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Irresistibly Cute Part 5
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Disclaimer: I do not own Arrow or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

Keywords: FF, Oral, Rim

Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Telling Oliver, Diggle and Roy about their relationship was a necessity. They work together every night and it would be nearly impossible to hide something like that from them, apparently it had been impossible because they had all figured it out. As 'coming out' to their friends had fast tracked their relationship somewhat Sara suggested they wait a week to tell her Dad and Laurel about them, and although Felicity had mixed feelings about it she agreed to it. Honestly part of her wanted to just get it over with, but she didn't want to push Sara even more, and truth be told she wasn't that eager to talk to her mother. Which was of course her mother's cue for a surprise visit.

* * *

Normally Felicity and Sara were good about getting up early, but it was a Saturday. One Sara didn't have to work, and on those rare occasions they like to sleep in, cuddle and then have soft, gentle sex followed by more cuddling. By mid-morning they were only just getting up, which included a extremely light breakfast, followed by taking turns in the bathroom. This time Felicity went first and when she heard the doorbell in the middle of doing her teeth she just assumed it was the mailman or something.

So Felicity thought nothing of spitting into the bowl and calling out, "Babe, could you get that."

Sara groaned in response. She wasn't a morning person, so whoever was knocking better have a good reason too. As that didn't appear to be the case when she opened the door she glared and grumbled, "Who are you?"

"Well, I could ask you the same thing." Donna replied, before rolling her eyes and adding, "I'm Donna Smoak... erm, does my daughter still live here?"

Suddenly awake Sara stammered, "Ye, yes."

"And you are?" Donna asked, stepping into the apartment the second Sara moved aside.

"I'm Sara... Felicity's new roommate." Sara replied. After all, it wasn't a lie.

"So, who was..." Felicity came out of the bathroom holding her toothbrush and exclaimed, "Mom! What are you doing here?"

"I'd thought I'd surprise you with a visit." Donna said cheerily.

"But why so early in the morning?" Felicity exclaimed.

"So you couldn't hide anything from me." Donna said, glancing at Sara, "Like a new roommate."

Felicity blushed, and hated herself for it. But then again her Mom might as well have caught her in bed with Sara given how her Mom knew this tiny apartment was one-bedroom, the couch obviously hadn't been slept in and while Felicity was wearing pyjamas Sara was just wearing a big shirt and panties. Then again her Mom could be oblivious to certain things, and she wasn't freaking out nearly as much as Felicity assumed she would when confronted with her daughter's new relationship.

Sensing her girlfriend's uncomfortableness with what she was wearing Sara piped up, "Right... I'll go put on some pants."

Donna watched her go and then looked at her daughter, "Soooooo, she seems nice."

"Mom-" Felicity sighed.

"Oh, you have to let me take you both to launch so we can catch up. My treat." Donna said brightly, "I want to hear everything."

"Ok." Felicity tried and failed not to blush.

Luckily Donna didn't notice because she was too busy knocking on the bedroom door that her daughter's 'roommate' had just closed and called out, "Sara sweetie, hurry up and throw on some pants. I'm taking you to launch."

* * *

For the next few hours her mother just wouldn't leave her alone. Don't get Felicity wrong, she loved her mother, but she was a lot to handle first thing in the morning, and she was worried that this impromptu visit would scare Sara off. After all, Sara had confessed that she wasn't exactly the Queen of commitment, and she had a tendency of running away from her problems. Then again she seemed to be adapting pretty well, although part of that had to do with her training, the assassin expertly dancing around Mama Smoak's probing questions while still somehow charming the older blonde, in the process making Felicity fall harder for Sara and feel increasingly guilty that her Mom referred to Sara as a roommate, when she was so much more. Felicity wanted to tell her otherwise, but it felt like she should get Sara's permission first.

So the second her mother finally left them for a bathroom break Felicity turned to her girlfriend and blurted out, "I want to tell her the truth."

Sara looked at her for a second, then took her hand in hers, gently squeezed it and said, "Whatever you want babe. Just be sure you're ready."

"I am." Felicity said firmly.

"Good." Sara smiled, then after a beat added, "But there's no shame if you're not. I have some experience telling a single-parent potentially upsetting news, so I know it's never easy, and I'm willing to be your 'roommate' for as long as you need me to be."

Felicity smiled softly, leaned in to press a quick kiss to Sara's lips before telling her girlfriend, "You're the best."

Sara smiled back, a comfortable silence falling between them before they let go of each other's hands and pulled back slightly just before Felicity's Mom returned, and then Sara asked her lover, "Would you like me to go and get us some more drinks?"

Felicity smiled and nodded, "Yes please."

She had got the message loud and clear, but she didn't need Sara here for this, Felicity feeling she had to do this on her own. Sara looked apprehensive for a moment, then returned the smile and got up and headed to the bar about the same time that the older blonde returned, her Mom as talkative as ever when she returned... only it was more than that. Felicity couldn't believe she hadn't realised it before, but her mother was nervous. Which of course made her nervous in turn, but she quickly forced herself to get over it, and as her Mom showed no sign of slowing down, Felicity decided to just say it.

"Sara's my girlfriend!" Felicity blurted out, interrupting her mother mid-flow. Then just in case her Mom hadn't heard her properly due to how rushed she'd been Felicity's repeated as calmly as she possibly could, "Sara is my girlfriend."

There was a long silence and then Donna said, "I heard you the first time."

Another pause, and then Felicity pushed, "And?"

"And..." Donna said hesitantly before returning to her usual brightness, "That's great sweetie. I always said you should experiment a little."

"It's not an experiment, Mom." Felicity said.

"Are you sure?" Donna asked hesitantly, quickly adding when her daughter looked offended, "It's just, I've seen the way you look at Oliver Queen, and the way he looks at you, and-"

"God, why does everyone think I'm in love with Oliver?" Felicity exclaimed, before adding sternly, "I'm not. And please don't even imply it in front of Sara! She's insecure about Oliver as it is."

"That's probably because she has a reason to be." Donna said.

"Mom!" Felicity whined.

"I'm not saying it's inevitable." Donna quickly clarified, "But I'm telling you, that boy wants you, and there is a very real chance he'll come knocking one day."

"I've thought about that." Felicity insisted, "I know what the answer will be."

"Do you?" Donna pushed before lowering her gaze, and then grumbled, "I didn't think ya Daddy would leave me. But he did. I... I know I'm not as smart as you, but you can't know for sure how you'll react to something."

There was a long pause, and then Felicity asked, "Is the idea of... this, really so horrible?"

"No honey, no!" Donna quickly said, gently grabbing Felicity's hands, "I love you no matter what, and Sara seems like a nice girl. She's smart, funny, and extremely hot. Like, if I was in a certain type of club and in a certain type of mood-"

"Mom! TMI!" Felicity quickly scolded, then when her mother looked confused added, "To much information."

"Oh." Donna nodded in understanding, "The point is I like Sara a lot, and she looks at you like you hung the moon. Which I did notice thank you very much, despite the fact she did a much better job at hiding her feelings than you did."

"Mom!" Felicity blushed.

"What? It's true." Donna grinned, "I knew from the second I walked in on you today that the two of you were together, and she was crazy about you. That's why I like her and don't want to see her get hurt."

"Oh." Felicity murmured, genuinely surprised.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm way more worried about you." Donna quickly added, "But... you've always been very... opinionated. I mean, you're not likely to be bothered by a little bit of bigotry, and you've made it abundantly clear that you'll do what you want no matter what I say. I just... I just want to be sure you know what you want."

"I'm sure." Felicity said forcefully, then adding just as forcefully, "I love her."

Donna beamed, "Really?"

"Yes." Felicity confirmed, before admitting, "But we're not really in the stage of saying it yet."

"But you said it?" Donna grinned.

Felicity blushed, and admitted, "Yeah."

"That's great honey." Donna beamed, gently placing her hand over Felicity's which was resting on the table, "I just want you to be happy."

Felicity smiled, "Me too."

Donna returned the smile, and then when Sara returned told her, "Sara, thank you for making my daughter so happy."

For a moment Sara looked surprised, then she grinned big enough to show her dimples, which morphed into a shy smile, "I, I should be the one thanking you. Felicity's amazing. I'm so lucky to have her."

No longer trying, and apparently failing, to hide her feelings from her mother Felicity spent a few long seconds staring at Sara like the lovesick fool she was becoming, to her delight her girlfriend then returning that look. Felicity then leaned forward and kissed Sara's cheek. She wanted to do more, and normally she had no problem with PDA, but just because her Mom was happy to tongue kiss her boyfriends in front of her didn't mean that Felicity ever wanted to return the favour. Thankfully Sara knew this and simply gave her a fond smile and then moved a little closer and put her arm around her back.

Ever the sucker for romance her Mom cooed at the small sign of affection and encourage them to kiss properly with an amount of enthusiasm which was typically inappropriate, which was actually a positive sign that her Mom was just treating Sara the same way she treated any of her previous boyfriends. Of course Felicity politely declined the offer and her Mom proceeded to embarrass her with tales from her lesbian phase, something which unfortunately Felicity had heard before, although at least this time she had Sara's happy smiles to distract her.

* * *

Typically the older blonde insisted on spending the whole day with them, 'treating them' to a terrible movie, an average restaurant dinner, and worst of all, a shopping spree, and yet Felicity mostly enjoyed the experience. She still struggled to connect with her Mom, but it seemed they had found something in common... a love for Sara Lance. It got to the point where Felicity was making jokes that she should be worried, and she almost wondered whether she shouldn't joke about it when her Mom was finally saying her goodbyes and hugged Sara harder and longer than her own daughter.

"You take care of my little girl, ya hear." Donna whispered in Sara's ear, before pulling away and telling her daughter, "And you call me more often, or I'll totally end up walking in on you two having sex."

"Mom!" Felicity scolded, before adding, "Seriously, don't do that."

"Then call me.." Donna pushed as she walked through the door her daughter was holding open.

"I will, goodbye." Felicity promised, before shutting the door on her waving mother.

There was a moment's silence and then Sara said dryly, "Well, that was new."

"Why?" Felicity frowned, "Do parents not normally like you?"

Sara shrugged, strolled over to the couch and crashed on it, quickly followed by her girlfriend. Sara really liked Felicity's Mom, but she was even more full of energy then her daughter, and Sara had to agree with her girlfriend that she was exhausting. Or maybe that's because Sara was more comfortable with running around, fighting crime and even killing people over normal human interaction, that thought making her shift uncomfortably in her seat as she turned on the TV to distract herself. Then after a few minutes Felicity cautiously moved closer to her.

"I find that hard to believe." Felicity said softly after a pause.

"Really?" Sara said, turning her head and giving Felicity her best non-serious wicked look/smirk, "Because I'm kind of going for a 'bad girl you can't bring home to your parents' vibe."

"Yeah, but we both know you're a big softy." Felicity grinned.

Sara pouted, and then she gently bought Felicity's hand up to her mouth and then just before kissing it conceded, "Only for you babe."

Felicity smiled, blushed and then after briefly wondering whether she should drop it pushed, "Seriously, no parent has ever liked you before?"

"Wasn't really an issue." Sara shrugged, before admitting, "I never really got serious with anyone before Nyssa, and her mother was dead and her father didn't care."

"Oh." Felicity nodded, then after debating what to say added, "Well, ya did great today."

"I know." Sara smiled softly, "I'm as surprised as you. I thought for sure I was finally about to hear the 'you're not good enough' speech from a concerned parent."

"Maybe next time." Felicity said that without thinking, her eyes then going wide as Sara gave her an amused expression, pretty much forcing her to quickly babble, "I, I, I just mean, erm, I... my Dad! I haven't seen in years, but he could come back and be super homophobic. Or, like... a super villain or something. But not like a cool super villain, a really lame one, and you'd have to kick his ass, and then when they're dragging him away, he could be like, 'I hate you Canary! And you're not good enough for my daughter'... or something."

As Felicity trailed off Sara tried to decide what she had liked best about that little ramble. How nervous Felicity was in the beginning? How she jumped on the first idea that popped into her head and then really went for it? The little super villain voice she adopted at the end? Actually it was probably the hand gestures because whenever Felicity broke out the hand gestures it was a sign that she was super nervous, and there was nothing more adorable than super nervous Felicity Smoak. Or to put it another way...

"You're cute." Sara grinned.

Felicity blushed and lowered her head, "You're not mad?"

"No." Sara said without hesitation, then after a pause added, "Unless that was a Freudian slip and you're planning on dumping me."

"God no!" Felicity replied quickly, "No Freudian slips here. No slips of any kind. This is a slip free zone. Unless you count slipping and putting my foot in my mouth, because that's all that was, I swear. I don't want to break up with you. That's the last thing I want. I... I adore you."

After a brief second to digest those words Sara slowly moved forward and whispered, "I adore you too."

With that Sara cautiously straddled Felicity and cupped her face while bringing her own just a few inches away from it. As Felicity leaned into the touch, and even moved upwards slightly, Sara leaned down to kiss her and the two blondes quickly became completely lost in each other. It wasn't the most passionate, or more accurately frantic, make out session they'd ever had, but Sara absolutely loved it. It was long, slow, sweet and even romantic. After all, Felicity's hands didn't grab her butt for like a full ten minutes. If that wasn't romance Sara didn't know what was.

Not that she minded when Felicity did eventually grab her butt. Exactly the opposite, because it meant they were moving towards sex, and Sara would never, ever complain about getting closer to having sex with Felicity. Plus it gave her an excuse to feel Felicity up, Sara slipping her hand right under the other blonde's shirt so she could cup Felicity's breasts over the bra. Which normally got a very positive sound out of Felicity, but despite moaning in pleasure into Sara's mouth Felicity then pulled back slightly, breaking the kiss.

"What's wrong?" Sara asked nervously.

"Nothing. It's just..." Felicity struggled to find the words, but as she saw that her words were making Sara nervous she quickly added, "Can I do anything for you? Like, sexually?"

There was a pause and then Sara smirked, "Well-"

"I mean aside from the obvious." Felicity interrupted, then when Sara gave her a look quickly added, "What? You always joke about how... sexually promiscuous you are. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether you're trying to hint at something."

"I'm not." Sara said firmly, before admitting, "Ok, yeah... there are some things I'd like to try-"

"Ah-huh!" Felicity announced triumphantly.

"But not at the cost of our relationship." Sara finished.

"Oh." Felicity murmured, then offered, "Well, what if we start out small?"

Sara thought for a moment, then nodded her head, "Ok."

She then pulled Felicity up with her and started pulling her towards the bedroom, Felicity quickly grabbing the remote control and turning off the TV before turning back to Sara and asking, "Wait, what exactly are you going to do?"

"I think it will be more fun if I show you." Sara grinned, before pulling Felicity into their bedroom and then into her arms, "But I promise you every time we try something new, I'll get you in the mood first."

As she spoke Sara stared lovingly into her eyes. When she finished she lowered her gaze to her lips, and then closed her eyes and then finally leaned in. Felicity did the same and the two blondes kissed again. It was a kiss Felicity felt like she had been waiting for a lifetime for even though it was only a couple of seconds, and it didn't disappoint. It was soft and gentle, but as passionate as any kiss they'd ever had, and exactly what Felicity wanted right now.

They hadn't been dating, or even known each other, for that long, but Felicity was blown away about how easy it was for Sara to work out what she wanted. Sometimes it felt like Sara knew her better than she did, which was embarrassing but also an incredible plus. Because as much as Felicity wanted to do anything for Sara as a thank you for being such a wonderful girlfriend today she just wasn't really ready for 'anything' and Sara even gave her a soft and gentle kiss to calm her nerves, which mostly worked. She was still nervous what Sara might have in store for her, but she trusted Sara completely and had no doubt she would enjoy whatever came next.

Technically what came next was stripping off their clothes, and while they'd been having a lot of sex ever since they started dating Felicity was still self-conscious about her body. Luckily Sara removed her clothes slowly, kissing her nearly the entire time and softly massaging her body in a way which both made her feel comforted and yet sexy, not to mention turned on despite mostly staying away from where Felicity wanted her the most. Best of all Sara encouraged her to remove her clothes too, Felicity eagerly, and a little awkwardly, doing so.

Once they were both naked Sara broke the kiss briefly to shove the bed sheets out of the way and then returned to the kiss while gently lowering Felicity onto what was formerly her bed, but was now their bed. In their room, in their apartment, the thought of that making Felicity all warm inside as the kiss slowly became more intense. Then Sara broke away for good in favour of kissing her neck, the mighty Canary spending almost as much time on her neck as she had on her lips, leaving a little hicky in the process, the stronger blonde marking her territory. Oh that thought definitely made Felicity warm inside, but in a different way.

Sara tried not to think of it as marking her territory, cause Felicity was her own person, a person Sara loved very much. However in the heat of the moment it was hard to think of anything else, and while Sara hadn't been particularly territorial with other lovers she was definitely that way with Felicity. Hell, she'd take the time to break each and every bone in the body of whoever even looked at Felicity the wrong way, just to make a point. Or at least she would if Felicity would let her, which she probably wouldn't, but Sara could still think about it, along with pitying anyone who touched a hair on Felicity's head, because then not even Felicity could stop her from causing them agonising pain.

Concentrating on more pleasant things Sara kissed her way south to Felicity's tits, kissing all over the soft flesh before wrapping her lips around one of the nipples and gently sucking on it. This of course caused Felicity to let out a sharp cry, followed by a long moan, both sounds very much of pleasure. That continued being the case as Sara moved to the other nipple and then went back and forth between them for several minutes, along the way adding her tongue which she used to slide around the nipples and flick them. Eventually she even nipped them gently with her teeth, something which really had Felicity squirming.

As well as all that Sara could smell the arousal dripping from Felicity's honeypot and it was only a matter of time before she could no longer resist heading for her ultimate destination. When she did she was sure to go slowly, trying to make it clear to Felicity she was still making love to her, and technically that was true every time they had sex. But sometimes Sara had a bad habit of rushing things, and disturbingly this felt like one of those times. Not that Felicity was complaining.

"Oh yes! Oh Sara. Please Sara. Oh God lower!" Felicity babbled shortly after Sara started kissing her way down her flat stomach, "Oh my God, mmmmmmm, yes lick me, lick my pussy, oh Sara! Sara! Oh God Sara! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd!"

It pretty much continued like that as Sara got closer and closer to her destination, and as Sara loved hearing Felicity beg for her and moan her name she couldn't resist a little more last-minute teasing. So with an evil grin she placed a kiss just above Felicity's pussy, then alongside it, then against the end of her right thigh and then down, Sara covering her girlfriend's thighs in kisses for a full minute, fully expecting Felicity to cry and beg for her some more. She did the first part, but not the second. Instead after a cry of frustration Felicity reached down, grabbed onto Sara's hair tightly and pulled her up to where she obviously wanted her, which of course delighted the Canary.

Felicity hadn't really thought that through. After all this was an assassin, a Master Assassin at that, one who had been trained by the League of Assassins. So maybe she shouldn't treat Sara so roughly, because as much as this assassin told Felicity all the time how much she adored her there was always the possibility that instinct would kick in and Sara would casually break her arm or something. Then again Sara seemed to like this rough treatment, the other blonde first smiling into her pussy and then beginning to eagerly lick her, Felicity crying out as Sara's talented little tongue got to work.

Oh how Felicity loved that tongue. They hadn't really been apart since getting together, not for more than a few hours anyway, but at times like this Felicity thought that if Sara ever needed to go out of town for anything she would be able to still get herself off just remembering how good this tongue was to her. Not that she wanted Sara to go anywhere anytime soon, or ever, and not just because while Felicity could get herself off it wouldn't be close to as satisfying as having Sara do it. Nothing was a satisfying as Sara. There was nothing like being with Sara, and Felicity didn't want her to leave, not even for just a day or two, because Felicity loved her. She... she was in love with her.

This wasn't new of course, on some level Felicity had known she was falling for the super sexy assassin since before they had gotten together, but for some reason those words were now hitting her really hard. And instead of scaring her and putting her off what they were doing these wonderful words only increased Felicity's pleasure, the hacker letting out a soft cry of pure joy as she was overwhelmed by love for the girl licking her pussy. And not just because she was licking her pussy, but for everything Sara had done for her, and everything she would no doubt do for her in future, Felicity smiled dreamily down at her lover as she continued pleasuring her.

Feeling the need for further contact between them Felicity cautiously reached down and gently began to stroke her girlfriend's beautiful long blonde hair, which prompted Sara to look up at her. She could tell by the look in Sara's eyes she was worried that she was doing something wrong, when nothing could be further from the truth. So Felicity gave her a soft smile, and then just in case that wasn't enough she gave Sara some more direct encouragement. The type of which she knew Sara loved, and given that she was overwhelmed with love for this woman Felicity had no problem right now giving Sara what she loved.

"Oh God Sara, that's soooooooooo goooooooooddddddddd, mmmmmmmmm fuck!" Felicity moaned happily, briefly closing her eyes to enjoy a particular lick before opening them again so she could look into Sara's beautiful blues with her own, "You're so good to me baby. Mmmmmmmmm, always so good. Ooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwd, Sara, I... I... ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm lick me! Oh God yes, lick my pussy and make me feel good. Lick your girlfriend's pussy and make her feel good you beautiful woman! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, lick me!"

Sara smiled against Felicity's cunt as the adorable hacker blathered on, and on, and on. It wasn't the most explicit dirty talk she had ever heard, and she certainly knew her girl was capable of better, but right now it was more than enough. In fact anything more explicit might ruin this moment between them, and that was the last thing Sara wanted, especially when they were staring into each other's eyes, the Canary impressed just how long her girl managed to keep that eye contact before she closed them again, this time throwing her head back as well to let out a strong cry of pleasure.

Hoping that Felicity would look at her again Sara continued staring upwards for maybe about a minute, then she closed her own eyes and concentrated on the sweet taste of pure Felicity Smoak. They had barely gotten started and Felicity was already nice and juicy for her, the combination of the foreplay and Sara's experienced tongue making sure she had plenty of cunt cream to lick up right from the start and that didn't change as the minutes ticked by and she continued making her sweet girlfriend moan, whimper and eventually beg for more.

"Sara! Oh Sara, mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooh God, give me more." Felicity whimpered, too delirious to be able to concentrate on such a thing as opening her eyes, "Please, ohhhhhhhhhh, please I, I... ooooooooooh Sara! Yes, just like that, please Sara, oh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh YES SARA, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Unable to deny Felicity anything, and yet not wanting to let this delightful act to end too soon, Sara began licking Felicity's clit more frequently. Up until now she would only occasionally brush against it, and all it took was making it every other lick to make Felicity delirious, Sara deciding to make the other blonde completely delirious by taking a few moments to concentrate solely on the clit. That included gentle licking before taking it in her mouth to suck it, which had Felicity screaming her name so delightfully that it was a struggle for Sara not to increase the force of the suction, shove her fingers into her girlfriend's pussy and fuck her hard and fast until she came.

It would be so easy at this point. In fact Sara always found it easy to make Felicity cum, which was one of the main reasons Sara felt she was good for Felicity. Obviously her girl could do better than a psychotic vigilante who's hands were covered in blood, but at the same time Felicity could do worse, and Sara was determined to make sure that while she would never be truly worthy of this amazing woman she would do everything in her power to make her happy. And this, this was definitely Sara's favourite way to make Felicity happy, the hacker certainly sounding happy as even as Sara moved her mouth from Felicity's clit and went back to licking the other girl's pussy her sweet girlfriend remained incoherent.

Felicity was indeed happy. In fact she couldn't ever remember being happier. Well, cumming in Sara's talented little mouth was technically more pleasurable, but it was more than just physical. It had always been more than physical between them, even before Felicity wanted to admit to herself she was falling for the deadly Canary, but now it was hitting Felicity harder than ever before, and combined with Sara giving her the more that she requested Felicity soon felt herself racing towards orgasm. Not that she initially wanted it, because that would be the beginning of the end to her fun, and she wasn't ready for that.

Of course for a while it might have felt like heaven, but eventually the pleasure always became torturous as her desire for a climax only grew and her ability to speak really only seem to diminish further until all she could do was whimper her girlfriend's name and a bunch of swear words. She somehow still had the energy to cling onto Sara's long blonde hair, Felicity desperately using it to press Sara's face into her cunt, but the Master Assassin was much, much stronger than her and easily prevented her from pushing her any further than she wanted to be. Which was still very far, and Felicity loved that she could feel Sara's lips against her pussy, but like everything else it just wasn't enough.

So Felicity gathered up all her willpower and just about managed to whimper something coherent. Namely, "Sara, please..."

Luckily for Felicity it didn't take an expert girl fucker, or just an expert at fucking her, to know exactly what she wanted. Plus Sara was in unique position to know just how badly Felicity wanted to cum, her loving girlfriend taking pity on her and giving her exactly what she wanted, pretty much exactly when she wanted it. Because her body might have craved it before, but Felicity was immediately rewarded for waiting by the kind of explosive orgasm she had only ever had before from Sara Lance. Specifically in this case Sara Lance's tongue, the feeling of it entering her cunt triggering her climax.

That tongue was briefly removed so Sara could concentrate on swallowing her cum, something Felicity only really knew from experience as she was barely conscious of anything except the ecstasy flowing through her body. And of course that ecstasy only became more consuming as Sara pushed her tongue back into her pussy as soon as Felicity's first climax was over and started pushing her to her second, which was easily achieved now the floodgates were opened. All Felicity could do was scream Sara's name and quiver with delight, which was more than fine with the blissfully happy hacker.

Sara was walking a fine line. She was used to it, normally in less pleasant ways, but in this instance it was fun because she wanted to avoid completely overwhelming Felicity and yet give her the type of orgasms she was hopefully becoming associated being one of the perks, or possibly the main or only perk, of being Sara Lance's girlfriend. Sara liked a challenge, as it was hard to resist giving Felicity everything she had, although she was used to doing it for a good cause. Only in this case instead of stronger orgasms later it was for her to be nice and relaxed for what Sara plan to do to her next.

Concentrating on what she was doing now Sara made sure to keep Felicity on her high, not constantly cumming. It was harder than she initially thought it would be, but Sara was very familiar with Felicity's body, and knew just how to pull back at the last moment to either deny an orgasm or to keep one from becoming too overwhelming. It became easier when she swapped her tongue for her fingers, this time Sara not swapping back to avoid the temptation of getting carried away swallowing Felicity's addictive cum, instead just concentrating on licking and sucking her girlfriend's clit as she pushed first one and then two fingers in and out of Felicity's pussy.

Even then it was hard not to just fuck her girlfriend into unconsciousness, and not just because Sara loved making Felicity cum. No, the truth was even though Felicity had suggested it Sara was cautious of trying anything kinky with her, as the last thing she wanted to do was scare the other girl off. Of course she knew Felicity was no delicate flower, but the exotic idea of trying something new didn't mean you would like the reality of it. Still, Sara had made a vow to stop taking the easy route when she broke up with Oliver and went after the person she truly wanted, and she wasn't going to break that vow now.

So after gradually bringing Felicity down from her high Sara softly but firmly asked, "Babe, can you do a favour for me?"

Felicity groaned to let Sara know she'd heard her, then called upon all her strength to croak her reply, "Anything."

"Turn over." Sara said, gently pulling her fingers out of Felicity's twat and moving back slightly. Felicity then whimpered and slowly turned onto her stomach, leading to Sara correcting herself, "I mean, get on all fours."

"Okay." Felicity frowned, wondering where Sara was going with this as she pushed herself upwards on shaky arms and legs so she was in the classic doggy style position.

For a few long seconds Sara admired her prize, and then murmured softly, "You've got a cute little butt."

"Thanks." Felicity blushed, unsure what to say. Then of course she had to put her foot in her mouth, "Would you say it's irresistibly cute?"

Sara grinned widely at the reference to what she constantly called her girl, and told her, "Absolutely."

Then Sara reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Felicity's well-rounded rear. Felicity squeaked in surprise, but offered up no formal protest during the initial grabbing and the gentle fondling that followed. Going for broke Sara leaned forward and down so she could press her lips to Felicity's right ass cheek. Then the left. Then the right again, and so on, Sara literally kissing Felicity's ass. Which sounded kind of funny in her head, and she knew it must look funny, but Sara had found this weirdly erotic with Nyssa and continued to do so now. Besides, this was basically just a little warm-up for what came next.

Felicity wasn't sure what to think about this. Her first instinct was to giggle, but before an even slightly mirthful sound could escape her lips she thought about what this could be leading too. Did Sara want to eat her out from behind? Or was this leading to something more kinky? Because if she had to guess it would be the latter, and she had at least some idea what that might be. Which was something she never imagined herself agreeing to if it was a boyfriend out of fear of what it might lead too, but now it didn't seem so bad. In fact as Sara literally kissed her ass Felicity actually felt a certain amount of anticipation over what she thought was about to happen.

Sure enough Sara gently pulled apart her ass cheeks and then gave her ass hole one long slow lick. Despite anticipating this Felicity gasped and jumped slightly, which might have caused Sara to hesitate in between licks to see if she was going to formally object. Either that or Sara was just enjoying the moment. Either way Sara began gently licking her ass hole, which felt even weirder than the ass kissing, although at the same time it kind of felt good. Mostly because it was so very naughty. Naughtier than anything else Felicity had ever done. Well, at least when it came to sex, as unlike her hacks she couldn't go to jail for receiving a rim job.

That thought actually made Felicity blush. It probably shouldn't, but she just couldn't help it. Because she was receiving a rim job! Her girlfriend was licking her butt hole, this super sexy vigilante tonguing her most private hole, and it actually felt really good, especially as she got over the initial shock and relaxed, Sara of course taking advantage of that and trying to literally push her tongue inside her butt. Or at least as far as it could go, which wasn't very far at all, but it was enough to make her gasp and moan in perverted pleasure. Then Sara moved her right hand down to Felicity's cunt and started to rub it, which literally made Felicity whimper her girlfriend's name.

"Oh Sara, oh God yes, mmmmmmmm, fuck me! Please finger fuck me while you ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss!" Felicity moaned, correctly guessing that Sara was about to push a finger into her, then when she did Felicity added, "Mmmmmmmm more, please give me more. Finger fuck me while you lick my ass! Oh fuck, I can't believe how good this feels. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, that's so dirty! Oh yeah, you're so dirty. Mmmmmmmmm, fuck both those holes you dirty girl, oooooooooooh shit, finger my pussy, mmmmmmmmm, lick my butt, oh Sara, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Sara!"

It didn't take long for Sara to push a second and then third finger into Felicity's eager cunt. Each time Sara added a finger she slowed down the force of her thrusts to make sure that Felicity could get used to it, but it was unnecessary. Felicity was more than ready for this treatment, and shamelessly begged for more as her wonderful girlfriend continued to do wicked things to her. Through it all, Felicity wandered how she got so lucky. Well, that and regretting not trying this sooner, and wondering whether this was it or whether Sara had something else in mind, although as another orgasm approached she was mostly blissfully happy and just feeling lucky to have Sara Lance as her girlfriend.

Sara often thought she was lucky to have Felicity Smoak as her girlfriend. Right now it was in the context of her being lucky that Felicity was willing to step outside her comfort zone in the name of sexually pleasing her. Of course Sara would be more than satisfied taking whatever Felicity was willing to give her, but she would be lying if she said she didn't want to do kinky things like this to her adorable girlfriend and corrupt her pretty little mind. If that meant going no further than this that would be fine, although Sara hoped they would go further in the future.

For now she was very much concentrating on just making sure that the ass licking was good as it could be, Sara having somewhat cheated by adding her fingers to the mix and then using all the knowledge she had gained from regularly fingering Felicity to maximise her pleasure. That included making Felicity cum almost at the first opportunity. Sure, Sara tried slowly building her up, but Felicity was clearly still raring to go from the last fingering and tonguing session, and it really took no time at all to bring her to the edge of orgasm again. Then it was just a matter of curling her fingers against Felicity's G-spot, Sara making sure to ram her tongue extra hard up her girlfriend's butt at the same time, partly for good measure and partly for Felicity to associate it with something good.

At the same time Sara began rubbing her own cunt as she didn't think Felicity would be in a stage to return the favour. More accurately Sara planned on making sure that Felicity didn't have the energy to return the favour, relentlessly hammering Felicity's G-spot with her fingers to make sure that her girl came, and came, and came. Which was just as much the reason that Sara was able to get herself off so quickly as it was the fact that she quickly pushed one and then two fingers into her own pussy and rubbed her clit.

Once she had received a much-needed orgasm of her own, and given Felicity half a dozen climaxes, Sara slowly brought the other blonde down from her high and then gently coaxing Felicity down. It didn't take much convincing, her girl whimpering softly and collapsing down onto her side, giving Sara the opportunity to slowly slid in behind her and gently spoon the girl that she loved so much. After grabbing the bed sheets and pulling them over the two of them of course, Sara more than happy to close her eyes and go to sleep like that. Of course her thoughtful girlfriend couldn't do likewise if she thought Sara wasn't satisfied.

"Don't, don't you want me to return the favour?" Felicity weakly squeaked.

"It's fine." Sara grinned against Felicity's neck, pressing her crotch more firmly against Felicity's ass, "I took care of it."

"I wish you wouldn't do that." Felicity lightly complained, before adding with a soft smile, "That's my job."

"Next time, I promise." Sara murmured softly, and then because she could no longer resist added, "I love you."

"I love you too." Felicity replied softly, before allowing herself to slip into unconsciousness.
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