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Obsession(Kate Upton)
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Chapter One

How long can someone stay cold?

She stared at her hand, watching the steam float away into her cloudy bathroom. It didn't matter how much she scalded herself with the hot water because the numbness remained, even with the bright crimson patches across her soft skin that should say otherwise. She flipped it over to reveal her wedding ring and it was instant. A stark, graphic reminder of the last two years. Kate felt a pressure, the hand of unhappiness, push into her chest and wrap around her weakened heart again, just to tighten and make her mouth slip open. Her head dipped into the hot flow and she stood there, alone, for another thirty minutes.

Vanity had led to discipline. Every day, at the same exact time, she sat quietly with only the soft sound of falling rain trickling out of her desk speakers. No one was allowed into her room. Not even her husband; especially him. It was one of the few things she could rely on: Isolation from the world so that she could prepare to fake her way through the day. The heavy coat of maroon on her puffy lips was the final touch for her mask before she let her gorgeous blonde curls fall around her shoulders, shiny and full of life. At least something was.

She glanced down at the hideous brown splotches and atrocious pattern in the carpet that lined her stairs and trotted down excessively hard to voice her disapproval. Of course, he drank all of her milk. Oh. No more pastries, either. She pondered if there was anything in this entire mansion that was actually hers and with her palms pressed into the kitchen counter, she closed her eyes the moment she heard his voice. The nails dug in deep and her nostrils flared with a tired sigh.

Kate heard the usual terms of lackluster endearment and stifled her rage the instant she felt his body press into hers. She let out a mumble of fake appreciation for his compliments on her body and continued to suppress the violent intent building from within. The cool air tickled her nipples as he released her famous assets from the silk pink robe and filled his hands with an abundance. He wanted it when he wanted it and nothing more. The prodding between her thighs was her being told that he was going to have her before work. She blamed her mother’s side of the family for this ridiculous notion that women must give it when called on. This wasn’t the 50’s.

The belt buckle was clinking around and made a thud as it hit the hardwood floor. She just had them refinished and he couldn't resist dropping things on it. Why, why, must he persist in being a thorn that she can’t pick out of her side? She snatched her robe away from her backside the second she felt him leaking all over her legs and he took it and nudged her dry lips, no doubt feeling the friction on his top. If it was sandpaper, she was glad. Shaving herself and leaving it like a cactus made her even happier. He wasn’t getting the hint today, though. She heard the spit and a cool feeling trickling down between her cheeks. Finally, after an eternity, he was sliding in and pushed her hips flush against the counter top.
The tightness in her scalp almost pushed her over sanity’s edge and she smacked his hand out of the hour long worth of work she put in this morning. In retaliation, she was pushed forward and he went for her wide hips. His thrusts were frantic, unable to keep a rhythm and he did nothing to stop her head from bumping into the microwave. Kate looked up. The hate in her reflection was becoming visible. Her eyebrows raised and she let out a moan.
“Cum in...side,” she egged him on, fogging the microwave window, “...of your big titty blonde bitch.”
Kate's knees were sore from smashing up into the cabinet doors and she felt the ache in her toes as she tried to stay at his desired angle. The kill words were uttered and he was railing her until he smashed up into her bubble and flooded her. Just like that he emptied at her command and gave her exposed behind a thunderous clap before going for his pants. She found the clock just above and her lip quivered in anger. It didn't even last two minutes.
The door closed and his load hit the floor in unison. The big fat splatters continued as she stood there desperately trying to force it all out.

“Son of a bitch...”

She screamed internally and pushed off of the microwave in a huff.

Staying at home and dreading his return wasn’t on her to-do list so a coffee with a good friend was in order.
The early Cali sun gleamed off of her shiny Star Flex helmet, a black and white custom paint job, and as she came to a stop at the red light, she pulled the zipper to her white and black form fitting jacket. The sporty coat popped open to reveal a floating pink midriff tank that showed off her glossy skin. The cleavage known around the world came out, all thanks to a black bra that was way too small. Kate pressed her black leather boots into the pavement and stood up straight to acknowledge her cat-callers.
“Want me to show you how to ride it?” she heard.
“Women don’t ride on Planet Fuck Wad?” she shouted over the engine noise, head cocked. “Oh, that’s right! Only two people live there.”
She flicked the visor upwards and looked them over and politely extended the middle finger to the two young twerps. She wasn’t keen on giving away her identity, so she brought her screen back down and kicked the gear before revving up for a green light, her black gloves tightened. After further inspection, she blew them a kiss behind her helmet and realized her Honda RC213V-S probably cost more than what they’ve brought home, combined, in their entire life.
She sped off onto the SR-1 towards Malibu with the perfect breeze blasting through her. With a drop in gear and a tight grip, she blew past traffic, zigzagging through vehicles until she was alone out front where she could finally live at 140mph. It was death’s door. One wrong movement and it was all over. The roaring between her creamy thighs had her on the verge until she spotted a traffic jam near the mountain pass, killing the speed. The fun was over for now. You win, World.

She kicked her stand just outside of the cafe and shook her hair out. The street was extra busy and everyone was on the move. She applied a black pair of sleek shades to help keep her on the down low and spotted her friend with a smile. No one wants that much attention this early.
“Been here long?”
“Nah, maybe ten,” the woman stood, embracing her friend.
“Paige, girl, I’m going to kill this man,” she sighed. “I’m already stressed out.” She grabbed her watch from underneath her jacket. “Fucking nine in the morning.”
“It’s called divorce,” she smiled, “you should try it sometime.”
“Thanks for having my coffee out already,” Kate huffed, aware of the truth.
“Imagine when you get to four years or six years.”
“I’d really rather not.” Kate hiked a leg onto a knee and leaned back.
“Any man in the world would kill to be with you,” Paige sipped her cup. “Why you fuckin’ with dead beat lawyers?”
“Thought we had something.”
Paige cut her off. “Yeah, how did that work out for you?”
She brought her phone out and flipped through some screens. “Put this number in your phone.”
Kate cocked her head and shook it. “Not hooking up with one of your boy toys.”
She held out her hand for Kate’s phone. “This ain’t a boy, this a fuckin’ man. A real man. Gimme the god damn phone.”
Kate sipped her hot drink and lifted her phone slowly before Paige ripped it out of her grip.
“This is what friends do,” Paige smiled, handing the phone back. “Tell him who sent you.”
Kate looked at the number and closed the screen, running a hand through her hair.
“Don’t call me until you’ve met with him,” Paige glared, pointing a finger.

Errands were ran, appointments fulfilled and great food scarfed down. The day was relatively quiet and partially relaxing since Asshole was still at work.
Divorce was a taboo word for her family. Some sanctimonious horse shit passed down through generations that forced women to stay unhappy. Do it for the kids. She doesn’t have any kids with this worthless man. She’s rich. Why in the hell am I still here? I’m 22, she thought. I’m wasting years on someone like this. The phone number stared back at her and she shut the screen the moment she heard the door knob.
“Hey,” he said, dropping his stuff on the floor.
“Hi.” A very short reply.
He peeped into her shopping bags at the edge of the couch and shook his head.
“Damn. Awfully nice not having to work for a living.”
The verbal knife sunk into her heart and she couldn’t form a response that would satisfy her sudden anger, but tried anyway.
“Don’t...take your shitty day out on me,” she said gently.
She heard the fridge close hard.
“All that shopping and couldn’t buy milk after finishing it?”
Kate’s eyes shifted to him and she didn’t move a muscle. “Leave me alone.”
“Goin’ to bed. You coming?”
“Hilarious,” she looked away. “First a lawyer and now a comedian.”
“Fuck off and hang out alone then,” he said, heading up the stairs.
Kate sat in the dark room, a reflection of her mood, and pulled her phone out. She wrapped her robe up and stepped out back, the number dialed.
“Yeah?” The deep voice left her feeling like he was a giant.
“Paige Van Zant, she’s a friend of mine. Said I could call for...you know, favors.”
She heard a small chuckle. “Yeah, yeah. She said you might.”
“Can I swing by in a couple of hours?”
“I’ll be here.”
It didn’t take long for her husband to drink himself to sleep. That’s what happens when you’re always a miserable prick.
After touching up her make up, she tied a bow behind her neck with wide straps that draped over the keyhole in her blouse. Feeling cute with the high halter neckline on the satin top, she pushed the black fabric into her waist and tucked it into her solid white denim jeans.
No bra required. Kate’s gigantic juicy boobs would go free tonight. Her hair was fluffed out with blonde curls of lovely volume that fell across her open shoulders. With a pair of rosewood suede sandal stilettos to complete her, she made her way to her jet black Audi R8 and closed the door.
She sat in silence, unable to decide. The V10 engine of pure bliss would get her there in under ten minutes. There was no reason for her to stall, but she did and stared at their bedroom window.
The car started and her eyes drifted away down the driveway, leaving him alone.

The six foot seven hulk of a man was looking down at the super model with a glint in his eye. He knew this was something special. She had her lovely long fingers traveling across his massive chest before they trailed the ridiculous biceps. Kate was admiring the power he possessed within. He didn't seem to possess a lot of money, judging by her surroundings, but Paige wouldn't let her down.
“I’ve never been with a black man before,” she revealed, slowly. Her voice was gentle and warm, setting the tone.
“It’s my pleasure to pop your black cherry,” he said, caressing her fat buns through the jeans. “Kate Upton is finally wanting the big black dick.”
She glanced up with a bright smile, the first in months, and tapped her palm on his bulge. “I’ve always wanted it, just never had it.”
“Paige sent you in the right direction.”
The blood was flowing quick. The man let her go and sat back onto his black leather couch. Kate looked him over and licked her lips absentmindedly at the mountain in his silk briefs. She was already cheating on her husband just by standing this close to it. The fatness was taken by her fingers, swirling fabric on his sensitive spots.
“I don’t have much time,” she admitted it, “I could get caught.” Kate took more into her hand and squeezed. “I just needed a taste. Something to get me by.”
The black stud took in her unreal body, fixated on her heavy jugs and eventually caught in her blue/green gaze. She was magical.
“You’re not callin’ me up and making me reschedule my plans without some payback,” he smiled, pointing at the ground. “Whoever your man is, he can wait.”
Kate’s grip tightened. She was breathing heavier and checked her watch. He was drunk and dead to the world and nothing was waking him up but...
“Start suckin’ my dick, white girl,” he pointed. “Now.”
Without hesitation, the woman dropped between his legs and was face to face with a covered king-sized piece of black cock. The purple silk was pressed into it by her hands and she filled herself with happiness.
“So fucking big,” she whispered to it, ignoring him. She clinched and let go, clinched and let go. “I need this...” Kate was playing the tune and the snake was rising from the basket. I can’t wait any longer, she thought.
Kate made his night with her infatuation and kicked back with his hands behind his head. If that’s what she wanted, he was going to let her have it.
“All yours, baby girl,” he said softly.
Like opening a chest full of gold, the briefs were pulled up and over the tower to reveal a raging, throbbing monster. Kate let out a very audible gasp and like a magnet to metal, her bright red lips squished together on the salty tip. The loud slurp after she let go had her eyelids fluttering and her bright hazel orbs teeming with life. A deep inhale and her desire went in, pushing deep into her drenched tongue. Kate’s cheeks caved around him and she laid her head further into his lap, taking generous inches. He was stunned and paid attention.
“Where you learn how to suck dick like that?”
Gurgling and slobbering her way to the top, a pool of hot goop spilled out of her and found it’s way down his long track of veins.
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she said sarcastically, sputtering spit as she talked.
Kate left one hand to keep him company while she disappeared between his gigantic thighs. Slowly jerking the hot slippery salami, she found the pair of prized jewels and stuck her fat lips between them. She loved the ridiculous heaviness they had and rubbed her face on them back and forth.
“MmmIlovethesebigballs,” she mumbled on them.
“Shit, I can tell,” he sighed. “Keep lovin’ them.”
Didn’t take long for warmth to wash over him. Kate was finally living again. Her mouth was stuffed full of saggy black balls, finally. The sucking was rampant and extremely loud. Bass heavy but dampened between her ears, she could hear the sloshing of build up covering him as her cheeks ballooned out. Kate’s balmy drool was overflowing onto his briefs and she splashed his slimy balls down her chin and out into the open.
“Fuck,” she muttered. Slobber fell out in a wave and she tried to catch it.
Every bit of spit she could gather up was being dropped from her finger tips into tendrils that layered his straining tower. Kate had him caked in slop and worked him with both slippery hands with enthusiasm he hadn’t seen in a long time. Her eyes told the story. She was cock drunk. Tunnel vision. Her gooey lips surrounded him with an airtight seal, beating him off and clapping his nuts up into her wrists. She sounded like a washing machine agitating back and forth, splashing around a salty mixture around the top of his fat helmet.
Kate flipped her hair and offered up a perfect view of her mouth devouring delicious black dick and her hands pressed down at the base to make him taut. She just admired the beautiful specimen in front of her. With a blink she was gazing hard with those bright eyes right at him. He caught the bulbous tip riding the inside of her cheek and then disappeared with a sloppy glunk. Kate had her tonsils bathing his leaky head and descended to the base, putting a kiss on his foundation.
Kate didn’t even flinch. Reflex? Nope. Heaving? Nope. Coughing? Nope.
She pulled away with a sputtering slurp and put her finger on the shaft, pushing it back to her moist crimson pillows. They peeled apart and they loved on his veins all of the way down until she swayed her head side to side, kissing his pubes.
“Oh, bitch...”
It was inevitable. He had her by the head. How could he not? Kate bobbed her beautiful face up and down out of his lap with loud suckling gulps that made his toes curl. The softness of her hair echoed the effortless gliding into her chest and he desperately held out but she had him on the brink.
“Gonna fuckin’ nut,” he grumbled.
Kate pulled up and flicked her tongue hard at the head, making him bust a wild, salty syrup scribble through her hair, catching her forehead. It clung like glue. Quick to grab the base, she beat him on her tongue rapidly and doused herself in hot liquid. She moaned with him through his unforgettable experience with her and it was worth every sprinkle of warm goo that landed on her. With a final tug between her lips, she looked up with his load plastered all over her cute face, humid and sticky. The globs of jizz refused to move.
“Been awhile?” she mumbled through man butter.
“Nah,” he sighed, “you just a nasty slut.”
“Yes, I am.”
Kate grabbed her purse and left him sprawled out. She tapped his cock and went for the door with her caked face.
“You can call me next time,” she said, closing it behind her.

Chapter Two

The stare was intense. She wanted him gone. Her husband took his sweet time getting ready for work and the shell of molasses was finally into the car. She nibbled from a plate of chocolate chip cookies and refused to lose sight of him. The headlights were moving further away and he was gone.
Kate took a nice drink of cold milk and sat her dishes on the counter before she came back to the island. With a pull on her bright pink silk robe, she turned and hopped up onto the rectangular wood. With a smile, she spotted the man she blew two weeks ago stepping through the hallway.
Without a word, the huge man was on his knees with his shaved head buried between milky thighs. Tits pushed together, Kate roamed his dome with her soft fingers and enjoyed the morning head. It was a start and little moans flowed out of her as he went the distance. He wasn’t a home run hitter by any means but she appreciated the effort. The feeling of him just being there buried in her with his tongue was enough. That was a lie, though.
“Mmm, gimme some dick,” she whispered, rubbing his head.
In a flash, he was up and putting her own wetness onto her lips. She disassembled his belt and started pushing on his jeans. The object of her lust flopped out and twitched on her slick folds.
“I need it. Right now,” she smiled.
Kate laid back onto her robe and he dropped the hammer on her belly. With her ankles above his head, the first nudge between those puffy lips went half way before she clinched tight on him. He took her by the inner thighs and sunk himself balls deep into the married woman, a strong grip on her. No doubt the juiciest and tightest hole he had ever stuffed.
The blonde let out her biggest moan of the morning and she got louder as he expanded her with massive girth. The fat dangling sack waited patiently between them so that she could accommodate a length that was unknown to her.
She tried her best to prepare but he filled her up again and she let out a yummy groan. He was in and out with ease, pressing his chiseled pecs onto the backs of her legs. She was in good, strong hands and she gripped the sides, her fat boobs left alone to slide across her skinny torso.
“Got some huge titties, girl,” he mumbled.
“Fuck me,” she instructed, slightly cold towards him.
“Oh, I am.”
“I’ve been a bad girl,” she admitted. “Punish me, Daddy.”
He reached forward and slapped a tit and hit her cervix with a long ball clapping thrust. Kate let out a shout and a twitching leg, but he held her. Spread wide as far as she could go, the intensity went up fast and he was driving it hard. He made a funny noise, like a desperate plea, and sighed. Kate picked up on it and looked his way. His face was out of sorts and she couldn’t believe it.
“Don’t cum in me!” she said strongly, holding out her hand.
He couldn’t even reply and slammed her thighs with a quickness until he let out a grunt and blasted her insides. His legs shook him to the core and he lunged, squirting ropes all over her unsatisfied walls. Kate looked at him in slight disbelief and let her head fall back.
“If I wanted only five minutes, I’d just get my husband,” she said, breaking his post-nut bliss.
“Caught me off guard with the daddy shit,” he reluctantly told her.
Kate sighed. “That means you better be my Daddy and fuck my god damn brains out, you fucker.” She covered up and lifted to face him. “Just go and come back when you can give me what I want.”
He glanced at the floor with a hesitation and went for his pants. “Why you so bitchy?”
She hopped from the counter and walked away. “Real man, my ass.”
“What?” he shouted, going after her.
Kate was up the stairs and he skipped three each step to catch her. She went for her bed and he closed the gap. With a push, Kate bent at the waist and went face first into her white sheets. She gasped loud, full of big black cock once again. He slammed his bare hand down on her thick vanilla ass and thundered her whole room. He had her by the waist, furiously bottoming out and cracking her thighs with his overflowing sack.
“Dumb bitch,” he said, a smile from her unnoticed. “Take these big ass motha fuckin’ inches, you dumb ass slut.”
Kate’s whole body rocked between his powerful attack and the bed. The old frame creaked loud, echoing the beat down she was taking. He let her big ass go and watched himself pound into it before he spanked her with slow alternating slaps. Kate was in a frenzy now. With a hand full of hair, she was yanked back and he beat her cheeks while her huge tits clapped against themselves. She let out a loud moan, finally getting what she wanted.
“C’mon, you mean slut, take that dick.” He got loud and back handed her bouncing red buns. “Cheatin’ ass, BITCH!
His load was all over their legs as he punched it out, but he was about to refill her until he pulled out. Kate turned to protest but saw his belt come down and fwap her butt with a loud crack. Kate’s face clinched and she tightened her cheeks instantly.
“Mmm, shit,” she cried out.

“Talk shit on me?” he huffed. The robe was pulled away from her now naked body and he forcefully shoved her on her back.
He took the belt and sandwiched her juicy tits by wrapping it around her back and clasping it on top. He mounted her and shoved it in that delicious cleavage and pinned her wrists down. He didn’t skip a beat and went to town on Kate’s jugs. His waist was cramming into that wall of tit flesh and those aching balls thumped her under the sternum. Up close and personal, the heavy pounding was short but mean. His cock was hidden in that glorious warmth.
“Oh, you sexy fuckin’ slut,” he grumbled. “Yeah, yeah, yeaaah!”
He had lost to the powers that be again and Kate glanced up at the right moment to take a long gooey splash into both of her eyes. A loud grunt from above and she could feel wetness on her cheeks and chin before he nudged her lips and pooled spunk on them. Her head hit the sheets and she licked her salty lips with a sigh.
It was a start, she thought.


Chapter Three

In a skin tight black dress, the plunging neckline was doing it’s absolute best to hold those giant melons while she worked her way up and down some gorgeous dick with ruby red lips. The pair were cruising down the SR-1 and the window tint hid the world from the blonde slut and her extramarital activities. Kate’s head bobbed and her golden hoops clicked on his belt buckle. He tasted better than her fuck boy from Paige.

It had been over two weeks since she met with Paige's supposed real man and instead took on a fuck buddy from her girlfriend Candice Swanepoel. They swapped the 19-year-old hunk of chocolate like a shade of lipstick, no doubt keeping him motivated to up his game on all fronts. He has plenty of women to please and Kate Upton was possibly the most difficult.

The beautiful blonde waves rolled in and out of his lap and he tried his best to keep his eyes on the road. The woman sent shivers to his core every time she took his nine long ones to the base.

After getting parked at the hotel, he dropped the seat back a couple of notches and took her by the neck.

“Yeah...suck my big fuckin’ dick,” he mumbled.

Aww, he’s so cute, she thought to herself.

Kate let out a groan of acceptance and swallowed the thickness whole. She traced her lipstick over and over, being made to hit the bottom.

“We’re...at the party, just so you know,” he said. “You said don’t be late.”

Kate admired his bravery because she could have left him with massive blue balls for interrupting her. Instead, she let him do his thing and his seat fell back more.

He took the wheel with one hand and tightened on her neck. With both feet planted into the floor board, he bucked hard. Kate took the spongy head into the top of her mouth and it deflected into her throat. He changed his angle ever so slightly and found the sweet spot, filling her hole with swift pumps. His hips hit her face and she was scared he would damage her make up, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop his pleasure. She stayed in place like a good girl and sucked his glorious cock like she was supposed to.

“Auugghh, Kateimgonnafuckincumm,” he blurted out, spunk squirting all over her insides before he even finished his sentence.

“Mmhm!” she responded. Her moan turned into a sloppy gurgling sound as he shot his thick nut in fat bursts.

“Fuckin' shit...” he cried. He pushed his never ending cream back and forth across her hot mouth until he finally just held her down and made her swallow it all.

Kate was no stranger to monster loads and she eagerly drank his seed until he collapsed into the seat, dry as a bone.


The next day, Karlie text her with a phone number to another one from the party and just like that, Kate was on her back getting baby batter launched into her cervix in some unknown house. Two lucky men had her sandwiched between colossal inches two hours later, pounding wild loads into every hole.
That night, Candice and Kate shared the 19-year-old cutie and rocked his young world with four Earth-shattering orgasms. Even after showering together, cum was still being picked from their hair hours after it was over. They didn’t know his name and it didn’t matter. They were getting what they wanted: A rich, full life of big and beautiful black cock. It wasn't just Victoria's Secret. It was Kate's secret and it was shared among the elite super model crew, all of them taking part in the hunt for BBC.


A week later, Kate was on all fours with her husband plowing deep. She didn't care for it, but it did feel good to have him feel all over her body. He took an interest in her hefty globes and smoothed his hands across her belly. He kneaded it and held on just to drive her harder.
“Too many cookies,” he blurted out between breaths with a laugh.
“Fuck yourself,” she sighed out, her face scrunched into the carpet.
Kate felt the rug burn in her knees and her ass flopped around until he stuffed her deep and unloaded his nuts into her. The quickie was over and he grabbed his bottle.
“If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're preggo.”
The silence washed over the room and he stood above her. Kate went onto her back and found the anger seeping out of his eyes.
“I'm not,” she replied, covering herself up.
He did the drunken math in his head using a count of fingers.
“Six months since you cheated,” he said, putting the bottle down. “Stuffing yourself with food, the bitchiness...not going out much...”
Kate sat up and pushed away from him. “I'm not pregnant. Quit.”
“You weren't going to tell me,” he sighed, the realization hitting him like a truck.
She flinched as the bottle went flying down a long stretch of hallway and shattered, spraying glass and alcohol everywhere.
“You're lucky you're...” he walked off. “Lawyer up, you stupid bitch.”

The next morning, Kate was out of the house before her husband was and groaned at the strength being pushed into her shoulders. The hot oil let the large man get his fingers in deep and Kate was desperate to forget about last night. Her face planted into the doughnut hole, she pursed her juicy lips on his slippery head, giving her payment in real time. The foot long angled perfectly while he released the tension in her muscles. He got closer and nudged a few inches up into the roof of her mouth and took her by the hair. Kate laid quietly and let him fuck up into a pool of wetness, glad to be of service. It was a mutual win.
He mounted the table and let his heavy package drag across her back. Kate's legs spread for him and his face pressed between her slippery coconut infused cheeks. The long fat tongue swirled her spokes, anxious to dip into that booty hole. She smiled and sighed. A gasp came out of her the moment he plunged in, lathering her walls in spit. He smashed those big cheeks against his face and slurped on Kate's backside.
“Love the way you suck my ass,” she laughed, her toes curled. “Mmnnn...”
He's one of the best and that's why she's been coming back for almost a year now. Kate's private masseur never let her down. And as he got up behind and dropped his fat cock between her perfect cheeks, she was about to be reminded of why she kept showing up.
The oil squished between his fingers and he maneuvered it along her bubble until funneling it onto her puckered hole. With a loud clap of his heavy boner, he angled it down and pressed into his favorite spot. Kate rested comfortably on a memory foam wedge that was protection for the baby. She eased up and swallowed, feeling the girth push her open.
The man heard a long sustained groan from the hot slut down below and took her by the hips. She was pulled back on the fat beast, willing to take as many inches as her body would allow. He pumped himself hard at her, busting past a barrier and getting sucked in by her colon. Flush on her big ass, Kate murmured into the doughnut at the humongous Cali-raised avocados that pressed into her clit. She felt them move away and then she groaned, getting stuffed and clapped into. They were heavy.
He was up straight and tall, packing a dark tunnel that he's very familiar with. He excavated this fudge cave a long time ago and it belonged to him. The woman jiggled viciously from every thrust, a burst of air escaping her each time. He was so fucking powerful. Just full of stamina.
The minutes trickled by and he had her sweating. Up on top of her, one hand had her by the head and one between her shoulder blades, elbows locked. Hips roared down on her slippery, glossy buns with persistence, ignoring the tingling in his swaying sack. They were overflowing with arousal, saggy and smacking her in perfect rhythm to his thrusts.
Kate lost count of the orgasms. On her list of men, he was at the top of the mountain. The drool leaked profusely from her lips with a pool just below on the floor.
“Are—ughughugh—you ready--ughughhnng—baby...” she stuttered through it.
“Been ready, Mrs. Upton,” he replied with a quickness. “Three days of edge, as requested.”
She knew that he wanted nothing more than to flood her dark channel and would give him the chance on her next visit, but she was extremely thirsty for what only he could provide.
The lusty squelches gushed into the open room and he power bombed on her juicy white booty with rapid, brutal slams until she couldn't take it anymore with a deafening scream. Quick from the table, he pushed the sputtering top between her slick lips and grabbed her soft hair between his fingers.
With a loud grunt, he exploded a ridiculously thick rope of hot salty cream across the entirety of her throat. Kate's eager mouth slurped and sealed, her cheeks hollowed out. She felt the incoming flood as he grew and released a deluge of spunk onto her tongue that got shoved from the next spooge splash, forcing a gurgling swallow. He held her down and humped her sweltering, soggy mouth, desperate to hear more of that generous gulping.

She paid for hours of his edging over a three-day span and the protein shake was being delivered as promised. He nuzzled the spraying tip into her uvula and coated her tonsils in thick syrup before he started to run out. With fingers combing through her gorgeous blonde hair, he gave her a pet while she took down the remainder. The tug on his cock was very strong.
He popped out of her with a squish and not a drop hit the floor. She was a cum loving whore.
“Got to keep the nutrients up now,” she smiled, up on her elbows. “Jesus, that was delicious.”
“Thank you, ma'am,” he bowed slightly. “When will you be returning?”
“Soon. Couple days,” she turned to her back. “Let's finish the massage now.”

“Where the fuck have you been?” her husband shouted.
Oh, boy, she thought.

Kate closed the door and didn't make eye contact. It was nearly midnight and she had made the rounds of all her contacts, tired and ready to rest. Thoughts of the man who drenched her boobs just a couple of hours ago crept in and she smiled.
“Oh, you ignore me and smile?”
She sighed and sat her purse down, but he picked it up and held it to her.
“I already knew you were cheating on me again before I found out you were pregnant,” he revealed. “You’ve always been clumsy with hiding it. Before the wedding and after.” He pushed the purse into her harder. “Just get the fuck out.”
“I live here, too,” she sighed, again.
A fist was formed. Two of them, she noticed.
“Fine. Whatever. I'll leave,” she said with a shrug and grabbed her purse back.
He saw her to the door. “Don't fuckin' come back.” It slammed, rattling the nearest window.
She stopped for a brief moment and then went to her car, almost feeling sorry.

Chapter Four

Some routines can't be broken. Not for Kate.
Candice was comfortably laid out on her bed. Expensive décor lined the posts, mostly white lace, and her headboard was a mountain of pink and white pillows. At her desk, Kate sipped on some coffee while finishing her make up.
“I'm going to be on the god damn Maury show trying to figure out who the father is,” she grinned, finding Candice's gorgeous face in the mirror.
“Best to just let the Angel's raise him now,” Candice smiled. “Fuck those guys.”
“I think you're right,” Kate nodded her head. “Fucking nightmare trying to contact over two hundred guys.”
Candice found her hand between her legs and held her tiny purple panties tight. “Mmph, that's a lot of black dick.”
Kate looked back and blew a kiss. “There's two waiting for me in your jacuzzi as we speak...”
“Tease. I have a photo shoot soon.”
“They will be here when you get back,” Kate smiled.

Kate slid the glass door open and caught their attention right away.
She stepped out into the Malibu sun barefoot and revealed a dark blue triangle top that tied up behind her neck. The gold accents gleamed from their respective spots and the designers should be applauded for being able to hold Kate's beautifully gargantuan, epic pregnant boobs in place. The bikini had a substantial pad that still had trouble keeping it all in. The curves into the never ending cleavage were to die for and it was impossible to cover the tremendous under boob spillage.

With a freshly styled hairdo, Kate smiled at the pair of yummy men through a new set of white Gucci shades. She pushed her blonde strands to the side, her golden bracelets clanking together in the process.

Both men took a direct interest in her exposed belly, now in her ninth month of pregnancy. Kate retained her famous body but had a massive baby ready to go. Just having the opportunity to gaze on such a fertility goddess, that was this beautiful, was enough to sprout hard wood instantly. She was the definition of life and both men slid across the water to help their Queen into the water.

As soon as the smooth, taut belly was close enough, both of them pressed their lips into it, unable to contain themselves. Kate smiled and lay down her hands onto their bald heads. She couldn’t see them underneath her massive tits but she could feel the warmth pushing into her skin.

That’s wonderful, she sighed to herself.

They both made a kiss trail to the top and the first to arrive pressed his face into the valley of ethereal, warm flesh. It was just too good to be true. The man rocked back and forth through Kate Upton’s heavenly pregnant milk jugs, never wanting to leave her soft grasp.

Kate giggled to herself and brought the other man towards her welcoming bosom. “We have a booby hog here,” she smiled. He finally lifted to let his partner in and drifted to the very large and very visible nipple that stretched the fabric to it’s max. He suckled the bikini covered knob between his lips and bat his tongue on it hard. This thing was like a large raspberry poking from the areola and he gladly tugged on it. Kate gasped and felt a shiver attack her whole body instantly.

This...this is different, she smiled.

Kate took the wheel for just one moment and pulled the knot behind her neck. She unwrapped the most beautiful gifts they had ever seen and she embraced them by the back of the head, leading them to her huge nubs. Both men willingly wrapped their soft lips around it and they were on the same page, feeling around onto her matching bikini bottoms. Kate spread her legs just enough and both of them slid big palms up her thick thighs before they converged on hot, damp wetness. Her big beautiful eyes fluttered into confusion, unable to pinpoint the feeling that bubbled inside of her.

God, what is this...

Kate was so fixated on her colossal boobs that she didn’t realize that two fingers were gyrating her g-spot and another set was attacking her clit. Her mouth fell. She couldn’t move. A strong release hit her in the chest and both men mumbled. She was feeding them her milk and couldn’t do anything but drool into her cleavage.

Oh my fucking god...

Kate finally regained enough bodily function to smile but a frown came instead as she squealed out before a powerful grunt. It lingered in the air through her body-shuddering orgasm and she held on to their heads tight, in love with the new found ability to have them literally drink from her. She shook her head rapidly back and forth and huffed through another monstrous release.

“Shit! Oh, god yes!” she cried out, louder.

Kate pressed her melons together with her arms and held it, not wanting to let go. Other needs were quickly rising to the forefront, however.

“I think it's time Mommy sucked some dick.” she smiled to them. “What do you guys think?”

The 18-year old stud stood up to his full six foot six height and her other 19-year old gift from Candice followed him.

“Definitely,” he mumbled, intoxicated by her presence.

Kate was helped down to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi and planted her big ass on the wooden deck. Both men got close and filled her vision with fantastic bulges that stretched their skin tight briefs to cotton tearing levels. There was so much dick for her to play with. She grabbed a hold of both of them, her hand pressed into the lovely packages. She looked at the 19-year-old who she's fucked numerous times before and nodded up at him.

“You've had me already. Wait your turn.”

The man did as he was told and carefully stepped aside. Kate brought her new toy between her legs and she looked up, her chin nudging his throbbing, straining meat. She didn't have to say a word and put a long, sustained smooch on the fattest part of the bulge and like magic, she watched him unfurl inside of his briefs. They stretched and pulled away from his body until the full covered length was pointing up and over her head. Kate noticed the bulb of wetness at the very tip and pulled a tiny piece of fabric between her fingers to angle it down. With an audible moan, he slid between her gorgeous red lips and she sealed around his underwear. Her hands drifted up his thighs, tickling him with glossy white nails before resting just underneath his hulking ball sack. Blonde waves started to rock back and forth while she sucked his top through the wet briefs, unwilling to let her bright hazel gaze leave his. Kate felt a pressure building onto her tongue and let him go with a loud squish.

“I know that face,” she grinned. “Nah uh...it's too early for all that.” Kate had both hands tight on his delectable girth so that he wouldn't blow inside of his pants. She beckoned the familiar face over and she embraced his massive mountain. He's so fucking hard, she thought and licked her lips softly.

Bruh,” he spoke up, “if you don't give her what she want...she'll drop you like a bad habit. I'm tellin' you.”

Kate smiled at the unexpected piece of advice being thrown his way and closed her eyes with a long nod. “He's not wrong. Just ask any of the 300 I've got in my back pocket.”

“I can see why,” he mumbled, still trying to stifle that orgasm.

Kate took both of them by the waist band and pulled them both so hard they stumbled towards her, dick flying everywhere. They helped by shoving their restricting briefs to their ankles and stood up straight to watch her jerk them off. Those huge golden bracelets clinked and banged on both wrists and the work out for her arms started to rear it's ugly head as she felt strain.

“Big beautiful dicks are too much for my puny arms,” she laughed, trying to fight the pain. “Mmm, this will be much easier...”

Kate tilted them towards her juicy, succulent lips and started loving on both salt-flavored chocolate pops at the same time. She spent equal time slurping each one in fairness, a slow dance back and forth of smacking red pillows and fluttering tongue. She moaned excitedly and bathed them in hot slobber. The newbie was already showing signs of tapping out and she glanced up to her veteran.

“Mmph—I don't think—he's gonna make it--” she said between loud smacks.

The new guy couldn't even utter one word in his defense. She let go of her older fuck buddy and she motioned for the young man to step over and he did, hovering over her huge belly. Kate leaned in and started to fondle his big heavy balls, with a touch of smooth—perfected—nails to graze them. Her head fell forward and took him deep. The sudden warmth made him clinch his cheeks towards her and Kate bobbed back and forth with quick, sloppy slurps.

“Oh...OH...SHIT!” he exhaled hard. “Auugh! Fuckfuckfuck!

Kate popped up quickly and her expensive shades took a fat, opaque scribble across both lenses that lined her nose and across her lips. All she heard was delicious moans and sat back just enough so that she could jerk him as hard as she could, flinging globs of hot young cum all over her gigantic boobs. With no rhyme or reason to where it all landed, it didn't take long for her to coat her belly in man goo and she slapped the pools of it on her gut with cracking thuds until he couldn't handle it anymore and yanked it away from her. Kate let out a stifled laugh and cleared her lips of tasty spunk. 

“Tasty,” she mumbled. Kate started to carefully lean back and knew her main man was anxious to slide deep into hot, pregnant pussy on the cusp of her due date. He felt like a bad mother fucker as he lined up to Kate's steamy slit. He took her ankles and spread her wide, revealing that big stomach for his lustful gaze. Her head hit the pillow and the warm deck stuck to her back. He pushed her legs towards her and sunk himself inside, sighing as he went the distance. The sultry embrace of her soft, tender walls brought him deep until she was completely full. From there, they cuddled his great girth with a overwhelming desire. Balls deep in Kate, he held her wide and rolled his hips in and out, slowly increasing tempo as time went on.

“Fuckin' amazing, babe,” he whispered to the ether, enchanted by the moment.

Kate let out a soft moan. “You're so big...God, it's so fucking deep.”

It was too much, even for him. She was too much woman. She was too much of an angel.

“I'm gonna...fuckin'--hnngg-fuckin'cumgonnacum...

“I'll allow it, baby. Gimme it,” she said quickly, giving him the permission that he needed.

After banging his smooth, obese sack into her a few more times, he was free of her and loomed over. A long creamy wave fluttered out onto her belly until the dam broke and splashed numerous ropes into the air and onto her huge tits. He jerked it hard, desperately trying to cover her entire torso in man butter. He nearly succeeded and there was considerable spunk pooling between her massive jugs. Kate was now glazed in balmy loads of jizz.

She motioned to be helped up and she stood tall and proud. With a turn, her palms found the deck and her legs spread. It only took one look back at the new guy and he was up behind her. He kissed on her back and wrapped around to juggle those ginormous milk bags in his hands. How could he not?

“Mm, gonna fuck me this time, young man?” she laughed and tossed her hair back.

He impaled her to the hilt and gathered up her hair. It was a life changing moment to pull back with Kate's gorgeous blonde strands between his fingers and drive himself deep into her lush, warm pussy. He just came all over her, but the view he had just made him want to do it all over again; she was that intoxicating.

Kate was quite enjoying getting pumped from behind and closed her eyes. This was to be savored and it was a big possibility that it was her last fuck before having a child. She would wear them out tonight. Neither of them were safe from her thirst.

She got spooked and her man slid between her arms with his feet dipped into the jacuzzi. With a vigorous, gorgeous shaft he prodded from underneath until her sweaty cleavage gave way and he put his hips into her under boob. Kate's monumental globes of cream were too heavy to swing; they simply swayed. It was perfect for him to raise up and smack his long, dangling sack into her round dome. A dream come true. He didn't even know he had this dream. There it was: Titty fucking one of the hottest models on Earth. He hit those lovely bags with thuds and worked that smooth flesh across his steel.

They both took advantage of their situations; probably the only ones ever to do what they're doing to her. She could have the baby in five minutes, but they didn't care. They were making love to Kate Upton's heavenly form in it's ultimate glory.

“Get in the fuckin' tub,” she demanded, out of no where.

The man did as he was told and spanked his boner on her jugs before he put himself into the water. Those glorious boobs were pressed into his face and he saw the wisdom in her call.

“Mm,” she smiled and removed herself from the lock on her head. “One second, love...”

Kate pushed his head back and positioned herself to dock on top of his raging, fat salami. She sat and slid down the pole with ease until her belly was smooth on his. His view was mind-blowing. Just unadulterated, fantastic Kate with her hefty stomach and fat, beautiful boobs right there in his face. Kate whipped her head back and beckoned him over and he fell to his knees behind her phat bubbly ass.

“Both of you can fit,” she said.

With a patient wait, she felt the nudge and with some slight uncomfortable stretching, he plopped in to frot with her man until they were both nuts deep inside of her cramped cunt. He took her by the sides and plowed in and out, not wasting one second. Kate's glasses took a hike and she palmed his chest, inviting him to look upon the greatest display of cleavage he would ever see. She pushed off and bounced on their huge black dicks with gusto.

“Look at me when I'm fucking you,” she demanded without a smile.

Water splashed and flopped around, causing a wake to rip in and out against them. All three were quick to succumb to the pleasure with moans and obscenities being tossed around uncontrollably. Kate let out a quick squeal the moment her hair was snatched from behind and he held her there, both long, delicious slabs of chocolate smashing the hot-blooded blonde slut into a creamy puddle.

“Fuck me!” she shouted, almost a dull roar. Kate lifted just enough and his hips were free. “Fuck me, Daddy!” she moaned out. Underneath, a flurry of movement erupted from the water and they both started to pummel her brutally. It was loud and it was beyond erotic. They were fucking her brains out. Kate clawed at his bare chest, sinking her nails into his skin.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckme,” she laughed in the chaos. “Unnng—yeesss, baby!

“Whoa—oh—augh—Shit!--I'mfillingyouupbitch,” one of them grumbled, out of control.

“Yeah, you are. Yeah! You! Are!” she stuttered.

Kate's ass was being pounded on relentlessly and everything got unbelievably slippery real quick and no one could hold out. They all started to groan and mumble incoherently in unison, Kate's butt being blasted on until a long sustained sigh went out from both men. She creamed herself the instant they erupted, her guts instantly saturated and thick syrupy globs squirted into the water. Neither man wanted to be the one to stop fucking Kate but it had to happen eventually and they settled down, lodged inside.

“Good boys,” she smiled, desperate to catch her breath. “We are far from over.”


Obsession. It's powerful.

I see a land...a land full of opportunity for myself. I have the ability to get what I want, when I want; you've seen it. Why wouldn't I go after it? Why would I let you hold me back?

A divorce. An unwanted pregnancy. Scrutiny in the media. Pictures of myself everywhere on the internet. Being bad feels...good. All eyes are on me. Men and women every where want me. Hundreds have had me; will have me. This world is laid out for me.

Everyone has love for me that I can't return when I'm with you. I can't ignore that love.

We weren't meant to be and I should have left sooner. That's my only regret.

I hope things go well for you...I really do.


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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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That was incredible!

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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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That was fucking incredible, might be your best story yet. Love how you write the dialogue and this was pretty accurate how I see Kate with her personality and confidence.
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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The quality and variety of sex scenes in this is superb.  Another fantastic job well done!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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I absolutely loved this story and thank you for writing it. This is one of my favorite Kate stories instantly, can't wait to read it again this weekend. You really nailed a home run with her.  ;D
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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Thank you everyone. You are all too kind. I love writing these stories for all of you.
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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Also, the cover image is a nice touch.
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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Loved this story, binge reading Kate Upton stories and found this amazing gem. Cheers  :Y:
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Re: Obsession(Kate Upton)
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You and Cade do great work with Kate Upton, would like to see you write her again in the future. A collab between you fellas with her would put me over the moon in joy.


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