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Irresistibly Cute Part 3
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Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

Keywords: FF, Oral

Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 3
by MTL (mtl_17.feedback@yahoo.co.uk)

Sara Lance could stare down a large group of thugs while feeling little or no nervousness because she knew she could take them. It didn't matter how big they were, how many there were or even what weapons they had, she had the skills and training to take down a small army, so she could handle whatever Starling City threw at her. Besides, in battle keeping your emotions in check often make the difference between life and death, a lesson beaten into her over and over again by the League of Assassins. It was mostly a lesson she applied to her personal life to, but there was just something about Felicity Smoak which could shatter her calm, cool and collected facade.

An example of that was when Felicity's bedroom door opened to reveal her in a stunning dress, causing Sara to stare like an idiot for a few long seconds before softly murmuring, "Wow... you look..."

"Cute." Felicity interrupted cheekily, although she couldn't help blushing and lowering her gaze because of her arrogant tone, complementing herself like that and most of all the way Sara was looking at her.

"I was going to go with amazing, but you're always cute, so we can compromise on that if you want." Sara beamed.

"Erm, sure." Felicity mumbled awkwardly, before quickly adding, "You look great too."

"Thanks." Sara smiled.

There was a pause and then Felicity said, "Well we better get going, we've got to get to the Arrow Cave in a few hours."

"Actually we've got the night off if we want it." Sara revealed, before clarifying, "Oli's been working us pretty hard lately, especially you, so I made him promise if things worked out with you and there was no emergency we could have a couple nights off."

Felicity's eyes were wide, "You told him about last night?"

"I didn't give him details." Sara quickly said, "But... if we're going to get any time to ourselves we kind of have to tell him something. You know how protective he is of you. We all are. Besides, it was kind of worth it to see the look on his face."

Felicity blushed again.

* * *

About 20 minutes later they were taking their seats in the semi-nice restaurant Sara had booked for them, the woman who struck fear into the hearts of the criminals of this city second guessing her choices. Oliver had offered to get them a table of the nicest/less expensive place in the city and cover the bill by himself, but it had been more of a refocusing and as soon as it was out of his mouth Sara could tell he realised it was a little weird to cover the bill of his most recent ex-girlfriend's first date with the woman they both had feelings for. Besides, Sara couldn't compete with Oliver's money, and it would be stupid of her to remind Felicity of that right from the start of their relationship. Still, she was a little saddened that this was all she could afford.

Felicity Smoak deserve the best. That's why Oliver Queen wasn't going after what he wanted. Sara had refused to make the same mistake, told herself she could make Felicity happy, but as she observed the currently nervous nerd girl Sara couldn't help having a few second thoughts. On the restaurant and her choice of clothing, despite Felicity's earlier complement. Not that Sara looked like a total slob, it was just she had chosen not to emphasise her femininity with a lot of cleavage or a dress, hoping that it would make the whole 'on a date with a girl' thing easier on the inexperienced blonde.

After a few moments Felicity nervously admitted, "I feel a little overdressed."

Sara panicked, "I'm sorry. It's just that I thought we should try and keep things casual at first, and I'm not rich like Oli. and-"

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY! It's fine. I'm not some gold-digging tramp who only cares about money, and this place isn't Macdonald's or anything, so..." Felicity smiled.

"God, did someone really take you to McDonald's for a date?" Sara laughed.

"Yes." Felicity admitted, the woman sharing a laugh before she added, "I guess it wasn't that bad, but this is definitely better."

"I'm glad you like it." Sara smiled before admitting, "I, I was kind of second guessing this place."

Felicity frowned, "Why?"

Sara shrugged, "You make me nervous."

"I make YOU nervous!" Felicity quietly exclaimed in disbelief, looking around at all the other tables filled with people loudly talking over each other, then placing her menu against the side of her face and leaning forward in what had to be the most suspicious and yet adorable way possible, then Felicity whisper yelled, "You're a freaking superhero!"

"Louder! I don't think everybody heard you." Sara whisper yelled mockingly once she had copied the trick with her menu, finding herself fighting back laughter even though they could get in serious trouble if someone overheard them. Then she found a way to bring the mood down, "I'm not a superhero, I'm a murderer trying to wash the blood off her hands."

Shocked, appalled and saddened that her friend/date thought that way Felicity insisted, "You save people every single day."

"So do you." Sara quickly countered.

"I just provide you Intel." Felicity countered.

"Intel which saves as many lives as my batons." Sara argued.

"But I don't risk my life for other people, you do." Felicity pointed out, "That's the difference between us. You're a hero and I just sit on my butt all day."

"Well, it is a very cute butt." Sara said flirtatiously in an attempt to defuse the situation. Predictably Felicity blushed and broke her gaze with The Canary, Sara admiring the other blonde's flushed cheeks for a few seconds, before putting down the menu and frowning, "Sit on my butt?"

"It's a turn of phrase." Felicity argued as she put down her own menu, "I've heard people turn that phrase."

"I thought you went to MIT?" Sara teased.

"And graduated with honours." Felicity bragged, before self-deprecatingly adding, "But hey, it wasn't like I was studying English."

"I think you do really well, considering it's your second language and all." Sara teased, before explaining, "Computer speak. Sometimes the things you say goes so far over my head it's like another language, and... and honestly, it's a really weird turn on."

"Really?" Felicity raised an eyebrow sceptically.

"Really." Sara grinned, "I just love it when you talk nerd."

Felicity blushed again, and then a waiter came to take their order. After that brief pause in the conversation they went right back to it, Sara flirting shamelessly with Felicity as always, except now the computer genius flirted back. After so many subtle attempts which had gone nowhere thanks to Felicity's obliviousness to just how irresistible she was/what Sara truly wanted from her it was refreshing to just received a little smile from the super smart blonde, let alone some flirtation back. Better still Felicity didn't look uncomfortable to be seen on a date with her, and conversation remained just as easy as it had been when they were simply friends.

The easy conversation was the main reason Felicity wasn't freaking out right now. Also she always felt safe around the little Amazon known as Sara Lance. Nervous and at least a little turned on, often in the most awkward places, but safe. Also while it was a little weird, perhaps different would be a more accurate term, to be on a date with a girl Felicity Smoak was a highly educated woman of the 21st-century and she refused to be ashamed of the way she felt about such an amazing person, regardless of their gender. Because while Felicity was entirely sure she wasn't totally gay or straight, she also wasn't sure she was technically bi, because who wouldn't want Sara Lance once they knew just how amazing she truly was.

Not that it was all smooth sailing. Because the whole time waiting for dinner, eating it and even before all that there was a dark cloud hanging over them, and eventually Felicity just had to blurt out, "Are, are you sure Oliver is ok with this?"

With the smile that had felt like it was glued to her face finally fading Sara sighed, "Felicity-"

"I know, I know, I know. At this stage I shouldn't care what he thinks, but like you said he's protective of me, and we work together, and... and..." Felicity quickly babbled, before lamely finishing at a slower pace, "And, and I just don't want things to be awkward."

There was a long pause, then Sara gently took Felicity's hand and told her, "It's ok. We shouldn't pretend he's not a huge issue between us. No... no matter what happens, he's going to be a huge issue between us. But... I, I want you to know, if this is you changing your mind, or realising what you really want, I won't stand in your way."

"No, no, no, NO! That's not what I meant at all! I just-" Felicity quickly babbled, then realising her tone was loud enough to cause a scene quickly softened it to just above a whisper, "I just don't want anyone to get hurt."

Sara smiled softly, "That's really sweet of you Felicity. But the thing is, in situations like these somebody always gets hurt. No matter what you want, how good your intentions are, ultimately it is up to you to decide who gets hurt."

"But I don't wanna be!" Felicity whined petulantly.

"I know." Sara said softly, "I don't envy you. But I need you to know that no decision is final. That I won't hate you or Oliver if you decide this is too much or whatever. That I won't stand in the way, because I just want you to be happy."

Felicity was so blown away by this woman's selflessness that she honestly couldn't talk for a few long seconds, which clearly made Sara worried so the hacker ended up blurting out, "You make me happy!"

Sara beamed happily for a few seconds, then that smile turned lascivious, "Well, I do make you cum pretty hard."

Fighting her blush Felicity insisted, "It's more than that."

"Really?" Sara asked with a raised eyebrow, admittedly fishing for compliments to help her with her paranoia that Felicity would suddenly realise she was on a date with her and not Oliver and run screaming.

"Uh-huh." Felicity said quickly, thinking through her words before adding, "I, I just enjoy hanging out with you. You're... you're cool, and sexy, and interesting, and sweet, and smart, and funny, and... and we just click."

Sara smiled so widely her dimples showed, "Throw irresistibly cute in there and that's exactly how I feel about you."

"God, what is your obsession with that word?" Felicity giggled.

"What word?" Sara asked innocently.

"You know, the C word." Felicity smiled softly, before her eyes went wide with panic and she quickly clarified, "Cute! I meant cute!"

"You know you just totally answered your own question right?" Sara chuckled softly, "You, Felicity Smoak, are the embodiment of the word cute, and it's impossible to resist you."

To prove her point Sara leaned over the table and pressed her lips to Felicity's. She then clearly remembered where they were and then froze on the spot, obviously worried about how Felicity would react. For a few seconds Felicity wasn't sure herself, but she was no stranger to a little PDA, and she had already spent the day telling herself she would not be embarrassed to be on a date with someone as amazing as Sara. So after a few long seconds Felicity pressed her lips firmly against those belonging to the other blonde, Sara relaxing into a sweet and way too brief kiss.

Felicity would have liked to have kissed Sara for much longer, but it was probably smart of The Canary to pull away when she did, given that it seemed everybody around them was staring. Most had the decency to pretend like that wasn't the case and quickly went back to their own conversations, but it was enough to make Felicity blush furiously. Briefly Felicity worried that Sara would think that meant she was embarrassed about what had just happened, and yeah she kind of was, but not because Sara was a girl but because people staring at her in general made her nervous, however the other blonde was just grinning wickedly at her.

"Erm... so, wanna order desert?" Felicity squeaked.

"Oh, I know exactly what I want for desert." Sara grinned wickedly.

Honestly Felicity had no idea how to describe the noise which escaped her mouth as a result of those words/the way the other girl was looking at her, although she had a horrible feeling that Sara found it cute. Which of course, only made her blush even more.

* * *

In some ways the next half an hour felt like a blur, in others it felt like each second ticked by agonisingly slowly. It was especially bad when Sara was trying to pay the bill, the waiter taking his sweet time and Felicity insisted on paying her half even though Sara wanted to 'treat' her. Ultimately Felicity won with the argument that neither of them was rolling in it, Sara comforting herself with the thought that she would treat Felicity once they got back to their apartment. Or at least, that was Sara's plan. However Felicity had other ideas.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Felicity blurted out as she took a step back from Sara, The Canary advancing on her the second the door was closed.

Sara initially frowned in confusion, but tried not to overreact, simply asking softly, "What?"

"I, I... erm, I-" Felicity stammered.

"Hey, hey, hey, shhhhhhh." Sara cooed, quickly closing the distance between them and sliding her hands round Felicity's waist, "It's ok, we don't have to have sex if you're feeling pressured or overwhelmed, or whatever."

"Oh God no, it's not that." Felicity quickly replied.

"Then what's wrong?" Sara asked, immediately questioning whether that was the right words for this situation.

Felicity bit her lip, and then after a pause rushed out in a high-pitched squeak, "I was just wondering if, you know, instead of you having me for desert I could have you for desert. Assuming that's what you were implying, and I'm pretty sure you were, and if not could I do it anyway."

Sara blinked for a few seconds, then asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Felicity nodded in the same high-pitched tone as before.

As the hacker was obviously more nervous than she'd ever seen her before Sara pushed, "Because there's no rush."

"I thought that was our thing." Felicity smiled nervously, wrapping her arms round Sara's neck, "Besides, it's not fair if you do all the work."

"I really don't mind." Sara insisted, "I really like making you feel good."

"Well, now it's my turn." Felicity stated as boldly as she could, "I owe you like a million orgasms, and I'm not going to take no for an answer."

Sara opened her mouth to point out that a million was an exaggeration and Felicity didn't owe her anything, and then mock her friend for using the words 'I'm not going to take no for an answer' as if she was one of the numerous creeps Team Arrow took out on a nightly basis. However before she could get a word out Felicity shot her head forwards and pressed her lips to hers, and there was no way Sara Lance would ever reject a kiss from the gorgeous Felicity Smoak.

Of course Sara was very aware that Felicity was incredibly nervous, which was understandable given what she was trying to do, so she let the other woman set the pace of everything. That was kind of hard because Sara was itching to tear Felicity's clothes off and have her way with the adorable hacker, but it wasn't like she didn't have the experience of being submissive with Nyssa. Then again Sara wasn't sure the Heir to the Demon had ever kissed her this gently before, at least not when they were about to have sex, and it certainly didn't take Nyssa so long to start removing Sara's clothes.

In some ways Sara liked the gentleness. After all, one of the main reasons she found Felicity so alluring was because she was so unlike anyone she'd ever been with before. However while that was mostly exciting it was also a bit nerve wracking, as Sara had never had to teach a lover how to please her body before. Nyssa had been so experienced, and Oliver was quite the 'Man Whore' back in the day, so while there was some nervousness especially on the latter's part Sara had never had a talk them through it, and she was worried she would suck at it. Also a small part of her was worried that this would make Felicity realise she was straight and run screaming regardless of how much Sara pleaded that the hacker could just be her pillow princess.

Felicity was much more worried about that than Sara. Mostly because before Felicity met Sara Lance she had considered herself straight, the trashy magazines she hated but was secretly addicted to telling her homosexual feelings were a natural curiosity and didn't mean anything. But Felicity Smoak was not a selfish lover. She didn't want to be anyone's 'pillow princess', the idea of just lying back and letting someone else do all the work horrifying to her. Ok, so it was a little hot, but it couldn't be part of a healthy relationship, and Felicity really wanted one of those with this amazing girl. So, if she was going to be in a healthy lesbian relationship, she was going to have to learn how to go down on another girl, and there was no time like the present.

One thing Felicity did have going for her was she was the fast learner, something she reminded herself over and over again as she slowly stripped herself and Sara as she guided them into her bedroom and gently lay the other blonde down on her bed. Then for the sake of her nerves Felicity spent what felt like hours just making out with the other girl, which was both satisfying and frustrating. Satisfying because she loved kissing Sara, frustrating because she felt like she owed The Canary so much more, and wanted to give it to her. Hell, the entire city owed a debt to The Canary, and now Felicity in some small way could give something back to this superhero.

Feeling encouraged by that thought Felicity finally moved away from Sara's lips so she could press her own lips to her friend's jaw and then down to her neck while her hands began exploring the other blonde's body. She mostly concentrated on the 'non-fun' parts at first, but as her options were limited it wasn't long before Felicity was gently lifting herself up slightly and cupping Sara's breasts with both hands. That was something she had done before when they were making out, but this time was different. This time Felicity was overly aware of it, the neck kissing not doing much to distract her.

Even as she began to suck gently on the sensitive flesh of Sara's neck Felicity couldn't stop thinking about her roommate's boobs. They weren't ridiculously big or anything, but they looked phenomenal in Sara's superhero costume. In fact they always looked good, and now Felicity had them in her hands. She was squeezing and cupping them in a way which was making Sara moan, and making Felicity want to use her mouth on them, a desire it didn't take long for her to succumb too. Although to her credit she made sure to kiss her way down Sara's chest and up one of those little mountains of flesh before wrapping her lips around a nipple and gently beginning to suck it.

Out of instinct Sara softly moaned and clutched the bed sheets. Then she slid her hand into Felicity's long blonde locks and allowed her moans to flow more freely. Not that she faked them, not at all, but Nyssa had a habit of fucking her in public places and even when they were in private there was no hiding from the League of Assassins, especially when you were dating the Heir to the Demon. Now there was no need to be quiet, and while Nyssa may not have enjoyed a hand in her hair during sex it very much seemed to encourage Felicity, Sara grinning happily as her new lover redoubled her efforts.

At first the adjustment was just more suction, but to Sara's delight after about a minute of almost frantic sucking Felicity added her tongue into the mix, swirling it around that nipple before gently flicking it. Then, clearly remembering what Sara had done to her, Felicity kissed her way down one boob and up the other so she could give it the same treatment. She then repeated the process over and over again, Sara beaming with pride as the neurotic first timer took to worshipping her chest like a duck to water.

Sara loved this gentle treatment, and really tried to make herself just enjoy it, but she couldn't help the next few words slip out, "Mmmmmmmmm babe, that's sooooooo goooooooodddddddd. Ohhhhhhhhh, you're already so good at this. Mmmmmmm that feels really good, but do you know what would be really, really good? If you nip them a little. Not, not full on biting. Not breaking the skin, but... like, just grazing them with your teeth would be pretty cool. I'd like that. If you want. But you don't have too, I'd never make you do something you wouldn't want to do, it's just that aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, just like that! Just like that ohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

For a couple of long seconds Sara slowly turned into Felicity as she tried to desperately backtrack, stumbling over her words in a disparate attempt to dig herself out of the hole she had gotten herself into. Then Felicity's teeth closed down on the nipple currently in her mouth, using a surprising amount of pressure which delighted Sara. So much so that she pushed Felicity's head deeper into her chest and continued crying out encouragement, even getting the sweet girl to bite down harder in the process.

"Harder! Harder! HARDER OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SHIT, mmmmmmmmm that's it, that's exactly what I want. Ohhhhhhhhh, now do the other nipple. Oh yes Felicity, oooooooooh baby, that's it, good girl. Ooooooohhhhhhhh, you're being such a good girl for me Felicity, mmmmmmmm so good." Sara moaned almost mindlessly as Felicity continued doing everything she said, leading the Canary to push her luck again, "Oooooooooh babe, that's so good, but do you know what would be even better? If you, you know, touched my pussy. You don't have to lick it, not tonight, not ever if you don't want too, but that would be really cool, and if not you could always use a finger or..."

Again doing her best impression of the other blonde Sara briefly babbled only to be left speechless by her lover. Which in this case was a trembling Felicity moving down to kiss first her stomach, and then down to the area surrounding her cunt, getting so close it made Sara tremble too. Then, just as Sara was trying to find the willpower to again tell Felicity she didn't have too the computer genius leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it over her pussy lips. Sweet little Felicity Smoak officially started licking her pussy, that revelation leaving Sara so blissfully happy she couldn't even think for a few minutes.

Felicity was more nervous than she could ever remember being, which was really saying something. She used to get nervous over tests she knew she'd pass with flying colours, and that was the stuff where Felicity knew what she was doing. Now she had a vague idea, memories of what Sara and previous lovers had done to her, along with a modest amount of porn and last minute research, but when the moment came her mind went completely blank and she became almost paralysed with fear. Which actually turned out to be a good thing as with her neurotic mind briefly turned off her body took over.

Whether out of an inner desire to return the favour of yesterday or being enticed by the smell of another woman's womanhood Felicity found herself 'taking the plunge' by leaning forward and beginning to literally lick pussy. Lick Sara's pussy. She was licking her friend's pussy, going down on the feared woman known as the Canary, the little Amazon who was either a vigilante or a superhero given your perspective and Felicity was eating her out, the MIT graduate's brilliant mind becoming stuck on that for a while until Sara's voice suddenly grabbed her attention.

"Babe, babe, slow down." Sara gasped, then stammered, "I, I mean, oooooooooh, what you were doing was really, really good, but mmmmmmmmm, it was kind of too good, you know? There's, ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, there's no rush. We have all night."

As she had become fixated on the fact she was performing cunnilingus for the first time ever, on her best friend/roommate no less, Felicity's tongue seemed to have gone into overdrive, frantically lashing Sara's beautiful pussy like a woman possessed. Beautiful pussy? Had Felicity actually just thought that? God, why was Felicity wasting time asking herself questions she already knew the answer to when she should be doing what Sara asked of her. It was the sensible thing to do. After all, Sara was the experienced one. So, after a long hesitation, Felicity slowed down her licking and listened intently for further instructions. She wasn't waiting long.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh baby, that's it, that's exactly what I want, mmmmmmmmmmm God Felicity, that's so good." Sara moaned, hesitating to push the inexperienced girl further but ultimately unable to resist, "Babe, mmmmmmmmm oooooooooooh, could you, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit, could you lick my clit a little? Please? It's just OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDD! NOT THAT HARD! NOT THAT HARD! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, that's it, nice and gentle, mmmmmmmmmmm, really build me up, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, now could you please circle my entrance a little? Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, just like that, mmmmmmmm, tease it. Mmmmmmmm, tease me, oh Felicity, baby, oh just like that, mmmmmmmmm, now back to licking, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, lick my pussy you beautiful woman, mmmmmmmm, lick me my sexy little nerd girl, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

Felicity listened, and cherished, every word, taking them as orders instead of the suggestions perhaps it sounded like Sara intended them to be, until Felicity switched from Sara's pussy lips to her entrance, to her clit like clockwork. She felt a bit like a mindless puppet as she moved with Sara's command, but it was so worth it to hear this tiny Amazon moan, groan and even whimper for her. She was making the mighty Sara Lance, the Canary, whimper in pleasure for her, that little fact making Felicity feel very proud of herself, even smiling in smug satisfaction as she continued to lap away the treat in front of her.

Part of Sara was worried she was pushing, and another part of her was worried that she'd offend Felicity by giving such detailed instructions. After all Felicity was by far the smartest person she'd ever known, and Sara had no doubt that the brilliant blonde could figure out for herself the best way to eat pussy. However she continued her instructions, even when it became difficult to talk, because she knew how much of a perfectionist her girl was. Oh yes, if Felicity Smoak was going to eat pussy then she was going to do it well, Sara definitely benefiting from that mentality as Felicity gave her remarkably good head for a girl who had never done this before.

Either Felicity was a natural at this, or the hacker had lied about not being with another woman before. That thought caused Sara to imagine Felicity with another woman, which had crossed the Canary's mind on more than one occasion. It was kind of hot, but it mostly made Sara jealous, and like in the past the other woman morphed from faceless stranger into Nyssa al Ghul, and there was something seriously wrong/weird about imagining your girlfriend/then crush with your ex-girlfriend. Unlike the past Sara didn't concentrate on fantasising about Felicity or Nyssa joining them for a three-way. No, not when the real Felicity Smoak was in between her legs.

One thing Sara did concentrate on was the idea of Felicity as her girlfriend. She had to be careful not to call her that during her moaning, which was becoming easier said than done, as Sara really didn't want to let it slip out. Sure, they knew each other better than perhaps most people on a first date, but this was still their first date. Or after it. So it was way too early to casually throw words like girlfriend around. However things were going better than Sara had dared to hope, and even though they weren't girlfriends she and Felicity were something more than friends, and for right now that was enough. Well, that and knowing they were comfortably on the road to becoming girlfriends.

Felicity's willingness to lick pussy was certainly promising in that regard, Sara allowing her happiness for what had happened so far and her hopes for the future to wash over her for a little while as under her tutelage Felicity really went to town on her cunt. As a Master Assassin Sara had learned nearly infinite patience, and could have happily let Felicity lick her just like that all night long. However that wouldn't be fair on the computer genius, and more importantly Sara wanted to get her hands on Felicity, so after a while the Master Assassin decided it was time to kick things up a notch.

Just as Sara was opening her mouth to give that order Felicity pushed her tongue into her pussy, causing the Canary to let out a long cry of pleasure and eventually offer further if simple instructions, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, MMMMMMMMMMM, oh Felicity, baby, yes, oh yes, oh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmm, please baby fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhh, thrust that wonderful little tongue of yours in and out of me in a fucking motion, mmmmmmmmmmm, make me feel good, oooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwwwd Felicity fuck me, tongue fuck me, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! FELICITY! FELICITY! FELICITYYYYYYYY!"

Once she had pushed her tongue inside Sara's pussy Felicity just left it there for a few long seconds to savour the unique sensation of being inside another woman in this way. But having her tongue buried inside of a cunt, the inner walls of another woman quivering around her, part of herself invading the best female friend she'd ever had, Felicity's brilliant brain having trouble coping with the fact that she had done it. That she had performed the ultimate act of lesbianism and thus truly embraced her bisexual desires, actually making the experienced woman/superhero scream in nearly hysterical pleasure.

Then Sara began frantically begging Felicity to tongue fuck her, the hacker's body practically responding of its own accord as her poor mind continued to spiral. Somewhere in between Sara bucking her hips into her face and grabbing a hold of her Felicity's mind short-circuited and she became blissfully free of thought, only able to concentrate on the incredible experience of fucking another girl with her tongue. It was exhilarating, Felicity feeling powerful for the first time in her relationship with this physically superior woman, all of Sara's training not meaning much right now as she was just a quivering wreck.

That she had reduced the Canary, someone who could easily kick her ass, to a screaming mess with only her tongue made Felicity incredibly proud of herself. She was so proud that she didn't even care that most of the pussy cream flowing out of Sara ended up all over her face. Although, in her current position it was inevitable that some would flow directly down her throat, and that made Felicity want to suck the delicious tasting honey out of her friend like a vacuum cleaner. However this was supposed to be about returning some of the pleasure Sara had given her, so Felicity stayed on track, even ignoring her own body which was painfully aroused at this point.

Despite her good intentions everything changed when Felicity finally made Sara cum. The second that liquid hit her taste buds Felicity wrapped her lips tightly around Sara's love hole and started desperately sucking, slurping and most importantly swallowing for everything she was worth, trying in vain to get every drop only to end up covered in it. Probably serves her right, Felicity thought as Sara came down from her high, the computer genius quickly shoving her tongue back into her friend and beginning to tongue fuck the other woman again in an attempt to make it up to Sara. And if she was honest with herself to get more of that wonderful cum that Felicity already knew she was addicted too.

Sara tried to keep up her instructions for as long as she could but eventually the sensations just became too intense. Luckily for her Felicity was proving she was a fast learner, something she had reminded Sara on the way back from the restaurant. Of course the adorable hacker had then blushed furiously, making Sara fall even harder for Felicity, the assassin smiling dreamily at the memory. Of course it was hard to keep up the vision of Felicity being cute when in reality the MIT graduate was in between her thighs and doing an incredible job for a first timer, especially one who had been so nervous.

Now Felicity didn't seem nervous. Now she was a pussy eating machine, constantly switching between tongue fucking Sara's cunt and sucking the cum out of it, sweet little Felicity Smoak squeezing a surprising amount of orgasms out of her in what was probably only a few minutes in reality, although in some ways it felt like a blissful eternity for the dirty blonde. Sara even felt a little faint towards the end, the Canary considering just lying back and letting little Felicity finish the job. And oh, was the idea of letting sweet and kind of innocent Felicity Smoak tongue fuck her into unconsciousness appealing.

Of course that would mean she wouldn't be able to return the favour, and Sara found that just unacceptable. She wanted that desert she had talked about at the restaurant, the one she had been craving all day long. Actually she had been pretty much craving it since she first laid eyes on Felicity, last night only making Sara crave it more. So she allowed Felicity to make her cum one more time, and provide proper clean up, then she pulled the other woman up into a passionate kiss, Sara smiling into that kiss as she tasted herself on Felicity's lips and tongue.

To Sara's surprise, and delight, Felicity had been reluctant to move upwards, the first time pussy licker seeming content to spend all night in between Sara's legs. Again Sara was briefly tempted to let her, but concluded she'd rather return the favour, so she ever so slightly increased the pressure and pulled Felicity upwards. If she had needed any more pressure she would have asked, or given up, but Sara's throat was sore from screaming and she thought it would be hotter this way. Luckily Felicity got the hint, and there was absolutely no reluctance when it came to the kiss, Felicity instantly parting her lips and welcoming Sara's tongue with her own.

Felicity had been so lost in squeezing girl cum out of Sara that she wasn't actually sure what the other blonde wanted at first. When she realised it, and just how lost she had become at eating pussy, she blushed furiously, but even then she was reluctant to pull away. Reluctant to pull her mouth away from Sara's delicious cunt, Felicity consoling herself with at least now she knew for sure she was bisexual. Or straight with the exception of Sara Lance, who she was very, very gay for. Either way it didn't make her feel better about the blushing, or the reluctance to stop after Sara signalled her to do so, but she liked being forcefully pulled upwards into Sara's strong arms, and she loved being kissed by the other woman.

If Sara had a superpower like the superheroes in comic books, movies and TV then it would probably be something sexual, or at least involving kissing, because nobody had ever kissed Felicity like Sara Lance. Ok, so this time around Felicity was super horny and on an emotional high from her first attempt at licking pussy going so well, but that couldn't change the fact that Sara's tongue was magic. And Felicity was blushing again. Blushing far past the point that it was appropriate, or even normal, Felicity briefly wondering if she should make a doctor's appointment because surely her ridiculous behaviour meant something was seriously wrong with her.

Then Sara suddenly flipped her over, briefly broke the kiss to flash her a wicked grin and then restarted the kiss, making it more passionate than ever and making Felicity blush even more. Then Sara's hands seemed to be everywhere at once, eventually honing in on her most sensitive areas which made Felicity almost painfully wet, the hacker whimpering into the Canary's mouth as after a few minutes on her tits one hand moved slowly south. When Felicity felt Sara's right hand side against her cunt she thought she was going to cum for sure.

She thought the same thing when she was penetrated by a single finger, and then by the second finger a moment later, the only thing stopping her was that there was a voice inside her head this was all wrong. That she should still be the one pleasuring Sara, and not just because she wanted to prove she liked girls but because Sara deserved it after everything she had done for this city. After everything she had done for Team Arrow. After everything she had done for her. Then, after who knows how long, Sara curled her fingers inside her and rubbed her clit, making Felicity have a blissfully hard climax. After that it was hard to think of anything, Felicity's mind melting as Sara effortlessly made her cum over and over again.

Sara really liked the sensation of a girl cumming on her fingers, especially when she was kissing that girl. Not that Nyssa had often let Sara get this much of an upper hand on her, normally she'd have to settle for mutual fingering while the brunette held her down, but now it was her holding sweet little Felicity Smoak down and having her way with her. And yet still it wasn't enough for Sara, not when she was so close to what she really wanted. All she had to do was crawl her way down Felicity's body, and after a handful of orgasms for her lover that was exactly what she did.

Once she reached her destination Sara spent a few seconds just watching her fingers rhythmically pumping in and out of Felicity, then she began frantically licking the other girl's clit. She pushed Felicity to a couple more climaxes that way, then finally she replaced her fingers with her mouth and frantically lapped up every drop of cum she could find. Then she buried her tongue as deep as it would go into the other blonde's cunt and mercilessly fucked her with it, only giving Felicity a slight break from her tongue when she concentrated on swallowing the girl cum squirting pretty much straight down her throat and onto her face.

Ironically it wasn't exactly what Sara wanted because she didn't get the chance to savour her 'desert', but considering the build-up to this wonderful moment she couldn't really complain, the Canary switching between her tongue and her fingers for several long minutes in a quest to give Felicity double the number of orgasms she had given her. From the sounds, and tastes, of it she probably came pretty close, although Sara didn't keep score as she was too busy pleasuring Felicity.

All Sara knew was that she was very proud of herself when Felicity whimpered, "Please... Stop, it's too much, it's too much."

Grinning proudly to herself Sara slowly crawled up Felicity's body, only to become worried when she saw the look on the other girl's face, "What's wrong?"

Ignoring the question Felicity bizarrely lowered her gaze and replied, "I'm sorry."

Sara frowned, "For what?"

"It, it was supposed to be my turn." Felicity blushed, still not daring to look at Sara, "If, if I had done it right you wouldn't have had the strength to, you know..."

For a moment Sara just blinked, and then she burst out laughing, causing Felicity to turn onto her side/away from her, Sara quickly calming herself down and apologetically cooing, "Oh babe, don't be like that. You were amazing. Much, much better than I was during my first time."

Cautiously looking behind her Felicity asked, "Really?"

"Really." Sara confirmed, sliding behind Felicity and wrapping her arms around her, "If it wasn't for my training I wouldn't even be moving right now."

Felicity smiled and relaxed back into Sara's embrace, but didn't say a word, allowing Sara a moment to marvel at the beauty of a well fucked Felicity Smoak. Oh, she could get used to this. Oh how Sara could get used to having a sweaty/flushed Felicity Smoak naked and in her arms at the end of the night, one filled with good food, wonderful company and amazing sex. Everything about this moment was perfect, Sara wanting to just curl up and go to sleep with this moment echoing in her mind. Instead she had to ruin it, at least a little.

"You're awesome in every way." Sara whispered into Felicity's ear, a wicked smile crossing her face as she added, "We just need to work on your stamina."

"Oh God." Felicity groaned.

"Seriously, you need to keep up if you're going to date a superhero." Sara teased.

"I'll hit you." Felicity warned.

"Go for it, we need to test how your training is going." Sara pushed, "Especially now I'm training you in two very different ways."

There was a long pause and then Felicity smiled, "Give me five minutes. Then I'll show you everything I've learned."

"Oh... promises, promises." Sara grinned, already wishing five minutes was up.
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