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Christina Aguilera Again
« on: December 28, 2018, 03:34:58 AM »
Disclaimer: This absolutely never happened. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. Absolute fantasy. Nothing else.

Authors two cents: This is my first story in about 10 years haha. I started all enthusiastic and lost steam as I reached the end. I think it ends quite abruptly but I ran out of patience! Its a part 2 of my Christina and Britney story and I used parts of a sexual encounter I had about two months ago as the background basis. Of course I am neither good looking or have a 10 inch dong but i think it is necessary for the story haha. Hope it is ok and doesn't break any rules in here.

 It was a day much like any other. I was at the hotel in my role as head concierge. Due to my exceptional good looks and super muscular body plus of course my excellent service standards I had risen from room service waiter to this position rather quickly. The position had many perks as it had me at the front lobby where I could observe guest and non-guest walking into the hotel daily. The men? Nothing to say. But some of the women walking in…whoa…I had to hide my ten inch shlong in my pants property. Some of these women were so hot. Especially the escorts who walked in to see hotel guest. Most didn’t bother hiding who they were or what they were there for. After all, when finished with the client there might be a prospective new clients in the lobby. So flaunt everything seemed to be the moto. I had seen women with their tits falling out their tops and ass trying to get out at the bottom. Of course being a high end hotel we had our fair share of celebrities also staying at the property.

So there I was on this fine Boxing Day minding my own business when who should walk in the door but Christina Aguilera! I had not seen her in years since that faithful night when I power fucked her and Britney Spears to oblivion. The initial thought of that night brought a stirring feeling to my groin. Christina had put on a few pounds and a boob job since her Dirrty days but she was still dirty as sin. She was now in some places called a full bodied woman. She glanced my way as she walked into the hotel and without any expression on her face turned back and carried on walking.

“Bitch” I thought…”She fucking doesn’t remember me”. Ah well, at least I had my memories of that night to keep me company!

A couple of hours after Christina walked in and check in…I presumed…I got a call from one of the rooms. Look at my monitor..it was room 969, guest name C. Aguilera! My heart skipped a beat as I answered.

“Good afternoon Ms Aguilera, concierge here, how may I help you?”

“Hi there” she replied. “I have got an issue with the lighting in this room. Can you come up here and work it out for me.”

“Lighting issues? Shall I have engineering come and see you?” I replied.

“NO, you come” she shot back. It won’t take long.

“Yes Ms Aguilera, I will be right up there” I replied.

Hmmm, so did she really have a lighting issue or did she recognize me actually. I allowed myself to imagine a little before snapping back and informing my colleague I was heading up.

“Watch that cunt” he said, “she can be a real bitch” he told me unaware of my history with her.

Three minutes later I was ringing the bell of her suite. The door was actually open as she had put the security bar out leaving the door ajar.

“Come in” she yelled.

I proceeded to walk in and she was standing in the middle of the suite, hands on her hips. She had on business attire, a button up white blouse with a blue jacket and blue shirt topped off with a pair of Louboutin heels. She showed no signs of recognition as she went past me to close the door and bolt it. Hmmm... She came back and pointed above her at the chandelier.

“There is a piece hanging off!! I don’t want to get brained by it so can you get up there and either secure it or take it off!” As she was saying this, she proceeded to take off her jacket. Slowly. While sticking her big tits out which strained against her white top. The buttons strained and a glimps of flesh was evident in the gaps. The pattern of her lacy bra showed through the white top.

“A colored bra? Who wears colored bras under white tops anymore?“  I thought but at the same time grateful for the quick tease.

Next though...“Dammit. Should have brought engineering”

I got a chair, took off my shoes and proceeded to climb up and adjust the lose part. While on the chair, I saw her kick off her heels and  I could “feel” her glare at my groin which then preceded to stir by itself!! I quickly yanked the piece off forgetting all thoughts of fixing it so I could get off the chair. As I stepped down, she put one hand on my muscular chest and pushed me back onto the chair at which point she mounted me!

“Hello you…did you think I had forgotten” she sneered at me while rubbing her groin over my growing 10 inches and pressing her DD’s against me.

“I…” did get any more words out as she pressed her lips against mine pushing her tongue into my mouth! I reached my hands round to grab at her ass and rub her back as she pulled my head into the kiss. Hands were all over as she reached under her to stroke my now erect 10 inches! She quickly slid off my lap and onto her knees in front of me, roughly reaching for my belt buckle and before I knew it she had my pants off, throwing it away to her left in her haste. My ten inch pillar of steel was erect and purple and angry, twitching in the cool air of the room’s air-condition.

"Mmmmmm, you naughty boy," she giggled. "You're fucking hard down there. Have I given you a hard-on?"

Before I knew it, Christina had her mouth over my prick and was sucking it like some kind of beautiful, high-class whore. Her hands slid up and down the sides of my thighs, causing a heat to build up in my thighs as she slid her mouth up and down over my hard cock. I grabbed a handful of her hair on the top of her head and kept her sucking my cock as I stood up and then reached down to unbutton her shirt. She assisted with her cuffs, her mouth never stopped sucking back and forth on my prick. I pulled her shirt open, exposing her tits encased in a blue bra. Pulling her shirt off a flinging away, I reached down and unhooked her bra and her massive augmented tits spilled out. I reached down roughly crushing one in my hand, causing the white skin to go red as I roughly grabbed at the tit flesh, molding and crushing it. I unzipped the back of her skirt and it fell open exposing her naked lower body. The slut had no panties on!!! She kicked the skirt off and now was totally naked. At the same time, my hand grabbed hold of her hair again as I started trusted forward and fucking her mouth.

"Uhhhhhhh, suck it, Christina!" I moaned. "Jesus! Suck it!''

Drool was sloshing out of her stretched lips as she pumped my meat in and out of her mouth.

“GAK!!” she choked as I pushed as much of my ten inches down her throat. Tears started welling up in her eyes as I brutally fucked her face.

“GAK, GAK, GAK, Cough cough hak.” she went as I slammed into that throat.

“More…treat me like a whore. I know you know how I like it you bastard.” She mumbled. “Don’t hold back”.

She had extremely large tits, and they had a natural firmness usually found in woman almost a decade her junior. The doctor did well! The firm, erect nipples were pressing against my legs just above the knees and when I looked down I could make out the curved globes of her magnificent ass cheeks.
The feel of her long, silky tresses of blond hair against my thighs was super, but it all paled in comparison to the feel of her plump, ruby-red lips around my cock shaft.

The blond slut gurgled with pleasure as her slutty lips dragged up and down over my cock shaft, plunging back down to the base of my cock, then pulling back till just the head of his cock remained inside of her mouth, before again swallowing my meat into her beautiful mouth. Each time I fucked into her mouth she would shut her eyes tightly as she choked, her arms held out to her sides, her hands grasping air. When I pulled out she would take a deep breath in before I plunged back into the mouth again.

"GAAAAKKKK," growled the slut happily from around my cock. I pulled her head back until only the head of my cock was inside of her mouth, then sucking firmly onto my cock head, her cheeks hollowing out as she pulled the saliva from my cock tip, making me moan loudly.

“Urgh you fucking whore, suck that cock. You are a born cock sucker…URGHHHH” I moaned.

I pulled her head from my cock, leaving the saliva coated, glistening cock shaft exposed to the cool air.  She slid her cheek down the side of my cock shaft, making me moan all the louder before she quickly lapped her tongue over my balls where she could reach them, sending wild tingles and shivers of pleasure throughout my ball sack and right up the length of his cock, which was cool on one side and warm on the other, where Christina's cheek was firmly pressed against it.

She began to lick along the sides of my cock shaft, several broad, thick strokes over the side of my cock, then ran the tip of her tongue slowly, erotically along the underside of my cock, pressing firmly against the big vein there.

"You dirty, dirty bitch," I moaned.

"Give me your cum," she whispered aggressively, "I want it, NOW!"

“Not yet slut” I barked and pulled her off her knees and half threw her towards the bed. She stumbled against the side of the bed and sat on the floor. I walked over and put on foot on the bed and grabbing a hand full of hair again pulled her face under me against my ass.

“Lick my asshole you slut” I barked and instantly I felt her wet tongue lapping at my asshole. The feeling was tremendous as I pulled her face harder into my ass. She continued licking and slurping and I wondered what a slut she was to be ass rimming me. I pulled her head away from my ass pushing her face against the side of the bed, wiping her face against the sheets, staining them with her makeup and lipstick before I bent over and started making out with her again. Her kissing was wet and sloppy as I put one hand around her throat and mashed my mouth against hers. She was a sight with her hair all messed from my hair pulling, her eyes mascara running streaks down her face from tearing when I face fucked her. I grabbed her hair again pushing my cock back into her mouth. This time I pushed as much as I could into her throat. She had her back and head again the bed. She had nowhere to go as I force fed her my cock.

"GAAAAKK KAK KAK" she choked as I held my cock down her throat. She started struggling and trying to pull away tapping my tights with her hands and I pulled out leaving her gasping for breath.

"You fucking.." She started as I pulled her up by her arms and pushed her back on the bed, ass on the side of the bed and legs hanging down. Her cunt was smoothly shaved and as she parted her legs for me, I could see the shiny wetness and then noticed that her inner tights were wet! The slut had probably creamed herself during my face fucking of her. I could clearly make out the tan lines around the singer's crotch; the skin surrounding the blonde's cunt was a milky white, soft and smooth.

"I like your bikini, girl," I sneered, referring to the expanse of milky skin around the blonde's crotch and the creamy lower half of Christina's firm boobs.
I dropped to my knees and slid my hands between hers, parting her legs easily as I prepared to return the favor she'd just given me. I quickly pushed my face into Christina’s snatch, pressing my open mouth against her hot cunt lips. My tongue flicked expertly over her clit before wriggling its way into her pussy, scooping up tasty drops of her warm cunt-honey. Christina moaned deeply, her fingers digging past my short dark brown hair as I sucked on her cunt, my tongue writhing about inside her hot pussy. I licked up and down Christina’s slit as the hot slut lifted her ass up, parting her legs open and rested them on my shoulders to get more of my tongue into her pussy.

"You like it, don't you, whore," I breathed.

Christina lifted her head to look at me, lust and passion all over her makeup smeared face as she dropped her head back on the bed groaning out loud. She reached and grabbed her own tits, massaging them both as I continued eating her out. I felt her thighs wrap around my head, encircling my face with creamy girl flesh. I lifted my face from her snatch and sucking two of my fingers I inserted them into her moist dripping snatch. The blonde suddenly felt my fingers and she let out a strangled gasp as I jammed my fingers inside into Christina's steaming crotch. As if it sensed the presence of my probe, the blonde's clit emerged from its place within the singer's pussy, hardening and erect. I continued probing her wet cunt with my two fingers while my thumb rubbed her exposed hard clit.

"I'm going to tie your clit into knots with my fingers, slut," I said with a soft snarl.

With another violent thrust inside the singer's cunt, my fingers found its tar
get, the G spot deep in Christina’s cunt. An orgasmic eruption shook the blonde's sweaty frame, causing her to buck wildly against my fingers.
"You are so wet, girl," I gloated, continuing to trust my fingers into her soaking cunt.

By now, her heavy thighs and cunt were spread wide, as the lusty singer was still whimpering, her proud tits swollen... she unconsciously raised her knees, opening and exposing that cunt of hers even more. She had started sliding off the bed and with my two fingers still in her cunt, I put my hand under her back with one hand and lifted her back on the bed via her back and pussy!

She kept lifting her head, her face in lust to look at what I was doing before dropping her head back and arching her back, trusting her DD’s into the air. I dropped my face back into her pussy, pulling my fingers out as I started another round of tongue lashing of the whore’s pussy. With her muscular thighs and ass clenching my face, I hungrily let myself go ... giving her the best tongue lashing that I could manage, making my tongue and jaw ache ... as she worked her open and wet pussy over my face. Keeping up a stream of nasty language screaming at me to worship her pussy and clit.

“FUCK. Fuck. Oh Fuck. Urghh. OH MY GOD, lick my cunt…LICK YOUR WHORES CUNT YOU FUCKING BASTARD! ” she screamed.

Finally, with her body trembling and quivering, she reached an orgasm, bucking her ass off the bed as I clamped my mouth over her pussy, riding her body with my mouth, drenching my face and gaping mouth with her juices.

“ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH” she screamed as juices squirted out of her cunt. I was a little surprised at this as I did not recall her being a squirter the first time I had seen her.

Pulling my face from her cunt and getting up, I positioned my cock against her eager pussy and gently pressed the head into her, moaning as I felt the slick wetness and her heat around me. When I was half way in, I brutally slammed the rest of my ten inches into her wet cunt, sinking myself balls deep in the whores well used cunt, the velvet tightness of her cunt like a sheath about my cock as Christina arched her back, shuddering as she felt my huge cock shaft in her tight pussy. I grasped Christina’s hips, beginning to hump into her buxom body, sliding up into her cunt again and again. Christina cried out as carnal pleasure flooded through her body, her cunt slick and juicy with lubrication as I grounded my cock into her cunt again and again. Christina humped her hips up against mine, her tits bouncing as she cried out in excitement, pushed ever closer towards orgasm as I fucked her harder and harder. She started sliding off the bed again as I continued to pound into her at which point I felt the bed moving! I pulled out, my dick wet with her juices and pulled her limp body up onto the bed and then plunged my cock again into her drawing a howl from her lips.

"ARRRGH YES!" she squealed, giving in entirely, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!" she squealed.

I started a started a steady rhythm, slamming into her as her fingers again clawed the air, her massive tits bouncing back and forth on her chest. She lifted her head again, continuing the same movement as she did when I ate her, dropping it down just as quickly and groaning as I power fucked her. Her hips spasmed, her outspread legs becoming limp as I narrowed my eyes, gritted my teeth and increased the force of my thrusts into Christina’s cunt, sending more and more ripples of orgasmic intensity throughout both our bodies. I leaned over her firm, sexy body, licking her nipples, tasting her flesh as I fucked her cunt. Through all this I still actually had my shirt, tie and jacket on!! I shook off my jacket and before I could take my tie off she pulled at it, forcing me down into a passionate lip lock with the horny starlet as we fought tongues and exchanged saliva, I reached down and mashed her tits in my hands, crushing them as hard as I could. I broke the kiss and sat up, continuing my pressure on her tits. I started slapping them, left, right left right and she continued her animal growl.

"Fucking whore" I said as I released her tits and took my shirt and tie off showing her my well defined muscular chest. I was built like a Greek god for this slut!

"Yeah. That's right. I am a whore. I'm a slut. I love cock. So fuck me hard you mother fucker!!" she cried out as she reached up and started massaging my chest, digging her nails into me.

I slapped her hands away and grasped onto Christina's shapely hips and started trusting again into her. As the speed and roughness of my thrusts grew greater, Christina’s outspread feet with her toes clenched shook with each thrust, her groans inspiring me as I shoved into her again and again. Her cunt clenched around my cock, sucking my meat back inside of her. I ran my hands over the singer’s large heaving tits. I gripped onto her large, firm breasts and continued to furiously plunge my manhood in and out of tight, well-lubricated pussy. Christina's sexy body shook each time I slammed into her tight pussy. I released her breasts and slid my hands down the side of her hips and cupped her firm ass cheeks, massaging the twin globes of her ass as I thrust in and out of her cunt.

Her body shook with each rough thrust into her cunt.  I bent down again, driving my tongue into her mouth. I pulled my tongue from her mouth and began nuzzling her neck, sending more and more pulses of erotic pleasure throughout her body. My mouth found her nipples, and I lapped and sucked at the hard, erect tips, the thrusts of my cock becoming faster, my thighs slapping loudly against hers. Her large breasts bounced freely up and down as she was fucked hard, my cock slamming in and out of her pussy with hard, powerful thrusts. I fucked her with no thought of any pleasure for her, but it didn't matter, each stroke of my cock into the tight velvet tunnel of her cunt was driving her wild with pleasure as her body approached yet another orgasm. She shook her head back and forth as she started to cum again.

"Oh God, ohhh, oh yeah, fuck me, FUCK ME, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHITTTT!" Christina screamed.

"AAHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she came again, juices squirting out through the thin gaps left by my cock as it fucked her cunt. Her ass clenched and tightened against the bed as her legs pushed out far to either side of me.

"Oh fuck YES!" she screamed, her body locking up, her back arching and her cunt thrusting against my cock as her cunt seized down on it, milking and squeezing my fuck meat again and again as she came.  Her tits bounced up and down as her body shook and quivered through her orgasm, her teeth gritting as she hissed through them, crying out in pleasure, disbelief and lust. Her juices creamed out of her cunt, all around my cock, splattering onto her hips and mine, down over her firm ass cheeks into the bed.

"Good bitch," I hissed, then slammed my cock hard against her orgasming cunt and ground against her hips, my balls pressing firmly against her compacted ass cheeks, "Good...UH! Fucking HUH! Bitch!!"

I felt myself being on the edge but stopped as I didn’t want to come yet. I pulled out of her sloppy cunt and her legs fell to the bed, her body limp. I grabbed her by her hair, pulled her up and off the bed as I sat on the sofa.

“Come and ride me slut” I commanded. She dizzily mounted me, her hands on the back rest for support as she grabbed my cock and positioned it against her cunt, sinking down on it in one movement.

“Urgh” she moaned as she slumped forward, her breast raising and falling as she tried to catch her breath from the orgasm she just had. I started to move.
“Wait, wait” she moaned, “my cunt is so sensitive from coming” she groaned. I held her face in my hands and proceeded to kiss her again, our tongues swirling as I stopped trusting as she cooled down. We continued kissing until I felt her start to rock her hips. She got on her feet and started squatting on my thick cock, her cunt juices running down the shaft into my balls onto the sofa. Her eyes were shut, liked enduring the slight pain of my big head squeezing passed her tight lips.

"Urggggghhhhhhhhhhh" slowly she sank onto my cock, her cunt lips sliding over my length, my cock was completely buried in her pussy. It was hot, wet, and it was TIGHT. Christina slide her cunt up my cock and down, her cunt lips folded in and out along my cock shaft with the motion. Christina began to move up and up and down. She pulled up pretty fast but grinded her cunt down very very slowly, like screwing a cap back on. Every thrust upward was followed with a longer movement downward. Until my cock was buried deep within her. Christina leaned her body onto mine, crushing her boobs on my chest.  I twitched my cock in return and both of us moaned and gyrated our hips together. I felt her hands pushing on my chest for balance and she began to use her legs to move up and down on my cock. Instinctively, I grabbed Christina's hips and began to assist her as she moved up and down on my hardness. I loved pushing her firm ass upwards until my cock was completely out of her hole, and then plunging it down until it rested on my groin. Her wetness made lots of noise as my cock thrust upwards in her cunt. Christina moaned louder as she humped faster and faster on my cock. Her big tits jumped and bounced in circles. She arched her back, as awkward as it was, and tried to push her boobs into my mouth. I bit one of her hard nipples between my teeth.

"Aaaarrrggggggggg ..." and I rolled it in my mouth and proceed to chew on the other nipple. Then I lapped her cleavage and breasts and the undersides, her areolas.

"YES YES YES!!!!" she cried out as she started really humping up and down on my shaft. She clasped her hands behind my neck and bounced for all she was worth. I screamed as I dug my fingernails into her magnificent boobs and pushed her body up.

"AAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH ..." Christina screamed from both pain and pleasure. I reached around her hips and grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them. I slid my fingers towards her ass crack, moving in circles around her rear opening.

"DO IT!" Christina pushed her ass up against my probing fingers. I slide a section in.

"Aaaarrrrggghhhhhhh" Christina tightened her cunt and took a deep breathe. Her eyes widened. I pushed in another section.

"AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHH ..." and she bit her lips.

"FUCK me ... FUCK my ass with your finger" and she rocked up and down.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!" A long scream escaped her mouth and her cunt squeezed tightly around my cock as she came again. Her eye balls rolled up and for a moment, I thought she had fucking passed out. I grabbed her so she did not fall off me. She sat down and dismounted me, legs shaky. I pushed her against the bed and she lay flat on it on her front, her lower body off the bed, showing me her firm thick ass. I kicked her legs apart as I moved between them. I reached down and pulled her firm ass cheeks apart as I dived in and lapped at her ass hole.

“Oh my god” she groaned. “That is so nasty and feels so good”

I licked her bud for a second or two more and stood up, positioning my ten inches which was still slicked coated with her cunt juices and pushed against her asshole. The cock head suddenly broke past the outer ring at which point I stopped. I marveled at how round her two ass cheeks were. How plump and firm they were. My hands had marked up her ass and she had red marks where I had grabbed at her ass. I reach down grabbing handfuls of ass flesh and crushed the flesh making flesh ooze between my fingers. I rubbed in circles the ass flesh. I massaged it some more. She was lying on the side of her face enjoying my mauling of her ass. I looked at my angry cock, the tip stuck in Christina thick ass. Suddenly I raised my hand and brought it down violently smacking her right ass cheek making it wobble. Immediately it went bright red.

"OW.!! WHAT THE FUCK" she yelled, her head snapping up and turning to look at me. She got no further as I then pushed forward smoothly, shoving my ten inch monster into that tight ass hole, sticking Christina Aguilera like a pig up the ass again!

“ARRRGGHHHHHH God, that is so big….GOD….Argghhhhhh…” she groaned her eyes shut tight and her fingers grabbing the sheets in pain.

I started pulling out and then pushing back in. I spat at where my dick entered her tight ass hole to lubricate it more.

“Argughhhhh” she moaned on every stroke, pushing her ass up to meet my downward stroke. Her body was glistening with sweat, her skin flushed with sexual desire and her mouth gaping open, letting out short, sharp breaths with each slapping stroke of my hips against her, my cock burying itself into Christina’s ass again and again.

“Urgh, urgh, urgh, urg” she moaned as she matched the rhythm of my powerful trust. I looked down at the sight of my huge cock, still slick with her pussy juices, stuck into the sluts ample ass. The sight of her tan lines showing a small triangle to show how small her bikini bottoms were made my cock pulse in her butt.  Leaning forward as I continued to pump her ass with my cock, I reached under shoving my hands under and grabbed Christina' large breasts in my hands and began to squeeze and knead them. Christina who was lying flat while resting her chin on the bed, hands clinching the sheets and looking forward moaned in pleasure as her tits trapped my hands between them and the sheets of the bed. This lifted her ass up and changed the stroking angle of my fucking thrusts inside of her snug, sucking asshole. With a roar of pleasure, I buried my cock balls deep into Christina’s butthole. She rocked and slammed her ass back against my buried cock, grinding her ass cheeks against my hips and pubic bone. Each downward stroke smacked against her ample ass cheeks, making a loud slapping sound and making them bounce and jiggle. I released her tits and reached for a hand full of her hair, pulling her upper body off the bed and forcing her head round for another kiss. I reached around her grabbing her hanging breast meshing them again in my paws squashing then up and down and round on her chest. Christina grunted roughly as my cock plowed its way into her asshole once again, her tits bouncing with the impact of my hips against her smooth, curved ass. I laughed madly, gripping tightly to Christina’s hips as I butt fucked the beautiful singer. I then pulled her arms back, locking her in a full nelson and really started slamming into her ass. Her head hung limply down and her hair flayed back and forth as I slammed into her. This didn’t last long as the bed started moving again!

I was also conscious of the time I was taking up here to fuck the slut and decided I needed to end it quickly. I had been fucking her for nearly 40 minutes and was getting tired.

I pulled out and flipped her onto her back, pulling her up onto the bed again. I got on the bed and grabbed a handful of hair again bringing her head down to my cock again. The cock that had been in her ass I pushed back into her mouth.

"Suck daddy's cock, whore" I said to her.

"GAK KAK KAK " she choked again as I pushed my prick to the back of her throat. Holding her hair I proceed to pump her mouth again. My balls swung and bounced against her chin as I fucked her hot slut mouth, her oral cavity warm and wet around my dick.

"That's it, bitch," I moaned, "Take my cock!"

Now her head was slamming on my dick like she was some heavy-metal chick at a concert. She was lifting off until the mushroom head of my dick was at her lips, then plunging back in. Spit sloshed out of her stretched lips and her nose smashed into my stomach over and over as she bobbed. Her ample breasts swayed beneath her as she sucked.

I lifted her head off and pushed her onto her back. She was spent and lay there, black steaks down her face from the mascara. Her eyes were half open and her legs were open obscenely showing her battered cunt. I hoisted her legs up in the crook of my elbows and her legs hung limply.  I got between her legs, reaching down to rub her exposed clit at which point she curled her legs up as it was so sensitive. Spreading her legs apart roughly again I aimed my cock against her pussy and pushed in, sinking in balls deep again. Her eyes rolled into her head and I started pounding her again. Christina's enormous tits were now slamming against one another, bouncing wildly in response to my pounding. I lifted her legs higher and jammed them against her; knees squashed against her large breasts as I fucked her hard, slamming against her thighs as the Diva went mad with sexual desire. Gone was the manipulative, scheming Diva Christina A. The beautiful woman was completely cock crazy now. She screamed and gasped in desire, nipples hard and hot against her legs as I fucked in and out of her, pushing her legs firmly against her big tits and driving her into the bed beneath her as my balls slapped against her asshole and the base of my cock ground firmly onto her cunt-lips.

"AH! AH! AH! AH! AHHHHHH YES!!!!" she screamed, "Fuh..uh...uck me!! Come in me, baby!" she cried. "Shoot your stuff right up my cunt! Uhhhnnggggg, Godddd! "Oh fill my cunt with cum, OH I'M CUMMING. FUCK ME!!" she screamed "Suck my big tits, oh shit. I’m cummmmming. "Ohhhh unnnnggggghhh! Oh! OH! OHHHH! OH SLAM IT IN!!!!! Fill my slut pussy with your hot cum!!!"

I did just that, driving into her as I slammed my cock hard into her and blasted rope after rope of my load into her. 


My cum shot deep into her gooey fuckhole fulling her cunt up with my juices as I collapsed against her legs, squashing her tits as I groaned in pleasure. I rolled off her pulling my cock out of her cunt with a pop and she immediately started feeling my cum leak out of her cunt down into her ass and onto the bed.

She lay panting on the bed, tits rising and falling heavily as she tried to adjust to what had just happened.  Her hair was sticky from sweat and splayed out on the bed, her arms limp by her side and her legs spread apart. Her tits had nasty red marks from my hands manhandling of them. The rest of her body was heavily marked as well from the rough sex we just had and a thin layer of sweat covered it. She'd been fucked hard again and in the ass by a person who’s name she never got the first time, or even this time... and she had been treated like a whore and orgasmed, multiple times, and she had enjoyed it!

“She is such a slut” I thought as I looked at her and heard a gargle sound to see more cum continue to flow out of her well used pussy.

"You need to go" her voice brought me back. "I have an interview to give. But stay available as I may need you to look at the lights again tonight" and she started laughing together with me.
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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
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Cool to see someone writing about Christina again after all these years. Cheers, dude.
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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
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Nice work! Glad to see a new story from you!
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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
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Happy to see you writing again after so long, you've still got it!  :D Nice work with Christina. This is the first story I've seen of her in years. It's saddening that her popularity, along with Britney's took a nose dive in the new decade.
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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
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Happy to see you writing again after so long, you've still got it!  :D Nice work with Christina. This is the first story I've seen of her in years. It's saddening that her popularity, along with Britney's took a nose dive in the new decade.

Well guess different girls have replaced them in people's minds. I mean look at crush of the day? Lol. No Christina there. Think only you with Britney lol

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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
« Reply #5 on: December 29, 2018, 02:36:52 AM »
We added a porn star section to the story boards for you!  ;)

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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2018, 04:12:12 AM »
We added a porn star section to the story boards for you!  ;)
Oh heck.. the pressure to write now haha

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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
« Reply #7 on: December 29, 2018, 11:00:41 AM »
Great story. Christina is hot
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Re: Christina Aguilera Again
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2019, 09:13:04 PM »
Rough sex with Xtina, a lot of fun.
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