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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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This is an excellent series. Great writing and I enjoyed the use of a lot of my several favorites like Victoria Justice, Dove Cameron, Kelli Berglund, Emma Stone, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev and Olivia Holt.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 29:  The Bet
Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Isabela Moner and Appearance by Katherine McNamara
Code: MF, Oral, Public, Creampie,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

I was woken up from a crazy dream I was having involving a pool party with a bunch of celebs at some imaginary rich person’s house.  What had woken me was the stirring of the person next to me in bed.  I was currently spooning with a celebrity who might not have been in my pool party dream but did play a starring role in many of my other dreams. Opening my eyes I Hailee Steinfeld’s beautiful face looking right back at me.  It was the middle of the day on Saturday and we were both still naked in bed.  We’d both woken up a few hours earlier but after some morning delight, and both had drifted back to sleep after.

“I need to get going,” Hailee informed me.

“No, you don’t,” I replied and then leaned over and gave her a kiss on her soft lips.  She kissed me back quickly before pulling away.

“No seriously I really do need to get going.”

“Are you sure?” I asked and then reached down under the sheets and rand my hand down her smooth tone stomach, past her little tuff od landing stip pubic har, and finally stopping at her warm swollen lips. “Are you sure there isn’t time for a little quicky?”

“We both know that if we do that it won’t be quick, and seriously doesn’t that thing ever die down?” she playfully joked as she gripped my hard as lead cock.

“When I am around you, or even just thinking about you? No. Never.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” She then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “But seriously,” she gave me another quick kiss, “ I need to get going.  I’m supposed to be meeting my hair and makeup people in a little bit.” She then got out of bed and I happily watched her gorgeous nude form strut towards the bathroom. Looking over her shoulder at me, she then put a little more wiggle in her walk.  I both loved and hated her for teasing me with her shapely nude ass. I thought about going to join her in the shower but I knew she was serious about needed to meet her people before the event tonight, and if I got in that shower with her there was no way she wasn’t going to end up at least an hour late.

As Hailee showered and then left, I just made myself some lunch and caught up on some television while I replied to a bunch of messages and emails.  I was starting the process of getting my next movie project stated so that involved a lot of BS messaging with a ton of different people. Eventually, I went upstairs to shower and dressing up in my suit for the night.  While most of our friends knew about Hailee and me, we were still not out publicly so the plan for me to drive myself and just meet her at the after-party for some event a fashion designer was throwing. Having not actually gone to the actual fashion show itself, I was at the after-party before Hailee, so I just kind of mingled a bit with some people I recognized.  One of those people was Olivia Holt who introduced to a guy friend of hers that she had brought along. It was as I was talking to her I felt my heart skip a beat as I watched a vision walk into the room.

“Your girl looks good,” Olivia commented as she saw me staring at Hailee as she entered the room.

“Fuck yeah she does,” I said before telling Holt and her guy I’d see them later and made my way to Hailee. He was dressed in a red pretty sheer dress with a high slit, red heels, and matching red lipstick. She looked incredible.

“Wow,” was all I said once Hailee saw me and started making her way towards me, and we hugged.

“You like?” Hailee struck a pose and asked me.

“Oh yeah.  I now get why you went to the hotel to get ready instead of just having people come to my place.  There is no chance in hell we would have ever made it out of the house with you looking like that.”  Hailee laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As we turned to walk further into the party Hailee gave my ass a playful slap and squeeze and I gave her one right back.  Normally she did not dress up that fancy for something like this, but she explained that it was made by the designer who was putting on the show, so that’s why she agreed to wear it.  The two of us walked around the party, talked with people, danced a bit and had a few drinks.  Every once in awhile I would whisper into her ear what I was planning to do to her after he left.

We’d been there to about two hours and Hailee had been split apart talking to different people.  I glanced across the room and caught eyes with Hailee. She gave me a smile and a wave.  I smiled back and lifted my glass to her before finishing off my drink. That was my fourth drink of the night and I now needed to go relieve myself.
Over by the bar Isabela Moner scanner the room looking at the different people at the party while sipping on her drink.  Though she was too young to buy alcohol, she had no issue getting older men to get her a drink.  She had a bit off a buzz, unfortunately instead of relaxing her, it was only compounding her problem.

“I know that look.”

“What?” Isabella was suddenly snapped out of her trance.  Looking over Izzy saw who was speaking to her.

“I said, I know that look,” the women responded

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Isabela said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Oh please, you’re checking out every man here.  Any of them catch your eye?”


“Oh come on, you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.”  The pretty brunette in the red dress moved up close to the Dora The Explorer actress.  “So anyone?”

“Not really,”  Izzy admitted.

“Well, you see that cute guy crossing the room over there,”  the women next Isabela pointed out.  “He’s who’d I’d go after if I were you.”

“Really?  I’m I guess he is kind of cute,”

“Oh yeah trust me,” The woman then leaned in and whispered, “He’s hung like you wouldn’t believe and really knows how to use it.”

Isabela was taken aback by that, “Are you serious?”

The woman nodded, “Oh yeah.  I’m getting wet just thinking about him.”
I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I heard the text notification on my phone go off.  Pulling out my phone I saw that it was a text from Hailee.  As I opened the message as I heard the men’s room door open.  The text message read ‘Hope this will tie you over until later’.  I thought she might send me some dirty pictures, as I waited I hadn’t heard the clicking of heels on the tile floor.

“Excuse me, you’re Eddie right?”  Turning around I saw the 5’1” Latina in a lime green dress. “I’m Isabela.”

“Hi.” I glanced down at my phone to see if there were any new messages and then slipped it back into my pocket.

“So I was told you might be able to help me out,”  She said as she slowly approached me. It was at that moment the text message I received was starting to make sense.

“Was this person who told you this a brunette wearing a sheer red dress?”

“You know Hailee?”

“Oh, I know Hailee very well.”

“So does that mean what she said about you is true?”  Isabela asked, now stand inches away and looking straight up at me.  Even in heels, the 18-year-old actress was still considerably shorter than me.

“I guess that depends on what she said.” As I spoke Isabela put her hands on my chest and slowly moved them down.

“She said that you...oh wow,” She stopped mid-sentence as her hands found themselves rubbing down the length of my enlarging rod.  “Can I see it?” Isabela looked up at me excitedly and asked. I gave her a nod and smiled brightly before she began undoing my pants and pulling out my erection.  She held it in her hand and just stared at after my pole sprang into daylight.

“Does it meet expectations?” I cockily asked.

“I don’t know what I expected, but yes,” she replied as her hand started to slowly move up and down the shaft as if making sure that what she was seeing wasn’t an optical illusion. With her small hands, she had to use both hands to fully wrap around it.  She began to pump my shaft with both her hands. Isabela then took a step back, bent over, and dribbled her spit down the length of my cock.  It was at that moment that I knew that this girl was not amature.  Staying bent over, she looked up at me as she started rubbing her spit along my shaft. She kept stroking me for another minute or two until she stopped so that she could pull her dress up above her knees. She then squatted down.  Continuing to look up at me she stuck out her tongue and began to use it to flick and lick the head of my cock, before finally opening wide and swallowing the head of my dick.  She only bobbed her mouth up and down the first third of my dick, but she knew how to use her hands and her tongue so it didn’t matter.  At one point I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the young Latina’s blowjob skills.  She had her hot wet mouth wrapped around the head, one hand stroking the rest of the shaft, and she’d moved her other hand to toy with my balls.  I could feel her start to move around a bit and remove one hand away.  When I opened my eyes and looked down I could see her thong was now resting down around her ankles. She’d moved one hand off my shaft and it was now up under her dress.  While I could not see what her fingers were doing, I had a pretty good idea.

“You need it bad don’t you?” I asked the actress.  Looking up at me she responded by nodding her head with her lips still wrapped around my cock head.  I stepped back and there was an audible pop sound as my dick left her mouth.  I helped her back up to her feet and then took hold of the hand that had been under her dress while she blew me.  Two of her fingers were glistening with wetness, and I lifted them to my mouth and sucked them clean.  I then let go of her fingers and lowered my hands to the bottom portion of her dress.  Isabela kicked off her panties as I bunched her dress up around her waist.  Her pussy was clean-shaven and looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I could also clearly see just how moist she already was.  Had we not been in a public bathroom I would have lifted her up onto the sink and began eating her like I was on a strict diet and today was my cheat day. Instead, I reached into my back pocket took one of the condoms in my wallet out and put it on as fast as I could.

Isabela let out a yelp in surprise as I picked her up in the air like she weighed nothing at all, and in truth, the petite actress was fairly lightweight.  I pulled her in close and my cock ran along her wet swollen lips.  Izzy soon wrapped her arms and legs around me.  I kept bouncing her a bit, getting my shaft nice and wet from her flowing juices.  I finally had enough, I lifted her up high and moved her around a bit until she was finally in the right spot and I slowly lowered her, spearing her with my dick. 

“Oh my god!” Isabela said loudly and wide-eyed as my dick found it’s way between her folds and my mushroom head fully entered inside her.  “So big, so fucking big,” Isabela said as I slid another inch into her.  She was incredibly tight.  Tighter than some virgins I’d been with back in high school.  I just let my cock rest inside her, hoping she’d stretch out a bit before he kept going. As I stood there with her wrapped around me, I lowered the straps to her top and freed her perky plump breasts, which were capped off by some tasty looking hard brown nipples.  Once they were free I slowly began to rock her up and down my shaft.  She was so tight, that I could barely fit half my dick into her.  While I would have preferred to have gone a bit faster, Izzy seemed to love the way I methodically bounced her on my dick.  She bit down on the jacket I was wearing to muffle the sounds of ecstasy coming out of her mouth.  I eventually started to build up a bit more speed, and she only became louder and louder.  Isabela could no longer take it anymore and she let go of my jacket and let out a loud shriek as her head tilted back.  Trying to keep her a bit quieter I pulled her face to mine and kissed her.  After I gave her a few more pumps and I could feel her leg start to twitch as she suddenly screamed into my mouth.  Her tight pussy clamped shut tightly around my dick as she came.  I spun her around and put the 18-year-old down on the counter.  Isabela still had her eyes rolled back a bit as her orgasm was just starting to die down.  She arched her back as her head rested on the mirror, and I couldn't help myself from lowering my mouth and sucking on one of her milk chocolate colored nipples. 

As I switched over to the other breast and Isabela seemed to finally be calming down from her orgasm we heard the bathroom door open.

“Sorry fellas, but the women’s room is overflowing so,” A female voice called out. Neither Isabela nor I had time to react before we heard the woman say, “Oh! Oh wow sorry!”  Turning my head I could see the lovely Katherine McNamara standing there looking at the two of us in a very compromising position.  The three of us were all like deers and headlights.  I felt Izzy’s legs unlock from around my waist and without thinking I backed away from the teen.  But rather than make the situation better, it might have made it worse as this gave Kat a now clear view of my hard dick sticking straight out of my pants.  Her eyes locked onto my penis and went wide.  Her hand covered her mouth as her jaw dropped.  “Ummm.  sorry. Sorry for interrupting.  You two, you two just keep doing what you were doing,” she said as she slowly backed out of the bathroom, her eyes never leaving my crotch until she turned around.

As the whole awkward situation had Isabela freaked out.  She got to her feet and apologize to me saying that she had to go.  She got her dress back into place before I could even tuck my hard cock back into my pants.  She was halfway to the door before I called out to her.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked.  Isabela quickly turned around and watched as I picked up her discarded thong off the floor and tossed it to her.  Rather than put them back on, she shoved them into her clutch and speed-walked out the door.  I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes by myself waiting for the crazy bulge in my pants to die down before rejoining the party.

Once out of the bathroom, I went in search of Katherine.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her, but I felt like I should say something.  It took me a little while before I finally saw her and was able to make my way over to her.

“Hey, Katherine about what you saw…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me and trust me I’ve seen a lot worse before.  You’d be amazed at what you can walk in on at the Kids Choice Awards after-parties,” Katherine said trying to ease some of my discomforts.  “Did you guys at least finish?”

“No. After you caught us she kind of freaked out and left.”

“Aw, she left you high and dry? You can’t be feeling too good then,” she smirked as she said before taking a sip from her drink.

“My pants do feel a little tighter, but it’s fine.  It’ll be taken care of later,” I said, obviously talking about when I went home with Hailee, but having just met Kat she didn’t know that.

“Umhmm,” Kat said as she rolled her eyes.

“What was that?”

“Nothing just didn’t know you were one of those guys.”

“What does that mean?”

“One of those guys who think that just because they have a big dick they have no problem taking any women home.”

“I never said that,”

“No, but you sure seem pretty confident that you’re going to be having sex with someone else tonight.”

“Yeah, but that’s because… Look I don’t have to explain myself to you.  You don’t know me. I’m Ed, by the way, most people call me Eddie.”

“Ok Eddie, I was nice to… wait, Eddie?” Katherine was about to walk away, but something made her stop.  “Oh, I know exactly who you are and I’m SOOOO right about you.”


“Olivia has told me all about you.  Don’t act like you’re not one of those guys who doesn’t think he can just flash his big cock and women come running.”  I couldn’t tell if Katherine was kind of angry or if she was joking, but I still felt kind of insulted.

“Okay, maybe I am.  Maybe I am a guy who thinks I can get any woman here just by showing her a picture of my cock.”  I don’t know if I actually believed what I was saying, but I wasn’t really thinking.

“You’re on. I’ll take you up on that bet.”


“I bet that you can’t just pick up any woman here by showing them a picture of your dick.”


“As a heart attack.”

We spent the next few minutes negotiating the terms of the bet, including that I would have to send her proof of consummation, and we agreed that the winner would pay for a future dinner. Once that was settled we had to pick the target. I knew that I eventually wanted Katherine to agree to have Hailee be the women we’d try her bet on, but until we got to her I had to play along and suggest other celebs at the party. I started out suggesting a few women who were well known to be pretty easy to convince to get into bed.  One of them being Caylee Cowan.  Katherine literally laughed out loud at that suggestion. After some other suggestions, I saw Olivia and her guy friend talking closely to Miranda Cosgrove near the dance floor.  I suggested Olivia, and Katherine just shot me a look that basically said ‘come on’.

“Oh please, I told you she told me all about you. You two might not even make it out of this building without doing it.” Kat said.

“Hmm, I didn’t know you two were that close.”

“Were friends and we talk regularly, so I know all about some of your escapades with one another.”  I now hope that Liv had never mentioned Hailee and I’s relationship.  While it was an open relationship, the Bumblebee star was still the one I was planning to take home tonight.

“Alright, well, if we want to do this bet you gotta agree to someone.”

“I know.”  She said obviously a little annoyed.  She scanned the room once again.  “Okay, let me ask you this if you had your choice of women here who would you choose?”

“Ummm,,,” I tried to not act too anxious, before finally saying, “I think I’d have to go with Hailee Steinfeld.  She looks amazing tonight.”

“She really does.  Alright, let's go with her.”


“Yup, she’s perfect.”  Katherine agreed and then called out  “Hailee!” Katherine called out her name two more times before Haiz looked over and was waived over by Katherine.  As Hailee walked towards us, I stepped behind Kat and when out of her view I put my finger to my lips to signal to Hailee I was up to something.  I then stepped back on the other side of Kat and pulled out my phone.

“I guess I should get a picture picked out for her,” I said.

“Better make it a good one,” She joked.  I chuckled because I didn’t actually keep any dick pics on my phone, and now knowing I’d gotten my way and Hailee was the target I opened the notes app on my phone. 


“Hi Hailee, I’m Eddie and I am sure you know Katherine,” I said cutting of Hailee before she should give any indication that we knew each other.

“Yeah, Hi.  What’s going on?”

“What do you think about this?” I asked and stuck out my phone making sure Hailee could get a good look and that Katherine could not see the screen.  On the screen read the note “TRYING TO WIN A BET. JUST GO WITH IT. ACT LIKE THIS IS A DICK PIC OF ME.”  It took a moment for her to read the note and then react. 

Hailee’s eyes went wide and she said “Oh my god! Is that real?”

“Oh yeah,” I said confidently.

“Wow. Are you serious?”

“Ask Kathrine.”

Hailee looked away from the phone for the first time and looked over to Kat.  “This is real, you’ve seen it?”

Katherine let out a huff, rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms before speaking, “Yeah its real. I kind of accidentally saw it in the bathroom.”

“So you two…?” Hailee started.

“No! No, no, no.  I went in Men’s room to use the bathroom and it was just kind of out.”

“Mmhmm” Hailee responded with a smirk.

“So, you wanna get out of here?” I asked Hailee in the douchiest tone possible. Hailee bit her lip and looked back to my phone.

“I mean, sure,” she finally said with a smile.  “You don’t mind do you?” she asked Katherine.

“He’s all yours,” Kat replied.

“Okay, let me just say goodbye to a few people, and then we can go.”  Hailee quickly walked away.  I then turned to Katherine and laughed and she just shook her head and refused to look me in the eye.

“Lucky bastard,” Kat muttered as I handed her my phone so she could enter her number into my contacts since part of the deal involved me sending her proof. After she handed me my phone back I told Katherine that I looked forward to having dinner in the near future.  She just playfully flipped me off before walking away with a slight smile on her face.  I quickly went to find Hailee and once I did we quickly headed for the exit.  When we were outside I gave the valet my ticket and as he went to go get the car I pulled Hailee in for a kiss of her soft full red lips. She kissed me back as passionately as I kissed her, and our hands wrapped around one another.

“So what was all that inside with Katherine?” Hailee asked when we finally had to separate to catch our breaths.

“You know that little surprise you sent my way?,” I started and proceeded to tell her the events that had led to the two of us standing outside.

“So, I was your first choice?” She asked playfully.

“Always,” I said before giving her a kiss bright red lips.  I pulled away when heard the car pulling up.

“You took my car?” Hailee asked as the black Porsche Macan Turbo stopped in front of us and the valet got out.

“You were blocking me in, and trust me you’ll be happy I did,” I told her as I handed the valet a tip.  Hailee started to walk around to the passenger side, but I grabbed her arm and then whispered into her ear that I wanted her to climb into the back seat and to remove the nude-colored underwear she had on under her dress.  Hailee gave me a grin and continued around to the passenger side, hesitating by the front door before moving and opening the back door.  She took a seat in the middle of the back row while I jumped into the driver’s seat.  When I turned onto the street a pair of nude-colored panties were flung forward and landed on the dashboard.

“So what’s the plan now?  I’m just supposed to sit back here alone until we get back to your place?”

“No, we're going to make a pitstop first, but you can just relax until then.  It won’t be long.”  I told her.  I then reach up for the review mirror and angled it so it was no longer looking at the road, but instead was looking at Hailee.  Hailee caught me looking back at her and began teasing me and raising her dress.  My eyes moved from the mirror to the road, so I could make sure we did not crash.  When we stopped at a red light, my eyes went back to the mirror and I could see she had raised her bottom part of her dress all the way up to her waist and she had her gorgeous legs crossed.  She was looking back at me through the mirror and giving me a smirk. My eyes looked back to the road to check on the light, and when they went back to the mirror I could see Hailee uncrossing her legs.  She opened legs wide and gave me a great view of her lovely pussy between her amazing thighs.

“Fuck me,” I said in response and that caused Hailee to smile.  I was snapped back to reality as the car behind us blared their horn.  The light was green, so I stepped on the gas. Thankfully we were not that far away from our destination.  A few minutes later I turned into a shopping plaza.

“I think the stores are all closed,” Hailee said as she saw where we pulled in.

“Doesn’t matter,” I told her.  I then pulled into the parking garage and drove all the way up to the top level and parked in the corner.

“Really we're going to do it here?” Hailee asked, as she now leaned back, spreading her legs further apart as she put one leg up onto the seat.

“You’re the girl who jumped me in the backseat of this same car at a garage at LAX multiple times,”  I turned around and looked at her for the first time since we got in the car.  “Are you now too good for the back seat?” I asked.  Biting her finger gave me a naughty grin and shook her head.  I quickly jumped out of the car and climbed into the backseat.  I barely closed the door behind me before I dove headfirst between her legs.  Hailee giggled at how fast I pounced on her, but those chuckles were soon turned to moans as my tongue went to work. Hailee was on her back with one leg hanging off the seats, and the other was up in the air with her stiletto pressed against the roof of the car.  There was no buildup or kissing up her inner thigh like I normally do.  Instead, I had my tongue jammed between her pussy lips and I was lapping up her juices like a thirsty dog.  Hailee joked about how I must be pretty hungry with the way I was eating her pussy, and I told her how that there is never enough food at those after-party events.  I got her to cum as I finger blasted her and sucked on her clit like there was no tomorrow.  Even as she came I never relented.  Continuing to eat her pussy like I had something to prove. 

I am not even sure how she got us to spin around.  All I knew was one moment I was hunched over on my knees eating her out while she was on her back, and the next thing I knew, I was on my back with Hailee sitting on my face.  While I continued to perform tongue aerobics on her, Hailee was bending down so that she could undo my pants. Once they were undone, I helped her push my pants and underwear down to my knees.  It felt good to have my hard dick freed from its imprisonment in my pants, but I did not feel the fresh night air on it for too long, as I soon felt Hailee’s soft bright red lipstick colored lips wrap around it, and quickly take several inches of me into her warm wet mouth.  I tried to focus more on what I was doing with my mouth rather than what she was doing with her’s so that I could prolong things, but that was a losing battle.  Her mouth and tongue were too skilled and I was still too primed from earlier that I knew I was not going to last too long.  I gave her ass two quick slaps on the left check, basically tapping out from her riding my face. We knew each other well enough that she knew exactly what I wanted with those taps. I felt her mouth leave my dick and then she began to scoot down my body.

“Did you use a condom with Isabela? I swear I could taste her on you,” Hailee asked as she got into position.  I reassured her that I had, though I wasn’t sure she was being serious.

Hailee sat up as she was down by my crotch. Moving her hair out of the way, Hailee looked back at me as she pointed my dick towards the sky.  She then raised up and dropped down on top of my cock.  I saw her eyes light up and her mouth go into the shape of an “O” as she moaned when my dick split her.  I would have loved it had she turned around fully and ride me cowgirl so I could watch her face as we did it, but that said the current view as she rides me reverse cowgirl wasn’t bad either.  I’d once heard that the shape of a heart was based on an upside-down design of a women’s ass.  Now watching Hailee’s ass as she swiveled her hips and ground herself on my dick, I could see where that idea came from.  The Dickinson star’s shapely ass did look a lot like an upside-down heart.

I put my hands on to her hips and raised her hips and then slammed her back down on my dick.  Hailee let out a yelp as my full length slammed into her.  Hailee once again flipped her hair over her shoulder and looked back at me before she began bouncing on my dick.  I loved watching her head leaned back as she moaned, almost as much as I loved her ass shake as she repeatedly slams down on my dick, which I could now see was still smeared with her red lipstick.

“Oh god Hailee, I am not going to last much longer,” I warned her. 

“That’s fine, do it.  Give it to me,” Hailee moaned.

“No. Not yet, we need proof we had sex for Kat.”  Hailee climbed off of me and I kicked off my pants and underwear.  I then reached into the front seat and grabbed my phone, the handed it over to Hailee.  Hailee got down on her knees and positioned herself as face down and ass up.  I took my position behind her and she let out a gasp as I slammed into her.  Hailee still had her dress on, but it was all bunched up over her waist.  Holding her hips firm I pulled her back as pumped my hips forward.  Once the two of us established a good rhythm, Hailee pulled out my phone. She aimed the phone so the camera could see Hailee’s face, her arched back, and also me behind her. She then pressed record.

“Oh my god Kathrine,” Hailee said breathlessly into the camera.  In the background you could hear the skin slapping as I jackhammered her pussy.  “His dick feels amazing.  I’ve never had such a big cock before.  I can feel him stretching me out, but it’s so good.”  Hailee stopped talking to the camera and just moaned as she continued to record us having sex.  While I could not see a ton of the details on Hailee’s screen, I could clearly see her face.  So when I slipped my hand under her and began stroking her clit as we fuck, I could see her eyes roll back into her head.

“Oh wow! YEEESSSS! Right there, Eddie! I’m gonna...I’m gonna cum!  Almost there,”  Hailee announced which sounded like music to my ears.  Not only because few things made me happier than making my girl orgasm, but also because I’d been holding back my own orgasm to the point that it felt like my balls were about to pop.

“Fuck Hailee, I’m gonna cum soon. I can’t hold back much longer,” I told her.

“Cum inside my pussy.  I want to feel you empty those big balls of your into me,”  Hailee spoke while looking right at that camera.  “I want you to completely fill me up!”

“Fuck Hailee! You’re fucking amazing,” I told her.  I don’t know who started cumming first or if we did it simultaneously, but moments later we were both letting out animalistic noises and our bodies trembled as we were both rocked by extremely powerful orgasms ripping through us.  You would have thought I’d gone without sex for the last two weeks, not half a day, judging by the volume of ejaculate I was firing into Hailee. And she took notice.

“Oh my god, Eddie! Fuck!” She said wide-eyed into the camera.  “Jesus I’ve never felt so full of cum before.  Kat, you have no idea what you missed out on.” It took another minute for either of our orgasms to start to subside. When it was over, I bent forward and turned Hailee’s face back over her shoulder and gave her a kiss.  Hailee dropped the phone in her hand as she opened her mouth and let my tongue snake it’s way in.  We made out for another minute or two. Though we both could have gone another round or three, we knew we should head back to my house. 

I didn’t even bother putting my pants back on.  Instead, I just climbed into the front seat pantsless and started the car up.  Hailee also joined me in the front seats.  “You really did cum a lot,” Hailee said as she slid her hand down to the crotch, “it’s all leaking out of me like crazy.”  She then brought her cum covered fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean. She did it a few more times.  I couldn’t tell if she was trying to turn me on or not, but regardless my dick was back to being rock hard as I drove.

“You know, it is really hard to concentrate on the road when you do that.” 

“Do what?” Hailee asked playfully and then put her right foot up on to the dashboard, spreading her legs wider apart.

“Either you need to close your legs and let me drive, or we need to find another parking garage”  I told her. 

“Fine,” Hailee said. She put her foot back down and covered her pussy from my eyesight.  She then picked up my phone and sent the video of us to Kat.  I was expecting some kind of witty response from Katherine, but all she sent back was one message that said ‘You Won’.  When we were only several minutes away from my house I heard the video of Hailee and I being played.

“We should probably delete that,” I mentioned.

“I don’t know, it’s pretty hot actually.  I think we should save it.”  I could hear her continue to watch the video, and start to stir in her seat a bit.  I could hear both of us cumming as I pulled Hailee’s car into my driveway and turned off the engine.

“Ready to go inside?” I asked as I undid my seat belt.

“We could do that,” Hailee said, but then she climbed over the center console, and into the driver seat with me.  “Or we could hang out in hear a bit longer and make another video?”  I didn’t have much time to give an answer before once again I found myself balls deep and making out with Hailee.

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Nice to see a new chapter in this series. Will Victoria Justice, Dove Cameron, Kelli Berglund and Becky G return in future chapters?

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #48 on: September 29, 2019, 01:53:42 AM »
Nice to see a new chapter in this series. Will Victoria Justice, Dove Cameron, Kelli Berglund and Becky G return in future chapters?

I'll never say no to any of those ladies, all of whom are in my top 15, but for right now there are no plans with any of them.  I have the next 3 chapters planned out in my head, just not sure how long it will take for me to get around to writing them.

 Planned Chapters:
Lucky Bastard 30: Gifted - Natalie Alyn Lind & Skyler Samuels
Lucky Bastard 31: Vancouver Trip Pt. 1 - Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch and/or Vanessa Morgan
Lucky Bastard 32: Vancouver Trip Pt. 2 - Katherine McNamara
Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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I'm not familiar with Skyler Samuels but those upcoming chapters look great.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #50 on: October 02, 2019, 09:24:16 PM »
Lucky Bastard 30: Gifted
Starring Natalie Alyn Lind and Skyler Samuels
Code: MF, FF, MFF, Oral, Creampie, Anal
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

I was sitting in my office doing the same work that I had been doing the past several days, which is basically putting everything I had done on for my next movie on hold. It was still in the early stages of everything, but I had most of my major acting roles and important crew positions filled.  What had caused the shakeup was that Hailee Steinfeld, who was set to star in the film, was approached by Marvel to potentially be one of the leads in their upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye.  Hailee and I had both been looking forward to doing this movie since this would be the first project we actually worked together on, but I knew the Marvel opportunity would be huge for her so I was not going to let her pass on it.  So for now, everything on my movie was stalled until Marvel and Disney made their decision and also released a shooting schedule.  With some good fortune, we’d be able to set it up so Hailee could do both the movie and the tv series, and keep the rest of the people I had hoped to hire.  I was writing an email to my would-be cinematographer when my phone chirped with a text notification.

“You cheating bastard” the text message read.

“You this?” I texted back knowing full well that it was Katherine McNamara who was texting me.  It’d been several weeks since we first met at an after-party, and we’d texted back and forth a number of times since.

“You know who this is you cheater!” she replied

“How am I a cheater?”

“Olivia told me all about you and Hailee.  I know you two were a thing even before our bet.”

“The bet was that I could take anyone women home that we agreed to be the target.  You never said it couldn’t be someone I was dating or had slept with before.”

“Bullshit. You cheated so you lose.”

“You saw that video.  Trust me, in no way did I lose that night.”

“Whatever. You cheated so I’m not paying for dinner,” she replied.  We went back and forth for a bit before I finally agreed that while I did not lose the bet, I did hustle her into a bet I knew I was going to win.  I also told her that I was going to be up in Vancouver in two weeks, where she was shooting some stuff for Arrow.  I was going there to look at a few locations for my movie, and since we’d both be there I agreed I would buy her dinner then.  Once we had our plans I put down my phone and tried to get back to work, but it wasn’t long before I was interrupted again.

“Knock knock,” I heard a woman say as the door to my office opened up.  Looking up from my computer I saw Natalie Alyn Lind standing in my doorway.  Nat was dressed in a white button-up shirt, short black shorts, and black boots while holding a number of shopping bags.

“Oh, hey Nat.  What’s going on? How you been?” I asked, trying to mask some of the discomfort in my voice.  I had not seen Natalie in person since before Hailee and I became a couple.

“I’ve been good. I was just shopping with Sky and thought I should stop by,” she said as she entered my office and closed the door behind her. “Eddie I just wanted to apologize for how I acted after I found out about Hailee.”

Natalie was talking about how she acted when she found out that Hailee and I had started dating. While we were in an open relationship, the fact that I was in a relationship at all bothered her.  I knew Natalie had a crush on me, but I didn’t expect her to care or take the news the way she did.  At first, I did not hear from her for about three weeks, and then came the first of many texts.  Natalie repeatedly texted me that I should be with her, and she’d also send nude photos 3-4 times a week. Some were of her at home, others from her hotel rooms, and some were of her at gym showers.  Also, some were some pretty basic nude mirror selfies, while others were a bit more graphic.  The most graphic thing she sent was the night after her birthday.  It was an hour-long video of her on the floor masturbating in front of a full-length mirror.  She used several vibrators and dildos, sometimes more than one at a time.  The most shocking thing was when she used a suction cup to mount on of the dildos on the mirror and fucked herself doggy style. The entire time she moaned and called out my name.  Hailee knew about most of the text, but I kept that one video a secret.  I had tried to explain myself a bit to Natalie early on that I liked her as a friend and stuff, but she didn’t want to hear it.  The truth was I really did like hanging out with Nat, and the sex was great.  Excluding Hailee, Natalie was right there with Victoria and Olivia as my favorite hookups.  But just like VJ and Liv, I never saw her as anything more than a friend with benefits.

“I know I was a little over the top, and I am sorry about that.  You and Hailee are great together, and if we were together I wouldn’t have met Jordan.”

“That’s great. I’m glad things worked out,” I sincerely told her. “I gotta tell you, some of those pics you sent were very tempting.  If I was with anyone other than Hailee, I don't know what I would have done.”

“Really?” Natalie said while smiling brightly.

Skyler Samuels sat in the food court of the Glendale Galleria. She was picking at her french fries and looked at her phone again.  Skyler had come to the mall to hang out and shop with Natalie, but after doing some shopping Natalie had left her saying that she wanted to say hi to her producer friend that she hadn’t seen in a few months.  Nat told Skyler that she’d meet her back in the food court in 20 minutes.  That was 35 minutes ago.  Skyler knew letting Natalie go alone was a mistake.  Nat had a serious crush on him and took it hard when he started dating someone else.  Natalie said she was over him and while seemed like it, Skyler was doubting that more and more as each minute past.  Finally, Skyler got tired of waiting and decided to go track down her friend.

Skyler knew were Ed’s office was so she had no problem walking over to his office just a block away from the mall.  No one was in the main lobby area, but she could hear noises coming from the one closed door in front of her.  Walking right up to the door, not even bothering to knock or give any warning, she pushed open the door and stepped right in.  Skyler had an idea of what she might see behind the door, but the sight still took her breath away.

“Oh my God...oh my God, Skyler!” Natalie called out. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over Eddie’s big dick! AAHHHHH!” she screamed orgasmed.  What Skyler had walked in was Natalie naked except for her boots was standing up and bent over the desk facing the door.  Her large breast wobbled wildly due to Eddie shaking her body as he fucked her from behind.

“Natalie! What are you doing!?!” Skyler yelled while stepping into my office and closing the door behind her. “What about Jordan?”

“Skyler it’s fine.  I just needed this,” Natalie tried to explain.  I stopped fucking Natalie and I backed away from her and moved to the side.  Skyler let out a gasp when she saw my hard wet dick with her eyes. “I needed one last fuck to get out of my system. You know how much I was craving his dick.” Natalie walked back from around the desk, still only dressed in her boots, as she talked to Skyler.

“This is exactly why I didn’t think you should come here alone,” she said in hushed tones.

“And this is exactly why I did come here alone,” Natalie explained. Nat then noticed the way Skyler’s eyes darted back and forth between her and my dick. She then reached out and took her former Gifted co-stars hand.  “Why don’t you join us.  It can be just like that night in the hotel after the Preakness.”

Skyler was hesitant, “I don’t know.”

“Sky, you had me tell you all those stories about me and Eddie, you’ve looked at all those pictures I’ve taken, and now it’s right here. Look at it.”  Both of them turned and looked at me as I continued to stand naked behind the desk.  Natalie then leaned in and whispered into Skyler’s ear, “It feels even better than it looks.”

“Okay,” Skyler gave in.

“YAY! You’re gonna love it!” Natalie said with a big smile.  Skyler had been dressed in jeans, a tight black shirt, and black heels, but Nat helped to quickly strip her out of all of her clothes. Skyler was only about an inch taller than Natalie but the two had completely different bodies.  Natalie was curvey, to say the least, while Skyler was more leggy and lithe.  I’d seen Nat nude a bunch of times. Her large breasts, dark reddish nipples, squeezable ass, thick thighs, and clean-shaven pussy.  Sky, on the other hand, was paler, with light pink colored nipples capped off her upturned b cup breasts, had slender legs, and a trimmed blond bush.  As the two women walked towards me I sat down in my chair.  Skyler got down on her knees while Natalie sat on the arm of my desk chair.

“God, it looks even big than it did in the pictures,” Skyler said.  Natalie reached down and pulled the condom I had been wearing off my cock and then took hold of my poll and aimed it at Skyler. She looked up at Natalie, and then myself before wrapping a hand around my dick. She opened her mouth and began licking the tip of my dick.  As Skyler began sucking on my dick, Natalie pulled my head to her chest and I began kissing and sucking on her big beautiful tits.  I put a hand on her thigh and slid it up her higher and higher as I alternated my mouth between her tits.  I began fingering her twat as I continued to suck on her breasts, and Skyler blew me.  We kept going and as I could feel the pressure starting to build in me as Sky sucked on my balls, I could feel Natalie getting wetter and wetter as I fingered.

“Ugghhh, God.  I need more,” Natalie groaned in frustration.  “Ready to get fucked Sky?”

“Yes! Yes, I needed it” Skyler replied.  While she may have been hesitant before, she seemed to have built up some enthusiasm as she was on her knees sucking my cock. Skyler stood up and Natalie jumped off the chair and onto my desk.  Nat laid back and spread her legs wide.

“Eat my pussy,” Natalie ordered Sklyer, “while Eddie shows you what his big dick is capable of.”  Skyler bent over the desk and gave her friend’s pussy a few long teasing licks along her folds.  I got in behind Skyler and began to push forward.  Skyler gasped as she felt my tip spread her open, but my dick was met with some resistance.  While she was wet, she as not as wet as I would have liked her.  So I pulled my dick back out and bent down and began licking and sucking on her pussy.  It’s amazing how every woman has their own distinct taste and smell.  While I worked to get Skyler wetter, I could hear moans coming from my desk that let me know that Sky was working on Natalie’s pussy as I worked on hers. When I believed her to be wet enough, I stood back up and tried once more to thrust into her.

“FFFUUUUCCKKKK” Skyler groaned as she felt me stretch her pussy as I worked more and more of my cock into her.

“I told you it felt amazing,” Natalie reminded.

“Sooo good, Yeesssss!” Skyler said as I started slowly thrusting in and out of her.  She tried to say something else, but her voice got muffled as Natalie pushed her crotch into her friend's face.  As I slowly started to build up speed, Skyler began to get more and more animated in her reactions to my fucking.  Natalie meanwhile went back and forth between moaning in reaction to her friend’s tongue being inside her and egging me on as I fucked Skyler. Telling me to ‘fuck her hard’, ‘give it to her good’, ‘she’ll never admit it, but she’s been desperate to fuck you’, ‘give her that dick she’s been obsessing over’.  All of the encouragement from Natalie was really doing the trick as I was now giving it to Skyler as hard as I’d ever drilled any women before.  On more than one occasion my thrust into Skyler, who was holding onto the desk, actually causes the desk to move.  At this point my desk as off by about 30 degrees off from where it had started.  It was also then that Sklyer came and screamed loudly as she did so.  Both her legs buckled and I had to support her from falling down the floor.  As her orgasm still flowed through her body, I picked up Skyler and placed her on the desk next to Natalie, who I then pulled closer to the edge of the desk.  Natalie was excited as she knew what was about to come.

“I want you to fuck me until I scream and then fill my pussy to the brim with your cum,” She told me.

“Yes Ma’am,” I said before slamming my dick into the Tell Me A Story actress.  Natalie quickly wrapped her legs around my waist as we had sex on my desk. We kept on going at it hard as Sklyer began to come out of her orgasmic haze.

“Fuck that was amazing,” Syler said to no one in particular.

“I know, fuck, I love his dick. I love how he fucks me, and I love how he makes me cum!” Natalie told her friend.  If this really was one of the last times Natalie and I were going to hookup in the foreseeable future, we were both making the most of it.  As we went at it, Skyler turned on to her side and began to watch us.  She was still within arm's length, so I let go of Natalie’s hip and moved it over and began strumming Skylar’s clit with my thumb.  When my eyes moved from Natalie to Sklyer, Natalie also turned and looked at her friend who was staring back at her.  Skyler moaned as I teased her clit and Natalie reached over and pulled the former Scream Queens actress’s face towards her and the two women kissed.  They made out while I fucked Nat. The three of us mingled in a passionate lust-filled trio on my desk until both Natalie’s and my orgasms began nearing points of no return.  I had stopped playing with Skyler and had a hard grip on Nat’s hips as I gave it to her as hard as did the other blond earlier. Meanwhile, Skyler was now draped over Natalie’s body and was sucking on her big gorgeous breasts.

“HMMMM I gonna cum, don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop so close,” Natalie kept saying over and over again.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum” I warned her as I slowed down the pace of my thrusting but was now pumping my rod as deep and hard into her as I could.

“Do it! Fill me! Do it now! YESSSSS!” Natalie’s eyes rolled back and she arched her back up towards the ceiling as she came and I shot my load as deep into her as possible.  Her body trembled as I shot rope after rope of cum into her.  When it was over I collapsed into my chair and Natalie laid on the desk barely able to move.  The only one who could move around was Skyler who used her finger to scoop up and taste some of the cum that was leaking out of Natalie.

“Umm, tastes pretty good,”  She said after sucking her finger clean.  “So Natalie did you everything out of your system?”

“No,” Natalie said breathlessly.


“No.  There is one more thing I need.  I just, I just need a minute.”  We just stayed in place for a few minutes until Skyler started to play with Natalie’s pussy a bit causing more cum to leak out of her.  As more came out, Skyler could not help herself from leaning down and licking up the semen.  Next thing you know she is all the way in on going down on Natalie eating my cum out of her.  As she did that, it seemed to give Natalie her second wind and she got more and more energized as she had her pussy eaten. And watching them go at it also caused my dick to stir a bit.

“Okay okay, Sklyer stop please,” Natalie pleaded.  As Skyler sat up, Natalie rolled off my desk and quickly walked over to the shopping bags she had brought in with her.  Riffling through a few bags, I wondered if she knew the view she was giving me.  She had her legs straight and her ass pointed towards me as she bent over at the waist.  After going through two or three bags, she finally pulled out a bottle of something and then walked back towards me and Skyler.

“Is that lube? When did you get that?” Skyler asked

“Yes and don’t worry about it,” Natalie told Sky and then turned her attention to me “So, ummm, I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  And Eddie, I was kinda hoping you’d do me in the butt.  I’ve never done anal before and I want you to be my first,”  Natalie said sweetly and nervously.

“What, what?  I thought you told me you had done it before?” I asked.

“I like to talk a big game, and technically I don’t think I ever actually said that I had done it.”

“So you want me to take your anal virginity?”

“Yes.  I thought about this, and I trust you, and I just want you to be the one to do it.”

“I mean, I’m flattered sure,” I told her and that caused Natalie to give a big smile.

“You’re gonna try and fit that thing in your ass? Seriously? How?” Skyler asked.

“I’ve been practicing,” Natalie said confidently.

“With what? An actual eggplant?”

“No.  Just some toys I have.  It’ll be fine...I think.”

“Alright if we are going to do this, let's do it on the couch.”  I took a condom out of my desk drawer and the three of us went over to the couch in my office.  I took the lube from Natalie and instructed her to get on her knees on the couch, face the wall, and to stick her ass out.  I then squirted some lube into my hand.  As I began to finger and lube up Natalie Alyn Lind’s asshole, Skyler Samuels dropped back down to her knees and began to suck on my cock.  I’m not sure if she was trying to get me nice and hard for Natalie, or if she had just enjoyed the taste of mine and Nat’s juices and cum mixed together so much that she was now cleaning my cock of any of that mixture.  Either way, she was doing a fabulous job. I was hard as a rock and Natalie was starting to press back onto my hand as I used two fingers now to finger her virgin butt hole.  When she was ready I had Natalie rotate so she was bent over the arm of the couch and had her ass high up in the air.  Skyler rolled the condom down my dick, and then took a glob of lube and spread it on my dick and giving it a number of good pumps. 

I then got in place behind Natalie,  I rubbed my dick along her juicy pussy lips and told Natalie to relax.  When she said she was ready I took my cock and positioned it up against her back entrance.  I slowly pushed forward and Natalie tightly gripped the couch while she grunted and grimaced as she felt her anal ring being stretched like never before. 

“Natalie are you okay?” I asked concerned.  I only had the head of my cock in her at this point.

“Yes, keep going,” she replied

“You sure?”

“Yes! I want it all inside me,” She said, even thrusting her ass back a bit against me as if to prove her point.  I reached around and began stroking her clit as I began to push forward once again.  I was hoping that flicking her clit would get her to relax.  Skyler just sat back on the floor and watched. It took a while, but I eventually did get my whole dick inside her, and I just sat there for a full minute with my entire rod fully inside her, letting her get used to the size.  When she said she was ready I slowly began to move again.  I gave her some slow and shallow thrusts and began working my way up.  It took a while, but she slowly began to relax.

“Oh my god, Natalie? Are you actually enjoying it?”  Skyler said from the floor.

“Kind of,” she replied with a smirk as we picked up the pace a bit and Natalie began pushing her ass back into me to meet my thrust.  We began to find our rhythm, and Natalie began to grunt as I started to really fuck her ass. As I increased my speed, Natalie would loosen up and seem to enjoy herself more, and as she enjoyed it more, I increased the speed of my fucking more.  Apparently watching Natalie lose her anal virginity was pretty hot as Skyler began fingering herself as she watched me fuck her friend in the ass. 

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Natalie was saying in disbelief as I spanked her ass while continuing to pound.  “I’m I’m I'm…..cummmmminnnnggggg” Natalie then blurted out as she came.  I keep on going as she came, completely undeterred by her latest orgasm.  I gave her ass a few more spanks as I pummeled her asshole with my cock. I then stopped.

“Wait, why did stop? What? What are you...oh fuck!’  Natale was confused as I grabbed her legs and pulled her off the couch and I stood up.  I tried my best to keep my dick in her tight hole. When I had her how I wanted, we were in a standing reverse position, both of us looking out in the same direction as I held her up by her thighs (I later googled to find that it was named the butterfly position), and I began to bounce her ass up and down on my dick.  It was not an easy position to keep up, but it didn’t matter because I knew I was going to cum soon anyways.  I kept bouncing her until I felt that my balls were about to burst.  I then purposely fell back on the couch and let gravity do the work of literally slamming Natalie’s ass down as hard and as far as possible onto my dick.  As soon as she slammed down I began emptying my balls right into her rectum.  Natalie was so surprised by everything that she didn’t react.  She didn’t make a sound.  However, it mush have looked pretty hot because I could hear Skyler bring her self to orgasm.

“Wow,”  That was all Natalie had to say when she finally regained the ability to talk.  By that point, she had a full load in her ass, my cock, while still inside her, was starting to go flaccid, and Skyler was laying on the floor enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm.  We all just stayed there for a while, before Natalie got up to go to the bathroom and clean up, and then we all got redressed. The ladies took up their shopping bags and we walked out to the lobby of my office.

“That was fun Ed, you lived up to Natalie's stories,” Skyler said before giving me a kiss and opening the door to leave the office.

“Thank you for everything, even though I might not be able to sit comfortably for a week,” Natalie said.  She then pulled me down for a kiss, slipping in a little bit of tongue, before leaving the office with Skyler.  After they left, I shut the door, turned around and saw Ryan standing in the doorway to his private office.

“I love you man,” he said.  “But we need to soundproof your office.  While you three were doing what you were doing, I had to take a conference call. Not easy to explain away those noises.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“No, you’re not,” Ryan said.

“You’re right, I’m really not.”

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #51 on: October 03, 2019, 07:01:45 PM »
Excellent work again @MiamiLyfe.

You keep knocking it out of the park with this series. Epic in every way.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #52 on: October 04, 2019, 03:06:32 AM »
An immediate thank you for bringing Natalie back and I think Skyler Samuels was the second hottest girl on The Gifted behind Natalie  ;D. Nice to see these two together in this chapter while Ed was lucky enough to fuck them both.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #53 on: March 21, 2020, 11:19:20 AM »
Lucky Bastard 31: The Vancouver Trip pt.1
Starring Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Anal Creampie
Written by MiamiLyfe 
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy. 

It was mid-October 2019 and I was in the backseat of my Lyft, being driven through the streets of a Vancouver suburb.  I had been north of the border for several days at this point, both meeting with people and being taken to visit potential sites for the filming of the next project.  Even though the start date for filming was on hold until Hailee figured out her schedule, I was still trying to get as much of the pre-production stuff done as possible so that we could potentially start shooting as quickly as possible.  While that took up my time the previous days, this afternoon I had some planned downtime and was on my way to visit the Riverdale set. When she found out I was in town Camila texted me, saying that she wanted to meet up and that I should stop by and visit the set.  As I got close to set I texted her, and thankfully she was outside waiting as my car pulled up.  

Camila was dressed in one of her typical Veronica Lodge outfits, a black dress with white trim that went down to about mid-thigh, a pearl necklace, and black heels.  I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, and she walked me past security. We chit chatted about how we were each doing and she asked me what I thought about Vancouver since this was my first trip to the city.  We weaved our way around pieces of equipment and set pieces as she led me back towards a row of trailers. I wasn’t sure what scene they were filming exactly, but I did see K.J. Apa, Cole Sprouse, Charles Melton, and Eli Goree were all talking amongst one another by craft services.

As we got back to the trailers, Camila led me to hers and opened the door.  We were still talking casually and everything seemed like I was just there to visit a friend, that was until the door to the trailer closed with us inside.  As I walked to the middle of the trailer, I heard the click of the door being locked. When I turned around Camila was approaching me quickly, and she pushed me down onto the couch. As my ass hit the couch, she still came toward me.  She bunched up her skirt as she came towards me to give her legs more space to move. I saw a flash of her black panties as she mounted me on the couch and pulled me in for a kiss. I just let her, somewhat stunned for a few seconds as things seemed to go from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye.  I did not really respond until I felt her tongue sliding into my mouth. I then just decided to roll with it, and wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her back. We made out for a few minutes before she finally broke it off.

“God, I can’t wait until I am done filming my scenes,” she said as she rocked herself on my lap.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I said trying to regain some kind of control. “What about your boyfriend? He is here on set.”

“Since when have you carried about monogamy?” She asked as she continued to grind on me.

“Ouch, that hurt,” I said jokingly, but in truth, her words did sting a bit.

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter anyway.  Truth is we broke up a few weeks ago, we just haven’t gone public with it. That make you feel better?”

“A little.”

“Good,” she said before moving back down and kissing me. Our hands explored each other’s bodies more this time as we went back to making out. Just as her hands began reached for the button on my pants we were interrupted by the sound of banging on the trailer door.

“Ugghh, what is it?!” Camila yelled back at the door.

“They finished with the last scene early, so they need you on set,” the person on the other side of the door yelled back.

“Serious? The one time they are actually ahead of schedule,” she said under her breath.  “Okay! Just give me five minutes,” she yelled back. Cami got up off of me and pushed her dress back down and went over to her vanity mirror to touch up her makeup.  She explained how she just had one scene to film left today and that she would be back as soon as she was finished and asked me to just wait for her in her trailer. I agreed and got the remote to her TV and grabbed a bottle of water out of her fridge.  With her make up fixed, she made her way to leave. Before she unlocked it she took one look back at me and stopped. She reached under her dress and lowered her underwear.  

“Here” she flung them back towards me, “Something to keep you thinking about me while I’m gone.”  As she left out the door, I picked up the soft black underwear off my lap. The crotch was both warm and wet, and I did not even need to lift them all the way to my nose to smell the scent coming from them.  I was alone in the trailer for all of 5 minutes before the door opened up.

“Cami you are not going to believe it, I’m so mad.”  Said the angry voice of Lili Reinhart as she swung open the door and stomped up the stairs. I could see just how mad she was, not only by the tone of her voice but it was written all over her face as well.  “He..oh, umm, who are you? Where’s Cami? Why are you in here?” She asked in rapid succession when she saw me sitting alone on the couch. 

“Hi, I’m Eddie,” I said as I stood up to greet her.  ‘We met before at…” 

“Oh my god! Are those Camilia’s panties! Were stealing her underwear Who are you?” Lili interrupted me in a panic.  The panties Camila had tossed to me before she left had fallen to the floor as I stood up.

“No, no, no! This is all just a mixup! Please” I pleaded with Lili.  At this point, she was back to the door but paused for a moment to let me talk. “Okay, look my name is Eddie.  I am a friend of Camila’s. I’m visiting, and she had to run off to go do a scene but asked me to hang out until she wrapped.”

“And her underwear?”

“She kind of tossed me those before running off to set.”

“Okay. And what did you say your name was again?”

“Ed.  Eddie.”  Finally, I saw a spark of recognition in her eyes and she seemed to drop her guard a bit.

“Oh, Eddie. I remember you now, didn’t we hang out at the Teen Choice Awards last year?”

“Yes, that was me. I was Natalie’s date at the show.”

“Okay,” she said as she moved away from the door and stepped up the stairs. 

“So yeah, I guess they are ahead of schedule so that’s where Camila is.  Who were you so mad at?”

“Fucking Cole. I swear he makes me so mad at times.”

“Well, I might not be Camila, but if you need someone to vent to I can do that.”  I sat back down on the couch and Lili took a seat next to me. She spoke to me for a while about something Cole had done, basically, he was just acting like a dick, and I sat there listening and commenting occasionally.

“God, sometimes I wish I could those rumors about us breaking up were right.” she sighed while tilting her head back to rest on the back of the couch.

“That all sucks,” I finally said after having let her vent for a while.  “Wish there was something that I could do to help.” 

Lili rolled her head to the side and looked back at me.  Her eyes looked into mine and then drifted down before coming back up to meet my eyes again. She grinned and said, “Well, you can’t really help, but there is something you can do.” She then leaned over and took the collar of my shirt and pulled me towards her.  She gave me a light kiss, barely making contact with my lips. “I just thought of the perfect payback,” She then kissed me again, though slightly harder. “Before I go out there and kiss Cole on camera, I’m going to suck your dick. He’ll never know, but I’ll always know that the last thing I had in my mouth before I kiss him is another man’s cock.” Lili now leaned more into me, to the point that she was practically laying on top of me as she pushed her lips back up against mine. I hesitated a bit, but as she pushed her tongue into my mouth I relented and gave in. We made out for a bit, I rotated over and laid on the couch with on leg on the couch and one on the ground, with Lili on top of.  

I moved away from her face and softly spoke into her ear, “Camila could be back soon,” I told her before I began to kiss the crook of her neck.

“Mmmm… Cami told me all about the time you two hooked up. I can’t wait to see if she was telling the truth or not.  It sure doesn’t feel like she was lying,” Lili said as her hands slipped down my body and found a home on my crotch.  One of her hands found a home on top of my hard dick pressing against my jeans, and the other was working on getting my pants undone. Once they were undone, Lili got up off me and backed up down the couch.  She pulled off her sweater and what looked like a white tank top off with one motion and tossed it to the floor. Now in a light pink bra and jeans, she grabbed the waistband of both my pants and boxers and pulled them down.  I saw her eyes light up and her mouth open a bit as my engorged member sprang free. She kept pulling my pants down until the here down to my caves. I let out a moan as I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and her lips kiss my mushroom head.  I gripped the sofa cushion as her lips and tongue worked magic on my dick. 

“You are really good at that,” I complimented her. Her eyes then looked up at me and I could almost see a smile on her lips while they were wrapped around my dick.

“If you think that felt good, I can do something that Camila can’t,” she said proudly.

“Holy fuck,” I said as Lili began to slide more and more of my length down her throat. She slowly moved her mouth down me, then pulled back a little before going down even further. Lili was correct, unlike Camila, she could seriously deepthroat a dick. We stayed like that for a while.  With me laying on my back on the couch and Lili on her elbows and knees on top of me, deep throating me. She had one hand wrapped around the base of my shaft while the other, I could not tell from my angle, but Lili had also unsnapped her jeans and had her hand buried in them. We kept going like that for about five more minutes before the trailer door open.

“What the hell is this? Lili!”  Lili immediately sat up in surprise.

“Shit, sorry,” I said.  “I don’t suppose I can say that this isn’t what it looks like?”

“Considering your dick is out and covered in her saliva, no.”  

“Look let me just explain,” Lili said as she pulled her hand out of her pants with two fingers clearly very wet.  She sucked those two fingers clean and then explained her situation with Cole, and her idea of revenge. Meanwhile Camila stood there listening with her arms folded, her eyes focused on Lili and every now and then subtly shifting to my still exposed member.

“Fine, okay,” Camila said when Lili was done talking, “But they want you on set now so you need to get going. As for you,” she said, focusing on me, “I’ll deal with you later.”  Lili bent down and gave the tip of my dick one last hard suck in her mouth and a kiss before getting up and putting on her sweater. If my rod had softened at all while the ladies were talking, Betty Cooper got me back to full hardness. She whispered something to Camila on her way out, and Cami responded with a smile and just said, “we’ll see.” With Lili out of the room, it was just Camila and I left alone in her trailer. 


“I can’t believe you couldn’t wait for me,” Camila said as she approached me on the couch. 

“I wasn’t planning on it, things just kind of got carried away.”  I started to sit up but she then told me to get back down. Lifting up her skirt, the Brazilian actress exposed her completely waxed vagina, which was already extremely wet.  “I’ll have you make it up to me later for not waiting, but I’ve been waiting for this all day,” she said as she kicked off her heels and got up onto the couch. I meanwhile, reached into my pants pocket and pulled out a condom, began opening it. She put her hands onto my chest, she straddled me and began to grind her sex against my now wrapped manhood.  My schlong had already been wet before from Lili’s mouth, now the latex condom was getting a nice coating from her leaking pussy. We both lightly groaned and moaned as she ground into me on the couch. Pulling her down on top of me more we kissed passionately on her couch. After a few minutes of kissing and humping, Camila pulled away and reached behind her. Lifting her hips she grabbed my dick and rubbed the bellend against her labia. When she was finally ready, she angled my shaft up and lowered herself onto it.

“Oh shit! I forgot how thick you feel,” she said as my dick stretched her out. I could feel her nails through my shirt while she gripped on to me hard as she sank down further onto my cock. Her grip eventually started to loosen as she became more relaxed and began to ride my prick. As she began to work her amazing hips on me, I reached behind her and unzipped the back of her dress before pushing it up off her.  Camila raised her hands as I took the dress off of her. She then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Now naked on top of me, I looked up and admired her fantastically tanned body. I reached up and rubbed my thumb across the tattoo under her right breast before moving my hand further up and caressing her lovely either large B or small C-cups breasts which were topped dark half-dollar sized nipples. Camila began to moan loudly as she increased her movement on me. At one point using her hands to cup mine as I played with her breasts before moving them down her body and then I had me take a firm grip of her ass. The two of us kept going on her couch until she finally tilted her head back a loud screaming moan as she climaxed on top of me.

“Fuck that was great,” Camila said as she climbed off me satisfied while leaving me pent-up and my dick still hard pointing up.

“Wait, what’s happening? I was so close, where are you going?” I asked as Camila sat back on the other side of the couch.

“Because you need to pay a price for getting started without me,” she said as she spread her legs wider. “So you’re going to have to do a bit more to make it up to me” she added as she ran her fingers over her freshly waxed labia lips. I understood what she meant and didn't put up a fight. I moved from on my back to on my stomach and got between her legs.  Her pussy was already nice and wet from the orgasm she had while riding me. I moved my right thumb over her clit and began to rub it while I gave her folds a nice long lick. After several long licks where I got a good taste of juices, I then really started to go in there and eat her and finger her out. She made me eat her out until she came not once but two times.  The second time her leg, which was up over my shoulder, twitched as she used both her hands to press the back of my head between her legs. My lips were locked on. Sucking her clit until she finally calmed down she let go of the back of my head and I finally sat back up.

“So have I made up for fooling around with Lili yet?” I asked.

“Not quite, but you’ve done an adequate enough job so far.”

“Adequate? Wow. That feels insulting.”

“Oh please,” she said as she then grabbed my dick, “two minutes from now you are not going to be caring about what I said.” She then moved in on me to kiss me and slid her tongue into my mouth, all the while keeping her hand on my dick using her well-manicured hand to slowly stroke me.  As we kissed I moved her into place. I dragged her to the center of the couch. I raised one of her legs up, breaking off the kiss with her lips I kissed her calf up to her mid inner thigh. I then rested her leg up on my shoulder while she wrapped her other leg around me. Camila wiped my dick along her folds before she tightened her leg around me and my cock slid into her.  After having a constant erection for probably over an hour at this point, I was going hard and fast. Thrusting as quickly as I could, but Camila didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to rather enjoy how determined I seemed to get off. After 5 more minutes, I was getting close but I wanted to change things up. I moved her leg off my shoulder and told her to roll over.  

Camila did so happily while also moving to the end of the couch where she rested over the armrest and thrust her ass back towards me.  I gave her a hard spank, which resulted in a loud but satisfying yelp from her, before grabbing her hips and began pounding her doggy style.  Even if I had not known it Camila seemed to leave little doubt that she really loved doing it doggie. She was moaning the loudest that she ever had the whole time we’d been in her trailer and even had a few words of Portuguese escape her lips.  I was getting close when I reached her out and took her arm. I pulled her so she sat up while I continued to rock my hips. Camila turned her head and looked at me over my shoulder. I leaned in and kissed her lips while my free hand slipped from her hips and to her crotch.  I stumed on her clit with my finger while he continued to fuck and make out. It didn’t take more before I finally came, filling up the condom I had on like a water balloon, and the Riverdale was not far behind. Moaning into my mouth as we continued to kiss. 

The two of us rested on the couch a bit before I finally got up and removed the condom and tossed it. I thought about putting on my clothes, but looking over at Camila naked on the couch posing like Rose in Titanic, it quickly got my blood pumping again.  

“You interested in another round?” I asked as I walked over to the couch. When I stopped, my now reinvigorated man meat was staring her dead in the eyes.  Camila let out a moan, as she reached out and took hold of the base of my dick. She swirled her tongue around the head of my dick before speaking.

“Mmmm, that does sound tempting,” she said before lifting my dick and lowering her head. She opened her mouth and I felt her tongue dance around by testicles.  She used her tongue to play with them before pulling one in and sucking on the ball between her lips. She did that a few times, switching between my testicles before finally speaking again, “but I have plans for us tonight.”  And with that, she quickly got off the couch and went to clean up and get dressed.

“You’re going to leave me in this state again?” I teased.

“Yup, just try not to fuck one of my friends before I get my chance again.”

The two of us redressed and as we did that our conversation went back to Lili and what she was talking about earlier.  Camila suggested that she come out with us tonight and I quickly agreed. Once dressed we left the trailer and went to find Lili.  We found her hanging out in a tent, waiting around for the crew to set up the new camera position so she could shoot her last scene of the night.  Camila went to go talk to Lili as I went and got another bottle of water from craft services. By the time I got back to join in on the conversation, it was over and Lili had agreed to come out. Since we had some time to kill, Camila showed me around the set for a bit before we just went back to the tent to hang out.

Once Lili was ready the three of us left, making a stop back to the city we got something to eat.  The ladies dropped me off at my place. They were heading back to Camila’s place to shower and get changed before we headed out to wherever Cami was planning to take us.  Two hours later I showed up at Camila’s door, I could hear the music pounding through the door. I knocked loud enough to make sure it could be heard over the music. I had to do it twice, but eventually, the door opened and I was greeted by the sight of Lili’s face.


“Thank god you’re here.  Camila has been doing some pregaming while waiting” I followed Lili in. She was dressed in a short dress with open-toed heels, and Camila was dressed in a similar short dress but her shoes had been kicked off and she was dancing by herself with a drink in her hand.

“Eddie!” Camila yelled when she saw me.  She downed her drink before running over and giving me a hug. “It’s about time you got here,” I could smell the tequila on her breath as she spoke.

“Well, I’m here, ready to go?” I asked.

“I just gotta pee and then we can go,” Camila said before rushing out of the room.

“She usually let loose like this?” I asked Lili.

“Not really, but between being single, us not having to work until a night shoot tomorrow, and you showing up, she’s ready to cut loose. Maybe that’s why she wanted to make sure I tag along as well tonight.”

“Why’s that?”

“Camila may only date guys, but let’s say her interests get a bit more fluid when she drinks like this.”

“Really? I had been told that you were the one who has trouble keeping her hands off Cami when you drink.”

“What? Who told you that?”

“I’m not sure actually. Just something I’d heard.”

“Well, whoever told you that was wrong. She’s the one who is always hitting on me. And Mads too at different times.”

“And you’ve let her from time to time I’m guessing.”

“I will neither confirm or deny that,” Lili said, and then with a slight smile added, “I will just say that, as I am sure you are aware, she does have an incredibly talented tongue.” I chuckled at that, but before I could say anything Camila reentered the room with her clutch in her hands and also quickly gathered her shoes.  Once those were on, the three of us left and got in an Uber, and headed out towards Bar None. As soon as we got there I got the ladies’ drink orders and headed to the bar while they went back and got us a table. As I moved towards the front of the line at the bar I overheard a conversation between two guys behind me. 

“Holy fuck, dude, check her out,” one guy said.

“Shit, wow.  You think the carpet matches the drapes?”

“Nah, I’d bet she’s got some hardwood floors.”

“I hope not. I love redheads, they’re wild in bed. And I really love them with a nice trimmed red bush.”


I finally turned and looked to see who they were talking about, and that is when I found out that Lili wasn’t the only co-star who would be joining Camila and I. Walking right past us was Madelaine Petsch, in a short dress and her flowing red hair.  She didn’t seem to see me and I didn’t bother calling out to her either as I assumed I’d see her at the table with her Riverdale co-stars. I turned back getting set to tell the bartender my order when I heard one of the guys behind me speak up again. 

“Damn, and she has a hell of an ass on her too.”

I grabbed the drinks, including an extra one for Madelaine, and headed back to find the women.  Sure enough, the three of them were sitting around a half circle couch.

“Hello Ladies,” I said as I put down the drinks.

“Oh wow, the waiters here are cute,” Mads said jokingly.

“I agree,” Camila added, “Maybe he should join us.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said playing along, “I don’t need this job that much anyway.”  I then slid into the spot that was obviously left open for me next to Camila. The four of us sat around talking for a while, with Cami occasionally putting her hand on me and rubbing my inner thigh.  While talking I did find out that in actuality Madie had invited herself to meet the three of us out. She’d talked with Lili between takes about her plans for the night, and after hearing the plans decided to meet us out. After two more drinks, Camila and Madelaine were tired of sitting around and wanted to go hit the dance floor.  I am not a big dancer, but I still promised to meet them all out there once I finished off my drink. As I watched the three CW stars walk away I also noticed at least a dozen guys eye-fuck them as they walked by.

True to my word, after I finished my drink I did meet the women on the dance floor.  I was a bit stiff, but nonetheless I was the envy of a bunch of guys there as I danced in the middle of a group of three gorgeous women.  Camila and Madelaine danced up against me seductively while Lili was a bit more reserved, but as the night went on and had some bottles brought back to our table, I began to loosen up on the dance floor and so did Lili. I continually found myself by a shifting group around me.  I’d occasionally find myself alone one-on-one on the dance floor or back at the table with all three actresses. Currently, I was sitting at the table with Madelaine, both of us sipping on some water trying to rehydrate.

“God it’s getting late,” She said as she looked at her phone. “I should probably get going, will you tell Cami and Lils I said goodbye?”

“Yeah, sure no problem.”

“By the way,” She said as she slid closer and lowered her voice. “I know you have your hands full tonight, but Camilia has told me a number of things about you and Lili told me about what happened in the trailer.  I just want you to know that at some point I am going to want a taste myself.”

“A taste huh? I thought you’re a vegan?”

“I am, but I still enjoy having a big piece of meat inside me.”  She then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “But again, that is for another time. Bye.” 

With Madelaine sliding out of the booth and heading for the door, I also got up and made my way back to the dance floor. I walked around a bit before I found Lili and Camila dancing together.  What also caught my eye was Camila's hands rubbing and exploring Lili’s body. Once I got close enough that she saw me, Camila pulled me in close and soon the three of us were grinding up on one another to the beat of the music.  After a couple of songs, I had Camila with her back to me grinding on the front of me and Lili grinding behind me. I felt Cami’s hand sliding up my body before moving behind my head and pulling me down to her as she raised up to kiss me. We kissed passionately on the dance floor for a minute before I was spun around. I was now looking Lili in the eye as we danced together. I saw her bite her lip slightly as she looked up at me, and with that, I decided to make a move as I bent down to kiss her. She immediately began kissing me back. As I made out with Lili on the dance floor, I lost track of Camila, only to discover as I pulled away from Lili that the dark-haired beauty was now standing right beside us. My lips were not free for long because as soon as they were free of Lili and I had located Camila, I found Camila’s lips planted on my own.  As our lips locked I looked out of the corner of one eye and saw Lili standing there watching up. I used my arms to wrap around each woman to bring them even closer and then used my hand to cup each ass. When I broke off my kiss with Camila I did not hesitate before moving right back to Lili who was very eager to kiss me back. 

After a minute or two of making out with Lili I backed off to return to Camila, but once I stopped kissing the lovely blond, Camila ignored me and went to kiss Lili. Watching the two co-stars kiss, I could clearly see Cami slipping her tongue to Lili.  I also then noticed that I was not the only one watching what was going on with the two television stars. I hated to do it, but I had to interrupt the two of them and suggest that we get going and head somewhere private before a video of us ends up on the internet.  They agreed, and I went to pay our tab as they went to go grab their purses. The three of us quickly piled into the backseat of an uber Camila had called. It was a pretty short ride back to Camilia’s place, and while Lili and I did the best we could to be on our best behavior, Camila was a bit more daring.  Almost as soon as the car started moving I felt her put her hand on my upper middle thigh and she began talking dirty into my ear, telling me all the things she was going to do to me at her place. At one point telling me to not worry about a condom tonight, cause she waited to eat my load out of Lili.

It wasn’t long after that I found out it wasn’t just my thigh that Camila was rubbing.  I thought it was just me that Brazilian actress was playing with until I heard Lili take a big breath from the other side of the car.  Looking across the car I could see Lili trying to hold her dress in place while Camilia’s left hand was currently up under it. While I could not see exactly what her hand was doing, based on the look on Lili’s face it was pretty clear what was happening. Camila kept toying with us the rest of the car ride. When the car stopped at our destination I climbed out of the car first, with a very obvious bulge in my pants. Camila slid out after me, and as Lili was getting out of the car Camila took me by surprise and slipped two very wet fingers into my mouth. There was a very distinct taste to her fingers, and I knew exactly what that taste was since the two fingers in my mouth were two of the fingers that were just up Lili’s dress.  

Lili looked up at me and blushed as she stood up, knowing full well which fingers were in my mouth and what it was I was tasting. Camila pulled her fingers from my mouth as she heard Lili slam the door shut. The three of us then walked locked armed into the building and went up to Camila’s apartment. 

“Anyone want a drink?” Camila asked as we entered her place.  Both Lili and I told her no. “Yeah, I’m not that thirsty either.  Or at least not thirsty for a drink anyways” Camila responded giving me some serious ‘fuck me’ eyes. I excused myself from the living room to go to the bathroom.  When I reemerged, there was no sign of either of them in the living room or kitchen. I walked deeper into the apartment and saw no sign of either of them until I found the master bedroom.  There on the middle of the bed, Lili was pinned on her back with Camila on top of her. Camila was kissing Lili and I could see her hand pulling one of the straps to her dress down off of her shoulder.

“Well, now I know how you felt earlier today,” I said loudly to announce my presence. Camila just smiled brightly as she turned her head and saw me watching them.

“Doesn’t feel great does it?”

“I don’t mind that much actually,” I told her.

“I told you it was her who couldn’t keep her hands off me, and not the other way around,” Lili said from underneath Cami.

“And yet you don’t seem to be putting up a fight to stop her,” I replied.  Lili just shrugged playfully in responses.

“She loves it,” Camila said, “but since you are our guest of honor, you should probably come and join us.”

I unbuttoned and took off my shirt as I approached the bed.  Camila slid down Lili’s dress to her waist before getting off of her. Lili’s nipples were a dark pink almost reddish color with areolas that were larger than Camila’s.  As I went over to the bed, Lily got off of it. Pushing her dress off, leaving her in only her panties. Camila meanwhile was also busy stripping out of her clothes and was already nude when she pulled me onto the bed. I rolled onto my back. Camila’s fingers began to do their magic of undoing my pants.  Once she had my fly and belt undone, Camila slipped to the floor, and she and Lili worked in tandem to remove my pants.

“I can’t believe you actually had this thing in your ass,” Lili said as my erection sprang free and she took hold of my shaft.

“Well, seeing is believing and if things go right you’ll be seeing it a little later on,” Camila replied.  The two women then went to work on my tool. They passed it back and forth, each taking it for a quick suck and tease with their tongue before passing back to the other. The two then began running their mouths and tongues along the side of my dick simultaneously, and nearly in unison.  The two only did that for a quick minute or two before they each demonstrated their special ability. Lili started to deep throat me while Camila moved down and used her tongue and mouth to play with my balls. Separately, what each woman was doing to me would have felt utterly amazing, but with both going at the same time, I lack the words to describe how amazing it felt.  It was almost too much to handle. It did not take long for me to have to stop them.

“Holy shit, holy shit, you both need to stop.” 

“What’s the matter, are we too much for you?” Camila asked seductively.

“If by too much you mean the two of you need to stop or I’ll cum, then yes. Fuck.” I said. While Camila had stopped as she spoke, Lili had kept on sucking until Camila finally got her to stop.  Even once she stopped, I still had to keep still because I was so close to the brink there was a chance I might cum anyways. As I was hoping to calm myself for a bit, the two ladies got up on to the bed with me. Camila got up on the right side of me and Lili on my left.

“You doing alright?” Lili asked.

“Yeah, I just wanted to make sure I did pop my load off too soon.  But I think I am good now.” I then rolled to my left and kissed Lili a few times. 

“Hey! What about me?” Camila complained about being left out.

“I’ll get to you in a second, but there is something I need to try first,” I told her as I moved down Lili’s body until I found myself sliding off the bed and down to my knees. I then took hold of the blond actress’s last remaining piece of clothing. Pulling her underwear off I was treated to the sight of her lovely blond landing strip just her above her already glistening wet putty lips. With her underwear gone, I put a hand on each of her thighs and moved my head between her legs.  I slowly moved my tongue along her folds, moving my hands closer, I opened up her lips and really stuck my tongue into her. I made sure to try and use my tongue to flick some of her most sensitive areas while also getting a good taste of her.

“Doesn’t she taste amazing?” Camila asked as she watched us. I pulled my head away and side one of my long fingers inside so I could speak.

“I knew that from when you had me taste your fingers, but she is even better straight from the source.”

“Well, now you know why I enjoy playing with her when I get the chance.” I slipped another finger into Lili and brought my lips down to suck on her clit.  Camila watched on as I continued to work on her friend, but as Lili’s breathing quickened and moans became higher pitched, Camila was becoming more frustrated. “Alright, that’s enough,” Camila exclaimed. “He came here for me and I need to get mine.”

Camila pushed my face away from Lili and got on her back right next to Lili. I slid over to Cami and got between her legs.  I only gave her a quick few teasing licks before getting up and slapping my wood against her honey pot. 

“Fucking give it to me already,” Camila ordered. I grabbed her hips and plowed my full length into her.  Camila grabbed on to the comforter and had a silent scream before finally saying “Shit! My god that feels amazing.”  I then started to pump in and out of her.

“Alright, now what am I supposed to do now?” Lili said frustrated that she had been left hanging.

“Sit on my face of course, What else?” Camila responded. Lili happily obliged. She straddled and lowered herself on Camila’s face, and was soon enjoying the feel of her costar’s tongue work her womanhood.  And I continued to pleasure Camila, I now found myself looking right into the blonde’s eyes as she moaned in pleasure. I leaned forward and began flicking Camila’s hard nipple with one hand while I took one of Lili’s into my mouth and began to suck on it. I soon flipped to the other nipple, before kissing my way up to Lili’s lips.  The two of us made out while I continued to fuck Camila, and Camila ate out Lili. Lili came as we kissed but she still kept going, grinding her sex on Camila’s face. After breaking off the kiss, I whispered into the Betty Cooper actress's ear. After she heard what I had to say, she smiled in response. I then stood back upright and Lili leaned down until she flat on top of Camila.  She began using her tongue to lick the top of Camila’s pussy and clit, while continued to fuck her. Picking up one of Camila’s legs to really spread her open, I could also now feel Lili’s tongue on occasion flick against my manhood while it pistoned in and out of the Veronica Lodge actress.

With me and Lili both working her vagina, it only took minutes before the shapely tanned leg I was holding began to twitch and the sounds of Camila’s muffled orgasmic screams could be heard from under Lili.  Having made one Riverdale woman reach her bliss, I pulled out and knew I was about to experience the other for the first time. Lili climbed off Camila as I asked her how she wanted it, and she said she wanted to be on top. 

 I got on the bed and laid down next to where Camila had just been laid out.  When I was down with my head on the pillows, Lili climbed over to me and eventually settled on top of me.  I saw Camilia’s head pop up over Lili’s shoulder as she took hold of my cock. Pointing my dick straight up Lili rubbed it against herself for a minute before pushing my head between her lips. She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and let out a grunting moan as I entered her.

“Doesn’t he feel good?” Camila asked Lili while reaching around and cupping her breasts.

“Umhmm,” she moaned in agreement.  “Really good,” she said as she continued to work more and more of me into her.  I used my fingers to stroke her clit to try and get her to relax and loosen up. While not the tightest pussy I had ever been in, Lili was still really tight. She only worked herself about two thirds the way down my cock before stopping. She began working herself up and down my rod.  Camil stayed behind Lili, kissing her neck and the side of her face as her hands worked her breasts. Lili began rocking herself more quickly on top of me.

“Ughhh, god it feels so good,” Lily said.

“Yeah, you like his dick?” Camila asked.

“I love it!”

“You should let him take over, you’ll feel even better. Want Eddie to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes do it. Fuck me.”

“You heard her Eddie, give it to her,” Camila said as she backed away from Lili.  I then took hold of Lili and rolled us over. We switched over from cowgirl to missionary.  I continued to keep going at the moderate pace and depth that Lili was doing while on top of me.  I then bent down and kissed her while we continued to have sex. It was while we were kissing that I finally pushed my full length into her.  I could feel Lili moan into my mouth and her nails dig into my back as I bottomed out into her.

“I think she likes it,” I heard Camila say teasingly while off to the side watching us.  I upped my tempo with Lili, and I began to really hammer her the same way I was with Camila earlier. At this point, Lili wasn’t doing much more than just holding on as I used her body.  I watched her eyes roll back as she had a mini orgasm while I tweaked her nipples. After I sat up and moved my hands to her hips, I felt Camila move behind me. She pressed her breasts against my back and wrapped one arm around me, while I continued to pump into Lili.  

“Shoot your load inside her. I want to eat your tasty cum out of delicious pussy” Camila spoke softly into my ear, and then in a louder voice said, “Lili, tell Ed how badly you want him to cum inside you.” 

“Umm, yes,” Lili moaned. “I want to feel you go off inside of me.”

“See, she wants it. She wants it badly. Do it, fill her up.”  Between Lili’s cries as she came and Camila’s dirty talk into my ear, I could not hold back any longer.

“Alright, fine. You both want me to bust my nut inside Lili? Here.  Here it comes,” I said as I finally stopped holding back and blew my entire load into the blonde Riverdale star.  When I was finally done cumming I withdrew from Lili and moved to the side. And as I got out of the way, Camila showed how serious she was about wanting to eat my seed out of Lili, as she dove headfirst between Lili’s pale thighs.  Lili had barely been able to come down from her last orgasm as Camila began to do a number on her vagina, using her tongue and fingers to get deep inside her. Watching those two go at it and living out the fantasy of just about anyone who’d ever seen an episode of Riverdale, helped me recover in almost no time.  

With a renewed erection I moved to get behind Camila, but she stopped me and asked me to lay down.  I did so and then she moved so she could straddle my waste, while also staying bent over far enough that she could keep eating out her friend. Cami lowered onto my cock and began grinding herself on my dick.  I began to hear Lils climax once again, but from my angle, all I could see was Camila’s big beautiful tan ass, and my pole sliding in and out of her smooth hairless pussy. After Lily’s orgasm cries died down, Camila spun around to face me, though she never let hardon slide out of her.

Even though her mouth had just been used to eat my own cum out of Lili’s snatch, I was too turned on to care as Camila pulled me in for a kiss as she rode me.  When we broke off the kiss, Cami had a dirty smirk on her face, and while I thought I knew the reason, she spoke up and told me the true reason.

“Lils said that she couldn’t believe I could fit that fat cock of yours into my tight little ass, why don’t we show her.” Her eyes lit up and her eyebrows raised in excitement as she spoke.

“Sounds good me,” I replied.  Camila climbed off me and crawled to her nightstand.  She opened a drawer and pulled out some lube. She had Lili put out her hand and squeezed some of the lube onto it.  Lili then began to stroke my dick with her lube covered hand. Meanwhile, I took the lube from Camila and got her ass ready.  In minutes we were good to go.

“Stand over there,” Camila told me as she pointed to the middle of the room, off of the bed.  I followed her instructions. When I got to the spot and turned around, I found Camila right behind me.  She reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and then lifted herself up. Soon I had my hands wrapped under Camila’s legs, as the 5’2” actress had her arms and legs wrapped around me. She then looked over her shoulder at Lili who was sitting on the bed watching us.  “Lils, come over here and put him in me.”  

Lili was hesitant at first, but she slowly got off the bed and walked over to us in the middle of the room.  She reached under Camila and took hold of my dick.  

“Get down on your knees, so you can get a better look.”  Lili's big green eyes looked up at Camila, and then she looked at me before looking back at Camila before dropping down to her knees.  I could feel Lili moving my dick into place. Once I felt my cockhead up against her tight asshole, I lurched forward and lowered Camila.

“Oh wow,” Lili said as she had an up-close view of my bellend pushing into her ass and then slowly slid more and more of my shaft into her. “He’s really stretching you out. How does that feel?”

“Un-fucking-believable, but in the best way possible,” Camila answered in a moan that left her head tilted back looking up at the ceiling.  “You should really try it.”

“Umm, no.  I’m not ready for all that.  I’ll just watch for now.” And that is what she did.  She watched as I slowly began to fuck her costar’s ass almost right in front of her face.  As I began bouncing Cami with more tempo, Lili moved from sitting on her knees to sitting on her ass with her legs spread as she played with herself.  I could hear Lili moan softly, but just barely over the moans and words coming out of Camila’s mouth as she continued to enjoy the feeling of getting her back door penetrated.

As much fun as I was having, bouncing Camilia’s ass up and down on my ass, we did go back onto the bed into the more conventional doggie position.  She stuck her beautiful Brazilian ass in the air and she loved as I gave it a nice hard slap before reinserting my cock back into her ass. With her already stretched out, there was no need to take it easy on her. I gave it to her as hard as I knew she could take it.  Lili also joined us on the bed. Sitting up at the head of the bed, she sat with her legs wide open and fingered herself as she watched us.

“Do it, Eddie, do it! Cum in my ass” Camila yelled minutes after she had just come herself.  I was only too happy to give her what she wanted. I grabbed onto her waist and gave her one final hard thrust forward, jamming my full length into her, and then firing my load deep into her bowel. Camila moaned loudly as she felt the contents of my balls empty into her ass. 

When it was over we all laid in bed getting a little rest before Camila and I went to take a shower to clean up.  As we washed each other, it wasn’t long before Lili came in to join us. You could blame the fact that the three of us were in the same shower had caused things to become cramped, but if we were being truthful, that wasn’t the real reason why the three of us were standing so close to one another and kept rubbing up against one another.  And of course, as is the way with horny people in their 20s, the naked rubbing in the shower soon led us back into the bedroom. The two of them bent down on knees and elbows facing away from the edge of the bed while I stood behind them, alternating between doing one doggystyle and fingering the other. With Lili, I would hold onto her hip as we went at it, but when I would pull out of her and slide over to Cami I had to keep my hand free as she would beg me to slap her ass as we screwed.  I could clearly see a red handprint on her Brazilian ass at this point from all the times she’d asked me to do it.  

“I’m not going to last much longer, where should I finish?” I asked as II drilled my cock in and out of Veronica Lodge.

“Cum on Lili’s chest, I want to lick it off of her,” Camila said breathlessly.

“Yes. Please give it to me.  I need it, so close,” Lili pleaded as I brushed her g-spot with my fingers. I gave Camila one last hard spank before pulling out of her.  I then flipped Lili over and onto her back. After I pushed my dick into her and began thrusting, Lili wrapped her legs around my waist. I used my thumb to play with Betty Cooper’s clit.  Camila soon joined the action by playing with Lili’s breasts.  

“Ummm...yes, yes...ummmm...almost there, almost…” Lili moaned, and just like her, I could feel my own orgasm quickly approaching. 

“Fuck Lil, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Not yet, not yet, almost,”  she begged. This was going to be a photo finished to the end, and with her legs wrapped around me, I really was not able to pull out if I tried.  I tried rubbing her clit faster, hoping to set her off quicker. 

“Uggghhhaaahhh.” Lili moaned as she came and right about the same time I grunted and began to fire off.  The first two blasts went right into Lili, but I was able to eventually pull out and finished cumming by raining my jizz down on her stomach and breasts.  When it was over, both I and Lili found ourselves tired and out of breath, meanwhile, Camila still had the energy inside her to suck my dick and lick Lili’s body clean of any of my spunk.

After that, the three of us got under the covers and got ready to get some much-needed sleep.  Though I believe Camila was still hoping for a little bit more because as I drifted off to sleep on my side with her tucked up close to me, she kept rubbing her lovely ass up against me. Trying awake my cock for one more round.

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #54 on: March 21, 2020, 05:41:51 PM »
It's near impossible to go wrong with either Camila or Lili alone. Combining them goes to INSTANT perfection. Hot work.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #55 on: March 31, 2020, 11:13:09 PM »
Lucky Bastard 32: Vancouver pt. 2
Starring Katherine McNamara
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Sex Tape
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

After the wild night I had with Camila and Lili, I spent the next morning and much of the afternoon with both of them. Both just hanging out and also having some mature adult fun as well.  Unfortunately, after I left their company it was back to work for me. Outside of going down to the hotel gym to get a little exercise and to get some food, I did not leave my hotel room. I spent much of my time the next two days on my phone and on my computer responding to emails. On the third day, I was in the middle of a late afternoon nap when I was awoken by a series of text from Katherine McNamara.  I owed her dinner and tonight was the night I was finally going to pay up. I texted her back and then got up.

After taking a walk around the block to help wake me up, I took a shower, put on some fresh clothes, and went to go pick up Kat in my rental car.  I texted her as I pulled up, and the blond television actress walked on dressed in a low cut dark grey v-neck t-shirt, jeans, black heels, and a black jacket.  I was not going to go cheap on our dinner and since she had grown up on Kansas City barbeque, I’d gotten us a reservation at Gotham Steakhouse. Gotham also has a good size scotch and wine menu which I knew to be her drinks of choice. The ride over to the restaurant was a little awkward at first.  Even though we’d been texting for the past few months, the last time we actually saw each other in person was the night of the after-party where she caught me in the bathroom hooking up with Isabela Merced, and then had me send her a video of Hailee and I having sex. So it was a very awkward way to start a friendship.  Thankfully though, as time went on, the awkward tension started to ease and we both relaxed. 

After we were seated for dinner we talked about how we got started in our current careers, her’s into acting and my weird path so becoming a producer. I talked about the movie that I was planning on shooting in Vancouver, and she then told me how she was going to be the lead on an Arrow spinoff show.

“I gotta say, you’re actually smarter than I thought you were when we first met. I kind of thought you were just one of those arrogant assholes who happened to be well endowed.”

“Oh, I am though, or at least that is who I was for a long time anyway.”

“Are you saying you’ve gone soft?”

“Soft is not a word something anyone has ever used to describe me,” I said with heavy innuendo, “but I guess I have matured a bit.  Plus it probably doesn’t hurt that I learned quickly that in Hollywood with the way you ladies talk, one good hookup can really open up the door to a lot of other future experiences.  And in the same way, some guys can get blacklisted pretty easily when it comes to hookups. So I was smart enough to know that I needed to be a lot nicer.”

“Well, that goes to show that you do have some brains.”

“True, but I don’t think anyone has ever really described me as smart.” This made her laugh a bit.

“Seriously though, I looked you up.  You’ve been in making films for only two years and seem to have a better grasp on the industry than a lot of other people I’ve met. That takes some brains.”

“Thanks, but I’ve just gotten lucky I think, plus I actually found something I like. God knows I didn’t get great grades in school.”

“You were a bad student?”

“I just coasted.  Getting B’s and C’s while putting in as minimal effort as possible.  I did have one teacher sho did say that if I tried I’d probably be an honors student.”

“And you just didn’t feel like trying?”

“His daughter made a much more persuasive argument for keeping my lifestyle the same.”

“Do I even want to know?”

“We had sex after school almost every Thursday during my junior year.”

“Nope, didn’t need to know that,” she laughed. “So speaking of sex, how are things with Hailee?”  I told her that things were going well as our appetizer arrived. As we ate, I talked about how Hailee and I first met, how we became friends with benefits, and how we got to our current situation where we are dating but were in an open relationship.

“So what about you?” I asked.  “We’ve talked about my relationship status, what about yours?  Are you dating anyone?”

“Not dating, no,” she said with a smirk.

“Alright, a friend or several friends with benefits then?”

“There is one guy.  His name is Carlos and he works in finance. We’ve been getting together for over a year.  He really knows what I like.”

“Any chance for anything more?”

“I don’t know.  I like him a lot, and we get along great. We’ve even met each other’s parents, but I’m happy with the way things are right. I’m not really interested in anything more or settling down right now.”

“Okay. So Carlos the only one you hook up with regularly?”

“There was another guy for a while, but things had to stop for now.”


“We wanted more. He wanted to go exclusive, but like I said I’m not looking for that right now.”

“That sucks for him.  Just curious, did they know about each other?”

“No they didn’t, but I know he was hooking up with other women as well. I did tell him about Carlos afterward when telling him about not wanting to go exclusive.”

“I hope he didn’t think he was the only one you were hooking up with before that.  That’d really suck.”

“Why do you say that?” 

“Because, he gets up the nerve to make a big ask like go exclusive and not only does he get turned down, but he finds out another guy.  That’d be a serious gut punch.”

“Yeah, it was not a fun conversation,” Katherine said with some sadness.  Thankfully our entrees arrived a moment later to change the mood back to something lighter. As dinner went on, the wine continued to flow and by the time our plates were cleared and dessert had arrived, our conversation had become very flirty.  She commented on how Isabela seemed to be enjoying herself, and how she had watched the video of Hailee and me on more than one occasion since that night. She also informed me that she had been doing research on me other than just my professional accomplishments.  I had known that Kat and Olivia Holt were friends, but I didn’t realize how good of friends they were until I found out how much Liv had been telling her about me. It was while she was talking about some of the things Olivia had told her, and some of the pictures and videos she had sent her, that I could feel Kat’s leg running up against mine.

After our plates were cleared, the waiter tried to ask if we would like anything else, but before he could even complete his question Kat told him no thanks and we’d just take the check.  When the bill arrived at the table, the Arrow actress made a big show of picking the bill off the table and handing it to me to pay. I just rolled my eyes as I took out my credit card and put it on the bill without even bothering to look inside to see how much it was. After the bill was paid we got back in my car and drove back to her place.

“Do you want to come in?” she asked innocently when we arrived.

“Ugghh, I don’t know. Do I? I do need to be somewhere in the morning”  I asked.

“Trust me, you definitely want to come in,” she told me with a bit of a rye smile.  Parking the car I followed Katherine into her home while shooting in Vancouver. I looked around her place as I continued to follow her after we entered and she took off her jacket and tossed her purse.  We soon found ourselves in the kitchen.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked while already pulling two glasses out of the cabinet.

“Sure, why not.”

“Scotch or tequila?”

“Tequila, I guess. Never been much of a scotch drinker.”

“Really? I love scotch.”  She poured herself about two fingers of scotch and close to a similar amount of tequila for me.  After handing me my glass we did a quick toast and each took a sip of our drinks. Things got quiet after that.  The two of us just stood in her kitchen, neither of us saying anything, but both looking at one another right in the eye, almost unblinking, as we drank. Time seemed to slow down. What was probably only a few minutes felt like an hour. With still probably a quarter of her drink left, Katherine put her drink down on the counter and took a half step toward me. I then downed the rest of my drink. Once I put my glass down, we were like a pair of magnets, pulled together until we were pressed tightly against one another. Our lips, like our bodies, were pressed up against each other.  I could taste the scotch on her lips, but my mind was not really focused on that. Instead, my mind was focused on her tongue. She used a good amount of tongue as we kissed in her kitchen, and I mean that in the best way possible. Her tongue seemed both playful and teasing, always bringing me in for more. The only one who came close to kissing like her was Victoria Justice. As we kissed, we started out with the of us standing perpendicular to her counter, but I soon moved us so that her back was pressed up against the counter, and then she giggled a bit as I picked her up and sat her down on the countertop.

As we continued to make out, my hands slipped down her body to her jeans and she kicked off her heels. Once I had her pants undone, I broke off our kiss and looked down between us.  I took hold of the waist of her jeans and underwear. Knowing what was coming, Kat lifted herself up a bit making it easier for me to pull both down her legs. I could see some hair between her legs but it was not until I had dropped down to one knee, pulled her pants and underwear fully off, and she widened her legs apart that I got a full view of what was going on.  While the sides of her lovely labia lips were perfectly smooth, above her pussy was a thick patch of honey-blond hair. I ran my thumb up along her lips and then through her pubic hair. Katherine said something, but I was not listening as my head moved in between her legs. Almost like how her tongue worked my mouth, my tongue now worked her honeypot. Playfully teasing her with quick flicks of my tongue. I could hear her groaning. She might have enjoyed the feeling of what I was doing, but she was also growing frustrated with my teasing, eventually putting her hand on the back of my head and pushing my face into her crotch, forcing my tongue to penetrate her.  Even with my face pressed against her womanhood, I still continued to tease the actress rather than give her the release that she was practically begging for. Normally I’d love to go down on a woman and get her to cum at least once if not twice before having sex if given the time. That had been my M.O. since my senior year of high school, figuring I was going to enjoy myself regardless so I just wanted to make sure the lady I was with had at least one orgasm. Yet now, with Katherine for some reason, I was having more fun just teasing. Even once I did start to give her my full oral efforts, once I heard her starting to get close I’d either slow way down or turn my head and just kiss up and down the inside of her legs.

“Stop teasing me already,” Katherine yelled out in frustration.

“You want to cum?” I asked as my fingers teased her clit.

“Yes! Please!”

“Stand up and turn around,” I told her as I got up off the floor.  Desperate to climax, she did what I said. I took up my place behind her as I pulled my hard manhood free of my pants. I picked her right leg up and rested it on the counter as she leaned further over the countertop.  I took hold up my dick and slapped it a few times up against her wet pussy. 

“Mmmm, do you have a condom?” she asked as she looked back towards me.

“Yup,” I said as I brushed some of her blond hair out of her face. “I did some research on you two.” I then reached into my back pocket pulling out the strand of three condoms that were in there.  I tore ripped off one, opened it, and put it on. I rubbed my wrapped tool up against her, lubricating my protected cock with her pussy juices. When my dick was nice and wet, I lined up and pushed forward.

“Ahhhoooohhh,” Katherine moaned as her pussy was penetrated. I went about halfway in before pulling out and then pushing my full length inside of her. “Your dick feels amazing,” she said so happily that she almost appeared to be laughing in delight as he started to fuck. She pushed her ass back to me, matching each of my thrust causing the sound of our skin slapping to echo throughout her kitchen.  We’d only been fucking for a few minutes when Kat finally got the release she’d been pleading for earlier. And I must have been teasing her worse than I had previously thought because when she climaxed her pussy gushed so much that I believe she might have actually squirted a bit. Either way, she did leave a small puddle on the tile floor. While I had stopped thrusting as she came, I was still stuffed inside of her.  When she began to come down her high, I began thrusting once again.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she called out breathlessly, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”  Reluctantly I backed away and we both let out disappointing moans as I pulled out of her.  She lowered her leg to the floor, and we began to walk towards her room. 

“Oh wait,” she said, and she then jogged back to the living room and reached down to her purse which was on a chair. While she still had her shirt on, she was still completely bottomless, and from my viewpoint, I had a great view of her ass and her snatch peeking out underneath as she bent over.  I was tempted to walk over, grab her hips, and take her right there. Just as I took a step forward, Kat stood up and turned around. “Got it,” she said as she held up her phone in her hand.

“Why do you need your phone?”

“To record us, obviously.”

“You wanna make a sex tape?”

“Yeah, I do it all the time,” She told me as she approached. “Now come on,” she said as she took hold of my dick and led me to her bedroom.

“Do you actually rewatch the sex tapes you make with guys?” I asked.  While I had recoded myself having sex before, I actually rarely have ever gone back to look at them afterward.

“All the time. It can get kind of lonely some nights living up here while filming,” she explained. As she led me to her bedroom I shed my shirt, just leaving it in the hallway.  Once we got to her room she ordered me to get on the bed, so I pulled off my sneakers and got on the bed. Propping up my head on some pillows I watched as Katherine stood at the end of the bed and began pulling off her shirt. While Katherine McNamara gets credit for being beautiful, having great legs, and great hair, it is almost not mentioned enough how busty the Kansas City native is. Maybe it is because the costumes she wears for most of her shows didn’t show off much cleavage. However as her shirt hit the floor, and I watched as she undid her bra, I can tell you that she does have some incredible breasts.  They looked to be large C-cups with almost no sag at all. Once again I found myself comparing Katherine McNamara to Victoria Justice. VJ breasts are immaculate, possibly the best I’d ever seen, and Kat’s are not that far off. I watched her breast hang and sway as she climbed on the bed, pulled off my pants and then crawled towards me between my legs.

“God, this thing looked big in that bathroom, but up close it is just wow,” the Shadowhunters actress said as she took my hard dick in her hand and played with it.  I still had the condom on, but that did not stop Katherine from using her tongue on the tip. She still had her phone in her hand and began tapping on the screen as she teased me with her mouth.  She then stretched out her arm with the phone. She smiled happily at the camera as she stroked my dick. She lowered her face, almost to give a size comparison of my dick to her face, before giving my cock a nice long lick from root to steam.  Kat then began giving me a blowjob, twisting her hand as she stroked me. While she occasionally looked up at me, her eyes seemed to be more focused on the camera on her phone. When she had my latex-covered cock nice and wet, Katherine handed me her phone and told me what she wanted me to do with it.  She then sat up and I had the phone focused on the tip of my dick and watched as she lowered herself on top of it. She wanted a clear shot of pussy being stretched out as she sunk down my thick pole, and that is exactly what she got. As she started to ride me cowgirl, I panned the phone to get a shot of her breasts bouncing as she grinded on me, and I continued up to her face which smiled in ecstasy as she enjoyed herself. I tried to keep the phone steady as I reached up and felt her soft yet firm breast for the first time without any clothing in the way. 

Kat had me lower the phone again so that it would show her sliding up and down my dick leaving a nice wet coating on it. I watched her ride me for a few more minutes, she used her own hands to play with her breasts. At times it almost seemed like she was playing things up to put on a good show for the camera.  Eventually, she did take the phone from me, changing the angles of how things were shot. I was glad to be rid of it. With both my hands free I was able to take more control. Taking her hips in my hands I moved her up and down, matching her movements with my own thrusts and quickening the pace.

“Ummm, yeah,” Katherine moaned, “Now roll me over.” Doing what she asked, I rolled her onto her back and Kat lifted her legs so her knees were all the way back into her chest.  She also held out her arm so the phone had a clear video of her face and body, and all my dick thrusting into her. However, however before I started drilling her again, I pulled out and dove my face between her legs again.  Using my tongue to lick and suck on her clit, I ate her out for about two minutes before slamming my dick back into her and began hammering her again. She was looking at her phone quite a bit at first as I thrust in and out of her, but after I moved one of my hands off her hip and began to rub her clit hard she paid more attention to me.

“Ugh, wow yes that’s it,” She called out loudly as my fingers worked her clit and my dick worked her g-spot.  Her moans continued to quicken and grow louder. Looking to finally push her over the edge, I used my one remaining free hand to reach out and play with one of her nipples. With me working her three spots now her breathing intensified even more.  Soon I say her eyes roll back and pussy clamped down on me as she came. Once her body finished trembling, her legs relaxed and rested upon my shoulders, and I then reached under her back and lifted her up. I sat back on my heels as I now had the Shadowhunters actress in the air in the shape of a “V” with only her ass touching the mattress.  I started bouncing her body myself this time.

“Fuck you feel great,” I told her.

“You’re pretty good yourself.”

“I’m not sure how much longer I’m gonna be able to hold out,” I told her as I could feel the pressure in my balls begin to build.

“Cum on me,” She said.


“Pull off the condom and cum on me. Right one my bush and stomach.”

“Okay,” I agreed as I continue to rock her body and pound her into me.  I tried to continue to go right up until I couldn’t. I more or less dropped Kat back on to the bed and pulled out.  I did not have the easiest time pulling the condom off, and when I finally did it only took two strokes before I erupted.  I did my best to aim for her patch of hair, but a few powerful bursts went long, spraying her chest before I finally got more control of the aim.  She used her fingers to scoop up some of the jizz that had landed on her stomach and then sucked them clean. Sitting up, McNamara leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. She then took my dick in both her hands and began to play with it in her hands.

“You’re still hard,” she said with some surprise as she used her hands to stroke me.

“Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. Do you have another condom?”

“Of course. Want to go again?”  Kat replied with just a big smile and an excited nod.  I got off the bed and separated the two condoms that remained in my pants pocket. Katherine laid on her back as she watched me slide the prophylactic on.  I then jumped up on the bed and got down on all fours, and starting around mid-calf of her right leg I began kissing my way up her body, obviously lingering a little longer when I got between her legs and to her breast until we were inches apart looking at each other eye to eye and I went down to kiss her.  As we made out on the bed I felt one of her legs wrap around me, which helped me angle my body just right. She moaned into my mouth as I once again sheathed my sword into her. I worked my hips slowly as we continued to kiss. Once again I found her tongue playing with me.

“How do you want it?” I asked, wanting to know what position or tempo she wanted to do it in, as I continued to just make long slow thrusts into her, just teasing both of us to get ready for more.

“In my ass,” she moaned softly.

“Woah, seriously,” I said shocked.

“Yeah. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No of course not. I’ve done it a bunch before.  You just didn’t take me as the type.” My answer made her smile.

“Wanna know a secret,” she then leaned up and put her lips right next to my ear and said, “I love anal.” Her head dropped down to the bed and the big smile and excited look in her eyes told me that she was telling the truth.  I got off of her and she moved quickly. Going into one of her nightstand drawers, she pulled out a bottle of lube and got herself and my cock prepared. Once she got us lubed up, she put the bottle away and picked her cell phone back up, which I had lost track of since right before I was about to cum. She set up her phone on her nightstand to capture her on the bed.  While she was up on all fours and looking right at the camera, I moved right behind the actress. I knew she could see me moving into position via the screen on the phone. When she did not say anything and did not move when she felt the head of my dick brush against her anus, I knew she was ready. I pushed hard, getting my tip into her and then began slowly easing more and more of my shaft into her.

“Oh-ho gawd,” she groaned as I pushed forward. I stopped as it sounded like she had some discomfort.

“You alright?”

“Um-hm,” she said while biting her lip and nodding her head. “You’re just a little thicker than I’m used to. But keep going, it feels good.”  Doing as she said, I pulled out an inch or so before pushing back in. When I was all the way inside, I held in place to let her get used to the feelings and loosen her up a bit. When she said she was ready, I pulled out a bit and then Kat gasped as I both slammed forward and pulled her hips back towards me.  I slowly built up some tempo and as we really started to get going. I no longer tried pulling her back towards me, instead, she was pushing back and meeting each of my thrust forward all on her own. The bed was now really rocking, and looking at her through the image on her phone I could see that was not lying about enjoying anal, the pleasurable look on her face said it all. Not needing to hold on to her hips, my hand roamed her body, playing with her hanging breast, toying with her clit, kneading her ass cheek. 

I got her to climax once from anal she asked me to flip her over. She said she wanted to do it like we were earlier.  Once again she was on her back with her legs in her chest, and once again her phone was in her hand. The only thing that was different was the hole that my cock was buried in. We did it that way for a little bit until we were in a good rhythm.  I then widen her legs apart. She had kept them close together before, but I now had her have her legs about shoulder-width apart. She was unsure of what I was trying to do until she felt it. She felt two of my fingers split her labia lips and press inside her.  I was now fingering her vagina while I fucked her ass.

“Oh wow!” she yelled out, dropping her phone and taking a firm grasp of her bed sheets with both hands. Another charge of pleasure went through her body as I hooked my fingers upward and tried (successfully apparently) to rub her g-spot with my fingers. Having the feeling of both her holes being filled seemed to really set her off.  Katherine was now louder than ever and her body was in constant movement, twisting and pushing against me. Her eyes rolled back and her body shook as she had powerful orgasm possess her body. And watching her climax once again was enough to push me over the edge. Firing off in the condom that was still fully in her ass. 

“Holy shit,” I said after I came and got down next to Kat.

“You said it,” she agreed as she breathed heavily, my eyes unable to look away from her chest as it moved with each breath of hers. The two of us laid in bed, getting a bit of rest after the last hour of action.  We’d not even been done for 10 minutes when Katherine picked her phone back up and began watching the video she’d taken of the two of us.

“This looks really hot. After the video you sent me the night we met, maybe I should send this to Hailee.”

“No,” I said too quickly.

“Wow, that was fast,” Kat said and put down her phone. “You actually really like her, don’t you?”

“I don’t think us laying here naked freshly fucked is the right time to have this conversation.”

“Well, that’s a yes.” Kat picked up her phone and began scanning through her newest sex tape.  She then announced that she was thirsty and was going to get some water, I asked her for a glass as well.  Kat put on an oversized t-shirt as she got out of bed. As she left the room, she lifted up the back of the shirt and pulled on the front of it so the shirt went tight against her back.  With her ass now exposed, she but a little wiggle in her step as she walked out of the room. Looking back over her shoulder to make sure she had my attention.

A few minutes later I joined her in the kitchen.  She was letting her shirt hang free once again, and I had put my pants and shoes back on and had my shirt in my hand.  She handed me a glass of water and I chugged down half of it. She just sipped on hers, as her glass was already almost empty.

“So that was fun,” she said as she put down her glass and brushed some of her hair back. “We should do it again when I get back to LA.”

“Which part, get together for dinner or the sex?”

“Both? Assuming you’re still free and interested.”

“Well,” I said as I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the wrapped condom, “I still have one condom left from tonight, so maybe I’ll just save it till then and  we’ll see what happens.”

“Just the one?” She asked as she pulled it from my fingers.

“Yup, just the one. Bought three. Used two, so…”

“Well, it’d be a shame if something were to happen and it just kind of went to waste, don’t you think?” She asked seductively.  Minutes later her shirt was on the kitchen floor with the open condom wrapper discarded on top of it. My pants and boxers were down by ankles as I faced the counter where Katherine was once again sitting upon. This time though she was naked and moaning loudly as I repeatedly thrust hard into her while her legs were wrapped around my waist. Her head was tilted back while the 5’5” actress thrust her chest out in my face.  One of my hands groped and tweaked one of her breasts while my mouth attacked the other. The round was a lot hotter and harder than the previous ones, resulting in us both climaxing pretty quickly. Kat came first. I could feel her nails dig into me as she gripped my shoulder while crying out in ecstasy. I then found myself two minutes later, slamming myself forward, going literally balls deep into her as I released whatever remained in my balls into the condom I was wearing.  I left Kat’s place minutes later feeling very satisfied and absolutely reeking of sex, which was made obvious to me when I got back to my hotel. On the elevator ride up to my room, there were three other people in there with me, one of whom couldn’t help but comment on exactly how I smelled.

While the next chapter technically will be Lucky Bastard 33 (most likely with Madelaine Petsch), my story Lucky on Christmas Ever with Hailee Steinfeld (https://celebritystorysite.com/index.php?topic=2207) chronologically falls between the end of this story and the start of the next, so if you have not read it yet I recommend checking it out.
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 33 - Getting Freaky With A Wild Blossom
Starring Madelaine Petsch
Codes: MF, Oral, Anal, BDSM, Choking, Spanking, Restraints
Written by MiamiLyfe 
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy. 

“Are you eating pizza in bed?”


“Your life is just falling apart in isolation.”

“No, it’s not. I just don't really have anything else happening today,” I replied to my friend and officemate Ryan as we talked via zoom on my laptop.  It was now the first Sunday in May and thanks to COVID-19 everything in Hollywood had come to a complete stop as all of LA had been placed under shelter-in-place orders for about 7 weeks.  I was supposed to be in Vancouver right now with my latest film about to start production, instead, I was laying in bed wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and eating a freshly cooked DiGiorno frozen pizza. 

“Uh-huh, sure. I should text Hailee let her know that you’re a total trainwreck without her around.”

“Yeah, sure. You do that,” I told him confidently, while also hoping he didn’t follow through.  “So what have you been up to keep you so sane?”

“For one I have someone else here with me. Other than that. you know, just reading a bunch of scripts.  Me and Tristan also just started watching Ozark.”

“Told you that is good.”

“We’re only halfway through Season 1, but yeah you were right.”

“Damn right.  Speaking of Tristan, how is that situation going. You two enjoying spending all that quality time together?”

“So far, so good.  We didn’t think we’d be spending this much time together when he moved in, but it’s been nice,” he said happily.

“Yeah, I bet,” I said with a sigh.

“You’re going stir crazy being alone, aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t say that.”  Ryan didn’t respond but he gave me a look that let me know he thinks I was lying. “I’m good.  I just am trying to find different ways to pass the time.”

“Still can’t convince Hailee to come over for a visit?”

“Not yet.  She’s staying with her family and she has a good set up there for all the media stuff she is doing for her album. She’s also got a bunch of stuff coming to her house for when it drops this week.”

“But you wish she was there with you,” Ryan interrupted my rambling

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“When was the last time you went a month without sex? Your balls must be blue as hell” Ryan laughed as he teased me.

“Do all the years before I first had sex count?”

He laughed. “No. Jesus, Ed. You’ve never had any kind of a dry spell before?”

“Not really, no. Couple weeks here and there, but not over a month.”

“You really are the luckiest guy I think I have ever met.  Does Hailee have any idea what she is in for once this is over?”

I shrugged with a smile in response. “We’ve done the kind of phone sex and have sent some pic and video back and forth, but next time we’re together I’ll be lucky to last a minute and I’ll probably cum so hard I faint.”  This made Ryan laugh again. In part, I was sure he was laughing remembering me telling him about the one other time I did actually faint as I came. I literally fell off the bed I was on and was lucky I didn’t bash my head on the hard floor of my dorm room. 

“So other than Hailee, who was the last person you were with?” he asked me.

“Other than Tristan, who was the last guy you were with?” I shot back sarcastically.

“I hooked up with Jorge on Oscar night. Right before Tristan moved in and we went exclusive.”

“Well, shit,” I responded disappointed that he had called my bluff.

“Yeah, didn’t think I would answer that did ya? So now it’s your turn.”

I sighed, “Fine. It was Madelaine Petsch.”

“The redhead from Riverdale?”

“That’s the one.”

“Oh, was that at Patrick’s party? I saw you two talking.”

“No.  We did talk for a while, but she left to go talk to someone for a moment, and Nina Dobrev kind of swooped in.  And you know Nina, always one looking to sneak off for a quicky.  So she pulled me into a linen closet upstairs.  Just dropped both our pants, she turned and braced her hands against the wall and we did it right there. At one point I had to cover her mouth so we were not found out by some people in the hallway.”

“Yeah, I believe it.  I’ve probably walked in on her mid quickly at least 3 or 4 times at different parties and events.  So when were you with Madelaine?”

“Two days later, on Sunday.”

“Is she really as freaky as I’ve heard.”

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I’m willing to bet that whatever you’ve heard is probably true. She is wild.”


It was midmorning on Sunday and I was alone in my place in Pasadena. Hailee was in New York and I was just taking it easy for the day. I had some music playing in the background while I was reading a book as I laid on the couch. It was nice to be reading for leisure and not just some script for a change. I had been on the couch for about an hour when my phone started to beep with a message notification. Looking at my phone I saw it was from Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch.  We’d only just exchanged numbers two nights ago at a party.  I thought we might hook up that night, especially considering our last interaction before that in Vancouver.  However, that got derailed as before the night ended as Nina snuck me away for a quicky.

“Are you busy today?” Her message asked.  I replied no, and then she asked if I would be willing to come over to her place this afternoon.  With her now ex-boyfriend Travis Mills gone there was something that she needed help with.  I assumed this meant moving furniture around or something similar.  Some kind of project she might have taken up post-breakup.  I debated what to reply for about it for a minute or two before I finally agreed and told her I could be there at around three o’clock.  She sent me her address and thanked me.  I then went back to reading for a bit.  Eventually, I got up, made myself some lunch, and then took a shower.  Thinking I was going to be moving stuff around, I dressed in just a t-shirt, hoodie, basketball shorts, and sneakers. I then got in my car and went on my way.

Madelaine greeted me at the door wearing leggings and a sports bra. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she had a big smile as she invited me inside. She brought me into the living room and had me sit down on her couch.

“So, uh, what do you need to move?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” She asked as she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“The stuff you needed me to help with. You said with Travis gone, you needed me to come over and help you with something. I kind of thought you meant you needed me to help you move some boxes or furniture or stuff.”

“Oh my god, no,” she laughed. “I don’t need you for that.”

Feeling like an idiot I asked, “So what do you need me here for?”

“To fuck me, silly,” she explained, “Travis is gone and I need some dick.  I told you that night in Vancouver that I was going to eventually want a taste of what you gave Camila and Lili.”  She then dropped down to her knees between my legs.  She put her hand on my crotch as she added, “Though I must admit, I don’t some much want a taste, rather I want something closer to a five-course meal” 

She rubbed my dick through my shorts, but once she stopped talking she did not even bother pulling my shorts down. Instead, she just pushed up the pant leg of my shorts and boxers until my half-hard dick was fully exposed.  She grabbed it with both her hands.  I thought I heard an audible “mmm” come from her as she bent her head down before taking my tip between her lips. She worked her hand up and down my shaft and sucked on the first few inches until I was fully hard.

“Umm, Lili and Cami definitely were not l lying about your size.” She then spat on my dick and really began to stroke me. “You know, the next day after we all went out, Lili came up to me between takes of a scene. She told me how she could practically still feel you inside her.” Mads then lifted my dick before licking me from base to tip and then resumed talking. “Her poor pussy must have taken a couple of days to get back to normal after you stretched her out.  I can’t wait to see what you do to me.” She then took one of my balls into her mouth and began sucking on it. I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth and hands as she stroked my shaft and switched over and sucked my other testicle into her mouth.  When she moved her mouth back to my shaft she also grabbed one of my hands and placed it on the back of her head.  Looking down I saw her bright fire engine red lipstick leaving smudge marks all around my dick, while she looked up at me with her doe-eyes.  She did that for a little bit until she abruptly pulled away.

“You, know I have my hair in a ponytail for a reason, fucking use it,” she snapped at me while pulling off her sports bra.  The combination of what she said and the sight of her milky white breast and rosy red nipples, caused my brain to short circuit for a moment.


“I said, I want you to be a man and fuck my face,” she scolded me and once again put my hand on the back of her head. I really had not been with too many women who were that aggressive, so I was a bit tentative as I pushed her back down.  She happily went down. She even moaned as I pressed her down further pushing more of my shaft down her mouth. I used her ponytail to then pull her back up and then push her back down. I pushed her down until I met her max and she gagged.  As soon as she gagged I let go of the back of her head.  Coming off my dick she looked up at me. “Don’t stop,” she told me as she wiped some extra spit from her face.  Taking her at her word I pushed her back down and slid her mouth up and down my pole. After a few minutes, I took her ‘fuck my face’ comment literally.  I stood up, pushed my shorts to the ground, and literally fucked her open mouth.  She seemed to actually enjoy it when I pushed my pole into her mouth until she could not take anymore.

After another couple of minutes, I could feel the pressure in my balls start to rise so I stepped away from her. “We gotta stop or I am going to cum.”

“Good, that’s the point.” She said as she moved closer and once again began sucking my dick.


Frustrated so once again I had my dick slip from her mouth, she looked up at me and explained, “Yes. I want you to cum all over my face so that when we move to my bedroom you’re really going to be last and give me the fucking I need. So please, can I finish sucking your dick now?” I quickly agreed, and as she said she went right back to sucking me off, and I did not stop her again until I really did feel like I was about to cum. At that point, she took me out of her mouth and aimed the head of my dick at her face and stroked me with both her hands until I finally did erupt. Covering her face with streaks of spunk. Using a finger she scooped some of my cum off her face and into her mouth.

“Mmmm, tasty,” she said flirtatiously. She repeated her tasting two more times before she was ready to move one. “So this is how things are going to move forward. I’m going to freshen up, and you’re going to get out of the rest of those clothes. When I’m ready I’ll call for you and you’ll meet me in my bedroom where you’ll ravage me until I’m fully satisfied. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. I like a man who can follow directions.” Madelaine then strutted out of the room. I took off the rest of my clothes and waited until she called me to meet her. Walking into her bedroom I found Cheryl Blossom striking a pose as she stood in the middle of the room completely naked. Her red hair now hung loose, her face had been washed and her red lipstick had been reapplied.

“Didn’t expect you to be the totally shaved type,” I said as I looked down between her open legs.

“You don’t like it?” she asked as she ran her hand over her very smooth mound.

“I didn’t say that. Though I was a little curious if that is your natural shade of red hair,” I told her.

Madelaine sighed. “Such a guy. If you’re blonde or brunette guys expect you to be shaved, yet if you’re a redhead guys almost wish you have a bush.”

“You’re putting words in my mouth now, but if you’re really offended I can think of a thing or two my mouth can do to make it up to you.”

“That does sound good, but hold on to that for a minute. I think I should tell you some things first.”

“Okay. What?” I said.

“I like to do some things a little extreme for some,” She said.

“What do you mean, extreme?” I asked, feeling a bit nervous. She then turned to the bed, giving me the first glimpse of her nude bubble butt. She then yanked the sheet off the bed, but my eyes were focused on her nude form.

“Like this for starters,” She said as she turned back around. My eyes looked over to the bed and saw something I did not expect. I’d never been into the whole BDSM thing, but I knew enough about it to know that what I was looking at was one of those bondage bed restraints. The straps were in the shape of a square with an ‘X’ running through it and some of the straps ran under the mattress to keep it in place. I later found out that this strap design was to allow for different restraint positions.

“Woah, I did not expect that. I’m not really comfortable with being strapped down”

“Oh, no. Those are for me. I want you to strap me to the bad and have your way with my body,” she explained.

“Ugh, okay. Anything else I should know?”

“Well, I like hard rough sex. I like to be spanked, I like to get choked, and also I might tell you not to cum inside me, but that is just an act. I want you to do it. Me saying ‘no’, and having it done is just this little thing I enjoy.”

“Look, I’ve never done the choking thing before and…”

“That’s what a safe word is for,” she interrupted me, “I’ll say the safe word and that’s how you’ll know if you are going too hard. But trust me, if I am not saying anything, you’re probably not doing it hard enough.”

“Shit. Wow,” I said as I ran my hand through my hair, taking in everything. “So what’s the safeword?”

“It can be whatever you want.  Some guys I’ve done it with in the past have chosen “Maple’.”

“Cheryl Blossom’s safe word is ‘Maple’, okay I can get into that.” She rolled her eyes a bit at that comment but also smiled. She told me that the safe word works for me too if something happens that I don’t like. She then gave me a gentle kiss on the lips before getting up on the bed. Laying on her back, she spread her arms and legs wide.

“Now, strap me in.” I got up on the bed, and she told me how to strap her into the black fleece-lined velcro cuff, and just how tight she wanted them.  Not being one who is usually into this kind of thing, I tried to remember the different things I’d seen in porn and read in stories. “Alright,” she said with her body strapped down and spread wide. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Looking down at her body, I chose to start things slowly. Cupping and getting my first feel of her breast with one hand while I wrapped my lips around her other nipple. I licked and sucked on it, and then tried to test her a bit. I bit down on her nipple, and a little harder than just a light nibble too, and she responded with a moan of pleasure. That let me know that she was serious about what she had said before. I pulled her nipple a bit with my teeth, and then I switched over to her other nipple as my hand moved down to feel her wet smooth pussy.  She pushed her hips up against my hand as I rubbed my fingers against her clit. It was as she responded to my fingers that I got an idea.

“Where do you keep your toys?” I asked her.


“Don’t worry about why. You’ll find out after you tell me where you keep them.” She used her finger to point towards a drawer. Opening it up, I saw some lotions, lude, a riding crop, and ball gag amongst a few other things. When I pulled out what I was looking for, the redheaded actress smiled. Getting back on the bed I turned on her vibrator and pressed it up against her clit. As that did its work, I kissed and licked all around her body. After a little while, I felt her body writhing, her breathing quicken, and her moans got louder. I kissed along her neck and then I whispered into her ear, “Are you going to cum soon? How close are you?”

“Yes. So close. Any minute now,” she moaned. As soon as she said that I moved the vibrator away from her clit and turned it off. “What? What are you doing? Don’t stop.”

“No,” I said in a calm voice, trying to act like I knew what I was doing. “You don’t cum without my permission, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, understanding the game we were now playing.

“If you orgasm before I allow it, I’m going to have to punish you.” Her eyes lit up when I spoke about punishing her, and she quickly agreed to do what I said.  Trying to decide what to do with her next, I figured I should get my rod wet before we started the main event. So straddling her shoulders I pushed my dick into her mouth and she gladly accepted it once again. She bathed my cock in her saliva and got it nice and wet as I humped her face. Once I was nice and wet, I moved back down her body.  Grabbing a pillow I stuck it under her ass to raise her hips a bit. I then lined my bellend with her slit. I usually liked to tease a bit, but this time however I slammed my full length into her. Her eyes went wide and she cried out as I pushed into her. I then pulled out until just my tip barely stayed inside her, before once again slamming all the way back into her.

So with her strapped to the bed really unable to move, I tried to do what she asked. Fucking her hard as I could. I also used my hands and mouth to try and hit her other erogenous zones.  Meanwhile, she kept on telling me to go faster or harder, at one point telling me to bite her as I kissed her neck.  I ended up leaving several hickeys on her pale white skin after just a couple of minutes.  When she kept saying things, even though I was already doing them, I finally responded.

“Are you always the bossy during sex?” I asked.

“If you don’t like me talking so much, you could always choke me.”  The way she said that I knew that that wasn’t so much a suggestion as it was exactly what she wanted.

“That’s what you want isn’t it, you want me to choke you?”

“Yes please.”  I still was not sure how comfortable doing this. I stopped moving my hips as I place my large hands around her neck.  I started lightly and slowly began to tighten my grip. “Tighter,” she told me, “Tighter.” I squeezed her tighter until she stopped saying tighter and then strained her voice to say “Fuck me.”

I then proceeded to hammer her pussy with my cock while I strangled her neck.  It felt weird and unnatural to me, but the look on her face let me see that she was really enjoying herself.  The amount she enjoyed the feeling of getting choked while being tied down and fucked was even more evident as I saw her eyes roll back and her pussy tighten while she had what I could only describe as a gushy orgasm. Had it been any gushier, she would have probably squirted.

“Did you just cum?” I asked her as I released my hands from her throat.  She only responded with a nod as she was still in a fog of post-orgasmic bliss.  I tried to speak sternly as I said, “I told you earlier if you cum without my permission you were going to be in trouble.”

“Bring it on,” was all she said in reply.  I then grabbed her hips and just fucked her as hard and fast as I possibly could.  She was right that making me cum with her mouth earlier did make me last longer.  At one point the Riverdale star seemed like she might cum again, so I pulled out of her and had her suck on my cock for a bit.  When she seemed like she had calmed back down a bit, I went back to fucking her.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned Mads.

“Don’t cum inside, me. You can’t,” She pleaded. I almost pulled out, but then I remembered what she said before we got in bed.

“I don’t know,” I said as I continued to pump in and out of her. “I told you not to cum until I told you to, and yet you did it anyway.”

“I know, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Yeah, well I can’t help it either,” I told her.  I then upped my tempo.  She kept on acting like she didn’t want it and begged me to stop.  It was starting to get uncomfortable, but my continuation was shown to be the right move as she climaxed almost simultaneously as I gave her the creampie she said she wanted.

“Ahh Yes!” she cried out, dropping her act, as she felt me blow my load inside.  When I was done I looked down at her blissful smiling face, with her body still strapped to the bed.  An idea popped into my head.  I pulled out of the Madelaine and moved up to the head of the bed.  Getting near her, I slapped my cum coated dick down on her face.  I didn’t even have to say anything, she just opened her mouth and took my tool inside.  She sucked and licked me clean of both my cum and her juices. After a little but she continued blowing me, but it was no longer to clean me, now she was going at it with the purpose of getting ready to go again.  I decided to let her go from her restraints.  I pushed my dick further into her mouth as I bent down to free her wrists.  Pulling my reenergized cock from her mouth, I moved down to the foot of the bed.

“That was fun,” she said as I undid the cuffs on her ankles. “I can see why Lili and Cami enjoyed being with you so much.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” I said as we were now both sitting up in the middle of the bed.  Taking her by the back of the head, I pulled her in for a kiss. We kissed in the middle of the bed for a bit until she shoved me backward.

“Not it’s my turn,” she said as she pushed me onto my back.

Madelaine forced me to stay down as she got on top of me. She wasted no time straddling me and slamming her pussy down hard on my dick.  She also didn’t ease herself as she started to ride me.  Instead of working herself slowly, she went full speed, riding me hard and fast from the start. Watching her breasts bounce wildly as she bucked her hips on me, I reached up to grab her breast.

“Pull my nipple!” she yelled at me.


“You heard me, pull it!” Taking her nipple between my fingers I gave her nipple a light tug. “Harder!” she demanded, so I did it just a little harder.

SMACK!  To my utter surprise, the redhead slapped my face. “I said harder!” I then gave her a hard rosy nipple a good twist.  Madelaine cried out in a combination of both pain and pleasure as I twisted.  I did the same thing to her other breasts and got the same reaction, with her smiling after she cried out.  While holding her breasts in my hands, I tried to sit up to kiss her.  I was not even halfway to sitting up when she took both my shoulders and pressed me back down to the bed. “I didn’t say you could sit up,” she said as she now hunched over me.

“Jesus, sorry,” I said.  She then slapped me again.

“Don’t apologize, just fuck me,” she said as she started to rid me once again. I started humping her back.  Grabbing her hips the sound of her slamming into me could probably be heard throughout her place. “That's it, give it to me,” she said through gritted teeth. She then slapped and said, “harder!”

“Will you stop slapping me?” I asked her, getting pissed off. She then hit me again. “Stop it!”

“Don’t like it? What are you going to do about it?” This time I saw her winding up for another slap, and I grabbed her wrist.  Instead of being mad or surprised by me catching her arm, a devious smile came across her face.

“If I let go, are you going to stop?” I sternly asked her.  She shook her head no. I rolled us over so I was on top of her, and I also pinned her arms to the bed. “How would you like it if I slapped you?”

“Depends.  Where are you planning on slapping me?” Her eyes light up with a devilish gleam. 

“Fine. If that’s the way you want it,” I said.  I let go of her wrists and got up off of her. She immediately spun back over onto her stomach and then raised up onto her hands and knees. With her full bubble butt presented to me, I gave it a smack.  Spanking her a little harder than I usually would just about anyone else.

“Harder,” she said.  So I did it.  Giving her her ass two hard spanks.

“Harder!” she said, pleading again.  This time I really brought my hand down, cracking it down on her ass leaving a very prominent handprint on her ass.  “Ummm, not bad,” she said, then back behind her at me, “but when I say harder I mean I want you to spank me so hard that a week from now I will still have a bruise on my ass in the exact shape of your hand.”

So I slapped her ass so hard that it literally hurt my own hand.  That though was exactly was she wanted. A stinging pain that shot through her body and also excited her. I gave one more hard slap before pushing my dick back inside her.  As we started having sex again, Cheryl Blossom pushed her backside into me, making sure she got the feeling of my full cock inside of her with each thrust of mine. I have each of her ass cheeks a few more good claps, turning her porcelain while butt ruby red.  Once my hands started hurting though, I stopped the spankings and reach out and took hold of her arms. Holding her arms behind her back, I literally pulled her body backward each time I thrust forward. I pounded into her as hard as I could.

“Ahhh! Yes! Just like that!” she cried out as I kept going.  I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick as she had another big orgasm.  Though even as she came, I kept hammering her.  I wish she had a mirror in front of her so that I could see her face. Her being in a post-orgasmic high and at the same time still feeling the pleasure of our hard fucking. She’d cum one more time before I told her I was ready to blow my load once again.  This time though there was no fake begging for me not to cum inside her.  No, this time she told me just what she wanted.

“Do it. Cum inside me. Fill my pussy up with you hot cum you bastard,” she ordered me.  So when I was ready I literally slammed so hard into her it caused us both to fall forward, and with my dick completely buried in her, I painted her insides with my jizz. When it was over I got off of her and got back up to my knees.  She rolled over onto her back.  Looking between her legs I could even see some of my cum leaking from between her swollen, well-used lips.  Looking up at her face she looked both pleased and exhausted, like me.  It wasn’t long after that we found ourselves cuddled together in a post-sex nap.


“Wow,” Ryan said.

“Yeah. She’s kind of crazy in bed. I mean that’s not even the end of what we did.”


“Yeah after we both woke up from our post-sex nap, she wanted to go one more time.  This time she had me put those restraints back on her wrists and ankles while she was face down. And then she had me fuck her in the ass.” Ryan just looked at me through the camera on his phone not saying anything.  “But I took it another step further.  I got her vibrator from earlier, I turned that thing on, only this time I put it inside her before I started doing her in the ass.  I have no clue how many times she came before finally blew a final load into her.  You should have seen her sheets after we were done and I let her out.  I think she soaked the bed all the way down into the mattress.”

“You know I never would have guessed that you’d be into that kind of thing.”

“I’m not.  Not really. I was kind of uncomfortable doing some of that stuff. The whole sub/dom thing just isn’t really for me.”

“You sounded real uncomfortable while telling me all that whole story,” Ryan said sarcastically.

“Look I just gave Madelaine what she wanted and how she wanted it.  Anything I got out of it was just an added bonus,” I explained with a wry smile.

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #57 on: May 11, 2020, 05:46:34 PM »
Love seeing Madelaine as a rough and ready dirty woman. Especially with her being surprisingly rough at times. Fun & hot.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #58 on: July 04, 2020, 01:11:06 AM »
Lucky Bastard 34: Reopening and Reuniting
Starring Hailee Steinfeld & Bailee Madison
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Scissoring, Creampie
Written by MiamiLyfe 
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

“Oh god,” Hailee Steinfeld moaned as she rocked her hips on top of me.  We were both naked in my bed and were spending another morning once again enjoying ourselves, having another phenomenal round of sex for the umpteenth time over the last week. 

With the state of California finally loosening up some of their restrictions and stay at home orders, Hailee had finally agreed to come over for a visit last Saturday afternoon.  When her car arrived I got out of my house to greet her. She had on her sunglasses and was dressed simply in a comfortable t-shirt and shorts.  I tried to play it cool, and simply walked over to her rather than run over like part of me wished.  I had a big smile on my face as I pulled her in for a tight hug. I was excited to finally be able to touch and hold her once again for the first time in months.  I went in for a quick kiss. And then a second. And then both our suppressed libidos and our excitement to be reunited took control of both us. We could not keep our lips apart as I picked her up and carried her inside.  Once the door was closed I didn’t even bother trying to lead us any further.  My hands went to the front of her shorts and following my lead Hailee’s hands went to mine.  A minute later both of us were bottomless, Hailee’s back was against the front door and she had one leg up wrapped around my waist, she let out a yelp as I thrust my hard tool into her. She was just as libidinous as I. Even before I pushed inside her, she had such heat radiating off from between her legs it was like holding your hand over an oven. I had joked with Ryan months ago that the first time Hailee and I got back together, I’d be so excited that I’d be lucky to last a minute.  Well, I showed him.  I lasted a whole two minutes before I pulled out and erupted a sizable load over her stomach.

“Sorry about that,” I felt a little embarrassed about cumming so quickly, “I’d just been looking forward to this for so long.” I then pulled her face to mine for a kiss

“It’s fine,” she reassured me, “I’m surprised you pulled out though.”

“That’s because the second we get upstairs I am going to munch on that pussy of yours. I’ve been dreaming about going down on you for months.  If you’re lucky, I may only do it for an hour or so.”

While I did not actually go down on her for an hour, we did head up to my bedroom and strip off our remaining clothing.  When she got up on the bed and spread her legs, I got the first real good look at her quarantine bush that she had grown while staying home during the pandemic.  She was a little self-conscious about it and worried about what I might think about it. Generally, I tend to prefer something a little more trimmed up, but at that moment I could not have cared less that she had grown out a full bush. Like an Olympic high diver, I climbed up on the bed and dove face first between her legs.

She did not spend every night in my bed over the following week, but we did spend at least some time with each other every day.  A lot, a lot of sex, of course, but also we watched tv, had meals together, and on more than one occasion Hailee brought her new puppy Martini over and I got to play with the cute pup. Being a dog lover, who grew up with a dog in my house almost every day growing up, it was nice to have one in my home.

It was now the following Sunday, and we were still working on getting several months of pent up sexual energy out of our system. As Hailee rode me she bent down and kissed me. I gave her ass a squeeze as we kissed and fucked.  It was then we were interrupted by her phone ringing on the nightstand.

“Don’t do it,” I told her, but she didn’t listen.

“It’ll be quick,” she said as she reached over and grabbed her phone.  Looking at the ID she answered, “Hi Bailee!” she said while trying to act normal. “What? No, I am just getting an early morning workout in,” Hailee said into the phone while trying to get her breathing under control while also giving me a wink when she said ‘workout’.  The two then proceed to have a conversation while Hailee sat on my lap with my rigid hard dick stuffed inside her. I was happy that Hailee and Bailee Madison had reconnected after they had a small falling out when Bailee was sneaking behind Hailee’s back to hook up with me before Hailee and I finally admitted our feelings for each other and started dating. However, now was not the time or place for me to feel good about their friendship.  I was too horny and looking up at her breasts and her smiling face was not helping the matter. So I took hold of her hips and I started slowly thrusting back up into her while they spoke. At one point mouthed for me to “stop” but only encouraged me to go faster and deeper. I kept going for a few minutes, Hailee bit her lip to try to suppress herself from moaning into the phone, until finally she quickly said “hold on,” to Bailee and muted her phone.  She let out a few deep loud moans and then looked down at me.

“If you’re going to do this, really do it.  I want you to cum inside me before Bailee hangs up.”

“You’re on,” I said, accepting her challenge and rolled us over so that she was on her back.  I pulled out of the “I Love Yous” singer and ducked down as she picked her phone back up. As she told Bailee that she was back on the lines, I wrapped my lips around her small clit and sucked on it for a bit. After a minute or two lifting one of her legs in the air and plunging my cock back into her.  I did my best to make things difficult for Hailee to concentrate on her call as possible.  While not only fucking her as hard as I could, I also worked her sensitive nipples with my hands and mouth and also did the best I could to maintain the eye contact that I know she desires during sex. She did the best she could to suppress any sexual noises coming from her, at one point even biting down on a pillow as she listened to Bailee speak, but she could not hide her shallow breaths and wavering voice whenever she had to speak.

Kissing her neck I moved up to her ear that was free of her phone. She had her hand over her mouth to muffle her morning when I whispered into her ear, “You said you wanted to feel my  cum, well get ready.” I gave her cheek another kiss and then looked down at her in the eye as I gave her a few more hard thrusts.  She could not hold back either as she dropped her phone and moved her hand off her mouth. Hailee gave a loud moan that, no doubt Bailee could clearly hear over the phone. Her body gave a slight tremble as my cock burst and I unloaded my load into her. I too let out a loud groan as I came.  As her orgasm subsided, Hailee let off a large sigh. After that, we shared another long passionate kiss. As I rolled off of her, Hailee picked her phone back up off the bed.

“She hung up,” she said and we both laughed.

“That was rude of her. Why would she do that,” I said as we laughed.  “What did she want anyway?”

“She wanted to get lunch this week, and then I don’t know. Someone kept me too distracted to listen.”

“If you are looking for an apology from me, you are not going to find one.  I enjoyed all that.”

While we spent most of that day together, Hailee did go back to her place that night.  On the day of their lunch, I texted Haiz the next day to say ‘hi’ to Bailee for me.  I did not expect to get the text back that I did two hours later while I was reading outside getting some sun.  Hailee’s text just said ‘Go shower, we’ll be there in an hour.’  It was the ‘we’ part that took me by surprise.  Rather than text her back and try and figure out what was going on, I just sent a thumbs-up emoji and went inside to take a shower. 

They took more like 90 minutes to arrive, so I used some of the extra free time to clean up and straighten up some of the things around my house until I heard the front door open. Going to the foyer. Hailee was the first to enter.  She was dressed in her black & white Vans and had jean shorts on over a black bodysuit. Bailee followed in behind her, and she was dressed in a light summer dress and white low top sneakers.

“Hey Bailee,” I said warmly as she entered my home, though I was not sure what else to do.  Normally I’d give her a hug and a peck on the cheek, but in the time of COIVD-19, I wasn’t sure what the protocol was anymore so I just kind of gave a wave from a few feet away.

“Hi Eddie, nice seeing you,” Bailee smiled as she spoke and she gave me a wave back. Meanwhile, Hailee came right up and gave me a hug and a light kiss on the lips. We then went deeper into my house, grabbing some drinks from the kitchen before all sitting down in the living room. I had not seen or really even talked to Bailee since Hailee had basically kicked her out of my bedroom the night before Valentine’s Day right as Hailee and I started going out.  So as we started chatting, it was mostly about what we’d all been up to especially during the lockdown. Hailee easily was the busiest of the three of us, dropping her album in the middle of it and winning a Peabody Award for Dickinson.

“I kind of stopped reading scripts a few weeks ago.  At this point, until things are open enough for us to safely shoot, there’s no point in trying to line up even more new projects,” I explained when it came time to talk about what I was up to.  “Though I think we might have found two movies we can do here in LA with little difficulty.”

“We?” Bailee asked.

“My friend Ryan Castillo, the director.”

“Oh, I know him. He’s good.”

“Yeah, so he and I both found decent scripts that we think can be done in just like a few rooms.  So we figure we can shoot then in like a film school style. Rent our own equipment, have a crew of just like 5 or 6 people, use our own houses or friends' places for locations, and just ask friends to play the parts.”

“That’s a good idea,” Bailee said.

“Why is this the first I’m hearing about this?” Hailee asked.

I looked at Hailee, “Yeah I know. We’re still trying to figure things out. Especially with the unions and stuff.”

“If you have a part, I’d love to be involved,” Bailee said enthusiastically. I think she was just desperate to get out of the house and do something.

“I mean, you’d only be paid scale probably if that’s all right?”

“Yeah, for sure.  It’ll just be nice to work again.”

“Okay, yeah.  I’ll talk to Ryan and once we figure some things I’ll get back to you.”  I then looked over to Hailee again, “And you’re already cast in both and we’ll need you to also operate the boom mic, so get ready for that.”

“Oh, is that so?” Hailee chuckled.

“Yup. I was thinking about you doing the craft services at first, but I’ve seen you cook so I figured that may not be best.”  We all laughed at that. We talked for a bit longer, and Hailee went to the kitchen to refill our drinks.  I quickly followed her in under the pretense that I was going to help her.

“Hey, so not that this hasn’t been fun, but why is Bailee here?” I asked in a low voice once we were in the kitchen.

“She just needed to get out and hang out with some friends,” she said as she stood in front of the open refrigerator door. I walked right up behind her and wrapped my arms around her stomach.

“You’re up to something,”

“Maybe, you’ll just have to wait and see,” she said with a cheeky smile.

“We both know I can make you tell me if I want,” I spoke right into her ear as I slipped a hand into her shorts. Hailee couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as I cupped her snatch.

“Don’t,” Hailee half-heartedly said, “she's just in the other room.”

“We both know I don’t care about that,” I said before kissing her neck.

“Mmmmm, just keep it together for a little longer, and I promise it’ll be worth it.”

“Fine,” I agreed and pulled my hand away. “I trust you.” I then backed away and Hailee finished getting the drinks.

“Good. Now since you don’t think I can do craft services, why don’t you get us some snacks.”

Taking out some crackers and cheese I happened to have, I put them on a cheeseboard and went back out to join the ladies. Putting the board down on the coffee table, I took a seat right down next to Hailee.  We sat quietly for a bit, all of us enjoying our drinks and a snack.

“You guys are cute together,” Bailee said breaking the silence.

“Yeah, he’s alright,” Hailee replied and put her hand on my thigh.

“Thanks,” I replied to both their comments.  “What about you, Bailee? How are things with you and Blake?”  The mood in the room shifted after I mentioned Blake’s name.

Bailee fidgeted in her chair as she replied, “Things are going well for the most part, but these last few months have been pretty difficult.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well with him being in London and the travel ban in place, we just haven’t seen each other since February and god only knows when we’ll actually see each other again.”

“Jesus. I didn’t even think about that. That sucks. That would drive me insane. I know I could not wait for her” I said pointing over at Hailee with my thumb, “to finally break isolation and I’ve been gitty ever since she finally did.”

“Oh, I heard,” Bailee finally smiled again.

“Turns out Bailee really enjoyed our phone call the other day,” Hailee informed me.

“Is that so?”

“Please don’t” Bailee was bushing as she pleaded with Hailee not to continue any further.

“She told me earlier that right after she hung up she used her vibrator until the battery died.”

“Wow. Is that true?” I questioned Bailee who now had her face buried in her hands.

“Yes, I mean technically yes. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. It's not like the thing had a full charge when I started.”  Hailee and I both enjoyed Bailee's obvious embarrassment. 

“Bailee, Bailee, it’s fine. I know I was masturbating a ton while I was in lockdown.  I probably gave the teenager version of me a run for his money on how often I was doing it. I can’t imagine if I had to go for a month or longer with actually having sex again.”

“She might not have to wait that long,” Hailee said slyly while taking a sip of her drink.

“Why’s that?”

“Ummm, well, Blake and I came to a sort of agreement,” Bailee stammered.

“Oh yeah?” I said with my interest peaked.

“Yeah, so, since we can’t be together and we don’t know how long that will last. And we both admitted that we’re practically climbing up the walls we’re so horney. So we agreed to give each other a hall pass.  Two of them actually, each month until we can get back together.”

“Wow, good for you guys,” I said and then took a drink from my glass.  But the room was silent after that. Looking at Bailee she finally looked up from the floor and looked me right in the eyes. Turning to Hailee her eyes were already looking right at me. I could feel the attitude in the room shift as my brain worked it out.  Looking at Hailee I quietly asked, “Is that why you had invited her over?”

“I felt bad,” Hailee admitted.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s just…”

“I’m flattered really and I can’t say that I’m not interested, but it’s up to Hailee.”

“I'm fine with it.”

“You sure?  The last time the three of us were all in a room together you tossed her out of bed and were not all that nice about it.”

“I know, but I’m okay with this. Though I do have a few rules that I talked with her about.”

“What rules?”

“Umm, so just, no cumming in her, if I say stop you gotta stop, and she’s not can’t spend the night. Stuff like that”

“Alright,” I agreed.

“Oh, and also I can cut in whenever I want.”

“And that’s all fine with me,” Bailee spoke up. 

“Okay, what about my conditions for doing this?”

“Your conditions? Are you joking?” Hailee asked, surprised I’d request anything more from a threesome with the two beautiful actresses.

“No, I’m not. And I think you’ll enjoy this,” I told Hailee.

“What is it?” Bailee asked.  While she seemed embarrassed by the sex talk a few minutes, she now seemed to be growing anxious.

“Well, since Hailee is inviting you into our bed,” I said, turning to the Good Witch actress, “You need to please her as well as myself while we're doing it.”

“Done” Bailee answered so quickly it shocked both Hailee and me.

“Seriously?” Hailee questioned her friend.

“Yes, it’s fine. Also I just REALLY need to get laid, so I probably would have agreed to just about anything.”

“Well, okay then,” I said, “So what should we do now?”

“Finish our drinks and head upstairs I guess,” Hailee said. So she and I picked up our drinks and clinked glasses, while Bailee sculled the rest of hers.  She then got up and said she’d meet us upstairs.

“You sure about this?” I asked Hailee one last time.

“If I weren’t here would you be this hesitant,” she asked me, and it probably was a legitimate question. We did have an open relationship, and she’d literally sent Isabela Merced to meet me in the bathroom a year ago, but this felt different.  The way we’d been the last week or so had felt different.

“Yeah probably, based on our last interaction with her.”

“Well, you have my blessing to do this,” she said and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. “She needs it badly, and it should be fun.” We kissed again, this time it was a longer, more lingering kiss.

“We should head upstairs before she comes looking for us.” We kissed once more before walking hand in hand upstairs. In my bedroom we found Bailee standing in the center of the room waiting on us.

“So, how do we start?” Bailee asked with excitement.

“Well we could just rip each other’s clothes off,” as I spoke I walked around and curled in behind her, “or we can start slow,” I moved the thin strap off one of her shoulders, “And take our time to enjoy ourselves.”  I then kissed along her bare shoulder.  It really had been a long time since someone had touched her because by the time I kissed the side of her neck she was like putty in my hands.  She turned her head to try to kiss me, but when she did that I switched over to the other side of her neck and kissed down along her shoulder as I also moved her other shoulder strap. With both straps off her shoulders, all it took was a little nudge for the summer dress to pool down around her feet.

“You really do have some great tits,” Hailee said as she stepped closer to Bailee. While I had a good memory of what they looked like, I still looked over the former The Fosters actress’ shoulder to take a look at her breasts.  Looking at them, my mind immediately compared them to Hailee’s. Bailee’s were a little bit large, hung down a bit more (but no one would ever call them saggy), and her areolas were darker, but her nipples did not stick out as far as Hailee’s when hard.  Bailee took a deep breath as her friend cupped her breasts.  I wrapped my hands around Bailee’s waist and my fingers danced along the edge of her panties. 

I kissed her neck again and then whispered into her ear, “Kiss her.” When she didn’t react, so I repeated myself.  This time she did follow through on what I said.  The younger brunette pulled her older friend to her and kissed her. While taken aback at first, Hailee did eventually kiss her back.  As they kissed, my hand slipped beneath her panties.  Feeling between her legs I first noticed that just like practically every other woman in LA who was isolating alone, Bailee had grown out her quarantine bush. The next thing I noticed was just how wet she was. I could hear Bailee moan into Hailee’s mouth as my finger rubbed her muff. As the women continued to kiss I dropped down to a knee and pulled her panties down, leaving Bailee in only her white sneakers. She gasped as I pushed a finger up inside of her.  I worked my fingers in and out of her getting her even wetter until I finally pulled my finger away and told  Bailee to get on the bed. She got up in the middle of the bed and I grabbed her ankles and moved her right to the edge as I got down on my knees on the floor. Using some of her wetness to matte back some of her bush, I then moved my face in and gave her a lick.  Putting her legs up over my shoulders, she quickly locked her legs around my head as I started to really go down on her.  She began to moan and had one hand running through my hair as my tongue worked her over. 

Her hand left my head as there was movement on the bed.  Sliding a finger inside Bailee, I lifted my head and looked up to see the wonderful sight of a nude Hailee Steinfeld had joined the naked Bailee Madison on the bed. Hailee laid next to Bailee and reached over and played with her breasts.  Looking over at Hailee, Bailee leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.  As they kissed I went back orally pleasing the actress in front of me.  Sucking on her clit, my eyes kept looking up at the two women on the bed.  Glancing more towards Hailee I had a clear view between her legs. While Hailee still had a bush, she had trimmed it down since the first time we got back together post quarantine.  I could not help myself from using my free hand to reach up and started fingering Hailee while also working Bailee.  I struggled to keep rhythm as a fingered both women, but Hailee made things easy on me as she began to hump my fingers.  It did not take too much longer than that before I felt Bailee’s legs tighten around me.  Knowing what was coming, I pushed another finger into her and my mouth worked overtime until the loud moans of her orgasm filled the room and her pussy absolutely gushed.

When she finally released her legs from around my neck, I stood up and began to take off my clothes.  As I pulled off my shirt, Hailee spun around and began undoing my shorts. Once my shirt and shorts were off, Hailee sat up and kissed while stroking my hard rod through my boxers.  We made out for a bit with her eventually pushing my boxers down to the floor.

“Oh my gosh. I know I’ve seen it before, but wow.” Bailee said as the fog from her orgasm, “His cock is huge.” Bailee was now sitting up with her eyes locked onto my dick. Hearing her talking caused Hailee and I to stop making out for the moment.

“If that's how you feel seeing it, wait until you feel it in you again.”  Bailee did say anything in response but an audible moan did escape her mouth as she bit her lip. “Let’s get him ready.”  As I continued to stand next to the side of the bed, Hailee and Bailee laid flat on their stomachs with my hard cock protruding between them.  Hailee moved first, reaching out and grabbing my dick. She gave it a few licks before taking the head into her mouth and sucking hard on it. Hailee sucked me for a bit before passing me over to Bailee. The younger brunette used her hands to really get a feel for my size. She spat into her hand and slid her hands up and down before leaning in and giving the tip of my cock a kiss. She gave it a few more kisses, then used her tongue to bath the length of my pole.  With Bailee working the side of my shaft with her tongue, Hailee moved and wrapped her lips around the head once again.  Having the two gorgeous actresses work my cock felt absolutely amazing.  They worked in tandem for longer than I thought they would.  I was beyond rock hard at this point, and my dick literally shimmered in the light as it was covered in saliva. They kept going until Bailee just had to stop.

“I can’t take it, I need to have this thing in me!”  Bailee announced.  She then moved to the center of the bed and got on her back with her legs spread. I got on the bed and moved between her legs. I was on my knees with my throbbing member resting on top of Bailee’s pussy.  As I prepared to penetrate her, I felt Hailee move behind me and pressed her breasts up against her back.

“Fuck her good Eddie,” Hailee whispered into my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Even after she said that I still teased Bailee for another minute before slowly sliding my length into her.

“Ugghhhh oohhhh,” Bailee moaned and took a firm grip of the bedding as her pussy got stretched, “Oh Wow! That feels amazing.”  Once I was fully sheathed inside of her, I paused for a moment before sliding an inch out and then pushing it back in. Hailee watched over my shoulder as Bailee and I started to have sex, but soon moved over to the side of us as I bent down and got into the full missionary position. Bailee really started to moan as we got into a strong rhythm and I toyed with her tits.  It turned out that Bailee was just as desperate as she led on downstairs because it seemed like in no time she was already orgasming once again.  I slowed down as she came, but she quickly told me to keep going and pulled my face down to hers.  Within a minute after her climax, Bailee had her tongue jammed into my mouth and her legs wrapped about my waist as I continued to thrust up into her.  Although I was enjoying my time with Bailee, my eyes from time to time kept looking over at Hailee. Laying next to us on the bed and watching the action, one hand of hers was playing with her nipple as the other rubbed her clit. Watching her watch us I stopped what I was doing.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I said as I pulled my mouth away from Bailee.  “We gotta stop.”

“What? No. Please, please don’t stop,” Bailee pleaded.

“No, we gotta. Remember my condition for doing this?”


“Yeah well, you’ve cum twice and Hailee’s laying all alone. You gotta help her too.”

“Sure. just don’t stop fucking me. Your dick feels so good.”  Bailee unlocked her legs around me and I got up off her.  Bailee let out a disappointing groan as my cock fully slipped out of her.

“Wait!” Hailee said as we were all moving around the bed to reposition ourselves. “I want to taste her on your dick,” she told me. Hailee remained on her back as I moved to the head of the bed and fed her mouth my cock head was coated with Bailee’s pussy juices. Bailee was not sure what to do with herself at first, but when I told her how sensitive Hailee’s nipples were she got the hint. Climbing on top of her friends Bailee began to tease and play with her breasts. At first with her hands, and then moving her face down, she kissed the center of her chest and slowly moved her lips over until she wrapped her lips around one of her tits.

When Hailee had almost completely replaced the coking of Bailee’s juices with a coating of her saliva, I told Bailee to move down Hailee’s body.  Bailee kissed her way down until she was looking directly ar Hailee’s cleanly trimmed bush.  I meanwhile moved away from Hailee’s face and crawled down to the foot of the bed behind Bailee.  I waited for her to drop her face down into the ‘Wrong Direction’ singer’s honeypot, and the moment she did that I rewarded Bailee by thrusting my member back into her tight twat. Happily, we were all getting something out of this arrangement now with Bailee eating out Hailee as I fucked Bailee.

I gave Bailee’s ass a light smack before reaching under her and rubbing her clit.  I could hear her muffled moans as she continued to eat pussy.  While I could not see the pleasure on her face, I could see it on Hailee’s as she laid back and moaned. I paid attention to Bailee for a while, but I soon found myself looking up and looking into Hailee’s lovely brown eyes.  We kept going for a few more minutes, Bailee started to rock back into me as I thrusted.  She soon lost concentration and stopped licking Hailee as her mind focused on the feeling of her orgasm.  Knowing that she stopped, I spun Bailee onto her back. Picking up her legs, I crossed them and put them up on one of my shoulders. Holding her legs in place with one hand, I picked up my pace and thrust into her harder.  Bailee looked into my eyes as her breathing became more swallowed and her moans became louder.  A minute later she thrust her pelvis up, burying my dick to the root inside of her, as her eyes rolled back as she had a big orgasm. Her pussy gushed and her body trembled as she had her most powerful orgasm of the evening.

As Bailee was still in the throes of climax, Hailee reached out and grabbed my wrist.  I looked over to her and she simply said, “It’s my turn.” And that is all I needed to hear. I quickly pulled away from Bailee and dropped her legs back down as I quickly moved over to Hailee. Showing her flexibility, Hailee did not wait until I was between her legs before lifting one of her legs straight up in the air.  I wrapped one arm around her thigh and grabbed onto her hip as I thrusted hard into her.  She let out a small yelp as balls went deep on the first thrust.  I gave her nips a quick lick each before moving up to her face.  Her leg that was up in the air wrapped around my waist. I thrusted hard and fast into her as our lips met and our tongues danced in each other's mouths.  Unlike when I had my dick deep inside Bailee, I did not have my eyes darting out to the other woman on the bed.  No, when I was with Hailee at that moment I only paid attention to her. I could feel my own orgasm nearing and I knew Haiz well enough to know that her’s was nearing as well. 

“Uggghhh god,” Hailee moaned, and then spoke into my ear, “Let me get on top.”  I did what she asked, rolling us over, nearly rolling us off the bed, but still, Hailee found herself on top of me grinding her sex on my cock.  As Hailee leaned over on top of me, she let some spit leak out her mouth into mine before quickly and passionately kissing me once again.  We continued to make out as she rode me until we both climaxed seemingly simultaneously. As she tightened around me, I fired off a copious amount of jizz inside of her.  Once we began to relax, Hailee let out a deep sigh and pushed her hair back.

“Wow, you guys.  That was really hot.” Bailee spoke up, reminding both of us of her presence on the bed. 

Hailee climbed off of me and now laid in the middle of the bed.  Looking between her legs, you could see my spunk oozing out of her.  A hand reached down and scooped up some of the excess cum, but it was not the hand I was expecting. I watched as Bailee brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted my seed.

“So what do you guys want to do now?” She asked. I thought about saying, ‘now I fuck you again until you go crosseyed’ but something else came into my mind.

“Have either of you ever scissored another woman?” I asked. Bailee was not quite sure what I was asking, but I could tell Hailee, with the very slight smile that appeared on her face for a second, knew what it was.  Rather than try to explain it to Bailee, I got my phone and showed her a video online.  Her eyes went wide watching it, but I was surprised that she agreed to try it. She watched the video for a little while longer while trying to get into position, and it took a bit for her to find the right angle to rub herself, but once she hit the right spot Bailee made it obvious.

“OH! Oh, wait! Right there, yeah. I’m feeling it. Yes, right there,” Bailee said in surprise and satisfaction as she started to enjoy the act.  Hailee just simply moaned as they found the right rhythm. I had never known watching two women scissoring to be a fantasy of mine, but sitting there watching two women with strikingly similar colored hair and body types moan and rub up against one another, there was no way I could not be aroused. And not just aroused, but so hard that I probably could have used my cock as a bat in the home run derby. The other thing that I did not foresee was more of my cum leaking out of Hailee as they rub against one another. In a matter of minutes, both their mounds were covered in a mixture of all of our sexual juices.
At a certain point, I could no longer sit and watch along the sidelines any longer.  I moved behind Hailee on the bed as they continued to scissor one another. My hands reached around her and cupped her breasts and kissed along the side of her neck.  I have always loved the way her nipples felt in my hands.  When hard, they were not just small little nubs, but something that really stuck out and you could easily tweak and play with. Turning her head around, Hailee’s lips met mine. I began grinding against her as we kissed.  Soon it was too much for me. I pulled Hailee up and pushed her forward.  She found herself on her hands and knees directly on top of Bailee when I pushed forward and reentered her love tunnel. With the two ladies looking eye to eye as I took Hailee from behind, Hailee dropped down to her elbows and they began to kiss. After a few minutes, I pulled out of the Dickinson actress, much to her disappointment, and lowered myself a bit before slamming home into Bailee.  I could her Bailee gasp loudly as she felt herself getting stuffed.  Not to leave her out of the loop, I pushed two fingers into Hailee and fingered her as I fucked Bailee. I went back and forth between the two. Fucking and fingering one for 2-3 minutes before the switch back to the other.  But even though we were all enjoying it Hailee put a hold on everything.  Though she did enjoy doggie, she much preferred being able to have eye contact during sex.

Asking her what she wanted, she explained and we all moved to get into position.  I stood along the side of the bed as the two brunette actresses got along the edge of the side. Both on their backs, and butts right on the edge, Bailee was on the left side and Hailee was on the right.  Both had their legs up but bent at the knees.  Hailee even went the extra step of linking her left leg with Bailee’s right. Since she was the one who wanted this position, I moved to Hailee first. Just like before as I fingered one, I had sex with the other and switched every few minutes.  After some time, both my hands were covered with their vaginal lubricant. In the current position, I could not help but notice how much more Bailee’s soft pillowy breast jiggled during sex compared to Hailee’s perky firm breasts.

Going back and forth I could feel the pressure beginning to build in my testicles. I knew Hailee’s feelings towards me finishing in Bailee, but I desired to have her pop one last time so I doubled down my efforts.  Working her hard and fast I felt a strong sense of relief as Bailee cried out in pleasure one last time. As soon as that happened, I quickly moved over and plunged back into Hailee. I kept the high pistoning tempo I had used with Bailee on Hailee, and her moans singled she was enjoying it just as much as I.

Inside of Hailee, I felt myself getting closer to erupting once again.  When I mentioned that I was getting ready to blow I expected her to pull me closer and stay inside her.  I expected her to desire that I give her another creampie, but Hailee surprised me.  She told me to pull out and she quickly spun and began stroking me off. Aiming me at Bailee who still laid on the bed next to her watching us.  Bailee then giggled once the pressure became too much and I finally did let go, and I began raining cum down on her tits and stomach. Once my balls had been drained, I got back down in the bed next to Hailee.

I stayed in bed for a while even after the two women got up and went to go take a shower before Bailee left.  Eventually, the sound of running water and some giggling was just too much of a temptation for me to lay in bed, and I got up to join them.  While we didn’t have sex in the shower, Hailee and I did team up on Bailee.  At first under the pretense of lathering up and washing her body, but soon we dropped that act and we just began toying with her body.  Fingering her to one last climax before she left, as she stood between us with her back against the shower wall. Of course watching this got me hard once again.  Hailee and Bailee then teamed up one last time to give me a double blow job until I popped all over Bailee’s cute smiling face.

As she got dressed, Bailee asked Hailee if we might be able to do this again, and use another of her future hall passes with us.  Haiz said maybe and that they could talk about it later.  I could not help but notice that despite being in the room, my opinion on the topic was never asked for. After Bailee left, Hailee and I both dressed in some comfortable loose clothing and ordered some dinner.  We watched some Netflix as we ate, and eventually afterward found ourselves spooning on the oversized couch while we watched TV.  Now on our second movie of the night, we watched in comfortable silence for a while until Hailee started to squirm as she tried to reposition herself.  And the more she moved, the more she was inadvertently rubbing herself against me.

“Are you seriously getting hard again?” she asked as her backside grinding up against me was starting to have some effect.

“Maybe. You tell me,” I replied as I took one of her hands and brought it behind her, placing it on my shorts and she began feeling up my crotch.

“Didn’t you get enough earlier today?” she turned back to look at me and asked, as her hand continued to play with me through my mesh shorts.

“Enough of Bailee, yes,” I said and then gave her a quick kiss on the lips, “enough of you? I don’t think that’s possible.” I then gave her another kiss. Hailee got up off the couch and I grabbed the remote and put the movie on pause as I quickly followed her back up to the bedroom to put that theory to the test.

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