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Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Shower Sex, Lap Dance, Lingerie

Adjusting the desktop fan one more time, I sighed and slunk back in my chair, trying to study the screen of my computer as I worked through my pile of paperwork. I should probably explain... While I was American born, I had spent most of my life in Japan and had actually grown up there as well. Both my mother and father were American so I never developed the accent but I did still have some of the mannerisms. I had came back to America after being scooped up by Disney when they acquired Marvel comics and set into motion the concept of a Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that seemed to be doing the trick nicely for their bank balance.

Finally getting comfy, I hunched over and started to tap away at the keyboard to fill up the screen with exceptionally boring details. It wasn't exciting but the money was insane and it was all I needed to survive in the busy world of Hollywood. As I typed up the report, my eyes were brought down to the corner of the screen where it showed that I had an e-Mail notification. Clicking on it, I saw that it was from my boss with the subject line: Scarlett Johansson.

Reading the message, then re-reading the message I actually couldn't believe it. Did they really want me to do that?

Reaching the gated community high up in the hills of Hollywood, I reached over to the front car seat and picked up my phone and re-read the text message. It just didn't seem real to me. With the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe various new roles and positions became available to not only me but a group of my friends in higher, and lower, places. I was in Hollywood to meet up with one of the hottest agents in Hollywood who had signed on for Iron Man 2 as Natasha Romanoff. I was here to discuss the role and not only that but the expectations Marvel, Jon Faverau who was the director of both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 but also Kevin Feige the head of Marvel pictures expected from her.

Rereading the text message, I drove up to the side of the gate where a lone security checkpoint stood. The side building looked very unimpressive, it just looked generic. White wooden panels, a tarmaced roof and a dimly lit, bored looking security guard inside of it. Winding down my window, I called out to him.

“I’m Braden Walker? I’m here to see Scarlett Johansson?” I called to him as he looked down at his clipboard. Flipping over a leaf of it, he ran his finger down it before jabbing his index finger against the paper.

“Got it, go on in. She’s the last house on the right.”

“Thanks pal.”

The metal gate slid open and I was well on my way inside the gated compound to where Scarlett lived. Reaching up, I dabbed at my forehead with the back of my hand as my bright blue eyes floated down the side of the road to where she lived. I was nervous. Was I nervous? Why should I be nervous? I was only going to sit down with one of the most physically attractive women ever to talk about her getting into a skintight outfit and… That’s probably a bad train of thought, I mused to myself as I pulled up onto her driveway.

Suddenly, I felt as if I was on show. My baby blues floated up to the rear view mirror and I very quickly ran a hand through my hair to try and tame the wild, chocolate mess that was sitting on top of my head. Typically, I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I was staring at a computer screen or talking into a phone receiver for most of my working day. Now I was out in the wild I had to look like I belonged. Thankfully I had shaved with my morning shower and the addition of aftershave had taken care of any unsavoury smells that might have lingered from being stuck in a car all day.

The sun was high in the sky as I stepped out of my car and grabbed all the necessary paperwork. Walking up the short path to her front door, I knocked briefly against the wood three times before standing back and doing my best not to look super nervous. Seconds seemed like hours as I stared at the wooden door, not peeping through the large glass frames that surrounded it as I saw the shadow of a womanly figure approaching the door. There was the sound of a lock, the door knob twisted to the side and then the door opened.

“Hi! I’m Scarlett!”

What was my name again?

“Oh I know! I’m Braden, I was sent over by Marvel? Well Disney really but yeah, they’re really the same thing… Sorry, am I babbling?”

“Just a bit but that’s okay. Why don’t you come in Braden?”

Scarlett graciously stepped back and gestured for me to follow by her example and walk inside. Thanking her and doing my best not to dwell too much on the wry smile on her angelic face as I walked in. Was I still sweating?

“So Braden, this the first time you’ve ever done one of these… What’s the right word?”

“Consultation,” I said, following her through to the kitchen. “And yes it is. First time actually in person at least.”

“Oh? You did them some other way?”

“Used to work in Japan for the film market over there. Typically would be over the phone or Skype with actors over the country.”

“Oh that’s neat! It’s beautiful over there. How come you came back?”

“Money mostly. Marvel and Disney put me up in a nice penthouse apartment in downtown LA and I haven’t really seen that many zeros at the end of my pay cheque… Well, ever!”

Scarlett smiled at that as she reached up to grab two porcelain mugs that were hanging off of a set of brass hooks in the middle of the kitchen’s island. As she reached, my eyes watched as the white tank top she was wearing rode up and showed off a small portion of her lower back. Now, I, like most red blooded humanoids had seen Scarlett’s leaked photos to her then husband Ryan Reynolds, and while they were certainly jerk off worthy, there was nothing quite like seeing her skin in person. Licking my lips at the sight, I quickly averted my gaze when she span around to face me.


“Please!” I replied to Scarlett’s cheery question.

“How do you take it?” She asked and while I couldn't see her face, I could almost hear a Devilish smirk on her face. As my mouth opened, I knew it would be a bad idea to flirt with someone as high profile and beautiful as Scarlett was but I just couldn't stop myself.

“How are you offering to give it to me?”

That prompted an actual snort of laughter from the blonde before she cast her long blonde hair over her shoulder to look at me. She definitely had a more playful look in her eyes than when we had first met. Her hand came up and flicked at the base of her kettle as the water inside it started to boil. Scarlett turned on her left heel so she was facing me now, despite the kitchen’s island being in the way.

“Well… I like it hot and fast. I don’t like that espresso crap where it’s over in thirty seconds.”

"You should probably have me make the coffee then. I put a lot of effort and passion into my coffee." By the Lord, I was flirting with Scarlett Johansson! What the hell was wrong with me? For some reason I was still expecting Scarlett to be mad at me or mad with me but her devilish smile had never left her lips. Throwing her hair over her shoulder, Scarlett shook her head.

"I should keep my eye on you shouldn't I? You seem like bad, bad news!" She teased.

"I'm bad sure, but I can be good too."

That was it. There was a spark between the two of us, she stared at me and I stared at her, the lightning power was real and before she opened her mouth to respond, the kettle clicked off with a satisfying whistle to let us both know that the water had boiled. Offering me a wink, Scarlett turned back around, her hips swaying from side to side as she approached the kettle and lifted it off of the base. The two scoops of coffee in my cup filled to the brim before Scarlett added some milk as well. Passing it to me by bending at the hips, the blonde headed megastar made her own cup of coffee and then walking around to sit next to me at the breakfast bar. Taking her seat, she sat down but moved herself so that her leg was now right between both of mine. Wriggling forward in her seat a little, I tried to avoid the sight of her breasts shaking from side to side as her knee rubbed against the inside of my thigh.

Trying to avoid it, I decided to pull my laptop open and show the details that we had expected for the character of Natasha Romanoff. Doing my best not to look at her, I brought up the details and pushed the laptop over on the counter so Scarlett could look at it. Making some approving noises under her breath, Scarlett's leg started to rub slowly against the inside of my leg.

"Hm, looks good." She almost murmured under her breath as she looked over the costume design. "I think I like number two the best. What do you think?"

Looking over at the option Scarlett had her finger on, I took a deep breath and slowly let it slip from my lungs before nodding my head. The one Scarlett had chosen was a very risqué number, it showed off a lot of skin and the legs were half leather and half silk, cut to the shape of the typical Black Widow symbol. Nodding my head again like a lunatic, I reached over and grabbed my coffee cup as an attempt to try and still my nerves.

"Yeah, that... That looks great." I say, again with the nodding while trying to avoid the hungry stare on Scarlett's face. As I moved over to take the laptop from her to show her some optional hairstyles, I closed my eyes in pleasure when she reached over and placed her hand on my knee, squeezing it firmly.

"Are you nervous Braden?" She asked. If only I had a thesaurus at hand...

"I'm... Maybe a little." I admitted, finally turning to look at Scarlett with my face beet red.

"Why?" She asked, that teasing smirk crawling back to her lips as she leant forward just a little closer. Her body was bent at the hip, her generous chest pushing out towards me while her very nice ass was hidden by the seat she was sat on. "I'm not making you nervous am I?"

"Oh God no! It's not you in the slightest... It's just... Well..."

"Well what?"

"Well, I've never done this before and I really wasn't expecting you to look this beautiful in real life."

"You think I'm beautiful?"

Crap. I had said that hadn't I? Fidgeting in my seat, I bit down on my bottom lip and nodded my head.

"Heh, ever since the break up I've been dealing with literally dozens of those sort of comments. Why do I buy it from you though?"

Christ, was this a game of twenty questions or something?

"I don't know?" I answered honestly and that provided a simple laugh from Scarlett who's hand slipped up from my knee and onto my thigh.

"Now Braden... I'm going to be honest with you. It's getting late out there and I have no plans tonight. How about we stay in together and see what fun we can get up to?"

Scarlett Johansson was prompting me for sex? That certainly was new! However, my brain couldn't quite comprehend the words that were going to come out of my mouth next.

"I can't."

"You can't? Why not? Got a girlfriend? Boyfriend? Because that last one wouldn't be the first for me." Scarlett offered with a saucy wink.

"It... It wouldn't be right. I'm here on the clock."

"Do you really want to pass this up Braden? Because you can. You can walk right out of that door and we can forget this ever happened... But I don't think you're interested in that are you?" The blonde then reached over and placed her hand on my groin, her fingers finding my length almost immediately and squeezing it to provide a groan from me.

"We shouldn't... I could lose my job..."

"Don't you want another job from me?" Scarlett said with a grin, her hand squeezing me again.

"Oh fuck... Right there... We really shouldn't." I repeated, despite very obviously enjoying the attention from Scarlett. The famous actress sat back in her chair before nodding her head.

"Well, your body certainly doesn't agree with you. How about you go take a seat in the front room and we'll see if we can change that mouth of yours too." Before I had chance to say anything else, I was on my feet and heading over to the front room near Scarlett's stairwell.

Walking inside her front room, it was now that I actually had a chance to admire her home. She had a lot of items hanging off of the wall and they didn't seem to make it look tacky either. Inspecting some of the paintings that hung off of the creamy wall, I wondered what made her pick those particular paintings. Putting my hand on the painted surface, I wondered if touching it would help me understand in any way.

It really didn't.

I was staring at the selection of paintings that hung on her wall that I nearly didn’t notice the hand that trailed along my neck. Turning to face her, I was taken back by how Scarlett had now dressed. Her body was slightly covered by a robe that only ran down to the mid of her thigh, the robe itself didn’t do much to cover her supple frame though. I looked over her body and was almost knocked to  the floor as Scarlett bent down in front of me to show she was only wearing a white bra with a black trim. Her hands ran along my neck before sliding up to stroke the side of my face.

“So, you won’t take sex from me. I suppose there’s something else we can work out.” Scarlett then removed her hands from my face and took my own in hers. Placing them on her sides, Scarlett slowly turned herself around letting me feel every little part of her skin as it slowly moved the robe away from her. It soon settled down and I was now facing her back, she didn’t give me a chance to respond as she slowly moved her hips down and pressed her ass onto my lap.

She let out a soft laugh as she heard me groan under my breath. Keeping my hands on her body, Scarlett started to slowly roll her hips around while keeping her ass pressed up against my lap. Her arms reached up behind her and she slowly ran her fingers through my hair as she started to slowly roll her hips around in a lazy figure eight motion. Pushing her ass down against my lap, Scarlett moved her hips backwards and forwards before she slowly moved herself up off of my lap and bent over before me. Her hands took hold of the side of the robe and she slipped the garment up over her waist to show off she was wearing a matching thong.

She stood up before me and moved on her heel, turning so that she was facing me. Her fingers tangled themselves inside of the knot in the sash and tugged it loose. The fabric fell into two pieces and Scarlett was quick to take a firm grip of each side of it. She looked up at me and winked before running her tongue along her soft, plump lips. Shimmying her body to imaginary music, Scarlett tilted her head back and swayed from side to side as her hands moved up and down, keeping the robe closed but teasing glimpses of her skin underneath it. Her head rolled forward and she cast me a sexy wink before her arms separated and her underwear clad body was revealed to me.

Wearing nothing but the contrasted underwear and the stockings that ran up to the middle of her thighs, Scarlett slipped the robe down her arms and was casually cast over her shoulder landing somewhere inside of the room with no real importance. Scarlett walked back to where I was and took my hands up off of my legs. She placed them on her stocking clad legs, moving them up and down, almost to convince me that I was free to explore her legs and touch every little part of her as I saw fit. Running my hands down her legs, I explored the back of her thighs before the blonde lifted her leg up from between my own and taking another step back. Turning away from me, Scarlett bent at her waist again while running her hand down the leg I hadn’t touched. Slowly, her hands came back up and she hooked the thumb under the band of her thong, accentuating her ass for me.

Her hand struck her own ass briefly before she turned on her heel slowly, her hips rolling from side to side as she teasingly slipped the side of her thong down over her hip and then brought it back up. She repeated the same process on the other side before she turned around and walked back to where I was. Linking her hands around my neck, she pulled me forward while keeping me sitting and then her hands threaded through my hair, lightly tugging on it so we could make eye contact.

“Open your mouth.” I obliged and Scarlett was quick to force her hips forward and I could taste the fabric of her thong between my teeth. “Now bite the panties.”

I did as the woman asked and sunk my teeth into the fabric. Scarlett took a half a step back and placed her hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me down so that the black and white panties could roll down her legs. I watched as her now completely shaved folds became exposed to me and I was treated to the sight of her moist lips. Scarlett lightly tapped the side of my head so I could release her panties and sit back in the chair. I knew my eyes were as wide as saucers but I just couldn’t move as Scarlett shimmied herself backwards and let her thong slide down her legs. It landed on the floor around her ankle and Scarlett cast the item behind her. Now bottomless, Scarlett ran her hands over her stomach before moving down to run her fingers over her slit.

"Now... Are you sure I can't change your mind?" Scarlett asked, her voice heavy with arousal as she looked over her shoulder at me. Now, I really was stumped for an answer. Biting down on my bottom lip, I shook my head before nodding it frantically. "Is that a yes, you've changed your mind?" Scarlett teased, laughing when I groaned and nodded again. Turning back to face me, Scarlett dropped to her knees between my legs and reached forward, her fingers working on undoing my pants and making sure that my hard length was exposed. Her thumb and index finger slowly tugged at my fly, the teeth splitting at an almost frustratingly slow rate. But soon, the trip had been completed and her hand slipped inside of my pants. Her hand curled around my currently clothed penis before she grinned and pulled them down to expose it.

Smiling happily, Scarlett stroked my length up and down giving it a few test pumps before she nodded her head, liking how it looked quite clearly. Curling her hand around the base, Scarlett stroked it up and then down, stretching the skin as she toyed with me. "You think you can stay sitting down?" Scarlett asked, my eyes drifting down to look at the blonde as she knelt between my legs.

"Yeah... Yeah, I think so." I admitted, totally unsure of whether I could or couldn't.

"Just try your best..."

And then, Scarlett opened her mouth and closed her lips firmly around my cock. Her lips formed a perfect seal as she stroked the base of my length and started to slowly slide her mouth up and down on my cock. Moaning instantly at the feeling, I looked down at her as her big eyes opened up to look at me. Her tongue worked closely inside of her mouth, licking against the underside of my cock as she bobbed her head up and down. Her hand remained wrapped tightly around my base while she lathered my cock up in her own spit.

Moaning her name, I had no idea how I had gotten so lucky but I was happy that I had done it. The feeling of Scarlett Johansson sucking my cock was enough to make any man feel like he was going insane and as she sucked on me, I was ready to be carted off to the asylum and stare at a padded wall just for feeling how she was treating me. Scarlett's lips loosened ever so slightly and she let my cock slip from her mouth with a wet popping noise. Scarlett held my cock upwards and slowly licked from the base up to the top like it was a lollypop for her.

Her tongue circled my head, licking against it as a slow bead of pre cum started to ooze from the tip. Moaning at the taste, Scarlett opened her mouth again and sucked me down deeper, this time leaving a smear of red lipstick against my shaft. Moaning as my cock slipped against her throat, the blonde headed actress reached up and cupped my balls as she swallowed me deeper.

My head fell back in her very nice chair, looking up to her ceiling as she sucked me deeper and deeper. I didn't dare look down at her in case I blew there and then. I could already feel the tell tale signs of an orgasm building and I wanted to at least last a little longer. My hand slid through her hair as I braved a look at her, watching as my dick obscenely penetrated her angelic face. God, this was so fucking hot... Scarlett seemed to agree with me as well, a hand on her breasts and another in her panties, touching herself as she sucked up and down on my cock.

Pulling her mouth off of my cock, Scarlett seemed to take a deep breath of air and then spat a bead of her saliva against my cock. She watched as it rolled down the side of my length, splashing against my balls as she licked her lips.

"You like my mouth Braden?"

"Fuck! Love it!"

"What about my tits?" She asked, reaching back to unclasp her bra. "Everyone's seen them. Do you want to fuck them?"

God, would I… Scarlett giggled and then lifted her chest up so that her generous chest was resting on my knees. Wrapping the large mounds around my length, she reached down and spat a bead of saliva down between them and started to slowly pump them up and down. Keeping my length wrapped tightly between them, Scarlett looked up at me and blew me a kiss and a wink as her tits pushed another oozing rope of precum out of my dick.

“Fuck… That cum looks soooooo yummy!” The blonde exclaimed, watching the bead roll down my length and mingle with her tits. Licking her lips, Scarlett closed her tits around me again and started to bounce them higher and faster, almost as if she wanted me to cum there and then. “It would look so much hotter all over my face though!” She exclaimed, definitely coaching me to cum there and then. Groaning, my head fell back and I felt Scarlett spit down between her tits again. Fully lubricated, my cock was sliding between her breasts with ease and it was certainly pushing me closer and closer until I simply couldn't hold it any more. My hips raised off of the chair as my orgasm struck but Scarlett was prepared and had a hand around my length guiding my hot ropes of cum.

She aimed my cock at her currently open mouth, letting the cum shoot against her face and then into her mouth.

She didn't seem to mind making a mess of her perfect skin while I came so hard and fast over her. My mind had long since forgotten about the prospect of keeping my hips on the chair, my body was working in over time as I came hard on her chest. Scarlett swallowed what was in her mouth and as some cum landed on her cheek and lips, she aimed my cock a little further down so I could spray what was left of my warm, hot seed onto her chest. Stroking until I had to give up and stop cumming, I slumped back down onto the chair and looked down at the sexy starlet as she basked in the after glow of my orgasm.

Scooping up some errant beads of my cum from between her breasts, the sunshine-hair coloured actress made a big show of licking her finger clean and offering a seductive moan to go with it. She had still neglected to fully clean her face and a dirty, shameful part of me wondered if she was actually going to clean her face. Our eyes met and there was a change in the atmosphere in her front room.

Scarlett stood up and walked over to the side, grabbing a fluffy white towel she had brought down with her, the famous actress dabbed at herself, cleansing herself of my orgasm and making her seem far more respectable and presentable, or as presentable as one could be in that situation. She cleaned herself up and tossed the towel away with little to no care as to where it landed.

Scarlett offered me a tempting, devil-like smile as she moved back against the plush of the coal coloured leather seat and her legs spread just a little bit wider. My deep brown eyes focused on her beautiful face before moving down her lace encased body until they settled on the damp spot that was starting to form in the spot that was directly between her legs. Boy, I wonder what sort of atrocities various men and some women would be willing to commit just to be where I am right now…

“Just how long have you been waiting to do this?” I asked, dropping to my knees between the spread star, genuinely curious as to the answer.

“Roughly? Oh, you know, since you walked in the door!” Scarlett replied, a teasing smirk on her perfect face as she ran a hand through her silky golden locks.

“Really?” I asked in almost disbelief.

“Yeah. Now, are we going to play twenty questions all night or did you actually want to fuck?”

That shut me up and kicked my ass into shape. Moving down onto my hands and knees, I put my head between her legs and started my work. My right hand came up and using my index finger to brush the silky strip of her underwear to the side I was greeted to the sight of her entrance that seemed to be getting wetter and wetter each time I blinked. Taking a deep breath, I did my best not to focus on the monumental task that was ahead of me.

Pressing my lips against her lower lips, I offered them a feather light smack before pushing my tongue inside of her, splitting her lips around me. Giving me something of a boost, Scarlett called out my name briefly giving me enough reason to look up at her from between her legs and focus on her pretty face as she called out my name. My tongue slipped in a little deeper and then began its exploration of her entrance. My tongue moved up and then down, left and to the right until it found her sweet spot near the top of her folds. Tasting her heavenly nectar upon my tongue, I started to work towards getting more and more of it, not stopping until she had drenched my face and the famous Black Widow of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was begging for mercy. My tongue pushed in and out of her, listening to every call she made, I was intent on giving her the best time of her life and that there was no way she could ever forget me. Vain I know, but just how many celebrities have you eaten out?! Scarlett’s legs closed around my head, I could feel the silk of the top of her stocking brushing against my cheek as my tongue explored her. While there was countless other things running through my mind, the one thing that continued to linger with me was just how smooth everything felt. The famous phrase was always as smooth as a baby’s bottom and while I have powdered my share of babies bottoms in the past, none of them felt as smooth as her body.

Feeling her thigh rub against my cheek and her hand thread through my hair as a not-so-subtle motion to get me to hurry the fuck up, I continued with my ministrations to her tender entrance. My tongue pushed itself inside of her and started to spear her folds, jabbing inside of her and then offering her a slow, gentle smoothing lick to the same spot I had so roughly attacked not seconds ago. Every noise out of the blonde headed woman’s mouth was either my name or a grunt of pleasure so I figured I must have been doing something right to her. My arms wrapped themselves around Scarlett’s thighs, keeping her close to me and ensuring that she knew she was still in charge while I was also able to breathe.

My tongue started to work itself into a steady rhythm, attacking the same spot over and over again while my hands stroked along the outside of her legs. Scarlett trembled in my hands as I pushed my tongue deeper inside of her, swiping from the left and then to the right. The tip of my tongue seemed to get deeper and deeper inside of her and with every forward push, the moans from her mouth seemed to get louder and louder. Looking up at her, I brought my right hand up from her left leg and cupped her breasts firmly. Squeezing the large mound as my tongue continued to lick and eat at her folds, I heard Scarlett gasp in pleasure and look down at me. Our eyes met again and she shivered on the spot before arching her back to not only push her tits into my hands but also to unclasp her bra from behind.

Seeing the same breasts that had been plastered over the internet only in real life seemed to give them a different sort of aura. God, I wanted to suck on them right there and then. The Hollywood actress seemed to sense what I was thinking, her legs closing a little tighter around my head and keeping me between her legs. As if I’d want to be anywhere else… Slipping my tongue in and out of her, my hands continued to tease at both the outside of her legs and her breasts. The hand that was on her chest moved down her body, my index finger extended and teased against the soft skin of her frame, teasing her belly button and then down between her legs to find the hardening button on top of her entrance. Adding an extra source of pleasure to Scarlett, I heard her call out my name and then was treated to her pussy bumping against my face as I ate her out.

“Fuck yes… Yes! Eat that cunt!” Scarlett gasped, her hand in my hair tightening to keep me firmly against her as I ate her out. “That’s it… Oh shit yes! Lick me! Lick my cunt!” Hearing her curse so loudly and so vividly, I grin and started to fuck her cunt with my tongue, working in and out hammering inside of her while my fingers teased her clit to life. Her fist tightened even more so, as if she was trying to rip my scalp off as I ate her out. “Oh shit… Oh fuck me… Fuck! Fuck me! I’m gonna… Shit… I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face! Fuck!”

That was it, keeping her stocking-covered legs in my hands, I continued to attack the spots inside of her and continued to tease her clit with my fingers while her panties remained firmly stuck to the side of her entrance. Her hips were bucking up and down off of the couch, the leather piece of furniture almost banging up and down as if it had walked off of the set of the Exorcist, the thunder and lightning outside of her very nice home didn’t do much to dissuade that comparison. Her hand in my hair seemed to have its fill with making me bald before I hit thirty and her body collapsed, her orgasm flooding into my mouth as she let out one last string of obscenities.

Breathing hard but happy, Scarlett grinned down at me and lifted her legs up so she could close them. Wriggling back up onto the couch, Scarlett moved over to the side of the couch and positioned herself with her perfectly round rear up and aimed it at me. Looking over her shoulder, Scarlett breathed huskily before nodding her head.

"Now get over here and fuck me Braden."

That was an offer I could not refuse! Standing up and completely stripping myself down of my clothing, I let it fall from where it was and it all landed together in a pool of cotton and denim. Kneeling on the couch behind her, I looked down at her and then took a risk with her. Swatting her on the right cheek with a firm spank, she reacted in the way I wanted her too and she looked back over her shoulder at me.

"If you're gonna spank me, do it right!"

Licking my lips at the prospect, I nodded my head and gripped my cock in my hand, nestling the head against her lower lips and then quickly, I pushed my hips forward burying myself all the way inside of her. Both Scarlett and I let out a low moan, her head falling forward as she growled at the feeling of my dick sliding all the way inside of her. My hands remained on her sides and I started to slowly pull back and push forward, shoving my cock inside of her as we both let out a moan again. The sound of my hips hitting Scarlett's ass was one of those sounds I never thought I would hear but very quickly didn't want to forget the sound. Building my speed up, I started to angle my thrusting, trying to work out her sweet spots as I listened to her moaning intently.

Reaching down, I kissed against her shoulder blades as I pounded her from behind, Scarlett's head coming up off of the couch as she took it from behind. She seemed to love it doggy style and was getting more and more into it, her hips smacking back against me as I gave it to her. Her hands came back off of the couch and reached behind her to grab at my hands, guiding them to land on her perfect tits. Taking her at her actions, I dug my fingers into her tits for the first time that night and continued to give it to her as I fucked her.

Reaching behind her, Scarlett's lips found mine and we kissed each other hotly as my body pounded against hers. Playing with her nipples as my tongue slipped inside her mouth and we tasted each other for the very first time that night. Scarlett's hand left mind and threaded through my hair, keeping me close to her as I pumped my hips back and forth to further drive her towards an orgasm.

Scarlett’s breath caught in her throat and her whole body shook as her walls tightened and she climaxed there and then. Continuing to shove myself inside of her, I held her firmly by the hips and kept pounding her from behind, my hands resting on her ass and side. Her walls claimed my cock so tightly that I barely had chance to pull out of her. Her smoky voice shook and shivered with delight as an afterglow of another, smaller orgasm took her.

“Scarlett…” I moaned, another orgasm coming close to me.


“Scarlett!” Desperation was setting in now as the blonde lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Gonna cum? Do it in me!” She moaned lazily, pushing her hips back to meet mine. That was all I needed, pushing in one last time, my dick throbbed with energy and I came deep inside of her. My second orgasm of the day was almost as good as the first, though Scarlett seemed much happier. She lifted her head up and looked over at me, her whole frame the epitome of sexy, then slowly pushed herself forward so that my cock would slide out of her. “C’mon, let’s go get cleaned up.”

What was that?

She shot me a look as if to challenge whether I had heard her or not the first time. A wide grin then moved over her face and she nodded towards the stairs.

“Are you coming? Because I’d be disappointed that I didn't have to make you work for it.”

That had me up and moving, following the naked, sweating and still somehow drop dead gorgeous movie star up the stairs, I had the chance to actually inspect some of her furniture and the way she had her home set up. Fancy paintings hung off of the wall and provided a fitting break in the otherwise creamy wall paint. I followed her through to the master bedroom of the house and saw there was a very nice, comfy looking king sized bed in the middle of the room. As Scarlett pushed the door open to her en-suite bathroom, she saw me looking at the bed and flashed me a million dollar smile.

“Oh don’t worry. You’ll get used to seeing that, I’m not done with you after this shower.

“I guess I’ve never actually seen a King sized bed before!”

“Queen sized,” Scarlett corrected me, pulling me in close for a soft, wet kiss. “I am the Queen after all.”

“Of course your majesty!” I replied with a cheesy grin. Smacking her ass gently, I followed her into the bathroom, my bare feet only touching the tiles for the briefest of moments before they were planted on a soft plum coloured rug. Scarlett’s bathroom looked entirely like any other I supposed, there was a large mirror hanging off of the wall with a sink underneath it. The bathroom looked perfectly normal which was something that could not be said for the inhabitant of the bathroom. Scarlett had opened up the showers door and had twisted the water on. Sticking her hand in, Scarlett shrieked at the contact of the cold water and almost leapt into my arms, laughing as she did so.

“Really? You want to be Natasha Romanoff, ace spy and all around badass woman and you don’t like the cold?”

“Shut up! You don’t get to talk to me like that in my own house!”

“No, no you’re absolutely right. I’ll just get my things and go shall I?”

“I didn’t say that-” Scarlett’s protests were cut short by her hands slipping around my neck and pulling me in for another hot, wet kiss. Her breasts were pressing hard against my chest and frankly, I wouldn’t have them any other place. Both of my hands reached down behind her and cupped her ass firmly squeezing them before her lips fell from mine and she stole one more kiss on my lips before tugging my head down and planting a kiss on my nose. Leaning over on one foot, Scarlett slipped her hand inside of the shower cubicle and nodded her head, pulling the door open completely and stepping over the small rise in the smaller part of the bathroom. Stepping under the jets of water, Scarlett lifted her head and peered into the water, her golden blonde hair darkening slightly under the jets of water. Her big eyes opened and she looked over at me, that usual smile on her face as she beckoned me under the water with her.

Joining her, she linked her arms around my neck as mine curled around her lower back. Our lips met and she let out a low moan into my mouth as we kissed under the water. Her hands rubbed over my shoulder blades before running around to my front and gently massaging my pectoral muscles, not that there was much there to massage though. Scarlett’s lips were feather light over mine as she really took the time to explore my body. Her hands ran over my pecs down towards my abdomen, her fingers stroking against the slightest suggestion of muscles. Her fingers moved over my stomach in an exploring manner before slowly reaching down to stroke at my half hard cock.

“There it is…” Scarlett breathed, her hand slowly sliding down and curling around it, stroking it gently.

“Right.” I replied, not much else on my mind as Scarlett slowly stroked my cock to life again despite the mammoth undertaking we had just gone through. She slowly stroked my cock until it was back to being completely hard and then, oh so cruelly, she pushed me away. She reached over and grabbed two large bottles of what one could assume was both shampoo and conditioner.

“Do my hair?” She asked, looking over her shoulder at me with that smile no one could say no to. I flipped the lid off of the thin tube and squirted a puddle of the thick creamy gel into the palms of my hands. Rubbing my palms together, I slowly ran them through her hair, lathering it up as Scarlett hummed happily. “Thank you.” She offered, looking over her shoulder briefly.

“You’re welcome. After the day we’ve had I figured this was the least I could do for you.”

“Damn straight. I don’t let just any costume designer use my shower.”

“I’d be upset if you did. Makes me feel oh so special.” I responded, threading some more of the shampoo through her hair and watching it slide down her back towards her rear. The globule of shampoo ran down and towards her rear, the trail it was leaving was a very tempting map of her perfect, svelte body.

“I don’t let many costume designers do this as well. Conditioner now please.” She added, passing me the other bottle so that I could repeat what I had just done. Adding some more to her long, golden hair I looked at some more of the gel as it ran down her body between her ass cheeks. “That tickles.” Scarlett added as if seeing what I had seen.

“I bet it does, want me to wipe it off?”

“No.” Scarlett stated flatly, looking over her shoulder at me and taking the bottle of conditioner from me and planting it on the small chrome shower caddy that was hanging off of the wall. Scarlett bit down on her bottom lip and looked over her shoulder at me, she moved forward, steadying herself with one extended arm and pushing her body out towards me and using her other hand to spread her ass cheeks apart. With her ass hole exposed towards me, she bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head gently.

“C’mon, my treat.” Scarlett said, looking over her shoulder at me before turning to face the wall.

“Huh and I thought the whole thing was your treat.”

“Oh I wouldn’t go that far. I’ve definitely enjoyed myself tonight.” She responded with a hearty laugh.

“Oh really? Well… I think I have a new skill for my resume. Managed to make Scarlett Johansson enjoy herself sexually despite-”

“Just… Just shut up and fuck my ass.” Scarlett breathed, interrupting me as her head hung low as she no doubt braced herself for what was to come. Silently, I nodded my head and pushed the head of my cock against her ass hole.

We both let out a surprised noise as my cock slipped past the right entrance, the shower gel doing its job and lubricating her rear as I pushed myself inside of her. Sinking the head inside of her was the most difficult part and as soon as the mushroomed tip moved inside of her, I let out a soft sigh of relief. Leaning in, I pressed my lips against her shoulder and spoke to her gently.

“That’s the head in, hardest part’s over now.”

Scarlett chuckled and nodded her head, the warm current of the pressurized water coming from the shower’s head continued to beat against us and on her back as she bit down on her bottom lip and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Says you. You’re not the one aiming to take a foot of cock into your ass.”

“A foot? You really think it’s a foot? I never measured-”


“Right, sorry.” My hands remained on her sides and using one, I carefully spread her cheeks apart and squirted another jet of the shower gel down there to help lubricate the passing. Slowly, Scarlett’s sphincter stretched around me and my cock disappeared into her back door. Scarlett was remarkably and almost unusually silent during the whole ordeal. I had been expecting some sort of dirty talk or something from the buxom blonde but she seemed to be concentrating more on the feeling of me inside of her ass. Hitting something of a bump inside of her ass, she let out a moan and lifted her head up.

“Change… Change the angle.”

“The angle?”

“Yeah, move it upwards a little bit.”

Looking at her rear and seeing how it was stretched, I nodded my head and slowly lifted myself upwards to push my cock further. With a low moan, my balls were soon pressed against her ass cheeks and she had her rear full of my cock. “Good boy…” Scarlett breathed, her head still facing forward as I pulled back ever so slightly and pushed forward, offering her rear an experimental fuck. When she moaned in pleasure, I smiled and started to pull back and push forward. Scarlett’s breath was low, steady and even as I started to fuck her ass. Looking at the back of her head, a part of me wondered just how lucky I had been to land this particular role with her. As if she was psychic, she lifted her head up and spoke again. “Yeah, you’re very lucky.”

“You a mind reader as well?” I teased, a hand coming down to strike her rear, a pleasured yelp escaping from her lips as she recovered from the spanking.

“No. Just had enough guys in my ass to know what they’re thinking.” She grunted back.

“Huh. Can’t really argue with that logic.”

“No you can’t. Now fuck my ass, cum in it and then we’re going to fuck on my bed.”

Scarlett had set the ground rules and now I had something to work towards. My hands were on her hips, holding her steady so she could take more of my cock inside of her. Keeping my position firmly behind her, I started to pump myself back and forth sliding inside of her deeper and deeper. Scarlett’s hands moved from the wall and slipped inside of her legs, one hand dipped inside of her wet folds and the other was rubbing at her clit, her head had fallen back and was resting against my shoulders as she masturbated while I fucked her ass. Hearing the blonde cry out in pleasure as I pushed myself all the way back in, prompted a smile to come across my face while I fucked her from behind. Pulling my cock back and pushing it forward, I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to put my mind anywhere else but as the water splashed against my chest and then onto Scarlett’s back brought me back to where I was and the delightful situation I was in.

“Oh fuck yes…” Scarlett breathed, her hand rubbing a mile a minute between her legs as I fucked her ass.

“You like having your ass fucked?”

“Only when it’s with a big dick.” Scarlett grunted, her teeth gritting as she pushed her ass backwards. My cock was already buried inside of her rear but the way Scarlett was so into it, I could have sworn that my length grew another few inches inside of her. My hands moved over her rear, squeezing at her fleshy ass cheeks before swatting them much to her approval. “Fuck yes Braden… Make that ass nice and red while you fuck me!” Scarlett panted her head coming up to look over her shoulder at me. We made eye contact and her pretty lips curled into a wide grin. She definitely was loving this as much as I was. Holding her by her hips with my right hand, my left hand slipped up and tugged on her hair, yanking her head backwards making the acting superstar squeal in pleasure.

“And you like my dick in you?” I ask, pulling my dick out towards just my dick’s head and then jabbing it back inside of her. Scarlett let out a husky moan and started to rub at her pussy just a little bit faster. Really, what had been such a wickedly wonderful day was really accentuated by the fact that I was in the shower fucking Scarlett Johansson in the ass. The blonde still had her hair pulled back, her head lifted upwards and her entire upper body was arched upwards towards the pulsating shower head. The inside of the small shower cubicle was filled with the erotic nature of the scene. The sounds of my skin slapping against hers, her moans as she touched and rubbed at her wet slit and bringing herself closer to another orgasm.

“Yes!” Scarlett panted, her fingers working on her pussy as she took me in the ass from behind. Her body shook as I hammered my cock inside of her, my balls slapped against her frame as she pushed herself back into me. “Yes I love your big dick stretching out my ass! Fuck me Braden!” Scarlett panted, her voice low and husky, the occasional high squeaks coming in as her orgasm started to approach. She bit down on her bottom lip and let out a high pitched whine before her body started to shake. Gasping, her body shook and then she came over her fingers. Her pussy exploded and as it did so, her ass tightened and as that happened, I came deep inside of her ass, shooting another series of hot, sticky ropes of cum inside of her ass. As I shot my latest series of cum inside her, Scarlett grabbed at me and shoved her mouth on mine, our tongues intertwining as we both came. Our lips mingled and while my body’s thrusting slowed, Scarlett’s writhing was nowhere near close to stopping. Her body shook and quaked one more time as she fingered herself to another mini orgasm.

Scarlett’s hips stopped bucking towards me and slowly, she came back down to Earth, her lips coming from mine and slowly, her body shivered in my arms. Her hand came up and fluffed my hair as I fell from her ass, taking a step back, my dick limp as I tried to recover. Scarlett turned around and flashed me a grin, her hand came over and curled around my cock, slowly stroking it while looking at me. Scarlett’s hand was perfect and already I could feel the blood swimming back to my length while she jerked me. If sex was an opera, Scarlett truly was a maestro and she didn’t want the performance to end until she was truly ready for it to end. Her hand slipped up and down my length, stroking at it, squeezing and pumping it almost as if she were experimenting with it. Scarlett took her hand away from me ever so briefly and let the warm jets of water wash against it before she went back to stroking me.

“Let’s see just how hard I can get you before I take you to bed.” Scarlett offered, her knees still weak as she recovered from her orgasm. A hand remained on the tiles of the shower while the other remained firmly wrapped around my cock. Her breasts lifted and dropped as she took in a few heavy breaths, the visual of that was definitely helping in getting me back to being hard again. “Yeah, you like them? They like you. They definitely want to see just how hard you can get again Braden.” Scarlett added with a smile, referring to her perfect, wet breasts. Her hand slid along the length as she pumped her hand up and down on me, her bright eyes were locked on mine as my cock slowly started to come back to life. Carefully, Scarlett took her hand away from my cock and looked down at it, watching as it remained firmly erect.

“Well, well. Looks like you’re ready to go now then.” Scarlett said with a grin, her hands coming up to steady herself and quickly, she turned the shower off and stepped out of the cubicle. Grabbing a large duck egg blue towel, Scarlett quickly dried herself off and threw the door open to her bedroom. Quickly, Scarlett clambered onto the side of the bed and laid herself on her back, spreading her legs and then reaching between them to spread her pussy’s lips open as well. Following her in, I eagerly made my way over to the bed and could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of fucking her again. Pushing my cock down towards her entrance, I slipped my cock’s head back inside of her and carefully entered her again. Both of us let out a low moan, Scarlett’s back arched up off of the bed and we both shared a look at each other as my dick slid back inside of her.

Leaning forward, my fingers locked with hers and her legs came up off of the floor to wrap around my lower half. Her ankles crossed over and the balls of her feet dug into my ass making sure I wasn’t going to go anywhere, not that I’d want to of course. My cock slipped all the way inside her and as I hit a particular spot, Scarlett’s breath hitched in her throat and her hands squeezed at mine. Committing the spot to memory, I started to angle my thrusting, pushing my cock inside of her in a steady rhythm to make it pleasurable for both of us. Scarlett’s fingers squeezed against my hands, holding them in place as I pinned her hands above her head. Holding her down against the plush fabric of the bed, I started to pull my hips back and ram myself forward, hitting inside of her in all the right spots. The blonde was moaning against my lips almost constantly and while her legs tightened, she made sure to keep me close to her as I slipped in and out of her. Scarlett’s body truly was a temple and as I fucked her missionary style, I was the only worshipper and that was all I needed.

Scarlett’s hands broke from mine and I instantly grabbed at the sheets beneath me, clawing at it as I started to take her. The movie star’s nails dragged into my shoulder blades and while I would have winced at the impact her nails made, right now I didn’t care. All I wanted was to drive her to another hard orgasm and have me cum again. Angling my thrusts as I drove myself inside of her, I could feel Scarlett’s breath against my ear as I pounded her. Her lips brushed against my ear, the pearly whites of her teeth sunk into my ear’s cartilage and when she tugged on my ear I made sure to hit those same spots and commit every little part of her perfect folds to my memory. Sliding myself in and out of her, her tight walls hugged me and her nails dug even deeper into my back, no doubt leaving marks on my skin.

I certainly didn’t mind feeling her nails digging into me and while it would sting for some days to come, knowing how they got there would not be an issue for me. My balls slapped against her body as I drove myself inside of her, angling my thrusts so that my dick would slide inside and stab against a spot inside of her that made her breath catch in her throat. Sliding and stabbing against them, Scarlett’s grip on my body became far more death-grip like and I could almost tell that her orgasm was going to be coming up.

“Are you going to cum Scarlett?” I ask, my breath against her ear as she let out another moan and her back arched, her chest pressing against mine.

“Yes! Fuck, yes I’m going to cum again you big dicked fucker!” She moaned back, her lips quivering as my dick stretched her. Her hands ran up and down my body, settling on the small of my back briefly before coming up to my shoulder blades which felt like they were now in tatters from her nails. Driving myself inside of her, Scarlett’s breath escaped in a short, yet very obvious sexual wailing. Holding her down against the bed, I started to drive myself in and out, hitting the same spot that provoked the wailing noise. Wanting to hear more from her, I started to slam my cock inside at that spot with harder pushes. “Ha-ha-ha-harder!” She wailed, her voice shaking and wobbling, as if she were going to cry from the poundings. “Faster! Fuck me faster!” She screamed as encouragement, her body tightening and her inner walls hugging at me.

Obliging her request, I continued to stab my cock inside of her and as Scarlett sank her teeth into my neck, I felt her scream into my flesh and another orgasm rocked through her body. Holding her down against the bed, I continued to drive myself into her, keeping her in my arms as I pushed my cock inside of her. Feeling her orgasm shake around me, I knew I was close and Scarlett did too. Her tongue ran over my neck and then she pulled her head up so she could whisper in my ear.

“Don’t cum in me. I want you to cum all over my face.”

Nodding my head, I grunt and bury my length back inside of her and whisper back to her. “Well, you might have to let me go.” Scarlett grinned and nodded her head, her legs unhooking and her arms slipping away as she laid there, waiting for me to take over. Slowly pulling myself from her, I moved myself up and onto her. Pressing my cock between her tits, Scarlett pressed her hands together and trapped my length between her pillowy chest. Slowly rocking my hips backwards and forwards, I started to fuck Scarlett’s very impressive chest.

“That’s right baby, fuck those big tits. I want you to fuck them until you shoot your cum all over my face.” Scarlett offered, her breath low and her voice hot and heavy. She knew the right way to turn me on and provoke another orgasm out of me. Sliding my cock back and forth, I could see Scarlett licking her lips and staring up at me as I fucked her chest. My cock slipped between the valley of her breasts, rocking back and forth and as my dick appeared from the top of her chest, Scarlett lifted her head up and flicked her tongue against the head of my cock and as soon as her tongue hit against my sensitive dick’s head I let out a low moan. Grasping at her chest, my hands moved down to the side of my hips and held them there as I fucked her tits. Scarlett’s tongue lapped against my cock’s head every single time it appeared from in between her chest and every time it did so, I could feel another bead of precum appearing at the tip of my cock.

“That’s it, give me all that hot pre cum. I want to taste it before you paint me like a good little slut.” Scarlett said, her tongue licking against my head only added to the sensual pleasure but the way her voice sounded whenever she said the word slut or cum made it sound a lot like she was a professional porn star and was only interested in getting me off. That and the fact that she had her chest wrapped around my cock and was pumping her tits up and down around my dick. Scarlett wetted her lips once more and spoke again in that perfectly sensual voice of hers. “Fuck my chest Braden. I want you to use me to cum all over my face and tits. Cover me in your hot cum baby.”

That was all I needed really. As I pushed my cock forward once more, and for the final time, I angled my dick upwards and finally came hard and fast. Shooting ropes of cum out of my cock, I aimed my dick towards her face and shot my cum onto her. My length erupted and I shot my load against her face. One strand landed on her cheek, another tore through the air and landed on the bridge of her nose while the third stream landed just over her right eye. Pulling back ever so slightly, I shot the rest of my cum over her chest, the cum landing over her collarbone before one last strand left my cock and actually managed to get into her hair.

Defeated, I slowly relaxed on top of her and looked down at the world famous movie star, Scarlett Johansson relaxing under me with my cum over her skin and some in her hair. Scarlett licked her lips before reaching up to swipe her finger across her face to grab some of the errant beads of cum that were left on her sweaty, yet still very attractive skin.


“That’s right baby,” Scarlett teased. “That’s what we did. Now… How are we going to clean this up?”
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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2018, 07:21:14 PM »
All the checkmarks of awesome are here, great work.

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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2018, 08:37:05 PM »
A classic, one of your finest works.

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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2018, 04:48:40 PM »
All the checkmarks of awesome are here, great work.

Thank you! I'm a big fan of your work so seeing you comment on this definitely makes me happy!

A classic, one of your finest works.

And thank you! I definitely think she needs a second part ;)

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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #4 on: October 27, 2018, 05:18:07 PM »
A second part to this would be absolutely, fucking AMAZING.
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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2019, 03:52:39 PM »
Amazing story. You got me with Scarlett giving a lap dance.

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Re: Scarlett Fever (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2019, 03:10:06 AM »
A classic, one of the best Scarlett stories of all time.


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