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Author Topic: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)  (Read 4241 times)

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Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:51:12 PM »
Snapchat Sex

Starring: Natalie Alyn Lind

(MF, inter, cons, oral, voy)

Disclaimer: Everyone person involved is over the age of 18. This story is completely fictional and for mature audiences.

Around 3 am on Saturday while I was lying in bed, I got a Snapchat notification from Natalie Alyn Lind. She was a young upcoming hot actress from TV shows like The Goldbergs, Gotham and the recently canceled The Gifted. I really liked The Gifted, particularly because of Natalie and the way her shirts showed off her large chest. The 19-year-old had a set of big fat tits and a nice round butt that usually got overlooked because of her big juicy boobs.

Since I was a big fan of the young actress, I followed her on all her social media platforms and was surprised to see a notification from her Snapchat this late at night. My curiosity got the better of me and since I was wide awake, I decided to open the notification. She had posted several stories starting from around 2 am. I clicked on the first story and loud music immediately blared from my iPhone. I turned it down a little so the music didn’t wake up my wife.

On screen, it was dark with loud music and a few people shouting faintly in the background. Natalie was apparently at a house party as she had her phone aimed at a group of people dancing in a dim-lighted area in the distance. Her gorgeous face didn’t appear onto the screen until the second story started playing. Her beautiful light-brown eyes looked glazed over. More than likely it was from heavy drinking. The third story started to play and her intoxicated face wasn’t the only face to appear on the screen.

The young drunken blonde was making faces on a loop on her phone with different filters adding in special effects. Peaking over her shoulder in couple of those Snapchat photos was an older looking dark skinned dude with dreads wearing a Bill Cosby-like sweater and a long gold chain. I assumed Natalie knew who the guy was or he was just a complete stranger that photo bombed her story. I was hoping for the latter, but I was extremely disappointed by her next story which made my heart drop to the pit of my stomach.

Natalie had her iPhone aimed towards her and the black guy in up close range as they were locking lips. All I could do was watch in horror as his broad pink tongue entered her mouth and vice visa. He had one arm around her neck while the other was off camera, undoubtedly roaming around on her luscious youthful body. I despised what was going on, but I couldn’t pry my eyes away from the two drunken lovers sucking face.

That story rolled into the next one which was an overhead shot of the pair still locked in their nasty, sloppy French kiss and I got to see the black guy’s hand in between Natalie’s creamy white thighs. Her sultry outfit of choice for the party was a sleeveless black blouse that was still fully button up and clung tight to the ample swells of her huge teen boobs. They looked so big, round, and full pushing against the dark fabric of her sleeveless blouse. She also had on a black thigh-high skirt which gave the black guy full access to her coochie.

Natalie’s body jolted closer to the black man’s after an unexpected surprise had entered her young cunt, I suspected. Her body started shaking while she was moaning feverishly which caused her phone to become shaky and lose focus on the video.

“C’ mon, what the fuck,” I grunted softly to myself not to disturb my wife.

Luckily the bad camera operating didn’t roll over to her next story when my jaw nearly hit the floor to join Natalie’s knees. She was kneeling between the dark-skinned guy’s scrawny hairy legs and was attempting to devour the biggest and thickest black cock I’ve ever seen and I was a frequent porno watcher. This unnamed black dude would have given some popular black porno studs a run for their money, but I was more so shocked by the beautiful and talented Natalie Alyn Lind was Snapchatting herself giving a masterfully skilled head job in the middle of a party.

Her saliva coated his thick dark meat from the base to the swollen mushroom head which was she giving a tongue swirling. Natalie had both hands wrapped around the lengthy shaft, squeezing and stroking the monstrous black penis as she took inches of it between her gorgeous bee-sting lips. He was holding her phone and kept telling her to look into the screen. My heart melted when her stunning light-brown eyes were puppy-wide and looking directly into the screen as she bobbed her mouth up and down his fat black dick. My cock was immensely hard at this point and I couldn’t help but rub the outside of my pajama bottoms.

Natalie must have been holding her phone in her next Snapchat story as I was getting an extreme close up of two gigantic looking black balls and her mouth was alternating back and forth between each low-hanging plump testicle. Her spit was dribbling off both enlarge nuts following her releasing them out of her mouth. Her tongue soon began dragging over the skin of his balls to the base of his thick member and back down several times. Her elegant milky smooth face was buried in his giant dark ball sack which carried over into her next Snapchat story.

The story had skipped a couple of minutes ahead to the dark-skinned dude getting his monstrous dark meat sucked by the young actress holding her phone again. Her drooling mouth was swallowing his stiff rod, inch by inch each time she bobbed her head up and down. It seemed like Natalie was desperately trying to gobble the whole length of his manhood, but her delicate mouth was no match for the elongated girth of the black man’s phallus.

There was a noticeable gathering in the back watching Natalie suck this dude’s giant prick.

“FUCK YEAH!” shouted a guy in the back, as this story came to an end.

The next story picked up with what was the crowning achievement and nearly made me cum. Natalie had the guy’s huge thick black cock squashed between her creamy white big teen knockers and was moving them up and down his slobbery erection. She spits on his massive angry dick a few times to make it even wetter and slicker to slide in between her heavy round jugs. The bulbous tip of his beefy spear passed through the top of her sticky cleavage each time Natalie bounced her fat teen titties up and down. She cranked her neck a few times to spit on and catch his throbbing huge helmet between her bee sting lips.

“Oh shit, you got some big motherfucking titties,” the black guy grunted as he basked in the sensation of Natalie’s tit fuck.

My cock was painfully sore watching what I’ve fantasized about for the last couple of years doing to the busty 19-year-old since the first time I laid eyes on her on The Gifted. This scene was too much to bear, so I pulled my dick out and began stroking. I heard the black guy’s deep grunts and moans as he held her phone to capture this momentous occasion.

The titty-fucking continued into the next Snapchat story with Natalie lying on her back on the sofa and his giant black cock wrapped smothered between her large breasts with only the swollen mushroom head piercing out from the cleavage. I got a better look at her pale pink areolas and raspberry-pink tiny erected nipples. The black guy was holding and aiming her phone down as he mercilessly pounded his throbbing fuck stick in between her ample melons, making them quake like bowls of gelatin. The sounds of his thighs making contact against the bottoms of her large soft breasts with each hard thrust were music to my ears as I steadily rubbed my aching cock.

“Ohhh shit! Ohhh, fuck!” I heard the black stud moaned, as he fucked sweet young Natalie Alyn Lind’s huge boobs.

Her Snapchat story skipped ahead by a few minutes and someone else was holding her phone getting a wider view of the action. Natalie was naked with the exception of black ankle socks on her feet and sitting in a slump position on the couch. Her dark-skinned lover was on his knees with her legs hunched over his shoulders and eating her sweet teen pussy.

From where the mysterious person was holding Natalie’s iPhone, I could see that she had a small patch of dark hairs above her bald pussy. Her eyes were closed, but her youth body was jolting every few seconds from the black dude eating her cunt. His big charcoal hands were palming at her big tits, squeezing and kneading handfuls of the milky white ample globes between his fingers. The way Natalie’s back arched indicated that she had succumbed to her first orgasm and her black lover was enjoying her womanly fluids.

I was nearing my climatic height, so I slowed down a bit, wanting to save my load for the end of this storied sex scene unfolding on Snapchat with actress Natalie Alyn Lind.

The next story on her Snapchat got down to the main course. The black guy was holding her phone a few inches above her piss-soaked snatch with a large chunk of his massive dark pillar lodged inside while the other half was on the outskirts. He began gently thrusting himself inside her and used his free hand to toy with her clitoris.

“AHHHHHHHH!! Natalie screamed out, as this oversized black cock was seesawing in between her wet labia and up inside her hairless cunt. She continued crying while being thoroughly fucked and I continued to watch awestruck and stroking my immensely hard erection.

I couldn’t pry my eyes off his dark anaconda as it slithered in and up Natalie’s poor pussy and her screams intensified as he increased the speed of his hard pounding. The ear-splitting moans and hasty hard pounding rolled over into the next couple of Snapchat stories and at the beginning of the next story, the black dude pulled his huge wet raw prick out of Natalie’s cum-oozing pussy. The phone stayed aim at her battered cunt for the remainder of the story as her cum spewed and dribbled out.

I wanted to cum so bad at this point as I gradually jerked my cock up and down, but there were a few more Snapchat stories to go. I almost blew my load as the next story had an inebriated Natalie upside down on the couch with her head hanging off the edge of the couch and her black lover thrusting his enormous member in and down her throat. Someone else holding her phone and was moving it around to capture different angles in three different Snapchat stories.

The first angle was between his legs and captured his giant swinging low-hung ballsack hitting Natalie in the forehead each time he drilled his huge dick inside her mouth. The second story was an angle from the side showing Natalie puffing her cheeks in and out each time she was fed the black dude’s cock down her throat. The third angle and my personal favorite was a wide shot where the person holding Natalie’s phone stood behind the couch and captured the black guy holding Natalie’s legs spread apart by her ankles while thrusting his fat hard cock down her throat. Her young pussy was wide open, dark pink and dripping insanely wet and it was a pleasurable sight to see both of her large breasts jiggling up and down her chest like buoys from getting her face fucked.

Shortly after that Snapchat story ended, the next one opened up with Natalie’s angelic face covered in saliva from the hard face pounding and looking quite uneasy. Her once tamed gorgeous platinum blonde hair was an unkempt disaster. Her dark-skinned lover was holding her cell phone and after that quick face shot, he aimed the phone at her tender wet pussy which had two of his skinny fingers maneuvering in and out rapidly, followed by another quick glimpse of her imprecise face and the soft whimpers coming from her mouth. My cock was raging hard and was in need of immediate release from the discomfort. Luckily, there were only three stories left on Natalie’s Snapchat.

After the short finger fucking, the next story was already in process as Natalie’s black lover was plowing his enormous thick meat inside her soaked snatch from behind. He was holding her phone from above capturing the collision of his fast-pace thrusting pelvic against her curvy round ass making both of her soft cheeks jiggle wildly from the impact.

“Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ahhhh!!!” I heard Natalie sobering over the noisy flesh on flesh contact.

The hard-hitting doggy-style fucking continued over into the second to last story and it seemed Natalie had reached another orgasm during that brief switch. Her black lover was still hitting her creamy cunt hard from the back with no signs of slowing down.

“I’m about to cum, bitch! Ohhhh, fucccck yeah!” I heard the black guy moan just as it cut to the final story.

The phone had a close up shot of Natalie’s face as massive torrents of gooey cum started raining down on her face. Her eyes were sealed shut for the climatic occurrence as the black dude emptied his semen all over her face. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and blew my tremendous load into a towel I had nearby.

“Ohhh SHIT” her black lover cried, continuing to relieve his humongous fat throbbing cock all over her face. He pried her soft lips apart with his dickhead and emptied the last ropes of his thick spunk down her throat. The final seconds of Natalie Alyn Lind’s Snapchat story had tons of gelatinous cum plastered and dripping down her angelic drunken face as it ended.
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2019, 04:46:21 AM »
I have no idea who this chick is but the premise and the rawness alone was fire. I’m glad she got face pasted.
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2019, 08:20:56 AM »
That was hot, really enjoyed it.
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2019, 09:04:46 AM »
I can't think of a better use of snapchat!  Great idea, great story.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2019, 01:10:26 PM »
That was an incredible story!
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2019, 03:17:36 PM »
Glad you guys enjoyed it! I hope to write more stories about her.

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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #6 on: May 19, 2019, 04:44:34 PM »
Really enjoyed this. The concept you worked on was really good and I loved the way you did the sex scenes
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #7 on: May 19, 2019, 06:13:12 PM »
Amazing concept. Great work.
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #8 on: May 21, 2019, 03:44:52 PM »
Great story, love how you write titty-fucking.
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Re: Snapchat Sex (starring Natalie Alyn Lind)
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2019, 10:06:46 PM »
Awesome story, I always love to sit down and read your stuff  :D
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