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Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)
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An excerpt from a 106.1 KissFM radio interview. July 5th, 2021.

Sam K: Welcome back, everyone. For those just tuning in, we have the incredible Taylor Swift in the house.

Taylor: Aww. Thank you.

Sam K: Definitely. The first single is, I would say, polarizing for the fan base, um...what’s your motivation—your inspiration on this one?

Taylor: A battle. Just spiritual war with myself. Like ‘1989’-

Sam K: Fantastic album.

Taylor: Thank you; yeah. Just trying to push myself and push the limits of where I can go. The ‘1989 World Tour' was the foundation, if you will, and ‘Lover’ was the logical step forward from that. This is...out of this world for me.

Sam K: You crushed it in 2018 with the ‘reputation’ stadium series and your ‘Lover’ tour is now the highest grossing concert set in the United States. How’s that feel?

Taylor: I mean, it’s awesome. My fans are incredible. Ups and downs, genre changes, you name it and they are there. It’s been a great time.

Sam K: Would you say this new album is a sequel to 'reputation?'

Taylor: Not really a sequel, perhaps, but an expansion on the more...cerebral, darker side of things. I know that sounds all cliche but sometimes I have to explore that.

Sam K: I think we all do, at some point.

Taylor: Totally.

Sam K: You’re going to blow the roof off of that stadium, aren’t you?

Taylor leaned into the microphone with a big smile across those perfect cherry lips and whispered...

“Are you ready for it?”


Thunderous bass dropped like an earthquake into the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The sold-out crowd of over 58,000 were in continuous eruption. They haven’t seen the Queen since 2020 and the closer Taylor got to them with her angelic runway strut the louder they became. The decibel level climbed relentlessly as the colossal jumbo screens lit up with her beauty.
   A rejuvenated, revitalized Swift hit the edge of the monstrous stage in a silk black robe that followed her with a six foot tail across the platform. One of her dancers appeared from the side and pulled the sash, a black satin bandeau being revealed with a sheer lace that lined her gorgeous torso. The vigorous training routine had her in peak form and Taylor was a thick, blonde enchantress. Golden, tanned hips were on full display followed by matching sheer thigh-high flower patterns that went into her tall, matte black stilettos. Taylor flung her hair and dancers flooded in with a cascading burst of fireworks above the stage.
   “Baby, let the games begin. Let the games begin.”
   Taylor’s gorgeous black lips pursed the mic. “I-I-I see how this gon’ go,” she moaned with a small slide. “Touch me and you’ll never be alone...”
   The superstar pointed to a new dancer. “I-island breeze and lights down low,” she grinned. “No one has to know,” she moaned with an echo fade through the stadium and her boy toy fell back with a push.
   “In the middle of the night!”


An excerpt from The View. July 7th, 2021.

Whoopi: America’s not-so-sweetheart is back in the news. It seems Miss Taylor Swift just can’t stop the beef with former pop-star rival Katy Perry.

Meghan: Why can’t Katy and Taylor get along?

Joy: They made up on her anthem track ‘You need to calm down.’ Yes? No? What is this? High school?

Whoopi: Taylor’s new single ‘Heart Breaker’ seems to be pointing at multiple people in the industry and you know, to Joy’s point, this may actually be more than just a little ‘Mean Girls-esque’ feud.

Meghan: The highly publicized break up of Karlie Kloss and Swift stunned the world when Katy revealed the news in a tweet. This timeline of bad blood just keeps getting longer and more confusing. I can’t keep up.

Whoopi: Twitter is bad news, ya’ll. Wow.


New York. June 2nd, 2021.

The glass was slightly foggy and outside of the studio room door a dampened rhythm of heavy beats could be heard slamming the walls. Just behind the thick window-pane a tall, muscular black man stood near the huge mixing console. Naked head-to-sneakers, the sweaty hunk moved his hips hurriedly back and forth. Any one curious on the outside just had to cock their head to see a shiny, sweaty Taylor bent over with her knees on the desk. A pair of pink panties shifted side to side around her ankle, next to blue Converse shoes.
   Hands pressed into the seemingly infinite array of buttons, Taylor’s hair flung up into the middle of her back and a groan was taken by vibrating bass. Her thickened body jiggled from the rough pounding from behind and she pushed her juicy bouncing buns into a battering ram of muscles. They hit in tandem with the beat and splashed her cheeks into rolling waves.
   After being flipped to her back, Taylor’s pristine legs were snatched at the ankles and at the bottom of the long V formation, he plunged a broad ten into deep, plush, drippy tightness. His heavy black bag lagged behind and clapped into her butt, ringing out.
   Taylor held her head with a clasp on her wet blonde mess of hair and shook through a violent release. Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped at sudden emptiness. He loomed over with it swaying just beyond the grasp of her desperate lips and a thick splash pelted them. Taylor flicked her tongue into the salty mixture and smiled. It twitched and flung hot wetness across her scalp and stuck to her forehead. Taylor grabbed it and jerked harder and harder until his saggy balls bounced on her lower chest and she didn’t stop until her beautiful face was cream covered. The balmy goo left a light tingling across her cheeks and she shivered.
   Spunky Taylor’s feet slipped from the desk and she lay quiet.


Glendale, Arizona. July 6th, 2021.

Pyrotechnics exploded across the stage in a dazzling pattern that spanned the entire platform and a fired up Taylor appeared from behind her dance crew.
   “University of Phoenix, are you with us!” she shouted with tenacity. “Welcome to the Ebony and Ivory Tour. Get on your feet!”
   Hips swayed side-to-side in a dark red leather body suit and swathes of thick blonde strands followed. Taylor pulled the mic to her puffy red lips and the music paused. She gave a smoldering glare to the crowd and her lovely smile went to the massive jumbo screens for all to see.
   “Heart Breaker. Oath Breaker. Soul Taker. Earth Shaker!”
   The stadium exploded with waves of crimson lights and the crew busted into a dance number. The bass hit hard and the mid-tempo had the people going. Her crew rolled out a line of large timpani drums with Taylor joining in on the four-to-the-floor rhythm.
   Taylor peeled off and poured her anguish through her words into the sea of crazed fans. The music dropped into a soothing, light-sparkling synthesizer pad with the spotlight putting Taylor in isolation.
   “You were mine...Our time to shine...”
   She slowly fell to her knees and leaned forward with a palm hitting the deck. She looked out to the young women down in front and closed her eyes.
   “Baby, I was there for you and you said we’re through...”
   Taylor popped up and delivered a pose that would be plastered across millions of phones. The shiny leather get up was snug on every curve and she stood tall and proud. The drummer accompanied her with a long thunderous fill and all was quiet. Her hips slowly gyrated and her arms traveled across her chest until she violently grabbed hold. Lights went dark with a convergence in the middle and then burst outward towards everyone. The dancers and fans stomped in tandem to her powerful verse as she struggled with her vocals.
   “Heart Breaker. Mind Breaker. Soul Taker. Earth Shaker!”


Two hours earlier...

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

   Taylor popped up from her chair and stormed across the room in a half-done hairdo and nearly naked. She roared past Karlie, flung the door open and her head of security stepped up. A furious pair of red eyes found his and he scratched his head.
   “James let her in by accident,” he said slowly. He could tell she was about to lose control.
   “Fire him. Discreetly,” she said calmly and went for the handle. Taylor turned back and gave James a glare. “Suspended. With pay. He can come back in a week.”
   The door slammed and Karlie stood there quietly. Adorned in a tight pink dress and gleaming with jewelry, she was obviously prepared for the show tonight.
   “What do you want?” a distressed Taylor popped off, going for a make up brush.
   Karlie stepped towards the mirror and locked eyes with the hurting woman.
   “I was in town. Thought I’d come see the new tour.”
   Taylor sighed with a grin. “I didn’t invite you.”
   “I make you perform better,” Karlie boasted. “Who gave you the 'Lover' title?”
   It took everything not to punch the reflection into pieces. It's been a long time since her fist was this tight and she could feel her nails about to pierce her skin.
   “How’s Joe handling the news?” Karlie said quietly.
   “You’re a piece of shit,” Taylor whispered with a light gasp.
   Karlie found her shoulders and slid down, face to face in the mirror. “I’m your piece of shit.”
   Taylor flew up and pushed off with her stuff hitting the floor. Make up, lipstick, bags of everything got thrown. “Was. Past tense. Get ou—just get the fuck out.” 
   Karlie caught the fuming Taylor in a kiss and a tear slid down her fresh make up. She grimaced at a hand around her jaw and Taylor shoved off. She thought enough time had passed, but she thought wrong. The pain in her face was a reminder of what she did.
   “That how you kiss Katy? Fucking. Leave!” Taylor shouted with a sudden crack in her voice.
   Taylor shook uncontrollably and slammed the door to the bathroom in Karlie's tearful face, her hair pushed from the force. She wanted to stay, but the chaos from behind the wall was all she needed to hear to make her want to leave.


An excerpt from TMZ.com. July 10th, 2021.

“Katy Perry loses male dancers in a string of rapid fire resignations.

Written by Jamie Jones.

The now decade long battle between pop-juggernaut, Katy Perry, and pop-royalty, Taylor Swift, has started to escalate again after a slew of rumors hit the digital streets of social media.

It’s been heavily speculated on that Katy had an affair with former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss, which led to the break up with Swift (A relationship hidden from the public for years).

We haven’t heard anything from Pirates-superstar Orlando Bloom and the couple may be handling everything in private.

The pair made up in a music video for ‘You Need to Calm Down’ in 2019. Supposedly.

The song ‘Bad Blood’ will have a sequel if this story ends up as truth.

Oh, wait. It’s called ‘Heart Breaker.’

Taylor and Katy drama? Say it ain't so.


New York. June 12th, 2021.

“Again, again, again...”
        Taylor mumbled the words to herself while she lathered up in a fantastic lavender soap. Head-to-toe, she layered up until her skin was lost in white suds. She saw a light silhouette behind the glass and turned back. The door closed and she shifted left and right to the rhythm inside her head and smiled.
   “Morning,” the man said and got in behind her.
   “Hey, hey,” she mumbled, preoccupied. Taylor turned and lightly drummed his chest. “Stars falling down, night all around...inside...”
   The man put a kiss to her forehead. “New song?”
   Taylor murmured and looked up, “Already recorded, but having second thoughts on lyrics.”
   He took his gigantic palm and attached it to the top of her head. With a push, she was gently going to her knees until she was face to face with it. It hung far, his knee in the vicinity. The fat head was pressed into and Taylor pursed those succulent reds onto it.
   “I could use a distraction,” she admitted.
   “Get out of your head and get on mine,” he said, calm but firm.
   “We have a rehearsal to get to,” she reminded him and planted kisses.
   “Better suck that dick good and fast then.”
   Taylor nibbled up the thick veins until she got to the trunk and kissed her way towards his rock solid core. A pressure was put on her skull and that was her cue to get back down and do as ordered.
   “You’d rather take your time with this big ass dick than show up on time,” he mumbled, “I admire that, baby girl.”
   She smiled and flicked it with her tongue. “I've had a lot of practice lately. Sucking dick, I mean,” she said with a kiss. “Try me...”
   Taylor's head was clamped on both sides and she took the long, floppy meat deep down. The warm, tight tunnel was more than enough to make him groan and he held her chin on his boiling black avocados. Soapy Taylor sat quietly and the rhythm of loud gulps rumbled in her gooey throat. He thunked out of that wet mess harder every time, just to bottom out deeper. She inhaled what she could through her nose and kept up with his fast moving hips until they became a blur. The intensity of the smacks on her forehead started to send her into a daze.
   It was slurpy, syrupy and the sloppy liquid pushed between her lips with every single thrust. The noisy build up squished between her ears and it was just another beat in her head. She didn’t care about him. The dick was a blessing, but she only cared about that sweet, delicious victory that sprayed into her chest. There was a long moan of approval from the girl as he quickly unloaded into her pristine body. Taylor held on with all her strength as he bucked her face with rapid, hard pumps until he pushed it to the hilt and held it, a slobbering gurgle surrounding him.
   “Hnng, god damn, slut,” he sighed. “Choke on that dick.”
   Taylor wanted to breathe so bad. The tears tickled her cheeks and her head started to thrash between his rough hands until he let go and she fell back, a soupy mixture being sputtered into the air that she so desperately craved.
   After a long minute she popped up like nothing happened and stepped into the warm jets. She turned to catch him about to get out.
   “What about me?”


Snippet from Taylor Live Stream. Tour bus on the way to Pasadena, California. July 13th, 2021.

“You guys...the thing with Katy—I feel it’s just water under the bridge.

Things happened and unfortunately it got out to you guys. I didn’t want that. I don’t want anyone attacking them. Katy, Karlie, whoever.

You guys know I can handle this.”

Taylor gave the tiniest of smiles and a quick wink before stopping the feed.


New York. June 20th, 2021.

The darkened purple glow spread out over her 88-key Yamaha while she found her way through some minor chords. The rain drops on her window sill let her find an interesting tempo and she went with it. The swelling synth warmed her with deep, low rumbling.
   “Ebony and Ivory,
   Stars falling down, night all around me,
   A wrinkle in time, the ropes are bound tight...da...dada...”
   Taylor slid a line across the verse on her paper and took a sip of her very nice Chardonnay. She absentmindedly flicked through her phone and found a few messages. He didn’t want to respond before and she went to work, but now he wants it. Typical.
   The top of the pen gently rubbed between her lips and she closed around it. It was revenge at first, but she’s quickly found out things about herself. This craving was only getting stronger. She beat the plastic with her tongue and sent a response.
   Thirty minutes later, the warm purple was now ambient light for Taylor and her hair bobbed up and down in a mixture of color. With a large palm comfortably at rest on her soft strands, he was eager for her to take it deep. The heavy rain started to over take her enthusiastic slurping and that only made her work harder.
   He wanted it down into her chest, but he couldn’t be bothered answering the phone. He relinquished control with that decision. She had a stadium show tomorrow night and needed to save her voice, anyway. The last time she did this, she could barely talk the next day.
   She slobbered away from it and wiped her lips on his chest before she took a hard nipple into her hot mouth. Both hands worked him top to bottom against her belly and she found his eyes.
   “You wanna fuck me?” she whispered.
   Taylor slowly turned and he slid between her soft valley where she continued a hard stroke. He found her waist but she peeled away with a slow crawl to her head board. With only a white silk covering her behind, she gleamed in the violet and assumed the position. He was up against her quickly and nudged the fabric aside to slide very deep into glorious warmth. With a gasp, she flinched at his strong grip on her shoulder and smiled at the slap on her cheek before he latched onto her side. Taylor sighed at how far he was able to go and she felt full—beautifully full. The heavy thumps from underneath were stirring her on the inside and she desperately wanted it to spank her harder. They hit her perfectly.
   “Your balls are huge,” she said.
   The sultry whisper traveled all the way to his hips, because he started to take her and pound her with firm, committed thrusts. Taylor’s mouth dropped and she leaned back flush on his solid chest.
   “Fuck me...fuck me,” she gasped.
   Their bodies clapped together in a quick, rapid fire rhythm. Both of his arms tightened around her and she couldn’t help but get loud. The wispy moans and heavy rain filled her room as she let out a violent shudder. This was new and her mind was doing it’s best to take in her earth-shattering experience. He knew what happened and if it were anyone else, he would have kept on her but as soon as Taylor squealed into the cool air, he twitched between the dimples in her back and coated the bottom of her hair in a monstrous blast of spunk.
   “Mm, please, cum all over me,” she cried and turned to watch it drench her.
   The splashes pelted her sweaty back over and over until she was covered and her buns were glazed. Streaks lined her ribs and she shivered at the globs tickling her butt.
   “Mm, that’s a lot,” she smiled. “All that for me.” Taylor pulled him for a kiss and nibbled at his bottom lip. “Next time answer your phone.”


Uploaded July 14, 2021.
13 subscribers.

‘Taylor slowly pranced along with her three new, beautiful dancers across the stage. The bright pink and delicate blue skirt swung as light as a feather until she stopped and gently took two of them by the chin. She found the nearest camera and melted the crowd with a famous smile. Those pair of lips would go down in the history books of music.
   “You are somebody that I don’t know,” she grinned with a sudden lyric change. “But you’re coming at my friends like a missile.”
   Taylor swayed back and forth, her gaze locked at the floating camera and pointed at it.
   “Why are you mad?” she laughed on accident. “When you could be glaad?”’

   Hold the fucking phone! Just no. This uninteresting-flat chested-whatever is clearly pointing at Katy. Look! Those are Katy’s dancers! She stole them! Taylor could hire a million dancers but she’s petty and took them.
   In my last video, you stupid ass Tay-Tay nerds kept commenting about how it’s not her fault and blah blah. You people are truly idiots. Just really, I can’t with you guys.
   She is clearly shitting on Queen Katy! Aughh!
   If you guys liked this video, please hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell. Bye bye!


The crowd was reserved, quiet and unsure of what Taylor would do next. Everyone was on the highest of clouds and after an hour of being enamored by her, they were simply going to fully accept what she would give them. It was a mutual feeling across the entire stadium.
   They let out a collective gasp towards the jumbo screens as they brightened with a futuristic city-scape of flowing pink skylines and a blue grid, like a road going straight to the horizon. A clean guitar strum filled the air from the massive speakers and everyone cheered for the song that never lost it’s ‘Style.’ However, something was different.
   “You amazing people...”
   Taylor appeared as a silhouette on the screens and lifted the mic. Her heavenly voice resonated through them like sound waves of pure love.
   “You chose to spend your evening with me and I’m eternally grateful,” she said softly. “Oh, how I’ve missed you California!”
   The guitar was over shadowed by the fans for a brief moment but then they calmed for her.
   “Who here knows about prisms!”
   The question elicited a resounding response and Taylor chuckled. “I thought so. Pretty common, right?”
   “For those of you that don’t know...it’s when a beam of amazing light hits you and then you witness the true colors just refracting everywhere. Sometimes those colors are...unfavorable.”
   The true Taylor appeared on stage, but the light from the screens went dim.
   “When you leave here tonight...I want you to take care of each other. Lovers, parents, sisters and brothers and friends alike.”
   A bright blue light started to pulse from her shoes. It circled around in a slow rotating motion across her feet. Everyone was zooming in with their phones, but it was still too dark.
   “I love you all. Truly.”
   Taylor’s torso began to light up with a smooth, matching blue hue. The crowd exploded at the bright pink heart that appeared around her eye. The screens went dark and Taylor was alone, a pillar of radiating, illuminated love. A white microphone lit up above her head and a pair of white lights formed a trail to the end of the stage. Suddenly, it started to move and the platform started to lift.
   “We’re all rising up tonight, you guys.”
   Two figures flashed next to her and her 60,000 friends erupted with cheers. A beaming blue keytar was revealed and a glowing silver helmet read ‘1989’ in gleaming pink across the visor. They started the synth bass line to ‘Style’ and sprinkled the stadium in sexy sound waves.
   The golden helmet to her right exploded with a full spectrum of flickering colors until a dark blue Gibson Les Paul appeared. Fans were treated with a new version of her famous Red-Heart guitar. The word ‘Lover’ materialized on their face plate.
   “Welcome my friends, Daft Punk, everyone!”
   The flashing light trio took to the top of the steel platform and Taylor dropped her foot to the drums as they rattled the stadium. She put the mic towards her lips and stole the hearts of every single person below her.
   "Midnight...” she echoed out.
   “You come and pick me up, no headlights.”
   Taylor’s pink light oscillated in a clockwise pattern through her heart to the beat.
   “Long drive, could end in burnin’ flames or paradise...”
   The three started to rock gently back and forth to the jam, embracing the overwhelming response from the waves of amazing people. The synced up flashes of beautiful colors spread across their outfits and the stadium followed suit. If it wasn't epic—fantastical—enough, three blue rings compromised of drones surrounded them and bounced the beat with strobes of light. At the top, a gigantic heart lit up and Taylor bounced with the DJ legends.
   “You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye, and I got that red lip, classic thing that you like," she smiled with a moan on the last note. "And when we go crashing down, we come back every time." Taylor threw up her hand to the crowd and let it all out. "Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of STYLE!"
   An explosion of fireworks popped off above the stadium, bright blues and vivid pinks, and the drones shattered outward with a sprinkling of fading lights as everything came to a stop. The fans were besides themselves with an astromonical level of sound coming at her and the robots.


An hour later...

She waited. She mingled. She signed autographs. She had to leave. Now.
   Pasadena was just electrified by the reigning Queen of Pop and her hands shook on her way to the vehicle. Taylor's limo driver was always paid handsomely, but tonight was different. His lips were sealed and he peeled away as soon as the door closed.
   “Oh my god,” she sighed. “Hurry—Please fucking hurry,” a cry came out.
   Taylor waved over all three men. The pink sparkling outfit she wore was more clothing than they had combined. Every one of them was large, black and bulging with delicious muscle. She couldn't deny this obsession any longer. Fuck Katy. Fuck Karlie. She couldn't—wouldn't—think about them anymore.
   Those bright blue eyes were caught in a trance. The heavy, dark pendulum had her and she fumbled with the sheer bulk of it while it prodded into her fluffy red lips. She was so excited that she couldn't contain it and needed help. He found the trunk and stopped the sway, but didn't hesitate to clap her face with the underside. A moan fluttered out into the ether, but that just rewarded her with another club to her head. Wasn't long before the other two fell in next to her and before she knew it, a barrage of heavy thuds drummed out from her gorgeous, sweaty face.
   She couldn't control this need to be dominated any longer. She was in uncharted territory and it only took one phone call to her good friend Scarlett to arrange the meeting. These three studs were hand picked and if the magma between her legs was any indication of the quality Scarlett provided, she would be sure to thank her in person as soon as possible.
   Taylor wasn't the only thing boiling and her head was surrounded by a pair of gigantic thighs with a distended bag pressed into her mouth. She was too horny to compare the size of them, but she knew they were massive.
   There was no hesitation for her to slide down and start smacking her juicy red lips all over those humongous eggs. Those clammy palms were filled with hardness and she stroked them both with an ecstatic enthusiasm. She finally had them to herself.
   Every day she got worse—or better—and couldn’t stop thinking about the next gigantic man she would gush on. Taylor was a red-hot, fearless lover with a reputation that was constantly being called into question, but one thing rang true: She was falling in love with big black dick.
   She could have been on a different path but Katy and Karlie broke a perfectly good heart. Call it what you want, but she found her blank space and never in her wildest dreams did she think this much bad blood would be spilled over this love. Maybe she’ll never grow up and maybe she isn’t innocent, untouchable and delicate...
   But when those large ravenous hands slide over her gleaming abs and push her heavy tits together, she can’t help but breathe heavy with anticipation. Then, when he pushes between her everything and starts to spread her essence to places she didn’t think possible, it’s better than revenge. It’s quite possibly the best feeling she’s ever experienced; unrivaled pleasure.
   Taylor huffed out air faster than she could haul it in and she nearly made the man bust prematurely with a heart melting moan. He was out fast and slapped her belly with it. Confused eyes darted around until she spotted him and bit her lip.
   “What? What’s wrong?”
   It slid away into the darkness between her shaking thighs and she gasped. Her hands worked up and down but she focused all of her attention on the rising mound just below her stomach. Taylor let out tiny squeals between breaths as she got stretched on the inside. Blonde hair flung back and forth and she thumped her head into the seat while trying to take it.
   A new smell hit her senses and she glanced over to a giant, shiny mushroom. Dry lips fell open and her anxious tongue slithered underneath it. Like a guide, she flicked it towards her and pursed around the huge head. It didn’t last long and Taylor’s eyes flew open after the man between her legs hit her with a crushing thrust, popping it from her grasp.
   “Oh...Oh my god,” she gasped out from the next hit. “Mmm!”
   The two men spread her legs apart until her heels hit the windows and the powerful bear in the middle clamped around her neck with one hand. He buried into her with another heavy slam and picked up the pace. Taylor’s body jiggled and crunched into the seat as he started to really take her tight walls and pound into them. He took her by the bangs and held her down with both big arms while he violently roared down with a long, wide girth.
   Those delicious moans from the superstar went silent and she turned into a drooling mess with short, heavy grunts. The thick, audible clapping of flesh erupted through the long limo and it became more and more frantic until he lifted her from the seat with his vein bursting inches and blew his wad into her womb with force. He jammed it deep and blasted her with bubbly,  creamy bursts rapidly. Over and over, he spewed into her touchy cervix and she squirmed with trembling eye lids. The sudden emptiness overwhelmed her and she let out a smile when the hot globs pulsed out between her cheeks.
   Flipped onto her belly, her knees went to the carpet and she was met with a blanket of warmth when a different man lay on top of her. Kisses hit her neck and traveled to her ticklish ear. He fumbled with it between their legs and the plunge up into her balmy, batter filled depths made her cry out with a loud groan. He went up straight and collected some soaked strands between his fingers with a hard pull and she arched.
   “Gimme dat ass, TayTay,” she heard. “Gimme that good girl faith.”
   Taylor squealed from the impact and he yanked on her head to keep her taut. Her toes tightened from the intense impalement and she struggled to take all twelve. One hand cupped her dangling breast and the other held tight while he rearranged the vanilla blonde with dark chocolate. Enormous thuds tore through her core and he started to pound it loud and plow it wild.
   At a stop light, the back of the lavish vehicle could be seen rocking and a few people stepped up to the heavily tinted windows. They shielded light with their hands and desperately tried to find out who was delivering those lusty, roaring moans.
   “I can’t get caught,” she said with a begging, high pitched quickness. “Please!”
   He worked for Scarlett and he knew better than to mess this up. The sun roof opened up and he ripped out of her sloppy tunnel with a squish and started to shout at the bystanders.
   “Dumb mother fuckers distracting me from prime pussy,” he complained on the way down.
   A loud swat came across Taylor’s bubble butt and he stuck his large face deep into sweaty cheeks with sloppy tongue lashes to her puckered hole. He went the distance on her quickly and her face simply stuck in a contorted shape from his deep plunge. This was a first for her.
   Taylor’s toes stuck out in a desperate stretch and whimpered at the fat slug that lathered her warm walls. The leather fell and her face was flush with solid mass. She pursed up lovingly on it and trailed the swelling to a big sack of balls. Kisses went rampant and he kicked back while Taylor slobbered on them. She couldn’t deal with the thickness inside her butt and squirmed back and forth on his tight grip. With a loud, slurpy pop he dribbled all the build up back into her valley and perched his gift up between it.
   “Got her?” he said with a few hard slaps between the cheeks.
   The man getting his bull balls sucked grabbed her by the head and popped between the puffy, cherry mouth.
   “Don’t bite it,” he smiled.
   Taylor exploded with groans around him and he held her down easily; she was nothing compared to them. He fed her rectum with gigantic girth and peeled her apart like a ripe, forbidden fruit. She screamed on it with a dampened stream of drool and he quickly bottomed out with his heavy sack flush on her drenched lips.
   “This won’t take long,” he chuckled. “This ass is tight as fuck.”
   “Pound that shit then,” another popped off.
   “Mmm, mmm, TayTay, this thick ass booty is delicious on my dick,” he growled.
   She shuddered at the loss of inches inside and then muffled slobber gushed into his pubes when Taylor’s colon got stuffed, which popped her back in two places from the thrust. Those vanilla buns got blasted into again and once he clamped above her waist and settled in, he didn’t stop the onslaught on her delectable, luscious insides. He clapped and spanked her wavy behind with huge, powerful pumps. 
   “Where we at, fool?” he said while he gave her long, heavy back shots.
   The man looked around and shrugged. “Like a highway or some shit.”
   Deep in Taylor, he reached in and filled his fingers with her wet head once again and pulled her up. The group was greeted with sweet, scrumptious moans and screams, depending on how far into her guts he went. That only made him pound her thick, fit frame even harder. She wanted it and she was getting it.
   “Open it,” he nodded up. The sun roof came open to the howling winds and he grabbed on for leverage.
   With a face full of black goodness, she attempted to nuzzle on it but he caught her by the bangs. Taylor’s whole body shook violently and behind her was a flurry of violent thrusts into the deep bowels of her tight tunnel. Her eyes fell into the back of her skull and her teeth seethed with her inability to handle that much power. She frowned hard and the more brutal he got, the more brittle she became.
   “Oh fuhuhuhuck,” she cried out with dribble that lined her neck.
   He took away twelve and gave her twelve every single time and he dropped in and wrapped her up, just to stand up with her. It was a relentless display of lust and savage, animalistic nature. Bicep around her neck, hand on her belly to feel it expanding outward and a deep guttural groan deep into her soul was the final straw for both of them. That warm, sweaty goddess was too much for him.
   “I’m gonna cum in this sexy. fuckin. BITCH!” he shouted.
   He tightened up and clinched all around her the second his balls twitched and sprayed her colon in hot, steaming spunk. The incoherent Taylor let out a gargled grunt and was stretched backwards while she was flooded full of it. He popped her head forward and standing in the sun roof was the last man who slammed his fist up and down the length. Taylor blinked and a splatter of thick cum lined her forehead. He pulled it tight and squirted her face with a sustained, creamy burst that scribbled her beautiful features. The jizz stung her face with a tingling feeling and she shivered.
   It wasn’t over and the other stud filed in and slipped between her glued lips with a volley of thickened nut butter that she tiredly gulped down. He splattered the roof of her mouth with heavy ropes until it subsided. Still deep in her from behind, he listened to the final slurps come from her tonsils and he released his grip. Finally, she could breathe and coughed hard, forcing him out. The ache hit her and she shuddered.
   “Jesus...Chri—Jesus fucking Christ.”
   She heaved air with wobbled knees and headed towards the seat. Taylor slowly climbed up and slapped the sun roof button. It got silent and she stretched out across the warm leather. With a turn away from them, she propped up on her arm for a pillow and sighed.
   "Y’all are coming home with me.”


Los Angeles. Sometime in 2016...

“Nothing quite like a California sunset,” Taylor said with a sigh.
   Katy stepped up out of the jacuzzi in a two piece bikini that matched the dark orange skyline. Taylor sipped her white wine and felt the heaviness press into her back. She watched arms wrap around her wet stomach and smiled at their embrace. She told herself no ad nauseam, but still ended up at Katy's mansion. Taylor swirled her tasty drink in front of Karlie, where she stood comfortably between her girlfriend's legs, and the exceptionally beautiful blonde took a nice gulp.
   “Did you wear polka dots and cherry red lips for me?” Karlie smiled.
   Taylor slipped her dainty arms up around her neck and gently pressed those soft pillows into that cotton candy pink juiciness. The two batted tongues and Karlie won with a deep dive into her woman's hot mouth. That same woman was overwhelmed with the intense feeling of being between these two. Light kisses trailed her neck from the back and Karlie handled her from the front with ease. Taylor shivered from the gentle touch across her belly and she desperately took another sip of wine. With a fear of dropping the glass, she perched it on the wooden deck and shook with a flutter of love. Katy softly dabbed feathery kisses into her ear with gentle breaths.
   “I love you, Tay,” she said quietly.
   Karlie was in her other ear and slid her tongue behind it with a faint smooch. “I love you, too, baby,” she whispered.
   Taylor melted between them with both hands at rest in their soft heads of hair.
   “I love you both...so much...”


Unknown. Phone call circa 2015.

Person 1: Ya, I talked to Taylor and she's cool about the song, KP. I mean, she won't like dis shit when I release it, but fuck that, you know...I'm doin' it.
Person 2: Did you add the “I made that bitch famous” into the convo?
Person 1: C'mon now. Ah, ah, I mean, she said the bar is good to go. It's already tracked, you know what I'm sayin'?
Person 2: She's gonna deny it.
Person 1: I don't give a fuck. Fuck her.


CNN Newscast. August 23, 2021.

Anchor: When it comes to pop-stardom, the scale can tip at a moment's notice. If the 2010's taught us anything about popular music, it's that anyone can come and go in a flash. However, with the release of “Ebony and Ivory,” Taylor Swift is still on top of the world with another million albums sold within the first week of hitting the digital shelves. Contemporaries like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish have seen a decline in recent years, while the infallible Swift stands atop the charts with no one in sight to contend for her throne. It's a new era for the reigning pop goddess and every new era is a win.


64th Grammy Awards Show, Los Angeles. February 2022.

“Here to perform her newest single “Ebony and Ivory,” please give it up for Taylor Swift!”
   A gorgeous Alicia Keys floated away in a sparkling gown behind the rising curtain. A light guitar strum rang out with a slight sadness and mixed with a shade of melancholy. Simple drums, a kick and a snare, found her with a small beat and the exquisite Taylor came to the microphone in a black see through outfit and dazzled with a free flowing skirt. The dark cherry lips set the ultimate contrast with her angled blonde bangs and shoulder length cut. With tanned legs for days, she filled out a nice pair of open toe heels.
   She paused for a brief moment and gathered herself...
   “Ebony and Ivory,
   Nothing's black and white with me,
   Sinking in, deep within, to take it all again,
   Desires that I can't deny, won't deny.”

   Taylor hit her notes with surgical precision and smiled up to the audience. Every chord rang out with equal clarity and she found her groove with a key change.
   “Stars shining down, night all around me,
   A twinkle in my eyes and I try to hold tight,
   I wanna explode, unload, but everyone told me no,
   It's my show, so you should go, don't tell me no...”

   The strum came to a slow finger pick before she let off for a rest. She spotted the tears from afar and smiled towards them.
   “Ebony and Ivory,
   Nothing's black and white for me,
   Sinking in, deep within, again, again, again,
   Desires that I can't deny, will never try...

   Empathy and misery,
   Somethin's cracked and not quite right for me,
   Gettin' even seemed given, but I shake it off again,
   Liars that try, can't deny, I'll never cry...”

   Taylor let her voice fade away into a soothing, soft hum with her guitar and strummed the strings with her eyes closed until the spot light started to fade with the curtain closing down.


Author Note: Big shout out to Slyguy for giving me the inspiration to write a Taylor story. I heard two songs since she's been around and now I've heard her whole discography about 40 times. I need to calm down.

Note 2: I formatted this for phones instead of PC.

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Re: Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)
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My god.  This story is amazing.  Incredible.  Wonderful.  There is so much raw emotion here, I can absolutely feel it.  Hot, intense, passionate sex scenes.  And Taylor?  You nail her so so so well.  Tone, actions, visuals of the touring and songs is spot on.  I can't believe all those songs you made up and lyrics too!  And the Easter eggs, wow! 

This passage:
Call it what you want, but she found her blank space and never in her wildest dreams did she think this much bad blood would be spilled over this love. Maybe she’ll never grow up and maybe she isn’t innocent, untouchable and delicate...
, I appreciated the hell out of it.  ;)

I really cannot say enough good things about this.  This is my new standard for all future Taylor stories.  Truly a masterpiece my friend.     

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)
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I know we’ve been talking in the discord but this one was for you, bruv. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you find the secrets.
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Re: Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)
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Wow, amazing work. This was definitely written by a dedicated fan to an artist and feels like a proper tribute. I greatly enjoyed reading every minute of this.

I really love the album cover and back panel CD art too. It looks like a future album for her.
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Re: Ebony and Ivory II(Taylor Swift)
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A heartfelt tribute, clearly!
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