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Author Topic: The Club: Neon Lights starring Demi Lovato  (Read 614 times)

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The Club: Neon Lights starring Demi Lovato
« on: June 28, 2019, 02:57:07 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, not would it.

The Club: Neon Lights
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Anal, FemDom, Roleplay, Cons)
Starring Demi Lovato

She looked out the window into the city. It was the city at night, so no sunlight or starlight. The city itself made sure of that. That didn't mean there weren't sights, sounds and smells. The smells of the food carts and hole in the wall restaurants with food from every corner of the globe. People murmuring, laughing, screaming, fucking...the symphony of the fun parts of the city. And of course the sights completed it all. In place of the missing starlight was sumptuous neon greens and blues advertising the vice of the moment for every passers by. Weed, alcohol, and then there was what Demi Lovato was peddling, her favorite vice: sex. She could help but smile as she took it all in.

She turned her head away from the open window and looked at the clock. 7:57. The John had three minutes. But Demi wasn't anxious. Far from it. Anyone who bought her time had to follow rules, and one of them was be exactly on time. Not sooner, not later. They would be on her schedule.

She opened her mini fridge and took out and ice cold can of sparkling water, bringing the cool surface of the can to her forehead, cooling her skin against the hot night in the city.

Demi pulled the tab, loving the sound of the carbonation being released. She brought it to her lips, taking a few sips before hearing a knock at the door. Her brown eyes went right to the clock once more. 8:00 on the dot. She smiled. She loved it when they followed orders.

She opened the door and behind it was a timid young man in a suit. Nervous, especially when her saw her in her leather get up with thigh high boots. A slight flop sweat forming already. She licked her chops. He was perfect.

“H-hello?” he said. “Um...I'm looking for..”

“Let me guess, Demi?” He nodded. “I'm her. Come in. Sit down. And when I ask you a question, answer me, don't nod or any shit like that. Understood?”


“Good. Now get in.” Demi moved to allow him to come in, the closed the door behind him. She turned around to see the nervous young man attempt to sit on the bed. Big no no.

“Stop,” she said. And he did, right in place. “That chair next to the window. That's where you sit. Go.”

He made his way to the seat, but Demi stopped him one last time, grabbing him by the arm.

“Money. Now.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said. He reached into his pocket and took out a roll of cash, twenties. “I-it's all there.”

“I'm sure you won't mind me counting it then, will you?” she asked. “Now, sit.” He sat down and she counted the money. Eight hundred. All their. Let the games begin. “What's you name?”


“Well Billy,” let's go over the rules,” she said, grabbing her own chair and pulling it in front of William. The back was facing him as she sat down, her thicc legs opening purposefully as she took her seat.

“Actually it's William.”

“Billy, rule #1, I call you what I want to call you. I'll call you dickless if I please. But I like the name Billy. So be grateful. Secondly, you do what I say. I'm not going to ask you do anything fucked up and lick dogshit off my boots whatever. Not to kinkshame but you can pay far less for the people who do that. I'm premium. I expect to be treated as such. So that stays in the sewer. Third, you follow rule one and two we both walk away happy and satisfied. Am I understood?”


“Good,” Demi said, the smile on her face savage and saucy. “With that said, take your clothes off. Get on the bed.”

He stood up and began to shed his clothes, removing his tie first, but fumbling with it. He was intensely nervous. She couldn't help but laugh a little.

“You a first-timer, Billy?” she asked. “That's fucking adorable. But don't worry, I won't take it easy on you. You didn't pay for easy. And I don't do easy.”

His breathes became shallow and his cock was rock hard, a fact that became very apparent to Demi when he removed his pants.

“Ooooh, nice one Billy. Gonna have a lot of fun with that. I do so love it when someone comes ready to play.”

Soon the shirt came off and William folded all his clothes and set them on the chair, then looked to Demi for further direction. Her eyebrow raised.

“Was I speaking Russian or something?” she asked. “Clothes are off so get on the bed. Now.”

“Yes, okay,” he said scrambling for the bed.

“One more rule from here on out Billy,” said Demi. “From now on, when you answer me like that, use my name.”

“Yes Demi.” he replied. He laid back on the bed of the sleazy motel room, watching as Demi walked in front of him, her body bathed in neon lights. Pinks and blues making the sheen of her lipstick glisten with a certain spark, a spark that only grew when a sexy smirk crossed her face.

“Impressive,” Demi said. “Very, very impressive.” Demi got on the bed and crawled up Billy's body, his sizable rod rubbing against the black leather of her costume, making him try to stifle a moan. Just watching the effort he put into trying not to look as meek as he was made Demi wetter by the moment.

She crawled all the way past his cock and got to his  face, where she got to her feet once more. Billy looked up and watched as Demi stood over him, taking off the black lace panties she wore with the bodice she had on, dropping the garment on his face, letting him get a whiff of her sex before he got a taste.

“You're going to eat my cunt,” Demi said. “We'll see how you do from there.”

Billy moved the  panties aside and kept his eyes on Demi's glistening pit, absolutely salivating as it got closer and closer to his mouth. The moment the two made contact, William was in heaven and already very eager to give in to Demi's demand.

“Ooooh good boy,” Demi moaned. “Mmmm you do know how to eat a pussy don't you? Mmmm fuck might have been to harsh with that first timer stuff...ooohhhhh.”

And Demi wasn't just talking up her customer. She didn't do that. They paid what they paid, no up-selling. If they did good she'd let them know, either verbally or physically. In the case of Billy, it was both.Her moans were aggressive and assrtive, spoken in snarls and demands for more. He may have been doing a good job but she wasn't going to give away any footing.

Physically, there was no confusing how good Demi was feeling from how Billy worked   her pussy with his mouth. Her face was in a  near constant growl, her teeth bared with the corners of her mouth upturned in a smile. Her hand grasped him by the hair, holding him in place despite there being no place h could go, even if he wanted to. She ground her cunt into his face. No inch given.

Still, as much fun as she was having Demi didn't intend to cum from this. She had decided far earlier in the night she needed some dick inside her. Sure, sometimes she gave the man the privilege of proving he could make her cum with his mouth, and while she was certain Billy certainly could that wasn't what she was in the market for.

She crawled back down his body, kissing him on the lips to savor her own flavor before getting face to face with his raging hard on.

He watched with baited breath while her fingers danced over his cock before grasping hard at the base.

“Mmm, now Billy-Boy, let's make one thing crystal clear. You get to cum once. That's it. You nut, you get dressed, you leave....so if you can't hack with these lips then you're not getting in between the other ones. Understood?”

“Yes Demi,” he gasped, already struggling to hold back. Demi was going to eat him alive.

She felt a little tingle go through he body as he quivered tot he touch of her lips to his cock. She took him in completely. No mercy. No need for it. It was never her style and she wasn't going to start. It felt like she was doing ti all to his cock at once. Teasing, sucking, loving, caressing. Every nerve, every sensitive spot on his rod was being lit up like a set of Christmas lights.

And all the while Demi stared at him, her fiery gaze doing it's own job of wearing down his willpower, making fight to stave off the release he was both damning and craving at the exact same time.

There must have been something in the air tonight, but Demi decided to take it easy on him. That and she REALLY wanted a cock inside her and him going soft  after nutting in her mouth would be a real downer, eight hundred bucks or not.

She pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop then moved back up his body. She grasped his cock and hovered over it, rubbing the tip against her moist opening.

Tell me what you fucking want,” she said. “Say it!”

“Ohhh I want fuck you!” Billy desperately said.

“No...you're going to have to do MUCH better than that...now try again...what do you want...what do you NEED?”

“I need to fuck you! FUCK Demi I need your pussy...please...please let me fuck you! I need it so bad...please!”

“Hehehehe,” she giggled. “Well, since you asked so nicely....” She sunk down on his cock, giving them both what they wanted. And the moment Billy was in to the hilt, Demi really began to have her fun. She rode the nebbish young man furiously, her cries of Amazonian passion echoing out of the room through the window, joining the other sinful sounds the city had offer.

“Yeah...oh fuck yeah Billy-Boy...this is my dick now...mine to do what I want with till you get that nut...but now that I got it you better not fucking cum till I say...got it? Who tell you when to cum? WHO?”

“You Demi!” he cried, out. “It's your cock....your cum...you get it all...oh fuck!”

“Damn right I do!” she said. She ran her hand s up her curvy body, stopping at the cups of her leather bodice. She pulled those cups down, freeing her tits and deciding to give Billy another treat. She gripped his arm hard, her red nails digging and and pulled him up, almost forcing his face into her tits. Almost forcing because the moment he saw what his destination was he moved forward himself like a magnet to iron.

She held him close, loving how he sucked on her tits, how starving he was. Her nails dug into his back hard enough to almost draw blood. Demi pulled his face from her tits and kissed him, biting his lip as it broke before pushing him back down hard on the bed.

“Who's fucking you?” Demi asked. “WHO?”

“You are Demi!”

“Who's got the best fucking pussy you've ever had?”

“You Demi! Oh FUCK it's you! Oh shit yes!”

Demi sped up, working and grinding her hip on him, driving them both wild and keeping Billy wondering if the next moment would be the one to light his fuse. Watching him sturggle to keep from losing it all, to keep the pleasure going as long as he could made Demi grin wide. She loved playing with them like them. Cat & mouse, playing with her prey.

“”Mmmm yeah baby...this cock is mine and I'm deciding I want one last thing...if you're fucking man enough for it...maybe you are...want to try? Or are you a little bitch?”

“Mmmm fuck Demi please,” he pleaded. “Treat...oh fuck yes please....”

“Mmm yeah...the magic word...” She leaned over, licking his face before getting off of him and then crawling towards the head board of her bed. She looked at him, still laying down and motion her head to her ass. “Fuck it...I want that cock up my ass and I want it there NOW! Do it Billy Boy or finish yourself off!”

He didn't even utter a “Yes Demi” this time. He scrambled to his knees and got behind the luscious booty of Demi Lovato. He took a few moments to admire it, running his hands over the roundness, the thiccness. He couldn't help it. NO man could. And Demi never stopped loving the admiration. But there was time for that and then there was time for action.

“NOW!” she demanded. “Stick that cock of yours up my ass and FUCK IT!”

“Yes Demi,” he said, back in the groove. He pressed forward at that tight little opening with his cock slick with her pussy juices and penetrated her ass.

“YESSSS!” she hissed, gripping the headboard tight as he fully entered her ass. It may have been more than a little cliché for a woman with an ass like Demi to love anal. But she didn't care. She liked it. The adoration he rass got, how much the men who paid for her time craved it. It made everything feel even better than it already did.

Billy began with a hard pace, no build up. And Demi was more than fine with it. He wanted it as much as she did. His timidity couldn't hide that and she loved it when they cut loose like this, her nervous men. That was her clientele after all. The men who wanted a woman to control them. Nothing too extreme. She wasn't into actually physically hurting people...but dominating someone verbally...that always got her wet. She was in control. Even with a cock being driven up her ass.

“Yes...yes...FUCKING YES BILLY!” she screamed. “Do it...fucking that that ass. Hard...fast...FUCK HARDER FASTER....fucking NUT IN MY ASS! MAKE ME CUM AND CUM UP MY ASS BILLY BOY!!!”

With a new order, Billy took up the task and rushed to give Demi what she wanted. With every hard pump, every fast stroke, her demands got louder, yet more incoherent. Words faded into mad moans of pleasure and ecstasy, all with Demi's erotic aggression on full display. She even unlocked something in him, Billy being so bold as to smack Demi's juicy peach a few times, leaving red handrpints on her rump. She loved it. He was cutting loose and was going to make her cum.

“FuuuuuuUUUUUCK!!!!” she cried out, her back arching as she came like a freight truck. Hard,savage,and no mercy. Pleasure rocked her hard and fast, and Billy received some of the aftershocks. There was of course the visual and aural compotent, but they were garnish for the pure, raw, physical pleasure of Demi's asshole clamping down hard on his cock like a hangman's noose, causing his pleasure to explode in her rectum as well, crying out in a harmonious moan with Demi's own cries of passion. With each new pulse of pleasure, he shot a rope of cum up her ass until; she was spent, Demi happily smiling the whole time. She loved her job.


Once Billy had come he left. Demi didn't joke. He nuts, he's done. But he left with a smile on her face and now as she was heading out, she had one too.

She looked around the set the Club had put together from the ground up. The soundstage really was something. They could teach Hollywood a thing our two. This entire street thing was honestly perfect. She loved how it included the dirtbag whore's motel, and a functioning one at that. It's like they knew exactly what her fantasies were. And with being clean and sober as she was now, sex was really the only high she could get anymore. No matter what, she was going to get it how she wanted it.

Sometimes in her real life, she felt she had no control. Record producers telling her what to do, publicists telling her what to do...but here at The Club, she got to have fun, her way. And the hooker fantasy never disappointed. The men came begging to her, and she told them what to do. All on her terms. It was perfection. And worth every penny.

As she made her way through the exit on the set, she counted her money. She didn't need to keep it. Hell William didn't even need to bring the money. But he knew as well as she did, it was all part of the fantasy, all part of the kink. And in the Club, you either go all the way or you don't go at all.

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Re: The Club: Neon Lights starring Demi Lovato
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2019, 04:38:36 PM »
This is awesome. I am enjoying this series can’t wait to see who is next
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