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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 25: Pre Valentine’s Day Fun
Starring Bailee Madison and Hailee Steinfeld
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Anal, 69,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

It was Friday night the week after screenings in Scottsdale and I was relaxing at home. After two busy weeks, I just wanted chill on the couch and catch up on some TV.  It was now 11:30 PM and I had just watched 3 episodes of The Gifted and was now starting on the latest episode. As I watched, I was also playing on my phone and a few times I opened up my messages and considered texting Natalie Alyn Lind.  I generally like the show, but watching Nat’s tits bounce as she ran around in heeled boots and skin-tight jeans, I could not help but be tempted to see if she wanted to come over for some fun.  I also thought about pulling out the air-gapped laptop I had which contained all the naughty and sexual photos I had taken or had been sent by female friends over the years, including several explicit photos Natalie had sent me from her trailer just a few weeks ago.

As I contemplated this, my phone suddenly began ringing. I looked at the number on the screen, and while I didn’t recognize the number I knew from the area code that it was an LA number.  Figuring it wasn’t a telemarketer or scammer based on the time of night, so I decided to answer.


“Eddie! Yay! You answered,” I heard a voice say but there was a ton of background noise that almost drowned her out.

“Who is this? I can barely hear you.”

“It’s Bailee.”

“Who?” I asked.  I could not really tell if she said Bailee or Hailey.

“It’s Bailee!”


“Yes, Bailee. The girl you ate out at the gym last month.”

“Yeah, Bailee I know who you are.  Why are you calling?”

“Where are you? What are you doing?”

“I’m home. Watching TV. Why are you calling?”

“Can I come over?”


“What? Why do you think? So Can I?”

“I guess so. Do you need me to text you my address?”

“No, I have it.”

“What? How? How do you have my address, and for that matter how do you have my number?”

“Hailee gave it to me,” She then hung up. I looked at the clock, I paused the show and decided to take a shower before Baillee arrived, making sure to give my cock and balls a good scrubbing before throwing on a clean t-shirt and loose sweatpants (sans underwear).  I then went downstairs and finished watching the episode of the Gifted I had paused. It was not until an hour later I heard a car pull into my driveway and then had my doorbell ring.  I open up the door to find Bailee Madison standing there dressed in all black; a black spaghetti strap tank top, tight black pants, and black boots. 

“Heeeeyyy” Bailee said before wrapping her arms around me and kissing me on the lips.  I could taste the alcohol on her breath.  From the car, I could hear two female voices yelling out.  One just yelled out a ‘whoo’ and the other yelled out “Get it, girl”.  Bailee then entered my house and I shut the door behind her.

“Nice place,” she said as she dropped her clutch on the floor and walked through my house.  I followed her into my living room where she had settled onto my couch.  I took a seat on the opposite end of the couch.

“So, Bailee, what are you doing here?”

“I thought that is pretty obvious, isn’t it?” She said as she ran her hands up and down her body.

“Yeah, but why me and why tonight?”

“I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, asshole cheated on me, and my friends think I need to get back at him and get past him by hooking up with another guy.”

“Were those the friends in the car?”

“Yeah. Tessa Brooks and Peyton List. Do you know them?”

“I’ve heard of Peyton, but no I haven’t met either of them.”

“Well, Tessa thought I should hook up with some guy at the club we were at, and Peyton was saying how she would set me up with her brother. And I was like, been there done that. And I told them that if I was going to hook up with anyone, I knew a guy who ate me out better than Alex ever did and is super hung.  By the way, I promised them a picture of your penis.” Bailee had now moved up next to me and was pressing up against me.

“Been there done that? You hooked up with Peyton’s brother.”

“Ugghhh yeah, twice.  Asshole. Both times he lasted maybe five minutes and came inside me with no warning. That why I make sure guys wear condoms now. Though the worst part is I’m up on his stupid wall.”

“His wall?”

“In his closet, he has a wall with all the girls he’s ever gotten a BJ or had sex with,” she explained.  She then got really excited, “Oh! You’ll never guess whose picture is in the center of the wall”


Bailee then leaned close and drunkenly whispered into my ear, “his sister.”


“Yup he hooked up with his sister.  I was there. There was a mixup a few years ago when we were playing 7 minutes in heaven.  Someone set it up so they would be put in there at the same, but they didn’t know it.  Debby Ryan then opened the door and flipped on the light a minute early, and there she was,  on her knees, cum on her face, licking the tip of her brother’s cock.  It was so funny.”

“That’s pretty messed up.”

“I know, but wanna hear something else? I heard Spencer telling my ex that he and Peyton had sex.  And they do it regularly whenever one of them is in the mood.  Peyton denies it, but I’m not sure I believe her.” I was not one who was really into incest porn or stuff like that, but with Bailee pressing her tits up against my arm and her hand stroking my dick through my sweatpants, I could not help but get aroused as Bailee told her story.

“No offense Bailee, I don’t really care about Peyton and who she is fucking.  Now, can I tell you a secret?” Bailee smiled an eagerly nodded her head.  I mimicked her and whispered into her ear, “You’re way hotter than Peyton. Given the choice between you over her, I’d pick you every time and I have the hard cock to prove it.”  I pressed her hand firmly against my hard rod.

After I told her that Bailee was all over me. She moved onto my lap and as we made out, my hands explored her body. Groping her tits and her ass.

“Take off your pants,” she told me.

“Take off your clothes,” I responded.  Bailee quickly got up off the couch and stripped off her clothes, while I pushed my sweatpants off and ripped off my shirt.  Once my shirt was off I got my first clear view of Bailee’s naked breasts.  They were a large b-cup, close to a c-cup with dark quarter-sized nipples.  As she pushed her pants and lace thong to the ground, I could see that she still had a neatly trimmed dark haired bush.

“Whoa. It’s even bigger than I remember,” Bailee said as she got down on her knees between my legs.  She grasped and played with my pole as if trying to measure it in her hands. 

“I can’t believe I am finally going to do this,” She smiled before giving me the first lick of her tongue.

“Been thinking about this much?” I asked.

“Hailee told me a couple of stories about the two of you, and then after I saw it at the gym..” she spoke excitedly, “I mean, there has been more than one night where I was pretending my toy was you.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”  With that Bailee spat in her hand and opened her mouth to take my cock into her mouth.  She sucked on my mushroom head as her hands worked the shaft.  After a minute or two she tried to take more into her mouth but struggled to get past 3.5 inches before she began coughing and gagging.  She tried multiple times and just ended up with saliva dripping down her chin.

“Oh wow,” she said as she wiped her chin.

“Bigger than your ex?”

“For sure. I mean his was fine, but you’re just...” she went right back to suck my dick.  Bailee was doing her best but it was fair to say she not the best cocksucker, especially when compared to several other women I know who were extremely gifted.  I let her go a little while longer but I knew despite her best efforts and how good she looked naked with my love stick in her mouth, she was not going to get me off this way any time soon.  When I had enough, I had her sit back while I laid on my back on the couch.  I then had her get on top of me.  While her legs straddled my face her mouth went back down to my dick.  I pulled her waist down hard on top of me and drove my tongue into her pussy. She tasted just as sweet as she did at the gym. 

Bailee’s pussy was wet before she even sat down on my face, but after a few minutes of eating her out, she began dripping down my face like a fresh peach. She continued to suck on my cock the best that she could while I ate her out, but once I began fingering her while sucking her clit, she lost her concentration, and just moaned while focusing on the pleasure.   I kept attacking her pussy with my mouth and fingers until I finally got her to pop. 

“Oh fuck,” the Good Witch star said as she came while sitting on top of me.  When she calmed down a bit Bailee flipped around.  She now sat on my stomach with my dick pointing straight up and resting between the crack of her ass. 

“That was so good,” she said.

“We haven’t even gotten started,” I said before reaching around and smacking her butt with my cock.  Bailee then put her hands on my chest and lifted her hips.  She moved back a bit and had herself hovering just over my dick. 

“Shit, condom! We need a condom,” she said.  Bailee moved back a bit and sat back down, though we both let out a desperate moan because when she sat down my shaft rubbed up against her wet outer lips.

“In that drawer over there, there should be some,” I said pointing to an end table in the corner next to the couch. She crawled to the end of the couch, opened the drawer, and pulled out a condom.

“You keep condoms in your living room?” she asked as she opened the wrapper.

“You think this is the first time I’ve had sex on this couch?”  Bailee just laughed as she tossed the wrapper to the ground and slid the large condom on me.  Once it was on she once again rose up and had her wet pussy hovering just over my dick, this time however she did lower herself onto my dick.  She grunted and bit her lip as her pussy stretched like it never had before.

“Fuck, it feels like you’re cock is splitting me in two,” She said when was halfway down my rod.

“You okay?”

“Yes, I’m good. Really good.” She said while she paused. Slowly but surely she began rocking her hips.  Her pussy was so tight it felt like it was trying to strangle my dick. I let her go at her own pace to start.  “Jesus” she moaned as moved her hips.  While she focused on how my dick felt inside her, my hands roamed her body.  Her tits were both perfectly perky, and soft and pillowy to the touch.  Her ass was much the same way.  Her body reminded me quite a bit of Victoria Justice.  She was both very toned and fit, while at the same time had very soft curves. As Bailee continued to ride me she was starting to really pick up a pace more to my liking and yet had still not gone all the way down on my dick.  Using my thumb to rub her clit as she rode me while I groped her tit with my other hand until I got her to have another smaller orgasm.  Bailee then laid down on top of me, her breast pressed against my chest as she kissed me.

“That was good, but now I want you to fuck me like you do Hailee.”

“Oh yeah,”

“Um-hm,” Bailee nodded.

“Get up and bend over the arm of the couch.”  Bailee climbed off me and moved to the edge of the couch.  She spread her legs and bent over at the waist onto the couch.  I got in behind her and rubbed my dick along her pussy.

“What do you want me to do again?”

“I want you to fuck me like you do Hailee.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked as I continued to tease her.


“Do you want me to really fuck you like Hailee?” I jokingly asked as I spread her ass cheek and tapped he butthole with my dick.

“NO! Not that.  I haven’t done that and there is no way I am letting you shoved that beast into my ass.”

“Alright, no problem,” I said, lowering my dick and pressing back into her tight warm pussy. 

“Oh god! You’re fucking huge.” she moaned as I pushed my full length into her.  I left it in there for a few seconds to let her get readjusted to my size.  I then slowly pulled out a couple of inches before slamming back into her.  She let out a bit of a shout as a jammed my full cock into her.  I then did it again, and again.  Soon I had picked up speed and was jackhammering the 19-year-old actress with the biggest dick her pussy had ever taken.  Her whole body shook as I pounded her.

“Yes! Fuck me like Hailee! Fuck me like Hailee! Gawd yes!” She repeatedly called out as we had sex over the arm of the couch.  As much I had been trying not to think about Hailee Steinfeld over the last few weeks, hearing her name get called out while I was fucking only made me go harder. She climaxed at least two more times before I felt my jizz start to churn in my balls. When I couldn’t hold out any longer I gave her ass a slap, pulled out and spun her around.  Bailee sat on the arm of the couch as I ripped off the condom and shot my load over her tits and face. Her cute face looked great smiling with cum dripping down it. Bailee fell back onto the couch when it was over. Laying on the couch, she still felt like she was in bliss.

“Fuck me, now I know why Hailee always has such a big smile on her face when she talks about you.  That was great” she said while catching her breath, her face covered in cum.

“Yeah, that was fun, but we’re not done yet.”


“Not even close. You go clean up, I’ll grab some more condoms and we’ll meet upstairs in my bedroom.”


Next Saturday morning, Bailee was back over at my place once again naked on my bed.  Just like the previous week, Bailee gave me a booty call on Friday night, and now we were just enjoying some Saturday morning delight.  Thankfully unlike last time, she was not telling me to fuck her like Hailee.  Bailee was lying nude on her stomach while I was prone boning her.  The Good Witch star was moaning and holding on tightly to the sheets.  I had used one hand for support as I angled my cock into her as I thrust in and out of her, and with the other, I played with her ass cheeks.  I had already gotten her to cum once this morning and was building closer and closer to my own orgasm when my phone started ringing on my nightstand.  I was not planning on answering it until I saw the word “Haiz” light up on my screen.  The two of us had only spoken very infrequently by text the last 2 months, so for her to actually be calling me was highly unusual. I stopped playing with Bailee’s butt and grabbed my phone off of the table.

“Hello?” I answered

“Hey Eddie, how you been?” I heard Hailee say through the phone.

“Fine. What’s wrong?”

“Did you just take a phone call?” Bailee turned her head and looked back at me. Rather than answer her I just smacked her ass and continued to fuck her, though a little more slowly than before.

“Who was that?” Hailee asked.

“Your friend Bailee.”

“Are you two having sex right now?”

“Little bit.” I heard Hailee muttering something, but I could not make out what it was.

“I’ll make this quick then.  I was wondering if we could meet up on Wednesday, I wanna talk to you about something.”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Cool. Also, do me a favor, give Bailee a massive facial and take a pic of it for me.  She’ll understand why.”

“No problem,”  I then hung up the phone and tossed it onto a pillow.

“Who was that?” Bailee asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her before pulling out and flipping her over onto her back. I spat between her breast and straddled her chest.  Pressing her tits together, I began fucking her tits with my cock which was still slick with her pussy juices.  While she was not stacked like Natalie, Bailee’s soft tits were still able to do a decent enough job.  As I held onto and fucked Bailee’s tits my mind drifted to thinking about Hailee.  It didn’t help that looking down at Bailee’s face, she happened to have the same hair and eye color as Hailee.  I kept fucking her tits for another minute, Bailee would occasionally lick my tip as my dick slid between her tits.  When I was ready to cum, I gave Bailee no warning before grabbing my dick and aiming it right at he face. Her eyes went wide as I gave my dick a few strokes before erupting.

“OH MY GOD!” Bailee called out as I covered her face with my load.  When I finished I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of her. “Did you just take a picture?” she asked a little upset.

“I couldn't help myself. You looked incredibly sexy.”  I wasn’t lying. Her cute innocent face being covered in cum was pretty hot.  She still wasn’t happy about it, but I got her to pose for a couple more pictures before she went to take a shower.  After she showered and left, I texted one of the pictures of Bailee’s facial to Hailee, then me and Hailee made more defined plans for Wednesday.


It was 11:00 AM on Wednesday and I was getting out of the shower after working out when I heard my phone chirp. I picked it up and saw that it was a text from Hailee.  Apparently, she was outside in her car.  I texted her back saying that I was running late and still had to get dressed.  I let her know the door was open and she could come in and wait.  She agreed but said she wasn’t going to tricked into coming upstairs.  I laughed it off and got dressed. 

10 minutes later I walked down the stairs and looked around for her, eventually finding her in the kitchen.  She was dressed casually in a t-shirt, loose jeans, and sneakers.  She also had a box of cereal from my pantry in her hand, which she was snacking on as she paced around waiting for me.  Seeing Hailee walking around with her back to me I was filled with serval emotions.  I had not seen her in person in a few months and what limited time we’d talked neither of us even mentioned the fact that she was single once again.

“You do realize that plan was to go eat lunch at a restaurant right?” I asked cheekily.

“Oh hey!” She said with a big smile as she spun around and saw me.  She put the box down on the counter as she walked towards me. “I was hungry and just couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s good to see you,” I told her as we embraced in a big hug.

“You too, I’ve missed you,” She said as we hugged.  What started off as a hello hug lingered longer than a normal hug would.  I started to lighten my hold of her but she kept her arms tightly around me before she started to loosen her hug.  As we pulled away from one another, our eyes locked on to one another.  We were still very close to one another, looking into each other's eyes when she lightly licked her lips.

It’s uncertain who made the first move, but the next thing I know is that we were upstairs entering my bedroom.  Hailee had her arms and legs wrapped around me, and I had my arms wrapped around her as we made out passionately.  I was slowly walking us both into my bedroom and towards my bed.  Neither of us said a word as I dropped us onto my bed. Nor did we say anything as the two of us stripped each other of our clothes.  We’ve had sex many times before, but this time was unlike any of the previous times.  There was no foreplay or anything at all.  Instead, Hailee laid on her back her arms wrapped around my neck while she looked up into my eyes.  Her mouth formed an “O” and she moaned as I slowly slid my dick into her.  As we started to have sex in the missionary position Hailee once again pulled my face towards hers and push her tongue into my mouth.  As I continued to methodically work her pussy with my large pole, Hailee wrapped her legs around me. As we broke off our kiss, in part so that we both could catch our breaths, Hailee kept her hand on the back of my head and made sure we kept eye contact the entire time.

“Roll over, let me be on top,” Hailee said. It was the first thing either of us had said outside of grunts and moans since we hugged in my kitchen.  She unlatched her legs from around my back and I rolled us over.  My cock never leaving her hot tight box as we spun over.  With her now on top, Hailee sat up and worked her hips grinding herself on my dick.  I grabbed firmly onto her ass as she rode me.  As I played with her ass, Hailee moved one of her hands up and played with her nipples as she rode me. Hailee let out a loud moan and shuttered as she had a mini orgasm on top of me.  After that, she leaned forward and began to really bounce herself faster on my pole.  I was matching her bouncing with my hip thrusts.  Within minutes we were both breathing extremely hard.

“Hailee,” I pleaded. 

“Do it,” she said knowing what I was going to say. She gave me a quick kiss and then moaned, “I want it, I want to feel you fill me.” Hearing her say that was enough for me.  I fired off my load deep into the Bumblebee star.  Feeling my dick erupt and completely fill her pussy with my seed made her climax as well.  When it was over Hailee just collapsed on top of me.  We laid there on the bed, sweaty, breathing heavily and happy.

“So, no offense, but I don’t think we can be friends,” I told Hailee as we laid there.

“What?” she asked with concern and suddenly looked up at me.

“We couldn’t be in the same room for 5 minutes without ripping each other's clothes off and having sex,” I said in a light-hearted tone.

“Yeah, I guess that is an issue. Plus your dick is still inside me and I don’t feel like moving off of you any time soon.” She then moved up and we made out a bit more.  Eventually, though we got out of bed, showered and went to go get something to eat in Larchmont.  As we ate a Village Pizza we both confessed that we had real feelings for one another and that we should officially start dating, but since our schedules were still insane and could take us all over we agreed it should be an open relationship with a few rules.  Some of the rules included, no sleeping with each others relatives, separately we could come up with a list of up to 15 people the other can’t sleep with, condoms have to be worn when with other people, we wouldn’t go two weeks without seeing each other in person (which meant I’d fly and meet her when she toured or was shooting a movie), and finally her ass was mine alone.  After we ate we walked around Larchmont a bit, even holding hands at times.  As we did our lap and we were nearing where we parked I got a text message.

“Who is it?”

“Bailee,” I told her.

“I can’t believe you hooked up with her.”

“What do you mean? You gave her my number and address, I kinda thought you were throwing her my way.”

“I gave her that info on Olivia’s birthday.  She wanted to go, so when the party got moved to your place I gave her your info.”

“I never saw her there.”

“She didn’t stay long. She said she got there late and was only there for like five minutes.  Apparently seeing almost everyone totally loaded and Debby Ryan getting split roasted right out in the open kind of freaked her out.”

“Huh, she told me you just gave it to her three weeks ago.”

“That bitch.”


“She had told me how she had run into you at the gym and how it was totally obvious that you obviously had feelings for me.”

“Which I told her specifically not to say.”

“Yeah well, she knew that I was trying to figure out my feelings for you and that’s when she decides to jump your bones.  God, I can’t believe her.  Let me see your phone.” I unlocked my phone and handed it over.

“What does she want?”

“She wants to come over tonight.  I guess with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day and now being single she is feeling a little lonely.”

“And what are you writing to her?”

“To come over to your place tonight.”

“Huh? What are you up to?”

“You’ll see,” she said very playfully before giving me a kiss and walking us hand in hand to her car.


Several hours later, back at my home I happily invited Bailee into my place.  Despite the coolness of the mid-February air, Bailee was dressed in little more than a white summer dress.

“I was surprised to get a text from you today.”

“I just couldn’t deal with listening to my friends talk about their Valentine’s Day plans anymore.  It’s been a while since I’ve been single on Valentine’s, and I just...I just need something,”  She then leaned into me and cupped my crotch, “I need this.” She then leaned in and kissed me.

“If that’s the case, you might as well leave your clothes here.”

“Okay,” She said.  Even though she had called me for a booty call the past two weekends, her forwardness tonight surprised even me. She grabbed the bottom of her short dress and pulled it over her head. It was clear she had been braless when she came in and that was confirmed when she dropped her dress to the floor, and then she pushed her white lpanties to the floor as well. 

“That’s new,” I said referring to the fact that she was totally clean shaven.

“I thought I’d do something special tonight.”  I picked her up and carried her off to my bedroom, her shoes falling off along the way. I threw her down on the bed and spread her legs wide as I went down onto my knees on the floor and proceeded to eat her out.  She literally must have shaved just before coming over because her pussy was silky smooth. She was also already extremely wet before I even started.  I toyed with her briefly with my tongue before switching to rapidly fingering her with two fingers.  It did not take long to get her to cum. After she came, I wiped my face as I stood up and stripped out of my clothes. Bailee turned around and laid on her stomach facing me, or more importantly, facing my hard dick.  As I stepped up right to the edge of my bed, sticking my cock into Bailee’s face, I saw my closet door slowly open out of the corner of my eye.  Bailee played with my rock hard rod in the hands before she finally opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue and running it up and down the sides of my dick.

“You taste different,” she said as her lips wrapped around the head.

“Does it taste better or worse?”

“I don’t know, it’s just different, she said as she continued to use her mouth on me.

“Well I hope it tastes good,” A naked Hailee Steinfeld said as she finally let her presence be known.  She now stood next to me with her arm wrapped around my waist.  “I had him soak his hard cock inside me before you got here.”

‘Hailee!” Bailee yelled as she spat out my dick, “Wha...what are you doing here.”

“Well, Eddie and I got together today and we both admitted our feelings for one another, and now we’re dating” Hailee answered happily, then pulled me in for a kiss.

“But, so...wait if you’re dating now then why did you let me come over?” she asked me.

“She was the one who texted you, ask her?” I told Bailee.

“Because I wanted you to know that I knew you were fucking him behind my back.  But also because if it were not for you, who knows when we would have confronted our feelings, plus we’ve agreed to have an open relationship.”

“I’m so confused.”

“All you need to know is that you’re going to get exactly what you came here for,” Hailee then took hold of my dick, “but after tonight if you ever want this dick, you're going to need to ask me for permission first,” Hailee told her while repeatedly slapping her cheek with my hard tool.  Hailee then let me go, and Bailee stared at us dumbstruck.  “Well, what are you waiting for? Suck my boyfriend’s dick already.”

Bailee slowly slid me back into her mouth, though her eyes were on Hailee as she was still unsure of what was happening.  Soon though Bailee was sucking me like normal, her mouth working the first three inches while her hand worked the rest. Hailee stood next to me, rubbing her nude body against mine and watching on as I had my dick sucked.

“Come on, is that as far as down as you can go?” Hailee said before putting her hand on the back of her friends head and pushing her to take more of my cock than before, but after another inch and a half, Bailee began coughing and gagging until Hailee let her pull back.  “Here, let me show you how it’s done.”

Hailee got onto the bed and laid down next to Bailee.  Pulling my cock towards herself, Hailee opened her mouth and swallowed my sword.  She took a few inches at first but in a minute Bailee watched wide-eyed as she took my whole length down her throat. Hailee blew me for a little while before passing me back to Bailee.  While she did the best she could, Hailee added her mouth as well. Using her tongue and lips to play with my balls and the side of my shaft that Bailee’s mouth could not reach. Hailee eventually pulled my dick back over into her mouth and had Bailee take over what she was doing.  The two women passed my cock back and forth between one another until I could not take it anymore.  I pulled away from the two of them and Bailee moved to the middle of the bed.  I got up on the bed and sat on my knees.   Spreading her legs and pushing her knees to her chest I moved my cock into position, while Hailee moved behind me. 

“Wait, wait, condom,” Bailee said as my rod pressed up against her entrance.

“Not tonight,” Hailee said before pushing me forward so my head pierced her folds.  I paused a moment waiting to see if Bailee was going to say anything, when she didn’t I slid further into her.  She moaned loudly as I filled her pussy with my oversized cock.

“Got I’ll never get used to this. I can practically feel the thing in my stomach,” Bailee said as I started fucking her.  Leaning forward I pressed her legs to her chest as I continued pounding her.  Meanwhile, Hailee pressed herself into my back, whispering for me to fuck her friend hard.  Hearing her encourage me just drove me harder.  I soon had her cumming hard.

“So Bailes, do you like getting it raw dogged by my man?”

“Ugghh! I love it!”

“Good.”  Hailee then moved out from around me allowing me to sit up straight.  I moved Bailee’s legs off my shoulders, and she quickly wrapped them around my waist. 

“Time for you to make it up to me,” Hailee said as she straddled her friend's face and dropped her pussy on her friend's mouth.  As Haiz started grinding herself, she pulled me in and jammed her tongue into my mouth.  We made out hard while I continued to fuck Bailee and Hailee rode her face.  When we finally broke off our kiss Hailee kept her my head close to hers.  “I want you to cum inside her.  I want you to empty everything you have in those big balls yours into her pussy,” she whispered into my ear.  She kissed me along my jawline before looking into my eyes and saying, “Do it.”

I grabbed Bailee’s hips and really started to drive my cock into her.  I could hear muffled moans coming from out her cover mouth.  My eyes bounced up and down between Hailee’s eyes and Bailee’s jiggling tits until my cock erupted. Bailee started squealing as I shot off, again and again, filling her completely. I kept my cock inside her even after I finished cumming.  Giving her a signal, Hailee got off her friends face.

“OH MY GOD! You came in me!” Bailee yelled out when her mouth was finally uncovered.

“She told me to.” Was my response as I pointed at Hailee.

“SO!?!”  Bailee breathed heavily.  “And you came so much.  When Peyton’s brother did it to me it was like a few squirts, and...and that felt like a hose was going off in my vagina.”

“Didn’t it feel amazing?” Hailee asked.

“Kind of, yeah.”

“Sit up, and watch this,” Haiz told her.  Bailee sat up and Hailee pressed her hand against my chest signaling for me to back up.  I scooted back and pulled my dick out.

“Holy shit,” Bailee said as she watched cum start to pour out of her.  It was pretty hot to watch happen, and it got even hotter when Hailee dove down and began licking that cum that had leaked out. Using two fingers to scoop up some of my jizz she then offered it to Bailee. She was hesitant but Bailee eventually did lick Hailee’s fingers clean.  Hailee then went right back down and stuck her tongue into Bailee’s twat.  I just sat back and watched for a little while.  Watching as the woman who just hours ago agreed to be my girlfriend ate my cum out of the woman who had been my booty call the last two weeks.  My cock had hardly gone down after I came, and watching the two women go at it, it took little time for me to get back to full strength. 

I continued to watch a little while longer, but at a certain point watching Hailee wiggle her butt a bit while she was on her knees and elbows became to much for me.  Getting off the bed I stood at the side.  I reached out, grabbed Hailee’s ankle and pulled her towards me.  She looked back at me and knew exactly what was coming.  When I stopped pulling, Hailee got into position, head down, ass up, and her knees spread wide right at the edge of the bed. Neither of said anything as I held her hips and pushed into her.  Unlike with Bailee who needed me to ease her in, or with Hailee hours ago where we made tender love, this time Hailee and I just went from 0-60.  Me slamming into her and her pushing back into me at the same time. The loud clap of our skin smacking into each other as we fucked hard.  Bailee just sat back and watched with her legs tucked under her.  I looked at her watching us fuck.

“So Bailee, remember when you were calling for me to fuck you like Hailee?” I asked.

“Yes,” Bailee replied sheepishly.

“You didn’t tell me about that,” Haile said as she looked back at me. “Jealous bitch,” Hailee said through gritted teeth, and I gave her ass a slap.

“Well, if you really want to get fucked like Hailee come here next to her.”  Bailee didn’t move at first, but she eventually did move to the edge of the bed and got in the same position right next to Hailee.  With her ass up and her pussy at easy access, I reached over and began fingering her pussy while I continued to bang Hailee.  After a bit of time, I pulled out of Hailee and slid over behind Bailee.  I proceeded to then bang Bailee just as hard and aggressively as I had with Hailee just minutes before, with the occasional ass slaps and all.  Bailee let out hard grunts and moans and gripped the bed sheets tightly as I plowed her from behind.  Meanwhile, as I did that I also was fingering Hailee as well.  After a few minutes, I switched back over to screwing Hailee while fingering Bailee.  I went back and forth between the two ladies. 

I was back to doing Bailee when Hailee crawled away for a few minutes. I was too focused on the former Fosters actress to see what my favorite actress/singer was doing.  However once she had moved back into position it was very obvious what she was done, as her butt hole was now shinnying with lube.  Hailee looked back at me and simply gave me a smile and a wink as she wiggled her butt. I pulled out of Bailee’s twat and plugged Hailee’s ass with my dick.  Hailee let out a high pitched squeak and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I penetrated her butt. 

“Fuck I love this,” Hailee groaned as took her ass. I have completely focused one Hailee’s backside, that I got a surprise when I looked up at one point and saw that Hailee had turned Bailee’s head and now the two women were kissing.  I kept going as long as I could but time was no longer on my side. 

“I can’t hold out much longer,”  I warned the Hailee.

“Please just a bit longer,” Hailee begged.  Meanwhile hearing that I was getting to cum once again made Bailee sit up and spin around.  It was then Bailee fully realized what Hailee and I had been doing the last five minutes. 

“Holy shit Hailee. You actually let him do anal with that thing.”

“Of course.”

“How does it fit?”

“Fantastically,” Hailee said as she was now rubbing her clit with her hand while I continued to pump in and out of her ass.  Bailee watched dumbfounded as me and Hailee enjoyed ourselves.  It took another minute for Hailee to get herself to cum.  Once I heard her let out a familiar sound of her orgasm, I pulled out of her ass. Unfortunately, by the time I had pulled out, I was beyond the point of no return and my cock immediately began to shoot off. The first two shot hit Hailee's ass and when I turned a little bit I fired the rest upon Bailee’s breast and stomach, with one hard shot hitting her on the chin.

Hailee had collapsed onto her stomach after she came and after I finished exploding all over Bailee I got on the bed and laid next to Hailee.  Bailee rested by laying on her back on the other side of Hailee, her fingers playing a bit with the man seed that covered her torso.

“So Bailee, did you enjoy yourself?” Hailee asked after a couple of minutes.

“Oh yeah,” she responded

“Did my boyfriend give you the fucking you came here for?”


“Good. Now, get dressed and get out.”


“Huh?” I was even taken off guard by Hailee’s rudeness.

“Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I don’t want to wake up with another woman in my man’s bed,” Hailee told her as she wrapped her arms around me. Hailee apologizes for coming off as rude but still made sure Bailee left before we went to sleep.

The next day was a cool rainy day in Pasadena and since we had no real plans, Hailee and I spent most of Valentine’s Day in bed with one another.  We talked, watched Netflix, got some Postmates, and of course, had some really really good sex.  We spent a lot of time together over the next month.  During that time we went at it like horny teenagers on Viagra. We made our first public appearance together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, though I had her walk down the carpet in front of the photographers by herself.  It wasn’t until mid-March that we spent any real prolong time apart. 

I went to the South by Southwest in Austin to put on a screening for my film.  It also turned out that at the same time I was scheduled to come back to LA, Hailee was flying off to Japan for a premiere of Bumblebee. It was while I was at SXSW that the openness of our relationship was first acted on.  Becky G ended up not making the trip so she was not there to give me the “proper thanking” she had promised, and I did not hook up with VJ or Jane while there either.  It was not until one of my last days in Austin than anything happened.  At one of the parties, I ran into both Kelli Berglund and Olivia Holt who were both there to promote their shows.  It was while we were all hanging out and talking that we decided to Skype Hailee.  The Skype session started innocent enough, but I am not even sure how it ended the way it did, with Hailee masturbating while she watches Liv & Kelli giving me a duel blowjob in a bathroom stall. 

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #31 on: March 27, 2019, 05:44:12 PM »
Always look forward to the next chapter of this series!  Excellent work, I like the experience/skill difference between Hailee and Bailee.

Image Made By MaxwellLord

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #32 on: March 27, 2019, 10:32:29 PM »
I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Unfortunately, I might take a break from the series for a little while.  I'm happy with where everything is right now, but I also don't have an immediate ideas for the next chapter. 
Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #33 on: March 28, 2019, 07:17:34 AM »
No worries!  I'd rather you take your time than rush something out half-assed, and if you ever want someone to bounce idea's off of, just shoot me a message! 

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #34 on: April 09, 2019, 06:47:21 PM »
Finally got a chance to catch up n everything. Great and you've definitely earned a break.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #35 on: June 06, 2019, 01:50:02 AM »
Lucky Bastard 26:  The London Trip pt. 1
Starring Sophie Turner & Emma Watson

Codes: MF, Oral, Public, Cheat
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

I sat in the passenger seat of Hailee’s white Land Rover and she was in the driver's seat.  We were parked outside the Van Nuys airport.  I had to travel to London for a meeting and I also wanted to meet with another guy to buy a script I loved while I was over there.  It was also going to be my first time ever visiting London, so I was staying for a full week to also do some sightseeing.

“After that meeting on Thursday, I’ll have a bunch of free time to see the city.”

“That’s great, you’ll love London! It’s such an amazing city.” 

“Yeah, I’ve wanted to go for a while,” I said, “Oh, and Dove gave me tickets to her play.”

“That reminds me I got you something,” Hailee said before reaching into the backseat to grab a bag.  She then reached in and pulled out a value-sized box of condoms.  “Here, for your trip.”

“Thanks?” I said as I took the box.  “Ugh, Hailee, is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Like what?”

“Well, when you went to New York for the MET Gala you spent every night the week prior at my place, you had me finger you the entire way to the airport, and when we got to LAX instead of dropping you off curbside you had me park on the top floor of the garage, made me get in the back seat, and you sucked me off.  You almost missed your flight. And now I’m leaving and you’ve been keeping your distance the last couple of days, and then when I mention Dove you hand me a box of condoms.”

“In my defense, her last text to you before you told her we were together was her telling you that she wanted to dose you with Viagra and set a new personal best for orgasms in a day.”  Hailee chuckled, I didn’t but it was a true story.  “Aw Eddie, nothing is wrong. Trust me,” she then leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.  I then pulled her into to me and kissed her.  Soon we were full on making out in the front seat of her SUV.  We went at it, making out passionately, for several minutes. We did not stop until Hailee was sitting on my lap in the passenger seat and I had a hand up the back of her shirt unsnapping her bra.

“Wait, wait, wait. We have to stop.” Hailee said as she pulled away.

“Alright, what the fuck is going on?” I said very agitatedly.

“I should have told you about this before, but you know how Sophie and Joe eloped?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Well, before she did that, me and a couple of other girls were planning her bachelorette party and I was planning on getting her a stripper.”


“Only he’s not just a stripper, he’s kind of a gigolo.”

“So for her bachelorette party, you were going to hook your friend up with a male prostitute? Sure, why not.”

“I just kind of thought, why not say goodbye to your single life with a big well-hung bang. But then she eloped and it didn’t happen.”

“Still not sure what this has to do with me.”

“Well… you’re going to be sharing the plane with Sophie to London and I want you to fuck her brains out while on the flight.”  Hailee said that all very quickly and it took me a moment to fully process what she said.

“Are you serious? Wait so have you been avoiding having sex with me, to what? Have me all bent up and horny so I’d be ready to have sex with your friend?”

Hailee noded.  “Kind of, yeah. Look it’s not that big a deal. We were both up front about this being an open relationship. As long as you come back to me I don’t care, you know that.  We know how we feel about each other.”  I did know all that, and we both agreed to keep it an open relationship because of our schedules.  However last few months neither of us had really had to be anywhere outside of LA so we’d been pretty exclusive, and I’d been pretty satisfied with things.  “I don’t care if you fuck Sophie or Dove, or some other Harry Potter rejects while you’re over there. End of the day I know you love me and you’re mine.”

“Yeah but..”

“No buts.  I Hailee Steinfeld, you’re girlfriend, am telling you to get on that expensive private plane I rented and go have incredible sex with one of my best friends, Sophie Turner.  I’d think for most men would be overjoyed and not need any convincing to do this.”

“Well, I’m not most men.”

“I’ll say,” she then reached down and squeezed my crotch through my pants and we began kissing once again.  A few minutes later we broke apart and said our goodbyes.  I grabbed my bags, and the extra large pizza I had gotten for the flight and headed into the airport.  Eventually, I made my way to the plane and boarded.  The pilot, flight attendant, and Sophie were all already on the plane and waiting for me.  There were a number of big comfortable leather seats in the middle of the plane. 

“About time,” Sophie said as I sat down next to her. Sophie was dressed for comfort with her hair in a ponytail and she was dressed in an unzipped hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sweatpants.

“Sorry, Hailee had to explain a couple of things to me,” I told her and gave her a look.

“Ah, okay,” she blushed and looked away understanding what I was talking about.  After that, I buckled my seat belt as the flight attendant explained a few things.  Mainly just the safety info and telling us that if we want any alcohol that legally she has to be the one to serve us.  She then sat down and got ready to take off.

“This plane is really nice. Hailee really went kind of all-out huh?”

“It’s nice. You should see the private bedroom in the back,” she then leaned over to me and whispered, “or rather wait till you see the bedroom.” She then laughed as she sat back in her seat.

“So, when did Hailee tell you about her plan?”

“Her originally plan or this one? Because she told me about wanting to get me a stripper to shag days after I told her I was engaged.”

“And this whole thing?” I said gesturing all around us.

“I told her I was planning on going home for a couple of days a month ago, and like a week later she told me you were also flying out at this time.  It wasn’t until Saturday she told me about how she wanted to set us up.”  We then sat in silence as the plane took off. “So what do you think?”

I turned to look at the Game of Thrones star.  She had her eyebrow raised and was giving me a sly smile. “I have not given much thought.  Hailee sprung the whole thing on me basically as I was getting out of the car. What about you?”

“I really don’t know. I mean when we did it before it was really good, but I’m married and your dating my friend, it would be kind of weird.”

“No weirder than you blackmailing me into having sex with you in the bathroom.”

“I didn’t blackmail you.”  I just looked at her blankly.  “Okay, maybe I did a little. But don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I couldn’t even if I wanted too.”  We laughed, but that was followed by another awkward silence took over the aircraft.

“This is just awkward now, isn't it?” Sophie broke the silence.


“We need booze.”  As the plane had leveled out at this point, Sophie got the flight attendant’s attention.  Sophie ordered a bottle of white wine, and told the attendant she didn’t need to worry about bringing a glass, and I ordered two cans of coke and four mini bottles of rum.  Once we started drinking our nerves started to dissipate and we relaxed.  About an hour into the flight, I had finished off my drinks and Sophie had almost polished off the entire bottle of wine by herself.

“You know, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go through with Hailee’s plan.  She’s told me a lot about you guys.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes.  She told me that you two shag like 2 or 3 times a day.  Your knob probably deserves a vaca almost as much as the rest of you does.”

“Actually we haven’t done anything sexual for almost a week. She was, I guess, trying to make me save up for you.”

“Aw, that’s really sweet.” Sophie’s hand suddenly found itself resting on my thigh.  “So you must be feeling kind of frustrated then?  Knackers just full of baby batter.” He fingers now stroking my inner thigh.  I looked over to her, and I could just see the drunken desire in her eyes.

“You really want to do this?”

“Well, I’d hate to disappoint Hailee,”  She said as she continued to rub my inner thigh.  She then got up, and made sure to push her ass right into my face, she slid past me into the aisle.  I quickly got up and went to my bag and grabbed one of the condoms Hailee had given me before following Sophie to the sectioned off bedroom.  Walking into the bedroom I shut the door behind me.  Sophie took off her sweatshirt as I looked around the room.  It was pretty basic with a carpeted floor and a queen-sized bed. My attention snapped back to Sophie as she yanked off her t-shirt and pushed down her sweatpants revealing that she wore no underwear.  Looking up her body she had a few changes since last I saw her body.  She had a few new tattoos, her pussy was completely bald, and both her nipples had barbell piercing going through them. 

“So,” she said as she struck a pose, “How do you wanna get started?”

“Lay down on the bed.  Hailee set this up for your pleasure.”  As she climbed onto the bed I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes.  I then climbed up onto the bed.  Picking up one of her legs I slowly began kissing the inner part of her ankle and moved up her leg until I found my face buried into her British snatch. Sophie was already moist as I began licking her pussy with long slow teasing licks.  Splitting her lips open I slid a finger into her and began flicking her bean with my tongue. Sophie put her legs up onto my shoulders and her hands to her breasts. 

“Hailee is lucky. You’re almost as good at this as Massie.  But I really want to feel that big cock of yours.”

“Not until you cum,” I freed my head to tell her.

“If you insist,” She said before pushing my face back down into her wet twat. I went at attacking Sansa Stark’s pussy for another couple of minutes.  Using a free hand I reached up and also toyed with her pierced nipples while I tongued her box.  She gripped my hair hard causing my head to jerk back when she finally came.  As her orgasm died down I kissed my way up her body, stopping at her breast to suck on each nipple. After spending a minute on each nipple, I moved further up until we were face to face.  Looking down into her post-orgasmic face, I moved down and we kissed.  Just a few pecks on the lips at first, then Sophie opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into my mouth.  We kissed for a few seconds, and then we both stopped.

“Umm, that just felt..” I started to say and Sophie finished my sentence.

“Wrong?” I nodded.  “Yeah I know, I felt the same.”

“So what do you wanna do?”  We paused for a bit, and finally, Sophie answered me.

“How about we skip the snogging, and just go straight to shagging?”  Laying on top of a naked Sophie Turner, I was in no position to disagree. Taking a condom from my pocket I then began undoing my pants and pushing them off, I took position between her legs.  I quickly ripped open the wrapper and wrapped up my tool. Taking my cock into my hand I  slapped it several times against her wet folds, before positioning it.  I was about to push my cock into her when she stopped me.

“Wait, wait, wait. Get off the bed and stand up. I want to do something.”  I climbed up off the bed and stood over to the side of it.  There was not a ton of headroom since I was right next to the wall of the plane.  Sophie then got off the bed as well.  “Joe’s kind of short, especially when I wear heels, so we never get to do this,” she said.  Sophie then grabbed her leg and, showing off her flexibility, lifted it up so that it rested on my shoulder.  I wrapped my arms around her as she took hold of my cock. Rising up on to her toes on the one foot that was still on the ground, Sophie angled herself and then pushed herself down onto my cock.  Her body did a slight shudder and her eyes rolled back as she went down on my dick.  “Fuck I forgot how good it can feel to really get stretched out. Hailee is so lucky.”

“Can you not mention Hailee while we do this?” I asked as I slowly slid out a few inches and then pushed back in.

“Why?”  Instead of answering directly, I just turned the tables on her.

“You like my dick better than Joe’s? Do I fuck you better than your husband?”

“Okay, yeah. Let’s not mention either of them. Just fuck me.”  We did just that.  I cupped her ass with both my hands and kissed up and down her neck and collarbone as drove my cock into her.  Standing with her leg up in the air against me, limited what we could really do.  Grinding into her and using shallow stokes I fucked her, the best I could in that position. Deciding it was time to switch things up a bit after a few minutes, I lifted her up and threw her onto the bed.  Getting back onto the bed between her legs, I took her leg and threw it behind her head.  I had seen her do it while sitting in clothes on the Graham Norton Show a few weeks prior, so I knew she’d have no problem doing it naked on a bed. I then took her hips and pushed into her.  My bell end had no problem fitting between her wet lips.  Unlike on while standing, I had a lot more freedom of movement and was about to really start pounding her. Sophie reached above her and arched her back as she started moaning louder and louder.  I bent down to her tit and took her barbell piercing between my teeth.  I gave her nip a quick suck before pulling back a bit with her piercing still between my teeth.  Sophie let a scream that was a mix of both pain and pleasure as her nipple was being pulled on.  I did the same thing to her other nipple before changing position one more time.  Flipping her back over, Sophie continued to hold onto the headboard as I began fucking her from behind.  She came in no time as we started to shag her doggy style.  I never relented though. I kept pounding her pussy, giving her ass the occasional slap until I could clearly see a red hand print on each cheek. It wasn’t until Sophie turned her head and looked back at me that I noticed her hair was now free from its early ponytail.

Nearing the brink of cumming I pulled out of her snatch, flipped her over, and pulled off the condom.  Tossing to the floor, I took hold of my dick and began jacking off.  It only took about a minute before I blew my load all over the Game of Thrones star.  And what a load it was.  Having been a while since I came, I had several days worth a spunk blasted all over her chest and tits.  A couple of drops landing on her neck and face.  Sophie laughed while making a couple of jokes about the size of my load as I crashed next to her on the bed.

After resting in the bed for a while I put on my boxers and t-shirt and had Mary, the flight attendant, heat up the pizza I had brought aboard the plane.  I also made sure to take a few more condoms with me as I headed to back into the bedroom. 45 minutes later, I was now laying on the bed, dressed, with my head propped up on pillows while Sophie was still naked laying on her stomach, and there was a half eaten pizza on the bed between us.

“So how depressed were the other women in your harem when they found out about you and Hailee were becoming a real thing?”

“First I never had a harem.  I’m not a Sulton.”

“Okay, sure.  Your lengthy list of fuck buddies then.”

“It wasn’t that long.” Sophie rolled her eyes at that. “Most women I only sex with one or two occasions.  I’ll admit some slightly more, but most of those were like on set flings. Of the women I kind of had a regular thing, Bailee is now afraid to cross Hailee, Paris, and Kelli both have boyfriends, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they have another side piece as well.  Victoria and Olivia both get along really with Hailee and both seem generally happy for us.  And actually, I’m not sure Hailee wouldn’t be totally opposed to trying out being a thrupple with either of them.”

“You honestly think she’d be open to it?”

“I don’t know, but it wouldn’t shock me.  That said I’m not going to try to coax her into it.  For fuck sake as it is I consider myself lucky as fuck.”

“Yeah, you really should you lucky bastard,” Sophie agreed as she picked up another slice of pizza.

“The only person I feel a little awkward about is Natalie. I think she was started to develop a real crush on me, and she’s ghosted me since February.  I’m hoping she not mad or something, and goes fatal attraction on me.”

“Or maybe she’s gagging for it and she’ll jump your bones next time you run into her.  Who is Natalie, by the way?”

“Natalie Alyn Lind.  She was on the show The Gifted.”

“Um, blond girl? Large jubblies?”

“If jubblies mean tits, then yes.”

“Bet you miss those.”

“I… look I wouldn’t pass on Hailee for any other women.  Heck, I’d literally kick you out of this plane right now if she asked me to.”

“That’s sweet, though a little mean,” Sophie said as she finished off the slice.

“Yeah, but I’m just saying I love Hailee. But yeah, Nat had amazing tits and at some point, I’ll probably miss them a bit.”

“I bet you’re going to miss sliding your big long cock between her big pert breasts?”

“Are you trying to get me aroused?”

“Yeah, of course.  Why else do you think I am still starkers?”  After she said that I got off the bed and moved the pizza box to the floor.  Pulling off what little clothes I had on, I climbed onto the bed and pulled Sophie leg over to me and she quickly understood what was happening.  Sophie climbed over, straddling my head and lowering her face to my crotch we began to 69 on the bed. No sooner did I begin licking her twat did I feel her lips wrap around my rising dick.  We went at each other for several minutes, her tongue bathing my dick and balls occasionally giving my bell end a good hard suck, getting me plenty hard. Meanwhile, I worked tongue and fingers against her clit and between her lips getting her plenty wet.  However, this was just foreplay.

“You arse,” Sophie complained when I pushed her off of me even though I knew she was near the brink of cumming.

“Whatever, just lay down like you were before,” I told her.  I had Sophie laid back down on her stomach as I put on another condom and I moved behind her.  Grabbing her ass roughly I spread her cheeks a bit and angled my dick down between her legs.  Pushing my bell end into her minge Sophie let out a soft moan.  It didn’t take long for Sophie so be back up to the edge of climaxing as I fucked her prone bone style.  She finally did cum as I leaned forward and upped the tempo a bit.  We kept going for another 20 minutes, switching positions several times.  Sophie came two more times, once while I held her leg up as fucked in the spooning position, and the other we came near simultaneously as she got on top rode me. 

Afterward, Sophie climbed off of me and we both got under the covers and got some sleep before we arrived in London.  Mary was instructed to wake us up when we were about an hour away from landing.  After getting a few hours of sleep she did just that, using the intercom on the plane to wake us, I woke up having my arms wrapped around the naked Game of Thrones star as she slept with her head on my chest.  It took us almost 30 minutes to get dressed and also use the bathroom to freshen up a bit.  When we were 20 minutes out we were told to get to the seats and buckle up.

“So did your wedding gift or one last fling or whatever this was live up to what you were hoping for?” I asked as we sat back in our seats in the middle of the plane getting ready to land in London.

“It was pretty good.”

“Pretty good?”

“No, it was good. The only thing that could have made it better was, I have this one fantasy that I never told Hailee about.”

“What is it?” I asked. Sophie slid over in her seat and whispered it to me.

“Seriously?”  Sophie flashed a dirty look and nodded in response.

“Why does that turn you on?”  I didn’t even have time to respond before her hand was feeling me through my pants.  “Oh my god, it did didn’t it?”  Sophie then looked to see if Mary was looking at us at all, but she was in her seat buckled up not paying attention to us.  Sophie then began undoing my pants. 

“50 pounds says I can get you to cum before we land.”  My dick though not fully hard yet was in her hands and out in the open.

“You’re on.” Lowering my pants and boxers a bit more so they were out of the way, Sophie stroked my dick, using spit for lube, until it was fully hard.  Sophie stopped long enough to put her hair back into a ponytail, then bent down and took me into her mouth.  While she had sucked me earlier in the flight, this was different.  Sophie was now attacking my dick with hunger and enthusiasm she did not show before.  She was determined to get me off.  Sucking hard on my tip and using her tongue to play with it while also using her hands to feverishly jack off my pole.

“That feels amazing Sophie,” I told her as I moved my hand to the back of her head, “but you’re going to need to do better if you’re going to get me to cum before we land.”

“Fuck my face. Grab my head and fuck my face,” Sophie then opened her mouth wide and went down over my cock.  Cupping the back of her head I pushed her head down my cock, holding it for a minute and pulled her back up by her ponytail.  I began to face fucking Sansa Stark in our seats on the plane.  While I doubt Mary could actually see anything, there is a fair chance she could hear the squishing and slurping sounds coming from her. I took a quick glance out the window and pulled her off my dick.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.  Before I answered we felt the wheels touch the ground.

“I was afraid you might bite down when the wheels hit.”

“Oh okay,” She said and went right back down onto my dick.  She bathed by tip me with her tongue.  “Are you close?”

“Yeah, I am” I grunted. Sophie then undid her seat belt and slipped down to the floor.  Sophie continued to blow me as we taxied in from the runway.  The plane came to a stop when I finally blew my load.  I shot a bit into her mouth before I pulled her off my cock and splashed the rest of my jizz onto her face, catching her by surprise.

“You’re such a dick,” Sophie said, but from the smile on her face, it was obvious she enjoyed it and wasn’t actually mad.  With the plane now stopped she got up to headed to the bathroom, as did there was no way that Mary didn’t see the side of Sophie’s painted face.  After she cleaned her face we grabbed our stuff and headed out of the plane.  I helped Sophie load her stuff into her limo that was taking her Northampton, where she was from.  Sophie and I hugged and said goodbye.  She also said she’d text me in a couple of days before when she was planning to visit friends in the city.  Once she was gone, I got into my car and the driver headed towards central London where my hotel was.

Two days later I was leaving an office building making my way back to Liverpool Street Station.  Figured I would stop and get some lunch.  I looked in on a couple of places that I decided to pass on and move on to the next place.  It was while I was looking at the posted menu of the 5th restaurant that something caught my eye in the window.  It was a woman sitting alone at a table reading a book, whom I recognized. Figuring the food had to be pretty decent if she was there, I decided to enter.  I walked in and went right for her table.

“Hi, Ms. Watson,”  I said.  Emma Watson let out a sigh and marked her book before putting it down and looking up. She had obviously been expecting that it was another Harry Potter fan coming over to bother her for a picture or autograph.

“Hello...wait, don’t I know you?” she asked.

“Um, yeah we met in Atlanta in 2017,” it was obvious she was still searching her memory to try and remember me.  “We met at the hotel… elevator,” I told her in a lower voice.  I could tell by the way her eyes lit up that she instantly remembered me now.

“Oh wow, um hi, ah,”


“Eddie. Right, sorry.  I probably should remember that considering…”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“So, umm, what are you doing here in London?”  I then told Emma about why I was in London, both for business and to tour the city.  Emma let me join her and I ordered some fish and chips for lunch. We talked and had lunch for about an hour before Emma had to leave. 

“Emma, I have an extra ticket to see The Light in the Piazza tomorrow night. Do you wanna go?” She thought about it for a second, I thought I saw her eyes giving me a once over.

“Okay. Here let me give you my number,” taking a pen out of her purse she grabbed a cocktail napkin and wrote down her mobile number before handing it over. She then gave me a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.  I put her number in my phone and texted her as I took the underground back to my hotel. 

The next night, after a day of touring London, I met Emma outside Southbank Centre. I was dressed somewhat casually in jeans and a nice button up shirt.  Emma meanwhile looked fantastic in a little black dress and black heels.  We said our hellos with a hug and another peck on the cheek.  We then made our way inside and got to our seats.  They were dead center about 20 rows back.

“These are some cracking tickets,” Emma commented.

“Yeah, Dove really hooked me up.”

“Dove? As in Dove Cameron?”

“Yeah, she’s a friend and told me she’d leave me tickets when she heard I was coming across the pond.”

“A friend?” Emma leaned over “Is she a friend friend, or a friend like your other blond friend in Atlanta?”  I looked at Emma, she had an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face.  I cleared my throat and looked back to the stage.

“We’re friends.”  I could see Emma make a face and shake her head as the lights began to dip.  We sat through the play, enjoyed a drink at intermission, and gave a standing ovation at the end.  When it was over and people started filing out of the theater I told Emma that Dove had wanted me to stop by backstage afterward.  Emma was hesitant as to what to do, but I talked her into going backstage with me, telling her that I’m sure the actors will like knowing she enjoyed the play.  It wasn’t until we started walking that I realized what an idiot I was and what an awkward situation I was about to put everyone in.  Had I just gone by myself backstage, it was a sure thing Dove was going to want to hook up.  Heck, even Hailee knew Dove was making a move by leaving me tickets to her play.  At the same time, had I just left the play with Emma I felt pretty confident based on some of the looks she had given me and the way she leaned into me while watching the play that I probably could have ended up in bed with her.  But now I was taking Emma backstage to meet Dove, and running the real risk of screwing everything up.  Luckily fate intervened.

As I got to the door Dove told me to go to a large security guard stopped Emma and me.

“Hi, I’m Ed or Eddie, Dove told me to meet her backstage after the show.”  The security guard gave me the once over and looked down at a clipboard in his hand.

“Not on the list” was all the security guard said.


“The list. The list, the list of approved guest, you’re not on it.”

“Yeah, but I have Dove text right here, I…”

“I don’t know who those messages are from. Just because you name a contact Dove doesn’t mean it’s the one in this play.”

“Well, if you could just…”

“Look, mate, you’re not the first bloke trying to get past me to meet her.  I don’t know what you’ve dreamed up in your head, I doubt she has any interest in meeting you.  If you really want, there is a queue outside for people looking for autographs.  Try your luck out there.”  I knew I was not going to win an argument with the guy, so I just told him thanks and turned to leave.  Emma was trying hard not to burst out laughing as we walked away.

“Did you really think showing him a text would work?” she asked.

“I wasn’t thinking. Though it’s probably best he didn’t look at the text in that thread. Probably not something I should be flashing around.”

“What’s that?” Emma asked.  I then unlocked my phone, and went Dove’s text chain, scrolled up a bit, and handed Emma my phone.  “Wow that is really graphic,” she said as she read some of the things Dove had written a few months ago.

Leaving the theater we were both kind of hungry and wanted something quick and simple.  There was not a lot open but there was a Pizza Express within walking distance that was open for another hour. Inside there was not a ton of other people there, thankfully, because after we ordered Emma began to quiz me on my sex life.  Asking about me and Dove, asking some questions about Natalie, and then about when was the last time I was in any kind of real relationship which I then explained my situation with Hailee.

“So what about you?” I finally asked.

“What about me?”

“You’ve been grilling me about my sex life, what about yours? When I googled you yesterday…”

“You googled me?” she asked cheekily.

“Yes, I googled you to see what you’ve been up to.  And when I did it didn’t seem like people knew for sure if you had a boyfriend.”

“Does it really matter if I have a boyfriend or not?” She asked, again seeming to tease me. I almost told boyfriend or not I’d happily screw her right there on the table in the middle of the restaurant, but I didn’t want to come off as an overeager asshole.

“Okay, then let me ask this, in the last year or so have you done anything like what we did in the elevator?”

“Have I had sex? Yes, I’ve had sex.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When we meet you were complaining that you never got to do anything wild and crazy.  So have you done anything crazy since then?”

“No, not really. I did it once on an open balcony, but it was at night and we were really high up.”

“Alright, one more question,” Emma leaned in mockingly like she anxiously awaiting me to ask. “Once we finish eating, do you want to go back to my hotel?” She smiled broadly.

“I thought that was the whole reason you invited me out tonight.”  We quickly finished eating and paid our bill.  I then requested an Uber to pick us up. We got into the car and played it cool.  Rather than have the Uber drop us off in front of the hotel, I had it drop us off on a side street about a block and a half from the hotel.

“Why did you have him drop us off here?” Emma asked.

“I figured you wouldn’t want an Uber driver tweeting out that he just dropped Emma Watson off at some guy’s hotel,” I told her, but that was only part of the reason.

“I guess that makes sense.”

Waking down the quiet residential street I looked around to make no cars were coming and there was no one else around.  When I was sure that we were alone, I pulled the former Harry Potter actress in for a kiss. We made out passionately until I picked her up and placed her down on one of the safety posts running along the sidewalk. 

‘What are you doing?” she asked in a hushed tone as I dropped down to one knee. 

“Shhh…” I hushed her, “just go with it” I told her as I lifted up her dress and moved my head underneath. Using one hand to slide her black panties to the side, I then gave her pussy lips a long, slow, forceful lick. 

“Oh god, is this really happening?” Emma said with both excitement and fear in her voice as she put a hand on the back of my head. It was obvious that she had just shaved that day as her pussy was as smooth to the touch as it could possibly be.  Unlike before in Atlanta, Emma was now mostly shaved with the exception of a well-groomed tuft of hair above her pussy.  Using my hand to pull open her lips I dove my tongue into her minge.  Emma almost lost her balance on the safety post, luckily she did not fall backward off of it, but she did have me stop momentarily so she could just stand up and lean up on the post.

“This is so wrong,” Emma moaned as she moved both her hands onto the back of my head.

“Want me to stop?” I asked as my head was still partially covered by her dress and my thumb rubbed her clit.

“No. Please don’t.”  She pushed my head up against her.  I want right back to eating her tasty crumpet in the middle of the London street.  Emma bit her lip hard to muffle her moans to try, and as she got closer and closer to cumming her leg started to shake.  She finally came as I used three fingers to blast her pussy and I sucked on her clit.  For just a moment a high pitched cry escaped her lips, but she quickly covered her mouth. 

I moved her dress off of my head and stood in front of the Harry Potter star.  Her eyes were closed as she waited for the waves of pleasure from her orgasm to die down. When she finally opened her eyes, Emma jumped forward and kissed me passionately.  I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her right back.  Maybe it was because she wasn’t friends with Hailee or because Hailee hadn’t set the whole thing up, but unlike with Sophie, there was no awkwardness in kissing Emma.  As we made out hotly, Emma somehow spun me around and suddenly I was leaning on the safety posts Emma was up against a minute prior. She then pushed away and squatted down.  Her hands went right to my pants, undoing my belt and fly.

“I can’t wait to see this thing again,” she said as reached into my pants. I jumped a little as I felt her cool hand reach into my boxers, grabbed my shaft, and pulled it out.  She smiled brightly as my dick came into view. “Ummm, it looks just as nice as I remembered it.”

“Have you been thinking about my cock?” My question made Emma smirk.

“Just be quiet and enjoy it,” she told me as she leaned in and kissed the tip of my cock. She did it repeatedly and then began kissing her way down the side of my shaft.  Emma had just wrapped her lips around the bell end of my cock when suddenly I saw the headlights of a car turning down the street we were on.

“Shit, car! Emma get up!” I alerted her.  Emma spat out my cock and quickly stood up.  I turned away from the oncoming car and put my hard dick away.  Once my pants were zipped up I took Emma’s hand and we quickly walked the half block to the hotel.


This is Part 1 or a 3 part arc.  Part 2 will feature Emma Watson and Dove Cameron, and Part 3 will have Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, and Hailee Steinfeld.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 27:  The London Trip pt. 2
Starring Dove Cameron & Emma Watson
Codes: MF, Oral, Facial, Voyeur, Butt Play
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

We walked quickly hand in hand down the street and around the corner onto Blackfriars, the Novotel was right there on the corner.  As we headed to the elevators Emma stayed close to my side and kept her head down, hoping no one would notice the Harry Potter star walking through a hotel lobby with an unknown man. As we rode the elevator up to my room, we kissed repeatedly.  Not anything super intense, just some nice light kissing with just a little bit of tongue.  My room was nothing special because I thought it was just going to be me using it.  It was a nice room with a queen sized bed but had Hailee tagged along for the trip or if I knew going in I was going to be bringing Emma Watson back to my hotel room I would have sprung for a bigger suite.

As is, when we got to the room Emma asked to use the loo.  While she was in there I took the initiative of stripping down to my boxers and got onto the bed. I turned around when I hear knocking on glass.  I then saw Emma standing on the other side of the glass wall that separated the bathroom from the bedroom.  Emma kissed the glass, leaving a big smudge once she backed away.  She then put up a finger to silently tell me to wait a second.  She picked up her purse and took out her phone and began tapping away at it.  Some heavy based dance music began bumping from her phone.  It echoed in the bathroom causing the music to play louder than would have otherwise been expected from the little speaker.  Em placed her phone behind her on the edge of the bathtub and then turned back to me. She then started gyrating her body.  Her hand roamed her body as she seductively moved to the music.  I had never understood why some hotels did the glass wall thing in rooms.  I never really got the point.  However, watching the British actress reach behind her back for the zipper on her dress as she moved her hips, I was starting to grow an appreciation for the window.

She let the dress slide off of her shoulders and then slowly worked the dress down her body. She exposed her black lacy pushup bra and then moved it further down until gravity took over and the dress fell down her legs.  I now also had a clear view of the black thong I had a close-up view before while on the street.  The dim lighting in the hotel and the blackness of her thong hid what I knew was a large wet spot on her underwear.  With her dress gone and a new song playing on her phone, Emma continued to move her body to the beat.  She teased the thong, lowering them just low enough so the only thing that was hidden was her slit.  She then turned around and slowly rocked her ass in my direction while her hands went to unclip her bra.  When it was undone she threw it to the floor.  She turned back around with her hand covering her breasts.  She was enjoying teasing me.  She then leaned up against the glass and dropped her arm.  She kissed the glass again and flicked her tongue against it, all the while she pressed her nude breasts against the glass.  I licked my lips as I saw her rosy nipples up against the glass.  She angles herself so ass stuck out behind her.  She then began to slowly push her thong down her legs.  Once it dropped she quickly crossed her legs to once again hid her pussy from me.  She stood up and did a  quick twirl, showing off her body to me. Finishing off her 270-degree spin, she pressed her ass against the glass.  As she bent over I could see her pussy peeking out underneath, I could also see a few of her fingers dipping between her legs.  She spun back to me one last time, I could see her hand down between her legs.  Watching where she was going, she backed out of the tub and moved to leave the bathroom.  She disappeared from view for a quick second and when she reappeared she now had the hand that had been between her legs up to her mouth and was sucking on two of those fingers.  As Emma strutted towards me she took a finger and dipped it into her snatch once again. Emma then fed me her pussy coated finger as she came to a stop at the side of the bed.

“Wanna hear something kind of naughty?”

“You know I do.”

“A week after our time in Atlanta, I went online and bought a new dildo that was about your size,” I did not expect her to say that, and I now knew I was in for a wild time.  “I swear though, no matter how many times it gets me off, I don’t believe it really compares to the real thing.”

I had never seen this sexually confident version of Emma before, not that I had known her all that well.  I moved to the center of the bed and laid on my back as Emma climbed on.  She was down by my legs and smirked up at me as she reached for my boxers and pulled them off. Throwing my underwear to the floor she clutched the base of my cock with both her hands and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick.  The Beauty and the Beast star eagerly began sucking my dick, like she was trying to make up for the lost time we had between when she had to stop sucking me on the street and now.  It was not that much time later I could see her legs and lower half twisting and turning like she could not get comfortable. Releasing one hand from my cock she moved it between her legs.  Moments later my dick slipped from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. 

“To hell with the foreplay, I need you in me,” she said as she moved crawled up my body.  I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch as she climbed on top of me. It was not until she was straddling my lap and I could feel her hot wet pussy resting atop my dick that she remembered something. “Blast, do you have a johnny?”

“A johnny?”

“Yeah, a..ahh... a rubber. A condom?” She said while almost unknowingly rubbing her pussy against my crotch.

“Bathroom. Dopp kit on the counter.” I told her.  She jumped off me and quickly went into the bathroom.  Rather than coming back with just one, she had a whole strand in her hand.  She tore open one of the end ones and threw the rest onto the nightstand as she got back on the bed. She quickly began to forcefully unroll the condom down my tool. She had hardly finished before she slammed her pussy down hard on rod.  She repeatedly slammed her pussy down on my dick and taking her only a few minutes to cum.  Her eyes went wide and rolled up, and she let out a silent scream as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.  Emma just sat on top of me for a minute, unmoving.  Pressing her hands down on my chest to keep her collapsing down on top of me.  When she was ready to go again she began to slowly rocked her hips.

Emma is many things and intuitive is one. One thing I remembered from the hotel room in Atlanta after we had our fun in the elevator was that she knew how to make sex last and get the most out of it.  She almost seemed to have a sixth sense for when guys were nearing climax and knew how to slow things down and make it last longer.  Rather than my usual ‘fuck each other brains out’ pace I usually did, Emma tended to keep things at a slow methodical pace, occasionally speeding things up. We’d been having sex for well over an hour, and while she had orgasmed multiple times, I had still not cum once all night long.  I swear I could feel my balls getting heavier they were so full of jizz.

Current I had Emma standing up as I was sitting up under her on the bed, once again tasting her tasty twat. Her body had a thin layer of sweat covering it, at the right angle her body appeared to be glistening. She let out a jerking scream as her knees buckled and she came once again.  When she collapsed down on the bed I had her sit on my lap and wrap her legs around me.  We made out passionately as she rocked her pussy up and down my dick while we fucked in the lotus position.  She felt great and I knew there was no way this time I was going to let her edge me.  She giggled as I rolled us over and her onto her back.  Pulling out of her as we got into position, I lifted one of her legs up onto my shoulders and then slammed back into her.  This time as I jackhammered my dick in and out of her she felt different. I swore she felt wetter.  Even though the condom it seemed like I could feel just how super wet her pussy was.  She then reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down near hers. I paid it no mind however, I just needed to cum. That was just all I cared about at the current moment, and when I finally did bust my nut it felt amazing.  We were looking right into each other's eyes when I finally came.  I noticed Emma’s eyes go wide and her mouth opened in shock.  She said something but with what felt like my balls unloading one of the largest loads of my life, it took a few moments for it to register in my mind that she was saying, “Oh god. I can feel it! I can feel you cumming!” She then went on to have an orgasm of her own as I finished busting my nut into her.

“SHIT!” I finally said when I was done.

“The johnny split. Bloody hell, I felt it all,” she said breathlessly in disbelief.  “My God, it’s been a long time since I felt a guy actually go off inside me.  Wow!” she said.  When I finally pulled out and moved off of her, there was no question that the condom broke.  Practically the entire mushroom head of my dick was uncovered, the only thing that was wrapped up still was the sides of my shaft.

“Bloody hell that’s a spunk,” Emma said as she looked down and saw a stream of semen leaking out of her worn out minge. 

“Are you..”

“Yes, of course, I’m on the pill, though I may need to get the morning after one in tomorrow,” she said as she played with herself a bit.  “That really is a lot,” she turned to me and said. 

“Yeah well, it’s been building up for damn near two hours, what’d you expect?”  Emma didn’t have a response other than to suck clean two of her fingers that were covered in my man sauce.  She then went to the bathroom and cleaned up before climbing into bed with me. I apologize, and she assured me it was not a big deal.  She admitted that she actually enjoyed the sensation. Usually, I was good to go 2 or 3 times in a night, but that night we were both exhausted from the marathon session and ended up falling asleep spooning on another soon after.

I woke up the next morning feeling good and rested, though disappointed when I felt around the bed and realized I was alone.  I had been hoping for maybe a quick bit of morning delight with Emma before she left. When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock I knew I could not blame her for leaving. The clock on the end table said it was 11 AM.  Reaching for my phone I swiped through all my notifications, including texts from Dove responding to mine that I couldn’t get past security.  She was trying to see if I’d meet her that night and then her text this morning was about us meeting up some other time while I was still in town. I stretched and groaned as I started to sit up and climbed out of bed.

“About time,” I heard a woman's voice yell out.  Turning around I saw Emma’s head sticking up from the bathtub through the glass wall.

“You’re still here?” I said happily.

“Not really the boff and run type of woman, I guess.  I did visit the chemist and get breakfast while you slept, but I came back.”

“And here I thought I was the guy you did things you don’t normally do with.”  That made Emma laugh a bit. I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to use the toilet.  Emma was reading a script I had brought with me while she took a bath.  “Should I take it as a compliment that I tired you out so much?”

“You can if you want, but honestly while the jet lag is gone I still am struggling to get on London time.  This really sucks, I wanted to go to the Churchill museum this morning”

“That’s not bloody happening. You're not going there unless you plan on standing in queue for an hour. If you don’t get there when it’s opened you're bollocked.” 

“Yeah, I know,” I said after I flushed the toilet.  “You better not get that wet,” I told Emma as I left the toilet room and walked back out into the main part of the bathroom.

“This is really good. Maybe I should call the writer and try to buy it myself” Emma closed the script, and turned on her side in the tub, though keeping her body hidden under from me.. “Do you think if I told him I wanted to meet with him he’d blow you off to meet with me?”  I just stared daggers at Emma, not knowing for sure if she was messing with me or not. If she was serious, then, of course, he’d drop me to meet with Emma.  Who wouldn’t?

“I’m kidding,” she said laughingly.

“Yeah, well, that’s my only copy with me so let me get that before you get it wet,”  I said as I pulled the script from her hands and tossed it onto the counter. 

“Did you have anyone in mind for the lead,” Emma asked.  She had rolled back onto her back, and as I now stood over her next to the tub.  I could clearly see her nude body through the water.

“Um, for the mother I was thinking Michelle Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly, or possibly Linda Cardellini.”

“You know that’s not the part I’m talking about.”

“I have a few people in mind.”  Which was true.  Hailee was of course at the top of my list.  Before we ever hooked up I thought Hailee and Michelle Monaghan would make a believable mother/daughter combo on screen.  Another whom I had in the back of my mind was Bailee.  While she and Haiz were not on the best of terms right now, I still thought she would fit the part.

“Any chance I’m on your list?”

“I hadn’t thought about it,” I pause, “You want to play the daughter?”

“You don’t think I’m right for it?”

“I don’t think no one would buy you as a college student.  You’re too well known.  People may not know your age off the top of their heads, but they know you’re a mature adult.”

“I guess you have a point,”  Emma then smirked as her eyes lit up, and her whole attitude changed.  “But Mr. Producer,” Emma then sat up and knelt in the bathtub. I watched as her rosy nipples began to harden as they were exposed to the air. “I really want this part. Are you sure there is nothing I can do to change your mind?” Emma said sweetly and batted her eyes at me. I knew she wasn’t serious about the part anymore, and we were about to have some fun.

“I’m pretty sure, I’m just not that interested.”

“Really? Because he looks like he is mighty interested.”  The’ he’ being my penis, which with me standing at the edge of the tub and her kneeling up against the side, was just inches from her face.  And sure enough, as we had begun our game, he began to swell back to life.  “And it’s offly big.  Mind if I play with it?”

She did not wait for a response.  Emma took my tool into her hand and before she had even stroked it twice her lips were pressed against the head giving it a light kiss. Then another kiss, then another, then a quick flick with her tongue. She wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking me off.  She used her same method as last night, her lips wrapped around the head, her tickling under the tip, while her hand stroked the shaft.  My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror.  I wished it was a full-length mirror so I watch her blow me, but instead I could only see my own profile from my waist up.  However, when I looked down, I could clearly see Emma’s brown eyes looking up at me as she continued to suck my prick.

“If you cum you’ll be good to go right away, correct?’ She asked as she lifted my cock and gave my balls a lick.

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Good. Do you want to cum on my face? Hmm?” Emma raised her eyebrows as she questioned me before she went back to licking my nut sack.

“You know I do.”

“All you men are the same,” Emma said before going back to sucking my dick.  She wrapped both her hands around my pole and then began bobbing her mouth up and down several inches of my dick.  She was working harder to get me to cum with her mouth than I had ever seen her before.

“Emma, now. Now! Now!”  I told her.  Emma pulled her mouth away from my cock and aimed it at her beautiful face.  She closed her eyes and smiled.  Her smile got larger as she felt my cum begin to splash against her face. 

“How do I look?” She asked when I finished cumming.  She then gave my bellend a good suck, cleaning it of any excess cum.

“Holy crap you look amazing,” I told her as I looked down at her gorgeous face which had my spunk dripping down it.  She then posed and let me fully take in the mental image of her with her face painted in jizz, before dunking herself into the bath water and cleaning her face. When she reemerged from the water I helped her out of the bath and pulled her towards me. We immediately began making out. As I spun her around and moved her to the bathroom counter, Emma pushed her tongue into my mouth and her hand went back to stroking my dick.  When I had her back against the counter I firmly gripped her ass.  After groping her a bit I picked her up and put her down on the counter top. I broke away from her mouth and began kissing my way down her chest.  As I sucked on her nipple Emma spoke about what she wanted.

“Don’t worry about fanny fun.  I need you to shag me,” she said as her hand continued to stroke my dick.  When she told me that I stood back up straight and reached to get a condom, but Emma pulled my arm back.  I looked back at Emma to question her, and she just looked into my eyes and shook her head.

“When I got an ellaOne pill while you were asleep” Emma then leaned in and whispered into my ear, “I decided to get another one for us to use later.”  She then gave a quick nibble on my earlobe while wrapping her legs around me. Sliding her arm between us she took my hard dick and lined it up with her waiting love tunnel.  Pushing forward, Emma let out a pleasurable moan as her pussy was once again completely filled my by big American meat stick. Unlike last night, we were now going at my faster harder pace as I drilled her on the bathroom sink.   She once again wrapped her arms around my neck and kept me close to her as we fucked.  We kept going at it, with only a momentary pause as I had to throw a towel on the floor.  The water dripping off of her naked body was making the tile floor slick.

With the quickening pace also came with her being more vocal as well.  Moaning more and repeatedly saying “Yes”.  Since she was more vocal I was also able to get a small bit of payback from her edging me all night last night.  Sensing she was nearing orgasm I pulled my cock out of her, which resulted in a disappointed moan from her.  Though I did not make her wait long to get filled once again.  I pulled her off the sink and spun around.  Emma right away understood what was happening and bent over and stuck her shapely rear up in the air.  I slammed my cock back into her and her whole body shook.  We both stared into the mirror, watching ourselves as we fucked right there.  I remembered from last time that the Noah actress did not really care to have her ass smacked during sex, so instead, I reached around and fondled her tits. Occasionally giving her pretty nipples a bit of a pinch and a tug. 

“You really want to do this?” I asked as I neared my climax.

“Yes! Fill me with your spunk! I want to feel you fill me up one more time.”  I pistoned my dick in and out of her a few more times before slamming as much of my cock as humanly possible into her and coating her insides with my jizz. While not as much as the previous night’s load, I more than adequately filled her up.  Emma loved the feeling as she felt my dick firing off inside of her.  She said something in French that I did not understand before she came so hard her legs gave way and had I not had her pinned against the counter she probably would have fallen down.

After the collected ourselves and shared a shower to clean ourselves off of sweat, bodily fluids, and just general sex stank, we ordered room service and had a very casual lunch together. By the time she left and I was dressed and ready to go out into the London streets to do some sightseeing,  it was already the middle of the afternoon.  Making the best of what time I had, I walked around Parlament, went into the Westminster Abby, did the Eye, and just walked along the river.  That night I Skyped with Hailee.  She was in her bedroom while we talked.  We talked about what I’d seen so far and she gave me recommendations on what I should do with the rest of my time.  The conversation eventually moved to my time with  Emma (we’d already talked about my flight with Sophie).  About how I ran into Emma, how we went to see Dove’s play, and then what happened afterward.  I apologized for breaking our condom rule, and while I could tell she was not actually that upset she did say she was going to have me make it up to her when I get home.  She then had me describe in great detail my sexual exploits with Emma.  I had barely got Emma’s little strip show when I heard a buzzing sound coming from her room.  Sure enough, she had a vibrator and was using on herself as I top the story.  When I asked if I could watch her use it, she said no and that it was part of my punishment for breaking one of our rules.  So I told Hailee everything and watched her facial reaction to both my story and the job her vibrator was doing.  When it was over and we said our goodbyes, and I ended up jerking it to the memory of Hailee’s “O” face as she came from my story.

At noon the next day, I found myself knocking on the door of an apartment in central London.  I could hear someone moving around inside the apartment but it took a minute for the door to open and for me to be greeted by the sight of Dove Cameron dressed in a large white bathrobe.  We said hi to each other as she let me into her rented-out apartment. I began to tell her how much I enjoyed her play as I looked around her place, but I stopped when I turned back to face her and saw she had dropped the robe as soon as she closed the door. The Liv and Maddie now stood totally naked before me.  If I knew any better I’d swear that she must have been masturbating before I arrived because I could see just how wet she was between her legs, and some of the wetness she going down her inner thighs as well.

“Take that out that monster you call a penis,” Dove said as she approached me with a hungry determined look in her eyes.  I unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out.  I almost never went commando anywhere, but I did for this visit as I was 95% sure how it was going to go.  Dove’s eyes locked onto my dick as soon as it was out. I even saw her lick her lovely lips.  When she got close enough that my quickly hardening dick was starting to press against her, she put her hands on my shoulders and jumped up.  She wrapped herself around me and I moved my arms under her legs and took hold of her ass to keep her up. 

“Sorry for being so blunt, but I have a show tonight and so we need to make the most of what time we have.”  As she said this I could feel her moving around. Rubbing her pussy around my dick before finally finding the right angle so my cock head pressed against her opening. I then dropped her down and she slid right down my poll.  I began bouncing her up and down my shaft and she began moaning wildly. 

“Faster! Harder! Give me all that fat dick!” Dove screamed out.  I moved her as fast as I could. Her nails dug into my back as she neared cumming.  When she finally did cum, she nearly blew out my eardrum as she let out a scream right by my ear. I kept rocking her on my dick as she came but once she came to her senses again she told me to stop.

“Hold up, put me down,” she begged.  She let out a groan as my dick slipped out from her and I lowered her legs down to the floor. “Sorry, I just really needed that. Umm, wait right here and I’ll be back in a minute.  She then ran into the bedroom leaving me standing in the middle of her apartment with my hard dick hanging in the wind.

Five minutes or so later I was sitting on her couch, my dick tucked back into my pants, when Dove finally came out of her bedroom.  She went in their naked, but she had come out dressed in sexy lingerie.  A sext white babydoll with matching white sheer lace thong, white stockings, 5-inch white heels, and a fresh coat of deep apple red lipstick.

“Whoa,” I said when I saw her.

“You like?” She asked as she did a spin.

“Yeah, but what’s the occasion.”

“Umm, well,” she said nervously, “You remember when I said that Thomas was a bit of a voyeur?”

“Kind of… wait if he’s in the other room. I…”

“No, no. Nothing like that.  He had to fly back to LA last week.  But him and I have come to an understanding.  Whenever one of us is away, he’s not allowed to do anything but I’m free to do what with who I want so long as he gets to watch.” 


“So I have the laptop with a webcam pointed at the bed and he’s in LA watching.”

“This is a little odd.”

“Says the guy in an open relationship.” She had me there.

“I’m not going to see him or hear him am I?”

“No.  I have the computer on mute and I have webcam angle up on the monitor so I can watch and make sure we stay mostly in the frame.  So, you ready to show my boyfriend how to really please a woman?”

“I…” I hesitated.  My eyes looked the blond, who looked like a sex doll come to like, up and down.  A voice in the back of my head finally spoke up and said ‘ah, fuck it’.  “Fuck it. I’m going to destroy any confidence your man has ever had.”

“You’re so humble,” Dove said as she turned to head back into her bedroom and I followed.  Inside the bedroom, I saw the laptop set up on the nightstand next to the plush queen-sized bed.  Dove sat down on the bed and said a few words into the laptop.  The only thing I could see in the monitor was the view from the camera, which was currently focused only on Dove.  As she spoke, I got up on the bed and stood over her shoulder. Making sure my crotch was in view, I undid my jeans and took out my cock which was still semi-hard and slick from my quicky with Dove in the other room.  I then slapped it down on her shoulder.

“Oh my god Ed, impatient much?”

“What? Isn’t this why I am here?” I said as I tapped her a few more times with my cock.

“That’s true,” she said as she put her arms back to brace herself as she leaned back and tilted her head all the way back to look at me.  I took a step back to give her space and then moved forward again. This time I dropped my dick right on top of her face. Dove laughed and moved so she could get the head of my cock into her mouth.  As soon as she wrapped her pillowy lips around me she began sucking on the tip as hard as she could.  I took a quick peek on the monitor and you could kind of see what Dove was doing, but the main view of the camera was right on her arching chest.  You could clearly see her breast through the sheer material being thrust at the camera. Watching myself on the monitor, I leaned over to the side and push some more of my dick into her mouth, and on the monitor, I could suddenly see the side of Dove’s cheek start to bulging outward. I did that for a minute and then reached down to tug on Dove’s babydoll, not stopping until her tits were in the open.  Eventually, Dove stopped sucking on my tip, because the current position was hurting her neck.  She had me lay down on the bed.  Dove then took the computer off the table and put it on the bed next to my waist.

“God babe, look how big it is,” Dove said as she looked at the camera with her head right next to my large pole.  You could clearly see a ring on Dove’s lipstick just below the mushroom head. “It’s even bigger in person than it looks in that video of him and Olivia.”  The video she was referring to was of me and Olivia Holt at Holt’s birthday party 2 years ago. Dove continued to toy with my dick, the way a pornstar would do in a video of an innocent teen seeing her first ever big dick.  While this was not the first time Dove and I had hooked up, it seemed like as far as her boyfriend knew this was a first. 

“Look it’s as big as my face,” she said as she lined her face up next to my shaft.  She then smacked herself in the cheeks a few times with it.  “I can’t wait to get this thing back into my mouth.” Dove then spat on my dick and rubbed that spit up and down my dick before opening her mouth back up and taking the top three inches into her mouth. As Dove sucked me off I took off my shirt and Dove began pushing my pants down.

“Hold up, grab the condoms from my pocket.  Front left.”  I told her and Dove reached in and took the condoms out of my pocket before shucking off my pants.    As Dove continued to blow me I used some pillows to prop my head up to watch her.  Dove’s eyes darted back and forth between looking up at me and looking at herself on the computer. 

“Come on girl, show your man just how skilled you are,” I said as I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her mouth down my shaft.  “Show your boyfriend that all those breathing and throat exercises are good for more than just singing.” I pressed her head down until she had her nose pressing up against me, and then held her down.  Dove looked up at me, her eyes watering a bit, but she was not the least bit upset.  When I let her go, she came off my dick and gasped for air.

“Oh my god, that was so good.  Your dick’s so big I could feel it in the back of my throat.  I wanna do it again.”  We did the same thing several more times, with me holding Dove down a bit longer each time.  While she had admitted to me several times before, she liked it a bit rough, but what Dove was really enjoying was putting on an exaggerated show for her boyfriend.  She had me hold the laptop as she stood up on the bed and stripped off her babydoll and her underwear.  As she settled back down and sat on my face Dove was dressed in just white stockings and heels. Dove really showed off her vocal talents as I ate her out and she was extra loud, really exaggerating things as I ate her out.  While she would occasionally bend down and take my dick back into her mouth, she spent most of her time riding my tongue and loudly saying how good it felt and how talented my tongue was.  I was surprised we did not get a noise complaint from one of her neighbors as she was extra loud when she finally came. 

“Wanna see a trick?”  Dove asked me after she got off my face.  Before I could even answer Dove took one of the condoms of the bed and tore the wrapper open with her teeth.  She then crawled down my body, leaving a nail trail of pussy juice as she dragged her pussy down my check.  Moving off me Dove took the rubber out, she put it into her mouth and made an “O” shape with her mouth.  Dove then proceeded to unroll the XL condom down my cock while using only her mouth.  When she got it on Dove looked up at me with a proud smile.

“I would say ‘Look, Mom, no hand’ but I’m not sure that is something you really want your Mom to see.” I quipped.

“You don’t know that, maybe she was the one who taught me how to do it,” Dove fired back sarcastically.

“Well, in that case, I guess it’s good she taught you safe sex because that lesson is about to come in handy,” I responded as Dove got on top of me and I took hold of her hips. The former Disney starlet held my hardon in her hands and teased her twat, rubbing it up and down her folds.  Dove raised up and pointed my dick up towards the sky.  Dove started to lower herself down and the tip of my dick was met with a surprising amount of resistance.

“Oops wrong whole,” Dove said while giving a wink that was hidden from view of the webcam.  She then dragged my dick from her asshole to her pussy, and this time when she lowered herself she then actually feed my dick into her womanhood this time.  “Oh god, his dick is so big. Fuck Babe, he is stretching me out!” she called out to her boyfriend as she worked her way down my pole. 

In no time, she was working herself hard on my dick. Her tits bounced greatly as she ground herself on my dick.  Her face was cutely scrunched up as she loudly yelled out “Fuck yes, fuck yeah!” over and over again.  While I was enjoying myself, Dove seemed to be more concerned with putting on a show for the webcam than anything else.   Knowing she’d go with anything that I do, I rolled us over so she was on her back, and I pushed her legs into her chest.  I began thrusting as hard as I possibly could into her.  The slapping of our skin echoed through the room and Disney star began screaming out as she came.

“Oh my god, I can feel his dick in my stomach, babe,” she called out.  Dove and I continued on fucking for the next 35 minutes.  From the bridge to spooning, to the pile driver (which made her cum super hard), we changed positions multiple times, Dove always keeping an eye on the computer screen making she we were in frame and that it looked good.   Presently Dove was on her hands and knees looking right at the camera on the computer. Looking at the monitor I could clearly see Dove’s face as she loudly moaned, and her tits hanging beneath her, jiggling every time I roughly pounded her snatch.

“Oh god baby he fucks me so good,”  Dove said to the computer “I love it so much.  I can feel his big cum filled balls slapping up against me.  I can’t wait for him to cover my face in his jizz.” 

“You want me to shoot my load on your face, huh?” I said and gave her pale booty a tap.


“You want your boyfriend to see your face covered in another man’s cum?”


“How badly?”

“So badly.”

“Okay, then turn around,” I told her as I pulled out.

“No, no come over here,” Dove said. I knew why she wanted me in front of her so I moved off the bed and stood in front of Dove.  As I stripped off the condom, Dove moved the laptop a bit so she could get the first inch or so of my dick and her face into the camera shot. I began jerking my dick rapidly, and Dove gave the tip of my dick some soft kisses with her plump red lips as she waited for me to erupt. It took a minute or so of stroking, but I did explode spectacularly all over her pretty face. I shot off about a dozen jets of cum all over her face.  She literally had a drip of seamen fall off her nose.  When it was over Dove’s face was glazed with cum,  She looked up at me and gave a cute smile and then to the camera and stuck out her tongue and licked up some of the cum around her mouth.

“I told you, babe.  Look at how much he cums, he covered my face,” Dove spoke to the laptop camera while wiping her some of my cum off her face with her fingers, only to suck them clean.

I told Dove I was going to use her shower.  As I left, I could hear her speaking to her boyfriend through the computer.  I was soaping up my back when I heard the door open and Dove stepped into the shower with me. 

“That was so much fun. Thanks, so much for doing that.  Thomas really enjoyed the show, but not nearly as much as I did though.”

“If he recorded it, send me a copy,” I told her.

She washed her face off in the stream and then volunteered to help wash my back.  She rubbing and lathered up my back, and then told me to turn around to rinse off.  As I did I found Dove in front of me on her knees.  She did not say anything, she simply looked up at me with those big blue eyes and started running her tongue running along my dick.  In no time I had her pinned up against the wall of the shower stall and was throat fucking the former Disney star.  I kept going until I told Dove I was going to cum again, and then she started tapping my leg.  I stop fucking her mouth and stepped back. Dove took a moment to catch her breath before speaking.

“I want you to cum in my ass.”


“You did it to Paris, Kelli, and Olivia, and also I’m sure Hailee as well.  If those all bitches can handle it then so can it.”

“Oh you think so, do you?”

“Yeah I do,” she spat back with mocking confidence.  Dove got up off the shower floor and took some soap. I watched as she soaped up her rump and slipped a finger into her ass. When she was ready she bent over further and pressed her hands against the stall. I stepped up behind her and gave her ass a hard slap.

“Ouch!” Dove yelped.

“That was referring to Hailee as a bitch before.”  I then got serious.  Aiming my cock head at Dove’s rosebud, I slowly pushed my dick forward.  Dove inhaled sharply as my tip pushed past her tight sphincter. I slowly pushed more and more of my length into her backside.  I stopped and let her get adjusted when I was almost fully buried in Descendants star’s ass.

“God, you’re cock is seriously fucking stretching me,” Dove said as I started fucking her ass.  “Hurts so good.” Dove pressed back as I thrusted into her. Her tight backside was milking my dick and soon had me right back on the brink of cumming.

“Do it, I wanna feel you fill me up,” Dove looked over her shoulder and told me after I said I was going to cum soon.  When I was ready I slammed into her one last time and fired off whatever was left in by balls into her rectum.  “Yesss” Dove giggled as she felt me shooting into her.  After I pulled out and took a few deep breaths before returning to showering my body, taking extra time to give my cock a good cleaning.  Dove for the most part just leaned up against the shower stall watching me.   If I looked closely I could see some of my cum dripping down the inner part of her thigh.  Dove also made small talk about how my trip was going and what I’d sightseeing I’d done.  It was at that moment that I realized that unlike some of the other celebs I’d been with repeatedly,  Dove and I really hadn’t talked much.  With Olivia, VJ, Natalie, and Hailee (before we were together) we didn’t just fuck, I also talked with them regularly about other stuff and occasionally hung out it.  Up until this point, where we were both still naked in a shower stall together, probably 85% of Dove and I’s conversations had either been flirtation, talk about sex, or talk during sex.

After the shower I dried off and got dressed and so did Dove.  She didn’t even bother cleaning the cum out of her ass.  She just put on a new pair of panties and a dress and walked out the door with me. I walked her to the theater.  It was along the way that she explained what her original plan for us previous night would have been.  Apparently, she was going to take me to her dressing room where we were going to fool around a bit, and then once she was sure basically everyone was gone she was going to have me have sex with her in the middle of the stage large stage she’d just performed her play on.  Then, maybe if I was up for it, she said she would have invited me back to her place to do the show for Thomas.  I told her it sounded like I really missed out. But truthfully I’m not sure I would have trade how things worked out for me, hooking up with both Emma and Dove on separate occasions rather than just one night with Dove. When we got to the theater we said our goodbyes, and I headed back to my hotel room to prep for my dinner meeting that night.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 28:  The London Trip pt. 3
Starring Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Hailee Steinfeld
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, Voyer, Oral, Public, Handjob
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

It was my last night in London and I was walking into a very upscale hotel bar and restaurant.  Sophie Turner had texted me that she was meeting a friend for dinner and invited me to tag along.  As I entered, I had no issue spotting Sophie across the bar.  Sophie was talking to a brunette with her back towards me.  The brunette was quite a bit shorter than Sophie and both women had a cocktail in their hands.  As I approached Sophie saw me and waved me over.  As she did, her friend turned around and revealing that is was her costar, and the Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke.  Sophie gave me a friendly hug and introduced me to Emilia.  I ordered a drink and then after some small talk we went and checked in the hostess of the restaurant.  As we were led to our seats, Sophie had us trail Emilia by several steps.
“Remember that bet we made on the flight over here?” She asked.
“Yeah, you still owe me 50 pounds.”
“What would you say about going double or nothing?”
“What’s the wager?”
“I bet I can get you into Emilia’s knickers by the end of the night?”
“Oh yeah.”
“I mean, it's kind of a no lose situation for me, so you’re on.”


The three of us were given a large secluded booth near the back of the restaurant.  Emilia sat on one side of the booth while Sophie slid next to me.  I asked Sophie a bit about how her visit with her family went, and we talked a bit before the conversation moved back to me.
“How’d your meetings go this week?” Sophie asked me.
“Kind of a mixed bag.  Good news is I got the script I wanted. The bad news is the guy who said he wanted to partner up and invest in my production company was what I believe you Brits would call, a wanker.”  They both giggled.
“Why was he a wanker?”
“He lied about who he was.  Turns out he didn’t give a crap about my company or making movies, he just represented some Saudi family members and a group in China who are both looking to dump money into making movies.”
“So? So, I don’t want to take oil money or have to deal with some Chinese official telling me that the script needs to be reworked so it can make China look good.  I’m doing what I do because it’s fun for me, the last thing I want is to deal with either of those groups.”
“Hmm, I guess,” Sophie said as she then took a sip of her drink.
“I’m sorry, but what is it that you do?” Emilia asked.  I explained that I was a producer, and how I got my start after I won the lottery and financed my friend’s movie.  Emilia had seen one of my movies, and of course, she’d heard of Ryan’s name being buzzed around as one of the best young up and coming directors.
“Is that how you two know each other? Working together on a new film?” Emilia asked both me and Sophie.
“No. Actually, I’m dating one her friends. Hailee Steinfeld,” I told her.
Sophie left a pause in the conversation prior to adding, “We’ve also shagged a few times, including on the flight over here from the states.” I almost did a spit take when she said that but was able to gulp it down.
“For fuck’s sake, seriously?” I questioned her.
“You’re sleeping with your friend's boyfriend?” Emilia asked her co-star in disbelief.
“Oh, you’re on to judge,” Sophie shot back.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Emilia responded.  Sophie just gave Emilia a knowing look.  I read the gossip sites , soI knew what Sophie was talking about.  Many of them had a similar story where while Kit Harington was dating Rose Leslie, Kit and Emilia had hooked up repeatedly.   
“Point taken,” Emilia finally conceded.
“In my defense, Hailee and I are in an open relationship and she set us up to hookup on the flight here.”
“In your defense, what about mine?” Sophie question.
“You’re married.  Of the three of us, you’re the cheater. Emilia and I were just simply the side pieces having some fun”
“You’re such an arse.”
“I kind of like him,” Emilia picked up her cocktail and I clinked glasses with her. The three of us carried on with dinner a very enjoyable dinner.   
“So Eddie, ever any desire to put yourself into one of your movies?” Emilia asked.
“No, none at all. Though, technically I have been in a movie.”
“Really? I didn’t know that?” Sophie with genuine surprise.
“Yeah, ummm, I was in Neighborhood Betrayal with Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence.”
“Really? I saw that. I don’t remember seeing you.”
“Me neither.”
“I was the body double in the shower scene.”
“Why was there need of a body double?”
“Yeah, I mean, we didn’t see anything.”
“Well, originally when Brie’s character gets caught in the shower with the neighbors he guy spins around quickly and there was going to be a close up of his, you know.  And the original actor didn’t exactly have the equipment that they were looking for in the scene. So I got a call to fill in as a favor, but in the end they cut the scene.”
“What kind of ‘equipment’ were they looking for?” Emilia leaned forward and asked.
“The kind all women are looking for,” Sophie answered.
“Really?” Emilia raised an eyebrow and asked her former costar.
“Oh yeah,” Sophie responded and took another sip of her drink.
I cleared my throat and then said, “So that was my one foray into acting.  Me, naked on a soundstage shower stall, between Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence who were in skimpy nude colored bathing suits.”
“Not a bad job.”
“And I’m sure one of them didn’t have that suit on for long,” Sophie added.  I didn’t bother correcting her that I actually had sex with both of them in that shower after the crew left.  Emilia finished off her drink and then announced she needed to use the restroom. Sophie got up and went with her.  When they came back Emilia had a definite smirk on her face, and Sophie slid up close to me in the booth. 
“Emilia why don’t you tell Eddie about what happened during your nude scene with Jason,” Sophie suggested.
“What? No. Why would I?” she asked.
“Because it’s a great fucking story. And because Eddie shared his nude scene story, and I don’t have one..”
“Which was the most disappointing thing about the last season of Game of Thrones,” I interjected.
“Whatever perv, but Milly just tell him the story.”

“Okay fine.  So during the scene of Dany’s wedding night to Kahl Drogo.  He’s supposed to be roughly boff her from behind.  I’m dressed in just a nude thong, and Jason is just in one of the pouch thingys.”  As Emilia’s starts telling her story, Sophie slides her hand under the table onto my crotch and begins fondling my dick through my pants.  “So on the first take, everything is fine. Then on the second take, Jason starts to get hard and his penis is poking me in the arse with each thrust. On the third take, he tries to push down his erection so that it’s not bumping against me anymore. But instead of bumping against my arse, his dick is now sliding back and forth against my fanny.  We do several more takes, and instead of my face goes from trying to fake physical pain to me now having the real pain of holding off from orgasming on camera, but I can only hold off for so long.  I end up having an orgasm on the sixth take, and a minute later Jason also cums. After that, they finally call cut and wrap the scene.”
“Wow, that is a hell of a story,” I managed to say.  At this point, Sophie had my dick out of my pants and was slowly stroking my cock. 
“In the version I heard from some other people, Emilia and Jason then went back to her trailer and fucked like rabbits,” Sophie leaned into me and added.
“I have no comment.” With the story now over Sophie used her free hand and reached into her purse and took out her phone.  Carefully she then dropped her phone under the table.
“Bollocks.  Milly, I dropped my phone under the table, and I think it is by you.  Can you get it for me?”  Emilia agreed and ducked under the table.  She was only down there a few moments before I heard an audible gasp and a bang against the table.  She then reappeared in her chair and rubbing the top of her head.
“Sophie! I can’t believe you. I can’t believe the size of your cock either, congrats on that Eddie. But Sophie what if someone sees you?”
“Were all the way in the back and it’s under the table, no one is going to see.  Did you get my phone?
“No, I got a little distracted.”
“Could you please get it?”  Emilia gave Sophie a dirty look before ducking back under the table.  As soon as Emilia went down, Sophie also bent down, however she was not doing it to find her phone.  Sophie instead wrapped her lips around my bell-end and sucked on it so hard for a few seconds I could feel her cheeks being sucked in.  After pulling my dick from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’ sound Sophie sat up and put my hard dick back into my pants.
“You are really bad,” Emilia said as she got into her seat and handed Sophie her phone back.  The rest of the dinner was relatively uneventful, though the conversation was more flirtatious than when we first sat down.  We had dinner, dessert, paid the check, and then Sophie invited us up to her room for another drink.  Emilia agreed to go and so did I.  As we passed through the lobby, Sophie said that she was getting a phone call from Joe.  She handed me her room key and said she’d meet Emilia and me in the room in a few minutes.  Emilia and I were in Sophie’s room for about 10 minutes standing around making small talk before Emilia stated something that was becoming more obvious by the minute.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Sophie was trying to set us up. Having us go to her hotel room, and then leaving us alone.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what’s happening.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Sophie owed me from a bet she lost earlier, and she then bet me double or nothing that she could get you to sleep with me.”
“Oh really? And how much was the bet worth?”
“100 pounds.”
“A hundred pounds? Shagging me is only worth a bill?” Emilia was actually pretty upset.
“Of course not,” I replied defensively.  “I mean, I’m guessing not. Technically I wouldn’t really know.”
“Really?” Emilia said. “Is that supposed to be some kind of reverse phycology or a dare to get me to prove myself?” She asked as she sauntered towards me.
“Depends, is it working?” Emilia was now standing with maybe only an inch of room between us.  She had a serious look in her eyes until she finally cracked and smiled.
“You’re really are a cheeky one, aren't you?”  She reached up and pulled my face down to hers for a kiss.  Our bodies now pressing up against one another.  My dick began to harden as it was now obvious I was going to do what millions of Game of Thrones fans had fantasized about doing.
“It also doesn’t hurt that you are hung like a Dothraki,” She said after breaking off our kiss and feeling my hardening cock press up against her.  I reached around her dress and began unzipping the back while Emilia’s hands moved from my shoulders down my body until she began unzipping my fly.  As I was pushing her dress off of her shoulders, Emilia was fishing my dick out of my pants. Once my cock was out, Emilia helped me remove her dress off until she stood before me in just matching baby blue push-up bra and lace shortie panties. I took her hand and we walked over to the middle of the living room where a large couch and two matching chairs were set up around a coffee table in front of a large wall-mounted television
When we got closer I took Emilia by surprise by picking her up and carefully throwong her down on the couch over the armrest.  She playfully laughed as I took hold of her panties and pulled them down her smooth legs.  Between her legs was a closely cut, well maintained, brunette bush.  Pulling her so her ass rested right up on the armrest, I went down and began fingering the Khaleesi’s pussy while I kissed her inner thighs.  I kissed up one thigh, and then went over to the other and did the same before pulling my fingers out of her twat and replacing them with my tongue.  Using my thumb to flick her clit as I ate her out, I had her cumming within minutes.   
Standing up I removed a condom for my pocket, I brought them just in case something happened again with Sophie, and tossed it onto the coffee table.  I then began taking off my clothes.  Emilia just bit her lip and watched me strip downs.  Her eyes were running over each inch of flesh I revealed.  When I was out of my clothes I walked over to the front of the couch and Emilia spun around and got down on the floor between the couch and coffee table.  I took a seat, and as soon as my butt touched the sofa cushion Emilia had both her hands around my dick.
“It looks even better in the light than it did under the table,” Emilia said.  She spat some saliva on my tip, and used her hands to spread it up and down my shaft.  “When we went to the bathroom, Sophie said you had an amazing cock.  I didn’t actually believe her.” Her green eyes were locked on my large American sausage and her mouth was slightly agape as her hands moved up and down my pole.  She seemed like she was in a trance when she suddenly seemed to snap out of it.  She reached across the coffee table, ripped open the foil and had the rubber down my dick in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Emilia stood up and got between my legs with her back to me.  Reaching behind herself to point my dick up at her, Emilia sat down on my cock.
“Wow she was right,” Emilia said, obviously referring to something Sophie had told her, as my knob penetrated her. She began slowly bouncing up and down on my dick until she worked my full length into her.  Emilia moaned and looked to the ceiling. “It's been a long time since anyone has stretched my fanny like this,” she said as she got accustomed to my size.

Emilia started riding me.  I unclipped her bra and tossed it aside. Reaching around her I cupped her breasts. While I could not see them currently, I knew from watching Game of Thrones exactly what the tits in my hands looked like.  I heard the hotel room door open at one point while Emilia continued to ride me reverse cowgirl.  It would be another few minutes before Sophie finally let her presence in the room be fully known.
“Looks like I won the bet,” Sophie said as she stood watched me having sex with her former costar on the couch.
“I’m pretty sure I still won,” I replied.  “This is way better than a hundred pounds.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Emilia said looking back over her shoulder at me.  Sophie walked off to the bedroom while Emilia continued to ride me.  After a few more minutes we switched position.  Moving over to the couch’s high armrest and leaning over it, the actress stuck her plump ass in the air. I could not help myself from bending down and giving the Mother of Dragons’ snatch a couple of more licks before I resumed fucking her, this time from behind.  As we were doing it doggie style on the couch, Sophie came walking back into the living room, completely nude with something in her hand.  Sophie sat on the chair that was right next to the armrest where Emilia was bent over.  She put her feet up on the coffee table with her legs spread.  It was then I saw what was in her hand.  It was a white six-inch vibrator.  Sophie turned it on and pressed it up against her clit as she proceeded to watch Emilia and I continue to fuck.
“I told you his cock was amazing,” Sophie said to Emilia.
“I know,”
“I told it was big and thick, and it hits all the right places.”
“I know, I know. You were right, now please shut up” Emilia snapped back at Sophie.  Emilia closed her eyes and was focusing in on the pleasurable sensation that was coming from between her legs.  I kept hammering away at her pussy.  Taking a shot, I gave her ass a slap.
“Mmpphhhh Yes. Again!” Emilia responded to me spanking her ass. I did as the Mother of Dragons asked, giving her ass another slap, this time even harder.  This time Emilia let out a short shriek of pleasure.  While I spanked Emilia and was loving it, Sophie was still on the chair watching us and moaning as she used her vibrator on herself.
I hooked my arm around up under her arm and pulled the natural brunette actress back to me, so her back was arched greatly.   
“Turnover, I want to see your face when I make you come on this dick,” I spoke into her ear.
“No please, no.  Stay like this.  I love doggie.  Going to cum soon,” the actress answered while gasping for breath.
“Milly knows what she likes,” Sophie chirped up.  I looked over to her, and when Sophie saw me looking she pulled out her vibrator and gave the toy that was glistening with her juices a several long, seductive lick.  She then pushed the toy back inside of her.  The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of Emilia’s and I’s skin slapping, Emilia’s loud moans whenever I spanked her, Sophie’s lower but continuous moaning, and the buzzing from her vibrator.  When the time came the three of us seemed to orgasm simultaneously.  I filled up the condom I was wearing like a water balloon inside of Emilia Clarke as her snatch squeezed down my dick.  Sophie Turner meanwhile, I saw out of the side of my eyes as her legs kicked up off the table and her toes curled as she came hard on her toy.
It took a little bit for all of us to settle down afterward.  Whether it was meant to be a way to calm down after our fun or just meant as an interlude between things, we went into Sophie’s minibar and each got ourselves a drink.  A little later the three of us stood naked in front of the hotel room’s large floor to ceiling windows, drinks in hand, and looking out at the busy London streets below us.  It was not that late at night so we could see plenty of people and cars moving around on the streets below us, but we were too high for anyone to look up and see.  I stepped back and looked at the two naked women being silhouetted from the busy city lights.


“What do you think the people down there would think if they knew two of the hottest Game of Thrones stars were standing side by side, naked, looking down on them,” I wondered out loud. 
“Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine,” Emilia laughed.
Sophie looked over her shoulder at me and said, “They’d probably wonder why the guy with the big hard cock behind them is just standing there not doing anything.”
“Oh is that so?” I asked feeling as though I was being dared.
“Yes,” Sophie simply replied.  I walked backed to my pants and took another condom out of my pocket, happy I brought multiples just in case.  I slipped on the rubber and walked back to the window.  Watching me return, Sophie downed what was left in her glass before putting it down.  Not bothering with any foreplay or teasing, Sophie simply put her hands up on the glass and bent over, sticking her ass up high.  I moved right to be behind her and plunged my sword right to the hilt.  As I began fucking Sophie, Emilia got closer and took the same position as her friend.  After a few minutes of fucking Sophie, I switched over and began fucking Emilia. And after a few minutes with Emilia, I switched back over. I continued to alternate between the two actresses for quite a while.  Knowing they liked different things, I played with Sansa Stark’s breast when I was inside her, and I was spanking Daenerys Targaryen’s ass when I was behind her.  It all culminated with the two women on the floor with their mouths wide open as I pulled off the condom and blew my load all over their pretty faces.  As this was my last night in town they let me take a photo of the beauties on either side of my cock with their smiling cum covered faces looking up at me as a way to remember my first trip to London.
Soon after we all got redressed Emilia decided to go back to her place for the night, but Sophie invited me to sleep over and I took her up on the offer.  We did not have sex again that night, but around 4 AM I was awoken to the feeling of being jacked-off. 
“What are you doing?” I asked through my sleepy haze.
“Trying to get your cock to go down, you keep poking me with it.”  Sophie continued giving me a hand job but after 10 minutes her hands were getting tired so she took me in her mouth instead.  5 minutes later I was shooting my load into the back of her throat and the two of us went back to sleep.  The next morning. Sophie demanded I go down on her for payback for her middle of the night BJ.  I did not put up much of a fight before agreeing to do it.  I happily ate her out before I went back to my hotel to shower and packed up for my trip home later that night.

After rain delayed my flight leaving London and then the plane was force to circle the LA area waiting for the weather there clear up as well before it finally landed.  It turns out that without having a famous actress to have sex with to help pass the time, the long plane ride is very boring.  The extra delay only made things even more unbearable. I did not end up getting back to my house until 3 AM. When I got in I noticed some stuff had been moved around.  The TV room had been decorated and the coffee table had several take out containers on it.  It seemed as though Hailee had planned some welcome home celebration for us, but unfortunately, I was home late.  I went up to my bedroom and there on top of the bed I saw a sleeping Hailee Steinfeld.  If it wasn’t obvious I had missed out earlier, seeing her sleeping on her stomach,  bottomless, only wearing a red bra, and her vibrator was discarded next to her on the bed. 
I put down my bags and stripped down to my t-shirt and boxers.  I then climbed up onto the bed behind Hailee.  I had spent a lot of time on the flight home thinking of my exploits in London, but I did not do anything thinking I was going to be going home to a happy, awake Hailee.  So, seeing her nude ass splayed out on the bed was just too tempting to resist. I bent down and grabbed her lovely cheeks with both hands and groped her ass as I left kisses down her back until I was literally kissing her ass. Hailee stirred in her sleep but did not wake up as I ran my fingers against her vulva. I reached up and grabbed a pillow, then slid it under her hips to prop her up.  I then bent down and began eating my girlfriend’s tasty pussy. I had eaten out several women on my trip, but in my mind, none of them compared to hers.  Only Olivia Holt’s rivaled Hailee’s pussy for taste and smell.  As I hungrily chowed down on the shaved pussy of the Pitch Perfect sequel star, she began to moan and her body stirred more and more before she finally let me know that she was awake.

“Eddie you’re home!” Hailee moaned, never even turning around to look at me.
“How do you I’m not some home intruder who saw you naked on the bed and just couldn’t help himself?”
“Oh please.  I know you’re tongue way to well at this point.”  I continued to lick her for several more minutes before I let two of my fingers take over.  I began kissing my way back up her body, using my free hand to undo her bra as I reached her mid back, before continuing up her body.  Soon I was using my elbow to prop myself up so that I was not laying on top of the Bumblebee star.  As I fingered her twat I was also kissing her along her neck.   Hailee continued to lay on her stomach with her eyes closed but her moaning and the smile on her face let me know that she was wide awake.
“Did you miss me?” I asked into her ear.
“Ummhmm”  Hailee moaned and made her first real move of the night, she reached behind herself and taking hold of my rod through my boxers.  “It has been too long since I have felt you inside me.”  It really had been nearly two weeks since the last time we had had sex.  I continued to play with Hailee, fingering her and nibbling on her ear, while her hand worked my tool until both cock and balls were hanging out of my fly.  I took another pillow and slipped it under her hips before I began pushing my dick into her.  With both let of pleasurable groans as I slowly worked my rod down her love tunnel.  Her pussy felt amazing as ever.  The sex was kept at a methodical pace, both of us just enjoying the feeling of being with one another once again.  Neither of us lasted very long, cumming simultaneously. Deciding at the last possible second to pull out I came all over her lovely ass and lower back.  Hailee used my sheets to wipe herself clean before we both got under the covers and we fell asleep with her in my arms and her head on my chest.


‘Okay, I think I’m ready,” Sophie Turner said looking over her shoulder.
“Are you sure?” I asked.  Sophie bit her bottom lip and smiled as she nodded her head.
“You’re going to love it,” Hailee said. She then leaned in and gave her friend a big kiss on the lips.  Hailee and Sophie were both completely naked and were both on their hands and knees, side by side shoulder to shoulder on my California king-sized bed.  I was currently sitting up on my knees behind Hailee holding onto her hip with one hand as I fucked her pussy, and with the other hand, I was lubing up and fingering Sophie’s asshole.
The next morning after I got home Hailee and I stayed in bed for several hours.  We had sex, obviously, but we also talked quite a bit.  I told her about my final two days in London and she told me about what she was up to while I was gone.  I also told Hailee how her friend Sophie had told me about her big fantasy.  I told her how while we were preparing to land in London, Sophie whispered in my ear how she wanted to have a threesome with Hailee while also finally trying anal sex.  Now a few months later Hailee invited Sophie over for dinner while her husband is out on tour.  After dinner, Hailee told Sophie about how I told her about the Game of Thrones star’s fantasy and how she wanted to make it happen.  After a couple more drinks and the three of us skinny dipping in my hot tub, we all went upstairs to my bedroom.  I had already unloaded my first load into my girlfriend’s pussy, and Sophie hungrily ate my spunk out of her former costar’s snatch.  As she did that I gave Sophie’s minge a good tongue bath until my dick was ready to go again.  While I began fucking the new Jean Grey doggy style, Hailee moved next to her and got down on all fours.  With her waving her ass in the air I pulled out and switched over to Hailee.  I once again found myself bouncing back and forth between Sophie Turner and one of her actress friends.  While I was banging them from behind, the two of them would make out with each other occasionally.  That brings us back to just about the current moment with me behind Sophie with my hard dick pointing at her ass. 

Hailee broke off her kiss with her Barely Lethal costar to get another condom out of the nightstand drawer.  Ever since I told Hailee about Dove’s condom trick, she had been practicing trying to do the same.  She tried to put the condom with her mouth but was having a difficult time getting started. So she used her hand to put the condom over the tip and then leaned down to use her mouth to unroll the condom. She used her hand to unroll the last two inches, meanwhile she continued to sloppily blow my wrapped cock, getting it nice and wet.
“Alright, I think we are ready,” Hailee said as moved away from my dick, she crawled along the bed so that she was sitting up on her knees in front of Sophie.  I moved closer to Sophie, taking her hip into my hand and aiming my bell-end at her bum. I pushed forward but was met with resistance.  Hailee told Sophie she needs to relax while I reached around and flicked her bean.  Pushing forward again this time her ass opened up.
“Oh god!” Sophie gasped, “It’s so big, it’s splitting my arse apart.”
“Just give it a minute or so to get adjusted to it,” Hailee told her.  I slid another inch or two of dick into Sansa Stark before pausing and let her ass adjust.  Sophie let out a deep breath as I pulled most of the way out of her ass, and then gasped again when I pushed back in.  I slowly began fulfilling Sophie’s fantasy and began fucking her ass for the first time.  Hailee did what she could to keep Sophie relaxed for the first few moments, kissing her friend and playing with her breasts as they swung with each of my thrusts.  Once she was relaxed and Sophie and I had found a good rhythm, Hailee found another way to get involved.  Sliding herself under her friend, Hailee began licking and playing with Sophie’s minge while I continued to bang her arse.  Using pillows to prop her own hips up, allowed Sophie to return the favor, and suck on Hailee’s clit when she wasn’t busy moaning or yelling expletives
“Oh yes! Bugger my arse you bastard!” Sophie yelled out just before she came from the work both Hailee and me were doing to her.  The three of us stayed in the same position for maybe 20-30 minutes.  The two actress friends 69ing while I pounded the blonde's ass.  Occasionally Hailee would move off her friends pussy and would lick my balls while I pounded her friend. Sophie had cum two more times, Hailee once, and I was on the verge of exploding.
“Fuck I can’t take it anymore,” I said.  Never the one to waste a good cumshot I pulled out of Sophie’s ass and struggled to get the condom off my still very rigid member.  Once it was off I went to go and stroke my dick, but Hailee had beaten me to it. Reaching between Sophie’s legs, Hailee took hold of my dick and began jacking me off.  It was only a matter of seconds, and my dick began blasting Sophie’s ass cheeks with hot jizz.  Hailee pulled on my dick and lowered it until she had it where she wanted it, and my last few jets of cum blasted off with her mouth wrapped around my dick.
Once it was all over we all collapsed into an exhausted, hot, sweaty, naked pile.  Hailee asked Sophie how she enjoyed her fantasy playing out in real life, and Sophie said it was better than she ever imagined but she doubted she’d be able to sit comfortably for the next two weeks.  Sophie stayed the night and the three of us slept happily with me spooning Hailee and Hailee spooning Sophie.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Excellent work, ML.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Love me some Emilia Clarke  :D

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Just wanted to give my series a little shout out.  It's been 2 years since I posted the first chapter.  It was meant to be a 1-off story, and only the 2nd story I ever wrote after my Hall Pass story.  So the fact that this is on the 28th chapter and is still going is crazy.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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When is the next chapter supposed to be out? I really had enjoyed the story.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Not for a while.  Working on a long separate story (currently 14 pages long and will end up in the 20 to 24 page range) then I might take a break for a bit.  I have and idea where I want to go for next 3-4 chapters though and it involves Hailee and Natalie of course, the introduction of Kat McNamara and then maybe a visit to the Riverdale set.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Finally got a chance to catch up and so glad I did.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Not for a while.  Working on a long separate story (currently 14 pages long and will end up in the 20 to 24 page range) then I might take a break for a bit.  I have and idea where I want to go for next 3-4 chapters though and it involves Hailee and Natalie of course, the introduction of Kat McNamara and then maybe a visit to the Riverdale set.

Awesome! I was just curious. Your lucky bastard gave me an idea for my own celebrity-based harem story.


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