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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 35: Getting Back To Work
Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Bailee Madison, Madison Pettis, Olivia Holt, and an appearance by Paris Berelc
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral,
Written by MiamiLyfe 
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

NOTE:  So in the last chapter I referred to a character as ‘Ryan Castillo’ forgetting that I had already given the main Ryan character the last name ‘Devers’ in a previous chapter.  This is what happens when you are over 3 years and 34 chapters into a story and have no notes other than those you remember in your head about everything you've written this far. So rather than make a correction I am splitting them into 2 separate characters.  Ryan Devers is Eddie’s white, gay, college friend, and up and coming director who he splits an office in Glendale with. Ryan Castillo is a thirty-year-old, straight, Hispanic director who has mostly only done television before now.

It was two weeks after our threeway with Bailee, Hailee and I were out enjoying some pool time at my house when there was a surprising ring of my doorbell. Looking at the camera with my phone I could see Bailee standing there.  Neither of us were expecting her, this was a completely unannounced visit by her.  I went into the house to let her in. As soon as I opened the door I barely had time to say ‘hi’ before she quickly passed me into the house wearing a baggy tan dress and boots.

“Enjoying the pool?” she asked rhetorically as her eyes scanned my wet and shirtless body. She then turned around and went deeper into my place.

“Yeah,” I said as I followed her. “You know Bailee, I'm happy to see you and you’re more than welcome to hang out here, but you should at least text first.”

“I know but I was in my car driving around, and I just felt like coming by,” she said lying. We continued walking until we headed back outside to my pool, where Bailee seemed to be taken by surprise as she saw Hailee toweling off in her powder blue bikini.

“Oh, hey Bailes. What are you doing here?”

Oh...hey Hailee, Eddie didn’t say you were here.” Bailee tried her best but you could still hear some slight disappointment in her voice.  “Umm, yeah I just needed to get out of the house and was driving around and...” her voice trailed off.

“That sounded believable,” I whispered under my breath as I walked her over to Hailee.  She and I looked at each other in the eye and had an almost telepathic conversation. Grabbing my tank top off my pool chair, I put it on.  Hailee gave me a quick nod towards the house before taking off to head back inside.  I told Bailee to have a seat and relax. Hailee asked Bailee if she had a bathing suit with her, and when Bailee said no Hailee said she’d get one of her others for her to use.

Once we were inside I questioned Hailee, “You really didn’t know she was stopping by? Is this some planned encounter like last time.”

“No, trust me it’s not.  I don’t know why she is here.”

“Oh, I have a pretty good guess on why she’s here.”  Hailee turned and looked at me before heading up the stairs.

“She was going to try to sneak over here and do it while I wasn’t here, wasn’t she?”

“She did seem surprised you were here.”

“Bitch,” Hailee said as she started up the stairs.  “She’s so nice and comes off as such a good girl, but she can be such a bad friend when she’s horney.” I kept following Hailee as we went upstairs and got one of the spare bikinis she kept at my place.  “Would you have done it?”


“If I weren’t here and she showed up, would you have done it?”

“Honestly I probably would have texted you to see if this was a setup, but yeah probably.”

“Really.” she seemed to be taken aback by that response. “I thought after last time and you seemed hesitant…”

“I know, but you were also the one who pushed me to do it. Plus I thought about some stuff afterward and you were so gung ho about it last time, so why not?”

“What kind of stuff were you thinking about?”

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s not important.”

“So what are we going to do now?”  She asked as we started walking back down the stairs to rejoin Bailee.

“Well, just before she arrived and you were sitting on the edge of the pool and I was seriously considering pulling those bottoms off and having a snack,” I told her as I slid a finger inside the waistband of her bikini bottoms. “So I say if Bailee came her to use up another one of her hall passes, we give her want she wants and fuck her brains out.”  She did not respond right away. “Or we tell her to get lost and we go back to my original idea from before she arrived.”  Hailee stayed silent as we approached the door to the pool.  She stopped in front of the glass door and looked outside. Bailee had shed her dress and boots and was now lounging on a pool chair in a strapless white bra and matching high cut panties.

“Well, I guess she did drive all the way over here. But afterward, we should talk.”  I nodded in agreement and we walked outside.

“Bailee be honest, are you just here to use up another of your hall passes?” I said as Hailee and I approached her.

Bailee shifted in her chair uncomfortably as Hailee and I looked down at her. “Umm,” she bit her finger lightly as she confessed, “Yeah, I kind of was.”

“Looks like you won’t be needing this then,”  Hailee said and then tossed the balled-up spare bikini in her hands into the pool.

“Technically, none of us will be needing any clothing,” I said as I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts. Bailee smiled as her eyes locked onto my cock dangling between my legs.  “Bailee, you should probably remove those too,” I told her, “and while you do that,” Hailee let out a surprised yelp as I picked her up off the ground, “I’m going to do something I was planning on doing before you arrived.” I turned my back to Bailee and carried Hailee over to a nearby patio table.  Placing her down on the edge, I quickly grabbed the waistband of her bottoms as I pulled them off while I dropped to my knees. Hailee just smiled and ran her hand through my hair as I started planting kisses along her inner thighs.

I was lost between her amazing thighs for several minutes and it was not until I pulled my face away and slid a finger into the amazing trimmed pussy in front of me that I looked up only to notice Bailee standing naked by my side. She was simply watching my oral work while lightly stroking her nether regions. Hailee at some point had taken off her top and was completely nude as well.  I stood up and kissed my way up her stomach before sucking on nipples as I continued to finger her. I then kissed Hailee’s lips repeatedly, giving just a bit of tongue.  Turning to the side to face Bailee I pulled my finger from between Hailee’s wet folds and offered it up to Bailee.  After a moment of hesitation, she leaned in and my finger into her mouth.  As she sucked my finger clean of her friend’s juices I whispered into her ear, “If you want what you came here for, you should be doing more to help me out” I slapped my hard cock against her hip for emphasis. “The sooner I get her off, the sooner I can get you off.”  She gave me a subtle nod to let me know she understood and as she slipped her mouth off my finger, she bent down to kiss Hailee as her hand also cupped one of her breasts. Taking a cushion from a nearby seat, I dropped it and went back down to my knees.

As I worked her pussy and clit, Bailee worked her breasts and in a matter of moments, we had Hailee yelling out that she was cumming. Her pussy leaked all over my hand as it contracted around my fingers. Once I was able to pull my fingers free, I jumped back up to my feet. While Hailee let out a sigh as her orgasm died down, I moved behind Bailee and grabbed her hips.  Bailee was still bent over the waist on top of Hailee.  I did not give her any chance to react to me moving behind her. She hardly had time to turn her head before she felt her pussy lips open.   Hailee was still on the comedown as Bailee let out a silent scream as I rammed almost my full length into her without any warning.

“Hooooooo my Gawd. Oh my god, wow,” Bailee said when she found her voice once again.  I gave her a few long slow strokes, but after I lifted one of her legs and rested her knee on the table, we were a full go. I fucked Bailee against that table as hard and fast as I ever had.  The force of my thrust into Bailee caused the table to move a bit each time.  In no time the chairs on the other side of the table were being sucked under it. Hailee moved off the table and moved over to a chair and with the extra room now available, I picked Bailee up and was able to spin her without ever pulling out.  She went from leaning over the table to on her back on top of the table. Bailee put her hand behind her head and gapped onto the edge of the table. I reached out and played with her breasts as I hammered her pussy.  It only took another few minutes for Bailee to start cumming. Her arms let go of the table and she reached out to grip my arm as her eyes rolled back and she came. I slowed down as her orgasm took her. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Hailee touching herself with her legs spread wide over the armrests of the chair. Seeing her like that I could not help myself and pulled out of Bailee and walked over to my girlfriend.  Hailee stopped me before I could enter her.  She had me get a bit closer so that she could lean in and take my dick into her mouth. Using her tongue to lick up and down the sides before wrapping her lips around the head and giving it a nice long suck.  Her tongue circled the tip and then flicked the sensitive underside of the tip a few times before letting it go and leaning back in her chair.  Giving me the go-ahead, I moved down and gave one long hard thrust into her.  Hailee gave out a nice appreciative moan as she felt me enter her.  Reaching up with both hands she grabbed my face and pulled me down to her.  She pushed her tongue into my mouth as I pushed my cock into her amazon closely trimmed pussy. 

Hailee kissed up along my face until her lips her right up near my ear. “Remember the rules from last time” she whispered.

“Uh-huh,” I grunted while I kept going.

“Forget about them,” she told me.

“You sure?” I asked, pulling away so I could see her eyes. She just nodded. I showed her my appreciation by jamming my legs against hers and giving her a deep passionate kiss. We made out for another minute before I pulled out of Hailee and turned back to Bailee.  Throwing her legs up into the air I slammed back into the brunette on the table.  I went at her like a jackhammer. 

“Shit, Bailee I’m about to.”

“About to what? OH WOW! Oh my god, oh my god,” Bailee said over and over again as I shot my load into her.  When I finished I put my hands on the table and leaned forward to catch my breath.

“How’d that feel?” Hailee asked.  She was now standing off to my side.

“Oh my god.  That was so much cum,” Bailee laughed.

“Yeah he does that,” Hailee said matter of factly.

“Yeah, I do.  I also usually have a quick recovery time. Especially when I am with two absolutely gorgeous brunettes.”  I pulled out of Bailee and wrapped my arms around Hailee and once again the two of us began making out.  My hands moved down to her butt and I messaged her ass as we continued to kiss and started walking backward.  We ended up crashing on one of the lounge chairs. Even though Hailee landed on her back with me on top of her, she quickly flipped us somehow so she was on top and in no time she had lowered herself on my dick and began riding me.  She was relentless in grinding herself on my dick.  I did what I could, playing with her breasts and rubbing her clit until she climaxed. After Hailee came I had her get off of me and I stood up to the side of the chair.  Hailee quickly sucked my dick for a minute before she turned around.  Thankfully, I had bought some extra wide lounge chairs so even though she was perpendicular to the direction of the chair, there was still enough room for her to get on her hands and knees and fuck her doggy style right there. 

Bailee meanwhile was back masturbating on the patio table. I would not find out until the next day that her masturbating her jizz filled pussy on the table would leave a puddle of cum on it that I would have to clean off.  I signed for her to come over and join us and she quickly moved across the patio.  She took a seat next to Hailee. Pulling my cock out of her I offered it to Bailee and she quickly accepted.  Her mouth eagerly worked up and down my dick for the first time that afternoon.  An audible ‘pop’ sound could be heard when I pulled my hard rod out of Bailee's mouth and stuck it back into Hailee’s lovely twat.  I told Bailee to spin around and get right next to Hailee.  She did as I said and the two starlets were now on all fours ass to ass, their bodies touching as they were right next to each other.  I made the most of their position bouncing back and forth, pistoning my cock in and out of one before quickly switching over to the other.  Hailee was the first of us to cum, and Bailee went a few minutes later.  Feeling her love tunnel clasp tightly around my dick was enough to set me off again.  I started to cum inside of Bailee as her body shook in pleasure, but I pulled out and quickly wedged my cock back into Hailee before I stopped. 

We’d all had had at least two orgasms at peace at that point, but as it turned out we’d only just begun.  When the night ended it was done, it was safe to say that we had done out best to fuck Bailee’s brains out.  It was well after midnight and Hailee was riding me one final time on my recliner, and when I orgasmed I didn't think anything actually came out, but balls were so spent.  Meanwhile, Bailee was passed out on the couch, with a grin on her face.  She was naked on her back, with her legs still spread open since one was dangling off the couch. Meanwhile, you could still the remnants of one of my last loads on her breasts. When we were done Hailee and I retreated to my bedroom and I carried Bailee to the guest room.  The next morning, Bailee joined Hailee and me in the shower. My dick was still tired from the day before, but I was still able to get her off one last time before she got dressed and headed off.

After Bailee left, Hailee and I did talk and we set some new ground rules for the openness of our relationship.  Along with updating both out “Do Not Fuck” list, we also added a new “Only With Permission” list, for partners we could only hook up with permission from the other person. Hailee had been upset with her friend for a while after purposely sleeping with me behind her back, so now that she seemed to be trying to do it again Hailee wanted to limit her chances. I was fine making this exchange, considering there were a few guys who I didn’t care for I had seen trying to hit on her at events before COVID, and she’d even told me about a few who texted her during quarantine thinking those texts would not get back to me.

The next few weeks were full of prep for a movie my friend Ryan Castillo and I were putting together.  I’d met Ryan at an Emmys after-party, and the two of us hit it off right away,  While we did not hang out too often, we did text at least once a week. Usually about sports and stuff, but occasionally about work.  Ryan was a television director and had done some decent work on several premium cable dramas. He had thought about trying to make the jump to full-length features for the last year.  So this movie was a great low-risk option for him.  We were going to do it on the cheap, using rented equipment, friends as cast and crew, and friends’ places for sets.  At best we could probably sell it to a streaming service who will be desperate for new stuff in a few months when the entertainment industry being on pause was going to really start impacting releases of new content. At worst, if the movie was crap, I’d just eat the cost and delete the footage. If nothing else this gave us all something to do and break-up the monotony of COVID life.

The film was about four friends who were living together after college and how being at different stages of your career can affect friendships. Each character was a different recent graduate archetype. Paris Berelc was playing the woman who got her ideal job, was making decent money, and went out every weekend. Madison Pettis was playing someone who had a steady job but was still living off her parents' dime with them paying most of her bills.  Bailee Madison was playing the part of the woman who got the entry-level job in the field she wanted but was working a crazy amount of hours for very little pay.  And finally, Olivia Holt was playing the part of the person who can’t get the job they want and was stuck doing minimum wage jobs to try to get some money coming in, and she hated it.  Hailee was supposed to play Bailee’s part originally, but Haiz told me to give the part to Bailee when the negotiations with Marvel to play Kate Bishop once again picked up.  Considering everything that happened with her you’d think the last thing she’d want is for Bailee to hang around me, but she trusted me and was planning on hanging around the set most days to help out. The movie was perfect for COVID times because the movie was all about the in-house relationships between four women, so everything was shot indoors supposedly in the same house that the friends were renting, except for a few exterior scenes.

I’d gotten both Paris and Olivia to volunteer to use different rooms at their places to shoot the movie. Although, part of the agreement with Paris for her to do the movie and let us use her house was that her boyfriend, Jack Griffo, be cast in one of the two boyfriend roles. In total there were only 9 actors in the whole movie, and then along with Ryan, Hailee, and myself, we were only going to use a crew of five other people.  It was an extremely bare-bones crew.  As such, we needed to plan everything well. including when was the best time to film in different locations.  Ryan and I set up cameras in different rooms of Paris’ and Olivia’s homes to see the amount of direct natural light each room got over the course of a day.  While it was mostly boring work, especially when it came time to review the video, it did have one notable thing happen. Back before we started shooting I got an interesting email from our lighting guy,

“Woah,” I said as I sat on my couch looking at my laptop while I was watching some NBA game.

“What?” Hailee said as she climbed up on the couch next to me.

“Andre just send me and Castillo a clip from the timelapse lighting video we did of Paris’ bedroom.”

“Yeah?” she said as she snuggled up close to me so she could look at the screen of the laptop on my legs. “So what is? What was so surprising?”

“This,” I told her as I pressed play again. A video then played showing Paris’ empty bedroom, but it was not empty for long. Soon Jack and Paris entered and they began stripping each other of their clothes. Jack pushed Paris on to her back and began eating her out.  The timelapse quickly moved on to Paris blowing him for a bit before getting on top and riding him.  I turned to look at Hailee who watched wide-eyed and with her mouth slightly agape.  I turned back to the laptop to see them going at it doggy style facing directly in the direction of the camera.  Going in the fast motion of the timelapse, they soon rotated so they were in missionary with Paris wrapping her legs around his waist as he fucked her.  You could see her legs go tighter around him as her mouth opened it what looked like an orgasmic cry, and he gave one last final hard thrust giving her a nice creampie. The video stopped after Jack got off the bed and left a freeze-frame of a naked sweaty Paris on her side laid out on the bed.

When it was over, Hailee sat back and asked, “Did they forget that the camera was there?”

“Paris maybe, but I don’t think Jack did.”


“Because he keeps looking right at the camera.”

“What?” I turned the laptop towards her and played the video again.  We watched them have sex and I stopped the video from time to time right when I noticed him look right at the camera, including right as he started shooting his load into the Alexa & Katie actress. Hailee just laughed and said she couldn’t believe he did that.  When I thought about it, my guess was since I was the one who set up the camera he thought I was the one who would be watching it.  So he thought he was like marking his territory or something stupid like that, but instead, he was showing off his girlfriend having sex to me and two guys whom she’d only ever met once each at that point.

As much prep work as there was to do, none of us had much going on so we were able to devote a lot of our time to work pretty fast with the pre-production. Today was our sixth day of shooting and we were all currently taking a break after a busy morning.  We’d spent the previous five days shooting at Paris’, but we were filming at Olivia’s today.  As I walked into her kitchen where we had set up a bunch of different snacks, I got shoulder bumped by Jack who was on his way out.  He said sorry, but I knew he had done it on purpose.  I just let it slide and continued on my way to get a drink from the fridge and some popcorn to snack on.  Me and him have never gotten along going back to Olivia’s 21st birthday party.  Even though since that time, I’d finally gotten together with Hailee and he’d broken up with Paris (in part because of his dicking around with Caylee Cowan)  and then gotten back together, he still tried to act like a tough guy around me. 

So my history with Paris is why he didn’t like me, and I just generally didn’t like him because I thought he was just a fake bro-y douchebag.  Even back when I was a self-centered asshole just looking to bang everything that moves, I still knew people who were Jack’s type and I tried to avoid them whenever possible.  Now that I am a bit more reformed, I just really can’t stand him. Even when Paris and I were hooking up regularly, I never had any desire for a romantic relationship with Paris.  That said, we were friends and I, like many others, knew she could do much better than Jack.

“Sorry about him,” Paris said as she sat on the countertop snacking.

“It’s fine,” I told her, “Just curious though, did you tell him about that weekend? Is that why he still hates me so much?”

“No way,” Paris said as she blushed slightly as she thought about that weekend two weeks after her breakup with Jack.  She showed up at my house on Friday afternoon under the pretense of needing to borrow something.  Within 30 minutes of arriving she had stripped out of all her clothes and was telling me how hard she wanted me to fuck her. She did not put on a single article of clothing again until midmorning on Monday when she left me completely drained and she walked bowlegged back to her car.  “I’m not sure he could handle hearing about that.”

“Alright, I thought that was the reason he seemed to be so protective of you since we started filming.” 

“Nope, that’s just him.”  The two of us stood over the snack buffet that lined the counter and ate for a bit more.  “When are we going to start again?”

“Ugh, I don’t know.  I haven’t seen Castillo in a while.  I should probably go see where he is and what the plan is.”  Grabbing another handful of popcorn, I turned and made my way to go find our director.

Back in the master bathroom, Ryan Castello had lost all track of time as he currently stood with his pants around his ankles and his hard dick in the well-manicured hand of Madison Pettis who was on her knees on top of some towels. He groaned as she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock once again.  Two weeks ago, Ryan was dumbstruck when he first met Madison in person.  Wearing shorts and a low cut top, he thought she was one of the sexiest women he’d ever seen. The fact that they seemed to click instantly was a shock to him. While he tried to remain semi-professional while filming, he found himself flirting with Madison whenever there was a down moment and Madison, being the flirt she is, flirted it right back to him.  This had previously culminated in the previous night, him volunteering to drive her home and they spent a half-hour sitting outside her place making out in his car. But rather than decreasing any sexual tension they had in between them, that makeout session only increased it this morning. And as soon as there was a long enough planned break, the two of them went running off to be somewhere private. And now Madison energetically worked her mouth on his cock.

“Oh god Madison, that feels amazing. But we need to hurry.” Castillo said regrettably. Madison agreed, but she was not just satisfied with giving a blowjob.  Releasing his cock, she stood up.

“Help me out of this,” She asked in a hurried voice.  While sneaking off for a quickie in the bathroom excited her, a romper is not the best thing to have on for such an occasion. Ryan did what he could to help but once she started pulling it off he just stood back and watched.

“Jesus Christ,” he said.  The words slipping from his mouth unconsciously as her breasts were freed from their confines. While they may not defy all laws of gravity quite like Kira Kossarin’s breasts, they were still immaculate in their own right.  Madison’s larger caramel colored tits with light brown nipples still hung high on her chest with minimal sag. Watching her take the romper fully off, his eyes scanned down her body to her nice squeezable ass. When she turned around and got up on the counter, he now had a clear view of her lovely fully clean-shaven pussy. He just stood back and took in the sight of her body dressed in only a pair of wedges. He was snapped back to reality when Madison grabbed hold of one of his hands and placed it on her breasts. As his hand took a firm hold of her breast, he then stepped forward. He gave her a quick kiss before moving his head down and taking her free tit into his mouth. Her hand left his and wrapped around his throbbing member bringing closer and aiming it home, so all he had to do was take another step closer and suddenly he was pushing his cock into her.  He moved slowly at first savoring the feeling of her tight snatch clasping his rock hard tool.  They moaned into eachothers mouths while kissing as he thrust his full rod into her. He wanted to go slow and make the whole experience last, but after a minute or so he was reminded that they were in a time crunch and started to quicken his pace while Madison wrapped her arms and legs around his body.

“Castillo, where are you man?” I called out as I made my way through Olivia’s place checking each room for Ryan trying to figure out where he went off to. The final room I went to check was Olivia’s bedroom.  I did not see anything when I stuck my head in and looked around, but right when I was getting ready to turn to leave I heard the sound of something falling onto a tile floor.  Moving my way deeper into Olivia’s room I pressed my ear again against the mostly closed bathroom door and heard the sound of skin slapping against skin.  The door was not fully closed so I gently pushed it open an inch or so. Peering in I could clearly see a naked Madison Pettis sitting on the counter, her body fully pressed against my director.  Her leg closest to me was wrapped around him while her other leg was raised in the air.  She moaned softly into his ear as he thrust as powerfully as he could into her.  I could not help myself from watching for a bit longer especially once he told her to lean back, giving me my first clear view of her tits.  But that view did not last long as Castillo grabbed one of her breasts and lifted it before wrapping her lips around her lovely brown nipple.

I did close the door and let them have their privacy eventually. As I made my way to leave the room, I bumped into Olivia.

“Have you seen Ryan or Madison?” Olivia asked. “No one knows where they are.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Then where are they?”

“Well, they are…” I started to say before being interrupted.

“Shit shit shit. Oh fuck, ugghhh!”  Ryan could be heard yelling through the door.

“Seriously?” Olivia complained.

“Yeah.  Though it sounds like he just crescendoed, so give them 5 minutes or so and we should be back to work.”  Olivia and I walked back down the hallway so Madison & Ryan would not see us standing there when they got out of the bathroom.

“I can’t believe they’ve had more sex in my home than I’ve had since March.”

“If It makes you feel any better Hailee and I haven’t had sex in your place yet, but we did do it twice on Paris’ bed that first day of filming.”

“Why would that make me feel better?”

“I don’t know.  I just felt like bragging to somebody about that.”  She gave me a dirty look, which quickly dissolved into a smirk.

After Ryan and Madison rejoined the group we went back to filming.  We filmed two more scenes over the next few more hours before we called it a wrap for the day.  I helped break down some of the equipment so Olivia could have her place back to a semi-normal state for the night. As I was carrying a light kit over to a corner, Ryan came up to me and spoke in a rushed quiet voice.  “Hey man, I know I usually transfer all the stuff off the video cards every night, but I was hoping you could do it for me tonight.”

“Yeah, sure.  You all right?”  I asked with some concern, but when I put down the case and turned to him I could see everything was more than alright. His eyes were looking across the room at Madison who was also glancing back at him.  “Oh, I see. Yeah, that’s not a problem.  I’ll take care of everything tonight.”

“Thanks, Eddie, man I owe you.”  He then walked over to Madison and whispered in her ear.  Soon the two of them were saying their goodbyes they both left.

“They left in a hurry,” Olivia said.

“Well, I’m pretty sure what happened in your bathroom was just a taste of things to come...pun unintended. What about you, any plans tonight?”

“Take Roger for a walk, order some dinner, and that’s about it. Just another boring night home alone,” she said in a sigh of disappointment. “What about you?”

“Same I guess. I gotta transfer and backup today’s footage. And then I don’t know. Hailee is staying with her parents tonight so I’m all alone for dinner,”  I said as I started to pack up the laptop and hard drive I needed for the video transfer.

“Why don’t you just stay here then?  We can have dinner and hang out a bit. Honestly, I’m tired of having dinner alone.”  Not having a better option, I agreed and began unpacking the computer I just packed up. She did as she said and took Roger for a walk and then ordered some food.  We watched a bit of TV as we ate.  After dinner and cleaning up, Olivia went to her bedroom to change into some more comfortable clothes.  Roger followed Olivia as she left, but when she came back into the living room Roger was nowhere to be found.  Liv was now barefoot, dressed in grey sweatpants and a tight tank top that made it pretty obvious that she was without a bra. 

All the video had finished downloading and copying over to a separate backup drive as well, but I still was not ready to head home just yet. I just kind of hung out at Olivia’s a bit longer. We talked for a bit but after another half hour, I was sitting on the couch with headphones on watching some of the stuff we watched earlier in the day while Olivia sat across from me playing on her Nintendo Switch. I noticed her eyes flicking up to look at me from time to time until she finally spoke up.

“What are you watching?” She asked.

“Just some of the stuff from this morning,” I said as I moved the headphones off of one ear.

“Can I see?”

“Yeah sure,” I told her.  She moved over and sat very close up against me. I angled the laptop a bit so she could see it and unjacked the headphones.  After pressing play, Olivia again moved closer to me. Now to the point if she moved any closer she’d actually be sitting on top of me. The video played for a minute or two when I felt her place her hand on my upper thigh.  As I started to play the next clip, she slowly began rubbing my thigh and moving her hand further and further up. When her fingers finally bumped up against the tip of my cock in my shorts, I looked over at Olivia and noticed her eyes were no longer on the screen, but instead were looking at me quite intensely. I pressed the space bar and paused the video.

“Olivia..” I did not have time to say any more before she had pressed her lips against mine. From the way she kissed I could sense a desperate need from her. I did my best to close the laptop and put it safely on the coffee table as Olivia’s lips continued to attack me.  As soon as the laptop was safe and I reclined back on the couch, Olivia swung her leg over and straddled me.  While we continued to make out I slipped my hand into her sweatpants to not only discover that she had failed to put on any underwear, but she was insanely wet.  We’d barely just begun and she was already so wet you would have thought she had already had an orgasm. “God damn, Olivia,” I said as I pulled my hand out of her pants and you could see my fingers glistening with her wetness.

“I need you right now.  I haven’t had sex since this whole time, so I really really need you to fuck me right now.” Oliva told me. She kissed me again and the turned and moaned into my ear as she rocked her body on my lap, “Please, I need to feel you inside me.”  I didn’t even give a verbal answer.  Instead, I just began kissing the side of her neck as I tried to lift her body with one hand and lowered my shorts with the other.  I didn’t even lower them that far, just enough for my now steel hard member to get free. Feeling my freed schlong slap against her, Olivia did what she could to wriggle out of her pants. She only had one leg fully free, but that was all she needed and took my dick into her small hand. A moment later she began lowering herself down onto it.  Liv cried loudly as she felt her pussy being split open for the first time in months by something other than her own vibrator or fingers. Olivia did not go slow as she began riding my cock.  If her incredible wetness was not evident enough of how unbelievable aroused she was before we started, the fact that she had an insanely gushy orgasm in under two minutes was indisputable proof. Olivia collapsed against my chest after she came. I continued to kiss against her cheek and neck as she worked to catch her breath. I soon scooped her up and put her down on her back against the couch. We both groaned as I had to pull my cock out of her, but I had to do it as I moved around and stripped her out of her shirt and her pants which were still caught around one ankle.

With Olivia now lying naked on the couch I stripped off the rest of my clothes. I put one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor as I moved between her legs. She had grown out a bit of a blond bush while alone in isolation. I ran my fingers through her blonde curls, before sinking a finger into her pussy. Meanwhile, my mouth was preoccupied licking and sucking on her tantalizing breasts with their small dark nipples. Olivia’s body jerked as I curled my finger inside her and I started stroking her g-spot. Her moaning got even louder as I moved my lips down her body and found her lovely clit.

“Oh god,” Olivia moaned. “If you don’t stuff I’m going to cum again.”

“That kind of the point,” I stopped sucking her clit just long enough to tell her that, before pushing another of my long nimble fingers between her felt folds and going back down to lick her clit. Olivia lifted one of her legs up, opening her up even more for me.  In minutes her toes were curling and her pussy was spasming as she climaxed once again.

“Fuck,” Olivia moaned as she tried to catch her breath. I let Olivia lay back and rest for a bit.

“You enjoying yourself?”

A smile of pure delight came across Olivia’s face as she said “Oh yeah. It was bad enough going all those months without, and then my birthday came and went, and God I needed to have sex after that.”

“What does your birthday have to do with anything?”

“You’re joking right?” Olivia asked as she sat up.  I think I knew what she was getting at, but I shrugged my shoulders like I didn’t know. “Seriously, after everything we’ve done,” she said as she now flipped around to lay on her stomach, “Or rather everything I’ve let you do with this cock, you’re going to act like you don’t know.”  Looking up at me with those brown doe eyes she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick.

It’s true, looking back the last three years Olivia’s birthdays have been celebrated in part by the two of us doing a whole lot of fucking.  Three years ago I met her at Kelli Berglund’s house who was throwing her a birthday party, and the two of us ended up fucking in front of her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Two years ago, her birthday party got moved to my place at the last minute and it more or less devolved into an orgy.  Then last year Olivia spent the majority of her birthday celebrating with her girl friends in Malibu, but when it was time for everyone to head home I picked up Olivia and we went to Santa Barbara for two nights  We occasionally left the hotel room just long enough to get something to eat and have our dirty sopping wet bedsheets change, before we came back and dirtied the new clean ones.

“Oh you mean all the dirty crazy sex we usually have on your birthday?” I asked sarcastically as the beautiful blonde sucked my dick.

“Yeah, I was disappointed I didn’t get my birthday present from you this year.”  She then used her tongue to tease my tip as she continued to look up at me. She was not working hard to get me off, the Freeform actress was just teasing my prick with her mouth, but it felt so good I let her continue for a few more minutes.

“Okay stand up, it's time to get your present.”  Olivia quickie got up to her feet and moved to the end of the couch. I knew right where she was heading and quickly followed her over to the large teal full-length mirror she had set up in the room.  After all the times we’d had sex I knew her well and I knew how she loved doing standing doggie-style and also how she liked to do it in front of a mirror so she could still look back and see the other person looking at her. She braced herself up against the wall and stuck out her ass.  I wasted no time getting behind her and taking a hard grasp of her lovely hips. Aiming my cock just right, I sheathed my full length up to the hilt inside of her. As always Olivia’s tight wet pussy felt amazing. 

“Ummm, fuck, I love your pussy,” I grunted as I picked up the pace.  Hailee was unquestionably my favorite person to have sex with for a multitude of reasons, but if I were to create a list of other favorites, Olivia would for sure be near the top.  Her beautiful face looked terrific in the mirror as she moaned in pleasure, I could see her small tits shake as we fucked, and the strong aroma from her great tasting pussy was filling the room. Moving a hand off her hip I snaked it around to her pelvis.  As I kept thrusting my cock into the actress, my hand roamed through her trim blonde bush until I found her clit again.  Rubbing her clit as we fucked almost worked too well on Olivia as I had to react fast and wrap my arm around her to prevent her from falling as her knees buckled. As she struggled to regain her footing, I decided it would be best to change things.  Spinning her around, my hands took hold of her small round ass and I picked her up.  She wrapped her legs around me and slid her down on my dick before I moved us over back to the couch. I placed her down so she was sitting on the arm of the couch. She kept her legs around me as we started to fuck once again.  Now, being able to look her in the face as we humped, I pulled her face to mine and slipped her some tongue as we kissed. My hands moved to her chest and I felt her hard nipples.  Considering how much they stick out when they are hard, it is impressive how little Olivia has been photographed with pokies.

“Fucking hell,” I said as I started to hammer dick into her.  I was very much nearing the point of no return.  I gave Olivia a warning that I was going to cum soon, and she just held me tighter. I slowed my pace and just gave her a series of hard powerful strokes, pushing my full length into her each time. I gave one last strong thrust into her that almost pushed us over the armrest and onto the couch. Not holding back anymore I just let go and blasted her womb with everything I had. Giving her a creampie that completely filled her up.  “Uggghhhh” I moaned as I shot rope after rope into Olivia, and when I was finally done I took a deep breath and said “Happy birthday Liv.”

Olivia laughed at that. “Thanks,” she said.

“Did you like your gift?”

“I loved it. It fits perfectly,” she said as my cock was still resting inside of her.  “But is it just the one gift, or was that part of a series of gifts.”  I had barely gone soft, but I quickly found my second wind.  We ended up going again on the couch doing a mix of missionary, cowgirl, and doggy before she once again had me cum deep within her. As we laid together in the afterglow of our sex, she asked me if I wanted to spend the night with her.  I thought about it for a moment, but considering that I didn’t have any other clothes and that everyone was coming back to her place tomorrow morning for another day of filming, I thought it might not look all that great for me to be there in the same clothes.  After I declined I asked if I could use her shower, which she had no problem with. I was not alone in her shower for long. I had barely started lathering myself up before she got in the shower with me.  While playful, the shower we shared was mostly innocent until she dropped her shampoo bottle.  She then bent over but did not even try to pick up the bottle. Instead, she just braced her hands up against the wall and pushed back into me. As she looked back at me over her shoulder, I took the hint.  We had sex one last time just like that in the shower, with her pressed up against the shower wall. It was a quick hard fuck with her pushing her body back into me and driving my cock into her. We’d both cum one last time with her breasts pressed up against the glass and me holding one of her legs up in the air.

As I got in my car to head home at around 1AM. I texted Castillo, asking him how his night went while I sat at a red light.  He sent me back a picture of a naked woman with a sheen of sweat over her body.  The lighting in the room was low, but I could easily make out all the details of Madison Pettis’ naked body.  He also sent a note with the picture saying ‘still going’.  I texted him back to try and not go too hard tonight since both of them were needed for filming tomorrow. He sent me back an emoji of a thumbs up, but as I looked back at the pic of Madison I knew there was no chance he was stopping until he just couldn’t go anymore. 

Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
« Reply #61 on: September 19, 2020, 12:01:37 AM »
Lucky Bastard 36: The Wrap Party
Starring Bailee Madison, Paris Berelc, Madison Pettis, Hailee Steinfeld, and an appearance by Olivia Holt
Codes: F, MF, Mast, 69, Oral, Anal, Public
Written by MiamiLyfe 
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

NOTE: This story is also a mashup of a lot of small ideas and scenes that I had written at different times to be used later.  As the schedule of my real life is about to get busier, I thought all those ideas into this one story to close out the quarantine arc.  I hope it works and you all like it.


It was the final day of shooting for the quarantined movie that Bailee Madison was doing with a group of friends.  Just a small project to keep them all busy while they waited for the entertainment world to start back up. Thankfully it was ending at the perfect time for Bailee because in two days she was flying up to Vancouver where she would have to quarantine for 14 days before starting on a new project. But at the moment she could not have cared less about that project.  Right now she was locked inside Paris Berelc’s bedroom and lost in her own thoughts.  Bailee had finished her one last scene and while she waited for everyone else to finish filming, so they could break down the equipment and then head over to Eddie MacDonnell’s house for a wrap party, she asked Paris if it would be alright if she used her bed to take a nap.  Paris agreed, not thinking much about it. Paris might not have been so agreeable if she could see Bailee now.

Bailee was lying facedown on Paris’ bed with a towel she'd taken from the bathroom separating Bailee from Paris’ bedsheets. The beautiful 20-year-old actress had her skirt bunched up around her waist and her panties down around her mid-thighs.  She had one hand under her body, manipulating a small vibrator she was grinding her pussy up against.  It’s been over a month since Bailee had used her last hall pass with Hailee and Eddie, and she felt too guilty to ask for another go despite feeling especially horney the last few days.  She knew she had tested the limits of her friendship with Hailee with some of her behavior with Eddie. In her defense, even though she probably could open up her DMs and scan through all the random dick pics Bailee had been sent by strangers and could order one up she liked as if it were Amazon, she didn’t want to hookup with some random stranger. Nor did she want to have sex with a guy friend of her’s who might try to pressure her to do it again in the future. Eddie, she just felt was the safe and stable choice. He never pressured her and while plenty of rumors and stories about him were passed around, he was never the one to talk about sexual get-togethers.  Plus he just fucked her so good, it was always amazing.

Even today while masturbating, she started out lying on her back with her knees up, touching herself while she thought about her boyfriend Blake Richardson. He was so sweet and tender.  She was picturing the next time they get to see each other and making love for the first time in months.  However, as time went on her fantasy shifted.  She suddenly found her thoughts drifting to Eddie. With him in the other room, she pictured him walking in on her touching herself on the bed, and then pulling out his hard dick and fucking her.  Currently, she was biting her lip, stifling a moan while she had her eyes closed and was picturing Eddie fucking her prone bone on Paris’ bed.  Unlike the loving fantasy with Blake, when her mind switched to Ed, it was him absolutely drilling her. She bit down on the comforter as she slid her bullet vibrator against her clit.  In her mind she was picturing him pushing his dick repeatedly down into her, rubbing up against her g-spot with each thrust.   She could feel her orgasm building and as bad as she needed this climax, she was slightly afraid that her cries would echo down the hallway and didn’t want to get the attention of the dozen other people in the house. 

“Mmmmffffffffaaaaahhhhh,” Bailee moaned loudly, though muffled, as her eyes rolled back and her body convulsed as she came. Bailee just laid on the bed for several minutes after the body was rocked by a powerful orgasm. It had felt amazing, but she knew that that masturbation session had not fully satisfied her need.  Regardless she held off from going another round and climbed off the bed. After pulling her underwear and putting her skirt back into place, she took the towel off the bed.  The towel had a very noticeable wet spot and sex smell to it, so Bailee buried it between other clothes in Paris’ full hamper.  She splashed some water on her face in the bathroom and to check to make sure she looked presentable before leaving to rejoin the rest of the group.

Eddie saw Bailee creep back into the room, while they filmed the second to last shot that they needed before finishing the movie.  He thought Bailee looked a bit flush, but he didn’t think about it too long as he refocused on what the cast and crew filming the scene were up to. The scene involved Olivia Holt getting into a loud argument with Paris Berelc and Madison Pettis in the kitchen.  When the scene came to a close, everyone stood in place waiting for the director Ryan Castillo to call ‘cut’ the call never came. Eddie loudly cleared his throat, and Ryan snapped out of his haze.

“Oh, cut!  Sorry, everyone, that was my fault there.  Ummm, that was real good.  Let’s just do it one more time for the coverage and then we’ll move on,” Ryan announced.

Ed had noticed that Ryan had been in a funk all day, but he didn’t want to call him out in front of everyone, so he waited for the next take to end and for people to move stuff around to set up for the final scene. 

“Castillo, can I talk to you, man?” Ed asked.  Ryan agreed and followed Ed into the next room so they could have some privacy.  “Dude, what’s going on with you.  You’ve been off all day.”

“Yeah, I know, sorry Ed.  It’s just Madison,” Ed started to explain.  Ever since that first hookup in Olivia’s bathroom, Ryan and Madison had been a regular, nearly nightly thing. They’d done their best to keep things professional on set, but it had not gone unnoticed that they had vanished together a few times during breaks. “She just got this sponsorship deal for her Instagram with this lingerie company, and she did this whole fashion show for me last night with me last night showing me all the stuff they sent her.  Jesus man, I just can’t get those images out of my head when I see her.  I mean, you should see what she has under her shirt right now.”

“That’s great. I’m glad you and Madison are really getting along, but get your shit together.  You can’t be hooking up with one of your actresses if you’re going to spend the next day only paying attention to her.  You gotta separate the sex from work.  Think with your head on your shoulders while at work, and then you can think with something else when you’re away from the set.”

“Yeah, I know you’re right.”

“Just keep it together for this last shot, and we’re done.”

“You’re right, you’re right. Thanks.”  Ryan then turned and went back to the kitchen to finish setting up for the last scene.  Ed stayed in the other room for a bit longer, having a hard time believing that he just had to tell someone else to stop thinking with his dick.  It was almost ironic since, on many occasions, he has been accused of letting his dick do all of his thinking for him since high school.  As he went back to rejoin the group he was quickly cut off by Bailee. 

“Ed,” She said as she stepped right in front of his path. 

“Jesus, Bails’ He said as he was barely able to stop himself from walking right over her.  As it was, they were so close that he felt her breast brush up against his chest before he took a step back.  “What is it?”

“Do you know where Hailee is? I can’t find her.”

“She went back to my place.  She’d forgotten that she had a Zoom interview or something today.”

“Oh, okay,” she said disappointed.

“She’ll be there at the party. You can talk to her then.”

Bailee sighed, “Alright, that’s fine.”

Bailee then backed off and everyone got back to setting up and then filming the final scene of the movie. It took a few more takes than expected to get the shot just right, but in the end, they all cheered that it was over. Everyone then pitched in to start to break everything down.  Ed said he had to leave early to make sure his house was good for the wrap party.  He texted everyone his address, though most everyone already had it, and said that he’d see everyone at his house.


The truth was Eddie’s house was already all set for the wrap party.  He had stocked his refrigerator and bar the previous night and most of the snacks just needed to get taken out of the fridge or poured into a bowl.  The caterers were coming later in the afternoon with the majority of the food.  He just wanted to sneak away while everyone was backing up so he could get 15 to 30 minutes alone with Hailee.  He checked in on his home office where he expected she’d done the zoom interview, but it was empty.  He then went upstairs to look for her. He was disappointed when he didn’t see her in his bedroom or the master bathroom, but the mirror was still fogged up a bit from steam from the shower, so he knew she could not have gone too far. So he checked one last place. Walking into his closet he saw Hailee standing in a towel looking through the clothes she kept at his place. He just stopped and looked at her standing there.  Hailee let out a small scream as she did not expect to see Ed standing in the doorway, and he scared her for a moment

“Shit, sorry,” he apologized for scaring her.

“Fuck, Eddie. You guys wrapped already? Are people downstairs already?”

“No, I bought us some alone time before people arrive.”

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Hailee said flirtatiously as she strolled up to him.

“Well, Castillo was talking about how he can’t stop looking at Madison today and it got me thinking about how before we first hooked up, we kept running into each other and I could not stop looking at you.’

Hailee put her hand on his chest, “You still can’t stop looking at me when we go out.”

“That’s true. But can you blame me?” Ed asked.  He then reached out and tugged at her towel and it fell to the floor, leaving her standing naked in front of him, “look at you, how could I possibly look away?” He then kissed her and she quickly kissed him back.

“How much time do we have?” she asked with some urgency in her voice.

“Not enough time to have sex, but we can for sure fool around a bit,” He explained.  Hailee took his hand and led him to his bed. She had Ed lay down and she got on top of him.  The two made out on the bed for several minutes. Ed’s hands moved all around her body as her hands went down and began undoing his pants.  She did not break away from kissing him until his pants were pushed down and his cock was in her hands.  She began to move down his body as she slowly stroked his dick.  Once she was down far enough and about to start sucking his dick, he stopped her.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Are you serious?” she asked as her lips were to two inches from his long hard dick.

“Yes,” he said. “Turn around and let me do you too.”  Hailee smiled as she turned around and sat her pussy right down on his face.  She let out a moan as she felt him stick out his tongue and give her pussy a good lick.  Hailee just sat there sitting on his face for a minute before she bent down and took his dick into her mouth.  They went down on each other there in the middle of the bed with some urgency, hoping to beat the clock before their guests arrived. Hailee stroked his shaft with one hand as her lips sucked on the head on his cock.  He gripped her ass and pulled her down even closer as he ate her out.  He dug his tongue deep down into her and he could felt her moaning more and more. The vibrations of her moans only increasing his pleasure as she worked his manhood with her mouth.  While sucking on her clit, Ed felt her mouth move off of his dick and then heard her moan loudly as she came all over his face.  His face as soaked when she climbed off of Ed and he used a pillow to wipe his face off.  He then put the pillow behind his head and looked down at his body.  Hailee had relocated between his legs and she was looking up at him as she began to suck his dick once again. He watched as she worked her soft lips up and down his pole. He made his pleasure in what she was doing well known.  Knowing the pleasure she was causing made her eyes light up, and Ed thought he saw her stretched out lips smile a bit.

“Holy fuck Hailee, I’m going to cum soon,” she took his dick out of her mouth and her hands stroked her quickly.  She still used her tongue to and toyed with his tip a bit until he finally exploded.  His cum hitting her right in her beautiful face.  She had cum streaked all over her face when it was over.  She gave his dick one last suck, cleaning up any extra cum that leaked out of his dick. The two took a quick shower together to clean the ejaculate off of each other’s faces before other people began to arrive.


Ryan was currently in the back seat of his car.  He had pulled into a parking garage on the way to Ed’s house and driven to a spot in an empty corner at the top of the garage.  While they were driving he was still completely horney for Madison, and he saw this as his one shot to get some privacy with her before spending several hours in a house full of people.  He told Madison just that when she asked what he was doing as he drove into the garage. Once he parked the car she just followed his lead as he moved to the backseat.  That was all 10 minutes ago.

Currently, Madison was straddling Ryan’s lap and gyrating her hips on top of him.  Her t-shirt was bunched up by her neck and the cups to her bra had been pulled down, freeing her breasts to the open air.  Ryan had one hand grabbing one tit while his mouth was sloppily licking and sucking her other chocolate-colored nipple.  His other hand was down in her undone shorts, fingering her wet twat.

“Mmmmm, do you know how distracted I was today during filming? All I could think about you, your body, and everything I wanted to do to you,” he said as he switched his mouth over to her other nipple.

“I know...mmmmm...I could feel your eyes on me the whole time... why do you think my panties were so wet?” They continued to fool around in the backseat for a while longer. The Five Points actress pulled him away from her breast and brought her lips down to his.  As the two began to make out, she also started to hump against his fingers at a quicker pace.  She was moaning into his mouth until she just had to pull away.  Her orgasm was building and her breathing was quickening.  Ryan kissed back down her neck to her breast again. She then lowered her head, burying it into his shoulder as she let out a loud moan while her pussy spasmed and she climaxed. As she was recovering from her orgasm, Ryan’s hands and lips continued to explore her body.

“You know,” Ryan said as he lightly kissed the side of her neck.  “We could just skip the wrap party, go to my place to continue this.” Madison bit her lip and moaned. “Or we could just drive up to Malibu or maybe Santa Barbara.  Find a private hotel that is out of the way.  Hold up there for the weekend by ourselves.”  As enticing as that sounded, Madison pushed Ryan away to get him to stop and make sure she didn’t fall for his temptation.  She wanted to go to the party and had her own plans for the two of them that night.

“No, no, no.  I want to go to Ed’s house and celebrate with everyone,” she told him. “Plus if we do go, I promise I have a special surprise for you after.”  The look in her eye was all he needed to convince him to do what she wanted.  She just had a special gleam in her eye that let him know that if he said no, he’d deeply regret it. So he reluctantly pulled his hand out from her shorts and licked his fingers clean.  Once Madison got off of him he moved back to the driver seats and drove off with Madison continuing to relax in the backseat.


Madison and Castillo walked through the door of Eddie’s house.  They were the last two to arrive at the house.

“About time you two got here,” Eddie said as he saw the two of them enter the living room, he picked up some champagne glasses, walked them over.  “What took you so long?”

“Umm, you know, we got a little sidetracked,” Ryan said as he took a glass.

“Sure.  Well now that you are here, let’s have everyone raise their glasses.” Everyone did as Ed said and raised their glasses.  “To a job well done.  We did this on with a minimal crew, minimal prep time, and yet we were still able to pull it off, and that’s a credit to all of you.”  Everyone sipped from their glasses after the toast and people got back to the conversations they were having before the toast. 

“Eddie, your house is really nice,” Madison complimented him.

“Thanks.  Yeah, it fits for what I need right now.”

“You know he bought it because he won the lottery right.  All luck,” Jack interjected from a nearby seat.

“Thanks for that,” Ed directed to Jack.

“Is that true?” Madison asked.

“Yeah, it is. I won one of the biggest jackpots ever.  Then I helped my friend Ryan Devers finance his first movie.  And since then I started my production company and I’ve had a good amount of success since then.  So yeah a bit of luck got me started but I’ve been working hard ever since. It’s not like I am relying on my girlfriend or someone to help me get work.”

Jordan, one of the other male actors in the movie, let out a snort as he tried to hold back from laughing at my not so subtle jab. Jack just sat and sulked knowing he had walked himself right into that insult.

Over the next hour, people started to drift around the house though most found their way outside.  After a series of 100° days the previous week, having it only be in the low 90’s outside actually felt good. It also helped that one of the crew guys had been busy with the blender making as many frozen margaritas as he could. Hailee and Ed shared a seat on a lounge chair and were enjoying their frozen drinks. The couple was sitting very close to each other, with their legs touching and his arm wrapped around her back. Sitting across from them was Olivia and Paris on another lounge chair. The four of them were all talking about a bunch of random things when Bailee dragged over another chair and joined in on the conversation. And Jack was not far behind, taking a seat close to Paris.  As he sat down, he put his arm around Paris and pulled her closer to him. Olivia seemed just as annoyed as some of the others with Jack joining them.  She rolled her eyes and then decided to say something thinking it might annoy him and make him walk away.

“Can I just say, you two are like the perfect couple,” Liv said referring to Hailee and Ed.

“Awww, thank you,” Hailee said and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

“Thanks,” Ed said, “but I don’t know about perfect.”

“Come on, you guys are perfect.  It is obvious to everyone that you two are crazy about one another.  And you two can barely take your eyes off one another when you’re in the same room.  I bet you two never fight,” Olivia said making sure to pour on the compliments.

“I mean, we fight just like every other couple,” Hailee answered.

“Oh please, what was your last fight?” Olivia asked.

“There are always little things, but the last bad one, that was when I got really mad after I saw the pictures of her at the Lucian Grainge’s Walk of Fame ceremony. When I saw Beiber had his arm over her shoulder in some of the photos, it set me off.  I told her she should have punched that bastard in the kidney,” Ed retold the story. “She explained how she had to look okay for the camera and didn’t want to cause a scene or anything. And she was right about all that.  I knew all that on some basic level, but I told her that if he touches her again I’m gonna rip his arm off and beat him with it.”

“Oh wow, I never pictured you as the jealous type before,” Bailee said surprised.

“I’m normally not and wasn’t a jealousy thing.  I trust Hailee completely.  I probably trust her more than anyone. I just hate that little fucker. We all know what he’s done or have heard some of the stories, right?” he asked the group that was gathered around.  “That bastard should probably be in jail.  So, yeah, when I saw that rapist with his arm around someone I care for, it made me mad.”

“He is kind of a monster,” Paris added

“Kind of? No, he is. I’ve heard the same things you have.  Plus Ryan’s first boyfriend, not Castillo but my other friend Ryan, his boyfriend out of college worked for TMZ.   When we would hang out he used to fill me in on the real gossip.  I’ve avoided Beiber like the plague ever since.  I just know if I get within three feet of him, I won’t be able to stop myself from taking a swing at him.”

“Wow, Eddie.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen you mad before now.  You really do hate Justin,” Paris said.

“Yeah, I do. I really really do.”

“He’s an asshole, but you know, you can’t just act like you hate the guy in public,” Jack added.

“Look I get there is a game to be played if you just don’t get along with someone, you don’t want to cause a bigger story and you may need to work with them on something in the future.  I mean, me and Jack generally do not like each other but we can still work together,” Jack even gave an approving nod to that comment. “But when it comes to people who’ve done the shit Beiber’s done behind closed doors, I don’t care if people know I hate him.” Ed took a sip of his drink to wet his throat after that rant.  “Also, Dove’s ex-fiance, fuck that guy too.”

Thankfully the caterers arrived with the food soon after that to bring that conversation to an end.  And with food, some levity was also brought back to the small party. At least for a few more hours. The day had gone, and even after the sunset, most everyone was still at Eddie’s house having a good time.  The chairs had been moved around into a big half-circle by the pool.  Each couple shared a chair while the single people all sat alone.  They’d all begun talking about how they met one another.  Many people had known each other for a while, though some like Madison were newer to the group and did not know some of the past group dynamics. Which brought up some revelations that Ed wished were not brought up as he snuggled in the chair with his girlfriend.

“Wait, so am I the only one here that has not had sex with Eddie?”  Madison asked while looking at the other women. Some of them smirked while others looked away.

“I haven’t,” Jordan joked as he broke the silence and that got a laugh from a few people.

“God damn. I’d heard rumors you were a man whore. Is he that good?” Madison asked excitedly.

“Whoa!” Ryan interrupted. “I know we’re not dating, but I don’t think I’m okay with you asking about how good another guy is in bed right in front of me.”  While he was talking all the other actresses gave their responses to Madison’s question.  Bailee embarrassingly blushed and looked away, Paris gave a shrug, Hailee took hold of Ed’s hand and leaned her body into him.  Olivia gave a more direct answer.  Liv used her glass so Castillo could not see her mouth the words ‘So good. Oh my god,’ before biting her lip.

“And anyway,” Ryan continued, “Bros before hoes.”

“I don’t think Ed’s is a real bros before hoes kind of a guy,” Jack said.

“That’s fair,” Jordan said.

“Is that true Eddie,” Madison asked, “are you not a bro before hoes kind of a guy?”

“Depends on the bro and the hoe. But Castillo is a good guy, he’s got nothing to worry about.”

“So what? I’m just some asshole?” Jack fired off at Ed.

“Your words, not mine,” Ed replied.

“Jack stop,” Paris cut Jack off before he could respond. “You slept with other women, like Caylee, behind my back so you should not be one to talk.”

“Fine,” he said to Pairs, and then turned to Madison and said “Madison if you are that curious about Ed’s sexual prowess, just ask around.  I know several women who have tapes of themselves with him. Heck, Bailee or Liv might have one on their phone right now.”  You could see the uneasiness people were having as this back and forth between Ed and Jack continued.  Paris also had a growing frustration with her boyfriend as he seemed to keep pushing things.

“At least in all those videos, the women in them knew they were being recorded and knew who would be viewing them,” Ed said, heavily implying something.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jack said, suddenly realizing he might have painted himself into a corner.

“Yeah, that lighting test video looked like a real accident,”  Ed fired back.  Jack stayed silent, and that silence spoke volumes to Paris.

“What is he talking about?” Paris asked him.  Jack tried to say something but no real words came out of his mouth.

“Remember when we did those light testing videos at your house,” Eddie asked Paris, and she nodded in acknowledgment. “Well, you two had a nooner in front of one of the cameras recording in your bedroom.”

“Oh god,” Paris said in embarrassment.

“I was guessing that you had no idea,” Eddie told Paris, “But Jack seemed to be hyper-aware since he kept looking at the camera throughout the video and then stared right into it when he came.

“Are you serious?” Paris said in disbelief.

“It’s true,” Andre said. “I was the one who saw it when I went through the recordings. But don’t worry, I just shared the clip with Ed and then deleted it.” He explained to Paris, forgetting he also did send the clip to Ryan and not mentioning that he saved a copy of the edited clip for himself.

“YOU ASSHOLE!” Paris yelled at Jack as she slapped him in the shoulder repeatedly.  “I can’t believe you did that.” Paris then got up and walked back inside and Jack followed behind her trying to apologize and explain himself.  Even once out of sight, no one could tell what was being said, their shouting could be heard by everyone else.  They all tried to ignore what was happening, but it was not easy.

When the yelling stopped, everyone turned and looked back at the glass door leading back inside.  Paris could be seen pacing a bit.  Ed volunteered to go in and see if she was alright.  Halfway to the door, Ed realized that he might be the worst person to go talk to her right now, but he had already committed.

‘Hey Paris, you okay?” He said when he got inside.

“I’m fine,” she said obviously mad and frustrated.

“What happened to Jack?”

“We broke up, I told him to fuck off, and then he left.”


“God he just makes me so mad. And I know you don’t like him, but, god.”  Paris went off on a rant about Jack, and Ed just stood there and let her go. Letting her get everything she needed to say out.  When she ran out of steam, Ed finally spoke up again.

“You’re right, I don’t like him.  Neither do most of the people who are outside right now.  But they do like you, and I know they’d all love it if you come back outside and had some fun.”

“Yeah sure,” she reluctantly agreed, “Not like I’m going anywhere. He was my ride home.”

“Andre doesn’t live that far away from your place. I’m sure he can give you a ride.”  The two of them turned around and started to walk back outside.

“You know Jack wanted us to sneak up to your room to have sex?”

“Did you?”

“No, of course not. He’d been acting like an asshole all day.”

“Thanks for not doing that.  But just to let you know, Hailee and I did sneak off and have sex on your bed a few times while everyone else was busy filming.”  That put a smile back on Paris’ face.

“You’re such an asshole,” she laughingly said.

For the next two hours, people began to leave the party.  Ryan and Madison were the first to go. Then slowly other people began to trickle away. Paris did end up taking a ride from Andre.  The last two guests at the house with Ed and Hailee ended up being Olivia and Bailee.


“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! UGGGHHHAAAAAHHHH!” Madison screamed out as she came for the second time that night. Madison was laying on her stomach on Ryan’s couch with her waist bent over the armrest. Ryan stood next to the couch behind Madison.  His hands were holding her hips as has hammered her pussy with his rock hard cock. 

The moment they got into Ryan's house, the two of them began ripping each other's clothes off.  They stopped at the couch simply because Ryan fell backward onto it as he tried to pull off his pants.  Once he was sitting down with his cock out, Madison clad only in her bra, dropped to her knees and began to suck him off. He didn’t need much after being blue-balled a bit in the car hours earlier. So in a matter of minutes, he blew half his load into her mouth before she pulled him out of her mouth and had him finish off the other half of his load all over her cleavage.  He then ripped off her bra and went down on her as he let his dick recuperate.  Right as she seemed to be edging towards orgasm he stood up and plunged his dick into her.  At some point, while fucking they had rotated from Ryan standing in front of the couch with Madison on her back, to Ryan standing on the side of the couch with Madison on her stomach. Now, back to the present.  Ryan slowed his pace, but he was still sliding his dick in and out of her as she recovered from her latest orgasm. 

“Do me a favor, go to my purse.  I need you to get something,” she said as she caught her breath.

“You want me to put on a condom?” he asked as he reluctantly pulled out of her wet pussy.

“No,” she said as she turned her head as she watched him walk over to her purse and open it up.  She licked her lip looking at his cock swing back and forth as he riffled through it. “There should be a small plastic bottle in there.”  He found the bottle and pulled it out.

“Is this lube?”

“Surprise!” she said excitedly, but Ryan just stood there a little confused.  “I thought you might want to try anal tonight”

His eyes went wide as what was about to happen dawned on him.  “Shit. Really?”  Madison just gave him a dirty smile and nodded.

He opened the cap and poured some lube into his hand, and then coated his manhood with it as he walked back over to get behind Madison. He then poured out some more lube, this time on to Madison’s backside. Using his thumb to smear it around a bit, he then pushed a bit and Madison let out a surprised gasp as his thumb entered her rear end.  He fingered her ass a bit before removing his thumb and then aimed his cock. As his tip pressed against her rosebud, he reached under her.  He began rubbing her clit before giving a short hard thrust to push the head of cock into her.  After that, he moved slowly, with short thrust as he pushed more and more of his dick into her ass.  Madison bit down on a pillow and muffled her cries as he pushed into her. 

As the seconds went by, the feeling of Ryan fucking her backside and fingering her clit, brought more and more pleasure to her.  Her initial cries of slight pain became loud moans of pleasure.  She’d never cum form anal sex before, but that didn’t mean she didn’t get a good deal of enjoyment from it.  Ryan though was truly enjoying himself.  Madison’s ass was even tighter than her pussy, and although he was worried he might have been hurting her at first, once she started moaning he felt reassured to keep going.  As he was now pounding her ass, and could not help himself from giving her shapely caramel-colored ass a few playful slaps.

Wanting to see her face he stopped moving his hips, picked up one of her legs, and started flipping her over. Knowing what he was trying to do, Madison worked with him to flip over.  Now with her on her back, he took hold of her hips and began fucking her ass once again.  He loved the change in his view. As he looked down instead of seeing her back and ass, he saw Madison’s smiling face and her tits jiggle with each of his thrusts. He did not last much longer than that.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” he warned her. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Yesssss, do it.  I want to feel you,” Madison told him as she cupped her large shanking breasts, and teased her nipples.  A few seconds later he let out a grunting moan as his dick began erupting in her ass.  Filling her bowels with his hot jizz for the first time.


“God he’s just such an asshole,” Paris continued to vent in Andre’s car as he drove her home.  Andre responded early on in the ride to the things she was saying, but as she continued to vent he slowly started to tune her out. It finally dawned on Paris that she had been the only one to say anything for at least the last ten minutes.  “I’m sorry I keep going on.  It’s just....you know.”

“Yeah, I get it,” he agreed.  “Trust me, we’ve all been there.”

“Yeah, well, at least it’s over now.”

“Over for now, or for good?”

“For good.  Everyone said I shouldn’t have gotten back with him,”  as Paris said that her phone beeped again. It had been going off every few minutes since getting in the car.  “Of course he won’t leave me alone no matter how many times text him back that we’re done.”

“Well, you could hire a skywriter to write ‘it’s over’ above his place.”

“That’s not a bad idea, but I think that takes a few days to do.  Rather not spend the next couple days having to deal with his calls and text,” Paris said as she noticed that they were approaching her place.  She spent the next few minutes in silence, thinking as she looked out the window.

“I wish I could help you figure things out, but we’re here,” Andre said as he put his car in park when they arrived at Paris' home.  Paris looked back at him, meaning to thank him as her hand went to open the door.  Suddenly a wild idea popped into Paris’ head as she looked at Andre.

“Do you mean it?” she asked.


“Do you really want to help me out?”

“Sure, I guess.  Why? You thought of something?”

“I have.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“Let me suck your dick,” Paris said frankly.

“What?” Andre said, blown away by her answer.

“I want you to let me suck your dick and give me a facial.  Then we’ll take a few pictures and send them to him.  What better way to say we’re through than a pic with some other guy’s cum on my face.”

“Fuck,” Andre was still surprised. “That will probably get the message across.”

“So you’ll do it?” Paris asked with some excitement in her voice.

“I mean, what’s in it for me?”

“Are you serious? You get your dick sucked.  What more could you want?” Paris was almost offended that Andre wasn’t jumping at her blowjob offer.

“Let me keep copies of the pictures, and I’ll do it,” Andre counter proposed.

“Seriously? Fine, I guess,” Paris rolled her eyes as she reluctantly agreed.  She undid her seat belt and got up on her knees in the passenger seat. Turned in her seat and bent over the center console.

“Oh wow, we’re doing it right here?” Andre was shocked.

“What’s the matter? Never fooled around in your car before,” Paris asked as she began opening his pants.

“Of course, it’s just...oh wow,” he was interrupted by the feeling of her hand snaking into his pants and touching his cock.

“Hmmm,” Paris said as she felt up his dick in his pants, “How long since you last stroked this thing?”

“Ugghhh, like 2 or 3 days,” he said, not fully able to think clearly as he felt her hand on his dick.

“Perfect, then you should have a nice big load for me,” she said as she pulled his growing dick from his pants. He moved his seat all the way back and tilted the seat as she gave it a few more strokes, and took a good look at his nice looking cock. Paris took a deep breath and opened wide.  She then dove down and swallowed several inches of his rod. She swirled her tongue around the tip for a while and flicked against the base of his tip. Andre leaned back and moaned as he felt her begin to bob her head up and down his member. The car filled with wet sounds of the actress’s cock sucking. Paris had her tongue flat against his shaft and was licking her way up his dick when she was suddenly blinded by the flash of light.

“Dude, the fuck?” Paris said in shock.

“What? You said you wanted pictures.” 

“Yeah. At the end.  And with my phone.”

“My phone, your phone, what’s the difference.”

“Whatever,” Paris said as she shook her head and then bent back down.  “You can take two more pictures and then no more until the end.”  She posed for two pictures with Andre’s cock.  One with her smiling and her tongue out licking the tip, and the other with her lips wrapped around his dick and her eyes staring directly into the camera lens.  After the second picture, Paris reached out and pushed his arm down, signaling for him to put the camera away.  Once it was down, the car was refiled with the sounds of wet slurping.  Outside of playing with his balls on occasion, Paris did not use her hands at all while giving him fellatio. She merely relied on her lips, tongue, and mouth to satisfy him. 

“Holy shit,” he moaned.  Andre was doing his best to make the oral pleasure Paris was giving him last as long as possible, but he was fighting a losing battle.  Paris, who had her hand resting on his thigh, could feel Andre clenching and holding back.

“Remember, on my face, not in my mouth,” Paris slipped her mouth from his cock to remind him.

“Are you sure? I'm pretty sure a picture with my load in your mouth will also get your point across,” he replied through gritted teeth.  Paris just rolled her eyes at his response.

“Maybe we can try that next time,” Paris said cheekily.  The feeling of Paris re-wrapping her lips around his manhood and the thought of a possible next time was enough to push him over the edge.  He yelled out that he was going to cum and Paris pulled off his cock.  She closed her eyes and mouth and pointed his dick right at her face. Suddenly his ejaculate shot out of his dick and splashed against her face.  Paris kept her eyes shut as she felt his cum spraying her face.  Once it stopped she opened one eye to check.  She was looking right at his spent cock seeing a small dribble of jizz leaking down his dick, she leaned down and wiped that bit of extra cum onto her cheek.  She then sat up and said, “Okay, get your phone, quick!”

Andre fumbled with his phone as he tried to pick it up, unlock it, and open the camera app, all at the same time.  He snapped at least a dozen pictures of Paris posing with her cum glazed face.  Andre got a towel out of his trunk to help Paris clean up as she selected which photos she liked.  She eventually picked 3.  One with her eyes closed making a duck face.  The second one is one with her eyes and mouth open, and her tongue out. The third one was just her flipping off the camera with her face painted in cum. She sent all three to Jack with the message, “we’re done”.



Ed was in the shower with the water spraying his back.  He was rapidly driving his hips back and forth. Hailee’s wet naked body was pressed up against his as the two made out passionately.  His arm which was wrapped around her slipped down and he gave her ass a nice firm squeeze. As their lips pressed against each other and their tongues intertwined, there was a sudden wail from inside the shower with them.

“OH GOD YESSSSS!! THAT’S IT!” Olivia Holt cried out.  Bend at the waist and both hands braced up against the glass wall, Olivia cries of pleasure came out as Eddie fucked her hard from behind.  His free arm was wrapped around her hip so his fingers could brush her clit as they fucked. Ed and Hailee broke off their kiss as he focused on bringing one of the stars of his latest movies to orgasm.  Hailee remained close to her boyfriend, pressing her hard nipples into his side and lightly kissing the side of his neck.  While Hailee did not mind sharing Ed on occasion, and while Ed did enjoy having sex with Olivia on the when he had the chance, they both knew once Liv came it would be time for the two of them to pair up. They loved nothing more than sex with one another. So Ed fucked Olivia hard knowing she was close, he even took his hand off of Hailee to grab her hip and pull her back to him with each thrust he made.  Moving his other hand up from her crotch to her breast, he played with her nipple. “Oh god, almost there! Fuck!  I love how your dick makes my pussy feel,” Olivia moaned.

It was not long after that that Ed felt Olivia’s tight pussy clenched around his dick and she let out a loud long moan as she came hard on his dick. As she came down from her high, Olivia slipped off his dick as her body slumped forward and she rested the top of her head against the glass while catching her breath.  While she was doing that, Ed and Hailee had focused back on one another once again.  Wrapping their arms around each other tightly, they were hungrily kissing one another.  They were so wrapped up in one another that they did not even notice when Olivia left the shower and told the two of them to have fun.

With her back against the same wall that Olivia had been bracing herself against, Hailee had her hands wrapped around Ed’s neck and one leg around his waist.  Hailee out a small yelp as Ed slammed his dick into her.  They went at each other hot and heavy, moaning into each others’ mouths as they continued to kiss while fucking standing up in the shower.  Hailee moved her head to the side and let out a series of loud moans as Ed kissed along her neck and shoulder as his hand moved up her chest and played with her sensitive nipples.

“Can I ask you something,” Hailee said between moans.

“Yeah of course,” he said as he continued to leave a trail of kisses along her neck.

“If you had to choose between just me or any woman you want going forward, who would you choose?” she asked.

“Are you joking?” He asked with a serious tone and slowing down his pelvic thrusts.  For a half-second, she thought she might have upset him, but he placed a hand behind her head and looked her dead in the eye and said, “You, no question.”  Hailee responded gleefully by pulling him in for a kiss.  She also jumped up and wrapped both her legs around his waist.  Locking her legs so tight around him, he barely had to hold her to keep her upon him. They spend the next several minutes fucking each other in the shower.  Sensing one another were approaching their orgasm, they looked each other square in the eye, continuing to hump one another while trying their best to suppress their orgasm until they were both on the brink.  Then with a simple head nod, they both stopped holding back and came simultaneously.  Her pussy tightened on his cock as he emptied his load deep into her.  He had to lean against her and the wall even more as he came and felt one of his knees get shaky and thought he might fall with Hailee in his arms.  When he finished cumming and Hailee started to come down from her bliss, Hailee unlocked her legs from around him and stood on her own.  Ed took a step back and with his legs still feeling a bit shaky, he sat down on the floor of the shower stall, resting his back against the other wall. Hailee then followed in suit, taking a seat on the floor next to him and resting her head against him as he wrapped an arm around her.

“Did you mean what you said before, or was that just sex talk?” she asked.

“What about you versus a harem of women? Of course I meant it.”


“Yeah of course.  Fuck everyone else.”

“I think fucking everyone else is how we got in this situation,” She joked.

“Yeah,” he laughed.  “By the way, how does she keep inviting herself in with us and just agreeing despite each time saying it's the last time.”

“I don’t know. It’s weird. I’m not sure why I keep agreeing.”

“Maybe it’s some kind of Jedi mind trick.”

“Maybe.  But I don’t think it’s her hand that she waves that gets you so distracted.” 

Ed and Hailee stayed sitting on the shower floor for a little while longer, letting the water wash over them. When they finally did get up, they turned off the water and began toweling themselves off. As he hung up his towel, Ed picked up his phone off the bathroom counter and checked his messages.

“Well I guess Paris and Jack are really officially done,” Ed said while looking at his phone.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because Andre just sent me a text say they are done and that she blew him in his car. He even sent a picture,” Ed replied as he turned his phone and showed Hailee the picture of Paris with her tongue out and her face covered in cum.

“You know what that probably means,” Hailee said as she opened the bathroom door.

“Yup,” he said as the two of them walked named into his bedroom.

“What are you two talking about,” asked Bailee Madison.  Bailee was naked lying lengthwise across the bed on her stomach.  She was propped on her elbows a bit, exposing her breasts almost completely except for her nipples which still rested on the mattress, And her legs behind her were also bent up in the air.

“Paris sucked off Andre as a way to officially end things with Jack.”

“I’m surprised that’s all she did,” Olivia chimed in as she too was naked on the bed.  Pulling her hand from between Bailee’s legs, Olivia added “By the way, you better hurry up and fuck this girl.  She’s so wet she might soak down into the mattress.”

“Well, someone is going to have to breathe life back into my friend,” Ed said as he stepped up to the edge of the bed so that he was standing directly in front of Bailee.  She didn’t even say anything as the former Good Witch star took his dick and brought it to her mouth.  Keeping her eyes looking up at him she licked the head and then wrapped her lips around it. Bailee eagerly cucked his dick to get him hard. She was not sure when Oliva laid down next to her, but suddenly as Bailee was working the head, Olivia appeared and began kissing along the remaining shaft. Bailee scooted over a bit and she began using her lips on the opposite side.  The two young actresses worked in tandem. Each working one side of his cock with her lips. They worked like this for a few minutes before Bailee pulled away.

“Okay, it’s my turn now. He’s plenty hard,” Bailee said excitedly.  When asked what she wanted, the answer was easy enough for Bailee.  After spending that morning masturbating while she thought about Ed fucking her, she knew exactly what she wanted.  This was going to be her last fuck before going into quarantine in Vancouver, so she was going to make it count.  Staying flat on her stomach, Bailee gripped the bedspread in anticipation as Ed got behind her.  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.

“Oh, Eddie! Ahhhhhh!” Bailee cried.  She was so excited that the moment her pussy got stretched out and he sank his full dick into her, Bailee came.  Nevertheless, Eddie kept fucking her and Bailee continued to cry out.  She’d orgasm two more times and completely drenched the sheets on the bed before Ed pulled out and he rained cum all over her back and ass. 


Hailee and Ed were still curled up in bed late into the morning.  Bailee and Olivia both left after a bit more fun last night.  So after an exhausting night and no plans for the day, they were in no hurry to leave the comfort of their oversized bed.  They were both still naked so Ed kept pulling the sheet down as they talked so that he could get an eye full of her lovely tits in the daylight. While they fooled around a bit both their phones went off within a minute of each other.  Grabbing their phones they looked that their recent text, and then compared the text they got to what the other got.

“You called it,” Ed said. “You know I don’t have to do it, right?”

“We can deal with it later,” Hailee said as she tossed her phone to the side and roll on top of Eddie, who responded by tossing his phone as well.  As the two of them began to make out, their phones laid side by side.  Each with their screen still on showing a recent message from Paris.  One showed the message ‘what are you doing next weekend?’ and the other reading ‘mind if I borrow your man for the weekend’.

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Re: Lucky Bastard (multiple celebrities)
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Lucky Bastard 37: Saying Goodbye To 2020

Starring: Paris Berelc, Alexandra Daddario, Olivia Holt, & Hailee Steinfeld
Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Anal, Exhibition,
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy

NOTES: So, I wanted to get the timeline of this story up to the present day, and I thought the best way to do that was with a few snapshot stories. Unfortunately with me being me, this ended just becoming a lot longer of a story than I imagined when it would be. I should have probably written this as 3-4 shorter stories, but I didn’t. Sorry.  Hope you enjoy it anyway.

DECEMBER 31, 2020

It is 20 minutes to midnight and I am walking to the refrigerator to grab a bottle of champagne that I’m going to be popping at midnight. Like most people, I could not wait to be done with this horrible year.  After spending much of the first half just sitting around at home, I spent the last several months stressed-out working and not seeing too much in return for my hard work.  At times I seriously considered saying fuck it and just quitting.  I already had more money than I knew what to do with when I started this whole endeavor after I won what’s still the largest lottery jackpot in US history. And since then, I've only accumulated more money both from the work I have done financing and producing a handful of movies, and also several fruitful low-risk investments thanks to my financial advisor.  The only issue with quitting was that I was too young to not do anything with the rest of my life, and I also generally enjoyed what I did and the people I got to meet and hang out with while doing it. Plus some of the bonuses that I’d enjoyed while working in the film industry, are some that most people would not believe.


Hailee moaned loudly as she laid naked on my bed.  I just sat by and watched as Hailee moved closer to her impending orgasm. Laying on top of Hailee kissing her stomach as she fingered her was a naked Paris Berelc.  Hailee had negotiated a deal to “lend” me to Paris, but I made Paris also agree to a similar deal Hailee and I had made with Bailee. I told her that if she wanted an orgasm from me, she had to give Hailee one first.  She had thought I was joking at first, but once Paris found out I was serious, she agreed.

Paris came over and after sharing a few drinks and getting relaxed, we all retreated to the bedroom.  Paris whispered something in Hailee’s ear and she just smiled and nodded.  I then pulled Hailee to me and began kissing her.   As we made out I pulled off her shirt and moved us over to the bed.  It wasn’t until I was about to lie her down that I remember Paris was there next to me, waiting to cut in.  Turning to Paris, she quickly attacked my face.  Kissing me hard with a burning passion. And I do mean burning.  I could feel the heat radiating off her crotch as I moved my hands down and began undoing her shorts. She made quick work of her shirt and bra as her shorts fell to the floor.  Left in only a small thong and her black boots, the two of us turned back to the bed and Hailee who was laying down watching.  Paris and I combined to remove the rest of her clothing. Paris went for her pants and I went for her bra. It took me no time to remove her bra, so as Paris removed the remainder of her clothing I made out some more with Hailee and played with her breasts.

Once she was stripped, I backed away, though not before stripping Paris of her remaining clothing.  I then stood back and watched Paris fulfill her end of the deal, and give Hailee an orgasm.  I was still completely clothed as I watched them together. As Hailee started to moan, I began removing my clothing, both so I could get ready to be tagged in and because my dick was trying to rip through my pants.  I felt considerable relief when I freed my manhood from their increasingly tight confines.

Nothing turned me on more than seeing and hearing my girlfriend’s orgasm. So after Hailee came, I quickly climbed into bed next to her. Sitting up, resting against the headboard I pulled Hailee on top of me. We quickly began kissing and groping each other again.

“Uh-hem,” Paris cleared her throat, Hailee and I stopped what we were doing and looked back at her. Paris was on her knees and holding her phone.  “I held up my end of the deal,” she said to us. Hailee then climbed off of me and Paris moved in closer.

“What’s with the phone?” I asked as Paris handed it to Hailee.

“Jack just really hated the idea of you and me hooking up.  He also kept asking me questions about us. While we were shooting, he was almost obsessed with it.  So I thought I’d shoot a little video to answer all his outstanding questions.” My eyes darted to Hailee and she gave me a nod that this was all alright.  Paris then climbed on top of me, and she kissed her way up my chest, along my neck, and then locked lips with me. Our kiss did not last long as she kept moving up until she was sitting on top of me and pulled my face forward to her breasts. I grabbed onto her ass as I licked and sucked on her lovely brown nipples. Paris started grinding on me. I could feel how slick and wet her pussy was as she rubbed it along the top of my shaft.

“Okay, okay,” Paris said as she pushed herself off of me.  “We should start recording, before going further.”  Paris got on her knees and leaned forward with her arms pressed down on the bed.  Hailee was right in front of her, Paris’ face and dangling breast in the full frame of the camera.  I was now standing on the bed a bit off to the side.  Paris game Hailee the signal and she began recording.

“Hey babe, since you were so obsessed about finding out all those details about me and Ed, I’ve decided to send you this video to answer a bunch of those questions I wouldn’t answer when we were together.”  Paris then sat up and moved closer to me and then put her hand up and grabbed my dick.  “So this is what Ed’s dick looks like, it’s both long and fat. I wasn’t lying when I said that how a guy uses it is more important than the size of his dick.  But Ed is big and he REALLY knows how to use it.” She looked at the camera as she gave my dick a nice long slow lick.  “He cock also tastes pretty good too.”  She then began to kiss and lick my dick, occasionally eyeing my dick, but for the most part, she looked right at the camera. She then smiled as she said, “Remember that time you said I had a big mouth?” Paris the open wide and took three inches of my manhood into her mouth, before wrapping her lips tightly around my shaft. As she started to blow me, it was the first time Paris shifted away from the camera and up to me. Paris sucked my cock for several minutes.  While it’d been a while, I knew what Paris was typically like in bed. This time she seemed to be playing up the slurping sounds, and she gave a sloppier, wetter blow job than usual.  For the last two minutes of it though she only used her mouth.  Her hands were too busy tweaking her breasts and fingering herself to stroke my shaft. Even without her hands, what Paris was doing still felt fantastic. She was so turned on that as she was blowing me, her frequent moans meant she was essentially giving me a hummer.

“Ugghh, fuck, I need this beast inside me now,” Paris said as her lips disengaged from my dick.  I expected Paris to have me lay down so she could ride me, or maybe ask for me to do her missionary, but she surprised me as she got down on all four right in front of Hailee and the camera.  Arching her back and positioning her ass high, it was obvious what she wanted.  Getting in behind her, I barely grabbed on to her hips before she was pushing herself back towards me. Paris, always one to enjoy a hard fucking.  Not so much rough, just hard. So I pulled her towards me as I thrust forward.

“Shit, that’s big!” Paris yelled as I buried my cock up to the base inside of her. Paris looked right into the camera as she moaned loudly, while I drilled her from behind.  Her breast jiggled while the sounds of our skin smacked against one another could clearly be seen and heard on the camera with each deep thrust. “That’s it. Nice and hard,” she moaned.  Once we got a great rhythm going, I reached under her and began to rub her clit. I got the result I wanted, within minutes as she began crying out that she was cumming. The moment I felt her pussy tighten around my dick, I pulled out and buried my face between her legs, and began lapping up her flowing juices.

When her orgasm died down I pulled my face back. She was still on all fours, so I gave her ass a firm slap which her reaction was to only give a playful laugh. After another spank, Paris got turned around and tackled me on the bed. She needed no rest nor did she want to go easy after her orgasm, Paris only just wanted to keep going.  I let her pin me for a moment and think that she was in control.  She used that control to drop herself right down onto my cock.  But as soon as my manhood was sheathed inside her I grabbed her and spun us.  Now instead of me on my back, she was not under me. I spread her legs wide apart and then began drilling her down onto the bed. Leaning down I used my mouth to play with Paris’ nipples.  She at one point even grabbed the back of my head and held me in place for a minute.  From the camera’s perspective, you could see Paris’ legs up in the air, spread wide, with her hands on the back of my head, and my white ass pumping into her.

When she let go of me, I sat up on my knees, and wrapped my arms under Paris’s thighs, and pulled her closer to me. Paris responded by locking her legs around my waist.  We continued to go at it on the bed when my attention was diverted by Hailee moving around the bed.  For a moment I thought she might go sit down on Paris’ face, and while Pari might not have minded, Hailee was simply moving for a better angle.  As I watched Hailee move around, my mind drifted for a minute. Fucking Paris with Hailee right there in some ways felt like some things in my life had come full circle.  I had been flirting with Paris at Olivia Holt’s birthday three years ago when Hailee entered the room and we met for the first time. We only spoke for a few minutes and when she left, Paris asked if the hard-on I had sprouted was due to our flirting or from Hailee. Of course, it was due to Hailee, but that did not stop me from fucking Paris up against Kelli’s refrigerator minutes later. That also happened to be the first time Paris and I had had sex. Now, three years later, here I was once again balls deep in Paris only this time we were putting on a show for the camera that a naked Hailee Steinfeld was holding. Hailee looked up from the phone and caught me looking at her. When her eyes met mine I could not help myself from reaching out and pulling Hailee to me and giving her a long deep kiss before returning to the task at hand of trying to get  Paris to cum on camera once again.

Paris was still putting on a hell of a show for the camera.  I was doing my best to keep up and give her the best fucking I could. Going hard and fast, just how she liked it. I would also tweak, lick, and occasionally pull on her nipples, while also making sure her clit got a good amount of attention.  However, Paris was still also being a fair bit extra. Moaning extra loudly.  Saying how good my dick felt, how deep it got in her, how stretched her pussy was.  At times even just telling the camera how much better my dick was and how much better I fucked her than Jack. Her voice periodically seemed to crack as she screamed out. Had Jack and I even been the slightest bit cool with one another, I probably would have felt bad for him. But we never got along, so instead, her erotic cries only fueled my desire, even more, to get Paris to cum as many times as possible while I had my dick working her pussy for all it was worth.

After another orgasm, and feeling her pussy contract on my dick, I warned Paris that I was not going to be able to hold out much longer.

“Give it to me, fill me up!” Paris ordered me, as she tightened her legs around my waist,  making sure there was no way that I could pull out.  With no other choice, I kept thrusting as hard as I could into Paris until I finally erupted inside of her. Paris cried out as she felt herself getting filled with my cum. She kept her legs locked around me making sure I stayed inside of her until several minutes after I finished cumming. When I finally did pull out, Paris rubbed her well-fucked pussy and even dipped her fingers inside to scoop out a bit of cum which she made sure was caught on camera. “That was so much cum. I can just feel it all inside of me,” she said.  She then looked at the camera and took those cum covered fingers and sucked on them as she looked directly at the camera. When she was done and pulled them out of her mouth, Hailee stopped recording and put down the camera. We all just kind of paused and took in everything for a moment, until Paris broke the silence.

“Oh fuck,’ Paris whined.

“What?” I asked, still sitting up on my knees.

“I meant to have you give me a facial. Jack loves doing that and it really would have pissed him off to watch that.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“I forgot,” Paris replied in disappointment.

“I guess you fucked her too well,” Hailee jokes.

“Seriously though, that was pretty good,” Paris laughed.

Paris got out of bed soon after that to clean herself up, and also to get something to drink. While she was gone, I double-checked with Hailee that she was okay with everything that just went down. She assured me she was. I gave her a quick kiss but we soon began fully making out. When Paris returned to the bedroom, she caught us just as I was just pushing my cock up inside Hailee. 

“You two have me thinking next time I should stop pretending to be exclusive and just have an open relationship. Seems like way more fun,”  Paris said as she watched us.  We mostly just ignored her though.  Paris respected us and stayed off the bed and let Hailee and I have some one-on-one time for a round. To keep herself entertained she picked up her phone and began recording a video of the two of us going at it.  Later in the night, I would also film a video of the two women together as Paris said she wanted to get back in on the action. Unfortunately, one of the biggest highlights of the night was not recorded.  I was doing Paris doggy style as she ate out Hailee. Paris was literally right on the brink of climax when I pulled out of her pussy and jammed my cock in her ass. That caused Paris to orgasm so hard that she squirted so much that we had no choice but to change the sheets before we went to sleep.


The next several weeks were chaotic.  Hailee had agreed to the role of Kate Bishop on the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye show, which meant that she had a lot of training to get ready for the role.  It also meant that the project that I had been trying to hold together during this entire COVID time was now without a leading actress.  So between getting the post-production done on our little COVID movie project, and also trying to fill in an increasing number of dropouts for my next project, I had my hands full at work.  I had a few names in mind to replace Hailee, and who I thought could do a good job in a dramedy role. 

Step one for me was to finally lock down the shooting time of the film to be done in early January in Vancouver. Thankfully my director and cinematographer were both still available at that time along with most of the cast I originally had planned, so a lot of pre-production we had done would not go to waste. Once that was all locked down I turned my attention to filling out the holes in the cast and crew. The number one name on my list to take over as the lead from Hailee was Zendaya. But that did not work out.  So I then had to put out some feelers to some other people to see who was interested and who was available.

It was doing that, that led me to where I was presently, sitting in Alexandra Daddario’s living room.  I was sitting on the couch and she was just two feet away on the other side of the couch in a t-shirt and jeans. The script was meant for someone in their early to mid-20s, and while  Alex was older I still believed that could still play mid to late 20s.  So I figured we could just tweak the script a bit if I were to offer her the part.  At this point, I’d been talking to her for about 30 minutes about the part, and the timing of when we hoped to shoot. While she asked some questions and gave some thoughts, she didn’t seem to be all that interested in what I had to say.

“So do you have any questions or concerns? Anything? I can’t really get a read on what you’re thinking.” I asked her.

“Can I see your hand?” She replied.

“What?” I was confused.

“Can I see your hand,” She asked again. I reached over and showed her my hand. She took hold of my hand and seemed to be examining my fingers. After a minute, I pulled my hand away.

“Alex, what the hell am I doing here? You’re obviously not that interested in the part.”

“I’m sorry. I think it’s a good role and I have liked some of the films you’ve done. I would like to work together in the future, but I am going to be shooting another film in Hawaii at the same time you need me to go to Vancouver.”

“So what am I doing here?”

“Well, I heard some stories about you, and I was hoping to maybe…”

“So, you invited me over to hookup?”

“And to find out if some of the rumors were true,” I didn’t even bother to ask about what rumors since I had a fairly good guess.

“And why were you looking at my hand?”

“Oh, that? So I read this thing online about how you can tell if a guy has a big penis by the length of a guy’s index finger and his ring finger.”

“You’re joking right?”

“No, no. It’s a real study. You can google it.  It says if a guy’s index finger is longer than his ring finger then that means he has a big penis.”  I could not help but look down at my fingers and notice that my index finger was indeed longer.

“So how accurate have you found this study or whatever it is?”

“Well, I haven’t had the chance to actually test it.  I’ve only had sex with one guy in the last few months, and I only found out about this study this year.”

“So I’m your guinea pig?”

“That depends, are you going to show me your penis or not?”  I took a deep breath and thought about it for a moment.


“Oh fuck that’s amazing,” Alex moaned as she rode me on the couch.  With her large breasts bouncing in my face, I could not help myself from burying my face between her large orbs. I had one hand wrapped around her back, the other hand had a firm grasp of one of her breasts that I was sucking on.  The last five minutes were a complete and total blur.  One moment I was standing up and pulling my cock out of my pants, and the next thing I knew we were both naked on her couch with Alex riding me like a horse at the Kentucky Derby.

“Alex! Oh my god!” a woman shouted.  Alexandra and I both swung our heads quickly in the direction of the shouting voice.  Standing in the archway to the living room stood Kate Easton. She looked as shocked to see us naked on the couch as we were to see her standing there.

“Oh my, Kate! What are you doing here?” Alex asked as she covered herself.

“You told me to come here!”

“I said to come at three!” Alex said as she climbed off of me and put on her shirt.

“It is three! And oh..oh my god Alex! Wow.” Kate said as after Alex got off of me, my naked body was completely exposed to her and she was not looking directly at my erection. Alex looked at Kate and followed her eye line to see what she was looking at. 

“Oh yeah. Um, Eddie why don’t you go to my bedroom, and I’ll meet you.”  Alex said as she stood up.  She put on her t-shirt, but since it only went down to the middle of her stomach it did very little to hide much of her otherwise nude body.  Her clean-shaven pussy was just out in the open. I didn’t argue with Alex’s direction to me to leave.  I just stood up, picked up my clothing, and walked towards where I remembered the stairs in the house were.

“Not even going to bother covering up at all,” Kate said sarcastically as I approached her, with my still hard cock leading the way.

“Not even going to try to look away from it,” I replied as I walked past her.

“Touche, naked guy.” 

I walked out of sight of both of them and realized I didn’t know where Alex’s bedroom was, so I just stayed the next room over and waited on the Baywatch actress. In the meantime, I listened to a bit of their conversation.

“Oh my god, Alex, who was that?” Kate asked while trying to keep her voice down.

“That’s Ed. The producer we were talking about.”

“Well, I guess I don’t have to ask if the rumors were true or not.”

“Oh yeah. Best I can tell they are all true. You should join us! You need to give that thing a try.”

“No Alex, I told you, that was a one-time thing. There’s no way I am going on that thing. It’s nice, but…”

“But what? It feels amazing.”

“But, it would be like trying to fit an 18-wheeler into a one-car garage,” Kate explained, and I had to hold back from chuckling.  I’d never heard that comparison before and it was quite creative.  “Also do we have to keep talking while you’re Winnie the Pooh-ing it.”

“Well, I’m not going to put on pants. I’m going to go upstairs and fuck that giant dick.  If you feel like joining, you know where to find us.”

Things then went silent and before I could react and act like I was doing anything other than eavesdropping, Alex rounded the corner and caught me.

“Were you listening to us?” she asked.

“I realized that I didn’t know where your bedroom was, so I just thought I’d wait for you,” I told you.

“Sure you were,” she said as she then grabbed onto my man stick, “follow me.” She then began to guide me to her bedroom, leading the way as she held my dick.

“So you and her had a threesome?”

“A month or so ago on our friend's boat.”

“And you want to do it again with her?” I asked as we walked up her staircase.

“What can I say? Threesomes are a lot of fun.”

“True, but I guess you’ll just have to settle for just me today.”

“After that little show downstairs, I wouldn’t consider this settling,” she said as she gave me dick and extra squeeze.  As she guided me to her room, I fiddled with my pants to pull out my wallet and got one of the condoms I kept in there.

We entered her bedroom room and she had me sit on her bed.  I put on the condom as she took off her shirt.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, Alexandra sauntered to me.  She spat on my dick, then rubbed it, making sure my condom covered cock was nice and wet before mounting me on the bed. In no time she was riding me like crazy, thrusting her chest into my face with each bounce.

“Oh wow, your cock feels so good,” Alex said with a wide smile on her face. I did not have to do that much as she was working herself on my pole.  She was moving her body so fast and hard. At times her big breasts were literally smacking me in the face. I just opened my mouth and took in one of her nipples.  When she came she had such a grin on her face that she almost looked like she was laughing as she let out a loud orgasmic moan.

After she came, I had her stand up and bend over.  Alexandra kept her legs straight as she bent over and put her elbow on the bed. With her underrated ass up in the air and her bald pussy sticking out underneath, I bent down and stuck my face between her legs.  I had not tasted her pussy yet this afternoon and was not going to leave that afternoon without getting a few licks in.

“How’s that pussy taste?” Alex yelled back at me.

“Not too bad,” I told her as I pulled away from her soaking twat and stood back up.

“Not too bad? That’s it?” She questioned me.  I wasn’t about to try to rank her or tell her who I thought tasted better, so I just took her hip in one hand and my throbbing cock in the other.

“Don’t focus on the semantics, focus on how good it’s going to feel when I slide this back into you,” I said as I rubbed the head of my member along her lovely wet lips.  Pressed up against my dick, I could feel the way her inner lips stuck out from the outer. Her only response to that was a moan. Getting my cock head nice and slick from her juices, I then pushed back inside. I just went full force after that. Jackhammering her snatch with my dick.  Alex took a firm grip of the bedsheets and just let out a series of enjoyable loud moans that I am sure echoed down the hallway.

“Holy shit, the rumor I heard did not do this justice,” Alex panted, “holy fuuuccckkkk!” she shouted as her body was struck by another mini orgasm.  While I too was enjoying the action, I also knew that in our current position, that I was missing out.  From the shadows on the bed, I could see the shadow of her hanging large breasts swinging as we did it standing doggy style. Still, I kept going though, not quite ready to let up and change positions once again.

When I could feel myself getting close, I pulled out and asked the Percy Jackson star to flip over and get on her back.  I wanted to look into those eyes of hers as I came.  Once she was on her back with her legs hanging off the bed, I got close to her, but rather than put it in right away, I stuck two fingers in and gave her a good fingering for about a minute or so.  Once I took my fingers out I licked them clean, and then I was ready to get back in the action. I picked up her legs and put them on my shoulders. Moving in close, I did not hesitate to push my full length back inside of her.  With her laying flat on her back, I could not watch as her breast jiggled with each thrust I gave her. I kept it up for as long as I could.  Her eyes and the movement of her tits become almost hypnotic, only the feeling rising from my balls snapping me out of my trance.

“Shit, Alexandra I’m going to cum,” I said as I came hard into the condom. When I was done I pulled out and went onto the bed next to the San Andreas actress.  She then rolled onto her side and rubbed my chest, slowly moving her hand down to my deflating cock. She toyed with and eventually pulled the filled condom off of my dick.

“Wow, that’s quite a load,” she said as she held up the condom. “It’s like an under-filled water balloon.”

“Is that meant to be a compliment?”

“It’s not a complaint, that’s for sure.”

“Look Alex,” I said as I rolled onto my side to face her.  “That was fun, but if you’re not interested in being in my movie I should get going.”

“I guess I should probably apologize for tricking you.”

“I think what we just did was a good apology, but if you still feel like you owe me, I could use a shower.”  Alexandra agreed to let me use her shower, though she also insisted on joining me in there as well. I knew as soon as she stepped in with me that this would not be a simple innocent shower.  And I was proven corrected when she dropped to her knees and squirted some body wash between her breasts. Alex gets a lot of comments online about her incredible blue eyes, and her large breast, so I guess it should come as no surprise that looking down into those eyes as she gives a titty fuck is a surreal experience.  Nevertheless having her do that to me was even better than I could have even imagined. Within minutes she had my dick spouting off and raining cum down on her face and breasts. So while I may not have gotten what I was hoping for when I went to her house, Alexandra Daddario treated me to an experience I will long remember.


After several unproductive days trying to work from home, I had decided to go to my office to try to get some more work done.  Hailee had flown out east to start shooting Hawkeye.  She even stayed out there for Thanksgiving.  She had some friends come over for dinner while I stayed out west and drove down to San Diego to spend the holiday with my parents and my sister. Part of the reason why I had been so unproductive was the fact that I did miss having Hailee around.  Not only because she’d spent a lot of time at my place the past several months, but also because even when we were quarantining separately, we still talked a lot.  Either text, by phone, or video chats.  We would also do things like do meals at the same time or watch movies together while on the phone.  Now with us both back working, there was no time for that.

I was still closing in on filling out the cast for my next movie.  After hiring Amber Frank in one of the supporting roles, partly on the strong recommendation of Paris Berelc and Kelli Berglund, I now just had the lead actress role to still fill. I had four names I was considering; Elle Fanning, Kathryn Newton, Joey King, and Zoey Deutch.  Meanwhile, post productions on my other film had completed.  I sent out a link for everyone to watch it and while it isn’t going to win any awards, all of us were proud of how it came out. So now it was up to me to sell the thing.  I was in contact with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. Netflix and Amazon, both seemed to be fine with how it was, as is, Disney was being a pain.  With Olivia, Paris, Bailee, and Madison as the stars they wanted to put it to Disney+ so they could market it with all their former Disney Channel stars, but they also wanted us to cut out a lot of the language and sex talk.  I told them to fuck off, it sells how it is and Disney could just as easily put it on Hulu.

So I went to the office to try not to think about Hailee and to keep working on these projects, but that plan was pretty much ruined from the start as practically as soon as I got settled in the Google notifications I had set up on Hailee started going off like crazy with the first photos and videos of her on the Hawkeye set in New York had leaked online.  As the day wore on I was still able to push through the distractions and get what I wanted to get done in the office before heading home, though it took longer than I had hoped.

Walking into my house, I found it odd that the kitchen light was on.  I never leave any lights on at my place, especially if I left mid-morning with the sun out. Checking my security, nothing seemed to be wrong, regardless I got the bat out of the front hall closet and headed towards the kitchen.

“Hey! Anyone there?” I called out as approached, gripping the bat tightly. 

“Just me,” said Olivia Holt as she sat on my kitchen counter.  Dressed in a pink and white plaid sports coat, a matching skirt, with a white t-shirt, and black sneakers.  Her legs were crossed but held tightly together.

“Oh, umm, hey Liv… How did you get in here?” I asked, confused as to why she was sitting on my kitchen counter. I also hid the bat from her and left it leaning up against the hallway wall.

“Hailee told me where your hidden key is and your pin code,” she said matter of factly.

“Okay, I’ll have to change those now,” I spoke softly to myself. “Umm… better question. Why are you here?”

“Hailee thought I should come by.”


“She feels bad.  She was telling me how you two are working entirely different schedules, and how you seemed to be kind of stressed out and lonely.”

“I’m fine. Me and her at least text a little every day. Plus I talk to other people on the phone all day. I’m doing alright.”

“That’s not that’s the kind of loneliness she was talking about,” she said with a smirk.

“How detailed were these conversations you two have had?”

“Pretty detailed,” Olivia said with a smile. “Detailed enough that she recommended I wear this because she said you liked how I looked in this outfit.” Olivia leaned back on her two hands against the counter, making sure I got a good view of what she had on.  And I do remember mentioning to Hailee when I saw Liv’s latest photoshoot how good I thought she looked in that exact outfit she currently had on.

“Wow, so this isn’t a spur of the moment thing, you two planned this all out.”

“Nope. And aren’t you lucky we did?  If this was purely a spur of the moment, I doubt I would have found the time to go get waxed,” and with that Olivia uncrossed her legs and spread them open.  I now had a perfect view of her completely hairless pussy, which she was putting on full display for me. At the time, I didn’t know if she was wet or if she put something on herself, but I swear between her legs looked as smooth and shiny as a freshly waxed hardwood basketball court. Like a moth to the flame, I approached her until I was standing between her open legs.

“Between getting in here without setting off any alarms and knowing to wear that, I guess I don’t have to check with Hailee to see if what you’re saying is true. Do you want to stay for dinner? I was planning on ordering in.”

“Is dinner all we’re going to do?” She asked as she looked me in the eyes.  We were mere inches apart.  I shook my head and I grabbed the back of her head with one hand as I plunged my fingers inside her with the other.  Liv kissed me back while also using her hands to undo my pants.  Once the fly was undone she reached in and began pulling out my hardening member.  She then stuck her hand back in and fondled my balls. Olivia broke our kiss and looked at me with some surprise. “Did your balls get bigger?”

“No of course not,”

“They feel way bigger.”

“Maybe because I’m having less sex. They are just extra full.”

“Hailee said the last time you guys did it was the morning she left a month ago. So, when was the last time you had sex?”

“The morning she left.  But before that, we were doing it three to six times a day.”

“Are you serious?”


“Fuck. I’m thankful if I can have sex three to six times a month since this stupid pandemic started, and you two were doing that in a day? Fuck.”

“Yeah, well I guess we both really need some release right now,” I said and then kissed Olivia before she could respond.  I’d had enough of talking for now. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and I picked her up and carried her over to the kitchen table. Putting her right down on the spot where I typically ate.  Reaching into my back pocket I pulled out my phone as I broke off our kiss.

“Here. Order us some food,” I said as I unlocked my phone and pulled up the phone number, and handed her the phone. “And I want you to call it in.”


“Because I am going to be too busy treating myself to an appetizer,” I told her as I moved down to my knees. I told her what I wanted, and then I moved between her legs.  I hoped she would not be able to order too quickly, and an evil grin came over my face when I heard them put her on hold. I kissed the inner part of both of her thighs.  I then moved closer.  Using my thumbs to open her lower lips, I then moved in and began taking several long licks. I loved going down on Hailee like no one else, but even I had to admit Olivia had one of the best-tasting vaginas I have ever been with.  She also had an odor that when she got wet quickly filled the room and would linger for a while afterward.

Right as Olivia let out her first real moan also seemed to be the moment when she was taken off hold.  As she started telling the person on the other line what she was ordering, is when I began to suck on her clit.  Olivia tried very hard to stifle any moans as I ate her out.

“Ummm..credit card? I...aahhhh… oh god,” Olivia struggled.  I knew she did not have anything on her and also doubted she knew my address off the top of her head. Without moving my face from her sweet honey pot, I took my wallet out of my back pocket and flipped it up to her.  She fumbled around a bit before she was able to pull out a credit card and read it off. She also knew well enough to look at my driver’s license for the address.

“I fucking hate you,” Olivia yelled after she hung up.

“Does that mean you want me to stop,” I asked

“Fuck no,” Olivia said and then she tightly wrapped her legs around my neck. With no desire to try to break free of her leg lock, I happily went back to licking her tasty box. I enthusiastically went about it for several minutes until she started moaning loudly and her legs tightened around my head. I stayed buried between her legs until she came and her orgasm rippled through here. When she finally lightened up her grip around my heat, I moved out from between her legs and wiped down my face. As I stood up, Oliva sat up a bit, though still had her arms back behind her and her skirt was bunched up around her waist.

“How long until the delivery person gets her,” I asked.  Oliva picked up my phone and looked at the time.

“Like 12 minutes, I think.”

“I guess, we should clean up and get ready then.”

“You don’t want me to take care of that?” she said as her eyes lowered to the bulge in my open pants.

“I don’t think we have the time for it.”

“You don’t?” she said with an eyebrow raised. We just kind of looked at each other for a few moments.

“Tell you what, if you get me off before the delivery arrives, I will answer the door with only my hat to cover myself.  You don’t, you have to answer wearing that sports coat,”

“You’re so going to lose,” Olivia laughed as she began taking off her jacket. Though I saw it as a win-win for me.

10 minutes later, Olivia walked to the front door, using one hand to keep the bottom of her jacket pulled down and closed.  I felt kind of bad, the sports coat was shorter than I thought when I made the bet.  As I watched her walk to answer the door, half her ass was exposed to me.  She pulled the sides of her jacket closer together, making sure her breast didn’t get exposed, right before she opened the door. I don’t know if the delivery guy who stood there recognized Olivia, but I could see where I was that he was both shocked and enjoyed what he saw.  I was disappointed that Olivia didn’t absent-mindedly reach out to take the food from the guy himself, but rather she was smart enough to let him in and let him set the food down on a small table in the foyer. I watched her move her body around to make sure she never gave the guy a view of her exposed ass.  As he left and Olivia closed the door, I emerged from my hiding spot.

Olivia was obviously relieved as she turned back around. She was pretty sure she’d gotten away with not exposing herself to the stranger. As she turned around and let go of her jacket. “That was…”

“Hot,” I said as I approached her. I was only dressed in my boxers, but I quickly pushed those down and stepped out of them as I kept walking. Olivia got excited and undid the button on her jacket.  Exposing her delectable twat to me once again.  She moved to slide the jacket off, but I stopped her.  “No, leave it on,” I told her.

Wrapping my arms around her, Olivia leaped up as I pulled her up. I then dropped her right now on top of my dick. Her slick pussy lips rubbed right along my dick until we finally got the angle right, and I pierced her with manhood. Liv let out a cry as I backed her against the front door and had her sink all the way down my pole.

I’m not sure if the delivery guy was fully gone or not, but if not I am sure he heard the thumping coming from the other side of the door as Olivia and I fucked up against it. I had my arms up under both her knees and my hands on her ass, while she had her arms wrapped around my neck.  We both eagerly moaned and occasionally kissed as we kept fucking up against the door. Both desperate to cum.  Her eyes looked into mine as we did it there in the foyer.  Though I could see her eye occasionally drift behind me, where I knew there was a mirror giving her a clear view of the two of us having sex.

Pulling me close to her, Olivia kissed me and then moaned into my ear, “Cum for me.  I need you to cum.”

“I should pull out,” I said. Originally Hailee and I had a rule about me wearing a condom for extra hookups like these, but those rules had become somewhat lax with some frequent friends. Olivia is one of those friends. Though the reason I was talking about pulling out was that I was thinking I might want to eat her out again later.

“No don’t,” Olivia moaned once again. “I want to feel it. I love the way it feels when you finish inside me.” 

Hearing her say that was enough to convince me to stay inside her, not that I needed much convincing. I am only human after all. I gave a series of hard deep thrusts before I went balls deep one last time and shot my load deep inside the form Cloak and Dagger star.  As I came, Olivia’s body tightened right before she began quivering as she came. Gripping me tightly, she made sure that stayed buried inside her until not only I finished firing my load into her, but until she had completely come down from her orgasmic high as well.

“You know how to make my pussy feel good,” Olivia said as I put her back down on the floor.

“Thanks,” I said. “We should eat before the food gets too cold.”

“Good idea. But afterward, how much do you think you have left in this thing,” Olivia asked while taking hold of my dick, which had not fully gone down.

“What’s the matter, Tony not getting the job done,” I asked sarcastically knowing full well that the online rumors about her dating Tony Ferrari were only rumors that she had played up a bit on social media.

“Please. He’s more interested in what’s between your legs, than mine.”

“His loss,” I told her. “I haven’t had sex in practically a month, so we just did was only a warmup.”

We followed through with all that. After we ate a few slices, we did it again in the living room. And then we went upstairs and went at it until 2 AM.  She stayed the night, not only because it was late, but also so we could have some morning delight after we woke up.  It turned out that that was exactly what I needed.  The next afternoon when I finally got around to trying to do some work, I was able to do so with a much more relaxed unclouded mind.

DECEMBER 31, 2020

The last month had gone by much easier with my work playing off and the holidays making it possible for Hailee and I to spend more time together.  I still had not closed on which streaming service would get my COVID movie, but it seemed like I might close a deal with Amazon in the next week.  The deal I did close was on the lead actress for the next movie I was producing.  I had decided on going with Zoey Deutch. I had liked a lot of stuff I had seen Zoey in, and knew she had the talent to both play up the comedy and also pull off the serious scenes. She was ecstatic when I called to offer the part.  Not only did she like the script, but she was also excited she told me because of the fact that we would be filming in Vancouver, and she and Camila Mendes were close friends.  So both filming in the same city at the same time meant they would get the chance to hang out quite a bit in their downtime.

The day after I agreed to the deal with Zoey, I was on a plane to New York City.  It was the 10th, and I was flying to surprise Hailee on her birthday. She was shooting that night, and I had arranged through some back channels to have a key to her room be left for me at the front desk of her hotel, and I would surprise her when she came back in the morning. When I got the text that Hailee was on set, I headed out to her hotel room to set up.  I had a cake and a few small gifts, leaving the bigger things back in LA for Christmas. The one gift I was kind of proud of, knowing her love of sneakers and also how she’s not spent the last two Decembers filming in New York, was a pair of winter gore-tex Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I figured some waterproof winter-lined sneakers would be perfect for walking the streets of New York during the winter months.  Along with my gifts, I also ended up taking and arranging the flowers and balloons other people had sent to Hailee’s hotel room. By midnight her hotel room practically looked like a floristry shop.

I took a nap for a few hours until I got another text that Hailee was on her way back to the hotel room. When she opened the door she was shocked to see all the stuff that filled her hotel room.  I waited for a minute or two and let her walk around and see who some of the gifts were from before I rounded the corner and announced my presence by loudly saying ‘Happy Birthday’. I startled her at first for sure, but after she realized it was me she ran over and gave me a huge hug.  We stayed standing there together with our arms tightly wrapped around one another for several minutes, alternating between kissing and talking. The two of us then just found each other staring at another, and an unspoken conversation seemed to happen between us as after thirty seconds we both smiled widely at one another and then we ran to her bedroom. It took little time for us to shed our clothing and jump onto the bed.  It was just a round of simple missionary but it was so good to be with one another again that we both came after only a few minutes of passionate fucking.

After she came, the exhaustion from her long night of shooting set in, and she fell asleep in my arms. I too fell asleep soon after that.  When we woke up, we both agreed that that few hours of sleep was some of the most restful sleep we’d had in some time. We spent the rest of the day in her hotel room, wearing very little until she had to leave again to go back on set. One of the highlights was us making use of her very large bathtub that easily fit both of us.  What started as us both just relaxing in the bath, turned into her laying on top of me on the tub.  Her ass rubbing up against my dick as she had her head turned over her shoulder to kiss me.  Soon I spread her legs a bit and slid right into her delectable snatch. The two of us just slowing fucking one another, just simple slowing grinding one another.  But as slow as it started, it ended with us splashing water all over the floor, after Hailee flipped around and began riding me cowgirl in the tub until I can deep inside of her.

I was only in New York for two days, and we made the most of our time together. Spending all of her time off of set with me, and I even spent some time on set, which my main job was to keep Martini occupied while Hailee worked. When I did return to LA, I was not alone for too much longer as shooting for Hawkeye in New York City wrapped and Hailee flew back west for the holidays.  Once again for Christmas, we spent Christmas eve with my parents, and then went back to my place to exchange gifts with each other. We treated ourselves to some great sex in the glow of my Christmas tree lights.

Now it was New Year’s Eve and just minutes to midnight.  Hailee and I were being responsible and just doing a quiet evening with just the two of us, and Martini of course, at her apartment. Hailee is sitting on her couch and I’m standing off the side struggling to pop the cork.

“Need a hand,” Hailee asked while laughing at me.

“Maybe. Want to grab your bow and see if you can pop it off with an arrow?” I replied. Hailee went to say something off, but before she could there was a loud pop as the cork went flying, hitting off of a wall (thankfully missing a nearby picture), and sending a sleeping Martini into a sudden tizzy. Hailee started to giggle as champagne began glowing out of the bottle and I tried to make it stop.  Thankful I was handed a flute and poured us each a glass.

Once the glasses were poured and Martini settled back down, I took a seat next to Hailee.  I wrapped my arm around her and we each held a glass in hand as the time counted down. When the clock struck midnight Hailee leaned into me and pulled her close as we did our new year kiss. It was a long deep tender kiss between the two of us.  When we broke our kiss, I raised my glass and said, “To 2021.  May 2020 fuck itself.”

“Fuck 2002,” Hailee said as she clinked my glass.  We both took a drink from our glasses. Hailee took a simple sip while I downed half my glass.  We stayed on the couch for a little while, drinking, fooling around, kissing occasionally.  Finally, Hailee gave me a look, with her eyebrow raised a bit and a slight grin.  I smiled back, and she asked, “Wanna go get 2021 started off right,?”

I didn’t say anything. I just downed what was left in my glass and got off the couch.  We then both hustled back to her bedroom to start 2021 with a bang.

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