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Author Topic: The Club: Taylor Maid starring Taylor Swift  (Read 1796 times)

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The Club: Taylor Maid starring Taylor Swift
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:13:09 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Club: Taylor Maid
(MF, Roleplay, oral, anal, ATM, Cons
by MaxwellLord
Starring Taylor Swift

The click clack sound of stiletto heels heels on hardwood flooring filled the room as Taylor Swift entered the room. She scanned the ornate receiving room. It was a wonderland for the posh guests of her Boss, Mr. Stewart. Wonderfully crafted tables, exquisite and lush couches and chairs, expensive paintings and delicious-smelling flowers in priceless vases filled the spacious room.

Today however, there would be no guests. That would be for tomorrow. No, today she was giving it a good last cleaning. Most of the heavy duty things were done with. The floors waxed, fresh flowers all with a half a tablet of aspirin in the water to keep them as fresh as can be, and all the tables cleaned to a perfectly stunning sheen, the deep browns of the wood almost as reflective as the mirror she found herself in front of.

Being in front of the mirror, Taylor couldn't help but indulge in a bit of vanity, looking herself over in the mirror, running her hands over her tight, form fitting maid's uniform. The black dress with white trim fit her so well it was like she was poured into it. The low cut of the dress showing off her milky cleavage and her long, blonde hair framing her face and mixing wonderfully with the stark black of the dress made the top half absolutely irresistible.

The bottom half wasn't too bad either. Her red lips spread in a smile as she admired her toned and shapely legs in black fishnet stocking, the ruffled skirt of the dress coming up to mid though, right wear the stockings came up to. And all finished off with six inch black stiletto heels, shined to a sheen even more reflective than the tables and floor.

Taylor couldn't help but admire how it all looked. It was perfect. Her self-admiration was interrupted by the ding-dong of the grandfather clock in the room. It was now ten in the morning. Time to get to work.

She lightly dusted the wooden surfaces of the room's furniture, the white and black feathers of the tool getting any small flecks of dust off the well shined material.

Taylor slowly made her way across the room, being meticulous. The Stewarts expected perfection and she always aimed to please. Soon though, Taylor got to her one weakness, Mr. Stewart's cabinet of spirits. It was filled with all sorts of delightful alcohols. Gin, vodka, and Taylor's favorite, Bourbon.

Taylor reached for the decanter and a glass. Usually she would have her flask with her, but had forgotten it before arriving at the Stewart residence. This might actually be easier. All she would be taking is a little sip, not taking enough to fill a flask. Besides, the Stewarts never caught her before. And they had the money so it wouldn't matter if she got a little bit of her favorite every now and again.

She poured a double into the glass, once for now and one for when she was finished. She smiled before taking the first sip. The familiar burn and taste gave her a delightful little tingle up her spine before setting the glass down to continue with her work.

Taylor had bent over to dust an endtable near the windows, a vase right in the center of the expensive piece of furniture. She delicately navigated the duster around the glass vase, trying to clean as best she could without knocking over the expensive glass container.

“Why hello there Ms. Swift,” Mr. Stewart said, surprising the blonde maid.

“Mon dieu!” she shouted in shock. She spun around to see him, but in doing so her duster knocked over the vase. But Taylor acted fast, diving to grab the vase. She succeeded, but the water and flowers had already spilled. “I am sorry Monsieur Stewart. You startled me!”

“Well,in that case I'm sorry Taylor,” the older man smiled, making Taylor blush a little. “Nothing to worry about. It was just water. It'll dry up.”

“Merci.” She replied, getting back to her feet. “Would you like to be alone monsieur? I can leave ze room.”

“That won't be necessary Taylor,” he said, giving her butterflies as he used her first name. “Just came in to check on the room. Big party tomorrow, you know.”

“Oui. I have been helping in ze kitchen as well. But I was just doing a last minute dusting in the room. Does it please you monsieur?”

Mr. Stewart moved from the doorway to the coffee table running his finger over it and looking at the tip. “Looks fine to me.” Of course as he said this his eyes roamed over the body of his maid. “Please continue.”

She nodded at him with a smile. She returned the vase to it's place, lying the flowers right next to it. She took out a towel she had tied around a loop in her dress and began to clear up the water, then moved on to a desk in the room.

Mr. Stewart headed to the bar, watching Taylor, smiling a bit as she bent over in front of him, showing him her ass, covered in a wonderful pair of black satin panties. He also reached for his Bourbon...but his hand hit the glass Taylor had been using. He grabbed it and looked at the lipstick Mark. He couldn't help but grin.

“Ms Swift,” he said. “Would you like to explain this?”

Taylor turned around and her blue eyes went wide with shock. “Je suis désolé Monsieur Stewart!”

“This is expensive stuff Taylor. Pappy Van Winkle aged thirty years doesn't just pop out of thin air. Have you been doing this for a while? Sneaking drinks from my private reserve? Developed a taste.”

“It won't happen again sir,” she said, looking at the ground. “I just have a fondness for ze Bourbon. Ze burn is magnefique.”

“Well, that's all well and good, but it doesn't put it back in the bottle, now does it?”

“No monsieur, it does not.”

Mr. Stewart smirked, then brought the glass to his lips, exactly where the lipstick mark was, and finished off the remaining Bourbon, holding it in his mouth before swallowing. “So what I we going to do about this? I mean I could take the bottle out of your pay....”

Taylor's eyes opened wide, her head subtly shaking no.

“Well then, I guess we know how we're going to make this even, don't we? Like when you broke Mrs. Stewart's favorite stained glass bowl?”

“Oui sir,” she said, a slight smile already forming, a smile that only grew more pronounced when she saw Mr. Stewart close the door to the room. He leaned against the door, returning that smile right back to her.

“Come here,” he ordered her. She began to walk over, when he halted her with his hand. “No no, my dear. Crawl.”

She smiled and nodded, going to her knees then to all fours, making her way over to the boss.

She rose up, rubbing her hands up and down his legs before getting to his belt. Her blue eyes, soft and yearning looked up at him while her hands undid his belt. Her hands rubbed his cock through his pants, teasing herself with the barriered touch of his hard cock.

“Take it out,” he said to her. “Take out my cock, Ms. Swift.”

“Oui,” she said. Taylor grasped his pants, pulling them all the way down to his ankles, his cock already hard and pointing straight ahead.

He breathed deep as her hot breath his his bulbous cockhead. She was almost hypnotized be the sight, he mouth watering, yearning to feel it in her mouth....but not just yet. It was time to play first.

Mr. Stewart moaned ever so softly when her hands began to fondle and rub his balls. Nothing too hard, nothing too extreme. Just softly, teasingly playing with them. Lighting tickling them with her red nails, moving her finger to softly massage his taint. Nothing too far, but just enough.

Those same soft, delicate hands moved to his stalk, hovering, barely grazing his needy flesh. His cock was twitching from anticipation alone, combined with the look of utter glee on Taylor face as she toyed with his cock.

Taylor moved on to a full on grip, jacking his cock softly, working her wrist. Her eyes were torn between looking up at him and staring at his hard cock. Her mouth moved closer, Mr. Stewart's hands clasped.

But those gorgeous red lips instead went to his thighs, kissing and leaving red lip prints all around his crotch, and in between each kiss was a tender lick or nibble. His anticipation was through the roof.

Taylor finally moved back to the tip of his cock. He was ready for her now. She wrapped those luscious red lips around the head and began.

The door knocked as the back of his head hit it when Taylor worked her tongue over his cockhead at first. Slow...fast....left...right...hard soft. Her cheeks billowed from the suction at times and his eyes rolled in the back of his head as her tongue rolled over his dick...and she hadn't even gone beyond the head.

Soon enough though, Taylor did, her lips and tongue working their way up and down his hard rod while her hands caressed and lightly scratched his bare legs.

“Oh my lord, Taylor,” Mr.. Stewart growled. He moved his hand down to her blonde locks, guiding her mouth along his cock. Even if he didn't she'd still know what to do. She knew how to please his cock like she knew the back of her hand. That map was well memorized. Every sweet spot, every single cluster of nerves that would drive him wild, Taylor knew how, when and where to hit them.

But that Bourbon was going to cost more than a blowjob. Mr. Stewart removed his hands and Taylor removed her mouth, rubbing his cock over her face and kissing it from tip to root before stopping, looking up at him with a face that awaited to be told what she had to do next to make up for her faux pas.

“Get up dear,” he said, his smile warm but still authoritative. “Go sit on my desk. Legs open.”

“Should I take off my panties monsieur?”

“Yes, Ms. Swift.” She smiled with glee that simply sparkled from those pearly whites as she rose to her feet. He watched her intently as she made her to the desk. She turned around, a naughty little smile on her face as she took her underwear off, leaving it on the desk next to her as she hopped on. She then lifted her skirt, showing off her bare, shaven pussy. It was glistening in anticipation.

“Does it please you Monsieur Stewart?”

“Yes it does.” He made his approach, the smile on his face matching her own. He grabbed on of her legs, lifting it up up, kissing her calf all over before giving her a bite, just hard enough to leave a mark...and tear a whole in her stocking. “Very much.”

Mr. Stewart held that leg to his chest and grabbed her by  the thigh on the other pulling her close. Their eyes locked on to each other, both looks screaming how much they wanted what was coming next.

He teased her opening with his cock before thrusting in in, making Taylor moan a soft “Mon dieu”. She leaned back and let him take over completely, her eyes in between shut in pleasure and delivering her desire to him through her eyes. Moans and grunts fell from her mouth as he took her thrust by wonderful thrust.

Stewart's lips went to her stocking clad leg again, littering it with more kisses before another hickey-like bite, tearing a another whole in the fishnets. His eyes went to her face, the sexy little sner on it that begged, demanded more of him. He was all to willing to comply for his lovely servant.

He released her leg, allowing the blonde vixen to hook it around the waist as the other one was. It was heaven between her thighs. Mr. Stewart leaned forward, pulling the low cut top of her dress down, exposing Taylor amazing, milky breasts, her pink nipples standing straight out, waiting for some attention.

“Ohhhh monsieur,” she moaned. His mouth had moved to one of its favorite places, her tits. Licking, sucking, nibble, tasting her mounds. He took her sensitive nipple between his teeth tugging as his pace in her sopping cunt increased. There were sure to be scuff marks on the hardwood floor of the room from the force of the desk moving, but that didn't matter. Taylor coul take care of that as soon as their business was done.

“”Mmmm that's right Taylor....you love my cock...right...nggg. Right in your little French cunt...oh Taylor say it...say it now you tart!”

“Oui, I do!” she exclaimed. “I love your cock!...I need it so badly right now...I want it in me all the time! Please keep fucking me monsieur!” And he did. Harder, faster, his lips going between her tits and her full red lips, the pair moaning into each others mouths and he went harder, faster, moving his hips and hitting every inch of her pussy as he could. It was amzing, impeccable, the best pussy he'd ever had...and still Mr. Stewart wanted more. It was an expensive Bourbon, after all.

One last kiss on those strawberry lips and her pulled out of Taylor. The blonde's face had a look of innocent confusion on it, waiting for his next order.

“Bend over the desk, Ms. Swift,” he said, jacking his slick cock. “Show me that delightful bottom of yours.”

“Oui, Mosnieur Stewart,” she nodded.  She got back on her feet then promptly spun around and bent over the desk. Her back arched in just a perfect way that made her shapely peach look ever better. “comme ça?”

“Yes, like that?” he said with a grin. He came up behind her, placing another kiss on her lips as he placed his glistening cockhead right at the entrance to her backdoor. He pressed forward, his hand snaking around front to play with Taylor clit right as his cock head popped through the tight opening.”

“Oh my....” Taylor moaned. Her eyes flickered and deep breaths hissed through teeth as Mr. Stewart's cock slowly filled her tight little asshole. “Oh....oh yesssss...”

“Oh does she like it?” Stewart asked, smacking her round ass hard. “Does the dirty little maid like her master's cock up her ass?”

“Oui...oui Monsieur Stewart,” she whined. Her eyes shut tight, trying to focus on the sensations her body was feeling, the way his cock felt ravishing her ass, how those sensations mixed with pleasured playing he was doing with her clit. She didn't know which way to turn with her head, lost in a labyrinth of lustful pleasure.

The hand he had just used to slap Taylor's ass took a hard grip on her hips, holding her tight as his pace increased. The two moaned and howled intently. Had anyone else been int he house they'd have surely been heard and neither would have cared. The pleasure was more important, the moment, the lust more valuable than diamonds and pearls.

Taylor's tits swayed and jiggled with every thrust ad her hands clenched into fists. It all felt so amazing, so good. It was so dirty, using her body like this, letting her boss have her, make her his. She was his private fuck toy and it lit a fire in her. She pressed her hands flat on the surface of the desk and began to push her ass back against his cock.

“Faster...harder...fuck me...take me..FUCK ME!” she shouted. “FUCKING HAVE ME!”

With that green light Mr. Stewart went full blast. No slow down from his cock or his hand. Taylor loved every moment, craved every second to come. HE thrust forward, she pushed back. Flesh collided, a delightfully sinful drumbeat to go along with the melodies of their moans and groans of pleasure.

This could have gone on forever and still have been over far too soon for the two of them. As it was, the fuse had already been lit for Taylor, and the explosion was ready to go off.

“Yes....yes...YES!” she screamed. And with that Taylor came, and came hard, flooding Mr. Stewart's hand with her cum and squeezing his cock tight with her convulsing asshole. And that was now it for him, as well.

“FUCK!” he yelled, pulling out of her ass. Without being told, the ever dutiful made spun around to her knees, her face happily drunk on orgasmic ecstasy; open mouth and smiling.

“AAAGGG!” he yelled, shooting a huge load of cum over her face, coating it diagonally as the rest rained out in big drops on her face and tongue. And Taylor moaned with every bit of contact his hot cum made with her face. The ultimate contact high.

As the shots  slowed to a trickle, Taylor devoured his cock once more, sucking until he could take no more and trying to get every last drop from his balls into her mouth. When she was sure he was empty, that's when she let go.

Mr. Stewart staggered backwards, catching himself on the couch. And Taylor. Taylor simply looked up at him, cum dripping from her face with a sinful little smile on her face. It was a look of utter satisfaction and contentment. It made Mr. Stewart laugh a bit.

“Now...with that taken care of Ms. Swift...go clean yourself up...then finish cleaning in here,” he said, pulling his pants back up. “I expect it to be spic and span by the time Mrs. Stewart comes home. Understood?”

“Oui monsieur,” she nodded.

“Very good.” With a polite bow, he left Taylor alone in the room, losing the door behind him.

She got up from her knees, scooping the cum from her face and sucking it off her fingers. She then headed to the other side of the desk, picking up the phone. She dialed five numbers as waited.

“Hello,” she said the person on the other line, her French accent completely gone. She had a hard enough keeping it going with Mr. Stewart's...or was it Lance now? Didn't matter, same cock was making it hard to keep the accent going no matter if the word “Mister” was being used or not. “Yes, this is Ms. Swift. I was hoping to have my usual table ready to go? Yes, that one. Same dish as well. And do make sure it's cut diagonally. I prefer it that way. Mmm hmm, about 45 minutes. Have to shower and all that. Very good. Thank you SO much.”

She hung up the phone, breathed deep and smiled. The Club really did have everything. Fantasy fulfillment and a five star restaurant that produced the best BLTs she'd ever had. And even the fantasy rooms were always stocked with the finest Bourbon.

She went back to the bar and poured herself another double, downing it all in one gulp and slamming it down when done. “I fucking love this place,” she said before heading to the showers. “Fucking love it.”

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Re: The Club: Taylor Maid starring Taylor Swift
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2019, 05:01:59 PM »
It's like this story was made for me!  I loved this.  The setup, the sex, and the ending especially.  Taylor, sex and bourbon.  A great combination.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: The Club: Taylor Maid starring Taylor Swift
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2019, 02:22:21 AM »
Fantastic work
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