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#GangbangChallenge (Melissa Benoist)
« on: September 15, 2019, 06:57:49 AM »

Entry #1

Starring: Emma Stone

Word travelled fast through the highways and boulevards of cyberspace.  Within minutes of going live on Emma Stone’s official Facebook account, the video had received 547K likes, 209K shares, 93K comments and 34M views.  It was re-posted, re-blogged and re-tweeted, not to mention shared on Reddit and every Internet forum worth its salt in the blink of an eye. Inside five minutes, every red blooded male on God’s green Earth with a smartphone, laptop and Internet connection were tuning in as the video’s view count rose to nine figures and beyond.

The video’s title was simple but more than a little intriguing; #GangbangChallenge.  Upon clicking on the clip, viewers were greeted with a perfectly framed long shot of Miss Stone herself, stood in the centre of a large, lavishly decorated room as she addressed the camera.  She wore an expensive looking, though almost indecently scanty designer bikini; the sheer black fabric contrasting beautifully with her smooth, creamy white skin. Her lightly curled, shiny auburn looks hung gracefully over her shoulders while her gorgeous face was heavily though tastefully made up with a host of expensive cosmetics from rosy red lipstick to jet black mascara.  A pair of strappy stilettos adorned her dainty feet while all manner of costly golden trinkets ringed her wrists, hung from her neck and dangled from her earlobes.

“Hey, guys,” said Emma.  “Welcome to my live stream.  Thank you for tuning in. The purpose of this stream is to fill you guys in on an idea I had for a brand new Internet challenge that is just waiting to take the world by storm.  Remember those social media challenges from a few years back? The Ice Bucket Challenge. The Mannequin Challenge. They were popular, right? Well I’ve come up with a new viral campaign that’s set to blow those two little challenges clean out of the water; The Gangbang Challenge. 

“The idea is very straight forward.  I have ten, count them- ten,” she said, raising her fingers to the camera, “very handsome, very well hung men waiting just outside that door,” she added, pointing to the entrance way on the other side of the room, “who, in a moment, are going to come in here and utterly ravish me for your viewing pleasure.  Then, when I’m done, I’m going to nominate one of my celebrity girlfriends to do the same. 

“But the challenge element doesn’t end there.  No, no. Not only will the ladies be tasked with accepting the illicit challenge, they will be expected to match and outdo anything that has gone before, ensuring that every entry to The Gangbang Challenge is wilder and more untamed than the previous one.  So there you have it. A simple premise but an exciting one, I’m sure you’ll agree. I, for one, am very excited.  In fact, I think it’s time I got this new Internet challenge underway.  What do you say, guys?” Emma grinned at the camera. “OK, boys,” she called out, “I’m ready for you.” 

The door opened and the men filed into the room.  Four were white, four black and two Latino. All naked, handsome and well-muscled; each of the ten hunks boasting the good looks of an Armani model and the chiseled frame of an NFL quarterback.  But most important was their endowment and every one of the assembled studs had enough in that department to make most male pornstars blush. Indeed, cocks of every shape, size and colour jutted from their crotches like thick flesh girders; every one of the rock hard prongs measuring 8-12 inches in length with girth to match and giant sets of heavy, spunk-filled balls swinging pendulously beneath them. 

Emma licked her lips and looked at the camera.  “Ooh, yeah!” she grinned. “I’m gonna enjoy this!  Come on, boys. Let’s get to it!”

The guys didn’t need a second invitation.  They approached the auburn starlet and ringed her like schoolyard bullies.  A white man to her right put a hand on her cheeks and angled her towards him; kissing her deeply on the mouth, while a further army of strong, multi-toned mitts squeezed and slapped her ass and pawed at her B cup titties.  Emma reciprocated; the redheaded beauty reaching down and gripping two cocks, stroking them vigorously as her male co-stars explored her gorgeous body. 

By now, the strings of both parts of her wire-thin bikini had been untied.  Two men were groping her tits and tonguinging at her nipples, while a third knelt behind her, burying his face in her ass.  Emma was on cloud nine; the horny actress marooned in an endless sea of chiseled jawlines, carefully trimmed stubble, neatly styled hair and stylized tattoos.  Not to mention dark skin, light skin, olive skin, bulging biceps, rock hard pecs and long, thick cocks. 

“Suck my dick, baby,” said a tall white man named Tyler, the chiseled hunk gripping his dick at the base and waggling it invitingly before her.

Emma didn’t need to be told twice.  She leant forward, thrusting her peachy ass out at those behind her as she wrapped her lips around his dong.  She gripped two more cocks and jerked them steadily as she sucked Tyler’s dick; her plump, rosy red lips roaming up and down his girthy shaft like a glass elevator as she worked him over. 

At the other end, a black stud named Kelan was busying himself between her thighs; his large, dark hands prizing her peachy, round asscheeks apart as he lapped at her sopping pussy.  Emma cooed and groaned around Tyler’s cock as it throbbed and swelled in her mouth. She bobbed her pretty red head; her full, pouty lips leaving behind thick trails of spittle as she guided them up and down his dick.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; an additional inch of his thick, veiny shaft vanishing between her lips with each pass until she reached the hilt.

“Ugh, fuck!” Tyler groaned, the shredded hunk placing a hand at the back of Emma’s head as she sucked his dick right down to the balls. 

Meanwhile, Kelan had managed to prize his mouth from the magnetic draw of Emma’s snatch; her sugary-sweet girl juices smeared across his thick dark lips as he came up for air. 

“Mmm! Damn, that pussy taste good!” he exclaimed as he rose to his feet.  “Now I’ma see how that shit feel!”

He gripped his cock around mid-shaft and rubbed the swollen head against the opening of her gash; his huge black wang twitching in response to the slick, warm feel.  Without further ado, he slipped it in; her greedy, wet pussy nearly swallowing it whole as he fed it inside. 

“MMPFF!!” Emma groaned around Tyler’s prick; the oversized dong throbbing and pulsing between her lips as she sucked it repeatedly to the hilt.

Kelan began to rock back and forth behind her; the dark-skinned stud steadily feeding inch after inch of his thick black dong into her twat.  Emma continued to stroke and jerk any cock she could reach as she was taken from both ends; a swarm of hands squeezing her ass cheeks and fondling her tits all the while.  By now, Kelan was going at her pussy balls deep; the chiseled hunk working all ten of his girthy black inches into the depths of her cunt with each pass.

Emma cooed and moaned as she fucked from both sides; her mouth and pussy alike filled almost to capacity as thick slabs of light and dark meat probed her luscious holes.  By this stage, Tyler had a handful of her hair; the ripped young stud working his dick back and forth between her lips as she sucked him. At the other end, Kelan had a grip on her hips; his ass little more than a muscled, jet black blur as he plowed away at her cooch.  Emma began to tremble as she stood; the head of Kelan’s thick African dong hitting her g-spot with each pass he took. 
“‘Uck!  ‘M guh cuh!” she exclaimed around Tyler’s cock as it swelled and pulsed in her mouth.

To some her words were indecipherable, but to the trained ear they came through clear as day; Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!  And that’s exactly what she did.  One more pass of Kelan’s dong into the depths of her snatch was all it took to ignite an intense, powerful orgasm that tore through her slender frame like an earthquake.

“MMMPFFF!!!” she groaned as she came, Tyler loosening his grip on her shiny red hair through fear she may bite down on his dick. 

He managed to avoid such a fate, but those on either side of the horny actress weren’t so lucky.  Indeed, Emma gripped the two cocks in her hands for dear life as the thunderous climax ripped through her; the gorgeous redhead squeezing the girthy dongs so hard she nearly snapped them off at the base.

“UGH! FUCK!!!” the two men groaned in perfect unison; both of the chiseled studs having to use every ounce of strength their considerable musculature could generate to prize her hands from their shafts.

Once Emma had cum, Tyler and Kelan retrieved their dicks from her holes; her mouth and pussy alike quickly plugged by a second pair of equally long, equally thick dongs as the first installment of the already world renowned Gangbang Challenge raged on.  Before long, lines were forming at both her business ends; queues of white, black and olive studs stroking their fat cocks as they waited for their turn. 

Emma was in seventh heaven; the randy starlet cumming time and again from the revolving doors of veiny oversized prongs stuffed in her juicy holes.  At one end; no fewer than five well muscled, well hung studs took turns on her twat; swollen crown after swollen crown hitting her g-spot as they ran a train on her tight pink pussy.  While at the other; a procession of chiseled young men stepped up to the plate one by one; lengthy flesh bats in hand as they filled her greedy mouth. Some worked their dicks back and forth between her lips, while others let her do the work; the shredded hunks cooing, groaning and offering encouragement as she sucked their long, veiny cocks right down to the base.

Once everyone had taken a turn in either her pussy or her mouth, the man fucking her from behind; a white guy named Austin, took it upon himself to kick things up a gear.  He pulled his dick from her snatch; the girthy dong glistening with her juices as he pointed it ominously at the puckered rim of her asshole.

“You want this in your ass now, girl?” he asked, gripping the sticky, wet schlong at the base as he awaited her response.

“MMM!” Emma exclaimed, her excited shriek muffled by the thick Latin prong engorged in her mouth.  She prized the cock from between her lips; the auburn starlet stroking the spit-slicked shaft as she addressed the man behind her.  “YES! Got that fat fucking dick in my ass!”

Austin did as instructed.  He pressed the swollen prickhead against her anus; splitting the tight hole open as he fed it inside.

“Uhh! SHIT!!” Emma groaned as Austin’s thick, bulbous dickcrown invaded her rear entrance; her snug little asshole stretching like elastic to accommodate his girth.

A Hispanic stud by the name of Luis was stood before her and, as she turned back to him, his cock was angled upwards, his large, olive-toned balls dangling between his thighs like a set of Italian plums.

“Suck my balls, baby,” he said, stroking his cock he looked down at her pretty face.

Emma gripped his nutsack and brought it to her lips; the actress wrapping her plump red prick-pleasers around his swollen gonads and sucking them like there was no tomorrow.  She fed each of the big, spunk filled balls between her lips one at a time; the auburn beauty dousing them in oodles of spittle as Austin fed his thick, veiny prick into her asshole. 

Indeed, Austin was giving Emma a good going over at her other end; the shredded hunk working his cock back and forth in her anal passage, feeding an addiional inch of his fat, girthy shaft into the tight pink hole with each pass he took.  Before long, he was hitting it nuts deep; the chiseled stud feeding all nine of his thick, girthy inches into her rectum with each pass he took. Emma cooed and groaned as she sucked Luis’ balls; the redhead stroking a long black cock with her free hand as she was taken from all sides. 

“Fuck, you’ve got a tight ass, baby!” Austin declared; his voice rasped and breathy as he pounded her back door.

She really did.  In fact, her butthole was gripping his cock like a soft pink vice; the snug orifice threatening to squeeze every last ounce of spunk from his bulging, oversized balls as he plowed away at her anus.  His pelvis collided repeatedly with her asscheeks, his big, heavy balls smacking against her clit as he drilled tight pink rear. 

Meanwhile, the men at the other end had changed up formation.  Now, two well-hung men, one white, one black, were stood before her; their twin meaty, thick prongs clasped in her soft, silken hands as she worked them both over.  Emma shifted quickly back and forth from one to the other; the auburn starlet sucking each of the fat, girthy prongs right down to the hilt before switching to the next. 

At the other end, Austin had pulled his cock from her ass, another man quickly taking his place and picking up from where he left off.  Once more, a line of horny, endowed young studs formed behind her; the muscular men jerking themselves off as they awaited their go. Before long, Emma had taken no fewer than four thick, veiny schlongs up her ass; the randy redhead cumming over and over as they took turns in her rectum. 

Once the last man had taken his turn it was time to change positions and a ripped Hispanic hunk by the name of Javier hauled her up by her wrist and led her across to the couch.  The remaining studs followed behind squeezing and smacking her ass as she walked. Javier took a seat on the sofa and Emma mounted him, her spindly stiletto heels digging into the leather couch cushions as she straddled his muscled frame.  Javier placed a hand on her hip, the other gripping his dick at the base as he guided the swollen head into her ass.   

“Oh, fuck!” Emma gasped as it entered her; the bulging dickcrown stretching her butthole open as it slid inside.

Two other men climbed up onto the couch and stood either side of her; the chiseled pair aiming their long thick cocks at her as she bounced on the one beneath her.  Emma took one of the dicks into her mouth, stroking the other as she sucked it down to the balls. Javier gripped her waist with his big, strong hands; the Latin hunk holding her in place as he drove his cock up into her rectum.  Emma switched back and forth between the two cocks either side of her; the actress swallowing each one to the hilt and jerking the other as she took a third up her ass. Javier was going like a jackhammer beneath her; the Hispanic stud drilling all ten of his thick, girthy inches into the depths of her anal passage with each pass he took. 

Meanwhile, two rotating casts of hung, well-muscled studs took up position either side of her; each and every one ready and waiting to feed their lengthy cocks between her lips.  No sooner had one man hopped down from the couch had another taken his place; the auburn beauty sucking each of their giant dongs right down to the base regardless of length, girth or colour.  When she finally took a break, a fourth man; a white guy named Mark, was stood before her, long, girthy cock in hand as he grinned at her menacingly.

“Ready to get filled up, girl?”

Emma’s pretty green eyes lit up at the sight of his cock; the auburn beauty licking her plump red lips at the thought of being stuffed full of oversized prong. 

“Mmm, yes!” she shrieked.  “Fill me to the brim with your big, fat dicks!!”

Javier held her in place and Mark stepped up; rubbing his swollen head against her slick, wet pussy before feeding it inside.

“Uhh! FUCK!!!” Emma cooed as it entered her; the actress cumming on the spot as she was packed full of thick, veiny man meat. 

Javier and Mark bucked their hips in perfect synchronicity; both of the chiseled studs drilling their dicks balls deep into her tight twin fuckholes.  Cocks appeared on either side of her once more and Emma handled them both; the horny actress sucking one and stroking the other, switching regularly between them as she was plowed in both holes.  A steady chorus of muffled groans escaped her busy mouth as she was taken from all sides. Javier and Mark thrust into her in impeccably timed strokes; the white stud’s swollen cockhead repeatedly probing her g-spot, while his Latin counterpart ventured into the darkest recesses of her colon with each pass he took.     

Emma quickly lost track of her orgasms.  By this point she’d had too many to count and she barely had the time to ride the wave of one intense orgasm before another took its place.  Mark pulled out of her pussy and another man entered; filling her to the brim with his huge, thick cock and making her cum once more. Soon enough, half the men in the room had taken a turn on her pussy; each of the shredded young hunks fucking her hard and deep before passing her on. 

Numerous cocks and several orgasms later, Emma and her band of studs switched up positions once more.  Javier and the man currently occupying her pussy, a black guy named Andre, hoisted her up; their twin girthy prongs still lodged in her holes as they held her aloft, sandwiched between their muscled bodies.  The remaining studs gathered around, awaiting their turn as Andre and Javier bounced Emma up and down between their shredded frames; their long, thick cocks piercing both her snug pink holes time and again as they did so.   

“Fuck! Yes! FUCK ME!!” Emma screamed, her perky tits jiggling delightfully as she was thrown up and down by the two men; the chiseled duo spearing her on their oversized dicks with each motion. 

Once more, two lines formed at both ends; the men queueing up on either side of the auburn starlet like they were in line at the bank.  Javier was first a vacate; a white man named Devin taking his place in her asshole and drilling her balls deep with his cock. It wasn’t long before every man in the room had taken a turn; the gang of hunks plugging Emma’s tight pink holes with white, black and olive cocks alike, making her cum and then passing her on.   

After an hour plus of non-stop fucking, the gangbang had reached its zenith.  Cocks began to throb uncontrollably in both of Emma’s holes and finally, after countless earth-shattering orgasms on her part, it was the men’s turn to cum.  Emma was lowered to her knees and quickly ringed from all sides. Tyler and a black guy named Javonte stepped up first; both of the chiseled hunks jerking their dicks wildly as they pointed them at her face.

“Mmm, yes!  Come on, boys,” Emma purred, reaching up to fondle their twin sets of bulging, spunk-filled balls as they beat themselves off.  “Shoot all that hot, thick cum over my pretty face!”

And then, they did just that. 

“UHHH!!!” they bellowed in unison as two equally thick jets of creamy, off-white seed blasted from their dickholes and splattered across Emma’s face; coating her lips, chin, nose and cheeks with ropes of rich, warm spunk.

And the cumshots didn’t end there.  In fact, they were only just beginning and the men stepped up in their twos and threes; stroking their dicks and shooting their goo over Emma’s person.  Some opted for her face, while others chose her chest; their thick spunky blasts streaking her tits, hair and facial features alike as they emptied their swollen balls. 

With the final pair of nuts drained and the last load of cum shot, the men took a step back, the camera guy moving in for a close up as Emma knelt on the carpeted floor, covered in spunk from the chest up.  It was everywhere; the gooey mess coating her tits and face, while more still dripped from her chin and streaked her shiny red hair. 

“Wow!” Emma exclaimed.  “That was quite something, huh?  Hope you guys enjoyed it. I know I did.  And I really hope this challenge catches on.  I have no doubt that it will.” She scooped up a dollop of spunk from her face, slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.  “Mmm, yummy! So, for the next installment of The Gangbang Challenge, I nominate Chloe Moretz. How about it, Chloe? Think you’re up to it?”

End of Entry #1
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Emma Stone)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2019, 07:19:04 PM »
Like the premise of this one quite a bit.  Very interested to see the twists and turns future celebs take to outdo the previous!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Emma Stone)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2019, 01:47:33 AM »
Great story. Any ideas about who might accept the challenge after Chloe.
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Emma Stone)
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2019, 08:45:03 AM »
Great story. Any ideas about who might accept the challenge after Chloe.

Thanks man! Got a pretty good idea but think I’m gonna keep it to myself for now. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough  ;D

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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Emma Stone)
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2019, 07:08:03 AM »
Entry #2

Starring: Chloe Moretz

Men across the globe waited with bated breath.  Indeed, from the second Emma Stone’s Facebook live stream came to an end, nigh on the entire male half of the world’s population were on tenterhooks as they awaited the response from Miss Stone’s nominated starlet, Chloe Moretz.  She was tweeted countless times by thousands of desperate males, literally begging her to take part.  Dozens of blog posts appeared online with every passing minute, pleading with the young blonde actress, while others dropped to their knees and prayed to God, Allah, Buddha, or anyone who’d listen, that she’d answer in the affirmative.

And, soon enough, their prayers were answered.  Less than 24 hours later, a post appeared on Miss Moretz’s Twitter feed.  It read: challenge accepted [1 girl and 5 man emojis].  A cheer went up from menfolk the world over; so loud it could be heard from all four corners of the globe.  Champagne bottles popped en masse.  Reaction videos were posted to YouTube in their thousands by excited males from every age group and walk of life; roaring, shrieking and screaming with joy.

The following morning the announcement was made.  #GangbangChallenge Video 2 would be going live on Chloe Moretz’s official Facebook page at two o’clock that afternoon.  Sickies were pulled in their thousands.  Teenagers ditched school in record numbers across the globe.  Funerals were missed.  Anniversaries and children’s birthdays ignored.  Then the time arrived.  Doors were locked.  Landlines were unplugged.  Computers switched on.  Tissues and lube prepared. 

The video faded in on a close up of the lady herself, looking not a cent short of million bucks as she sat in her backyard.  Her long golden hair dangled over her shoulder, her cute features dabbed, glossed and otherwise adorned with an array of priceless cosmetics. 

“Hi, everyone.  This is Chloe Moretz,” she announced, smiling sweetly at the camera lens.  “Thank you for joining me.  I know what you’re all here for and, don’t worry, we’ll be getting to that in just a second.  But first, I’d like to thank the five lovely men who nominated me to do this challenge today.  Now, I know I’m a little late on this one, but when is it not a good time to give a little back to charity?  Yep, that’s right, folks.  Sit back and enjoy ‘cause today I will be taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge!”

The cameraman pulled back to reveal Miss Moretz sat on a sun lounger, a large pail of icy water by her side.  Jaws dropped in dejection across the globe.  Swear words were yelled at the tops of lungs in every language going.  Laptops were smashed against desks, smartphones hurled out of four storey windows. 

“Just kidding!  Let’s get this thing started, shall we?”

Chloe rose from her seat and headed across her patio and along the side of her house; her expensive stilettos clicking against the floor as she went.  The camera guy followed behind, training his lens on her peachy, frayed denim shorts-clad ass as she walked.  Chloe continued around to the front of her luxury LA home, opened the front door and stepped inside.  In the hallway were nine very handsome, very muscular men, lined up against the wall in a white-black-white-black formation, like a human zebra crossing; their long, thick cocks projecting from their waists like tree branches. 

“Oh, my!” Chloe grinned at the camera.  “Look at all these big, fat dicks just for me!”

She squatted before the first man; a tall, chiseled white guy named Brandon, and took his ten inch dick in her hand.  Chloe shot out her tongue and lapped at his winking slit; the actress making light work of the glob of precum pooling therein, before wrapping her lips around his head.  She looked up at him; the fair-haired starlet sucking at his crown as he stroked his shaft, a river of prespunk tricking across her tongue and down her throat as she sucked him.  Chloe reached down to cup his balls, leaving his shaft free as she bobbed her pretty blonde head.  She caressed his nuts as she worked the shaft; her greedy mouth accomodating an additional inch of his thick, veiny wang with each pass she took.

“Shit!” Brandon groaned.  “Girl can suck some dick!”

He wasn’t wrong.  In fact, Chloe was going at his dong like a seasoned pro; her lead little more than an expensively styled, platinum blonde blur as she dipped at his endowed crotch.  In a matter of seconds, his dick had disappeared from sight; the young actress placing her hands on his hips as she sucked his lengthy wang right down to the balls.  But she wasn’t done yet, and no sooner had her pouty pink lips pressed against the base, were they back up around his head; the randy starlet taking but a moment’s pause before plunging down to the hilt once more. 

And on and on it went.  Chloe bobbed and dipped at Brandon’s groin; her lips roaming from the head to the base at lightning speed and leaving thick trails of spittle in their wake.  Finally, and with the veiny shaft twitching like crazy against her tongue, Chloe released Brandon’s dick from her mouth; drips of saliva trickling from his shaft as she moved onto the next.

Next up was a shredded young black man by the name of Kendrick.  At eight inches, his dick was a little shorter than that of his predecessor, but what he lacked in length (relatively speaking, of course) he more than made up for in girth; his jet black dong nearly as thick as a baseball bat, by Chloe’s estimation.  But the little blonde starlet wasn’t perturbed by such a thick slab of coal-dark man meat.  Not for a second, and as she held it in her hand, she licked her shiny pink lips at the prospect of the girthy black schlong filling her mouth to capacity.

She started at the balls; the actress angling his cock upwards as she fed one of the large black nuts into her mouth.  Chloe gobbled on Kendrick’s balls one by one; the horny blonde sucking at the oversized gonads like large like boiled candies before switching to the other; his thick dark cock seering and throbbing against her cute face as she did so.  Next, she licked up his underside; the tip of her tongue trailing a juicy vein that protruded from his shaft like a blood-filled drinking straw as she worked her way up to the top. 

Once she reached the summit, Chloe fed his crown inside; her pretty pink lips stretching to their limits to accommodate his unfathomable girth.  And she didn’t stop there.  With the head inside, Chloe made the plunge toward the base; the blonde beauty sucking the oversized cock right down to the balls with equal ease as she had the previous. 

When she came up for air, Chloe looked down the line.  Seven more men were queued up before her; every bit as blessed and endowed as the first two, stroking their cocks in wait of her skilled young mouth.  Chloe made her way down the line of studs; working over each of their long, girthy pricks one by one and reeling off every trick in the blowjob handbook along the way. 

She tongued at slits, encircled heads, lapped at undersides and sucked on balls; the fair-haired starlet performing each and every trick and technique with the skill and expertise of an experienced pornstar.  She sucked, slurped, drooled, slobbered and sucked some more; the young actress swallowing each of their fat, lengthy schlongs down to the base and slathering them in spittle as she went.  Once she reached the end, every dick in the room was throbbing like an athlete’s ticker, saliva dripping from their shafts like leaking faucets. 

“Follow me, boys,” said Chloe as she rose to her feet; the cameraman and her band of studs following the hypnotic sway of her ass as she moved into the next room.

Chloe approached a white leather futon in the centre of the room and laid back across the surface.  In the blink of an eye, the blonde beauty found herself ringed by a pack of chiseled hunks; their thick, mammoth dongs pointing at her from all angles as she assumed the position.  At one end, a white guy named Aaron took up position between her splayed thighs.  He peeled off her shorts and panties, then rubbed the tip of his dong against the slick opening of her snatch before slipping it inside.

At the other end, a black man by the name of Darius stood over her; his lengthy black prong clasped in his hand as he dipped his heavy, cum-filled balls into her mouth.  Chloe reached up to stroke his dick; the horny starlet jerking another with her free hand as she sucked on his big dark balls.  Meanwhile, Aaron was rocking to and fro between her thighs; the chiseled hunk working his girthy ten inch cock steadily back and forth inside her.  Chloe cooed and groaned around the pair of weighty black nuts in her mouth as he worked her over; the endowed young stud guiding his dick back so only the head remained, before driving back forward, the swollen crown venturing deeper into her tight pink gash with each motion. 

“Shit, this pussy feels good!” Aaron exclaimed, his voice breathy as he bucked his muscled hips; the burly God of a man now working all ten of his thick, veiny inches into her twat, his bulging dickhead probing her g-spot with each pass he took.

But Chloe wasn’t to be overawed by such a large penis probing her nether regions.  Not by a long shot, and as she was drilled balls deep by the lengthy wang, she stroked and jerked any cock and sucked on any pair of big, swollen balls within spitting distance; the blonde actress handling multiple sets of oversized genitals like it was second nature. 

After some time, Darius prized his balls from Chloe’s mouth; the blonde beauty releasing the giant gonads with a loud *POP* sound as a second man, a white guy named Logan, stepped up to take a turn.  He knelt over her, bringing his pulsing cockhead to her gaping lips and feeding it inside.  Chloe accepted the invading member with grace; the young starlet wrapping her lips around the thick shaft and sucking it with aplomb.  Logan squatted and dipped atop her supine frame; the burly stud working his dick steadily back and forth between her lips, his hefty, spunk-filled balls slapping against her face as he fucked her pretty mouth. 

At the other end, Aaron was plowing away at her pussy like a man possessed; the chiseled hunk putting every ounce of his 220lb frame behind each stroke.  Chloe started to quiver from head to toe; the tip of Aaron’s long, girthy cock touching all the right places as he drove it nutsdeep into her snatch.  One more thrust was all it took; the latest g-spot bothering pass of his fat, lengthy schlong sparking an intense, fiery climax that ripped through her athletic frame like an inferno. 

“MMMMM!!!” Chloe screamed; her orgasmic cries muffled by the giant dong pulsing and throbbing between her lips.

But the gang weren’t done yet.  In fact, they’d only just gotten started and no sooner had Aaron retrieved his dick from the depths of her pussy, had another one entered.  Soon enough, lines had formed at both ends of the futon; two queues of horny, well-muscled men stroking their pricks as they awaited their go.  At one end, a band of studs ran a train on Chloe’s pussy, while at the other, a second group took turns in her mouth.  Some fed their cocks between her lips, others their balls; the randy blonde sucking heartily at any oversized dong or heavy set of gonads that came her way.

Then, once the last pair had taken their turn, it was time to switch up positions.  A black man named Tyson sat beside her on the futon; his huge, veiny prong stood tall like a skyscraper as he lay back across the surface. 

“Sit on this dick, girl,” he said, gripping his girthy dong at the base.

Chloe did as directed.  She threw a leg over his muscled thighs; the young actress adopting the cowgirl position as she straddled his shredded frame.   Tyson fed his dick inside; her tight pussy hugging his cock like a hot, wet sheath as he entered her.

“Uhhh!!” Chloe gasped as he thrust his prick inside, the remaining studs quickly ringing her once more as she perched on his girthy dong.

Tyson began to buck his hips; the dark-skinned hunk working his dick both and forth in her snatch; feeding an additional inch of his coal-black length inside her with each pass.  Before long he was hitting it ballsdeep; the burly young stud gripping her ass with his large dark hands as he drove all ten of his thick, girthy inches up her snatch. 

A second man, a white guy named Travis, fed his dick into her mouth; the chiseled hunk placing a hand at the back of her head as worked it back and forth between her lips.  Chloe gripped the two nearest cocks and started tugging; the blonde starlet handling four big, fat cocks at once and doing it like a champ as she was taken from all sides. 

This went on for some time.  A rotating cast of horny, well endowed men took turns at one end while Tyson worked her over from the other.  Cocks from both ends of the colour wheel filled her mouth and hands alike as Tyson pounded her pussy; the burly black stud driving his dick right down to the hilt with each pass he took.

“Ready for another one, baby?” came a voice from behind her. 

Chloe looked over her shoulder as a fifth man; a black guy by the name of Jalen, took up position behind her, his thick African cock clasped at the base.

“Mmm, yes!” she purred as she looked back at the tall dark stud.  “Get that big black cock inside me!”

Jalen didn’t need a second invitation.  He stepped forward, kneeling on the edge of the futon as he prepared to fill her up.  Tyson held Chloe in place; the young actress relaxing her glutes as she readied herself for the second dick.  But, to Chloe’s surprise, Jalen had no interest in her plugging her tight pink asshole (at least, not yet).  No- he had designs on her pussy; the chiseled hunk ready to stretch that snatch to its limits with a second big black dong.  He pressed his dick against Tyson’s; the two black studs clearly having no qualms about their junk rubbing together, as he fed the second cock into her twat.

“UGH! FUCK!” Chloe gasped, her pussy stretching like knicker elastic as it was stuffed full of fat dark cock.

The guys began to thrust back and forth; the dark-skinned duo bucking their muscled hips in perfect synchronicity as they worked their twin black dongs to and fro in her slick, wet cunt.  Chloe sucked and jerked the rest of the group; the randy blonde handling no fewer than three of the remaining cocks as the pair of ripped black studs dual dicked her sung pink cooch.

Before long, both men were driving their dicks right down to the base; the chiseled pair feeding a combined foot and a half of veiny black pipe into her twat with each pass.  Chloe came over and over; her g-spot probed repeatedly by not one, but TWO thick dark dickcrowns as they double stuffed her hot, wet pussy.   But it didn’t end there, and no sooner had Jalen prized his dick from the ultra tight grip of her snatch, had another taken his place.  Soon enough, half the men in the room had stuffed Chloe’s cooze to the brim; the fair-haired starlet taking each of the second pricks up her gash with ease, no matter how long or thick. 

Then, after four separate bouts of deep double vaginial, the guys finally turned their attention to her asshole.  A white guy named Blake went first; Tyson’s dick still buried in her pussy as he pressed his swollen crown against the ring of her anus and slipped it inside.

“OH, JESUS!  FUCK!” Chloe shrieked as he entered her; the slender actress stuffed to the brim as Blake’s fat, girthy cock plugged her second hole.

And that wasn’t all.  As Blake and Tyson worked their cocks back and forth in her tight twin holes, Brandon fed his own thick, lengthy dong between her lips; the band of studs stuffing her airtight as she was taken from all angles.  Chloe stroked the two nearest cocks as she was filled in all three orifices; the skilled young slut handling the oversized dongs like a seasoned plate spinner as she worked them five at a time.  Blake and Tyson plowed her ballsdeep; their girthy prongs venturing to the hilt in her ass and pussy alike with each motion as they double dicked her tight pink holes.  Chloe came time and again; nigh on every joint thrust of their thick dongs into the depths of her tight twin tunnels igniting a new fiery orgasm from within her.   

Once again, the guys took turns in her holes; revolving doors of shredded, well-endowed studs filling her ass, mouth and pussy to the brim before passing her onto someone else.  Then, once everyone in the room had taken at least one turn in all three of her holes, it was time for them to cum.  Chloe hopped down off the futon and knelt on the floor as the guys surrounded her; no fewer than nine well-muscled studs pointing their dicks at her pretty face as they prepared to shoot their goo.

“Mmm!  Do it in my mouth, boys,” Chloe requested.  “Fill my slutty maw with all that piping hot cum!”

The guys stepped up one by one; beating themselves off and blasting a thick, creamy wad between her gaping lips, the blonde beauty gargling with each load as she eagerly awaited the next.  All it took was three of the gloopy, rich cumwads to fill her mouth to the brim; the horny starlet closing her lips, gulping down the spunky cocktail and opening them once more as she waited for another. 

Nine loads and three murky pools of creamy, off-white seed later, and every pair of balls in the room had been successfully drained.  The cameraman went in for a close up as she licked her lips; the young actress lapping up the few stray streaks of spunk from around her mouth as she prepared her sign off.

“Well, that was fun, wasn’t it, guys?” Chloe smirked.  “Hope you boys at home went off like these guys did!  Bye for now!”  She blew a kiss to the camera.  The camera guy made a gesture from behind his lens.  “Oh, right, yeah!  My nomination.  Hmm,” she pondered, placing a manicured finger to her cheek as she thought long and hard, “I pick Melissa Benoist.  Think you can handle it, girl?”  She grinned at the camera lens then looked up at her band of studs; their cocks in varying degrees of erection as they ringed her squatted frame.  “Right,” she said, “who’s still hard?”

End of Entry #2
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Chloe Moretz)
« Reply #5 on: September 20, 2019, 10:11:36 AM »
Cannot wait for the Melissa Benoist challenge!
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Chloe Moretz)
« Reply #6 on: September 20, 2019, 07:13:16 PM »
This is a really excellent idea for a series @DarkSwordsman and you have executed it perfectly.
Look forward to seeing who else you have in mind for the series after Melissa B.

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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Chloe Moretz)
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Entry #3

Starring: Melissa Benoist

#GangbangChallenge Video 3 went live on Melissa Benoist’s official Facebook page at 12pm the following Thursday.  The cameraman pointed his camera out the window of Melissa’s shiny black gas-guzzling SUV; capturing the passing buildings as the vehicle crawled through the industrial district in Downtown Los Angeles.  Workmen convened outside large brick warehouses. Mustachioed men in mesh hats and flannel shirts hopped out of the cabs of giant box trucks. Mexican dudes ferried goods through open loading bays.

The camera guy panned from the window to the driver’s seat where Miss Benoist herself was perched behind the wheel.

“Hey, guys!” she said, keeping one eye on the road ahead as she addressed the camera.  “Thank you for joining me today. Now, I’m sure you guys have all seen The Gangbang Challenge Video 2 with Chloe Moretz.”

They had.  Everyone had.  The stream had been viewed close to a billion times; the live video recorded and uploaded to YouPorn, XVideos, Spankbang and any site that would take it.  Within a matter of hours it was the most viewed video in Pornhub history and, soon enough, there wasn’t a male the world over with a smartphone and a pulse that hadn’t watched the illicit clip.

“I know I have.  In fact, my wrist still aches a little after I watched it again this morning.”  She winked at the camera. “But for anyone who didn’t see it, Miss Moretz very kindly nominated yours truly to take part in the next installment.  So that’s what brings me here to the industrial district in Downtown LA. I have eleven men waiting for me in a warehouse near here; each one with a very thick, very long penis that I’m sure he can’t wait to stick in all my holes.  Think you guys are gonna enjoy watching that?” She grinned at the lens. “So, this warehouse is down a little alley that should be coming up on my left,” said Melissa as she glanced at her GPS. “Ah, here we are.” 

She pulled on the steering wheel and the SUV turned onto a quiet side street.  The vehicle pulled up the curb and the cameraman jumped out. He raced around to the other side of the SUV as Melissa opened the door; the videographer training his lens on her as she exited the vehicle. 

She looked simply incredible in a knee length, though deliciously form fitting designer overcoat; the expensive garment clinging to her slender body like a second skin ass she climbed out her luxury ride.  Her hair hung down in light golden curls, her soft, pouty lips coated a deep shade of red, matching eyeshadow and dark mascara making her bright blue eyes pop like firecrackers. The cameraman followed behind her, pointing his lens at the shapely curve of her ass as she walked.

“Ooh, look.  There’s some guys over there,” said Melissa; the blonde beauty pointing a manicured finger at a group of workmen as they unloaded a lorry a little further down the alley.  “They look like they’re working hard. Maybe I should give them a little treat, what do you think?” she added, grinning back at the camera lens.

They stopped what they were doing as she approached; the guys tapping each other on the shoulder and pointing in her direction as she strolled through the alley.     

“Hey, guys,” said Melissa, smiling at them warmly as she made her approach.  “You boys hard at work out here?”

“Si,” one of them replied.

“We’re taking a little break now we’ve seen you though,” added a second in a thick Mexican accent.

Melissa giggled.  “Oh, yeah? You guys like what you see, do you?” 

There were murmurs of the affirmative.  Some of the men nodded their heads enthusiastically. 

“Well maybe I should give you boys a better look.” 

She untied the clasp on her overcoat; the workmen’s eyes popping nearly clean from their skulls as she whipped it open, showing off her nude body in all its perky, toned glory.  Her luscious B-cup tits sat pertly above her flawless midriff, the slit of shaven pussy poking out from between her beach tanned thighs. 

“You like that, boys?” she asked.

“Si,” one of them said once more, his friends merely gawking listlessly at the gorgeous starlet as she flashed them right there in the alley.

“Sure looks like you do,” she grinned, clocking the numerous tents pitching in their stonewashed jeans.  “Well, I’m afraid I’ve got somewhere to be, boys,” she added, the workmen groaning as she closed her coat and re-tied the clasp, “so I’m gonna have to love you and leave you.  But make sure you watch my gangbang video. Live right now. Look me up on Facebook. Melissa Benoist. B-E-N-O-I-S-T.”

The guys rooted desperately through their pockets and stabbed frantically at their phones; excited exchanges in Spanish taking place as they saw themselves on the screen.  Melissa blew them a kiss and departed, the cameraman following behind her as she continued down the alley. She stopped outside a tall black gate a little further down, an imposing looking brick warehouse looming large beyond it.

“Here we are,” she said, the gate sliding open as she approached. 

Melissa strolled through into the parking lot and untied the clasp on her overcoat once more, this time letting it slide down her arms and fall to the floor as she headed for the building.  The camera guy aimed his lens at her rear; the videographer nearly put in a trance as by the rhythmic rise and fall of her peachy, bare ass cheeks as she crossed the vacant lot. She stopped outside a steel shutter and pushed the buzzer beside it.

“Let’s see what’s behind door number one,” she said with a grin.

The shutter opened slowly; agonisingly so for Melissa and her viewers.  Once it was about halfway up, Melissa ducked underneath, the cameraman following behind her as she continued inside.  The warehouse’s automatic lights came on as she strolled into the hallway. A very naked, very muscular and very well hung black man, named Devontae, was stood by the entrance, his huge 11 inch cock primed and ready to go as she entered.

“Mmm, very nice!” she exclaimed, looking at the camera as she dropped to a squat before the tall black stud. 

Melissa gripped his dick at the base and stuck out her tongue; the randy blonde looking up at the dark-skinned hunk as she slapped his swollen cockhead against it, before feeding it into her mouth.  She bobbed her pretty head; her lips roaming up and down his girthy shaft as she blew him. 

“Yeah, suck that dick, baby,” Devontae groaned, looking down at the sexy actress as she worked him over.

By now, her lips were venturing up and down his dong like nobody’s business; the plump red pair plunging down to the midpoint with each pass she took.  She reached down to cup his balls; the fair-haired starlet caressing the swollen pair of jet-black spunk holders as she sucked his dick. Inch after inch of his long, dark wang disappeared between her lips; the pouty set of stark red dickpillows edging nearer and nearer to the base with every motion.  One final plunge was all it took; Melissa’s cute little nose nestling amongst his neatly trimmed batch of wiry, afro-like pubes as she swallowed his dick right down to the hilt.

“Got damn!!” Jovontae exclaimed; his muscled legs nearly buckling from underneath him as the hot blonde actress deepthroated his massive dong.

But Melissa wasn’t done yet and, in a feat that can only be described as witchcraft, the horny starlet pocked her tongue out from under his shaft and lapped at his ballsack; all eleven of his thicky, veiny inches lodged in her mouth and throat as she did so.

“Oh, shit!” said Jovontae; the dark-skinned stud thinking his eyes were deceiving him as his opposite number swallowed his dong AND licked his balls at the same time.  “Damn, you nasty, girl!”

“Mmhmm,” Melissa replied as she finally came up for air; the gorgeous blonde retrieving his long black pole from her mouth like a seasoned sword swallower.  “I sure am!”

She rose to her feet; running her hand across his spit-slicked shaft and past the bulging head, leaving the oversized wang rock hard and throbbing for more as she moved onto the next.  Melissa continued through the hallway and onto a second door. She opened it and stepped through into what appeared to be some kind of changing room. Rows of small steel lockers lined the walls, while a number of thin wooden benches were positioned strategically across the floor. 

A young Hispanic man named Carlos rose from one of the benches as she entered and walked towards her; the Latin stud every bit as nude, well muscled and well endowed as his predecessor.  He grabbed her dominantly and span her around; the chiseled hunk guiding the fair-haired starlet up against the wall. Melissa splayed her hands across the cinderblock wall; the blonde beauty looking back at Carlos as he pressed his dick against the opening of her pussy and pushed his swollen head inside.

“Uhhh! FUCK!!” she gasped as he entered her; the muscled stud driving his cock right down to the base on the first pass.

Carlos didn’t let up; he thrust back and forth like his life depended on it, the Latin hunk working all nine of his thick, girthy inches inside her with each pass.  He gripped her hips as he bucked wildly behind her; his pelvis clattering repeatedly against her peachy, round ass, his large, swollen dickcrown hitting her g-spot with every motion.

“Oh, shit!” Melissa screamed; the bottle blonde starlet gazing back at her opposite number, her normally flawless features screwed with orgasmic lust as he pounded her out from behind.  “You’re gonna make me cum on that fucking dick!”

And then, without further ado, she did just that; the pretty actress squealing like a banshee as a violent orgasm ripped through her slender frame.

“Uh, sweet Jesus!” Melissa panted as she came down from orgasm; the randy blonde trembling from head to foot as Carlos prized his giant dong from the depths of her twat.

“Go find the rest of the dicks, mamacita,” he said, the Hispanic hunk slapping her on the ass as she departed.

The cameraman followed Melissa to the back of the changing room.  She pulled open a double door which led out onto the main warehouse floor.  Waiting behind the door were two chiseled white men; Ryan and Nathan. Without a word, they scooped her up off the floor; the shredded duo lifting the actress into the air like she weighed next to nothing. 

“Oh, my!” Melissa gasped, the blonde starlet unprepared to be manhandled so ferociously by the two strange men.

But she hadn’t seen anything yet, and no sooner had Ryan and Nathan hoisted her into mid air, did they have their thick twin dongs clasped at the base; the muscled pair feeding them into her snug pink holes without hesitation. 

“OHH, FUUUCKKK!!!” Melissa screamed as they invaded her; the chiseled duo fillling the horny actresss with a combined 20 inches of veiny, throbbing man beef as they thrust their cocks inside.

The guys held her in place; the gorgeous blonde wedged between their frames like the meat in a sandwich as they double dicked her aching holes.  Ryan and Nathan worked their muscled hips back and forth in perfect unison; the pair of studs driving their dicks right down to the base in both her orifices, their equally thick, equallly bulging cockheads probing her g-post and tunnelling through her anal passage with each pass they took.

“FUCK!” Melissa cried, the fair-haired starlet throwing her head back and gazing up at the warehouse ceiling as they worked her over.  “Pound my fucking holes with those FAT FUCKING DICKS!”

Ryan and Nathan needed little encouragement in that department.  In fact, the chiseled pair were already going at her like there was no tomorrow; their muscled butts bucking like crazy as they drove nearly two feet of thick, girthy prong into the depths of her holes.  In no time at all, Melissa orgasmed once more; a second climax even more powerful and earth shattering than the last tearing through her as she came on their giant cocks. 

The guys pulled their dicks from her holes and left her down; the muscled pair following behind her as she carried on across the warehouse floor.  In the centre of the space, a pristine white mattress was laid out across the floor; Javontae, Carlos and seven more handsome, well hung men surrounding it as they awaited her arrival. 

“Ooh, wow!” Melissa grinned as she looked back at the camera.  “That’s a lot of dick, huh guys?”

She wasn’t wrong.  Ringing the mattress were no fewer than eleven cocks; every one of the oversized prongs longer, thicker and harder than the one that preceded it.  Without a moment’s delay, Melissa waded into the centre; the men closing in around her as she dropped to her knees between them. In no time at all, she found herself surrounded; the blonde beauty stranded in a vast plain of freshly barbed fades, carefully slicked back hair, model good looks and neatly trimmed facial hair.  Not forgetting rippling biceps, chiseled pecs, cobblestone abs and thick, veiny cocks.

Melissa reached out to grab two dicks; the pretty actress stroking the pair of meaty prongs as she opened her mouth for a third.  By now, the men were practically on top of her; the guys behind her slapping their dicks against the top of her head or wrapping strands of her lustrous, bottle blonde hair around their shafts as they jerked off.  Those in front were just as frisky; the eager studs pulling their prongs mere inches from her face, drops of precum splattering across her features as she beat themselves off.

Melissa worked her way through as many of the girthy dongs as she could; the blonde beauty handling no fewer than three of the giant fucksticks at a time as she travelled around the circle.  She shifted back and forth from cock to cock; black to white and white to black; the actress sucking every one of oversized wangs right down to the balls as she went. 

Once she’d seen to all of them, it was time to take things up a gear.  The guys stepped up before her one by one; the ripped young hunks thrusting various parts of their anatomy in her face as they took their turns.  Some stuffed their cocks between her lips, gripping handfuls of her silky golden hair as they fucked her pretty mouth. Others slapped their dicks against her face while she sucked on their balls, while more stilll turned around and prized open their buttcheeks; the chiseled studs presenting the actress with their wide open, waxstrippped ass crack to bury her face inside.

Before long, Melissa had performed every trick in the blowbangers manual.  She slurped and stroked, sucked and jerked, deepthroated, rimmed and tromboned; the blonde starlet executing every one of the impressive skills with the finesse and virtuosity of a Times Square hooker.  And it didn’t end there. Just when Melissa thought she’d reeled off every oral technique known to mankind, the guys proved otherwise. Two white dudes, Paul and Luke stepped up; their long, girthy cocks gripped at the base and pointed at her face as they stood side by side before her.

“Think you can fit two in there, baby?” asked Paul, he and his friend wagging their cocks menacingly as they looked down at her squatted frame.

“I’ll try,” said Melissa, the actress reaching up to grab both pricks as she gaped her lips apart.

She fed both their dickheads into her mouth; the large, swollen crowns leaking prespunk across her tongue as she took them inside.  The two cocks intersected at the shaft like an Iron Cross; her mouth bulging like a squirrel with a nut as the bulbous, golf ball-sized cockheads poked at the insides of her cheeks.  Before long, Paul and Luke had filled her mouth to capacity; the randy starlet sucking both of their thick, lengthy prongs nearly down to the base as they shared her greedy maw. 

And that was just the beginning.  In fact, no sooner had Paul and Luke prized their cocks from the confines of her mouth, had two more guys stepped up to take a turn.  Soon enough, nigh on every stud in the room had paired up with a buddy and stuffed her pretty mouth with a duo of oversized cocks. Melissa swallowed down every pair of dongs that came her way with considerable aplomb.  Two white ones. Two olive ones. Two black ones. Sometimes she even mixed and matched; the blonde beauty sucking down cocks of every colour combination possible as she worked her way around the room.

But that wasn’t all.  Clearly not content with having her mouth stuffed full of cock, Melissa rose from her squatted stance; the gorgeous actress thrusting out her ass too the guys behind her as she handled those in front.  Before long, a line had formed behind her; a queue of horny, well-muscled men pulling themselves off as they awaited their turn. 

The guys stepped up one at a time; the chiseled studs feeding their thick, veiny prongs into any hole which took their fancy and plowing away until their heart’s content.  Some went for her pussy, some her ass. But whatever their hole of choice, the guys pumped away at it like there was tomorrow; making Melissa coo and squeal around the cocks in her mouth as they worked her over from behind.

Once everyone had taken a turn in at least one of her holes, it was time for phase three.   A black man named Marvin sat back on the mattress, his giant, coal-dark schlong clasped at the base, patting his thigh as he beckoned Melissa to sit.  She did as instructed; the fair-haired starlet squatting over his shredded frame as he aligned the head of his dong with the puckered ring of her anus. 

“UHH! SWEET JESUS!!” Melissa barked as he entered her; his swollen dickcrown splitting her asshole open as he began to slip inside.   

Melissa began to rock up and down atop his shredded frame; her asshole roaming up and down Marvin’s penis like a glass elevator, the pink rim venturing further down to the hilt with each pass she took.  Before long, she was riding him like a bucking bronco; her shapely, round ass bouncing repeatedly off his pelvis as she hopped on his chiseled frame.

Guys ringed her from all directions once more.  Melissa turned her head to her right; the randy blonde taking a second cock in her mouth, while her hands reached out for two more.  While she busied herself with the supporting cast, a fifth guy; a Hispanic man named Sergio, knelt between her splayed legs. He pressed his dickhead against the opening to her snatch and fed it inside.

“MMMPF!!!” Melissa murmured around the cock in her mouth; the blonde beauty cumming on the spot as she was stuffed full with yet another thick cut of pulsing man meat. 

Marvin and Sergio humped and bucked in perfect syncronicity; the chiseled pair driving their long, veiny cocks into the depths of her ass and pussy alike with each motion.  Melissa came over and over; nigh on every joint pass of their girthy twin dongs igniting a new ground shaking climax as they tag teamed her tight pink holes. But even amid a slew of powerful orgasms, Melissa made sure her other duties didn’t go neglected.  Indeed, she was sucking and slurping, stroking and jerking like a champ; the pretty actress violently beating off any dick that came her way and swallowing a whole host of meaty prongs right down to the hilt no matter how long or thick they might have been.

Every so often, the guys would haul her up from her squatted stance; the man beneath her vacating his position as another replaced him.  Soon enough, half the men in the room had taken a turn in her asshole; the horny starlet cumming time and again as a seemingly endless line of girthy, thick wangs were thrust up her rectum.  And it wasn’t the only orifice getting passed around like a homemade bong by the band of chiseled studs. Indeed, her remaining two holes were getting much the same treatment; muscular men of every race, colour and ethnic background pulling out of her mouth and pussy alike as two others moved in for a go. 

Before long, each of the ripped young hunks had taken a turn in every hole she had to offer and, after an hour and change or rampant, no holds barred rutting, they were ready to cum.  Melissa knelt on the mattress and men surrounded her; every one of them pulling and jerking their thick, pulsing pricks as they prepared to blow their loads. 

“Come on, boys,” she grinned.  “Gimme all that spunk!”

She didn’t have to ask twice.  The guys stepped up in their twos and threes; tugging themselves off and dumping their load anywhere that took their fancy.  Some aimed their spewing cocks at her face or chest, while others went off in her open mouth; a near non-stop flood of semen painting her upper half and pooling between her lips in equal measure.  Some of the guys grew tired of waiting their turn and circled around behind her; the randy males leaving thick globs of spunk in her hair as they jerked off on top of her head. By the time the last man had cum, Melissa had swollen no fewer than four loads of creamy, hot seed, while seven more caked nearly every square inch of her hair, face and tits alike.

“Wow!” Melissa exclaimed as the cameraman moved in for a close up.  “Well, I sure enjoyed that. Hope you guys did too. And for the next Gangbang Challenge I nominate Hailee Steinfeld.  What do you say, Hailee? Think you can top this?”

End of Entry #3
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Melissa Benoist)
« Reply #8 on: October 07, 2019, 07:19:23 PM »
Any idea when you’ll be posting the next chapter?

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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Melissa Benoist)
« Reply #9 on: October 07, 2019, 07:34:28 PM »
Any idea when you’ll be posting the next chapter?

Erm, not really at the moment. Working on a few different things right now. Shouldn’t be too long hopefully.
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Melissa Benoist)
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2021, 10:30:47 PM »
So, uh, is this ever gonna be updated again?
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Re: #GangbangChallenge (Melissa Benoist)
« Reply #11 on: February 09, 2021, 07:34:46 AM »
So, uh, is this ever gonna be updated again?

Don’t have much interest in updating it right now if I’m honest, but maybe one day.


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