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Author Topic: The Club: Office Space starring Ariana Grande  (Read 515 times)

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The Club: Office Space starring Ariana Grande
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:55:46 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of occurred, nor would it.

The Club: Office Space
(MF, Oral, Anal, Rough, Cons, Roleplay)
by MaxwellLord
Starring Ariana Grande

Sometimes you just need to get your rocks off. There's nothing wrong with it. Pleasure is a natural desire. However, their does come a time for some people, when they reach a certain level of influence, that getting what they need becomes a bit of a challenge. They just can't find that special mix of ingredients that gets them off like nothing else can, or at least not completely. They have to worry about social media leaks, paparazzi, gossip sites. Nothing but hurdles in the path of of the almighty orgasm.

Fortunately, that's exactly what The Club was there for.

That's all you needed to say really, “The Club”. Those in the know knew it by name and its location by heart. It was whispered about in Hollywood parties with many, many people wanting in. Los Angeles was where the stars worked, but New York was where they played. And they played at The Club.

The Club would cater to its members' needs, any of them. Well, almost any of them. As long as they followed the rules. Anything and everything had to be legal. Eighteen and over only and nothing that would be at home in a zoo were allowed. Aside from that, whatever any consenting adults wanted to do, it was all clear.

Had a thing for gloryholes? The Club had you covered on both sides of the wall. Exhibitionism? Done. Teacher/Student fantasy? They had several classroom sets set-up. The Club had seemingly endless funds to provide all kinds of releases for clientele. And why shouldn't they? The clients paid well and worked hard to get in.

And while getting in was hard, getting kicked out was easy. All it took was breaking the code of secrecy. Anonymity was preferred but for the famous crowd it just wasn't possible. So, for anyone with a bit of fame who was in, their partners keeping things hush hush was of the utmost importance.

Their partners in lust of course dd keep things quiet. They were getting a chance to fuck the single hottest celebrities on Earth. And every time the match was perfect. All kinks and fetishes were lined up perfectly thanks to The Club's personality test upon entering. Even in a randomized pairing, both parties were never anything but delighted with the results.

A delightful result was exactly what Ariana Grande was hoping for that night. She had a special itch only The Club could scratch. Day in and day out, especially recently, she did nothing but take the reigns. She had to be the one in charge in every aspect of her life or nothing would get done to her satisfaction. Sadly that included the bedroom. Tonight she was having none of that. Tonight, it was time for someone else to take over.

Ariana was dressed for exactly what she requested of the club. If they were going to provide her with the means for her satisfaction, she was going to dress the part.

And that she was. She wore a air of her highest heeled black pumps. Not platforms, but there was a little bit of a lift to them. Black stockings matched them, running all the way up her thighs and matching the black panties and bra she wore underneath her short skirt, blouse, and jacket. Her hair was tied back in her usual ponytail and it was all topped off with a pair of black rimmed glasses. It was perfect. She made sure of it. She only hoped her partner for the night would have done the same, whatever his name was. She wasn't sure and that was the thrill of it all, or part of it. It could be one of her usuals, one of the men she just linked up with so well on The Club's profile test. It could also be someone knew. Both thoughts had her wet already.

The limo she was in pulled up to the location of the club. She gave the driver a healthy tip before walking in to the nondescript grey building.

When she entered, her heels clicked on the clean linoleum floor, echoing through the room. She headed in front of her wear there was partitioned off area right next to an elevator guarded by two massive security guards.

The was a woman behind the partitioned area, sitting behind a desk and behind her a wall full of keycards. She looked up from the book she was reading and noticed Ariana.

“You know the drill,” the woman said. “Hand on the glass screen in front of you.”

Ariana did as she asked, placing her hand what seemed like a tablet computer embedded in the counter in front of her. A blue light behind the woman went off and a key dropped into her hand. She handed it to Ariana, who then made her way to the elevator, her stride quick and anxious.

The elevator ride was quick and when the doors opened next Ariana made her down a long hallway. It was lit wonderfully, blue and white lights making the path clear and showing off every number on each door that Ari passed by perfectly. She looked at her card, hoping the number on it would match the next door in front of her.

It was mere moments before she found it, room 237, but for Ari it was like an eternity. She slide the keycard through the slot and then turned the handle, opening the door to her fantasy.

She couldn't help but smile when she saw it. An office, recreated perfectly. Not some porno level recreation. This looked like a real office. The matte painting of a city skyline was perfect. The desk was just as she'd asked it. An in/out box full of papers, a mug full of pens, a computer at the desk...everything fit exactly what she asked for, which was at the end of the day a simple office.

She looked back at the door and even that was perfect. On the other side it was cool stainless steel, but on the inside where Ariana was, wood paneling. It was all complete.

As she was basking in it all, her smart watch went off. She had gotten a text alert. When she looked at it, her smile was even bigger, and then she composed herself. It was time to get into character. And with that text, she knew exactly who her dance partner was. A familiar face to her, and with his name she had the final piece of the puzzle for her performance.

She hurried behind the desk and grabbed a pen, writing on the papers, trying to look frazzled and hurried. She heard the click of the door unlocking and kept her smile buried down deep. Now it was time to be in character. Now it was time to get what she wanted.

The door opened and in her came, Ariana partner for the night, dressed in a similar business attire. The message on her watch was right, it was Rick Jenkins....of course right now she'd probably have to call him Mr. Jenkins.

“Ms. Grande,” he said, rifling through a folder. “Are you aware at what I'm looking at?”

“N-no Mr. Jenkins,” Ariana said, turning her normally confident voice into a more meek tone.

“These are unfinished account reports. YOUR unfinished account reports. Would you care to explain this to me?”

“Well sir, it's just I have an important family gathering and I ed with Ms. Sorens and she gave me the okay to...”

“The okay to go over my head and saddle me with your work?”

“Well, no but she said you would be in Saturday anyway and it'd be no problem...” Ariana was wet before but now she was absolutely soaking. She was aching for where this was all heading, fighting the urge to break character and just scratch that itch. She was going to stick with it. She had to. Because in the end it wold feel so much sweeter.

“Oh, but it is Ms. Grande. Now I have to stay in the office longer to do your work. You...who's beneath me. That doesn't sound right does it?”

“But Mr. Jenkins I checked and...”

“Shhhh,” he said, pressing his index finger against her baby pink lips. “Don't worry.  You just need to give me a bit of my weekend back. And We both know how you can do that, don't we?”

“Y-yes Mr. Jenkins,” said Ariana. She got up from her desk and made her way over to Rick who was already undoing his pants. She stayed in character, playing meek and subservient. She couldn't wait for more.

She was on her knees looking up at him, the look on her face reacting in utter awe at the hard cock in front of her. Ariana licked her pinks lips, her mouth watering for the cock. Jenkins smirked.

“Good girl,” he said. “Just so we're clear Ms. Grande....this won't make things even between us...I say when that happens. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“Good. Now open your mouth and suck my cock.” Ariana did as was asked of her. She parted her lips and couldn't help but moan a little when Rick's cock entered her mouth. Ari's lips closed around and she began her work, Mr. Jenkin's voicing his approval already.

“Oh fuck yes suck that cock baby girl,” he growled. “All the way down...taste every fucking inch of it honey..fuck yeah...” His hands reached down and grasped Ariana's head, guiding her up and down his cock, building the pace for her. Not outright fucking her face, but definitely taking charge, using her mouth as he saw fit.

He held her head in place as he pushed his cock down her throat, Ariana's nose nestled in his pubic hair. “All the way deep baby...oh fuck all the way deep...”

He held himself in Ariana's throat for a few more seconds before yanking his cock out of her mouth, slapping the saliva-covered flesh rod on her face as she grasped for air.

“Yeah breath deep honey...gonna be sucking me again soon Ms. Grande...right back in your fucking mouth....”

Ariana moaned as she regained her breath, reaching down between her legs and playing with her pussy while her face was cock slapped. Soon her mouth was once more filled with his cock, and Jenkins was far more insistent. Ariana was absolutely soaked between her legs.

Now he was pretty much fucking her face. Hard, quick strokes to taking time in her throat. Know more words from him, just insistent grunts as Ariana's mouth was taken. Saliva drooled form her mouth with every thrust. The first act was nearly done, every thrust into Ariana's mouth more and more urgent. He was ready to give her his cum and Ariana was so hungry for it.

Jenkins pulled back, leaving only the head in her mouth as he came, firing the first few streams in her mouth before pulling out and letting the rest shoot and cover her face, leaving her and the glasses she wore covered in his sperm.

“Oooohhhh fuck-k-k,” Ariana gasped, her face covered in cum as a small orgasm rocked her.

“Oooh, did my private office slut cum?” Jenkins asked. Ariana nodded meekly, a bit dazed and with cum dripping from her face to her legs. “Good. How about you keep yourself busy and suck my cock and keep me hard for what I have planned next for you?”

“Yes sir,” she said. Ariana once more opened her mouth and took Jenkins' cock in her mouth, working hard to keep him the same, her saliva and his cum mixing together on his still hard pole.

“Oh that's it...mmmm just that that...my little office whore...”

She continued sucking him for a few minutes more, until Rick was ready for the next bout.

He yanked his cock from her mouth again, rubbing it on her pink lips before barking an order at her. “Clear your fucking desk and sit on it, legs open,” he said. “Now.”

“Yes sir,” said Ariana. She got to her feet and did as he asked, pushing the papers she'd been “working” on and sat open, her legs parted just as was demanded of her.

Mr. Jenkins walked up to her, a confidant, dominant smirk on his face, Ariana enamored, her face still glazed in his jizz. He reached forward and tore open her b;louse, the buttons exploding all over the place then reached down between her legs and grasping her panties, tearing them off in similar fashion, both of this actions getting an erotic gasp from Ariana.

He put his hand against her chest, pushing her down until Ari was flat on her back. He leaned forward as well, holding himself up with one arm while the other guided his cock to her sopping opening. With one hard thrust he was inside her and once inside her, he gave Ariana the hardest fucking he was capable of.

“OH FUCK!” Ari cried. “Shit yes!”

“Does the whore like it?” Jenkins asked. “Say what you like!”

“Oh...oh fuck...I...I love your cock in me sir...oh fuck Mr. Jenkins please don't stop...I need it...make me fucking earn my weekend please I'll give it all to you...whatever you want just fuck me please!”

“Beg for it!” he demanded, his thrust stopping while his throbbing cock rested inside of her. “FUCKING BEG.”

“Please please PLEASE fuck me daddy! Oh fuck PLEASE make your fucking slut!”

“That's just what I wanted to hear,” he said with a grin. Then he began to give Ari exactly what she was craving, slamming into hard and fast, the desk skidding a little with some of the thrusts.

And Ariana was loving it. Every second of every minutes. Every thrust, every single filthy word coming from his mouth. And his hands, how rough they were. The hard grip he had, the way he didn't remove her bra, just yanked it out to free her tits. And with them bare, Rick went to her nipples, teasing , pinching and tweaking them. Her body was his to play with how he chose and every choice was just what Ari had in mind.

As for what Mr. Jenkins had in mind, that was about to come. He pulled out of Ari and flipped her over, bending the petite “secretary” over the desk. Ari knew what was coming next and could wait...she wanted to scream out and demand he do it now...but that wasn't in character.

She waited with baited breath while Rick ran his hand over her pert little ass. She could feel his eyes on her, roaming over her smooth cheeks just as his hand was.

“Time to really make it up to me Ms. Grande,” he said, rubbing his cockhead between the crack of her ass, her pussy juices rubbing off just a bit. “I think you know what that is going to take, don't you? Really make up for you going over my head to my boss?”

“Yes sir,” Ariana nodded. “I'll do anything to make you happy...anything.”

“Good girl,” he said, giving her ass a spank. He think brought his still-slick cock to her ass hole with one hand while he pried apart her cheeks with the other and pressed forward.

Ariana winced and gripped the edge of the desk. The moment his dickhead popped through, Ari was melting. The final piece of the puzzle, completely submitting to “the boss”. It was everything she needed.

Just like he had with her pussy, Rick fucked Ari's tight anus with need and force, ramming her ass hard and fast. Ariana moaned and whimpered, pleading for more, the cump dripping from her face to the desk from the force of his thrusts.

“Yeah...oh fuck yeah...dirty fucking slut...oh fuck take this dick...right...nnng right up your fucking ass...FUCK!”

“Yes...oh Mr. Jenkins...fuck my ass! FUCK IT HARD! Oh please...please don't fucking stop...fucking use me....make me earn that day off...oh fuck yes yes YES!”

The sound of rapidly colliding flesh, savage grunts and desperate moans filled the “office”. The moans of Ariana only grew more intense when Rick offered her a helping hand by fingering her pussy while his cock ravaged her ass. Ariana was being pushed to the brink and was loving every moment of it. Needless to say, so was Mr. Jenkins.

“Gonna cum right in you slutty asshole...fuck...fill you up...and you love it don't you? DON'T YOU?”

“YES!” shouted Ari, unable to hold back the passion in her voice.

“Tell me what you fucking love!” he demanded, wrapping his hand in her ponytail and pulling back. “Say it!”

“Your cock in my ass sir!” she said. “I love having that cock in my ass, my pussy, my mouth! I fucking love it! I went to Sorenson on purpose so you'd do this! So you'd use me! Oh fuck please use me and make me cum!”

“Yeah...wanna cum...cum with my cock up your ass Ari...then I'll let you have my cum in your ass...so you better fucking cum with cock up your ass or you're not getting a drop from me!”

With that Jenkins went at full blast and no mercy or slowdown and Ariana loved every moment of it. Her moans became unintelligible demands for more, understood only by the inflection, the desperation in them. And then finally, she could take no more.

“FUUUUUUUUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!” she cried out, her pussy flooding Rick's hand while her asshole squeezed his cock tight, forcing him to lose it as well. He rammed into Ariana's ass once more before her erupted, falling forward on her, pressing her against the hard wood of the desk as his hard wood shot her asshole full of cum, grunting and moaning in her ear with every pulse.

When he was done, he pulled out of her as and then pulled Ariana from the desk to the floor and back on her knees. “Clean it off,” he said, bringing his cock to her lips. Ariana hungrily took the cock right into her mouth, sucking it clean.

“Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Jenkins?” asked Ariana in a sweet but dick drunk voice.

“Yes, you can clean up the mess,” Rick said buttoning up his pants. “Aside from that, see you Monday, Ms. Grande.”


After a quick shower in the facilities generously offered by The Club and a change of clothes, Ariana was positively glowing. She took the floor up to get to the bar The Club provided to have a glass of champagne. It was the perfect way to end a night of getting exactly what she wanted. She smiled when she was joined by a familiar face at the bar.

“Well hello Mr. Jenkins,” she said to her lover of the night. “Or is it Rick right now?”

“Rick's fine Ariana.” he replied.

“Aw, no more Ms. Grande? I kinda liked that.”

“Well, now it kind of has a different connotation, doesn't it?”

“I could see that.” Rick signaled the bartender for a drink. “Thanks again for all of that. I REALLY needed that.”

“No problem,” Rick said. “Believe me, it was more than a little fun. I was surprised a little.”

“Why's that” Ariana asked.

“Well, I knew you were kind...rough in the in the bedroom. Not really into soft and sweet. But never pictured you being so submissive. That's why I jumped at the chance to fulfil the request. I mean us being paired together is always fun, but this...this was something else.”

“Well, and thanks by the way, I'm about to go on tour. And I just released two albums within months of each other. And product deals and blah blah blah. I have to be in charge then. I have to be the boss. I have to be, well, pretty harsh sometimes. I just wanted...I wanted to not be in control. And truth be told I'm glad The Club was able to arrange this between us. I mean I usually like the random placement we get...but sometimes you just know who's going to deliver.”

“Cheers to that,” Rick said, clinking his freshly filled glass of Bourbon to Ariana's glass of Dom. “Always happy to help and hope we can...assist each other more in the future.”

“Oh I'm going to hold you to that,” she said. “I just gold-starred you. You have first dibs on anything my dirty little mind can dream up.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Oh, it's going to be. I mean after all, isn't that what The Club is for?”

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Re: The Club: Office Space starring Ariana Grande
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Excellent story. I really enjoyed the story and Ariana was really sexy.

Hope you carry on the idea
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Re: The Club: Office Space starring Ariana Grande
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Hot stuff.  Love the scenario.  Love the idea/concept.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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