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Author Topic: Yachting w/Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice  (Read 4241 times)


Yachting w/Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Starring Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice
Codes MF, FF, MFF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Inter

I stood at the stern of the yacht as the two girls approached. I'd owned the vessel for the last five years since my uncle had passed away and rented it out to tourists who wanted an afternoon of sunbathing in the waters around Barbados. I'd made a fairly decent living too as the island would always remain a popular destination.

The clientele ranged from families to business people with a couple of celebrities thrown in for good measure. These were usually low profile but the two girls approaching were the most famous yet. On the right stood 5 foot 5 Victoria Justice, actress and former star of Victorious. To her left stood the slightly shorter Demi Lovato, world famous singer and occasional actress. Trailing behind them was another girl who was dressed in a very unglamourous fashion. I assumed she was some some sort of assistant and wouldn't be joining us on the boat trip.

Victoria stopped on the jetty to talk to the girl as Demi continued on to meet me at the entrance of the yacht. At 5 foot 3, Demi was much shorter than myself and, as I looked down on her, I could notice a hint of cleavage popping through.

“You must be Gascoigne?” she asked as she placed her right foot on the ladder. “French descent?”

I lowered my hand to help her up. I got the singer onto the yacht and noticed her friend shout at the assistant before turning around and stomping her way over.

“No, purebred Bajan I think. Not really looked into it.”

“What's the deal with the name? I've not heard it before.”

“My father grew up in England and was obsessed with this soccer player so he named me after him. It makes me stand out I think.”

“That's not the only thing that does, I'm guessing.”  Demi replied with a flirtatious smile.

Before I could return the flirt, Victoria joined us and made her welcomes. She was polite but I could tell something was bothering her as I showed them to the below cabin. I told them that it would take 45 minutes to get out to open water so they could make themselves comfortable before coming on deck. I left the two girls to it but could feel Demi’s eyes on me as I exited the cabin  and climbed up the steps.

“You're insatiable.” I could hear Victoria say as I left.

The exit from marina and into the Caribbean sea went without any delays and the water was smooth as we left so there was no turbulence. We had been sailing for about 20 minutes when Demi came onto deck wearing a very low cut peach swimsuit. She walked around the front of the boat and I could easily spy her ass cheeks in the cut. Demi turned around and caught me staring before approaching me at the wheel.

“Do you perv on every girl that comes onto this boat?”

“I wasn't…” I stopped short as it was too obvious what I was doing. “Not every girl no, only the most beautiful ones.”

She gave a little giggle before circling around me. She stopped directly in front of me.

“And I only perv on the most handsome sea captains. Don't you think it's a bit hot for that shirt?”

I smiled at Demi as I stepped back and removed my shirt. I placed it on the side and I could see Demi bite her lip as she checked out my body. I wasn't a dedicated gym bod but working on a boat all day afforded me enough exercise to have an athletic body. Demi reached forward to touch my abdominal muscles when she heard Victoria call her.

“DEMI!” Victoria she yelled as she came out on deck.

“What a fucking cock blocker!” Demi said under her breath. “I'm up here.”

Victoria joined us and shoved a phone into Demi’s face. I took a moment to check out the taller girl as Demi looked at the phone. She was dressed in an equally skimpy swimsuit, a black one piece that numerous cut outs.

“Can you believe it? What an asshole!”

“I know Jussy but it's been coming. Just forget about him for today.” Demi said as she handed the phone back. “You can sort it out when we get back to the States.”

“We weren't split up! We were on a break!”

“It's the same thing in man language. Right?” Demi asked as she turned to me.

I held my hands up not wanting to be involved in their drama.

“Great help you are. Just come to the front, lay down and relax. Today is about sunbathing and chilling.”

Demi shot me a wink and walked with Victoria to the front of the boat. Both swimsuits cut up to show off their asses. Demi’s was bigger but Victoria’s was more toned. I licked my lips as I thought about Demi’s flirting and turned the boat to adjust out course.

The two girls kept themselves to themselves for the rest of the journey and I didn't hear a peep out of them until the yacht was anchored. I was tying up the ship when I heard Demi call me over. I approached the two to see Demi was sat up facing me but Victoria was laying down on her back, her eyes covered by sunglasses.

“How can I help Miss Lovato?”

“Demi, please. How far out are we?”

“Not too far, we can make harbour quickly if you need to.”

“No, I just want to make sure there’s no paparazzi.”

“No, none out here. We’d be able to see any other boats and..” i looked around in all directions. “We’re completely alone.”


Demi smiled as she reached around the back of her neck and undid the knot. She then lowered down the front of the swimsuit to reveal her pert breasts. Like a typical latina, her nipples were very dark and she had nice circular areolas around them.

“Demi!” Victoria gasped as she saw her friend disrobe.

“What? I want to get a nice tan. I doubt Gascoigne will mind, sure he’s seen some breasts before. Maybe you should take that stick out and join me.”

Victoria huffed and went back to sunbathing while Demi leaned back on the deck. Her breasts looked fantastic in the sunlight, they rose and fell as she breathed and it seemed hypnotic.

“Do you girls want anything to drink?”

Demi didn't reply, she only looked at me and smiled. Victoria stood up and walked towards me.

“I need to make a call but I have no signal. Have you got something like a boat phone or something?”

I nodded my head.

“Yeah, there's a satellite phone in the cabin. You should be able to get through on that.”

Victoria thanked me and ran her hand along my chest as she passed. I took another chance to check out her tight ass as she passed me and disappeared down into the cabin. I felt a little connection with her despite the fact she was less brash than her friend.

“It's a great ass, isn't it?” I heard Demi say from behind me.

“Um… I wasn't…”

“Oh take a chill, you think she wore that and didn't expect the attention? I've been staring loads.”

I turned around to see Demi standing up with her fingers in the waist of her swimsuit. She pulled the garment down her body onto the floor, revealing a neatly trimmed bush above her pussy. She looked me dead in the eye and smiled.

“I think if she comes back up I can tell her I didn't want any tan lines “

“But?” I asked as the Latina singer strode towards me.

“But an all over tan isn't the only thing I want.” Demi said as she stopped in front of me and thrust her hand to my crotch. “Lets not pretend you haven't seen me looking.”

“What if she comes back up during this?” I asked.

“She's trying to save her relationship with the douchebag who keeps cheating on her. She'll be ages.”

“And if she isn't?”

“You've got me naked in front of you, why would Victoria Justice be on your mind?” Demi asked.

I looked down at the singer's brown eyes and pursed lips, both looked eager for me to move. I leaned down to her and placed a kiss on the lips. It was soft at first but Demi soon slipped her tongue into my mouth. She moved her tongue around as my hands slipped around her body and cupped her ass. A moan escaped from her mouth before she pulled out of the kiss.

“Time to see what you look like underneath.”

Demi started to undo the buttons of my shorts as she licked her lips. They quickly dropped to the floor leaving me only in hipster briefs and they were soon followed by Demi who dropped to her knees.

I was a bit nervous that Victoria would catch us but the thought left my mind quickly as i felt Demi grab hold of my hardening cock. She ran her hand along my length to quicken the hardening and pressed her thumb onto the cock head. I let out a moan as Demi took her hand off and lowered the briefs to the floor.

“Wow, that's a fairly impressive cock.” Demi said as she looked over it.

“Thank you, I think?”

“Hey, if you use it as good as it looks, I'll be the one thanking you.”

Demi gave a little chuckle as she grabbed hold of my cock and put the head into her mouth. She sucked it hard as her hand dropped down to message my balls. Her digits massaged around each ball individually as she concentrated on sucking on the head only. I looked down at the Latina singer and she kept her eyes locked in mine.

A smile came across her lips as she watched the look on my face before taking more cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes for a moment as she stopped about half way down and sucked harder on my cock. I let out a moan as I felt her tongue lick around the length, her hand took hold my cock and pulled it out.

“Oh damn girl, you are good at this.”

“I know, right? Love a good cock in my mouth and this is a good cock.” Demi said with a smile.

Demi quickly plunged her mouth back over the cock to suck it some more as her hand reached around grabbed my ass. She moaned with excitement as she felt it.

 “HOLY FUCKING FUCK!” we heard from behind us.

Both myself and Demi looked around to see Victoria standing there aghast. She looked over the two of us and I heard a pop as Demi removed my cock from her mouth.

“What's happening?”

“I thought that would be obvious.” Demi said with a giggle. “You know I've been yearning for some black cock since I arrived.”

“Well… yeah…” Victoria said slightly distracted as she looked over our naked form. “I just thought you'd have waited until we got back to land.”

Demi shrugged her shoulders as she continued to pump her hand along my cock. Victoria watched her as she went through the motion and started to lick her lips. Demi must have also spotted it as she looked up at me and winked. It was clear that she had something in mind.

“You liking what you see Jussy?” Demi asked as she got to her feet.

“I… um … yes.”

“But which are you preferring? My beautiful booty..” Demi asked as she turned around to show her ass off to Victoria. “or his nice big black cock?”

I took note to turn around and face Victoria. My cock was still at its full length and pointed directly at the taller girl. Victoria licked her lips again as her hand reached out towards my cock. I walked closer to her and she grasped my cock straight away. She slid her hand up and down it to get familiar, her grasp was strong but not tight.

“Wow! I've never fucked a black guy before.”

“Well we should fuck him together then.” Demi said as she joined Victoria’s side, her own hand dropping to grasp my balls. “I take it you have no problem fucking two Latinas on your boat.”

“How could I say no to that?” I asked as I looked at the two girls.

Demi smiled at my response before taking her hand off my balls. She dropped back onto her knees and took each of my balls into her mouth in turn. She sucked down hard as I could feel her tongue run along the skin. She looked amazing as she went to work on them, both myself and Victoria watched her with our mouths agape.

“Why don’t you come join me?” Demi asked.

Victoria looked at me as though she was asking permission so I nodded my head. She kept her eyes locked onto me as she lowered herself to her knees. She barely settled down before Demi pulled her in and kissed her on the lips, she made it obvious that her tongue was entering Victoria’s mouth. The two latin beauties seemed lost in each others lips as their tongues thrashed each other and their hands exploring each others bodies. Victoria had the easier job as Demi’s large breasts were well presented to her, her fingers easily slipped around Demi’s erect nipples.

“Those fingers feel good on me but why don’t you get your first taste of that big black cock?” Demi asked as she pulled away from Victoria

Victoria bit her lip as she took her gaze from Demi to my cock. She reached her hand back out to grasp it and moved herself closer. She took a moment to study my cock before sticking her tongue out and licking the head. I let out a slight moan as I felt her wet tongue lick around the sensitive area of my bell end. I thought there was a hesitancy but that thought evaporated as she opened her mouth wide and took the entire head in her mouth. I could feel her warm breath as she started to move down and take more of my cock.

Demi remained kneeled next to Victoria but did not remain idle while her friend performed fellatio. Her eyes had been plastered on Victoria's body and had moved her head closer to her cleavage. Her own small nipples were erect as she pulled Victoria’s swimsuit to the side allowing her nipple to pop out. I hadn't seen the nude photos that had been released a few years before but I don't think they had prepared me for how beautiful they were.

“Damn.” I said out loud enjoying both the view of her breast and the feel of her mouth.

“I know, Victoria has the best boobs even if they aren't massive. How good do you think your cock would look between them?”

“I think they would look excellent.” i answered.

“So do I.”

Demi reached around Victoria and removed the swimsuit from her shoulders, exposing her other breast. Victoria let out a little giggle as she grabbed her own breasts and pushed them together.

“A shame, I was enjoying sucking on it.” Victoria said as she lifted her knees to allow Demi to remove the swimsuit in full.

I tried to peek at her pussy but it was a bit hard to see from my angle. Instead I just enjoyed the view of Victoria guiding my cock to settle between her breasts. The feel of her bare skin encompassing my cock brought a smile to my face as I noticed Demi’s head had disappeared.

“I know these aren't big hooker tits like Demi’s but you'll see how I can use them.” Victoria said as she started to pump my my cock with her breasts.

Victoria started moaning as she pumped my cock which I thought was to add to the effect. I angled my head to the side to see the real reason, Demi was on her back licking Victoria's pussy. It was a little surprising as Victoria didn't seem to want any fun but Demi seemed the sort of person to take a chance when it came up.

Victoria pulled her on her nipples as she pumped her tits on my cock more. The pleasure of having been in Demi's mouth, Victoria's mouth and between her breasts was starting to become too much. The moment she leaned down to lick the head of my cock almost made me explode but I was able to hold on.

“I'm going to cum soon.” I said.

“Go...od. You can… finish… in my mouth.” Victoria said in between moans.

I took my cock out of her cleavage and jerked it as I watched Victoria get eaten out. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes closed, enjoying the tongue lashing that Demi was giving her. I could feel myself get closer so i put my cock back into her mouth. Like a good girl, Victoria immediately started to suck on it as I jerked the length that was outside of her mouth.

“Fuck this girl knows how to suck cock.” I said out loud.

“She’s got a lovely pussy too.” Demi said during a break from eating Victoria out.

Victoria was getting back into the habit and sucked down again on the cock, taking the entire length into her mouth. I could feel her tongue run along my length and it became too much.

“I'm gonna cum.”

Victoria looked up and kept eye contact with me as the first shot of cum came out of my cock. Victoria kept her head still and swallowed each shot as it went into her mouth, a smile came on her lips despite the penis being there. As the flow slowed down, Victoria looked the cock out of her mouth and licked the the head taking in the remainder before swallowing.

“Damn, that was good.”

“Go get us a drink then, you'll need a break before you fuck me.” Demi replied from the floor.

“What are you gonna do?” I asked.

“This slut has deserved her orgasm so I'm gonna lick her bald cunt until she covers my face with the juices.”

I let out a little laugh as Demi ordered Victoria onto her back. She was more than happy to comply with Demi’s wishes and quickly dropped down onto her back for the more assertive girl. I took the opportunity to look over her body and my desire for her increased. She has good round breasts, a flat washboard stomach and a clean shaven pussy; it was puffy showing her excitement. It didn’t take long before my view was blocked by Demi’s head as she started to go down on Victoria.

As I collected some drinks from the fridge, I could hear the moans coming from behind me to signal that Demi was doing the job right. The sight that greeted me when I turned around was even better. As Demi was on her knees and leaning forward to eat Victoria, her round ass and pussy were happily on display for me.

“That’s a great fucking view!” i said out loud as I cracked open the beers.

“Come stick your dick in it then.” I head Demi say in between licks.

“Yeah, come fuck this mouthy slut while I cum on her face.”

I looked at Victoria and we locked eyes as her face was picture of pleasure. One of her hands was playing with her nipple as she enjoyed the attention Demi gave her clit. I was not a stupid man so I took a large gulp of my beer and strode towards Demi. She must have heard me as she gave her ass a little wiggle as I approached and dropped down to my knees. I didn’t want to stop her from tongue fucking Victoria as I could tell she close to her orgasm.

Although I had already cum once, my cock was still semi-hard so I didn’t need much encouragement to reach full length. Once I had got to full size, I slid my cock into her pussy with ease until it was fully covered. A moan came from her mouth as she felt my length inside her.

“Don’t get moaning yet. I want to watch Victoria scream!” I said to her.

Victoria smiled again as Demi continued to work on her clit and I slowly thrust into Demi to remind her I was still there. Even with the slow thrusts I was doing, Demi’s ass had a ripple to it that excited me. I was enjoying the feel of her pussy but I instantly knew where I wanted to get to. Demi’s ass was such a distraction that I completely forgot about Victoria and how close she was.

“Oh my God, yes. Come on Demi, make me cum, make me cum, make me…”

Victoria had dropped her back down onto the deck so I couldn’t see her face too well but I could certainly hear her moans develop into screams. Demi had moved forward to get access to her clit and I could see that she had two fingers inside Victoria’s pussy as well. Victoria was grinding her pussy into Demi’s mouth as she got closer to orgasm and then she exploded onto Demi’s face.

“Yes, Oh yes! I’m cumming, Ohhhhh!” Victoria screamed.

I could see Demi was starting to move away so I pushed my hand onto the back of her head and held it to Victoria’s pussy. She continued to lick up Victoria’s juices as I started to push into her with a bit more speed. I could see Victoria’s breasts move with her breathing and could tell she was finished so I released Demi’s head. She quickly snapped back to look at me.

“You mother fucker! I could barely breath with all the juices down there!” she shouted before turning around and pushing her arms up to be on all fours. “Now use that cock to fuck me properly!”

I nodded my head and put my hands on her hips to guide my cock in and out of her. I started slowly but soon increased my speed to fuck her pussy. It didn’t take longer for her moans to commence and I could see a look of pleasure on her face from my limited view. What took me by surprise was when Victoria appeared my side with a beer in hand. Her pussy was at head height and I got a very close look at her smooth lips.

“Take a quick lick if you want, see what she tasted.”

Victoria moved slightly closer to me and I stuck my tongue out to her. I ran it along her slit and could hear a little moan come out of her mouth.

“Still a bit sensitive?” I asked as I pushed my length in her again.

“Yeah, but I got more than I expected on this trip. A mouth full of cum and an orgasm? Yes please!”

“Do you mind not distracting the guy fucking me?” Demi said as she pushed her ass back into me.

“Whatever slut!” Victoria said as she dropped down to her knees next to me. “I’ll prepare your ass as that’s obviously where we’re going with this.”

Victoria poured some of her beer down over Demi’s ass as I continued to thrust into her pussy. Her complaints were soon replaced with moans as I could feel her pussy get wetter. After Victoria finished pouring her beer over Demi’s ass, she threw the bottle to the side and threw her arms around me. We locked lips and our tongues wrestled each other with passion. I was surprised with how free she was considering how we started the boat trip. One of her hands dropped down to my balls and massaged them as my cock met Demi’s pussy and I was sure she played with Demi’s clit as well by the way her body jumped.

“Oh my God yes, that cock is so good.”

“How about you enjoy a tongue too?” Victoria asked.

Without waiting for a reply, Victoria lowered herself down and slid her tongue over Demi’s ass. My view was slightly blocked but I could tell that Victoria was tonguing Demi’s little asshole

“Oh my God! So.. Ohhh..” Demi moaned as her voice went high pitched.

Victoria was digging her tongue further into Demi’s ass as I pushed my cock into her wet pussy. She was getting close to cumming as her body started to jerk around under my grasp. Victoria’s head bumped up and down with it and I could see she had introduced a finger or two into Demi’s ass. I was taken by surprise again as Victoria grabbed my cock and withdrew it Demi’s pussy. There was no explanation as she pushed it straight into Demi’s ass and the Latina singer screamed as I entered.

“How does he feel?” Victoria asked.

“So… great… so.. Close…”

By Demi’s breathless reply, we could she was about to orgasm so I thrust my cock into her tight asshole while Victoria dropped her hand down and massaged her clit. She couldn’t handle the double teaming and screamed at the top of her lungs as she came to orgasm. Victoria’s hand was covered in juices and Demi’s ass twerked with my cock inside, increasing my pleasure.

“Damn, this is a nice tight ass.”

“You gonna cum soon?” Victoria asked.

“Yeah I think so. This is the tightest ass I’ve ever had!”

“So surprising considering how much cock she’s had up it. Now fuck her, I want to see what your cum looks like in there.”

I held onto her hips as I thrust myself into her ass some more but, due to how tight she was, I was struggling to get my full length into her. Demi was recovering from her orgasm so there wasn’t any pushing back from her and Victoria kneeled next to me with a hungry look on her face. I wasn’t going to get much more going on so I thrust into her as quickly as I could.

I started to breath heavily as I felt her tight muscle encompass my cock. I closed my eyes and could feel Victoria grab my hand and place it onto her breast. I played with the nipple and could hear her giggle at my touch. My breathing got louder and I could sense that I was about to cum inside Demi. Closing my eyes, I held onto her ass with my spare hand and shot my load of cum into her ass. Like I did with Victoria’s mouth, I continued to thrust through my orgasm until all of my cum was deposited into Demi’s asshole.

As I felt myself finish, I withdrew my cock and took a moment to rest. As soon as I had moved, Victoria took up my position and returned her tongue to Demi’s asshole, sucking my cum out of her. It seemed slightly strange until Demi rose to her knees and the two Latina’s kissed to share my cum. The passionate tongue lock between them made me think this wasn’t their first threesome together.

“It looked so hot watching you fuck him.”

“It felt hot. That sexy bastard is so good, what a cock!” Demi said as her hand dropped to Victoria’s ass.

“We should share him again then.”

I drank down some more beer as I looked beyond the two girls to see a speedboat in the distance.

“Looks like someone wants to watch.” I said as I pointed at the boat. “Why don’t we take these beers below deck and enjoy part two.”

The two girls nodded and grabbed their swimsuits before running downstairs. I realised I was not stood on deck alone with my cock out as the boat with the paparazzi got closer. I shook my head before going down below deck to watch the two girls.

The end.
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Re: Yachting w/Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice
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One of my favorite stories of the year that hopefully gets a sequel/spin-off. great work RT


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