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Sex On A Platter (Demi Lovato)
« on: May 25, 2019, 02:08:20 AM »
Story title: Sex on a platter
Story by: Money
Celeb in story: Demi Lovato
Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Story summary: Demi gets her first job before hitting Hollywood at a burger joint hooking up with the author.

Working fast food isn't so bad but with the pace you have to maintain I can see why the turnover rate is so big every year in the high school set I've only been here since I was 17 but was looking at the military as my ticket out going on 20 the days were long but I had found a partner in crime for fun with a new girl barely 18 herself Demi Lovato. We had hit it off and I kept the other guys from sniffing around her even getting stuck on birthday patrol together her as the server and me as the mascot.

"I don't think I can stuff myself in that thing again it smells like an old sock and shame had a mutant baby or something." I said

"Like I enjoy having kids pawing at my shirt and pants while balancing a hot tray of burgers around traffic." she said

She was right we both had problems but it came with the gig and we knew it signing on good thing we had found a way to solve most of them with sex sometimes the outfits would throw us losing our focus after a long day but we would push through it.

"Yeah I think you've had about a dozen near wardrobe malfunctions like that during your tenure here." I said

"Just for that I'll help you get in the burger...but I'm taking my time." she said

Demi seemed to enjoy torturing me along the way sneaking peeks, slapping my face with the costumes pieces, or making snide remarks of some kind about what they could be used for.

"Your going to pay for this later." I said

"Time to get fed to the wolves burger boy." she said

She locked me out the employee only door behind me leading to the outdoor play area watching me from behind the glass getting overrun by rug rats until she returned from the kitchen with more food.

A few hours later

"Thank heavens that's over...think some kid tried chewing my arm." I said

"I'd take that over some 16 year old sizing me up." she said

I was so hot from being in that costume it was nice to just be in my uniform standing in the walk in fridge having the cold air wash over me with Demi next to me doing the same.

"Another day in the books." I said

"Not just yet." she said

We couldn't get naked due to the cold so opted to keep our clothes on with minimal exposure I pulled Demi's shirt up letting her ample chest free while my dick was throbbing in her hand

"We might have to make this fast." Demi said

"Slipped the head cook $100 to not look for me for an hour." I said

Even with that small window we couldn't make noise without drawing attention to ourselves inside the walk in fridge so I slid my 24 inch dick inside Demi's pussy stretching her out

"Oh fuck that's big." she moaned

"So are these." I said

Demi was going to be a knockout soon if her boobs were a sign of pending hotness and they were as I feasted on them driving her wild pumping harder than usual

"Really wish I could cut loose." she purred

"Maybe another time." I said

Demi was getting ripped apart but she was enjoying the feeling between her legs  as I ravaged her hard to believe she could handle a 2 foot dick

"I'm gonna cum soon." she moaned

"Not to worry I volunteered to clean the walk ins this week." I said

She was sandwiched between me and the walk in door my dick holding her up and slamming her womb over and over while she clawed my head

"Oh god here I go." she said

"Can't hold it." i said

Demi went rigid biting into my shoulder as my dick spewed out spunk coating her insides with baby batter she didn't scream because she had passed out right at the top of her climax good thing the cleanup would be short

The next week

I hated closing even more than being in that horrible mascot suit the only thing that made me not snap was Demi being there too. As the clock chimed the midnight hour on a dead tuesday I was still being punished by the assistant manager for not showing more motivation after hearing my Grandma died the day before.

"I know he's an asshole...just need 3 minutes in a cage." I said

"No..you'll kill him." she said

We still had an hour to go before the shift was over and I could get out of that thing when Demi caught my attention going for my pants.

"If your going to do that make it quick." I said

"Don't worry the dining area cameras are off for the night and he will be in the office for a while with those sleeping pills in his coffee." she said

"You little minx.” I said

“Been around you something was bound to rub off...we have a good half hour.” she said

Demi was going down on me hard I could barely handle what she was throwing at me sucking my dick that hard after she pushed me onto a table just out of sight of the managers office

"This is going to be fun." she said

"Your not stuck in this thing." I said

Just watching her was enough for her to put on a show as she pulled her shirt off her boobs on full display while she jerked me off

"So glad its a dead night this will make up for the short week." she said

"Maybe for you I'm still in this thing." I said

Demi wrapped her boobs around my dick giving it a very lively titfuck I knew she was gorgeous under her uniform but watching her wavy brunette hair fly around her ample chest just added some spice

"Kind of wish this was on camera just for the visual of me giving a giant burger a blowjob." she said

"Having enough trouble trying to focus without that in my brain." I said

Watching Demi sucking down my 2 foot long dick without gagging was a sight her technique was spot on if she did improve in the future guys would be kicking down her door.

"Sounds like your dick is about to explode." she said

"Can't hold it." I groaned

Demi sucked down what she could but the rest escaped with a giant splatter on her boobs and abs barely missing her face which was fine explaining that would have been some trick my dick unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum on Demi we both cleaned up before leaving.

A few days later

I had never been in a better mood outside of having sex my paperwork for the military had cleared and I was leaving next week plus Demi had landed an acting gig so she was off to L.A. after me we had finished our last shift closing and ripped on the assistant manager on our way out giving him a solid fuck you complete with middle fingers.

"That was amazing." I said

"Not as good as sex but it's close." she said

We relaxed in the car looking at the old place remembering antics from our first days and comparing notes when Demi got a crazy idea.

"Let's have sex right here, right now." she said

"You sure?...I smell like chili mixed with special sauce." I said

"Works for me." she purred

Demi didn't wait jumping right in unzipping my pants fishing my dick out while I was busy pulling her shirt off getting my hands on her boobs it was nearly a race to see who could strip the other naked first

"Well someones eager." she said

"I'm not wearing as much as you." I said

The race was a tie as our uniform pants were tossed in the backseat Demi impaled her ass on my shaft she wasn't an anal virgin but she clearly hadn't had a dick my size before now which was taking time to get used to it

"If I can't sit down after this I'm blaming you." she said

"Oh please do my ego would love to claim that." I said

Demi rolled her eyes while humping away on my shaft having a laugh at her expense was nothing new having an intense orgasm normally helped things

"Try not to split me open this time." she moaned

"I promise nothing." I said

Demi gripped the steering wheel while pounding her hips down on my dick rubbing her chest on the horn I just hoped it didn't go off before I did

"This is way more kinky than I thought it would be." she moaned

"You think so." I said

I hit the lever on the drivers seat tilting it back all the way throwing Demi back a little as I felt her up


"Gonna blow." I said

Demi's orgasm hit her like an erotic 18 wheeler her screams bouncing off the glass in an echo that made my ears ring for a minute while my dick pumped what felt like a couple of gallons of jizz in her ass what didn't get inside her was plastered on her ass after I pulled out I was about to sell my ride anyway I didn't care if it smelled like sex the buyer was a stacked redhead

A little later

"When you can come by in your uniform I'll make it worth your time." Demi purred

"I'm sure you will." I said

I was able to see Demi once and she kept her word though a threesome was a bit much having Selena Gomez there was fun but those are stories for another time.
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Re: Sex On A Platter (Demi Lovato)
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2019, 06:01:02 PM »
Awesome new story Money, thanks for sharing it with us.


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