as she pulled away a little bit, fingernails digging into his back and the muscles she'd been stroking.

“Come to bed,” she whispered huskily, the edge on her voice telling him everything he wanted was there. Pulling away, the shower felt suddenly very intrusive as she pushed the screen back and stepped out, her ass looking perfect, the slender taper of her figure just stunning as she got out and grabbed a towel, not wasting any time being lady like and wrapping herself in it, wiping down her toned shape. He fumbled to shut the shower off, the rush of the water replaced by the quiet gurgle of it draining away as he turned to get out, Olivia already finishing herself up, working to absorb the last of it off one of her gorgeous legs. Looking up with a smile, she stood up with confidence in her beautiful body and grabbed another towel, throwing it into his hands as he stepped out of the shower.

“Don't make me wait,” she murmured softly, throwing her towel aside onto the floor and then opening the door out of the bathroom, a cool blast of air flowing in over them, allowing him to notice her shiver as she walked out. In a hasty flurry he towelled down, quickly rubbing it over himself to soak up the water in his eagerness to follow her, chucking it aside and quickly snatching the light off as he exited to seek her out. Olivia was standing in the bedroom, looking back over her bare shoulder as he approached, almost like she was just waiting to be taken. Intending to do just that, he approached her with a spring to his final couple of steps, reaching out to take a dominant hold of her, only to have her twist expertly in his grasp, so even as he lifted her forwards a little she spun around to lock herself into him, arms around him as she pressed her lips to his once more. Despite her phenomenal blowjob his cock had already recovered, and was now pressed firmly into her tummy, rock hard and ready to slide deep inside her perfect pussy.

“Not so fast,” she said with evident glee, resisting his attempt to push her back down onto the bed and kissing softly under his jaw, feeling his sexy stubble.

“Huh? I thought...” he started, but she was very much in control at this moment.

“I know exactly what you thought, but you're gonna pay me back first,” she murmured, letting it hang for a moment before dragging her tongue up his neck and off his chin in a lingering motion that turned into a grin. There was a pause and then he kissed her hard again, their tongues engaging in battle once more as his hands pulled up her smooth back, fighting for supremacy for a moment before he abruptly yanked away from her, doing the same to her with a hand in her hair that made her gasp, stealing the initiative again as he spun her round on her feet to face the bed, hands grasping her perky breasts hard as he pressed his teeth into her neck, biting and kissing her simultaneously as she breathed heavily in anticipation, holding back to let him lead.

A hand slid down to her pussy again, through her stubbly landing strip to tease her clit with a slow stroke accentuated by another bite to her neck that just made her squeak a little, her hips wiggling and pushing back into her rock hard cock behind her, pussy absolutely dripping and begging for attention. In an instant he kicked her ankles apart and then shoved her hard over the bed, making her catch herself on her hands, now bent over and vulnerable, absolutely sure the next thing she would feel would be his hard cock sliding into her silky pussy. Right now though, she would let him do as he pleased, she was hot and horny and loved to be dominated by a guy being so assertive.
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Re: Olivia Thirlby - Alone in a Crowd
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“Deal,” was instead all she heard, delivered with the smoothness of a smile, making her look back through her damp blonde hair as he sank down behind her exposed treasures, his hands drawing down her smooth hips and squeezing her ass as he knelt in position behind her. Olivia smiled and arched her back for him, just wiggling a little, waiting in desperate need as he used his thumbs to just pull her ass apart for him, then gave a deep, uncontrollable gasp as he suddenly pressed his face deep and pulled his tongue swiftly all the way from her clit, up over her soft labia and then over her asshole.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped as a shudder of pleasure spread through her, feeling the tingle from both her holes, followed by another tingle as he did it again. Her fingers dug into the bed somewhat as she spread her legs further to give him full access, something he seemed to be having no problem with anyway as he buried his face once more and let his tongue slide out to attack her clit, the sensations too intense for her as his tongue initially made contact, inhaling sharply and pulling away a little, so he immediately altered to a softly, flatter touch through her hood to be more soothing, something she found fantastic as she cooed her pleasure at it. With a few seconds of that, he moved again to attack her pussy more generally, easily separating her soft, puffy labia with his tongue to taste her sweet, abundant juices, finding her ready and waiting as he slid his tongue deeply into her hot, clenching pussy, feeling the muscles grip down around him as he pushed inside.

“Don't stop,” she breathed as his tongue started to pump in and out of her silky tunnel, relishing every muscular movement, squeezing her pussy lightly around him as he penetrated her. His hands remained confidently on her hips, keeping her in position for him to work, not that she'd have wanted to move anywhere else. Pulling out, his tongue smoothly lashed up and down the whole length of her pussy, buzzing her clit again to just make her twitch a little before he drew his tongue intently all the way up her juicy lips and straight over her asshole again, making her gasp softly again and pull forward a little involuntarily. She had never had a guy make more than a quick pass over it before, and she was hugely turned on at his attention to her, something new to excite her senses.

“That's good,” she breathed to encourage him, not wanting to push too hard but not wanting him to stop. He didn't, not disappointing her as he spread her ass a bit more and pulled his tongue over her tight hole harder, feeling her strong ring clench at his touch, loving how she gasped at the intimate licking, dropping her head to breathe deeply as worked his tongue up and down over her, making her twitch and tingle. Her fingers tightened in the sheets as she just let him bring her a new and interesting sensation, trying to restrain her hips in their instinctive motions of pleasure as his tongue assaulted her tight asshole, his tongue working skilfully up and down, then side-to-side, the tip just probing a little into her muscles. She groaned as he started to briskly circle it, pressing harder into her and just tempting that he would push inside, making her push back against him to try and instigate it. Not letting her down, his tongue circled round powerfully, and then pressed firmly at the centre, easing her asshole open and just teasing a little way inside, making her gasp slowly as she hesitated, then pressed back into him to help perpetuate it. He worked his tongue in her tightest hole for a few moments, a handful of powerful thrusts, before he pulled back out to circle round her ring again as she tingled before breaking back into long, stimulating drags of his tongue that reached all the way down to her clit.

With a tremble she stood up, reaching back to hastily drive her hand through his hair to stop him, though he did bite her on her lovely ass as she did to make her give a light cry. Turning round, she gave him a close-up of her lovely, slightly stubbly pussy with it's dark landing strip of hair, silky and waiting for him as she urged him up to his feet, immediately locking into a deep kiss with him, tasting herself on his tongue as they entwined once more, his hands pulling round her slim, sexy back to pull her close as they kissed. Her hands pressed into his strong sides as she turned him to the bed, enjoying a last liplock before she pushed him confidently down onto the bed, immediately mounting him, sliding her smooth thigh across him, making his cock pulse in its rock hard state as she crawled over him, pulling her gorgeous pussy up his length, seemingly in readiness for sinking herself onto it. Instead she kissed him again, leaning over him and staying just out of reach.

“Hmm I know what you want,” she said, glancing down to where he stood up beneath her tight, slim body, ready to sink himself deep into her.

“But you're not finished yet,” she breathed with a playful smile, leaning up from him, feeling his frustrated hands pull at her hips. Reaching down, she took them in her own soft grip and pulled them up to press them to her perky breasts, breathing out in satisfaction as he squeezed them intently.

“Don't worry baby, you'll get it soon,” she murmured, holding her hands over his own a moment before she moved forward on her knees, his hands slipping from her pert chest as she fumbled over him and then triumphantly pressed her knees down over his shoulders, pinning him to the bed and leaving her in a perfect position to get what she wanted. His hands pulled up behind her and onto the taper of her waist as she lowered herself down onto his mouth again, but in a different orientation this time. He went instantly back to work, wanting to keep her on the boil and bring her what she sought, holding her firmly again as his tongue went to town on her clit, less sensitive now she was warmed up, making it easy to push up under her soft hood and directly onto her button, every nerve ending lighting up with pure stimulation now as her eyes squeezed shut.

“Fuck right there,” she breathed, reaching down to push her hand into his hair to hold on. He worked at her clit, rapidly working between all directions to swipe his tongue over her in a unique and thrilling pattern to get her off.

“I'm sorry I haven't shaved, I wasn't expecting...” she trailed off, giving another gasp as he pulled down to bury his tongue deep in her snug pussy, feeling her muscles squeeze again as he tasted the sweet juices that already coated his chin. She was so wet, so ready, her pussy easily accepting him as he thrust inside her. Her muscles just clenched a little in pre-orgasmic pleasure as he worked, thrusting his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy before burying it deep inside to circle around, over her velvet-soft walls and new nerves. She was just gasping now over him, lost in pleasure as he ate her pussy, driving his tongue as deep as possible again and pulling back onto the front wall of her tunnel, seeking her G-spot, feeling the slightly rougher area on her delicate contours, unable to quite reach it as he'd like. It still hit the spot for her though, making her give a shudder and lean over a little more, eyes squeezing just a bit harder as she rocked her hips on his face now, getting close.

“Fuck, lick my clit, don't tease me!” she gasped, Olivia making demands now to chase her climax. He didn't argue with it, wanting to give her the best possible orgasm, and immediately pulled out of her pussy to lap very deliberately over it, making her breath catch before he found her clit once more in a flurry of sucking kisses and tonguings that made her shudder. Her other hand pushed into his hair now and she held on tightly as she gasped, groaned and shook with pleasure at his vigorous, intense attack on her clitoris, driving his tongue every which way across the nerve packed bundle, swiping across it and circling round it, adding little, direct stabs at it that made her jolt.

“Oh fuck,” she whined, her hips and thighs twisting around him as she held on in the final moments of her orgasm rushing up on her, making him quickly lock into a fast, firm routine of circling her clit, knowing it was give her maximum stimulation in that final few seconds of resistance. There was just those moments, where time seemed to pause as she twisted and locked up with the utmost tension above him, before with a soul-splitting look of release she orgasmed, her hips shuddering powerfully over him as he held her, giving a long, loud cry of pleasure as she finally came to an intense orgasm. He continued to lick at her clit as she did, holding her in place enough to help sustain her peak as she shook and bucked on top of him, arching her back, digging her fingernails into his head as she threw her own back to let out deep, soulful, grunting gasps of sheer pleasure. With the final seconds of it she pushed herself down into him, grinding into his mouth, letting him feel her slick juices even more as he worked her clit before it all got too much for her, much as it had with him.

“Enough, that's enough,” she gasped, unable to think of anything else as she pulled herself up from him on shaky knees, still holding his hair as she breathed hard, sucking in oxygen as heat rose up inside her, sweat pricking out all over her skin, noticeably cooling on her skin to make her shiver. His hands just slipped down to her hips, fingers reaching round onto her ass a little bit as he waited for her, licking her juices from his lips. Her hands slid from his head and she stretched a little, reaching up to exhaustedly push her damp hair back from her face.

“Fuck,” she breathed. Placing her hand down on the bed, she carefully raised her knee up and half lifted herself off him, before simply letting herself collapse and tumble down onto the bed beside him, flat on her back, sucking in deep lungfuls in the aftermath. He pulled himself up into a sitting position, wiping his face and looking over at the beautiful actress, spread eagle beside him in her tired nudity, head to the side with her eyes closed, giving him a moment to take in every curve and shape of her delicious form. He felt his still rock hard erection give a twitch, pulsing in want as he lusted for the slender actress, heart pumping noticeably as he knew it was the moment to now take her. Leaning over toward her, his hand stroked onto her silky leg, jolting her from her doze a little but making her stretch her leg out for him to stroke easily up, tingling as she felt his hand sliding up towards her slick pussy. She turned and opened her eyes to watch him with a lazily smile as his hand slid slowly up her leg, brushing past her intimate treasures and then over her toned tummy as he moved himself up the bed beside her.

She raised her head a little so he could slide his other arm under her neck, his hand groping now at her perky breasts, squeezing them firmly as he slid down beside her, lowering his head to meet her lips as she craned upwards to entice another deep, passionate kiss. Her hand reached up to pull around his shoulder, feeling his martial arts trained muscles as they tensed and flexed as he held himself over her and gently caressed at her body. She murmured with pleasure as he kissed down her neck again, under her chin and let his hand slide back down over her tummy to push through her pubic hair and straight onto her clit. She gasped and tensed a little, still sensitive in the aftermath of her previous orgasm, mumbling with pleasure as he eased his touch to be gentle on her, just teasing his way around her delicate button as he kissed her deeply again. Her hand reached under to seek out his cock, not difficult when he was so absolutely rock hard for her, throbbing in need of her body, jumping as she touched him.

He groaned in pleasure through their kiss, his cock straining in her grip as she could almost feel the tingle spread through him, wasting no time and squeezing firmly at him, gripping purposefully as she started to work her hand up and down him, stroking his whole length as he continued to tease carefully at her, smoothly stroking over her labia now as she worked at him, spreading her abundant juices in rhythm with her brisk grasp on his cock. She paused to give hard, tight squeezes to him, pressuring his cock to feel it pulse and react in her hand, making him grunt through their kisses. It was all too much, and he couldn't take any more of Olivia's teasing, pushing him to the limits now.

Moving dominantly he slid over her legs and in between them, his hand moving back to her chest as they kissed more hungrily, Olivia biting at his tongue while he got into place, still tugging at his cock as she pulled her knees up around him somewhat, squeezing his hips with her strong thighs. He pushed her hair back from her face and kissed down her neck again as he reached down took control of his cock from her, pressing it down to rub his hard shaft over her shaven pussy, feeling the soft strip of hair as he pushed it down her velvet lips, her hot juices spreading over the tip of his manhood as he did. His teeth sunk into the soft skin of her neck again as he bit at her, moments before he pushed his cock assertively into her silky pussy, her body hot and ready for it, pussy stretching delightfully as he sank deeply inside her to elicit a loud, intense gasp from her.

“Slowly, slowly!” she gasped raggedly, eyes clenching shut as her pussy squeezed tightly on him, pushing up hurriedly on his body to stop him for a moment as she was overwhelmed with sensation, her pussy still sensitive after his efforts. He did as she wanted, holding still inside her, actually loving how tight she had clamped down on his cock, a wonderful addition to the perfect feeling of her hot, silky pussy, an absolute treat for his cock. Leaning on his arms over her, he kissed softly back up her neck and cheek, lightly pulling at her ear lobe, hearing her give breathy moans as she relaxed, her hands moving from his abdomen to his sides, fingers reaching round his back a little as she gave a couple more deliberate, settling squeezes of her pussy onto him, feeling him flex inside her as she settled her hips and pulled her knees onto him again.

Sensing her readiness, he planted a kiss on her lips once more and then instead of pulling out simply pressed ahead, sliding the last couple of inches of his cock inside her, pressing his hips to hers as she arched up from the bed again slightly with a mumble as she was stretched the last little bit, deep within her. He enjoyed her clamping down around him again and then pulled right back to slide himself deeply into her again, hearing her groan of pleasure as he tingled with it himself, loving the snug, succulent sensation of her hot, tight pussy. They continued to kiss engagingly, tongues tussling, her pulling at his lips with her teeth, him taking his turn to try and capture her tongue with his own teeth. He let his hips start to move more vigorously, pulling back and then plunging into her much more powerfully, making sure her toned body took all of him as he did, picking up his pace a bit to pin her to the bed before she broke away, hands pressing into him as she tipped her head back out of reach.

“Slowly,” she breathed, letting out a satisfied breath as he immediately gave her a much slower, more deliberate push to fill her pussy.

“Why?” he breathed, wanting to take her hard now, so much tension finally ready to be released between them.

“Because I want you to,” she murmured dreamily, groaning and pushing her pelvis up to meet him as he sank into her again. Olivia gave a soft, moaning breath as he thrust slowly into her several more times, sinking his whole cock inside her after having pulled back so her snug pussy was just holding onto his bulging head.

“Besides, how long have you wanted this? Wanted me?” she breathed with a smile as he drove back inside her. He hesitated, feeling her squeeze him again as he was balls deep inside her gorgeously slick pussy.

“A long time. Months,” he conceded, whispering into her ear, turning to kiss lightly at her soft cheek. It was the utter truth, he'd wanted Olivia since he'd first set eyes on her in Cape Town, and more after starting to work with her.

“Same. So enjoy this. Enjoy me,” she said pointedly, grasping him with her knees and hands to accentuate it. He just paused to let it sink in, flexing his penis inside her, met by a squeeze of her muscles in response, and then just pulled back to resume a rhythm on her, leaning over her as he worked his hips fluidly into her body, still using his whole length on her as he slid effortlessly in and out of her silky pussy. He could feel her enjoying it as her knees pressed to him, trying to hold him a little deeper in her, like she was worried he would suddenly pull out of her, her hands moving to stroke and massage slightly at his sides. He was simply leaning over her now, looking down at her beautiful face and damp, blonde hair as he did; she lowered her head and opened her eyes again to gaze straight into his, a little smile on her lips. He didn't move to kiss her again, and sensing he wouldn't she pushed up from the bed to do so, only to have him pull away a little, focusing on screwing her slowly and wanting to make her wait. Instead she kissed under his chin, softly planting her lips, letting her tongue dab at his skin, feeling his stubble as she worked over his neck and down onto the top of his chest. Kissing back up to his chin, she could still see his resistance and gave a smile.

“Don't be like that, come here,” she coaxed, pulling her hands up from his waist and reaching behind his shoulders where he leaned over her, pushing his head back down and pressing her lips to his again. He didn't need much persuading as she kissed him hungrily, lustily, working her tongue quickly into his mouth, being the aggressor as she wrapped around his and drew his out to bite and suck on, hungry and passionate about it as she drove her hands through his hair, drawing him in close and pulling her legs up on him more, rolling her hips back even as she thrust them up to meet every deep, consuming thrust her gave into her. She broke him down and they were kissing deeply again, his energy coming back to it as they fought for control, biting at lips, working tongues, him attempting to pin her back down whilst she tried to keep herself up from the bed, hands pulling down onto his back with her fingernails trailing in his skin as her thighs squeezed tighter.

Their pace was increasing, naturally occurring as they got lost in their battle for dominance, kissing wantonly as his pelvis started to thump down into her faster and harder, not too quickly but ascending in pace as he buried his cock inside her, no longer pulling right out as he fed his shaft into her squeezing body. She didn't try to slow him now, both of them breathing harder and faster as he started to fuck her harder, his hips pumping powerfully against hers, pressing her down into the bed as her legs pulled up more by his sides, holding onto him strongly now, not wanting to let him go and risk his cock sliding out of her taut body. Their kisses broke into hard, guttural breaths now, needing them as he exerted himself harder to fuck her, Olivia making it clear she wanted no stopping as her legs pulled over his back, crossing her ankles to hold him close, deeper inside her, preventing him from withdrawing more than half way now as he started to pound on her. Stroking rapidly inside her, a stark contrast to what she'd demanded a few minutes before, he pushed himself down to make his rigid cock push up towards her G-spot.

She was tingling with pleasure now, the slow start having built her up perfectly for the strong, powerful fucking she was taking now, loving how he leaned over her and pinned her down, craning up to just press her head to his shoulder as they both breathed hard with the effort, feeling the tingle of climax in the background. Pinned on her back, she loved the feel of him working at her, applying so much energy to her, but she was frustrated by her lack of input, lack of energy in return, even if she was pushing her hips to his and squeezing hard with her pussy to give him pleasure every time he delved inside her. Taking the initiative, she pulled her hands under him to push at his chest, dropping her knees to free herself, immediately alerting him to her even as he continued to thrust into her. He didn't know what she was after and let her take charge, rolling with the strong shove she gave to him, turning over onto his back as Olivia grabbed hold to be carried with him, never slipping off his cock and driving herself down hard to take everything he could give as they settled, making her cry out.

“Olivia...” he started, since she had been enjoying it on her back.

“Shut up,” she said simply to cut him off, planting her hands on his shoulders and pulling her knees under herself, starting to ride without hesitation with a couple of deep, full-length strokes before her pace picked up, her body swallowing around half his cock as she rode vigorously, making sure she thumped right down against him as she did. He could only groan with pleasure as she took such an assertive role, seizing control when it mattered to get what she wanted, pinning him down as she worked her body against his. He could only push his hips up in pleasure to her, meeting her thrusts much as she had with his while his hands slipped from the bedding onto her strong, smooth thighs, grasping them to help keep her in position as she rode intently, knowing what she was after. He just let her work, unable to kiss her now, instead enjoying watching her perky breasts bounce with every energetic thrust onto him. She noticed him watching and, with a smile, pushed her arms together to accentuate them, pushing them together for him as he stared, feeling him squeeze her thighs more in response.

“Fuck,” she growled through gritted teeth, eyes forced shut at the intensity as she rode him. He felt her vagina give a tremble and clench at him again, evidently in a pre-orgasmic flutter, which was understandable as he was getting quite close now, especially as she so energetically worked her sweet pussy on every inch of his cock. Pushing up from him, she let herself tilt over backwards and pressed her hands down onto his ankles, gripping firmly and rolling her hips, feeling her position momentarily and then starting to thrust again, settling herself backwards a little more as she got comfortable, working to drive his rock hard erection up the front of her tunnel and over the little rough patch of her G-spot, immediately feeling the deep, soul-stirring sensations spread through her as she started to hit the right spot. Her knees pressed into his body tighter, digging her toes into the sheets to assist it while she rode, working her hips so her pussy rocked up and down just the last couple of inches of his cock to rub him over her most intimate erogenous zone over and over again.

“Oh fuck,” she whined, face screwed up in concentration and imminent pleasure, working her pussy hard on him. There were just a few seconds where all that could be heard was their intense breaths, the springs of the bed and her slippery pussy busily working on his cock. With a tremble he knew she was climaxing, and with a few more hard, less well coordinated shoves onto him she did, exploding into orgasm once again, him in a position to simply watch and enjoy everything in that ecstatic moment. He felt her sweet pussy clench at him tightly again, harder and more intense than anything she'd done voluntarily, instinct taking over as her body simply reacted to the peak of pleasure, squeezing hard on his invading cock even as she continued to raggedly thrust herself to keep driving it over her G-spot. Her hands were clamped hard at his ankles, body bucking as she shook in waves of pleasure from her vagina, taking deep, stuttering breaths, her body pricked by beads of sweat as she grunted and cried her pleasure to the bedroom once more. Tipping her head back, she gave deep, overwhelmed sounds of climax as he pushed his hands up to her hips and started to thrust into her, taking over where she couldn't manage any more to drive his rock hard penis fast and hard across her G-spot as he jammed himself into her silky pussy.

Coming down from her high, she settled her hips onto him more, breathing hard with an edge that said it was too much for her, pushing up from her position to sit vertically over him as she pushed her hair back. Starting to slow, since she wouldn't be able to stand it, his hands slid back down her legs, at which she tumbled forwards onto shaky arms, pressing them either side of his head now.

“No, don't stop, keep going,” she gasped, closing her eyes as she breathed through the intense, almost unbearable sensations of him pumping into her body, wanting him to use her for his pleasure now.

“Oh god fuck me, don't stop, just come and get it,” she gasped raggedly, barely reacting as his hands pulled up to grasp her perky breasts hard, taking a good squeeze of them as she made up for his releasing her pelvis by driving it down hard for him, making her had access to every last inch of her pussy with his hard, pulsing cock. She could tell he was close by the throbs he was giving inside her, and now the fact he had hardened up even more, absolutely iron stiff within her, feeling every squeeze and pulse of her snug, hot tunnel on him. Releasing her tits, one of his hands went back to holding and guiding her hips, making sure she kept pressing down to take every last bit of what he had for her, but his other reached up into her soft blonde hair, pulling no punches now in grabbing a handful of it, making her cry out as he yanked her down to him to press a hard, hungry kiss on her again. She mumbled as she rushed to kiss him back, fast and intense as their lips mashed together, tongues entwining as she let him have control. It was his show now, he called the shots and he had her, all of her, every last inch for his utmost pleasure.

His hand grabbed at her damp hair as they kissed, taking a grip on it as his other hand pressed into her hip, fingers driven intently into her soft skin as he fucked her, holding her tight and pumping himself up into her, Olivia just pausing a moment to let him pound up into her before resuming her intense rhythm on him. Shoving her hips down into him, she also let them slide forwards a little to help him feel all of her pussy, her velvet walls gripping and rubbing at him as she helped him drive inside of her, chasing his climax now. He felt it bubble up deep inside him, having been there a while but held back by his intention to fuck her properly, now released to explode, the trembles starting to judder through his body and down his legs. Olivia was able to feel them, squeezing her pussy as hard and fast as possible to maximise it.

“Come on, come on,” she growled as she tipped her head back from their kisses to gasp for breath. His own breaths were hard, ragged gasps now as he held on for the last few seconds, resisting the pleasure as he pumped deeply into her sensitive pussy, taking in every last little sensation before his peak rushed up on him, suddenly becoming unstoppable and consuming him swiftly. His hand in her hair wrenched back on it, making the stunning actress cry out as she was bent back, her pussy giving one last hard clench on him in that moment as he gave his last couple of struggling, straining thrusts inside her before he yanked her hard against him to drive as deep as possible and come hard with a deep, primal growl that made her tingle as she heard it, feeling his cock swell somehow even harder as it pulsed with his first, thick burst of come.

“Oh fuck,” he growled with a gravely voice, eyes screwed up at the intensity of it as his hips bucked beneath her, his cock the hardest she'd felt it now as he pulsing and jumping in her snug pussy, shooting his load deeply into her womb. Olivia loved the feeling when a guy climaxed inside her, moaning long and low as she enjoyed it, the sensation of his cock spasming inside her, his hands holding her so tightly to him, gritting his teeth as the pleasure shook him all the way to his core. It was such a powerful moment between them, time seeming to pause as he held her tightly, giving bucks of his hips to empty himself fully into her, Olivia's moan turning to tired, satisfied gasps as he finally culminated their fuck in this incredible instant. In another flash it was over, as if the clock started ticking again as he gave a final squeeze of himself up inside her, holding a second longer and then sagging beneath her, seeming to almost sink into the bed in the aftermath of it all, utterly exhausted. His hand slid from her hair down her back, flatly dragging over her damp skin, sweat beading over whole body now, absolutely fucked out as she carefully dropped down onto her elbows, her arms shaking from the way she'd been tensing them.

Looking down at him flopped out beneath her, totally spent, she pulled her hands to his face, making him murmur at her hot touch as she leaned down to nuzzle her nose against his before tenderly kissing him, lips softly meeting his own, her tongue pouring carefully into his mouth to meet his intimately, as if they were delicate now, fragile, easy to break in the wake of their tremendous entwining. He held her closely, enjoying the moment between them, breaking apart with a slight sigh, Olivia rubbing noses with him again before she sat up, their union over for now. His hand slid round her hip to give a last squeeze of her fine ass, just feeling it before he laid a soft spank on it, making her giggle slightly as she lifted her knee up to climb off him, resting her hands on his chest to steady her shaky body as he slipped from her heavenly pussy, gliding out of her as she twisted herself off and then let herself tumble onto the bed. Laid out exhaustedly beside him, at an angle away from him across the bed with a space in between, she stared at the ceiling and breathed deeply, contemplating the fantastic fuck they'd just had, the best she'd had in a long time, closing her eyes to regain her breath as she just felt the satisfying tingle in her pussy. In the space between them, he reached out for her, taking her hand which she immediately squeezed in return, all the contact they wanted right now, letting themselves cool in the aftermath.

For a little while there was nothing but the sounds of their breathing, getting softer in the silence of the room as they recovered, just holding hands, needing nothing more right now as they both reflected a little on things, having finally got together, and it had been pretty fucking fantastic. They ached, tense muscles unwinding to leave their lasting reminders of their activities, knowing they would feel it for days to come, a very physical reminder of things. Not that either of them would forget it. Stirring, he pulled himself up tiredly from the sheets, feeling the coolness of the air as he released her soft hand, Olivia trying to hold on as he shuffled to the edge of the bed and stood up, giving a stretch.

“Hurry back to me,” she mumbled as he stepped out the door, needing to get some water, parched now as he left her sprawled on the bed, unable to resist a glance back through the door at her gorgeously spread on the bed. He got the kitchen, drawing himself a cool glass and paused to drink it, spreading through him satisfyingly as he drained it, exactly what he needed, taking a moment to contemplate what had just happened as much as he could. He didn't delay though, giving a stretch to unwind his aching muscles a bit more and then headed back into the bedroom, finding her spread exactly as before. Her feet were tantalisingly over the edge, and as he approached he reached out to draw a finger up one of her soles, making her foot twist and them pull away as she playfully mumbled in complaint, pulling her knees up as she opened her eyes again to look at him with a smile. He leaned over the bed, just low enough to kiss her as he pulled an arm around her, using his strength to pull her toned form up from the bed into a sitting position, fumbling for the covers with his other hand to pull them back as she mock-complained through murmurs.

“Sorry it's not the grandest hotel, I'm sure you've got better offers,” he said, alluding to the bed in comparison to her far more opulent accommodation. He let her sink back down over the bed, Olivia pulling herself over the folded back sheets to get into the bed, tired limbs sliding quite gratefully under the cool bedding.

“It's much better than my hotel,” she murmured, sinking into the pillows with a sideways smile and glance to him. He couldn't help but smile at that, pulling the sheets back on his side and easing in onto the mattress, flipping them back across him as he sank in tiredly beside her, carefully moving close to her, sliding his arm under her neck as she pushed herself closely to him and turning her body to lay an arm casually yet meaningfully onto him. They rested together for a minute, before he remembered they needed to wake up in the morning for another hot day at the convention.

“Shit, I need to set the alarm,” he mumbled, not wanting to pull himself from Olivia, but steeling himself to get on and do it before they fell asleep.

“Hmm what time for?” she said, settling into the pillows more as he sat up to turn and fiddle with it.

“I dunno, what do you think?” he asked, wondering how much they could get away with.

“I think you should wake us up in plenty of time, so we can have sex again in the morning,” she said. He looked over at her, greeted by just a playful smile as she kept her eyes shut.

“I think you're right,” he said, smiling himself as he set the alarm to give them over an hour of playtime the next day. Settling back down with her, she pulled herself to him to entwine once more, cuddling closely as they comfortably let themselves relax, happy to be so tired.

“We'd better get plenty of sleep then,” she murmured, smiling and then leaning forward for a lingering kiss goodnight. He reached out to switch the light off, wrapping them in darkness, broken only by their breaths. Cuddling together, they spent a couple of minutes in stillness before she stretched and carefully turned over, holding his arm where he reached around her, his other across his hip as he spooned her, lightly kissing her on the shoulders.

“Was that as good as you always hoped?” she asked, a hard whisper into the quiet bedroom, having to ask, unable to stop herself, somehow measuring herself. The pause almost answered her question, sending a wave of self-doubt through her despite how great it had been.

“No,” he replied, making her heart squeeze with a cold rush of disappointment, “it was better than I ever dared imagine,” he finished, pulling her closer and kissing softly onto the base of her neck, making her tingle as pride washed through her, tingling in his confident hold as he nuzzled her hair aside. Lying still in the darkness, there was nothing left to say, just quenched physical thirst to compensate, drifting easily off to sleep in their sated embrace.


To be continued...? (Maybe).

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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Re: Olivia Thirlby - Alone in a Crowd
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I first read this on Lit because I was searching for Olivia T. content. It's still the only Thirlby story on the site and that's a damn shame. Loved this, also. Good to read again.
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