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Katherine Heigl - First Sin

‘’Do I have to do this?’’

At the age of 21, Katherine was talking to the man she had just met. She was a pretty young woman. She was 21 and she wasn't famous or rich yet. She came to this town to become a famous actress, but she wasn't as lucky as she thought. She lived in this town for about a month. Some people helped her while others ignored her. But it was necessary to be very lucky to meet a good person in this city. And now she was out of money. She was broke, desperate for help. She thought she was lucky to meet Jonas. Jonas was a producer. Most beautiful women who came to this city knew Jonas. It was no coincidence that Katherine met him and was now in his studio.She had agreed to a "special" type of private film that he was willing to pay her some big money for. It was her first self sacrifice, the first sin that would hopefully create a long road to making her into a woman of status and wealth in Hollywood.

Katherine sat on the soft bed. The room has good lighting. The camera in front of the bed was smaller than Katherine had expected. Jonas sat next to Katherine, nodding his head.

‘’Yeah, you have to do this. Don't worry, this movie will never be published. I'm just gonna sell it to my rich clients. And if they like you, they can help you.’’

Katherine looked a little nervous. She didn't know she would have to do this when she came into town. But what choice did she have now? The money was worth it and Jonas had connections all through Hollywood. She planned to remind him of this, after the fact, knowing he promised her some great reward beyond the money.

‘’Okay, that's fine with me. Let's do it.’’

Jonas went behind the camera. He called to Flynn. The door opened and Flynn entered the room. He was a handsome man, tall and muscular with short brown hair and a clean shaved face. Katherine's glad the guy she's having sex with is at least handsome, giving her the impression he could've been a model. Flynn locked his eyes on Katherine's big boobs, something she didn't find disappointment in. Most men naturally glanced their eyes downward from her face to see the cleavage she offered in view.

‘’I can't wait to fuck those, baby. I'm glad to meet you.’’

Flynn pointed at her breasts, not hesitating to get right down to business with his words. Katherine smiled slightly. ‘’I don't want to wait any longer. Let's do it.’’

Flynn took off his pants and sat down on the bed. Katherine took off her white blouse and knelt down in front of Flynn.

‘’You're beautiful, baby. Today's my glorious day.’’

Katherine didn't say anything. She grabbed Flynn's dick and started stroking it fast, pumping her fingers up and down. When his cock hardened, Katherine took his cock into her mouth. Flynn moaned strongly.

‘’Jonas, man, this girl is really good. She knows how to handle herself.’’

Katherine was sucking Flynn's big dick. She wasn't nervous anymore. She was enjoying it. Flynn put his hands on Katherine's head and pressed it against his dick. His cock went deep into Katherine's throat. Flynn saw a tear drop from Katherine's left eye. But he didn't care. He began to fuck her mouth hard, listening to the slurping and slobbering noises she made. Those big natural tits, sway and shook from below. He couldn't look away from Katherine's big boobs. He wanted to fuck her big natural tits. He held her hair and raised Katherine's head. Katherine was looking into Flynn's eyes and smiling.

‘’Take off your bra, now. I want to fuck your big tits.’’

‘’Oh, you want to fuck my big tits?’’

‘’Yeah, take off your bra now.’’

Katherine took off her bra and released her big boobs, allowing them to sway forward in the air. Flynn leaned forward. He put his hands on Katherine's big tits and kissed her lips. Katherine gave him a hot response. Flynn grabbed Katherine's neck and placed his big dick between her big tits and started to fuck her big boobs.

‘’Damn, these tits are great. Absolutely marvelous.’’

Katherine always heard those words about her boobs. Every man who met her said he wanted to fuck her big boobs. Katherine knew men liked big tits. So she didn't hesitate to use them. Feeling his fingers around her neck, she smirked, giving him a dirty look.

‘’All the guys who fuck my big boobs say the same thing. Harder Flynn, show them the respect those deserve!’’

Flynn was close to blowing his load now. That's why he wanted Katherine to stand up. He moved his hand away from her neck and patted her hair.

"Get up, baby and take your pants off. I wanna fuck you now."

Katherine stood up and took off her pants and panties. She moved towards the bed and positioned her knees onto the bed.

‘’You have a sweet ass, but today I'm gonna fuck your pussy.’’

Katherine smiled.

‘’Maybe we'll meet again some other day. You never know, honey.’’

Flynn put in his hard cock in Katherine's pussy and he heard Katherine's moan.

‘’Ohhhhhh, that feels so good, Flynn. If you want me again, you gotta be harder.’’’

Flynn could see Katherine's tits sway. He wanted to touch them, stretched out his hands and squeezed them violently. Katherine saw Jonas moving forward. Jonas wants to shooting her swinging boobs closely. Jonas lifted the camera up and recorded Katherine's beautiful face. Katherine smiled at the camera, she seemed quite pleased. Flynn released Katherine's tits. Now he wanted to look at her face.

‘’Oh harder Flynn. Harder! Fuck those tits harder!’’

‘’I'm about to cum, baby!"

‘’Cum Flynn, Cum on my boobs! Cum on them, NOW!!’’ 

Flynn's cum shot onto Katherine's tits, soaking them in his sticky white seed.

Katherine and Flynn made a good movie for Jonas.
‘’You were wonderful. Customers will love this movie, they won't know your name though, so don't worry.’’

Katherine stood up, the cum dripping from her tits. Now she had to be cleaned.

‘’I hope they liked it. Because I needed this and I ain't gonna lie, you were pretty fucking good.’’

‘’Don't worry, you were great.’’

Flynn was going after her as Katherine made her way to the bathroom. He smacked Katherine's sweet ass hard, causing her to giggle as her attention was now caught.

‘’You wanna take a shower together?’’

Katherine smiled. "Sure, why not?"

In time, Jonas lived up to his promises. Her first sin was worth it, for her name would soon appear on the top of a movie poster for a big budget film directly out of Hollywood. It was a long way to the top, but Katherine would get there some day. The price of fame was not cheap, but a self sacrifice was necessary to move up in the game.

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Rose McIver: Rigor Mortis

Rose was often one of the first on set.  She had to be.  Her time in the makeup chair was far longer than anyone else.  The downside of playing a zombie.  Still, after five seasons of shooting IZombie, she was used to it.  She had arrived, but there was some issue that the rest of the crew had left to deal with.  Walking through the familiar morgue setting, she thought she was alone when something unusual caught her eye.  One of the gurneys had a sheet thrown over it, accompanied by a loud snoring.  Investigating, she pulled the cloth off.  Underneath lay a fast asleep handsome 6-foot tall gentleman with chiseled good looks.  But it wasn’t his striking features or toned muscles that drew Rose’s eye.  No.  It was the large bulge standing up about half a foot from his groin.  Her hazel eyes grew wide as the large member throbbed, struggling to escape the confines of the shorts containing it.
“Hey mate.”  She said loudly, her New Zealand accent on full display.
She shook him.  Still nothing.  She shook him again.  Fast asleep and sawing wood.  Her eyes flicked down to the dick again.  A tingle ran through her loins as she bit her lower lip.  A quick peek couldn’t hurt.  Her fingers found the waistband of his shorts.  As she pulled, the mushroom head got caught, but she kept pulling.  With another small tug, it came free.  An almighty *THWACK* sounded throughout the empty morgue as the cock sprang backwards, slapping down onto his midriff, its full impressive size revealed.  He jerked awake, blinking confusedly.
“The fuck!?!?”  He stared as Rose’s tiny fist wrapped around his ten-inch prick, her eyes shining.  “You’re Rose McIver!  What are you doing?”
“Who are you and what are you doing?”  Smirking, she trailed her fingernails along the veiny underbelly.
“Wrong call time.  So, I was taking a snooze.  I’m an extra.  P-p-playing the corpse.”
“Mhhmmmm…” Rose replied, hardly listening. 
“Mort Rigor.  Err, that’s my stage name.” 
“Well Mort Rigor, you wanna fuck a television star?”  Rose asked, fingers curled around the shaft and stroking.  He nodded. “Excellent.” 

Pursing her pink lips, she spat onto the veiny prick, saliva rolling down the shaft as she bathed it in spittle.  Jerking with a tight fist, she squelched her way along the shaft while Mort’s fingers undid her jeans, and slipped inside.  His fingers glided across her twat, over the underwear, feeling her arousal spread as it dampened the fabric.  Sliding the wet material aside, he plunged two fingers into her hot cunt and was rewarded with a long breathy moan.  Grabbing hold of his cock with her other hand, she spat on it again, double-fisting as she increased her speed.  A glistening jewel of precum gleamed at the swollen tip as she jacked him six ways from Sunday.  Meanwhile he sank three fingers knuckle deep into her snatch, his thumb pressing on her clit like the buzzer on a gameshow.
“You ready for all this babe?”  He asked, indicating his dick.

Rolling her eyes, she nodded.  He sat up, swung his legs off the gurney and stood up, towering over the short actress.  Getting behind her, he pulled her pants and panties to the ground.  With a strong grip, he bent her over the gurney and lined up his slick cock with her sopping entrance.  She shivered, her face pressed against the cold metal.  Sliding in, he split her velvety folds with his fleshy pole. 

“WOAH YEA!”  Rose cried out before quickly covering her mouth.

Moaning as she felt every inch of his sizable member fill up her love canal, her hands flew to the far side of the gurney as Mort went to work behind her.  Using those powerful muscles, he thrusted, hard and fast.  Restrained grunts intermingled with the clap of his pelvis against her perky buttocks, rippling with the force.  One hand on her shoulder, the other digging into an asscheek, the gurney rattled and shook with the ferocity of his pounding.
“GOD DAMN!  CHRIST THAT’S GOOD!”  Rose called out, unable to stop herself as he drilled her deep.
Pushing him off, her legs wobbled like jello as she spun around.  Looking up at him, he read her mind, lifting her up with ease onto the gurney.  Spreading her legs wide, her pants were still hanging off of one ankle.  Scooting forward, he reentered her and resumed ramming speed.  Now facing each other, their lips met, tongues writhing wildly.  One arm was hooked around her, keeping her in place.  The other hand mauled at her small, but perky tits, still covered by sweater and bra.  Wrapping her legs around him, she urged him to go harder.
“Yes!  Yes!”  She said, panting and blowing hot breath against his face with each repeated penetration.  “Gonna cum.  Fuck mate.  Gonna cum.  Keep going!”
That sexy foreign accent made Mort even harder as he kept up his pace of breakneck speed.  A few more thrusts had Rose climaxing, head thrown back, blonde hair flying everywhere.  Her twat squeezed and quivered around the cock lodged balls deep in her.  It was just enough to push him over the brink.
“Gotta cum!”  He groaned, his teeth grit and his jaw clenched.
Rose came down from her orgasmic high as he pulled out of her.  Hopping down onto the cold tiled floor of the morgue, she squatted in front of his bulging dick.  Stroking fast, she stared up at him.

“Go ahead mate.  Spunk all over my face!”

He let a long guttural grunt of warning and fired.  Long ropes of cum streaked through the air, painting every feature of Rose’s face with white jizz.  Eyes shut tight, she smiled widely as he emptied the contents of his balls.  When he finished spurting, she finally let go of his dick.  A single drop of cum dripped from his winking piss slit onto the morgue floor.  Opening her one good eye, she stared up from beneath the glaze of cum. 
“A perfect way to start the day.”  She brought her fingers up to her face, smearing his seed into her round cheeks.   
“Couldn’t agree more.”
“Stick around after shooting.  Maybe we can do this again.”  She said with a wink and wiped the cum out of her eye, placing the finger into her mouth to taste it.

One Hour Later…
“Rose, I have to say.  Your skin is positively glowing today!”  Brandy, the makeup artist, said as the actress settled back in her chair, staring at her round rosy cheeks reflected in the mirror.  “Did you do something different this morning?”
Rose smiled slyly and said, “Yea, I tried out a new kind of cream.  All natural.  Really good stuff.  Straight from the source.”

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Excellent work! Wooo! We are rolling out some fun stories here!


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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Lili Reinhart: Checks & Balances

He was a free spirit. Lili knew that. It was what drew her to Cole in the first place. The artistry, quirks, the independence...it was all part of an amazing package that created a great romance.

That didn't mean it was always smooth sailing. The flipside of the whole free spirit thing was Cole's tendency to give in to wandering eyes and a demanding libido. It wasn't often, but sometimes he went for it. The first time it occurred, Lili was furious, almost to tears. That's when the agreement came to be.

It was simple: if he fooled around so did she. Tit for tat. Balance. Always equal than, never more. To Lili's surprise, it worked. It worked well. It was how she found herself in a coffee shop on Saturday night. He had a fling. Now it was her turn. Balance.

She looked around the shop, taking note of the customers. Camila had asked her once why she never did this at a night club or some place where people were looking to hook up. Lili's answer was simple. If you were at a place where the prerogative was to fuck, the odds of finding a douchebag increased. A place like this however? Douchebag probability nosedived. Instead, she'd find a nice and fun little fling. No strings attached. And it worked every time. Coffee shops and libraries were gold mines for her in these times.

It didn't take long for her blue eyes to settle on someone. To most he wasn't someone they'd lock on to...but Lili always had her type and her type alone. And watching him type away on his laptop adorned with stickers of assorted franchises he adored signaled he might be her type. Not a guy named Chad who attempted to wax philosophical while throwing in the word “bro” every other sentence.

She made her way over to the table and sat across from him. “Hi there,” she said sweetly, her trademark crooked smirk on display. “May I sit here?”

He looked up, a bit shocked to see her sitting across from him. Lili could tell from his green eyes and how they looked at her he didn't recognize her. He was more likely shocked she approached him. This was going to be fun. Lili liked it when they were like this.  They always tended to be more...attentive.

“Sure.” he replied. “Be my guest.”

“Thanks.” Lili's smiled remained, her blues still locked on his greens. He couldn't break away, and didn't want to. “What's your name?”

“Uh,Lucas.” he replied.

“Well Lucas, I'm Lili. And with alliterative names like that I guess our seating situation is perfect.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “So, um...never seen you here before.”

“I don't come here too often. Nice place though. Nice company.” She bit her lower lip a little at him, which made Lucas blush. The hook was in.

“Uh...can I get you something? Tea, coffee?”

“No...but I do have a question for you, if you don't mind of course.”

"Oh,” he said, smirking. “What I'm writing, right?”

“Not quite,” she said. Pressing the screen down and putting it in sleep. “I mean I'm sure its good, and would love to hear all about it afterwards.”

“After what?”

“After we got to that restroom over there and fuck,” she said, her matter of fact tone leaving Lucas so stunned he couldn't even stammer out a response. “I know what you're thinking, and let me just stop you and say this: yes, this happens, yes it's happening to a guy like you. This isn't a situation you question, and I'm not messing with you. That'd be cold. No scam, no bad intentions. Just...kinda dirty ones. So...yes?”

Lili smiled at him. He gulped. That was a big yes.

The pair rushed to the bathroom and got in the biggest stall. Another plus about coffee shops compared to clubs: clean bathrooms and no cocaine residue.

Lucas had her pinned to the wall, their lips pressed together and their tongues in heated combat. It didn't take much to get him going, and it didn't take much for Lili either. She was soaking wet and Lucas was rock hard. There was no need for foreplay and no time for it.

They parted for the briefest of moments, Lucas to drop his pants and Lili to take off her underwear. The two finished their tasks in record speed. Lili then hopped onto him, his hands on her smooth, round ass under her skirt while he once more pinned her to the wall.

“Ohhh yesss”, Lili moaned when he entered her. “Mmm fuck me...oh Lucas fuck me..”

Her legs tightened around him and Lucas began to build his pace. He couldn't take his eyes off Lili's face, how it looked as they fucked, and those moments wehre she looked at him with that gorgeous,knowing and lustful gaze. The moans from her mouth the best sounds he'd ever heard.

“Oh fuck..oh Lili...” he ground, his hand back to her ass, holding her as his thrusts increased in pace. His lips went to hers again, but she wanted to give him an option. Her hands went to her blouse, opening it up and exposing her full, gorgeous tits to him. He couldn't resist. She loved that.

“Mmm your dick's so good,” she said. “Don't stop...make me cum...I want to cum for your cock...mmm baby keep going...fuck me...suck my titties...oh fuck....”

Lucas couldn't talk much. His mind was lost in the moment. Lili didn't mind. He was focused on the right thing, getting them both off. He listened to her every request. Faster, slower...he took direction well and it was paying big time dividends.

“So good baby...so good Lucas..gonna cum for you...all for you...all...on..mmm....on your cock...ohhh my GOOOOOD!” Lili cried out, having to bite her lips to keep from being too loud. And with her pussy convulsing and milking his cock, Lucas was just about done for too, moaning in the wonders that were Lili's tits before coming up for air.

“Lili...gonna cum!”

“My mouth,” she said. “Shoot it in my mouth.”

Her legs released him and Lucas pulled out, but before Lili could drop to her knees Lucas removed his jacket and put it on the ground.”

“So you don't get too dirty in here,” he said.

“Oh, such a sweetheart,” Lili said as she dropped to her knees. “You really earned this then.” Lili took his cock n her mouth sucked him, only one goal in mind. And within moments that goal was achieved.

He warned her with a moan and shot in her mouth, Lili swallowing greedily, her sapphire eyes staring up at him lovingly as she did so.

With the last drop swallowed, Lili got to her knees, grabbed his jacket and kissed his cheek. “Thanks for the good time, cutie,” she said. She then picked up her panties and handed them to Lucas, along with his jacket. “See you around.”

With that, she left him in the stall, both of them with big smiles on their faces.

Balance. It could be a lot of fun.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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So many amazing stories, thanks to everyone who posted! 


Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Demi's Desire

Demi gasped, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks tight.  She never did this, she was always so restrained, but after seeing him on the shoot today she had to have him.  The tall, muscular model, from the photoshoot, had instantly attracted her.  It was more than that though, she had never wanted anyone so badly ever, from the moment she saw him, every fibre of her body craved him.

“Take me” she begged as she broke the kiss, “Ohhh God that feels good” his fingers clawing at those huge cheeks.

“Ohh fuck, you want me baby” He said.

“Damn yeah, Andy, I want you so bad” she replied.

Leading him by the hand to the bedroom, she pushed him back onto the bed, unfastening his trousers she pulled them down enough to gain access to his hardening shaft.     

“Fuck that’s a monster!” she gasped as his huge dick sprang forth, the 10 inch python easily the biggest she had ever seen.

He groaned as her lips sealed over his head, tongue dancing over the base, up and down she worked, proud of her cock sucking skills this monster was going to test her.  Eyes looking up at him, desire to pleasure him so high, she moved lower and lower with each bob of her head.  Finally she felt him in her throat and braced herself.

“Shiiittt!” he growled as Demi swallowed him.

Demi was determined to get the whole thing down, her throat stretched, she gagged but kept going, he was huge, her eyes teared up.  Hot breath through her nostrils hit his stomach as she finally did it, nose touching him. Pausing for a few seconds she pulled her head up, the stream of spit running down over his balls.

“Fuuuuuckkkkkkk!” she gasped, sucking in air.

“Holy shit, no one has ever done that for me before!” Andy gasped.

“Really” she said grinning, proud of her efforts.

Andy stripped off his trousers, and moved behind Demi as she lay face down on the bed, He pushed her short dress up, hands groping that big juicy ass again, grinning he found she had no knickers on.

“Dirty girl” he said.

“Very dirty” she replied.

Slapping his spit soaked cockhead on her bum, he rubbed it between her legs over her wet pussy lips.  Pausing for a second, he wondered, no woman had ever let him before, but this ass was the finest, biggest juiciest, would she?

“How dirty” he pushed his hard cock to her ass.

Demi had taken cocks up her ass before, but this monster was a whole new league, could she, she had to, her lust for this man meant she would do whatever he wanted. “Take me however you want” she groaned.

“FUUUUCCKKKKK!!!” she whined as his thick head spread her sphincter, he felt huge inside her.

His hand on her back the other feeding his shaft into her ass, she gasped as the monster invaded her ass.  Andy pushed hard, forcing his length deep, she squirmed a bit, but forced herself to take him.

“Ohhh fuck Demi, oh fuck you’re so tight, fuck, fuck fuck” she moaned, unable to believe this was happening.

Andy lay there, balls deep in her ass, crotch tight against those big round ass cheeks, hands either side of her body he propped himself up, cock easing out and in.  She whimpered as he started to bugger her, huge shaft stretching her so wide.

“Ohh fuck Andy, take me, take me hard” she begged, slightly shocking herself.

There was no lube, just the spit from her throat, and wetness of her pussy, but she was now gasping in pure pleasure, the feeling of giving herself to him turning her on so much.

“You really want it” he whispered in her ear, unsure of what he was going to do,
“Ohh please, please Andy”  She gasped.

He held himself up on his arms, dick pulling out until just the tip was inside her, the pushed forwards all the way down. She squealed as he continued this slow steady pumping for a few minutes.  Gradually his pace increased, Demi raising her hips up, moving to her knees.

“Fuccccck yessss, ohh fuck yes, so gooood” she gasped.

She wanted more,  and Andy was responding, his cock now slamming harder and harder into that perfect juicy ass. He held her hips, fingers clasping deep to the soft flesh, his crotch slapping loudly against her ass.

“Fuck, fuck you’re good Demi” he groaned.

“More, pleaaaaassssseeee” She squealed.

He grabbed her arms, holding them behind her back, she bent further, hips higher. His thrusts became even more ardent, body now driving down.  Demi roared her body being battered, ass tightening as she felt the burn of a powerful climax building.


Her body convulsed, shaking violently as she came so hard.  The lust for this man focusing her desire, the pleasure heightened.   She screamed loudly, waves of pleasure shuddering through her, muscles tightening and then relaxing over and over.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!” she yelled.

Andy was struggling not to cum, his thrust getting harder and faster, as Demi fought and screamed below him. His balls slapped furiously on her pussy as his dick reamed her clenching asshole, gripping him so tightly.

“Gonna cum” he growled pumping faster and faster.

“YES YESS CUM IN ME CUM IN ME!” she screamed.

Her soft ass cheeks bounced hard as his whole body slammed into them, the twitching shooting head of his dick deep in her bowels.  Cum blasted forth filling her ass as he slammed and ground himself as far inside Demi as he could.  Collapsing to the bed, he growled loudly, his balls emptying their thick hot cargo inside.

“YEAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” she screamed, a final dry of pleasure as her orgasm subsided, she felt every single pump of spunk in her ass.

Andy jerked and crushed her to the bed, his balls draining, never before had he cum so hard, she had driven him wild with her anal orgasm, the sensation of her cumming driving him past his previous limits.

“Ohh fuck baby” he gasped, sated

He lay there for several seconds, his cock still hard inside her, before easing out and rolling over.  Demi sighed, her asshole relieved of the pressure of his dick, she looked over at him grinning, her lust nowhere near satisfied.

“Fuck Andy, that was so good, I loved it” She said.

“Ohh Demi, damn, never assfucked anyone before” He replied.

“Never?” she said slightly shocked, she had let several men take her ass before, it was something she thought most couples did.

She moved down to his cock, grinning as she took it into her mouth, tasting her ass on it as she tried to bring him back to hardness.  He groaned feeling the blood fill his shaft again, the lustful brunette wanting more.

“no rest for the wicked Andy, I have so much more planned for us tonight!” she teased, releasing his now hard cock from her lips.

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Champions Reward - Joey Fisher

Joey couldn't believe she was actually doing this. She stood outside the door of Terence Newman, married captain of Royal Engineers who had just won the Championship title, in nothing but a fur coat. For a glamour model, Joey was considered a good girl as she never did anything like this. Terence just had a way of driving her wild.

Her hand hovered over the bell when the door suddenly opened and there he stood. The 6 foot 2 footballer stood in only a towel with his hair and upper body still wet from the shower, his muscles shone as the light hit the moisture on his body. The image was enough to harden her nipples and moisten her pussy.

"Show me!" He demanded of the Welsh model.

Joey, enraptured by his eyes, slowly undid the buttons of the coat. The cleavage of her large breasts came into sight; causing Terence to lick his lips. The sight was quickly expanded as she allowed her breasts to be freed from the coat. Her breasts were always her calling card and her nipples seemed larger as the cold air supplemented the affect of the cold air.

"Damn Joey, I love those tits." Terence growled as his eyes locked on them.

"They're all yours!" Joey replied as she took a step towards him.

"That's what I like to hear."

Joey smiled at her lover as he reached a hand out to grab her breast. He cupped the large bosom before sliding his fingers up to pinch her nipple. Joey shrieked as she felt him grab at the skin, they were always quite sensitive. She noticed his cock getting hard beneath the towel and she knew he wanted to see it all. Joey shrugged the coat off her shoulders and allowed it to fall down her body.

The brunette model opened her legs slightly so he could see she was hairless down below. She'd always been shaved for her job and now she quite liked showing off her lips to Terence, he always complimented her on how pretty it was. She waited in anticipation for him to reach out and touch her pussy; instead he opened his towel to show her his hardened cock. At 8 inches, he was one of her biggest and he knew it.

"On your knees then." Terence said as his cock pointed at her.

A smile came across Joey's face as she dropped down in front of the footballer, the cold air running along her skin. Joey took his cock in her hand and ran her fingers along the shaft. His skin was smooth, it was a pleasurable experience to suck him off.

Joey popped the head of his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue along it, hearing a moan escape Terence's mouth. She shot her eyes up to see him enjoy the experience of her tongue, her fingers jerking his cock in a matching rhythm.

"Fuck!" He moaned as his eyes looked up to the sky. "You suck cock so well."

She couldn't answer back as she took more of his cock in and applied some light suction to his phallic region. Her bobbing motion was slow to start off with as she got used to the girth again but, after getting about 4 inches in, she started to increase the speed until all of the cock was in her mouth. Joey had a strong gag reflex and could feel the head hit the back of her throat as her nose made contact with his muscular abdomen.

Terence stroked Joey’s hair as she continued to suck his dick with a steady rhythm, her hands holding onto his ass. She knew he occasionally liked a cheeky finger mid-shag but today was all about his pleasure and rewarding him. The Welsh girl replaced her long strokes with keeping the large cock engorged by her mouth and starting to deep throat him. This caused Terence to let out a guttural moan as he felt his cock stay deep in the models throat. It was a place his cock has been a lot of times but knowing she was there for what he wanted made it all the more sweeter.

“I bet you’re delighted you’re sucking my cock right now, huh?” Terence asked as he looked down.

Joey nodded her head with the cock in her mouth causing his cock to hit her gums. She gave a little giggle before moving her fingers up to caress his balls. Terence kept them smooth and Joey loved the feel of them in her hands. As she combined her sucking and caressing, Terence’s moans started to get louder and his hips started to thrust forward. She knew how he was and that he wouldn’t last too much longer. It was good for her as she was starting to feel the cold.

“That’s it babe, suck harder! I’m so close to bursting!”

The sound pleased Joey as she started to suck harder on his cock. The bobbing was longer and she was able to keep the head within her mouth, her tongue licking it on every out bob. Joey knew licking the underside of his cock would be a sure fire way of bringing him to climax. Her bobbing moved to short strokes again and, after a minute or so, she felt his balls start to tighten. Joey was ready to swallow just for him but Terence took her by surprise. He pulled out of her mouth and exploded his semen all over her face.

Joey was shocked as wads of sticky white cum landed on her cheeks and forehead before dripping down to her neck and onto her large breasts. She was used to Terence cumming a lot but this seemed like a big load even for him. Eventually, the cum subsided to a dribble and it fell down directly to her breasts. Terence took a moment and looked at her cum stained face.

"Let's get you cleaned and the real celebration can begin."

Terence picked up the towel and walked back into the house, leaving Joey on her knees. The model slowly rose to her feet and grabbed her coat. She had been to Terence's house plenty of times but it felt different every time she entered. She could hear the shower already on and placed her coat on the first chair she saw. Grabbing her phone, she saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked hot covered in cum. Entering Jess' number, she wrote a simple message.

"Tonight will be a long night!"
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Fantastic work RT, some mighty fine choices. Joey I don't think had a story on the site, but she does now!


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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Madelaine Petsch – Red Lips, Finger Tips

If there was one flaw even Madelaine would say she has, it's not knowing when to cut her losses. Another she'd admit was a certain stubbornness that would show up every now and then. It wasn't often, but when it showed up she always thought of it as more than a positive than a negative. When she made a promise to do something, she'd do it. It was the right thing to do and Madelaine prided herself on doing the right thing.

At the moment, that had lead her to be on her knees in front of the cock of one of her oldest friends, Jason.

She'd known him since she first got to Los Angeles, often meeting by chance at auditions. A friendship was developed, and it stopped there. No hard feelings on either side. However, there was always a an attraction neither could deny. Unrequited, but also acknowledged.

There was flirting and playfulness and it always stopped at that. Until now. All because of a bet.

Since staring on Riverdale, Madelaine had made a habit of being a bit tardy whenever she came back to LA from shooting in Vancouver. Time difference and jetlag did a number on her for about a week, and she was always guaranteed to be at least forty-five minutes. Of course, all of her friends laid into her on this, Jason included. Playfully of course, but it could get annoying...annoying enough for Madelaine to make a stupid bet.

She still remembered how the wager began. Jason said he'd bet her a hundred bucks if she was on time, or at least only ten minutes late. Madelaine, feeling the need to prove something and not knowing when to keep things where they were, raised the stakes. She said if she was even five minutes late to their next friendly meet up she'd blow him. She couldn't even believe she'd said it as she was saying it.

Jason of course took it as a joke and just laughed it off. But Madelaine remembered.

And now here she was, on her knees in Jason's apartment, ready to go through with the bet that Jason thought she was just kidding about. All over being late for a catch-up coffee date. He'd even given her an out on the whole thing, assuring her it was just a joke. Yeah, his dick was hard, but when a woman as hot at Madelaine says, “Well, ready for your blowjob?” the body kind of goes into autopilot.

“Seriously Mads, you don't have to do this,” Jason reiterated. His hands still held on to his jeans, ready to yank them back up at the moment Madelaine came to her senses. “Seriously, you've got a boyfriend. I'm not that kind of asshole.”

“I know I have a boyfriend,” she said matter-of-factly. “That's why I'm just going to blow you. I lost the bet, I wasn't joking, and I'm a woman of my word. If I don't have that, especially in this business, I don't have much. So....” she moved her hands softly to Jason's hands, batting them away then pulling his pants all the way down. She then looked up at her, her red lips in a sexy and sweet smile only she could pull off. “Let's start.”

Her soft hands grasped his cock and balls, pumping the hard, throbbing shaft and cupping and teasing his balls. He was so anxious, so ready for her, it got her a little hot, she couldn't deny it. That was something to be handled later though. This was all about Jason.

“Oh holy shit,” he groaned as those full, luscious red lips closed on his cock. The head was first, getting swirled and caressed by her skilled tongue while her hand gave a full clinic on the phrase “It's all in the wrist” while she pumped his shaft. He still felt a little weird about all this, but the more she sucked and the more he looked at her doing it, that all faded away. Her porcelain skin and red hair had utterly entranced him. This was all for him and he was meant to enjoy it.

Madelaine got a kick out of it too. She had to be honest with herself, if she really had any issue with it she would have opted out at the first shot. But she didn't It was okay to have a good time with this. And it wasn't REALLY cheating. It was just cocksucking. So when she found herself getting wet and moaning the more she sucked off Jason, she didn't think a thing of it. She was allowed to have fun too, and that was on her mind as her hand left his balls and slid down the front of her jeans.

Madelaine's pace increased, going hands free, moving her free hand from his shaft to his legs, lightly raking them with her ruby red nails, a shade that matched the lipstick that was now smeared all over Jason's cock.

It wasn't a drool fest suckjob either. Madelaine always found that to be more of a visual thing. It looked nice and all, but in her head it couldn't have been much more for the guy. No, her work was all focused on what he coldn't see, on what the man could feel. The skillfull ballet she performed with her lips and tongue, teasing the ridge of his cockhead with her two front  teeth ever so lightly, all at a pace that was niethe rfast nor slow but surely lethal to stamina. Combined with the look on her gorgeous face, angelic with just the right amount of hellraiser, no man could last long...which kind of got her off, she couldn't lie.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck Madelaine...oh man I'm gonna...fuck...oh baby where do you want me to cum?”

“I want to swallow you of course,” Madelaine said, letting a little of that Cheryl Blossom sultriness out. “Best place for it..mmm can't wait to taste you...swallow you...”

With that her mouth promptly returned his cock, moaning as she sucked, waiting for that moment where she pushed him over the edge where just had to fill her mouth.

Jason groaned, moaning out “Madelaine!” when that moment arrived. Madelaine greeted his cum with a grateful moan, swallowing stream after stream of a surprisingly big load of cum.

With every drop swallowed, Madelaine got to her feet and looked at him with a smile, one far more sweet than sultry. “So,” she said, helping the still stunned Jason with his pants. “How about we get that coffee I was late for?”

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Susan Sarandon - Clothing Options
*Everyone is 18 or older.

“Hey, cutie,” I heard from behind.

“Oh, 'ey, Susie. Back from yoga?”

I already knew the answer before I asked, but it was always the easiest opportunity to catch a glimpse of a sweaty and worn out Susan after a lengthy session. With my sister babysitting Eva's kiddos, I get to come hang out and play video games. Best of all, I get to hang around this beautiful woman all the time.

“Mmhm,” she mumbled out.

I sat the controller down and stared back at her forcing her hair up into ponytail. Her bangs were matted to her forehead and like always, her tight Calvin Kline workout attire was like a second skin. The white top was doing it's absolute best to contain those gigantic and delicious looking boobs she was famous for. Even smashed in and held tight, the spillage was hanging over the tight band around her ribs. I wanted to see that big succulent ass so bad, but she wouldn't turn and I settled for her nipples filling out her tank instead.

“What are you playing?” she smiled a bit, dabbing her neck with a towel.

I turned to grab the controller and shivered the instant I felt her warm legs against my back. I was praying to the lord above that he keep my boner hidden until she moved on to the bedroom in her part of the house. The feeling of her fingernails lightly scraping into my scalp and rhythmically sliding them through my hair made sure my prayers weren't answered. I was immediately at full mast, luckily trapped in one side of my shorts and resting against my leg.

“Just some Mario for now,” I said. Of course, I lost my concentration and died while she fondled my dome.

“Hmm,” she said, “Jamie has the kids down stairs for awhile then.”


I felt those amazing fingers sliding down my neck and I looked up only to see the underside of her massive set of tits.

“Having a party somewhere tonight and need to look good,” she added, “Want to help me pick out my clothes? Could use the opinion of a real man.”

“Yeah, of course.”

She drummed her fingers on my shoulders and let me go.

“Video games ruin your brain,” she smiled, heading towards the stairs.

I dropped the controller and hopped to my feet.

Finally, I got to lay eyes on that big fat bottom and I trailed close up the stairs. Every step was heaven and right there in my face was that wide tush that I could bury myself in for days. I could see the outline of her beige panties through the tight pants and licked my lips. I just wanted my tongue submerged deep into that moist valley. I thought about all of the times I jerked ropes into the air over this woman's behind and tripped up a step.

“I'm good,” I said embarrassed.

“Careful, sweetie,” she told me gently.

It wasn't long before we were in her master bedroom and she locked the door. Without hesitation, she pulled upwards on her drenched top and those miraculous breasts fell out one after another, swaying into each other as she walked towards the bathroom.

“How's the day been, love?” she asked.

She always asks me the same question but she must know by now that I am completely having a brain fart because of her big titties hanging right in front of me, more or less. I can feel my cock trying to tear apart these shorts and really, trying to hide this boner is always a failure. I don't even know why I bother.

“Same ol' stuff, I guess,” I said.

Popping out of the bathroom, she gave me a smile and was combing out her wet hair. As usual I just tried not to be rude and kept those heavy things in my peripheral. Once I realized she was standing before me in just a pair of maroon panties, the boy shorts kind, I couldn't take my eyes from those fine legs.

“Well, these aren't the same ol stuff. Thoughts on these panties?”

Susie turned for me and I took in that glorious ass. I wanted to fall to my knees and shove my face up into it. Those thick cheeks were barely contained by her new attire and were stretched to the max. She knew what the fuck she was doing to me. I shambled like a zombie up to that big juicy mound and pushed my bulging jersey shorts into it.

“These are fuckin' great,” I blurted out and breathed heavy.

She shoved it up into my straining meat and held it against my belly. I could see the fat head just spilling liquid from the tip and I took her by the hips.

“I thought you might like them,” she said softly.

This teasing ass bitch does this to me every-single-day. You think I'm complaining, but far from it so I yank those yummy panties from that fat ass and my shorts go with it. I spank those middle aged buns and throw my foot up against her side. She loves the nine gigantic inches slapping her in the back and rubbing into that gooey pussy.

Every day I have to be quick. We can't get caught. That would be bad, man.

I draw it back and peel that ripe peach apart. If you ever get a chance at a 55-year-old like Susan, you fucking take it because when I sink into that tight tunnel and bottom my balls out, I feel like a champ. Once I grab that old slut by the hair and pull her back to see those monstrous set of boobs in her mirror, my dick just inflates inside and fills her to the brim. I always take her by the hip and start pummeling her juicy box. She knows I can't last. It's too fucking much. She teases me all the time until my sack is overflowing and then brings me upstairs.

“Love that young, thick dick,” she whispered, her huge tits swaying in and out of her arms.

“Oh I know you do, you sexy slut,” I told her, spanking my huge balls into her thighs.

Susie arched and moaned, “Bust inside me today, baby. I need it bad...”

You know she didn't have to ask twice. I was going to anyway. I was drilling into that spongy cervix with hard, rapid stabs. I dropped my foot, squared up and took two hands of gorgeous red hair. I railed that thick, jiggly beauty off and on my large girth and pounded that ample booty until my nuts trembled and filled my shaft. I let out a grunt and thundered that butt until I sprayed her in a fuckin' explosion of young, creamy nut. I kept lifting her up with my fat meat, drenching her insides in thick layers. I held it tight and pulsed until I was happy and drained.

I pulled away from that sloppy peach and spanked between her cheeks, fully satisfied.

“See you at dinner,” she sighed, smiling.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Omg wow, I never expected to see a story with Susan Sarandon, NICE!!!!
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Demi Rose Mawby - Demi and Matt's Intimate Beginning

Demi and Matt make out heavy as they enter Demi's hotel room. She has one of her tight dresses on showing off all her God given curves. Demi breaks the kiss and they walk to the bed hand in hand. Demi pushes matt playfully onto the bed. Matt kisses Demi again and he starts getting his clothes off. As matt gets his pants off his penis springs out, 10 inches and throbbing .

“Oh my god Matt, you’re definitely ready.” Demi says with hands over her mouth in pleasant shock.

“Its easy with you Demi and it’s all for you.” Matt replies

Demi let’s out an aww and smiles. She starts taking her dress off, straps first and spills her big, luscious tits out. Matt’s cock twitches and demi bites her lip, smiles and giggles. “Most guys love my butt, but I guess you’re a tit guy." Matt chuckles and replies, “How can a guy not love your tits and your ass?!”

Demi finishes getting her dress off and walks to Matt, she locks lips with him again. She reaches down and strokes Matt’s cock lightly making him moan. Demi breaks the kiss and smiles, “it’s nice to have a man love all of me.” Demi kneels down in front of Matt and puts his cock in her cleavage. Matt moans, “Holy, your tits are so soft Demi.” Demi smiles and tells Matt, “Thank you, your cock is nice and warm in my tits, feels nice.”

Demi kept eye contact with him and slowly tit fucked Matt. Seeing him moan made Demi so happy. Matt felt a twinge in his cock and felt a pre cum shot come out. “I’m sorry Demi." He replied. Demi wasted no time and cleaned his cock with her tits and spread as much as she could on her tits. “Mmm your cum is nice and warm on my tits Matt.” Matt looked in amazement, Demi looked and his cock didn’t lose any hardness and still had pre cum on the head. Demi kissed his cock head and licked it. Demi looked up and told matt, “You never have to be sorry with me. Most guys I meet below there load in 2 minutes. You’re already past that Matt. Besides I never get to tit fuck and your cock is so good. And your cum tastes nice, I can’t wait to have more of it." Demi stroked his cock a few more times and kisses the head one more time.

Demi stood up and positioned her hips over Matt and begins to insert his cock into her already wet pussy. Demi moans oh yes as she descends. Matt looks at her in awe. Her flat stomach and abs then big tits right in his face. Matt felt like Demi’s pussy already clinching on to his cock.

“Oh my god you’re tight Demi.” Matt softly grabbed Demi's tits and began to play with them. They looked up at each other and kissed, Demi started to grind so her pussy could be massaged by him. Demi stopped for a moment so that the could both get on the bed. Matt laid on his back, put his hands on Demi's hips and saw her mirror and could see her ass in the reflection.

Demi started to bounce a bit, Matt could now see her ass cheeks ripple when she hit his hips and legs, it’s almost hypnotic and felt just as good as her tits. Matt alternated between looking at Demi and looking the mirror.
Demi moans in pleasure “oh yes matt, your cock feels so good." “You’re so perfect Dem, your tits and ass are so soft.” Matt replies.

Demi opened her eyes and looked down at matt and caught him looking at her ass in the mirror. She bit her lip and started bouncing a bit harder to make her ass ripple more. Matt put his hands on her butt and lightly patted it. Matt started thrusting with Demi’s bounces, making them both moan in pleasure. Matt felt his load was upon him and warned Demi.

“Demi I’m gonna cum." Demi replied, “Cum inside me Matt.”

Demi took a few more bounces and matt start to really moan loud, Demi got all the way down his shaft and Matt started to shoot. Matt’s shots were big and strong, hitting Demi’s womb.

Demi moaned “Oh god Matt I’m cumming.”

Demi brought matt up to her tits and smothered his face in her cleavage as he continued to shoot. His cum and her juices mixed in her, Demi moaned and felt every shot in her. Demi let Matt go when he was done shooting and Matt sucked on her nipples, Demi kissed him on the forehead. They looked lovingly at each other, Matt brought Demi down to the bed with him and they made out.
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Cardi B's Stir Stick

“Where's your husband at?”

Brandon stepped into the marvelous mansion and tried to hold in his envy. That was interrupted after he asked a stupid question to the owner of the home. Cardi turned and pushed her hair back.

“Nickel, you came ovah to mah fuckin' table and dropped ya banana into my 'rita like a stir stick,” she said angrily. And a bit drunk. “Then ya fuckin' ass pulls it out and puts it in my mouf. Now all the sudd'n you worried about mah man.”

Cardi felt up his shorts and took a fat hold of that colossal bulge. He was already in the shit now. The decisions he made brought him to this moment. Time to own it.

“Those big fuckin' cojones,” she smiled with a bite to his lip. “Big ass avocados ovah herr 'bout to make guac for Cardi B, bitch," she laughed. She was mid-sentence and mid-squat while trying to wrestle his pants down. “Get that fuckin' dick out; I ain't tryin' to fuck dese nails up.”

Brandon pulled the belt buckle and he could barely see her as it was. The fuckin' tent in his pants went far, like a tower for all to see. Modern day leaning tower of penis. 11th wonder of the world because of those long, thick inches. Cardi B was a size queen and when he dropped that knob into her beverage, her fuckin' panties exploded. She was a coke-can ho and it needed to be as long as her leg.

“Gimme, gimme, you slow ass motha fucka,” she begged him.

He pulled on the boxers and felt the gasp she made roll through him like a train. The giant dong stretched out over her head and his baby factories hung like a pair of bull nuts, hot and churning. He took hold of that monster and jerked it above her face.

“You need to calm down, you desperate ass ho,” he said, talking mad shit to a legit psycho.

Cardi held out her hands and shrugged. “I'm a simple bitch, Braydon. I see a big dick, I suck it.”

He hit her hard right upside the head and nearly knocked her wig loose. “My name is Brandon, dude.” He saw the anger in her eyes and caught her on the cheek with a broad club swing. “Get it, ho. I ain't trying to be here when your husband gets home.”

Cardi let out an obnoxious laugh and pursed those lips on the very tip. “You better not be,” she groaned, lips sealing on the color-changing, bulbous knob. “This shit is bigger than his,” she admitted, kissing on it with those big ass fake lips. “Got my puh fuckin' leakin'.”

It was comical how far away she was from him while she tried to handle the white anaconda. His arm was stretched to the max while cupping the top of her head. He sank his fingers into the mesh of her hair and held on. She was proving everyone right: Cardi B was a head queen. This bitch could suck a dick. Her whole mouth was gobbling and gargling on the first six inches like it was a tiny lollipop. For any other normal slut, this would be a jaw-tearing chore. For Cardi B, this was a walk in the park.

“You one cock lovin' skank,” he said with praise. “Suck that god, damn, dick.”

He took her hard and brought her in with a thick, slobbering gulp. Cardi didn't falter one bit and gladly took him to the hilt. She moaned on that meat and he let go, letting her work. Those big damn lips brushed up and down the veins with her hair swinging back and forth. Eleven to zero, Cardi inhaled a monumental schlong with no difficulty. The sloppy tendrils sputtered from her slutty mouth and slapped right between her giant boobs. He was sliding deep into her chest with every gulp. This bitch's tonsils were working overtime, desperately clamping down on the wide birth of cock.

“It's all true,” he sighed, “You the best dick sucker in the world.”

She splashed away from his boner and she caught the goop with her palm before using it as lube to pound her fist up and down. It could be an Olympic sport trying to handle a rod this monstrous. She was in a league of her own.

“You had any fuckin' doubts, puto?” she smiled, face covered in hot slop. “Noone has da sack to com'fine out,” she slurred.

Brandon stepped up close and pushed Cardi's head against the table. It was expensive as fuck and looked bolted down to the floor. This was perfect. He crowded her with his huge dong and plunged it back into her mouth.

“Talkin' to much, bitch. Keep suckin'.”

He sunk deep and enveloped himself with her tightening esophagus. The drunk slut took the trunk and he held her between a rock and a hard place. Those hulking, saggy balls spanked her bulged out throat and he grumbled.

“Feel them big ass fuckin nuts on your chin, you big booty bitch?” he groaned. “Ho shit, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

The man wasn't lying and took hold of the table by hooking his fingers underneath the lip. Those hips thumped hard and he plowed into her chest with a thunderous thud. Cardi's nails lightly trailed the back of his legs, a subtle reminder that she was always in charge. He would never realize it with his big head, literally and figuratively, ramming down her gushy throat.

“Yeah! Fuck. Yeah!” he growled out, thumping her viciously. “Take my big ass dick. Take it! Take it!”

Cardi's red blazer was a disaster and full of slobber that couldn't be contained inside of her epic cleavage. Those big, glistening titties were covered in a light slippery glaze that just kept evolving as he plummeted. It was happening fast and would be over quickly. The man drilled her with brutal thrusts, punching her head into the table furiously. The noises coming from her were indescribable. Brandon threw his head back and grit his teeth, blasting those hips as fast as he could until he shouted out in desperation.

Cardi felt the quick expansion inside her throat and a missile of warmth scattered through her insides, pelting her belly in splashes. Brandon let out an agonizing groan and drove the sheath with his exploding tip until it vibrated hard against her walls and splattered her hot tunnel. He pulled away and slammed it again, sputtering and finally scribbling her tonsils with extensive baby batter. Cardi coughed him away and he grabbed it with a fast jerk to start pelting her smeared make up with hot jizz. He landed some thick ropes and let it drop on her hair.

“You a bad bitch,” he sighed, struggling to stand up straight.

Cardi pushed his load between her lips and suckled it down.

“Better not forget that shit, either,” she told him, no emotion in her face. "Get the fuck up stairs. Now."

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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Damn, this thread really took off!
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Re: The Brevity Series(Site Collab)
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Amy Adams – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The jingle of unfamiliar keys sounded as Amy made her choice, picking a set from the porcelain bowl.  They were simple.  Plain.  Old school.  One for the car.  One for the house.  And a miniscule magic eight ball for balance.  Her eyes sought out their owner and from across the room they locked with an older Hispanic gentleman.  His dark hair was slicked back, his shirt shockingly white and his pressed slacks tight.  Even from across the room, she could make out the bulge.  He gave her the slightest of nods, but remained stationary.
The bowl was passed around until the last key had been claimed.  The couples left two at a time.  Walking outside, she saw her husband getting into their car with a pretty blonde woman.  Her man brushed passed and made a beeline for his car.  It was easily the best of the bunch, a fully restored 1970 Chevelle SS.  Jet black, with a white strip down the middle.  Patting the shining hood, he opened the door for her.  Grinning, she walked over to him, hips swaying and heels clicking as she went.

Every eye was on her as she handed over the keys and slid inside.  It was more a bench than a seat, but the black leather was smooth, cushioning her backside as he closed the door, got in and turned the car on.  Revving to life, the engine rumble far louder than the sleek sportscars surrounding them.  It vibrated every fiber of her being as he pulled out the driveway, speeding off through the Hollywood hills.
“Amy.”  She said, extending a delicate hand.

“Javier.”  He replied, reaching over and shaking it with a firm grip.

“Do…you, ah, do this kind of thing a lot?”  He nodded.  “This is our first time.  Spicing up our marriage and all that.”  Looking out the open window, wind streaked through her auburn curls, whipping red strands across her pale features.  “I like this car.  A lot.” 
“Lotta chicas say that.” 
“Lotta girls do this?”  Amy reached for his lap, squeezing the tube-sock sized bulge restrained there.
He nodded again and smirked.  Squeezing tighter, she stroked his cock through his slacks as it grew even larger, snaking down his leg.  Unfazed, he continued driving as Amy undid his belt and fished out the massive member.  Marveling at its size, she took a firm grip and bent her head over his lap, taking the cockhead between her lips.  Spittle trickled down the shaft as she teased his plum-sized gonads with her fingernails.  Swallowing him down completely, he groaned loudly, the point of her nose digging into his thigh as her throat constricted around the fleshy fuckstick.  Releasing him, she grabbed hold of his balls, rolling the spunk-filled gonads around her palm.  Taking him down to the very base again, he continued cruising as the auburn-haired actress bobbed up and down on his lap.  Her lips roamed across every veiny inch as she sucked, slurped and licked through every oral trick in her repertoire.  Descending into LA proper, Amy found herself uncaring of nosy peepers as she continued to take every inch of him into her gullet.  In fact, it made it hotter.  She was soaking wet and he knew it.  A hand slid up her alabaster thigh, shifting her soaking panties aside.  Jamming two fingers into her gushing snatch, she shuddered.
Coming up for a big gulp of air, she wiped off her chin and said, “I can’t wait.  I need you now.”
Smiling, he found a deserted alleyway and pulled into it.  It was wide, apartments on either side.  A dumpster next to them.  Amy didn’t care, yanking off her panties and catching them on her heel.  Seconds after throwing it into park, she was straddling his lap.  Hand wrapped around the hard cock, she guided it inside of her, sinking down upon it and appreciating its full, impressive, length.  Crying out, her red head brushed the ceiling as he pulled down her blouse and buried his face in her braless creamy tits.  His mouth found one of her stiff pink nipples, taking it between his teeth and tonguing at it. 
Amy bounced up and down.  One hand on the ceiling.  One on the seat.  Bracing herself, she rode him good and hard.  The entire car shook, really testing out the shocks as Amy worked her snatch along her cock of the night.  Fingers dug into her pale backside as he gripped her tight, impaling her over and over again.  The windows were down, Amy shrieks of ecstasy echoing loudly down the alleyway.  She didn’t even notice.
“Damn this cock is good!”  Amy said, pausing to catch her breath.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet señora.”
He lifted her up off his cock, laying her out across the wide leather seat.  In an instant he was on top of her, his throbbing veiny member back inside her velvety twat.  Holding himself aloft, he had one hand dug into the headrest, one gripping the dashboard as he railed her.  The car rocked even more than before.  Back and forth as he pummeled Amy’s pussy for all it was worth.  Her auburn-colored head banged against the door with every thrust as he towered over her, his dick hitting her pussy deeper than any other had in years. 
“FUCK YEA!  THAT FUCKING DICK!”  Amy stared up at him with her round baby blues.  “KEEP GOING!  GONNA CUM!  DON’T STOP!”
Dropping down, his heavy heaving form pressed into her as big, strong arms wrapped around her, his lips once more attaching themselves to the ample amount of pale tit flesh on display.  One of her heels was caught in the steering wheel, the other swinging wildly behind the seat as she dug her nails into his back, nearly tearing holes into the silk shirt he still wore.  That was it. 
“YAAASSS!!!” Amy screamed as the orgasm tore through her body.
Her silky-smooth snatch squeezed his thrusting member, but he kept on like a piston, hammering away.  Each renewed penetration extended her climax until she lost all sense of time and space.  Her senses returned slowly.  What she could feel was him inside of her, growing harder and harder with every thrust.  It was a feeling she knew well from her many lovers over the years.  One final thrust and he exploded, grunting and releasing a string of Spanish-laced expletives.  Her cunt was flooded with more cum than she would have thought possible as the hot seed warmed her entire body.  After a full minute of spasming, twitching, pulsating, he pulled out and sat upright.  Putting his wet dick away, Amy righted herself too, feeling his seed slowly slosh out of her, onto both the seat and her dress.  Looking around, she noticed someone watching them from a window.  He had his dick in his hand and was beating off furiously. 
“Let’s get out of here.”  She said watching the masturbator.  “Back to your place.  I have you for the rest of the night.”    
The keys jingled as he turned the car back on, revved the engine and took off.
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