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[Short mini-series with Page 3 girls being fucked by WWE studs]

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, models, promotions, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the wrestlers, models etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as a result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Rey Mysterio (WWE, WCW), Paul London (WWE, ROH), Sophie Howard
(UK glamour model, Page 3 girl).

Page 3 Meets WWE – Sophie Judges By Size

A WWE/Page 3 erotic story

by DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)

* * *

Birmingham, England. April of 2005. Backstage at the taping of WWE
Smackdown in the UK, the show is in full swing as two of the leading stars
of the WWE Cruiserweight division are having a conversation. One of them,
the reigning Cruiserweight Champion in the handsome, fun loving Paul
London, and the other a multi-time former holder of that title both in the
WWE and in WCW, the masked Luchador Rey Mysterio. Both men are clad in
their ring attires from their respective matches, but are clearly not in
show-character, looking perfectly fine and healthy despite being attacked
during their matches and segments on the show to air.

“I honestly can't wait for this match we're going to have later...” London
says as he holds the Cruiserweight title on his shoulder. “Chavo can really
go when he gets the chance to, and I think we'll have a great one.
Especially with the build-up from this match tonight we had.”

“You're working with one Guerrero, and I've got the other...” Mysterio says with a
smile. “Me and Eddie had a match of the year way back in WCW... One of only
the few good things that happened... And we're going to tear the roof off
with this feud now. Even... Even if they've suggested some weird stuff for
later on in the storyline...” He adds with a chuckle.

“Weird stuff? More strange than me having to work TNA shows? Or me having
to team with a guy called “Spanky”?” Paul responds with a handsome smirk
of his own.

“Oh trust me, it is weird. They said they might be even bringing in Eddie's
wife Vickie into this somehow... I doubt she'll be around for much time in
the WWE though...”

Just as the two are talking, from around a corner quite an eye-catching
sight appears that draws both men's attention. Dressed in white shorts that
shows off her smooth legs and thick ass, and a very tight top with the logo
of the UK tabloid Daily Star across her large chest, is the English glamour
model and Page 3 girl Sophie Howard. The woman famed for doing topless
shoots in men's magazines eyes up both men curiously, and the short,
raven-haired beauty changes her direction to now approach the two.

“Hey... Aren't you two supposed to be hurt or something?” Sophie questions
as she looks between the two. “Pretty sure I watched you both take a
hammering out there while I was watching the show...”

“Something tells me you've never been around the WWE before...” Mysterio
guesses with a smile. “Seeing as how I'm sure I would have remembered
seeing you before...”

“Yeah, you new around here? Trying out to be a Diva?” London asks as he's
unable to resist checking out her rack being pushed up and out by her
tight top.

“A Diva? I don't think so... I'm just here with the Daily Star...” Howard
states, smirking as she runs a finger across the logo of her top. “Doing a
promotion thing with that guy... Regal I think his name was? For his book.”

“Regal? Willian Regal? Well, he's from England so it figures he'd write a
book with the Queen's English...” Paul jokes. “But damn, thought for sure
you'd be a Diva to be. You've got the look to fit right in around here!”
He adds with a smile.

“Really?” Sophie raises an eyebrow. “No offense, but you guys looked to be
hurt but here you're not, and you're not exactly huge, muscled up guys
either...” She questions, putting her hands on her hips.

“Hey, don't you know not to judge a book by its cover?” Rey states. “I've
been beating up bigger and taller guys than me for years, and Paul London
here can run rings around just about anyone on the roster.”

“London, really? You don't sound anything like a bloke from London, and
trust me, I've been there plenty times...” Howard questions with another
smile as she looks over both men.

“Oh yeah, well you don't sound like... Whatever your name is, and what you
do for a living...” Paul responds, the smirk on his face showing he's
deliberately used a lame joke just for kicks.

“My name is Sophie Howard... And I'm a Page 3 girl...” She responds with a
sly smile of her own. “That means I'm on Page 3 of the UK's biggest
newspapers... Posing, topless for the whole of the country to take a look
at.” She adds, noting the look of pleasant surprise (at least on the face
she can see) shown by both men. “Can any of your “Divas” boast that?”

“Topless posing huh? Not too bad... Just a shame we've had WWE Divas pose
completely naked for Playboy cover shoots...” Mysterio points out. “So at
least you've had a good head start.”

“Ah, come on, just leave her man...” London cuts in, giving Rey a knowing
wink. “She probably couldn't handle being a proper Diva anyway. Not with
the kind of action they get into.”

“Oh, is that so?” Sophie picks up on the challenge as she steps forward.
“And what exactly would you two little guys know about any kind of

“Oh, we can show you exactly what momi...” Rey states with a smirk of his
own. “How about you follow us and you can find out what it's like to be a
WWE Diva...”

* * *

Minutes later in the locker room reserved for the Superstars of the
Crusierweight division of the WWE, Sophie Howard is watching with interest
as Rey Mysterio and Paul London lower their clothing, and despite her
previous doubts before, Sophie Howard's eyes widen in shock as she sees the
impressively long and thick to match dicks of the two WWE Cruiserweights.
The smile on her face shows she loves what she sees as she wastes no time
in pulling her tight top up and over her head, releasing her huge and juicy
breasts. If seeing those big tits wasn't enough to make the handsome
grapplers grin, seeing her quickly sink down to her knees in front of them
both and take a hold of their cocks sure does, her palms soon going to work
stroking them both off of to get them nice and hard as she licks her lips,
clearly turned on by seeing a pair of the biggest dicks she's ever laid
eyes on.

“Well lads, I think I'd better make it up to you for judging you on your
size...” The gorgeous glamour model says playfully before she leans her
head in, planting a kiss across the tip of London's cock before doing the
same to Mysterio's, giving him a swirl around the head with her tongue
before she moves across and delivers the same treatment to the other hunk's
bell end. “Mmmm... Fuck me, this are huge...” She seems to be in awe of
their size as well as turned on, soon parting her lips in order to take
Rey's dick inside to make him moan as she starts to bob her head along his
length, keeping him steady with a pumping hand along the base while her
other palm carries on jerking off the other man as she focuses on dishing
out an “oral apology” for doubting what they were packing.

“Mmmm... Damn, do you do this with every guy you make fun off?” Mysterio
questions with a chuckle behind his mask, watching the pretty face of the
Page 3 model raising and lowering onto his cock as she smoothly handles the
top half of him, feeling her tongue sliding against his underside as she
blows him. “Then feel free to keep the jokes coming... Ahhhh...” He adds,
reaching down much like his fellow WWE Superstar is to give her large
breasts a squeeze as she blows and strokes them both, the touch causing her
to groan around the thick shaft she's sucking on as she seductively narrows
her eyes up at them, showing that they can keep on groping her even as she
services the both of them.

“Hey, I get a kick out of a joke or two myself... Mmmm...” The current WWE
Cruiserweight Champion groans as his length gets stroked off smoothly and
steadily from the base to the tip while she sucks off the former holder of
that title right beside him, seemingly showing that this isn't the first
time she's taken on two men in a sexual encounter before. “Ahhhh! But damn,
you're not kidding around here Sophie!” He adds with a smile as now
switches over, taking his shaft into her nicely warm and wet mouth and
proceeding to blow him with perfectly timed and paced motions up and down
on his inches, letting him feel her nicely full lips grazing back and forth
along his size while her hand grips and twists the base and her other hand
now works to jerk off the other WWE stud.

“Mmmmm... Mmmmm...” Howard groans around the cock in her mouth as she sucks
away on him, her dark raven-hair swaying from the effort she's putting into
blowing him, already applying a nice layer of her saliva onto his rod from
the repeated, smooth motion while at the same time rubbing her spit into
the cock of the other wrestler standing beside him with quick strokes of
her hand up and down. “Mmmph!! Mmmmm!!” Her moans are muffled as both
handsome and talented sports entertainers continue to squeeze and play with
her large breasts as she sucks and stokes them both, her hard nipples
showing she's getting off on this as much as they both are, and only
encouraging her to carry on pleasuring the two men she's only met moments

“Mmmm... You sure you're just here to promote a book, or a newspaper or
whatever?” London questions with a groan. “This feels more like a tryout
for a new Diva... Not that I'm complaining or anything...” He adds with a
big smile.

Lifting her head away, Sophie smirks up at both of them. “Oh, so you just
fuck any girl who comes along here huh?” She playfully teases as she inches
back, pushing her shorts down her legs to reveal her neatly shaved pussy.
“Sounds like something that would fit in the papers I pose for...”

“You're not gonna kiss and tell on us, are you mami?” Mysterio responds
with a smile of his own as he moves around her.

“Hmmm... I might be convinced if you give me a right good seeing to as we
say over here...” Howard gives him a wink as she gets up to her hands and
knees before turning her head forward to the other man involved in this.

The multi-time former Cruiserweight Champion in the WWE and WCW needs no
further invitation, getting down into position behind the perfectly curved
model and pushing his rock hard cock into her snatch, making them both
moan as his thickness invades her tight but already wet snatch, her own
saliva over his rod making for a smooth, almost too easy entry into her.
“Mmmm... This might be a Diva-quality pussy though...” He compliments as
he starts to thrust himself in and out of her, taking a hold of her waist
as he gives it to her with a series of firm and steady pumps, but soon
finds added reason to smile as she soon starts pushing back against his
motion, almost craving for more of his inches as she times herself to send
her sexily thick ass back as he thrusts into her snatch.

“Ahhhh!! Mmmm... Oh yeah, like that... MMMMPHH!!” Her moans are muffled
again when the former ROH star takes advantage of her open mouth to slide
his dick right back into her, and snapping her eyes up she smiles around
his tool, having no objections to wrapping her pouty lips around him and
starting to suck him off once again. “Mmmmm!! Mmmmm... Mmmm...” The regular
in many British “Lad's Mags” can't help herself but give into this handsome
studs and their huge dicks, her head bobbing quickly on the cock in front
of her as she places her hands onto London's hips for support, and keeps
on rocking back on her knees against the thrusts coming into her tight

“Mmmm!! Awwww man, for a new gal to the WWE... Mmmm... You sure know how to
handle some action...” The master of the Shooting Star Press says as he
watches the gorgeous glamour model eagerly suck away on his shaft, leaving
it covered with her saliva as she handles more than half of his size but
isn't stopping at that, pushing her head down further with a groan as she
slides in more of his nicely thick inches into her oral hole. “Ahhhh...
She's a “Brit” of alright! Mmmm!!” He jokes with a handsome smile, his gazed
locked onto the beautiful facial features of the babe who's lifting and
lowering her head with increasing speed and force on his rod, her groans
bouncing off his tool with each suck and slurp as if she's all too used to
dishing out this kind of sexual activity even in a threesome.

“Mmmm... Oh yeah, she's a hot mamacita!” The masked WWE hunk agrees as he
continues to sharply thrust his similarly lengthy dick in and out of her
tight, wet snatch with moans of his own, sending every inch of his size
into her pussy every time he pushes forward. This is helped out by her
pushing right back to meet his motion, resulting in her ass smacking into
his muscular waist from the force they're both putting into this. “Ahhhh...
She'd fit right into the WWE... And I don't mean just like this...” He adds
with a handsome smirk, looking over her juicy, curvacious body as she keeps
on rocking between the two men, an erotic slapping sound ringing out each
time he goes balls deep into her and their desirable bodies connect, but
neither feel any pain from the contact as they concentrate on the sinful
pleasure from this sudden sexual encounter between the two WWE Superstars
and the visiting model.

“Mmmmm!! MMMM!! Mmmmph...” Closing her eyes, it does appear that the Page 3
beauty is getting caught up in the lust, the Englishwoman having no issue
with interracial sex as she sucks on the American and half-Mexican cock in
front of her while taking another American and Latino dick from behind
deep into her snug and damp snatch. It's clear though that she loves every
bit of it, her large breasts swaying in time with the rocking motion of her
body as she pushes back against those stiff pumps into her love tunnel
while keeping her head bobbing back and forth on the shaft she has her lips
rightly wrapped around, resulting in her being spit roasted by the two hung
hunks she's only known for mere minutes and is now all too eagerly fucking
and sucking off.

“Mmmm... Awwwww fuck!!” Sophie groans with a gasp, letting London's cock
fall from her mouth as she pushes back hard again against the thrusts into
her pussy. “Ahhhh!! You little guys... Mmmm!! Where did you learn to fuck
so good??” She questions, gazing back at Mysterio as he gives her pussy
another couple of deep pumps.

“Hey, what happens on the road, stays on the road...” Rey says with a
smirk, pulling out of her snatch with a groan. “We don't kiss and tell like
your tabloids love to hear about...”

“Yeah, what is this Page 3 stuff all about? Can't be all that good a paper
to read if all the good stuff is so early in it...” London adds to continue
the joking.

Looking over to him, she smirks with a lick of her lips. “How about you
lay down “London” and I'll show you how good it is...” She dares him,
finding herself grinning when he quickly does as asked before she looks
over to the other man. “And you? Mask or no mask? Let me suck you again
and I'll see if you'll spill your secrets...”

“Do your worst babe... I can read you like a book... Mmmm... Or a
newspaper...” The Austin, Texas born hunk states before he groans along
with her as the beauty from Southport, England lowers herself down onto
his rod to kneel, reverse cowgirl style, and impressively doesn't stop
until she's right down to the base with her snatch touching his crotch and
balls. “Ahhh!! I can tell... Mmmm... You love this...” He correctly points
out, soon being proven right as she starts to bounce on his rod, lifting
herself up to around the half-way mark before dropping sharply down with a
slap to take him balls deep, moaning out herself as again her tight and
wet pussy is filled up with a thick and long wrestler's cock, and he too
groans out as he enjoys the snug feeling all around his manhood.

“Sorry mami, but I won't be spilling anything, anytime soon...” The hunky,
mask-clad Luchador says with a smile as he steps forward, and just like
the other stud involved in this steamy threesome did before he capitalises
on the open mouth of the model known for topless pictorials to push he
length right in, and similarly she immediately wraps her soft lips around
him and resumes the task of blowing him. “Mmmmm!! Doesn't mean... Mmmm...
You can't try though...” Having come straight from banging her snatch, she
can taste her own pussy off of his inches but it neither disgusts her or
makes her pull away, as instead she seems to be actively using her tongue
to clean the taste of herself off his rod, groaning at the sensation as she
gets into a sucking rhythm.

“MMMMM!! Mmmmm!! MMMM...” The glamour model for numerous men's magazines
in the UK again shows she might be all too used to taking on a couple of
men at once, even as hung and handsome as these two are as she rides one
long and thick to match cock to take it deep into her wet but still tight
snatch, while blowing a similarly lengthy piece of man meat with her
cock-hungry mouth. “Ahhhh!! MMMMM!! Mmmm!!” She shamelessly moans out,
even being heard while muffled by the rod she's taking deep past her soft
lips, swiftly and with force bobbing back and forth along the shaft in
front of her while keeping up an intense bouncing motion on the hunk
underneath her as her large breasts shake in time with the rest of her.

“Mmmm!! Ahhhh... Watch out there Sophie... You keep that up and you'll end
up running out of steam...” The master of the 619 warns, noticing that
despite the energetic pace of the horny British babe, she's breaking out
into a sweat across her perfectly curved body from the effort she's putting
into handling both of these vast, American and Latino cocks in her mouth
and snatch at the same time but from the moans both men are letting out
from her motions, neither are complaining about her choice of lusty pace.
“Mmmm... Maybe you just really want... Ahhhh!! To see if you can score our
secrets after all...” He jokes with a smile but soon moans again, watching
her face loom closer towards his crotch as she attempts to deep throat him,
finding herself gagging when the bulbous head of his tool touches the back
of her mouth but she continues on, lifting and swiftly lowering her head
over and over again on his rod to leave it coated in her saliva as she
moans and gags around his fat inches.

“Ahhhh!! Mmmm... Hey, if she wants to go fast paced and hard hitting...
Mmmm!! Then let her go for it!” The current WWE Cruiserweight Champion says
as he groans, unable to resist thrusting his hips up to send his cock up
into the snatch of the bouncing Page 3 model on top of him, catching her by
surprise as she jolts up with her next motion upwards, soon having to
adjust to this as he makes sure his shaft goes balls deep into her soaking
wet but still nicely tight hole. “Ahhh... Just like how we are in the
ring... Mmmm!! And elsewhere as well...” He adds with a smile and a moan,
watching her thick and sexy ass cheeks shake when he pumps up into her
snatch and their bodies collide as she drops down with speed, giving the
stunningly curved beauty the kind of fucking she deserves to make her moan
out herself as her big tits bounce away and she continues to work herself
between the two WWE hunks.

“Mmmmm... You know Sophie, if you really want... Ahhhh!! To know what goes
on here in the WWE...” Mysterio starts to say as he pulls out of her mouth,
allowing her the chance to gasp for air as well as moan out. “We can show
you... If you think you can handle it.”

“AHHHH!! MMMMM... I can fucking handle it!!” Sophie moans as she locks eyes
with him, licking her lips as she bounces on the other man's cock. “Bring
it on!! Mmmmm!!”

“Don't say... Mmmm!!” We didn't warn you...” Paul states with a knowing
smirk directed at his fellow Cruiserweight, before he pulls his cock out of
her snatch, soon standing up as the two men move her into position, with
Rey now laying down on the floor with her mounted on his dock, facing the
masked marvel.

“Mmmmm... You boys are good, I'll give you that... Wait, what are you
doing??” Howard looks back as London approaches her from behind, having
expected him to want to be sucked off again. Instead he's moving in to push
his big dick into her already filled up snatch, and with one firm thrust
gets himself inside her.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHH!! MMMMM!!” The eyes of the glamour model go wide as she
almost screams her moans out, feeling her pussy being double stuffed with
two fat and long cocks that make her body jolt forward, looking back in
awe at the grinning stud who just shoved his dick in alongside another
man's and doesn't mind it at all. “Ahhhh!! MMMMM!! Fuck!! MMMM!!” She can
only moan out shamelessly and with filthy lust as the two WWE Superstars
slide their dicks in and out of her snatch, with the stud underneath her
able to move in deeper but the man behind has plenty of space to move
himself, even as tightly packed into her as he now is in her wet and being
stretched to the max snatch.

“Mmmm!! What's the matter?? AHHHH!! Mmmm... You said you wanted to know
what goes on...” Mysterio is now the one taunting her with a handsome smile
as he reaches up to grip her large, swaying tits to squeeze them, making
the Page 3 model further moan out as she continues to sharply rock back and
forth from the dual thrusts she's taking into her snatch as the former
long-time WCW star thrusts his dick up into the busty beauty mounted firmly
on top of him. “MMMM!! Some other guys around here... Ahhhh!! Would have
just fucked you up the ass from the get go...” He adds with a groan,
hissing slightly at the friction as his manhood rubs against another man's
inside of her dripping wet hole, but he's not freaked out at all, helped
not just by the pleasure from said snatch but the sight along of the big
breasted and gorgeous female on top of him as she moans out and sweats

“Mmmmm... Oh yeah... MMMM!! Stick this... In your Page 3...” London grunts
out, holding onto her waist to keep her from jolting too far forward as he
works his cock back and forth into her filled up pussy with perfectly paced
and timed motions, a sure sign that he's double penetrated a woman like
this before in the past, and has porn star-like knowledge to make sure she
gets nothing put pleasure from this intense, pussy stuffing position.
“MMMM!! Ahhhh... I bet you'd get Regal a ton of book sales with... MMMM!!
Promotion like this!!” The former Ring of Honor star is still able to joke
even as he slides his meaty length into the stuffed snatch of the stunning
topless model, moaning out at the feeling of her wet pussy as well as being
so tightly packed alongside the fellow WWE star's member, all of this
giving him supreme pleasure on top of the sight alone of the raven-haired
woman being turned into a moaning mess thanks to their thrusts and dicks.

“MMMMM!!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! Ahhhhh!! MMMM!!” The busty Englishwoman can only
moan out as her body is made to rock and jolt forward from the thrusts of
the two American and Mexican studs as they dominate her snatch with steady
and firm pumps in deep, making her take both of their rods into her love
tunnel at the same time, leaving her with sweat dripping from her
curvacious frame. “Ahhhh!! AHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! MMMM!!” In fact, the
onslaught becomes all too much for her to handle, as suddenly Sophie Howard
begins to cum hard on the cocks of Paul London and Rey Mysterio, juices
flowing out across both of their cocks to make them smile and groan as her
snatch grinds against them, and if it wasn't for them holding her up by the
waist and groping her big tits then she might have collapsed down onto the
hunk underneath her.

“MMMM!! Damn... I heard about bad British weather... Ahhhhh... But that was
a downpour I can enjoy...” The masked Luchador says with a moan and a
smile, feeling her cum across both his and the other WWE Superstar's dick
as they both carry on pumping in and out of her well-fucked snatch, his
hands still squeezing her ample breasts that have graced the infamous Page
3 of UK tabloids many times to keep her groaning from his expert touch.
“Mmmmm... AHHHH!! Shit... Gotta love a woman who can take a real double
team, British or otherwise...” He adds with another deep groan, sweating
himself now much like the other hunk involved in this hot and heavy
threesome is as they both look to enjoy her stuffed full pussy a little bit
more, if not to just keep hearing her deep, lusty groans as she comes down
from a clearly intense sexual peak that she most likely won't ever
experience again.

“Ahhhh... Joking aside Sophie... For a first timer around here? You took it
like a champ...” London says with a handsome smile on his sweat covered
face, pulling out of her snatch with a groan as he steps back.

“Yeah... Maybe not on the level of a Torrie or Trish, but you are right up
there... Mmmm...” Mysterio adds with a moan of his own, lifting the worn
out model off of his cock. “You sure you're not wanting to stick around the
WWE? I'm sure we could put in a good word for you...”

“Ahhhh... Oh fuck... I don't think I can walk, let alone stick around
anywhere...” Sophie groans as she gasps for air, managing to get into a
kneeling position on the floor but the shameless grin on her face shows
she's loved every bit of being fucked by both of them.

“Well... Might as well give you a proper WWE send off then...” Paul says
with a grin of his own as he and Rey approach her, gripping their throbbing

With little energy to do much of anything, the beautiful UK glamour model
just watches as the masked hunk moves in, using his hands to lift up her
large breasts in order to sandwich his long, thick cock between them,
making himself moan as he feels the soft, ample flesh all around his shaft
to make it almost disappear between her mounds. “MMMM!! Oh shit mami...
This tits are amazing!! AHHHH!!” He groans as he starts to fuck her vast
boobs, sliding his throbbing rod up and down between her cleavage as he
keeps her mountains tightly pressed against the sides of his man meat, the
lube provided by her own pussy juices that coat his inches being more than
enough along with the sweat to make for a smooth motion as he swiftly
pumps himself between her breasts.

At the same time, the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion has turned her
raven-haired head to the side so he can push his lengthy tool past her soft
lips one more time, wasting no time in pumping his pulsating man meat in
and out of her still soothingly warm and wet oral hole, a feeling made all
the more hotter knowing that she's having to taste her own snatch from her
pussy juices that are dripping off of his member. “MMMM!! Awwww yeah... Her
mouth is fucking awesome as well man...” He gazes down at her pretty facial
features, seeing the clear lust still in her eyes as she all too willingly
lets her mouth be used to get him off, not that she has any energy left to
even try and deny him, and feeling her tongue lightly flick against his
underside shows she's getting off on this, even after having just had a
intense orgasm moments ago.

“Mmmmm!! Ahhhh!! MMMM!! Ahhhh Sophie!! Oh shit, these tits!!” The
multi-time former Cruiserweight Champion in both the WWE and WCW is showing
how much he loves pumping his big dick in between the large, perfectly
rounded breasts that have graced Page 3 many times, even squeezing those
titties with his hands and keeps them pushed up tight against his shaft as
he thrusts it in and out of her boobs so the head of his tool just appears
out at the top of her cleavage. “Ahhhh!! Oh FUCK! MMMM!!! AHHHHH!!” Having
not exactly planned to hold back doing this, it's no surprise that after a
couple more swift and deep pumps into her tits, he has to pull out of them
and start stroking himself off as Rey Mysterio starts to blow his load
across the large breasts of Sophie Howard. He moans deeply as thick streaks
of jizz shoot out of his Latino cock and onto her vast, English tits to
give both mounds a generous covering of his spunk, making sure to milk
himself dry and send every last drop of his cum out onto her ample tit
flesh, making her groan in the process from the feeling of his warm spunk
all across her boobs.

“MMMM!! Awwww yeah!! AHHHHH!! Here it comes Sophie!! Awwww FUCK!!”
Similarly, the pace from this whole steamy sexual encounter has finally
taken its toll and with a deep groan, Paul London starts to cum inside the
mouth of Sophie Howard, soon filling up her oral hole with his spunk that
makes her groan at the sensation, and then moan as she doesn't hesitate to
swallow his cum down. “Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Oh wow... Mmmmm...” The Southport,
England-beauty closes her eyes as she savors the taste but makes sure to
not allow her mouth to be filled up too much, not spilling a drop of the
Austin, Texas-born stud's load as she drinks down each shot fired into her,
even managing to swirl her tongue around the tip of his rod as it softens
inside her mouth before he finally steps back with a huge smile on his

“Ahhhh... Holy fuck!! I came here to promote a book and a newspaper... And
I end up getting fucked by two bloody wrestlers!” Sophie says with a laugh
as she looks up at both men. “You seriously treat every girl around here
like this?”

“This? It's nothing new... From ECW, WCW, and to here, it's all the
same...” Mysterio says, still clad in his mask but the more than satisfied
smile in his face is clear as he looks over the gorgeous model with cum
covering her breasts. “And the Divas never complain either...”

“It's the truth... Hot babes plus a lot of dudes like me and Rey? That
means a whole lot of action backstage, as well as the ring. Now you really
sure you don't want to see if you can make it as a Diva around here?” He
asks with a handsome, joking smile.

She smirks up at them both. “Sorry lads... But I've got deals here in the
UK to fulfill...” Howard says with a slight lick of her lips as she glances
at the two cocks that had just fucked her almost senseless. “But I think I
might just tune in to this show from now on... Now that I know never to
judge by size ever again!”

* * *
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, models, promotions, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the wrestlers, models etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as a result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Johnny Nitro (WWE), Joey Mercury (WWE), Michelle Marsh (UK glamour model, Page 3 girl).

Page 3 Meets WWE - Michelle Joins The A-List

A WWE erotic story

by DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)

* * *

Birmingham, England. April of 2005. Backstage at the taping of WWE Smackdown in the UK, the show is in full swing as the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, the duo known as MNM are heading backstage after having competed in their match which saw the storyline between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero take a new turn. Both handsome and muscular studs are clad in their lavish ring attires of tight fitting and flashy pants, and have their tag title belts on their shoulders as they head along the corridor towards their locker room.

"So... Melina's ditched us already huh?" Joey Mercury asks, casting a knowing look to his tag partner. "Who's in her sights tonight? Stutter gimmick Morgan? The poetic genius of Heindenreich? Oh wait, I bet it's JBL! You know she loves going for money and gold... Or is that just what she "digs", right?"

"I've already told you... Melina knows what she's doing..." Johnny Nitro quickly defends his girlfriend, with clear annoyance on his face at what the other WWE Superstar is saying. "She knows how to get ahead, and get us ahead in the process."

"Yeah, by giving some head..." Mercury says with a chuckle as the two turn a corner, but they both come to a stop when they see someone heading towards them, going in the opposition direction. "Damn! Check out the weapons on that babe!"

The woman in question is one of the UK glamour and Page 3 models who along with three other fellow Daily Star Girls filmed a segment to be broadcast on Smackdown to tie-in with an in-ring appearance they all made on the episode of Raw in the same week. Namely the stunning blonde Michelle Marsh, who is dressed in white shorts that cling to her sexily rounded ass, and a tight, white T-shirt with the logo of the tabloid The Daily Star on the front that strains against her massive breasts. The English model famed for her topless shoots for Page 3 and Lads' Mags soon locks eyes with the two men, raising a interested eyebrow as she looks them both over.

"So... What exactly are you two supposed to be?" Michelle questions as she comes to a stop in front of them both, placing her hands on her hips. "I don't exactly follow this WWE stuff, but you can't tell me you both walk around every day dressed like this."

"We are the A-List tag team of the WWE, as well as the WWE Tag Team Champions..." Johnny says with a smirk, patting his title belt. "We are MNM... And we could rock your world, all night long..." He adds with a cocky tone, not hiding the fact that he's checking her out.

"Oh right, sure you can..." Marsh says with a smirk of her own. "Sure all this flashy stuff isn't just compensating for something else?"

"What about you? You've got the look of being a WWE Diva..." Joey says, his looks a whole lot more subtle than the other man is being. "And I'm sure you haven't been through the initiation yet..."

"Sorry lads, but me and the other Page 3 girls..." She says, running a hand across the logo on her shirt. "Are just doing promotional stuff for this show and the Daily Star newspaper. Besides, if you..." She motions at Nitro. "Are what's considered "A-List" across in America? I don't think I want any part of it."

"Yeah... Because you know you couldn't last against a couple of real men like me and Joey, let alone fuck your way onto the A-List!" Nitro boasts again.

"I don't know Johnny... I think that she could be exactly the kind of girl that would be perfect for us..." Joey says. "And it'd make a change from being around your bitch of a girlfriend as well..."

"Trying to score with me, but you've already got a bird?" Michelle asks with a smirk." Sounds like a headline from the paper I pose in... But I bet I could easily make you both see who exactly is a "girl" around here after I'd finished with you both." She boldly states, glancing between them both. "From the looks of you, this A-List doesn't look all it's cracked up to be."

"Is that a challenge?" Mercury questions. "Then how about you come with us, and show us what you can do then? Unless you're more of a Z-List than anything close to an A..."

* * *

Moments later, in the suitably A-List quality locker of the MNM stable, Michelle Marsh has shown she doesn't waste time as she's currently completely naked with her sexily curved body on full display, her nicely thick ass, neatly shaved pussy, and her huge, voluptuous breasts all being shown off. Not to mention that she's currently mounted on the rock hard, long and fat dick of Joey Mercury as he sits back on the couch on the locker room, and the fact that she's bouncing on him with a lot more enthusiasm that she should have considering the two have only just met.

"Mmmm! Mmmm... Mmmmph!!" She's also getting busy with the other half of the hunky tag team, as she bobs her head along the even longer shaft of Johnny Nitro who is grinning and groaning as she handles half of his size inside her mouth, moaning around him as she slurps away and impressively keeps good timing while fucking the other stud involved in this at the same time.

"Ahhhh... No matter the country... Blondes love to fucking party..." Nitro states with a smirk, gazing down and watching the stunning blonde suck away on his cock, already getting her saliva layered onto his rod from the smooth and steady motion she's using that, along with her riding the other dick she's currently handling, is making her long hair away a little.

"Mmmm... Goes double... Mmmm! With chicks as stacked as this one is..." He adds rather back-handedly, but his moans of pleasure shows he's more than enjoying the oral skills on display as he feels her full, pouty lips gliding back and forth over his inches, a slight slap of her tongue against his underside showing she knows exactly how to handle a cock, and even one of this great size and thickness.

"Mmmm! Ahhh fuck... No shit, just look at her go..." An equally grinning Mercury states as he brings his hands up to her huge breasts, squeezing and playing with them as his fingers easily dig in to the more than ample flesh, causing her to groan around the dick she's blowing while she keeps on briskly raising and dropping herself onto the rod deep in her snug, wet snatch. "Mmmm... Damn, just look at this tits... Look fucking bigger than Melina's..." He groans out as he pumps his manhood up into the snatch that's riding him, timing it perfectly to send all his thick inches up into her box when she drops down, a slap of skin meeting tanned skin sounded out when their desirable bodies connect while he continues to grope and enjoying the bouncing boobs right in front of his face.

"Mmmmph!! Ahhhhh! Mmmm... Mmmmph!" The English beauty continues to let out muffled moans around the pole she's taking deeper into her oral hole, showing no signs of shame as she continues to work herself between the two fat American cocks that are stuffing her mouth and snatch full, serving as encouragement for her to keep bouncing on the hunk she's on top off while she swiftly sucks on the other grappler. "Mmmmph.... Mmmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmm..." She groans again, glancing b.riefly at the hands that are gripping her big titties with a look that shows she isn't surprised, but soon focuses back on the standing stud as she sinks her head down further onto his rod to take him in deep, both of them moaning as her pretty face moves closer towards his crotch.

"Ahhh! Mmmm... She's not bad... Mmmm..." The co-winner of Tough Enough III says with a moan, even though he's impressed by both how well she's blowing him and the fact that she hasn't yet gagged once around even, even as she starts to deep throat all of his inches, making her throat noticeably bulge when she pushes forward to take him in. "Mmmmm fuck... She's no Melina... Ahhhh... But she's good..." Nitro claims again even if his clear moans tell the true story as his cock is now coated in her saliva from the repeated, steady sucking she's been giving him, and all the while continuing to bounce sharply on the shaft that's deep in her snatch, a sign that this isn't the first time the glamour model has taken on two men at once in a sexual encounter.

Giving a couple more sucks, she lefts her head away with a groan as she catches her breath for a moment. "Mmmm... Don't know about fucking habits in the States... But it's pretty bloody rude to talk about some other woman... Ahhh! When you're banging one right with you..." Michelle says, casting a look to Nitro as she enjoys some more deep bounces onto the other hunk.

"Coming from a chick who makes a living showing her tits off to the world?" Johnny says with a smirk as he moves across the room towards his travel bag. "Don't think you have any right to comment on rude and decency here honey..." He says over his shoulder as he fishes out a bottle of lubricant from the bag.

"Ahhhh... Don't mind him... Guy's been under the thumb with his girlfriend... Mmmm... For years..." Joey says, giving her huge tits another squeeze before delivering a final few thrusts up into her snatch.

"Mmmm! No wonder you were so eager to get... Ahhhh... A real woman around you for once..." Marsh smiles at him before she lifts herself off from his rod, moving back so she can slip down between his spread legs. "But you know what they say... Blondes do it better, right?" She says with a seductive look in her smoking eyes, placing her hands on his muscular thighs and she parts her lips, taking his cock into her oral hole.

"Ahhh! Mmmm... Too fucking right they do..." The Fairfax, Virginia-born stud says with a moan as he sits back, watching the beauty born in Royton, Greater Manchester expertly go to work on his meaty length, her pouty lips wrapping tightly around his size as she slides her head up and down onto him, already groaning around his size and all the while gazing up at him as she sucks him off. "Mmmm! Oh shit... Damn, that's what I'm talking about... Ahhh..." Unlike his tag partner, he isn't afraid to voice his approval and in turn he's getting the rewards as she eagerly uses a swift and smooth pace, moving her mouth up to the head and then right back down to over the half way mark, and having no issue with cleaning up her own pussy juices that are covering his member as she blows him.

"We'll see what she can handle..." The other half of the MNM tag team says as he drops down into position behind her, pulling her hips back so she's in the classic doggy style position before he pushes his cock, that's still coated with her own saliva, into her still tight and damp snatch, causing them both to moan even before he starts to firmly pump in and out of her. "Ahhhh... I don't get why you're... Mmmm! So impressed with her..." He claims, sliding his tool back and forth into the snug snatch of the winner of The Daily Star's 2002 Search for a Babe contest, but his moans soon increase when she starts pushing back against his motion, taking his man meat deeper into her love tunnel. Flipping the lid off the bottle, he pours a little lube out onto his finger before moving down towards her juicy looking ass, putting the bottle down so he can spread her cheeks apart before pushing the digit into her other lower hole.

"MMMM!! Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." The eyes of the busty blonde widen at the unexpected invasion, but she isn't thrown off by her asshole being slowly fingered and lubed up while she takes a pumping from behind at the same time, as she keeps on pushing her booty backward to meet every forward thrust into her wet pussy that she's getting. "Ahhhh... Mmmm! MMMM!! Mmmm..." She continues to groan as she rocks her gorgeously curved English body between the two hunky WWE Superstars, taking a long American cock in both ends as she bobs her head swiftly onto the dick in front of her and keeps moving sharply against the fucking she's getting in her tight pussy from behind, and not showing any discomfort from the anal action going on as well.

"Ahhhh... MMMM!! Geez, what babe... Ahhhh... Are you fucking right now?" Mercury questions, although his attention is obviously more on the stunning facial features that are being raised and lowered onto his cock, saliva now dripping down his fat inches from the quick, repeated motion as once again she's show off her deep throating skill when she pushes herself right down onto him. "MMMM!! Fuck!! Ahhhh... This Page 3 stuff I've got to check out..." He groans out, putting a hand on the back of her long, blonde haired head as she resumes her hungry bobbing motion, loud slurps being heard each time she moves up and down on his manhood, her hands slightly rubbing his thighs as she grips them for support, using nothing but her mouth to give him some oral satisfaction with porn star-like skill.

"Ahhh... Mmmm!! Big deal... She can take on two at once..." The other hung hunk still tries to hold back his enjoyment, even as he stiffly pumps his cock back and forth into her damp and still snug pussy, his muscular frame connecting with her perfectly curved body when he thrusts forward to meet her as she pushes sharply back. "Ahhh... I bet... Mmmm... The slut can't even take it up the ass... MMMM!!" He claims through his moans, keeping his finger moving firmly in and out of her asshole as he fucks her snatch at the same time, making sure to properly lube up that hole with some steady fingering, while at the same time still thrusting his shaft balls deep into her snatch, his nutsack slapping against the bottom of her pussy when he plunges in fully and she rocks back to meet every pump.

Hearing that insult, she quickly lifts her head away to glare back at the hunk banging her from behind. "You match your fucking mouth, prick!" Michelle says with narrowed eyes. "Maybe I'll shove my fingers up your arse and see how you like it??"

"Knowing how Melina treats him, he's probably enjoy that..." Joey says with a chuckle as he leans back, watching as she makes the move to shift forward, climbing back up onto his lap.

"Hey, what the Hell man?" Johnny says as he pours some lube from the bottle onto his cock before starting to stroke it onto and over his length. "You're supposed to be on my side here!" He adds with a frown on his handsome face as he can't seem to understand the hatred towards his girlfriend.

"Not when it comes to your bitch of a girlfriend making you into a bitch all the time..." Mercury says, grinning as he takes in the sight of the perfectly curved body in front of him as Marsh lowers herself down onto his cock to make them both moan. "Now if you don't mind... I've got a different kind of pussy to deal with... Ahhh... Other than you..."

Wasting no time to show what he's meaning, the former OVW Television Champion starts to firmly thrust his big cock right up into her wet and still tight snatch, making them both groan out loudly and without shame as she grinds her pussy down against his crotch, resting her hands on his broad shoulders and letting him take the lead as he bangs her with a series of forceful and steady pumps. "Ahhhh... MMMM!! Mmmm... Ahhh fuck yeah..." He grunts, his eyes glued to her vast, sexily rounded breasts that are bouncing in front of him as her body jolts up each time he fires his dick up into her love tunnel, and he just can't resist sliding his hands up to once again cup and squeeze those magnificent mounds, in turn making her groan again as she tilts her head back, showing that he knows exactly how to handle a pair of fantastic tits like hers. "Ahhhh! Mmmm... Yeah! Fucking take it Michelle! MMMM!!"

"We'll see... Awwww fuck!! If she can take this.... Ahhhh!" The man who would go on to be known as John Morrison hisses through his teeth as he pushes his dick up into the plump rump of one of the most famous Page 3 girls in UK tabloid history, groaning as he feels how tight her back passage is even with the prior lubrication. Seeing that she isn't motioning for this invasion to stop, and fighting back the shock of that, he starts to pump himself in and out of her ass, moaning with each movement as he establishes a steady and firm pace. "MMMM!! Ahhhh... Damn!! She must have... Ahhhh... Been taking tips from my girl..." He claims, sliding his man meat firmly forward between her butt cheeks as he keeps them spread apart, letting him gaze down and see exactly how much of his thick dick she's already able to take, and as a little more fits in every time he thrusts forward, it seems clear she can take a whole lot more.

"If that's... Ahhh! The case... MMMM!! Then why isn't Michelle whining and crying about getting... Mmmm... Fucked up the ass??" The seated WWE Superstar says as he keeps on thrusting his cock straight up into her snatch, making his balls slap into her skin every time he drives up into her wet but still nicely snug hole, leaning in for a moment so he can suck on her rock hard nipples, further making her moan out as he swats his tongue across the tips of her tits as he gropes away at them. "AHHH!! Your "girl" could only take... Mmmm... A few inches before she was... MMMM!! Complaining about us being too rough..." Mercury grunts out as he uses this swift and forceful pace to drive his shaft right up and balls deep into her pussy, making sure she takes every inch of him into that wet snatch as his stiff motion continues to make her rock sharply upwards, in turn making her ass push backward against the pumps she's getting into her other lower hole, as her pussy slaps down against the crotch of the hunk she's on top off.

"MMMM!! Fuck!! Ahhhh... Can't you boys... Mmmm... Just enjoy yourselves here??" The regular of several "Lads' Mags" in the UK says with a grin on sweat-covered face as even though she's been more than handling the hammering from both hung hunks, the effects are starting to show with that perspiration forming across her stunningly curved body, but it isn't stopping her from grinding back and forth between the two men. "MMMM... I know... Ahhhh! I know I fucking am!" The busty Englishwoman says, moaning deeply as the two long and fat American cocks continue to drive firmly and with increasing speed into her ass and snatch to fill her up more than she's even been stuffed before in her life, giving her sexy and curvy body the kind of fucking she and her incredible tits truly deserve.

"AHHHH!! Screw you Joey!! Mmmm... You're just jealous..." Nitro groans as he continues to slide his dick in and out of her asshole as he squeezes her nicely rounded ass cheeks, feeling her back passage all around his shaft as it's clear that this isn't the first time she's engaged in some anal sex, further impressing as she seems to all too easily take a cock of his great size in her much tighter hole. "You know my girl... MMMM... Is a real A-List babe..." He moans out as sweat starts to noticeably form across his muscular, desirable body, his claims becoming more weak with every moan he lets out as he keeps on stiffly fucking the sexy backside of the glamour model in front of him as she gets pounded in her snug snatch at the same time by his MNM tag team partner to ensure they give her a very intense double team.

"MMMM!! Forget A-List mate... You're a real A-hole... Ahhhh... By the sounds of things..." Michelle says with a look over her shoulder, giving Nitro a smirk as she moans and continues to rock between both men's steady thrusts into her lower holes.

"You're lucky... Ahhhh FUCK!! I'm giving you the time of day..." Johnny claims again as he eases his dick out of her booty with a groan.

"Shit... Enough talk about that bitch Melina..." Joey says, pulling out of her snatch with a moan as he lifts her up and off from his lap. "You hold her up, and I'll get ready to tap that ass of hers..." He adds, reaching down to grab the bottle of lube from the floor.

"You know Johnny, you're a pretty good sight to look at..." Marsh states she wraps her legs around the other hunk's waist when he lifts her up and off the ground. "Shame that you're such an arse-hole..." She adds with a smirk.

"MMMM! Laugh it up honey... Ahhhh! You're going to get what I give my girl... MMMM... Each time she comes back to me!" Nitro states as he grips her waist and starts to swiftly slam his shaft straight up into her soaking wet snatch, making her moan out as he sends all of his thick inches into her love tunnel with one thrust, his balls smacking up into her skin and making her lean in, pressing her huge breasts against his muscular chest as she grips onto him with both arms around the neck.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm!! Yeah... Let's see... MMMM!! You take it now!!" He groans as he uses a piston-like movement to pump his length in and out of her still nicely tight but now very damp pussy, gripping onto her toned and tanned waist as he bangs the Daily Star Girl and uses his superior strength to easily keep her held completely off the ground, even as he goes into using this swift and forceful pace to fuck her, making them both moan loudly but without even a hint of shame.

Having spread and then stroked a more than generous amount of lube onto his cock, the other WWE Superstar moves back into the mix as he approaches her from behind, spreading her butt cheeks apart so he can now slide his member into her asshole with a firm and controlled thrust. "AWWWW fuck!! MMMM!! Oh fuck yeah! This is a... MMMM!! Real piece of ass..." Mercury says with a grin and a groan, not holding back as he slides himself back and forth past her asshole, the previous pumping she'd taken in that hold allowing him to plunge in impressively deep already and seeing that she is showing zero signs of discomfort, he's already putting some force behind his motion. "Ahhhh! MMMM!! No way... Ahhhh... Melina could take it this... AHHH!! This deep!" He's able to grunt out, gripping and even giving her juicy ass a firm spank as he fucks that often overlooked but very sexy backside, driving his cock in and out with a series of steady and perfectly timed thrusts, showing his own experience as he shows exactly how to handle a woman, let alone an ass, of this quality and beauty.

"OH FUCK!! MMMM... AHHHH!! Oh shit!! MMMM!! Fucking HELL!!" The woman who would go on to star in several British reality TV shows couldn't now care less about the differences of opinion between the two hunks, just the two massive cocks they are giving her as she gets stuffed full in her juicy ass and her soaking wet pussy at the same time. "MMMM!! Oh yes!! YES!! MMMM!! Ooooooh FUCK!! MMMM..." She continues to sweat and moan, her big breasts grinding and sliding against the chest of the stud she's clutching onto as she's made to roughly jolt upwards thanks to the hard thrusts she's getting from them both, their dicks driving in balls deep and making it no surprise that her moans are loud enough to bounce around the MNM locker room this steamy threesome is happening in.

"Ahhhh... MMMM!! Damn it... I hope... AHHHH!! Every tour to the UK... MMMM!! Ends up like this..." The former tag team champion in multiple promotions in the indies says as he continues to keep on driving his fat American cock into the English beauty's gorgeous ass, giving every single inch of his length with the kind of forceful and quick pace that would most likely render any other woman unable to walk straight for well over a week. "Mmmm... AHHHH... Wonder if there's any other... MMMM!!! Of these Page 3 chicks who... AHHHH... Who can get party like this..." He manages to grunt out, sweat now coating all of his desirable and muscular frame but he's not stopping from enjoying every moment that he can of getting a piece of this stunning blonde as he and his tag team partner keep on firing up into her with thrust after quick and forceful thrust.

"AHHHH... AWWWW FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Forget... Ahhhh!! About that... Looks like this party... MMMM... Has just finished..." There's a reason for Johnny Nitro to be smug here, as he continues to deliver swift and stiff thrusts up into the snatch of Michelle Marsh as with her head tilted back and a deep, long moan let out, she starts to cum hard on his cock while Joey Mercury fucks her up the ass at the same time. Indeed, the intensity of this double team action to double penetrate her lower holes, along with the sheer size of their thick cocks, was too much for her to take any more as more of her juices now flood out and over the throbbing dick pumping up into her pussy, "MMMM!! AHHHH... Like I said... MMMM!! Not too bad... Just... AWWWWW fuck!! MMMM... Not quite A-List..." Nitro continues to claim, even as he's only able to give her a couple more thrusts up into her snatch before he has to pull out, his cock pulsating wildly now but the other WWE hunk behind her gives her ass a few more stiff pumps, aiding her to rde out the intensity of her orgasm that makes her groan out with closed eyes.

"Ahhhh... You... You see?" Johnny says with a grin, unwrapping her legs from around him so he and the other stud can set her down on the ground. "That's what happens when... OH FUCK!!"

"MMMPH!! Mmmm... MMMM!!" Suddenly Michelle dived down onto her knees, taking Nitro's cock into her mouth and not holding back as she stated to swiftly suck him off, taking all of his thick length deep between her lips and lashing her tongue up, cleaning off her own pussy juices from around the very dick she's just came all over. "Mmmmph!! MMMM... Mmmm!!" She's showing impressive energy here despite having just hit her sexual high, but is more just proving a point as she's making the hunk receiving this blowjob have to grab onto the edge of the couch they'd been fucking on minutes ago just to stand up.

"AHHH!! MMMM!! OH FUCK!! FUUUUUUCK!!" Now it's Johnny Nitro who's party is brought to a sudden finish, as the expert cock sucking skill of Michelle Marsh forces him to cum, making his sizeable load flood into her mouth to make her groan in surprise, but it doesn't stop her from continuing to bob her head along his member. "AHHHH... MMMM... Ahhhh... Fuck!! MMMM..." He can only gasp and moan as shot after thick shot of his spunk fills up her oral hole as the busty and now well fucked blonde rocks her head up and down on his pole a couple more times before she moves back, letting his spent length fall from her mouth. Now she parts her lips, showing off all of his jizz that she's collected before with a smirk and a satisfied gulp she swallows it all down, licking her lips afterwards before she promptly turns away, shifting closer to the other man who's been a part of the three-way action.

"Now that your arsehole of a friend is out of the way..." Michelle says with a saucy smile, moving up close so that she can line up her chest with his throbbing cock. "How about I give you something to brag about?" She offers, but already can guess the answer from his smile as she takes his dick and slips it between her mountains.

"Awww fuck you guys..." Nitro says with a frown, making a dismissive hand motion as he turns to start putting his clothes back on.

"Compared to that gutter-slut Melina? It'd be... MMMM... An insult to you to even compare how good you two fuck..." He says with a grin, watching as she sandwiches his man meat between her sizable mounds.

"Bet you say that to all the girls you fuck..." Marsh teases as she grips her boobs. "From the sounds of it... And how shite she seems to be, I think you do..."

With another smile, the stunning Page 3 model starts to slide her incredibly large and sexy breasts all the way up and down on the cock that's just been fucking her balls deep up her juicy ass, but now she's captured in her deep, pushed together cleavage and from the sounds of the moans coming from the handsome man receiving it, this is even better feeling than being straight up inside her backside. "Mmmm... Don't think I just give this out to anyone by the way..." She playfully teases again,leaning her head down for a moment so she can spit down onto the crowd on his rod, soon her tits moving up so her saliva gets rubbed into his shaft and her boobs as she administers this titwank with her more than ample breasts. "But you've fucking earned a reward mate... Mmmm... So just enjoy..." She keeps her hands firmly pressing her large tits against his member, making it completely vanish between her boobs when she slides them up, but the head of his rod appearing from between them when she quickly drags them down just to repeat the motion again.

"MMMM!! Holy fuck!! Mmmm.. Oh trust me... I'm... AHHHH... Fucking enjoying this!!" The sweating, groaning hunk from Fairfax, Virginia can't help but grin as he gazes down and watches his long and thick to match cock be captured between the massive and perfectly rounded breasts of the beauty born in Royton, Greater Manchester in England. "Mmmm... AHHHH shit... MMMM!! Fucking Hell... So... MMMM... So fucking good!!" He moans as his manhood throbs wildly between her big mountains as she keeps them firmly pressed against and around his pole, ensuring her feels all of the soft flesh as she smoothly and expertly glides her sexy and large tits all the way up and down his shaft, the seductive look on her sweat-covered face just adding to the pleasure he's getting from her.

"Mmmm... Oh yeah Joey... Come give me that load... Let it all out..." She says, seeing him pull his cock out from between his tits as he starts to furiously jerk himself off, and she barely pushes her tits up and together as a target before the first shot of spunk lands onto her, as Joey Mercury starts to blow his load onto the huge breasts of Michelle Marsh. She can't help but grin as she watches streak after warm and thick stream of jizz splash across her breasts as she offers them up as a more than ample target, the busty blonde licking her lips again as she watches the sizeable amount of cum land across both of her boobs. "Ahhh... Fucking Hell! That bitch you're around must make you guys have some serious blue balls!" She says with a laugh, seeing his cock start to soften after the final drops of spunk are flicked off from the tip of his tool, leaving her to groan as she uses her hands to rub his jizz all across her massive titties, cupping her own breasts as she makes sure his cum is spread out all across them both for a nice, glazed covering.

"So... Still think this Melina girl is still something special?" Michelle asks with a smirk as she stands up from the floor, casting a look over at Nitro who's gotten dressed already.

"I already said it, you're good enough." Johnny rather rudely snaps, making it clear that he's been shown up by her during this. "Now hit the bricks before my girl gets back."

"Yeah... And kicks your ass for daring to bang a hotter chick behind her back." Joey says with a smirk. "But yeah, maybe you should get out of here before that mega bitch comes back... Hearing about her is nothing compared to having to put up with her."

"I can believe that..." Marsh says, giving Joey an approving look over as she licks her full lips a little. "But it's good to know that even without going over to Hollywood... I can still get onto the A-List..."

* * *
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, models, promotions, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the wrestlers, models etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as a result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: John Cena (WWE), Lucy Pinder (UK glamour model)

Page 3 Meets WWE - Lucy And The Champ

A WWE/celeb erotic story

by DaxG2001 (daxg2001@yahoo.co.uk)

* * *

Birmingham, England. April of 2005. As the taping of WWE Smackdown in the UK approaches the main event of the night, the current WWE Champion, the handsome and muscular John Cena, is heading back towards his locker room having earlier in the night successfully defeated former rival Rene Dupree in a match.

As he heads along, clad in the same trademark shorts he was competing in earlier on that show off his ripped, muscular upper body, and with his title proudly resting on his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye he spots something that makes him stop and turn. What appears to be the WWE Tag Team Champions of the duo known as MNM are making a hasty exit, but more surprising to him is what looks to be a stunning and curvaceous blonde leaving with them that he doesn't recognize.

"Man, Melina is gonna be pissed... Well, more pissed than she usually is, if she finds out those guys have picked up a hottie to take back to the hotel." Cena says to himself, watching the group leave. "With Rey and Paul leaving with that hot dark haired woman earlier, it must be take a hottie home night in Brimingham!" He chuckles to himself before he turns to continue on.

Only a step later and he bumps into an extremely pleasant sight indeed in the form of another one of the Daily Star Page 3 girls who had taken part in a recorded segment to air on Smackdown, one of the UK's rising glamour model stars and a woman who would become over the years the most successful glamour model in British history - Lucy Pinder. The gorgeous brunette is dressed like her fellow Page 3 girls have been in short white shorts that hug to her nicely rounded ass, and a truly eye-catching sight of a very tight white top with the Daily Star tabloid logo on the front that strains against her massive, round breasts.

"Oh goodness! Sorry about that!" Lucy quickly apologises as she takes a step back, caught off guard both by the bumping and the sight of the muscular, half naked stud in front of her.

"Hey, relax! Around here, happens more times than you'd imagine." John says with a reassuring smile before he offers a hand. "John Cena, WWE Champion."

"Lucy. Lucy Pinder." Pinder smiles back, relieved as she shakes the hand. "I'm with the rest of the Daily Star Page 3 girls, if I can bloody find them. We taped a video segment earlier for this show for... William Regal I think his name is?"

"Oh yeah, that's definitely the guy." Cena says, taking a brief look over her. "Page 3 huh? Sounds pretty important... Are pages one, two, and the rest not important enough for you?" He playfully teases the busty brunette.

"Well, for the male readers it is." She smirks. "Considering it's on Page 3 where women like me pose topless! Well, at least, I would if I actually did Page 3. I'm more of a model for the centerfold I guess you'd call it in America?" She laughs a little.

"So... A Page 3 Girl, who isn't a Page 3 girl?" John smirks. "Personally I'm not about being something I'm not, but seeing how you look right now? I think you can make any page work just fine." He says with a flirty tone.

"Well, I'm still kind of new to glamour modeling, but I know one day I'll more than happily pose topless." Lucy states, taking a moment to check out the stud in front of her. "You're the Champion around here then? Since I'm a guest here tonight at your show... Maybe you can show me what the WWE is all about, and why it's all so special?"

"Show you? Lucy, I can do you one better. My locker room is just down the hallway and there's a saying I love to use around here - If you Want Some, then Come Get Some. I'll show you exactly what being the WWE Champion is all about."

Glancing to the side, she bites her bottom lip for a moment, mulling over the offer. "I should be trying to find the other girls... But goodness knows where they went to..." Looking back, she gives him a nod and a smile. "You know what John? If you're offering, then I bloody do "want some"..." She says, taking another approving look over him.

* * *

Moments later in his private locker room, the handsome WWE Champion is kneeling between the spread legs of the gorgeous and now bottomless Lucy Pinder, who lets out a groan as John Cena runs his tongue along the outside of her neatly trimmed pussy, a sly smirk on his face as he works over the outer folds of her snatch.

"Mmmm... I always said I wanted to eat something over here... Pretty sure this will beat fish and chips..." John jokes as he slowly and steadily runs his tongue around her snatch in a clockwise motion, looking up and seeing her watching intently with a groan, now just dressed in that tight white top that's stretching against those magnificent breasts, starting to eat her out as her moves along and briefly touches the outer folds of her snatch.

"Mmmm! Oh fuck! Mmmm..." The stunning glamour model moans as she relaxes back into the luxury couch of the locker room, running her hands along her own thighs as she feels the tongue of the WWE Superstar runs his tongue just against her snatch in a slightly teasing, but obviously experienced manner that's already making her wet just moments after getting started.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... Ooooooh John! Mmmm..." She groans as she gazes down to see brief glimpses of his tongue as he licks away around her pussy, making her lick her own lips as the effects of his initial oral action are clear as the clear outline of her hard nipples of her huge breasts can be seen from her already straining top, but when he finally moves his tongue properly onto her tight looking snatch to make her noticeably moan out.

"Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." The reigning WWE Champion smirks into the pussy he's eating out again, hearing her erotic moans that are encouraging him to give her the kind of treatment it seems she's not used to, flicking his hungry tongue against her nicely damp folds and keeping his mouth close to her twat as he grips her tanned thighs.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmm..." Cena moans a little himself, a tent pitched in his own shorts as gets turned on by orally pleasuring the beautiful and busty model, slightly tilting his head back and forth as he slides his tongue around her sweet pussy, glancing up and seeing the mixed look of pleasure and surprise at skill, further making the hunk smile to himself at her approval.

"Mmmm! Oh fuck John! You know... Mmmm... How to treat a guest right..." The British babe moans as she bites down on her bottom lip, slightly rocking her hips forward towards the American hunk's face as she feels that tongue working over her pussy at a controlled, savouring pace, unable to help herself as she places a hand onto the back of his head.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Most bloody men just start off... Mmmm... Sucking my tits for ages... Ahhhhh!" The woman who would go on to be known as the UK's most successful glamour models moans again as the wrestler who would go on to be one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time laps away at her now slick hole, his talented tongue slipping in further inside to keep her moaning out.

"Mmmm... I'm not the guy to boast, but I like to think I'm not like other men." The former United States Champion says with another smirk before he dives back in, placing his lips onto her damp lower ones as he now sucks on her snatch, causing her to groan and arch off the couch slightly as he gets back into eating the stunning model out in his own locker room.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmph..." Slurping on that wet and tasty pussy, his mouth, lips and chin are getting a little stained with her juices as he drinks them down, working his tongue far into and around her at a steady pace, feeling her grind that snatch into his rugged facial features to make it further clear how much she's loving this oral treatment.

"MMMM! Ohhhhh John! I wish every bloke... Ahhhh! Could go down on me like this..." Lucy groans with a slightly dazed smile from how great her pussy had been eaten as he moves back to stand up. "You've bloody earned a go on my tits now!" She says with a sexy smile, pulling her top up and over her head as her fantastic, round and juicy breasts bounce free before she sits back.

"That sounds like great British hospitality... But I've got an idea we're both going to like..." John chuckles as he reaches down, undoing his shorts to let them drop to the floor and reveal the mouth-watering sight of his long and thick cock complete with a set of heavy, balls.

"Holy shit!!" Pinder exclaims in a priceless look with wide eyes and an open mouth, staring at his big dick that's obviously the biggest she's ever seen. "That's... That's fucking huge!!"

"You Brits have a fine way of giving compliments..." Cena smirks as he moves back in, lining his cock up with her wet snatch as he penetrates with a firm thrust.

"MMMM!! Oooooooooh FUCK!!" The Winchester, Hampshire born stunner gasps, still with that look of shot on her pretty face as that lengthy tool enters, feeling her tight snatch clamping around the invasion to make this both the biggest cock she's ever seen and ever taken, proven by how snug her twat is as she still can't take her eyes away from between her legs at the dick being lodged right into her.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh!! Oh fuck!! That's... That's so fucking big!" She groans as he begins to thrust that meaty pole back and forth into her snatch, quickly breaking into a firm rhythm as it appears he's getting used to the tight feeling all around his cock as the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud pumps forward into the busty brunette to already make her arch noticeably off from the couch she's getting fucked on.

"Mmmm... It's a pretty tight fight... Ahhhh... At my end..." The current WWE Champion admits with a moan, not alone in feeling exactly how snug that nicely wet snatch feels but like a seasoned pro he's keeping control, using a series of long strokes to send his member into the beautiful model's pussy to make sure she gets used to such a vast size going deep into her.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... But I'm always up for a challenge..." He adds with another moan, giving a testing stiff thrust to see if she can handle it, and hearing her moan out and lock eyes with him makes him smile handsomely, taking the hint to deliver another, and another, and rewarding himself in the process as his dick gradually works further into that hot snatch with each one of those firm pumps.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes John! Ahhhhh! More!!" The gorgeous babe who would be voted the Daily Star's Favorite Page 3 Girl of All Time moans out again, desire in her eyes as she grips onto the arms of the muscular hunk in front of her, and to her moaning delight gets exactly what she wants in the form of several more stiff and swift thrusts to send that fat shaft deep into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck! That's bloody amazing! Oh shiiiiiiit MMMM!!" She groans again as the stud who would go on to hold the WWE title many more times shows more of his sexual ability as he uses a perfectly paced and forceful motion to send his dick in and out of that tight, wet snatch, making her tanned body bounce on the couch so her incredibly large and perfectly rounded tits jiggle in time with the rest of her desirable frame.

"Ahhhh... You ain't so bad yourself... Mmmm!!" The muscular hunk states as he shifts himself to lean forward and over her, now plunging his hard rod right up into her tightness, causing him to groan out every time he slides his prick in and out of her wet hole, still feeling her walls wrapped around his manhood as he keeps himself stuffed deep to the point that his balls are smacking into her skin when he drives in.

"Mmmmm... Awwwwww fuck!! MMMM... Most Divas around here... Take a little longer to be able to take... Ahhhh!! All of me in..." The WWE Superstar groans out as he keeps up this steadily but forceful thrusting pace, going in balls deep into her snug, wet snatch when he thrusts forward and makes her jolt back as she moans away, and even for a humble but handsome man like he is, he can't help but take a long look at those luscious, huge breasts of the gorgeous Page 3 babe as they bounce away in front of him.

"MMMM... Guess that means... Ahhhhh! I'm not like other women..." Pinder states with a moan and a smile, catching him unawares as he stares at her large tits to press her full lips against his, tasting a little of her own snatch off of them as they start to make out, moaning into each other's mouths as he takes all of his inches deep into her snatch over and over again.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm!! MMMM..." Their tongues slap against each other as spit gets swapped along with muffled moans of pleasure, and her massive chest continues to jiggle sexily from the rocking motion she's being made to do every time the curvaceous Englishwoman takes another pump from that fat and long American cock.

Pulling back from the kiss, he smirks back at her as he eases his dick out of her pussy with a groan. "Like I said Lucy, you'd fit right in with the Divas around here..." Cena says as he moves now to take a seat on the couch of his locker room.

"I bet you bloody say that to all the women you invite back here!" Lucy says with a laugh as she takes the opportunity to swing a leg over and straddle his muscular waist.

"Well usually it's just Divas who stop by..." John starts to respond, cut off by a moan as he feels her reaching back to take his dick back into her pussy. "Mmmm... But the WWE Divas are known for being a lot more physical... And I don't just mean in the ring."

"Mmmmm!! Fuck... That sounds like you're making a challenge to me now..." Pinder grins back, again using his words against him as she grinds her snatch down onto him for a moment before taking a hold of his shoulders and starting to bounce on his dick.

"Mmmm! A little trash talking in the sack... Ahhhhh! Never hurt me before..." The reigning WWE Champion states with a moan, holding the stunning Page 3 girl by her toned waist as she gets right to work riding his massive dick, dropping her body down with a loud slap onto his chiseled frame as her thick ass cheeks smack into him before she smoothly lifts herself up to repeat the action.

"MMMM! Ahhhhh... Maybe I just wanted to see... Mmmm!! What you could really do..." He groans out, mesmerized by the sight of those fantastic, large breasts of hers bouncing in time with the motion of her sexy body, making him lick his lips as his eyes move up and down in time with her motion, adding to the pleasure of his dick being stuffed right up into that still tight and sensually wet pussy.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! AHHHHH... MMMM... Oh yes John!!" The beauty who has become a sex icon already in just the couple of years of being a professional glamour model shamelessly moans out, tossing her long brunette hair back as she briskly bounces her body on the thick, rock hard shaft of the stud she's on top off.

"Ahhhhh!! You're so fucking big!! MMMM... Oooooh, and you can... Mmmmm... You can last..." She only lifts herself up to about the half-way mark on that lengthy pole, and then sharply rocks back until her crotch connects with the bass of his rod to make the erotic smack of flesh hitting tanned flesh ring out around the locker room they've been fucking in despite having only met about half an hour ago.

"Ahhhhh! Ask around Lucy... MMMM... I ain't no damn minute man..." The sports entertainer smirks with a groan as he slides his hands up onto those big, tempting tits to squeeze them, causing her to further moan out as she swiftly rides his cock and he gets to marvel at the sight of his fingers easily digging into the vast flesh of those perfect, Page 3 quality breasts.

"MMMM!! Awwwwww... Mmmmm shit!! You got some fucking skill yourself..." He happily admits, letting out another moan as he gropes and feels up perhaps the greatest pair of breasts to ever grace UK Lad's Mags, while she continues to skillfully bounce away on the still rock hard dick of the stud who would go on to have one of the most accomplished careers in WWE history, and both of them moaning loudly with delight each time she moves up or down on that meaty length.

"Ooooooooh!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH!! Holy fuuuuuuuuuck!!" The big-breasted English beauty groans out, sweat forming across her already stunning facial features as she keeps up this swift and steady bouncing pace on the long and fat American cock lodged deep inside her snug and soaking wet snatch, showing she's not just able to look sexy but able to bring it, especially with a huge cock like this.

"MMMM... OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! You bloody love those... AHHHHH... Big tits of mine, don't you?" The woman who would star in the UK version of Celebity Big Brother in 2009 is able to groan out, placing her hands on top of his to aid him in squeezing those fantastic, rounded boobs while she manages to keep on riding the future movie star with brisk and forceful motions, taking him in balls deep each time she sharply drops down into his crotch.

"MMMM... From what you've told me about your line of work... Ahhhhh... I'm not the only one who loves them..." The current WWE Champion smirks with a moan, more than happy to sit back and let her have a turn in the driver's seat, while he feels those tight walls still clamped around his dick as her snatch raises and lowers with speed time and time again, and allowing him to focus on feeling up her incredible breasts that still bounce away even within his grip.

"Awwwww SHIT!! Mmmmm!! And that's no damn bad thing either... MMMM!!" He grunts out as the drop-dead gorgeous model rides his shaft with the sort of skill expected more from professional porn sluts, but it only further shows that the beauty who would become also known for her topless photoshoots doesn't just know that sex sells, she clearly practices it, and that's to both of their moaning pleasure as she gives a couple more balls deep bounces onto his dick.

"MMMM... Too bloody right it's a good thing!" Lucy states with a lick of her lips, coming to a stop before she lifts herself up and off with a groan. "So, now you ready to see if you can handle my tits yet?"

"Again, really tempting Lucy... But how about you get yours before I get mine?" John says with a smile, moving up to his feet and then positioning her to rest on her knees on the couch, her shapely backside pointing out towards him.

"Wow... A bloke who actually wants to make me cum, and says no to my tits?" Pinder can't help but grin herself as she looks back over her shoulder at him. "Please tell me you're bloody single!"

"Ah... That's a little, what's the word? Complicated?" Cena says, perhaps foreboding to his future relationships, but for now he's focusing on the stunner in front of him as he moves up close and presses the head of his shaft into her snatch. "But let me show you why around here... Ahhhh... I say that The Champ is Here!"

"OH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMM!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH..." The beautiful Page 3 girl yells out her moan as the stud behind her wastes no time in driving his thick cock hard into her snatch, making her frame rock back and forth as she has to grip the back of the couch they've been fucking on for support, already feeling her snatch getting filled up with his cock once again.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! YES JOHN!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMM..." Tossing her long brunette hair back, she bites her bottom lip again as she takes this balls deep thrusting into her still pleasurably tight but now soaking wet twat, resulting in an effortlessly smooth in and out motion for him, and making her keep on moaning away as sweat continues to form over her stunning, curvy frame.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM... Yeah... You take damn better... AHHHHH... Than some Divas around here can..." The current WWE Champion groans as he watches her nicely rounded ass smack off of his muscular waist when he drives forward into her with a deep pump, in turn making her rock forward so when she comes back he's there with yet another stiff to say the least thrust to make the stunning model continue to loudly from the effects of his top notch pounding.

"MMMM... Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMM... Yeah, take all that fucking cock..." He's able to grunt out, starting to sweat now himself but not planning on relenting for a moment as he works his meaty rod in and out of her dripping wet and nicely snug snatch, giving the gorgeous English beauty the kind of treatment she deserves as he sends every thick inch of his American cock deep into her pussy each time he rams forward to fill her up unlike anything she's ever felt before.

"MMMMM YESSSSSS!! UHHHHH!! Fucking fill me up!! AHHHH!! Don't bloody stop John!!" Shameless, needy begging escapes along with moans from the woman who would go on to be a glamour modeling icon in the UK, but for now is looking more like a horny slut as she rocks back and forth against the hard and fast pounding from behind from the WWE Superstar who would become one of the most decorated champions in history.

"AHHHH... MMMMM!! Oh fuck!! MMMMM FUCK!! UHHHHH..." Her hands grip and dig into the couch she's getting banged on as her shapely backside continues to slap back against the hunk taking her from behind, making the ringing sound of skin meeting sweating and tanned skin ring out around this locker room, as her large, magnificent tits sway back and forth from the jolting way she's moving against those stiff pumps into her snatch.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Hot body, hot tits... AHHHHH!! MMMM... And a real nice ass... AHHHHH..." Cena comments in between groans of his own as he keeps on delivering thrust after hard and quick balls deep thrust straight into the busty babe up almost on her hands and knees on the seating in front of him, feeling no sting at all from his muscular midsection colliding with her sexy ass each time he pumps forward to fully stuff himself into that fantastic feeling twat of hers.

"MMMMMM FUCK!! You'd be a damn shoe in... AHHHHH... To be a WWE Diva..." He's able to smirk before he moans, taking a long look over the now sweat soaked and stunning UK model that's being bounced along his length thanks to how powerful his thrusting motion is but since it's just helping him to stay lodged deep within her hot and nicely tight box he's not planning on letting up just yet.

It's perhaps just as well, as having never experienced sex quite as intense as this, let alone with a piece of man meat as long and fat as his, it all becomes too much even for an expert at knowing how to turn men on as she would become to be known as.

"OH FUCK! OH YES JOHN! YES!! AHHHHH MMMMMM!!! OH FUUUUUUUUCK AHHHHHH!!" With another loud, erotic yell, Lucy Pinder starts to cum hard all over this pistoning cock of John Cena as her large tits swing away and juices flow out of her now more than simply well fucked snatch to further drench that big dick that continues to keep on thrusting deep into her, working to make her feel every moment of a sexual high she's likely to never forget.

"MMMMM!! AHHHHHH... Oooooooooh FUCK... MMMMM... Bloody Hell!! AHHHHHH..." She groans and gasps, sweat dripping from her nose as she hangs her head down, grunting with each thrust that makes her body rock forward as she starts to come down from that sexual peak, a lick of her lips showing she loved every moment of it and is still made to moan as the stud behind her eases off to deliver a couple more pumps for good measure.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! Mmmmm!!" Cena groans as he pulls his cock out from her dripping wet hole, seeing himself unsurprising pulsing now after such an intense fucking session with a beauty he'd only just met an hour ago. "So... You still up for letting me have some fun with those tits?" He asks with a handsome smile.

Turning herself around and tossing her sweat-soaked hair back, she smirks at him and answers first by slipping down to her knees in front of him. "You've more than bloody earned this!" Lucy grins as she takes a hold of her chest. "You'd better blow all over them too!"

"MMMM!! I think... AHHHHH... I can do that..." The current WWE Champion moans the moment she captures his throbbing cock between her fantastic, large tits, his member almost vanishing between her massive mounds but as he quickly starts to fuck her breasts the head of his cock appears from up between them before soon disappearing back down as he doesn't hold back with a swift and stiff pumping motion.

"MMMM... AWWWWW SHIT!! Mmmm... Holy fuck Lucy!! Those tits feel... MMMM... So fucking good!!" The West Newbury, Massachusetts stud groans out, loving the feeling of the soft and more than ample flesh all around his cock that's coated with her pussy fluids, meaning along with the sweat all over those large English breasts he can pump up and down into her rack with as smooth a motion as he was using to make her orgasm moments before.

"Mmmm... I've been told that before..." The gorgeous woman who would go on to become the UK's most successful glamour model says with a sly smirk, gazing up at the sweating, groaning WWE Superstar whose cock is rapidly pumping back and forth into her cleavage as she keeps her magnificently large and perfectly rounded breasts tightly presses against and around that thick piece of man meat.

"But never by someone who can shag as good as you can." She adds, glancing down so she can spit onto the head of his member when it pops up, making him groan again as he feverishly fucks those big boobs with rapid fire pumps, causing her to groan from the sinful sensation of that long cock sliding up and down in between her own breasts as she pushes them up and against that thrusting rod that minutes ago had been balls deep in her snatch and making her cum.

"MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK... MMMM... Thanks Lucy..."The hunk who would go on to hold the WWE title he currently holds several more times is only half listening as he stares down at the set of breasts that would become the most legendary in British glamour modeling history, moaning at the sensations of all that soft and luscious tit flesh around his throbbing tool as he briskly fucks her breasts.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM SHIT!! Here it comes Lucy!! AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMM..." Cena's able to warn, delivering a couple more thrusts before she quickly releases his dick from between her boobs, sitting up straight and then cupping her breasts in order to push them up and together to offer an unmissable target for the handsome wrestler who had made her cum hard what already feels like a lifetime ago.

No sooner does his hand grip that pulsating length and start to stroke than the first thick blast of spunk shoots outs as John Cena starts to blow his load across the massive breasts of Lucy Pinder, making her grin as she watches the hot streams of jizz land onto both of her large tits as she keeps them up and together, resulting in one shot landing down to disappear into her cleavage.

"Mmmmm... Fuck, that feels good..." She admits, watching as both of her breasts get a more than decent amount of his cum, the swift jerking off not stopping even the large bursts end and it's just the last few drops being eased out and down onto her tanned, rounded, and big tits to give them and her the kind of covering they truly deserve, and from the approving smirk on her pretty face she loves every moment of getting her chest coated.

"Looks like someone was really bloody wanting to get off!" Lucy exclaims with a laugh, using her hands to scoop up some of the cum from her tits so she can lick it clean, moaning at the taste. "Doesn't half taste good as well! You should have let me blow you first!" She says as she gets up to her feet.

"Well, if you feel like going for another round, I can make a call and get us to my hotel room in a couple minutes." John boldly offers with a smile.

"This still not enough for you?" Pinder smirks, motioning to her jizz-covered tits.

"Nope! And from the way you're looking at my cock, I think you feel the same way..." Cena states, catching her openly checking him out again.

"Hmmm... As tempting as that sounds, I really have to go check on the other Page 3 girls that are here tonight."Pinder sighs, obviously showing what she would rather be doing instead. "Michelle, Sophie, and that new girl they placed us with must be around here somewhere."

A thought strikes, making John glance to the door to his locker room before back to her. "Say, would these other girls be dressed up like you were? The white shorts, the tops with the logos on them?"

Perking up, Lucy smiles. "Exactly that! You bloody saw them??"

"Well... I saw a woman with jet black hair who appeared to be leaving with Rey Rey and that crazy Paul London guy earlier, and about a minute before I ran into you I saw those MNM boys looking like they'd upgraded their company with a blonde who blows Melina clear out of the water." Cena explains, watching her reaction as her jaw drops.

"Those bloody sluts!" Lucy laughs with a shake of the head. "Figures they'd fine some dick around here!"

"Well, I know where we can find them, and that dick..." John says, smirking again. "We're all staying at the same hotel for this show. So... My offer still stands, and something tells me we'll find your friends no doubt going for round two, or even three with those guys as well."

"Let's get going then John!" Pinder says with a smile. "I never would have imagined a night just turning up to do one segment would have turned out like this!"

"Guess that means when Page 3 Meets WWE, some damn good things happen!" Cena states.

* * *

While I'm not currently taking any suggestions or requests for stories, feel free to leave any feedback etc as a reply to this thread or via forum PM. Thanks for reading!
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2019, 10:01:18 AM »
These stories are absolute classics. I don't know much about wrestling, but I love how you write them. The Michelle part was terrific, but the finale with Lucy was my absolute favorite. World class tit fucking. Thank you for these.
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2019, 11:56:08 AM »
Thank you so much for posting these stories. They are the first stories out there to feature Sophie, Michelle and Lucy. So happy to have them here.

My favorite is the Michelle part. She just destroys those cocks!  ;D
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2019, 11:08:41 AM »
Fantastic stories with some of my fave Page 3 girls!!
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #6 on: June 11, 2019, 07:50:37 PM »
Oh my god, these stories are amazing. I know nothing about wrestling but I love these babes and you write them brilliantly.
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2019, 12:36:32 AM »
I remember reading this story somewhere else and loving it. Thanks for posting on here for me to read again. You know how to write Lucy as a smoldering temptress
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Re: Page 3 Meets WWE (Sophie Howard, Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #8 on: July 06, 2019, 02:05:22 AM »
Love how you write Lucy, good fucking god O_O make a man explode and drain every last drop.

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Nice stories, especially the one with Lucy. Cheers.


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